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Found 429 results

  1. Who would've thought that we would spend over seven months and counting, just working from home. For some of us, it is likely that we would be working from home till March next year or even longer. While that may be a comforting thought for some, it does have consequences as well. To begin with, it means that no one is going to be touching their formal wardrobe for at least another 4-5months. Instead more people will wear PJs or shorts during a zoom call and not let anyone know while at it. An interesting thing that you might have noticed is the fact that once you start wearing your PJs regularly, they wear off quickly. Something that never happened before, when we only wore nightwear in the night time. As these definitions change this year, loungewear is quickly becoming a priority for a lot of people this year. If you're someone who is looking to invest in loungewear, here are some options you should definitely look at. 1. Lively Quirky PrintsPJs have somehow always been synonymous with quirky prints. We're talking about anything and everything that you love. From your favourite meal (shoutout to pepperoni pizza) to that show you watched last night curled up in your bed. You can get loungewear that essentially represents your personality, there is just so much to choose from! __ECOMPRODUCT__718__ __ECOMPRODUCT__719__ __ECOMPRODUCT__452__ __ECOMPRODUCT__720__ __ECOMPRODUCT__721__ __ECOMPRODUCT__722__ 2. Solids For The WinThere is something about solid silhouettes that is just so calming. Here, we would recommend to move away from traditional solids and choose more unique colours that easily brighten up your day as soon you slip into your loungewear. We suggest: __ECOMPRODUCT__723__ __ECOMPRODUCT__724__ __ECOMPRODUCT__725__ __ECOMPRODUCT__726__ __ECOMPRODUCT__727__ 3. Go OldschoolRemember the night suit you used to wear as a child? While one option for Indian parents was to make old t-shirts and shorts your night suit, another included specially bought sets with stripes or old school prints like leaves and trees. Do you remember those prints? There is no harm in going back to those prints if they remind you of your blissful childhood. __ECOMPRODUCT__728__ __ECOMPRODUCT__729__ __ECOMPRODUCT__730__ __ECOMPRODUCT__731__ __ECOMPRODUCT__732__ View the full article
  2. What comes to your mind when you think of self-care? A woman taking long baths or a man binge-watching a series with beer and snacks on the weekend. The visual is different for everyone but the truth of the matter is that men are used to taking care of others but not themselves - at least in the traditional sense. Since we actualised manhood, we discovered that self-care is a basic human need. So here are some self-care tips for men who don’t mind celebrating themselves this year. __ECOMLOOKS__1826__ __ECOMLOOKS__1827__ __ECOMLOOKS__1828__ __ECOMLOOKS__1829__ __ECOMLOOKS__1830__ The BottomlineSelf-care is not an activity you can do for a day or two. It’s a mindset where you put yourself first. It might also be the most practical path to happiness. So, take it. Start these practices during the festive season and keep checking in with yourself! Explore More View the full article
  3. For a chubby cricketer who found himself at the crossroads early in his career, Virat Kohli has arguably come a long way to become one of the best in the business. His batting masterclass has earned him plaudits from some of the best in the business, while his leadership skills as the Indian captain has allowed his team to scale new heights in the modern era of the game. © Reuters The world of cricket is not alienated to cricketers rising through the ranks and taking their place amongst the greats of the game. But, there is something about the Delhi cricketer. It's not just the batting prowess of the Indian captain, but also his work ethic and discipline towards fitness that has allowed him to reach the pinnacle of the sport. View this post on InstagramPutting in some daily work to prepare for this heat 🔥. Btw pls tag and ask @tipo_morris why he's making those sounds in the background 😂.A post shared by (@virat.kohli) One of the fittest players around in international cricket, Kohli is an absolute livewire in the field. From converting ones into twos, batting for long hours to saving crucial runs in the field, Kohli has not only managed to reach his full potential, but has also sparked a fitness revolution in Team India. Currently leading the charge for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Kohli continues to capture the imagination of fans on the back of his exploits on the field. The cricketer is adorned by fans for the hard work he puts in the gym, but little is known as to how he manages to achieve the optimum output in every game. Well, not anymore. View this post on InstagramA timeline for optimum output game after game. Play ➡️ recover➡️ priming(prep) ➡️ play. Never under estimate the importance of a routine.A post shared by (@virat.kohli) Whether it's cricket, football or any other sport, every player adheres to a routine and Kohli is no different. Sharing a timeline of his routine, the RCB captain posted a picture of himself where he was seen working out with a dumbbell alongside a caption that read: "A timeline for optimum output game after game. Play - recover - priming(prep) - play. Never underestimate the importance of a routine". While adhering to a strict routine is working wonders for Kohli, the RCB, with the Delhi lad at the helm of affairs, is also making a merry in the thirteenth edition of the IPL. For a team that had finished last in the last two seasons, Kohli-led RCB is currently finding themselves on the third spot in the points table with five wins in seven matches so far. They'll be eager to extend their two-match winning streak when they take on Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) at Sharjah on 15th October. View the full article
  4. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown came into effect, a lot of people turned to gaming as their primary source of entertainment. This gave an opportunity to a lot of new games to come under the spotlight and one such underrated gem was Among Us. Most of us didn't know that a game called Among Us existed before it blew up quite a bit over the last couple of months. In fact, it's so popular now that it has become the most downloaded game of 2020, according to SensorTower. © Innersloth Among Us has garnered over 85 million downloads in the August-September period, which is absolutely insane. In fact, it has been holding its position on the top charts on both iOS and Android. View the full article
