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  1. It's Mother's Day tomorrow and if you're planning to skip the flowers and box of chocolates this year, then we've got you covered. We've put together a list of some of the coolest tech gift items that you can give your mother this year and make her feel special. Let's take a look: 1. Fitness Trackers © Mi If your mother is planning to step up her fitness game, then you can help her out a bit by gifting her a fitness band. Picking up a fitness tracker is pretty easy these days, as there are a ton of options to choose from. You can get a really good fitness tracker for as little as Rs 1,999. Xiaomi's Mi Band 3, Honor Band 4, Fitbit range fitness bands are some of your options. 2. Smart Speakers © Youtube A mother usually has a lot on her plate. She's mostly the one taking care of chores to keep the house running. Then why not make her life easier by buying her a smart speaker? The Google Home Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot are your best options right now. They're just as good as any other smart speaker and they won't break your bank. Your mom can use it to get step-by-step instructions for a new recipe, organize events, calendar, and more. 3. A Budget Smartphone © MensXP If your mom is due for a smartphone upgrade, then get her a new smartphone. There are a ton of budget phones to pick from and we're sure you'll find a great option for her. Xiaomi's Redmi Note 7 Pro, for instance, is a great option. It's got a great display, amazing cameras, and it can make it through her day-to-day tasks. Another great alternative is the Realme 3 Pro. It's just as good, if not better. It performs a tad bit better and has a great camera for taking selfies and pictures. 4. Apple iPad Mini (2019 © Youtube Apple's new iPad Mini is undoubtedly one of the best tablets you can buy right now. The refreshed iPad Mini has a lot going for it. It's comfortable to use, it comes with a powerful chipset, supports Apple Pencil, and more. It's a great tablet for viewing content on platforms like Netflix/Youtube/Amazon Prime. It's a really good media device. Not really a gadget, but still a wonderful choice nonetheless: A Netflix Subscription © Pexels If you're planning on gifting her an iPad, then be sure to gift a Netflix subscription too. Like, c' mon, it'll be an awesome gift and it'll keep her entertained.
  2. Playing with electronic gadgets is fun. What if we tell you that the world of electronic gadgets and grooming is a wonderful place to be in? Here's a list of grooming gadgets that you should have in your kit. 1. Beard Trimmer © Amazon If you still shave your beard, it's time you explore the wonderful world of trimming. You might never want to come back. A trimmer works like magic in getting rid of the unwanted whiffs without scarring the face.You'll also be surprised by the flawless finish a trimmer gives. 2. Nose, Ear And Eyebrow Hair Trimmer © Amazon Now this one looks very different from the usual trimmers. You need these to get to to the nooks and crannies that a regular trimmer won't reach. Just use the trimmer to get all the irritated crop out. 3. Body Trimmer © Amazon One of the golden rules for using a trimmer is that the one you use for your face should be different from the one you use for the body. And honestly a trimmer is any day better than razor in giving you a smooth torso and other parts of your body. 4. Electric Flosser © Amazon An electric flosser gets those inside debris that a toothbrush can't. It works by way of ejecting water stream in your teeth that cleans the teeth with the help of the pressure involved. 5. Electric Toothbrush © Amazon An electric toothbrush works by way of a battery that operates and makes the bristles circle around your teeth. The cleaning is much faster and and steadier than it is manually. 6. Cleansing Brush © Amazon A cleansing brush is a gadget that works as a face bristle to clean your face and get rid of the dead skin cells from your face. It also reaches the skin beneath your beard and prevents painful ingrown hair. 7. Hair Dryer © Amazon Hair dryer is one of the most important gadgets that you should have in your kit. Be it the bed hair, the frizzy hair or the whiff, all of these can be styled with a hair dryer.
