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Found 997 results

  1. A pandemic is upon us and the only and most important thing people can do to stop it is just stay at home. It's that simple and it's great to see everyone who's able to stay indoors actually are. It's the bare minimum people can do to stop the spread of coronavirus. While most Indians seem to be following the protocol, there are some extra measures taken to keep people inside their homes. For example, just start re-airing a show that used to keep people glued to their TV screens even without a potentially world-ending event. Yes, because of popular demand, Ramanand Sagar's iconic show Ramayan has started airing on DD National from today, and there's so much nostalgia attached to it that people are over the moon about the recast. © Twitter To paraphrase the message, my dad was just reading aloud - "Back in the day when Ramayan aired, the roads would be empty because everyone was watching the show. Now that the roads are empty, they have started airing Ramayan again." It's like everyone has transported back in time and are once again glued to the TV to catch every episode of the legendary show. Full attendance infront of the TV @ 9am. We are re-living our childhood (I was 7 years old and my parents bought a Bush TV for me to see this show)... my kids might never understand but Iâm happy they are watching with me. #Ramayan @DDNational pic.twitter.com/pYIM7zj4wD â Shweta Shalini (@shweta_shalini) March 28, 2020Legends only. Kids watching :- hotstar Men watching :- Netflix Legends watching:- #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/SM8Tz1dgQQ â Ajay Anuragi (@Lazy_Anuragi) March 28, 2020 Hmm. DD national started retelecast of #Ramayan TRP* pic.twitter.com/kjltXsxYsf â Professor (@_Kalpesh_lohar_) March 28, 2020 Now that's an entrance. Ramayan Returns in style * Not just the first episode of Ramayan crashes the Doordarshan website due to high traffic * But also becomes the top searched in India on Google This shows the love Indians have towards Prabhu Shri Ram #Ramayan â Mahesh Vikram Hegde (@mvmeet) March 28, 2020 Great comparison. The first #Super30 batch of mankind #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/s3dy75TdNv â SOCIAL DISTAN SINGH (@mayankrai3133) March 28, 2020 Everyone is. Goosebumps ... Thankyou @PrakashJavdekar Relieving my Childhood again ï¸ #Ramayan #Doordarshan pic.twitter.com/oXpPR3MIt6 â Vineeta singh ð®ð³ (@biharigurl) March 28, 2020 So much nostalgia. Nostalgic to see the late Ashok Kumar on TV narrating the start of #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/HXkg9cXgsc â Aman Sharma (@AmanKayamHai_ET) March 28, 2020 Hmm. Happening right now #Ramayan .. It's important for all us to watch Ramayana & Mahabharata as it will offer you spiritual answers and also answers to the fascist propaganda being run by RSS-BJP in the garb of religion. Watch it, won't find any reference to Hindutva! Jai Shri Ram! pic.twitter.com/tQFGqgXXPp â Gaurav Pandhi (@GauravPandhi) March 28, 2020 Hopefully, they're practising social distancing. All indians now. #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/RWHXbhF5x6 â sonu sahani (@sarcashubh) March 28, 2020 Aww. #Ramayan *Having seen their viewers increased* Doordarshan: pic.twitter.com/raqU7QvItp â Prince Pandeyð¦ (@princepandey_) March 28, 2020 People are enjoying. Taking me back to childhood. #Ramayan and #Mahabharat on @DDNational with the entire family! This was our routine weekend plan. so glad itâs restarted, great way for kids to learn Indian Mythology. pic.twitter.com/ZFc4X0oTFl â Kajal Aggarwal (@MsKajalAggarwal) March 28, 2020 Yep. Indians from tomorrow at 9 am and 9 pm.#Ramayan pic.twitter.com/PvlSuyjDuR â CHEEKU (@Okay_Bye___) March 27, 2020 And I oop... This got to be the best meme on this #Ramayan #Mahabharat #DDNational #lockdownindia pic.twitter.com/3Kv8lFk6Jp â Neha (@itsstillneha) March 27, 2020 View the full article
  2. According to GB government spokesperson Faizullah Faraq, the deceased was a 90-year-old man with no travel history
  3. GB chief minister's media coordinator says provincial spokesperson broke the news without verifying it
