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Found 18 results

  1. Bollywood has had a long-standing affair with Switzerland and somewhere we too fell in love with the country, vicariously through them. Ask anyone about Switzerland, and most of their conversation will revolve around Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol's budding romance on the streets of Switzerland, from 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge'. Or those dance numbers where actresses wearing sarees are dancing on the snow-capped mountains. © MensXP I won't lie, somewhere my idea about Switzerland too was heavily influenced by Bollywood. But, all of it changed when I got a chance to visit the country a few weeks ago. I always wanted to go to Switzerland, but it was all a distant dream as I wasn't financially strong enough to fund my trip. But, thanks to Switzerland Tourism and their exceptional hospitality, the next thing I know I was sitting on a plane to Zurich and clicking and posting pictures with the locals and binging on chocolates and cheese. © MensXP Today, I want to share my story about how much Switzerland has impacted me. It also made me realise that the quaint country has so much more to offer than just be a place where Bollywood songs and movies were shot, with actors posing shirtless in snow and flaunting their six-pack abs. 1. Pack Comfortable Clothes Instead Of 'OOTD' To begin with, no you cannot stand shirtless or in a saree in the snow. Even dreaming about doing it can send shivers down your spine because of the temperature, which drops to as low as -15 degrees to -20, even in March. So, please don't dream of wearing normal boots or heels or try to act stylish to get OOTDs. Carry warm and comfortable clothes (without adding tons of layers), gloves, and lots and lots of sunscreen. © MensXP 2. Don't Take Euros Instead Of Swiss Franc Don't trade your cash for Euros, instead of Swiss Franc. Switzerland is an expensive country and if you end up paying extra in the currency conversion process, it will only burn more holes in your pockets. Also, be doubly sure about the multi-currency card you're carrying, else you will be stuck with a different country's currency, like me. So, no matter who says what, convert your money to Swiss Franc (CHF) only, for smooth hassle-free transactions. 3. Why Is The Swiss Franc Symbol Called CHF While most of us call it Swiss Franc and Swiss currency, most of us never bothered to notice or know why the symbol is CHF? Well, not many people know that the Latin name of Switzerland is 'Confoederatio Helvetica', which also means 'Swiss Confederation'. The symbol CH can be found on postal stamps, coins and even on the car stickers. © MensXP 4. There Are Four Official Languages In Switzerland This was my first trip to Switzerland, so I entertained and dug into all kinds of questions possible, which brought me to this - "What is the official language of the country?" Trust me, the number of people who asked this were more than the number of friends I have. So, let me clear that too for all you guys. It will come handy, in case you're planning a trip soon. Firstly, there is no such thing as 'Swiss language'. There are four official languages that people speak: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Reason? Switzerland comprises of 26 cantons and if we take a look at history, each of these cantons were fully sovereign states and had their own borders, armies, customs and languages. © MensXP Over the years, the government never forced any of the cantons to speak a uniform language, so they continue to retain and speak different languages, which also represents the geographical and cultural boundaries that Switzerland is surrounded by. But, don't be scared since these are not the only languages they can speak. Most people understand and speak in English too. 5. Switzerland Has A Kickass Transportation System Despite being an alpine country and surrounded by lakes and covered in snow for the most part of the year, Switzerland has a kickass transportation system, one of the world's finest actually. Let's be honest, living in Delhi has spoiled me beyond my expectations. I don't think I am the only one in thinking that cabs have made me lazy and privileged. People have stopped walking or taking buses or even metros for that matter. © MensXP Switzerland (even if it was for a week) changed my mindset. The transport is so freaking awesome, that you don't feel the need to take cabs. Also, did I tell you that cabs can be freakishly expensive? From trains, buses, cruise, bicycles to even walking; the systematic timetable connects people with any desired point. © MensXP 6. Swiss People Are VERY Punctual And Organised Swiss people are really punctual, unlike us. If the train or bus is scheduled to leave at 10: 30, it will LEAVE at 10:30 - neither 10:29 nor 10:31. Further, no person crosses roads if the signal is red, irrespective of whether there are any cars or not. Something we can never expect here. No wonder, Swiss people are so fit, despite consuming kilos of cheese and chocolates. 7. The Swiss Love Their Cheese And Chocolates Talking about cheese, can you guess how much cheese does a person in Switzerland consume in a year? 10, 20, or 50 kilos? Well, when I visited a cheese factory, I found there is more to cheese than just parmesan or cheddar and the correct number is 21.4 kilos. Oh, and they eat nearly 12 kilos of chocolate in a year. In fact, wherever I went and whatever I ordered (even if it was just a glass of water), I always got complementary chocolates. They serve chocolates everywhere, even the bed you sleep on will have chocolates kept on it. © MensXP 8. You Can Take Your Pets Literally Anywhere Also, here's something I didn't know about Switzerland but instantly fell in love with. This 'heaven on earth' is very dog-friendly (any pet in general actually). You can take your dog almost everywhere, outdoor cafes, buses, trains, cruise to even some hotels. But, there are some rules and taxes for