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Found 26 results

  1. Those of you who have been on the extremely popular (and super addictive) video-sharing platform YouTube, will agree that the time has come to officially declare 'Power of YouTube' as a legit phenomenon. I mean, who are we even kidding by second-guessing this completely obvious move, especially with regard to the Indian subcontinent? Wasn't it only last year when India overtook the United States of America to become the top country with the most number of YouTube audience in the world? For the uninitiated, yes it was. With over 265 million active monthly users, India broke all records to claim the top spot in 2018. © Instagram So, it is only natural that one of our country's top YouTubers, Ajey Nagar aka 'CarryMinati' would prove it to the entire world that the 'Power of YouTube' can bring people from around the world to converge at a single point on-screen to laugh together. Ajey was just 10-years-old when he put out his first YouTube video, and nine years down the line and aged 19, he has been named amongst the '10 Next Generation Leaders 2019' by famed US publication TIME magazine. © Instagram How this glorious moment came to pass, is a tale that is nothing less than inspiring. Once you get to know about Ajey's journey, you will believe that anything is possible, as long as you keep dreaming and follow your passion. The Backstory Just like any of us, Faridabad resident Ajey was an avid YouTube video consumer and it is during one such viewing that Ajey decided he wants to be on the other side of the screen too. Following the lives of successful YouTubers and partaking the awesome content they put out on the platform, inspired Ajey to create a similar life for himself. © Instagram With a wish to create quality content for his audience, that would entertain and educate people all at once, Ajey started churning out roasts and sketches on his YouTube channel 'CarryMinati', which enjoys close to 7 million subscribers today. The Beginning It was back in 2016 that Ajey finally found his niche in creating “diss tracks” on “weird and cringey” user-generated videos on Facebook and TikTok. Ajey cashed-in on his desi swag and started producing content in Hindi, which reached thousands of viewers who enjoyed the videos so much, that soon 'CarryMinati' became one of India's most followed YouTube channels. The Ultimate Breakthrough © Instagram However, it was in January this year when things changed completely for Ajey. One of Ajey's diss tracks against infamous YouTuber PewDiePie went viral. The video titled 'Bye PewDiePie' where Ajey addresses PewDiePie and tells him that one day India will rule the world, came as a response to one of PewDiePie's videos mocking the broken English of an Indian man, which had offended Ajey. The video garnered a million likes in a jiffy and there was no looking back for Ajey after that. The Bigger Picture © Instagram In his interview with TIME, Ajey shared that his ultimate goal is to inspire people, help them take pride in their culture and embrace their identity, no matter where they are. That's the reason why Ajey chose to create videos in Hindi instead of English. He is reaching out to those who dare to be different and still manage to create a dent with their quality work. © Instagram Ajey takes pride in his roots and wishes to make the best of the desi swag we Indians are known for. 'Be yourself' is Ajey Nagar aka 'CarryMinati's ultimate success mantra. What a proud moment for the young man and our country to have such gems amidst us, who are constantly making India proud globally.
  2. The next generation of consoles is a hot topic right now in the gaming world even though no concrete release date has been confirmed yet. Having said that, Sony and Microsoft both have hinted what the next generation consoles will be all about. Mark Cerny, PlayStation's lead architect has already confirmed a few specifications and Xbox architect said that the Xbox Two (or whatever they decide to call it) will be even more powerful. The two consoles are already at battle with each other and we size up each of the consoles to find out who will rule the next generation of gaming: Graphics Fidelity © AMD As of now, we sort of know that the PlayStation 5 will have a GPU based on Ryzen's Navi architecture. It has now been confirmed that the PS5 will also support some form of ray-tracing. It will also support 8K graphics but not much is known how this will be achieved. This is purely based on reliable leaks and AMD has also hinted about it at its press events. On the other hand, the Xbox Two's GPU specification is completely unknown as nothing major has leaked as of now. However, some leaks say that the next Xbox will come in two variants, one being as powerful or more powerful than the PS5 and a cheaper model that will focus more on game streaming. Both Sony and Microsoft are aiming higher than the 10.7 TFLOPS benchmark which is higher than anything we've seen on a console before. The performance will reportedly compete with Google's Stadia streaming service as the company has promised the same performance for its service. Storage © YouTube Read and Write speeds are essential to cut download times in games and Sony has already confirmed that the company will be using an SSD that is considerably faster than what is available today. It is said to be faster than the current PC SSDs and will essentially result in faster load times when compared to the PS4/PS4 Pro. Microsoft has not detailed any specifications about the next generation but we can expect a similar SSD configuration for the next Xbox. Whether it will be faster than PS5 still remains to be seen. Backward Compatibility © Microsoft The Xbox One already supports backward compatibility on some games and it is likely that Microsoft will double-down on this policy. We can expect the next Xbox to support Xbox One games along with many Xbox 360 games. Mark Cerny has sort of confirmed that Sony's next console will be backwards compatible, unlike the PS4. It will also be compatible with PS4 VR games and the headset. Game Streaming Microsoft has already shown off Project xCloud, which is the company's new game streaming service that works on Android, PC and PCs. This will enable users to play games on any device they like and works somewhat similar to Google's Stadia service. Sony already has a game streaming service called “PlayStation Now” that doesn't really work as advertised. The service is currently not up to the mark and is unlikely to be able to match Microsoft's cloud computing prowess. Exclusive Games © Sony PlayStation The ultimate question that every console gamer is concerned about is the exclusive game library on each console. Currently, PlayStation's exclusive game library is far larger than what Microsoft has to offer and we can assume that future games like “The Last of Us: Part II”, “Ghost of Tsushima”, and “Death Stranding” will all be launch titles for the PlayStation 5 in addition to their complimentary launches for the PlayStation 4. Microsoft did announce acquisitions of new studios and we can expect the company to announce a few new games at E3 this year. As of now, we only know about “Halo Infinite” and it seems like 343 Industries is still in the early stages of development for the game. Who Will Rule The Next Generation? © BCCL To be honest, it is hard to pick a winner with very less information available right now. While both consoles have a robust community, Sony has an upper hand with exclusive titles. Having said that, if the future of gaming is streaming, we can expect Microsoft to give a better experience than Sony and could play a factor in its success. Both consoles seem to be very similar when it comes to technical specifications but we can only be sure once both companies officially unveil the two consoles.
  3. We already know that Microsoft and Sony are both working on future consoles and are getting ready for the next generation. There are rumours that both companies are working on multiple consoles that will sell at different prices. The next generation of Xbox consoles is set to replace the Xbox One X and will be able to offer 4K gaming natively. © YouTube It is said to have improved hardware and better graphics than the current generation. We've heard rumours of various features that will come on the next generation, however, we want to talk about certain mistakes Xbox can't afford to make in the next generation. One of them includes making India a huge part of their strategy and here's what we think the gaming company needs to do: 1. Nail The Launch Event © Reuters Gamers are very vocal and Microsoft had to learn the hard way when the Xbox One was announced in 2013. In fact, it was a disaster as it wasn't presented as a gaming machine but rather as an entertainment box. Executives failed to talk about games and other features like “always online”, DRM and other issues that had gamers concerned. Messaging plays a crucial role in getting gamers excited and that's where Sony prevailed. The next Xbox launch needs to appeal more to gamers than casual users so that it has a great ecosystem right from the start. 2. Pro-Gaming Features © Microsoft Xbox One has already become a machine that provides the best features that any gamer could ask. The Xbox Game pass makes games more affordable and also lets users play Xbox exclusive games on day 1. All for a subscription price that works like Netflix and lets players play old and new games for a fraction of full retail price. In India, gaming is already an expensive affair and this new feature will make it easier for gamers in India to get access to the latest games for a cheaper price. © Microsoft Xbox already has a huge library of old games that are compatible with the Xbox One. Backwards compatibility is crucial for gamers as we generally like to visit old games. Rumours suggest that the next Xbox consoles are said to have backward compatibility for Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles. This would definitely bring a huge advantage to the new console, as Sony has been shying away from providing a similar feature on the PlayStation platform as of now. 3. Better Exclusives © Microsoft There's no secret that Sony PlayStation 4's success had to do with better exclusive games for the consoles. With games like God of War, Spider-Man, Last of Us, Uncharted and other exclusive games made the console a huge success all over the world. In fact, Microsoft has already bought new studios to effectively compete with Microsoft, however, the platform will need a good exclusive at launch to sway gamers to the other side. 4. A Budget Xbox For India © BCCL India is going to be the next big gaming country in the world as we've already seen great success for games like PUBG in the country. Consoles are generally very expensive in India due to import duties that made it exclusive for a nice audience. Xbox can change its fortunes by making a cheaper model just for India or manufacture/assemble all consoles in India to drive the price down. Indians love a bargain which is why it has made companies like Xiaomi, OPPO, and OnePlus super successful in India. The strategy is simple, undercut the competition with aggressive pricing. With a population of 1.3 billion and potential 200 million gamers, Xbox can capture the Indian market with affordable pricing. India is the next big destination for anything technology and gaming needs to follow suit. Rumours are already suggesting that Xbox is working on a budget console, however, we will only know for sure when the next Xbox is made official. 5. Release It Sooner © Reuters The Xbox 360 was the winner of last generation's console wars and there were two main reasons behind it. The Xbox 360 was cheaper than the PlayStation 3 and it launched six months earlier. If Xbox manages to launch the new console before Sony at E3 this year, there's no doubt it will be able to capture the gaming market faster. Do you think Xbox can make it big in India? What do you think Microsoft should do to win the Indian gaming scene. Let us know in the comments.