  4. Remember that girl who sold nudes online and raised money for the Australian fires? Well, looks like another hero is rising now amid the coronavirus outbreak. Apparently, Russian porn star Lola Taylor has said that she'll have *** with the first scientist to come up with a cure for coronavirus and honestly, that could work as a huge motivating factor. While her claims are not yet confirmed as I could not, for the life of me, find her official Instagram account, but at a time like this, I wouldn't be surprised if it's true. View this post on InstagramÐÑÑÑ Ð¶ÐµÐ»Ð°ÑÑие даÑÑ Ð¼Ð½Ðµ в ÑоÑик? ð #лÑбовÑбÑÑÑева #лолаÑÐµÐ¹Ð»Ð¾Ñ #девÑÑка #lolataylor #girls #moscow #spb #instagramA post shared by (@thelolataylor)It's a pandemic and people have been self-quarantined for a few days now. Anyone would get stir-crazy when they're confined to their houses for long periods of times. In the video, she allegedly complained about how she canât leave her residence or she may get busted for violating the âquarantineâ rules, and no wonder she wants the cure as soon as possible. She said, "People are suffering, you see." View this post on Instagram#лÑбовÑбÑÑÑева #lolataylor #pornstar #model #xxxA post shared by (@thelolataylor) Moreover, she shared another video on Vkontakte, a Russian social media service, where she said that while she gets food delivered, she doesnât like being unable to go out and buy certain types of junk food. Well, we don't know how authentic this is, but nonetheless, if this motivates any scientist even a little bit, that would be a great thing. View the full article
  5. The 30-year-old woman who had travelled from the US to Pakistan a few days ago was diagnosed with coronavirus: PIMS
  6. Just imagine, an Indian news anchor interviewing someone in a bad costume of a virus with daily soap music playing for the extra effect - I think we can all see that, that seems so on-brand for India, right? Well, too bad Egypt beat us to the punch in doing that. It sucks, tbh, I would've loved to see the Indian version. But, we'll enjoy what we have since it is that hilarious. Basically, a couple of pictures from a news segment from Egypt is going viral because they literally are interviewing the Coronavirus. Yep, the virus itself. I mean, just look at it! in totally normal timeline news, an Egyptian TV station interviewed the coronavirus pic.twitter.com/dBpOcXXdRa â Matthew Champion (@matthewchampion) March 12, 2020 Close enough? People are now convinced we're in some weird timeline since things like these are not only possible but are actually happening. But, honestly, this is actually better than creating more panic for no reason. It's a great way to get people's attention on the pandemic and as you can see, it clearly worked. Someone even managed to find the full segment. i found the segment for my fellow egyptians in the commentshttps://t.co/d4M4nyFg7j â maie (@MaieAiyed) March 12, 2020 It just seems unreal. I'm warming up to my fiance's opinion that the world did end in 2012 & everything since then has been Hell. â Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier (@IDreamAzathoth) March 12, 2020 Pour hand sanitizer on it. quickly, you fools, spray it with some soap while it's distracted! â Jayne ï¸âð¥ (@JayneTheHuman) March 12, 2020 Of course. hate on egypt all u want but we get our facts straight from the source we donât beat around bushes https://t.co/BnH0wcDmi3 â adel (@saintadelz) March 12, 2020 That is true. this is less evil and displays more of a sense of fun and humanity than anything Iâve ever seen in American cable news https://t.co/gisqkBTpA9 â Detroit: Become Normal (@ByYourLogic) March 12, 2020 He doesn't deserve it. why are they giving him a platform ??? https://t.co/r7TiWdfH2f â Anthony Oliveira (@meakoopa) March 13, 2020 Hilarious. Fkin top notch, this https://t.co/Bci8HlKjEQ â like fireman w/o the e (@ohcahaya) March 12, 2020 Yep. What, and I cannot stress this enough, the **** https://t.co/hLZQV0wDR0 â Sayeh ساÛÙ (@sayehyousefi) March 13, 2020 Of course. Needs to keep warm you see â jas (@goodboijas) March 12, 2020 Definitely. Our news channels have some serious competition https://t.co/iP3UZZuS8w â somen mishra (@NotSoSnob) March 12, 2020 Amazing. I swear Egypt's handling this SO Well no fear tactics nth ppl r calm ppl r chillin sitting at home watching an interview with the Corona Virus.... amazing https://t.co/manq9IhqR2 â noahfence (@ezrastones) March 13, 2020 Mr Corona, please go away. Mr. Corona, can I call you that? Why are you here? â ct (556/813) (@computerThot) March 12, 2020 No one is saying 'come to Brazil' for him. Can you asked him when heâs gonna stop the world tour? https://t.co/w1fo1I2Qw5 â ᴹᴼâ¢ââ¿ââ¢á´ºá´µ (@WoodzValley) March 13, 2020 And India, too. This is actually a normal day for Egyptian media. â Faris Al-Natour (@fmn13) March 12, 2020 The best. finally, some good fucking journalism https://t.co/3aRGsBiLHx â flik (@shialabaeouf) March 12, 2020 'Uthva do isko'. LET'S GET HIM https://t.co/oim1X4tPk9 â David Mack (@davidmackau) March 12, 2020 Karuna? Indians: go karuna... Karuna go Egyptians: HOLD MY CHARAS.... https://t.co/0rHuCVdGt5 â camardard pnkj ð®ð³ (@AskThePankazzzz) March 13, 2020 Shoutout. shout out to the producer who had to spraypaint a hellraiser mask for this segment https://t.co/NpYlwHVkdr â tyler mccauley (@tylernotyler) March 12, 2020 View the full article
