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Found 371 results

  1. Election Commission of Pakistan has established monitoring cells that will be working 24/7, says Sikandar Sultan Raja
  2. Most women in the district share they are not allowed to vote without the consent of a male member of their household
  3. Big Hit Entertainment unveil their first ever E-Book version for the canceled ?Connect BTS? Exhibition
  4. Blockage of Suez Canal has caused huge traffic jams for dozens of ships and major delays in delivery
  5. Tamil Nadu has finally geared up for its assembly elections and candidates have been filing nominations and also releasing manifestos promising people schemes for the time if they win the polls. However, now for one such candidate, ‘promising the moon' has become the real deal. 34-year-old independent candidate, Saravanan from South Madurai, has listed bizarre welfare schemes in his manifesto including an iPhone, a car, helicopter, a boat robot, and much more. In his manifesto, Saravanan said that if he won, he will provide every household with one iPhone, a car, a helicopter, a boat, a robot, a three-storeyed house with a swimming pool, Rs 1 crore for youths, and a 100-day vacation to the moon. Yes, you read that right, ‘the moon’! Not only this, but Saravanan has also promised various infrastructure development projects that include a space research center, a rocket launch site, and an artificial iceberg that will be built to a height of 300ft in his South Madurai constituency to fight the summer heat. Yes, this is not a joke. All this is for real! Saravanan has also said that he intends to promote youth participation in politics. Check out the post here- Madurai South makkaley... Bonanza awaits you. This guy is promising ₹ 1 crore in your account (not jujubi ₹ 15 lakh). pic.twitter.com/L4KnEH2lx6 — RadhakrishnanRK (@RKRadhakrishn) March 24, 2021 He said, “Many of us do not know how to participate in elections. I’m contesting to learn the process. If people are informed, politicians will be scared. In turn, it will pave the way for better governance.” “For the election expenditure, I’ve loaned out Rs 20,000 per installment. I’ve spent Rs 10,000 to file my nomination. There are 2,30,000 votes in South Madurai. If 5000 youths contest and win 50 votes each, no party will be able to contest in Tamil Nadu. They will fear the public. I’m contesting in this election to create awareness regarding this,” he added. Here’s what people have to say about this- My vote for him!!! — Ordinary Jo (@joseprem1) March 24, 2021Dnt know if it's a coincidence..but EC has alloted a very apt symbol after reading his promises — P.A.M 🖤️ (@VinciJ6) March 24, 2021I wasted a minute for this.. — Sakthiey (@ImSakthiey) March 24, 2021Obviously, he's fooling around — RadhakrishnanRK (@RKRadhakrishn) March 25, 2021100 days travel plan to moon. — Thor (@being__tamizhan) March 24, 2021Fantastic manifesto...... Main parties should follow this great ideas — samuel (@i_m_samuel) March 24, 2021He is not going to win. So giving maximum false promises. — sivakumar (@msiva1957) March 25, 2021Well, he knows what to remind us of if he wins and can't fulfill his promise. — Sudheer Reddy (@Sudheer_t_reddy) March 25, 2021 When he was questioned about his outlandish manifesto, he said, “For the past 50 years, political parties have won elections by announcing welfare schemes. Their governments never served the people. To create awareness, I released a manifesto that is so outlandish that nobody in the world has ever done.” What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  6. Federal government has approved the SOPs for the vaccine?s roll out, say sources
  7. Meghan McCain was all praises for Congresswoman AOC for ?holding her feet? and pushing Biden
  8. The programme, titled 'Koi bhooka na soye' (No one should sleep hungry), has been launched in Islamabad and Rawalpindi for now
  9. In a rather brilliant and interesting development, a Japanese billionaire named Yusaku Maezawa has invited eight people from around the world to join him for a completely free trip to the Moon on the SpaceX Starship rocket in the year 2023. Yes, you read that right! He is looking for eight people to take with him on the Moon voyage. For free! © Reuters In a video, Yusaku, who is the founder of Japan’s online fashion retailer Zozotown, said that he wants people from all journeys of life to join. He said in the video shared on YouTube, “It will be 10 to 12 people in all, but I will be inviting 8 people to come along on the ride.” Watch this video to learn more about the selection process. It also contains a special message from @elonmusk #dearMoon ↓Check the full versionhttps://t.co/i3ucR6BB44 pic.twitter.com/B3d8g0JvvP — Yusaku Maezawa (MZ) (@yousuckMZ) March 2, 2021 He also said that the public can pre-register and anyone who pre-registers will get an email about the selection process. In the video, he also said that he will pay for the entire journey of those eight people and fly them for free. Damn, talk about generous. He said, “I will pay for the entire journey. I have bought all the seats, so it will be a private ride.” © Reuters The mission that is called ‘Dear Moon’ is all set to fly sometime in the year 2023. Also, Elon Musk had announced the first passenger to the Moon on his starship rocket in the year 2018. Maezawa also expressed how he is an avid art collector and how this project is focused to bring six to eight artists from across the world to join him on this flyby mission. Yusaku Maezawa said, “These artists will be asked to create something after they return to Earth, and these masterpieces will inspire the dreamer within all of us.” However, in his latest video, he said that the plan has changed, and now, every person is doing something creative and can be called an artist. © Twitter Planned for 2023, the ‘Dear Moon’ mission would be the first lunar journey by humans since 1972. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  10. Pakistan, Nigeria and Indonesia will be among the biggest recipients of the free COVID-19 vaccines before June