  5. Whatever movie Ryan Reynolds decides to do, we know it's going to be absolutely brilliant, we can trust him that much, at least. And, he's upholding that trust with his upcoming movie Free Guy. It not only has one of the most interesting premises, but it's also accompanied by an overall great star cast and it'll undoubtedly be one of the best movies to come out this year if it's announced release date isn't postponed. © 20th Century Studios Basically, Free Guy is about a video game where Ryan Reynolds plays a non-player character who works as a bank teller. Then, he becomes self-aware of his world and realizes that he's in a video game and tries to be a hero and save his world before its shut down by the developers. © 20th Century Studios It's as original as it can get, the story seems completely fascinating. The new trailer dropped recently and it has built up the anticipation for Free Guy even more. Oh, and it has Taika Waititi as a wacky villain, what's not to love? Here's a trailer for Free Guy, a new motion picture experience starring myself...... and some actual actors. #FreeGuy https://t.co/w75mqTtRhV — Taika Waititi (@TaikaWaititi) October 5, 2020 In short, we're basically screwed. And it only covers about 30 minutes of 2020. — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) October 5, 2020 A type of movie we all need right now. I didn’t think I’d be sitting here fighting tears, drinking my morning coffee, filled with a slight amount of hope because of a goofy video game-based movie trailer, but here we are. It’s been a weird four years, for sure. — Graham Williams (@threepio) October 5, 2020 Yep! No James Bond in 2020? No problem, when you’ve got @VancityReynolds https://t.co/3AXfIhfi8z — Jeff Hutcheson (@jeffhutcheson) October 5, 2020 That's the spirit. I’m wearing a hazmat suit and watching this in theaters idc https://t.co/2zzLLAc8O1 — Tim Chantarangsu (@TimothyDeLaG) October 5, 2020 Let's be real, we all need this. This looks so fucking good. For the love of God please let this stick the December release landing. I very well might NEED this movie. https://t.co/yxABeScQ85 — Paul Shirey (@arcticninjapaul) October 5, 2020 Oh, definitely. If ryan reynolds edited this trailer it would probably look something like this. No, better. pic.twitter.com/mnD4ixLpqv — Jayden Marvel (@GemBiscuits) October 5, 2020 Great plot. i will watch free guy for the plot the plot: pic.twitter.com/68GUpE12iG — kaz. (@joaquinsjoker) October 5, 2020 Hmm. Can't wait to see this at the drive-in, VOD, at home, on my couch, or renting an entire theater to view this glorious* movie! *not a paid endorsement. However, he does owe me a birthday present, and quite frankly, I want a giraffe. https://t.co/h2tNhTdUEj — Steven Spohn (@stevenspohn) October 5, 2020 Very Ryan Reynolds. this looks fucking ridiculous and I am here for it https://t.co/E4YjfslQRG — charlotte (@charlotteekeIIy) October 5, 2020 Yes. An excellent time to save the world. I’m looking forward to seeing this! https://t.co/psWcgL30Jp — Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) October 5, 2020 Taika Waititi is always a bonus. this movie looks kinda fun PLUS IT HAS TAIKA WAITITI https://t.co/LEdYDOt0Fa — Puffin (@puff1nn) October 5, 2020 Exactly. Deadpool Meets ReadyPlayerOne https://t.co/y3gZ5PGzwM — Athenah Winters (Trying to be Positive) (@AthenahWinters) October 5, 2020 View the full article
  6. One major complaint I’ve always had is the fact that each year one has to shell out Rs 4000 or upwards for a game that largely plays, looks and feels the same. However, Konami seems to have solved that problem with PES 2021 that is an update for last year’s edition. It comes with a squad update, new kits and the same gameplay from last year’s game. In fact, why would you want to fix something that isn’t broken and that is the case for PES 2021. Having said that, the game does lack the necessary rights to make it feel like a full football simulation game. We've been playing the game for over a week to get a fair idea about PES 2021 and how it’s an incredible game. © Konami The fact, PES 2021 feels so similar to last year’s edition we don’t know where to begin. It feels like a double-edged sword as it keeps loyal players of the franchise satisfied with familiar gameplay but without actually making enough changes to make it look like a new game. That’s probably why the game is cheaper than FIFA 21 and comes as an update to FIFA 2020. Even the menus, player screens, presentation, team introductions and modes are identical to last year’s game which may get boring after a while. © Konami However, when you play your first game, you will notice subtle differences from last year’s game. For starters, the game feels a bit slower and not like an arcade football game like FIFA. The AI is far more difficult to play on higher difficulty settings that also translates well when playing online. PES has always been known for its gameplay but we can’t say the same about the FIFA franchise. © Konami For example, passing needs to be precise and in our opinion through balls feel even more accurate than ever before. Similarly, when playing against the computer, you won’t come off with a huge difference in the scoreline as attackers use every skill and tactic to score a goal. There was a time when I was playing against Southampton, and the team was able to score two goals against me with ease, even though I’m well versed with the mechanics of the game. PES’ Player ID AI shows how it can make the game challenging even for seasoned players who think they might just be getting a season update this year. Ball physics also plays a major role in making the game more engrossing from last year. The ball movement feels more natural and does not feel just another accessory to the game. We mentioned earlier passing needs to be precise and a lot of it has to do with the ball physics. Whether you want to curve the ball, cross it for a header and set up through balls, you need to be precise with the pass direction and power. If you make a slight mistake in higher difficulties, you will be punished with a counter-attack that will be super hard to defend. Speaking of defending, it isn’t as easy as you would find in the FIFA franchise. You will only be able to succeed at defending if you concentrate and have enough patience. Button mashing will not help in this situation as you do need to make the right move at the right time. If you tackle too early, your opponent will breeze through and exploit the space you’ve given. Do it right, you can defend a high momentum counter-attack with ease. There is a slight learning curve here as defending effectively will be crucial for victories, especially in online matches. Online Competitive Matches © Konami Even though Konami has improved its online matchmaking system, this mode still needs improvement. Not only do you need a stable internet connection, but there are also some other problems we noticed this year. For example, players still collide with each other quite a bit, albeit it has improved from last year’s experience. There is also a bit of clipping problem with character models that occur in-game which could be fixed with a patch soon. We also noticed that the referee AI system also needs improvement as some clear fouls went unnoticed. To test if the referee AI system needs to improve especially in online mode, we purposely committed fouls that were let go by the referee. We only got a yellow card after our third foul which can make online games a bit frustrating. © Konami Konami has also expanded on its ‘MyClub’ feature which is their version of FIFA’s Ultimate Team. However, in PES 2021, you can instantly get set up with a world-class team with icons that may require you to grind a lot more in FIFA. Apart from this main difference, everything remains the same where you need to acquire players, open packs and compete with other players for more in-game currency and packs. We haven’t spent a lot of time in this mode, however we should have a better idea in the coming months. Lack of LicensesThe only complaint football simulation game fans have is the lack of key license in any PES game. To be honest, it doesn’t bother me that much, however to many it matters a lot. If the game does not feel or sound like any real football game, it will put off a lot of people. Having said that, players do feel like their real-life counterparts in the game. Messi runs and dribbles like Messi, Neymar plays like Neymar, Van Dijk feels like a wall like he does in real life. Licensed teams and partner clubs also look realistic and amazingly detailed. However, some player characters models look like they've seen a ghost. PES 2021 is a hit and miss in this category but none of it affects the gameplay. The Final Verdict PES 2021 feels and plays like an incredible football simulation game that does everything right. With great gameplay mechanics and familiarity, PES players will feel right at home. The game costs half as much as FIFA 21 and has given us a good alternative to yearly full-priced games that don’t change much year after year. Having said that, the lack of key licenses could annoy people who are seeking the full football simulation experience. PES 2021 is the ultimate football experience if gameplay matters to you more than vanity. View the full article