  4. It's very rare that you come across musical talents who manage to create an impression on you and leave you with an impact. Especially, in the Punjabi music industry, where every 10 days there's a new dude churning out tracks with an auto-tuned voice and a glossy video. Almost a decade ago came Bohemia, who single-handedly gave birth to Punjabi rap. In between, came many talents but nothing that would stick to the ears like wax. Then, I bumped into 'The PropheC'. It's been over 8 months now that I've been trying to find a single bogus track from this guy. Nope, found nothing. No bad tracks. He's been on the hustle since 2011 and now, 7 years deep, he still isn't getting his due recognition, despite making music that will move you whether you are at a party or in love. 1) His Music Production Genius Is Just DIFFERENT. View this post on Instagram Rakh menu sambh ke.. A post shared by The PropheC (@prophecproductions) on Nov 11, 2018 at 8:06pm PST You know what's wrong with the present Punjabi music industry? They are all apes. They mimic the west. Hip-hop, R&B or whatever's hot on the international charts, our artists hop in on the trend. 'Oh, rap's hot? Let's rap stupid stuff. Just make a hot beat and 90% of the job is done. Throw in some flossy cars, semi-naked women and a pool party'. Phew! This gets tiring very fast when all the reigning talents do the same trick over and over again. This is where The PropheC's music comes in. Listen to it once and you will feel the difference. Even though his music is also heavily influenced by hip-hop, the way he blends in Punjabi and global music together sets a different atmosphere. Not a easy feat, but when you are someone who's been doing his thing since the age of 6, you shine no matter what. 2) He Doesn't Have A Bad Song. Not ONE! View this post on Instagram Overtime on the album but the single is ready A post shared by The PropheC (@prophecproductions) on Oct 26, 2018 at 8:34pm PDT That's hard, right? I mean not making a bad song. Every artist has bad tracks to their name. But not The PropheC, well at least not till now. This dude doesn't have a track that's outright trash. Before writing this piece, I literally went through all of his studio albums, 3 in total and a mix-tape. Add to this his collaboration with some of the best names in Urban Punjabi music like Fateh Doe, Rax Star and Mickey Singh. There's not a single track you wouldn't want to replay. If you find one, please let me know! 3) His Videos Are Simple But Surreal. View this post on Instagram Still working on this album but going to share something with you soon. #sentiseason A post shared by The PropheC (@prophecproductions) on Jun 22, 2018 at 6:54pm PDT Back in 2011, when The PropheC was an amateur, his videos were cringe trains. Simply bad! But the man surely has learned his lessons. Check out his videos from the past 3 years and they ALL are fantastic. And no, they aren't like your typical desi Punjabi videos with flashy rented cars and naked Russian women dancing on the beats they can't comprehend. His videos flow like water, effortless and the idea behind each video is unique which is usually brought to life by very young talented video directors. 4) He Dresses Like He Always Dresses. Not Like The Rapper Whose Style Is In Trend At The Moment View this post on Instagram This week. #Feelin A post shared by The PropheC (@prophecproductions) on Aug 27, 2017 at 7:49pm PDT Check out his Instagram and you'll see for yourself that this dude knows how to keep it simple and real. Black tees, track pants, Nikes, slim gold chain and basic denims; a classic urban music genius. The best part is that he's been dressing this way since forever. Of course, he's up to beat with the latest swag, but he does them his way. 5) He's A Trained Music Producer And Singer View this post on Instagram Always a special moment ð½ð½ A post shared by The PropheC (@prophecproductions) on Apr 5, 2017 at 8:37pm PDT Real education and relentless practice produces results that go unchallenged. The PropheC is an example of this. He trained in classical folk music since he was six. Ten years later, at 16, he was in the studio trying to cook up magic. What shocks me is the fact that he's still not as popular as he should be with the Indian market. His new songs hit a million but actually deserve multi-million hits. It's very clear that he doesn't buy off the views on YouTube (which is very common in the Punjabi music industry) and keeps it real. What I am dead sure about is that fact that The PropheC has a very tightly-knit circuit of fans that recognize his genius, and I am one of them.
  5. There's a shape-shifting role reversal in acknowledging a certain type of power in today's generation. It's the power to speak and be heard by the women of this age, this time and at this very moment. The #metoo movement has definitely left men all over the world highly confused. For instance, what role do men have to play, in a world where women speak up? The answer? A very pivotal one. But of course, men of entitlement and an armoured patriarchal upbringing, need this more than anyone else, especially when they have highly intricate, pre-woven and rigid belief of how women should be treated in a particular society. © Twitter I am a woman, surviving in a so-called male-driven society and sometimes, I need a voice of my own to clarify, that I do in fact have a voice of my own. Nope, this isn't a textbook reportage of why #metoo is important. We all know why it's important, and no, it is not some lame feminist propaganda you all will mock till there isn't anything else left to mock. This is a fair account of dwelling in an environment which makes 'dominance' of the 'other gender' a vile life hack. But let me tell you, nothing about this is normal. Starting a movement to speak up about sexual assault and harassment isn't normal. Being berated and criticised for your work in a notorious power-play isn't normal. Being eve-teased in broad daylight isn't normal and acting nonchalant or indifferent towards these issues and shrugging off responsibility as a man, is certainly not normal. So, what is normal? Normalcy is definitely subjective, but when I see women speak of sexual assault experiences almost 36 years ago, that changed their lives forever in an indignant way, I insensitively judge the threshold of normalcy today. Do we not understand right from wrong anymore? or the good from bad? © Twitter Recently, in a discussion with an acquaintance, while understanding his views on normalcy, he relayed that it was 'normal' for him to hear of instances of physical abuse and domestic violence. Of course, I was aghast by his revelation but upon questioning him further, I realised he'd spent his childhood years watching his mother suffer thought domestic abuse on a daily basis. That made a lot of sense to me. Roughly, more than 70% of the population in this country has grown up with an innate sense of conditioning that breeds on patriarchy. Patriarchy isn't just male dominance in a structured household anymore. Patriarchy trickles down to a gripping hold on any sort of female expression and freedom, in more ways than one, and limits the understanding of what woman's role in the society really is. So, when little boys are exposed to that scenario, they grow up believing women belong in the kitchen and that every man has a physical and emotional right over them. So, in lieu of this, I ask you again, what is normalcy? A progressive country that is still confused about what a woman's role in society really is, or women trying their best to revolt against harassment and abuse in the most deafening way possible and still successfully failing at it. © Pinterest The truth is, normalcy is when men realise their roles and responsibilities in society, so they can aptly and collectively support women who encounter a terrible experience, such as abuse, and shut down those who perpetuate it. And by society, I mean their homes, public places and their workplaces. Yes, men have responsibilities and accountabilities and it's high time to put them out there, so this is exactly what I am going to do. I may not speak on behalf of all the women, but most women will surely agree with me on this. Because I don't know if you've noticed, men aren't giving the best accounts of themselves at the moment. #All Men Need To Shut Up & Listen Is that really so hard? Maybe it is, but when someone is trying to speak up, it's only fair to hear them out, without putting your judgements and criticism out there. It becomes hard to discern any positive role men may have in society, the moment they go rogue with the idea of acceptance. Yes, men have traits that women find uncomfortable. But it's OKAY to stop talking and give space to the other gender to LISTEN. If your woman friend is facing issues at her workplace with her boss, don't hush her up. Listen to her, because she might be a victim of workplace abuse, mentally or emotionally. If your mother is not happy with your father, be there to support her and break free from any vitriolic patriarchal upbringing and hear her out. It's only fair and progressive to give way to the others, who've been standing in line, far too long, waiting for a fair chance. © Pinterest #All Men Need To Act Now By act, I really don't mean get out on the streets and march around supervising candlelight vigils. I mean, act out if you see injustice, because you have the right to do so. Don't be our saviours or protectors, but be the support, you've never really been. If you see a woman being eve-teased, help her out of the situation. Scientifically and biologically, men are the stronger ***- physically. So what do you do when you see a man take advantage of that fact? Take charge of the situation and support it with all your might. Act out when you witness bias or harassment. Don't be mere bystanders, don't be fearful. Yes, we'd appreciate you standing up for us and taking action simultaneously when we need you to. © Twitter #Recognise That The Idea Of A Man Is Not 'Macho' I've noticed most men, especially alpha males require their 'men to be men'. This refutes the idea of equality that has a chance of stemming in a staunchly patriarchal society. This inherent insecurity with one's masculinity has gripped the generation with terms like 'misogyny', 'misandry', sexism, etc. I am not saying these terms have no relevance. I am saying the mere existence of the idea of masculinity breeds the idea of negative male privileges. You really don't have to contest and parade your masculinity around, because the new-generation-woman isn't too keen on gratifying your sense of masculine self. She needs a sensitive man, who doesn't complicate gender dynamics and doesn't thrive on the concept of 'macho'. © Twitter #Men, Equality Is Pretty Darn Cool Try the idea of equality? Yeah, I meant between two people, or as a gender divide, even. Equality is the idea of first believing you're above no one and then implementing that you're above, well, no one. What do you do when your subordinate at work, who is incidentally a woman, gets paid more than you? You call the authority on her (obviously by authority I mean HR) or cry murder, or you truly believe she deserves the pay because she works for it and maybe her work is better? This is just a small example that impacts 20% of our population perhaps. But equality goes way beyond that and starts at where you were nurtured to become a 'man'. Plain and simple, equality comes with a modernised view of neutrality between the two genders and if you dare to understand that, you dare to establish a responsible role for yourself in an 'equal' space. © Pinterest #Accept That You Are A Part Of The Problem As men, your job is to recognise the kind of abuse prevalent everywhere and accept the fact that it has perpetrated from one end to the other. When men react with indifference or scorn at the repercussions, they become a major part of the existing problem. To break away from this, it's okay to accept that you, as men, are a part of the problem in hand and you as men can help resolve it too. Don't dismiss it, belittle it or trivialise it, because the more you do all these things, the more avid the ripple effect is going to be. Acceptance is the first step to neutrality and support and once we have that from you, we will feel safer and more comfortable in society. © Twitter It's time to disassociate from the concept of what's normal and what's not and pave our own road to redemption. If anything, the #metoo movement has taught me to recognise why it exists in the first place and to kill the disarming effect it has on men and women alike, so we can stop craving the need for a movement like this and thrive on an equal and just platform. What's the role for women in this #metoo generation, you ask? Well, to come forward every day, brave the world and not stop talking about their experiences, that they couldn't share before.