animals, especially social pets like guinea pigs. © MensXP 9. Drinking Water Everywhere...Even In Your Bathroom Also, it is believed that water in Switzerland (Europe in general) is so clean that people drink water directly from the basin in their bathroom. Umm, coming from India I had a really difficult time adjusting to that fact and the reasons are known to all of us. We are so used to drinking water from water purifiers here, so we can't even imagine heading to the bathroom to take a drink of water. So, I took bottles instead, only to find that there are two types of water people drink there - sparkling and tap. So, when I said mineral water, I got a pack of sparkling water bottles (blame some of it to the language barrier) that has a distinct taste and not everyone likes it. And the water is super expensive there. So if you're fine drinking water from the bathroom, go for it; else make sure you get a bottle of tap water and not sparkling one. © MensXP 10. Switzerland Is Really Safe For Solo Female Travellers Lastly, being a solo woman traveller, safety is something that was a primary concern for me. Surprisingly, travelling alone in a foreign land turned out to be a safer experience for me than travelling within the country. The country is super safe, connectivity is strong and people are friendly, although they prefer that you respect their boundaries. After I came back, my perception of the beautiful country changed. I wasn't in love with Switzerland anymore because of the Bollywood songs or movies shot there. I feel in love with the incredible beauty of Mount Titlis, the picturesque renaissance architecture, the captivating snowfall, the local beverage 'Rivella', the various types of cheese and chocolates, the roads, the transport museum, the snow-capped mountains I saw from the train and everything in between. Thank you Switzerland for teaching and showing things to me I barely knew about, and I look forward to seeing you again.
  2. Summers have already begun and I am assuming that in a few weeks from now, you would be planning your summer holidays, just like every other year. But unlike every year, you don't really have to come back from your holidays after gaining pounds of fat on your belly. Wherever you are heading this summer, the tips that I am going to share with you in this article are going to help you in maintaining your weight as well as heath during your vacation: 1. Practice Portion Control Credit - Getty Images I know that it's impossible to stay on a diet while you are on a vacation. And frankly speaking, you shouldn't really be too rigid while you are on a full-fledged vacation with your closed ones. So while you would be losing track of your diet, what you can at least do is to practice some portion control. Now, this won't really stop the damage but at least it will lower the degree of the damage. The problem begins when you binge-eat food items that were not ideally a part of your diet. Thus, while it's good to indulge yourself in some new and tasty food items that come your way during vacations, keep in mind that you should not binge-eat them. 2. Keep Your Protein Intake In Check Credit - Getty Images Majority of the food items that you consume while travelling or during vacations are full of calories. Generally, these calories come from carbs. Thus, it is almost sure that your carb intake is going to be sufficient during vacation. It is your protein intake that you will have to take off. Try to include a portion of protein in all the meals of the day whenever possible. Adding food source that contains protein will increase its satiety factor and thus you won't be feeling hungry too soon. This will help you to save yourself from overeating. 3. Have Foods High In Fibre Credit - Getty Images Just like protein, fibre intake also goes for a toss while you are out on a vacation. Thus, have foods that will add to the fibre intake for the day as well. So while you are having lunch outside and ordering your favourite dish, just add on a portion of vegetables or salad along with that. This will add on to the fibre content of your meal and thus also increase the satiety factor. 4. Limit Alcohol And Other Drinks Credit - Getty Images Though it's difficult to stay away from the temptation of alcohol while you are on a beach holiday, I would still suggest keeping your alcohol intake in check. Alcohol and other sugary drinks like flavoured juices and colas just add on to the calories and do not provide any kind of nutrition. Make sure you are not consuming too much of any of these. 5. Stay Physically Active Credit - Getty Images When you feel things are going a little haywire in terms of maintaining a good diet, try to compensate it with staying a little more active. Performing some form of cardio is one such move that you can make. You can also indulge in some outdoor sports activity like cricket and badminton along with your friends to enjoy the company and burn some calories. I am not saying that this will compensate poor nutrition entirely but at least it may help with the damage control.
  3. Ajay Devgn is finally taking a break from the whole 'Singham' action vibe and coming with a laugh riot for his fans. The movie is titled 'De De Pyaar De' and it stars Rakul Preet and Tabu in the lead roles opposite Ajay. The movie has a very 'Pyaar Ka Punchnama' vibe for probably a more mature audience, if I may say so. The movie follows the concept of an older man falling in love with a much younger woman which is being played by Rakul. Madness follows the plot when Ajay takes Rakul to meet his family which includes his kids, his parents and his ex-wife Tabu. © T-Series The movie is directed by Luv Ranjan who has been the brain behind the 'Pyar Ka Punchnama' series as well. The movie also stars Alok Nath as Ajay's father and the makers have got a lot of flak for starring the man who has been accused in the #metoo movement. The trailer is making waves on social media and the audience is actually enjoying it. The movie hits the theatre's on 17th May.
