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Found 768 results

  1. CD Projekt Red released a set of system requirements for Cyberpunk 2077 a couple of weeks back leading up to the big release on December 10. Based on those specs, we dolled out a high-end PC build that should be able to run the game at its best. But in case you don't have that kind of a budget, then here's another build that should be able to get the job done without burning a hole in your pocket. Before we get started with the build, here's a quick look at the official system requirements for the game given by CD Projekt Red - © CD Projeket Red ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3 3200G - Rs 8,799 Graphics CardInno3d GeForce GTX 1660 Super Twin X2 OC RGB 6GB GDDR6 - Rs 21,600 MotherboardASRock A320M-HDV R4.0 Motherboard - Rs 3,950 MemoryADATA XPG Gammix D30 8GB - Rs 2,850 StorageAdata XPG Gammix S11 Pro 256GB M.2 NVMe SSD - Rs 4,900 CabinetCooler Master MasterBox MB511 RGB - Rs 6,399 Power SupplyThermaltake Smart BX1 RGB 650W SMPS - Rs 5,450 © Unsplash Note - It's pointing out that the prices of these components may fluctuate based on availability. It's also worth pointing out we came up with this build strictly based on the requirement sheet given by CD Projekt Red, and not something we have tested out. So it's safe to say that the performance may vary. View the full article
  2. One of the most famous Indian rappers from India to break the music industry in the late 2000s, ‘Yo Yo’ Honey Singh’s fitness journey, both physically and mentally, has been a rollercoaster ride. From battling bipolar disorder to getting over alcoholism, the singer has come a full circle in recommitting himself to living a healthy life. View this post on Instagram What is even more inspirational is the fact that while most celebrities try to hide their issues and insecurities behind curtains, Singh spoke about it in interviews and did his bit in normalising such important points of discussion. However, the fight against such severe health-related demons comes at a price. The medication and the recovery process took a toll on Singh’s body. From a stud who had a respectable physique banked on regular and rigorous workouts his weight ballooned to a shocking 120 kilos and along came some mobility issues, especially in his ankles. View this post on Instagram But if you look at his recent images on Instagram, the guy looks as if he hadn’t missed even a single day at the gym. From a flat tummy to well defined cuts, you name it and Honey Singh has it to show off. How did he undergo such an impressive body transformation? We got in touch with Rahul Kaul, Founder - BoxFit, where the superstar trains and got into the nitty gritties of his phenomenal evolution. View this post on Instagram Honey Singh’s Superstar Diet: He’s primarily on a low carb diet because it was sustainable and easy to follow. He would only indulge in carbs on the days he’d workout. Foods That Can Be Eaten (Note: This is a general guideline, not something written in stone): Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, high-fat dairy, fats, healthy oils and non-gluten grains. Honey Singh’s Superstar Workout: View this post on Instagram His workout mostly consisted of kickboxing training with a mix of bodyweight circuits. The routine began with 1 minute workout rounds and 2 minutes of rest and gradually increased it to 3 minute workout rounds with 1 minute breaks (thereby increasing intensity and reducing rest period). Monday: Technique Day Warm Up: Shadowboxing (2 Rounds: 1 Min + 2 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 2 Min + 1 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 3 Min + 1 Min Break) High Intensity Kickboxing Pad Work (2 Rounds: 1 Min + 2 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 2 Min + 1 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 3 Min + 1 Min Break) Technique Day: Where the focus was on learning new movements of boxing as well as kickboxing. View this post on Instagram Cool Down Abs workout 3 x 15 reps of various abs exercises. Wednesday: Warm Up: Shadowboxing (2 Rounds: 1 Min + 2 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 2 Min + 1 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 3 Min + 1 Min Break) High Intensity Kickboxing Pad Work (2 Rounds: 1 Min + 2 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 2 Min + 1 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 3 Min + 1 Min Break) Speed Day: Where the focus is on executing all the movements and combinations learnt with speed. View this post on Instagram Shadowboxing (2 Rounds: 1 Min + 2 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 2 Min + 1 