  3. Valentine's Day is around the corner and so is the pressure of gifting your special someone the perfect gift. This Valentine's Day, go beyond the traditional chocolates and gift them something unique. Gadgets are not only unique but also very utilitarian. It's something we can use every day. We don't just mean gift a mobile phone, there's a wide array of options to choose from, and we've compiled a list to help you out. 1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9: © Fujifilm This camera is sure to bring a lot of nostalgia, thanks to its analogue-type printing capability. You'll get a high-quality credit-card size photo instantly after clicking and it's a handy gadget to have during parties. It's equipped with a selfie mirror and comes with a close-up lens to take better selfies on the go. Automatic exposure measurement for aperture settings and high-key mode let you click portrait pictures as well and the most important is the retro-Instax pictures. Sharing these physical copies with everyone instantly is fun and very simple to use. 2. HP Sprocket: © HP It is a printer measuring smaller than your average 5-inch smartphone and it can print photos wirelessly from your phone. All you need to do is connect your phone to the printer and select a picture from gallery. It'll print the photo on a "zink" 2x3-inch paper (zero-ink) in a few seconds. The HP Sprocket app also has some nifty photo editing tools that allow you to add frames, filters, text, scribble or pre-loaded stickers or graphics onto the photo. The orientation is automatically adjusted to utilise the full size of the print. 3. HyperX Cloud Earbuds: © HeadphoneReview "Gaming" and "earbuds" are two words you don't often expect to hear together, but with mobile gaming on the rise, HyperX is trying to bridge this gap. It has a 4-feet wire, well designed and comfortable earbuds, and clear output. Via a 3.5mm jack, these can be used with almost every gaming console out there. The mic is loud and crisp and the earbuds have clean, clear and balanced audio. In game audio and music is loud enough and they are extremely comfortable to wear over longer durations. The earbuds provide a good balance between sound effects, voice work, and music. 4. Apple Watch: © YouTube The Apple Watch Series 4 is undoubtedly the best smartwatch one can buy right now. WearOS doesn't even come close due to shortcomings in terms of features and OEM support. With a new processor, the Series 4 is able to constantly look out for sudden movement and can detect a fall. The heart rate scanner also supports ECG measurement in certain regions. It runs on watchOS 5 out of the box, this brings in a new modular face, three minimal faces, and watch faces based on fire, water, and vapour effects. The speaker has been redesigned and is now 50 per cent louder and the mic too has reduced echo. 5. PlayStation 4: © Digital Trends It continues to be one of the most capable gaming consoles out there thanks to top-notch performance and good third-party game support. There has been a significant performance difference between the PS4 and Xbox One and developers have often preferred to launch for PS4 first. The PlayStation 4 Pro is the second iteration of the original console and supports advanced imaging technology and 4K gaming. Coupling along a few games too won't be a bad idea! 6. AirPods: © YouTube Another best-selling accessory from Apple, the AirPods are the most commonly seen wireless earbuds now. Thanks to its close integration with iOS and ease of use, the pair has become a must-have for almost everyone. They instantly connect to your phone and automatically shut down when you stop wearing them. The case can be wirelessly charged and has a small battery backup of its own, to charge the buds on the go. In terms of sound quality, the AirPods are above average and the mic is very clear. Hence casual usage shall never be an issue. 7. iPad Pro: © 9to5Mac Apple has swiftly transformed the iPad from an entertainment machine to a full-fledged work machine. Along with the keyboard, and insanely fast A12X chip, the iPad Pro is capable of getting everything done. Right from simple work documents to video editing, the tablet is blazing fast. With the Pencil, it becomes even more convenient to take down notes. The tablet is now being targeted for college, work, as well as on the go entertainment. Thanks to iOS, there's never going to be a scarcity of apps or games. 8. Netflix Subscription: © Netflix Lastly, a Netflix subscription is a must-have. The platform is everyone's favourite spot to binge watch shows and movies on weekends and for Valentine's couples out there, nothing beats Netflix and chill. Grab a bowl of popcorn, and cuddle up!
