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Found 15 results

  1. This Eid, viewers are in for a treat as they have two spectacular options - Salman Khan's 'Bharat' and 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix', and fans are curious to know which film will rule at the box office. But what if we tell you that there's a major showdown looming between 'Bharat' distributor, Anil Thadani, and Fox Star Studios, who want to release 'Dark Phoenix'? Yes, you heard that right. The exhibitors are completely stuck between the ugly war of the two distributors. 'Bharat' is a film that is awaited by millions, considering Salman being the lead and it can create a big spin at the box office. On the other hand, we have a big banner film 'Dark Phoenix' that also has a loyal fan base in India. A trade source told us, “Anil Thadani has told the exhibitors that if they didn't give full shows to Bharat, he won't give them the Friday release 'De De Pyaar De'. It's not just Anil, but Fox is also creating troubles. So, Fox has asked exhibitors and distributors to give 'Dark Phoenix' two shows during Eid. If the exhibitors fail to do so, Fox will not be giving their major releases that include 'India's Most Wanted', 'Brahmastra' and 'Mission Mangal'. The exhibitors are in for a show now and are facing big trouble with two big ventures.” The source also added, “Anil had similar issues at the time of 'Raees' clash with 'Kaabil'.” We hope that the two production houses solve this major issue and find a solution so that both the releases don't suffer. Fans would be majorly disappointed if they have to choose between Bharat and Dark Phoenix. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below!
  2. In the list of the most annoying grooming problems, raccoon eyes make it to the top three. Dark eye circles are like clingy insects or mosquitoes that ring in your ear in the middle of the night and won't buzz off till morning. But here's the thing, either you can choose to live with them or you can be smart about them. Besides home remedies, there are other ways to fix your skin as more and more brand have started to focus on male beauty than ever before. Male beauty does not mean that you slap on tedious amounts of makeup. It simply means taking care of yourself. So here are some easy ways that can help you in getting rid of dark eye circles: 1. An Under Eye Patch © Nykaa and Getty Images An under eye patch is an intensive eye treatment that creates an atmosphere to replenish dead cells and brighten the darkened circles. It is most convenient of treatments because you just need to apply it for twenty minutes and voila, you'll see great results instantly. 2. An Under Eye Cream © Nykaa and Getty Images An under eye cream has antioxidants formulated to deliver moisture and nourishment to your eye area for deep hydration. You should ideally pick a cream rich in amino acids and minerals that help catalyse the process of getting the dark circles out of the way. 3. Cucumber Slices © Nykaa and Getty Images Remember how in movies, when someone is getting a facial, the other person tends to eat the cucumber slice that is placed on your eyes? Don't. The cucumbers are good for you. The soothing effect of the cucumber along with antioxidants help clear the dark eye circles. Repeat thrice in a week to see results. 4. An Under Eye Serum © Nykaa and Getty Images A good eye treatment option, a serum like this one reduces the appearance of tired and puffy bags, fine lines and under eye dark circles. Bioactive extracts boost cellular repair for a youthful look. 5. Almond Oil © Nykaa and Getty Images Almond oil is not only used for champis but also to lighten the skin cells and further reduce dark eye circles and puffiness. 6. An Under Eye Gel © Nykaa and Getty Images An under-eye gel helps visibly reduce under-eye dark circles by dissolving the pigments that cause darkening under the eye. It is a good alternative to a cream or a serum.