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 3 Min + 1 Min Break) High Intensity Kickboxing Pad Work (2 Rounds: 1 Min + 2 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 2 Min + 1 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 3 Min + 1 Min Break) Cool Down Abs workout 3 x 15 reps of various abs exercises. Friday: Warm Up: Shadowboxing (2 Rounds: 1 Min + 2 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 2 Min + 1 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 3 Min + 1 Min Break) High Intensity Kickboxing Pad Work (2 Rounds: 1 Min + 2 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 2 Min + 1 Min Break, 2 Rounds: 3 Min + 1 Min Break) Power Day: Where the focus was on simpler movements but while generating maximum power. View this post on Instagram Cool Down: Abs workout 3 x 15 reps of various abs exercises. Miscellaneous It is also important to understand that while Honey Singh’s weight loss transformation has been exceptional, his muscle memory played a huge role in him getting back in shape. Having been working out regularly before his treatment, his muscles already memorised the motions and intensity that he inflicted upon them through cardio and strength training. As a result the transformation was faster and more effective for him than it would be for first timers. View the full article
  3. Sleep is one of the most basic necessities for anyone. Without a good night’s sleep, your day can turn into a groggy mess. We all love sleeping but not all of us end up getting optimal quality and quantity of sleep. Contrary to the popular belief, your phone is not the only thing keeping you up all night. Sometimes, it could be your thoughts. The year 2020 wasn’t just about battling the virus. It was also about battling stress, anxiety and all the other side effects of social isolation. Be it binge watching shows online or snoring a bit too much, today we will discuss all about its connection to your mental health. Let’s begin! __ECOMLOOKS__2094__ __ECOMLOOKS__2095__ __ECOMLOOKS__2096__ __ECOMLOOKS__2097__ __ECOMLOOKS__2098__ Final Thoughts Your health, physical and mental, affects your sleep quality and vice versa. This is why it's important to check in on your health when you start experiencing sleep problems. Be it mental or physical health, your body needs a good night’s rest. Stay healthy and sleep well! Explore More View the full article
  4. With a rise in shows and movies on OTT platforms, we've slowly seen a shift from typical Bollywood movies to quality content as well as recognition for the plethora of talent we have in this country. Delhi Crime winning an Emmy is a huge step for India being recognized at an international level and everyone is so proud of this achievement. © Prime Video Even though he lost out on the award, he is still a winner before everyone and his emotional speech that he didn't get a chance to make just further proves that. Sharing the handwritten Emmy speech he had prepared for if he had won the award, he acknowledged his own privilege and pledged the award to everyone fighting oppression, bigotry, and injustice on a daily basis. View this post on Instagram He wrote, "An international recognition for an Indian is an opportunity not to celebrate the self, but to acknowledge the millions of marginalised, downtrodden and victimised Indians who are locked in a daily battle for dignity, livelihood and survival." He went on, "As a child of privilege myself, I pledge this nomination to all those who risk themselves to protect the affirming, all-embracing spirit of India, and to all the brave individuals across the world, who fight to resist the malicious forces of oppression, bigotry and injustice, every single day." © Instagram It really is! View the full article
  5. The Tamil Nadu government has announced that it's banning online gaming in the state. According to the new rules, anyone who violates the ban will be imposed with a fine of Rs 5,000 and up to 6 months in jail. Governor Banwarilal Purohit promulgated an ordinance and confirmed the ban. The Governor said that due to online gaming, innocent people, mainly youngsters, are being cheated, and some people have committed suicide. "The state has thus decided to ban online gaming to avoid such incidents of suicide and protect the innocent people from the evils of online gaming," he further stated. © Twitter This decision to ban online gaming comes weeks after the state government informed the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court that it was actively considering the decision. According to the reports, it looks like this decision was taken after careful consideration. People have committed suicides after