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  1. iPhone 14 base model is redesigned on the inside, making it much easier to repair cracks in back glass, repair firm iFixit says
  2. Ex-president and PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari says elections to take place after reforms
  3. Before PM Shehbaz embarks on ?Misaq-e-Maeeshat?, several decisions are required to restore confidence, trust of local, foreign stakeholders
  4. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli gave fans a glimpse of their bickering in a latest television commercial
  5. Most men deal with skin issues even after following a skincare routine or doing more than they are willing to. We’ll let you in on a secret. Just like the way to a man’s heart is from his stomach, chances are the answer to your unending skin problems also lies in there. In your gut, to be more specific. As strange as it sounds, it’s absolutely true. © iStock We talked to Janvi Chitalia, Integrative Gut Microbiome Health Coach and Functional Medicine Nutritionist, about the impacts of poor gut health on skin to make it simpler for you. She says, “Skin is one the most visible indicators of a bad gut microbiome. Whether it is an imbalanced gut flora, allergies or hormonal changes, the skin responds in various ways like acne, inflammation of the skin, eczema, rash, skin irritation, hives, breakouts and/or discoloration.” View this post on Instagram However, she also gave some valuable tips and tricks and explained how your gut could be the culprit behind your skin woes. © iStock Here are some ways your gut could be affecting your skin and aggravating skin issues. 1. A poor gut health can lead to intestinal inflammation, which can ultimately lead to inflammation of the skin as well. 2. Stress, antibiotics, alcohol, cigarettes, excessive sugar and pollution can compromise good bacteria in the gut and impair the nourishment of the skin leading to skin diseases as well. 3. Exposure to pollutants and toxins in our environment and food, and use of over-the-counter pain meds and antacids lead to increase in IBS related issues, which results in heat acne or boils on the face skin especially cheeks, forehead, or even the back. 4. Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) caused due to low stomach acid has a direct link to rosacea (bumpy, red irritation on the face). © iStock Now that you know how your skin issues could be the victim of an unhappy gut, here are small lifestyle changes that can help in maintaining a good gut health as well as healthy skin. 1. There are certain food items like processed foods, fried foods, dairy, sugar, gluten and any unhealthy, junk food that you should steer clear of. They disrupt the microbiome balance of the good and bad bacteria which leads to inflammation, leakiness of the gut and intestinal permeability. These gut imbalances show on the skin in the form of dry skin patches, psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus, bullous pemphigoid etc. 2. Men often also complain of having extremely dry skin which can be because of lack of water intake, lack of good fats in the diet which can help nourish the skin inside out and reduce the dryness of the skin. © iStock 3. Insulin resistance or pre diabetes can show up in the form of discoloration on the skin, especially under the armpits, neck, forehead or even the frown lines of the face. Regulating insulin and sugar levels could help reduce pigmentation 4. Include foods in your meals that can help your skin. These are healthy probiotics like yogurt, rice water kanji and kimchi, good fats such as avocado oil, coconut based preparations, olives or olive oil, bone broth or collagen made of fish or chicken or mutton bones. Also include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also, follow these health tips to make sure your gut is healthy and it shows on your skin as well. © iStock 1. Drink an anti-inflammatory concoction of some turmeric and ginger in warm powder to treat autoimmune conditions. 2. Have jeera, ajwain and dhania boiled in water to reduce constipation related boils or have shredded ginger and lime 20 minutes before main meals. 3. Needless to say, yoga, meditation, walking or exercising regularly can help both your gut and skin a great deal. It helps detoxify and distress and thus improve skin health. View the full article
  6. Sunil Gavaskar has stated that due to Rishabh Pant's inconsistency in run-scoring, people's perceptions of him are always shifting. Pant could allow himself a little more time in the middle to succeed, as he did in the historic Australia trip last year, according to Gavaskar. After going into the series as favourites, India lost the three-match Test series and the one-day international matches against South Africa. During the red and white-ball series against the Proteas, India had a lot of difficulties with the middle-order batting. Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane, two cornerstones of the Indian middle-order in Test cricket, are struggling for runs and failed badly in the South Africa series. View this post on Instagram Rishabh Pant, who was instrumental in India's victory in Australia in January 2021, hit a century in the final innings of the third Test, although his shot selection at important moments in the match has been critiqued by many. Pant smashed 85 runs in the second ODI of the three-match series but lost his wicket in the last game on the first ball he faced. The lefty has been a standout for Team India, but his shot selection and inconsistency in run production have sparked heated arguments among fans and analysts. View this post on Instagram However, Sunil Gavaskar has stated that Pant's knocks for the national team cause everyone to reconsider their views. The former Indian cricketer went on to say that Pant's head coach, Rahul Dravid, should teach him to take a breather in the middle of the game. "We all know what he is capable of. We all are changing our views and opinions about him every other day. One day he plays a blinder of an innings, the next day he plays a shot which makes you wonder. But somewhere down the line, my feeling is that Rahul Dravid will sit him down and tell him what a marvelous talent he is. And all that he needs to do is to give himself a little bit of time in the middle like he did in Australia," Gavaskar said on Sports Today. View this post on Instagram Considered to be the Men in Blue's biggest series win ever, the 2-1 performance in Australia last year saw Rishabh Pant rise to the occasion for his team and become extremely crucial for the success of the squad. Pant had 