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Found 215 results

  1. Leading veteran star (if there exists such a thing) of the Bollywood industry, Amitabh Bachchan has been one of the most active actors and delivered some of his finest performances in recent years. However, of late, first with the lockdown and now with the Maharashtra government’s suggestion of barring TV and film artistes above 65 years from resuming shootings, BigB expressed his concern about the fate of senior actors in the industry. Soon after, Amitabh Bachchan sought suggestions for “alternate work jobs” for himself on his blog post. Now, as per the latest developments, it turns out that a fan has offered a job opportunity to BigB and it’s so innovative that he happily claimed: “my job is now insured”. © BCCL Taking to his blog to post a follow-up story, he wrote, “Expect the unexpected from the Ef ever .. and one such brightness evolves in this creativity which kind of reflects one of my posers in the Blog.” He then went on to share his fan’s creative job offer that has him convinced now: Dear Mr Amitabh Bachchan, Re: Your Application for an alternate job vide Day 4539 In view of the permanent kind of temporary moratorium on work imposed on you by the governance due to your age, and the loss of revenue caused by the same, we are pleased to inform you that your application for an alternate job is temporarily under review for permanent reasons… (By the way, before we forget, please register our request that if you understand anything of what we are saying, please let us know too…) So, here is our offer - Sir, if you wish to do nothing, yet you want to feel as if you are something, then we suggest that you become the President of the United States… But if you want to do something which will last forever, then we suggest that you open a Peace Shop… Sell Peace… that shop can never go out of business… Let us draft a flowchart for you to prepare for the venture… 1) Vision - To provide a rolling plan for ways and means to acquire and sustain peace… 2) Mission - Make sure that it remains a rolling plan… Peace alive is peace dead… 3) Aims and Objectives - Define Peace, develop immeasurable standards for peace, and draft governance models for ensuring that the standards are impossible to achieve… 4) Policies - Develop and enforce codes of conduct which will make the objectives happen… 5) Systems - Draft and build an organisation of functions which are both horizontally and vertically indefinite… Make sure that everything and everyone is included… 6) Procedures - Develop and establish procedures for each function such that no single procedure is standalone… every procedure must rely on another to produce results… 7) Standards - Establish standards for each procedure… Make sure that the standards are not auditable… we live in a democracy… Use the preamble to beat audits… 8) Codes of Practice - Adopt all new codes of practice… Remember, history is recorded for telling us what has been defeated in the past… Historical successes are compromised… We sincerely hope that you will lead our temporary enterprise… We will wrap it up as soon as it shows signs of positive results… Looking forward to your favourable response, and assuring you of our best services at all times, We remain, Yours truly, Sd/- Who would have thought a commoner’s job offer would please Amitabh Bachchan so much? But well, surprisingly it did and now we all know why. View the full article
  2. Money Heist has a huge fan base across the globe and it got crazier when Netflix’s originals TV show released its 4th season in April. And now Netflix announced that Part 5 will be released shortly but that’s going to be the final season of the show. While the fans were expecting that the heist at the Bank of Spain Should have ended in part four but the end left us all thrilled. So, here are some fan theories that have flooded the internet and we have found the most popular ones for you. Inspector Alicia Sierra will help Professor and the gang. I think Alicia Sierra will make a deal with El Profesor and become a new member of the group. The police threw her under the bus and she wants revenge on them more than she wanted to catch la banda.#LaCasaDePapel4 pic.twitter.com/kpXteXF991 — mia (@lmwh3) April 4, 2020 At the end of part 4, Alicia Sierra was successful in finding the professor and fans think that she will change sides to join the Professor. Fans also think that she’d be doing this to take revenge from the police. The gang will escape from the main gate of the Bank of Spain. © Netflix The gang didn’t dig any tunnel for escape and so fans believe that they will exit through the main door this time. Also, a Reddit user thinks that the gang will throw gold granules from the sky which will cause chaos and help them escape wearing Dali masks. Berlin is Alicia Sierra’s husband. © Netflix In the show, Berlin was suffering from a disease and in Season 4, Alicia also reveals that her husband German died of cancer. Not only this she told Raquel that his last words were, "Turn on the news". The brainchild behind the popular theory is that Berlin is the capital city of Germany and Alicia’s husband's name was also ‘German’. Alicia Sierra and Tatiana are one person and her heist name is Paris.MONEY HEIST 4 THEORY (Spoiler) Sierra (the Pregnant Woman) is deep undercover. She is Tatiana. Do you remember who Tatiana is? Tatiana is BERLIN'S EX GIRLFRIEND! Sierra (Tatiana) is part of the Heist and her heist name is Paris. 🤯#MoneyHeist4#LaCasaDePapelS4 pic.twitter.com/cpqnVwYCLL — LANCE (@pajo_leeland) April 5, 2020Apart from Berlin and the Professor, the only person who knew details about the heist was Tatiana and that’s what has led to this theory. People think that Alicia Sierra and Tatiana are one person. Berlin Might be alive © Netflix According to one theory, which I think is given by a Kyuki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi fan as a few think that Berlin will return in the final season. Berlin was wearing a vest when he was shot by the police in season 2 and season 4 showed many flashbacks from Berlin’s wedding. All this is leading to a probability that Berlin might not be dead. Tokyo is the only gang member alive in the end © Netflix The narration of the whole show is done by Tokyo and which makes fans believe that she is the only gang member who survived through it till the end. Which theories do you believe? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  3. There exists a very popular saying “Never meet your heroes, because they will surely disappoint you.” For Muhammad Shahab Ghauri, a fan of the Pakistani cricket team, that phase took a whole new meaning when he met Haris Rauf, a right-arm pacer who plays for the Men in Green, that is Pakistan. The young cricketing fan thought that it was going to be one of the greatest days of his life when he managed to get a selfie with the athlete. For the image to be more special, the two slid their masks down to their chins so that both their faces would show. © Muhammad Shahab Ghauri - Facebook Ghauri got closer to Rauf for the image and got a nice smiling image captured that he’d remember for the rest of his life… just not because of the reason he thought at the moment. A little while later, Ghauri, happy as he was to get that photo, wondered why Haris wasn’t selected for the 15-man Pakistan squad that is set to take on England in the next couple of weeks. So he searched for information on Google and what he found, left him worrying for his life, literally. Fast bowler Mohammad Aamir is set to join Pak cricket team in Eng for the T20 Series. He will replace Haris Rauf whose 5th Covid test came positive out of six.#PAKvENG — Mirza Iqbal Baig (@mirzaiqbal80) July 19, 2020 Rauf was refused entry into the team because the cricketer was tested COVID-19 positive a few days before the team was scheduled to leave for England. What was even more worrisome was the fact that Rauf was tested six times, five of those tests showed positive results. So, instead of him, Mohammad Amir was picked for the spot. Ghauri eventually went on Facebook to share his experience with the world: Hahahahaha Also Haris, stay at home you arsehat. Posted by Dennis Does Cricket on Tuesday, 28 July 2020One of the most important measures for a Covid-19 positive patient is to practise social distancing and quarantine at home or the hospital depending upon the severity of the infection. It was later brought to light that Rauf had broken the quarantine protocol established by the Pakistan Cricket Board ahead of the England tour and this might have led to the cricketer getting in touch with the contagion. To be aware of carrying the virus and still roaming around publicly is not only a safety hazard but can also lead to an exponential amount of people contracting it as well. It was a highly irresponsible move by Haris Rauf who is not only a public figure but also an inspiration to thousands of his fans. View the full article
  4. After months of hiatus due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the footballing action recently resumed, concluding the pending tournaments and, in turn, satiate the thirst of millions of fans across the globe. Despite the lack of fanfare in the visibly empty stadiums, the recent clashes have fared differently for clubs. While the likes of Real Madrid romped to the La Liga title, Liverpool were crowned the champions of the Premier League this season. But, the fortunes of Manchester United doesn't seem to have changed. Struggling to keep pace with their rivals, including city neighbours Manchester City, United fans were forced to endure another sloppy performance by the Red Devils on 19th July. View the full article