allegedly lost money in online games especially youngsters. Any violators of the ban would attract both a fine and imprisonment. And if you happen to operate common gaming houses, then you'll face two years jail and Rs 10,000 fine. © Unsplash The ordinance further goes on to ban 'electronic transfer of funds' used for wagering or betting, distribute the winnings, prize money'. In addition to that, the Union Territory of Puducherry has also written to the Centre seeking a similar action. Although we understand the intent behind the ban, we're not entirely sure if banning is the right decision here. There's always an option to bring proper regulations in place instead of banning. But let's hope there'll something positive that comes out of this decision. We'll update with more info soon. Source: The Indian Express View the full article
  6. As teenagers, we were told that acne disappears once we enter our twenties. This was a straight-up lie for a lot of us who still experience acne even in our twenties and thirties. Not just on our face, acne also pops up on different parts of the body as well. We get pimples on our back and chest as well and lastly, we sometimes also end up getting them on our butts aka butt acne. There's a reason why those red and irritated bumps exist, here's what could be causing it: © istock 1. Tight-Fitted Clothing And Sweating Might Be Triggering The AcneWhile we're certain that you steer clear from tight-fitted clothing if you're sitting at home amid the pandemic, one needs to keep in mind that butt acne is caused by bacteria on the skin that colonises the body. One of the major reasons is wearing clothes for too long or not changing the pair of shorts that often. The friction and sweating can irritate the hair follicles in the butt region causing red bumps. © istock 2. Exfoliating The Region Can Help Treat Butt-AcneLook for ingredients that gently exfoliate the butt region like alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), and are antibacterial, like benzoyl peroxide. While AHAs give chemical exfoliation, beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) decrease oil production on the butt. One simply needs to look for ingredients on the back label of body exfoliating products to find these. © istock 3. The Things That You Should Avoid IncludeTry to avoid using a scrub or a loofah, it ends up worsening the acne while exfoliating. If the acne itches, avoid picking at the little bumps. Lastly, one should remember that the treatment for butt acne is not any different from any other acne on the body, just remember to change clothes near the affected region regularly. View the full article
  7. Prince Harry could get his royal title restored by Queen Elizabeth II as reportedly ?hinted? by her
  8. When the winter chill sets in, long hot showers seem tempting. But scalding water is only going to rip into your skin’s defences leading it to dehydration, itchiness and stretchiness. Combine this with the high amount of moisture that will evaporate off the skin and you’ll realise how much care and nutrition your body needs when everything is stubbornly waiting to freeze. The featherlight grooming essentials that carried you through the summer will no longer be effective. So when the most common skin problems knock on your door, bring out the big guns. __ECOMLOOKS__2018__ __ECOMLOOKS__2019__ __ECOMLOOKS__2020__ __ECOMLOOKS__2021__ __ECOMLOOKS__2022__ Turn On That Winter Charm!Hot cocoa, warm food, sharp suits and all-things sweat-free - winters are supposed to be fun and cosy. So let’s just make it that! Let skincare heroes do their bit and you, my friend, can continue focusing on being your best self! Explore More View the full article
  9. In this society, victims rarely ever get any justice and it's heartbreaking to see them lose work after going through something traumatizing. The domestic abuse case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been going on for a long time and recently, there was even proof that it was, in fact, Amber who was abusive towards Johnny Depp, and not the other way round. © Reuters That should mean that Amber Heard should face the consequence of her horrible actions but even then, she still has her career and will appear in the sequel of Aquaman. On the other hand, Johnny Depp was removed from the third instalment in the Fantastic Beasts series because of the case. © Warner Bros Pictures How is this fair? The answer is, it is definitely not. People have come together to show support for Johnny Depp and how unfairly he is being treated after being a victim in this entire mess. © Warner Bros Pictures While fans are still trying to get him back as Grindelwald, people