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Found 648 results

  1. Kamyab Jawan Programme: 200,000 to 300,000 youth likely to get loans under YESISLAMABAD: Around 200,000 to 300,000 budding entrepreneurs are likely to get benefit under the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES), a component of the government’s flagship Kamyab Jawan project launched to offer soft loan facility to those having workable business ideas. “Only 15 to 25 per cent of the total applicants may get the concessionary loans under the ‘YES’ as it seems that some 50 to 60 per cent apparently applied in haste and got rejected for having no business plans,” Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar informed APP while highlighting the current statistics of the loan scheme. YES was launched under the banner of Kamyab Jawan Programme in October last year under which Rs 100 billion allocated for the youth and loans ranging from Rs 100,000 to Rs 5 million would be disbursed among the youth coming up with practicable business ideas. “Some 1.3 million youth applied for the loan scheme in merely 15 days which brings it into international spotlight as a team of the United Nations has discussed this Kamyab Jawan programme for attracting such a large proportion of youth,” the special assistant said. The scheme was almost in the launching process as the applications were being scrutinized and verified by making phone calls, doing Smart Message Service (SMS) and carrying out a third party verification of the applicants. He assured that the allocated money belonged to youth and would be spent on deserving ones. He said the loans would be distributed on equitable basis as Rs25 billion had been dedicated for the women under YES exclusively. Initially, the soft loans would be distributed in Sindh and then extended to the other provinces. “Prime Minister Imran Khan will distribute loan cheques among the successful applicants of the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) from Sindh on January 27,” he informed.
  2. Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and President Donald Trump display the trade agreement signed between the United States and China. Photo: AFPWASHINGTON: The United States and China signed a truce in their trade war on Wednesday after nearly two years of tensions, bringing relief to markets but largely leaving massive tariffs in place. The "phase one" deal is also a boon for Donald Trump as he faces an impeachment trial and a tough re-election fight this year, with the US president hailing the agreement as "momentous". However, with tariffs still in place on two-thirds of more than $500 billion in imports from China, US consumers and businesses will be left to foot the bill. Also read: China suspends planned tariffs on US goods The agreement includes pledges from China to beef up purchases of US agricultural goods and other exports for two years, provides some protections for US technology, and new enforcement mechanisms that allow Washington to quickly impose penalties that Beijing cannot respond to. "Today, we take a momentous step, one that has never been taken before with China", which will ensure "fair and reciprocal trade", Trump said at the White House signing ceremony. "Together, we are righting the wrongs of the past". Also read: US-China trade war: Beijing removes several products from tariffs list But as Trump ambled through a lengthy commentary on the deal, major networks switched away from the White House to Congress where articles of impeachment were to be presented to the Senate as the first step towards a trial. The easing of trade frictions has boosted stock markets worldwide in recent weeks, as it takes the threat of new tariffs off the table for now. On Wall Street, the Dow and S&P 500 ended at new record highs after the signing, while Asian markets were mostly up in the afternoon. Trump signed the deal with China´s Vice Premier Liu He, who has led Beijing´s negotiations with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Also read: China ready for premature activation of free trade agreement 'Incredible breakthrough'The US president thanked Chinese leader Xi Jinping and said he would visit Beijing in "the not-too-distant future." "Negotiations were tough on us," Trump said, but they led "to this really incredible breakthrough." But he said he will only remove the remaining tariffs "if we´re able to do phase two." In a letter to Trump read by Liu, the Chinese president said the deal is "good for China, for the US and for the whole world." Also read: Gwadar port starts handling Afghan transit trade: report "It also shows that our two countries have the ability to act on the basis of equality and mutual respect", Xi said in the letter to his US counterpart, adding that he would "stay in close touch with you personally". At a later news briefing with Chinese media in Washington, Liu said the pact "considerably addressed the concerns of both sides," according to the official Xinhua news agency. The agreement "bears both economic and political significance," he said. Also read: China starts lifting restrictions on foreign investment Chinese state-run newspapers hailed the signing of the "hard-fought agreement", but warned that it would "not take much to banjax the deal" and bring tensions to a head again. The American Chamber of Commerce in China said the signing of the deal represented "the start of a new chapter" but warned "significant work remains to address longstanding, structural issues in the commercial and economic relationship." The most difficult issues remain to be dealt with in "phase two" negotiations, including China´s massive subsidies for state industry. Also read: President Xi warns Trump against interfering in Taiwan, Hong Kong And elements of the deal the administration has touted as achievements effectively take the relationship between the two powers back to where it was before Trump took office. "A huge amount of this is a reset," said Chad Bown, a trade expert with the Peterson Institute for International Economics. "A lot of these elements are locking in things that were already there, or already in train before." Also read: Musk hands over made-in-China Teslas to early buyers in Shanghai Boost for farmersThe absence of any provision on China´s industrial subsidies leaves "a big, giant, gaping hole that has not been addressed," Bown told reporters. After announcing the deal on December 13, the United States canceled a damaging round of new tariffs that were due to kick in two days later and also promised to slash in half the 15 percent tariffs on $120 billion imposed September 1 on consumer goods like clothing. That reduction will take effect in 30 days, when the deal enters into force, a senior administration official told reporters. Also read: China Southern Airlines starts Guangzhou-Kunming-Islamabad flights But Bown noted that the average US tariff on China over the course of the trade war has surged from three percent at the beginning of 2018 to more than 19 percent, even after the new deal. The official said China has not made any specific commitments to cut tariffs it has imposed on US goods in retaliation. But Beijing agreed to import an additional $200 billion in US products over two years, above the levels purchased in 2017, before Trump launched his offensive, including an additional $32 billion in agricultural goods. Also read: Tesla delivers first batch of China-made cars Washington will be monitoring the purchases so China will have to make sure that "nothing with tariffs or non-tariff barriers prevent that from happening," the official said. Trump has repeatedly touted the trade pact as a win for American farmers, who were hit hard by the tariff war. Soybean exports to China plunged to just $3 billion from more than $12 billion in 2017 and the Trump administration paid out $28 billion in aid to farmers in the past two years.
