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Found 254 results

  1. We mostly applaud so many Indian celebrities rocking their style game but rarely do we give credit to the musicians for their fashion. We can all agree that Indian music has been evolving quite a bit during the last few decades. We are getting to hear so much more independent music from so many different genres, all thanks to these talented musicians. Their music is undoubtedly brilliant, however, their great sense of style is not too far behind! Here is a run down of these talented musicians and our favourite fashion looks of them that will inspire you too! __ECOMLOOKS__1209__ __ECOMLOOKS__1210__ __ECOMLOOKS__1211__ __ECOMLOOKS__1212__ __ECOMLOOKS__1213__ Final ThoughtsWe hope these trendy fashion looks inspired you to upgrade your wardrobe! Do let us know which of these looks were your favourites! Explore More View the full article
  2. The model also said companies were likely to expand their cosmetics ranges to match more skin tones.
  3. Bollywood is known to have deep connections and influence, as far as the fashion industry is concerned. When these celebrities ace a particular style, it instantly becomes a sartorial statement that also inspires us to experiment. But in some cases, even these celebrities have made fashion blunders which honestly didn't go unnoticed. From wearing satin shirts to showing off overly long pants, here's a look at all the real gaffes of these celebrities. 1. Shahid Kapoor In Kismat Konnection © Youtube/Rahul Arora Kismat Konnection failed at the box office for multiple reasons but one of them was definitely the costumes of this film, mainly the song Move Your Body Now. Shahid wore a satin grey shirt teamed over satin pants and three satin ties. We have no explanation either. 2. Aamir Khan In Secret Superstar © Youtube/Bollywoodfolks Aamir Khan's brilliant acting skills in Secret Superstar made it a massive success. But that aside, one can't fail to look at Aamir's outfits in the movie dressed in tight fitted jeans, emblazoned with blingy patches on his T-shirts or sweatshirts. Even though it was meant to be a character trait, it can easily be labelled as a cringe-worthy fare. Add to that, his heavily gelled hair with blonde-coloured spikes. 3. Dil Dance Maare - Tashan © YRF Films Tashan, despite being a multi-starrer movie, failed massively at the box office. Even though the songs of this movie were able to make an impact on the audience, a quick scroll through their looks in the song, and you would notice the worst outfit pairing and disastrous colour combinations. Moreover, the accessories used in this song were just unnecessary and over the top. Quirky fashion, gone too far? We reckon. 4. Honey Singh In The Xpose © Youtube/Bollywoodmasala Honey Singh did wonders in so many of his songs, but wait till until you watch Xpose. His marvellous looks in this film. where he is seen emulating Pran, is as hilarious as it can get. We don't even want to get started on Himesh Reshammiya's looks for this movie! 5. Salman Khan In Judwaa and Tere Naam © MD Productions Salman Khan has made us cringe, not just in one but many movies. Remember, Judwa when he wore a cropped Ganji with leather pants and a golden belt? Yeah, we feel your pain too. Then comes Tere Naam, where his greasy hair with middle parting made us want to bang our own heads. 6. Akshay Kumar In Kambakkht Ishq © Pinterest/Gia Even the Khiladi of Bollywood has proudly shown us some of the worst trends in movies, case in point, Kambakkht Ishq, when he wore tight scarves in a lot of scenes, studded jackets, long pants and ugly boots that didn't fit his persona, at all. Also, the idea of wearing neon pants back in the day for Aflatoon and the trend of sheer T-shirts, unless you're doing an avant garde editorial shoot, is just a big NO. 7. Aamir Khan In Rangeela © Youtube/Eros Now Even though the movie name says it all, whether it was absolutely essential for Aamir to dress like a canary, is a topic we continue to debate from time to time. 8. SRK In Duplicate © Dharma Productions In Duplicate, we digested the double role concept, but not the outfits. Dungarees were seen a lot back in time but the weird usage of it with cheetah print, leather dungarees and long necklaces still take our sartorial senses to a dark place. View the full article
  4. With the world currently locked up inside the houses, television has become one of the important sources of entertainment. And even with that, the reruns of popular old shows from the 90s have taken the spotlight. People are glued to their television sets for the immense nostalgia factor attached to them. Recent show to make it to the list of reruns of old hits is Mahabharat, the mythological epic. While Ramayan recently aired its last episode after a successful re-run, Mahabharat too is widely being watched by fans. The characters of the show often become viral on the internet with hashtags trending on the characters or the show itself. Although this time, a throwback photo of the famous five Pandavas is doing the rounds on the internet. In the picture, actors playing Pandavas, Gajendra Chauhan (played by Yudhishthir), Praveen Kumar (Bheem), Arjun Feroz Khan (Arjun), Sameer Chitre (Nakul) and Sanjeev Chitre (Sahadev) pose wearing colourful hip T-shirts for a magazine shoot in 1989. The all-colourful photo will surely brighten your dull day! View this post on InstagramAnother rare photograph of our five Pandavas on a day off from the usual attire! âï¸ Printed in Showtime magazine (India) in 1989. Gajendra Chauhan (Yudhishthir), Praveen Kumar (Bheem), Arjun Feroz Khan (Arjun), Sameer Chitre (Nakul) and Sanjeev Chitre (Sahadev). Image reposted from @filmhistorypics #mahabharat #mahabharata #brchoprasmahabharat #brchopra #ravichopra #krishna #acting #epic #cast #crew #tv #series #serial #kurukshetra #yudhishthir #bheem #arjun #nakul #sahadev #showtime #magazine #pandavasA post shared by (@mahabharat1988)Here, check out another one. View this post on InstagramMAHABHARAT : Paanch Pandav of on the cover of a film magazine Yudhishthir (Gajendra Chouhan), Bheem (Praveen Kumar), Arjun (Feroz Khan), Sahdev (Sanjeev Chitre) & Nakul (Sameer Chitre) #Mahabharat ðððð #mahabharat #ramayana #Ramayan #pandavas #arjun #mukeshkhanna #Doordarshan #doordarshan #doordarshanð¡ #oldbollywoodmovies #oldtvserials #90s #90stvshowsA post shared by (@the90sindia) Did you know actor Feroz Khan, who played Arjun on the show, had later changed his name to Arjun Feroz Khan? This was in the wake of the immense popularity he received due to the show. Mahabharat airs twice daily â 12 pm and 7 pm in DD National. View the full article