have rallied against Amber Heard as well and are demanding that she should be fired from Aquaman 2. Honestly, with the way things are right now, this seems like the fairest option. People have gone as far as to make a petition on change.org to get her removed from the movie and unsurprisingly, it already has close to a million signatures. © Reuters The petition mentions the history of the entire case between the two actors, including talking about how Amber fabricated the incidents where Johnny allegedly hit her when it was actually her who was physically abusing him. Fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 https://t.co/Evzg1O6jmd — Browntable - Mauricio (@Browntable_Ent) November 6, 2020 He deserves justice. And Amber Heard, who is heard on tape hitting him and telling him nobody is going to believe him, hasn't been asked to resign as Mera in Aquaman. I hate this sooooo much. Give Johnny Depp justice https://t.co/KgKYWeAGWG — Ada Jollof (@princesswilson_) November 6, 2020 Yep. the fact that warner bros is firing johnny depp from fantastic beasts but not amber heard from aquaman is fucked up pic.twitter.com/oTB89zSqFi — zoe (@hoaxcarter) November 6, 2020 Exactly. It doesn’t matter how much you love Mads Mikkelsen (no shade, he’s amazing) Johnny Depp lost Grindelwald because he was abused by Amber Heard and she lied about it. Nobody should be able to play the role but him.#JusticeForJohnnyDepp pic.twitter.com/jJJbTDK5sS — POTCFan#1 (@moviefan86) November 11, 2020 It really has. Johnny Depp deserves better. I’ve been following his case for a while and there’s SO MUCH evidence that Amber Heard was the real abuser and yet, he’s the one found guilty? The system has failed him — Vanessa Nathaly (@_vanessanathaly) November 10, 2020 People have gotten 'cancelled' for way less. Why is Amber Heard not cancelled? Like out of all the cancelations of people this year how did she escape with still having a career? https://t.co/2cJvaJXZFl — ➡️The Danocracy⬅️ (@TheDanocracy) November 10, 2020 So unfair. Amber Heard is ON TAPE abusing Johnny Depp, gaslighting him and laughing that no one will believe him. He gets fired. She doesn’t. Equality my a**.#JusticeForJohnnyDepp — mary (@johnnyhellodepp) November 11, 2020 Yes, please. PUT AMBER HEARD IN JAIL AND GIVE BACK JOHNNY DEPP HIS JOB — susan (@sansanray) November 11, 2020 Oops. Imma just leave you with a quick CANCEL AMBER HEARD #cancelamberheard #JusticeForJohnnyDepp pic.twitter.com/jbJSBCu0XP — KayOtticVA (@Kayla_OTT1993) November 10, 2020 Definitely. there’s a special place in hell for amber heard https://t.co/GLnKprB737 — tala (@talaghar) November 10, 2020 View the full article
  10. The most unfortunate part of having a bad breath is that you’re usually the last person to know about it. If you’re lucky, your mom might warn you before it’s too late. But otherwise, even with the sharpest suit you own and the fanciest pair of shoes, making a good impression might not be on the cards for you. So to avoid the process of emanating funky fumes in the first place, you must discover the reason for bad breath, and accordingly pick a remedy to get rid of it. Bad Oral Hygiene = Bad BreathPoor oral hygiene is the most common reason for bad breath. To stop the smell, you must prevent the plaque buildup by brushing your teeth twice a day (morning and night) for at least two minutes. Some people even choose to brush after every meal. To prevent the bacteria growing on the bits of food stuck in your teeth, floss every day. As bacteria accumulated on the tongue can cause foul smell as well, you must scrape your tongue once a day. Solution: Apart from maintaining good oral hygiene by cleaning your teeth, tongue and gums, you can try a vinegar-based, homemade mouthwash. The natural acetic acid present in vinegar can stop bacteria from growing. Add 2 tablespoons of white or apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of water. Gargle for 30 seconds before spitting it out. __ECOMPRODUCT__868__ Eating Foods With Strong OdourFoods and drinks with strong flavour like garlic, onion, coffee and some spices can cause a foul smell. This unpleasant breath lingers in your mouth even after the food has moved into the system. It further leads to a release of chemicals that we breathe out through the lungs. Solution: Scrape your tongue, floss and use a mouthwash to conceal the smell temporarily. You can drink a glass of milk to see some positive results. If you are lactose intolerant or prefer fruits in your diet, you can also drink a glass of pineapple juice or chew a slice of this fruit for one to two minutes and rinse your mouth after. It’s the quickest and one of the most effective ways to deal with