  6. The classic era of bodybuilding is coming back. Broad shoulders, narrow waists, razor-sharp abs, and impressive shoulder-to-waist ratios are making a noise again. The golden era of bodybuilding, popularized or made mainstream by Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the day has arrived again. It is pretty much similar to any other industry in the world. There are trends which come and go and the bodybuilding fans are jumping with happiness that the golden era is coming back to life. Another thing about modern-day bodybuilding is that it has become all the more competitive. The introduction of the physique category has pulled in more general audiences' interest that the mass monsters era took away. Enter Chris Bumstead © YouTube Last year, a guy came out of nowhere and made waves in the industry. That guy was Chris Bumstead, a 23-year old Canadian, who made his first professional Olympia appearance at the very young age of 22 years and took 2nd place in the Classic Physique category. Saying That He Shocked The Bodybuilding World Would Be An Understatement © YouTube He won the classic physique division of the Pittsburgh Pro last year and a few months later made his Olympia debut. Neither did he look like a debutant and nor did he look like an inexperienced contender even at such a young age. He came on the stage, dominated and almost won the division. He was placed second by a meager margin of 3 points. His appearance made it clear that he's the future of classic bodybuilding in the coming future. Bumstead, better known as CBum on Instagram, hardly looked like a newbie when he dominated the stage with his polished posing skills including a vacuum pose that even Frank Zane would have been proud of. You can check it out here: His Vacuum Pose © YouTube The vacuum pose brought back memories of the golden era and shows a lot of promise for the new classic division which is just two years old now. And Bumstead, though young, is a perfect example of a bodybuilder who says that success comes down to hard work and being consistent at the end of the year. At the 2018, Bumstead once again cut through the crowd and grabbed second spot in his division. Though it was a letdown for a lot of his fans, this win again makes it very clear that Bumstead will be a force to be reckoned with. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  7. They say business is not for the weak-hearted, and we agree. The battleground is laid out in thorns and petals and you may not trust anyone to play fair. Some do it for the thrill and adrenaline rush that ensues once you begin to start marking your territories, while others do it for the sheer sense of achievement and power it lets you wield as a successful business tycoon. Having said that, for most of us, the mental picture this creates is that of an adept male honcho who knows where the oil is. However, today is a little different and here is how. It isn't everyday you come across a lady taking the global corporate arena by storm, especially when it can be as unforgiving and competitive as it is in the world of hardcore, throat-cutting business. But, there is this one lady in black who deserves a special mention—bearing a grit made out of iron and a vision that has left her peers to up their game and go at her head on. We're talking about Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo for the past 12 years, who is all set to hand over the reins of the company to her successor Ramon Laguarta, a 22-year veteran of PepsiCo, on 3rd October 2018. Amongst the myriad reasons that make her ultra special to us, the most significant one is that she comes across as one of those rare gems we're more than willing to place on the same pedestal as her other male counterparts, be it Microsoft's Satya Nadella, Google's Sunder Pichai, Apple's Tim Cook or Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. If you want us to spell it out to you in better words, then scout through these 10 reasons why we believe Indra Nooyi is the most badass BossLady of this generation. 1. Kickass Academic Qualifications Most Of Us Would Be Too Chicken To Even Think Of © Reuters Nooyi boasts of a kickass academic background that most of us can only dream of bagging in a lifetime. But obviously it's understood that she's not like the rest of us and that's why we're highly impressed by her qualifications and what she has made out of it. She holds 3 Bachelors degrees in Science and a double Masters from IIM-C and Yale University. That's quite a handful, we say. 2. Taking Over As The First Woman Ever To Claim The CEO's Chair At PepsiCo © Reuters That's something every Indian can be proud of, more so for all the women out there. Not only did Nooyi give this company 24 years of her life, she moved on from being the CFO to CEO of PepsiCo within a short span of 7 years, thereby also claiming the chair as the first female CEO at the company in 2006—something that made the world stop and take notice. 3. The Many Gems On Her Crown, And An Even Greater Number Of Titles Under Her Belt © Reuters She has been on some of the most coveted list of achievers and influencers of the world that isn't just restricted to the world of business. From being named on the Wall Street Journal's list of 50 Women to Watch in 2007-08 to Time's 100 Most Influential in 2007-08 and the 3rd Most Powerful Woman in Business by Fortune in 2014 to being #1 Most Powerful Woman in Business in 2009 and 2010 on Fortune, her list of titles can go on and on. 4. A Career Graph That's Nerve-Wracking, Challenging And Inspiring All At Once © Reuters Ever since she set foot in the corporate arena, Nooyi worked hand-in-hand with numerous industry bigwigs right from Johnson & Johnson to Motorola, Asea Brown Boveri and PepsiCo. She started off at a managerial position and graduated to the chair of the CEO in the years to come. That's some challenge all of us can (and want to) aspire for. 5. A Trendsetter Who Opened The Gates To A Healthier Take On Junk Food © Reuters She is known to have actively advocated for the company to go green in terms of nutrition factors found in their products, making it a healthier option as compared to its contemporaries. She reclassified PepsiCo's products into three categories: "fun for you", "better for you" and "good for you" based on the nutrition values found across a range of products. That's a move we surely back! 6. The One Who Stands As An Example For Others To Pursue Their American Dream © Reuters She has constantly given wings to the dreams of young Indians who aspire to live the American dream and make it big in the 'Big, Bad World of Silicon Valley'. Her grit and achievements go on to show that no dream is too little to go big on. Her life has encouraged many young minds to take that leap of faith and we can clearly see why. 7. Champion To The Cause Of Working Women, Showing How It's Done In A Man's World © Reuters Even while she spearheaded the undertakings of a giant like PepsiCo, she continued to work for the cause of working women and making the company a better place for her female employees. She acknowledged the challenges women faced in an industry dominated by men and showed by example how it's meant to be done in a man's world - by not only surviving in it but acing at it too! 8. Taking The Business To Great Heights By The Virtue Of Her Vision And Execution © Reuters During her tenure Nooyi took a number of significant decisions that changed the course of the company's future prospects. These major, commercially lucrative decisions such as the acquisition of Tropicana in 1998 and the merger with Quaker Oats Company et al. helped the company's revenue to rise to $63.5 billion from $35 billion in 2006, while the company's share price nearly doubled during that time. Impressive, isn't it? 9. Unchallenged And Unapologetic Queen Of The F&B World © Reuters Her quest to make PepsiCo products more healthier than others drew her a lot of criticism within the company which included the activist investors as well. Yet, she continued to charge through with her vision and today half of the company's revenues come from healthy drink and snack products, which is up from 38 percent in 2006. Pretty cool, we say! 10. A Living Example That You Can Have It All In This One Life. Well, Almost. © Reuters Her life story, career graph and achievements make us believe that we can have it all in this life if we set our mind (and heart) to it. However, Nooyi has admitted that she is as close to living the perfect life as one can be, except that she wishes she could give more time to her family but confesses that we “can't have it all”. You gain some and lose some, we suppose. We find her story truly inspiring and one that needs to shared and celebrated more. She sure is quite a superwoman all by herself.
  8. Right from the ghettos to terminating world records in powerlifting, 23-year-old Larry Wheels is a powerlifting pop-culture legend in the making. While Larry's been on the PL scene for a long time now, social media has now catapulted his fame internationally. With the help of social media, Larry is an underground PL legend already. Before we get deep into Larry's upbringing, let me break down some of his exploits on the PL stage - he deadlifts 855 pounds (387 kilos), benches 276 (kilos) and squats 810 pounds (367 kilos). Is he an official Hall Of Famer yet? Well, if not that, he really is the champion of the PL people. Through Rough Edges Comes The Sharpest Of Talent The same programs I used to break the 242 and 275 record are in my bio now! The programs focus on the squat, bench and deadlift. Plenty of volume and accessory work to give you that bodybuilder shape while smashing PRs like a powerlifter! All programs only 19.99! A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels) on Jul 10, 2018 at 7:38pm PDT Before becoming a champion power lifter, Larry was housed with foster parents. Not a steady family but multiple over time, ever since his mother lost his custody when he was 7. At the age of 12, he dropped out of school and landed right into alcohol and substance abuse. Eventually, Larry had to come back to his mother. Out of school, broke and trying to get out of drugs, he invested himself into exercising. He started with just a broomstick, concrete blocks and sticks. He had a bicycle which he used to ride out daily, till the time he was absolutely tired. Soon, working out was his new drug. From The Shadows Comes The Goliath The same programs I used to break the 242 and 275 record are in my bio now! The programs focus on the squat, bench and deadlift. Plenty of volume and accessory work to give you that bodybuilder shape while smashing PRs like a powerlifter! All programs only 19.99! A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels) on Jun 21, 2018 at 5:33am PDT Soon, Larry grew out of the make-shift home gym and it was time for him to step into a real iron arcade. However, his mother couldn't afford the fees as she waited tables at a local restaurant. Looking at this, Larry also started working at a restaurant to afford his gym fee and joined a gym regardless. A year deep into lifting weights in the gym, Larry was sure about two things: weight lifting was his passion and second, he was a genetic freak, light years ahead from anybody training for strength. He started out-doing his peers and setting new local records. Thus, he decided to take this up seriously and made a decision to make a career in powerlifting. Baffling Shift From Powerlifting To Bodybuilding At the age of 18, Larry competed in RPS powerlifting meet. Though he was 247 pounds at that time, he still competed in the 275 weight category and won the gold. Since then, this champion has been on a record-breaking spree. In November 2017, he made a combined world record of 2275 pounds in powerlifting. The real surprise came when he competed in a bodybuilding competition just after 3 months of making the world record in powerlifting. Not only did he compete but he also won the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic bodybuilding event. The word was out: Larry was a muscle Goliath on the prowl. Click link in bio for training programs. Who's gonna be at the American fit expo? @americanfitnessexpo mhpstrongusa #teammhp #maxhp #maxperformance #mhpstrong Email me at liftlikelarrywheels@gmail.com for customized 1-1 online coaching! Visit Larrywheels.co for 6 different training programs! Use code LARRY10 15% off @ironrebel Use code “wheels” for 15% off any @alphaclothing purchase @pioneer_fit @davidmotiv #grimreaperpump #excuseme squat #bench #deadlift #liftlikelarry #apemanstrong #ironrebel #motivNY #igfitness #fitness #powerbuilder #insane #bodybuilding #fitness A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels) on Jun 1, 2018 at 10:13am PDT
  9. It's been 52 years since England won their only World Cup title and since then, all they have achieved is a catalog of sadness, something that keeps reminding them of their failures and shortcomings in prestigious editions of the tournament. Heavily criticised and easily written off by the media ahead of the 2018 edition, the perception of England's failure echoed against any possibility of their success in Russia. However, the English side in the ongoing tournament is far more determined to prove their doubters wrong and leave Russia with the coveted trophy. If their superb start to their group was any indication of their improvement from the past sides, then this performance against Colombia is a stark reminder to the world, that it is still not too late to consider them as title contenders. The game was locked at 1-1 at the end of extra time and to everyone's surprise, they won it on penalties, something which they have never done in their long history at the World Cup, and this indeed could be the dawn of a new, generation-defining era for the Three Lions. Assured Performances © Reuters To everyone's surprise, England's performances have missed the usual flair, but their game has been far more assuring than before. After going 1-0 up against Colombia, they held their ground for as long as possible, not only just defending Colombia's attacks, but also by using their attack as a weapon to protect their lead. If not for the Yerry Mina goal deep in injury time, England would have wrapped it up in 90 minutes, but the Mina goal was destined and so was England showing a different side to their game. The Elusive Dream Is Finally A Reality © Reuters You read that right! England has finally won a World Cup game on the penalty, for the first time in their history. Penalties are always cruel to the side losing the contest, but this win over Colombia is more than just a victory for England, as it defied many past generations. England fans are now genuinely believing in this side to bring the glory home, and are in love with Jordan Pickford for his save of Carlos Bacca's shot. In Pickford, England look to have finally solved the problem of a reliable goalkeeper, one who is capable enough of winning them games like these. Potential To Reach Final © Reuters Not to undermine the Sweden or other teams that could face England later in the World Cup, but the Three Lions could consider themselves lucky to avoid the likes of Brazil, France, Uruguay or Belgium until the summit clash. Not to say the task will be any less straightforward, but indeed not as challenging as facing the teams mentioned above. England now faces Sweden in the Quarter Finals, and a win over the Scandinavians would pit them against the likes of either Croatia or Russia. On paper, these are teams that England could be expected to beat than Brazil or France! If things are to go as planned, then England have a comparatively easy way to the Final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  10. ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar on Tuesday took notice of zero power generation by Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power and Bhikki power plants.The chief justice sought a reply from the federal and Punjab government regarding zero...