  5. Social distancing has changed the fabric of our lives in ways more than one â people are working from home, fending for basic necessities, and even the highly pampered have succumbed to unending household chores. While adjusting to this new normal, we should ensure we give ourselves some TLC â things that rejuvenate us and activate our happy hormones. On top of our lockdown leisure list is 'giving a facelift to your wardrobe', and boy are people loving it! When you look good, you feel good â and that's exactly why keeping the style bug in you alive is crucial. In fact, online shopping apps like 'Myntra' are transforming into 'habit apps' with consumer-focused features like 'Myntra Studio'. Let me explain â just this morning, I was surfing through the application when I stumbled upon 'Myntra Studio', an exciting new feature to the Myntra loyalist in me. The studio is a one-stop destination for celeb-style, fashion trends, DIY tips and tricks, upcycling outdated clothes â and basically every fashion-related update under the sun. Myntra Myntra Studio delivers personalised content, based on customers' browsing history and shopping preferences. With a fashion directory of over 2500+ entries, the studio aims to give the customers a sneak peek (or more!) into the lifestyle of the fashion elite. The brand has partnered with over 350 influencers who can be seen creating fabulous looks which you can shop or at least wish-list for now. Additionally, the studio also has exclusive celebrity content - bringing style hacks from the industry's most stylish men. Myntra The studio makes fashion approachable, offering relevant content that people will actually recreate. Right from transforming formal trousers into joggers to sharpening an old razor (one less worry this lockdown), the Myntra Studio spills insider secrets to staying comfortably stylish always. Myntra According to sources, Myntra Studio will add 50 new pieces of fashion inspo on a regular basis â and we're overjoyed! Personally, I feel this is a great chance to revamp our work from home wardrobe, or flaunt a new trend over a virtual date with bae. What's more? Everything is shoppable on the feed â the coming together of style inspiration and commerce. With features expanding across the realms of fashion, lifestyle, skincare, and healthy hair hacks, Myntra Studio is on the high road to being the next buzzword in fashion, and we're on board! View the full article
  6. The government has not disclosed how and when it will start easing a nationwide ban on business activities deemed as non-essential.
  7. The events were due to take place in late June and early July. The federation said it was working on possible alternatives.
  8. Some of the advertisements that we have seen on television and in print are genuinely thought-provoking. Some of them are just blah, and really donât compel any action. With that being said, there are a few instances where advertisers went a little too far and had our imaginations running wild. © Unilever From the ones selling deodorants to the ones selling condoms, there have been a number of advertisements that were a little too hot to handle, especially for the time when they were launched. Obviously, most of them were pulled down almost immediately, because of the number of police cases and social uproar that they caused. Still, they remained in the zeitgeist through the ages. © Leviâs Here are some of the advertisements we have seen on television and print, that pushed the envelope a little too far when they were trying to sell us some basic fashion & grooming products. Apparently, the copywriters followed the proverb, âSex Sells,â a little too religiously: 1. Amul Macho Back in the day, Amul Macho had a number of campaigns with the catchphrase, âYe To Bada Toing Haiâ. In one of the raunchier ones, a newly-wedded bride takes some clothes to a riverbank where the women of the community meet, bathe and wash their clothes. What follows is a sequence of the bride orgasming and performing some gratifying innuendo like actions while washing the boxer, while the onlooking women look in disbelief. For the early 2000s, this was obviously a little too hot to handle. 2. Axe Deodorants Okay, this one just had to make the list. This notion that *** sells is perhaps best embodied by most of Axeâs advertising campaigns. For the longest time, no matter what the variant of their deodorant was, all of their campaigns had one basic message - using our deodorant will make women lose their sense of inhibition and chase you like wild animals. Hoards of scantily clad women, in bikinis or tattered clothes, would chase a guy all throughout a place, a city, a jungle or whatever you will, eager to âdevourâ him. 3. Set Wet Zatak This was another deodorant advertisement that was a little too hot for national television. In this one, a newly-married woman is shown to be waiting for her husband on their wedding night, when she sees her neighbour using a deodorant. The bride starts taking off her ornaments and jewellery in a very suggestive and sultry manner and ultimately takes the wedding ring off, further suggesting some rather raunchy things. Obviously, this advertisement was not taken well and was pulled, after a huge public backlash. 4. Fastrack Fastrack has been pretty forward with their branding, where the focus is essentially on the younger generation. Back in the day, they featured a TVC where Virat Kohli, as a pilot, is being hit on a stewardess portrayed by Genelia DâSouza. The two get a little busy in the cockpit, after a rather raunchy back and forth. This, the ad says was the reason why autopilot was invented. Well, whatever the intent was, the TVC did not sit well with the masses, and certainly not well, with anyone who was a pilot, or a stewardess. 5. Wild Stone Deodorants Yet another deodorant TVC that pushed the envelope too far, Wild Stone had run this campaign, albeit for a brief period of time. Here, our âhunkâ steps out after applying the deodorant and bumps into a married Bengali woman. What follows is the woman, imagining the two of them âpassionately huggingâ each other, and making love. Although the sequence was shot rather artistically, and without getting vulgar, it still was considered a little too steamy for the regular television watching audience. 6. Calida © Calida We simply cannot mention Calida, and their print ad from 1998. Calida is a Swiss inner garment manufacturer who tried to establish themselves in India. In the ad, we see Bipasha Basu, and Dino Morea getting a little amorous. Considering that this was before the turn of the millennium, and India still a rather conservative society back then, the advertisement did not sit well. 7. Tuff Shoes © BCCL Finally, we have the poster boy of controversial Indian advertisements, the one from Tuff shoes, printed back in 1995. The print ad featured supermodel Madhu Sapre & Milind Soman and was shot by the ace Indian photographer, Prabuddha Dasgupta. In the advertisement, the two models are wearing nothing but the sneakers, and have wrapped a snake around them. Apart from the hullabaloo from the self-appointed protectors of Indian culture, there was also a long drawn court case over the use of the python. We can only imagine the horror that would terrorise people when they were sitting with their families and these popped up on the television. Yikes! View the full article