bad breath. __ECOMPRODUCT__869__ Too Much Drinking & SmokingSmoking leads to the reduction of oxygen and hence, builds up more plaque and bacteria which are responsible for foul breath. Similarly, when you ingest alcohol, the body recognises the fluid as a toxin. Your body does its best to metabolise it as quickly as possible. But if you keep consuming booze at a faster rate than your organs can handle, the alcohol will end up floating around in your body. The alcohol will pass from your stomach to the blood and with each breath, it’ll begin to vaporise. This is when bad breath will find a way out of your mouth mid-conversation. Solution: Given that you might not consider flossing in the middle of the night, the only piece of advice here would be to sip more water instead of martini and definitely, brush your teeth before you go to bed. __ECOMPRODUCT__870__ Crash Diets & Acid RefluxFollowing a diet that’s low in carbs and fasting initiates the process of fat break down. This produces chemicals called ketones that can cause a foul smell. Acid reflux is another process that causes bad breath as it’s a result of undigested food or stomach acids that flow backwards into your oesophagus. These acids produce a bitter-sour taste in your mouth and come out in the form of burps. Solution: You can try two highly effective remedies to avoid the issue here - consume gut-friendly probiotics through a daily supplement or a cup of plain yoghurt a day, or drink a glass of parsley juice. Probiotics including yoghurt contain healthy bacteria called lactobacillus that can combat bad bacteria in your gut. This can show a positive effect on the bad breath as well. A study has shown that after six months of eating yoghurt, 80 per cent of participants could experience a reduction in the stench. If you don’t consume dairy products or prefer herbs in your diet, try parsley. It contains chlorophyll that neutralises the unpleasant smell. You can either dip your parsley in vinegar and chew it or drink it as a green juice.. __ECOMPRODUCT__645__ Chronic Disease Or Dry MouthYour bad breath could be a result of health problems like diabetes, kidney and liver diseases. It could also be respiratory tract infection like bronchitis or pneumonia. In such a case, we’d encourage you to visit a doctor. But if you drink too much caffeine, snore while sleeping or are mouth-breather, chances are that the funky smell coming from your mouth is a result of dry mouth. Your mouth isn’t making enough saliva to push out the dead cells that accumulate on the tongue and gums. This can cause your mouth to stink. Solution: To avoid dry mouth, change your breathing style. You can also take some assistance from vitamin C-rich fruit, orange. If your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva to wash-off the foul-smelling bacteria naturally, vitamin-C can help in increasing the saliva production. You can either eat oranges or go for vitamin-C daily supplements. __ECOMPRODUCT__644__ The Bottomline Popping breath mints, fennel seeds and anise seeds after a meal are also some good alternatives but nothing beats the results of maintaining good oral hygiene, consistently. Follow these simple remedies for bad breath and you’ll never have to doubt your mouth again. Explore More View the full article
  11. In Skardu speech, Maryam Nawaz warns Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan will not accept rigging
  12. Diwali is going to look very different this year. Just like the rest of the year, we're going to be celebrating Diwali from a safe distance this year. However, now that we're in Unlock 5, we're allowed to party in social bubbles as long as we're responsible and taking all the necessary precautions. Having said that, if you have a house party to go to this year, you definitely might want to switch things up considering, this is going to be one of the first parties to attend after months of staying at home. While we're certain that you're going to choose an ethnic or an indo-western outfit this Diwali, one rad trend that you could get behind this Diwali is the asymmetrical Kurta. We think that you should definitely dip your shoes in the trend this festive season. Even the likes of Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor have tried the asymmetrical kurta. Here's how you can ace the trend. 1. Like Ayushmann Khurrana, you could try a deconstructed version of an asymmetrical kurta. The avante-garde version recreates the traditional silhouette and gives it a modern twist. © Instagram/Ayushmann Khurrana __ECOMPRODUCT__845__ 2. Saif Ali Khan's kurta is the most classic version of the asymmetrical kurta. The uneven hem at the end adds layers to your outfit and makes it look more defined and put together. © LFW __ECOMPRODUCT__846__ 3. Arjun Kapoor's humble version of the trend is perfect for a close-knit get-together that you have with your friends. © Instagram/Arjun Kapoor __ECOMPRODUCT__847__ 4. Ishaan Khatter has worn a rather classic version of the trend. Here, in an all-white ensemble, the asymmetrical design can easily give the look of a simple sherwani. © Instagram/Ishaan Khatter __ECOMPRODUCT__848__ 5. Another quirky way in which an asymmetrical kurta can be styled is, with a belt made out of the same fabric as the kurta. © Instagram/Ayushmann Khurrana __ECOMPRODUCT__849__ View the full article