  11. The updated version of the iPhone X could be cheaper than the current generation as the $999 starting price tag for the 10th-anniversary iPhone was deemed too expensive. It is possible the buyers will be able to get a larger version for the same price as the original whereas the smaller version could get cheaper. © YouTube Analyst Amit Daryanani from RBC Capital Markets said that he expects this year's 5.8-inch iPhone X replacement to cost $899, a $100 cheaper than the current model. He also predicted the 6.5-inch version, likely to be called the iPhone X Plus, will cost $999. Even though reports have suggested that iPhone X sales have not been up to the mark, Apple denies any such problem exists. “iPhone X was the best-selling smartphone in the world in the December quarter according to Canalys,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in February, “and it has been our top-selling phone every week since it launched.” It can be safely assumed that the company will base its next model on the current best-performing device i.e. the iPhone X. © BCCL The next big speculation is what the devices will be called as the company introduced the iPhone 8, 8 Pus and the iPhone X in 2017. The follow-up devices' names are a mystery as of now. However, we can be sure about one thing; Many new features such as Face ID, and the OLED screen will likely be featured in both 2018 models. We can expect the devices to have a faster A12 processor and support for Animoji. As of now, Apple will likely call these devices iPhone XS or even iPhone XI as they are meant to replace the iPhone X. The cheaper models with an LCD screen could be called as the iPhone 8S or iPhone 9 as these devices would be cheaper than the flagship lineup. In a recent leak, images of a larger iPhone X screen surfaced online and are expected to look something like this: © MacX We will hunt for more iPhone X news until then, stay tuned to MensXP Technology for regular updates on the launch.
  12. Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida -- where 17 people were shot dead on February 14 by a 19-year-old former classmate -- have been the driving force behind the march WASHINGTON: Galvanised by a massacre at a Florida high school, hundreds of thousands of Americans are expected to take to the streets in cities across the United States on Saturday in the biggest protest for gun control in a generation. The student-organised "March For Our Lives" is to feature rallies from coast to coast, with the main event scheduled to take place in Washington within sight of the US Capitol. "The kids are leading the movement," said Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, where 20 children aged six and seven years old were killed in December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida -- where 17 people were shot dead on February 14 by a 19-year-old former classmate -- have been the driving force behind the march. With a mixture of outrage and passion, they have been relentlessly badgering US lawmakers to enact a ban on assault rifles and to expand background checks to cover all gun purchases, even private sales. "The march is just the start," said Aalayah Eastmond, a 17-year-old junior who took shelter beneath the body of a classmate during the Stoneman Douglas shooting. "Columbine happened -- nothing´s changed. Sandy Hook happened -- nothing´s changed. Parkland happened -- nothing´s changed," Eastmond said. "We will fight for this until change happens," she said at an event with members of US Congress. Since the Parkland shooting, the state of Florida and the US Congress have made only modest tweaks to gun laws and President Donald Trump´s proposal to arm teachers has been met with widespread resistance. Organizers say more than 800 marches are being held across the country and around the world under the slogan #NeverAgain, with the Washington event alone anticipated to attract at least 500,000 people. The protests are expected to be the largest for gun control in the United States -- which has more than 30,000 gun-related deaths a year -- since the Million Mom March in May 2000. ´Electoral force´ The appeals for stricter gun regulations have drawn the backing of Democratic lawmakers, and a slew of American celebrities have pledged $500,000 donations to support the protests. They include actor George Clooney and his wife, Amal, a human rights lawyer; actress and media mogul Oprah Winfrey and director Steven Spielberg and his actress wife, Kate Capshaw. Performing at the rally in Washington are Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Platt, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Common, Andra Day and Vic Mensa. The marchers have also attracted the support of former president Barack Obama, who tried but failed to reform gun laws following the Sandy Hook slaughter. Obama and his wife, Michelle, released a letter to the "Students of Parkland" praising their "resilience, resolve and solidarity" and saying they have helped "awaken the conscience of the nation." Former president Billl Clinton said America "owes its gratitude to the students of Stoneman Douglas and their peers across the country who have joined their cause." Murphy, the Connecticut senator, told AFP the student-led movement needs to become an "electoral force, and this march may be the beginning of that." Conscious of their growing political power, March For Our Lives organizers provided a link on their website for supporters to register to vote. They have also called on supporters to vote against lawmakers who receive money from the National Rifle Association, the powerful US gun lobby that fiercely defends the Second Amendment´s "right to bear arms." "Either you stand with the kids or you stand with the NRA," said David Hogg, a Stoneman Douglas student. Meanwhile, Lyft, the ride-hailing service, said it would offer free rides to 50 marches around the United States. Several restaurants in Washington said they would hand out free lunches to high school students. Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, sent the American football team´s plane to Parkland to fly the families of the 17 people killed at Stoneman Douglas to Washington along with injured students. According to a Quinnipiac University poll, 63 percent of American voters approve of the march in support of tougher gun laws but are not optimistic it will lead to new legislation.