  3. If you have been looking for true love and are unable to find it, there are chances that you're addicted to being single. Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds. Once you have been single for a long time, you become comfortable with singlehood. The freedom is addictive and to figure this out for you, we talked to a few men who have been single for a while and they told us why being single is addictive. So, here are five reasons as to why being single becomes addictive after a while and you don't even know it yet! 1. No one is good enough for you © Dharma Productions Everyone you look at is either too immature, too weird, too cheesy, too annoying, or clingy and much more. No one is good enough for you and you start finding excuses to not fall in love or to just reject people. Jasraj Singh, 25 years old, always thinks that he can find someone better, “I have been single for the past five years now. It's just difficult to find someone like you or someone who is equally intellectual or mature and many more things. I haven't found the one and I think I am happier this way.” 2. Always attracted to the unavailable ones © Dharma Productions If you only want to chase the unavailable ones or people who are already with someone else, don't you think that there is a minor problem in the whole scenario? Maybe, you don't want to get into a relationship and that's the only reason that you're comfortable running behind unavailable ones. Vansh Kohli, 17 years old, says, “I have never been in a relationship and I always have a crush on girls who are already with someone else. It's not like that I don't want to get into a relationship but to be honest, I am not very eager either. If it happens naturally, I might take the plunge and take a chance of dating someone.” 3. You're addicted to your work © Naidadwala Grandson Entertainment You're too busy to do anything else as you're busy focusing on your career and you don't find it worth-while to invest your time into something temporary. 4. Staying In Your Comfort Zone © Dharma Productions If you've been single for a while, there is a chance that getting into a relationship sounds like a task to you. And why wouldn't it if you're happy being with yourself. Afterall, we are finding happiness in life and we have it within ourselves, so why'd we need anyone else. This psychology plays on us when we start to reach a completely different level of self-love. After a while, knowingly or unknowingly we become addicted to being single. Anuj Trehan, 23 years old, tells us why he thinks singlehood is addictive. “I feel singlehood teaches us a lot. One such important learning is *self-love*, which is hard to value when we are in a relationship with someone. In fact, when you are single, things are poles apart from being dramatic and messy as you don't have to maintain a balance between your desires and your partner's expectations. And once you feel comfortable with the fact that you are on your own and happy, there you are - taking solo trips, solo food outings, and doing absolutely everything that leaves you with happy vibes!” 5. You're a social butterfly © Dharma Productions All you do is fill up your calendar and go out every night on meaningless outings without realising that you're just letting time slip out of your So, it's time to sit and introspect what do you exactly want in life. View the full article
  4. Prince Andrew the reason why fans wont get to see Princess Beatrice's wedding live? Photo: mirror.co.ukEver since Princess Beatrice's wedding to property tycoon Edo Mapelli Mozzi became public, fans have been displeased as to how the wedding coverage has been kept away from the limelight. Fans have also been displeased as to how the wedding coverage has been revealed to be be showcased. Princess Beatrice might be the only heir to the throne, who's wedding will not be covered through a live broadcast. This news comes in stark contrast as to how the weddings of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were showcased. News of her engagement has also been left shrouded in mystery ever since her father's alleged psychedelic revelations came to light. Princess Beatrice's wedding might be poles apart as to that of her little sister Princess Eugenie, who got married back in 2018 and received almost three hours of airtime form ITV and This Morning. Many are not even aware the dates of the royal's engagement which occurred back in September. Close to the time when Prince Andrew stepped down. BBC was the first broadcasting agency who has made it clear that they will not be covering their nuptials live, however will still offer ‘news coverage of the wedding across our channels’. On Wednesday, ITV became the second channel to announce the same.
  5. The Motor Vehicles Act, amended by the Parliament last year, simply states that if you violate traffic rules and regulations, you will definitely pay a much greater fine, and might also face longer imprisonment, than what existed before. The several penalties for violating traffic rules have been hiked up to five times under this amended act. Most penalties are a reiteration of pre-existing traffic rules, which the public is aware of, whereas some of these penalties are new. And now we have a crazy challan incident yet again. Remember the helmet-less man on the scooter who paid a challan of Rs 23,000? If you think that was huge, read further about this incident in Ahmedabad. According to a report in NDTV, a Porsche owner was stopped at Helmet crossroads in Ahmedabad as the car did not have number plates. On being questioned by the traffic police, the driver also failed to produce valid documents of the vehicle. The car was issued an RTO memo under Motor Vehicles Act in November last year and was initially fined for a huge sum of Rs 9.8 lakh. However, later the RTO found out old records and many more violations and finally, the driver was imposed a penalty of Rs. 27.68 lakh. Check out the Ahmedabad Police's tweet https://t.co/KDjkhssFhO — Ahmedabad Police (@AhmedabadPolice) January 8, 2020 If you're wondering how did the amount sum up to be this much? Well, here's how. According to Indian Express, Police sub-inspector M B Virja said, “This car was imported in 2017. Though the owner had initially registered the vehicle in Haryana, the number plates were missing when the car was impounded." "Since the car is now in Gujarat, the RTO calculated the lifetime tax, interest on unpaid tax and penalty at Rs 27.68 lakh. The owner took back his car on Tuesday after showing us the receipt," he added. The owner of the car, Ranjit Desai paid Rs 27.86 lakh to the RTO that were pending and took back his Porsche 911 sports car from Ahmedabad Traffic Police. View the full article