  13. The iPhone 12 Pro is the first smartphone to feature a LiDAR sensor which is capable of measuring distances and mapping the environment. Apple has talked about how the sensor can do wonders with depth information, however there is a new application for the sensor that will soon roll out to the iPhone 12 Pro. The LiDAR sensor can help blind and visually impaired users move around safely as it will protect them from bumping into objects in a new and unfamiliar environment. © Unsplash People with visual impairment usually help themselves with a walking stick and a trained ear to get around, however the iPhone 12 pro can now help them even further. In the latest beta version of iOS, a new feature will be rolled out that uses the LiDAR scanner to measure the distance to people and objects. It will be able to detect humans and inanimate objects as well which can then notify blind users of obstructions in their path. © Unsplash The new feature will be part of Apple’s ARKit and it will be called “People Occlusion.” It will allow users to put virtual objects and people in augmented reality applications. However, the new feature will also be implanted in the iPhone’s magnifying glass app. When launched, the phone will use the ultra-wide camera and measure distances using the LiDAR sensor. It will then inform users by voice how far away the iPhone is from the object. It will also relay information in a stereo format to connected devices such as the AirPods. If you want to see how the feature will work, check out these videos below: Here’s how people detection works in iOS 14.2 beta - the voiceover support is a tiny bit buggy but still super cool https://t.co/vCyX2wYfx3 pic.twitter.com/e8V4zMeC5C — Matthew Panzarino (@panzer) October 31, 2020iPhones can now tell blind users where and how far away people are https://t.co/1eCPoHgk19 This is a crazy cool implementation using iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max LiDAR sensors to read the visual world and communicate it to people who need assistance pic.twitter.com/kenD4ibdK0 — Matthew Panzarino (@panzer) October 30, 2020What do you think about this feature and Apple’s creativity when it comes to using the LiDAR sensor to help visually impaired users? iPhones are quickly becoming the most impactful smartphones in the world, thanks to features that can help make life easier for people with certain conditions. We can expect this feature to roll out in the next iOS 14.2 update once it has been thoroughly tested by beta users. View the full article
  14. Cardi B gears up to vote since ?I'm tired of getting upset every single time I see this man talk'
  15. People with no common decency or common sense, for that matter, getting to positions of power will always remain one of the biggest unsolved mysteries. How can someone who does not understand how to handle sexual assault cases end up becoming a judge? Seriously how? A few months ago, we saw a live example of this when the MP High Court judge ordered a sexual assault victim to tie a rakhi to her molester and no, not just stop there, but also "bless him", whatever that means. This was the condition given by the court for the accused to get bail, along with paying Rs 11,000 to the victim as the “customary ritual” of Raksha Bandhan. © Wikipedia The judge probably mistook the molester for a misbehaving child and even asked him to promise the woman that he would “protect her to the best of his ability for all times to come”. It honestly doesn't get more disgusting than this. Referring to the case, Attorney General KK Venugopal addressed the Supreme Court recently. Condemning the atrocious order by that judge, he talked about how judges need to be educated on gender sensitisation in order to deal with these cases properly. © Twitter He said, "Judges need to be educated. Judges' recruitment exam should have a part on gender sensitisation. The exam for judges and National judicial academy and state judicial academy must have programmes on gender sensitisation." He added, "So far as sensitisation is concerned, gender sensitisation and grievance redressal committee is there in Supreme Court. Lectures need to be given to district and subordinate, and high courts too about gender sensitisation." © Twitter Well, that would be a start for sure, but we have a long way before these downright stupid men understand the struggle of going through legal proceedings and then fight for justice, as a victim, in an assault case. Hopefully, the judges have more sense and don't rely on performative actions in these cases. View the full article