  4. Getting into prestigious institutions like IIT, and scoring a job by top global companies like Google, Facebook, etc., is a dream of almost all the aspiring engineering students in the country. But imagine how cool it would be if you get your dream offer for doing something that you're passionate about? Well, a 21-year-old engineering student in Mumbai just got lucky! © TOI Abdullah Khan, who's currently pursuing BE (Computer Science) from Shree LR Tiwari Engineering College in Mumbai, scored an offer from Google. How, you ask? Well, he takes part in many online programming competitions in his free time, and his profile apparently impressed the folks over at Google. So they ended up offering him a Rs. 1.2 Crore job at their HQ in London. According to the Times of India, Khan had to appear for a series of online interviews and a final screening at the London office before landing the job. He'll be working with Google's site reliability engineering team starting this September. His six-figure package at Google includes the base salary of Rs 54.5 lakh per annum, with 15 per cent bonus and stock options worth Rs. Rs 58.9 lakh over four years. In an email, Google officials mentioned that they had seen Khan's profile on the programming site, and they were looking for resources in locations across Europe. © Google Khan, on the other hand, noted that he wasn't expecting such an offer when he took part in these competitions. “I used to participate as it was fun. I did not even know that firms check programmers' profiles on such sites. I showed the email to my friend who knew someone who had received such an email in the past. I am looking forward to joining their team. It will be an amazing learning experience for me,” he said. What's more interesting is that he did his schooling in Saudi Arabia and moved to Mumbai only after class XII. He also tried getting into an IIT, but he couldn't manage to get in.
  5. The Internet is full of crazy bodybuilders that upload videos of their crazy heavy lifts every day and make you question your own strength. On one side, you have them and then there is this 6 ft 3in 110-kilo crazy bodybuilder/YouTuber called Bradley Martyn. If you do not know Bradley, he is an internet famous American YouTuber and a former physique competitor who has a massive following of around 3 million on Instagram and 2+ million subscribers on YouTube. Bradley started working out at the age of 15 and was a successful competitor in his early 20s. He was known as the guy whose plans worked really well and that he knew his stuff. It was in 2014 when he gained a lot of attention after he started documenting videos of his crazy lifts and posting it online. Here is him casually deadlifting 5 plates a side with one hand for reps. View this post on Instagram ð that 5 plate single arm deadlift ð¬(tag a friendly) @bmfitgear A post shared by Bradley Martyn (@bradleymartyn) on Mar 14, 2018 at 10:36am PDT For Halloween, he just casually lifted two girls for bench press. View this post on Instagram HAPPY HALLOWEEN ððð¬ @zooculture w/ @ashleykfit @noelleoninsta @jenniferelliott A post shared by Bradley Martyn (@bradleymartyn) on Oct 30, 2017 at 10:51am PDT Bradley also owns a gym in LA and is also a successful online entrepreneur with his apparel and gym accessories business along with his gym and social media fame. But Bradley never had it easy. He lost his father at the age of six and grew up without a father figure. He always stresses the importance of hard work for success and said this in an interview: “Against all odds, no matter what you are chasing…Remember that sh*t isn't going to be easy, in fact, it's going to be difficult. But if you want something then, there are risks you're going to have to take. No matter what others might say about your goals. It's not up to the “others” to decide if it is right for you. That's your choice only.” And he definitely knows to have fun as you can see in this video: Note: You are not Bradley Martyn so DO NOT try the lifts he does. Be it under supervision or not. Just DO NOT try it. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition, a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you with the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  6. Everything is sunny where Alia is currently, with 'Gully Boy' being a box office hit and the new trailer for 'Kalank' receiving good reviews. The talented diva rang in her 26th birthday in a style that best befits her personality! A midnight birthday bash, with all her favourite people around her. © Pinterest Alia celebrated her birthday this year at the stroke of midnight, with a lot of B-Town A-listers who were there to make her feel special and bring her birthday in, with her. And guess who else was there put a smile on her face? Yup, Ranbir came in dot at midnight to wish his rumoured bae a very happy birthday! © Twitter And there's Ranbir, making his way inside the house. © Viral Bhayani The actress surrounded by her friends and family was seen in a simple black and white floral dress, looking lovely as ever. Here's a video of her cutting multiple cakes. © Instagram عÙÙا بÙات تحتÙ٠بعÙد ÙÙÙادÙا26 Ùع اÙعائÙØ© ÙاÙاصدÙاء ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ Happy Birthday @aliaabhatt ðð #aliabhatt #happybirthday #happybirthdayaliabhatt #bollywoodactress #bollywood #party #birthdayparty #birthdaygirl #cutiepie #ranbirkapoor #ayanmukherji #karanjohar #india #mumbai #partynight A post shared by FAN ACCOUNT (@bollywoodarab.fc) on Mar 14, 2019 at 3:15pm PDT Here are some more pictures with friends and family. © Instagram © Instagram © Viral Bhayani © Instagram The actress also had her BFF gang over, which included Masaba Gupta, Akansha and Anushka Ranjan & Masaba had the sweetest wish for her on her Instagram post which said “You were pure magic since we were babies… and you continue to be pure magic… Happy birthday, Alu.” You were pure magic since we were babies .... and you continue to be pure magic.... Happy birthday Alu. ð @aliaabhatt A post shared by Mufasaâ¨ð (@masabagupta) on Mar 14, 2019 at 2:18pm PDT We bet Alia had a great time with love, laughter and happiness surrounding her last night. MensXP wishes Alia success and immense joy, always!