  4. The CES (Consumer Electronic Show) has been a medium to show-off new and upcoming technology from all over the world. Hundreds of companies unveil their products, and it's one of the most happening days for a tech aficionado. This year, we've witnessed rollable TVs, 8K TVs, party-ready speakers, and even a foldable phone. The announcements establish a roadmap for the coming year, and with intense competition, every brand wants to make a mark. On the other hand, the tradeshow also gets a tonne of quirky gadgets that'll make you wonder “…wait, what?” Here's a list of the weirdest gadgets we've seen at CES 2019: 1. Lovot: © Mashable This robot from Japan has one mission- make you happy. It's designed by a startup called Groove X and is supposed to behave like a real living thing. It has a cute teddy bear-like body with cartoon eyes, and in the company's words, is built to “nurture people's capacity to love”. Lovot uses a video camera mounted on its head to recognise the face of its owner and to avoid collisions. It's for people who are lonely and need someone or something to talk to. Loneliness is a rising issue in Japan where people are isolating themselves from the outer world because they feel left out. Groove X hopes that the robots, which cost US$ 6000 (Rs 4,20,000) for a pair, can become companions for Japan's ageing population, but is also planning to release the devices in the US in the future. 2. Inubox: © Inubox Pet dogs constantly require your attention, especially when they are young or untrained. You need to take them out for nature's call periodically, and Inubox aims to simplify this task for you. Inubox is presenting itself as an all-in-one indoor toilet for dogs. It can sense when a dog has done its business, then automatically bag up the waste while cleaning off the platform. The waste processed by Inubox is put in a closed bag that can be disposed of easily. By wrapping up the waste in bags, Inubox is designed to make sure your house has no trace of the smell of waste. The expected retail price of the gadget is US$ 1,200 (Rs 84,500). 3. LavvieBot: © LavvieBot Why should Dogs have all the fun? LavvieBot is an automated cat litter box that can clean up waste and refill the litter when the time comes. You'll have to clean up the machine every few weeks, but it helps in reducing the number of times cleaning has to be done. Instead of manually sifting litter every day, the LavvieBot has a self-scooping mechanism which scoops waste out of the main box at an interval of your choosing. It also comes with an app that claims to be able to monitor your cat's health by keeping track of its litter box use and weight changes. 4. Foldimate: © Foldimate Year after year we keep seeing the return of folding machines that intend to eliminate the daunting task of folding your clothes. Israeli tech start-up Foldimate has unveiled a robot that's capable of folding all sorts of clothing with minimal assistance. FoldImate will also fold standard size towels and pillowcases. Users simply feed their clothes into the opening near the top of the product before they appear neatly folded from a hatch near the bottom of the machine. The Foldimate will go on sale later this year and is expected to cost about $US 1,000 (Rs 70,000). 5. Lumen: © Lumen We've all wondered, what should we have dinner? It often becomes a difficult task to decide considering the number of options we have. To ease this, Lumen is a smartphone app that determines what foods you should eat based on the results of a breathalyser test. It also tells people things like how well they are digesting food or burning calories. The firm says this provides a way of monitoring a person's metabolism - the chemical processes that, among other things, convert food into energy. The breathalyser is available for purchase at a market price of US$ 250 (Rs 17,500). 6. Ovis Suitcase: © ForwardX Nobody likes to carry around luggage when travelling, especially when airports are getting bigger and bigger. To ease out transits, ForwardX has launched the Ovis suitcase that moves on its own. Unlike standard luggage, the Ovis Suitcase uses self-driving technology and algorithms to side-follow users anywhere, including airports, city streets, and hotels. On escalators and stairs, users can place their hand on the Ovis Suitcase handle to switch it to manual mode. Users can also wear a band that notifies the bag of your location and an in-built GPS module will always keep a track of your bag. The suitcase will be available for US$ 799 (Rs 56,000) from the second half of 2019. 7. Little Cat: © Gizmodo This another product is made, especially for cats. The Little Cat is a pet treadmill that tempts your cat onto its rotating ring using LED lights. Like a hamster chasing food, your cat then pads along the inside of the device. The gadget is made by South Korean company Pet Ding. The company intends to make your cat healthier by giving it the option to exercise even when you're not around. Though, it carries a hefty price tag of US$ 1,800 (Rs 1,27,000). H