  16. CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077's launch is around the corner and we’ve seen some great previews for the game that shows what we can expect from the role-playing game. However, we’ve already imagined doing a lot of things in the game and we simply can’t wait for the launch. It includes customising our character, checking out the vistas in Night City, drive around aimlessly and do other activities. Here’s a list of ten things we can’t wait to do in Cyberpunk 2077. Customise Characters © CD PRojekt Red I don’t know about you but I will be spending hours and hours to create the perfect character in the game. I remember doing something similar when Fallout 4 came out and there’s no reason why I won’t do it In Cyberpunk 2077. To its credit, the game does offer a lot of customisation options such as different hairstyles, eyes, eye colour, scars, teeth, makeup, and body customisation options as well. If you’re also going to be spending forever to make your own 'V', do let us know in the comments what kind of character you’re trying to make. Check out Night City © CD PRojekt Red The next thing we can’t wait to do is check out the different boroughs or areas in Night City. The first location we want to hit is the city centre to check out the bustling, overcrowded atmosphere. We also can’t wait to check out all the neon lights, the bars, street food restaurants and other places of interest that we might stumble upon. Since the game is going to be vertically dense, we can’t wait to check out some of the skyscrapers, underground markets and local public transportation as well. 'Night City' really reminds us of futuristic cities like Tokyo and if it's anything like it, we can’t wait to explore the city for ourselves. Drive Around © CD PRojekt Red Have you driven around Los Santos aimlessly in GTA? Well, that’s exactly what we plan to do in Cyberpunk 2077 as well. While the world may not be as large as we want it to be, it is still worth driving around the different districts to see how different they are from each other. We just can’t wait to switch on the radio, drive in the busy streets or in the outskirts and soak in the different sights as we go along. There are so many neighbourhoods and areas to check out that we may just spend hours driving in the streets of Night City doing absolutely nothing. Collect Cars © CD PRojekt Red Since we will be driving a lot, there is a good chance we will come across different kinds of cars and bikes on the road. And since you can steal cars in Cyberpunk 2077, we plan to have a sizeable collection of cars in our garage. The cars can also be modified with devices that can protect us from weapons like landmines. We aren’t sure how many cars we can steal and store in our garage but hopefully, it’s enough to keep us happy. Create Different Builds © CD PRojekt Red Cyberpunk 2077 gives you the freedom to create a character with your preferred attributes and skills. Which means you can create a character that is either great with firearms or great at using melee weapons such as swords and knives. V can also get Mantis Blades and we can only imagine the different kinds of combinations that we can come up with when assigning skills and attributes. Get All That Loot © CD PRojekt Red Cyberpunk 2077 will have a lot of loot to look forward to, especially some of the legendary weapons that one can get after completing certain quests. However, it won’t be as simple as you will have to build relationships with NPCs to get some of the rewards. It’s not like you will get a legendary weapon each time you complete a meaningful quest. You need to be invested with some NPCs and build trust with them to get access to some of these weapons. Other loots might include augmentations, cosmetics, mods and even special vehicles. Street Kid Life Path © CD PRojekt Red Cyberpunk 2077 offers three different life paths but we plan to start off with the “Street Kid” life path in our first playthrough. As we want to check out the bustling city, starting out as the Street Kid makes sense. As a street kid, we should know the city like the back of our hand and have deep connections