  7. Much like Microsoft, Google and Nvidia, Amazon announced their game streaming service that lets you play AAA games on any device without downloading any data. The service will first launch in the US but we’re going to make the same arguments we did for Google Stadia for it to come to India. © Amazon Like we said, making a case for Google Stadia to come to India, “Smartphone gaming is extremely important for Indian customers and Google's new service can potentially provide AAA gaming to an audience that can't afford to build gaming PCs or buy gaming consoles. For many, it will be a first-time experience that will no longer be exclusive to the affluent or the passionate gamer.” © Amazon With the advent of 5G right around the corner, the needed infrastructure for game streaming services will be available for mobile gamers in India. The FireStick TV is also a highly successful product in India which could also be used to stream games on Luna in Indian homes. Latency will be the obvious issue here that needs to be addressed which we can only know when Amazon launches Luna in the country. View the full article
  8. Think of thick, edgy, and scruffy beards, and the first thing that will come to your mind is the way Bollywood celebrities sport various beard styles, in all its glory. Ranvir Shorey, an out and out 'serious' actor who you probably won't associate with glamour, has been making waves recently. A quick look at his beard styles over the years and you would notice how the stellar actor has gone from a simple stubble to a full-grown salt and pepper beard. Here we take a look at 8 such instances when Ranvir gave many B-town hunks a run for their money. © Instagram/Ranvir Shorey 1. This recent picture of Ranvir's in a salt and pepper thick beard is a definition a 'statement beard'. The actor gave it a twist with slick-back hairstyle and pulled it off quite effortlessly. © Instagram/Ranvir Shorey 2. Ranvir looks sharp and suave, courtesy his Chevron moustache, that's inexplicably classy, and goes well with his well-groomed hairstyle. © Instagram/Ranvir Shorey 3. Short salt and pepper beard, with trimmed sides, is solid beard goals we have to say. © Instagram/Ranvir Shorey 4. Let's admit that Shorey can even pull off a simple stubble look. We are amazed! © Instagram/Ranvir Shorey 5. This natural moustache look with stubble and ruffled hairdo looks spot on. © Instagram/Ranvir Shorey 6. Can anyone do clean-shaven look, better than Ranvir? © Instagram/Ranvir Shorey 7. Buzz cut with a sophisticated beard? Look right at his picture for some dose of grooming awesomeness. © Instagram/Ranvir Shorey 8. One beard style that does the trick to make you stand out is French beard and if it has that silver fox tinge to it, there's nothing like it. Total win-win! View the full article
  9. PUBG, Counter-Strike, and Dota are said to be some of the most popular titles on Steam. They account for millions of active players every single day. But every so often, we see a game that just steals all the attention. Well, Fall Guys is one of those games. Fall Guys is essentially a Battle Royale game in which you enter the arena with a lot of other players and your objective is to survive till the end. But instead of surviving with weapons and smarts, your objective here is to make it through all the obstacles. © Devolver Digital Playing Fall Guys is basically as close as we'll ever get to going on Takeshi's Castle. You drop in with 59 other players and the rest is all about having fun out there. Here, watch this trailer - Each Fall Guys session takes place over five rounds of elimination contests. In every round, you control a bean-shaped "fall guy". You'll jump through obstacle courses, swinging between platforms and pendulums trying to throw you off the game. It's a lot of fun to play, especially with your friends. The team behind Fall Guys said they saw 1.5 million players within the first 24 hours of the release. That's an insane number considering the fact it came out of nowhere. Steam database numbers reveal that Fall Guys is more popular than GTA 5 and has a more concurrent number of players. When we say Fall Guys is experiencing a lot of traffic... We had over 1.5 million new players in the first 24 hours! We're working on our first patch for the game, listening to ALL of your feedback and ideas, and are super grateful to everyone who's supported so far! ️ pic.twitter.com/OpD714xu26 — Fall Guys (@FallGuysGame) August 5, 2020 Fall Guys even comes close to PUBG. It may not have surpassed PUBG, but the fact it's already up there on the top means that it's a lot more popular than PUBG too. There's also a lot of buzz around it online, more than PUBG ever had. Fall Guys is available for just Rs 529, which we think is a really good price. It's a lot of fun to play and we think it's one of the best online games out there right now. Be sure to check it out if you're looking for something new to play with your friends. The game is available to play on PC and PS4. Check out Fall Guys on Steam View the full article
  10. Remember playing Super Mario Bros. as a kid? Well, a mint sealed copy of the game just sold decades later and is now the most expensive game ever sold. The US version of the 1985 game that was never opened auctioned for $114,000 or Rs 45 Lakh. It broke the record previously held by a copy of the same game in similar condition. A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. just sold at auction for $114,000, which is a new record for the sale of a single game. Bet the owners of the $100,000 one, which is an earlier printing, feel great today. pic.twitter.com/lVdcla8d19 — Chris Kohler (@kobunheat) July 10, 2020 The sealed copy of this particular game was graded 9.4 out of 10; a near-perfect condition the way it was sold in 1985. The game had its original packaging and came with all the instructions booklet and the original cardboard hang tab. The auction house Here’s Heritage gives a good description of the historic game that sold at their auction: “What’s the deal with cardboard hang tabs? one may, understandably, wonder. Cardboard hang tabs were originally used on the US test market copies of black box games, back before plastic was used to seal each game. As Nintendo began to further establish their company in the US, their packaging was updated almost continuously. Strangely, the addition of the plastic wrap came before the box cutting die was altered to remove the