  7. A 76-year-old man who recently died had been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus
  8. 24 hours after playing the new Call of Duty Battle Royale mode called Warzone, we managed to take some notes that helped us in getting that first win. While the basic concepts of any Battle Royale game remain the same, Warzone plays a little different than other Battle Royale games. For starters, the game has 150 players trying to survive, instead of 100 and offers more flexibility. Here are some tips you need to know even if youâve been playing Battle Royale games for a while. 1. Donât Quit After Dying © Activision Even if you die when trying to survive, you still have a fighting chance to come back. Once dead, you will be transported to jail or a âGulagâ where you will have to fight to the death in a 1v1 match. If you are successful at killing your opponent, you will be redeployed in the game. Even if you do not manage to win in the gulag, your teammates can still revive you by collected $4500. When dead, you can direct your teammates to the nearest Respawn box so that they can redeploy you again. 2. Do Not Ping Enemies © MensXP Call of Duty: Warzone has a nifty pinging system, however we advise that you do not ping enemies when you see them. Pinging enemies may help your teammates to locate them, but once pinged, your enemy also gets notified that he/she is being watched. Instead, we suggest you ping the general area where you see your opponent as it will help your teammates locate the enemy without giving away the fact that you're watching them. 3. Spend Money Wisely © YouTube When exploring the map, you can pick up cash from the floor and dead enemies and use it to purchase equipment, a UAV and even a fellow dead teammate from âbuy stationsâ. We recommend getting a 'UAV' if you have enough cash, provided all your teammates are alive. You can use the UAV to spot your opponents on the mini-map which will give you a slight competitive advantage. If you are running low on armour, you can always buy the âarmour bundleâ to have enough inventory for future gunfights. If you have a lot of cash on you, make sure you purchase a self-revive kit that comes handy when you are taken down by an opponent. And finally, you can use the cash to redeploy your dead teammate which will let you get that extra hand when you need it most. 4. You Can Share Items and Money © Activision Call of Duty: Warzone has a very simple inventory system where you do not have to sit and manage your inventory and instead spend more time looting and shooting. However, you can share ammo, tactical and lethal equipment and even cash. Sharing cash with your teammates can help them purchase better equipment. If your team has enough cash to bring back your dead teammate, you can drop the cash on the floor and pool all of it together to revive your teammates. 5. Loadout Drops © Activision Make sure you have your own loadout ready before you get into the game. In-game, loadout drops are quite frequent albeit random. Make sure you always get these drops and use your preferred loadout instead of weapons found on the floor. This is also the only way to use perks such as âGhostâ, âAmped upâ and others. Additionally, if the random loadout drop is not accessible, you can buy your own from the store and call it in yourself. These loadout drops can be accessed by a maximum of three people which also happens to be the strength of your squad. 6. Use Vehicles Only When You Need To © YouTube The Verdansk map is massive and sometimes you need to use a vehicle to get to the safe zone. However, when using a vehicle, you are potentially a target for your enemies around you as your vehicle gets highlighted on the mini-map. If you are near the safe-zone, we recommend going on foot instead of a vehicle as thereâs a good chance somebody will see you. 7. Look For Gas Masks © Activision Unlike other Battle Royale games, the gas in Warzone is extremely lethal and will kill you even if it's in the first phase. If you want to survive in the gas, make sure you find yourself a gas mask that can be found in loot boxes. The gas mask will protect you from gas damage and let you survive longer than usual. If you do not have a gas mask, always stay away from the gas as it will surely kill you. View the full article
