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Found 10 results

  1. In October 2019, Vishal Dadlani of the hit musical duo Vishal-Shekhar took to Twitter to warn people that he WILL sue anyone who made remixes of Vishal & Shekhar songs. He wrote, "Warning: I WILL sue anyone making remixes of Vishal & Shekhar songs. I'll even move court against the films & musicians. After Saaki Saaki, I hear upcoming bastardisations include Dus Bahaane, Deedaar De, Sajnaji Vaari Vaari, Desi Girl & more. Make your own songs, vultures!" Warning: I WILL sue anyone making remixes of Vishal & Shekhar songs. I'll even move court against the films & musicians. After Saaki Saaki, I hear upcoming bastardisations include Dus Bahaane, Deedaar De, Sajnaji Vaari Vaari, Desi Girl & more. Make your own songs, vultures! â VISHAL DADLANI (@VishalDadlani) October 30, 2019 Well, that's probably because he wanted to make sure that no one except him ruins his own songs. In case you were busy listening to 'bastardised' versions of original songs, this remix version featuring Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor from their upcoming film Baaghi 3 dropped today. The song is called 'Dus Bahane 2.0'. Can we take a moment to appreciate the creativity here? Like, who could have come up with such an original name for a remix of 'Dus Bahane'? In 2005, 'Dus Bahane' starring Abhishek Bachchan and Zayed Khan was a huge hit among people. Everyone loved it back then and even after 15 years of its release, people still remember the hook step of the song. In 2020, people are once again talking about the song, not because a remix was dropped, but because where else can you find such premium quality fodder for memes. While team Tiger and team Shraddha are rooting for the song, other people are busy doing what they do best - turn everything into memes. Things that are common in the old and new #DusBahane songs: 1. Lyrics 2. Singers 3. Nepotism â Sagar (@sagarcasm) February 12, 202090s kid after watching one more song getting ruined by bollywood remake factory#DusBahane pic.twitter.com/BEItr8O7Cl â Sarcastic Patriotic Indians (@SARCASTIC_PI) February 12, 2020Dus bahane 2.0 creaters#DusBahane pic.twitter.com/0JstnSyq7Y â Professor (@_Kalpesh_lohar_) February 12, 2020Not a single person involved in the making of this song realised that Tiger Shroff is showing 5 fingers for a song called #DusBahane? 𤦠pic.twitter.com/i1TNgSdu8w â Anuradha (@anuradha_kush) February 12, 2020Dear Bollywood: Having to hear re-created songs is such a pain! #DusBahane pic.twitter.com/x51Pudwp01 â Ayaan (@ayaan_mhmd) February 12, 2020#DusBahane #Baaghi3 1-old songs 2-new remakes of the old songs pic.twitter.com/2CAuSsUDY2 â Saurabh (@saurabhkumar361) February 12, 2020Music lovers to #DusBahane makers. pic.twitter.com/kAmBTX3Nwg â à¤à¤¨à¤µà¤° 'सिà¤à¤¹' डिसà¥à¤à¤¼à¤¾ (@kiroriwalanuj) February 12, 2020#Baaghi3#DusBahane #DusBahane 2.0 pic.twitter.com/kCqLlDBmED â Amit (@AmitLipunkumar) February 12, 2020Old Original songs..... vs Their remix/remakes.... #DusBahane #DusBahane2 #Baaghi3 pic.twitter.com/nguhuyDYKx â Vishal Saini (@vishal_saini_vs) February 12, 2020Indians right now. #DusBahane pic.twitter.com/Bv1h2R7jKY â Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) February 12, 2020Directed by Ahmed Khan, Baaghi 3 also stars Riteish Deshmukh and is releasing on March 6, 2020. View the full article
  2. Most of us think that banking is an easy 9 to 5 job, but that ain't the reality. This guy explains the difficulties involved in the banking profession. View the full article
  3. Here's a story of an IAS Aspirant who after multiple attempts is still not able to clear the exams. Do you know any such IAS Aspirant? Can you relate it to them? View the full article
  4. Two architecture students lament about the pains of having chosen this occupation and their college lives. View the full article
  5. Here's the story of every single doctor out there. If you know a doctor, share this video with them and we're sure they'll be able to relate with at least one circumstance.