274 runs in three games, including two magnificent half-centuries. Gavaskar used Pant's performances in Australia as an example, saying that the left-handed batsman afforded himself some time on the field, making it simpler for him to score runs. View this post on Instagram "The reason we bring that Australia Tests up is that when he scored that 96 in Sydney, 89 in Brisbane, he gave himself time and only after that he started to go for the big shots. And that's because it becomes easier. You know what the pitch is doing, your feet are moving, your eyes are set. And with all those shots, even if he scores 0 off 10 deliveries, in the next 4 he can score 16," Gavaskar said. "That is the capability that he has, so that is why now Rahul Dravid needs to sit with him and tell him some home truths. This is what is expected to you when you bat at No. 4. We don't want a strike rate of 300, we want a strike-rate where you are taking the team home. He has done it in the past and he can do it again. With that goodness in talent, comes a little sense of wanting to do that much better for the team," he added. Pant has been promoted to the position of the Indian vice-captain for the first ODI between India and the West Indies which is scheduled to take place on February 6 as KL Rahul was unavailable for the contest and Rohit Sharma will be back in the team to initiate his first ODI series as the captain of the squad. View the full article
  7. "I know what the issue is, it is whether this government can be trusted to deliver and I say yes we can be trusted," he says
  8. Workout has many benefits. It keeps you fit and active, makes you feel and look good and is the ultimate solution for any health problem. Plus, it also helps with detoxing your system which ultimately helps your skin. However, it has some downsides for your skin too. © iStock While working out in itself makes your skin better and healthier, you are likely to come home with certain other skin issues post-workout, probably because you aren’t being mindful and careful enough. However, if you’ve been noticing more skin woes after you started working out instead of getting rid of them, here is how you can fix them © iStock Here are four skin problems that every gym-goer or anyone who works out is likely to struggle with and here is how they can keep it in check: 1. Chafing & Rashes © iStock This happens because of the friction caused by either rubbing the skin on folds or other areas when you work out. People who deal with excessive sweating are more prone to it. The regular rubbing of the skin causes skin irritation and rashes. Wearing moisture-wicking clothes and using antiperspirants can help. 2. Skin Infection © iStock Needless to say, skin infection is one of the most common and annoying problems one gets from going to the gym. Athlete's Foot and Jock Itch being the most common. Sharing the same equipment with many other people also increases the chances of skin infection. Don’t share towels, spray sanitisers before using equipment and treat any infection with OTC treatments. 3. Acne Flare-Ups © iStock If you have oily and acne-prone skin, working out can worsen your breakouts, all thanks to the germs and bacteria your skin comes in contact with during the workout. Make sure you don’t touch your face with sweaty and grimy hands and wash it with a cleanser when you are done. Also, change out of your gym clothes as soon as possible. 4. Aggravated Rosacea and Irritation © iStock Rosacea is when the blood cells of your face get larger in size, giving you redness and flush on your cheeks and nose. Those who have skin issues like rosacea often notice that working out triggers this problem and can exacerbate rosacea and irritation. Apply a gentle ointment or serum to calm your skin post-workout. View the full article
  9. Former Indian cricketer and commentator, Sanjay Manjrekar decided to share his knowledge of batting with the Test captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, with the hopes of the skipper listening to him and putting some effort into his footwork in order to stop getting dismissed quickly and manage to stay on the pitch for longest innings. In the first of three Test matches in South Africa, Kohli managed to get dismissed by giving up an outer edge for either a caught behind to the wicketkeeper or the fielder standing at slip. This isn’t the first time in an international innings that a ball was delivered to Kohli away from the off-stump with the intention of having him step out and go for the shot he loves the most - the cover drive. Marco Jansen bringing the magic on debut #SAvIND #FreedomTestSeries #BetwayTestSeries #BePartOfIt pic.twitter.com/7cYIorUwsY — Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) December 29, 2021 During the first four matches of the India-England Test series which is scheduled to resume in June this year, Kohli was dismissed in a similar manner all five times that he went on the pitch to bat for. Pacemen James Anderson and Ollie Robinson were specifically the ones getting their way with him by doing the same again and again. A veteran of 37 Tests, and 74 ODIs who scored 2043 and 1994 runs in the two formats, respectively, Manjrekar feels he has found where the Indian skipper is going wrong with his batting technique and has offered his thoughts on fixing it. WOWWWW! @jimmy9 gets Kohli first ball and Trent Bridge is absolutely rocking! Scorecard/Clips: https://t.co/5eQO5BWXUp#ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/g06S0e4GN7 — England Cricket (@englandcricket) August 5, 2021 According to the 56-year old analyst, Kohli’s habit of lunging on the front foot, regardless of the kind of delivery coming his way, is coming in the way of his success with the bat. Here’s where Manjrekar wishes Kohli to tweak his game a little bit and add some backfoot movement to his batting arsenal in order to become less predictable and open himself to play more versatile shots in the future. Unlike the common belief that can be found on social media, which is asking Kohli to simply let go of the balls coming outside of the off-stump, Manjrekar says that playing some of his shots on the back foot would give him more room to operate, even in that area and runs would continue to flow in for him. View the full article
  10. People who use the platform in languages other than English are using a "raw, dangerous version of Facebook," Frances Haugen says
  11. Apple will now allow its users to fix gadgets they buy from the Silicon Valley giant in a concession seen as a victory for "right-to-repair" advocates
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