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Found 356 results

  1. This week marked a dark phase in an already desolate 2020 for the Indian entertainment industry. Amidst cash-strapped production employees and haywire release schedules, both Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor have passed away along with over 1,000 COVID-19 deaths in the country. Despite this dual tragedy resulting in millions of heartbroken fans, one infamous figure has decided to sneak his way into the limelight and profit off negative publicity - and itâs none other than Deshdrohiâs Kamaal R Khan, better known as KRK. © kamaalrkhan While the âactorâ has built a reputation over the years for trolling and attention mongering within Bollywood, heâs taken things quite far by spitting on Kapoor and Khanâs graves - leading to nearly 10,000 users calling to â#SuspendKRKâ, similar to the way Kangana Ranautâs sister Rangoli Chandel was taken off Twitter for posts calling for communal violence and unrest. If chutiya has a face #SuspendKRK pic.twitter.com/zcx9pDfXUS â Always_AK (@arshi_ka) April 30, 2020KRKâs first opportunistic tweet arose last night, as reports surfaced on Rishi Kapoorâs admittance to Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai. Referencing the actorâs earlier statement regarding the temporary opening of liquor stores during the lockdown period. Granted - while the actor has had a long, public history of alcohol abuse that potentially led to Neetu Singhâs domestic violence allegations in 1997, several felt that KRKâs tweet was designed to profit off Kapoorâs eventual demise this morning. I would like to file a complaint against this moron @PuneCityPolice @MumbaiPolice @BJP4Delhi #SuspendKRK pic.twitter.com/GX3KoxjiIH â ðªðððððððððð ð¶ (@SohailFaarzeni) April 30, 2020 Following both deaths, KRK then went on to add fuel to the fire, claiming that he âknew Irrfan and Rishi will go.â Even more outrageous was his claim that he knew who was the ânextâ in line. I wonât die because of anybodyâs wish and I wonât remain alive because of anybodyâs wish. So I donât mind if millions of people also pray for my death. Death doesnât ask anyone before to come. Death comes to take everyone exactly at the right time. Divya Bharti dead at 19Yrs only â KRK (@kamaalrkhan) April 30, 2020 As massive backlash began to flare up against him, he began to defend his statements by claiming that âdeath comes to take everyone exactly at the right timeâ - before using Divya Bhartiâs tragic and controversial death in 1993 as a deflection in support of his argument. Naturally, literally no one was buying it. Within hours, #SuspendKRK surged to over 20 thousand tweets and counting, many of which attacked the troll for his insensitive remarks and unwelcome comments. Sad that @Twitter giving a plaform to such an idiot who is wishing bad on someone's death and always abusing and trolling people...Suspend him asap...He really dont deserve this platform.. #SuspendKRK pic.twitter.com/MDDgCJclHz â BeingHonest (@Itsss_Shivam) April 30, 2020 Dear @Twitter @TwitterSupport Chek this I'd @kamaalrkhan He's spelling poision against everyone. He's harrasing people and making environment of twitter very uncomfortable. Plz take his I'd down..#SuspendKRK â Most Wantedâï¸Krish (@krish_is_Devil) April 30, 2020 If i still see my mutuals following this crap shit till tomorrow I m gonna wipe them out from my list This person is disgusting 𤮠Unfollow this garbage @kamaalrkhan#SuspendKRK pic.twitter.com/GedxTYKX36 â Abdul Shoaib(beast01) (@ShoaibBeast01) April 30, 2020 Despite thousands of posts demanding that KRK be taken off Twitter, itâs worth noting that the guy has over 5.2 million followers on the social media platform - and given Twitterâs reputation for toxic feuds, his behaviour was as much a source of anger for some as it was entertainment for others. In his own defense, this is what he ultimately had to say. Actually, it should be very simple that if you donât like my thoughts, then donât follow me. Because I donât ask you people to follow me neither follow you back. But you people are hypocrites who do follow me and want me to tweet ur thoughts instead of mine. â KRK (@kamaalrkhan) April 30, 2020 He might have been worth a few laughs for his cringeworthy film appearances and film reviews, but perhaps this kind of attention mongering isnât worth a public presence on Twitter. View the full article
  2. With gyms being shut, we have no other option but to work out at home. While some are pro in working out wherever they can, some are cribbing and making excuses for not being able to motivate themselves for working out at home. So, Hrithik Roshanâs dad Rakesh Roshan, who is 70 years old, is sweating it out and looking at him should be one big booster to your mind to get up from that couch. Hrithik Roshan took to Instagram to share a video of his father working out like a pro. He wrote, âDamn! That's My Dad. Never gives up. This is the kind of resolve and determination we all need to have to fight in times like these! He'll be 71 this year and works out 2 hours a day. Oh and he just survived cancer last year. I think the virus should be afraid of him. Very very afraid.â Take a look at the kind of determination Rakesh Roshan has: View this post on Instagram. Damn ! Thatâs My Dad. . N.E.V.E.R. G.I.V.E.S. U.P. . This is the kind of Resolve and Determination we all need to have to fight in times like these! . . Ps: Heâl be 71 this year and works out 2 hours a day. O and he just survived cancer last year. I think the virus should be afraid of him . Very very afraid . . @rakesh_roshan9 . #nevergiveup #stayhome #stayfit #legday #lockdownworkout #dad #nevertooold #foreveryoung #A post shared by (@hrithikroshan) After the video started to garner attention, many youngsters started to comment that they should take some inspiration from him. © Instagram/Hrithik Roshan © Instagram/Hrithik Roshan © Instagram/Hrithik Roshan In November last year, Rakesh Roshan had talked about his battle with cancer wherein he admitted he was actually scared when he got to know that he was suffering from cancer. In an interview with Hindustan Times, he had said, âI got a bit scared when I was told that my tongue may have to undergo a cut and do some grafting. The tongue is the worst place to have cancer. You may not be able to drink water, coffee, tea. Even taste buds change and things may not taste as they should. I went through those hassles for 2-3 months.â If he can bounce back and work out, whatâs stopping you? Maybe, itâs time that you finally take some motivation and burn those extra calories! View the full article