  9. We all know that star kids get as much attention as any other B-town celebrity. Even if they are not a part of the movie industry just yet, the paparazzi always ensure they are snapped and this gives us an insight into what their lives are like. Having said that, with a majority of star kids out there, Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan's son, has never failed to amaze us. He has been in the spotlight for a while now and even though he hasn't marked his debut yet, we are constantly updated about his whereabouts through social media. What makes his feed even catchier, is the fact that most of the pictures that he posts remind us of Shah Rukh Khan. Be it his looks or his way of dressing, Aryan clearly knows how to ace all sorts of silhouettes and give fierce competition to his father with his fashion game. Here's a compiled list of all the times when Aryan Khan aced the fashion arena with his sartorial eccentricities. View this post on Instagram Happy Mothers day #gaurikhan A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on May 12, 2019 at 12:07am PDT 1. Remember the time when we spotted all celebrities at Akash Ambani's engagement party? Well, our favourite star kid wasn't far behind in the fashion league. This well-fitted blue suit with a black-tie, shows that he is truly King Khan's son as he knows how to elevate his style statement, no matter where he goes. View this post on Instagram #suhanakhan #shahrukhkhan #aryankhan #gaurikhan #abramkhan #ananyapanday #saraalikhan #janvikapoor #iamsrk #naturephotography#naturalhair A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on May 24, 2019 at 9:41am PDT The saying 'like father, like son', is seen quite explicitly in this picture. This one, for example, is encapsulated quite well with a leather bomber jacket topped with denim pants and a basic T-shirt. On the other hand, SRK's way of wearing the jacket with cargo pants is relatable too. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on Mar 17, 2019 at 8:19pm PDT We cannot take our eyes off that jawline. Add to that, oversized orange jacket for winter days, sums up this picture in the most pleasing manner. While we have seen SRK wearing such silhouettes, this one from Aryan's closet, shows where he gets his inspiration from. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on Jul 1, 2018 at 8:37am PDT Balenciaga sock sneakers are hands down the most versatile pair of sneakers we have seen and it looks like the trend of wearing them runs in the Khan family. A look at this picture and you would see how Aryan, AbRam and SRK are all wearing the same sock sneakers in different colours. This is beyond words for us! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on Jan 28, 2018 at 3:04am PST Aryan looks like SRK's spitting image in this one. Also, the way he is sporting the smart casual outfit is truly raising the temperature. A white shirt with undone buttons, layered with a black blazer is an instant way to stand out. If this is not tempting enough, we don't know what is! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on Mar 24, 2020 at 7:30am PDT Aryan clearly doesn't need any more fashion lessons as he has already struck a chord with us with his choices. This one, where he has layered a grey denim jacket over an oversized Givenchy red hoodie and camouflage pants is athleisure fashion at its best. Hats off! View the full article
  10. With the entire world going haywire because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the world staring at a global crisis, people are bracing themselves for a hard time up ahead. A lot of industries are already facing probably the worst kind of crisis, something that they clearly couldnât have anticipated. © Reuters For example, most global airlines are looking at the possibility of going bankrupt by the end of the 1st quarter of the financial year. The tourism and hospitality industries are also looking at dire consequences, with many popular tourist destinations already going into lockdown, and many countries, including India, stopping all commercial internationally plying flights for at least a couple of weeks. © iStock The global fashion industry too, is looking at a bleak future. Weâre not saying that the entire industry is going to die out, that would simply be impossible and unfeasible. Instead, as a few key incidents indicate, the industry is heading for a major slowdown, something which might take a year or two to fully recuperate from. Here are five ways that the Coronavirus pandemic is causing havoc on the global fashion industry, and therefore the global economy, and why you too should be worried. © iStock 1. Fashion Weeks & Other Events Getting Cancelled © Twitter/armani Fashion weeks are not just events where major designers and established labels present their latest collections, they are also an avenue for young and emerging designers to showcase their work. Global fashion events, like the Milan Fashion Week, are also avenues where designers present the latest developments in fashion technology - new materials, new and efficient ways to embrace sustainability at affordable prices, etc. All this is going for a toss. The Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week has been indefinitely postponed, the footfall at the Milan Fashion Week Was abysmally low, and a number of high-end luxury brands, as well as fast fashion brands, have already cancelled their annual events. View this post on InstagramSummer 2020 Destination Weddings Jewellery Courtesy: Sabyasachi Heritage Jewellery collection @sabyasachijewelry Shoes by Sabyasachi x Christian Louboutin @cl.india @louboutinworld For all product related queries, please email us at customerservice@sabyasachi.com Video Courtesy: Sabyasachi Calcutta Makeup and hair by @deepa.verma.makeup Models: @priyadarshini.96, @kanika.dev, @melissandre.t, @vishakha_b Location Courtesy: Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad @tajfalaknuma @tajhotels #Sabyasachi #DestinationWeddings #BridesOfSabyasachi #SabyasachiBride #SabyasachiJewelry #CLxSabyasachi #TheWorldOfSabyasachi @bridesofsabyasachiA post shared by (@sabyasachiofficial) This has actually led to a strange development. A number of labels are going the digital route now. Giorgio Armani held his runway show at Milan Fashion Week in an empty theatre, which was streamed online. Ace Indian Designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has been doing something similar for quite some time now. With fashion shows going completely digital, this definitely is a major paradigm shift. A lot of money is invested in fashion weeks, both, by designers, and the event organisers. We already were dealing with fashion show fatigue and the number of fashion weeks that take place every year. Imagine what would happen if every designer starts presenting their collection only using social media and digital streams. The number of âshowsâ would explode exponentially. 