  11. Tina Fey says she and co-host Amy Poehler would steer clear of politics while hosting the Golden Globes
  12. The one thing that always gives me a boost in confidence is when I put on a great outfit, fix my hair and my skin is acne free. But. there are days when none of our clothes match and the new product we use gives us acne. We’ve all been there. Sometimes we all need a little guidance when it comes to style, fashion and even self-care but finding all that in one place seems like an impossible task. Until now! MensXP Experiences brings to you a FREE webinar about looking good and feeling right. This webinar led by industry experts will help you refine your style with multiple segments including grooming and fashion. This amazing webinar which will be conducted on 26th February from 5 pm to 6:30 pm, is divided into 5 segments that will cover everything from posture to style to any questions that might be plaguing your mind. The first segment will be led by Anita Singh who is a Fitness Director and will help you learn why posture is important, what a good and bad posture looks like, how to rectify the wrong posture along a few exercises to improve your posture. Basically, turn your posture to match that of a model on the runway! The second segment is all about finding the right clothes to match your personality and will be led by Image Consultant, Madiha Shah Rasool who will help you find your hidden style and learn how to show it off! If this was not enough, the third segment will be dedicated to the art of self-care. Men’s lifestyle influencer, Tejeshwar Sandhoo will help you find the perfect skincare and hair care routine. Plus, he will also teach you the importance of face masks, scrubs, moisturizers by MUD and will help you figure out what works for your skin, hair type & beards without going into treatments blindly. Sounds perfect, right? After all this styling and self-care, we would all want to get some shots for Instagram but how do we get the poses right? This is where the fourth segment will come in! Image Consultant, Chitrakshi Vij will guide you to becoming camera ready. She will help you find your best angle, how to choose flattering colours and so much more! After all this guidance, if you still have questions, the webinar will close out with a Q&A with all 4 experts. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want and drink in all the fashion and grooming knowledge! So, get ready with a pen and paper and take your style up a notch! Sign up for this webinar now! View the full article
  13. While listeners can use Spotify for free, its premium, ad-free version is also available at affordable prices
  14. Gilgit's Deputy Commissioner announces the news on Twitter, shares region's daily situation report for the virus
  15. 2020 brought with itself a whole host of issues and while some of the uncertainty still remains, the one thing that many of us are still struggling with is finding the perfect career path. Figuring out a professional path that makes us happy is not an easy task even with a pandemic standing in the way. So, how do you make sure that you get the job you want and are able to have a career that grows every day? Well, this webinar is here to help. If you too constantly find yourself worrying about getting the desired job then we’re here to help you. MensXP experiences brings to you a free webinar in association with EdMyst on the 29th of January to make you understand what is actually happening in the employment market so that you can brace yourself for your desired job. Here are the four segments that will take place during the webinar: Segment 1 - With the focus on the changing environment in the ‘new normal’, this segment will lay emphasis on how the Indian economy has been influenced in the last few months and how it has contributed to the changing work environment for all. Segment 2 – In this segment, the panellists will provide insights on the top emerging jobs in the industry and the skills that these companies are seeking for especially in the post-pandemic phase. Segment 3 – An elaborate discussion on the techniques that will help prepare according to the changing environment. The panellists will share new ways to search for and get a job in these times. It will help the audience to understand ways to gain a competitive edge and increase employability in the recruitment process. Segment 4 – In the last and the final segment, the panellists will share the importance of first impressions from an employers’ perspective. They will focus on what attracts them the most about a candidate and specific tools to help the candidates make a powerful impression. MensXP Experience This session will be conducted on the 29th of January from 5 pm to 6:30 pm by experts from different walks of life. The session will be conducted by the