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Found 245 results

  1. In an ideal scenario, we would like to get ready for an office party at home. But that perfect scenario is hardly ever realistic. This is because most office parties are organised right after work and someplace near work so that work does not get compromised. In such a situation, especially if you don't have time to get ready for an office party, here's what you can do to get ready in no time and with literally zero effort. 1. Wash Your Face © Getty Images You can also carry a travel-sized perfume that you can spritz right before you step out. You just need to remember your pulse points: the wrist, the neck. These will make sure that the perfume stays on for a longer duration. 7. Add-In A Pair Of Sneakers View the full article
  2. If you're troubled with a balding patch or receding hairline or even hair thinning for that matter, you should know that besides wigs, hair transplants and even shaving it all off, there are other alternatives out there that could prove to be the right fit for you. One such alternative is a hairline tattoo that has gained ground in recent years. What is a hair tattoo? Hair tattoo, otherwise known as scalp micro-pigmentation, is a method of cosmetic pigmentation. It is a medical, non-surgical cosmetic tattoo. Similar to traditional tattooing, it works by injecting pigment into the scalp to give the illusion of full growth. However, hairline tattooing is not at all like traditional tattooing. The contrast lies in the type of needle and kind of ink used. Traditional tattoo needles are large, deeming them unfit for hairline tattooing as they could be potentially too imprecise in replicating the look and texture of tiny hair follicles. This is, perhaps, why for hairline tattoos, microneedle is used that looks precisely like hair. However, it's assured that the final result will not look like a painted-on dot, so you don't have to worry about that. Besides this, tattoos go five layers into the skin, while micro-pigmentation only goes two layers deep. The reason behind this is because the deeper pigment is placed inside the skin, the more likely it is to lose its round shape and spread out, resulting in an unnatural look. But a good-rated professional ideally keeps this in mind while working your scalp. How do they trump wigs and hair transplant you ask? Scalp pigmentation can provide you with a result that is unique and specially tailored to your skin tone and hair colour which the professionals assess beforehand to get an authentic-looking hair growth that looks natural. Besides, the micro-pigmentation isn't only an available procedure for those who are bald. You can also get tweaks like a soft hairline and widowed peak tattooing, the “Edge Up” (also known as the “Jamie Foxx”), or adding density to thinning hair. © Getty images This treatment ideally takes about three sessions to complete, with an initial consultation to decide the style, the colour of hair in relation to your complexion etc. The first treatment session lays the foundation for the new look. The second round allows to fill in more details and go a shade darker than the initial session. It's during this treatment that your new look really comes to life and is perfected. You don't have to worry about your hair looking offputting in comparison to your natural hair when the ink is implanted into the affected area. It's matched carefully to your natural hair colour. Additionally, practitioners tend to go a shade darker than your natural colour as it gives the illusion of a shadow and the appearance of three-dimensional, natural hair. © Viral Bhayani Ranbir Kapoor is rumoured to have got his hairline fixed cosmetically. It's important to carefully select your practitioner on the basis of reviews online and a face-to-face consultation to get the desired result that you want. View the full article
  3. A dog was rescued after she got her head stuck in the wall of a temple in Thailand. Video of the dog and the rescue operation went viral on the internet, with people praising the workers for saving the animal. According to reports, the dog got her head stuck in concrete wall of a Buddhist temple in Chonburi region. Authorities' attention was drawn toward the animal's trouble by a monk on Tuesday evening. The rescuers, after getting the emergency call, rushed to the site and used demolition equipment to wide the whole in which the dog had trapped himself. Social media users said the stray mother dog had been looking for food to take back to her seven puppies. "The dog looked weary when we arrived. "We planned how to help her out of the situation as quickly as possible. ''All seven puppies were waiting for their mother dog, so we were pleased that we could save her and reunite her with her family,' rescue volunteer Chawanakorn was quoted by local media as saying.
  4. First, there was news that Christian Bale is possibly joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and now, even Jared Leto is playing a Marvel character. What is happening? Why is everyone switching from DC to Marvel? Well, whatever the reason may be, fans will always stay winning and looks like everyone is very excited for Jared Leto finally getting the love and recognition he deserves after seeing him in the first trailer of Morbius. After playing Batman's ultimate nemesis Joker, he's now a pseudo-vampire. Now that's a Christian Bale-level transformation, we must say. Honestly, Jared Leto, as a person, seems like the perfect choice for the role of a vampire, for some reason, and maybe that's why Morbius already looks so much better than his Joker character from Suicide Squad. Basically, the anti-hero Morbius is the Living Vampire, who appeared as a Spider-Man villain in the comics. Dr Michael Morbius, a Nobel Prize-winning doctor, has a rare blood condition that he needs to cure in order to live, but of course, he accidentally turns himself into a 'pseudo-vampire', after gaining vampire bat-like qualities, including echolocation and a thirst for blood. Pretty normal stuff. Here's the trailer: Even though the movie is not a part of MCU, and it's basically a Sony movie, much like Venom, it does tie in with MCI in a confusing way. The trailer also features Michael Keaton, but we still don't know if he's actually reprising the character of Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Guess we'll find out soon what's actually happening. #Morbius So, Michael Keaton is in morbius, is he playing the vulture? Maybe he's recruiting him to be a member of the Sinister Six? That's just a theory, that'll be nice connection. pic.twitter.com/QOHbhwPqdx — Marco Napolitan (@marco_napolitan) January 14, 2020 In the meantime, people are just excited because Jared Leto is playing a great character that fits him perfectly after hating him as Joker. Oh, for sure. BEST COMMENT LMAO#Morbius pic.twitter.com/mqIYNvgPEA — kotokwiat loves morbius (@shannscoffee) January 13, 2020 Yep. This was so hot!!! Can't wait for this movie! Go get it Mr Leto!