cardboard hang tab. This rendered the functionality of the cardboard hang tab completely useless, since it was under the plastic seal. There are four sub-variants of the plastic sealed cardboard hang tab box (this particular copy of Super Mario Bros. being the “3 Code” variant) that were produced within the span of one year. Each sub-variant of the cardboard hang tab black box, produced within that timeframe, had a production period of just a few months; a drop in the bucket compared to the title’s overall production run. © Nintendo and YouTube In short, the cardboard hang tab copy of any early Nintendo Entertainment System game brings a certain air of “vintage” unrivalled by its successors.” Being an early version of the game since many variants came out, later on, makes it even more valuable. The game not only has great nostalgia factor, but it was also the highest-selling game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. We don’t know who purchased the game for such an exorbitant amount as wealthy collector tend to stay anonymous. Do you remember owning a cartridge of Super Mario Bros.? Well, you never know it might be worth something if its in the right condition. View the full article
  11. We reviewed The Last of Us Part 2 (TLOU2) last week and found the game to be a visual masterpiece with a compelling story. During our gameplay one thing was for sure, TLOU2 was an experience you will rarely find in video games. The game made us question our motivations and even made us care for things we normally donât in video games. © MensXP Naughty Dog, creators of the Uncharted series and the developer of TLOU2 have gone to extreme lengths to pay attention to details. However, with any new game release, youâre often conflicted whether you should buy a game at release or wait for it to get cheaper to play sometime later. We make the case for the game which will hopefully get you excited for the game and get it when it launches this Friday: 1. Awesome Gameplay © Youtube_Naughty Dog In our review, we mentioned that this game feels ultra-smooth and just intuitive when it comes to gameplay. The world features a semi-open environment where you will have to sneak around enemies to get to your objective. You can either hide and play with a stealth play style or go in guns blazing. However, to survive each battle, you need to have enough resources to craft medkits, ammo and attachments for your weapons. While the gameplay may not seem too different from a traditional stealth game, the game gives you the freedom to craft, strategise and kill enemies on the fly. The fact that you may not have enough resources to survive the battle adds extra breadth to the gameplay that forces you to think before you act. 2. It Looks Beautiful © Naughty Dog If you ever wondered how good a game can look on the PlayStation 4, you donât need to look further than The Last of Us Part 2. You will be visiting a city in the game that has been overrun by nature since a lot of time has gone by since the outbreak. The environments and textures are extremely detailed in this game and are simply awe-inspiring. If you ever wanted a game that looked like a movie, the facial animations of each character will blow you away. These sort of details make a game immersive and you wonât be disappointed while playing The Last of Us Part 2. 3. Itâs Not A Short Game © Naughty Dog Most of us are under some form of lockdown and there are only so many TV shows and movies that you can watch. There may have been a point where you wanted to play a game where you can spend hours and still experience a great story. The Last of Us Part 2 can last for about 25 hours depending on the difficulty level and if you are a completionist like me; you can expect to spend anywhere between 30-35 hours in the game. Even if you play for a few hours every day; you are sorted for the next few weeks where you get to experience a story and enjoy awesome gameplay. 4. You Donât Need To Play The First Game © Naughty Dog Yes, The Last Of Us Part 2 is a sequel to the original that launched seven years ago, however, you donât need to play the original for the second part of the game. Naughty Dog has included enough callbacks and flashbacks that get you up to speed with Ellie and Joelâs story. However, we do recommend playing the original as it just adds to the overall narrative and is a masterpiece in its own right. 5. A Compelling Story © Naughty Dog We canât talk much about the game, however, we will repeat what we said in our review last week. Hereâs what our review said: âWhatever our ultimate goal was at the start of the game changed drastically towards the end of the story. I wanted to achieve that goal with the utmost brutality, without any mercy and any remorse. However, some events in the latter half of the game make you rethink everything. It's a great showcase of Naughty Dog's skill of humanising games and storytelling that screws with your mind.â 6. It's Brutal © Naughty Dog Whenever we played this game we felt sick in the stomach because of the gore and life-life graphics. Usually, in games, you kill enemies and move on the next objective, however, in this game, dealing with enemies can become taxing. You can feel every blow on your controller and at times even feel bad for killing enemies simply because of it being brutal. There are times when you will have to deal with dogs and killing them to survive is a heart-wrenching experience. In our review, we said âThese dogs have names and you can feel the anguish in the tone of the owner after discovering its death. This feeling hits home with any animal lover who has lost a pet in the past which was the case for me as I lost my dog a few months ago." TLOU2 will be available to people to play in India on June 19th Friday 9:30 AM IST. The game will be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store, Amazon India, Games The Shop or your local games retailer. View the full article
  12. There are two things Indians swear by - cricket and Bollywood. With each enjoying its dedicated fandom, followers often find common ground through sports dramas or biopics. But what happens when cricket and entertainment overlap in real-life? While it seems almost impossible for that to have a memorable outcome, some people have tapped into the unexplored territory and given way to a whole new world. When sportsmen step into the world of entertainment by lip-syncing to popular songs and recreate memorable Bollywood scenes, the level of excitement is unreal. Check out these 5 Indian cricketers who've now become popular TikTokers as well and know how to entertain their fans both on and off the field: 1. Manoj TiwaryTikTok ID - @swagstarmanojtiwary Who would have thought that apart from wielding the bat, Manoj Tiwary could also crack us up with his antics in front of the camera? We must say, the dude isnât so bad when it comes to lip-syncing or lending an ear to his wife, so whole-heartedly. @swagstarmanojtiwary ##gendaphool ##tiktokindia @roy_susmita7 ⬠Genda Phool - Badshah 2. Yuzvendra ChahalTikTok ID - @yuzvendrachahal Well, who isnât aware of Chahalâs hilarious TikTok videos which get him brutally trolled by his fellow teammates on multiple occasions? But no matter how hilarious his videos may be, we have to admit that Chahal manages to get a good laugh out of us every time. @yuzvendrachahal First tik tok video with dad ðDaD & Son â¤ï¸ ##quarantine ##familytime ##staysafe ⬠original sound - SOHAIL SHAIKH 3. Irfan PathanTikTok ID - @irfanpathan_official Irfan Pathan is definitely nailing his TikTok game with some really fun videos, which often feature his brother and former cricketer Yusuf Pathan. He is pretty active with his posts and definitely knows how to pack a punch in his videos. @irfanpathan_official Password nahi dena... ##home ##quarantine ##brothers ##life ⬠Main to sirf password baata raha tha - sirajkhan1933 4. Mohammed ShamiTikTok ID - @mdshami11 One look at Shami and no one would think this demure-looking fast-bowler can be so easy-going and confident in front of the camera. Shamiâs TikTok feed is a mix of music videos, funny lip-syncing videos and even some personal videos for his followers. @mdshami11 ##tiktokindia_ ##tik_tok_india ##cricketlovers ##staysafe ⬠original sound - Viren 5. Aakash ChopraTikTok ID - @aakashchopra We know that the former cricketer is a fine commentator, but who would have expected him to be so artsy when it came to acting with his wife and lip-syncing to iconic Bollywood dialogues? Aakash surely knows how to make the best use of the platform and weâre not complaining. @aakashchopra ##mrandmrschopra Ek machchar Aadmi ki zindagi bana sakta hai ï¸ð¤£ ⬠original sound - Suravi View the full article
  13. The very first initial build of Android started developing sometime in 2003 when feature phones were still mainstream. While today we know it as the most popular operating system for smartphones, it wasnât the case in the early/late 2000s when the operating system was still in its nascent stages. While it was still being developed in secret, the operating system catered to popular phones at the time, albeit for phones that physical buttons and keypads. In fact, Android did not support touch screen interactions until the first iPhone launched in 2007. © Wikipedia Commons We know this thanks to documents made public from Apple and Samsungâs patent trial which detailed how Android worked at the time. In the specification sheet from the trial, Google clearly stated that âTouch screens will not be supported.â This document by Google was distributed to potential hardware manufacturers including Samsung that stated: "The product was designed with the presence of discrete physical buttons as an assumption.â The document was shared prior to the first iPhoneâs launch in 2006. âHowever, there is nothing fundamental in the product's architecture that prevents the support of touchscreens in the future,â Google added. The iPhone Effect © Apple The very first iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs in January 2007 which showed a radical new phone that was mostly made up of screen and metal. The phone was aptly called âiPhoneâ and it was Appleâs way to showcase its version of the touchscreen control. Touchscreen phones existed before the first iPhone however the experience was not as cohesive as the iPhone. It was the first phone that was fully controllable by the touch screen thanks to Appleâs custom operating system for the device. © EverythingApplePro At the same time, Android prototypes looked nothing like the iPhone as they resembled BlackBerry smartphones with small screens and a QWERTY keypad. The first commercially available Android smartphone i.e. the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 launched in 2008 with physical buttons and no touchscreen support even though it had a 3.2-inch touchscreen display. However, as soon as the first iPhone became a great success, we saw Android transform its interface and basic functions to support touchscreens. If it werenât for the iPhone, we would have never really seen Android-based touch screen phones as early as we did. View the full article
  14. Baldness is a common enemy for all and well, even the Bollywood industry hasnât been spared. Thereâs no denying the fact that hair is an important asset for any actor. And for some of these actors that hasnât been the case. They struggled with baldness or patchy hair at a very early stage in their career. Initially they hid that using different tactics like wigs or caps, but soon their career game in Bollywood drastically improved after they took the courageous step of getting hair transplants done. Here is a list of such 5 Bollywood celebrities who made a surprising comeback with a head full of hair: 1. Amitabh BachchanThe âShahenshahâ of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan comes to the mind first in this category. In the late 90s, a lot was happening in the actor's life and almost everything was going downhill. His movies flopped, his company went bankrupt and his hair also started falling. But, soon that changed in the year 2000, with his comeback with popular TV quiz show 'Kaun banega Crorepati'. There was a visible change in his hair and the bald spots were gone. © Quora, KBC show 2. Salman KhanYes itâs hard to believe that B-townâs daring Chulbul Pandey had to deal with hair issues. In the year 2007 a rumour about Salman getting a hair transplant was doing rounds. After sometime he was spotted with several scars on the scalp that made people believe the rumours were not just rumours after all. According to reports, the actor got his hair transplanted in 2007 in Dubai. © Pinterest, AFP 3. Akshay KumarThe 52-year-old actor flaunted a crop haircut for a very long time after his hair woes began in his 40s. There were even rumours of him wearing wigs but it is said that the actor ultimately had to opt for the hair transplant which changed his looks drastically. © Viral bhayani 4. Kapil SharmaTelevisionâs popular face Kapil Sharma has gone through a lot of changes in terms of his physical appearance over the years. Today he is one the best comedians in the country, however, in the initial years of his career he suffered from early baldness. Soon he underwent a hair restoration procedure. Now he has forayed into Bollywood as well. © The Great Indian Laughter Challenge show, Tha kapil sharma show 5. Himesh ReshammiyaAn exceptional music director, lyricist, composer, producer, singer, and screenwriter, Himesh has donned several hats over the years. However, remember his signature look, the cap? Turns out the multi talented Himesh was hiding his baldness in style! For a very long time the caps became his trademark. But, once Himesh started getting movie offers, he went for the hair transplant. Soon there was a dramatic change in his physical appearance. © YouTube, Twitter View the full article
  15. People will do anything to secure a win in their favourite battle Royale game and Modern Warfare Warzone is facing problems due to hackers on PC. While this problem would only affect PC gamers in other games, Warzone comes with a cross-play feature that lets console gamers play with PC players as well. However, the game is now flooded with hackers that use aimbots and wallhacks to know the position of every player in the map and automatically aim to get over 50 kills in games. Hackers are able to automatically hit enemy heads, shoot through walls and play without recoil and are not getting any ban in return. © Reddit In our session, out of 6 games, three of them had multiple hackers that ruined the experience for us. Thatâs 50% of our sessions that involved hackers in the game. The problem is that there is no way to report players from within the game and Infinity Ward, the developer behind the game is not actively banning hackers. Even though the developer has banned 70,000 accounts that were using these hacks, the numbers are increasing exponentially. © Activision This form of hacking is only possible on PC due to which console players are now turning off the cross-play feature to avoid these hackers. However, due to the feature turned off, console players are finding fewer sessions as they are now confined to their platform (Xbox or PS4) only and there arenât enough players in every region to fill up these sessions. Hereâs a good example of how these cheats and hacks work in Call of Duty Warzone: Another Day, Another Game with Cheaters. IW, You NEED to disable cross-play with PC until you fix this. from r/CODWarzone Call of Duty fans are now urging developers to implement a better anti-cheat system that actually works and disables cross-play functionality with PC gamers. Since the game is free for everyone, hackers can simply make a new account and continue to cheat in the game. View the full article
