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Found 14 results

  1. Movies are as much about escaping our present realities for a span of two hours, as it is about senseless entertainment and relaxation, because the purpose remains the same. However, escaping from the shoddy kind of non-existent, highly-unfulfilling love that you may have experienced through Tinder and Bumble recently, kind of - sort of, should be your priority. We know, “chick-flicks” and “rom-coms” aren't commonly a “thing” with the guys, but well these 10 movies come with a lot more than just sappy dialogues and an overdose of cringy love. These stories come in various shades of comedy, tragedy and all the in-between drama, so feel free to take your pick! 1. Love, Simon Based on popular YA novel, 'Love', this teen rom-com starring Nick Robinson as Simon Spier, is a story about a closeted gay teenager who begins communicating online with another closeted guy from his school. The action picks up when their messages land in the wrong hands, and his plan to come out at his convenience seems threatened. 2. Crazy Rich Asians One of the major hits this year, the story follows the life of a badass professor at NYU, Rachel Chu, who travel to Singapore with her boyfriend, Nick, for his best friend's wedding. This Singapore visit reveals that Nick is crazy rich, and she has to learn to get through life in Singapore high society with Nick's terrible mother. Trust us - this one demands repeat viewings! 3. To All The Boys I've Loved Before Teenagers around the world went gaga over this one and although this teen romance starring Lana Condor, Noah Centineo can seem a bit kiddish along the way, what with Lara jean writing secret love letters to her crushes over the years, who finally get hold of their letters, it really does work as a fresh, fun addition to the rom-com genre this year. 4. A Star Is Born A much awaited release of the year, the story follows Bradley Cooper as fading country music star Jackson Maine, who discovers a budding new talent in Ally (Lady Gaga). The two fall in love, but the struggles begin when Ally's fame starts to overshadow Jackson's popularity. 5. Set It Up A very entertaining feature film about two assistants (Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell) who play matchmaker for their overbearing bosses (Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs) in the hope of lightening their workload. But, of course, nothing goes as per the plans. 6. Book Club Unlike all the others on this list, this film about how four older women who are great friends with each other, read Fifty Shades of Grey as part of their monthly book club, and subsequently undergo a change regarding how they view their personal relationships. Unapologetic and entertaining all at once, get ready for a ride with this one. 7. Adrift A romantic drama inspired by a true story of a couple who sailed into a hurricane in 1983, without much knowledge about how to navigate through it. The story follows their journey of how they find a way to save themselves in the aftermath. 8. The Kissing Booth A fun, teenage high-school rom-com that follows the life of Ella and involves a super-cool and caring best friend, his hot brother and her massive crush which threatens to break the “best friend code” and a kissing booth. Love and emotions rage high in this teen drama, so be sure to give it a try. 9. Juliet, Naked Annie and Duncan, are on the brink of separation. Their relationship hits an even rockier patch when Annie begins an online friendship with Tucker Crowe, a faded indie rocker—who also happens to be Duncan's favorite musician. 10. Midnight Sun Starring Bella Thorne as a young woman with an extreme sensitivity to sunlight, who finally meets the guy she's always admired from afar, the story reveals what happens when she tries to hide her condition from him. Will love win this time?
  2. The ketogenic diet is the new in-thing for fad dieters across the globe lately. The fad has become so popular that anyone and everyone who knows about this diet is supposedly an expert in nutrition now. How Is It A Fad Diet? It makes dubious claims like there is no other diet you should follow, it treats diseases medical science has spent decades on researching and they are still finding a way out, it has magical superpowers, you will spot unicorns if you go on this diet and so on. I do not hate the dietary pattern as such but it is promoted as the only thing that works and that is my problem. And then there is a certain section of hardcore fad fanatics who take it to the next level of stupidity. In the nutrition world, we like to call them keto-tards. What are the five signs that someone has become a keto-tard? 1) They Buy Ketone Supplements These supplements suggest that they induce dietary ketosis and thus you will end up burning more fat as fuel. This makes keto-tards stick to their ketone supplements like a bee to honey. Maybe the analogy is pointless as honey is not keto friendly. Getting back to the point, dietary ketosis does not mean anything unless you are in a caloric deficit. You can have all the ketones running in your blood and still get fat if you eat more calories. 2) They Keep Adding Fat To All Their Food © YouTube Coffee? Add butter and coconut oil. Eggs? Add heaps of butter to it. Meat? Have the fattiest portion and cook it with more fat. That, right there, is a logical fallacy. How so? The idea that someone had to go on a diet was to cut down their caloric intake and lose some weight. By just adding a lot of fat to every meal of theirs and not accounting for it, they are inviting more trouble to their bodies. 3) Calories Do Not Count This is the epitome of stupid by keto-tards. Just because they can induce self-suffering by cutting out an entire macronutrient from their diets, they think they supersede the laws of thermodynamics and become some special beings. Calories do not count on keto? Yeah, and earth is flat. © YouTube 4) They Keto Recipe Everything These fad fanatics create keto version of every possible food on the planet. They will add either some very expensive ingredients or will create some magical concoction of food items just to get a taste similar to that of the normal and easy to prepare recipes out there. And the funny part is, most of these recipes are twice the caloric value of the original recipe, thrice in the cost of preparation, and taste something that is not even close to the original delicacy. How is that helpful? 