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Found 3 results

  1. The 46-year-old has been accused by his live-in partner, a model, of beating her up after an argument broke out between the two. ? Tollywood.net MUMBAI: Mumbai police have arrested actor-producer Armaan Kohli for allegedly assaulting his live-in...
  2. When it comes to the simple task of skincare and grooming, men know exactly what to do. Pick up the product, squeeze some amount out and voilà — you're done. But while you may own some products of your own, the good news is: your girlfriend too has a few golden products for you. Ones that are unisex in nature and will work in your favour, come what may. See, not just her, her products love you too. To concise it all into a list, however, here are 5 products you must steal from your girlfriend today (a break-up not included lol). 1. DRY SHAMPOO © Amazon India Though your regular shampoo eliminates the excess sebum produce on your scalp, unfortunately, most of men also strip your strands off the natural conditioning oils you really need. Dry shampoos, on the other hand, kick the butt of the excess sebum produce but without absorbing the 'good' oils in there. Price: Rs. 550 Buy here 2. CUTICLE OIL © Amazon India Applied with a ball of cotton or a brush — cuticle oils of course, moisturize the cuticles. Simple. Why do you need it? Because not just your nails, your cuticles too, need ample care. And two, why the hell not? Having well-maintained and manicured nails is a part of good manners anyway. Price: Rs. 1,140 BUY here 3. LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER © Amazon India While there's nothing wrong with your drill of using just a regular hair conditioner, leave-in conditioners come with their own set of pros. One, you can literally leave them in your hair all day. Two, if chosen right, your hair won't look greasy at all. And three, over all, the texture and quality your hair will improve. Besides, some of them also lock in a lot of moisture in your strands. Price: Rs. 1,094 Buy here
  3. Maybe you're the kind of a guy who hangs out with women often and also hooks up with them time and again and has fallen prey to the whole 'hook-up' culture. Yeah, there's nothing wrong in that but sometimes you need more than just women hanging with you and around you and you need more stability in life. You could harness stability out of your well deserving jobs and other financial factors prevalent in your life but at the end of the day, you do need companionship, which is not callous in nature, to fulfill any amount of stability that you may be longing for. © Thinkstock/Getty Images So, in case you have someone in your life you occasionally hang out with and need her to be more than a hangout friend, maybe your girlfriend, there are some ways you can make a polite manoeuvre and make her see the other side of you. You'd probably see her as someone you can date and watch an episode or two of 'Black Mirror' with and fill a void that no one has ever dared to fill before. It's perfectly natural to feel a certain way for someone you spend a lot of your time with but honestly, there is a way to bring up how you feel towards a person and you can't just spring it to her, expecting her to understand how you feel. You have to naturally build the process and make her see the other side of you. It's an effort, yes but it's worthwhile. Telling a girl you hang out with a lot that you want to make her your girlfriend is a delicate process but if you play your cards right, there is no taking away from it. So, ditch the hook-up, hangout scenario you got going and get yourself a serious girl you already spend enough time with! Make Her Like You But Take It Slow You can't just bombard her with special attention and feelings instantly. It takes time to make her believe that this is some real stuff. First-off, increase the frequency of meeting her. If you guys hang out twice or thrice a week, maybe try and see her every other day for a few hours. If you do it abruptly, I am sure you'll scare her off . Start small and make an impact instead. Ask her for a movie night perhaps? © Thinkstock/Getty Images Show Her What's It Gonna Be Like The idea is to start treating her like a significant other, before you actually ask her out. By that I mean give her needs some special attention and make her stand out from the crowd, so she knows through your actions how you actually feel. Be fun, be charming. If you two are mindlessly hooking up, shift your focus away from that and get to know her better, without being in a rush. All you have to do is start treating her differently than you would, and she will slowly get the hint. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Introduce Her To Your Friends Making her meet your friend is quite important and a big deal and your friends are the people you're closest to, who know you well enough to know your personal life too. So making her meet your friends is an indication enough about how important she is to you. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Connect With Her She may see you as a friend or someone she just hangs out with but you need to make her see you in a way where she connects with you emotionally. Because that's the foundation of a good relationship; a healthy emotional connect. Put in the exact amount of effort you would for any new girl you're attracted to and connect with her on a more fundamental level. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Tell Her, Finally After you've established all of the above, it's finally time to tell her exactly how you feel. At least you've laid the groundwork and have formed a stronger equation than what you shared with her before. So, smile when you tell her how you feel and be extremely nonchalant about it and not needy. She will definitely be pleasantly surprised. Now, It's Time To Take The Leap When you finally have her, don't let her go! You've put in so much effort to bring her here, I am sure she's a keeper! Commitment is a big thing and if you've made one, stick to it thoroughly. Going from friends to something more always has a special bond attached to it. It's because you've already understood each other when you were friends and are exploring a completely new territory, which has given you a completely new connection. So, go ahead, take your time and when the moment is right, make her all yours!