#Morbius pic.twitter.com/VvEcTMXvwJ — B.G. (@Black__Gekikara) January 13, 2020 Aww. Me after seeing Jared Leto finally getting all the love he deserves #Morbius pic.twitter.com/QjbZAepDlC — Rhea Rachel Raut (@RheaRachelRaut) January 14, 2020 Good tweet. All of Spider-Man's villains in the #Morbius trailer like pic.twitter.com/F73ZNSOdlf — The Mary Sue (@TheMarySue) January 13, 2020 Wow. Kevin Feige watching the #Morbius trailer and seeing Micheal Keaton at the end. pic.twitter.com/OJ5hvsELxO — Filippo (@Filq2001) January 13, 2020 At least they're sharing custody. When your parents get divorced and you have to share custody. #Morbius pic.twitter.com/Az9YD8T7Pw — Jimmy Folino (@MrNiceGuy18_58) January 13, 2020 Crossover! That moment when you realize the #Morbius movie will have a Joker meeting Batman cameo in it. pic.twitter.com/UPneo311Wz — Black Bolt's Real Name is Blackagar Boltagon WTF (@UpToTASK) January 13, 2020 Good one. Fixed it #Morbius pic.twitter.com/nRXfZRtbs6 — Yacht Rock Radio (@shubstub) January 11, 2020 Looks like it'll tie into MCU. The first trailer for #Morbius is out and it looks like it's way more connected to the #SpiderMan movies than #Venom was. Looks to take place after the events of FAR FROM HOME (?)... and, whoa, Michael Keaton! pic.twitter.com/CixU8lJ2zL — Erik Davis (@ErikDavis) January 13, 2020 Is there going to be another fight? Sony: #Morbius is not part of the MCU. Also Sony: Here's Michael Keaton as Vulture in our trailer, remember him? He was Vulture, you know from Spiderman Homecoming. Kevin Feige: pic.twitter.com/FVrV2e3qxE — Nick Raffa (@PeiceofNick) January 13, 2020 We been knew. We always knew he had vampire genes in him #JaredLeto #Morbius pic.twitter.com/LIQNUND6gc — Matti (@altum68) January 13, 2020 View the full article
  5. Humayun Saeed 'cried a lot' after getting betrayed by his first lovePakistani actor and producer Humayun Saeed has opened up about his first love before getting married to his wife Samina. In an interview recently, Humayun said “I was in love with a girl before getting married to Samina. She was so beautiful.” Without mentioning the name of the lady, the actor said: "I often used to go to seaside with her but later she betrayed me. I cried a lot when she did so.” He went on to say “I don’t like foreign women. I like Pakistani girls.” About his career, Humanyun Saeed, said before entering to showbiz he used to work in a garment factory. Talking about offer from Bollywood, he said: “I had received an offer from Aamir Khan for his film Ghajini but when I reached there, the makers of the movie said this character was not for me. I also realized it was not for me.”
  6. We've all been there - planing to get a really dapper of a haircut, scouring the internet, looking for that one hairstyle that we can actually pull off and look nice in, timing our visits so that the best barber at the salon works with us, and whatnot. © iStock Well, the day arrives, we go to the salon, get a haircut, which, within the salon looks great. But as soon as you cross into the threshold of your house, you look like something like this. © Viral Bhayani Well, as much as our barber maybe a wizard, we are also partially to blame for the mishmash of all things unfortunate that we're now carrying on our head now. Why? Well, because most Indian men make these blunders when they visit their barbers: © iStock 1. “Do Your Thing, Barber Bro!” © Instagram/aalimhakim Like we said, your barber may be a wizard, but he ain't a psychic. If you don't tell or show him what exactly you want, how the heck is the man supposed to know, what you want your hair to look like? Usually, if you end up being the 50th customer he has had for the day, who's asking him to do his “thing,” he will just do his bare minimum, with the least bit of effort, and send you on your way. Work with him, and instruct what you want done, precisely. 2. “I Think I Like It…I Guess.” © iStock Be sure of what you want to go for before your barber or hairstylist gets to work. Its always better to show your barber a reference photograph for him to work off of. In case he shows you a bunch of photographs to select a hairstyle from, work with him but mainly rely on your instincts as to what will work for you and what won't. For heaven's sake, don't get there with half-baked ideas only to walk away disappointed with a mop of a hair. 3. “No, I Don't Need That Complimentary Shampoo/Massage/Facial.” © iStock There must be something really wrong with you if turn down a complimentary service from your barber or your salon. First of all, refusing anything that's free is very un-desi. Secondly, even though they might not be using some premium products for the complimentary services, they make up for that by stellar service. The goal is to make you spend more the next time you visit or make you try out new things. 4. “Let It Be, Chalega” © iStock This is where most of us falter. Once your barber is done with you, instead of just paying the man and leaving, test your new hairstyle out. Run your fingers through your hair thoroughly, let it dry, and try restyling it yourself. You will not be coming to the barber every day to get it set right, now, will you? If you're unsatisfied even a little bit or find a part that does not seem right, ask your barber to work his magic into it, and observe how you're supposed to do it by yourself. We're pretty sure that if you avoid these pitfalls and follow a few other steps you should be able to walk out of that salon, actually happy and satisfied. View the full article