5) They Think Keto Is The Answer To Everything Why is there a world war? Because not everyone follows keto. Why are there natural disasters? Because people were not on a keto diet! That may be exaggerated but these keto-tards do end up preaching keto as the tell-all solution to health and lifestyle disorders. Which, clearly, is not the case and there is evidence suggesting otherwise. But again, they have a moral responsibility to push their keto-tardness on everyone in sight. To conclude, follow a ketogenic diet if you want to. Time and again it has not shown to be beneficial, sustainable or performance friendly. If you still think it suits you better, more power to you. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  3. Periods. Menstruation. Menses. Catamenia. Masika. No matter which term you choose to pick in order to communicate anything related to this basic biological process in women, you'll be met with a lot of wagging tongues and disapproving looks from men and women alike. The rebuke, disapproval and judgement take on a whole different look when you are a woman openly engaging in a discourse pertaining to a matter that's as real a part of your world, as is breathing. Something that affects a woman's life from puberty till menopause. On the other hand, men who encourage open discussions around menstruation are met with traumatised expressions, suggestive taunts and even resistance to a great extent. However, before we move any further, there are a few facts that the naysayers and sceptics need to consider before disregarding this story as yet another feminist piece of writing. © Thinkstock For something as significant as a period to a woman, it is appalling to see that 71% of girls in India have no knowledge about menstruation before their first period (Menstrual Health Report-FSG). Another UKAID survey found that 10% of the Indian girls thought menstruation was a disease, while 87% of the girls in the rural and semi-rural sector have no knowledge about the purpose of menstruation as a biological process (UnicefMHM). The underlying reason behind it all is that mothers and other women around these girls, shy away from discussing periods with them. With such a drastic breach in awareness amongst girls and women who are directly affected by periods, one can only wonder about the depth of ignorance the men in our society might be subjected to regarding this issue. Period being a taboo in our country is no news to us. The term and anything to do with it is supposed to be kept under wraps at all times. It is often also treated as an excuse to label bleeding women as impure and inept by the ones with little (or no) mental prowess or awareness. © Thinkstock Take the uproar against the Sabarimala Temple verdict for instance. Smriti Irani's stunted comment on the issue only underlines the larger reality of how disengaged and misinformed we are as a society. When educated grown-ups come across as disappointments who seemed to have missed out on civilisation, the future seems pretty bleak. But, hold up, there exist numerous men scattered around the country, who are breaking away from the taboos, one digression at a time. From a class of young 13-year-olds to grown-up men who are consciously making an effort to bring about a change, we have come a long way. In her recent column in The Indian Express, journalist and deputy-editor Shalini Langer shared an account involving her daughter and her classmates(consisting of both girls and boys) at Shri Ram School, Moulsari, who decided to keep a period box in their classroom for the ease of the young girls. A 'period box' in classroom. Could we ask for more? Shout out to my daughter Medini, her friend Nairah, their Class 8 E, their teacher Janani Iyer, and Shri Ram School, Moulsari. Minister @smritiirani, meet some leaders https://t.co/sb3rGRKVmq — shalini langer (@shalinilanger) October 25, 2018 After a lengthy discussion around menstruation and what it means to the young girls, the boys raised their own queries, which were addressed by the girls and teacher present in the class. Post the dialogue, the boys decided that keeping a period box in the class was indeed in the best interest of their female classmates. Another instance of men trying to bring about a change in people's mindset and cast away the blinds of societal taboo is the story of this Mumbaikar, who believes ours is the generation which can break the stereotypes around periods and create a new normal. Read his fresh perspective and active thinking, which is also reflective of how we are maturing and evolving as a generation. View this post on Instagram “I come from a simple middle class family. My mom got married when she was 18 and had me by 19. She's always been a very shy person.. So when she needed pads, she'd send me to bring them. The 1st time, I was 8 years old when she wrote it down on a piece of paper and sent me to the medical store. I had no idea what pads were & when I gave the note to the pharmacist, he looked shocked! He packed the pads under a layer of newspapers and told me to hide it under my shirt and rush home. But I got curious and threw the newspapers on the way… everyone stared at me weirdly, my mother was surprised to see me bring her pads so openly, but it didn't affect me. In fact, from then on - I went to buy her pads whenever she couldn't go. A few years later, she explained to me what menstruation was and why pads were taboo. By then, it was very normalised in my house but I suppose it wasn't for others. In school, a girl stained her skirt. She had to face a class full of students pointing and laughing at her while she was stuck to her bench, too scared to move. I held her hand and went with her to get help, worrying about what the teacher might