  13. "I hope I remember everything," said Toni. "You won't," said Trapp. "That's how you learn. But after you make the same mistake one, or two, or five times, you'll eventually get it. And then you'll make new mistakes." - Louis Sachar, “The Cardturner: A Novel about a King, a Queen and a Joker Why is being an engineer a joke in our country? Pursuing engineering is apparently so funny that professional standup comedians are proudly labeling themselves as engineers. This is surprising because usually people tend to be very angry after their monetary and time investments go down the drain. Making fun of engineers is like making fun of prisoners who served 4 years in jail for a crime they never committed. It's a tragedy even if everyone's living it! There has to be a better way to cope, and unschooling, where the 'learner learns' rather than the 'teacher teaches', is precisely that. © Youtube/Abhishek Upmanyu Flaws, So Many Flaws The Indian education system can be best described as a test of endurance, a relic of the past and arguably a waste of time. If you binge-watch all Rohit Shetty movies, after two years, your retention of the worst cinema of the 21st century will be greater than what the average engineer remembers about capacitors after graduation. This is because the average engineer is either not working in a technical capacity or is unemployed. The little flexibility that our system has in terms of choosing a stream of study is nullified by our herd mentality. Education in India has become nothing more than a mandatory religious rite of passage, everyone is forced to walk through it, even the atheists. The greatest shortcoming of the system is the conditioning - the idea that the textbook is the one true source of knowledge and that learning is work. Furthermore, standardised tests create a stressful, needlessly competitive environment. They serve as checkpoints in this prolonged rat race. Our system is marked by a blind adherence to conventional pedagogy that further agonises the student. For example, engineers studying computer science are asked to write programs in a journal because that's the way it's done in physics and chemistry, ignoring the past 50 years of technological development in one go. It's called a hard drive, Professor, even scientists in the 1940s used punch cards to store programs! That's the whole point they made hard drives, so that documents, especially computer programs, don't have to be written by hand, that's like Facebook asking us to hand-draw our selfies before letting us post them. © Vinod Chopra films What Is Unschooling? Unschooling is an alternate system of education that puts the onus of learning on the learner. It's based on a simple idea - children want to learn, let them decide what they want to learn. We are born as inquisitive explorers, more than willing to try and fail and try again. Unschooling uses the child's intrinsic curiosity to fuel their education process organically. The fact that it's easier to reject this idea than to accept it is a result of our conditioning that assumes children don't like learning, they need to be taught. They need attention, they don't need a repri There is a subtle yet important distinction between homeschooling and unschooling. Homeschooling follows the same pedagogy as the teachers do in school, but they do so at home. The curriculum and the incentive to learn is the same as the traditional system. Homeschoolers don't believe in the classroom but they approve of the underlying institution whereas unschooling takes over every aspect of the learning process and gives it to the learner. © Aquarius Films Unschooling is a more individualistic approach compared to the traditional system. This is basically how a person learns after theyve graduated. They follow their instincts, they experiment and they read the books they want to read. Yes, they read because they don't learn languages as a scoring subject. The greatest victory of the unschooling philosophy is that students learn that knowledge is its own reward. Unschoolers naturally focus on learning practical skills that directly translate to better employability. There's enough room for course correction so that the student can actively explore different facets of their own personality. Education is an important responsibility and exercising complete control over this journey is a major boost to a person's self esteem. Were always told that parents know better, teachers know better, that experience has value but we're never allowed to form our own experiences. At least not before it's too late. Criticisms Of Unschooling There are various arguments against unschooling but the primary ones are standardisation and lack of socialisation. Standardisation means that an unschooled child may not learn the same things as traditionally schooled peer. This is true albeit inconsequential because the competition begins only when one starts looking for employment. Armed with the Internet, a passionate learner can easily live up to the expectations of any employer. Another issue that's often brought up is the lack of socialisation. Critics complain that unschoolers have poor communication and social skills because they don't have a ready-made group of peers. Although a ready-made group of peers has certain advantages, communication and making friends are skills, both of which will improve over time in tandem with the personality of the individual. The main argument is, How do I get a job as an unschooled person? The answer is again, The same way youre getting one right now. A recent AIB video on campus placements ended with the GPA scores of the actors and crew members. All of them were engineers but work as cinematographers, writers, etc. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that every freelance writer based in Indian metros has a more conventional educational background. © Youtube/All India Bakchod Surely there are areas of study where unschooling doesnt automatically translate to a career. Were fine with accepting that its not a one-size-fits-all solution. This is the essence of unschooling, its flexible. Unschooling doesn't ask people to practice surgeries on their younger siblings. Medical institutions exist for people who want to become doctors. If entrance tests is how they assess merit then aspirants will have to prepare accordingly. But, it's your decision to make, not that of your parent or some distant relative who keeps saying that you look like someone who would become a doctor. The role of parents Parents and society play a major role in making an already bad system completely unbearable. The only meaningful criticism of unschooling is that parents may not be able to give their children the time, attention and guidance that unschooling demands. If a child is being unschooled and shows interest in photography, the role of the parent is to enable and nourish that interest. Although, it's not entirely necessary that unschooling happens at home. Institutions like The Recurse Center in New York for coders and Shikshantar Resource Centre in Udaipur provide a roof and qualified professionals to guide budding unschoolers. Success stories like Malvika Raj, who got admission in MIT by winning 3 medals at several International Informatics Olympiads without ever giving the Class 12 examinations, would be a lot more common if some parents would simply take the initiative to swim against the tide. Conclusion The accessibility of so many online courses designed by premier institutes and initiatives like MasterClass serve as a positive reinforcement that quality free-form learning can happen at home. It's high time that parents and students open up to unconventional ideas of education and unschooling is the most viable option in today's information age which deserves greater discussion. Lets have it! discddisdisdiscussion. Let's have it!
  14. South Korea said on Wednesday it plans to increase its solar-generated power by five times current amounts by 2030 to boost use of renewable sources in the nation?s energy mix. Since President Moon Jae-in came to power in May on a platform of cutting South Korea?s reliance on nuclear power, his government has torn up plans to build six more reactors in favour of ?eco-friendly? energy sources. The world?s fifth-biggest nuclear energy user currently operates 24 nuclear reactors that generate about a third of its total electricity needs. ?We will fundamentally change the way renewable energy is developed by creating an environment where the public can easily participate in the renewable energy business,? said Paik Un-gyu, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy. South Korea plans to provide a fifth of the country?s total amount of electricity from renewable energy by 2030, up from 7 percent in 2016. To meet that goal, it plans to add 30.8 gigawatts of solar power generating capacity and 16.5 gigawatts of wind power capacity by 2030. As of 2017, South Korea has 5.7 gigawatts of generating capacity from solar power and 1.2 gigawatts from wind power. The additional capacity will come from major projects, as well as by converting individual households, farms and small businesses to renewable energy, the ministry said. South Korea aims to have one out of 30 households equipped with solar power generation by 2022, the ministry said, and to emphasize renewable energy projects with generating capacity of about 5 gigawatts between 2018 to 2022.
  15. Here you are raving about 4G speeds on your smartphone while America and Russia are busy building 6G fighter jets that can tackle more or less any airborne attack with the snap of a finger. These sixth generation aircrafts are being developed and boast of some mind blowing features that will revolutionise security and defence in a way the world couldn't ever imagine. © The National Interest The U.S., for instance, has been working on their sixth gen F/A-XX programme since its announcement in 2014. XX stands for a unique number, like 22 in the case of the F- 22 Raptor, that would take numeric form once the prototype sees the light of day. The fighter jet will have with state of the art technology that would help it attain higher speeds and altitudes as compared to other jets. © YouTube The idea is to employ Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology or ADVENT to these next gen fighter jets, in order to help them achieve better fuel economy as well as hermeneutic cruise speeds. These jets can also be launched and land on the U.S.'s swanky new $16 billion warship USS Gerald R. Ford CVN-78. But that's not all. These fighter jets will also be covered in smart skins that will be built out of sensors and communicative channels that will gather information from all available sources, like satellites, and keep the pilot updated. The best features of the fighter jet that caught our eye, at least, were improved stealth mechanisms that make it difficult to be detected and the possibility of flying it unmanned, because a reduced number of casualties is a sign of true advancement. © Defence Talk Now, if the U.S. is building smart jet fighters, how can Russia be far behind? They unveiled the MiG-41 sixth gen fighter jet that was touted to fly above the atmosphere. Does that make this a spaceship, woah! Well probably, except that it's not going to fly to the moon, so the flight would still be at a limited altitude, insane nonetheless! The MiG-41 comes with pretty much the same features as the ones in the proposed F/A-XX jets-- improved stealth properties, advanced laser weaponry, smart skins, Mach 4-4.3 speeds (which means that the jet is capable of going four or four point three times the speed of sound-- super duper sonic, 4500kmph, to be specific), can be operated unmanned and intercept most forms of airborne attacks. © Sputnik While the F/A-XX is supposed to relieve the old F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter jets, the MiG-41 would put the MiG-31 Foxhound to rest in its birth place. The F/A-XX won't be operational till 2030 but the MiG-41 could be seen taking charge early in 2020.
  16. Swipe right, then swipe left, swipe right and then perhaps left again at every (un)attractive man who claims to be a 'sapiosexual' or a self proclaimed 'gym/fitness freak'. This activity was becoming too recreational for me after a heavy day of work, post a bad break up. It had been a while since the great 'paradigm shift' in my life and I wasn't getting any younger (or so I thought) and I took to online dating like how Piranhas take to flesh (for the lack of a better analogy). Days tuned to nights but the swipes just remained in the realms of virtuality, like that was their rightful place. © Thinkstock/Getty Images I am an old school romantic and I believe the current dating trend is ruining our chances of finding 'everlasting love'. There is a sudden urgency to get someplace in life and move on to associations with one swipe and forget everything else love stood for in that mere moment. It was all alien to me but as I mentioned before I took to a particular dating app quite relentlessly where the success rate for the app was determined by how attractive people looked in their pictures. I also realised people who were a bit too callous in their usage of colloquial English had super chances of 'hooking up'. So words like romance, everlasting or even love for that matter, didn't fathom in their virtual dictionary. It all boiled down to a fast-paced association and I began to see why our generation lacks the semblance of unconditional love and romance altogether. © Thinkstock/Getty Images I am a product of some tough everlasting love. My parents met in another city where dating was seen as a forlorn endeavour and matrimonial advances were at its peak. There was literally no 'let's go grab a few drinks' kinda scenario. If you like the girl, you take her home and make babies with her. A bit rebellious in her belief, my mother was a staunch and independent romantic at heart and certainly wanted her part of the bargain to be played right. But before she could enter this vicious gambit, my father took one look at her and fell head over heels in love. There was no looking back from there. They long distanced their way through the relationship, by making STD calls to each other every week and within three months, they were happily married. © Thinkstock/Getty Images The struggle was still real when they got married. My dad took upon an offshore job and was away most times while my mother spent her time writing letters to him about her life back home. The letters became a real source of inspiration for me and I grew up trying to preserve the sanctity of 'everlasting love'. Today, 35 years later after my parents first met, I am still trying to gather a sense of romance that has now ceased to exist. The hope to meet men organically is slowly diminishing and apps are still showing their keen existence on my phone. I sometimes feel jaded knowing that love has become too cavalier for our generation and everything is based out of an option, while dismissing and dispensing the one at hand, in a matter of a minute or a snap judgement. We don't seek love anymore, we seek an alternative to something we give up on; to satisfy the empty and hollow egos we feed through these dating apps. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Dating apps are now dark and dingy spaces where we venture to seek quick validations about the illusion we create for the world outside of our sphere. This may fill the spontaneous void we create within ourselves but in the long haul, we're always going to be lurking behind thick ghastly shadows of unfulfilling associations. Meanwhile, these apps serve as good fodder for a boring dull weekend and half baked indulgence and are here to stay for sure. But I hope and pray there will be a time where we will let go of these apps from our phones one day and maybe, just maybe fall in love organically and stay there forever, just like how the generation before us did.