  6. Hum safar wasif ali , Gard e safar mai rah gaye... Mujh ko ahsaas e nadamat yun saare munzil raha...

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  7. Ed Sheeran performs at the Brit Awards at the O2 Arena in London, Britain, February 21, 2018. Photo: ReutersNEW YORK: English singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran was sued on Thursday for at least $100 million for allegedly copying large parts of...
  8. Naam hi kya nishaN hi kya khaab O khyaal ho gaye Teri misaal de ke hum teri misaal ho gaye Saya E zaat say bhi rum, aks E sifaat se bhi rum Dasht E ghazal main aa ke dekh hum to ghazaal ho gaye Kitne hi nashsha-ha-E-zouq, kitne hi jazba-ha-E-shouq Rasm E tapaak E yaar se ru ba zawaal ho gaye Ishq hai apna paidaar, us ki wafa hai ustawaar Hum to halaak e warzish E farz E mahaal ho gaye Kaise zameeN parast the ahd E wafa ke paasdaar UR kar bulandyun meiN hum, Gard E malaal ho gaye Qurb E jamaal aur hum, Aish E wisaal aur hum ? HaaN ye hua K sakin E shahr E jamaal ho gaye Jadaa E shouq main paRa Qahat E ghubar E karwaN WaaN ke shajar to sar ba sar dast E sawaal ho gaye Kaun sa qafila hai yeh jis ke jaras ka hai yeh shor Main to niDhal hogaya hum to niDhal hogaye khaar ba khaar gul ba gul, fasl E bahaar aa gayi Fasl E bahaar aa gayi , zakhum bahaal ho gaye Shor uTha magar tujhy lazat E gosh to milii Khoon bahaa magar teray hath to laal ho gaye Hum nafasaan E waz’a-daar, mustam’aaan E burd baar Hum to tumharay waastay ek wabaal ho gaye ‘Joan’ karoge kab talak apna misalia talash Ab kayi hijr hogaye, ab kayi saal hogaye......
  9. گئے دِنوں کا سراغ لے کر ، کِدھر سے آیا کِدھر گیا وہ عجیب مانوس اجنبی تھا ، مجھے تو حیران کر گیا وہ بس ایک موتی سی چھب دِکھا کر بس ایک میٹھی سی دُھن سُنا کر ستارہء شام بن کے آیا ، برنگِ خُوابِ سحر گیا وہ خوشی کی رُت ہو کہ غم کا موسم نظر اُسے ڈُھونڈتی ہے ہر دٙم وُہ بُوئے گل تھا کہ نغمہء جاں ، مرے تو دل میں اُتر گیا وہ نہ اب وُہ یادوں کا چڑھتا دریا نہ فرصتوں کی اُداس برکھا یُونہی ذرا سی کسک ہے دِل میں ، جو زخم گہرا تھا بھر گیا وہ کچھ اب سنبھلنے لگی ہے جاں بھی بدل چلا دٙورِ آسماں بھی جو رات بھاری تھی ٹل گئی ہے ، جو دِن کڑا تھا گزر گیا وہ بس ایک منزل ہے بوالہوس کی ہزار راستے ہیں اہلِ دل کے یہی تو ہے فرق مجھ میں ، اس میں گزر گیا میں ، ٹھہر گیا وہ شکستہ پا راہ میں کھڑا ہوں گئے دِنوں کو بُلا رہا ہوں جو قافلہ میرا ہمسفر تھا ، مثالِ گردِ سفر گیا وہ میرا تو خون ہو گیا ہے پانی سِتمگروں کی پلک نہ بھیگی جو نالہ اُٹھا تھا رات دِل سے ، نہ جانے کیوں بے اٙثر گیا وہ وہ میکدے کو جگانے والا وہ رات کی نیند اُڑانے والا یہ آج کیا اُس کے جی میں آئی ، کہ شام ہوتے ہی گھر گیا وہ وہ ہجر کی رات کا ستارہ وہ ہم نفس ہم سُخن ہمارا سدا رہے اُس کا نام پیارا ، سُنا ہے کل رات مٙر گیا وہ وہ جس کے شانے پہ ہاتھ رکھ کر سفر کیا تُو نے منزلوں کا تری گلی سے نہ جانے کیوں آج ، سٙر جُھکائے گزر گیا وہ وہ رات کا بے نوا مسافر وہ تیرا شاعر ، وہ تیرا ناصر تیری گلی تک تو ہم نے دیکھا تھا ، پھر نہ جانے کِدھر گیا وہ ***** ***** شاعر : ناصر کاظمی (دیوان)
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