say but, she just patted my back and told me she was proud of me. My life has been shaped by incidents like these, and each time I'm taken aback by the reactions people have about something as natural as periods… In my family, I wasn't told that menstruating is 'weird' or 'dirty.' It's a normal, body function. Why make it into something more? The way I see it, this generation is about breaking stereotypes, no matter how long it takes. If we start being open about it, eventually it's going to be normalised. I was constantly asked, 'Why are you doing a girl's work?' or 'why are you touching pads?' It doesn't bother me. Women have it tough enough as it is, keeping a straight face while going through so much pain. They have to suffer the pressures at school, work, home -- Why add to that? We need to not worry about what people might say. Menstruation is normal, and sanitary pads are a necessity. Isn't it sad that it's easier for a man to buy condoms than it is for a woman to buy pads?” A post shared by Humans of Bombay (@officialhumansofbombay) on Sep 28, 2018 at 5:34am PDT The co-founder and president of Muse, Nishant Bangera, is also the mastermind behind the initiative 'Maasika Mahotsav' which aims to normalise menstruation, initiate a discussion around it, and thus help to banish the taboos and “shame” that is attached to it. Speaking about the kind of progress Indian men have made when it comes to their understanding of menstruation, Nishant told MensXP that, “there has been a considerable amount of change(in outlook) in the urban areas. Whereas in the rural and semi-urban areas the taboos are still very prevalent.” He also pointed out that the said taboos are stronger in these areas because of the men. For instance, “the men in these areas tell their mother that you're not supposed to touch me,” he said. On the other hand, he points out that, “the urban, tech-savvy crowd is changing and they are more open to having a discussion and actually listening to the other side of the story”. © Pixabay However, he also adds that the older generation of women in the urban areas are gradually opening up to the changes that surround the issue. They open to discussing periods at home, however, “they are still concerned about things such as not entering the temple, not touching certain things or participating in certain activities, which is in a way prohibiting their younger generation from shedding the stereotypes.” Nishant also believes that our generation is playing a pivotal part in this shift. “On one hand, we have the older generation that is gradually opening up, and on the other, we have the upcoming generation which is more vocal and accepting.” We agree to what Nishant said, and believe that we have come a long way given the circumstances religion and customs have established for us, but there's still a long way to go.
  4. Ayushmannn Khurrana is a powerhouse of talent and with those handsome looks comes a full house of insane power in the actor. He can sing, dance and with his choice of movies, he has obviously proved that he can act pretty well. The latest movie getting him rave reviews is his latest outing 'Andhadhun'. The internet has given its nod to this mystery movie and people are loving it. #Andhadhun What a seat thriller. Brilllant Performance by @ayushmannk and #Tabu. Not a single scene is boring in the movie and suspence till the end is never expected. I request all people don't miss it. Full family entertainer GREAT THRILLER. ðððð/5 — ASHISH SHARMA (@aashishsharma64) October 4, 2018 #AndhaDhun Taut & gripping.. the impact which lingers long after the movie is over. This is without doubt @ayushmannk 's, best work so far. Loved it ..Highly recommended ! — suheem (@suheem) October 4, 2018 #Andhadhun is brilliant. I was literally on the edge of the seat throughout. Acting, writing, direction everything was topnotch. Loved seeing Pune on screen. — Reemz (@FawadFan4ever) October 4, 2018 While many movie critics have passed this one and there's not much of an opinion there, but you don't need that nod because Twitter is currently raving about everyone in the movie, including Tabu and Radhika Apte. Nice unpredictable entertaining movie 3.5* ...Every minute, second and millisecond counts, in the unpredictable, crazy ride that is #Andhadhun,your script selection is best | @ayushmannk #Tabu you were awesome @radhika_apte ð — P. Khatri (@PKhatri6) October 5, 2018 #Andhadhun - What a wicked film by the master Sriram Raghavan! @ayushmannk reinvents himself and gives the performance of a lifetime. @tabuism, @radhika_apte and Anil Dhawan are stellar. Don't miss it for anything!! it is a super hit. loveyatri will be flop. nepotism lose.. pic.twitter.com/PeXabruxMq — ashu (@ashutosh2369) October 5, 2018 Right up there with Johnny Gaddaar. Better performed, deeper. If you have to watch one Hindi film this year, #AndhaDhun is the one. Will make the Coens smile. Tabu is Queen! Ayushmann plays it so well that your interpretation of that bloody brilliant end will reveal who you are. — Sudhish Kamath (@SudhishKamath) October 4, 2018 So I guess it is indeed justified to say it is the best movie by far this year? #AndhaDhun is the best thriller suspense movie in the world of cinema by far. You cannot predict even a second what's going to be next. Neither can blink. A complete roller coaster ride in the end. @ayushmannk at his BEST. â¤ï¸ — L! (@Latayush) October 4, 2018 I'm giddy and delirious with joy after watching #AndhaDhun what a bloody good film!!! The best film of the year! @ayushmannk CAREER BEST and to think he has only just begun! @tabuism WOW! @radhika_apte perfect!!! Great cast! What writing! THE BGM ðð» Jai Sriram â¤ï¸ — Suparn S Varma (@Suparn) October 4, 2018 If there's one hindi film you MUST watch, it is #Andhadhun. By far the best film this year. Sriram Raghavan is a genius! @ayushmannk @radhika_apte @tabuism and the rest of the cast (especially the cop) are superlative. Hope this one is a massive success! — suyashtrivedi (@suyashtrivedi) October 4, 2018 Well, you should book your tickets, because I guess that's my cue to book mine at least.