  6. If you notice that your skin does not have the same texture across the face then you probably have an uneven skin tone. Uneven skin tone can refer to a tonne of underlying issues ranging from uneven texture to blotchy skin to hyperpigmentation and even facial redness. When uneven patches of discolouration develop on your skin, it can also be called hyperpigmentation. One of the major factors behind hyperpigmentation is the harmful UV rays of the sun. The rays accelerate the production of melanin in the skin that causes uneven skin tone. But here's how you can take care of it: 1. Get A Sunscreen, Stat! © Getty Images When it comes to getting rid of uneven skin tones, you don't want further damage. So, make it a point to cover yourself with the appropriate sun protection whenever you step out of the door, to avoid the harmful UV rays. Whether it's visibly sunny or a cold winter day, wearing a sun lotion all year round is advisable, as your skin is still susceptible to UVA or UVB damage, which is one of the major factors behind uneven skin tone. 2. Regular Exfoliation © Getty Images Using a gentle exfoliating scrub on a weekly basis is one way of bringing back even skin tone. Exfoliation weeds out dead skin cells from your face to the new skin underneath. You just have to massage the exfoliator into the skin and rinse it off. One shouldn't exfoliate too aggressively, though, as this could cause further skin issues like open pores that you want to stay away from. 3. Keep The Skin Hydrated One should focus on trying to be adequately hydrated at all times so by extension, it reflects on your skin's health. Dehydrated skin, can appear dull and lifeless and will further emphasise an uneven skin tone. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals. This is anyway good for your skin. 4. Use An Emollient © Getty Images If your skin tends to break out often, then you know that the aftermath is not a good picture either. Blemishes can be apparent on the skin and further highlight the uneven skin tone. It's important to use an emollient to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated. In a situation wherein your skin is dehydrated, it might produce more sebum than usual, which means more spots and blemishes. Try a light moisturising day cream for essential topical hydration or an effective face serum and moisturise generously. 5. Hide It With Makeup Makeup is a temporary solution to nix an uneven skin tone if it's really that apparent to the eye. Products ranging from a tinted moisturiser, foundation, colour correctors and concealer can help hide the blemishes, discolouration, and unevenness. Some can take a while for lasting coverage, while other products are just a swipe away (and some quick blending) from making your skin even-toned. View the full article
  7. Dandruff and winters go hand in hand. Sure, there are people who do not need to deal with this travesty as often as some others, but these people are clearly a minority. More often than not, you'll find that even the most well-groomed among men have to deal with this problem, once the temperature takes a dip. © Instagram/ranveersingh Now, as much as we would like to get rid of this problem once and for all, it's not actually possible. Some of the less fortunate among us have just been cursed with bad genes and bad skin, and it is people like us who have to deal with the worst manifestations of this issue. © iStock Now, you might want to consult a dermatologist if you have a severe condition and have dandruff throughout the year. Meanwhile, here are some easy, budget-friendly hacks that work well and limit how much of your scalp you actually shed. 1. Coconut Oil © iStock Time and again, we have said that coconut oil is God's gift to mankind. No matter what your skin ailment is, you can bet on coconut oil massages to at least alleviate the issue, if not remedy it completely. Simply heat up some coconut oil and massage it gently on your scalp. Don't get too rough with it, otherwise, you may disturb the flaky layers of your scalp and start shedding more. Coconut oil not only helps your scalp in retaining the right amount of moisture, it also helps in keeping the pH levels balanced. 2. Aloe Vera © iStock Aloe vera is again one of those naturally growing, versatile things that are easily found in every household. Now, they may not be a kitchen item technically, but they can be abundantly found around every residential area. Simply slice up an aloe vera leave and rub the sap that oozes out, gently on your scalp. The sap has a number of nutrients and elements that help in keeping the pH balance neutral. Plus, the sap acts as a great anti-oxidant for your skin. 3. Camphor © iStock Camphor works really well for your skin, during any given weather, more so during winters. Simply crush some camphor in your palms and rub them over your hair, and massage gently on your scalp. This not only gives the hair a nice sheen, it also protects it from the dryness of the air by locking the moisture in, right into the hair. 4. Using Clean Towels © iStock Just ask yourself, when was the last time you washed your towel. Ideally, you should be using a fresh towel every day. However, considering that we don't have the luxury to hire housekeepers who would treat us like guests at a hotel, try to wash your towel at least once every 3-4 days. And when you're drying your hair, pat your head gently with the towel instead of rubbing the towel on your head vigorously as if you are trying to light a fire with sticks. 5. Watch Your Bath Water © iStock Finally, keep a good eye on your water heating system that you draw your bathwater from. Ideally, you should not use water that's too hot - that just messes up your scalp, skin as well as hair. Try to wash your hair and head with lukewarm water even during winters. That way, your scalp will retain the right level of moisture and won't dry out. View the full article
  8. With all eyes on ISRO's upcoming 'Gaganyaan' mission, it seems that preparations for the space mission are in full swing. Recently, it was announced that special food packets have been prepared for the astronauts that are part of 'Gaganyaan'. The menu includes Idli-Sambar, Upma, Coconut Chutney and much more. A Mysuru lab has prepared special food packets for the astronauts who'll be travelling to space. The Astronauts will also have special food heaters to warm up their food. Here's what the food packets looks like- For the Indian astronauts scheduled to go into Space in Mission Gaganyan, food items including Egg rolls, Veg rolls, Idli, Moong dal halwa and Veg pulav have been prepared by the Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore. Food heaters would also be provided to them. pic.twitter.com/gDgt9BJpb2 — ANI (@ANI) January 7, 2020 ANI took to Twitter shared the above post along with a caption saying, “For the Indian astronauts scheduled to go into Space in Mission Gaganyan, food items including Egg rolls, Veg rolls, Idli, Moong dal halwa and Veg pulav have been prepared by the Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore. Food heaters would also be provided to them.” The Twitter post has more than 1.2K retweets and a string of funny comments that are a downright laugh riot: Why not biryani and sevaiyyan? This is discrimination towards minorites. This calls for another nationwide protests. — THE SKIN