  7. Think you're a basketball expert? Let's put your knowledge to the test...
  8. Sartorially speaking, winter is one of the best seasons. You can wear plenty of clothes without looking out of place (or sweating). Layer it up, button it up, go all out with scarves and headgears - everything is allowed if you know how to play the game of clothes. To some, it might be a scary game but fret not, for we're here to make it fun. Here are 6 super fun ways to turn up the heat in winter with casuals: 1. Mr Classy Wear a zip-up turtleneck, and pair it with a double-breasted trench coat. Match it with relaxed trousers to get the perfect blend of casual & formal aesthetics. Outfit Credits: Turtleneck: Raymond's Ltd. Double-breasted coat: ZARA Belt: H&M Pants: Pawan Sachdeva Model: Saurabh Chaudhary 2. The Rule Breaker Pair a turtleneck with corduroy trousers, and slip into a relaxed woollen coat. Wear a lot of silver jewellery to be party ready with a twist! Outfit Credits: Woollen coat: H&M Turtleneck: H&M Corduroy Pants: H&M 3. Utilitarian Cool Put on a floral printed shirt and wear a cool shacket on top. Go for a pair of pants with a warm tone to unleash the sophisticated tourist vibe with a tone-on-tone aesthetic. Outfit Credits: Print shirt: Raymond's Ltd. Hunter Jacket: Bhane Ikat and leather backpack: Nappa Dori Pants: Tommy Hilfiger 4. Knit-Wit Style your turtleneck with a knit jumper and pair it with a pair of boxy jeans. Accessorize with a cross-body bag. This is the perfect weekend look for knit lovers. Outfit Credits: Crew neck jumper: Koovs Denims: Bhane Turtleneck: H&M Belt bag with adjustable strap: Zara 5. The Leather Cult Wear a dark coloured turtleneck and match it with dark pants. Slip into a tan leather jacket to get a sophisticated leather-bound colour-blocked look. Outfit Credits: Turtleneck: H&M Sweater: H&M Faux leather biker jacket: Zara 6. Back To School Style a checked shirt with a v-neck cardigan, and layer with a puffer jacket. Accessorize with a cross body bag, and add the sporty but spunky nerd element with your best glasses. Outfit Credits: Puffer jacket: Tommy Hilfiger V-neck buttoned cardigan: Koovs Checked Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger Navy blue pants: Tommy Hilfiger Belt: H&M Mini cross-body bag: Zara You're welcome! Editor: Namrata Nongpiur (@namratanongpiur) Photographer: Raju Raman (@raju.raman) Creative Director and Stylist: Devanshi Tuli (@devanshi.15) Hair and Makeup Artist: Shalu Chandla (@shalluchandla) Models: Saurabh Chaudhary, Piyush Rathi, Zander, Sagar Bhandari Producer: Prapti Elizabeth
  9. Gym rats or fitness freaks (the two tags I absolutely dislike) often start worrying when a trip is planned. The fear of losing the 'gains or putting on fat is pretty real. If you are one of those freaks too, or even if not but you'd like to stay in shape when you travel, this piece is totally for you. Here are some tips and tricks to incorporate while traveling: 1) Intermittent Fasting © Pixabay Intermittent Fasting or IF is a popular dieting strategy that splits your day into two distinctive windows. The feed and fast windows. You consume zero calorie drinks and beverages in the fasting window like coffee, green tea, diet soda, water, etc. and you eat solid meals or calorie-containing beverages in the feeding window. By incorporating this strategy, even if you would be eating outright junk, you will still end up limiting the calories you consume during the day. A 16:8 or an 18:6 fasting:feeding protocol is something I see suits me and most of my clients during traveling. 2) Walking A good way to get in some exercise or some physical activity when traveling is to use your feet as the primary source of transport. Walk short distances, explore the place, be on your feet. This way you will burn off some extra calories for the day and worry a bit lesser about getting out of shape. 3) Hotel Gym Or Room Workout Getting to the gym or keeping up with your actual workout during your travels may not be possible due to two main reasons: a. Short on time b. Not much equipment or a proper gym facility So make the best use of whatever is available to you. Either do a bodyweight session inside the hotel room itself or just a few exercises in the hotel gym. Finish off the session in 30 to 40 minutes so you can later enjoy the day and your trip as well. 4) Reduce Your Meal Frequency © Pixabay This is not the Intermittent Fasting pointer again. This means, in general, eat lesser meals. If you are used to eating 5 to 6 meals in a day, drop it down to 2 or 3 meals for the day. Lesser meals = lesser calories. And this is a very easy way to manage intake without complicating things. 5) Protein And Salads As Starters When traveling, eating the local delicacies should be on your to-do list as you may not find the same opportunity anytime soon again. But if you have a tendency to overdo it, there are a few tips and tricks you can incorporate to avoid the all-out hogging approach. Start your meal with a serving of protein and some fiber. A salad with minimal dressings as an example. As both of these things are satiating, they will suppress your appetite to a certain extent. A lower appetite means that you will not hog on or go all out on the foods kept in front of you. This way, you can incorporate these steps and manage to stay in shape during your travels. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  10. 