  5. The very popular comedy group AIB is a bag of controversies, and once against it is trending on social media for all the wrong reasons. AIB comedian and YouTuber Utsav Chakraborty has been accused of sending sexually explicit and obscene messages and texts to women, some of whom were minor. It all started with a Twitter thread, where a female comedian shared stories of several women, who claimed to have recieved explicit pictures from the comedian. In fact, he has been accused of asking women for nude pictures too. Instagram She wrote, "I want everyone to know @Wootsaw is a piece of sh*t. He sent me a d**k pic, was creepy, then cried saying I'll ruin his career if I tell others." She further mentioned that she told "two of the most influential men in comedy in India" but nothing happened. Saw this on my tl. Interesting for you to comment on how Indian men harass women — Mahima Kukreja ð±ðâð½ (@AGirlOfHerWords) October 4, 2018 Did they send unsolicited dick picks or that's safely only your territory? Or like cry after saying you'll ruin their career if you tell others? Or will they also blame that on the girls? The harassment they got that is. — Mahima Kukreja ð±ðâð½ (@AGirlOfHerWords) October 4, 2018 She then went on to mention what all messages he has allegedly sent to other women. These accusations came after he condemned sexual harrasment by Indian men on social media. Hey Utsav. How many girls have you harassed you vile man. These messages for a young girl I know. pic.twitter.com/fXGWpbqfqf — Mahima Kukreja ð±ðâð½ (@AGirlOfHerWords) October 4, 2018 Hey Utsav. You give your number and slide into DMs of literal children. Like 17 year old girls? You're a creep of another level. pic.twitter.com/sjdJ5uf8dg — Mahima Kukreja ð±ðâð½ (@AGirlOfHerWords) October 4, 2018 Hey Utsav you asshole. Do you like DMing girls you don't even know to send nudes? You vile man pic.twitter.com/rAklrKjcke — Mahima Kukreja ð±ðâð½ (@AGirlOfHerWords) October 4, 2018 Post the allegations, AIB released a statement condemning Utsav's alleged behaviour. Also, until any result comes out from the investigation, they have delisted all the videos featuring Utsav, from their channels. Statement pic.twitter.com/eLpthXifwf — All India Bakchod (@AllIndiaBakchod) October 4, 2018 Screenshot Utsav hasn't been exactly silent on these allegations against him but he hasn't accepted them either. He wrote, "I don't know what to say here and fight back (or even if I should). Literally everyone I know turned against me and I don't blame them for that. But the whole thing is far more complicated than it appears." Statement 1/n pic.twitter.com/sIouz4UsaR — Utsav (@Wootsaw) October 4, 2018 To be honest, from all accounts, I've been a piece of shit. And I will try to do everything I can work past that. There was no excuse. I know inconsiderate and entitled. Even in this narrative, when this whole thing started, I kept looking at myself as the victim. — Utsav (@Wootsaw) October 4, 2018 I tried to talk to Mahima (@agirlofherwords) & sort it out way back in 2016. She would have none of it and why would she? She has never known me in real life, and even if she did - how is that for a respite? Even if my intention wasn't to make her feel shitty the truth is, I did. — Utsav (@Wootsaw) October 4, 2018 And yes I did grovel. Tell her my career would be over before it began. That I have medical issues that I have to deal with for life. And those are expensive issues. But to use my illness as a crutch is stupid. But it's not like it's not relevant to this whole debacle. — Utsav (@Wootsaw) October 4, 2018 To me, getting nudes from a person was an instant rush. I was not in pain for that brief moment. Someone trusted me with that information. I would feel honoured and not ugly. But this caught me into a weird spiral. Where I would ask anyone who was nice to me in the slightest. — Utsav (@Wootsaw) October 4, 2018 How can I be a misogynist when I call it out constantly? Even if I was entitled I would think that life has been unfair to me, it gave me a disease without a cure. And I wouldn't give it a second thought. I would go from one painkiller haze to another and keep messaging. — Utsav (@Wootsaw) October 4, 2018 And as for asking for nudes from underaged people, I cannot and will not ever do that. The person in question can pull up screenshots and I would be proved forthright. But again, it doesn't mean I wasn't an entitled piece of shit who asked out everyone in his know. — Utsav (@Wootsaw) October 4, 2018 There were instances where I would have a long and intimate conversation with one person and then continue the same conversation with a whole different human being. I wouldn't realise till the other person pointed out. — Utsav (@Wootsaw) October 4, 2018 But now I know I have been the exact monster I've been trying to fight all my life. And I would like to do everything I can to make this better for everyone who has been hurt. Everything short of killing myself. And trust me, that has crossed my mind so often today. — Utsav (@Wootsaw) October 4, 2018 In fact, he has since posted a series of tweets where he tried to justify his actions and in all honesty we are equally confused and clueless like everyone out there.