  5. Releasing a brand new franchise at a time when PlayStation 4's generation is about to come to an end must be a nerve wrecking moment; for both fans and the developers at 'Sucker Punch Productions'. If I were to end a generation with a game that would define PlayStation's current generation; Ghost of Tsushima would be it. I've always wanted an Assassin's Creed set in Japan but unfortunately, Ubisoft lost the opportunity when Sucker Punch Productions first revealed the game in 2017 at Paris Game Week. It's been six years since we've seen a game from 'Sucker Punch Studios'; last being Infamous Second Son that released a few months after the PlayStation 4 launch. While the studio is no stranger to open-world games, it was a refreshing change to see the studio take on a brand new intellectual property that is set in feudal Japan during the First Mongol Invasion of Japan (1274). If you aren't well versed with Japanese history, Kublai Khan; a grandson of Genghis Khan was set on conquering Japan after usurping China and Korea for the Mongol Empire. The Island of Tsushima sits right between the Korea Strait and Japanese Strait making it a strategic island to conquer for a full-scale attack on the rest of mainland Japan. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment Now, in the game, Kublai Khan is referred to as Khotun Khan; a fictional rendition of the Mongol leader who is a ruthless and deceitful general who will resort to anything to conquer the island of Tsushima before setting his sights on mainland Japan. The game opens with Khan's army landing on the shores of Tsushima, where the Samurais of the island are already waiting to confront the Mongol army. Right off the bat, we get our first glimpse of Khotun Khan's sheer ruthlessness and dishonourable ways to win battles at any cost. You play as Jin Sakai, a samurai from the island who survived the brutal battle at Komoda beach where almost every samurai has perished battling Khotun Khan's army. As a result of the battle, your uncle and Jito (local leader) Lord Shimura has been captured by Khan. As Jin, you will have to muster support from remaining Samurais, thieves and fighters to free him from captivity. Jin has been trained as a samurai by his uncle Lord Shimura which we also get a glimpse of via brilliantly timed flashbacks. These flashbacks are not only meant for simple training sequences as we also get to learn the many codes of honour and ideals the samurai have to follow. These codes or “Bushidō” for Japanese history nerds play an integral part in Jin's journey as a samurai - all in the backdrop of Mongol occupation. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment However, to overthrow the Mongols, Jin realises in the early part of the game that following Bushidō codes may not be enough to defeat the enemy. He will have to break his code and use guerrilla warfare to successfully reclaim the island from the Mongol army. Jin often faces inner conflicts and, at times, struggles with them as he must utilise dishonourable battle tactics and weapons that stand opposite to what the samurai code stands for. Bushidō codes forbid a samurai from using guerrilla warfare, deception and instead, mandate samurais to treat their opponents with respect, honour and dignity. However, with Mongols as their enemies who do not have the same beliefs, Jin is forced to set aside his lifelong ideals and fight from the shadows. Over time, he evolves into the “Ghost” a befitting name bestowed by the Mongol army that strikes fear amongst his enemies. Ghost of Tsushima's story is a melange of personal tales set in feudal Japan that we've haven't seen in any game yet. You get to see many stories unfold in the setting of feudal Japan where powerful families, samurai clans and the shogun play an integral part of society. There are hints of previous civil wars that were fought among these clans in the Tsushima region and are forced to set their differences aside to fight a common enemy. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment Narrative missions in Ghost of Tsushima are called 'Tales' and there are three different types of tales Jin can encounter. The main tale tells the story of Jin's journey that has been complemented well with other side missions called 'Tales of Tsushima' and 'Mythic Tales'. I loved the fact each Tale of Tsushima or Character side mission is deeply entwined with each act and only conclude towards the end of the game. It gives these missions more importance and meaning that ties in beautifully with the main story. Most of these side tales have compelling stories of their own that show us the agony some of the key characters are going through because of the invasion. We get to see carnage, atrocities, betrayal and even genocide that deeply impacts the overall tone of the story. Having said that, completing “Mythic Quests” was one of my favourite things to do in the game and couldn't get enough of it. I don't want to spoil these quests for anyone and highly recommend doing these quests whenever you encounter them in the world. We also have to point out, Unlike the recent Ubisoft games, you will not feel overwhelmed and intimated whenever you open the map to find these missions. You will not find your map overcrowded with different icons or points of interests that add no value to the story or character progression. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment Once you are done with the prologue, you get to see the full scale of Tsushima's vibrant and vivid playground crafted by the developers at Sucker Punch Productions. The world hosts a variety of biomes and terrains that kept me very intrigued whenever I explored an undiscovered area. As you progress through the story; you will stop to notice the picturesque colourful lavender fields, lush valleys, snow-capped mountains, bamboo forests, yellow maple trees and the iconic Sakura (Cherry Blossom) trees that make up the landscape of Japan. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment Even after playing for several hours; you will be left shocked at how many times you will stop just to play around with the photo mode. There are enough scenic vistas in the world that look gorgeous at different times of the day. Another variable factor that makes the world look stunning is the dynamic weather system. Out of nowhere, even a long dull road amidst the forest can explode to life with a sudden thunderstorm or look quaint enough during dusk to start playing relaxing tunes on your flute. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment Exploration and discovery is a fundamental facet in this game that has been facilitated well with the beautiful island of Tsushima. While a world can look pretty, it won't serve its purpose until there are plenty of activities to do in it. As we mentioned earlier, you need to explore the world and discover key locations that are essential for upgrading your character. For example, some unknown locations are marked with question marks that could either be a traditional Japanese Onsen (Hot Spring) or a Fox Den amongst multiple others that benefit your character in some way. Resting at Onsens help in recovering and increasing Jin's health. Similarly, finding Fox Dens are equally important as these foxes are considered holy and lead you to a nearby Inari Shrine. Once you've discovered enough shrines; you will be able to unlock an additional Charm slot for your character. Charm Slots are an essential part of your build where you can equip various types of charms that boost specific stats for your character. We have to point out that exploring and discovering locations is extremely rewarding and is highly recommended to do if you want the full experience as intended by 'Sucker Punch Productions'. It is also prudent to point out the game does not have a traditional levelling system; preventing any form of level-gating you may have experienced in other open-world role-playing games. Since exploring is a key element of the game, 'Sucker Puncher Productions' have implemented a unique and innovative feature that redefines how navigation can work in games. As you may have seen from the previews; Ghost of Tsushima does not have a mini-map and you have to instead rely on something called the 'Guiding Wind'. Once you have selected your destination; the wind will guide you in the right direction by making gusts appear in your vicinity. If you stray from your path; you can simply swipe up on the trackpad to get you back on course. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment I used the 'Guiding Wind' feature extensively to find objectives, shrines and other undiscovered location. I prefer this method of navigation over following traditional tracked paths in mini-maps. It let us pay more attention to the beautiful landscapes and sounds of Tsushima which one can easily miss if they are always glancing towards a corner of the screen. This way; discovering locations felt more natural and generated immense curiosity that many open-world games of this generation failed to deliver. Having said that, you cannot solely rely on the 'Guiding Wind' to get to your location. Many times, when you are near an undiscovered location or your objective; a golden/yellow bird will appear whilst making a very distinct sound to guide you to the exact location you're trying to reach. 'Sucker Punch Productions' have implemented yet another innovative way to notify a player if they are near something important using both visual and sound aids. Since the progression system in Ghost of Tsushima does not involve any grinding, most of the abilities you unlock are very rooted in Jin's samurai fighting style. Jin can also learn different stances that help in dealing with different types of enemies. These stances can be unlocked by spending “Technique Points” which you earn as your 'legend' grows. Technique points can also be spent on other kinds of skills that help in deflecting certain type of attacks and evasion. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment Having said that, the skill tree is not as expansive as other RPGs which I prefer, as it was easier to remember newly learned abilities and use them in battles. Similarly, as you progress you will add more weapons to your arsenal including Kunai knives, smoke bombs, and others which you can upgrade using these 'Technique Points' as well. You will also be using these technique points to evolve battle tactics such as 'Standoffs' and archery skills that ultimately make you a more effective warrior. Speaking of gameplay, Ghost of Tsushima implements the aforementioned stance system somewhat similar to what we've seen in the “Nioh” series. However, in Ghost of Tsushima, stances are used as a way to fight different types of enemies. For example, the 'Stone Stance' is more effective against Swordsmen and will not have any major effect on enemies with shields or brutes. Similarly, the “Moon Stance” is more effective against brutes and will have little to no effect on swordsmen. The player has to strategically switch stances by holding R2 according to the type of enemy they are fighting. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment Since you face multiple types of enemies all at once; the time slows down when holding R2 so that you have enough time to make a decision. Using the right stance can also be life-saving as it will let you counter enemies with a fatal blow. If you end up using an incorrect stance according to the enemy type; you will not be able to counter his attacks and in turn can get hurt by an unblockable hit. These unblockable hits can be identified by its bright red glinting lines that will deal significant damage to Jin. You can evade these attacks until you have upgraded Jin's deflection skills that will let him parry these attacks later in the game. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment Another unique gameplay element that stood out the most was the ability to trigger “Standoffs” when approaching enemies. This is a little different from the duels we've seen in the previews and you get to challenge a fighter from a group of enemies by pressing the up D-Pad. I outright loved this element as it was literally a standoff between Jin and an enemy where we locked eyes and waited to see who made the first move. The enemy will flinch to fool you as you need to let go of the button only when the enemy attacks. If you release the button too early, you will face the consequences and if you release at the right time; Jin will unleash a lethal blow to the enemy. This mechanic alone made me approach every group of enemies almost exclusively head-on instead of using stealth as it felt very satisfying. We only stealth when it was a prerequisite for a mission or had to get out of tight situations. © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment A duel, on the other hand, is a one-on-one battle with an enemy that utilises many of the gameplay mechanics in the game but with a more cinematic feel. Enemies are harder and these duels can somehow be classified as boss battles but to me, it was a different form of presentation. These duels pay homage to Akira Kurosawa movies with iconic classical Japanese music, tension built up by close up shots and intense dialogues. You can even turn on the “Kurosawa” mode where everything on the screen turns Black & White with an aggressive grain filter. If you are looking for an authentic Kurosawa experience, we highly recommend turning this mode on before going ahead with duels. I've already mentioned how gorgeous the game looks but I do need to talk about the overall performance of the game on the PlayStation 4. I've played the game on the pro variant for about 36 hours and did not face any bugs or hard crashes. My entire gameplay was buttery smooth and did not notice any major dips in frame rates even though a lot was happening on the screen. If you will be playing this game on PlayStation 4 Pro, you can also adjust between higher resolution or better frame rates performance from the display settings. Additionally, you can also play the entire game in Kurosawa mode, however, I preferred to play the game normally to soak in the vivid colours present in different biomes. Having said that, I did have a similar experience as The Last of Us Part 2 where the console did heat up a bit and got quite loud especially while exploring the world. Thankfully, none of it had any effect on the game or its performance during our review sessions. Finally, this game would not be complete without the melodious soundtrack that remained with me even after I finished the game. While my knowledge of hōgaku or classical Japanese music is quite limited; I did recognise many of the key instruments such as the bamboo flute that were used to make you feel you were really in feudal Japan. Percussion Instruments like the Taiko, Ōtsuzumi, and stringed instruments like the Shamisen, Koto or the Biwa can be heard in the background when you're traversing the world or going into a battle. You even get to see the Biwa in the hands of the musicians who send you on Mythic Quests. However, the soundtrack is not only limited to hōgaku as we also get to hear cinematic background music during key moments similar to Samurai movies from the 60s/70s. Every bit of music composition in Ghost of Tsushima by Ilan Eshkeri & Shigeru Umebayashi is remarkable and will probably stay with me for a very long time. We highly recommend giving the above track a listen that will give you a fair idea about what we're talking about. Final Verdict © Sucker Punch Productions_Sony Interactive Entertainment Ghost of Tsushima tells an inspiring story set in feudal Japan that adds new innovative features to the open-world genre. It offers a lush world that will be the visual benchmark for future games on the PlayStation platform. With combat mechanics that never get boring and a story that is both personal and overarching; Ghost of Tsushima was an enjoyable and memorable experience. Even though the game isn't as expansive as the recent Assassin Creed games; it makes up for it with fantastic storytelling, little to no grinding and enough places to visit that keeps the player intrigued. Ghost of Tsushima reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro using a downloadable code provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. View the full article
  6. We don't know anything about Thor: Love and Thunder right now except for one thing - that it's going to be amazing. And, how do we know that? Because we can trust Taika Waititi to top himself and make the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie after he gave us the incredible Thor: Ragnarok. Since there's a long way to go for the shooting to even begin for the fourth movie, we actually won't know anything about the plot for well over a year. So, what else can fans do in that much time except for speculating the plot and coming up with theories? Moreover, everyone has some extra time right now to completely geek out, so why not? © Marvel A fan theory about Thor: Love and Thunder not only ties together the entire phase four but also explains how Jane Foster might be able to wield Mjolnir, a hammer that doesn't even exist in the current reality. Basically, a theory from the r/FanTheories subreddit suggests that the movie will probably loosely adapt The Mighty Thor comics storyline where Jane Foster becomes Thor. But, it's not just that, it also ties in The Eternals and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It starts with "In present-day NY, Jane Foster is suffering from breast cancer after she was possessed by The Aether." While the aether was not the reason behind her cancer in the comics, this could be a great way for some continuation because after all, she did have an infinity stone inside of her. © Marvel Then comes the Doctor Strange connection - "A hammer from alternate timeline makes its way to the main universe through the portals opened by Doctor strange during MoM events, it's looking for new wielder and Choose Jane, she picks it up and becomes Mighty Thor." There is a small Guardians of the Galaxy connection since Thor did leave earth with them - "In space, Guardians drop Thor on Vanaheim and left for their own adventure. Thor is looking for lady Sif after she was absent during Ragnarok but he finds out that she is already gone somewhere." Lady Sif's absence was painfully felt in Ragnarok and honestly, it would be great if she came back. © Marvel The best addition to the new movie is obviously Christian Bale and here's a theory on what he could be playing - "Actually Sif and her new friend Beta Ray Bill are investigating about the same alien who was the lone survivor of his race, he is known as Gorr. It is said that Gorr was the one who killed Celestials for revenge.he is so powerful that even Celestials feared him and if he is freed again he will continue to wreak havoc on the universe. Odin feared Gorr himself and that is why he had Hela to protect Asgard." Then, of course, Gorr is freed and ends up meeting Thor and we get to know his backstory - "Years ago when his planet was dying of drought he prayed for rain but no one listened to them instead Celestials came and destroyed it and since then Gorr is on a vengeful mission to wipe anyone against his will." © Marvel This calls for a superhero team-up and Thor, along with Sif, Beta Ray Bill, Valkyrie, and Jane defeat the villain. Lastly, the theory suggests that the movie will end with Sif sacrificing herself and then finally Thor's retirement. Well, that is a compelling theory and honestly, pretty believable as well. But, I'm still holding out hope for Loki's return since it's not a Thor movie without Loki, of course. View the full article