  17. <p>We don't think there's anyone in the entire f**king world who has ever said that they love their desk job and office environment. </p> <p>Living on cups of hot coffee, looking at documents day and night, and the ceiling fan being the only answer for ‘what's up'; clearly won't make anyone feel jealous of you. However, if you work with crazy dudes or were lucky enough to experience this kind of work culture, consider that you already know what heaven looks and feels like. From costumes instead of uniforms to giving new meaning to creativity, these folks left no space for a mundane and boring routine to enter. Check out these amazing and hilarious ideas that might give you some tips to pep up your work life. These pictures were originally shared on Bored Panda. http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-office-life/?page_numb=1 </p> 1. Is that what Steven Spielberg's office looks like? <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-1-1501656125.jpg" alt="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-1-1501656125.jpg" />© <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/3si1qb/paleontology_department_on_halloween/" target="_blank">Reddit</a></p> 2. We bet every receptionist in the world would like to use this trick. <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-500" title="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-2-1501656217.jpg" alt="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-2-1501656217.jpg" />© <a href="https://i.redditmedia.com/vj4i8u3WkXzQuH2qSqvrBw2HvMP6-y7rW3-fRTDy0c0.jpg?w=432&s=e8ca45ac1b3b4dcdc0cae36f01bdf213" target="_blank">Reddit</a></p> 3. Let's all bow down to the creativity of this woman. This is pure genius! <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-3-1501656257.jpg" alt="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-3-1501656257.jpg" />© <a href="http://i.imgur.com/youtumO.png" target="_blank">Reddit</a></p> 4. Someone had way too much time on his hands. Poor Paul, we feel for you, bro! <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-500" title="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-4-1501656298.jpg" alt="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-4-1501656298.jpg" />© <a href="http://i.imgur.com/Yj6aIAk.jpg" target="_blank">Imgur</a></p> 5. That ‘forever alone' guy who can NEVER escape the friendzone. <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-500" title="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-5-1501656448.jpg" alt="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-5-1501656448.jpg" />© <a href="http://imgur.com/eJYEiYO" target="_blank">Imgur</a></p> 6. Ummmm, where does he work? Dexter's Laboratory? Although we wish there could have been an exit route like this. <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-500" title="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-6-1501656500.jpg" alt="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-6-1501656500.jpg" />© <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/5bkkjz/my_coworker_decided_he_wanted_a_standing_desk/" target="_blank">Reddit</a> </p> 7. “And that's how we're going to save the world tomorrow” – must be their meeting agenda. This is so f**king cool. <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-500" title="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-7-1501656531.jpg" alt="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-7-1501656531.jpg" />© <a href="http://imgur.com/HCwuYdx" target="_blank">Imgur</a> </p> 8. How can we apply this in this office? <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-500" title="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-8-1501656571.jpg" alt="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-8-1501656571.jpg" />© <a href="http://imgur.com/FqBw4XJ" target="_blank">Imgur</a> </p> 9. And poor Linda will not have a good day now. Also, this is an epic comeback for those mean colleagues. <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-500" title="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-9-1501656641.jpg" alt="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-9-1501656641.jpg" />© <a href="http://imgur.com/WmUW1M5" target="_blank">Imgur</a> </p> 10. And that's how you rebel in office in a savage way. Zoom in if you didn't get the joke. <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-500" title="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-10-1501656670.jpg" alt="Funny Pictures Of Office Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/funny-pictures-of-office-life-740x400-10-1501656670.jpg" />© <a href="http://i.imgur.com/cPiZP.jpg" target="_blank">Imgur</a></p>
  18. <p>Good actors are unpredictable and so is Matt Damon.</p> <p>With each new performance, Matt keeps growing not only as a performer or an artist but also as a viewer. He knows which roles would suit him the best and so he takes a chance on them. Surprisingly, the performance turns out to be as always a better and polished one. ‘Smart choices' could be the two words for his splendid and enormous career of around 29 years (since 1988). It could be his brilliance as an artist as he outperformed many others of his age and bagged his first Academy Award, not for acting but for Best Original Screenplay in ‘Good Will Hunting' (1997), when he was just 27-year-old.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-500" title="A Look At Actor Matt Damon Brilliant Career Over 25 Years" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/a-look-at-actor-matt-damon-brilliant-career-over-25-years-500-1-1501509475.jpg" alt="A Look At Actor Matt Damon Brilliant Career Over 25 Years" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/a-look-at-actor-matt-damon-brilliant-career-over-25-years-500-1-1501509475.jpg" />© YouTube</p> <p>Who would believe by then that the young Matt would certainly become one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood? He is not only an actor by now a producer also. His last production ‘Manchester by the Sea' (2016) received six Oscar nominations including the one for the Best Picture.</p> <p>When it comes to acting, Matt has tried his hands onto multifarious roles. For him, it is just not justified to be normally beckoning. He has to be the superior one, a brilliant mathematician, an uptown businessman, or an astronaut cum botanist, as his career demands. That is the hard reality of Damon's life. Behind those clean blue eyes and the chocolate boy image, there is something more which makes him the ‘Jason Bourne'.</p> <p>It all started way back in 1997 when Damon teamed up with his childhood friend Ben Affleck and wrote the screenplay for ‘Good Will Hunting'. The two actors with Robin Williams created magic on screen.</p> <p>Thanks to the fact that this young lad knew by then, what a gripping screenplay is all about. The following year was more glorious for Damon, as he bagged a major role with Tom Hanks, a titular character in ‘Saving Private Ryan' (1998). However, it is a lesser known fact that Robin Williams, who had earlier worked with Steven Spielberg, introduced Matt to him. Steven signed him later for the role.</p> <p>After Private Ryan, there was no stopping for him. His character in ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley' (1999) was critically acclaimed. The very next year he did ‘Dogma', an intense and highly intellectual subject matter, which earned all praise for him. He also tried his hands onto some romantic dramas, films which proved to be commercially unsuccessful. Damon got a wider recognition when he signed up two major film franchises – Ocean's Eleven and Jason Bourne, the latter established him a star of global recognition.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="A Look At Actor Matt Damon Brilliant Career Over 25 Years" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/a-look-at-actor-matt-damon-brilliant-career-over-25-years-500-2-1501509667.jpg" alt="A Look At Actor Matt Damon Brilliant Career Over 25 Years" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/a-look-at-actor-matt-damon-brilliant-career-over-25-years-500-2-1501509667.jpg" />© YouTube</p> <p>One cannot forget his stellar performance in Martin Scorsese's ‘The Departed'. With less noise, the star quietly transformed into a great ‘everyman' actor (As described in Entertainment Weekly). While his roles in ‘The Informant!', ‘Invictus' remained critically acclaimed, his magnetic performance in ‘The Martian' (2015), when he earned a nomination for Best Actor against Leonardo DiCaprio, got a positive reception from both critics and audience. This year, Matt is coming up with two films of different genres – ‘Downsizing' and ‘Suburbicon'. ‘Suburbicon's' trailer has already hit the screens; Matt seems to have worked really hard to put on some plush for this role.</p> <iframe title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="1" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/IYga2m0V2O0"></iframe> <p>We hope to see more of Damon year after year, as it is said, the best is yet to come. Though Leonardo got his Oscar in the acting category after 25 years since he started, it will be interesting to see if Matt will be able to bag one, yet again, however, this time for the Best Actor!</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="A Look At Actor Matt Damon Brilliant Career Over 25 Years" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/a-look-at-actor-matt-damon-brilliant-career-over-25-years-500-3-1501509703.jpg" alt="A Look At Actor Matt Damon Brilliant Career Over 25 Years" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/a-look-at-actor-matt-damon-brilliant-career-over-25-years-500-3-1501509703.jpg" />© YouTube</p>
  19. <p>We are a generation of softies. Probably the weakest, both mentally and physically of all the generations that have ever existed. We take pride in sleeping late and partying for days on end. A pizza is life, according to the internet and it's cool to say ‘I am dead inside'. All life's battles are fought on the keyboard and somehow, pulling overtime at work is called ‘working hard'. Celebrating obesity is body love and you'll be crucified online if you simply advise someone to lose weight. Now, take off your shirt and stand in front of the mirror. If you don't like what you see, you are a part of ‘this generation'. While we were being cool, what was actually going on is that we were disrespecting our bodies. Overtime after overtime, party after party, we ruined the one thing that matters the most. We know it but we are too soft to come to terms with it. Dealing with reality is called being offended in 2017. </p> The Culture Of ‘Quick Fat Loss': We Love Getting Sweet Talked Into Getting Robbed <p>It's astounding to see how willing people are to get ripped off by buying bunk fitness products. Just promise them weight loss on the cover and they'll even buy packaged tap water. Corporations know the rising desperation to get fit and they are laughing their way to the bank by selling you garbage in the name of health. That skinny tea, a detox meal replacement, slim sauna belts and that ‘fat melting' herb discovered in the Himalayas, just for you. We are being fooled every day but we just love it, don't we? What we ignore is the fact that most of these things are a meticulously knitted setup to rob us blind. </p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="We Are A Weak, Coddled Generation That's Constantly Looking For Shortcuts To Getting Fit" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/we-are-a-weak-coddled-generation-that-rsquo-s-constantly-looking-for-shortcuts-to-getting-fit1-1500357425.jpg" alt="We Are A Weak, Coddled Generation That's Constantly Looking For Shortcuts To Getting Fit" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/we-are-a-weak-coddled-generation-that-rsquo-s-constantly-looking-for-shortcuts-to-getting-fit1-1500357425.jpg" />© Kirahoffman,pixabay</p> We Live In A Society Of Instant Gratification And Are Constantly Bombarded With Amazing Claims <p>We love the sweet talking brands shower us with. While we pleasure ourselves with fake claims, we close our eyes to the importance of exercise, nutrition and most importantly, patience. Why? Because stuffing our mouths with a supposed ‘fat loss' food is easier than picking up weights and counting calories. We want fitness trackers to help us move, apps to remind us to drink water and treadmills to make us walk. You see, all this is very easy, very gratifying. We believe things that simply sound easy.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="We Are A Weak, Coddled Generation That's Constantly Looking For Shortcuts To Getting Fit" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/we-are-a-weak-coddled-generation-that-rsquo-s-constantly-looking-for-shortcuts-to-getting-fit2-1500357446.jpg" alt="We Are A Weak, Coddled Generation That's Constantly Looking For Shortcuts To Getting Fit" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/we-are-a-weak-coddled-generation-that-rsquo-s-constantly-looking-for-shortcuts-to-getting-fit2-1500357446.jpg" />© Pixabay</p> The Culture Of Body Love, That's Exactly What Body Love Isn't <p>It's the age of the internet, everybody is ill-informed. So is the body love brigade. How hard is it to understand that being comfortable in your skin and nearing bad health because of ugly eating habits and excess body fat are two very different things? Obese people gorging on tubs of ice cream are cool till the time they do it in the confines of their homes. But when you make a video of it, put it online; don't get mad when people call out for what they see. While the obese should be encouraged and told to get better, what they are told is that nearing diabetes is fine. It is body love. Now you tell me where we went wrong.