  6. What's the one thing that is common between Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar? Well, both of them are amazingly successful in their own domains in Bollywood, but that is not what we are talking about here. Both of them are hardcore fashionistas and are absolutely fearless when it comes to their individual styles - which tbh, are rather conspicuous in their own right. Recently, this has become all the more eye-catching, thanks to their colourful shenanigans. Ranveer and KJo seem to be on their own individual fashion trips, and the thing that unites them is the free-spirited, wild usage of vibrant colours in their outfits. Karan recently went to Paris for the Paris Fashion Week, and was impressively, colourfully Gucci-ed up for his appearances. © Instagram Be it multicoloured panther bomber jackets to statement fluorescent pieces, he knows how to pull off risky pieces with charming, reckless abandon. © Instagram Ranveer wasn't far behind and wore equally explosive outfits in terms of colour. Be it his dazzling firework-inspired outfit by designer Lecoanet Hemant, or a suit in fluoro fuchsia, if anyone can keep up with KJo, it's him. © Instagram © Twitter Both of them clearly have an inexplicable affinity towards orange hoodies as well. © Instagram © Instagram We all could use some colour around, and want this colourful battle to continue, till Holi is actually around the corner.
  7. In 2018, Hollywood offered multiple high octane action blockbuster movies to the audience ranging from superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres. Considering the films which released in Indian theatres, here is the best films of Hollywood so far. Black Panther Ryan Coogler's Black Panther was a game-changer in the superhero genre since it tried to rise above any another superhero film. By infusing the rich African culture in its narrative, Black Panther was unlike any other commercial Hollywood film. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures With Black Panther, Ryan Coogler pushed T'Challa, the king beyond his own doubts and fears as he was facing a mightier villain played by Michael Jordan. He also gave us Shuri and Okoye, the gutsy female supporting characters who would help Wakanda in times of post Infinity Wars crisis. The only let-down about the film was the story, which was just another Baahubali staged drama. Incredibles 2 14 years after the first film released, Incredibles 2 brought back the same charm of a family of superheroes with dollops of humor. The highlight of the film is little Jack Jack who stole our hearts away with his unlimited superpowers. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures While the animation was on point, the story could have been improvised but blame it to the shuffling of the release dates with Toy Story 4. We hope Brad Bird gives us an incredibly great Incredibles 3 in just a span of few years. Ready Player One Set in 2045 - Columbus City of Ohio, Steven Spielberg's new virtual reality adventure gets your attention from the word 'GO'. Imagination is the key to a brilliant execution and Ready Player One is a rare example of cinematic achievement in the visuals department since Avatar. With extensive use of some amazing concepts and elements, this film was best experienced in IMAX 3D. © Warner Bros. Pictures Even though the film is set in 2045, the story relies heavily on experiences and our childhood wonders from 1990s to our present (the advent of virtual reality). Spielberg is here for sort of a redemption since his last visual tryst with The BFG didn't fly and here he is keen to take you on one of its kind of a helluva ride. Avengers: Infinity War The film is more like a chessboard where Avengers, a team of 22 superheroes join hands against Thanos and The Black Order. In all these 10 years, Marvel has been setting up this chessboard quite well and puts all together while raising the stakes with enough check-mate moments. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures What Avengers Infinity Wars does extremely well is that it establishes Thanos as a supreme villain who quests to deliver 'mercy' without mercy. The characters are put to test in every scene which brings out the complexity in their own personal lives and superhero powers. This movie connects and balances the story arcs across all characters. On a separate note, with 2 Sherlock minds put together Avengers 4 will be great watch. A Quiet Place Horror is a very tricky genre where a compelling story, ample scares and logic can hardly fit together. A Quiet Place is a rare feet in the horror genre as it ravels you in its well-crafted narrative by scaring you from a plot that quizzes your brain and raises your heartbeat rather than throwing ghosts at you in your face. The film works mostly for the way the story is told through its spine chilling technique. © Paramount Pictures The story only rises through each and every scene with its crisply written narrative and drawing the different characters just relevant to the theme which the film wishes to explore. There is no unnecessary baggage here as it chose to go without a background to the story. John Krasinski, the director puts you right there alongside himself and his family just like last years' Dunkirk. His direction is perfect in every frame as he leaves his audience in sheer shock every moment of the film.
