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Found 783 results

  1. After returning from his brief trip to space, billionaire Jeff Bezos thanked his employees and customers for “paying” for his trip to space. He completed an 11-minute ride aboard his New Shepard vehicle made by Blue Origin. After his flight, Bezos donned a cowboy hat and attended a news conference where he thanked the workers at Amazon. He drew instant backlash on social media. © Reuters "I also want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all of this,” Bezos said during the news conference after his space flight. "So seriously, for every Amazon customer out there, and every Amazon employee, thank you from the bottom of my heart, very much. It's very appreciated.” © Reuters While his comments may have been with good intentions, Twitter was not amused and critics pointed out that Amazon workers reported unacceptable working conditions and hours. Previous reports have claimed that employees working at Amazon facilities would be forced to skip meals and bathroom breaks while Mr Bezos garnered gross wealth during the pandemic. © Reuters "Yes, Amazon workers did pay for this - with lower wages, union-busting, a frenzied and inhumane workplace, and delivery drivers not having health insurance during a pandemic," Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter. "And Amazon customers are paying for it with Amazon abusing their market power to hurt small business," she added. Yes, Amazon workers did pay for this - with lower wages, union busting, a frenzied and inhumane workplace, and delivery drivers not having health insurance during a pandemic. And Amazon customers are paying for it with Amazon abusing their market power to hurt small business. https://t.co/7qMgpe8u0M — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) July 20, 2021 Senator Elizabeth Warren also called for a "wealth tax” as she accused Bezos of not paying taxes. Jeff Bezos forgot to thank all the hardworking Americans who actually paid taxes to keep this country running while he and Amazon paid nothing. https://t.co/tjOeCWbUA8 — Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) July 20, 2021 Bezos stepped down as Amazon’s CEO earlier this month to focus on side projects such as Blue Origin. However, Bezos has faced constant backlash time and time again from his own workforce and senators alike. Amazon workers in Alabama warehouses tried to unionise however failed to do so. The workers claim that Amazon broke the law with some of its anti-union activity before and during the process of warehouse voting. View the full article
  2. Biden´s press secretary Jen Psaki said the infected official is staying away from the White House pending more testing
  3. Apple Music users in India can finally access Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos as the service has now rolled out in India. The service comes to India after weeks of its initial announcement at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference). It has now been enabled from the backend for Apple Music subscribers in India and works on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4K. How Does Lossless Audio WorkIn order to enable the feature, users will have to go to Settings > Music and enable the Dolby Atmos function. You can choose between Always On or Off and Automatic. Below the Dolby Atmos option, tap on the Audio Quality menu and tap on Lossless Audio. You can even set whether you want to stream Lossless audio over Wi-Fi and/or Cellular. It is worth pointing out that Lossless Audio on iPhones/iPads works natively via the in-built speakers or by connecting a DAC for wired earphones and headphones. © omid-armin-unsplash For Mac users, you can listen to Lossless audio with a wired connection provided you’re updated to macOS 11.4. You can stream Lossless audio to wired earphones, receivers or powered speakers. You can also listen to lossless audio on the built-in speakers. To enable Lossless audio, you need to open the Music App > Click Menu bar > Select Preferences > Playback tab > Audio Quality > Lossless > Turn on or off. You can choose between Lossless for 24-bit/48 kHz or Hi-Res Lossless for a maximum resolution of 24-bit/192 kHz. It is worth highlighting that Bluetooth earphones including Apple’s own do not support Lossless audio. This is because the Bluetooth standard does not support Lossless audio which is why it is limited to in-built speakers and wired audio devices. iPhone users can use the Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter as it has a DAC that supports up to 24-bit/48 kHz lossless audio. How Does Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio Work © giorgio-trovato-unsplash The Dolby Atmos feature on Apple Music provides an immersive audio experience with true multidimensional sound and clarity that comes from all around and from above the listener. Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos works on Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods Max and provides an audio experience as if the speakers are moving with you. The headphones track your head movement in relation to the position of your device i.e. the iPhone or iPad. Which Devices Support Dolby Atmos In order to run Dolby Atmos, your device needs to be updated to iOS 14.6. With the exception of iPhone SE, iPhone XR and above support Dolby Atmos in Apple Music. iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation or later), iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad (6th generation or later), iPad Air (3rd generation or later) and iPad mini (5th generation) are also compatible. How To Know Which Track is Lossless Audio or Supports Dolby Atmos © Apple When browsing Apple Music, for every track or album that supports Lossless Audio or Dolby Atmos, you will see a badge on the album’s detail page. There are cases where some songs only support Dolby Atmos and not Lossless Audio. Both new features are available to Apple Music subscribers at no extra charge. View the full article
  4. Bollywood, or films, in general, put an actor under such scrutiny that every little so-called "imperfection" of one's body is subjected to criticism. (One only needs to ask professional models). As a result, there are plenty of actors and models who end up going under the knife to look even better on the screen. © Istock Well, while sometimes it works out, many times, it certainly doesn't. If one is to listen to what people are saying on social media these days, retired Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia Azmi is speculated to have gone under the knife, with people visibly taken aback at what she's done with her face. © BCCL The 35-year-old actress, who appeared in films like Tarzan: The wonder car and Wanted, recently posted a boomerang of herself on Instagram in green ethnic wear. Soon after the post went up, there was a barrage of comments from her followers who were apparently left disappointed with her new look, with many suggesting that she had done something to her lips as well as the rest of her face. View this post on Instagram One user commented, "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks....what has she done to herself ...she looked so pretty earlier" © Instagram/Ayesha Takia Another user said, "Pehle hi acche lagte the (You used to look good earlier)" © Instagram/Ayesha Takia Many other people too commented on her post, with most criticizing her for changing her appearance. © Instagram/Ayesha Takia © Instagram/Ayesha Takia © Instagram/Ayesha Takia © Instagram/Ayesha Takia © Instagram/Ayesha Takia While we are certain that online trolling is certainly not a helping hand in a tough time like the pandemic, Ayesha had also opened up on the whole debate earlier. “Having personally been through many incidents of trolling and workplace bullying…I wish to spread the word about this and I want you to speak up please if someone is making you feel less, small, or worthless. Please know that you are incredible and unique. You are meant to be here and fight for what you deserve. You are bright and different, you must not let them win.” said Ayesha. View the full article
  5. Britney Spears' boyfriend Sam Asghari was driving in LA when he lightly bumped into the car in front of him
  6. Statue made to honour left-winger Samiullah Khan, popularly known as 'Flying Horse'; missing items re-installed
  7. Corona-positive Sajid Javid had a "lengthy" meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday, according to the Sunday Times
  8. Vaccine centres to stay closed only on first day of Eidul Adha, health ministry spokesperson says
  9. Swedish House Mafia announces the release of their brand new single titled ?It Gets Better?
  10. There have been huge calls for the people of the country to strictly abide by Covid-related protocols including double masking and social distancing at all times in a bid to control the spread of the deadly virus. The second wave of the virus clearly paralyzed the country with its people being helpless when it came to looking for hospital beds, oxygen, and medicines. © iStock While the medical community, as well as health experts, have already suggested that the third wave of the pandemic is inevitable, the stress has already been on enhancing the vaccination program while adhering to the strict covid-protocol. However, it looks like the people at the top offering us those instructions, forgot to follow the same. And in some shameful fashion. The Minister of Uttarakhand state's BJP government, Swami Yatishwaranand has come under fire after his face mask was seen dangling from his toes in a meeting. Yes, you read that right. His toes! We’ve all seen the ‘chin’ mask, now the ‘toe’ mask- In Viral Photo, Uttarakhand Minister Seen With Mask Hanging Off Toe https://t.co/In69q5v4Ww — Gargi Rawat (@GargiRawat) July 15, 2021 While the time and