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Found 25 results

  1. Let's admit it, relationships can be pretty unpredictable. You may love and laugh one minute and all of a sudden find yourself in a heated argument over one of the most senseless subjects. Don't tell us it hasn't happened to you ever, because we won't believe it. But again, that's how any relationship is like, isn't it? It's just that the impact of the same is a lot more harsh when the argument or fight happens to occur in your romantic relationship. Heck, it becomes all the more difficult because we never know how best to patch-up after an argument with our partner. Now the key to this is communication, but that itself becomes such a start because we simply don't know how to initiate a conversation after a fight. But worry not, these foolproof ways of starting a conversation with your partner will not put you in a spot. 1. Text Her © Getty Images If you're too anxious about calling her, then drop her a text expressing how you feel or maybe ask them how they're feeling. That is sure to get you a response. 2. Call Her © Getty Images We always recommend calling over all else. Why? Because that's the easiest way of showing you care and also that you're thinking about them. If they pick up, that's half the problem solved right there. *Winks* 3. Seek A Middle-Ground © Getty Images That is until the argument/fight wasn't your fault. Because if it was, then there should be no hesitation in apologising for whatever you got wrong. 4. Forgive & Forget © Getty Images If it wasn't a great showdown or something major, consider the “raat gayi, baat gayi” route. No matter who is at fault, we suggest that (reasonable) forgiveness and moving beyond differences are the biggest requirements in a relationship. 5. Plan A Date & Ask Them Out © Getty Images Set up a date and then invite your partner to hang out with you. The fact that you wish to spend time with them even after the fight shows that you are making efforts and feel genuinely about reconciliations.
  2. Friends, if you believe that all of your grooming habits are quite impressive, then you have been living under a rock. Here's the thing with women. They consider themselves grooming experts and they are not biased because ultimately the tips are applicable to men as well. If you groom too much, she will find it unattractive and when you don't, she will notice you have stopped putting in efforts. Here are some grooming habits your girlfriend secretly hates. Believe us, this is exactly the fix you need! 1. Stop overloading yourself with fragrances © Getty Images It's quite easy to go overboard with the cologne you use. While it may seem like an excellent call for you, that isn't the case with her. Your overdone aroma is not the way to cast a spell on your other half. This is going to scare her and would only make her feel that you never got in the shower. Sorry. 2. Dry skin © Getty Images If she hasn't been cuddly or mushy with you in the last few days, chances are it's your dry skin. Do yourself and her a favour and use a good moisturiser. 3. Back hair is a BIG NO NO © FunnyAnd Imagine, it's your first time in bed with her and she notices your back that's only a carpet of hair. Sounds dreadful, right? Wax or trim, that choice is absolutely yours. Plus, your hair growth will only lessen over time. Win-win, guys! 4. No dirty feet and nails, please © Getty Images Two things that are an instant turn off: dirty feet and nails. If her attention diverts anywhere here, you have already lost your chance. Keeping them dirt-free and trimmed is an ideal way to be in her good books. 5. Dandruff on tees *Ick* © Getty Images Impeccable hair quality is one thing and dandruff is another. If you don't want her to run a scan on your t-shirt, use a roller duster before your romantic date. 6. Body odour © Getty Images There's a fine line between using your cologne too much and not using it at all. Bad body odour will make her question your hygiene list and to not let that happen, work on your bathing schedule. 7. A lot of hair wax © Getty Images Hair wax, without a doubt has been a part of grooming for men, but remember that center shock ad? Yes, that's exactly what your girlfriend hates. Use hair wax only to keep your hair looking clean. 8. Not flossing © Getty Images Bad breath happens when there's plaque buildup, and this is a definite reason for her to run away from you. Start flossing after brushing your teeth and she will thank you for it. 9. Chapped lips © Getty Images Firstly, stay away from stereotypical thoughts that lip balms are for women. No, they are for you too. So, get one and keep your lips hydrated.
  3. Here's someone you ought to know about by now: Maluma. With collaborations with Madonna and Shakira, Maluma is an emerging global pop artist. But Maluma is his stage name, he was born as Juan Luis Londoño Arias in Medellin, Colombia. (Medellin is also the name of the song on which he's collaborated with Madonna) Maluma started performing at the age of 16 in 2010. 'Maluma' comes from a combination of the first syllables from each of his immediate family members names: His mother Marli, dad Luis and older sister Manuela. Besides dropping one hit after the other, he also keeps his fashion game on point. He recently did an interview with Jimmy Falon where he performed, proving that he can set the stage on fire with his magnetic personality. Here are ten times he set his Instagram on fire with his effortlessly chill style: 1. He made his Met Gala debut recently and we love his openness to experiment with a bit of sparkle, because it suits him. © Instagram/ Maluma 2. Here's a casual picture of Maluma chilling with his dog in a jacket we love. No big deal. © Instagram/ Maluma 3. Look at those kicks and then look at the sweats, we love how coordinated those two are. © Instagram/ Maluma 4. We think that this leather one piece is great to make a statement and it's super edgy. © Instagram/ Maluma 5. Not just clothes, we love the stellar tattoo ensemble on his arm. *Adding tat designs to my wishlist* © Instagram/ Maluma 6. There is something about Maluma's affiliation to jumpsuits that we really admire. A bum bag takes any look to another level and here, it complements the look seamlessly. © Instagram/ Maluma 7. That in no way suggests that Maluma can't clean up well. Here's evidence that suggests otherwise. © Instagram/ Maluma 8. While wine needs to be swirled a couple of times before consumption, if you want to enjoy coffee the Maluma way, here's what you should do: © Instagram/ Maluma 9. Another picture that proves Maluma's love for sneakers. © Instagram/ Maluma 10. An airport look that screams Maluma means business wherever he goes. © Instagram/ Maluma
  4. Actress Julia Roberts once said "True love doesn't come to you, it has to be inside you." Looks like this Japanese dude took some serious 'inspiration' from her words and literally ate his girlfriend, who was actually a cockroach from Africa. Yuta Shinohara, a 25-year-old entomophagist, was in a serious relationship for almost a year with Lisa, his 'beloved' cockroach girlfriend he bought from Africa. In fact, he was so deeply and madly in love with her that he even fantasised having *** with it. Shinohara agreed that although the relationship was platonic, he often imagined having *** with it in a fantasy world where either he was miniaturised or she was super-sized. And you thought your imagination was weird! YouTube/ Asian Boss However, his romantic love story came to a sad end and Shinohara was left devastated when Lisa died. "The day she passed away was difficult, but I knew it had to come since she was a cockroach with a short lifespan,” he said. YouTube/ Asian Boss I don't know if you noticed or not that I mentioned Shinohara is an entomophagist, which means he is someone who practices eating bugs and insects as food. He did the same with his 'true love' Lisa. He ate the cockroach after she died, so that she can live in his heart and body forever. Shinohara said, "I did it with reverence. So now Lisa lives in my heart and continues living as part of my body." How romantic, isn't it? According to Shinohara, Lisa was hotter than any human girl in the world and that they were "100% serious" about each other. In other news, Shinohara is famous for popularising insect cuisine in the country. He often hosts events where he makes and serves dishes likes noodles, cocktails and desserts made from bugs and worms. His 'ramen made with crickets' is supposedly a delicacy loved by people. Even 'creepy' is an understatement for Shinohara's love story, which ended or probably became 'immortal' when he ate her just so she can continue to live in his body. All those people who say "True love knows no boundaries", will probably take back their words now, after meeting Shinohara.