'Player Unkown's Battlegrounds' (PUBG) has been immensely popular in the last few months and it looks like the trend won't be fading anytime soon. Even though the Battle Royale format is fairly old, it has gained massive popularity since the games starting coming to mobile phones. In the Battle Royale genre, the map has a total of 100 players and the last player or team left standing strong till the end wins the match. The game has been a hit because you can make a team of four, or two, and fight other opponents in a team. The team play requires good coordination and the open world setup involves finding weapon stashes and accessories. © Windows Central While the mobile version is widely known, the game has been up on Steam for quite some time and delivers a better gameplay experience, thanks to a wider controlling setup. The basic primary questions with PC games have always been: What's the minimum CPU or graphics card requirement? What is the perfect setup to play the game at 60fps? To start with, the developer recommends an Intel Core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300 processor, at least 8GB RAM, and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB or AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB graphics card. The game supports 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. It needs approximately 30GB of disk space and a decent internet connection. © GameSpot The minimum recommended dual-core i3 chipset, which was launched in 2013, runs at a clock speed of 3.6Ghz. The GTX 960 graphic card barely runs the game at 30fps and a slightly better GPU is always recommended. For the best gameplay experience, the developer recommends Intel Core i5-7600K or AMD Ryzen 5-1600 and higher. The quad-core Intel chipset started shipping at the beginning of 2017 and comes with a clock speed of 3.8Ghz. Coming to the graphics card, a Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or better is needed for the best frame rates. The game can comfortably run at 60fps even with 3GB GTX 1060. © YouTube The DirectX 11, internet connection and storage requirements remain constant as the base requirements. Though, playing on Windows 10 is much better because it's a more stable and optimized OS than Windows 8 or the unsupported Windows 7.
  11. November is here, and if you're aware of global trends related to men's fashion and health, you already know that it is as much the month of men's facial hair as it is the month of festivities. No Shave November as well as Movember (often used interchangeably) are here, and the world will start seeing glorious beards and moustaches everywhere, at least for a month. Movember is an intriguing phenomenon, and here are 8 facts about it that will make you want to not shave for a month. 1. Contrary to popular belief, Movember did not start in America. It started in Australia in 2003, when a couple of Australian men wondered why men don't grow facial hair, especially moustaches anymore. © Movember 2. Movember and No-Shave-November are not the same thing, even though they are often used interchangeably. The Movember organization raises and donates the money to programs related to prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men's mental health issues. On the other hand, the No-Shave November movement encourages men (and women) to donate the money they would have otherwise spent on shaving-related products and services to the American Cancer Society. © L'Oreal 3. Movember might just be perceived as a fad by some, but it has raised some serious money. It has raised more than $769 Million, internationally. © Unsplash 4. Movember participants are called 'Mo Bros' and 'Mo Sistas'. Yes, women are allowed to participate in Movember as well. © Unsplash 5. The first Movember received a lot of flak. Co-founder Adam Garone recollects facing hostile work environment, his ex hating the moustache, and parents of young children giving him disapproving looks. © Unsplash 6. Four million moustaches have been grown because of Movember, since the inception. © Unsplash 7. Movember, of course, is celebrated and looked up to because of the joy of giving, but one can win amazing prizes too, in the official competitions. © Unsplash 8. Movember used to have its own condom sponsor. The super catchy slogan read: 'Cover your lip, cover your tip.' © Unsplash
  12. It's Karwachauth. You love and respect your wife tremendously for keeping herself hungry for an entire day for your long life and prosperity! In return, the least you can do is help her make her day easier! If you're someone who finds it difficult to make plans, you're in luck. Follow this guide and you're completely sorted for the day. 1. Help her prepare for the big day! Make sure she hydrates the day before Karwachauth so she doesn't feel sick on an empty stomach. Pexels 2. If she feels a bit cranky when she wakes up, do not trouble her. In fact, surprise her with a gift! And what's better than this Longines watch to remind her the 'times' you've spent together! This special gift of love will surely mesmerise her with its elegance and performance! Longines 3. Actually, don't let her keep her stomach empty. Wake her up to delicious, nutritious sehri cooked by you. When she's done eating, let her go straight to bed and you do the cleaning up. Pexels 4. And let her sleep way late into the afternoon. Pexels 5. When she has freshened up and is basking in the joy of the new watch, take her out to a spa parlour for a couple's massage. Pexels 6. When you get back, Netflix and chill until it's time to break the fast. Make sure you give her something that's healthy, like lemonade or yogurt. Pexels 7. Once you're done with the traditions, take her out for a scrumptious dinner. Because after all that she's done for you, she deserves just the best! Pexels NOTE: You could give her company with the fasting and enjoy these perks yourself.