  3. There are certain persistent body issues that can be both embarrassing and exasperating at the same time. Body odour, jock itch, dandruff shed to name a few. However, what most people don't realise is that these are easily solvable problems. So, here is a breakdown of all the things you can do to fix these issues without having a certain someone notice it: 1. A Case Of Bad Breath © Getty Images If you have a case of bad breath that people complain of when they lean in to talk to you then you've got to add these things to your grooming kit. Besides a brush, you need a floss, a tongue cleaner and a mouthwash and add these steps to your brushing routine. For the daily commute keep the chewing gum and a mint box handy for emergencies. Otherwise, it's always to safe to pop in a mint after lunch so any build up is tackled before a stench develops. 2. Body Odour © Getty Images Body odour is natural and something everyone has. However, a particularly strong body odour can literally drive people away from you. This means you need to take care of your body odour and make sure it does not become a trashy stench by the end of the day. So instead of deodorants, try roll-ons, they are more effective and keep you away from smelling bad. 3. Dandruff Shed © amazon The dandruff shed is not only annoying but one of the first symptoms hair fall. Dandruff is the dead skin cells falling off the scalp, which means a lack of deep moisturizing in the scalp that you need to tackle. Aside from anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner, try a good anti-dandruff cream. 4. Nose And Ear Whiffs © amazon For the extra nose and ear whiffs that you haven't gotten off yet, you need a special trimmer designed for the ear and nose whiffs. These troubling whiffs can be annoying to look at for the other person. A nose and ear hair strand trimmer is a hassle-free and painless way to get rid of these hair whiffs. 5. Dark Eye Circles © amazon For racoon eyes and blemishes that add years to your face, you need a concealer that will conceal all these imperfections in no time. The concealer is not gendered. Stop believing that only women use it. Male beauty matters too. Considering the first impression you send out is your face before you even speak. 6. Annoying Rashes © amazon Here's a secret that will change your life. For all the annoying rashes on your body, from those annoying blisters on the feet to thigh and arm rashes that come from too much friction, gymming, and humid months can all go in two minutes if you apply a baby rash cream. A baby rash cream is made with special ingredients to get rid of any rashes or itchiness that babies get from wearing diapers, which makes these creams super effective. Try it once, trust us, it'll change your life. 7. A Jock Itch © amazon A jock itch or itchy balls is something you might face if you don't have an intimate wash at home that you use regularly. And, we're not even talking chemicals, just natural ingredients like tea tree oil and aloe vera gel that soothe the itch down there and kill any bacteria build up. 8. Stretch Marks © amazon Stretch marks are those red lightning bolt like marks that appear on your skin when you're either going through puberty or your body is transitioning by gaining or losing weight. After a bright rouge, they simmer down to white marks eventually. To get rid of them entirely, you need an essential oil primarily dedicated to getting stretch marks out of the body. A regular application gets them out eventually.
  4. It is a universally acknowledged fact that all men come in different body sizes. Seriously, even if standardized clothes fit you well, they will never match up to the level of getting something customized. However, realistically, not everything can be customized which means finding your size in the pool of random sizes. Every brand has their own scale for standardizing a size which varies from year to year. This means that in all likelihood there are chances of you wearing the wrong size. Here are ways you can know for sure that you're wearing a size that you definitely shouldn't be wearing: 1. You Can't Hug Someone In Your Blazer © Twitter If you're wearing a blazer that restricts movement in your arms and makes them heave down, it's definitely the wrong size. Blazer sleeves should never restrict one's movement or look funny around the pits. Next time, while trying on blazers check the motion by moving your hands around and probably even jumping up and down to see how much it can handle. If you cant, you need a bigger size. 2. There's A Gap Between Your Buttons © Twitter If your buttons eventually unbutton during the day, it's an alarming factor that is telling that you need to go a size up with your shirts. The poor buttons can only handle so much. Besides, it is extremely unprofessional to have your buttons open in front of everyone. 3. Your Pants Keep Riding Up © Twitter If the hem of your pants keep riding up and get stuck around your crotch, then there is a problem. Not only is it uncomfortable but also visible to everyone else. This can be the worst when you sit down or stand up in front of people. You need the hem to fall at an appropriate length. 4. You Can't Pass The Finger Test © Twitter The two-finger test is a test through which you can figure out if you're wearing the right size or not. A waistline that fits well standing up might just be too tight while sitting down, which is why you need a size that hugs well in all movements possible. If you can't pinch your pants and still find space, you need to go a size higher. 5. Your Shirt Won't Stay Tucked In For The Longer Duration © Twitter A shirt coming untucked every now and then without reason might mean you're wearing the wrong size in shirts. While running around is a legitimate reason to find it untucked, but if it's a common nonoccurrence you need to go a size up. 6. Your Pockets Keep Flaring © Twitter The one red flag that you be aware of is flaring pants. While wearing pants, your pockets shouldn't find a way to pop out on their own. This not only looks awkward but is also super shabby. Besides, you don't need a pocket thief, as the flared-up pockets make it super easy for you to lose things. 7. Your Shirt Is Too Short When You Sit Down © Twitter Does your T-shirt ride up when you sit? Bad sign. You need to go up a size higher unless you like crop tops.