2. Collaborations Getting Delayed Or Cancelled © Christian Louboutin Special collaborations are also getting delayed, or worse, cancelled. Most fashion events are the breeding ground for artists and designers collaborating for a special or a limited edition collection. Although this may seem somewhat benign, collaborations have been the driving force for the industry for a long time, Whether you talk of labels like Sabyasachi collaborating with Christian Louboutin, or Virgil Abloh collaborating with Nike. With collaborations getting delayed, launch events, again, may get cancelled altogether. When the situations worsen, these collaborations may get cancelled altogether, which will not only affect jobs and artistic creations but the financial world as well. A number of publicly traded fashion companies have historically seen a surge in the value of their shares, when they collaborate with artists and designers who have a cult status. Products from their subsequent collections, which have nothing to do with the collaboration, also sell well. 3. Sales & Stock Prices Dropped © iStock One way that the pandemic is affecting the fashion industry globally, is the alarming drop in sales. It is quite understandable that at a time of a pandemic as grave as this, luxury is something that most people donât really care about. Fashion, being quintessentially an endeavour of leisure and luxury, is bound to suffer. People simply have stopped buying things that do not fall under the category of absolute necessity. Most giant global retailers, like Amazon, have taken a resolution to focus only on delivering items that are an absolute necessity for their customers. © iStock This fall in sales has been followed by a massive drop in the value of stock prices. Now, privately held companies, are indeed affected by this, but they still will be able to fare well. Publicly traded companies are seeing their stocks plummet. Consequently, there will be drastic budget cuts and layoffs. 4. Indian Karigars Going Out Of Jobs © iStock It shouldnât come as a surprise to you, that most luxury fashion companies source a lot of materials and finished goods from Indian artisans and karigars. However, they are not involved directly with artisans, but through export companies. Rarely do these companies have any contracts with these artisans. What makes matters even worse, is that most of these artisans are employed on the basis of daily wages. If you assume that these artisans are poorly paid, and do not enjoy basic benefits such as health insurance and job security, you wouldnât be mistaken. © iStock Most of these artisans have to work every day, to sustain themselves. A prolonged period of unemployment will clearly not bode well for the communities of artisans. Furthermore, given the current status of our economy, stopping manufacturing and exports will only go on to weaken the Rupee. 5. Corporate Greed Metastasising Into Community Spread © iStock Although a number of ateliers have already stopped work, given the lack of demand, a number of businesses are still operational in a variety of ways. As of the 19th of March, a number of retailers are providing massive discounts to buyers, which is being met by a network of delivery personnel and warehouse workers. There are a number of labels and retailers who are asking their employees to visit customers, just to show them pieces when they ring the corporate offices up. Think of them of as a private show, delivered to your doorstep. Furthermore, even though common sense dictates that if a company is not able to allocate resources for its employees to work from home, they should at the very least ensure that the situation is not conducive for the contagion to spread. Instead, many reports and social media posts reveal that the corporate offices, as well as retail outlets of a number of well-known fashion retailers are âaskingâ their employees to continue with their work until a shut down is forced onto them. © iStock The situation is particularly worse in warehouses, which even at the best of times, is a cesspool of germs and contagious diseases, given our propensity to flout basic health and safety norms. Obviously, this will lead to a surge in the number of coronavirus cases over the next few weeks. © iStock Having said all this, there are a few instances which show that even in a situation as dire as this one, the fashion industry even at its possible weakest moment, is taking the humanitarian route. Zara, for example, has announced that they will be making masks and hospital gowns for medical professionals due to the shortage that is being foreseen. LVMH has already started making hand sanitizers for medical workers after suspending the production of perfumes and cosmetics. Giorgio Armani, too, has donated about 1.25 million directly to Italian hospitals, which just recently overtook China in the number of deaths resulting from Coronavirus. © iStock The global fashion industry sure is looking at a dark phase for a couple of months, if not years. With that being said, the tenacity with which certain institutions and people in the industry are pushing forward, combined with our grit and zeal, is proof that sooner or later, we will bounce back. View the full article