place of the image cannot be ascertained, as per the image taken, Yatishwaranand seemed to be attending a meeting that had two other ministers, Bishan Singh Chuphal and Subodh Uniyal, sitting next to him. © iStock It sure didn't take long for the image to reach the internet and people were really angry when they looked at it. We mean, it really is understandable, considering all of us have had to endure some tough times due to the pandemic. Well, here's how people reacted. Actually Swamiki wanted to give an example of Walk the Talk — Debu (@debu_ghosh66) July 15, 2021That's his standard — Tamilan (@JohnRos74743280) July 15, 2021Should b punished 🤨 — MANOJ bansal (@MANOJbasal) July 15, 2021Hopeless Minister !!!!! — dwarika nautiyal (@dwarikanautiya1) July 15, 2021And that's why education and culture both important .... — MANOJ bansal (@MANOJbasal) July 16, 2021Shameless guy — Suman Chopra (@sumanchopra) July 16, 2021Pathetic .. — Jaya Natu ( जया नातू ) (@natujaya) July 15, 2021He will wear the same latter on. 🤣 — Sabir Mazahiri (@MolanaSabir) July 15, 2021 View the full article
  11. President Alvi appreciates ISI's efforts for national security; expresses satisfaction over its professional preparedness
  12. Unlike Indian award functions, certain international awards actually do have some credence. Or so we thought. Now though, it is really hard to believe that award ceremonies like the Academy Awards or the Emmys are sacrosanct. © Netflix The reason we say this, is of course, because of Indian Matchmaking’s Emmy nomination. © Netflix When the show was released, we all had fun at its expense, and just how ridiculous it made most of the participants look. Yes, there were a few strong characters, but even they were made to look ridiculous. As the fervour of the show settled down, and the memes around “Sima Taparia from Mumbai” subsided, we took a good hard look at it, and saw, just how problematic the show was. © Netflix First of all, there is the entire concept of matchmaking and the business of it, of how things go about. Keeping the obvious issues with agency and personhood aside for a moment, there were several other issues, that the show seemed to be promoting, no matter what the makers of the show, or Sima herself say. © Netflix The obsession with fair skin, the lack of diversity in terms of religion and sexual orientation - the show was presented in a way that seemed to normalise all that. And then, there is the problem of the west gaze, or particularly, the “white gaze.” This was a show that was made by the diaspora of India, for an American and a diasporic audience, that peddled Indians. Netflix India wasn’t involved in the making of the show. Had they been involved, there would have been some chance of the show not showing the stereotypical idea of South Asian marriages - that they are always arranged in nature. You have to ask yourself, who is the show meant for, and who is it targeting? © Netflix Make no mistake about this - the show and the Western people watching it, is like a group of American tourists, coming to India and visiting the Taj Mahal, the Ashrams at Rishikesh, and the crowded markets of Old Delhi, and then claiming, “This is India in a nutshell,” all the while saying just how “spiritually enriching” the experience has been for them. The larger picture is nonexistent for them. © Netflix The nomination comes as a surprise, even more, when we consider the fact that shows like Made In Heaven & Delhi Crime, were nominated last year. Even a show like Four More Shots getting a nomination in the comedy category made some sense. © Prime Video And let’s not forget, that Indian Matchmaking, at the end of everything, was a cringe-fest, that certainly did not deserve your time. If someone says it did, they surely were categorising it under “shows that are so bad, that you have to watch them to believe they exist.” View the full article
  13. Jennifer Aniston said "This was such a special reunion for us and we couldn't be happier to share it all with you.?
  14. If you’re driving around in a super swanky and super expensive Rolls Royce, and you’re a widely popular public figure, getting called out by a High Court Judge is the last thing you want to deal with. © Twitter/actorvijay Unfortunately for Vijay Chandrasekhar, also known as Thalapthy Vijay by his ardent fans, that is exactly what has happened. © Twitter/actorvijay Back in 2012, Thalapathy Vijay bought and imported a Rolls Royce that was worth Rs 5 Crores back then. Along with the usual import duties and customs, customers usually have to pay an entry tax when they get their cars imported. © Twitter/actorvijay Vijay had filed a petition under the name C Joseph Vijay challenging the demand for payment of the entry tax by transport authorities to register his imported car, even after paying duty to the customs department. © Twitter/actorvijay The judge had a number of issues. Firstly, as per the judge, Vijay hadn’t