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  1. The garbage dump site situated at Dinga Morr near Hussainabad was a cause of great distress for the people living there
  2. The Bollywood film industry is the centre of glamour, money, and a whole lot of other things. This means, that if you're a Bollywood star, you enjoy a lot of insane luxuries there are in the world. However, in order for one to get that delicious slice of pie, you have to beat the competition as Bollywood truly is one of the most competitive industries in the world. We already know that there is a lot of competition between top actors and actresses, with many rivalries brewing in the industry. © Disney+ Hotstar However, there is one feud, in particular, that may have slipped under the radar. According to reports, Bollywood actresses Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone had one in the past, with Anushka even talking about it. © BCCL As per reports, both of them made news after it was reported that Anushka had slashed her endorsement fee in order to get a deal that had been offered to Deepika. Well, speaking about it, Anushka had said in an interview: "There is no comparison between Deepika and me. Nothing links us. We do different kinds of films. In fact, she has done more films. I've been choosy. I have not picked up just about any role that came my way. I don't need to do that (slash my endorsement fee). I have enough brands. And each one of them has renewed the contract, some of them for the third time. I don't think that's happening with other heroines. I must be doing something right." she said. It was reported that Anushka also revealed the time when Deepika's camp tried to bring her down. © Instagram/Deepika Padukone "A friend of Deepika had called up to say that she is doing Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani and not Anushka. My ‘friends' don't call, do they? I am Kashyap's and Hirani's choice. She is Ayan's and whosoever's. I never pull anybody down. That makes me nice, right? Stop throwing garbage at me since I don't throw garbage at you. We call ourselves cool but we are actually not. I'm not saying I'm better or worse than X. I am in a damn good position myself. Nobody can take it away from me by deriding me." said Anushka. Well, it was all in the past, and now, the two megastars seem to maintain a cordial relationship, having progressed in their careers even further. Deepika was last seen in Gehraiyaan, with the movie getting mixed reviews from fans and critics and Anushka is gearing up for her upcoming sports biopic Chakda Express. Source: Pinkvilla View the full article
  3. Local govt minister makes the statement at a KWSB ceremony for resuming mobile tanker service in metropolis
  4. A Spider-Man movie that a lot of people must have seen is still remembered for one dialogue that has lived on to date: "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility." Unfortunately for many of us, India counts as one of the nations where with great power, there is sometimes absolutely no responsibility, accountability, or even basic sensibility. © Unsplash A recent shocking example of this was in Mumbai, where a Mumbai lawmaker forced one of his contractors to go through a traumatic experience. In a video that has now gone viral on social media, Dilip Lande, a Shiv Sena MLA, forced one of the corporators to sit on a waterlogged street and then instructed his supporters to dump garbage on top of him. #WATCH | Mumbai: Shiv Sena MLA from Chandivali, Dilip Lande makes a contractor sit on water logged road & asks workers to dump garbage on him after a road was waterlogged due to improper drainage cleaning He says, "I did this as the contractor didn't do his job properly" (12.6) pic.twitter.com/XjhACTC6PI — ANI (@ANI) June 13, 2021 The shameless incident that occurred took place after many of Mumbai's areas like Sanjay Nagar and Sunder Baug in Kurla were flooded after heavy rainfall in the region. © Mumbai Mirror Upon asking Lande as to why he carried out such an inhumane act, he responded by saying, “I had been receiving numerous complaints from the local people. Those responsible for cleaning the garbage did not do their work for which people of my area had to walk through waterlogged streets. Now, I am making the contractor responsible sit in the same water.” Soon after the shameless incident reached the smartphones and