DOCTOR (@theskindoctor13) January 7, 2020 Leave everything aside.. It's a great achievement for our country. We should learn from this that if need arises this country can produce anything from astronauts food to bulletproof jackets. We have that ability just we lacks in confidence..kudos.. — Ranjit Jaiswara (@ranjitjaiswara) January 7, 2020 Waiting for outrage by leftist.. Why only Veg Pulav and not Beef Biryani. Food Impositions on Astronauts ð — King in the North ðº (@skywalker8901) January 7, 2020 Now that the difficult question of food is solved, let us focus on the easy part, how to go into the space? — HypocrisyUnlimited (@HypocrisyUnlim1) January 7, 2020 Just out of curiosity . Arent they suppose to have liquid diet ? . Becoz they cant poop in space . — . (@xyz_varun) January 7, 2020 Great!! It's tigh slap on the face of @Harvard who says Indian food is worst in the world. #ProudISRO #ISRO — BraveBanda (@SatishKoaan) January 7, 2020 According to India Today, ISRO Chief, K Sivan said, “ISRO has identified four astronauts for the mission and their training will kickstart in the third week of January in Russia.” The 'Gaganyaan' programme will enable the astronauts to go on a seven-day space flight in low Earth Orbit and will safely recover the crew members after the completion of the mission. View the full article
  9. Vikrant Massey claims that for him the common man is the hero in real life and he aims to establish that on screen. The actor said that he thinks that Bollywood has ignored the 'aam aadmi' for too long and he is focusing on showcasing the same on centre stage. Vikrant told PTI in an interview recently, "This is the time of common man. The person cleaning the drain is a common man, the common men are out on the streets fighting. The common man has always been the hero and they have been ignored for too long. I am an actor, I can act and what I can do through my work is, become their voice.” Vikrant said that as he belongs to a lower-middle-class family he has struggled a lot and the struggles only made him stronger. View this post on Instagram ⨠Wish it was a BOVET ⨠. . . PC: @hairgaragebynatasha A post shared by Vikrant Massey (@vikrantmassey87) on Nov 20, 2019 at 12:33am PST "I was told I am a TV actor and I won't get to work in films. When I came here (films) I was told I can only be a hero's friend, but I am the protagonist and the so-called hero...I have lived a journey. Like Amol in Chhapaak is a common man, who left his job and is walking on this path. There are people, these are characters, who for me are the heroes," he added. Vikrant revealed that he is not a trained performer and takes inspiration from the society. View this post on Instagram #ShotOnRedmiY3. A full grown beard and some morning sunshine. Didn't want to reveal the new look, but couldn't resist after I took this #32MPSuperSelfie on #RedmiY3. Get yours now. Follow @redmiindia and @xiaomiindia for more. A post shared by Vikrant Massey (@vikrantmassey87) on May 28, 2019 at 12:28am PDT He also said, "I travel a lot. I want to bring on-screen all my experiences. I am still learning, I am very young, what I see around me, I try to bring it on screen. I hope audiences like me, they laugh and cry with me and take away something from the characters I play. I am not attempting to change the world, I want people to get aware of their own self, and relate to the characters I play.” Vikrant will be next seen in Chhapaak alongside Deepika Padukone who plays an acid attack survivor. The Meghna Gulzar directorial is set to hit the theatres on January 10, 2020. View the full article
  10. Adult acne looks a lot like teenage acne that you've dealt with in your teen years. However, adult acne has completely different reasons behind flare-up than your teenage acne which is why dealing with it is probably a little bit more tricky. So, here's an ultimate guide to dealing with adult breakouts. 1. Who Is The Target Of Adult Acne? via GIPHY While it is unclear exactly why this is happening, it may be due to a combination of stress, dietary factors and changing hormones and even your lifestyle that could be the reason behind the adult acne that you're dealing with. 2. What's The Reason Behind It? While it's difficult to pin down one specific trigger, even factors that caused acne in teens can play a major role: pores getting clogged by oil, skin cells and bacteria. Another factor that may explain adult acne? Hormones — in particular, the kind of hormonal fluctuation that (testosterone) can crank up your skin's oil production, which also means a higher chance of clogged pores and visible pimples. 3. How Is Adult Acne Different From Teen Acne? via GIPHY It all depends on the location of the acne. The kind of acne that teens face is typically on the forehead and cheeks, while in adults it's mostly on the lower face, along the jawline and neck. Adult acne also comes in the form of big bumps, while teens tend to see a mix of cystic bumps, as well as blackheads and whiteheads. 4. What Triggers It? © Getty images Besides skincare, excess insulin from foods with a high glycemic index, like packaged foods as well as pasta, bread, and rice, play a role in the effects of androgens (like oil-encouraging testosterone) on acne. Meanwhile, foods that are heavy in hormones, like dairy products, are often at the top of the list of things dermatologists recommend cutting out for clearer skin. Besides that, stress increases the cortisol levels that can increase oiliness as well as inflammation. That can be another major trigger. 5. How To Prevent It? © Getty images Go to the dermatologist and figure out the kind of acne you have. This will help you shortlist skincare products that will work on your skin and the ones that you shouldn't be using. Changing your sheets weekly and being regular with skincare then also become major factors that will help you nix adult acne. View the full article
  11. In another bizarre incident, passengers on an Air India plane allegedly manhandled the cabin crew and threatened the pilots to open the cockpit door after the Delhi-Mumbai flight was delayed due to a technical glitch. According to NDTV, an airline official said, “The flight got delayed due to a technical snag on Thursday. It had to return to the bay. Passengers started knocking on the cockpit door, asking and taunting the pilots to come out.” He also said, "One passenger even said that he will break open the cockpit door if the pilots didn't come out and the situation inside the plane went from bad to worse". Watch the full video here: #WATCH Dhananjay Kumar, Air India: A video of few passengers of AI 865 is being circulated. The flight delayed on 2nd Jan due to technical reasons. AI management have asked crew for details on reported misbehaviour by some passengers. Further action would be taken after inquiry. pic.twitter.com/aufkrO2QfX — ANI (@ANI) January 4, 2020 The official also said that a woman grabbed the cabin crew's arm and forced them to open the exit gates quickly. The crew has been asked to submit a report on the misbehaviour of the passengers. An Air India spokesperson said, “The flight was considerably delayed due to technical reasons. The Air India management has asked the operating crew for a detailed report on the misbehaviour by some passengers. Further action would be considered after getting the report." An action is said to be taken against the unruly behaviour of some of the passengers by Air India. View the full article