mentioned his profession in the affidavit that he had filed. It was only after his lawyer was asked about his client did the judge get to know that it was indeed Vijay the actor with whom he was dealing. The Madras High Court blasted Vijay’s counsel at that point, stating that his client was going against statutes despite being a reputed actor whom fans often see as “real hero”. He then ordered Vijay to pay the entry tax as demanded by the authorities and further imposed a fine of Rs 1 Lakh on the actor. © Twitter/actorvijay The judge then went on to say that what Vijay was trying to do amounts to tax evasion and that such activities are anti-nationalistic in nature, and that as an actor who has a massive fan following, he should be setting a better example. The High Court judge went on to say, “These actors portray themselves as champions of social justice, but evade tax and act in a manner that is not in consonance with provisions of the statutes.” He further added, “The constitutional goal of social justice can be achieved only if people of such stature pay taxes punctually and act as real heroes in their life. Accumulation of wealth or possessing a prestigious car would not be of any assistance for a better life.” © Twitter/actorvijay The judge ended his remarks by stating, “A person paying tax punctually and promptly is to be considered a real hero.” Vijay’s team in the meanwhile has claimed that since the actor is busy with a shoot, he hasn’t been able to go through the court order, and hence won’t be able to comment on the issue. View the full article
  15. Indian-origin star, Justin Narayan who impressed the judges and us with his ingenious cooking skills, has won the trophy of MasterChef Australia season 13. He beat three other contestants and reached the grand finale, must to the delight of Indian fans across the world. The 27-year-old was pitted against Pete and Kishwar for the last assignment, and it was an epic grand finale. Justin's journey was teeming with ups and downs, but he took the trophy home despite all the challenges. View this post on Instagram Justin was awarded $250,000 (Rs 1.86 Crores approx.) and the trophy. Pete was the first runner up, who received $30,000, whereas Kishwar received $20,000. © Instagram/Justin Narayan © Instagram/Justin Narayan We all know how complex the challenges are on MasterChef. Justin won by a thin margin and scored a massive 40 points for the savoury dish he made. For the dessert, Justin gained 30 points. Justin shared his victory on Instagram and wrote, "Find people that believe in you. Back yourself. Go hard and hopefully you'll surprise yourself! Whoever's reading this I love you." Justin is the second Indian origin participant to win the show. Back in 2018, it was Sashi Cheliah, a prison guard, who took the award home. For the unversed, Narayan started cooking at the age of 13 and had produced some memorable meals. His meals have always been inspired by Fijian and Indian heritage. First, he worked as a youth pastor and created a safe space for teenagers. He then went out on a limb to achieve his dreams and resigned from his job to commit to his passion for cooking. View this post on Instagram In a video shared by the page, he also spoke about it being a surreal feeling to win and how he is still processing it. He also said that he is waiting to party with his friends and family members and described the show as one of the best experiences of his life. © Instagram/Justin Narayan © Instagram/Justin Narayan The official MasterChef Australia also shared pictures of the contestants and wrote, "Congratulations to our#MasterChefAU 2021 WINNER!" On the show, Narayan impressed the judges with several Indian dishes, including pickle salad, Charcoal Chicken, Chicken with Toum, Flatbread etc. Check out these reactions of people ecstatic with Justin's win. © Instagram/Justin Narayan Indo-Fijian man wins #MasterChefAU. Congrats Justin Narayan! 🇫🇯 https://t.co/2PXLOX7kC5 — angry_kpra (@angry_kpra) July 13,2021YASSSS Congratulations Justin Narayan! Sooo PROUD!!! Incase you don't already know, he is an Indo-Fijianman! #JustinWinsMasterChefAU https://t.co/mqN6Ndjtr2 — Vaccination saves Lives❗ Vaccination saves Lives❗ (@SidhantMaharaj) July 13,2021 Indian-origin pastor Justin Narayanhas won MasterChef Australia Season 13. 27y/o Narayan,who hails from WesternAustralia, won the show by beating fellow finalists Kishwar Chowdhury, fromBangladesh, & Pete Campbell. Narayan won the trophy as well asAU$250,000 (over ₹1 crore). pic.twitter.com/LUe0DOL8Ak— Tushar Kant Naik 🇮🇳ॐ♫₹ (@Tushar_KN) July 14, 2021Yaaaayy!!!! The guy who belonged to indian heritage wonthe MASTERCHEF season13 Congratulations justin Narayan🤩 pic.twitter.com/byIOYpVn6d — Deep Nikil Raj (@SchindlerSoul)July 13, 2021 View the full article