  5. After Deepika-Ranveer, Priyanka-Nick and Sonam-Anand, another celebrity has tied the knot, confirming that the wedding season isn't over for Bollywood just yet. Veteran actor Raj Babbar's son and Bollywood actor Prateik Babbar, known for movies like 'Mulk', 'Baaghi 2', 'Issaq' and 'Dhobi Ghat', tied the knot with his girlfriend Sanya Sagar in a traditional Maharashtrian ceremony on January 23rd. Here are their first pictures as a married couple. Wedding bells for #PrateikBabbar as he gets married with his longtime girlfriend #SanyaSagar in a low-key ceremony in Lucknow.@prateikbabbar We congratulate the newlyweds a happy married life â¤ð#Bollywood #PopDiaries pic.twitter.com/uAbqfN44mW — POP Diaries (@Popdiarieslive) January 24, 2019 According to reports, Prateik and Sanya got married in Lucknow in the presence of their friends and family members. The couple has been dating since 2017. Instagram The couple's Haldi and Mehendi ceremony, that have been doing rounds on social media for quite some time now, look like they were taken out straight from the pages of a fairytale book. Instagram While Prateik and Sanya are now happily married, recently, his ex-girlfriend Amy Jackson too announced her engagement to British millionaire tycoon George Panayiotou (don't try too hard reading his name, we messed up too). Amy broke more hearts than the number of zeroes her boyfriend has in his bank account, by announcing her engagement. Instagram Talking about the couple of the hour, the newly-weds will host a lavish reception for their B-town friends in Mumbai on January 25. Instagram According to a source, "Among the guests, who are expected to attend the do, are Jackie and Tiger Shroff, Aditya Roy Kapur, Adhuna Bhabani, Siddhanth Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Mahesh Manjrekar and Anubhav Sinha."
  6. Cricketer Rishabh Pant is currently on a break after a strenuous stint in Australia and is making the best of his time because he just gave us a glimpse into his personal life by introducing his lady love Isha Negi to the world. View this post on Instagram I just want to make you happy because you are the reason I am so happy â¤ï¸ A post shared by Rishabh Pant (@rishabpant) on Jan 16, 2019 at 7:42am PST A little more homework into who Isha was led us to knowing that she is an entrepreneur and is also an interior decorator. View this post on Instagram Life on the edge. I'm dangling my feet. I tried to pay attention But attention paid me. A post shared by Ä®sha Negi ð (@ishanegi_) on Dec 21, 2018 at 11:50pm PST View this post on Instagram We can dance in desire Or we can burn in love tonight' A post shared by Ä®sha Negi ð (@ishanegi_) on Dec 1, 2018 at 8:00am PST The gorgeous woman is interested in literature and as per a Times Now report, she is an alumni of Amity University. View this post on Instagram That's my all time favourite No Filter Look. A post shared by Ä®sha Negi ð (@ishanegi_) on Oct 22, 2018 at 1:21am PDT View this post on Instagram You know I tamed it. And then I named it. I put the lion in the cage. Be the hunter and they the prey. I'm the thriller & the killer, staying up here all the night. Just rolling J's and loving the kush. A post shared by Ä®sha Negi ð (@ishanegi_) on Jul 14, 2018 at 2:45am PDT The talented 21-year-old cricketer, Rishabh Pant, holds the record for the most catches taken by an Indian wicketkeeper in Test series. View this post on Instagram Let's become fantasies #instagrammusts#keep_loving#followersgram A post shared by Ä®sha Negi ð (@ishanegi_) on Jun 7, 2017 at 9:29pm PDT How they met and how long they have been dating is unknown but Rishabh is one of the few players who decided to make their love life public. His fans are of course very happy for him. Looks like he's a keeper after all!
  7. Imagine having the perfect skin for meetings, date nights, and other events without the hassle of make-up. That's something we all want, but for every big night, there is that one blemish or an awkward pimple that tends to stick out and is always at the back of your head. What if people are only focusing on that one disappointment? But here's a little secret that can help you not have these tiny pimples/ blemishes on your face ever again. The key to good skin is consistent care. You need to set a routine in place that rules out the possibility of bacterial infestations that cause pimples. 1. Face Wash © Amazon Invest in a good men's facial cleanser with mild foaming properties that dissolve the residue oils and dirt in the pores of your skin and rids skin of impurities. Make sure the cleanser has a good amount of salicylic acid which helps get rid of acne by preventing any bacterial growth of any form. We recommend: Garnier Acno Fight Face Wash Price: Rs 180 Buy it here 2. Scrubs © Amazon A cleanser is never enough. While necessary to start your routine with, you also need a scrub to exfoliate the stubborn dirt that is deep seeded inside your pores. Use this twice a week. We recommend: Beardo Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Face Scrub Price: Rs 350 Buy it here 3. Moisturizer © Amazon You need to hydrate your skin with a good cream that locks in the moisture and helps create a protective barrier for your skin. A moisturizer, if used consistently, also helps fight dryness and premature signs of ageing. We recommend: The Man Company Essencia Shea Butter & Vitamin E Daily Moisturizing Cream Price: Rs 349 Buy it here 4. Sunscreen © Amazon Usually found in your girlfriend's beauty stash, an SPF is super important in fighting the harmful UV rays that can prove to be toxic for your skin. Don't assume the sunscreen has a gender, this product is super important if you step out in the day without exception of seasons. A common assumption is that sunscreen can only be used in the Summer, which is far from true. A good sunscreen should also be used in the Winter for protection. We recommend: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock (SPF 50+) Price: Rs 199 Buy it here
  8. ADMIN

    Meeting My Friends Girlfriend

    What's one of the biggest steps in a relationship? When you get your girlfriend to meet your best friend. Who do you love more? Who' side will you be on? Is there a right side? Let's find out.
  9. If you are here, it means you have a woman in your life who means something to you, and you would like to make this upcoming New Year really special for her. Right? Of course, because doesn't a happy girlfriend mean an even happier you? Those two really are directly proportional! So, without beating around the bush too much, allow us to present to you 5 alternative ways of wishing your girlfriend “a very happy New Year” that doesn't involve the boring texts and calls, which certainly show very little of how much your really care. The following 5 alternatives were put together after taking insights from women on how they would like to be wished by their partners on new years, something that would make it really special for them. After much thought and consultations, these are the 5 very popular ways of totally slaying the game this New Year's Eve, and we shall wait for you to come back and thank us later: 1. Paying A Surprise Visit At Midnight © Dharma Productions Whether you live in the same city or have a long distance relationship, trust us that this move will earn you a lot of brownie points if you are able to pull this off well! The surprise, thrill and happiness you'd get to see on her face, will be all worth it. And who knows she might surprise you after, in her own special way. *winks* 2. Ordering/Cooking Her Favourite Food © For Star Studios This was one popular choice among most women. It seems that men might not be the only one whose way to the heart is through good food. Nothing would please the woman in your life better than to have her favourite food as part of the New Year celebrations! And there could be no match to it if you cook it yourself! 3. Getting Your Hands Dirty- No, It's Not What You're Thinking! © Instagram DIY, you guys! Handmade things are an absolute hit with women and they admit that it totally makes their day when they see someone has put in so much love and effort into a gift. It can be something very small or big, just as long as you know it's something she'd like to keep. It's the thought that counts, mate! 4. Scavenger Hunt That Leads To A Midnight Kiss © UTV Motion Pictures Well, this was something fresh, and we couldn't get over all the possibilities this held. So here goes. It appears that women really fancy mystery and excitement, so what better way to fulfill both of these for your girl, than with a scavenger hunt that ends with a kiss at midnight? 5. BAR CRAWL! © Kunal kohli Productions Yes! Many women we asked were all for a bar crawl, and honestly, we know how much fun that can be. Well, with a company like that, can you really complain? It would be a perfect way to kick start the New Year for you both, we feel.