  9. Canada has recorded at least 71 confirmed or presumed coronavirus cases
  10. Both the infected are staff at the Kuredu Island Resort and are suspected to have caught the virus from an Italian tourist
  11. Selena Gomez kissed Dylan Sprouse on camera for Disney Channel show 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'
  12. CEO Mark Triggon, previously the chief merchandising officer at Target, laid out his plans to turn around the beleaguered American retailer Bed Bath & Beyond. Part of that plan was reducing the number of can openers from 12 to 3. Sales rose. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Tritton explained how tests conducted in his first few months at the company showed that less is more when it comes to product assortment. “The big takeaway: Selling too many items in stores that are overcrowded leads to ‘purchase paralysis,” Mr. Tritton said. Bed Bath & Beyond exploded across the American landscape in the 1990s and 2000’s with its focus on opening new “big box” stores for home merchandise where it was meant to be a category killer – consumers would shop in stores that offered them anything and everything. It was famous for its floor-to-ceiling options, and a simple trip for a new shower curtain turned into a shopping spree for every room in the home. In recent years though, that approach has soured on consumers. A Business Insider reporter commented on her latest trip, “From our first steps in, the store was overwhelming. There was merchandise packed top to bottom on shelves that lined every wall.” The tides have changed. Consumers are being offered – and overwhelmed – with more choices than ever before. PARADOX OF CHOICE One of the great benefits of the modern web is a proliferation of choice: choice in sprawling ideologies, choice in niche interests, and choice in shopping for thousands of products at a click of a button. All of this, every day. Unfortunately, that abundance of choice can stress and even paralyze our ability to make decisions. Psychologist Barry Schwartz coined the term Paradox of Choice in a 2004 book by the same name, where he advanced the idea that eliminating consumer choices can reduce anxiety for shoppers. In other words, instead of offering 12 options for can openers, offer 3 options. What does this mean for online communities? LESS IS MORE Across the spectrum of communities and forums, some of the biggest critical mistakes are forum creep and feature bloat. New features are mindlessly added thinking it will lead to higher engagement, new forums are added for every conceivable discussion, and design choices are automatically enabled at the default without aligning to your strategy. Your initial goal is to sweep through your entire community and identify the areas that align with your community strategy. For categories and boards that are low-value, low traffic, or not aligned with any strategic objectives, you should aggressively consolidate or eliminate. There’s no hard rule when it comes to design choices, although 7 has been touted as a magic number for short-term human memory. You can use this magic number across a range of design decisions. For example: At most 7 Reactions At most 7 Primary Menu options At most 7 major sections or content hubs THE JAM EXPERIMENT Choice overload can actually lead to less sales. In 2000, psychologists Sheena Iyengar of Columbia University and Mark Lepper of Stanford University led a much-recited study where they presented passerbys at a food market with two tables: one with 24 fruit jams, the other with 6 jams. The one with 24 different jams generated more traffic to sample and taste. But guess which table generated more sales? The other table with fewer jams, which had ten times more purchases! The moral of the story? At junctures of your member journey where you ask users to make a critical decision such as user information when registering, subscriptions, or selling products, don’t be the table with 24 jams to sample, but never able to sell. BIG BOX & SMALL BOX Invision Community offers an interesting approach where you can act like both a “big box” community for your general audience and still offer “small box” cohesiveness for more intimate groups. The feature is called Clubs, which empowers smaller groups to form and split off from the main audience. This is an especially consequential feature for mature and large communities looking to organically cultivate their next generation of engagement. Indeed, this is a trend