  3. At the moment, this lockdown situation is not the only thing that is extremely trying but people around are doing some crazy things that are actually quite cringe-worthy. In an unusual incident that took place on Sunday in Washington, a man was arrested. And for a super bizarre reason. No, it was not for rash driving or drunk driving, but he actually made his Pitbull sit in the driver's seat and made him drive the car at a high-speed. Really disappointing, must say. © iStock According to reports, the man was driving quite erratically and recklessly. The troopers attempted to stop the suspect's car. When the car finally stopped, it wasn't a man but a Pitbull sitting in the driver's seat as it turns out the man had been accelerating and steering the car. © iStock Officials have also reported that the man was driving over 100 mph. The 51-year-old Lakewood man tried to evade as much as he could and drove recklessly on Centennial Trail, a trail for pedestrians and bicyclists. Luckily, no one was hurt during this incident. Later, the troopers were successful in ending this chase. The man has been charged many felonies that include drugs and rash driving as well. After he was booked, he simply had one answer that he was trying to 'teach his dog to drive a car.' © iStock The Washington State Patrol has taken everything into consideration and this man has now been charged for hit and run and reckless endangerment. The bond has been set to $8,500. On this, Axtman also added "I've been a trooper for almost 12 years and wow, I've never heard this excuse. I've been in a lot of high-speed chases, I've stopped a lot of cars, and never have I gotten an excuse that they were teaching their dog how to drive." © iStock As far as the dog is concerned, he has been sent to an animal shelter while the owner is now arrested. This is an insane act and no one has the right to put anyone else's life in danger. View the full article
  4. It is a well known fact that Farhan Khan doesnât shy away from speaking her mind and sharing her opinions on social media. Farah took to Twitter to share a video where she has slammed all the Bollywood celebs who have been posting workout videos on social media. As all the gyms are shut during the lockdown, celebs like Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez have been sharing their workout regimes with their fans on their social media platforms. But, this hasnât gone down too well with Farah. Hereâs the video: The bigger epidemic.. work out videos!! donât make me feel worse pls! pic.twitter.com/NYs4tFwm3a â Farah Khan (@TheFarahKhan) March 26, 2020âIt's my humble request to all the 'celebrities' and 'stars' that please stop making your workout videos and bombarding us with it. I can understand that you all are privileged and you donât have any other worries in this global pandemic except for looking after your figures. But some of us, most of us have bigger concerns during this crisis," Farah said in her video. She also threatened to unfollow the celebs who continue to share their workout videos. âSo please have mercy on us and stop uploading your workout videos and if you canât stop, then please donât feel bad if I unfollow you. Stay safe," she added. Well, it seems like it has completely backfired on Farah as people are now trolling her for her opinions on Twitter. People told her that thereâs nothing wrong if celebs are motivating their fans for keeping their health in check through exercises during this lockdown. There's nothing wrong in giving motivation to those netizen. Rather than they keep eating and watching tv, it's fine if they do the exercise and also house work. â Mira (@itskaytobeyou) March 26, 2020There's nothing wrong with motivating and entertaining people in such a situation, don't just crib for no reason. You can choose to not watch these videos. â Niraj purohit (@Nirajpurohit23) March 26, 2020Agar aap Nahi Karna chate hoo to maat Karo! Kyu dusre ko maat Karne ko bol rehe ho! â MONISHA ï¸ (@MojumdarMonisha) March 26, 2020As she said she can't post workout videos but needed attention since everyone is posting video so even she had to ! â Astha Agarwal (@astha_astha1396) March 26, 2020What's wrong in motivating people to work out ?! instead its the most productive thing that can be done at home,Good diet and exercise +Maintaining hygiene is the bets we can do sitting at home..This tweet makes no sense ! â Ãerlin//Andrés de Fonollosa (@SourabhAhuja18) March 26, 2020Oh pipe down!! These work out videos are there to motivate people to stay healthy, sitting at home all day isnât good for you!! â Gurpreet Dilvarh (@gdilvarh) March 26, 2020Do you agree with what Farah has to say or do you think the tweet actually made no sense? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  5. After dishing out an epic homeground performance at 2019âs Pune Weekender, you might expect Pune-based producer Ritviz to take a break, go on vacation - anything except collab with Delhi rap prodigies Seedhe Maut, and dive into a studio with the intent to blend together Hindustani classical, EDM and the sickest lyrics from Delhiâs increasingly dominating rap game. Well, thatâs what the trio did - not just meeting in Delhi and Goa to fill up your future 2020 playlists with upcoming releases, but also collaborating for their first ever music video - Chalo Chalein, Check it out below: Sweet deal, especially with the dancers. While you can catch an interview with dancehall feature Jahnavi Sheriff here, I went on to pick Ritvizâs mind on some very important questions. Hereâs the gist of it. First of all, thanks for speaking to us! This is the first time weâre speaking again since the Weekender, if Iâm not wrong. Howâs things been for you since then? âItâs been a very insane roller coaster ride, honestly. Itâs been so overwhelming that Iâm still processing it right now, itâll still take some time to gather my [thoughts].â The video for Chalo Chalein came out very recently. Can you tell us a bit about the shoot itself? Working with the dancers during the production phase - how did it go for you? âSo we shot the music video right at the tip of Colaba. The place was beautiful, and everyone was working together on the set. The shoot began in the morning and my call-time was at around 4⦠it was an entire day where the entire crew was on it, and when I got there, the energy - I was jumping! You can even see this in the BTS videos, thatâs how excited I was!â âOur âold uncleâ walked in towards the end. That was just magic - the actor can just flip, or switch. Itâs like he has a switch button and once you hit it, he just transforms into a character. Every single dancer as well was so mind-blowing - watching them do their takes, you know. Itâs always fun to hang with them.â âOverall, it was just one epic day. I wish I had more shoots coming up for me because this was a very memorable one.â While the dancers have their own styles and backgrounds contrasting on screen, thereâs also the matter of you and Seedhe Maut. You both have your own unique talents and it comes from different places - very literally from Pune and Delhi. What was that collaborative spirit like? âTo start off, Iâve been a great fan of them right from the beginning, when they launched their first EP. It was a different world, completely - I come from a very different place. Thing is, this is just a teaser, compared to what we have coming up in 2020. Itâs insane, I remember I had gone to Delhi to meet the boys⦠the idea was just âlisten to our musicâ, and weâll see if we connect over something. We didnât think about the whole gaana banana hai thing - we were just hanging out.â âNow that turned into two days where we locked ourselves in the studio and knocked out two songs. Later, we went to Goa, and we didnât even go on the beach. It was a great way to explore and work, and eventually it felt like we created a system. Weâre constantly playing with each otherâs melodies and lyrics, in such a fun environment.â Now, you mentioned that âuncleâ in your music videos. This is the sixth or seventh one to feature in a Ritviz music video - where did the idea come in? âIt all started with filmmaker Reema [Sengupta] of CATNIP, who conceptualised the video and together, we came up with the idea of that uncle. It got so free-flowing and we entered different [creative] zones⦠we ended up having him because it just felt right, you know? In a way, we were paying respects to where we started from.â âSo yeah, weâre continuing this little tradition!â Can you tell us more about your experience working with Bacardi Sessions? âItâs been a great journey - this is what a brand and artist collaboration should look like. My collaboration with Bacardi has been insane with house party sessions and so on⦠itâs been unbelievable.â âThe idea of expression, what Iâm trying to portray in terms of visual and audio - the synergy works well with Bacardiâs motto. It really pushes the message that things you care about and are really passionate about - you should pursue that. Thatâs what my music is all about, and the thought process I inculcate. Itâs beautiful, and we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline.â On your Youtube channel, the Chalo Chalein video has a very interesting top comment from a fan. 'My father passed away on 24th February 2020 after fighting cancer for more than a year and a half. This song has been playing on repeat. Currently sitting in my car listening to this song on repeat. This song just makes me feel that my father has left his physical body and gone to âneel gaganâ aka heaven. Thank you Ritviz from the bottom of my heart for this song.' How does it feel to influence a fan so deeply? âWhen I read this comment, I couldnât process it since it was a very heavy comment and⦠the whole thing was very hard to digest, you know. Itâs extremely overwhelming but also humbling at the same time.â âJust the fact that my music can travel into somebodyâs psyche⦠I say this, always, but I feel that a song basically takes birth inside a listener. I say this onstage too - âitâs not my song, itâs your songâ. When people come to my show and sing along to my music, they sing it like itâs theirs!â âThat way, I know that this is that dudeâs song. It has become his. Iâm just glad that I have been able to share my music, which was my only goal since I was a little kid. If I sit on a song for too long, I feel weird about it, so my entire goal is just to share whatever I have and experience this entire thing together.â Can you tell us about any upcoming projects in 2020? âSure! First of all, there's the upcoming project with Seedhe Maut - a new album that you can expect to come in a couple of months. My own album, DEV, is also in the process and should come out around then too.â View the full article