following panellists. Vivek Gupta, Business Transformation CEO, EdMyst, who has worked as VP, SVP and similar global leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies for more than 25 years. Geeta Dudeja, Regional Implementation Lead, Emerging Markets HCL. She has 16+ years of experience in HR Leadership roles with multinationals like Coca Cola, Philips & Sony India. Ratan Verma, Management Consulting Cyber Security and Information Management, KPMG, US. He is an Information Management, Cybersecurity, and Data Privacy expert. Amit Gulati, City Head OLX Autos, Ahmedabad, TEDx Coach Ex DuPont, Flipkart. He is an experienced sales and operations professional. He has 11+ years of experience across sectors such as automobile, e-commerce, metals and construction. He has worked with leading organizations such as OLX, Flipkart, Dupont and Vedanta Aparna Khastgir, Founding member, Coach and Chief customer success officer, EdMyst. She has more than 25 years of experience in HR functions across multiple industries. She has developed strong human capital for the organisations and retained the best for helping them succeed globally. What are you waiting for? Sign up now! View the full article
  16. It is crucial that we spread awareness among the masses regarding coronavirus, says Dr Faisal Sultan
  17. When tropical storm Chalane threatened Zimbabwe and Mozambique last year, govt, aid agencies sprang into action, having learned lessons from destruction and loss of life caused by cyclones in 2019
  18. Asad Umar says NCOC has already allowed provinces and private hospitals to import COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved by Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP)
  19. Samsung Galaxy S21 is launching very soon. The launch event is scheduled for January 14 and it'll be streamed live on Samsung.com. Just ahead of the launch, Samsung has officially confirmed that the phone will also be coming to India. In fact, you can now pre-book a Galaxy S21 or any other device from the series. Doing so will get you a free phone cover worth Rs 3,849. The same has been confirmed by Samsung and all the info is available on their website. Samsung hasn't mentioned whether the offer stands on the purchase of any of the three rumored devices or just the vanilla Galaxy S21. © Android Police If you are interested in purchasing the phone we highly suggest pre-booking the device and securing the free cover. It's going to be a Smart Clear case and it's always good to have an official accessory. In order to pre-book the phone, you'll have to purchase the VIP Pass worth Rs 2,000. You'll get the Galaxy S21 with priority delivery and the total bill will be reduced by Rs 2,000. © Samsung We'll know everything about these new Galaxy flagships very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more info as they officially launch on January 14. View the full article
  20. Xbox Series X is one incredible console that is also the most affordable way to play games in India at the moment. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is currently the most powerful console in the market that launched last year and sold out within minutes of going on sale. However, it seems like the new stock is landing in India soon and so is the giveaway competition. We spotted a contest that will not only give you the opportunity to win an Xbox Series X but also 6 months of Game Pass Ultimate. Game Pass Ultimate gives Xbox users access to hundreds of games on the console, PC and access to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. 6 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would cost an extra Rs 4200 which means you would be getting even more value from this content. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla In total, the competition will give away a total of 60 Xbox Series X consoles and is being hosted by fast-food chain restaurant Taco Bell India. The competition is not live yet however you can head on over to its Facebook Page to keep track of the competition. In order to win the console you will probably have to order junk food however in return you stand a chance at winning one of the best consoles ever made. The Xbox Series X is currently Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console that offers great value, features and performance. The console is capable of running games at 4K 120 FPS on supported games and has a unique feature called ‘Quick Resume’. The feature lets users play multiple games at the same time without having to load games from cold boot up. The console comes with a controller but also works with older Xbox One and Elite controllers. If you want to know more about the Xbox Series X in detail, check out our full review here. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla If you’ve been wanting to upgrade to next-gen consoles and not have to buy expensive games in the beginning, the contest is perfect for you. Not only do you get a free console, but you get access to 100s of AAA games that can upwards of Rs 50,000 if bought individually. If you would like to know why the Xbox Game Pass is probably the best way to play games in India, check out our feature here. View the full article
  21. Test aims to raise awareness about indigenous cows among Indian citizens
  22. PM Imran Khan made these remarks in connection with the observance of Kashmiris Right to Self-determination Day on Jan 5
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