  5. Diwali is almost here and most people are looking for something new for themselves or gifting their loved ones. Gadgets are a great gifting idea and ideal for any generation. Ranging from mobile phones to accessories to wearables, you have a huge inventory to choose from, and hence we've made it easier for you. We've compiled a list of top gadgets launched this year that are perfect for gifting. We've covered all budgets to make it as relevant as possible and included multiple use cases as well. 1. iPhone XR © MensXP While everyone has already perceived the iPhone XS and XS Max to be the best, the XR is definitely the most under-rated smartphone this year. It does seem like a cheaper iPhone from the outside, but its practical use is best in class. Apart from bigger bezels and an older backing, the iPhone XR is a beast from the inside. It is powered by Apple's latest A12 Bionic chipset, coupled with an even better LCD display. The X series iPhones have a dual camera setup, but the XR's single lens is no lesser. Want to gift someone a new phone? The XR is perfect because it's cheaper, yet equally powerful (Full Review). Buy from Amazon.in 2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II © MensXP You get the class-leading noise cancellation that Bose is known for, good sound quality, and incredible comfort. These are the most recommended ones if you travel a lot and want to sleep like a baby onboard a noisy aircraft. A few airlines actually provide these to their Business and First class passengers. It has a very good midrange along with excellent treble while the bass is slightly flat and thumpy, which is good for EDM and Dubstep music. It can play music for 20 hours on a single charge and supports Google Assistant natively. You can access the noise cancellation settings via the Bose Connect app and it also has a dual-mic system for clearer audio (Full Review) Buy from Amazon.in 3. JBL Flip 4 © YouTube JBL has a come a long way in slowly improving their Bluetooth speaker line-up and the Flip 4 is definitely worth a shot. The exterior has been designed for rugged usage and the construction feels very solid. For outdoor usage, this should be a perfect match. It can playback music for up to 12 hours on a single charge and is also waterproof. Powering it are two 40mm speakers on both the ends along with an accessible diaphragm that is also spill proof. The series is available in a host of colours as well. Buy from Amazon.in 4. Apple Watch Series 4 © Tom's Guide Apple Watch is undoubtedly the best smartwatch one can buy right now, this product has given Apple unmatched supremacy in the wearable market and with each new iteration, it's getting even more interesting. Not only does the new Series 4 have a bigger display, but also revamped software and new watch faces. The watch can now detect falls and trips and sends out an emergency SOS in case no movement is detected for a minute. The processor is even faster and Apple says the accelerometer and gyroscope are now further refined and calibrated to measure fitness activities more accurately (Full Review) Buy from Amazon.in 5. Fitbit Versa © Fitbit While the Apple Watch is a full-fledged smartwatch, the Versa is a cheaper option for those looking for a fitness-centric wearable. Being inline with the Fitbit reputation, the tracking modes and heart rate detection are extremely accurate and the Fitbit app further empowers you with a tonne of data. It can run on a single charge for at least five days, has a splendid OLED display, and the design is premium yet subtle. It can also display notifications on the go, and play music natively thanks to its 4GB internal storage. The app has a plethora of watch faces and customizations. Buy from Amazon.in 6. Pixel 3 & 3XL © Droid Life The new Google Pixel 3 is among the best Android phone's one can buy right now. In terms of hardware, the Pixel 3 might not seem to be a very big upgrade over last year's offerings, but the software optimisations and additions are what makes it very special. We can confidently say the Pixel 3 houses the best smartphone camera right now. The pictures are surprisingly too good, and it's all done via a single lens camera and software tweaks. Google has also made the phone a lot smarter and added a plethora of features NightSight, Call Screening, and Top Shot (Full Review) Buy from Flipkart 7. OnePlus 6T © BGR Another great pick if you're looking for an Android smartphone, the OnePlus 6T gets everything right. It has a class-leading design, sufficient performance, stable software, and average cameras. In addition to that, it has an in-display fingerprint scanner that is the fastest we've seen up till now. OnePlus has also expanded the battery slightly and tried their best to further refine picture output from the cameras. The Nightscape mode intends to develop better low-light images. For the price, the OnePlus 6T stand unchallenged