  6. Kings XI Punjab all-rounder Glenn Maxwell has been in the news for many reasons for a while but this time, itâs not about cricket. The cricketer has been dating a Melbourne-based Indian girl named Vini Raman for a very long time. Recently, Glenn and Vini got engaged and their pictures have gone viral on social media as expected. The Australian cricketer got engaged to his ladylove in a traditional Indian engagement ceremony. Checkout the picture here- Glenn Maxwell gets engaged to his girlfriend Vini Raman. from r/Cricket Vini recently took to her Instagram account and shared a picture from their engagement in which, you can see Glenn wearing royal blue sherwani and is perfectly colour- coordinating with Viniâs green and gold lehanga. Vini shared the post along with a caption that read, âLast night we celebrated our Indian engagement and I gave @gmaxi_32 a little teaser of what the wedding will be like. Shout out to both of our incredible families & all our friends who came to celebrate with us on such short notice - we are so grateful to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people.â Hereâs the full post- View this post on InstagramLast night we celebrated our Indian engagement and I gave @gmaxi_32 a little teaser of what the wedding will be like 𥰠Shout out to both of our incredible families & all our friends who came to celebrate with us on such short notice - we are so grateful to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people â¤ï¸ Canât wait to get our hands on more photos from @shevan_j_photography ð¸ H&M - who else but ... @lajeenartistry Venue - @lincoln_of_toorak Catering - @tandooriflames Mandap - @rupalis_mandaps_melbourne Henna - @fadziiesmehndiandbeauty Lehgna - @gbcreations_ Arm candy - @gmaxi_32 ðA post shared by (@vini.raman) The pictures have left the fans in frenzy and people have flooded the comments section with well wishes for the couple. Also, Vini had earlier shared pictures showing off her engagement ring and we canât stop looking at it. View this post on InstagramLast week my favourite person asked me to marry him ðð #YESA post shared by (@vini.raman) The fans of the cricketer are waiting for the couple to get married really soon. On the work front, Glenn is currently not on the Australian cricket team as he is undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his left elbow. He will be next seen playing for the Kings XI Punjab team. However, unfortunately, the IPL has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Keep following MensXP for all the latest updates. View the full article
  7. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the number of affected cases in our country is increasing every day. The preventive measures to tackle this deadly virus include washing hands regularly, using hand sanitizers if outside and wearing face masks. In the current situation, face masks and hand sanitisers have perhaps become some of the most coveted properties that people can currently own. And now there is a dismal shortage in the market for all these products. © BCCL The government is constantly making efforts to contain the outbreak of the virus. However, one state has already found a novel solution to counter the growing concern of mask shortage. The government of Kerala is now making the convicted prisoners to manufacture masks to ensure a steady supply. #COVID19 | Solving The Mask Problem In light of the shortage, directions were given to engage the prisons in the State in manufacturing masks. It has commenced on a war footing basis. Today, the Prison officials of Thiruvananthapuram Jail have handed over the first batch. pic.twitter.com/QKgHWqYNOg â Pinarayi Vijayan (@vijayanpinarayi) March 14, 2020Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, took to his Twitter handle and wrote, âIn light of the shortage, directions were given to engage the prisons in the State in manufacturing masks. It has commenced on a war footing basis. Today, the Prison officials of Thiruvananthapuram Jail have handed over the first batch.â © BCCL According to the Economic Times, the state has now put tailoring units in state jails to produce face masks. The Kerala State Drugs and Pharmaceuticals will also help in increasing the supply of hand sanitizers and is all set to produce 10 lakh bottles within ten days. The people on the internet are all praises for the Kerala government and hereâs what they have to say about it- Kudos to you and your entire team for wonderful work against Coronavirus outbreak â Rishi (@SunoRishi) March 14, 2020 So true.. It is pretty impressive. The state government of Kerala decided to handle manufacturing masks and hand sanitizer, to cope with the huge demand, instead of just relying on existing manufacturers. â Vaishali Dinakaran (@VaishDinakaran) March 14, 2020 On point! Amazing ð¼ â Gutta Jwala (@Guttajwala) March 14, 2020 Indeed. This is a really good idea. Not just to get more masks, but also to give the prisoners the feeling that they can help fight this thing. This will combat despair and riots â Thalia (@ThaliaCrafts) March 14, 2020 Damn i feel so confident in my government. Feel proud to be living here. Proud to have you as our leader. â Kiran K S (@KiranKSGatsby) March 14, 2020 Exactly! Every #Keralite should be proud now. Forget I'm which ever place you live in. This is one of solide example #Kerala is showing often. Right from this wide spread. #HappyKerala on your initiatives... â Maria Rajan (@Rajan59703460) March 14, 2020 What do you think about this novel initiative? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  8. Emily Blunt plays lead role in the horror film which is a sequel to 'A Quiet Place'