  11. Motorola has been slacking with its presence, at least in India. The company is nowhere to be seen in front of the Chinese brands that are dominating the market left and right. But it looks like Motorola wants to hit a home run and make a comeback this year. It's planning on doing that with the launch of the Moto Razr. Yes, the foldable phone will finally be made available in India soon. Honestly, the Moto Razr isn't just a revival of the original Razr phone. This one is a full-fledged foldable device that's going head-to-head with Samsung's Galaxy Flip as one of the first few foldable phones you can buy right now. But this isn't a phone that you buy for its specs. The Moto Razr isn't going to entertain with the latest specs on the market. Motorola thinks it can win the consumers with the phone's stylish looks and nostalgia factor. The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 710 chipset which is quite old now. It only has up to 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. The battery inside the phone is also very small i.e. just 2,150 mAh. © YouTube/ Motorola The highlight of the phone is its 6.2-inch flexible OLED display. Motorola is using a unique hinge to help the display fold in half to turn the phone into a compact and pocketable device. When the phone is folded, you get to look at a smaller 2.6-inch Quick View OLED display on the top to see all the notifications. As for the camera, there's a 16MP shooter that can be used as both the rear-main camera as well as the selfie shooter. And that's about it when it comes to the specs. Not really that powerful, huh? As I said, Motorola isn't trying to win anybody with the specs here. The company is going after the people who fancy the original Moto Razr and its crazy good flip mechanism. That being said, we haven't had the chance to use the phone extensively to test the phone, so we can't comment on the performance and usability. But what we do know is the price of the phone for now. Pricing & AvailabilityMotorola has launched the Moto Razr in India for Rs 1,24,999. Only one variant of the phone will be available here in India and you'll be able to pick it up from Flipkart starting April 2nd. It's even more expensive than the Galaxy Z Flip in India, making it one of the most expensive phones you can buy in the market today. View the full article
  12. Just because you are travelling, doesn't mean you can't look like an eye-candy. Whether it is an adventurous solo trip or a relaxed vacation with friends and family, there are always enough reasons for you to stay fashionable. It doesn't have to involve a whole lot of effort. We have a checklist that has everything covered, from fashion to functionality. Here is the ultimate checklist for every travel junkie out there. __ECOMLOOKS__258__ __ECOMLOOKS__259__ __ECOMLOOKS__260__ __ECOMLOOKS__261__ __ECOMLOOKS__262__ Explore More: View the full article
  13. Tiger Shroff, courtesy his near-perfect physique (that gives Hritik Roshan's work-outs a close competition), can pull off literally anything. After doing films like War and the Baaghi trilogy, we've noticed that Tiger has developed a distinct taste for unconventional pants. From unaltered pants to a pair that was at least a couple of sizes bigger. He's tried them all. © Viral Bhayani While most people stock up on the snazziest pairs of sneakers in town, Tiger likes to keep things simple. In fact, we've noticed that he often repeats pairs. It looks like Tiger loves his beaters and doesn't care for chunky sneakers like his fellow actors in Bollywood. For a Dance Plus appearance with his fellow actor Shraddha Kapoor, Tiger Shroff wore a rather simple outfit, take a look here: © Viral Bhayani But if you take a close look at the outfit, you'll notice that he's wearing a basic white sweatshirt with a regular pair of denims. And he's finished the look with a pair of shades and black shoes that look like they've been used quite a bit. Here's a close-up. © Viral Bhayani Now, here's the thing, all clothes in our closet generate some carbon footprint that is harmful to the environment. If we're mindful enough to not get anything unnecessary or get clothes from the thrift store or even stick to our favourites like in the case of Tiger with his beaters, we're moving towards a sustainable closet that's always great for the environment. The fact that Tiger has a pair of beaters, i.e shoes that become your favourite in your coset, and are the pair that you go back to each time you put together an outfit is sending out a good message. It lifts the pressure of always wearing something new outside and makes Tiger even more relatable to us. View the full article
  14. Ayushmann Khurrana and his fashion choices have been on a roll. His style used to be underrated but ever since 2018, this man has been unstoppable and without a shadow of a doubt, he never fails to strike a chord with us. © Instagram/Isha Bhansali Let's take a few examples where he stunned us with his choices. The recent look that we took notes from was when he took the chunky sneaker trend to a whole new level with his 'crocodile's sneakers. His outfit, on the other hand, was a palette of subtle hues that instantly dovetailed well with his overall demeanour.Ayushmann has been prepping for his upcoming movie Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan. The promotions are in full swing and it looks like he is truly invested in his style and we cannot stop diggin' his looks. Isha Bhansali, Ayushmann's stylist definitely deserves an award for creating some statement-worthy, edgy outfits, no matter what the event is. Even the recent instance totally steers clear of the basics and is something that most of us can legit learn a lesson or two from. If you are willing to recreate this outfit in simple steps, here's a quick way to turn heads with these impeccable style lessons. Instagram/Isha Bhansali 1. Let's start with Ayusmann's jacket. Parka jackets are a thing now and if the boredom of wearing denim numbers has hit you hard, this is the new way to go. When you top it over a slogan tee, this style can add a modern twist to your debonair with its unexpected fabric and quirky colour. 2. Coming to his pants, they are yet again an unusual pair of jeans. They are not too tapered nor too baggy. The overall effect? Well, it's surprisingly quite pleasing. This type of jeans are a mainstay in menswear and to make it double-dekko worthy, add a finishing touch with a stylish buckle belt. © Instagram/Isha Bhansali 3. If you are a big fan of chunky sneakers, like Ayushmann, just show off! The best way to add a bit of elegance is to roll up your jeans so that your shoes are able to channel uber-cool, effortless vibes. Add to that, quirky socks can make you stand out for all the right reasons. 4. The final touch up is accessories that should never ever be missed. Sartorially speaking, a watch and sunglasses are the key here that revolutionise the whole look, giving it more of a street-style and contemporary appeal. This is the best way to master the art of street fashion and we believe, only Ayushmann can do it right. Hats off for that! View the full article
  15. "The system is based on obsolescence, exploitation and overproduction. This affects the planet, the people, the animals. It needs systemic change."