  16. Calling a remake of a game the 'greatest game of this generation' is quite bold and sometimes risky, but in the case of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, that statement will hold true even after a decade. While I had played the original way back in 1997 as a child, I didn't remember the finer details of the game before I started playing the review copy of this game. The original was by far the biggest game I had ever played as a child. However the remake of the game made me remember why I loved the game in the first place. I've always been a fan of great story-telling and Square Enix hit it out of the park with their latest release. To the uninitiated, this may feel like a cash-grab since most remakes tend to be that, but Square Enix made enough changes and additions to warrant the remake a must-buy game this generation at full price. © MensXP_Square Enix Remaking a game is quite ambitious, simply because fans of the franchise have many memories attached to the original. It is an enormous task to remake a game and satisfy fans of the game; which Square Enix manages to achieve easily with the reimagination of Final Fantasy 7. It's more of a modern interpretation of the classic story we love but is far more expansive when it comes to the lore. It is a faithful remake that also detaches itself from the original with much flair and grace. Every character, iconic locations is a reminder of everything that was left to the imagination way back in 1997. Every key location is instantly recognisable and it leaves you awe as modern graphics make the environments look more realistic, believable and immersive than ever before. © MensXP_Square Enix The game follows and tells the story of Cloud Strife, a sword-for-hire mercenary that is working with an eco-terrorist/eco freedom fighter group 'Avalanche' to destroy the Mako reactors owned by the evil corporation Shinra Power Company. The company has been harnessing the power of Mako (a precious resource of the planet) and rules the region of Midgar with fascists laws and beliefs. Mako Energy is the life source for the planet and Shinra's greed for higher profit margins is killing the planet which motivates the eco-freedom fighter group to destroy reactors across the city to put an end to Shinra's abuse of the precious resource. While the plot of the game remains similar to the original, Square Enix has added entirely new sequences to flesh out the plot even more. For example, after blowing up the first reactor, you get to walk through the upper-city of Midgar and see how citizens react to the loss of the reactor. You see a part of the city in flames and see direct consequences of your decision to blow up the reactor. Some sequences shed more light on Avalanche's motivations and give more background on the politics of Midgar. Some sequences even have revelations that were not addressed in the original which makes this remake worth the full price. Square Enix explores many grey areas with the story this time around; making it a more compelling story than ever before. © MensXP_Square Enix Having said that, some additions have been added to extend the overall gameplay time where the content is more fluff than having any relevance to the story. While these sequences aren't really important, it still was fun to play these sequences right before major climax moments. Sure, some people may find these moments annoying, however, we found it to be extra lore to soak in that was not present in the original game. © MensXP_Square Enix To make a plot compelling, the voice acting, cut-scenes and key moments need to be executed to perfection. Square Enix managed to achieve this with great moments in the story thanks to great voice acting for characters. We originally played the game in English but could not feel the emotional connection as the voice-acting was not at par. However, in Japanese, the voice-acting takes key moments to the next level. You can feel the emotion in each dialogue and instantly get familiar with close relationships between Tifa, Barret, Wedge, Biggs, and rest of the supporting cast. There's a lot humour, romance, drama and tension between the main cast which adds to the overall plot during key moments. © MensXP_Square Enix While the story is very engaging that kept us going, the gameplay mechanics was another factor that played a key role in wanting us to play the game non-stop. The battle system has changed from the original where it is more action-orientated than turn-based however it does amp up the difficulty at the same time. You can perform melee attacks and pause the game with the X button to get into the more strategic mode. While slowed down, you can switch between character and perform magic attacks, special abilities and assess your enemies to formulate a strategy. We advise using the “Assess materia" as the very first ability in every battle to figure out the weaknesses of your enemies. This new battle mode is highly addicting and makes you want to plan every battle you approach. What makes this battle-system work is the fact that is extremely fluid. If the new battle-system was more obtrusive, our opinion would have been entirely different. © MensXP_Square Enix The key to beating every opponent is to figure out their weaknesses and staggering them in order to bombard them with attacks as they are unable to defend themselves. This is also applicable to bosses and sometimes you will find yourself battling for 30 minutes at times due to the complex nature of battles and the fact that bosses keep transferring changing their weaknesses with each transformation. Changing characters during battles is absolutely crucial as it gives more time for your main character to heal up. When changing to a different character, the enemy AI automatically changes focus to the character you're controlling which can be handy during intense battles. Whether you are a Final Fantasy fan or not, we encourage everyone to experience the game and the story whenever they can. The game's narrative is very friendly for newcomers as well and doesn't need you to know the lore from previous games. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake may not be superior to the original due to the fact it isn't the full story and Square Enix will release is subsequent episodes sometime later. It still manages to come close and accomplishes what was expected from Square Enix. It exists alongside the original gracefully and is a must-play for every gamer who likes good stories. The Final Say With beautiful graphics, immersive worlds, awesome gameplay and believable characters, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a faithful yet bold remake of the original. It improves upon its origins and offers new experiences that make the game a faithful remake of the original. The game excels at retelling a story in a more modern setting with a great combat system that complements the overall game beautifully. With compelling voice-acting, well-directed cut-scenes and fluid gameplay, it is by far the best game of this generation yet. PSA: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, shipments of Final Fantasy 7 Remake's physical copies to India have been delayed. However, you can still grab a copy by topping up your PlayStation Wallet. View the full article