  7. Around a fortnight ago, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act, calling it 'constitutional' and asking states to implement it aggressively, especially calling for strict action to be taken against protesters and the media houses supporting them. The current Chief Justice of India, Sharad Bobde, chose to respond to the petitioner, Mumbai-based Puneet Kaur Dhanda, in no uncertain terms. “Country is going through difficult times. Endeavour should be for peace. Such petitions don't help,” Chief Justice Bobde told her lawyer, who made an urgent mention for early hearing of the petition. The CJI also went on to list over 60 petitions challenging the Act. Bobde Begins © Twitter Born 24th April 1956, Justice Bobde comes from a long legacy of eminent lawyers from Nagpur - his father, Arvind Bobde, was well known for handling several high-profile cases as the advocate-general of Maharashtra in 1980 and 1985, while his late brother Vinod Bobde was a Supreme Court lawyer and constitutional expert. After an early education in Nagpur, Bobde went on to study law at Ambedkar University - developing a fondness for inter-collegiate tennis and public speaking along the way. In 1978, he finally made his way onto the Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court - becoming a senior advocate in 1998 and a Bombay High Court judge in 2000. Bobde's Career In The Judiciary © Twitter In short, Bobde has developed a strong image in the eyes of other lawyers, developing a reputation for quick-thinking and unbiased decision-making. “Bobde is cut and dried. He goes by the letter of the law,” says Vikas Singh, ex-President of the Supreme Court Bar Association. “He takes his work seriously,” added ex-Supreme Court judge, Madan B. Lokur. This comes with little surprise, since many of the cases Bobde has been a part of were landmark judgements - he has taken on rulings related to the Aadhar system, anti-abortion cases, religious sentiments, pollution crises in New Delhi and most recently, the Ayodhya land dispute. As of now, Bobde has spent just 52 days in the CJI seat. A charismatic figure with an interesting set of pastimes. The proud owner of a Royal Enfield Bullet, he's even known to be a motorcycle enthusiast and made headlines for injuring himself during a Harley-Davidson test-ride back in February 2019. Let's hope that the tenure ahead of him goes a bit smoother than his ride did. View the full article
  8. Chunky Pandey's reaction on daughter Ananya Panday getting trolledNew girl on the block Ananya Panday may have entered the industry only a while ago but the actor already has a massive fan base clinging to her personal life. Speaking about just that, the star child’s superstar father Chunky Pandey got candid with Mumbai Mirror in an interview as he addressed her success in Bollywood and all the times she has faced criticism. Regarding her success, Chunky revealed that while he too is no stranger to fame and glory, his daughter’s success comes as even more exciting to him. He also spoke about the continuous and recurrent trolling the newbie gets at the hands of social media users, saying: “The two times she really got trolled was when she called me Tony Stark and when she compared his absence from Karan Johar’s chat show as a sign of struggle. I want to tell her to stop taking my name.” He also shed light on her love life and how it always manages to pique the public’s interest: “She is 21, it would be abnormal if she didn't have a boyfriend. I have been through this in my time so I know how much of it is true. You are ready for these things as an insider."
  9. Last week, the winners of the 66th National Film awards were honoured for their respective contributions, by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu at New Delhi's Vigyan Bhawan. Bollywood's Shahenshah, Amitabh Bachchan who was conferred with this year's prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award, could not attend the event due to his ill health so he was honoured by President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday, December 29th at Rashtrapati Bhawan. T 3592/3/4/5 - .. my immense gratitude and respect for this moment ..ð pic.twitter.com/WavW3Hwkjw — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) December 29, 2019 To express his gratitude, Amitabh Bachchan took to Twitter to share pictures from the event and wrote, "My gratitude and my affection to the people of this great Country, INDIA...for this recognition." He even took to his blog to share a heartwarming note expressing how he feels after receiving the award, which is said to be India's highest award in cinema. T 3596 - ..my gratitude and my affection to the people of this great Country, INDIA .. for this recognition ..https://t.co/2vnNhjpyDQ pic.twitter.com/HpUMC3iCKu — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) December 30, 2019 He wrote, "There are times in the life of us all when we assimilate without any assimilation of the times past and gone by..when the years strike back at you and you wonder whether are you really the eldest in the gathering then a sudden temperament invades the being and there is a silent thought that wishes for us all to do for them that have none..these pictures say it all." He concluded the blog by writing "I am in pride for the recognition..I am in pride for the recognition of my profession..I am in pride of my Country and my Film Industry." Ever since he got the prestigious award, wishes have been pouring in from across the country and Bollywood fraternity. Abhishek Bachchan posted a picture with his father and mother Jaya Bachchan and wrote, "A memory to cherish." View this post on Instagram A memory to cherish. #dadasahebphalkeaward #theparentals A post shared by Abhishek Bachchan (@bachchan) on Dec 29, 2019 at 10:35am PST Cricketer Virat Kohli too congratulated Big B, calling him the GOAT aka 'Greatest Of All Time' and wrote, "Congratulations Amitabh Bachchan ji on being conferred the prestigious #DadaSahebPhalkeAward. ðThrough your contribution to Indian cinema, you have been and still continue to be an inspiration to many. @SrBachchan #GreatestOfAllTime" Congratulations Amitabh Bachchan ji on being conferred the prestigious #DadaSahebPhalkeAward. ðThrough your contribution to Indian cinema, you have been and still continue to be an inspiration to many. @SrBachchan #GreatestOfAllTime — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) December 30, 2019 Well, Big B truly is the G.O.A.T. View the full article