  7. Amitabh Bachchan has always been active on social media and interestingly, he is now also interacting with his fans. Well, owing to the lockdown, celebs do have the time to chill and interact with the fans more often than they used to, thanks to their hectic schedules. So, one of the fans asked him âSir aap kabhi desh ka pm banna chate te?" To which Big B had a funny response as he replied, "arre yaar subah subah shubh shubh bolo" along with a laughing emoji. But, I am wondering how things would be if Big B ever becomes a Prime Minister. © Amitabh Bachchan After his response, many of his Instagram followers went on to comment that they will support him if he ever becomes the Prime Minister and also added that he is the only one who can replace PM Narendra Modi. © Amitabh Bachchan © Amitabh Bachchan Big B has won hearts after he made people nostalgic by sharing a throwback picture from the premiere of his film Sholay. This picture features along with his parents Teji Bachchan and Harivansh Rai Bachchan. The picture also features Big B's wife and Bollywood veteran Jaya Bachchan, who played Big B's love interest in the film. Big B, in his caption, revealed that the picture was clicked in 1975 and also shared that he, along with Vinod Khanna, sat on the floor of the balcony and watched the film till 3 am. Well, itâs like there are too many legends in one frame. View this post on InstagramAt the Premiere of SHOLAY .. 15th August 1975, at the Minerva .. Ma, Babuji, Jaya and a bow tied moi .. how pretty Jaya looks .. This was the 35 mm print at the Premiere .. the 70mm Stereo sound print , first time in India was stuck in Customs.. but after the Premiere got over by midnight, we got news that the 70mm print was out of Customs .. we told Ramesh ji to get it to the Minerva .. it came .. the first Indian film on 70mm Stereo .. and I sat on the floor of the Balcony with Vinod Khanna and finished seeing this amazing result till 3 in the morning ð¥A post shared by (@amitabhbachchan) Fans also resonated with Big Bâs emotions and said that Sholay is one of the cult movies and they even would want to see a film based on the making of Sholay. © Amitabh Bachchan The movie set a trend of bromance, and changed the definition of a quintessential villain and also showed live-action in Bollywood. It was way ahead of its time in many ways and continues to be a top favourite for Big B fans. View the full article
  8. In recent times, if there's one couple that seems to be making the best of the quarantine phase, it has to be Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. Right from conveying a meaningful message during lockdown to doing haircuts at home, these two are just are proof that lockdowns need not necessarily be so bad. View this post on InstagramI thought he must be missing being on the field. Along with the love he gets from millions of fans, he must be especially missing this one particular type of fan too. So I gave him the experience ðððA post shared by (@anushkasharma) The recent video is quite funny and will leave you laughing out loud. The actress is seen shouting 'Chauka Maar Na', a usual dialogue that we would hear in stadiums during a match while the Indian skipper is batting She took to Instagram and captioned it as " I thought he must be missing being on the field. Along with the love he gets from millions of fans, he must be especially missing this one particular type of fan too. So I gave him the experience " View this post on InstagramItâs from our primary care givers - family that we learn how to tread the journey of life, how to walk, how to eat, how to socialize & then face the world. This forms our initial conditioning that has a lasting impact on us. In the world we inhabit today, there is a lot of uncertainty and I'm sure a lot of you have found that solace & sense of familiarity with your families. Stay at home to take care of everyone precious in your lives. And also make the most of these moments ... smile, laugh, share, show affection, clear mis-understandings, develop stronger/healthier bonds, discuss life and dreams and pray for a better tomorrow. We all have been moved deeply, we all have been affected deeply and hopefully we will carry forward these lessons in the days to come. And hopefully, we have all conditioned ourselves to relook at the world we inhabited before all of this happened... P.S. : It was a super close game of Monopoly and the competitive side of everyone was out there. Any guesses who won??A post shared by (@anushkasharma) The couple has been quite active amidst lockdown on their profiles on Instagram. Earlier, Anushka also shared a picture where the whole family was seen playing Monopoly. View this post on InstagramMeanwhile, in quarantine.. ðð»ââðð»ââA post shared by (@anushkasharma) And while we are waiting for this lockdown to get over so that we can finally visit salons, Virat seems to have found his hairdresser at the comfort of his home. In one of the videos that went viral, Anushka was seen giving Virat an impressive haircut, which turned out to be pretty dope. Here's all the fun that the star couple has been having during the quarantine View this post on InstagramSelf - isolation is helping us love each other in all ways & forms ð¤ªA post shared by (@anushkasharma) Goals, right? View the full article
  9. Growing up in the 2000s meant we were exposed to the best of television content. Be it cartoons, reality shows or even family dramas, our generation got a taste of the best. One such show that fills our heart with happy memories and made us laugh out loud without a miss was Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai. © Hotstar There is no forgetting SoBoâs up-class Maya, adorable daddy-cool Indu, their âmis-fitâ of a daughter-in-law Monisha and of course the Sarabhai bros Sahil and Rosesh with their own set of quirks. Now given that the show is reportedly all set to make a comeback on TV yet again amid the coronavirus lockdown, I personally cannot wait to re-watch these seven iconic episodes from the show. In no particular order, the below sequence is merely a reflection of which Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai episode had had the most impact on my psyche. 1. Dushyantâs Entry © Hotstar Gadget-freak Dushyant or Indu and Mayaâs son-in-law, no matter whatever you want to call this guy, he did bring with him a fresh burst of comedy. His unabashed love for gadgets and the ability to laugh off every failure stole my heart. 2. Mallika Sherawatâs Special Appearance © Hotstar Who can forget Sunehri? Besides you and me, I bet Indu and Sahil havenât been able to forget her either. She came, she saw, she played and then she made a run for it with her prize. 3. The Motherâs Day Episode Ft. Rosesh © Hotstar In all these years of being a fan of this show, if there is one moment thatâs literally carved into my mind, it has to be Roseshâs Motherâs Day special poetry - Momma ka purse, jaise hospital ki pyaari koi nurse Purse mein rakha tissue paper karta hai paseene ka ilaaj Aur lipstick ho jaise, bhooke hotho ka anaj Momma ke purse ka hai makhmali sa sparsh Momma ka purse, momma ka purse. I mean, come on! 4. Monishaâs Sophisticated Avatar © Hotstar I remember this one happened around the end of the first season, but boy was this role reversal cathartic or what! Things got so out of hand at one point, that Monisha succeeded in making Maya uncomfortable. This one was a complete win. 5. Monisha & Sahilâs Flashback Lovestory © Hotstar This came in parts, but even with its hilarity, Monisha and Sahilâs cute flashback love story helped fill so many unknown gaps. Also, it was such a revelation to find out that Monisha is Manisha, after all. 6. Mayaâs Role Reversal As A Middle-Class Woman © Hotstar Again, Mayaâs middle-class avatar is unforgettable. You simply donât forget someone becoming the exact thing they detest the most in life - and in Mayaâs case that would be being middle-class. 7. Kaccha Kelaâs Poetry Episode © Hotstar The only other person in the entire show who could rival Rosesh in his poetry skills was this man. Anirudh aka Kaccha Kelaâs Main Lukkha Hu takes the trophy, hands down. Do you have your own favourites? Let us know! View the full article