  17. Dating has shifted base to the online arena and there is no going around it unless you want to remain single, or remain single for a long time. Now, to get the ball rolling and set up those dates with the girl you like, you need to first, let them know youâre interested in them. How do you do that? By flirting! And as long as you can pull off being a non-creepy, non-offensive flirt, trust me, you can get any girl. If you want to get started and up your online flirting game right now, follow these 5 easy tips to flirt successfully and land a date with your crush: 1. Keep The Rule Of Reciprocity In Mind © Pexels The one thing you can never lose sight of while flirting, be it online or otherwise, is the Rule of Reciprocity as I like to call it. The idea is to pay attention to whether your crush or potential date is equally involved and interested in the process. Remember to start off gently, and amp it up only when you see them showing genuine interest. 2. Ditch Playing Safe © Pexels Right from hitting her up for the first time to getting the conversation rolling, donât go by the âfoolproof flirting tricksâ your friends handed down to you. Crack a conversation with a funny but not insensitive comment about her profile, and build it up by talking about your interests over time. If at any point you feel like you need to take things up a notch, try sharing stuff on what interests her and you think she would enjoy checking out. 3. Let The Emoti (cons) ons Flow © Flickr Not only do women enjoy emoticon-heavy conversations, but using them can also help you understand your woman better. It makes the conversation lively and less boring, besides helping you play it safe and keep the conversation open. Get that emoticon game on. 4. Risk It With Sexual Undertones, But Go Easy © Pexels This is only when you have been going to and fro with the sweet messages for a while now. Just because youâre in the online flirting zone doesnât mean you canât drop in a few lines with sexual undertones here and there. But beware, know where to draw the line. Instead of going at it with full guns blazing, turn things around by pointing out her ânaughty sideâ when she shares something adventurous. 5. Swear By The âMysteriousâ © Pixabay While itâs great to be talking and hitting it off with all the right moves, the trick here is to make it lasting enough to lead to an actual date eventually. So, donât spill your beans all at once. Stay honest but also keep up the mystery. View the full article
  18. When stuck at home, you need to keep yourself going no matter how hard boredom hits. Some people cope with movies and TV shows, I cope with playing games. Most of the time you will find me playing games as it is required by my job but is also something I'm deeply passionate about. Gaming keeps my brain stimulated and is the perfect source of entertainment/distraction when you need it most. While being stuck in quarantine, I've been playing some heavy-duty games like Call of Duty Warzone, Doom Eternal and other intense games. However, you can't keep playing these games all day as it can get exhausting and eventually raise your blood pressure level. However, a new game called Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched last week for the Nintendo Switch. It is a sandbox relaxing game where you live a virtual life by building your own island, cutting trees, go fishing or planting flowers. It was my first time playing an Animal Crossing game but I've played similar sandbox games in the past like Minecraft, Stardew Valley and Farming Simulator. The game has been my saviour during the lockdown simply because it lets me do things I cannot do in my real life. © MensXP Animal Crossing enabled me to bond with friends using its in-game postal service and let me build a world I felt was beautiful and chaotic at the same time. The game gave me a purpose where I had to go collect fruits from my farms, catch fish to sell and cut wood to build tools. I even have a daily routine in the game; something most people tend to struggle with when stuck at home. Having a daily routine in the game let me focus on my goals and kept me entertained at the same time. To some, these may sound like chores but for me, it sounded like something that will keep me busy most of the day. AC: New Horizons offers me an escape from the real world that is currently filled with bitter news. It is a way for me to interact with my friends daily while doing activities together. In the game, we have the ability to visit other people's island and it is always exciting to see what others are doing. Animal Crossing merely imitates life, just on a virtual level. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla You start off with a tent on the island and you can gradually build a house by taking out a loan, just like real life. By collecting fruit, fish, bugs, fossils and trees, you can pay off your loan easily and then upgrade your house with another loan. Speaking of houses, the game also lets you decorate interiors with objects, paintings and furniture to create the perfect abode for yourself. The game has very basic objectives like building bridges, organise a pop concert, getting new neighbours, catch bugs, go fishing, chop wood and the only time you may face problems is when encountering a tarantula or a wasp. Animal Crossing does not ask too much out of you and doesn't feel like a game you will ever get tired of. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla While I understand not everyone owns a Nintendo Switch or can get their hands on one right now, there are similar games that offer a similar experience. One of the all-time favourite games Stardew Valley is available on both iOS and Android. It is very similar to Animal Crossing where you have to farm fruits and vegetables, contribute to the town with donations and even get married to your desired partner. Stardew Valley is the perfect sandbox game that comes closes to delivering a similar experience as Animal Crossing. The game is a one-time purchase and does not come with any micro-transactions that can hinder your progress. Similarly, Minecraft is another sandbox game that is available for mobile where you can build your own town on a deserted island. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla If you've been bored to death during this lockdown, a game like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley can be your saviour. It encourages living a virtual life with relaxing music and daily tasks that are not only rewarding but addicting, as it helps you in building a better home for you and your friends. View the full article