in the segment. Buy from Amazon.in 8. Red Dead Redemption 2 © Rockstar Games After eight long years, a sequel is here and currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It a Western-themed action game built in an open environment. The game focuses heavily on player choice for the story and missions. It tells the tale of a gang of outlaws on the run during the dying days of lawlessness in late 19th century America. “It is an epic tale of honor and loyalty set in the dying days of the outlaw age,” has received critical acclaim from critics. Buy from Amazon.in 9. PlayStation 4 © Pexels The PlayStation 4 is still selling very strong all over the world because it is packed with the technical extravaganza that gives it the much-needed edge over the Xbox One. Sony's PS4 has a single chip AMD processor, the 'Jaguar', which boasts eight-core processors, and 8 GB DDR5 RAM. Yes, the PS4 has DDR5, meaning it will thwart its opponent with ease. PlayStation does seem to have an upper hand in comparison to Xbox, especially with its compatibility, secondary screen, and better games support. Buy from Amazon.in
  6. Google is about to launch a set of new devices at its annual event in New York next week and we have a fair idea what in store for all of us. There have been countless leaks that point towards a range of devices that are most probably launching alongside the Pixel 3. The 'Made By Google' event will surely feature the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, however, there are other devices slated as well. Google is expected to launch a new tablet called the 'Google Pixel Slate' along with a Google Home Hub Smart Display and more. Pixel 3 & 3 XL: What To Expect © YouTube The two flagship devices by Google are probably the most leaked smartphones in history and we have a few details that give us a fair idea — unless Google surprises us all together. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are going to have considerable upgrades under the hood and will have a familiar design when compared to its predecessor. Internally, both smartphones are going to be identical in terms of specification and will have differences when it comes to design. The Pixel 3 XL will have a larger screen and a notch at the top that will probably host face unlocking sensors. The smaller variant will have an all-display look, similar to the previous generation with smaller bezels. The camera on the two smartphones are going to host a similar single camera setup and the only noticeable change, will be in the front-facing camera. The notch at the front will host two camera sensors where one will be a wide angle lens. As anticipated, we can expect some exceptional photography from either of the cameras, as Google enhances images, thanks to the photography algorithm. As for the innards, the Pixel 3 is expected to have Qualcomm's 845 processor under the hood and will be coupled with at least 4GB of RAM. The Pixel 3 is expected to have an Adreno 630 GPU and 64GB or 128GB of storage. The two smartphones will come with Android 9 Pie out of the box which has always been Google's selling point. Google Pixel Slate © Twitter The Pixel Slate is expected to be Google's first tablet powered by Chrome OS and will compete with Apple's iPad Pro and Surface Pro. Based on Brydge (a company making compatible keyboards) renders, we know that it will have a minimal design and will use a USB-C port. It is also expected to have a fingerprint sensor and will support both third-party and first-party keyboards. © Twitter Under the hood, benchmark tests of the secret device reveal it will have an Intel Amber Lake i7-8500Y processor and 16GB of RAM. 9to5Google also found out from the Chromium source, that it will have a 3000×2000 display, Sony IMX319 secondary camera sensors and, Sony IMX355 primary sensor. Google Home Hub © MySmartPrice Google Assistant-powered smart displays were announced at CES 2018 and we saw our first product by Lenovo shortly after. Google is now going to announce its own version of a smart display and will probably be called “Google Home Hub”. The device was discovered by MySmartPrice and it will essentially be a 7-inch display with a speaker. It is expected to be available in black and white. In terms of specifications, there will be a switch on the back-left side that will turn off the microphone, similar to Google Home. It will have other features such as Bluetooth, Wi-FI, and ambient light and colour sense. What Else? © Twitter Google is also slated to announced a wireless charging stand for the Pixel 3 and 3 XL which hints that the new smartphone will have support for the said feature. Google is also expected to launch a follow-up to last year's Pixelbook. A refreshed Chromecast is also in the books as it was accidentally sold by a BestBuy employee recently. Are you expecting anything else from Google's hardware event next week? Are you excited about the Pixel 3 and other devices? Let us know in the comments.