  5. Bad breath is like a first impression. People never forget the stench once they've visited your bad breath land. This can really bring you down on the likability-scale, as people can get put off by this. This can also hamper your chances of dating and or even social interaction in general. Fixing a bad breath comes down to a proper diet, a fixed oral hygiene routine and floss. Here are some quick ways that can fix your bad breath. 1. Replace Your Toothbrush Quarterly Don't use a toothbrush whose bristles have outworn themselves or a brush that you can't remember when you purchased. Bad idea. Old bristles have accumulated dirt that builds over time and instead of cleaning imparts bacteria to your teeth. 2. Floss Everyday While brushing is great. There will be gunk stuck in your teeth that even the sharpest of bristles might not be able to reach/ To get those, you need to floss. Trust us, it's this clingy gunk that acts as a breeding ground for the bad stench. 3. Buy A Tongue Scraper © everydayhealth While it might come across as a toy, this effectively scrapes out residue that could possibly produce a foul smell from your mouth. 4. Tooth Paste & Mouthwash Changing your toothpaste and mouth wash can also significantly improve your oral hygiene. You need to find products that work for and keep your mouth fresh for a longer period of time.
  6. We all have been in a place where we have struggled with the range of motion, knee pain and lower back pain while doing barbell squats. Then comes the gym Bro who mocks your squat depth or load without understanding the possible restrictions you could be having while performing the squat! Do you relate to above squat issues? Want to squat max weight with impeccable technique possible? If YES, this is a must read for you. 1) Mobility & Flexibility During a squat, we need adequate mobility (range of motion about a joint) especially around the hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle joint. Everyone is aware of the previous point but doing it wrong, especially when performing exercises to improve the range of motion of the above joints. Whenever you introduce a drill to improve mobility and flexibility, you should test its translation in the squat. A squat is a dynamic movement and will require dynamic (moving) flexibility and stability. Only introduce the drills which improve your squat, not your static flexibility. 2-4 specific dynamic stretches after your general warm-up, no need of mindless static stretching before or after squats. © YouTube 2) Tempo Beginners do this all the time, diving into the bottom position of squats without control. Not only does this potentially affect one's balance in the squat but also can cause injuries due to load shifting forward or backward. Tempo is an important tool which beginners, intermediates and advanced gym goers have applied successfully to enhance squat technique. Tempo helps to gain control of the movement and makes the person more aware of his or her body position WRT space. 3-4 Seconds on the eccentric portion of the squat is good for most people to achieve the benefits of Tempo. A brief 1-second pause in the bottom position can also be added 3) Progression Without fixing the above two points, beginners jump on to the barbell squat and then perform it poorly. Don't get intimidated by heavy squatters or jump on the heavy squat wagon just yet! You can always utilize squat progressions to improve slowly and be able to perform the barbell squat without any hesitation later on. Feel free to use the below progression depending upon your current stage Wall Holds--->B.W box squat---->B.W squat---->Goblet squat---->Back squat **Utilise tools such as tempo, box & kettlebells for above progressions © Quora 4) Video Analysis Although this point is super important, most seem to neglect it or use it sparingly. Always record a video from a side angle to check your bar path, knee, hips, shoulder, and ankle movement. Compare your video with the optimal position for squat and work on improving the same every set and training session The bar should travel mostly straight, balance should be maintained over mid foot, hips and knees should move in synergy, knees and ankles shouldn't be collapsing inward, and shoulder blades should be retracted and depressed are some of the crucial aspects you should be looking at. 5) 80-20 Heuristic Regardless of the changes you implement to improve your squat, there will be minor issues. On one end of the spectrum, there are people who run behind the perfect technique and on the other end who do not care about technique at all. The one running behind perfect technique misses out on micro load progression and the other risks injury. It's better to find a comfortable ground between those two extremes to keep constant improvement. The technique will be affected and you have to accept it and move forward. 80% lift performed correctly with no pain or discomfort is probably good to go. Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  7. Sprinting is a powerful and fundamental movement. It allowed our ancestors to escape from predators and hunt when required. Beyond that sprinting is an amazing exercise for building more muscle, improving your heart health and stamina. In order to sprint better, people use various apps and follow different running programs such as interval training or the useless long-distance running. Some also spend a lot of money on fancy running shoes thinking that they will help us prevent joint injuries and sprint better. Although the above tools can be useful, we often divulge from fixing the basics for long-term progress and focus more on the quick fixes Often when we sprint, our patterns are suboptimal which is a major contributor to slow pace and injuries. Our GAIT or human locomotion patterns are altered depending on a wide variety of reasons such as weight transition, previous injuries, mobility issues and posture deformities. © Pixabay In order to fix the above GAIT cycle, we need to assess the same using manual methods (most feasible) which can be easily done at your nearest physiotherapist. Once we have assessed our GAIT and have got recurring issues fixed by a physiotherapist, we now need to analyze our running pattern for which you will have to record a video of yourself from the side. Check for below points after recording the video from the lateral or the side view: Foot contact: Foot contact should be at the forefoot to midfoot which will change depending on your running speed Torso lean: Torso should be leaning slightly forward with eyes gazing around the horizon Hand position: Hand should be placed at the side flexed at 90 degrees and should move in coordination with the opposite leg. Think of your arms moving in a pendulum fashion. Left, Right, Left is a useful clue. Hip extension: Hip extension strength has a direct correlation with running speed and helps you propel forward. Exercises like deadlifts are very useful to create powerful hip extensions. © Pixabay Use cues such as lean forward, push the ground, swing the arms Left, Right, Left to correct the errors you see in your running pattern. Once you have optimized your running form, you will need to focus on strengthening the muscles involved in sprinting. Mistake Of Following A Generic Strength Program Running requires you to increase both concentric and eccentric strength. Below are things you need to keep in mind when designing a strength and conditioning program Eccentrically Strong Muscles: Hamstring and quadriceps. Heavy assisted leg press with slow eccentrics, single-leg leg extensions. Concentrically Strong Muscles: Glutes and hip flexor muscle group mainly psoas major and rectus femoris. Romanian Deadlifts & Hip-Thrusts Perform some strength training with high velocity as well. High-velocity movements will increase stride frequency and thus reduce ground contact time to give better running speed. Exercises which target different muscle lengths such as hip thrust and quarter squats can be incorporated as strength gain is joint angle specific as well. A full body program thrice a week will suffice the majority of the requirements with running being in the morning and strength and conditioning in the evening time. Your program will have to be periodized especially if you are a competing runner/sprinter. Summarizing everything we talked above: Step 1: Fix your current injuries and get your GAIT checked under a specialist Step 2: Record your running form from the lateral(side) view and fix visible errors and send them to running experts Step 3: Assess your current levels of strength, power and design a strength & conditioning program or get an expert to do the same for you Step 4: Periodize your entire running plan to minimize injuries and maximize your performance at any given timeframe That's it, folks! Even though above is a complex topic and requires super detailed reasoning and planning, I tried my best to explain it briefly. And if you apply even 50% of this, it will make a significant impact on your running performance. Feel free to drop a comment below or mail me for further queries or doubts. Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  8. The biceps are considered to be the most important muscle for an aesthetic physique. It gives you the bragging rights, makes you out-angle people's faces in pictures and surprisingly, even makes you lose bodybuilding shows by a couple of points. Fun Fact: It was claimed that Chris Bumstead lost the first place by just 3 points in his debut Mr. Olympia due to bad arms. Read more about Chris aka the bodybuilding prodigy here. The biceps give your arms a fuller look and are considered the epitome of an aesthetic physique. But again, even on training biceps endlessly in the gym, guys fail to grow this muscle group and seem to be always struggling. That's because you may be doing one of these mistakes while training the biceps. Fix them and see your arms growing like a balloon: 1. Other Muscles Are Taking Over Most guys are guilty of doing swinging biceps where the front delts, upper traps, and the forearms take over the movement. It can easily be spotted if a person is swinging and their shoulders and elbows are coming forward. Or they shrug with every rep or curl their wrists at the top half of the movement. The fix: Keep your elbows tucked to your sides, depress your scapulae (do not shrug) and keep your wrists in the same neutral position on the top half of the movement. The weight you will move will be slightly lower here and that is perfectly alright if your goal is to grow your biceps. © infinitelabs 2. Partial Range Of Motion A lot of guys are guilty of doing the half reps either following the 21 reps technique or due to the sheer ego lifting they do in the gym. Partial range of motion is one of the biggest mistakes you can do in your quest to get jacked, not just for the biceps, simply for any body part. Read this if your goal is to get jacked. If your goal is maximal muscle growth in the biceps region, do a full range of motion while doing curls. 