  9. This yearâs Oscars saw history being made with Korean film Parasiteâs incredible sweep of four major awards. © Reuters While the world has since celebrated whatâs been described as a huge shift for the Academy Awards, not everyoneâs that happy about celebrating Korean culture winning big this month. Hint: Itâs Donald Trump. © Reuters As the US Presidential Elections ramp up through what has already become one of the most dramatic campaign seasons in the nationâs history, President Trump visited Colorado Springs, Colorado to address a rally of his supporters. âHow bad were the Academy Awards this year?â Trump asked the crowd, who responded with loud boos. Trump goes off on the Oscars for giving Best Picture to Parasite because it's a South Korean movie pic.twitter.com/GUGKdExTbw â Claudia Koerner (@ClaudiaKoerner) February 21, 2020 âThe winner is a movie from South Korea, what the hell was that all about?â Trump asked. âWe got enough problems with South Korea with trade and on top of it, they give them the best movie of the year.â Regarding the film itself, Trump went on to make a surprising throwback - all the way to 1939. âWas it good? I donât know. Iâm looking for, like â can we get like Gone With The Wind back, please?â Trump said, to loud cheers. For context, Gone With The Wind is a historical epic romance film adapted from a 1936 novel of the same name - set against the backdrop of the American Civil War. While legendary actors Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable made history with the film no doubt. The film also has a troubling history regarding its depiction of black people. Set in the deeply racist American South, the film has been criticised for glorifying slavery, portraying black characters as foolish, dim-witted and subservient - while Hattie McDonald became the first black person to win an Oscar after the filmâs release, the character she portrayed was that of a maid, and several black activists criticised her role as pandering towards white racist stereotypes. © Metro Goldwyn Mayer Given Trumpâs long and storied history with racist comments and remarks, itâs not surprising that heâs fond of the movie. Meanwhile, Parasite director Bong Joon-Ho has been on a roll - this is possibly the best month of his life as a filmmaker, and he took a moment to speak about the acceptance of world cinema while at the Golden Globes earlier this January, after winning the âBest Foreign-Filmâ. © Reuters âOnce you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films. I think we use only one language: the cinema,â he stated. Parasiteâs studio NEON took their own potshot at the President, soon after the rally made its rounds on social media. Understandable, he can't read.#Parasite #BestPicture #Bong2020 https://t.co/lNqGJkUrDP â NEON (@neonrated) February 21, 2020 Several users on Twitter also followed up with their own quips. Wait until he finds out how many Mexican directors have received the Best Director Oscar. â Anita (@AnitaM86) February 21, 2020He's only a fan of Gone With The Wind because it has the same name as his haircut. â Alan Docherty (@Oingo_Boingo) February 21, 2020Weâre left wondering - if the film was from North Korea, would Trump be talking about how watching the film was a 'great honour?â View the full article
  10. India's obsession with statues has only just begun and we're seeing structures and statues of various Gods come up in different parts of the country. At least, this time, though, the statues are of Gods and not of politicians and it's a bit of a relief, if not much. India's on a mission of creating the 'world's tallest statues', which began with the 182-metre tall statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, also known as the Statue of Unity, inaugurated in October 2018. © Twitter As of now, we don't have much clarity on the details and the construction of the Hanuman statue but we do know that the statue will be 10 feet shorter than Lord Rama's since Hanuman looked up to Rama and they both were inseparable. But other than that, we're not sure when the project will begin or what the eventual cost would be either. If you think this is the first statue of Lord Hanuman then you're mistaken. Currently, the tallest statue of Lord Hanuman is the Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami, located in the Paritala town Near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh which stands at a height of 41 meters. While the Hindu Gods are getting their cemented places in the country, a proposed 114-foot Jesus Christ statue, which was to be built in Harobele village of Karnataka's Kanakapura, a predominantly Christian locality, has been denied construction as many BJP leaders and several Hindu groups opposed it for it to be built. We're sure these statues will eventually serve their purpose of winning one race or the another to see which one is the tallest built God statute in the country. Meanwhile, here are people with some mixed feelings about the Hanuman Statue. I have one question: Build this, yes, please, but when are we allotting rationing for the hungry children and making govt schools more robust? Are we more into Dharm pooja or Karm pooja? â Ankush (@creatywitty) February 20, 2020Please don't use our tax money. Use it on children who need food and education. â Great King (of Cauvery delta) (@Mudi_raj1) February 20, 2020Great project, in fact Kishkinda is worth visiting place by Koppal in Karnataka. Namo has gotten complete staircase to the top, roofed to cover sun and rain ! I hv become subscriber of yr services, Jai sriram ! â Har Har Mahadev ! (@hindubangu) February 20, 2020Statue kyu nahi banaya muftkhori ki aadat hai dilli valo jo aese fijul kharchi karke hospitals school banva rahe hai Hamare yaha up me abhi deen dayalu ka statue bana hai phir abhi raam ka banega uske baad seeta ka phir hanuman ka phit laxman aese karte karte ham ek din vishguru â पाश (@crazysardaarr) February 19, 2020 View the full article
