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  1. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Russia's military "tasks" in Ukraine now go beyond the eastern Donbas region
  2. NATO's chief warns that war could grind on "for years" and urges Western countries to be ready to offer long-term aid
  3. Tom Cruise will reportedly go up against a Russian-made fighter jet in his upcoming film 'Top Gun: Maverick'
  4. More than 100,000 Ukrainian men volunteered to fight since Russia began its campaign, per National Guard of Ukraine
  5. "Pakistan faced fewer hospitalisations during fourth wave as country is making vaccine accessible to everyone," says WHO
  6. Event features 16 men and eight women with their specialised pillows in place of boxing gloves
  7. We all have heard from the older generations that arranged marriages last longer and don’t end up in divorces as opposed to love marriages but who’s to say if this works for everyone? We have seen people who’ve had a love marriage spending their entire time together happily, while arranged marriages breaking up, and vice versa. © iStock Someone on Reddit said he doesn’t believe in the concept of arranged marriage and would never have one because he has seen his parents fighting all his life. He wrote, “They fight all the flipping time every weekend they fight or whenever they are together. for ffs, i am not going to get arranged married [sic].” © iStock He further added, “u cannot convince me that love marriage is worse I have seen a love marriage that is much better and in the same family [sic].” Desis were quick to share their POV and said that it’s not really about how they got married but how they get along now. Some people defended arranged marriages, while others said not every love marriage ends in divorce and not every arranged marriage is a happily ever after. Instead of blaming the concept of marriages, it should be noted that the people who aren’t compatible won’t be happy together regardless of how they found each other. So, it won’t be wrong to generalise it for everyone. © iStock Here are some of the best responses. 1. “Same story at my house too. I don't think it's really a question of love or arranged. It's much more about compatibility. When 2 people who are incompatible get married, through arranged or love marriage, there is a high chance of a disaster.” 2. “It's not About love vs arrange marriage ..it's about getting sane, adjustable person or narcissistic,self centred person which if luck runs out you might get one even in love marriage.” 3. “Arrange marriages are good if done properly. Like the couples can date for a year or two, then confirm about it. Meet families ,understand each other and then decide.” –lolhmmk © iStock 4. “It's very subjective, i have seen love marriages going ultra side ways to the point the couple are hitting each other but were loving when they were dating, also seen arrange marriage being very successful, theres a difference between being a boyfriend and being husband , or wife and girlfriend, some people are great as a boyfriend but not as a husband and vice versa.” –redditaddict95 5. “There are millions of arranged marriages happening in country. You cannot choose one incident and generalize.” –investorin © iStock Just like any other relationship, the chemistry, compatibility and understanding of people is what keeps it healthy, happy and going smooth. View the full article
  8. Hardik Pandya might be out of the Indian team across all three formats but that hasn’t affected his brand value in the Indian Premier League (IPL). In fact, if reports are to be believed, his IPL stocks are going to touch new heights as the new Ahmedabad franchise have zeroed in on him to lead their squad in the upcoming edition of the IPL. View this post on InstagramAccording to a PTI report, the franchise, owned by US-based investor firm CVC Ventures Capital, has finally received its Letter of Intent from the BCCI and they have already approached Hardik and two other seasoned campaigners to form the core of their franchise. Apart from his impressive IPL record, the other factor that convinced the owners to give Hardik the leadership role was his local connection and his brand value in the Indian market. View this post on Instagram“Yes, Ahmedabad franchise has received their Letter of Intent. However, they have been doing their back-room work for some time as it's a huge process. As far as we know, Hardik has been zeroed in on as the captain of the franchise,” the PTI reported, quoting a senior IPL source. “Hardik with his local connect and being a proven IPL performer for Mumbai Indians for so long was an obvious choice as captain and premier player,” the report added. View this post on InstagramBesides Hardik, the report also stated that the franchise was in final talks with two other proven IPL stars Rashid Khan and Ishan Kishan to join their unit ahead of the IPL 2022 mega auction, which is likely to be held next month. “The franchise has almost finalised its deal with Afghan spin sensation Rashid Khan and dashing keeper-batter Ishan Kishan as their second and third picks from the draft. As of now, that's what is finalised unless there are changes at the last moment,” the PTI quoted the source as saying. View this post on InstagramHardik and Rashid have been proven match winners for their previous sides hence one expected that all the hullabaloo would be surrounding their inclusion in the side. But surprisingly not many fans were talking about the two senior players. Instead, they took keen interest in knowing about the signing of Ishan Kishan. It appeared as if all of a sudden Ishan had become the new fan-favourite. The Mumbai Indians supporters launched an earnest appeal on the micro-blogging site urging Ishan Kishan to not ditch them ahead of the mega auction. Ishan ko nhi please! — ꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛ_ꜱᴘᴀʀᴋʟᴇꜱ (@rohitian___45) January 10, 2022It will be good for Ishan's career if he stays with MI. Going to brand new franchise is always risk for any youngsters career. — Tejas Adake (@tejas_adake) January 10, 2022Why Ishan in Nehra Ji's team — Footy Animesh (@AnimeshFooty) January 10, 