computer screens of the citizens, people jumped on to Twitter to slam the actions of the MLA. What a shameful act! — Dr. Vinayak Dubey 🇮🇳 (@vinayvaani) June 13, 2021Isn't this uncivil and barbaric ? Aren't there civilised and legal ways to deal with errant contractors ? What if common people start dealing with corrupt politicians in a similar manner? — Konkani Babu (@Konkani_babu) June 13, 2021shameful and inhuman! there could be many other ways of how a contractor could be punished by putting fine or taking away the contract, physically harassing him and humiliating him is not acceptable — Anonymous (@IDKwhaaa_t) June 13, 2021Yes. This is inhumane — common man (@alphabetagama_2) June 13, 2021This is not governance but gundagardi...if the party in office will not follow laws they hv no rt to enforce it on others...if the contractor was not doing his work y wasn’t it supervised earlier..who was to supervise ? Just a way of passing the buck trying to fool general public — Pooja Sinha🇮🇳 (@PoojaSi09870531) June 13, 2021Dramebaaz shivsena.. only dadagiri.. they are taking laws in their hands.. no masks .. no social distancing., election coming ahead .. @MumbaiPolice which action will u take for this? — Bhavesh (@imBhaveshV) June 13, 2021Same people Take commission from contractors and humiliate him just for some media footage — MADAN NAYAK 🇮🇳 (@mgnayak5) June 13, 2021@ShivSena MLA Dilip lande must be booked under IPC. @UN @TommyLundn @HMOIndia @BBC @WSJ @hrw — 𝑃𝑜𝑙𝑙𝑢𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝐹𝑟𝑒𝑒 𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑙𝑑 (@SaveWater_Earth) June 13, 2021My bet is that guy is a Non Marathi or probably from UP or Bihar. This suits the agenda and hence the public display of such stupidity. — unkindmonk (@saukiseedhibaat) June 13, 2021This is too much. It’s not acceptable in society. No one should take the law in his hands. When passing his bills why d things were not checked by d concerned. Do u hv SOP for his job and to be checked at every stage. Don’t just blame him. All concerned r responsible. — Tejendra Singh Birdi (@birdits) June 13, 2021 View the full article
  5. Mother nature had a message for the residents of Mumbai city today, "What's mine is yours". © Twitter The onset of Cyclone Tauktae, considered to be the most powerful storm to batter the west coast in two decades, has been catastrophic as it has taken the lives of around 35 people, displaced many, while also uprooting hundreds of trees and damaging properties in the process. © Free Press Journal However, the storm also acted as a means of passing a moral to Mumbaikers, reminding them of the amount of trash thrown into the sea on a regular basis. With sea levels rising due to the cyclone, heaps of trash were passed back onto the shores and beaches of Mumbai, showcasing exactly how much garbage is actually thrown into the sea. Massive piles of garbage could be seen in several locations of the city that included major tourist places like the Gateway of India and Marine Drive. #CycloneTauktae | Wave of trash washes up at #LoveGrove pumping station in Worli. Follow all #liveupdates here: https://t.co/kx0MbscIA6 pic.twitter.com/9LEiETXau7 — TOI Mumbai (@TOIMumbai) May 17, 2021 People on social media reacted to nature's reply while posting on micro-blogging site Twitter, with many calling it nature's "return gift" to the city. “Hello! Here’s the full refund on your garbage.” - Mother Nature. Mumbai, Cyclone Tauktae pic.twitter.com/r8kNuIT1VS — Litisha Mangat (@litisha_mangat) May 18, 2021We dumped our waste into the sea.The Sea returned back everything.#CycloneTauktae Cyclone Tauktae: How The Sea Brought Garbage Back On Land https://t.co/V0d0wdwLYw pic.twitter.com/67ytrqn64d — 𝐒𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐧 𝐃𝐚𝐬 (@Samiran__Das) May 19, 2021Garbage Returned By Sea In Mumbai Prove That Nature Will Always Cleanse Itself. Here is the picture from #Mumbai which shows garbage literally thrown back to the beach by the sea after the #CycloneTauktae. ️ @yashasva pic.twitter.com/Av6e1KGeYq — Amit Panchal (@AmitHPanchal) May 19, 2021Then nature said ‘thanks’ & dumped all the trash back to Mumbai with cyclone. Nature -1, humans - 0. Pic via WA. pic.twitter.com/NKx15z9oRt — Parveen Kaswan, IFS (@ParveenKaswan) May 19, 2021#CycloneTauktae sends it's regards.. pic.twitter.com/yBc9tm6RVX — BeardedDragon (@yashasva) May 17, 2021Return Gift #CycloneTauktae pic.twitter.com/kZzkonxXDr — Sourabh Patil (@sourabhRpatil1) May 17, 2021Nature shows us what we truly deserve in some or the other way.. Just a small glimpse of things that is stored for us in the future. @mybmc @mybmcHealthDept@mybmcSWD समय रहते सुधारना बुद्धिमानी है।#hope — AZADI (@AapKaKiran) May 17, 2021 View the full article