3. Establish A Mind-Muscle Connection This is one of the strategies that the bros got right. Failing to establish a mind-muscle connection could be a probable reason you are not seeing growth. This is because you may not be contracting the muscle properly when moving the weight. A study by Schoenfeld et. al. in 2018 showed that establishing a mind-muscle connection almost doubled the muscle growth in the bicep region who squeezed the bicep at the top vs. the group who just moved the weight. © Pixabay 4. Work Both The Short Head And The Long Head Of The Bicep For overall development, you should focus on both the heads of the bicep i.e. the short head and the long head. Exercises for the short head: - Spider curls - Preacher curls - Chin-ups Exercises for the long head: - Incline dumbbell curls - Cable curls behind the body - Drag curls Fix these mistakes and start seeing your biceps grow right away! Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  9. Posture is the shape and alignment of different body segments. Posture defects normally arise due muscle imbalance in certain muscle groups. For example, some muscles may be strong and short, while the opposing muscle groups could be long and weak. In simple terms, attaining correct posture means keeping each part of the body in alignment with the neighbouring body parts. Proper posture ensures all the muscles are balanced and supported. Correct posture is a simple but very important way to keep the many deep muscles in the back and spine healthy. This is much more than looking at it from the point of view of aesthetics. Good posture and back support are important to reduction of back pain and neck pain. Benefits Of A Correct Posture © YouTube A good posture will make you look slimmer, younger and make your clothes look better on you. More than that, it will keep your bones and joints in correct alignment so that our muscles are used correctly and with the right bio mechanics. It can also decrease the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in degeneration of bones, arthritis and joint pain. There is lesser stress on the ligaments holding the spinal joints together, minimizing the chances of injury. Sitting and standing with proper postural alignment will increase efficiency with less fatigue and strain on the body's ligaments and muscles. Being aware of good posture is the first step and it is important to get yourself a postural analysis done to know about your plus points and limitations of the body. Exercising And Posture Correcting proper body posture can improve biomechanics at the gym and ensure your form and technique of each exercise is performed efficiently without causing and injury. Even from the perspective of day to day life preparedness, working on posture can help you perform certain tasks much better and easily. Do These 6 Exercises At Home 1) Partial Crunches © YouTube Although I don't really support partial reps in any form of exercises, in this particular case one of the core-strengthening workouts is the partial stomach crunch. Partial crunches build strength in both your lower back and associated stomach muscles, also making this a good exercise for people with spondylolysis. 2) Hamstring Stretches © YouTube Hamstring stretches are good to reduce tightness in the lower back and the back of the leg, where some of the muscles that support the work of the lower back are found. 3) Wall Sits © YouTube Incorporating wall sits for a few seconds every time you feel a lower back pain will make you feel better. 4) Pelvic Bridges © YouTube Bridging is a great exercise for back pain; it helps strengthen various supporting muscles for your back like the hamstrings, glutes, abdomen and hips. It also works directly to strengthen the lower back muscles. 5) Band Pull-Apart This is one of the most effective shoulder rehab exercises. To do this, all you need is a resistance band. They are usually colour coded, so pick one according to your strength. 6) Plank © YouTube This is one of the simplest exercises that can give you many benefits. Performing planks can improve your posture if done the right way. When performing the exercise, be sure to keep your legs straight, don't allow your lower back to drop, and ensure you are looking down at the floor. Conclusion Posture is mostly associated with some pain problems. Much of “poor posture” is actually just postural strain and bad ergonomic, and not really a postural problem at all. Many people seem to be affected to poor postures and postural strain, but these people also may not have a posture problem suffering from some pain. Many elements of poor posture are the result of long-term adaptation that is either difficult or impossible to change. One sure benefit to correcting posture is that it can affect mood, emotion and sensitivity to pain. Helius is one of Mumbai's most promising fitness professionals and part time kettle bell lecturer. His knowledge on nutrition and trainer soft skills management is well recognized. To know more about him CLICK HERE, and mail your queries about fitness to heliusd@hotmail.com.