  8. Looks like 2018 so far has been a great year for Bollywood movies, money wise. There have been a bunch of hit movies and also some really terrible ones that basically sucked, but still managed to join the elite 100 Crore Club for no apparent reason. (I'm lying, I know the reason, some people prefer mediocrity over actually good movies with substance) So, here's a list of all the movies that a lot of people wanted to see and well, that worked out in the favour of the makers because, let's just say, these movies made a shit ton of money. Here's the list of Bollywood movies to cross Rs. 100 crores in 2018 so far: 1. Padmaavat I mean, after all the controversies and so much hate and riots, if this didn't do well at the box office, we all should've really been worried about the universe being broken. After its release, it became one of the fastest 100 crore earner ever by managing to earn a whopping amount of Rs. 166.50 crore within a week. It even went on to collect around 500 crores overall, and I feel like a lot of people just went to see what the hype was all about and why some people wanted to cut off Deepika Padukone's nose. 2. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety I don't think people initially expected this movie to do so well, but hey, we were all in for a pleasant surprise. The movie ended up crossing the 100 crore mark within a month of its release. 3. Raid Ajay Devgn's 'Raid' has a lifetime collection of Rs. 103.07 crore at the box office so it just tipped over and its way into the club. 4. Baaghi 2 People love Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani for their respective talents, but they love them, even more, when they're together, so this movie was destined to do well from the beginning as it seems. By being a truly entertaining movie, it managed to collect about Rs. 164.38 crore. 5. Raazi Everyone loves Alia Bhatt and everyone loves Vicky Kaushal, and when you add a kickass storyline with some stellar acting, the movie honestly starts selling itself. The movie ended up getting great reviews and joined the Rs. 100 crore club in less than a month. 6. Sanju This one shouldn't really surprise anyone, to be honest, since 'Sanju' is like the movie of the year. The movie was watched by people who love Bollywood, and also by those who don't, but it was applauded equally by everyone. The movie has not only earned more than Rs.100 crores, it has also made its way into the top 10 highest grossing Indian movies, not just Bollywood movies. 7. Race 3 Now, this one doesn't surprise me, but it disappoints me immensely. But, what can you do, people can't help but watch Salman Khan movies, apparently. The movie has reportedly earned more than Rs.166 crores at the Box Office and mediocrity won! 8. Stree Another surprise hit, but we all know how great of an actor Rajkummar Rao is and his movies deserve at least one watch. The movie ended up crossing the Rs.100 crore mark within three weeks after some great reviews. 9. Gold Of course, the list wouldn't have been complete without Akshay Kumar and he literally struck gold with 'Gold'. The movie has a total collection of over Rs. 105 crores. 10. Veere Di Wedding I don't think people liked the movie that much, but with such a huge star cast, everyone was curious about it and well, it paid off. The movie has reportedly earned over Rs. 138.80 crores.