  10. From not giving her the time that she wants (and deserves!) to spending more hours scoring goals on FIFA, MEN, being the silly beings that they are, often end up leaving their girlfriends infuriated, looking nothing short of the red emotion in Riley's mind in Inside Out- “Anger.” If you are in a relationship, you must already know that ruffling your girlfriend's feathers to an extent that she swears to never see your face is only a matter of seconds. On the other hand, it may take you days, weeks or even years to make up for the minutest of errors that you make in your relationship. Fret not! With 2018 departing and 2019 gearing up to enter our yards, you have (once again!) been blessed with the opportunity to do everything that you can to make up for the mistakes you made the previous years, and make your lady love feel pampered. So, to help you navigate through, we have come up with a list of gestures that you must employ and inculcate in your habits if you want to ensure that your New Year is indeed a happy one. Hop aboard! Surprise Her With Gifts Every Now And Then © Idiva While they might not mention it all the time, they expect you to take a hint, and understand for yourself that WOMEN LOVE GIFTS! The cyberspace is chock-a-block with a wide range of gifting variants to choose from, so you cannot resort to lame excuses for not surprising her with the best of presents (you know who you are!). All you need to do is learn about her interests, and pick a gift accordingly. If your girlfriend is an avid reader, you can always get her a great read from the genre that she loves, or a Kindle, so she has plenty of space to stack her favourite books. Similarly, if your girlfriend makes sure that her skin and hair are maintained, then you can bestow on her all the essentials that she would absolutely love to own. See, it is as simple as this. Pro Tip: If you have no knowledge of the leading skin and hair care products in the market, we urge you to go ahead and order this iDiva beauty box. This treasure trove constitutes of the leading beauty products in the market including Indulgeo's rose gold oil, Pantene's oil replacement cream, Aroma Magic's grapefruit face wash and more! Buy it here 2. Plan Surprise Getaways © Instagram/ Neha Dupia The mundane lives that we all lead, more often than not, end up taking a toll on our relationships. Given the hectic schedules, and lack of time that we are all cursed with, taking out some peaceful time for your dearest one can get really difficult. However, it is way more essential than one may realise, or you can end up stuck in a stale relationship. This is where romantic vacations pave their way into the scene! A quaint getaway can be highly relaxing and healthy for your relationship, and lend it the spark that it lacked. So, take out some time and book tickets to a tranquilising vacation spot, and urge your lady love to take some time off and hop aboard! 3. Shower Her With Compliments © Instagram/ Genelia Deshmukh Women love and cherish getting adored by the man that they are seeing for it makes them feel that you always have your eyeballs stuck on them. So, from her perfectly fitting dress to her heels, neck-piece, and even that teeny-tiny nose-pin that she dons occasionally, make sure you observe her from head to toe and shower her in compliments that she legit deserves. While we are not suggesting you go for cheesy lines such as “Is your body from McDonald's? Cause I'm lovin' it!” we are certainly suggesting you show her that you are still interested in her and that you admire every little thing about her. 4. Take Her On Frequent Date Nights © Instagram/ Virat Kohli Revelling in a romantic candlelight dinner in the shade of a bazillion stars is the idea for an idyllic date night for many, and we are definitely not complaining. If you and your lady love are short on time, or lack enough funds to head out on vacation, you can always take her out on a romantic date, and relish a great conversation while tucking into some delicious grub, and sipping on a nice glass of wine. Make this a frequent affair to keep her happy and contented for all 365 days of the year. 5. Make As Many Memories As You Can © Instagram/ Karan Singh Grover In the coming year, head out on exciting road trips, dive deep into the oceans, or simply participate in panipuri eating competitions, but make sure that you are doing all sorts of crazy things with your loved one by your side, and in turn making a plethora of memories. Besides actually doing all this stuff together, make sure you are recording them in photographs and videos, for as Ed Sheeran says, “We keep the love in the photographs, we made these memories for ourselves...” So, when you are 50, and locking horns over electricity bills, you can look back and relive the amazing time that you had together.
  11. With the New Year lurking just around the corner, we all have our own plans set to usher in 2019 with full vigour! However, if parties are not your idea of celebrations, but you are all for good travel experiences, these would be some of the best places to visit with your girlfriend and ring in the New Year together. Check out these 10 offbeat, romantic destinations around the country that are simply perfect to welcome the New Year: 1. Laitlum Canyons, Meghalaya © Instagram-shngain_khongsti A truly scenic, thrill-inducing place located in the outskirts of Shillong, the canyons make for a breathtaking view. The steep height and the panoramic view of the lush greenery around is the best way to behold nature's marvel in the company of your girlfriend. 2. Rosary Church, Shettihalli, Bengaluru © Instagram-sanfamio An 1860 Gothic creation by French Missionaries, this medieval church is located on the backs of Hemavathi River. A peculiarity surrounds this structure, that evades full exposure during the rainy season when it gets submerged into water, and can only be seen in its full glory once the water level recedes. 3. Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra © Wikipedia A visit to this place will greet you with a marvellous sight of a sea of blossoms. The Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra is located 22 km from Satara city and is home to around 850 species of flowers. With its many blooms of wildflowers to charm your lady's heart, this place surely deserves a visit. 4. Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh © Instagram-niketmalpani Also known as the Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat, you simply have to take a boat ride with your lady here on a moonlit evening. The place simply looks ethereal. 5. Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh © Instagram-twistedshanti Located at a height of 14,000 feet above sea level in Tawang, Sela Pass is one of the highest passes in the world! It rests beside the Paradise Lake, which looks pristine with its crystal clear water, and lush greenery around - the place almost looks magical when it snows. 6. Majuli, Assam © Twitter Popularly known for being the largest river island in the world, this location should be in your 'must-visit' list. Situated along the banks of Brahmaputra river, the place is only accessible through ferries. It is also one of the potential contenders of UNESCO World Heritage Site. 7. Nubra Valley, Ladakh, J&K © Instagram-warriers_dlrg_cherry One of Ladakh's most offbeat places, Nubra Valley is an amalgamation of a cold desert, lush fields and a tiny residential town. With its quaint villages, lush greenery and monasteries, this place will blow your mind. 8. Papikondalu, Andhra Pradesh © Instagram-vignesh_vicky_official A mountain range that runs along the Godavari River in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. The scenic beauty of the place will leave you craving for more, and the mountain range begins to close in on the river. 9. Devbagh Beach, Maharashtra © Instagram-karnatakeworld Anjunadeep in Devbagh boasts of calm environs and a visual history of the Portuguese era. People say that this place was once a haven for Bednore and Soonda, when these coastal kingdoms were invaded by Tipu Sultan. 10. Gurez Valley, Kashmir © Instagram-cativatingkashmir Located in the northern region of Kashmir, near Srinagar, the snow-capped mountains of the Valley will leave you spellbound and is home to rare species of flora and fauna.