  12. New Pakistan cricket head coach Misbah-ul-Haq (pictured here) has stressed that fitness will be paramount as he tries to lift the national team's standards.—File photoKARACHI: Pakistan's cricket board on Friday warned the national players to meet fitness standards or lose up to 15 percent of their salary, as officials seek to address the team's fall in the international rankings. Pakistan failed to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup in England last year, and won only one of their six Test matches. They also fared badly in one-day internationals, winning just nine of their 25 and just one of their ten Twenty20 internationals, leaving the team as low as seventh in Tests and sixth in ODIs. They did manage to cling to their world number one rankings in Twenty20 internationals – but by just one point. New head coach Misbah-ul-Haq had stressed fitness will be paramount as he tries to lift standards. "All the available centrally contracted players will attend the two-day testing on January 6 and 7 in Lahore and any player failing to meet the minimum fitness requirements will be fined 15 percent of his monthly retainer," said a Pakistan Cricket Board release Friday. The cut will be maintained until the player gets fit again, it said. Any player failing consecutive tests "will risk the chances of retaining his central contract category and may face demotion," warned the PCB. The fitness tests will cover fat analysis, strength, endurance, speed endurance and cross-fit, and will carry equal weightage. Currently 19 top players are under contract in A, B and C categories and get monthly salaries ranging from 1.1 million to 0.5 million rupees based on their contract. Pakistan are scheduled to play three Twenty20 internationals and two Tests at home against Bangladesh starting later this month, but pending clearance from Bangladesh Board.
  13. It's always a little disappointing to find out that the skincare that you've been investing in, so far, has little to no effect on your face. Especially, if you want to get rid of pimples, scarring, skin discolouration, among other problems, as soon as possible. But one should know that there is a way of applying these products on your skin that can, in fact, maximise the benefits on your face. These steps include: 1. Are You Consistent With Your Skincare? If you're not, it's hardly practical to expect visible results. To see results that are visible you need to be consistent with your skincare. So, if the product demands you to apply skincare every single day then you should do that. 2. Wash Your Face Before Applying Any Product The primary reason behind cleansing your skin is the fact that applying any decent skincare product on top of clogged pores causes breakouts. So, then without cleansing, applying these products is going to be counter-intuitive. © MensXP 3. Add A Mask To Your Skincare Routine Adding a mask to your routine is going to give your skin the additional benefits that will also make your skin porous so that it can absorb the goodness from the products. Essentially, the mask acts as a catalyst for the products just to enable maximum results in less time. © Getty Images 4. Balance The pH Of The Skin In order to balance the pH levels of the skin, you need a toner that'll balance the pH levels. You can either use witch hazel or a toner, either way, it helps against environmental stressors like pollution and bacteria. Try Thayer's Original Witch Hazel. © Getty Images 5. Apply Facial Oil In The Night Not everyone uses facial oil with their skincare routine but they should, as the essential oil acts as a barrier against outside elements that might harm your skin. © Getty Images View the full article
  14. If you're lucky to get an invite to a New Year's party today, good for you. But before you get busy chugging glasses down one after another, you should factor in the morning after hangover especially if you have somewhere to be. The NYE parties have a way of serving the worst hangovers the morning after. © Getty Images So here's a quick guide to pace your drinks well tonight: 1. Pre-Booze Prep Is Important This prep includes taking the right pills. For the uninitiated, there are pills out there that you can take that make sure that the morning after hangover doesn't hit you that hard. Besides this, you can also stock up on vitamin B and multivitamin tablets that help you turn the food into energy since this gets depleted once you start drinking. Try Himalaya Party Smart Capsules. © Himalaya 2. Keep Yourself Hydrated Being dehydrated is also one of the major reasons behind a hangover. It's always smart to pace your drinks by adding a glass of water after every other drink to fend off dehydration. Additionally, coconut water or an energy drink like Gatorade works even better. So make sure you're drinking these to keep yourself hydrated. 3. Don't Start Drinking On An Empty Stomach As a thumb rule, you should never be drinking on an empty stomach. Drinking without eating anything can pass quickly from the stomach into the small intestine, where most of it is absorbed into the bloodstream. This then intensifies all the side effects of drinking, such as your ability to think and coordinate your body movements which translates into a bad hangover the next morning. View the full article
  15. In the Winter, besides dryness and dandruff, there's also another annoying problem that some of us face. Now, this is something that can be easily overlooked. Eyebrow dandruff, like regular dandruff, will look like white flakes on your brows. This is because of a number of reasons which include yeast that normally sits on the skin, our genes, living in a cold and dry climate or drastically changing weather, stress, and a person's overall health, in general. © Getty Images Medically known as seborrheic dermatitis, the real cause of seborrheic dermatitis is still unknown. But those who are prone to oily skin have a higher likelihood of extra flakes and scales. 1. Avoid Using Lotions Eyebrow dandruff is different from the dryness that you experience on your elbows and shins, so lotions aren't exactly going to help the situation. 2. Get An Anti-Dandruff Shampoo An anti-dandruff shampoo that contains ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, sodium sulfacetamide, salicylic acid or coal tar is one of the easiest and simplest treatments for clearing up the condition of dry, flaky skin so it'll work well for your brows. 3. Use The Shampoo Instead Of The Facewash © Getty Images Now, that you know that you've to use a shampoo on your brows, the best way to proceed is to use the shampoo as a face wash: Work it into a fluffy lather, and then massage the brows for a minute. Then, let it soak in for 3 to 5 minutes before washing it off, so it can effectively reach the fungus and decrease the inflammation and the flaky skin presence. 4. Use Coconut Oil © Getty Images You can top off the shampoo with a quick coconut oil massage. This will soften the skin and remove the scale. And you can always carry this routine out at night, so you don't have to worry about oily brows in the morning. View the full article