  6. Lahore's total garbage amounts to 7,000 tonnes, the LWMC said Friday, but negotiations for a new deal underway
  7. Earlier this year, US President Donald Trump stunned the world when he announced that Washington will pull out the Paris Climate Accord, an agreement under which each country determines plans and regularly reports its own contribution that it should make in order to mitigate global warming. And now, Trump has justified his decision saying that the Agreement was a "disaster" for the United States, as it "killed American jobs and shielded global polluters." However, it's another comment made by him to the Economic Club of New York that seems to be raising eyebrows. The US President has claimed that garbage from India is floating all the way to Los Angeles, adding that "developing nations" are taking advantage of the United States. #Garbage Dropped By #India Into Sea "Floats Into #LosAngeles": #Trump ਭਾਰਤà©à¨à¨ ਦਾ à¨à©°à¨¦ à¨à¨¤à© ਮà©à¨¸à¨¼à¨ ਪਹà©à©°à¨ ਰਿਹਾ ਲਾਸ à¨à¨à¨à¨²à¨¸- à¨à¨°à©°à¨ª ਨ੠ਦਿੱਤ੠à¨à©à¨¤à¨¾à¨µà¨¨à© pic.twitter.com/QpesMXIpYi — Punjab Spectrum (@PunjabSpectrum) November 13, 2019 “You know, I have a little problem. We have a relatively small piece of land -- the United States. And you compare that to some of the other countries like China, like India, like Russia like many other countries that absolutely are doing absolutely nothing to clean up their smokestacks and all of the garbage that they're dropping in sea and that floats into Los Angeles Isn't amazing it ends up in Los Angeles?” Trump said. The US President was referring to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), also called the Pacific Trash Vortex which consists of marine debris that is made up of wood, chemical sludge, and plastic that has been floating between Hawaii and California. However, according to TOI, the analysis conducted by experts tells a different story, the main contributors of GPGP are China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, not India. Trump raises stink, claiming garbage from India reaches LA. Where else would the garbage go, except to the Garbage collector? Garbage in garbage out pic.twitter.com/tQ45WUgc8m — Jaydeep Banerjee (@iamjnb) November 14, 2019 Trump claimed that garbage from India reaches LA. Outrageous lie. I have never been to LA. — Jay Divanji (@jaydivanji) November 13, 2019 Garbage reaches LA from India ð¤£ð¤£ why we are using Boeing planes @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/MorJPPEMTQ — Sonu saha (@Isona19) November 13, 2019 As per #Trump if garbage from #India is reaching to LA, then water from Holly #Gangaes reaching LA and purifiez some A*@#$&- that's why it's so polluted #Trump #India #bjp #PollutionTracker #NEWS — @AlindTiwari (@alindtiwari) November 13, 2019 Well, we think Trump will be interested to know that India has already achieved half of its renewable energy production target. Also, the Indian Government plans to achieve 175GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022 as part of its climate commitments. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on her recent trip to India, had hailed New Delhi's efforts in the field of renewable energy. View the full article
  8. It took approximately 4-5 hours for Deepika Padukone to get ready for the MET Gala or Ranveer Singh to decide his new, eccentric #OOTD. But, a nine-year old girl is recreating the same within just 45 minutes, and you know what her looks are made of? Waffles, garbage bags, broccoli, foil paper, etc. Basically, household items. Riley Dashwood is an Australian kid who does entertaining transformations and shares her views, her interpretations on Instagram of outfits worn by famous celebs, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. All her looks are planned in advance over the weekend with her parents. You will be mind-blown ahead! 