  12. Wonder why her hands are supple to touch or why her skin has a flawless finish at all times? It's time for you to broaden the definition of grooming by taking inspiration from your girl's beauty stash. Reason: You'll be stunned by the sheer effectiveness of these products and once you cross over to the other side of products that make self-care seem irresistible for you, there's no coming back. This is not only a form of self-care but will also definitely upgrade your grooming game by a notch. 1. Lip Balm The lip balm has no gender. Also, it is a universally acknowledged fact that no one wants to kiss a pair of chapped lips. I'm sure you secretly agree with this too. Which leaves us to this conclusion: your lips need a balm. With Winter months right here, the weather can be terribly harsh for your skin and especially your lips. Your skin, just like your girlfriend's, is not impermeable to the dryness of Winter. Like her, you too need a moisturizing agent to save the lips from breaking into cracks. Try: Nivea Men Active Care Created especially for men, the lip balm moisturizes your lips without making it rather shiny, just in case you want to keep this your little secret. © Amazon Price: INR 120 Buy it here 2. Sunscreen I can't stress enough on the importance of sunscreen. Not only does it help prevent your skin from getting a rough tan but also saves you from the UV rays that are responsible for causing cancer. Now, that's a good enough reason to not say no to it. Ideally, for your face sunscreens, don't choose a cream below SPF 40, because most people don't apply enough and a lower SPF just won't do the job. Try: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (SPF 50+) Its ultralight formula blends flawlessly and helps prevent sunburns. © Amazon Price: INR 514 Buy it here 3. Leave-In Conditioner Winter months can leave your mane dry and brittle. A good solution would be to shampoo it less and condition it more. Trust me, when I say this- it's the most basic routine that every girl follows. A viable option is adding a leave-in conditioner to your routine. This not only gives the hair much-needed moisture that it lacks but also adds a healthy shine to your hair. Try: Pantene Oil Replacement The non-sticky formula takes barely a minute to apply and gives your hair all the goodness of a hair oil without leaving it oily and sticky. © Amazon Price: 150 Buy it here 4. Dry Shampoo A dry shampoo, contrary to a leave-in conditioner, is for those days when you absolutely don't have the time to shampoo or the bad hair days when your hair seems oily and limp and can be difficult to style. Dry shampoo absorbs the excess oil and leaves hair with much-needed volume. Try: Colab Sheer + Invisible Tropical Fragrance Dry Shampoo is great for cleansing out the excess of natural oil that leaves hair sticky and greasy. © Amazon Price: INR 699 Buy it here 5. Concealer A concealer is instrumental in saving your girl in times of crises. Whether it's a hickey on her neck that she needs to hide before an official meeting or a pimple on the face right before date night or even dark circles for that matter! This product upon generous use, conceals it all. Now, these aren't gendered problems. I'm sure you relate too. Use a concealer stick so that you could avoid the awkward moments when your hickey gets spotted. Try: Colorbar Full Cover Make Up Stick, this product is lightweight and creamy and will seamlessly blend in your skin. © Amazon Price: INR 675 Buy it here 6. Hand Cream No-one wants to hold hands that are scaly and unpleasant to touch, right? Ever wonder why your girl's hands are so soft to touch? Hand lotion is crucial in keeping the softness intact since the skin on your hands is devoid from the production of sebum oil (a natural skin moisturizer). This is where a hand lotion comes into the picture. Try: Dot & Key Hand Cream This one is ingrained with moisturizing and sanitizing properties that help keep the hands soft. © Amazon Price: 395 Buy it here 7. Hair Dryer I know, I know, a lot of you guys might already be using this. But for a few out there who aren't, the hair dryer might come off as useless at first glance but once you notice the difference between naturally dried hair and hair dried with a hairdryer you wouldn't want to go back. This gives an added definition to your hair and at a quicker pace, so it doesn't seem like much of a hassle and you don't get late for work. Try: Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer A reliable hair dryer that is easy to carry and styles hair while giving it volume quickly. © Amazon Price: INR 779 Buy it here
  13. Seems like 'once bitten, twice shy' is not something Rahul Mahajn believes in. The ex-Bigg Boss contestant has been making it to the news in the past several years for just one reason- his relationships! The man was married twice in the past and as per reports, both his ex-wives accused him of domestic violence. View this post on Instagram Smile ð for no reason and be the reason for others to smile ð A post shared by Rahul Mahajan (@therahulmahajan) on Nov 9, 2018 at 3:43am PST He was married to Shweta Singh and then reportedly had a brief attachment to fellow contestant Monica Bedi when they both appeared on the reality show together. Later, Rahul participated in another reality show which was a 'Swayamvar' and there he fell for the pretty Dimpy Ganguly. They were married for over 5 years but their marriage was pretty turbulent, something which Dimpy spoke about often after they separated. © Twitter However, his optimism and his constant belief in the institution of marriage has led Rahul to marry once again to his 25 year old girlfriend from Kazakhstan, Natalya Ilina. © Twitter The wedding was a private affair and was solemnised at a temple in Malabar Hills, Mumbai. © Twitter Let's hope the couple stays in marital bliss and Rahul Mahajan finds his happiness in this marriage.
  14. Seems like Bollywood's current heartthrob Vicky Kaushal is taken and not single anymore (sorry ladies). After he wowed fans with a power-packed performance in 'Manmarziyan' , the eligible bachelor is going places but looks like he is not so single anymore. View this post on Instagram Thank You @vogueindia for the honour and a big hug to you @anaitashroffadajania ð¤â¤ï¸ A post shared by Vicky Kaushal (@vickykaushal09) on Oct 27, 2018 at 11:22pm PDT Rumours have it that he is dating Harleen Sethi, who is currently being seen in AltBalaji's 'BrokenButBeautiful'. View this post on Instagram Innocent complaints of an innocent lover- #Sohnea A song I fell in love with the very first time I heard it and I'm so so glad it's part of #BrokenButBeautiful @misspooja I love u for singing it so heartbreakingly beautifully and @ektaravikapoor @saritatanwar2707 @sanndstorm @filmykothari love you even more for making this Sameera's #broken melody All episodes streaming on @altbalaji on 27th Nov A post shared by Harleen Sethi (@itsharleensethi) on Nov 16, 2018 at 9:42pm PST View this post on Instagram Diwali ð¥ at @ektaravikapoor A post shared by Harleen Sethi (@itsharleensethi) on Nov 7, 2018 at 10:15pm PST In a recent podcast with Neha Dhupia, on being asked to sing a song for Harleen, the handsome actor sung Diljit's 'Do You Know'. View this post on Instagram But "just friends" don't look at each other like that ð #justsaying #aankhonhiaankhonmein #indianwedding #ranipink #anitadongre #gotapatti A post shared by Harleen Sethi (@itsharleensethi) on Sep 21, 2018 at 8:25am PDT View this post on Instagram Walking in clogs(wooden shoes) was uncomfortable but you gotta make things look easy right :D #whenniketookabackseat #shoesfromnetherlands #clogs A post shared by Harleen Sethi (@itsharleensethi) on Aug 23, 2018 at 11:21pm PDT View this post on Instagram Can u say I'm flirting? A post shared by Harleen Sethi (@itsharleensethi) on Mar 14, 2018 at 10:56pm PDT Harleen is a model and an actress from Mumbai and rumours of the two dating were fuelled when the paps clicked the duo after a lunch date. View this post on Instagram @vickykaushal09 #with #harleensethi #spotted #in #fable #juhu #today #mumbai #bollywood #instagood #photography #paparazzi #Pictures A post shared by yogen shah (@yogenshah_s) on Oct 27, 2018 at 5:29am PDT View this post on Instagram 'Gabru'giri ðð¼ Tonite at 8pm on @discoveryjeet #gabru #hiphop #rapper #swag #discoveryjeet A post shared by Harleen Sethi (@itsharleensethi) on Feb 13, 2018 at 3:41am PST View this post on Instagram Go Green! A post shared by Harleen Sethi (@itsharleensethi) on Jan 20, 2018 at 4:51am PST They'll make a cute couple, we think. Until then, we are waiting for some kind of confirmation from the actor himself.
  15. Arguments aren't something any of us look forward to, at any given point. No matter the person who is tugging at the rope on the other end. Most of us try to avoid as many of them as we can, while some of us also believe in initiating a few, simply to clear off a bothersome issues from our lives. But on most days, arguments are not that easy to come by. Thankfully, they are scarce in number, and too far in between. Yet, somehow the same cannot be said about relationships. In this latter case, arguments seem to crop up unannounced, and at times more often than we'd like them to. © Yash Raj Films However, arguing with your girlfriend is actually a sign that you are involved and invested in a relationship which is alive, allows you the freedom to openly present your case and express your thoughts and desires. Research has also shown that couples who argue effectively, are 10 times more likely to have a happy relationship. Now, some of you might say all of this looks great on paper and we do agree, because most fights in romantic relationships turn ugly pretty quickly. Hurtful words are hurled at each other, past instances come to play ghost, and basically all of it ends up ruining the party. So, if you happen to fall in this bracket more frequently than you'd like, then these 7 easy steps will not only ensure you win over every argue (without any conceit or malice), but also do so without hurting the woman you love on most days. *winks* © Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Step 1: Get In Her Shoes Or Err...Her Heels According to relationship therapist Nita Gurnani, an argument must leave the couple with a "renewed sense of understanding of each others' needs" - and not just be a venting channel for your frustrations. Therefore, we must try to consider the issue at hand from our girlfriend's point of view, and take it forward from there. Step 2: Pacify Her With Queries Allan Pease, author of the book 'Questions Are The Answers' talks about the art of communication, and shares how asking poignant questions allows us to understand the other's concerns better. At the same time, answering your questions will automatically get rid of a lot of misunderstandings which will allow you to resolve issue amicably. © ALT Entertainment Step 3: Be Upfront About Your Position Therapist Susan Pease Gadoua, who co-authored 'The New I Do, Reshaping Marriage for Sceptics, Realists, and Rebels' suggests that being brutally honest about your stand on the issue plays a vital part in communicating that your concerns need to be looked into. This in turn helps your girlfriend to see where you are coming from, and they initiate a resolution. Step 4: Don't Try To Negate The Concerns She Puts Forward Once your girlfriend shares her side of the story after you've asked for it, don't try to negate the issues/concerns she raises within it, by using the words “but” or “however” in your own argument. According to behavior scientists, use of these words communicates to the other person that you don't really care about their position. Step 5: Be Aware About Your Tonality & Body Language Even when things run high on emotions, which they often do, we must try to handle our personal emotions very neutrally. Why? Because it isn't just about what you say, it's as much about how you say it. Check you emotions and focus on your intentions throughout the conversation. © Dharma Productions Step 6: 'Listen' To The Argument Fading Away Make the most of the “WH” words you learnt as part of your English grammar. Studies have shown that words such as “what”, “why”, “how” and the like, provokes the other person to talk, and for you to listen to it. Listening to the other's concerns brings in understanding, which results in a solution. Besides women appreciate a man who really listens to what is being said. Step 7: Own Up If You've Messed Up Simply presuming that you can't ever be wrong is plain foolish. However, if you genuinely see that you did mess up in the first place. It's best to own up to it and apologise earnestly. That shows you're taking the matter seriously, which will help ease her anger by default. These simple steps work like a charm and you wouldn't even have to pull on a long face by the end of that next argument you find yourself in.