  13. One name that will always feature in the 'fashion-forward' list in Bollywood is that of Ranveer Singh, who has proven time and time again that beneath the snazzy, flamboyant, fearless demeanour, there lies a super enthusiastic man who actually understands fashion and knows what's up. He qualifies as a true-blue sneakerhead - one who deserves to be looked up to, not only because of his collection that is essentially eclectic, but also because of the fact that they are all extremely 'statement'. His latest appearance in a classic 90s, retro-inspired pair of sneakers just reiterated this fact. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Ranveer wore a pair of Adidas Originals 'Torsion Dimension Low' - a '90s classic that was brought back, to our delight. It released last month, September 1st to be precise. The vibrantly coloured accents, the teal and pink panels to be specific, along with the bulky, chunky mid-sole that also has a purple patch detailing, definitely spells 'classic retro'. © Sneakernews © Sneakernews One thing that we are pleasantly surprised about is, how affordable they are. They cost $130, which when converted to INR translates to Rs 9,500, approximately. Well, super affordable by 'celeb standards', for sure. © Viral Bhayani What we love about this particular pair is that it's not only meant for comfort - given they were originally released as a training pair - but they also have the edgy but familiar style element of a pair of 'dad shoes' that got a colourful, functional makeover. © Sneakernews © Sneakernews Coming to the rest of his outfit, we absolutely love the white base. The teal and purple detailing in his outfit is most definitely not a coincidence, and a well-calculated fashion move. He seems to have chosen the outfit based on his sneaker aesthetic, which is something only he could have pulled off without looking 'too coordinated'. © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that we love the pair. Good going, Baba!
  14. So, this is how it goes. She is out there travelling all by herself and having a blast, while you're sitting at your desk, trying to get through yet another dull day at work. She entices you with those occasional, cute selfies and views of picturesque vistas, making it all the more difficult for you to sit still and concentrate on your work. Between the few hours of getting some work done and going through her (enviable) Instagram stories, a wicked thought suddenly pops in your head and suddenly, getting by the rest of the day(without her proactive, virtual company) does not seem like a lot of work. © Thinkstock Why? Because you have (or rather we have) figured out a way of reminding her of all the “good stuff” she is missing out back home, while she is out there exploring a little hamlet tucked away in the hills of Meghalaya. So, here we have 8 fun types of texts to send your girlfriend when she is travelling without you, that will ensure that she does not get too caught up with the sights and has you in her thoughts at all times: 1. Try A Not-So-Regular Greeting © Thinkstock Most couples start their day by greeting each other with a simple 'good morning' and if you happen to be one of them, you would want to spice things up a little, on this one occasion. Instead of your regular lines, try something that's funny and intentionally suggestive. Try something like, “we just woke up now and seems like both of us are thinking about you”. This will not only get her attention but there are 99 per cent changes of you getting an immediate callback, no matter where she is. 2. Selfie Of A View That She's Missing When partners are separated by distance, a selfie a day is said to keep the gloom away. But this time, try to give your selfie a new spin so she can gauge the full impact of the other view (read face) she's missing out on, while she struts around exploring newer places. Put on that shirt she loves on you which has some special memories attached to it, and you'll see how she takes notice. © Pixabay 3. Turn On Your 'Mysterious' Mode Don't keep messaging her and come across as a needy guy, who can't seem to survive a few days without his girlfriend, but send a few messages a day with respectable intervals, which suggest that she is in your thoughts. Perhaps drop her a message that would rake up the mystery clouds, such as: “Damn, I just remembered something that we did together and now I can't stop laughing!” That is bound to get you a response even amidst her busy itinerary. 4. Tease Her With Her Fave Food If there is one thing a girl misses the most when she's away from home, apart from her own bath and bed, it the comfort of her most favourite food. Nobody ever said you can't order in her favourite takeaway and enjoy it all by yourself, while sending her a few drool-worthy snaps of the food? She'd wanna pack her bags and head home sooner than planned. © Pxhere 5. A Little Virtual Stripping The next best thing to do is to send her a series of images suggesting a striptease that looks very innocent. Don't try too hard or show a lot of skin than you'd appreciate. Keep it subtle and suggestive enough to capture her thoughts (and perhaps imagination too). 6. Sneak In A Spoiler Disclaimer Now, this may be another level of wicked. You must also consider the fact that if taken too far, she might end up being seriously pissed at you. So, try sending her a sneak-peek of you catching up on the latest episode of a TV series that both of you are following together. This, my friend will steer her attention (and possible wrath) towards you. 7. Catch Up On The Fun She's Missing Out © Thinkstock If there's a cool event happening while she is away, that you know she would have also enjoyed, tell her about it and go check it out. Then fill her in on the deets and tell her how it would have been more fun with her around, and that you must go to the next one together. 8. Say Those Three Words Nope. Not ' I love you'. Just tell her how much you miss her. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and it's never embarrassing to admit it. When you love someone it is only expected you would miss them when they're not around, and you don't hear from them very often. So, just say those three words, “I miss you” and this might even fetch you a long call from across the states. These texts are sure to work better than the regular ones. Try it.