1. Riley And Ranveer Singh, Who Wore It Better? © Instagram/Riley Dashwood Ranveer Singh has nailed the contemporary look in a black Bandhgala made with leaf motifs. Riley went ahead with a black tee and stuck golden leaves on it. She recreated Ranveer's beard on herself with a sketch pen. Is this even real? 2. Inspired By Lil Pump © Instagram/Riley Dashwood See those tattoos and that metallic chain on her, now who's the exact Lil Pump here? We are still guessing! 3. All The Veggie Lovers © Instagram/Riley Dashwood Riley didn't even leave the veggies in her refrigerator. Rather took them out and remade Nicki Minaj's green and white wig look. She used cauliflower, lettuce and broccoli for her hairstyle. 4. Take A Bow © Instagram/Riley Dashwood A garbage bag has never looked so chic on anyone, ever before. Look at Riley trying to work out Rihanna's oversized black jacket look. 5. When Beyonce Was Pregnant... © Instagram/Riley Dashwood Here's a self explanatory picture of Riley where she wears a red dress and says "I'd like to announce to everyone that I have a balloon". 6. Greedy, ATM © Instagram/Riley Dashwood Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton Dress And Riley in Waffles. This is way beyond imagination. I so wish I could eat those waffles myself.
  9. What started as an inspiring message for the whole country to take a lesson from has now turned into a hot debate, which does not seem to die down anytime soon. We're talking about our power couple, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, who trended more than Salman Khan and 'Race 3' over the weekend. Instagram Unless you were busy checking reviews of 'Race 3', you must have come across a certain video posted by Virat Kohli, where Anushka Sharma is seen scolding a man for carelessly throwing garbage on the street. Now, what can possibly go wrong in a celebrity turning into an environment crusader, and calling someone out for something that's wrong? Well, in Anushka and Virat's case, everything. Saw these people throwing garbage on the road and pulled them up rightfully. Travelling in a luxury car and brains gone for a toss. These people will keep our country clean? Yeah right!!! If you see something wrong happening like this, do the same and spread awareness. @anushkasharma A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Jun 16, 2018 at 4:43am PDT Soon after the video went viral, social media saw itself divided into two parts – one that supports Virushka and the other that feels they should have hid the man's identity or the way they treated him was wrong. Two members from the latter part happened to be the man himself and his mother, who went all out to shame Virat-Anushka and called it a publicity stunt. Disclaimer: i have no desire to gain any mileage from this post of mine... Horrible! So I happened to carelessly Litter a sq mm of plastic while driving ! A car passing by rolls their window down and there we have our wonderful @anushkasharma ranting and yelling like a crazy roadside person! While I'm apologetic for my carelessness , Mrs Anushka Sharma Kohli a little etiquette and politeness in ur dialogue wouldn't have made u a lesser star !! There are all kinds of manners and hygiene .. verbal etiquette is one of them ! The garbage that mistakenly went out of the window of my "luxury car"... Was way less then the garbage that came out from your mouth... From ur "luxury car's" window... Or the trashy mind @virat.kohli to shoot and post this online... For whatever gains... Now thats some serious trash!!! A post shared by Arhhan Singh (@arhhansingh) on Jun 16, 2018 at 7:05am PDT Well, thanks to Virushka revealing the man's face, the internet tapped into their inner Sherlock and found all the necessary details about the man. The man's name is Arhhan Singh aka Sunny, who even posted a long note slamming Virushka. But, we're yet to reach to the interesting part. He was popular since he was a child and has worked with people like Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, and Shahid Kapoor. Red Chillies Entertainment Don't scratch your heads for too long, the kid in this picture opposite Shah Rukh Khan is the man who got scolded by Anushka. He worked with him in the 1996 movie 'English Babu Desi Mem'. Red Chillies Entertainment He was also a part of the popular TV show from the 90s 'Dekh Bhai Dekh'. Recently, he was seen in 'Paathshaala' alongside Shahid Kapoor. Eros Entertainment Turns out, Arhhan is not a commoner who will get a free entry into the next season of 'Bigg Boss', now that he went viral. He can enter as a celebrity though, maybe!