  10. If you are a regular at the gym, you would very well know that injuries are a part and parcel of the game. If you have been training for more than a year without even pulling a muscle once, either you are a god or you do not train hard enough. Injuries can happen to the best of us and they suck because they make you quit something that you like doing. Getting back to lifting sooner than later depends on how quickly you get correct treatment from the person who is supposed to treat you. That person is certainly NOT your gym trainer. Now, I have seen trainers acting like physiotherapists claiming to know anything and everything about human anatomy and injury rehabilitation. No matter which gym you go to, you'll see trainers who cannot even pronounce the body part correctly trying to help people “stretch” their muscles. Especially when it comes to ladies, these trainers turn into physios, chiropractors, osteopaths and physical therapist, all wrapped into one. However, the fact of the matter is that you should never ever turn to your gym trainer for either advice or treatment when it comes to injuries. No matter how knowledgeable your train says or acts like he is, it is not his area of expertise and, in most of the cases, he won't have a clue what caused your injury. Treating it is a whole different ball game. They just do not know what to do. It is the same as asking your milkman to fix your car's engine. Every person is different, and thus every case is different. This means the tests and treatments that will be recommended will be different. © Thinkstock Images No, Even If He's A Certified Nutritionist He's Isn't Qualified To Treat Injuries Now, if you are thinking that your gym or personal trainer is “certified” and is somehow different from those “uneducated” trainers out there, let me assure you that he/she still does not have the expertise to treat an injury. It does not matter how many courses or certifications your trainer has amassed; he is still just a trainer which means he is an exercise expert and not an injury rehab or treatment expert. © Thinkstock Images How do I know this? Well, because I am a certified trainer myself and I know what my area of expertise is and what isn't. So, while I can spot a difference between a shoulder and a thigh injury, I do not know how to manipulate or massage any of those joints, and so no “certified” trainer in this world would know how to do that. What To Do When You Get Injured? If you get injured, you should go and see a specialist. By seeing the person or a therapist under whose area of practice your injury falls, you find out exactly what's wrong and what to do to recover and rehabilitate. Most therapists will be happy to pass on recommendations and corrective measures to your trainer. That way your trainer, who is an exercise expert, can help you do those exercises correctly. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. Nav is an avid bodybuilding enthusiast and heads the NABBA (National amateur bodybuilders association) as a General Secretary. This innate passion and position has helped him work with a lot of bodybuilders to help them take their physique at the next level. He also has a lovely pet called Buster whom he enjoys playing with in his free time. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness to take your fitness and physique to the next level.