  11. For some people, it was luck that favoured their journeys in Bollywood, but for Gajraj Rao it was years of good content and hard work that paved his way to success. Gajraj, eyeing cinema as his passion, joined the theatre scene in the capital city to start with. But a career in theatre is not really a high-paying one, ergo the actor did various odd jobs. He was a freelance writer at the Navbharat Times and Dainik Hindustan and he even dabbled in the garment export industry for some time. View this post on InstagramThank you @hiteshmulani for the lovely clicks ... #portraits #photography #varanasidiariesA post shared by (@gajrajrao)Finally, after trying several things for survival, he joined the advertising sector and eventually, he realized it was his true calling. And then, we saw him conquering the digital space with TVF. Things completely changed for Gajraj when he was appreciated for his performance as the romantic middle-aged man who grapples with parenthood in his 50s in Badhaai Ho. View this post on Instagram#Repost @neena_gupta with @get_repost ã»ã»ã» #Repost @badhaaihofilm with @get_repost ã»ã»ã» Mr. and Mrs. Kaushik, giving us major #couplegoals. ð Can they be any more perfect? ⥠#BadhaaiHo To watch this adorable couple, click the link in the bio. @sanyamalhotra_ @gajrajrao @neena_gupta @iamitrsharma @jungleepictures @pictureschromeA post shared by (@gajrajrao)Currently, he is awaiting the release of his upcoming movie, Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan. The entire SMZS team had travelled to the capital city for the movie promotions where I got a chance to sit and converse with him, something I was looking forward to, as I had caught up with him during the Badhaai Ho promotions as well. It was indeed gratifying to know that he remembered me from our last interaction which was around 2 years back. Before we started discussing Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan and homosexuality being a taboo subject in our society, I asked him about the transition that happened in his life considering he had, initially, made a name in the digital space. Taking me back in time, Rao said, âSo, I used to direct ad films and there you had lavish sets, and suddenly we are shooting in small sets. I see them shooting in ek chotta sa cabin and I was like, 'phas gaya mamla'. I was like, 'I won't do it again' and when people told me that it will be something different, I agreed to do the sketches I liked. Back then, digital didn't have money and the first sketch with TVF was called TWITTER. Just after 10 days of its release, I was at a book shop in Juhu and some students came up to me and asked, 'Are you the same guy from YouTube?', and they started to ask for photos. Then, I realized the power of digital cinema and it went viral.â © TVF He went on to add, âFor me, it was the turning point and I gained trust in the digital cinema. Jab acha kaam ho raha hota hai toh set up matter nahi karta and this was the relationship I had with TVF. I keep doing their sketches on and off.â So, after experiencing the digital set up, it was Badhaai Ho that brought him into the spotlight and the audience started relating to his characters. Soon enough he is now making a comeback with Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, and I was curious to know if he feels that this Aanand L Rai movie would fare as well as the previous one. On this, he said, âHopefully, it will do the same as Badhaai Ho did. The trailer has got a positive reaction and people love it already. My team and I are very excited and happy about this venture.â Interestingly, in both Badhaai Ho and Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, we get to see him share the screen space with Ayushmann. Out of curiosity, I asked him about how their relationship has evolved in the last few years. âJahan par Badhaai Ho ka journey ended, wahan se our relationship has gone a notch higher. Within one year, Ayushmann has done well with Bala and Article 15 and his journey actually becomes a learning experience for you. I actually learnt how he is dealing with adulation, success but interestingly, his temperament hasn't changed in these two years,â Rao said. © Junglee Pictures Praising Ayushmann, he went on to say, âHe is still the same which is indeed very praiseworthy. Even after delivering back-to-back hits, he has been keeping a balance and I am learning this skill from him. He is grounded and he keeps himself aware of the whole unit.â He even shared a particular incident that happened on the sets while they were shooting in Banaras, which spoke volumes about Ayushmannâs character. âOne of our crew members' sister was getting married while we were shooting in Banaras, and we thought of giving a gift. So, we all collected a certain amount to give it to him and when Ayushmann got to know about it, he said he wants to contribute and I was impressed by the fact that he added the equal sum of money that we all collected by himself. He is actually a good human being and I think, he is able to do all these hatke films because of his generosity,â said Gajraj. © T-Series Further, into the conversation, I conveyed to him how the audience is mostly in agreement with the fact that if Ayushmann, Neena Gupta and he are coming together on the big screen, it is a given that something great is in store. On this, he said, âFor pulling audiences to the screens, you need a bankable actor like Ayushmann Khurrana. You won't believe what happened a few days back. So, I was attending a marriage in a hotel so wahan ke durbaan ne bola sir ek photo lena hai and then, I told him ek movie aa raha hai and he knew about Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan. He went to say ki aap ho, Khurrana sahab hai aur Neena ji hai toh sab set hai. It was like a compliment for me. People do take our jodi positively.