  9. ISRO's workhorse, PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) has once again proven why it is among the most sought launch vehicles in the industry. Codenamed the C42 launch, the rocket has successfully placed two British satellites in their respective orbits. The two satellites belong to Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) and were placed in orbit after 17.5 minutes of lift-off. Right now, the NovaSAR and S1-4 are orbiting around the planet in a sun-synchronous orbit, at a height of 583kms. © ISRO The NovaSAR is an S-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite intended for forest mapping, land use & ice cover monitoring, flood & disaster monitoring. The S1-4 is a high-resolution Optical Earth Observation Satellite, used for surveying resources, environment monitoring, urban management and for the disaster monitoring. This mission marks the 44th launch for the PSLV rocket system. As of now, the vehicle has launched 51 Indian satellites and 237 for customers from 28 countries. Following the successful launch, ISRO plans to launch eight missions carrying 10 satellites in six months. Update #4 Chairman Dr K Sivan (centre) with team from Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, UK, after final site inspection ahead of today's scheduled 10:08 pm (IST) launch of #PSLVC42 carrying NovaSAR & S1-4 satellites from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota#ISROMissions#PSLV pic.twitter.com/B4UiLmWIp3 — ISRO (@isro) September 16, 2018 These for-profit launches are handled by ISRO's commercial arm, Antrix Corporation Limited. Sources close to the launch have said that the two UK satellites shall bring in more than Rs 200 Crore. The organisation is aiming a total of Rs 980 crore in revenue via commercial launches by 2020. This isn't the first time India has launched satellites for the British. Back in 2015, the PSLV-C28 mission carried five satellites that were also built by SSTL. ISRO's PSLV has a very good track record in terms of cost and reliability, it currently carries a 94 per cent rating, failing only thrice. © ISRO The PSLV was first tested in 1993 and has been at the front-line of ISRO's operations ever since. It is capable of carrying up to 3,800kg of payload to Low Earth Orbit and consists of four stages. © ISRO ISRO has lined 19 missions till March 2019, informed Dr. Kailasavadivoo Sivan, chairperson of the ISRO. The organisation is also working on sending its first manned space mission by 2022, dubbed the Gaganyaan, it will put India in the same league as countries like the US, Russia, and China.
  10. In 2015, when Son Heung-min signed a deal with Tottenham Hotspur for 22 million pounds, the South Korean footballer etched his name in the history books as the most expensive Asian player in history. For someone who honed his skills at Germany's Hamburger SV and then played for Bayer Leverkusen, Son eventually found his calling at the North London club, where he also became the top Asian goalscorer in Premier League history. If his club career scaled new heights, Son also proved his mettle on the international stage, representing South Korea. He was a vital cog of the South Korean football team at the 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups. And, more recently, he became the joint top-scorer for his country alongside Park Ji-sung and Ahn Jung-hwan at the World Cup. At the 2015 AFC Asian Cup, Son proved crucial for his side as South Korea finished the tournament as runners-up. © Reuters But, all of his records and achievements would mean nothing if Son loses the men's football final at the 2018 Asian Games on 1st September. South Korea will be looking to clinch the gold medal when they lock horns with Japan in the coveted final, but for Son, the match will probably be the last opportunity for him to save what has been a prolific football career. According to the South Korean government's policy, all able-bodied males in the country are subjected to complete at least 21 months of military service before turning 28. However, there is an exception to it. Those who have secured gold medals at the Olympics or Asian Games are automatically exempted from completing the mandatory military service for the said duration. © Reuters With Son now 26, the ongoing Games in Indonesia is probably his last chance to get out of military duty and fulfil his new five-year contract at Tottenham. But, it definitely is not going to be easy for Son and his teammates to contain fierce rivals Japan in the final. South Korea lost to Malaysia in the group stage and needed extra-time to battle past Uzbekistan in the quarterfinal. The South Koreans, then, defeated Vietnam 3-1 to storm into the final. On Saturday, when Son takes the field with his teammates against Japan in the final, apart from the South Koreans, the Tottenham team and their fans, too, will keep close tabs on the fixture in a desperate hope that their star goes on to secure the all-important gold medal.
  11. They say the best moments in life are caught within candid frames and we especially agree to it when it comes to catching our furry friends in action. If you have a pet at home or well for that matter, even if you don't have one of your own but you have met or seen one of your homie's ball of fluff, you would know how creatively funny these guys can be when they are left on their own. We have adored them at their best and clicked them at their funniest, which has only led to opening the gates of a laugh riot at family gatherings or better still, ended up as memes on your Whatsapp groups or social media handles. We know what a stellar and hilarious combination that can be and we thought what could be a better way of going through a Tuesday than with a quick break filled with funny pet memes that can help you whizz through the rest of the day in in a lighter mood. Well then, here goes nothin'. 1. *Rolls Eyes* © Imgur Tell us you haven't seen a similar expression on a gazillion other humans? Well, you can't because you have been witness to it as much as we have been. But when a dog pulls it off and that gets coupled with such an apt subtitle, I can almost hear a few girls doing that and we can't not ROFL over it. 2. Guilty As Charged © Imgur Well, that's not far from truth, you know? A lot of us are guilty of having tried the trick at least once at some point or the other and we can only imagine why this rant goes so perfectly with the expression. However, we can also think of a few other occasions when we'd get 'blessed' with this expression. Can you guys think of any? 3. You've Got The Pun © Imgur If you've got a knack for puns, this meme could be your spirit animal come to life in the digital space. For those who might not have got the joke, animal testing here means holds tests for animals to clear like the one that cat's attempting in the picture. Punny, right? 