  16. What is pore blockage exactly? If you're suspecting that you have it on your face, but aren't certain then read ahead. In order to learn how pores get clogged, we need to know the function of sebum. Sebum is the oily liquid that comes from sebaceous glands. The function of sebum is to keep the skin hydrated, but when it's mixed with the dead skin, bacteria, and environmental debris, it ends up clogging your pores with these bad guys. So, how do you know if you have clogged pores? The pores will appear to be larger and even darker (in some cases) than usual, or they can give the appearance of black dots on the face. It's normal to think that they might be blackheads because most dermatologists don't agree between the distinction of the two. But regardless, both of them are treated the same way. 1. Don't Squeeze Them Out Resist the urge to squeeze these out. If you constantly squeeze your pores, the wear and tear of squeezing will eventually make your pores bigger over time. This will lead to visibly open pores over time. © Getty Images 2. Exfoliation You need to be exfoliating regularly, but not with the usual kind of scrubs. Physical scrubs can only increase the wear and tear in the skin. You need chemical exfoliation with scrubs with Salycic acid. 3. Top It Up With Retinoids Retinoids can help calm inflammation and also prevent cells from pore-clogging. They're more like a pipe cleaner for the pores when it comes to the skin. Try StBotanica Retinol Advanced Anti-Aging Day Cream. © StBotanica 4. Get Oil Absorbing Products Oil-absorbing products like a clay or charcoal mask help absorb excess oil production, that occurs from time to time. This way you're preventing further blockage. Try Beardo Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask. © Beardo View the full article
  17. New Year's eve is almost here and in case you're throwing a house party, there are several things you need to take care of. Alcohol, good food and banging music which ensures everyone is dancing. Now we trust you to curate a list of your liking, so here are six Punjabi mash-up remixes of various kinds to add to the buffet of your music which will surely add a new flavour to your party list: 1. Punjabi mega mashup This one basically has good Punjabi mixes from last 3 years and will serve as a great appetiser on the dance floor to warm it up. 2. Mix Tape mash up This has all the lesser known Punjabi folk tracks for when everyone is already in the mood and it doesn't matter if your friends understand the lyrics or not. 3. Sidhu Moosewala mash up Just like there's no 'muqabla' of this Jatt, a party without Sidhu's songs is boring, right? 4. Jassie Gill X DJ Frenzy mix If you too love a good Jassie number like Guitar Sikhda and 'Bapu Zimedaar', then this is for you. 5. Munda Lambaraan Da Trap Mix For every folk music lover! This is a classic Surinder Kaur number given a trap spin. Absolutely great to dance to. 6. Punjabi Old Classix mix This is for everyone who loves classic Punjabi songs which were not about Prada or a 'lehenga'. Think of Asa Singh Mastana and Gurdas Mann with a millennial twist. View the full article
  18. It's easy to assume that after the crazy Monsoon, Winter is going to go easy on your hair. But that's never the case really. Winter frizz is the real deal that is hard to foresee, and hair in the Winter can get just as frizzy as they do in the Summer if not more. © Getty Images So here's what you can do about this: 1. Use The Right Hair Products © Getty Images One should know their hair type and the corresponding shampoo that will work with it and one should also steer clear of sulfate and parabens in the formula when choosing a shampoo and conditioner. Keep an eye out for ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, avocado, shea butter, and jojoba oil as these are super conditioning. 2. Scrub Less In Shower © Getty Images Washing your hair less will help your natural oils penetrate the hair and keep it hydrated. So keep washing hair to a minimum in a week or avoid it as much as possible. Natural oils are good at tackling the frizz. 3. Avoid Alcohol And Sulfates Products that contain alcohol or sulfates have drying formulas that'll make your hair more prone to frizz. Sulfates strip your scalp from natural oils. Instead, switch to glycerin or silicone-based products that are hydrating. 4. Use A Leave-In Conditioner/ Anti-Frizz Serum © Getty Images Adding a leave-in conditioner or an anti-frizz serum (whatever suits you more) to your shower routine will help lock in the moisture. Apply it to your wet hair after a shower while your hair is still wet. 5. Ditch The Post-Shower Towel Ritual © Getty Images Once you're done taking a bath, ditch the post-shower towel ritual of wrapping a fuzzy towel around your wet head. The fuzzy side will end up making your hair frizzy and reverse the goodness of the hydrating products that you previously used in the shower. View the full article
  19. Rahul Bose is an exceptionally gifted actor who has charmed the audience with some great performances over the years. However, while the actor hasn't been too active in the industry over the last couple of years, he has been busy checking his personal fitness goals and spreading awareness about its benefits. View this post on Instagram I love fruits. ð are my go to snack during and after my work out sessions. Washington Apples hit the spot. Juicy, tasty and always have a crunch. #WashingtonApplesIndia #TheCrunchIndiaLoves A post shared by Rahul Bose (@rahulbose7) on Apr 13, 2019 at 10:27pm PDT And now, the former national level rugby player is once again back in the news for some amazing details related to his health and fitness that the actor himself shared on social media. Rahul bose took to his Instagram account and shared a video of his body checkup report. And what's caught everyone's attention is Rahul's metabolic age mentioned in the report. As per the report, Rahul's metabolic age is just 27, which is almost half his real age! Talk about being physically fit and this should definitely top the chart for every fitness enthusiast out there. View this post on Instagram Thought I'd take stock of the body (as a change from taking stock of the body politic) and see what's up. Metabolic age is 27. Looking to bring that down to 24 in 2020. Fitness = cosmetic surgery for your insides. #whatsyourgoal #metabolicageismorethananumber Happy new year. A post shared by Rahul Bose (@rahulbose7) on Dec 26, 2019 at 9:25pm PST But Rahul being himself, isn't quite satisfied with the results still. The actor who weighs a solid 64.2kg, has set higher fitness goals for the upcoming year and captioned the video thus: “Thought I'd take stock of the body (as a change from taking stock of the body politic) and see what's up. Metabolic age is 27. Looking to bring that down to 24 in 2020. Fitness = cosmetic surgery for your insides. #whatsyourgoal #metabolicageismorethananumber Happy new year.” Might we add that we are thoroughly impressed with your dedication Mr Bose! More power to you! View the full article