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="We Are A Weak, Coddled Generation That's Constantly Looking For Shortcuts To Getting Fit" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/we-are-a-weak-coddled-generation-that-rsquo-s-constantly-looking-for-shortcuts-to-getting-fit3-1500357459.jpg" alt="We Are A Weak, Coddled Generation That's Constantly Looking For Shortcuts To Getting Fit" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/we-are-a-weak-coddled-generation-that-rsquo-s-constantly-looking-for-shortcuts-to-getting-fit3-1500357459.jpg" />© Pixabay</p> The Steroid Rush <p>A magazine claims rock hard muscles in 20 days, an obviously ‘on the juice' athlete claims natural muscle gains and an idiotic YouTuber gets on a steroid cycle. The muscle gain market is on fire and steroids are the fuel. The race to looking ripped is fiercer than ever. Young men are pinning themselves, drawing inspiration from their Instagram fitness models. 2 months in a gym and talks about ‘gear' starts to get to the heads. Everybody wants quick results. Diet and training doesn't matter, who is running what, does. The high from steroids is truly addictive. There's no coming back, but the shortcut is alluring.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="We Are A Weak, Coddled Generation That's Constantly Looking For Shortcuts To Getting Fit" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/we-are-a-weak-coddled-generation-that-rsquo-s-constantly-looking-for-shortcuts-to-getting-fit4-1500357476.jpg" alt="We Are A Weak, Coddled Generation That's Constantly Looking For Shortcuts To Getting Fit" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Jul/we-are-a-weak-coddled-generation-that-rsquo-s-constantly-looking-for-shortcuts-to-getting-fit4-1500357476.jpg" />© Pixabay</p> Fitness Is Not What's Being Sold To You <p>Take a break from all this jazz and think about it. How much time did it take you to get fat? How long have you compromised your well being for? The answer is, a long, long time. Then, how can you expect to get better in a jiffy? How can you expect food to come through and ‘burn fat' while you park your ass on a couch? It doesn't make any sense. Corporations are manufacturing these products but they are not selling them to you at gunpoint, are they? You are buying them. You are responsible. It's about time realized that and got your shit together because no one else is going to do it for you.</p>
  20. For us, festivals either mean Diwali, Holi or Sunburn and any other music or dance festival. But, it seems there are some countries who use a different dictionary for the term ‘festival', because how else can you associate that term with these bizarre events that can, at times, be life threatening too. We understand bizarre is a subjective term and everyone holds different views about it. It is fine if you don't find these crazy, but even you will acknowledge that some of them are hilariously cringe-worthy. Ever saw someone religiously carry out a ***** parade or eat a bull's testicle? Well, now you will see that. Hold on to your seats guys because our list is just getting started. Kanamara Matsuri or ***** Festival Talk of stranger things and Japan tops our list with 'Kanamara Matsuri', a festival where people parade carrying huge statues of pink-coloured penises. Legend has it that a jealous sharp-toothed demon fell in love with a woman and hid inside her vagina. He bit off the penises of two men she tried having *** with. Don't ask how the demon got inside her vagina because we are still in a dilemma of whether to trust the legend or our logical reasoning. Anyway, this festival happens in April and is meant to pray for fertility and create awareness on sexually transmitted diseases. © Reuters Festa Del Cornuto or Festival of Horns In Italy, while some people attach love padlocks on the railings of bridges to mark their romance, others attend this festival that celebrates being cheated by their partner. If things weren't painful enough for the ones who were cheated, this festival makes it worse by rubbing salt on their wounds. But, having said that it has many takers and we are not surprised at all. If you are planning to travel to Rome in November, then go visit the town of Roca Canterano and you will find men wearing helmets with horns, parading, crying and mourning their failed relationship. © Pinterest Noche De Rábanos Aka Night of The Radishes We don't think there's anyone who particularly loves radishes. Well, maybe Mexico too wasn't really fond of eating them, so they created a festival out of it. Travel to Oaxaca in December and you find carvings of radishes into puppets or sceneries everywhere. It was turned into an official festival in 1897 by the-then mayor. But folks, don't get too hungry because these radishes are not for consumption and can be as long as 50 cm and weigh as heavy as 3 kilos. © Wikimedia Pamplona Bull Run or Running of the Bulls ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' is one movie we have seen so many times that we can now even recite the dialogues without looking at the screen…or maybe not. However, there was one particular scene which made our hearts skip a beat and that was when the three actors were running ahead of bulls fearlessly. If you slept for two more hours imagining yourself in the scene, let us tell you that it's far worse and scary in real life. But, we can't deny that the Pamplona bull festival is the most amazing and breathtaking event in the world, which everyone must give a shot at least once. It happens in July. © Wikimedia Boryeong Mud Festival When it comes to skincare, don't look anywhere else but South Korea. Their make-up, cosmetics, skincare products are spot on and there are no points for guessing why they look so radiant and young. While we Indians look after our skin the whole year, on Holi we don't give a single f**k to our skin. But, in South Korea even their festivals are a way of looking after their skin. We are not kidding, in July they play mud festival in Boryeong. This idea was originated as a marketing tool for Boryeong mud cosmetics. Woah! They definitely know how to up the beauty game. © Wikimedia Festival For Near Death Experience We all have heard stories of people coming back to life or encountering near death experiences, but celebrating a festival for overcoming those horrific situations is something we can't really consider reassuring. Maybe the fact that we are still alive after that close shave can be a reason enough to parade through the streets either carrying a coffin or being in one. No, it's not any death ritual, it is said to be a way to thank or pay their respect to the ‘Saint of Death'. It happens in the month of July in Spain. © Wikimedia (For Representation) Eukonkanto or Wife Carrying Championship July is truly an eventful month of the year, given that so many interesting things happen during this time. This festival is part quirky and part awesome because the only take-away from this event is beer, lots and lots of beer. If next time your woman complains about you not understanding the gravity of your relationship, take her to Finland and participate in this race where you need to carry her on your back. Watch ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha' if you are confused about the concept. Anyway, start looking after your wife because the beer will be equivalent to her weight. © Flickr Testicle Festival For those who heard testicle and got excited for no reason, let's tell you there is no NSFW content in this point. This festival is about eating testicles…again, no dirty thoughts; we mean animal's testicles. Now, you can go in your cringe mode. Apparently, it's quite a rage among people, but you have to be above 21 to even think about it. Other than food, there are many other games like ‘Wet T-Shirt' contest, ‘Big Dick' competition and ‘Ball Eating' competition to name a few. Well, the names really had us in. Whether these games truly live up to their names can be only known if you travel to Montana in August. © Pinterest
  21. Food is life for us. It is our go-to friend for everything. Food is an excuse to meet friends. It brings us together. We make friends on the basis of our common tastes, literally. There are a hundred different cuisines out there. From high-end bakeries offering melt-in-the-mouth desserts to lip-smacking chicken tikkas at barbeque restaurants. From dirt-cheap draft beer to discounted combos. There's a whole world on a platter for you to have a good time. When you have food by your side, how can you not be happy? © Thinkstock/Getty Images We are young, ambitious and raring to go, and we are always stressed. We panic when we accidentally drunk text our ex. We are bummed when we don't get a parking spot. We feel life is shit when our order doesn't arrive on time. At the end of a tiring day, an indulgent warm meal is the ultimate stress-buster. The definition of a good meal, by default, eliminates anything that's home-cooked or healthy. Dripping with cheese, oil or cream, our comfort foods are high on fat, spices and junk. Food is a status symbol today. There are restaurants you have to right tick; there are dishes you must try; there are friends you have to meet every weekend. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Good food has become our source of happiness, sometimes our only source of happiness. The solution to every problem is good (read: swimming in calories) food and cold beer. Looks like a harmless thing, doesn't it? The problem is that most days are bad days. Most days are challenging. We need an anti-bummer every day. What do you do then? You indulge yourself every day. Had a dull meeting? Have a pizza. Had an argument with girlfriend? Have a beer. It's not gluttony anymore. It's an emotional need. © Thinkstock/Getty Images And even if you escape the vicious cycle of depending on food to bring a smile to your face, how do you manage your social life with a healthy diet? We millennials document everything. We Instagram our pizzas and our beers. We Snapchat our desserts with digital hearts over them. As a result, an entire generation is binging on unhealthy food. The days when people happily lived on plain dal chawal are long gone. You need to be eating good food to feel good about your life. As a result, a whole generation is becoming unfit. From obesity and hormonal problems to diabetes and heart disease, this generation is experiencing ailments that used to affect 50-year-olds. We have far more fitness options and far better awareness than our previous generation, yet we are unhealthier than our parents. © Thinkstock/Getty Images These are two opposing forces in your life – your need to be healthier, fitter, more good-looking, and your need to find easy happiness in food and bond over your common tastes. How many parties, get-togethers will you miss because you don't want to be cheating on your diet every weekend? How many times will you stay sober while the rest of your gang is busy clicking drunk pictures? How long will your resolve to live a healthy lifestyle last when everyone around you is downing pints after pints of beer and making YOLO-resolves to live life to the fullest? © Thinkstock/Getty Images How do you then avoid it? Removing junk from your life means removing certain friends, certain occasions, certain days. The reason why so many of us are never able to stick to our diets is because there's too much temptation around. Going on a diet is not a health decision anymore; it's a decision that will affect both your social and personal life. © Thinkstock/Getty Images You sweat it out in gyms or run marathons, but how do you eat clean? How do you jeopardize your social lives, how do you deny yourselves the pleasure of a perfectly grilled cheeseburger or a freshly brewed beer? How do you eliminate the one thing you look forward to in a day? Of course, many of us are able to do so. One idea is to then choose your friends wisely; have gym partners and fellow marathoners as your closest buddies. Chances are you will never cheat on your diet with junk food. But you don't always choose your company as much as your company chooses you. Changing friends is not the answer. Perseverance is also not the long-term solution. The change has to be deep and widespread. © Thinkstock/Getty Images We need to stop defining our lives with the food we eat. We need to get out of the dim-lighted pubs and find other ways of socializing, ways that don't always involve pleasures of the culinary kind. A swim in the nearby sports club, an evening walk in the ridge area, bonding over books, art and music – can we go back to the simpler yet more intimate ways of socializing, not to mention much less expensive. And while we're at it, it just might be a good idea to leave our phones behind.