  10. If you remember the song Sauda Khara Khara by Sukhbir, your childhood was really good. And if you are one of those who don't know what I am talking about, seriously which rock were you living under all these while? You are not a true 90s kid if you didn't break into a random dance in your bathroom when the song played on the radio; or when you're studying for your exam and there's a wedding in your locality playing the song. That's how addictive and dangerous this song is, you can never stop yourself from dancing. Since the 90s kids are now all grown up and getting married, Akshay Kumar, Diljit Dosanjh and Sukhbir decided to recreate that magic and gift you the ONLY song that deserves to be on every playlist this wedding season - Sauda Khara Khara 2.0 from their upcoming movie Good Newwz. The cast of Good Newwz minus Kareena Kapoor Khan are here to make your wedding reception crazier than ever with their latest remix version of Sauda Khara Khara, sung by Sukhbir, Diljit Dosanjh and Dhvani Bhanushali. In case you're wondering what's so special about this new version, well the answer is everything; especially the impromptu and epic naagin dance that Akshay Kumar breaks into. If your friends don't dance the way Akshay did in this song at your Baraat, disown them on the spot. People have already fallen in love with this song and we are definitely not surprised by their reaction. The lyrics are just like its ruling into my heart Awesome song guys plz listen this #SaudaKharaKharahttps://t.co/SyKXpSnS5p pic.twitter.com/TbCbp67rEc — roomið®ð³ (@RomaSherdy15) December 3, 2019 This track is just awesome. So guys don't miss it.#SaudaKharaKharahttps://t.co/xJuGFMjBoX — shreya jha (@ShreyaJ71482720) December 3, 2019 I had seen (Nagin Dance in #SaudaKharaKhara ) it in one of the wedding videos, where one guy was doing this nagin dance. He sat on horse in front of the groom and did this dance. The only difference is that he was drunk and I wasn't- @akshaykumar sir — Pratik Akkian (@Pratik_Akkian) December 3, 2019 Bhaji your nagin dance on horse ðð — Aarvi ⤠Akshay (@sabsebadifan99) December 3, 2019 Song of the year best song superrr #SaudaKharaKhara — Bachchan Pandey Rowdy (@pandey_rowdy) December 3, 2019 Akshay nagin dance was just awesome ððð — Akshay Kumar Fan (@YashrajsinhRan7) December 3, 2019 View the full article
  11. It has been around five months since India was knocked out of ICC World Cup 2019 semi-finals, thanks to a brilliant team-performance by Kane Williamson and his men. The Men in Blue were the leading prospects to win the 2019 edition of the quadrennial tournament but faced a huge disappointment when their elite batting-order failed to show up in a clutch situation and faced defeat. Hard luck team india .. played a very spirited game through the tournament ðð½ðð½ the wicket of Dhoni and his walk back just broke my heart #INDvsNZ proud nonetheless ðªð½ pic.twitter.com/iGCPhIhLEU — Randeep Hooda (@RandeepHooda) July 10, 2019 And while that loss should have been the takeaway for every Indian that was a part of the team's journey during the contest, news of Bollywood actor and Virat Kohli's wife Anushka Sharma being at the venue is what continues to be the talking point ever since. In October 2019, former Indian wicket-keeper Farokh Engineer spoke about how the BCCI selectors behaved like a “Mickey Mouse” committee and recalled that he'd seen one of the selectors bring tea for Anushka Sharma in the VIP box. “All they (selectors) were doing was getting Anushka Sharma cups of tea. I feel people with the stature of Dilip Vengsarkar should be in the selection committee,” Engineer was quoted as saying by the Times of India. Sharma, who's never been the one to react to such comments made an exception this time and called out Engineer on his comments in an Instagram post the next day. View this post on Instagram A post shared by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma) on Oct 31, 2019 at 5:15am PDT After this post, Engineer was slammed for making false accusations against the famed actor and was made a huge ruckus out of. To further save face amidst the fans of Indian cricket, the former cricketer had to make an official statement on live television and clarify that he said all those things in the heat of the moment. MIRROR NOW EXCLUSIVE | Former Cricketer Farokh Engineer clarifies his controversial comment on Actor Anushka Sharma, says, comments are blown out of proportion and I apologise to Anushka Sharma@VirenFerrao pic.twitter.com/zULYPDvRZb — Mirror Now (@MirrorNow) November 1, 2019 Now, Exactly one month since Engineer's clarification, the Indian captain, Virat Kohli has opened up about those comments in an interview with India Today. "She came for one World Cup game against Sri Lanka and the family box and the selector box was different, and there was no selector in that box. She came for one game with two friends," Kohli said during the interview. "As I said, she is known, she's been successful at a very high level so when people take her name, it gets noticed," the India captain added. In the era of social media, the line between personal and private lives of celebrities is getting more and more blurry with each passing day and such comments made by the veterans of the game do not make it easier for people like Anushka Sharma to maintain their calm. Kohli, on the other hand, has been exceptional in keeping it together. He has not only managed to stay at the peak of his skills as a batsman and a captain but has also managed to get some time off the field and spend quality time with his family. “Cricket can't be your life for every minute of every day,” former Australian wicket-keeper batsman Adam Gilchrist had said in an exclusive with MensXp and Kohli, despite being at the centre of the game on an international level has somehow managed to maintain that. View the full article