to have plenty of street cred. As mentioned before, we cannot wait to check out Night City and it seems like the Street Kid Lifepath would be appropriate to start the game with. Get Lost in Side missions © CD PRojekt Red One thing CD Project Red knows how to do well are the side-missions and activities that you can find in the world. There will be several side jobs and gigs in the game and one of them includes using the Night City Police Department’s Scanner Hustles. You can track down targets from the scanner for easy bounty money. We will also have to work with the different gangs in the city and there will be plenty of different types of jobs which can result in great rewards and loot as we mentioned earlier. Detective Mode © CD PRojekt Red Cyberpunk 2077 implements sort of a detective mode called brain dancing like the Batman Arkham series. It’s a mechanic used to solve puzzles and mysteries. The Braindance feature is a little different as it involves a process of one person recording their memories and another being able to experience that memory in complete detail, thanks to some fictional, futuristic implant. Play The Game Again © CD PRojekt Red Since there are three life paths to choose from that is Corpo, Nomad and Street Kid, we will be playing the game again as each life path will have its own story with different choices that can affect the story significantly. We can’t wait to see what the other two life paths have on offer and how the story changes when you play as either a corporation dude or a nomad from the badlands. We’re quite sure all three life paths will have different motivations, intentions and even different NPCs they will interact with. So those were 10 things we can’t wait to do in Cyberpunk 2077, however your list might be a bit different from ours. If you are planning to play the game, let us know in the comments what other activities or things you can’t wait to do in the game? View the full article
  17. Getting comfortable and flexible has been the key to surviving 2020. And let’s just say most men have mastered this act of balancing things just about right. The past couple of months have been a learning curve for men. They went into the pandemic lost, bored, and with zero ideas on how to balance home chores with work. But guess what? For some revolutionary men, this turned out better than expected. That's one of the reasons why the new internet trend #MenBeFlexi has caught our eye. Started by the athleisure-wear company Sporto Flexiwear, #MeBeFlexi is highlighting all the ways men got flexible with their newhood roles and equality in the house. Masterchefs In The House Sporto Flexiwear If you thought men couldn't cook or even boil an egg, think again! 2020 has brought out their inner chefs and got them flexible as ever. From chopping vegetables to cooking an entire meal, men have finally found their way into the kitchen. The many men who donned the Masterchef hat during the lockdown aren't ready to give up their title yet! This new-found equality at home is just the new-hood we’ve been striving for. Getting Down & Dirty With Household Chores Sporto Flexiwear With no domestic help coming home in the early days of the lockdown, most men got down and dirty with the house chores. From helping their partners/parents keep the house clean to washing the dishes, men became comfortable with the idea of spending more time and energy into their home life. Doing The Laundry Like A Pro Sporto Flexiwear Cleaning your own mess has never been messier! But millennial men took up this challenge in 2020 and got comfortable in their roles. From washing your own clothes to ironing them, folding and keeping them back in the cupboard, they did it all. Finding Work-Life Balance Sporto Flexiwear This means working in joggers while you change the bulb with one hand and send an email with the other! Life in 2020 has been chaotic but men have proved that they definitely can be flexible. Adding to this culture-defining moment, Sporto is reminding men not to let this movement die down. Equality and flexibility have been the key lessons of 2020 and it’s about time that #MenBeFlexi, mentally and physically. As we join hands with Sporto to take these lessons of new-hood and #MenBeFlexi into the New Year, here’s reminding all our millennial men to stay comfortable, stylish, and flexible as ever. Sporto has a fabulous and comfortable range of joggers, t-shirts, workout-wear and more, that are stylish and comfortable outdoors as well as at home. You can check out their complete collection here. Till then, keep the revolutionary movement going with #MenBeFlexi. View the full article
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