  16. Men are famously, or rather infamously, known for being bad at giving gifts. And when it comes to getting a gift for the important women in their lives, especially their girlfriends, they are often confused about how to get it right. This isn't all that surprising, especially considering the fact that men really don't pay that much attention to their girlfriends' fashion choices, the brands they love buying from, or the products they love using most. So boys, if you are planning on getting a gift for your girlfriend, because it's her birthday, your anniversary, or just to celebrate the festive season we are currently in, try following these five tips so you don't end up getting her something that may make her want to kill you. 1. Make Sure You Don't Get Her Something She Already Owns You might think that this is an obvious tip to follow, but you'd be surprised to know just how many people (men in particular!) end up screwing this up. As most men really don't keep themselves updated with their girlfriend's collection of clothes, accessories and grooming essentials, it's not that difficult to fathom that they can accidentally end up giving their girlfriends a gift identical or similar to something they already own. As such, conducting your fair share of research is imperative, especially if you DON'T want your special gesture to be wasted. 2. Ask Her Sister Or Best Friend For Advice © Balaji Motion Pictures, Anil Kapoor Films No one is doubting or contesting how well you know your girlfriend. After all, part and parcel of dating someone involves getting accustomed to their likes and dislikes, their habits and their pet peeves. But when it comes to getting a gift for her, one that you'd ideally want her to appreciate, it's probably best to ask for some advice from the girls in her life - her bestie and/or her sister. After all, irrespective of how long you've been dating each other, it's her sisters and best friends who are best accustomed to the brands she loves buying from, the beauty products she likes using most or the type of fashion sense she harbours. 3. Cliches Are A Big No-No, Avoid Them At All Costs…. © iDiva Sure gifting her a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers has mostly become synonymous with romance, but they make for some of the lamest cliches as well, to the point where some might even consider it incredibly lazy, if not outright offensive, to receive such an uninspiring gift. So why not think a little out of the box and get something inspiring and useful? Depending on what her likes/dislikes are, and after taking some advice from the girls who know her best, you could easily curate a list of potential gifts that will help leave a lasting impression. Pro tip: If you are finding it a bit challenging to get her a gift that isn't a cliche and will prove to be incredibly useful as well, you can check out the iDiva beauty box that is an amalgamation of premium grooming essentials for women. 4. ….Except For One- Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend As mentioned above, all cliches should be avoided when it comes to getting a gift for your girlfriend. But if there is one cliche that you can get away with making, it's this one. After all, getting her diamonds is certainly going to make for a memorable gift that she won't be forgetting anytime soon. I know this makes for an incredibly expensive gift, but if you can afford it you (and that's a big if), then you really shouldn't think twice about getting her fancy jewellery. 5. Finally, Make Sure Your Gift Has A Personalized Touch © Unsplash This won't be an issue if you are giving her a personalized gift itself - such as a holiday to her favourite city, or tickets to her favourite play. But if you are giving her something materialistic, it would be advisable to give it a personal touch as well. For instance, a handwritten note can accompany that pair of earrings or a beautiful picture (in a fancy frame) could be given with that box of grooming essentials. In short, adding a personal touch to your gift is always advisable.
  17. Fights and tiffs are an inevitable part of any healthy relationship. After all, if you aren't having the occasional (and NOT habitual!) tiffs with your girlfriend, there's something seriously flawed with your relationship. But as healthy as those occasional fights can be, making up with your girlfriend after a fight can be an agonizingly painful exercise. And considering the onus will almost always lie upon you to make things right, this task becomes even more daunting. And so, to help you get out of such a predicament, here are four simple yet effective ways of making up with your girlfriend that will put you right back in her good books: 1) Give Her Time AND Space Before you do anything else to make up with your girlfriend, you need to absolutely make sure that you give her enough time AND space to get in the right frame of mind. After all, you won't be able to achieve ANYTHING, let alone fix her mood, when she's still reeling from the anger or annoyance of the tiff. So give her time to calm herself down, and you can then move on to the next step. Which brings us to... 2) Don't Shy Away From Having A Conversation If you give her the time and space to tone down her anger, chances are that she'd want to talk to you about the fight you guys had. Now, most guys tend to run away from conversations like these, primarily because they really don't know how to navigate their way through them without making things worse. Well, if you have the conversation with an open mind, actively LISTEN to what she's saying, and acknowledge your screw-ups, you'll be able to put forward your own point of view without turning her off. On the contrary, she'll be more likely to understand and listen to your grievances if you listen to hers. 3) Get Her A Gift © iDiva While we are not advocating for you to solely take the materialistic route, getting your girlfriend a gift, as a means of making up with her, does make for a sweet gesture that can help lighten up her mood and ease the tension. Avoiding cliche tropes like flowers or chocolates is advisable, especially since the entire point of gifting her something is to make up for a fight. So try and opt for a more personalized gift, or opt for something that you know she'd love to own. Pro Tip: If you are finding it a bit challenging to get her a gift, something which we are certain is a predicament that most guys out there will find themselves in, you can check out the iDiva Beauty Box for your girl. 4) Take Her Out To A Place She Will Love © Dharma Productions Finally, you should think about taking her out to a place she will love. This can be anything, from a movie she's been wanting to watch for the longest while or a restaurant that she absolutely loves to dine at, to even a nearby city or hill station that she's been wanting to explore. Apart from helping cheer up her mood, it will surely make her forget all about the fight you both had just a few hours (or days) ago!