  22. We are living in a world where we trick ourselves and the people we are with—at different points in our lives—into believing that the love we are getting is all the love that we are worth; that it is all the love that is available and that we should be grateful for the little that we get. We are tricksters because we want the envelope of safety to be on our side. We want to be the ones with the advantage in a relationship. And so, we don’t love or let someone love us wholeheartedly because of the dangers of falling beyond the point of no return. And then, we complain about the idea of love being flawed, illusive and non-existent altogether. We basically blame one of the most innocent and pure forces in the world for all our deeds of preventing the force from acting. We blame love for our lack of it. © Thinkstock/Getty Images We commit ourselves to relationships that are not based on a love that binds and attracts, but, are based on safety, advantage and comfort zones. We no longer seek relationships of love; we seek relationships of conveniences. And whether you believe it or choose to deny this, at some point in your life, or at all points, all of you have resorted or are still resorting to this. Why? Simple, it’s the easy way out. Aren’t we always looking for shortcuts, anyway? What Is A Relationship Of Convenience? © Thinkstock/Getty Images It’s a relationship in which you are only there for the safety blanket it offers you—emotional, financial, or even and sometimes, mostly physical. Most of us have been with someone for way too long because we’re just not ready to put ourselves out there again. It doesn’t matter if a person comes along and questions all our decisions so far. We’ve gotten too comfortable to start over; therefore, we’re ruining our chances of experiencing love in its truest forms. We’re afraid of social obligations—what would your friends think if you started dating that girl because she’s just too bold to be around? We’re too used to being pampered and taken care of to step out and do it for ourselves or someone else. We’re okay with being in a relationship where love is a choice and has a reason, than being in a relationship where love was never a choice and it has no rhyme or reason. But that’s the relationship we need to be in! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Love is never meant to have a reason, at all. If you look at the person you’re with and you can count the reasons you love them, you don’t love them at all. You’re in the wrong relationship. You are meant to be with someone you love just because. Love doesn’t come with a warning, or a disclaimer. It doesn’t come with rhyme, or reason. It just happens. It is not something you can quantify, calculate or even control. And more often than not, we give up on that love because it’s just too scary and intimidating to embrace. We’re so used to having everything under control—our finances, our lifestyles, our relationships, that we don’t want to be challenged anymore. We don’t want to be at the edge of the cliff because we don’t want to fall, even if the fall means we may start soaring higher than ever before. But, no. We’d rather just be rooted to wherever we are, become stagnant and let the chosen idea of love run stale and dry to the point where you start dwelling on the ‘what-if’s of the love you forbade yourself from. © Thinkstock/Getty Images We resort to one-night stands because they come with no background or foreground. We resort to no-strings-attached because we don’t want to be held responsible for the feelings that we may have ignited. We resort to friends with benefits because we don’t want to lose out on the advantages it has to offer. We resort to affairs and cheating because we’re not ready to set people free, out of fear of having to go out there and stand for something, or someone. We want the ties but we also want to be the ones holding a sharp-edged object to cut the ties at the first sign of fear, no matter how misplaced it is! © Thinkstock/Getty Images We live in denial and choose to remain oblivious. God help if we are made aware of what lies ahead; we are so overwhelmed, we don’t want to accept it. We don’t restrict the conveniences to relationships, of course. We’re stuck in jobs that pay our bills no matter how morose they make us as people; we are living in shambles because we don’t want society to judge us. And this trickles down to the most intimate parts of our hearts. This trickles down to the people we love, or choose not to. Sadly, it’s the ones that we often choose not to love who we really, truly madly and deeply love and desire with all our hearts and souls. But we’re too comfortable to let those desires be known and realized. We are too afraid to chase the people we love irrevocably and unconditionally. So, we choose the comfort zones over the magic; we choose the advantage over the impulse; we choose reason over happiness and we choose convenience over love. But don’t you think it’s time to truly live and love again?
  23. Whenever we hear someone say ‘airport appearance’, our minds instantly start reeling images of top shot celebrities and actors walking past the cameras in their dapper and sexy avatar. Some of them even take a few minutes to pose for photographs which we later drool over secretly. But, starting today if anyone talks about showing up at the airport, we will immediately think of this 65-year-old South Korean politician who redefined ‘thug life’ for this generation with his recent stint. Making an entrance is one thing, but making a GRAND entrance is something that we guess we can only relate with Kim Moo-Sung from now on. Take a look here. South Korea's Kim Moo-sung arriving like an absolute boss pic.twitter.com/NNSEXzjii4 — Chris York (@ChrisDYork) May 23, 2017 The badassery with which he passed his bag to the subordinate waiting for him has turned heads like no one else and thanks to this stint, he has now become a much talked about personality, after South Korean President’s hot bodyguard. We guess the Indian politicians should take tips from Kim Moo Sung on how to throw shade like a boss. Our PM Modi usually makes a bland entry, but hey, we are not complaining! Oh wait, actually former PM H.D. Deve Gowda did pull a similar stint when he parked his car inside a railway platform in Bengaluru. Jokes apart, this attitude also makes us think about ‘male entitlement’ in the society and how the middle-aged (slightly older actually) treat their juniors in general. His attitude wasn’t that of a guy who looked even a bit concerned about his team. According to Korea Herald, http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20170524000862 Kim Moo-Sung said “I just saw my aide and gave (my luggage) to him. Why should I explain? I do not really care.” His confidence must have been hitting the roof, since he couldn’t spare a second glance nor give two flying f**ks to whether his yellow suitcase was received by the guy or not. Clearly, after this incident, Twitter could not remain silent for long. @ChrisDYork @edsbs Not all heroes wear capes. — I am a ghost 👻 (@WandaPsyched) May 23, 2017 @ChrisDYork Okay...we see you 😂😂😂😂#boss pic.twitter.com/qbmshUt6ex — Tokki ☻ (@Okie_Tokki) May 24, 2017
  24. Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor who is quite famous for his straight forward and blunt style has recently slammed the new generation stars. The Amar Akbar Anthony star and a close friend of Vinod Khanna shared a series of angry tweets as no young star of Bollywood attended Vinod's funeral. The Kapoor and Sons actor didn't hesitate to thrash the stars for their absence and tweeted in anger. Shameful. Not ONE actor of this generation attended Vinod Khanna's funeral. And that too he has worked with them. Must learn to respect. — Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) April 27, 2017 The actor not only showed his disappointment at the film fraternity for attending the funeral in such small numbers but also called 'Chamcha' to those who attended Priyanka Chopra's birthday bash in large numbers night before the death of Vinod Khanna. Angry. Met so many chamcha people last night at Priyanka Chopra's do last night. Few at Vinod's. So fuckn transparent. So angry with them. — Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) April 27, 2017 Rishi Kapoor earlier shared a picture of him with Vinod Khanna as a tribute to the departed actor. He captioned the picture with, "Remembering the good times with you, Vinod. Thank you for being my friend. Remembering the good times with you,Vinod. Thank you for being my friend. pic.twitter.com/hvZoYeQMEF — Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) April 27, 2017
  25. People are driving for miles to the gym only to ‘walk’ on a treadmill. Dudes want to lose weight to fit in a pair of skinny jeans. Carbohydrates are being avoided as if they will bring about a zombie apocalypse. Fat people are running marathons and avoiding egg yolks. All of this is sad. Our generation’s outlook towards fitness is sad. Your Parents Never Went On A Diet, & Nor Did Your Grandparents. They Are Fitter Than You Are And Chances Are That They Will Outlive You. Look at your parents and even your grandparents for that matter. They are decades elder to you but still more to immune seasonal diseases than you are. They are just generally, unlike adults of our generation, fit. They eat everything from sweets to rotis, yes the dreaded gluten. They have been doing it for decades and they hardly have issues with weight gain and general illnesses. The reason for this is that their level of physical activity in the younger days was way more than our sedentary lifestyles today. You get the drift? Move more and sit less. Falling in for fad diets is a happening thing, just like wearing a fitband and not even taking ten steps. Trading In Lifting Weights For Running Distances. Exactly Where Our Generation Went Wrong! © Thinkstock The human body is built to sprint, walk and carry heavy weights. Our ancestors did it. It’s in our genes and you just can’t manipulate your genetic make-up. We weren’t supposed to run. We either sprinted to catch prey or ‘walked’, not ran unending distances, to settle colonies, except for a few tribes who were known for distance running. But then again, they ran for a purpose and not for weight loss. Marathons and running in general has always been a sport since ages, not a weight loss tool. Our generation has made it one. Misguided fat people are running endlessly, only to become a skinny fatter, not fitter version of themselves. Lifting weights is being neglected and it’s being replaced with running. It’s dangerous and an army of weak, skinny fat individuals will soon assemble. Assuming Self Responsibility Has Gone For A Toss © Thinkstock The first step towards ‘not being fat’ is to acknowledge that you have made mistakes- dietary and lifestyle. Thanks to the internet, this has gone for a toss. Accepting your body is good but if you are heading in to diabetes, that’s not body love. People who want to help fat people out are being shamed instead. If you are fat and sick of it, do something. You have to start from somewhere and sharing ‘body love memes’ doesn’t count as a start. A Severe Disregard For Nutrition And Worsening Dietary Choices © Thinkstock Corporation will continue making junk food but what the hell, they are not shoving it down your throat; you are. The slaves to junk food have made themselves that. Home cooked food is neglect for preservative added packaged food and selling stupid detox water is a multi-million dollar business now. It’s simple, there’s intentional disregard for nutrition which reflects in the younger populace of our generation. Aren’t we wise enough to make sensible dietary choices? Ask yourself this question.
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