  10. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are not just mega-celebrities but are also responsible citizens, who do their bit to make a difference. Calling them crusaders of environment wouldn't be wrong, especially when we look at the work they have done for various social causes. (c) Twitter And it's not just a social media portrayal, but they follow the same in real life as well. Remember their wedding card which came along with a sapling as they wanted to promote greenery? So clearly, if they are ever to find anyone trying to ruin the environment out of sheer stupidy, they will make it a point to teach them a lesson. And they did just that. (c) Twitter Recently, Anushka slammed a man in Mumbai for throwing garbage on the road. The actress was in no mood for nonsense and gave an earful to the person. She stopped her car, called out the man saying him, “Why are you throwing garbage on the road?” But the man didn't pay any heed to her words, to which she said, “Please be careful, you cannot go on throwing plastic on the road. Please use a dustbin next time.” (c) Twitter It was shameful to see how the man still didn't feel the need to acknowledge his mistake and instead decided to argue. Virat recorded the entire incident and shared it on social media. (c) Twitter He tweeted, “Saw these people throwing garbage on the road & pulled them up rightfully. Travelling in a luxury car and brains gone for a toss. These people will keep our country clean? Yeah right! If you see something wrong happening like this, do the same & spread awareness. @AnushkaSharma.” Saw these people throwing garbage on the road & pulled them up rightfully. Travelling in a luxury car and brains gone for a toss. These people will keep our country clean? Yeah right! If you see something wrong happening like this, do the same & spread awareness. @AnushkaSharma pic.twitter.com/p8flrmcnba — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) June 16, 2018 He also pointed out how people don't have the courage to do something like this and it's a shame. Lot of people who don't have the courage to do something like this find it funny. Everything for people nowadays is meme content. Shame. — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) June 16, 2018 Well, incidents like these make us applaud our celebrities for doing the right thing, but it also makes us sad thinking about how irresponsible people can be. We hope people understand that saving the environment is vital and everyone can see its importance. It's time each one of us does their bit to make a difference.
  11. The gym militia is wild. It is a place where wild things happen. Now you might ask, what's the wildest of all things? No, it's not the lifting. It's the "quotes" that gym bros put on their pictures. Yes, they are wild. Wildly idiotic, I mean. Most of these quotes come from over-enthusiastic-weekend-gym bros, who have been lifting for no more than a week. Alright, I'll make it two. The usual drill is: get into the gym, shake hands, chat a bit, text while doing the set and just when a sweat breaks (because of the heat, not because of lifting hard) click a picture, put a hundred filters and slap a quote on it. Tada! Feel accomplished. Phew, if that isn't wild, I don't know what is. Jokes apart, it's 2018, if you are still using these garbage quotes on your gym pictures, you need to STOP! 1) I Train Your Trainer This is the latest obsession of most 'fake natty' Instagram bodybuilders. Firstly, nobody knows whose train you train. Secondly, the amount of cringe-worthy self-obsession this quote throws around is unfathomable. 2) Beast Mode ON This quote has been so overused that you shouldn't be surprised at all even if they judge your soul for using it. It's on wrist bands, t-shirts, sipper bottles, gym bags and hell, even on jock straps. The funniest thing is that nobody even has the slightest of idea how this quote came about. Just go and Google 'Marshawn Lynch' and you will know. And please, if you still want to use it, please don't use it while doing cardio. There's nothing beastly about cardio! © Thinkstock 3) My Gym Is My Valentine Now because of this stupid quote, most women think that guys who lift in the gym are all about the gym and nothing else. No we aren't. It's just some idiots, who know nothing about eating and training and, of course, scare away women (especially) and tell people that they 'love training'. Also, using of this quote can kill your already average chances of getting a date. © Thinkstock 4) No Pain No Gain Arnold said this over 40 years ago. You aren't Arnold and certainly, don't train as hard as he did. Moreover, this quote has been unfathomably misinterpreted. Guys put up absolute shit show of thousands of reps with bad form, thinking the more it pains, the more they will grow. But of course, they don't.