  18. Women are said to be mysterious. Even though we can't be too sure about that claim, what we can surely tell you is that they don't seem to give it all away, even after months of knowing them. So, you expect that perhaps things will change once you get into a relationship with her and by getting to know her better, you'd be able to unravel all the mysteries she withholds in her smirks and subtle shaking of the head every now and then. But as you may know by now, that is not to be. © Dharma Productions You've tried to figure her out for long, and seem to have managed a great deal in trying to play along, as you steadily undo her little secrets. But the thing is, even when you feel you have her all figured out, she will still keep a few things to herself, simply because she wants to or feels that you don't need to know it all. But like always, we're here to save the day for you, because we have managed to get hold of a few secrets that every girlfriend keeps from her guy, for reasons unknown. But once you read them through, you'll kinda get an idea why that is so. 1. She Has Stalked Your Exes More Than Just Once No matter how much you want her to confess to it, she'll never agree that she has stalked and dissected your ex-girlfriend's social media accounts on more than one occasion. She knows more than you give her credit for, or let her know about. © Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment 2. Some Comparisons With Her Ex Do Pop-Up Every Once In A While Well, that's a bummer honestly. No guy wants his girl to be even thinking about her ex, let alone have the two of you be compared to each other. But before you get all dejected, you should know that it's rare, and the comparisons only pop up as gentle reminders of the jackpot she hit with you. 3. She Fantasised About Being With You Much Before It Even Happened You know they'll never tell you about this, but isn't it obvious why not? Just know that it's true(for most of them) and revel in those moments of satisfaction. © Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment 4. When She Says She's Ready, It Means In The Next 19 Minutes Will the guy who hasn't experienced this yet, please stand up? Most women wield this trick and well it kinda works, most of the time, to subconsciously believe they'd be here just any moment, which in turn helps in waiting “a little bit” longer. 5. She Frequently Checks Her Phone To See If You've Called/Texted It isn't something you didn't expect, is it? We have all been there, even done that a couple of times ourselves after sending a killer text. But who knew women do it regardless of any such situations, to simply see if their man is thinking of them, maybe? © Dharma Productions 6. She's Constantly Testing You When You Guys Are Just Starting Out Yes, mate. That happens too. You'll have to pass a number of tests before she allows herself to fall head over heels for you. But sorry to say that we don't know what they would be judging you on. Comment below if you would want us to dig deeper on this one. 7. She Appreciates It When You Tell Her You Like Her Company A girl needs her dose of attention every once in a while, and that doesn't have to be at loggerheads with her independent, self-reliant ideals. So, maybe do that occasionally and you'll see how positively that works in your favour. © Red Chillies Entertainment 8. A Little Jealousy Is Appreciated And we'd like to stress on it again, a little jealousy. Which means don't act all IDGAF when you see her excessively drooling over a guy or when she is receiving a lot of attention from a certain guy. Moderation is key here. 9. Some Fights Are Merely To Get Your Attention At least now you know why they pull out the guns every once in a while for no reason at all. Glad to have gotten this one, aren't you? Do you have the nerve to run these through with your girl?
  19. If you're still confused about the 'type' of girl you'd like to date, we can make it rather simple for you. How, you ask? Well, by throwing famous pop-culture references your way of course! By that I mean, we're so intrigued by popular character sketches on TV shows and series, that we imagine finding that very person to be acquainted with. It's quite fascinating really. But what if these shows are actually throwing subliminal messages your way telling you to find the right kind of people? Because let's face it, you always end up with the wrong kind, most times in your life. © 20th Television For instance, I was watching re-runs of 'How I Met Your Mother' (HIMYM) and I thought to myself, "man it'd be cool to have a woman like Robin Scherbatsky in my life". And why not! She's smart, she doesn't give a f*** about the most inane things in life and she's hot. Maybe you can't find fictional characters that often around you, but they do leave you with certain traits you can look for in the next girl you'd want to date. So, this time I am choosing Robin for you, because man, she's cool as hell! For all you know, you can learn a lot about relationships, from Robin's character in 'How I Met Your Mother'. (1) She Doesn't Rush Into Relationships Robin is the kinda girl who likes to build a foundation before jumping into a relationship, just like any smart person should ideally be doing. Even though Ted made a grand gesture by stealing a blue French horn for her from a restaurant, she didn't make a quick decision about dating him instantly, even though he put her on an uncomfortable pedestal. Robin is the kind of girl who takes her time in a relationship and doesn't get too carried away. So, if you find someone who takes it slow and doesn't build your expectation, that's a mighty good thing for you. (2) She's On Your Face Yeah, Robin doesn't mince words. She tells it like it is. So, if you're a fan of tough love at times, you need a Robin. If she doesn't like that shirt on you, she'll tell you straight up, if she thinks she needs to put her career before the relationship, she'll be honest about it. If you like your woman to sugar-coat things for you, then she isn't the girl for you. (3) She Never Gets 'Hangry' I've been with women who get hangry so quickly, you need to find food as soon as possible. While that's endearing, it's also annoying at the same time. But with Robin, that'll never be the case. Remember that episode in HIMYM, where she went hangry after her 'cleanse' when the gang decided to search for the 'perfect burger'?. Yeah, she didn't lose her cool then and she was a good sport! (4) She's A Scotch Drinker Women who know their Scotch are the perfect catch. They like finer things in life and are usually independent enough. She knows how to hold her drink and is very selective in her choice of Scotch. Reason enough? (5) Her Sense Of Self Rocks Do you want an insecure GF always looking for validation from you? I don't think so. If anything, you'd go right ahead and compliment her yourself, without her having to constantly ask you. Well, Robin doesn't need any compliments because she's very secure about the person she is and the way she looks. She knows she's hot and she owns it and she's her own knight in shining armour. (6) She's A Good Friend If she was friends with you before you started dating and things didn't work out between the two of you when you dated, she'll still be around to be a good friend. Not just to you, but she's a good friend in general. She stands up for all her friends and is always there when they need her support. (7) She's Open To Trying The Kinkiest Thing(s) In Bed Isn't that the dream? Well, if it is, then Robin's your go-to girl! If you remember the episode where she's describing a sexual act with a popular celebrity, you'll know what I am talking about. Oh and she's not averse to cameras in the bedroom either. With prior permission of course! (8) She's Just A lot Of Fun Having a Robin in your life is like a constant happy trip. She's crazy, she'll join you in any fun you'd like to have and she definitely isn't a buzz kill. Hell, she'll even root for the same team as you and celebrate the victory with a scotch and cigar session, while giving you the best time she can, in bed! I reckon you begin the search, now!
  20. So, you're finally ready to pop the question to your girlfriend. The inevitable life decision you have to make, for being together with your SO for a while now, is finally happening! But you want it to be perfect to a point where she's truly taken by surprise. It's not easy to ask someone to marry you in a fairly innovative way, to take them by surprise but once you have the perfect plan, everything becomes so much easier and of course, the person has to say a 'yes', just by looking at your sheer effort. © Pexels I guess it's always wise to have an awe-inspiring proposal in hand, before you go down on one knee and ask the girl of your dreams to marry you. Plain and boring would just be such a dull story to tell people and it would really not stimulate the love and adoration you hold for her. So, in case you're looking for some really innovative ideas to propose to you girl, here are 10 out-of-the-box ideas! (1) The Classic First Date Memory This one never fails, no matter how nervous you are and ruin the perfect day! Recall your first date with her. Where did you take her or where did you guys meet? Was it at a bar, or at a hall for a movie or a quick getaway somewhere. Wherever it is, plan it well in advance and try and recreate your first date. Get the same drinks or do the same things you two did when you first met. Constantly take her all the way back with all the memories of your first date, so she's surprised with the step you want to take forward. Obviously she will remember she's come to this particular place with you before and then when she's least expecting it, pop the question right then and there. She's bound to say a yes. © Pexels (2) Do It At A 'Game Night' Do you guys have a game night, every now and then with a bunch of friends? If no, maybe get one organised and if yes, it's way easier then. Obviously you need the help of your friends for this one. Start playing dumb charades and get up to act out a 'movie'. Obviously, you won't be acting a movie out, you'll be acting out the lines 'will you marry me', while looking at her. Ask your friends to not guess when you're acting that out and the only one who should be guessing is your GF. Once she gets past 'will you', she will have a fair idea of what's going on and you can take it forward from there! © Pinterest (3) Organise A Party Throw a party calling all your friends and the family you want around. If you want to make a big announcement of your proposal, this is the best way to do so. Make sure she's definitely going to say yes though, otherwise it's just going to be embarrassing for you! Once everyone is in, get her attention and get down on one knee. It'll be best if you throw a surprise birthday party for her and give her a proposal as a gift. © Youtube (4) Box It This one's more of a quiet proposal, just for the two of you. Gift wrap a bunch of boxes, one inside the other and wrap the ring in the smallest box. Tell her it's an early birthday present or a casual gift you picked up for her. Let her tear the layers of boxes down, until finally she gets to the one with the ring and then you get down on one knee. It's simple yet romantic. Definitely document her reaction though. © Pinterest (5) Destination Proposal This could be amazing if it fits your budget. Take her away somewhere, inside or outside the country and wine and dine her, pamper her silly and finally when she least expects it, pop the question. A lot of proposal destinations are either Europe, Bali, Maldives etc. or Goa, if it's