  20. More often than not, unintentionally we end up with wrong-sized pants. Sometimes, the size is a terrible match for the waist and other times, you can rally if you've missed the store's exchange period and the mismatch is not that noticeable. But it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. So here's a guide to get the right-sized pants. 1. The Pinch Test © Getty Images After wearing the pants on, pinch them. As weird as this sounds, ideally, you should be able to pinch about 1-inch of fabric but not more. If you can pinch more, that means your pants are loose and you should get a smaller size. 2) Examine Ankles, Crotch And The Back Inseam Area © Getty Images The pants should never be too tight or bent at the knees. Excessive bagginess/ bunching at the crotch are apparent signs that the pair of pants do not fit properly. Another trick is to just feel the back inseam and checking if it's leaning in favor of the left or right rear cheek, either way, if it's not in the center, your pants don't fit right. Then, you could also, look at the ankles, If the pants are bunching near your feet, they're definitely not your size. 3. Check The Zipper If you've had more than a couple of awkward conversations with people wherein they've told you that your zipper is open, and whenever you sit you feel like unbuttoning your pants, it definitely means that you're wearing a size smaller. 4. The Consistency Test via GIPHY If you've to constantly adjust your pants while sitting and standing up and the pair won't let you move around freely, it definitely defeats the purpose of pants. With the right fit, one doesn't even realize that they're wearing pants. They're so comfy that they feel like PJs. For that, your pants need to feel consistent around your butt and lower legs. A similar circumference ensures a good fit. 5. Never Trust A Given Size Brand sizes are subject to change every year. The waist size that you have this year might not be the same next year. In fact, different brands have different sizes. So you might want to get measured and get the right size each time you step out to shop pants. 6. The No Break Check © Getty Images Check if the pants end right above your ankle to create what is called a no-break effect. This complements your body structure and will make you look taller as well. 7. The Squat Test © Instagram/Shahid Kapoor Lastly, while in the trial room, try squatting a couple of times, if it's difficult to squat or even bend a little, this means the seams are restricting your movement, and the pants are again not your size. View the full article
  21. One of the most sought-after couples, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are getting into the holiday spirit with their video making rounds on the internet in which they get together after days to spend the holiday season together. The 27-year-old Jonas Brother turned to his Instagram to share a glimpse inside his holiday festivities with wife Priyanka Chopra, a few days after she returned to the US from India where she was shooting for her upcoming Netflix project The White Tiger. The endearing video that has all fans gushing shows the couple engrossed in the Christmas ritual of decorating cookies with Nick’s shaped like a sweater while Priyanka tells fans that she is decorating a ninja-shaped cookie. The two lovebirds were also accompanied by The Sky Is Pink actor’s niece Krishna. Sharing the video, Nick dropped a wish for all his fans and followers, saying: “Merry Christmas Eve y’all!"
  22. Most dating or hookup apps, Tinder and the likes, function on how you present yourself. Invariably then, having an A+ selfie game and knowing how to pose in front of the camera becomes important. © iStock Believe it or not, having a dope hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to amp up your style, and by extension, the appeal of your selfies. And of all the things that you can try, a man bun is guaranteed to work far better than what most men can muster up. © Viral Bhayani Now, having a man bun may seem arduous and an endeavour that takes a lot of time and effort. However, that simply isn't true - a simple hair care routine is more than enough to get that jaw-dropping man-bun. © Instagram/ranveersingh 1. Regular Coconut Oil Massages © iStock Isn't it obvious? You would want to make things easy for your hair as well as yourself. Warm coconut oil massages act as the base on which the health of your hair and your scalp depends. Try to get one every week, at the very least. Coconut oil has a lot of nutrients that make the roots of your hair stronger, as well as the strands itself. Plus, it locks just the right amount of moisture in your scalp which makes it even healthier. 2. Don't Skip Shampooing © iStock When you start growing your hair out, it is imperative that you keep your hair as clean as possible, otherwise, no matter how exquisite your hair care routine is, it is effort down the drain. Use a shampoo that suits your hair type, as well as your skin type. Also, try to go for products that are free of sulfates, alcohol and other harmful chemicals. The same goes for your conditioner. And no matter what, if you are shampooing, always, follow it up with a good conditioner. 3. Use A Hair Brush Instead Of A Comb © iStock A hairbrush is far better for your scalp and hair than a comb. Combs tend to cause far more hair breakage and are not able to massage the scalp when you style your hair. Furthermore, using a comb puts some stress on your roots, especially if you use a fine-toothed comb. A hairbrush, especially the ones with thin, densely packed bristles is actually softer on your hair. Plus, they deal with more hair in every stroke, which gives it a nice texture and fill. 4. Use Dry Shampoos and Leave-In Conditioners © iStock Shampooing every day is not feasible, at least for us men. Therefore, the next best alternative is going for dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners. Although there's no wrong way to use a dry shampoo and a leave-in conditioner, it's best if you use little of these products, right after you take a shower, or right before tying up your hair. 5. Visit The Barber To Get Things In Shape © iStock Finally, visit your barber regularly. Just because you are growing your hair out, you will completely let go of grooming it. It still needs a basic hair trim every now and then, otherwise, your hair will end up looking like a caveman. Also, try to fix one hairstylist or a barber as 'your guy', who knows what you want, what your plans are, and your hair, in and out. That way, he will be able to suggest hair products and other services which will actually do you good. View the full article