  10. Lady Gaga and the World Health Organisation crossover is not something we knew we needed but here we are. She has been doing an incredible job at raising funds during this pandemic and using her platform the best way possible - raising money for all the healthcare workers on the frontlines risking their lives to fight coronavirus. And, along with the millions of dollars raised, WHO and Global Citizen have also announced a virtual concert to take place on April 18th to show support for the health workers. The One World: Together at home event is going to be a grand one, just look at the lineup - Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Burna Boy, Chris Martin, David Beckham, Eddie Vedder, Elton John, FINNEAS, Idris and Sabrina Elba, J Balvin, John Legend, Kacey Musgraves, Keith Urban, Kerry Washington, Lang Lang, Lizzo, Maluma, Paul McCartney, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Shah Rukh Khan and Stevie Wonder. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra are reportedly representing Bollywood during the event and people are very proud of it, of course. That's a weird way to look at it, but okay. This best thing coming out of this stupid rona is Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, and SRK on the same event It doesn't get more surreal I love it â ãã¡rike ð¹ð·ð©ðª (@meriked) April 7, 2020It's going to be great. One world together at home . WHO event on 18th April . SRK , lady gaga , priyanka and others. The way Lady Gaga said Shah Rukh Khan . @iamsrk .pic.twitter.com/tsiRFHADVW â SRK Hunter Universe (@HunterUniverse_) April 7, 2020Fire emoji is right. So #TogetherAtHome,a global broadcast on April 18. Curated in collaboration with @ladygaga & featuring International Artists like @iamsrk @priyankachopra @eltonofficial,Chris Martin, D Beckham etc..SRK & PC r the only Indian Artists to featured in this event.. @GlblCtzn pic.twitter.com/H7rv8bBGKi â Som (@SadhyaSom1) April 6, 2020Full props to Lady Gaga. Thank for making this @ladygaga and being part @iamsrk @priyankachopra https://t.co/CNttz04n4y â Bharath Rajasegaran (@Bharathr138) April 6, 2020Stay at home, and watch virtual concerts. I'm so excited that this happening. Among @ladygaga my two other favourite artists will be featured @priyankachopra @iamsrk Looking forward for 18 April. Thank you for still making us stay at home ï¸ https://t.co/YewH7jBmdJ â Bharath Rajasegaran (@Bharathr138) April 6, 2020While we still donât know when we will see them in a movie together but for now, watching them come together for this wonderful initiative sure sounds great! View the full article
  11. Vicky Kaushal has now conclusively proven that he can do anything and make it look charming. Don't believe us? He just posted a video of himself cleaning his ceiling fans with a pocha, and fans are legit swooning. © Vicky Kaushal/Instagram Like everyone else, Vicky is under quarantine, and he's completely dedicated to finishing his household chores, like all of us desi boys out there. Now, there may or may not be an inspiration here, not that we are insinuating anything, but we clearly were very inspired when a certain Miss Kaif had started posting super cute videos of herself doing household chores. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@katrinakaif) View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@katrinakaif) Vicky, however, chose something which is extremely difficult. If there were a contest for household chores, cleaning ceiling fans would surely appear on the final round, because of how cumbersome it is. However, Vicky is making it look like a cakewalk, and he's doing some grade A Shayari while he's at it. © Vicky Kaushal/Instagram Halfway into the video, we get to see Mr Kaushal standing barefoot on the floor, without any stool or elevated platform whatsoever, using his height to his full advantage. He clearly was aware of that too, as was evident from the subject of his Shayari. © Vicky Kaushal/Instagram The verse goes: "Jiska ladka lamba uska bhi bada kaam hai, Pankhe saaf karwalo stool ka kya kaam hai?" Now, it did look like mommy dearest had put him to the task, judging by the playful poetic taunt. Notwithstanding it all, Vicky clearly is used to this, as can be seen in the video. Check it out here: View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@vickykaushal09) View the full article
  12. At a time when weâre down in the dumps, it shouldnât take much to make us feel good. Even this story of Babar Azam being praised for being the 'best T20I batsman in the world' by a 5-year-old fan is enough to make us feel a little better. Babar Azam The hero of millions including 5-year-old Oscar who sent in this... #WeAreSomersetpic.twitter.com/oxOtDaYVQ9 â Somerset Cricket (@SomersetCCC) April 2, 2020But, as one of the people (Daniel Alexander) who replied to tweet said, âBabar Azam is class, on and off the field. #KingBabarâ Itâs his down-to-Earth response that made us respect him a little more. Babarâs tweet goes, "Hey Oscar, thank you so much for such a kind note. I am so proud of you buddy. You are a rockstar. Study hard & play even harder champ! Look forward to meet you. #RiseAndRiseâ Hey Oscar, thank you so much for such a kind note. I am so proud of you buddy. You are a rockstar. Study hard & play even harder champ! Look forward to meet you. #RiseAndRisehttps://t.co/ZKEVVhwM3b â Babar Azam (@babarazam258) April 2, 2020 Irrespective of the whole India-Pakistan rivalry and whatever your personal feelings and beliefs are, itâs important to give credit where creditâs due. The response is impeccable. I mean thatâs exactly how Iâd imagine replying to one of my fans on social media, if I had any that is. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the response, though, is that itâs something Umar Akmal can learn from. I donât think I need to justify myself here. Of course, Umar Akmal needs lessons on how to tweet. Who doesnât remember his infamous 'mother from another brother' tweet? Now, imagine if Babar had passed on some of his wisdom to the younger Akmal sibling. Letâs hope one day in the near future we see Umar Akmal tweeting something similar for one of his fans. (Does he have any?) And while Umarâs learning from Babar, perhaps he can take some tips on how to be the best T20I batsman as well? No hate Umar, weâre all friends here. Peace. Iâm ending with some of the responses people had to Babarâs tweet. Enjoy! Perhaps one of his biggest fans? What a kind soul Babar. And then we have people like Kohli who received the "Spirit of the Cricket Award" for doing all kinds of nuisance on and off the field. Someone like Babar or Kane deserved that award. â (@okaySTFU007) April 2, 2020 Even Oscarâs dad replied: Oscar is going to be so chuffed when he finds out in the morning that you sent him a message I will video his surprised face... cheers...stay well stay safe â Andrew larder2 (@andrewlarder) April 2, 2020 Obviously thereâs someone trying to get a shout out from their favourite cricketers: Bhai appreciate kardainpic.twitter.com/ZjCFPsfDBP â Muhammad sohail (@iamsohail86) April 2, 2020 Some people donât even care about the tweet. They just want a picture of Babar for their phones: Bro can you send me this wallpaper please â Raheelðµð° (@Raheel0194) April 3, 2020 View the full article
  13. When you manage to tear your eyes away from the sheepish smile that plays on his lips, you get the chance to behold Bollywood's most prolific underdog-turned-mega-star, that is Irrfan Khan. With his rugged handsomeness, terrific performances, and earthy, personal charm, Irrfan makes for the perfect prototype to be called the ultimate Bollywood âdark horseâ. © Maddock Films Irrfan has been away from the mainstream acting scene since 2018 when he first announced about suffering from a neuroendocrine tumour. Having battled with cancer for over a year, Irrfan came back to face the camera once again last year for his latest film Angrezi Medium. While many are claiming Angrezi Medium to be Irrfanâs much-awaited comeback film post his fight with cancer, true-blue Irrfan Khan fans would beg to differ. For a true Irrfan Khan fan like myself, Angrezi Medium is more than a comeback film and here is exactly why: 1. Itâs The Most Weâll Get To See Of Him Since The Cancer Detection © Maddock Films Irrfan was last seen in the 2018 road film Karwaan, following which broke the news about him leaving for London to get treated for a brain tumour. Itâs been almost two years since, and now, with Angrezi Medium, I will get to witness this man spill his magic on-screen once again. Ever since the detection of his cancer, Irrfan has stayed away from public appearances, choosing to get treated and recuperate away from the public glare. So, this gives his fans the next best shot at beholding their favourite star up close on the silver screen! 2. It Is A Living Example That We Are Stronger Than The Things Trying To Hold Us Back © Maddock Films I can list a number of reasons why Irrfan Khan is one of the most inspirational Bollywood stars out there. But the one thing that trumps it all, currently, is his spirit. His resilience and dedication put Irrfan in a league of his own. Despite not being completely in the clear, Irrfan shot the film for director Homi Adajania, who swore to not make this film with any other actor. Irrfan came back, kept his promise and finished the shooting before heading back to London to continue his treatment for the shooting wrap-up. 3. It Might Be A While Before He Graces The Silver Screen Again © Maddock Films Letâs get a little realistic. Unless someone has been a survivor themself, or has witnessed a loved one battle with cancer, you and I will never be able to imagine how taxing even the recovery process can be, let alone the treatment itself. And though Irrfan has put on a brave face and finished this latest project, it might be a while before we see him on the silver screen again. Even with a few projects in the pipeline, we cannot be sure when they will see the light of the day. 4. Itâs A Reminder Why We Love Him The Way We Do © Maddock Films I donât know about others, but for me, Angrezi Medium is yet another reminder of why I adore this man and his craft so much. Itâs not about the story (Irrfan chose to do it, of course, the story will be worth it) or the supporting cast (Kareena chose to do this film only because of Irrfan, need I say more?). Itâs the promise to witness my favourite actor do what he does like none other. This gifted actor eats, breathes and lives his craft. He weaves stories and teaches his audience a thing or two with every film. His 30-year long, roller-coaster Bollywood journey makes him unconquerable and a striking beam of hope that there is hope for each one of us. Angrezi Medium is not just Irrfanâs comeback film for me, it is proof that this is what a devoted artist can do when lifeâs challenges are met with dedication and undiluted honesty for oneâs craft. View the full article