India. I say, find a place that is not such a cliché and is beautiful at the same time and go ahead with the idea. © YouTube (6) Miles High Proposal If you're travelling with her for a holiday and you want to start your journey by popping the question already, there isn't a better way to do it than flying maybe 35,000 ft. That's right, aeroplane proposals are rare and quite out of the box. You're literally proposing to her while flying amidst clouds. Run your idea through the airline staff and see if they can support it. You could make an announcement of your proposal on air, by excusing yourself to use the washroom and heading for the PA system instead or you could just simply keep it low key and ask her marry you straightaway. Whatever it is, be ready to get a lot of cheer from your fellow passengers. © YouTube (7) Recreate Your Memories Proposal This one's a tad cheesy and requires a lot of effort but if you can pull it off, she's going to love you for it. You need a bunch of friends to actually help you out with this and the bunch of friends should be your common friends who have always been supportive and have vouched for the two of you. Take her to all places you have shared a memory with her and ask a friend each to hold out a placard of one word from the sentence 'will you marry me'. Ideally there would be just four places because the sentence has four words but you can always break the words down to letters too and include more places that are memorable for the two of you. © Pinterest Take a picture of each friend holding the placard at that particular place and get a panorama made with the words 'will you marry me' and gift it to her, later. She'll love you for this. (8) A Treasure Hunt Proposal Organise a treasure hunt, either at her house or a familiar place and hide the ring along with some clues to find it. Leave hints all along the place and when she finds the 'treasure', you know what you have to do! © Pinterest (9) Karaoke Your Way Through Have you ever been for a karaoke? More importantly, do you two have a song you both love and think of each other through? Then take her for karaoke at any bar and sing that song out. Even if the song isn't available on the list, for you to sing, you still have the mic in your hands don't you? Just inform the bar, that you'd like to propose to her through a particular song and do it! Once , the song is over get down on one knee and ask her to marry you, while still holding the mic to your mouth. Nothing is more endearing and romantic. © Pinterest (10) Old School Romance This one's a sure-shot way to get a yes. Take her out on a fine date. Wine and dine her, with a candlelight dinner. You can either put the ring in the dessert or in her glass of wine and make it old school or you can take a nice walk with her somewhere after dinner and get down on your knees and ask her to marry you. Either way, she's bound to say yes! Proposals are special and will always be remembered fondly so make the best of it. However you propose, always remember to document the moment so you have the memory treasured forever!
  21. So, this is how it goes. She is out there travelling all by herself and having a blast, while you're sitting at your desk, trying to get through yet another dull day at work. She entices you with those occasional, cute selfies and views of picturesque vistas, making it all the more difficult for you to sit still and concentrate on your work. Between the few hours of getting some work done and going through her (enviable) Instagram stories, a wicked thought suddenly pops in your head and suddenly, getting by the rest of the day(without her proactive, virtual company) does not seem like a lot of work. © Thinkstock Why? Because you have (or rather we have) figured out a way of reminding her of all the “good stuff” she is missing out back home, while she is out there exploring a little hamlet tucked away in the hills of Meghalaya. So, here we have 8 fun types of texts to send your girlfriend when she is travelling without you, that will ensure that she does not get too caught up with the sights and has you in her thoughts at all times: 1. Try A Not-So-Regular Greeting © Thinkstock Most couples start their day by greeting each other with a simple 'good morning' and if you happen to be one of them, you would want to spice things up a little, on this one occasion. Instead of your regular lines, try something that's funny and intentionally suggestive. Try something like, “we just woke up now and seems like both of us are thinking about you”. This will not only get her attention but there are 99 per cent changes of you getting an immediate callback, no matter where she is. 2. Selfie Of A View That She's Missing When partners are separated by distance, a selfie a day is said to keep the gloom away. But this time, try to give your selfie a new spin so she can gauge the full impact of the other view (read face) she's missing out on, while she struts around exploring newer places. Put on that shirt she loves on you which has some special memories attached to it, and you'll see how she takes notice. © Pixabay 3. Turn On Your 'Mysterious' Mode Don't keep messaging her and come across as a needy guy, who can't seem to survive a few days without his girlfriend, but send a few messages a day with respectable intervals, which suggest that she is in your thoughts. Perhaps drop her a message that would rake up the mystery clouds, such as: “Damn, I just remembered something that we did together and now I can't stop laughing!” That is bound to get you a response even amidst her busy itinerary. 4. Tease Her With Her Fave Food If there is one thing a girl misses the most when she's away from home, apart from her own bath and bed, it the comfort of her most favourite food. Nobody ever said you can't order in her favourite takeaway and enjoy it all by yourself, while sending her a few drool-worthy snaps of the food? She'd wanna pack her bags and head home sooner than planned. © Pxhere 5. A Little Virtual Stripping The next best thing to do is to send her a series of images suggesting a striptease that looks very innocent. Don't try too hard or show a lot of skin than you'd appreciate. Keep it subtle and suggestive enough to capture her thoughts (and perhaps imagination too). 6. Sneak In A Spoiler Disclaimer Now, this may be another level of wicked. You must also consider the fact that if taken too far, she might end up being seriously pissed at you. So, try sending her a sneak-peek of you catching up on the latest episode of a TV series that both of you are following together. This, my friend will steer her attention (and possible wrath) towards you. 7. Catch Up On The Fun She's Missing Out © Thinkstock If there's a cool event happening while she is away, that you know she would have also enjoyed, tell her about it and go check it out. Then fill her in on the deets and tell her how it would have been more fun with her around, and that you must go to the next one together. 8. Say Those Three Words Nope. Not ' I love you'. Just tell her how much you miss her. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and it's never embarrassing to admit it. When you love someone it is only expected you would miss them when they're not around, and you don't hear from them very often. So, just say those three words, “I miss you” and this might even fetch you a long call from across the states. These texts are sure to work better than the regular ones. Try it.
  22. If you are reading this, it means a long-distance relationship must be the reality of your life, or somebody close to you, for you to be reading this instead of them. However, if you are in it, you know that maintaining long-distance relationships aren't the easiest of things to be undertaken. Unlike most relationships where both the partners stay in the same city, your relationship demands double the efforts and care for it to stay strong, move beyond the insecurities and bloom into a healthy, loving companionship. © Rose Movies Also, a long-distance relationship is no guarantee that fights and misunderstandings shall lessen, instead they seem to crop up ever so often, over minute issues and sometimes over genuine concerns on either of your part. Fights are a part of relationships that help us understand each other and our needs/expectations better, which only adds to the growth of our relationship. But we totally know this isn't something you look forward to especially in a long-distance relationship. So, we bring you these 5 easy steps that can help you make up with your girlfriend every single time: Step 1: Calm Those Nerves © Kunal Kohli Production If you feel this is absurd, you are wrong. We understand that a lot of times you are not at fault and don't want to say sorry either, but long-distance requires more compromising and if she's not up to it, it's best that you drop your side of the fight and take the first step. Also, anger can lead to drastic decision-making such as giving it off to your partner in a fit of anger and you DON'T wanna do that. Instead, calm down and reconsider what you seek from this relationship and then choose the stance (loving or yelling) you wanna take to see this fight through. PS. If you choose to yell at her despite the moments of silent considerations, you need to rethink this relationship. Step 2: Resist The Temptation To Hurt Her Back © Yash Raj Films It is only possible for things to turn ugly during a fight. Often the phone-call fights cease and WhatsApp fights ensue. The change in medium of communication also adds to misunderstandings, because you can't always make out the tone your partner is taking. But even during such moments, avoid the urge to give her a taste of her own words. Things we say during fights can do lasting damage and the aim to win these fights is only going to pull you apart. Prioritize your love during such moments. Step 3: Power Up On Warmth © UTV Motion Pictures No matter how pissed your girlfriend is or how irrational she seems, take responsibility for your own behaviour and reach out to her. You have calmed your nerves, now listen to her concerns and try to reach an understanding together. As you do that, ensure that the warmth is getting communicated through your conversation. Girls like to know you're making an effort to make things better and reach a mutual solution that would work in both of your favours. Such small acts of affection will calm her down as well, as it won't seem like you're relinquishing your autonomy either. Step 4: Empathy Is Key © Yash Raj Films Next in line, once you have reached an understanding as to why she is upset, try to empathise with her. If she feels a certain way and you simply wish to brush it off or want her to shove it under the carpet, it isn't going to work out. This unilateral disarmament method doesn't imply you're giving in to her manipulations, but rather suggest that you value your relationship more than a certain point of view that seems to be meddling with your heads. So try to consider her point of view and move forward with it. Step 5: Talk © Dharma Productions Once both of you have calmed down and you understand where she is coming from, begin to communicate your own concerns because, by this point, she'd be more than willing to hear you out. Be honest and tell her how this entire issue is making you feel and why (or if) you feel the fight was uncalled for. Even if you're still angry within, don't hide it. Let her know about that and wait for her to acknowledge it and respond. Trust us, she will understand and the talk will eventually nullify the anger. Try these and you'll see that these work like a charm to resolve your fight.