  12. KARACHI: The Supreme Court-constituted Water Commission ordered on Friday the relevant authorities to cleanse Karachi of garbage, warning them of strict action in case of dereliction of duty.The Water Commission gave directions to deputy...
  13. How often do you come across stories that make you get off the couch and do something productive? This would be one, I bet. While your gym membership bites the dust as you are 'oh-so-busy', this man built a gym all by himself from nothing but garbage. Why? Because he and others like him in his town couldn't afford a gym membership. © Youtube Alcindo Soares was interested in sports since he was a child but never had resources to get started. He lives in a small country known as Cape Verde, in the African continent. His town is that of Santa Maria, a small beach island housing a couple thousand people only. The only source of income to the island comes from the tourists it attracts. Since clean beaches attract more tourists, Soares was always concerned about keeping the beaches clean. And like at any other tourist beach, Santa Maria beach also had lots of trash around the shores. Soares made up his mind to do something about this trash so that it can be used for the benefit the community as a whole. © Youtube © Youtube Another problem in the small town of Santa Maria was that there were no 'affordable' gyms. Only the rich could afford whatever gym did exist. He wanted to create a gym that can be afforded by common people of the island too. Soares was a painter by profession but was also interested in bodybuilding. He knew others like him who wanted to train themselves in the gym but couldn't do so due to lack of facilities around them. After all you need some form of equipment to properly train yourself. © Youtube Soares found a common solution for both the problems and decided to build a gym using the garbage on the beach. As strange as it may sound but he succeeded in building his own version of 'The Muscle Beach Gym' on the shores of the island. All the equipment in this gym has been built by Soares himself. The open air gym has dumbbells, pull up bars, benches and barbells. It's an open beach gym and is absolutely free for anyone who wants to workout. It just doesn't end. Soares wants to make a better version of this gym by adding more equipment. Not only did Soares find a solution for his training needs, he offered the same to the community for free. Now that's what you call 'building from the scratch'. Motivational, isn't it? About time to utilize your gym membership. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  14. Scene of incident. -Courtesy Rep. Greg Walden Twitter WASHINGTON: A train carrying Republican US lawmakers to a retreat in West Virginia collided with a garbage truck Wednesday, with some members of Congress saying there were injuries in the accident. "The train carrying GOP members to our retreat had a collision, but Rebecca and I are both okay," congressman Bradley Byrne said on Twitter, referring to his wife. "Security and doctors on board are helping secure the scene and treat injuries." Local authorities had yet to release statements about the accident, and the nature of the injuries was not known. It was not clear in particular if any members of Congress were among those injured. Paul Ryan's office said the Republican House speaker was "fine." Vice President Mike Pence - the keynote speaker at the three-day retreat west of the US capital - was to fly in later in the day, and was not on the train. House Republican Greg Walden tweeted a photograph of the scene, showing people standing off the train tracks next to a badly damaged truck, with debris strewn on the ground. "We're fine, but our train hit a garbage truck. Members with medical training are assisting the drivers of the truck," Walden said. "The train hit a garbage truck, they're asking for doctors on the trains to help," said the Twitter feed of congressman Roger Marshall, who is also a licensed physician. "Right now Dr. Marshall is helping people who are injured." Republican members of the House of Representatives and the Senate left Washington earlier Wednesday bound for the historic Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, for their annual retreat.