  16. Fashion is what you buy, but style is what you do with it. The same Gucci jacket doesnât look half as dynamic on every man â clearly, itâs the individual sense of style that makes or breaks the look, not the jacket. Luckily for us, Myntra Insider has roped in some of industryâs leading fashion stylists to masterclasses on fashion, and weâre super stoked! Using their points, Myntra Insiders can get access to fashion advice from celebrity stylists, VIP access to Myntra sale events, and much more. Celebrity stylist Sanjay Kumar will be headlining âparty fashionâ on Myntra Insider â where he will share tips, trends, curated looks, and a whole lot of party-style banter. Previously, the Mumbai-based stylist has styled some of the most photographed women in the country â Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Ananya Pandey, and a string of other B-town beauties. MensXP had an exclusive tete-a-tete with celebrity stylist Sanjay Kumar, and hereâs how the conversation went. Which was, by far, the most exciting experience as a celebrity stylist? Styling Ananya Panday for the promotions of Pati, Patni Aur Woh has been really exciting as she is versatile and itâs fun to try various fun looks on her. Which current fashion trend can you not stand at all? A trend I cannot stand- chunky belts! Sometimes itâs best to let a silhouette be. Myntra What are the 3 date-night outfit hacks that every man should know of? The most important date night hack is comfort. So make sure you are not wearing anything that is extra fitted. Check your trouser seams, wear a good pair of shoes and carry the perfect scent. As for menâs fashion, which trends are likely to reign in 2020? In 2020 we will see a big hype in street style as continued from 2019. So imagine anti-fits, sporty elements and neon accessories. Athleisure is the new in thing - what are 3 athleisure essentials in your opinion? An oversized sweatshirt, chunky colourful sneakers and anti-fit tracks! Myntra Which party fashion faux pas are men most likely to commit? Super fitted silhouettes- please avoid! What inspired you to become a celebrity stylist? My dream to style and work with Priyanka Chopra. Whatâs the one thing that makes or breaks a look? Your hair and makeup. It is the ultimate deal breaker as it helps to shape and define any look. Myntra Celebrity looks from the recent Grammys are all over the fashionverse â which are your favourite looks from the Grammys? Billie Eilish in head to toe Gucci, an absolute favourite! What are your 2020 goals as a celebrity stylist? To style more and more celebrities and dress them up in fun, exciting and groundbreaking looks. Myntra What can we, as consumers, expect when we tune into the Myntra Insider Master Class? Tune in for my vibe that will take you out dressed in the best party looks. I will show you how you can make the best of your own wardrobe to look put together. Why did you choose Party Fashion as the theme? I am ready to go out for a party in the blink of an eye and I love it, hence. Honestly, we can't wait to register for Sanjay Kumar's masterclass on fashion! And hey, if you thought the advantages of being a Myntra Insider member are limited to the fashion masterclass, we have good news. Insider members also get VIP Access to Myntra sale events, early access to flagship sales, exclusive first access to limited edition products and new brand launches. For someone who enjoys shopping and looking a cut above the rest, Myntra Insider should be on top of their radar. Discounts on purchases, fashion updates, and access to the newest arrivals in the fashionverse, what more could we ask for. View the full article
  17. There's a reason why Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein was such a hit. Besides having such a heart-melting movie plot, this film also introduced us to Maddy aka R Madhavan, a heartthrob who still makes all the women go weak in their knees. View this post on InstagramDesign by Sarath krishnan and KD Styled by jasmine GeorgeA post shared by (@actormaddy) Even at the age of 49, Madhavan makes an impact and it's not just his charisma but also his fashion game that instantly catches the eye. The last instance made it clear that he is still the zaniest actor in the B-town industry and just when we thought, it couldn't get any better, he stunned us again with his recent sartorial eccentricity. © Viral Bhayani Usually, you would see celebrities wearing a striking ensemble for a birthday party or an event. Madhavan, on the other hand, was rather seen in a casual avatar which has been the most chill outfit we've seen till now. Take a look: © Viral Bhayani Firstly, let's take a moment and appreciate Madhavan's salt and pepper beard. Time and again we have been talking on how to grow a luscious beard and if you have silver fox strands, there's nothing like it. While Madhavan's fashion sense is spot on, even his grooming game is unmatched. It makes an uber style statement and it's perfect to add a bit of rebellious streak. © Viral Bhayani Coming to his outfit, the humble sportswear staple, the sweatshirt has the full potential to instantly up the street creds. Madhavan's outfit is a perfect way to show that comfort and style go hand-in-hand. If you are too lazy to dress up for an event, a sweatshirt will always save you! © Viral Bhayani The best part about wearing black pants is that it lets you dress up and down in super quirky ways. You can easily transcend from desk to dinner with this utility-style. The combination of a grey sweatshirt with black pants does an excellent job of adding that dash of leisure to the attire. His black sneakers epitomise the street style appearance even more with its versatility and comfort level. Truly, this is a fail-safe outfit and we've to give it to Maddy for schooling us on how to elevate the casual style, stat! View the full article