â View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@gajrajrao)Soon enough our conversation changed its pace from its lighter note and veered into the core concept of SMZS. Badhaai Ho, in a way, had also addressed something that most people arenât very comfortable with. And now, with Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, Gajraj is yet again talking about a controversial matter. âSo, Badhaai Ho had a bit of awkwardness wherein the lead couple is conceiving after they have their 50s but it wasn't really taboo. Here, homosexuality is a big taboo in the society and people even land up saying ki biraadri mein naak kat jayegi. With Badhaai Ho, this wasn't the case,â said Gajraj. He went to explain, âIn this movie, when the parents get to know that their son wants to get married to his male friend, they are, in a way, hit by a cyclone and their concern is how would the society perceive it and izzat pe baat aayegi. I am lucky that I have been part of movies which talk about such subjects. I am also grateful to Aanand L Rai and Bhushan Kumar for thinking that I am apt for this movie and I want to keep doing such interesting roles. If I would have made this movie, people wouldn't have come to the theatres.â Now, the inquisitive bit in me wanted to know how comfortable Rao was with the concept of homosexuality himself and not his character. Putting his stance, he told me, âYou can put it that way when this was discussed with me around 25 years ago, was an alien concept and I saw it through cinema. Back then, the projection was shown in a cheap way like buffoonery for that matter. They will make the character look way too feminine and your mindset becomes like this and you start thinking ki agar koi same-*** relationship mein hoga toh woh aisa hi hoga.â He continued, âWhen I used to assist in a production house, I met an intern there and after a few days of working with him, I got to know that he has a boyfriend. And then I realized that he is very much...normal. After knowing him for months, I came to one more realization that his 'disorder', as people say, is only restricted to the cinema and in reality, homosexuals are very much like everyone else. He told me that people used to treat homosexuality as a criminal offense and that's why koi khul kar baat nahi karta.â View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@gajrajrao) With this, the whole conversation moved to how Bollywood has evolved in terms of showcasing homosexuality on the big screens. I gave him an example of the show called Made In Heaven where Vikrant Massey is shown as a homosexual and he was quite bold in terms of portraying that on the screens. With Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, the filmmakers are discussing homosexuality on a larger scale and itâs no more restricted to the parallel or artsy cinema. On this, he said, âNot just that, we also had Sonam Kapoor's movie Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga which was based on the very same subject. The movie didn't work that well but I really liked the intentions behind making that film. They haven't scandalized it and I really liked it. I also feel like millenials, for that matter, are very accommodating and they are very aware. India is a young country and when your audience is understanding, it becomes easier for the filmmakers to make projects on such taboos. Our film is not at all preachy and it's about an incident of how a middle-class family gets to know about their son being a homosexual.â After discussing the serious aspects of SMZS, I wanted to know his takeaways from the film, as with every movie or a character, an actor tend to learn something. âThis movie is actually one of the biggest roles in my life. The bigger the role, the more the wait. I have learnt patience here and I have realized that this is not like my other projects. So, pure din mein ek scene hua location ke hisaab se and next scene next hoga. I actually learnt patience because of this,â said Rao. By now, it is well established that the actor is someone who is well-versed with social media and if you see him on Instagram, you would know that many youngsters follow him and, in fact, take career tips from him. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@gajrajrao) âYes, I have noticed that. Actually, youngsters send me Direct Messages on Instagram. They will ask for a video from me and tell me that they are upset because of papers. So yeh sab messages aate hai,â he said. Before we ended the conversation, I asked him what tips would he want to give to the scores of young talent in the nation, who are thriving hard to make their presence felt in the industry. âI, in fact, take tips from the younger generation (laughs). On a serious note, 20 saal pehle platforms nahi the par ab hai like TikTok and YouTube. If you know you are talented, start using these platforms if you are not getting work and be aware of literature and drama,â Gajraj said and signed off. We are excited to see him in Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan and hope he keeps entertaining us with such interesting and deep characters. View the full article
  12. 'Parasite' became the first foreign-language film to win best picture in the 92-year history of the Oscars
  13. The film starring Irrfan Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan is scheduled to be released on March 20
  14. Lives of people in Delhi is pretty much sorted when it comes to using electricity, thanks to Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party. Not just Kejriwal, Delhi's CM for the third time, Arvind Kejriwal. In case you didn't know, people in Delhi get free electricity in their power consumption doesn't exeed 200 units. But, that is only for people in Delhi and we can only wish for this perk to be extended to the neighbours Gurugram, Noida and Uttar Pradesh. Sadly Mayawati, the president of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), cannot enjoy free electricity because her house is in Badalpur, Greater Noida, which recently faced a power outage because she didn't pay the electricity bills. View the full article