2022not Ishan pls — Surya (@Surya_One8) January 10, 2022Ishan nahi yr — AB (@alokmishra128) January 10, 2022They should not take Ishan. Otherwise we will ban them off of all the parties at Antilia.! — Jatin.Vats (@vats68) January 10, 2022Ishann — Sriniwas (@viratian_life) January 10, 2022No, not Ishan — Hriday Shah (@HridayShah15) January 10, 2022Wtf ishan too . — G Shashi (@GShashiYadav1) January 10, 2022Please say nooooooóoooooooòoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. We need Ishan Kishan at any cost — Mr. India (@NiteshV13) January 10, 2022If these reports are indeed true, the new franchise has done a terrific job and covered three important facets of the game with these signings. All the three players bring with themselves unique skill sets which cater to multiple needs of the franchise. A fast-bowling all-rounder is a rare commodity in India and if he performs to his potential, it’s safe to say that there is no one better than him in the country. View this post on InstagramIn addition to his leg-spin, another aspect that Rashid brings to the table is his incredible power-hitting which could come in handy, if need be. Generally, we don’t see a wicket-keeper batting in the top three and that is what sets Ishan apart from the rest. He can open the innings and also perform the role of a finisher lower down the order. View the full article
  9. In recent times, there are enough films that are seeped into reality and have received acclaim worldwide. But there was a time when a lot of Hindi films demanded the audience to take a leap of faith in order to fully enjoy and understand what was being shown on-screen. And then there were some films that took this liberty to another height and went way overboard with the imagination. Here are 5 times Bollywood went bonkers and we got these gems: 1. Ajay Devgn Flying A Bike To Catch A Plane Mid-Air © Ajay Devgn Ffilms Believe it or not, this is an actual scene from a 1999 movie that wasn’t a fantasy. And no Ajay Devgn neither had superpowers in this one and nor did he own a superbike. However, this scene was just randomly placed in a film about terrorism, a handicapped Amitabh Bachchan and two Ajay Devgns. There is a sequence in the film where Sushmita Sen, who is playing a fictionalised version of herself has to catch a plane but is stuck in traffic. She asks Ajay Devgn for help who is her huge fan and is on a bike. He takes this opportunity to flirt with her and when he is told that she has already missed the plane, Ajay Devgn takes off on his bike and catches the plane mid-air so that Sushmita can board it. True Story! See it to believe it. 2. Sunny Deol Beating Up An Immortal Jackie Shroff © Om Films Pvt Ltd The whole point of this 2006 film Naksha was that the protagonists (Sunny Deol and Vivek Oberoi) and antagonist (Jackie Shroff) were in search of the magical armour and earrings of Karna from Mahabharat. It was said that whoever will don the magical armour and earrings of Karna will become invincible and immortal like him. And in a twist of fate, Jackie Shroff wins the race and dons the magical armour and earnings becoming a superhuman individual who is unkillable….or so he thought. Well, he may have been able to possess the superhuman abilities of Karna but what he didn’t account for was the opposing force in the form of Sunny Deol! His immortality ain’t got shit on Sunny Deol. Karna’s Kawach and Kundal - 0 Dhai Kilo Ka Haath - 1 3. Arbaaz Khan Fighting A Dinosaur © Vijay K Ranglani In this 2004 low-budget reimagination of the popular lore Ali Baba aur 40 Chor, Arbaaz Khan plays the lead role of Ali Baba. The movie is exactly what you would expect it to be and even more. Unlike the previous adaptations of the story of Ali Baba, this one is based in present times and for some strange and unexplained reason also features a bunch of extremely bad CGI dinosaurs who are just casually roaming around in the village. In fact, there is a sequence in the film where Arbaaz Khan fights a dinosaur and ultimately defeats him by throwing a puny knife at him. Yes, you read that right, a knife! And Hollywood made so many Jurassic Parks and Worlds to tackle their dinosaur problem. If only they had the street smartness of Arbaaz Khan…if only. 4. Supermodel Cindy Crawford As Dev Anand’s Dead Mother © Navketan Films In 1990, Dev Anand directed and starred in the film Awwal Number also starring Aamir Khan and Aditya Pancholi. The movie features Dev Anand as the Indian Cricket Board head, Aditya Pancholi playing his younger brother and a cricketer and Aamir Khan, a rising cricket star. In one sequence, Dev Anand and Aditya Pancholi are remembering their mother on her death anniversary. Their mother is none other than supermodel of the late ‘80s and ‘90s - Cindy Crawford! We see a picture of Crawford from a photoshoot with a blue ribbon around it. Unbeknown to Cindy Crawford, she played evergreen Dev Anand’s mother who was at that time 43 years older than her. 5. Whatever The Hell Was Sanjay Dutt And Suniel Shetty Starrer Rudraksh © Karma Entertainment In 2004, Mani Shankar after the success of 16 December ventured into sci-fi space with Rudraksh that also referenced Ramayana a lot. The film is about Suniel Shetty’s character who is in search of Demon King Raavan’s rudraksh and Sanjay Dutt is trying to stop him. It is believed that if activated, the rudraksh will result in the reincarnation of Raavan. Throughout the film, an evil Suniel Shetty tries to possess the rudraksh but is unable to and at the end, Sanjay Dutt takes control of it, goes into space or something and then has yellow cat-eye lenses for some reason and takes on a bunch of Suniel Shetty's with ease who also has green-eye lenses. Well, to be honest, Shetty and Dutt’s weird wigs were enough hindrance for anyone to focus on the absurd plot, execution, VFX and performances. View the full article
  10. Men get into fights with each other was various reasons but when it’s about a girl, it can get pretty intense. Office ki Nidhi ko date pe kaun le jayega? Keep watching to find out what happens when two colleagues want to date the same girl! View the full article
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