  14. Donald Trump criticized Academy Awards during his speech at a rally in Colorado.
  15. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of a deeply gratifying dream and wish to drop dead asleep again to resume or finish the storyline that your subconscious mind was playing out. I was invited to London to watch an English Premier League game, and my consciously Manchester United-crazy mind demanded that I squeeze in a visit to Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams, to fulfil a lifelong dream of watching my favourite club play live. And much to the dismay of my boss, thatâs exactly what I did. View this post on InstagramIn need of some #WednesdayMotivation? Why not book a trip to the city of Manchester? ð ð¸: @asinglestepblogA post shared by (@nationalexpress) United were due to play Burnley in an English Premier League encounter (honorary mention to partners Budweiser 0.0, who made my trip possible) on January 23, 2020, having endured an eventfully ill-fated month till that point. Recent losses against Arsenal, Liverpool and (in the cup vs) Manchester City meant that tickets were easily available on manutd.com for this home fixture against a then-bottom table side. Little did we know that the game would end 0-2 in favour of the visitors and would trigger the infamous walkouts that might even continue after the ongoing winter break; but more on that, later. To buy tickets for home matches, follow these steps: - Sign up for a free membership on the website - Use the membership number to sign in - Visit the ticketing section on the website and select the game you want to watch - The blocks coloured in blue will have vacant seats - Upon selecting, the website suggests the best available seat - Among âadult,â âunder 16,â âseniorâ etc, pick the category that you belong to and proceed to pay - Tickets are delivered if booked well in advance, otherwise you can collect them on matchday at the ticket counters with valid ID Note: You can follow a similar process to buy tickets for the stadium tour. Categories include but are not limited to âEnhanced Tourâ and âLegends Tour.â Next step was to find accommodation and stay, hostelworld.com and rome2rio.com always being my go-to websites. A four-hour non-stop bus is the most affordable and time-effective commute. Mine was a 12-pound National Express coach that drops you in the heart of Manchester, near Piccadilly Gardens. The dorm was at walkable distance, in the most hipster-ish neighbourhood on Hilton Street. The ClubI checked in, lit a cigarette and immediately after the first drag, it sank in. I WAS IN FUCKING MANCHESTER! FOR REAL, I WAS GOING TO WATCH A GAME AT OLD TRAFFORD! At a loss for words, my overcome state of mind at this point is best summed up by a fellow Red Devil from USA, Chris Castaneda, who told B/R after visiting OT for the first time in 2015 : âThe buildup is incredibly unnerving, you struggle so much waiting for the moment that you show up at the stadium five hours before the match, when no one else is around, and just take the time to walk around and admire everything about the ground.â © MENSXP/Alshaar After a quick kebab meal (I love eating doner kebabs in Europe), I was advised by the hostel staff to take the tram to Old Trafford. The tram was right next to Piccadilly Gardens. Tickets can be purchased from vending machines. Mine cost £ 2.40. I got off at Trafford Bar station and exited on to Warwick Road, Google Mapped my way down towards the stadium, passed the Old Trafford cricket stadium, bought a retro Eric Cantona scarf, and here I was (exactly five hours ahead of kickoff) â staring at the glass walls of my footballing mecca through the silhouette of the Holy Trinity. One big downside of travelling alone (apart from not having a personal photographer) though is that sometimes when youâre dumbfounded, getting a second opinion becomes a daunting task. Your mind simply goes blank and instincts take over. Some might call it âliving in the moment;â for me it translated into paying a father-son duo three pounds to click pictures of me with replica trophies in front of the stadiumâs main entrance â guilty pleasures; not complaining. © MENSXP/Alshaar By the time I was done collecting my ticket, video calling loved ones back home, indulging in front camera vanity and realising that you should always book the stadium tour in advance, the sun had set and more matchgoers had arrived. A stadium parikrama was followed by joining the crowd in anticipation of the team buses. That would take another hour or so, but I encountered two very interesting young men from Nottingham leaning against the barricades. In his late teens, Joe Roberto, a fellow Man United supporter, was here for the first time with his friend Antonio, who is half Italian and is more interested in the Serie A than the EPL. The duo was fascinated by my work that takes me around the world (very humbly; you can read about my trips to Russia , Italy , Vietnam , France etc and decide for yourself), but more so because they were both considering applying for police jobs given the high crime rate in their county. © MENSXP/Alshaar So far, the day had only been about my dreams and my ambitions, but this conversation gave me a window inside the lives of the actual people living in this part of the United Kingdom. Thereâs sport, thereâs religion; of course money matters; and then, thereâs a growing sense of national pride, which one might not be unfamiliar with, irrespective of your current coordinates. The light-hearted banter, nonetheless, very much continued with Joe and I outnumbering Antonio. But the team buses had now arrived and the starting XI on the day would set the tone for the impending doom that awaited United and its frustrated fanbase, on the pitch. View this post on Instagramð´ And in the red corner... #MUFCA post shared by (@manchesterunited) Up in Block N42 of the Sir Alex Ferguson stand, a few flights of stairs, a pint of beer and half an hour later, the chatter was about Mason Greenwood not starting, Phil Jones replacing an injured Victor Lindelof, and Andreas Pereira being given yet another shot at the #10 role. The teams came out and bitterly honest words from a loyal United fan Steven Narloch, which I had read online in his Old Trafford testimony, flashed across my mind: âExit off the tram, see those huge white arches as I walk up Warwick Road, enter the ground, climb up a few flights of stairs, find my seat, and then do something that always baffles me; clap out the teams as they emerge from the tunnel, as if youâre thanking the highly paid people playing for the team of your choice just for turning up.â © MENSXP/Alshaar But despite a continuously intensifying grudge against how the club is being run, fans warmly welcomed the players onto the pitch. The game got off to a yawn-inducing start and all the frustration from watching United play on TV in the last few years started coming back to me. To make matters worse, the hosts went a goal behind by the 39th minute, after Chris Wood headed a free kick past David De Gea. Nothing much changed in the second half and the 56th minute saw Burnley double their lead this time via Jay Rodriguez. My dream debut in Old Trafford started feeling more and more anticlimactic. But we hang on till Fergie time, donât we? Turns out, we donât because a) the tram gets super cramped if you leave late b) the commitment of the current lot doesnât live up to the indomitable spirit of Sir Alex Fergusonâs legendary United sides. As I held back my tears and exited defeated, around the 80th minute mark, the turnout outside was astoundingly greater than what was left behind in the stadium. We would later learn that this was one of the most infamous walkouts in the recent history of the club and fans have in fact made a tradition of it since then. Most of us have had enough; and itâs not just about this one loss. The way the club has been run since the Glazer takeover is appalling â from transfers and wages to ownership and fund allocation. Sir Alex Ferguson had preserved the old guard, but since his departure in 2013, the widening cracks at Old Trafford have now become full-sized craters. The big quandary is that the Glazer family borrowed a load of money to buy Manchester United in 2004 and shifted debts to the tunes of a billion dollars within 15 years onto the club. Misery is compounded by United announcing record high revenues in the 2010s, which has not really translated into on-pitch success â raising glaring doubts about the ownersâ vision for a club with arguably the richest history in the PL. © MENSXP/Alshaar Gab Marcotti writes for ESPN: âThere's something doubly infuriating in knowing that even while you're suffering at your team's underachievement, the guys who own it and run it continue to cackle all the way to the bank. It's not that they don't necessarily care -- maybe they do, maybe they're fans too; they never speak, so we don't know -- it's just that you're left with the feeling that, however much it pains them to see United struggle on the pitch, when they put on their businessman hats, all that pain magically melts away.