  12. Vidya Balanâs Kahaani became a massive hit, courtesy her brilliant character, a gripping story line and of course great direction work. One particular thing that stood out in the movie was the character of the innocent, naïve looking LIC agent Bob Biswas who is a cold blooded murderer in reality. Played effortlessly by actor Saswata Chatterjee, Bobâs character stayed on with the audience long after the movie was over and the credits rolled out. Turns out that the craze of Bob Biswas has gripped the makers as much as the audience and now after years since the movie released, it has been announced by none other than SRK that Bob Biswas is all set to have his own spin-off movie now. The movie is being produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and while the news of this movie is exciting to us, sadly, Saswata is not going to reprise the role, ironically made famous by him. Actor AbPhoto: © YouTube (Main Image)hishek Bachchan is going to step in his shoes now. Nomoshkar! ðð»ð Thrilled to announce our upcoming film, #BobBiswas in association with Bound Script Production; starring @juniorbachchan and directed by Diya Annapurna Ghosh. @gaurikhan @iamsrk @sujoy_g @_GauravVerma pic.twitter.com/CoQLlfE55X â Red Chillies Entertainment (@RedChilliesEnt) November 25, 2019 This piece of information has not made all Bob fans happy. I honestly feel bad for #SaswataChatterjee upon hearing the news of #BobBiswas getting its own spin off! A character, with such limited screen time had such a lasting impact with audiences as the antagonist. I guess itâs the sad reality of pitching a scalable film! pic.twitter.com/qMo21PL8RX â ANMOL JAMWAL (@jammypants4) November 25, 2019 @greatbong Abhishek Bachchan to portray #BobBiswas in upcoming movie. I think the character worked due to Saswata Chatterjee's brilliant acting. Don't think AB jr. can do even 10% justice to the cult villain. Your thoughts? pic.twitter.com/tOCcHLuguk â dorian (@stoicola) November 25, 2019 In fact, some fans are so upset with the makers and the general trend on Bollywood riding money on only A-listers, that people got #RIPBobBiswas trending. So the original actor who played the character so flawlessly is still alive? But then again it is Bollywood... R.I.P Saswata Chatterjee #RIPBobBiswas ð¶ #BobBiswas â Prsh Tmng (@PrshTmng) November 25, 2019 Star Kids and the Amount of unworthy Opportunities they get..ð¤·ââï¸ð¤·ââï¸ð¤·ââï¸ .. time to give up on cinema.. #BobBiswas #ShahRukhKhan #AbhishekBachchan pic.twitter.com/cxnzdOwGlQ â boozer (@boozer49103897) November 25, 2019 No doubt, Junior B is a wonderful actor and might even add his own take to this concept but one cannot help but feel bad for actor Saswata Chatterjee not getting the role made famous by him funnily. There has been no comment made by the actor yet, so we donât really know if heâs cool with what is happening or feels cheated, like most Bob fans feel at the moment. View the full article
  13. Deepika Padukone accidentally reveals Alia Bhatt is getting marriedDeepika Padukone has come forth accidentally revealing Alia Bhatt is very soon walking down the aisle. It happened during an interview with Film Companion where Deepika, Alia...
  14. On Sunday, Arhaan Khan was evicted from the Bigg Boss 13 house. The actor-entrepreneur entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry after the mid-season finale. Arhaan entered the house with a lot of high hopes but was in there only for a short duration. Before entering the show, Arhaan said in an interview with Indian Express, “It was all baseless rumours. We are just great friends and nothing else. Rashami has denied it and I am also saying that there is no truth to those stories. I am single. I am not in a mood to romance in the show. There is no one who seems interesting. I am only going on the show to entertain the audience.” View this post on Instagram Today's mood , Beast mode on! ðªð» #TuesdayTransformation . . #arhaankhan #ArhaanKhan #VoteForArhaanKhan #SupportArhaanKhan #TeamAK #fitness #biggboss13 #BB13 @colorstv @voot A post shared by Arhan Khan (@arhaankhaan) on Nov 12, 2019 at 7:59am PST He also said, “I am not on Bigg Boss for Rashami and neither does she need me. We both are strong players in our own place. Rashami is an independent woman and she needs no support. I hope we both have a good stint on the show.” After his eviction, he took to his Instagram account and shared a post saying, “My journey in the Bigg Boss house may have been short-lived. But all this love and support from you guys is overwhelming and unbelievable! Thank you for supporting me and I think it's kind of you to think that I shouldn't have been evicted. It's a little upsetting because I was just starting to get a good grip on the game! I'll miss my bestie, Rashami Desai ⤠Play well, and get the trophy! You deserve only the best! You're one of the strongest women I know! You have all my love and support!” View this post on Instagram My journey in the Bigg Boss house may have been short lived. But all this love and support from you guys is really overwhelming and unbelievable! Thank you for supporting me and I think it's really kind of you to think that I shouldn't have been evicted. It's a little upsetting because I was just starting to get a good grip on the game! I'll definitely miss my bestie, Rashami Desai ⤠Play well, and get the trophy! You deserve only the best! You're one of the strongest women I know! You have all my love and support! . #ArhaanKhan #RashamiDesai #Arhmi #WeLoveArhaanKhan #TeamAK #biggboss13 #BB13 @colorstv A post shared by Arhan Khan (@arhaankhaan) on Nov 17, 2019 at 12:44pm PST However, fans are still finding it difficult to accept his eviction, whereas Arhaan expressed how grateful he is for being a part of Bigg Boss 13. Stay tuned to MensXP for all the latest updates. View the full article
  15. If you're admin of any Whatsapp group, it's time you become cautious as to what participants are posting on that group, as Whatsapp is now banning users who are a part of the conversations about illegal or banned topics. The ban came to light last night when a user on Reddit, Mow 11 told how he was banned from the platform. So, the user's university group was named 'Child's Pornography' and that's when all the members of the group were banned from the app without any warning. © Unsplash When they tried to understand as to why this had happened and contacted Whatsapp, they received auto-generated replies saying that they have violated the platform's term of service. Also, Whatsapp isn't reading our conversations, but if anyone in person reports to the company that they are unhappy because of some banned topics, the company will take action against the user and ban them from using the app. The organisation also has automated processes to scan groups for data like the one mentioned above and it automatically bans the users from the app. © Unsplash You will also be banned if you're spamming people with ads and, to be honest, we are very happy about this one. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  16. Anu Malik getting sacked from Indian Idol again after #MeToo backlash? Photo: Hindustan TimesFollowing the colossal number of people coming forth to condemn Sony Entertainment for rehiring Anu Malik on Indian Idol, after he was alleged of sexual...