  15. LAHORE: Minister of Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique said on Sunday criticised Asif Ali Zardari saying that the PPP co-chairman speaks of development in the country despite having failed to dispose of garbage in Karachi. Addressing a rally here, Rafique said it would cause a huge loss if he disclosed everything, adding, "It has been 70 years [since the formation of Pakistan] and now we all have collective responsibility to take forth the country." The minister did not forget to respond to his party's two main opponents - Asif Ali Zardari and Imran Khan - at the rally. "Asif Ali Zardari, who failed to get trash heaps disposed of in Karachi, speaks of development in the country, while Imran Khan, who boasted of making a 'Naya Pakistan', is so coward that he moves to hill stations fearing dengue fever," he said. Rafique noted the incumbent government has only five months left in completion of its term. "If the government was not allowed to complete its term, then no future regime would be able to do so." He also stressed the need to stop religious extremism in the country. "Pakistan needs an active parliament, brave military and honest bureaucracy," the minister said.
  16. The child was burnt to death after sanitary workers set the garbage on fire. Photo: Geo News file FAISALABAD: A newborn was burnt alive after an unknown person threw the girl child in a garbage dump in Faisalabad's Kanal Road vicinity. The child was burnt to death after sanitary workers set the garbage on fire. The body was transferred to Allied Hospital's mortuary. According to the police, this is the fifth such incident during the past 30 days. "All of the newborns thrown in garbage dumps across the city were girls," a police spokesperson said. "Four of the five children were found dead, while a three-day-old child with disabilities was shifted to Hilal-e-Ahmar Hospital."
  17. ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms and senior Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Ahsan Iqbal said on Monday that the ruling party rejects the Joint Investigation Team?s final report as garbage, adding that the report lacks substance. The minister was addressing a press conference in the capital, flanked by other party members and federal ministers. He said that the party?s lawyers are analysing the report from every angle. ?We will unveil the contradictions of this report in front of the Supreme Court,? he said. Earlier today, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) submitted its final report to the Supreme Court in the Panama Leaks case. The JIT has recommended filing of a reference against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his sons Hussain and Hasan Nawaz with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). The JIT has observed major disparities in the finances of the Sharif family and their known and declared sources of income.
  18. Neingupe Maru, the constable who has taken the responsibility of cleaning the town in his old van, works tirelessly at his police shift, and then goes around the town to complete the task. Twitter For the past six days, this 28-year-old employee of Nagaland Police has been voluntarily collecting garbage in Pfutsero, a block headquarter in Phek district located near the state capital, Kohima. “I was concerned with the large amounts of garbage getting accumulated and was worried it could lead to an outbreak of some disease,” Maru told Hindustan Times. The town committee of Pfutsero was dissolved in January this year — ahead of the municipal elections that weren’t held due to opposition from Naga tribes against reservation for women. To make matters worse, the lone garbage-collecting vehicle for the town with a population of over 10,371 (2011 census) also broke down two months ago. With large mounds of garbage at several places becoming an eyesore in Nagaland’s highest town (2,133 metres above sea level), Maru decided to take things into his own hands. He converted his old Maruti Van into a dumper and started collecting garbage from across town, depositing the pile in the dumping site located several kilometres outside town. Twitter Maru spends money from his own pocket and is expecting no monetary help from any anyone but expects the God to reward him later. He took up the initiative because he thought so much garbage would cause some disease in the city. “Sometimes, I clean the streets in the morning and sometimes in evenings depending on my duty hours. It takes 3-4 trips these days to clean the entire town,” he said.
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