  18. Siddharth Malhotra is one of the few celebrities who never shy away from dipping their toes in exciting style trends. After delivering films like Marjaavan and Jabariya Jodi last year, Siddharth is set to experiment with a fresh role in the upcoming film Shershaah. On his birthday, he even shared a sneak peek of his look for the film, take a look here: An absolute honor to be able to paint the big screen with the shades of bravery & sacrifice. Paying an ode to the journey of Captain Vikram Batra (PVC) and bringing the UNTOLD TRUE STORY with #Shershaah. Releasing 3rd July, 2020.@Advani_Kiara @vishnu_dir @karanjohar pic.twitter.com/RJ4qj0sNPQ â Sidharth Malhotra (@SidMalhotra) January 16, 2020Shershaah is set to release on 3 July 2020. But, besides the announcement, Siddharth also hosted a quiet party at his place to celebrate his birthday. Now, this brings us to his birthday outfit. Siddharth may have accidentally kick-started a fashion trend with this killer outfit. Take a look here: © viralbhayani He wore a checkered sweater in red and black colourways. Along with this, he wore crumpled pants and black sneakers to complete the look. It looks like the crumpled pants were definitely an intentional style move on Siddharth's part. © viralbhayani There is no way that you can overlook this level of creasing on a pair of pants like these and especially when the pants in question are a part of your birthday outfit. © viralbhayani This is probably why we think that maybe he chose to wear these pants. This is not the first time a celebrity has walked out in crumpled clothing. Ayushmann Khurrana has also worn crumpled pants for his film's promotions. Maybe, ironing pants is overrated now or maybe his steam iron wasn't working or maybe this is how they were designed. What do you guys think? View the full article
  19. Every fashion label longs for that one genius that would set the tone that their legacy takes. For Chanel and Fendi, it was the legendary mastermind, Karl Lagerfield. For Dolce & Gabbana, it was Stefano Gabbana. For YSL, it was Tom Ford. And it seems for the upcoming decade at least, it will be Alessandro Michele for Gucci. © Reuters Having spent a better part of the decade with Gucci in some role or the other, Alessandro's vision to take Gucci towards an environment that is even more inclusive of diversity and varying creativity, has resulted in some rather spectacular moments, with the gender-fluid or gender-neutral path that they have elected to go for, being one of them. However, it hasn't been a completely smooth sailing for them. © Reuters It's been five years since Alessandro took the helm of the Italian luxury brand. Yes, a few guffaws and quite a few faux pas were made. Remember, the controversial sweater, the one with a literal monkey face, that Gucci put up? Or the fact that some of their pieces were inspired by straight jackets, in 2019, a year that saw a very fervourous conversation around mental health, especially considering how Todd Phillips' Joker, released just a month after their guffaw, dealt with? © Reuters All said and done, if there has been one thing that the Florentine ateliers of Gucci have pushed out time and again, it is perspective. Gender fluid or androgynous fashion has been a theme that many fashion houses have dabbled with. In fact, ever since Alessandro took over Gucci, back in 2015, Gucci has often showcased most of their collections in fashion shows, by using cross-dressing as a statement-making tool. Case in point would be their Fall-Winter collection back in 2015. The collection, even though it dealt with a subject that was considered much more tabooed, was well thought out and indeed tastefully done. The pieces that were shown, were indeed androgynous and seemed to push the proverbial envelope. © Reuters Cut to 2020, and we see a remarked difference in the approach. Individually, the pieces that were showcased were spectacular and indeed statement pieces unto themselves, something that people expect from Gucci and Alessandro at this point. What did come across as a little jarring would be the manner in which they were showcased. What was disconcerting was the fact that there were instances where some of the ensembles seemed as if they had nothing to do with androgynous fashion, or gender-fluid fashion for that matter, but were an attempt to create a spectacle. © Gucci © Gucci © Gucci © Gucci No wonder post the Milan Show, people were genuinely left wondering if 'androgynous fashion' and 'gender-fluid' fashion have been reduced to fancy labels to stay woke? © Gucci The sad truth is, toxic masculinity, and the perception of emasculation that all things feminine represent, is a problem, and nowhere else it is as clearly put on display as it has been in clothes and fashion, even though this dichotomy at times falls flat on its face in this sphere? As sad as it may be, there still is a long way to go for this duality to be put to rest, and this binary that we have in fashion will become redundant. Is it a surprise then, that almost all major fashion houses, be it Prada, Dior, and Burberry have massively amped up their product range, as well as the production of luxury menswear items? Luxury Menswear, after all, is an exponentially growing segment of the market. © Gucci With that said, whether Gucci is indeed being esoteric or is it just another example of a fashion label that is using these terms for coming across as woke, for the sake of being woke; Gucci's endeavours in the past have pushed the envelope continuously and tried to be the harbingers of a society that is androgynous. © Gucci Just take a look at the Lyst Index, a quarterly ranking of the 'It' brands and products in fashion, and you'll see that in the last eight quarters, Gucci has always been in the top three spots, and held the lead for a considerably long time. Since 2018, specifically, Gucci has been the hottest brand in fashion and was only deposed of its thrown by Off White & Balenciaga in the 3rd quarter of 2019. © Gucci We're sure that with this collection, Gucci surely is going to jump to the top yet again. Because whatever they seem to be doing, it seems they know what works for them. All said and done, the pieces they make, like we said, are indeed statement worthy. © Gucci So come what may, people, men and women alike, are still going to flock to Gucci stores all around the world, for their washed-out baggy denim jeans, and boxy wool suits, and their murses. People who can afford them, that is. Or at the very least, they will crop up in some form or the other in fast fashion outlets like Zara, or H&M, where they will be flying off of the shelves. © Gucci The question remains though, where does that leave Gucci in this scenario, where there is a clear distinction between the runway and the racks? Is it going to cater to the esoteric runway, the similar and familiarity that people expect from the rack, or does the answer lie somewhere in between? That remains to be seen. View the full article