  17. The wild card contestants are entirely changing the dynamics of the Bigg Boss House. Shehnaz has never been more insecure and Sidharth's anger is also peaking, as made evident by the new promo. After the nomination task, the housemates get to perform a captaincy task, 'BB transport service' and it intensifies the situation in the house. View this post on Instagram Shocking Eviction ðð± #biggboss13 #bb13 #salmankhan #sidharthshukla #asimriaz #rashmidesai #himanshikhurana #shehnazgill #paraschhabra #devolinabhatacharya #devoleena #shilpashinde #shilpians #hinakhan #hinaholics #aceofspace #vikasgupta A post shared by the king of black thought's (@bigg_boss_ka_fan) on Nov 4, 2019 at 10:46am PST In the new promo for the next episode, heated fights between teams lead to them getting out of control and during the task, Shukla pushes Mahira so hard that she falls down. Mahira is seen screaming and shouting while Paras tries to calm her down. Seeing the situation, Bigg Boss intervenes and reprimands Shukla for his physical aggression and directly evicts him. However, Shehnaz is also seen craving for attention ever since Himanshi Khurana has entered the house. She is ignoring her friends Arti and Sidharth and is fighting with them without any reason which is making the audience see a very insecure side of Shehnaz. View this post on Instagram Is the #shehnazgill Change her group #biggboss13 #biggboss #bb13 #asimriaz #sidharthshukla #salmankhan #rashmidesai #himanshikhurana #hinakhan #hinaholics #shilpashinde #shilpians #vikasgupta #aceofspace A post shared by the king of black thought's (@bigg_boss_ka_fan) on Nov 4, 2019 at 2:32am PST Shefali Jariwala is also pissed with Paras for nominating her after calling her bhabhi. As Paras and Shefali's husband Parag are good friends, the former was very happy to see Shefali enter the house. But during the nominations, Paras nominates Shefali stating that she isn't mingling with him and the rest. Shefali appears very disappointed with Paras and tells Arti that he has shown his dogala side on the first day itself. View the full article
  18. Meghan Markle played a crucial role in getting Harry to talk about Diana's deathPrince Harry and Meghan Markle are one of the very few royals who candidly open up about their issues regarding the media coverage, scrutiny and backlash that they...
  19. They say 'do good to feel good' and upon closer look, that doesn't really seem like rocket science, does it? Although it seems easier for people to act as though it is nothing less than a jigsaw puzzle, let's face it - it doesn't take more than a single act of kindness and consideration to make us realise how priceless a random good deed can be. © Reuters Hours ago, Minister of Railways and Commerce Piyush Goyal took to Twitter to share this one particular incident in Assam wherein a herd of 25 elephants was saved from an impending accident on the railway tracks by the alert railway crew at the Dekargaon Station. हाथॠमà¥à¤°à¤¾ साथà¥: Commendable alertness & prompt action of railway crew saved a herd of 25 elephants, who were crossing the rail track, by stopping the train near Dekargaon Station in Assam. pic.twitter.com/mwUfWf4pWB — Piyush Goyal (@PiyushGoyal) October 31, 2019 As of the 2017 wildlife census, Assam is home to some 5,719 elephant species. However, owing to large scale development and infrastructure projects, their shrinking habitat has pushed elephants to venture closer to human civilisation, thereby often causing casualties for both. © Reuters However, the railway officials prompt move to keep the herd of elephants from harm's way is indeed commendable. At a time when people have stopped thinking twice before attacking each other, it's heartwarming to see people care for these beings who cannot speak for themselves. © Reuters An Assam State Forest Department report from 2001 to 2014 claimed that as many as 225 wild elephants were killed by poaching, poisoning, electrocution, and speeding trains in the state. Thankfully 25 of these docile creatures were saved this time around. View the full article
  20. Getting an ingrown beard on your face may just be one of the most irritating and painful things that you will have to put up with. No matter where they grow, they can be downright painful; imagine how much more troublesome they can be when they are on your face. © iStock Normally, the most common cause of ingrown hair is not shaving properly. And trust us, by just taking a few precautionary steps, you can avoid getting ingrown beard hairs. â Use a Trimmer Instead Of Shaving © MensXP This is one of the easiest ways out of the problem, actually. When you shave, the root of the hair gets tugged a little when the blade cuts the shaft. In contrast, when you trim, nothing of that sort happens. Also, trimming reduces the risk of getting razor burns, which actually is a completely different problem from ingrown hairs. â Shave After Showering © iStock Preferably, shower with warm water rather than cold water. Taking a warm water bath not only prepares the skin for shaving by softening it up, it also gets rid of most of the germs and bacteria that can cause your hair follicles to react in an adverse manner. Taking a warm water bath also softens up the hair shafts, which in turn allows for a much easier shaving or trimming experience. â Use A Facewash & A Moisturiser Before Shaving © MensXP In case for some reason you're not able to take a bath before shaving, do not forget to use a facewash and good moisturiser before you start shaving. A set of good facewash and moisturisers go a long way to soften up the skin and prime your beard for shaving. They are also super effective to lock the moisture in your skin, which in turn makes shaving and trimming easier on your skin. â Use Fresh Blades © MensXP In case you just have to shave, and cannot find a way around it, we suggest that you always use fresh blades. Or at the very least, change your blades every 3 days. If you're worried about spending too much on blades, buy a straight razor, which accepts your regular, old school, double-edged shaving blades. Not only is this a much cheaper way of shaving in the longer run, a good straight razor will also eliminate all chances of getting an ingrown hair. â Always Wet Shave © iStock Another thing that you should take care of if you shave regularly, and often get ingrown beard, is lubrication. Dry shaving or shaving without a shaving gel, foam or cream is never a good idea. Firstly, it irritates your skin, which will not just cause rashes and razor burn, it can severely damage your skin and can cause acne. In turn, this can leave permanent scars on your face. Secondly, a shaving cream, foams and gels have ingredients that not only soothe the skin, the help it cool down and heal, apart from making the razor glide easily on your skin. Trust us, follow these steps religiously and you're sorted. View the full article