  15. While the conventional mindset has forever been slightly bent towards full-length features and commercial movies; things are now changing with short films gradually taking centre-stage and getting the attention they deserve. And 'Plus Minus' is the latest addition to the list of amazing short films like 'Churri', 'Khujli', 'Chutney' and 'Lust Stories' (ok, this was a series of short films). © BB Ki Vines If you are even remotely active on social media, there is no way on earth that you guys don't know about 'BB Ki Vines' and Bhuvan Bam. And if you still had to google his name after reading this, then trust me, you have been missing out on some of the most hilarious videos ever made. After tickling our funny bones with his humour, this internet sensation is now all set to make his Bollywood debut. Just like his fellow comedians, Bhuvan Bam too has finally got his golden ticket to Bollywood and will be seen in a short film opposite the versatile and talented actress Divya Dutta and Raj Singh Chaudhary. Proud to announce my debut short film 'Plus Minus'. The story explores various dimensions of human relationships through the narrative of two individuals. @divyadutta25 @jkd18 @guneetm @Rohitonweb @Mivi_Official #BBKiVinesProductions #SikhyaEntertainment pic.twitter.com/knrrlPXS0G — Bhuvan Bam (@Bhuvan_Bam) September 7, 2018 Produced by Guneet Monga of 'Gangs Of Wasseypur', 'Masaan' and 'The Lunchbox' fame; the movie is titled 'Plus Minus' and will explore the various dimensions of human relationships through the narrative of two individuals. 'Plus Minus' is expected to release on September 14th.
  16. While some actors are chiselled, polished and made into a diamond by the director, Shah Rukh Khan is one of those stars who have been made into a star and attained unimaginable heights of fame, solely by his fans. The 'Badshah of Bollywood' is loved by millions. Be it his co-stars, team members, filmmakers, viewers, the actor rules hearts across the globe. The talented actor has seen his share of ups and downs, but despite that, he remains one of the most bankable actors in the industry. No matter how good or bad his movies fare, one thing that has remained constant is his fame and stardom, and his gratitude to his devoted fans. But reaching this point in his career has been a journey filled with immense backbreaking work. We got hold of some behind-the-scenes pictures of King Khan which gives us a glimpse of his beautiful journey. Each picture has a story but one thing that remains constant is his boyish charm. Here's a flashback of him from his old days that proves his allure remains untouched till date. 1. Pardes How can we forget 'Yeh Dil Deewana' or 'My Name Is India'? Weren't we all crazy for these two tracks? © Pinterest 2. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai "Kuch Kuch Hota hai Anjali....tum nahi samojgi," SRK and Kajol made us fall in love with their friendship and romance. © Pinterest © Pinterest 3. Yess Boss 21 years of the movie and it still remains a quintessential 90s romcom. © Pinterest 4. Dil Se We wonder why filmmakers don't create such great cinema anymore! © Pinterest 5. Paheli Not an Oscar-nomination worthy film, but kudos for trying something new. © Pinterest 6. Devdas A classic that brought Madhuri, SRK and Aishwarya in one frame and Sanjay Leela Bhansali gave us a film that we will never get over! And of course epic dialogues that gives us goosebumps. © Pinterest 7. Ra One A great effort for the VFX indeed, but the same cannot be said for the movie though. © Pinterest 8. Swades "Main nahi manta hamara desh duniya ka sabse mahaan desh hai ... lekin yeh zaroor manta hoon ... ki hum mein kabliyat hai, taqat hai, apne desh ko mahaan banane ki." This dialogue is enough to tell you why it's a timeless piece of cinema. © Twitter 9. Jab Tak Hai Jaan At times, it's just the poetic lines that make a movie worth a watch. © Yash Raj Films 10. Main Hoon Na How can we ever forget Sushmita Sen's flying saree? Wish we were in the same class as SRK! © Red Chillies Entertainment 11. Chennai Express Don't underestimate the power of a common man! Deepika and SRK were too hilarious from the first to the last frame. © Facebook 12. My Name Is Khan This is undoubtedly one of the most meaningful and moving films made by Karan Johar. © Facebook 13. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna Yet another good attempt by KJo. © Dharma Productions 14. Don 2 Kyunki Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai :P © Red Chillies Entertainment 15. Dear Zindagi With Alia and SRK together, things couldn't get better. © Red Chillies Entertainment 16. Dilwale A terrible film but loved SRK and Kajol together! © Red Chillies Entertainment © Red Chillies Entertainment 17. Raaes Baniye Ka Dimaag Miya Bhai Ki Daring! Or let's say - Badshah ki acting and Nawazuddin ka tashan - an entertaining package! © Red Chillies Entertainment