happening in a large way among next-gen consumers, who are realizing the perils of broadcasting and oversharing. In a 2019 white paper “The New Rules of Social” led by youth creative agency ZAK, nearly two-thirds of the under-30 respondents said they prefer to talk in private message rather than open forums and feeds. Facebook themselves launched head-first towards social groups back in 2016 after the US Presidential election. In a 6,000 word essay called "Building Global Community," Zuckerberg sermonized on the importance of building connections in meaningful groups: Forum administrators on Invision Community have been building meaningful communities since day one. When properly deployed, Clubs will allow you to cultivate – and retain – users in a more focused environment without the distractions of your larger community. CONCLUSION For community managers and forum administrators who have run their Invision Communities for many years, you know first-hand that the power of community doesn’t come from adding another feature, another board, or another category. Happiness and fulfillment come from actually connecting with members, through education, enlightenment, problem solving, and teamwork. Overloading your community with theme options, excess reactions, and overbuilt boards get in the way of your true goal. Become the CEO to reduce the overwhelming options of can openers. Sell more jam by offering less of it. And unfetter yourself from unnecessary choices to discover a clearer connection to your members. Executive Summary Bed Bath & Beyond CEO declutters stores, sales rise Concept of paradox of choice: users can become overwhelmed and stressed when presented with too many options Jam experiment: table with more jams gets more traffic, but table of less jams gets more sales For large and established communities, use Clubs to offer intimate and uncluttered experiences.
  13. We are still at least a couple of years away from harnessing the full potential of the 5G revolution. However, that's not stopping the phone makers from dropping their shiny new 5G devices in the country. In fact, there's a rat race going on between some of the Chinese phone makers to become the first to launch a 5G phone in the country. Well, it's safe to say that Realme is the first one to host an event and launch a 5G phone in India. Today we saw the launch of Realme X50 Pro, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 5G mobile platform. It's one of the most powerful phones that you can get your hands-on, so let's check it out. The #realmeX50Pro comes in 2 popular, low-saturated colours highlighting the high-end texture of the phone - Moss Green & Rust Red. Watch the livestream of the launch here: https://t.co/xQsEu3XJS3 pic.twitter.com/dZJFKczgZq â realme (@realmemobiles) February 24, 2020 Realme X50 Pro The Realme X50 Pro sports a 6.44-inch display on the front with a punch-hole for the camera. It's the first Realme phone to have a punch-hole display and it looks like the Galaxy S10 from last year. It's a 90Hz Super AMOLED panel and sports an in-display fingerprint scanner as well. Inside, the Realme X50 Pro is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G chipset and it's coupled with up to 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. It's the first phone in India to be powered by this particular chipset and it'll be interesting to see how it performs. As for the optics, the X50 Pro sports a quad-camera setup which includes a 64MP AI Quad-camera, an 8MP Ultra wide-angle camera, an 8MP macro lens, and a 2MP B&W portrait camera. Again, it's a versatile setup as we've seen from Realme in the past. On the front, the phone sports a dual selfie camera setup with a 32MP wide-angle camera and an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens. The X50 Pro packs a 4,200 mAh battery with support for up to 65W SuperDart charging. We're not sure how the battery will fair when the phone is actually running on 5G, pushing gigabit speeds, but it looks like we won't be able to test it in real-world until the telecom operators actually rollout 5G here. Pricing & Availability Realme has launched the Realme X50 Pro in India at a starting price of Rs 37,999 for the base variant i.e 6GB+128GB. You can also buy the 8GB + 256GB variant for Rs 39,999 and the high-end variant i.e the 8GB + 256GB for Rs 44,999. The phone will be available in Moss Green and Rust Red color variants and it'll be available to purchase from Flipkart and Realme's website starting today at 6PM. View the full article
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