  11. Rolls-Royce, which is popular for its ultra-premium cars, is also famous for its jet engines. In fact, its engines power huge aircrafts like the 777 and 787. Fixing an engine can be a tedious task, especially when it needs to be opened up. Not only is the process time consuming, but also expensive. Hence, Rolls-Royce has come up with a new idea to fix hard-to-reach places: the use of snake and insect-inspired robotics. © Rolls-Royce Rolls Royce wants to make a new SWARM robot– a tiny, beetle-like robot with four legs that can crawl inside airplane engines to inspect and repair them. This is part of the company's Intelligent Engine vision, that has teamed up with the University of Nottingham and Harvard University. The SWARM robots will be placed in their starting locations using FLARE—a pair of 'snake' robots that are flexible enough to travel through an engine. Rolls-Royce says the robots act like an endoscope, slithering their way through the critical vehicle part to perform maintenance without causing any further damage. © Rolls-Royce The roaches would be around 15mm tall and weigh in at a few ounces. Onboard would be a camera, 3D scanning optics, and other specialized tools for maintenance tasks. "They could go off scuttling around reaching all different parts of the combustion chamber. If we did it conventionally it would take us five hours; with these little robots, who knows, it might take five minutes." Rolls-Royce technology specialist James Cell said. © Reuters When a jet engine needs to be inspected, it has to be demounted from the wing. The process is time-consuming and every minute the aircraft cannot fly, is a burden for airlines. The aim is to repair engines within hours instead of days. The company is also working on a bore-blending robot that can be remotely operated for complicated maintenance tasks. This way, specialists do not need to actually visit the engine and the local team can simply activate the robot. Specialists can then remotely inspect and repair the engine. The robots are still in the development stage but have given us a fair amount of idea where the industry is headed. Robotics is the next-generation frontier and it is amazing to see how nature is inspiring the same.
  12. Invision Power Board had already implemented the code into their system but somewhere along the lines the code got broken and before long you needed a plugin to fix it. This fix however is really simple and doesnt require any plugins, it fixes the userlink formatting pretty much all over the website. Step 1: Go to the theme you want to implement the fix to, and select the HTML Template "userLink" its found under core > front > global Step 2: Replace the entire code in "userLink" with the following below {{if $member->member_id AND \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->canAccessModule( \IPS\Application\Module::get( 'core', 'members' ) ) }}<a href='{{if $warningRef}}{$member->url()->setQueryString( 'wr', $warningRef )}{{else}}{$member->url()}{{endif}}' data-ipsHover data-ipsHover-target='{$member->url()->setQueryString( array( 'do' => 'hovercard', 'wr' => $warningRef, 'referrer' => urlencode( \IPS\Request::i()->url() ) ) )}' title="{lang="view_user_profile" sprintf="$member->name"}" class="ipsType_break">{$member->group['prefix']|raw}{$member->name}{$member->group['suffix']|raw}</a>{{endif}} and your done just reload your forum and you will see the difference
  13. So after doing a little research after discovering this issue I discovered that in IPBS 4.1 a file as been removed which was causing this error we all been getting and after 2 hours of playing around with there code I discovered a temp fix. So if any of you guys/girls being getting this fatal script error Example: Here's how to fix it. First of all you will want to go to where all your of your files are located and then go to this directory Applications>> Donate >> Sources >> Reward >> Reward.php And then search for this line of code $form->add( new IPS\Helpers\Form\NumberRange( 'reward_amount_range', $this->rid ? array( 'start' => $this->amount_range1, 'end' => $this->amount_range2 ) : array( 'start' => 0, 'end' => 100 ), FALSE, array( 'start' => array( 'decimals' => 2 ), 'end' => array( 'decimals' => 2 ) ) ) ); and then replace that line with this code $form->add( new IPSHelpersFormCustom( 'reward_amount_range', $this->rid ? array( 'start' => $this->amount_range1, 'end' => $this->amount_range2 ) : array( 'start' => 0, 'end' => 100 ), FALSE, array( 'getHtml' => function( $element ) { return "<input type='text' value='{$element->value['start']}' name='reward_amount_range[start]' min='0' class='ipsField_short'> - <input type='text' value='{$element->value['end']}' name='reward_amount_range[end]' min='0' class='ipsField_short'>"; } ), NULL, NULL, NULL, 'reward_amount_range' ) );
  14. Go to applications --> serverlist --> tasks Find: if(!\IPS\Application::appIsEnabled('serverlist') OR !\IPS\Settings::i()->gs_sl_enabled): Change to: if(!\IPS\Application::appIsEnabled('serverlist') OR !\IPS\Settings::i()->sl_enabled): I upload the file again