  16. Former Indian opener and a massive social media presence in the Indian cricketing community, Wasim Jaffer has presented his “unpopular opinion” about why Rahul Dravid should not become the full-time head coach of the Indian squad, in his YouTube Channel. “I feel that he [Dravid] should not push himself to become the coach of an international team,” Jaffer says in the introductory bit of the video before getting into the nitty gritties of what he really means. View this post on Instagram Talking about the fact that there are two strings of the Indian cricket team at the moment that are scheduled to play Test and white-ball series England and Sri Lanka, respectively and almost simultaneously, Jaffer says: “It’s very rare to see two teams of an international team play cricket simultaneously, which goes on to show how strong India’s bench strength and how many good players there are. The credit obviously goes to the BCCI. The way they’ve developed the infrastructure and pathway is the reason for this strong supply line of players to the national team,” Jaffer says. View this post on Instagram “Even more credit, I think, should go to Rahul Dravid. The way he is working as a head coach at the NCA and the way he’s guiding U19 players, India A players, fringe players and even the international players who go to NCA [National Cricket Academy] when they aren’t in the team. There can’t be a better role model or mentor than Rahul Dravid.” “And now he’s going as a coach of this Indian team to Sri Lanka. So I am sure those youngsters will benefit a lot and I personally feel that he should not push himself to become the coach of an international team.” NEW VIDEO Unpopular Opinion: Rahul Dravid shouldn't become India coach full time cos couple of other teams need him more. Link: https://t.co/hgd0a6zWdn #SLvIND #RahulDravid pic.twitter.com/QQaR9bbw3c — Wasim Jaffer (@WasimJaffer14) July 9, 2021 “I feel he needs to work with the U-19 and India A players at the NCA. I believe the international players who play in the Indian team are a finished product but Rahul Dravid’s mentorship and guidance is more needed at the U19 and India A level as it can help to reach the next level.” “He needs to stay at the NCA for a longer period for out bench strength to keep on growing even stronger. It’s a very exciting series in front of us. Lots of youngsters to look out for and I wish all the players all the very best,” Jaffer concludes. Watch Jaffer’s video here: Unfortunately for the Ranji Trophy legend, not all of his fans agree with his ‘hot take’ this time around, which led to some mixed reactions on Twitter when he first shared the video: We're losing ICC events here, and you want India to give away Dravid ? — Ajinkya Ashok Darshane (@ajinkyadarshane) July 9, 2021Wasim Bhai NCA coaching apko bhi apply krna hai. For that Rahul Sir has to move ahead. — Akash Tiwari 🇮🇳 (@TiwariBhaiyaa) July 9, 2021because u want to be coach lmao — Poudel Sagar (@__poudelsagar) July 9, 2021dont u want to win a trophy? — walking_statue (@ArnavLokhande11) July 9, 2021 View the full article
  17. It's been almost a year since Covid came into existence and claimed millions of lives all over the world, wreaking havoc. Finally, 2021 came as a ray of hope, as we were introduced to vaccines to fight the virus. © iStock In what can be called a truly 'magical' development, recently, Maharashtra's Mathurabai Bidve experienced something out of the ordinary. For many, this incident might sound like a Bollywood drama but turns out, the 70-year-old woman got her eyesight back after taking the Covishield vaccine. In many parts of India, people are still hesitant to take the dose and often turn their backs. But the people who are vaccinated are certainly seeing positive results of the vaccine. © iStock Amid the vaccine drive, a lot of bizarre incidents have come up time and again. For example, Bidve, a resident of Washim district, claims that she lost her eyesight to cataracts nine years ago. This made her iris turn white, and the woman lost her vision completely. However, after she took the Covid vaccine, she felt better and mentioned that she has partially regained her eyesight by 30 to 40 per cent. She took the first dose of Covishield on June 26th, and the very next day, she started seeing better. However, there is no scientific backing to this claim yet. Now, that's unbelievable yet miraculous at the same time. View this post on Instagram Back in June, in another bizarre event, a man named Arvind Sonar, 71, from Maharashtra said he achieved magnetic powers after taking both doses of Covishield. In fact, he also made a video, which went viral, wherein he demonstrated how metal sticks to your body. A similar incident was reported in Surat as well, where two family members claimed that they had become magnetic after taking the vaccine. In a video later, it was said that magnetism was a part of the vaccine to let the RNA move in the body. Several posts/videos claiming that #COVID19 #vaccines can make people magnetic are doing the rounds on social media. #PIBFactCheck: ✅COVID-19 vaccines do NOT make people magnetic and are completely SAFE Register for #LargestVaccineDrive now and GET VACCINATED ‼️ pic.twitter.com/pqIFaq9Dyt — PIB Fact Check (@PIBFactCheck) June 10, 2021 However, the Press Information Bureau's (PIB) later clarified that all these claims are fake and 'baseless'. The PIB also added that the vaccine couldn't make anyone magnetic, and that the dose is safe. View the full article