â Depressed and feeling an existential sense of defeat, I took the tram back and my day ended in complete contrast to how it had begun. The club that I grew up watching dominate all of Europe has been reduced to a laughing stock and distressingly because of non-footballing reasons. The cityI woke up early next morning to typically gloomy Manchester skies. A septuagenarian gent was making breakfast â atypical of the most such lodgings â a recipe for some interesting conversation. Michael Celle Clarke had spent his young years in Manchester and his rendezvous with the city had stayed with him. Over a cuppa, he shared stories that involved women, odd jobs and finances. Now settled, with grandchildren and great grandchildren, he still finds excuses to visit Manchester, âthe city that has seen so much and has given people so much.â © MENSXP/Alshaar So, what exactly is so special about this city? One of the better ways to find out was to sign up for a walking tour. Most such offerings are usually free â something that I absolutely love about European cities. The reception desk was handing out brochures for this one called the Free Manchester Walking Tour, which starts at 11 am from the Alan Turing Memorial in Sackville Park. On my way to the meeting point, I encountered this tiny, funny-named eatery called Pottyâs Kitchen, where a bunch of local construction workers were walking in and out of. Who knew you could get a fabulous full English breakfast for less than five pounds, with a bunch of pescetarian and vegan options. Quick note: having proper meals helps survive the cityâs windy weather, which suddenly started approaching zero-ish temperatures that morning. View this post on Instagram#Mcr #manchester #uk #2019 #stretphotography #travel #travellovers #love #welcome #home #keeptraveling #bee #documentaryphotography #gayvillage #alanturingA post shared by (@jose_marcilese_iglesias) A few smokes helped stay warm at the Turing Statue, before local lad Mike (25), another lifetime Manchester United supporter, from the Tour team greeted me, followed by around 10 more tourists, from Europe and South America. Aziz Ahammout from Lille was here for the previous nightâs game too, and has grown up supporting United from across borders like yours truly. Leeds-born Charlie Tatman also follows football and had even been to India (he fortuitously ended up playing a British officer in Aamir Khanâs Mangal Pandey: The Rising on the trip), before settling down with his wife and a set of twins. Czech student Laura, who resides in Poland currently, had been flatmates with Indians and of course proclaimed her love for curry with me. The three-hour tour began with a brief timeline of Manchester, through its multiple eras: of the Romans christening it Mamucium; of canals enabling it to become a global textile hub; of the bombing during the Second World War; of the abandonment of the textile mills and the subsequent rise of an underground music culture â notable Manchester musicians include The Smiths, The Verve, Oasis, The Red Army, Van der Graaf Generator among numerous others. Today, Manchester is the second most populous metropolitan area in the United Kingdom with more than three million people. The city bears unique distinctions for establishing a university in as early as the 1820s, producing around 25 Nobel laureates and a host of artists. Alan Turing, whose statue we met at, though remains the most controversially timeless figure. View this post on InstagramReminiscing about the Parade and our Deep Space Pride: A Future World of Equality theme at this year's Manchester Pride Festival! The Parade was by far the biggest to ever walk the streets of Manchester and we cannot thank you enough for coming to support the community, whether you walked with us in the Parade or encouraged us from the crowd! ðð And can we just talk about some of these outfits?! Incredible! #MPFestival2019A post shared by (@manchesterpride) His genius, biographed in Benedict Cumberbatchâs (another University of Manchester graduate) Imitation Games, lies in being the father of modern computing. Even more relevant is his life as one of the first openly gay public figures in the history of the Western world. Despite playing a crucial role in cracking intercepted coded messages that enabled the Allies to defeat the Nazis in many crucial engagements, Turing was prosecuted under Victorian anti-homosexuality laws and is said to have not received enough respect before a premature death (allegedly suicide), at the age of 41. After widespread internet campaigns, he was retrospectively pardoned in 2013 and even features on the new £50 note now. Turing remains an accurate representation of Manchesterâs contribution to liberalism through the ages. Apart from housing the countryâs oldest public library (since 1652), it has also been at the centre of labour right activism in the 1850s, which eventually led to the repeal of the infamous Corn Laws; it has been home to remarkable feminist movements in the 20th century; and it has constantly rallied behind free trade, pacifism and the separation of church and state. In fact, even great men like Abraham Lincoln have written to the âworking men of Manchesterâ for their anti-slavery stance. View this post on Instagramð¸ 2019 has brought us some fantastic photography and illustrations! Here are some of our best ones - which one is your favourite?A post shared by (@officialuom) After walking past the university, the Royal Exchange Theatre, the Town Hall, the Bridgewater Hall, the Rochdale Canal and the library, we finally ended up at the Exchange Square. It was here where, according to our guide Mike, the latest, most modern, era of Manchester was born. A bomb explosion (planted by Irish right-wing militants during the Euro Cup â96; Manchester was one of the host countries) caused devastating and largely irreversible damage, estimated by insurers at £700 million (equivalent to £1.3 billion in 2019). The detonation, according to locals, ripped the heart out of the city centre but remarkably no-one was killed. Contrastingly, the blast has been viewed by some as a 'catalyst' for starting the city's mass regeneration by attracting hundreds of millions worth of investment and resulting in above national average economic growth in the 20 years following the bombing. Manchester received about £583 million in private and public funding towards its regeneration that completely transformed the business sector, the growth of which could have otherwise been much slower. At the 2002 Commonwealth Games, Manchester played proud host and set a worldwide example on how to get back on oneâs feet. View this post on InstagramNice + sunny in Manchester. âï¸A post shared by (@lucyygallagher) Goodbyes were said at this point, but the Man United supporters in the group â Mike, Aziz and I â stayed back and bitched about the previous night. Once Mike left to resume his dayâs routine, we ended up at Sinclairâs Oyester Bar, after a visit to the nearby National Football Museum. The rustic pub is located in one of the oldest buildings in the city, The Shambles. Usage of phones/electronics is strictly banned inside; an attendant is on the vigil at all times. But the upside â besides getting hammered for a mere £15 â is that you tend to initiate conversations with strangers. Manchester serves up to be the perfect city for this kind of socialising, especially if youâre a United fan. Aziz and I ended up befriending almost each table adjacent to ours despite heated debates over Ole Gunnar Solskjærâs future as the boss. Most of these men and women were locals, ranging from ages between 20 and 70. My acquaintance with the city, from two decades of supporting United, was validated by the open arms that the locals offered towards my devotion. It was at this point that I realised what knits the bond between the club and its overseas fans. © MENSXP/Alshaar My girlfriend, a distant observer of the sport, often asks why I donât support another club since Manchester United have been shit most of the 2010s? I couldnât offer a convincing response before visiting Manchester, but I can almost physically feel my connect with the city now. Itâs almost like a home away from home, and in its core value system, also resonates with my most fundamental beliefs in life. Thereâs another club in the city and why I donât support them would require another article. But as I munched on my last kebab before taking off for India, and made peace with the clubâs fall from grace, the city, like few others, didnât make me feel alone as a solo traveller anymore â and despite the heartbreaking recent performances of Manchester United, ensured that I return one day regardless. Although more new signings will help. View the full article