  21. Have you ever spent sleepless nights, tossing and turning in your bed because your mind wouldn't stop working in overdrive, and your heart won't stop racing? No, not over a girl you onetrack dimwit, but because you're finally ready to send out your 'bespoke' resume to the company of your dreams, and the future has you excited and shit scared all at once. © Excel Entertainment We understand how unnerving these situations can be, and we also realise that job hunting in general isn't the most exciting part of life. However, since most of us find ourselves in the said situation at some point in time anyway, we might as well make it count, right? So check out these 11 simple, yet foolproof tricks that can ensure that you not only land that interview with your dream company, but also end up taking that job by the end of it. 1. The 'Objective' Tab On Your Resume Is Passé © 157arw Really, we know it used to be a 'thing' until a couple of years ago, but recruiters and hiring managers are done trying to understand what your plans are. Instead, they want to find out what you will be bringing to the table, and the 'objective' doesn't help your case there. 2. The Cover Letter Is Your First Ticket To The Actual Showdown While almost all of us were taught about the dos and don'ts of writing a resume, nobody ever bothered to underline how important a cover letter can be. Written in a crisp, well-defined manner and customised for the job - it can earn you a lot of brownie points. 3. Question Your Interviewer & Make It Count © Yash raj Films We are sure you are already aware and prepared about the 'Do you have any questions for us?' part of your interview, but did you know that the only trick to make that work for you is to ask them unpredictable questions? Move beyond the obvious and show-off your research skills by asking important questions about particular projects or goals. 4. It's Completely Acceptable To Talk About Money However, that being said, it shouldn't be the first thing you enquire about. If nothing regarding your pay or renumeration has been brought up, feel free to seek the details without any hesitation. 5. It's No Crime To Have A Two-Page Resume © Flickr We know that those fancy, one-page resumes are all the rage currently but no one's going to come at you if your CV spills over to a second page. The only trick to decide if you need another page is by determining if the 'extra' information is important and/or relevant. 6. Rescheduling A Telephonic Interview Due To 'Awkward Timing' Is Completely Okay Whoever told you “never” to reschedule a telephonic interview, no matter how bad the timing might be is an absolute douche. It is totally possible that they caught you while you're boarding the bus or taking a dump, and the most reasonable thing to do then is to tell them you aren't in a position to talk at the time, and reschedule it according to their availability. 7. Do Away With Showcasing Your 'References' © Mensxp References come in later in the hiring process, so set it aside until it's time. Besides they'll always ask for it when they need it. Use that space to highlight your abilities instead. 8. Don't Reveal Your Address This one can really backfire at times, because a lot of times recruiters do turn down applicants from the same state because their commute time is too high. Hide that address we say. 9. Pull Up Your Experience, Education Can Come Next © Mensxp While it's wise to follow the natural order of things, we suggest that you make this simple change to your resume. Simply move your 'Experience' tab above the 'Education' tab and let the change work its magic. Unless you're a fresher, your last two to three jobs should do the trick for you. 10. All Things 'School' Isn't Cool Anymore Again, unless you had some major achievements in school, skip all school-related details from your resume. Though it might still work for fresh graduates, the degree weighs in more and would cut through during the interview. 11. Introduce A Detailed 'Qualification' Tab © Pexels It's a good idea to introduce a 'Qualification' tab on your resume where you highlight your major achievements, skill set, and important experiences. Not only does it work well with the applicant tracking systems with relevant keywords, but also helps appease the recruiter with all the meat laid out at the very beginning. View the full article
  22. There are multiple reasons that men can start losing their beard hair. From growing out that luscious beard to reaching a point where your facial hair starts looking dull and scraggly, chances are that your beard grooming routine is not right. Due to hormonal imbalance or stress, the issue of beard thinning could aggravate but there are ways you can control it. Here are four simple steps to stop beard thinning and get that luscious-looking mane yet again. 1. Aggressive Grooming Routine © istock If your grooming routine is 'too much' for your beard, you will end up damaging your hair in the long run. For example, if you are using a bristle brush, it can prove to be helpful but doing it aggressively too often can lead to thinning. 2. Wash Your Beard The Right Way © istock It is important to wash your beard and keep the skin underneath clean and tidy. But washing your beard every day can damage the facial hair. Stick to a three-day beard routine to control hair fall. 3. Training Your Beard © istock Men have different beard shapes and styles, based on their everyday life and genetics as well. But if you train your hair follicles, it can give your hair a direction to grow. After your shower, once you have dried your hair, use a brush to do so and let it grow. The extra dust sitting on your beard and skin will help you get rid of it, preventing beard thinning ultimately. 4. Amp Up The Volume Of Your Beard © istock Once you have grown out your beard, you will need extra maintenance to keep it tamed down at all hours. If you are experiencing thinning, the best way to deal with it is by using beard oil to amp up your volume and give your beard a good massage to maintain the density of your beard.