  7. Sunny Leone is known for a lot of things. But, there is one facet of her life which has been largely overlooked. Who knew that Bollywood's very own Sunny Leone even had enough time to talk about fast cars, cool gadgets, and video games, let alone actually indulge in some of these teenage fantasies. © MensXP While Sunny now has three beautiful kids who are probably taking up all her time she's a huge fan of all things fast, cool and geeky. We sat with her for an exclusive interview and here's how it went: MXP: What's the fastest car you've got a chance to sit in? How fast did it go? Sunny: A Lamborghini. We weren't driving that fast because I was headed to an event, though. MXP: Everyone knows Sunny Leone - the actress and model, can you tell us more about Sunny - the speed junkie? Sunny: Well I like extreme sports and I also like really nice cars. I love the sound a car makes when you hit the gas. © MensXP MXP: What do you think of the iPhone X? Is it worth its price? Sunny: I like a lot of the features it has. A phone is something that we all use all day long so why not have one that is among the most advanced gadgets to date? I am not sure how many people will be able to afford it but for those who can i think they will enjoy it very much. I definitely want to upgrade my phone every year. MXP: Would you prefer going off-road or speeding down the highway? Sunny: Highway so that I can drive as fast as I want. I like fast smooth rides over bumpy ones. MXP: How important should grooming be for your ideal man? Sunny: Extremely. No ones likes to date someone who doesn't care about hygiene. I like to meet men who dress nice and are well groomed. MXP: If you could own any car in the world right now, what would you buy? Sunny: 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster Convertible. © YouTube - CanAm Motorsports MXP: What about video games? Are you every geek's dream come true? A hot gamer girl? Sunny: Yes I like video games very much. I love nerds and geeks. They are the ones that run this world and I love men who are really smart. I guess if you saw me at home playing games you might not think I was so hot. Gamers will understand.
  8. India is a country of festivals and soon we will be celebrating Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi), the festival where the sister ties a band on the wrist of the brother as a form of a bond. Gifts are a core part of the festival, and if you're still searching for something, we've got your back! We've compiled a list of gadgets that one can use in day-to-day life, to cover all kinds of budgets, be it an audio accessory or a smartwatch. 1. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 © Xiaomi If your sibling is a fitness freak or is trying to achieve a fitness goal, a tracker makes absolute sense. The Mi Band 2 comes with an OLED display, simply lift your wrist to see the time and tap the button for steps and heart rate. The improved pedometer algorithm is good at filtering out unnecessary movements as well. It is durable and resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust, and more. The glossy black display is UV-coated and resistant to scratches and fingerprints. It also has a new wristband design which is made of more skin-friendly material and doesn't slip out of your hands easily. The best part is the battery life, a single charge will last you at least a month. Buy from Amazon.in 2. Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 © Fujifilm The new Instax camera from Fujifilm has been recently launched in India and is highly recommended for everyone who loves the vintage feel along with the nostalgia of 'polaroids'. The camera has three shooting modes – double exposure mode, macro mode and landscape mode. It also has a selfie mode and you can check the capture area of your selfie in a mirror next to the lens. The film takes around 90 seconds to fully develop and the camera also features a 10-second delay timer. While Instagram and its square photos today are the norms, nothing beats having a physical copy of the Instax and marking it with a pen. Buy from Amazon.in 3. Energy Sistem DJ2 © Energy Sistem Your gaming and binge-watching sibling would not like anything more than noise isolating headphones which are compact and foldable, making their daily commute bearable while enjoying their favourite entertainment. They are connected via Bluetooth and the over-ear design that covers the ears completely providing exceptional comfort. According to the company, the headphones have a playback time of 17 hours. Buy from Amazon.in 4. LG G7+ ThinQ © LG This is one of the most under-rated phones of this year. Going up against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone, LG has made an exceptionally good product for the price. It is powered by the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset, has sufficient RAM, and a surprisingly good dual camera setup on the rear. From the front, it has tiny bezels, a notched FullView QHD+ display, and a sturdy metal construction. The phone also has IP68 water and dust protection along with boombox speakers. Buy from Flipkart 5. Kindle Paperwhite 6-inch © Amazon Reading is one of the most constructive hobbies one can have, and we all know that sibling who's always reading, and making life slightly more difficult for us. Well, the best gift for bookworms is a Kindle. A Kindle e-book reader not only can carry around hundreds of books, its battery life lasts days and days to come. The best part is, the display is a special e-ink panel that does not generate backlights like an LCD or an AMOLED, hence you can read for an hour and hours without straining your eyes. Buy from Amazon.in 6. Mi Power Bank 2i (20,000 mAh) © Xiaomi This huge battery pack costs just Rs.1499 and comes with a very neat design built using strong ABS + PC synthetic material. You can charge two devices simultaneously with a total output of 5.1V / 3.6A and when using a single port, it supports Quick Charge 3.0. Xiaomi claims it has up to an 85% conversion rate and an actual charging capacity of 13,000 mAh. It also supports low-voltage charging option for your wearable devices. Buy from Amazon.in
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