  19. We all know that star kids get as much attention as any other B-town celebrity. Even if they are not a part of the movie industry just yet, the paparazzi always ensure they are snapped and this gives us an insight into what their lives are like. Having said that, with a majority of star kids out there, Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan's son, has never failed to amaze us. He has been in the spotlight for a while now and even though he hasn't marked his debut yet, we are constantly updated about his whereabouts through social media. What makes his feed even catchier, is the fact that most of the pictures that he posts remind us of Shah Rukh Khan. Be it his looks or his way of dressing, Aryan clearly knows how to ace all sorts of silhouettes and give fierce competition to his father with his fashion game. Here's a compiled list of all the times when Aryan Khan aced the fashion arena with his sartorial eccentricities. View this post on Instagram Happy Mothers day #gaurikhan A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on May 12, 2019 at 12:07am PDT 1. Remember the time when we spotted all celebrities at Akash Ambani's engagement party? Well, our favourite star kid wasn't far behind in the fashion league. This well-fitted blue suit with a black-tie, shows that he is truly King Khan's son as he knows how to elevate his style statement, no matter where he goes. View this post on Instagram #suhanakhan #shahrukhkhan #aryankhan #gaurikhan #abramkhan #ananyapanday #saraalikhan #janvikapoor #iamsrk #naturephotography#naturalhair A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on May 24, 2019 at 9:41am PDT The saying 'like father, like son', is seen quite explicitly in this picture. This one, for example, is encapsulated quite well with a leather bomber jacket topped with denim pants and a basic T-shirt. On the other hand, SRK's way of wearing the jacket with cargo pants is relatable too. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on Mar 17, 2019 at 8:19pm PDT We cannot take our eyes off that jawline. Add to that, oversized orange jacket for winter days, sums up this picture in the most pleasing manner. While we have seen SRK wearing such silhouettes, this one from Aryan's closet, shows where he gets his inspiration from. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on Jul 1, 2018 at 8:37am PDT Balenciaga sock sneakers are hands down the most versatile pair of sneakers we have seen and it looks like the trend of wearing them runs in the Khan family. A look at this picture and you would see how Aryan, AbRam and SRK are all wearing the same sock sneakers in different colours. This is beyond words for us! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on Jan 28, 2018 at 3:04am PST Aryan looks like SRK's spitting image in this one. Also, the way he is sporting the smart casual outfit is truly raising the temperature. A white shirt with undone buttons, layered with a black blazer is an instant way to stand out. If this is not tempting enough, we don't know what is! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aryan Khan (@__aryan____) on Mar 24, 2020 at 7:30am PDT Aryan clearly doesn't need any more fashion lessons as he has already struck a chord with us with his choices. This one, where he has layered a grey denim jacket over an oversized Givenchy red hoodie and camouflage pants is athleisure fashion at its best. Hats off! View the full article
  20. The 46-year old actress who played Ellaria Sand in the widely famous HBO fantasy series recently confirmed that she has been tested positive for coronavirus
  21. Call Of Duty: Warzone is literally taking the world by storm right now. It's the hottest new battle royale title to attract millions of players worldwide just in its honeymoon phase. Yesterday, the developers revealed that the game had managed to hit 15 million players worldwide. Now, that's an insane number because it hasn't even been that long since it came out. Heck, it hasn't even been that long since people knew that it existed. Activision managed to keep the game under the curtain for a long time. They revealed the game just a day before the release. We crossed 15 million players earlier today, thank you #Warzone fans. #FreeCallofDuty pic.twitter.com/6Xw7MyFk2C â Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) March 14, 2020Honestly, nobody knew that it even existed until 4 days back. And now, it already has 15 million players playing it worldwide. That's more than double the 6 million who'd started playing it in the first 24 hours. Just to put things into perspective, Respawn's Apex Legends was up to 10 million players in its first three days. And Fortnite, on the other hand, took weeks to get attract 10 million players. Obviously, the number will go down over the days, as it did for Apex too. © Activision After all, not all games can get a steady source of traffic and build a following so quickly. It's just a matter of time when the hype goes down. COD Warzone will have truly made it the day it achieves Fortnite's level of popularity and relevance in the world. It's highly unlikely, but we bet Activision will do anything in its power to achieve some crazy numbers. View the full article
  22. Game streaming is a relatively new way to play games, with players like Google, Nvidia and Microsoft leading the way with their own services. Microsoft has been testing console game streaming in India too, however we now finally have more news about its streaming service in regard to India. Microsoft has been rumoured in the past to be working with Jio to bring project xCloud to India and it was finally confirmed by the company to The Mako Reactor. © Microsoft âYes, we confirmed the news of our intent to bring Project xCloud to Indian gamers with Reliance Jio as part of our Future Decoded event in Mumbai in late February,â a spokesperson for the company told 'The Mako Reactor' in a statement. âWe announced this intention to come to India at X019 London in November, and will have more news soon on how and when this will play out for your local market.â Weâve argued previously that game streaming would be an ideal fit for the Indian gaming scene when Google Stadia was first announced. India is one of the biggest markets for smartphones and mobile gaming has taken off in the country, thanks to games like PUBG Mobile. India is potentially the biggest untapped market for game streaming as it will give millions of mobile gamers a way to play AAA games on their phones. © Microsoft Indiaâs console and PC gaming scene is still in its nascent stages due to high barriers of entry such as import duties, expensive games and lower purchasing power than other countries. An affordable game streaming service will introduce potentially millions of mobile gamers to console-level games. © Microsoft While Microsoft is yet to announce any pricing and launch date details, the company is expected to announce their plans soon. Microsoft plans to host a digital event on March 18th where the company is expected to discuss more details about the Xbox Series X and Project xCloud. The partnership with Jio is a welcome move, however we still have no idea how the two companies are planning to tackle latency issues, data caps and the total cost of the service. India is also behind when it comes to 5G connectivity and running a game streaming service without high data speeds could pose a bigger problem for the upcoming game streaming service. Source: The Mako Reactor View the full article
  23. Taking to twitter Sania has shared a heartwarming picture in which she can be seen relishing motherhood during her game
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