  20. Post the phenomenal success of Uri, Vicky Kaushal was on a short break in 2019 before he resumed filming again for various projects. The actor is now prepping for Karan Johar's Takht where he will be seen starring alongside Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Anil Kapoor, Bhumi Pednekar, Alia Bhatt and Janhvi Kapoor. So, now that he's back at the game again, Vicky Kaushal is making sure that he's also armed in the best way whenever he steps out. This also translates into his outfits. Kaushal's signature style can be easily described as accessible aesthetic, courtesy his stylist Amandeep Kaur. © Viral Bhayani Recently, he was spotted wearing a light blue coloured sweatshirt, grey track pants with a pair of really edgy yet vibrant sneakers. Take a look here: © Viral Bhayani Vicky is wearing the green colourway sneakers from the Sacai x Nike LDWaffle Collection. © Viral Bhayani In collaboration with Japanese high-fashion label Sacai, the silhouette is a hybrid in a double-themed design. This special-edition sneaker combines the elements: Waffle Daybreak and LDV. The sneaker also features double tongues, shoelaces, and swooshes on the side and a co-branded insignia of Nike x Sacai on the heel tab. The silhouette retails at 13,995 Rupees. © Viral Bhayani The interesting element of these sneakers is that they have an added wedge, so wearing them will definitely add a couple of inches to your height. Not that Vicky needs it. We wonder if he has to bend a little to enter through doors while he's wearing these sneakers. View the full article
  21. Besides Siddhant Chaturvedi's roaring character as McSher in Gully Boy, if there's one more thing that struck a chord with us, it has to be his impeccable fashion game. Having said that, every time he is papped, be it at the airport or for events, he surprises us with his head-turning ensembles. View this post on Instagram What a fun night!ð Thank you @nickindiaofficial and #kidschoiceawards2019 for the Newcomer of the year award! ð¥ ð¤ Bachpan se Bechaini thi ki jeetun har baazi main! ðº #kca2019 #kcashake #nickelodeon . . Styled by @nikitajaisinghani Hair by @gautam0099 MU by @poonamsrv @fatmupromakeup A post shared by Siddhant Chaturvedi (@siddhantchaturvedi) on Dec 20, 2019 at 9:56pm PST Recently, he was spotted at the Mumbai airport and we have to say he blew our minds yet again with his sartorial choices. As someone who likes to keep it casual, Siddhant rather took an unconventional route as he was seen wearing 'Pokemon gloves'. To be honest, we are quite puzzled with this fashion experiment. Here's why: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani The weather in Mumbai is not really cold, which means wearing a winter-themed outfit cannot be justified. Even though Siddhant looks all decked to beat the winter chills, his 'Pokemon gloves' made us wonder if they are really appropriate for the weather. Add to that, his sweatshirt and the beanie which is another unexpected fashion move, again considering it's Mumbai. © Viral Bhayani Even then, we have to say he looks rather uber-cool in his ensemble. And the way Siddhant is sporting those fingerless red gloves, it is super wacky and truly, this one small item made a huge difference to his overall look. © Viral Bhayani As for his outfit, Siddhant wore his red sweatshirt with blue jeans with chunky sneakers. If we don't take the weather conditions seriously, a pair of 'Pokemon gloves' can look brilliant with a basic outfit. All in all, this airport garb is dapper enough and even if we are puzzled, there's nothing to complain about as he still looks suave with these gloves. View the full article
  22. A champion of oversized hoodies and classic suits, Arjun Kapoor has time and again inspired us with his impeccable fashion sense. Not just that, he is also a massive sneakerhead who has sported some zany pair of sneakers. Be it at the airport or the football game, he knows exactly how to garner all the attention. © Viral Bhayani This time around, he was yet again sported making a head-turning statement with an unusual pair of sneakers. The reason why this pair looks offbeat is due to the eccentric platform heel. Now, that's an unexpected fashion move. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Platform sneakers have been in rage and are still in trend. We have seen many elite B-town stars like Karan Johar and Ranveer Singh sporting this trend. However Arjun's pair, in particular, has a bit of an old school vibe to it but the blue heel totally takes the overall aesthetics a notch higher. © Viral Bhayani As for his outfit, he was seen wearing a blue hoodie by Helmet Lang and further teamed it with raw grey jeans. The ensemble is super chilled out and we love how Arjun stood apart with his heeled sneakers. We have to say, this fashion move is by the far the best, Arjun. Hats off! View the full article
  23. Katrina Kaif has left her fans awestruck with her fashion outing. The Bharat star was recently spotted rocking all-black look at the airport. The diva was dressed in a pair of black pants, a black top and a stunning black faux fur coat. She sported black sneakers and complimented her look with a pair of chic sunglasses. Check out her video:
  24. Saying that Rajkummar Rao has a zany and insanely dapper sense of style and fashion, is like saying that the sun must be a hot place - both of these statements grossly understate the fact. Time and again, we have seen him wear some of the most insane pairs of sneakers that legit look straight our of Super Mario Kart, or some really aristocratic and princely boots, the man has done it all. © Instagram/thetyagiakshay Heck, he once wore a pair of boots that should legitimately be the inspiration for ISROâs spacesuit for their first manned space mission. © Instagram/thetyagiakshay This time around though, the man has smashed all boundaries that constrict menâs fashion, and that too in the classiest way imaginable. Rajkummar Rao was recently spotted with Patralekha at the Mumbai Airport. Although both of them were pretty well decked out in some really dapper sweats, sneakers and joggers, it was one of Rajkummarâs accessories that really caught our eye. © Viral Bhayani Rajkummar was seen carrying a black messenger bag that was shaped like a miniature travelling trunk, which looked like a rather dapper man-purse. Way to go the androgynous route, Rajkummar. © Viral Bhayani The messenger bag that Rajkummar is carrying is the Soft Trunk bag in black from Louis Vuitton. The bag is made using Louis Vuittonâs trademark Monogram Eclipse canvas, which is actually a bovine leather of the finest grade, and matte-black hardware and also has an adjustable strap made of black leather. © Louis Vuitton The rivets and the borders have a very classic appeal and harks back to the vintage aesthetic that the French high fashion house is known for. © Viral Bhayani The âtrunk bagâ is exquisite indeed and the price reflects it. The bag is listed for $3,550 or just over Rs 2,52,000, when converted as per todayâs exchange rate. Add to that your custom duties and import tariffs and youâre looking at a figure thatâs well beyond Rs 3,25,000. © Viral Bhayani Any which way, we canât deny that the bag is really zany and eccentric to say the least. Way to go, Rajkummar, take a bow. View the full article
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