  23. Virat Kohli is arguably the best ODI batsman in the world of cricket for the past year or so and has enough silverware to support this argument. 2018 was probably his best year as a professional athlete ever since he was picked as one of the Men in Blue in 2008 and slowly escalated to become the leader of the team late in 2014. Having said that, the Delhi born had made a name for himself as a bit of a hot-head in the early years of his cricketing career and when he was made the captain of such a prestigious and famed team, people began to criticise his overzealous attitude and inability to control his temper. Indian fans of the game thought that Kohli's abusive language on the field brought disgrace to the uniform he wore, the same uniform that all-time great skippers like Sourav Ganguly, Kapil Dev and MS Dhoni had donned so proudly in the past. But according to the skipper, ever since Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and he tied the knot in December 2017, his methods of both playing the game and leading the team have changed for the better. Today we have promised each other to be bound in love for ever. We are truly blessed to share the news with you.This beautiful day will be made more special with the love and support of our family of fans & well wishers. Thank you for being such an important part of our journey. pic.twitter.com/aobTUwMNAK — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) December 11, 2017 “You become extremely responsible in your life and you start putting things into perspective a lot more. It has not only made me a better player and a better captain but also a better human being outside the field,” said Virat Kohli about the changes in him after marriage, in an interview with the International Cricket Council (ICC). And surely, the 30-year-old has transformed his etiquette as a cricketer and put a lid on his anger, especially under pressure situations and foreign soil in the presence of a hostile audience. Be it bowing in front of a shrewd Australian crowd or asking the cricketing fans to stop booing Steve Smith (for the sandpaper gate in South Africa) and urging them to cheer for him instead for the brilliant cricketer that he is, Kohli has taken a 180 degree turn. Sure, there are times when Kohli lets one or two 'gaalis' out in excitement or frustration, but that's the competitive nature of an elite sportsman that will not (and should not) ever get away from him.
  24. Javed Jaffrey not only was an entertainer par excellence, but also used to rule the hearts of '90s kids. 'Boogie Woogie' used to be the rage back then, and his playful charisma struck a chord with everyone watching him on TV. Looks like he has passed that charisma on to his son - Meezaan - who is about to be launched in B-Town, by none other than Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself. He is playing the lead along with Bhansali's niece, Sharmin Segal, in 'Malaal'. Apart from his father's screen presence, he also seems to have nailed the 'fashionably woke' role, judging by his pictures. Take a look here. He clearly knows how to use the appeal of distressed denim to his advantage. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Meezaan (@meezaanj) on May 30, 2019 at 7:03am PDT We have always maintained that the dhoti-kurta needs to make a comeback, and he reiterates it. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Meezaan (@meezaanj) on Jun 1, 2019 at 1:27am PDT And again. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Meezaan (@meezaanj) on May 21, 2019 at 7:36pm PDT You can never go wrong with a relaxed black layered ensemble. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Meezaan (@meezaanj) on May 19, 2019 at 6:39am PDT A tux will always have your back (especially when you have a father who's a style guru himself). View this post on Instagram A post shared by Meezaan (@meezaanj) on May 21, 2019 at 12:10am PDT Manbuns are not over, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Here's proof. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Meezaan (@meezaanj) on May 30, 2019 at 8:29pm PDT We wish you all the luck, Meezaan!
  25. What happens when you take meat-loving, fruit and vegetable-hating, fallacy-advocating men and design a diet for them? The Carnivore Diet is born. The introduction in itself would come across as a strong one, and you would agree with it once you know more about this new emerging diet that has been doing the rounds of social media galore recently. © Getty Images Popularized by Shawn Barker, a mid-50s strong and ripped world indoor rowing record-holder and an ex-MD, the carnivore diet is a dietary pattern that promotes only eating animal products. Mainly meat for all your meals. And it strongly advocates against eating any fruits and vegetables. It's not known if this was started as a strong contention to the vegan diet or an extreme extension of the ketogenic diet, but it sure as hell makes some questionable claims and promises that would fall flat in the face of science and logic. Here are some of the claims propagated by the Carnivore Diet: 1. Fruits & Vegetables Are Actually BAD For You © Getty Images Yes, you read this right. The carnivore diet goes ahead and makes claims on the lines of fruit and vegetable consumption being detrimental for your health. Even a fifth-grader can tell you the benefits of it, namely being fibre intake, nutrient intake, etc., and the carnivore diet makes an absurd claim against the same. 2. You Should ONLY Eat Animal Products © Getty Images Yup, just animal products and consume meat, primarily, for all your meals. Though the ketogenic diet also suggests eating mainly fats and protein, there are still some carbohydrates in your diet like green veggies. The carnivore diet, on the other hand, is virtually ZERO carbohydrates. 3. Calories Do Not Count Another absurd claim by this diet is that calories DO NOT count. As you are technically cutting out an entire food group, rather limiting yourself to just one food group in this diet, stating that it overcomes the law of thermodynamics is absurd. Calorie counting may NOT be necessary when you have such a restrictive dietary pattern but stating they do not matter at all is downright dubious. A sample carnivore diet and food options permissible in it looks like the following: • Food Options: Meat, fish (fattier the better), eggs, dairy (though most do not consume any due to carbs), bone marrow, fatty meat products, salt and pepper. Basically, anything that walks, crawls, flies, swims, or has had parents (barring humans, of course). • Breakfast: Coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon • Lunch: Steak or chicken liver • Snack: Bone broth or cheese • Dinner: Steak or hamburger patty or fatty fish For me, this diet would go down as an extremely misleading fad due to the following reasons: 1. Science Claims Otherwise Saying that fruits and vegetables are harmful is outright misleading. The fallacy is outright stupid in this case. You will hardly ever find any study showing unfavourable effects of fruit and vegetable consumption on human health. A study by Boeing et. al. concluded that regular fruit and veggie consumption has protective effects against coronary heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. 2. It Is Expensive Animal products all day long, all life? A diet has to be economically feasible as well in the long-term. An all-animal diet goes far off the reach for a majority of the population in terms of the cost. © Getty Images 3. Unsustainable Having an exclusive diet is hardly sustainable, be it any kind of a diet. If you think that you can follow an all-animal diet (I still think it is a bad idea) all your life, go ahead. For almost 99% of the population, this may not be the case. 4. It May Be Unhealthy Eating just meat all-day long adding lard and butter on top of it and consuming it day-in and day-out. You may as well put up a big fancy board inviting a host of cardiovascular diseases and health problems. I'd say that the carnivore diet is just a new addition to the host of pre-existing fad diets and I am sure many people would still fall for it. Like I have mentioned multiple times, it is yet another fad that is far from healthy. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
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