  15. Last August, Jofra Archer's bouncer brought Steve Smith tumbling down to the ground during the 2nd Ashes Test at Lord's. Smith's injury scare meant that Marnus Labuschagne would become the first-ever concussion substitute in Test cricket history. It was an opportunity that Labuschagne grabbed with both hands. An opportunity that eventually saw him cementing his position, first, in Tests and, then, in ODI cricket for Australia. What came as an unexpected prospect, quickly became a blessing in disguise for Australia as Labuschagne embarked on a brilliant journey, proving his cricketing abilities to full effect. A prolific home season saw him slamming as many as four hundreds in five matches, apart from a double ton at the SCG, against Pakistan and New Zealand - something that further allowed him to eclipse his teammate Smith as the leading run-scorer in Tests by the end of 2019. © Reuters Since then, there has been no turning back for the 25-year-old. An orthodox batsman who backs his talent with great maturity and temperament, Labuschagne's brilliant run in Tests eventually saw him breaking into the Australian ODI side where he seems to have done as good as in the longest format. In the modern era of the sport, where a lot of cricketers focus on T20 cricket and develop innovative shots to score quickly, Labuschagne is amongst those rare breed of cricketers who continue to trust their orthodox batting and textbook strokes to make a mark in the gentleman's game. For a batsman who has already become a vital cog in Australia's batting line-up in both Tests and ODIs, Labuschagne appears to have drawn the biggest compliment of his career from none other than great Sachin Tendulkar. "Marnus Labuschagne's footwork was incredible, so he would be the one (resembling me) I would say. There is something about him," Tendulkar said on the sidelines of Bushfire Cricket Bash charity game. A compliment to top all compliments for Australia's Marnus Labuschagne! pic.twitter.com/Rcw9QwW9zW â ICC (@ICC) February 7, 2020 The Indian batting legend praised the Australian's composure after he was floored by a bouncer from Archer at Lord's last year and, then, went on to score a match-saving 59 off 100 balls. It was the few moments after Labuschagne was struck by Archer that convinced Tendulkar that he was a player who would succeed in cricket. "I was watching the second Test at Lord's and when Steve Smith got injured I saw Labuschagne's second innings. I was sitting with my father-in-law and I saw Marnus getting hit by the second ball off Jofra Archer and post that, the 15 minutes he batted, I said 'this player looks special' there was something about him. His footwork was precise; footwork is not physical, it's mental, if you aren't thinking positively then your feet don't move. So that clearly indicated to me that this guy is mentally strong. If you are not your feet would not move," he added. This was my favourite corner in the SCG dressing room. Memories came flooding back today. ??: @YUVSTRONG12 pic.twitter.com/AWsgfNQjV8 â Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) February 7, 2020 The 'Master Blaster' arrived in Sydney for the Bushfire Cricket Bash charity game that is scheduled to take place in Melbourne on 9th February. The 10-over-a-side match at the Junction Oval will feature a host of big cricket names including Matthew Hayden, Brian Lara, Brett Lee, Wasim Akram, Courtney Walsh and Justin Langer amongst others. While Ricky Ponting will be seen leading one team, his former teammate Adam Gilchrist will be seen marshalling the troops for the other side. Tendulkar will be donning the coach's hat for 'Ponting XI' and the 'Gilchrist XI' is coached by Tim Paine. All profits from the charity game will go towards the Red Cross appeal. View the full article
  16. Whenever a woman steps onto the busy roads riding a bike in our country, itâs quite obvious that she will turn heads in the process. Well, Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha recently grabbed eyeballs when she rode a bullet to the sets of Kareena Kapoor Khan's chat show What Women Want. One of the photographers shared the video and you can see several shutterbugs running alongside the vehicle just to get a proper shot of the actress. A bodyguard is also seen asking other vehicles to maintain distance from Sinha on the road as she was waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Check out the video: View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@viralbhayani) Whenever fans see their favourite star, itâs bound to create chaos and when you are on the streets of Mumbai, people who have been to the city or have stayed there, will have an idea of the disruption it can cause. The actress got mixed reactions for her bike stunt on social media. While some hailed her stunt calling her âDabanggâ, some criticized her for compromising the safety of the commuters and creating a ruckus on the road. Check out the reactions here: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Whatâs your take on this? Let us know in the comments section below. On the work front, Sonakshi's last major project was the 2018 film Dabangg 3, opposite Salman Khan. The film was a commercial hit with a collection of Rs 146 crore at the domestic box office. She also featured in the multi-starrer hit Mission Mangal last year. The film also starred Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Kirti Kulhari, Taapsee Pannu and Nithya Menen. It was also a massive hit with a collection of Rs 202 crore, domestically. She was also seen in Kalank and Khandaani Shafakhana. View the full article
  17. Kartik Aaryan is undoubtedly Bollywood?s latest crush and his popularity is surging through the skies
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