  23. Discolouration of the lips is something that most of us face because of reasons like pigmentation, pollution, dryness, flakiness and even smoking, for that matter. In, fact, there are also other secondary reasons like high consumption of tea, coffee, exposure to UV rays, licking your lips too often. So you know there's really no escaping pigmentation and dryness of the lips. However, if left unchecked, pigmentation can be visible on your face. This results in lips that appear to be darker than your skin tone. So here's how you can take care of this: 1. Skin Electrolytes Electrolytes made for the skin are in the form of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These work together to help maintain the skin's optimal function, especially in maintaining hydration levels, which helps fight the pigmentation on the skin. They also help with issues like skin discolouration. You can try Tjori Chandana Sandalwood Face Gel. © Tjori 2. Beetroot Juice & Vaseline © Gettyimages The concoction of beetroot juice has lightening agents that can work its way around pigmented skin while vaseline can moisturise your skin. 3. Use A Lip Scrub © Gettyimages A lip scrub is going to help peel off the outmost layer of your lips and this will give way to the new skin inside that isn't going to be pigmented. This means that you can start afresh by taking care of your lips and skin. 4. Nix The Habit Of Licking Your Lips Wetting your lips with saliva is going to result in chapped lips. Saliva inherently is not moisturising, in fact, it dries out the lips and then further makes the layer of the skin appear darker. The simple solution is to just stop biting your lips. View the full article
  24. PARIS: French train and metro drivers took their crippling transport strike into its 19th straight day Monday in a standoff with the government over pension reform, casting a pall over Christmas plans with many unable to reach loved ones. Talks between the government and unions last week failed to find middle ground, and strikers vowed there would be no holiday truce unless the overhaul plan is scrapped. Trade unions and others involved in the strike will meet with the government on January 7 to discuss the pension reforms, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe´s office said Monday. The talks are set to run through the month of January. Starting on December 5, the strike has hit daily commuters hard -- especially around Paris and other large cities -- and is now impeding tens of thousands of ticket holders who had planned to spend the festive season with family or friends. On Saturday and Sunday, the last weekend before Christmas, the SCNF rail operator provided half the usual number of TGV high-speed trains, a third of regional TER services, a quarter of inter-city trains, and one in five connecting Paris to its outer suburbs. This sent thousands scrambling for alternative transport, with car rental agencies unable to meet the surge in demand. Nor will there be reprieve for those staying in Paris from the stoppage that has slashed train and metro services and caused high levels of frustration on overcrowded carriages. The SNCF has announced that on Tuesday evening, Christmas Eve, it will halt trains between Paris and its suburbs. Some lines will reopen Wednesday morning, others only on Thursday, meaning many people will have to cancel plans to meet up with friends or family for Christmas lunch. - ´Historic error´ - Unions are angry about the government´s plan to merge France´s 42 pension schemes into a single points-based one, which would see some public employees -- notably railway staff -- lose early-retirement and other benefits. The government insists the new system would be fairer and more transparent. Workers are baulking particularly at the inclusion of a so-called "pivot age" of 64 until which people would have to work to earn a full pension -- two years beyond the official retirement age. President Emmanuel Macron issued an appeal on Saturday for a holiday truce, urging strikers to embrace "a spirit of responsibility" and for "collective good sense to triumph". A poll by the IFOP agency published Sunday showed public backing for the action dropping by three percentage points, though 51 percent of respondents still expressed support or sympathy for the strikers. Unions are hoping for a repeat of 1995 when the government backed down on pension reform after three weeks of metro and rail stoppages just before Christmas -- a cherished holiday for many French people. But their action is taking a heavy toll on businesses, especially retailers, hotels and restaurants, during what should be one of the busiest periods of the year. Industry associations have reported turnover declines of 30 to 60 percent from a year earlier. Non-transport workers joined the protest Monday, shuttering at least one oil refinery and a petrol depot in the south, while others blocked a bus depot in the northwest. In Paris, protesters briefly held up Metro Line 1 -- one of only two lines unaffected by the strike as they are driverless, unlike the other 14. In recent days, electricity workers had also interrupted power to thousands of homes. On Monday, the leader of the Force Ouvriere union, Yves Veyrier, insisted the pension reform was a "historic error" and must be "discarded".
  25. In our country of a billion people, passion runs high whenever the topic of cricket is discussed. Cricket is not just a game here, it's a religion that brings people together. And when one gets presented with a chance to meet one of the best cricketers in the world, who can keep calm, right? This dream came true for some top Fantasy Players on the MPL app when they got a chance to meet Indian Cricket Captain and MPL's Brand Ambassador Virat Kohli. How? Well, they played Fantasy extensively on MPL and won big, of course MPL or Mobile Premier League is an online gaming platform that offers a plethora of games, fantasy sports, quiz and more. One can play 30+ games & multiple fantasy sports on their mobile to win real cash prizes. The app has games ranging from Ludo to Kabbadi to Carrom but the one that takes the cake is cricket. MPL recently organised a meet & greet for itâs biggest winners from all over the country with Virat Kohli. The selected 10 winners got to meet and talk to the captain of our Indian cricket team. The video shows how MPL flew in people from Jamshedpur, Surat and more to Mumbai and had all of them meet Kohli and recorded their experience. Virat Kohli is one of the worldâs top cricketers and is an idol to anyone who watches or plays the sport, so meeting him was a dream come true for all of them. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and start playing, you never know, you might just be the next in line to meet Kohli. If not, you will still win big cash prizes, so get started! View the full article
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