4. Down With The Dumb © Imgur That would be most of us on terribly hungover mornings when the brain just refuses to put 2+2 together! We've been there so we know the pain in the arse this situation can be and God forbid if that happens to be on a Monday. Wouldn't be the most ideal way to start the week, eh? 5. Erm...I Didn't Mean To Wake You © Imgur All the cat-men and cat-ladies reading this, tell us which criminal acts can bring you the death stare like this one from a cat? We simply can't imagine there to be a crime much worse than waking up a cat from its never-ending nap. On second thoughts, trying to dispose off an empty box of their liking could second that. 6. Not Friends With Water © Imgur This one can be true for dogs and cats alike, though even a few special homo sapiens might be guilty of not being on good terms with water. We know the struggle it is to get most of them to take a bath and clean their fluff but what's funny is we're way too familiar with this look after. 7. Ball Of Yarn? No! RIBBONS? YAS! © Imgur We know what a ball of yarn can do to even the most docile feline but apparently ribbons have the same effect of them. Who knew! But nonetheless that's good to know since now we won't have to go about unwinding all the havoc they whip up with a ball of yarn. 8. Poker Face © Imgur Well, nothing else could explain what a cat is doing at this table except of course that it was trying out its luck on last time before giving up, right? Something about this meme is awkwardly funny. 9. Calling Out The Party Pooper © Imgur What a timing! The meme is so on point and kind of goes really well with the entire image. Almost as if the cat moved near the boy to call him out for really spoiling the fun. 10. We've All Got That Friend © Imgur This one is all too relatable. We've all got that friend who loses their shit after downing a couple of drinks. Though the photographs make up for a lot of fun afterwards, but it can be a little difficult to handle at times. Funny and relatable much? We know.
  12. Boris Johnson waves as he leaves Downing Street in London, Britain, June 28, 2018. REUTERS/FilesLONDON: British Prime Minister Theresa May?s plans to leave the European Union are overwhelmingly opposed by the British public and more than a third...
  13. While England fans across the world are dealing with their disappointment of not making it home, one can quickly forget the high of the adventure the Three Lions had in Russia. England being England this wasn't really expected from them before the start of the World Cup. All everyone was hoping for was the team avoid disappointment, the way they did in the last few international tournaments, especially in the way they lost out to Iceland at the European Championships in France two years ago and their acrimonious World Cup exit in 2014 in the group stages. This is an England side that has shown a different side to their game, played like there was no pressure, yet delivered results. They did fall short of glory against an equally talented and tireless Croatia side, but they have reached heights from where they should not stop to look down for any reason whatsoever. They might have talented players on their side, but England traditionally is the most criticised team in the media, and above anything else, it was commendable how this team rose above expectations to, ignore all media speculation and play their A-game. This should be the blueprint for the future rather than criticising the team for its shortcomings. Let's look at what lies ahead for England. One For The Future © Reuters While the last World Cup might have seen the end of many essential and experienced players, who had even in the past failed their nation on many levels. However, this England side of the 2018 FIFA World Cup is not giving up anytime soon. Gareth Southgate's team is relatively young and energetic, ready to take on new challenges in the future and if the performances in Russia are of any considerations, then they are more likely to win future tournaments, challenging the established order. This side has the age factor by their side, an up-and-coming manager in Gareth Southgate and a squad, captained by the formidable Harry Kane, ready to play a big part, at least in another two European Championships and a World Cup. The future definitely looks bright. On The Right Track © Reuters In the next major tournaments, England might not be able to call upon few players like Gary Cahill or Ashley young considering their current age, but taking in account the average age of many stars in the team there is a greater scope of progression. Unlike the last World Cup when stars like Lampard, Gerrard and Rooney were the real leaders of the group, as was John Terry, all of who have now retired. Back then the transition in replacing them was a problematic task compared to the present situation. England currently has time on their hands to integrate the next generation stars into the current team and on the other side bid adieu to the falling stars without stressing too much about replacing them. The current crop of players will be in a better position than their predecessors to integrate fresh players into the setup and are looking at a future much like how Germany did back in 2002. This will reap the great rewards for the future. Breaking The 28-Year-Old Jinx © Reuters England's only World Cup victory came back in 1966, that is 52 years ago, while they had reached the semi-final stage only once after back in 1990. Since then the team has seen a weird regression from promised progression at every major tournament they have played since. Of late they were also known as the team of the quarterfinals for their many exits during that stage of competitions. This English side broke the jinx of underperformance and soundly reached the semi-finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. From a fan's perspective, they fell short and disappointed them rather than bringing it home. But as fans, everyone should look at this side with appreciation rather than disappointment, for they have laid down the marker for future tournaments and mark these words carefully, we possibly are looking at future champions, either in Europe, World or both, considering they keep up this glorious form of theirs.
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