  16. In a country where cricket is considered to be a religion, India equally celebrates its cricketers like demigods. Garnering an unmatched public interest, many cricketers, over the years, including the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli consistently enjoy the limelight. But, while the cricketing icons continue to hog the spotlight, one woman has carved her own niche in the country's beloved sport. For someone who once aspired to be a graphic designer, Myanti Langer has undeniably come a long way to establish herself as one of the most recognisable faces in a sport that continues to be dominated by men. Owing to her unique insights, a great understanding of the game and exceptional analysis, the 34-year-old has managed to create her own fanbase in cricket-crazy India. View this post on InstagramBack in the habit ð #cricketlive #cricketloveA post shared by (@mayantilanger_b) While her ability to analyse the gentleman's game on television has earned her plaudits over the years, Mayanti's 'no-nonsense' approach to set the trolls straight on social media has further struck a chord with cricket fans. For an independent woman who has achieved success and fame on the back of relentless hard work, Mayanti is often targetted for her husband Stuart Binny's brief stint with Team India. Whether her hubby scores a hundred or gets out for a duck, social media trolls just won't let the sports presenter catch a break. Even her normal posts, that has got nothing to do with Stuart, end up garnering baseless comparisons on social media platforms. In the latest case, Mayanti and her husband were once again targeted by a troll who eventually learned a key lesson. Itâs a rather colourful life in our studio ?? @StarSportsIndia #cricketlive #NZvsIND #firevsice pic.twitter.com/ys3pgzPdLS â Mayanti Langer Binny (@MayantiLanger_B) February 4, 2020 Taking to Twitter, Mayanti shared a photo of herself where she was seen striking a pose inside what looked like a studio. "Itâs a rather colourful life in our studio," she tweeted. While many liked her picture in the tweet, a cricket fan posted with a query: "Where is Stuart Binny nowadays???". Where is Stuart Binny nowadays ..??? â Shafqat Yousuf (@shafqaty6) February 4, 2020 In response to the question, another fan joined in and suggested that: "He is helping her in carrying her baggage". While Mayanti generally refrains from engaging with such trolls, she made this one an exception to shut the troll down. I can carry my own baggage thank you very much ?? heâs busy living his life, playing cricket, just being awesome in general, and not passing comments on people he doesnât know ?? â Mayanti Langer Binny (@MayantiLanger_B) February 4, 2020 In what turned out to be a befitting reply, Mayanti didn't just step up for her husband, but eventually managed to shut the troll for good. "I can carry my own baggage thank you very much heâs busy living his life, playing cricket, just being awesome in general, and not passing comments on people he doesnât know," she replied. View the full article
  17. Itâs no secret that a lot of our B-Town celebs are ardent fans of some of the most popular cartoons out there. However, the fan following that Pokemon seems to enjoy, be it with us or celebs, is something that no other anime or cartoon has witnessed. © Viral Bhayani Akshay Kumar, who is normally seen in some of the most basic, but classy sneakers one can buy, seems to have finally given in to the temptation of going a little bonkers with quirky footwear, for he was recently spotted wearing a pair of black trainers, that looked like they were straight out of the Japanese Anime series that we all have grown so fond of. © Viral Bhayani First, though, letâs get to his outfit. Akshay is wearing a rather simple and understated black sweatshirt, which actually, works well with the finely checkered joggers that he is wearing. The joggers themselves are actually quite dope, thanks to the mix of the patterns around the knees, and the two zipped pockets that they have. © Viral Bhayani This is actually somewhat unusual for Akshay, who normally tends to stay away from such pieces and prefers wearing basic cargos, or jumpsuits. Well, weâre glad that heâs switching things up a bit and experimenting. © Viral Bhayani Now, comes the pièce de résistance of the ensemble, the black loafers that Akshayâs wearing. They are as zany as they are exquisite. Akshay is seen here wearing the Men's Black Monster Eyes Suede Loafers from Fendi, an Italian luxury fashion brand, which primarily deals in leather and faux pieces. © Fendi The yellow eyes that we see here are a classic Fendi design and are called the Bugs Eye motif. The pieces that these eyes are featured on, are normally labelled under Monster Eyes. The eyes themselves seem to have been inspired by Pokemon. The eyes do look like an evil Pokemon, don't they? © Viral Bhayani To add even more to the âmonsterâ theme, Fendi has added some spikes at the counter or the back of the loafers. Sure, these spikes are small and arenât that outrageous. However, they are quite zany and give the loafers a rather unique dimension. Thatâs actually quite a nice way to amp up a basic and simplistic outfit. © Fendi For someone who prefers functionality and comfort over aesthetics, Akshay sure knows how to surprise people around him. Take a bow, man, seriously, thatâs one heck of a way to make a style statement. View the full article
  18. A few years ago, Shubman Gill was being looked upon as a budding batsman who could potentially realise his dreams of playing for the Indian cricket team. And, by the time India clinched the 2018 U-19 World Cup trophy, Gill, who was eventually adjudged the 'Player of the Tournament', was hailed as a key ingredient to his team's success in the tournament. Upon his success in the U-19 World Cup, many wondered if he had the temperament of repeating his heroics while playing with proven masters of the game. But, Gill, since then, continues to dish out one brilliant performance after another, bolstering his case for selection in the national team. © Twitter/@IPL From turning heads in the Indian Premier League (IPL), earning a national call-up to raking in runs on the domestic circuit, the 20-year-old, in the past year or so, remains one of the most consistent performers in Indian cricket. His consistency in batting and the temperament of a proven batsman has allowed him to capture the imagination of cricket fans. When will @KKRiders make @RealShubmanGill the captain ? #AskSrk â Vivek Subramaniam (@viveks1996) January 22, 2020 And, that's probably why a cricket fan ended up asking Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) co-owner Shah Rukh Khan as to when his franchise will make the young Gill the captain of their team. "When will @KKRiders make @RealShubmanGill the captain?," the fan asked on Twitter. As soon as KKR makes you the Head Coach my friend. https://t.co/1SSCwWLS8E â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) January 22, 2020 The Bollywood superstar has been vocal about his admiration for Gill in the past, but he came up with a witty response to the query of the fan in his recent interaction, a candid Q&A, on Twitter. Responding to the question in his own uncanny manner, 'King Khan' wrote: "As soon as KKR makes you the Head Coach my friend". As soon as Shah Rukh posted his response, netizens began sharing their own views on the hilarious banter between the Bollywood actor and the poor fan. #SavageReplies ??@Bazmccullum #AskSRK pic.twitter.com/UeDgmSSgCq â KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) January 22, 2020 ?????? Congrats bhai u r going to become head coach of kkr â ???? Dhoni07?????? (@armylenovo) January 22, 2020 Congratulations bro ?????? â tikendraa jit (@iamTikendraajit) January 22, 2020 Haha â Proud_indian (@Proudin15683854) January 23, 2020 Par bouncer toh apne mara hai Shah Rukh...woh bhi itna ooncha ke ball gaya toh gaya aur wapas hi nahi aaya?? Kamal karte ho yaar ap bhi. You are too good. Bade mazaaki ho?? pic.twitter.com/t3QvRf6oac â ? S?a? K? B??? ? ?? ?????? ? (@JacyKhan) January 22, 2020 Brutal ?? â review (@bittupajero) January 22, 2020 View the full article
  19. Kareena Kapoor irked by fan pestering her for selfiesKareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Taimur Ali Khan have a colossal fan base comprising several hyped up fans. And while the super famous trio entertain to the requests of fans more often than not, the hyped up devotees do tend to cross the line quite frequently which results in the A-listers getting infuriated. Addressing one such incident, a reporter for the Deccan Chronicle spoke about a female fan, who after getting a selfie urged for more upon her dissatisfaction with the first one. “That lady came in for a picture. Then she again stopped Kareena for another picture. Now Kareena had been stopped twice for selfies. It is not that that lady was taking pictures when Kareena was on the move but had to be stopped. So, when she stopped Kareena for the third time, it wasn’t just Kareena but everyone around her who got upset with the fan and asked her to vamoose,” he said.
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