  17. If you live on social media, then you already know who YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam is. Famously known as BB ki Vines, 24-year-old Bhuvan is famous for his hilarious and satirical takes in his videos. The man is extremely talented and a true millennial at heart. © Instagram He rules YouTube and his videos manage to garner millions of views within hours. And what makes him a powerhouse is the fact that he has set his empire with zero production cost. No, we ain't kidding! “Yeh tohfe hain jo apno se mile hain, Humein gairon se koi bhi gila nahin” -Sajjad Ali A post shared by Bhuvan Bam Official (@bhuvan.bam22) on Aug 18, 2018 at 5:02am PDT The man shoots on his terrace, using the same wall and background but just switching the characters, as per his videos. While people expand and often tend to grow their team with fame, he is a one-man army. From shooting, scripting, brain-storming, to production and feature, he does anything and everything himself. I caught up with him for a quick chat and Bhuvan revealed 10 things about him that make him sound just like any other millennial, which is basically most of us. What made you start BB Ki Vines? BB: It was out of pure passion. I always wanted to be an entertainer, either music or comedy. And I did this. What do you love to eat? BB: Seafood is hands down my favourite food! I got wings ð§ð½‍âï¸ðð« . . ð¸: @tusharmahajanofficial A post shared by Bhuvan Bam Official (@bhuvan.bam22) on Jul 22, 2018 at 7:26am PDT Favourite sport and sportsman? BB: Cricket and it has to be MS Dhoni. What made you pick the name 'BB ki Vines'? BB: I Started with FB and Vine was a popular culture. Ended up taking the name from there unintentionally. BB is my initials, Bhuvan Bam. Hence, BB's Vines = BB Ki Vines. “Sochta hoon uska dil kabhi mujhpe aaye toh” ðð𤪠. . ð¸: @tusharmahajanofficial @storyofspaces A post shared by Bhuvan Bam Official (@bhuvan.bam22) on Jul 30, 2018 at 9:16am PDT Your biggest phobia in the world BB: Water bodies. What do you love the most? BB: Peace of mind. A ðny day..ð´ A post shared by Bhuvan Bam Official (@bhuvan.bam22) on Aug 3, 2018 at 3:56am PDT One moment that changed your life? BB: Getting mobbed at a metro station. Made me realise the game has changed. Your turn-over? BB: Dusro ki thaali mein nahi jhaakte (laughs) Raahi ð£ð¶ð»‍âï¸ . . ð·: @rohitonweb A post shared by Bhuvan Bam Official (@bhuvan.bam22) on Jun 23, 2018 at 2:17am PDT The most expensive things you own? BB: My YouTube subscribers. The game you love the most? BB: I love playing FIFA on my PS.
  18. I think it's safe to assume that all of us want to be fit. Whether it's because we want to be the best version of ourselves, because we want to be strong, or because we just want to live a healthier lifestyle, staying fit has - thankfully - become a lifestyle choice that more and more people are adhering to. And while going to the gym is certainly the most effective way of staying in shape, going for a run has its benefits as well. In fact, most people who choose to not go to the gym usually rely on their morning or evening runs to stay fit. But running can often seem like a monotonous route (pun intended!) to take, one that can seem pretty basic and mundane. So with that in mind, here are 5 running tips you should adhere to if you want to make it more fun (and safe!) for you. 1) Use Quality Headphones For Running © Pexels Just like any other workout, listening to music while you go for a run can actually help energise you. As such, owning a quality pair of wireless headphones and listening to your favourite songs is a great way of pumping yourself up during your runs. When searching for the best Bluetooth headphones for running, you should keep an eye out on ones belonging to premium brands (JBL, Boat and Skullcandy come to mind) that offer a good wireless range and optimum battery life. 2) Invest In The Right Shoes © Pexels While it may not involve you having to go to a gym, you shouldn't forget that running is a physical exercise. And just like any physical exercise you do, the risk of injury is always there. As such, investing in the best running shoes is mandatory. There are many factors that you should keep in mind before you purchase a pair of running shoes - your weight, the drop of the shoe (which is basically the difference between the forefoot measurements and the heel) and the cushioning that the shoe will provide you. If you make an informed choice, not only do you make running more fun, but you also ensure that you don't get accidently injured. 3) Switch Things Up A Bit It's not for nothing that people say that variety is the spice of life! As such, you can also mix in some cardio exercises in the middle of your runs to break the monotony and make things more fun. For instance, adding a few jumping jacks, butt kicks, squat jumps and jumping lunges to your run can make things less boring. 4) Take A Walk Or Jog Break © Pexels Nowhere is it written that you should run for 30 minutes straight without taking any breaks whatsoever - after all, you're not Usain Bolt! So it's advisable to take walk/jog breaks while you're running. Not only will doing so ensure that you don't run out of stamina, but it will also help you be gentler on your body. 5) Don't Do It Alone Just like having a gym partner can make working out less mundane, going for your runs with a friend or family member can make them a lot more fun as well. Apart from ensuring that you'll always have a source of motivation right next to you, you can rely on your running partner for some healthy competition as well.