  18. We live in the era of social media where people are always under constant scrutiny. And if you are a famous personality, it’s a different game altogether. Sonam Kapoor has become a victim of this scrutiny a lot of times and this time, her statements got completely backfired at her. In an interview with Vogue, Sonam said that she likes the freedom she has in London. She also described her daily routine and how she loves doing her household chores. She said, “I like the freedom here. I make my own food, clean my own space, shop for my own groceries.” View this post on InstagramHowever, she also added that she misses India and how she was affected when she heard heart-wrenching stories of her friends losing their parents to COVID. “Friends have lost their parents. Young people have passed away, people I know. I didn’t sleep for a month,” she added. In the end, she said, “I love living here, but India is where my heart is.” View this post on InstagramHer statement about her liking the freedom in London didn’t go down well with netizens. One of the users said, “She has proved it time and again that she is a dumbo, is it? Do maids and housekeeping staff enter forcefully in her houses? #FreedomOfSpeech है कोई भी कुछ भी बोल सकता है विभीषण 's of Bollywood.” People called her out her privilege, highlighting how no one had forced her to hire domestic helps in India. Here are the reactions: © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter What do you have to say about it? Was it right to troll her? Were her statements misunderstood or do you agree with the opinion of people who are attacking her on social media? Let us know in the comments section below. On the work front, Sonam will be seen next in a crime thriller titled Blind. Directed by Shome Makhija, its cast also includes Vinay Pathak, Purab Kohli, and Lillete Dubey. View the full article
  19. Don't we all absolutely love the fact that Bollywood movies are all larger than life and make us believe in things that probably might not be actually possible in real life? Be it a character walking down the street and suddenly dancing in perfect choreography with a group of strangers or jumping from one train to another while they were still moving, Bollywood definitely succeeds in making our lives less dull all the time. © Filmkraft Productions However, have you ever wondered what happens when people take cinema way too seriously and start implementing its formulas in real life? Tragedy happens! In a shocking incident, a man from Delhi took inspiration from the 2015 Ajay Devgn starred Drishyam to stage an attack on himself in a bid to implicate his neighbor, whose mother he had already killed earlier. © Netflix Amar Pal, a resident of Majnu ka Tilla in North Delhi, had been jailed in the murder case of neighbor Ombir's mother, whom he had allegedly killed in 2019 along with his friends after a dispute. On May 29 this year, Amar Pal and his friends had been released from jail on interim bail for 60 days, after which he tried to pressurize Ombir's family, who had been witnesses to the murder case. After failing to do so, Amar Pal along with his brother Guddu and cousin Anil planned a conspiracy to falsely implicate Ombir and his family of attacking him in a filmy manner which was somewhat similar to fashion to that of the Drishyam film. Amar Pal even made his brother and cousin watch the movie in order to create the scene and witnesses that he had been shot by Ombir. According to the police, Amar Pal acted on the plan by starting to convince people that he was being threatened by Ombir’s family and that they had been seeking revenge. © Istock The police said that he even arranged a country-made pistol and live cartridges with pellets in order to ensure that the attack while looking real does not end up killing him. As per the plan, Anil would fire at Amar Pal and would later pass the blame onto Ombir and his family members for the attack, the police said. They went on to execute the plan after which Amar Pal went to a friend's place in an injured state and falsely narrated how Ombir and his family were the assaulters. However, despite Amar Pal's family suggesting that Ombir was behind the attack, the police found certain discrepancies in their versions and on the basis of a tip-off, nabbed Anil, while also recovering Amar Pal's pistol. Well, Amar Pal is currently undergoing treatment for the foolish injuries and will probably get a one-way ticket back to jail. View the full article
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