  23. We know there are times when it becomes a little difficult to gauge your girlfriend's mood and even little things you say, can lead to misunderstandings and huge-ass arguments, much against your wishes. While there can be a number of reasons why that is, and trust us, some may even turn out to be valid, it is always a good idea to try and steer clear of a few follies guys tend to make, because they feel it's not a big issue. © Thinkstock Images However, we must acknowledge that a woman's heart, and to some extent, the mind too, is wired a little different than men and there might be a few things which can be an issue for them. Read on to find out how to not make them. 1. Do Not Forget To Text Her Back When You Said You Would If you're guilty of it, can you really blame her? Maybe you said you would text back after the meeting to confirm a plan and then ended up ghosting on her, while she kept waiting for your reply. Not really cool, is it? Also, that might give her a reason to get mad at you. © Thinkstock Images 2. Don't Send Her Curt Replies If your girlfriend is an emoji lover or she is accustomed to you being pretty expressive over text messages, just ensure that you do not send her curt replies because that might turn off her mood. No, we're not saying you need to be super sloppy all the time, but you know, try and strike a balance? 3. Do Not Say Sorry After An Argument Simply To Get It Over With This is something you must avoid at all times, because women can tell when you actually being sorry and when you are saying for the heck of it. If you feel you would rather not have an argument over something at a given point, tell her you're not up for it and would like to have a discussion some other time. © Thinkstock Images 4. Do Not Try To Replicate The Silent Treatment Simply To Annoy Her We know a lot of guys who have tried it and well, it did not really play out as they expected. Have you ever considered that when she gives you the silent treatment it isn't because she's enjoying it, but maybe because she really doesn't have anything to say or add to the discussion? Think about that. But when you try it for a little fun, it might only cause you trouble. 5. Do Not Stay Mum During A Disagreement If You Know She's Waiting For A Conclusive Remark But again, no one expects you to stay mum on an issue that requires your input. If you are in the middle of a disagreement, and you know she expects you to reach a conclusion, staying silent might be a bad idea. Just let her know what you think and all will be well. Hopefully. 6. Do Not Overdo The Playful Leg-Pulling/Nicknaming Every relationship has those quirks where you have pet names for one another, a few which are mostly meant to embarrass the other. But you must be thoughtful about when you overdo it and it's no longer funny. She might end up getting hurt after a point when you don't let it go. Are you guilty of any of these? Do you feel these might be one of the reasons why she got angry at you all of a sudden, when you thought you hadn't done anything? Let us know.
  24. Weddings are fun, only till the time your relatives don't grab your neck and start irritating you with comments like, "You're next" or "When are your wedding bells ringing?" We've all been there and I guess the awkwardness and silence that follows is universal. While it's easy to avoid the relatives, whose sole purpose in life is to see you get married; what will you do if the same hint is dropped by your girlfriend at a wedding? Throwing bouquet or 'kaleerein' towards bridesmaids is a common tradition at any wedding. In fact, it's said that woman who catches the bouquet will get married soon. While, it's considered to be a good sign for the woman, it's not quite the same for the guy (who has no intention of getting married anytime soon). © YouTube This man here, who goes by the name Daniel Gilbert, is internet's new-found hero who just gave courage to the millions of people around the world, by running for his life when he realised he might be the next in line to get married. © YouTube Gilbert was attending a wedding with his girlfriend Rachel Besley, who became the happiest guest at the wedding when she caught the bouquet. When Rachel was rejoicing, Gilbert's hilarious attempt was caught on camera where he was seen running towards the hills with a bottle in his hands. The couple were celebrating with newly-weds Chelsea and Matt Best, who tied the knot in Kettering, Northampton. We guess gone are the days of 'Runaway Bride', it's the era of 'Groomsmen running away' now. What will you do if you find yourself in a similar situation? Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6127029/Boyfriend-starts-running-hills-girlfriend-catches-brides-bouquet-wedding.html
  25. It's been almost a year after a really intense break-up with my girl and it has been one hell of a ride. I've gone through several phases of feeling different emotions and the ride hasn't been easy at all. It's not easy to long for someone who may never come back into your life. Most times, staying away from the person may be the right thing to do, but that doesn't mean you stop hurting or stop missing them altogether. After all, you've given yourself to someone and cutting them off from your psyche, due to unfortunate circumstances can be one of the most difficult things to do, ever. © Thinkstock Images But there's a lot you can learn from this phase. Sometimes you don't stop and think about what can be learnt from such an experience, because you're so caught up being miserable. But once the dust has settled and you can see things clearly again, you will realise how the breakup has changed you for the better. It's a lot different for men to cope up with breakups than women. We don't show we're hurting and we only talk to that one friend who's probably been through something similar. But at the end of it all, we always realise what we can take away from the experience. Here's what I learnt from my break-up: It's Okay To Put Yourself First You know what they say, when you're on an aircraft, always fasten your seatbelt first before you help anyone else. That's just a life lesson from being with someone and then being alone. When you're with someone you always put their needs first. You're always going out of your way and doing things for them to make them happy. But when you break up, there is no 'them' anymore and you have to get used to putting yourself first, again. Which is ideally a good thing to do. It's not selfish when you think about your own well being and the things that you want. So, it's absolutely okay to put yourself before anyone else. © Eros International Being Alone Is Not Bad At All Yes, it's true you get used to someone's time and presence and try and fit into their schedule, while they try doing the same. But when you're not with them anymore you have to do everything on your own but you don't necessarily have to feel alone. Loneliness is a state of mind and if you're alone its absolutely okay mate! You have more time in your hands to do the things you really couldn't indulge in while you were with them. It's okay to go out with your friends while you're single and they're not. It's okay to travel alone and feel content and it's okay to sleep alone and feel complete. © Twitter Always Pay Attention To Advice We're men, we always think we don't need advice and we can brave any situation on our own. But it's okay to talk to someone, that one person who gets us and take advice from them on how to deal through the challenging time. Because only that person is allowed to see our vulnerability and the scars left behind by the break-up. But definitely, have that one person. I shut everyone off and thought I could do it on my own, but I really couldn't. You always need a sane-sounding board. © Pinterest Never Negate The Signs Something ardent I learnt, was never negate the signs if you sense something is wrong between you and your partner. But it also depends on the nature of the relationship. If it's a mutual break up, then it could be because you two stopped getting along or some other reason like adultery. Even then, you can sense when things are going downhill and you can try and fix them. If you think she's losing interest in you (which was what happened in my case), then address the issue, before it becomes more pertinent. © Eros International Never Forget Your Friends & Family Man, I can't stress on this enough. I never used to find time for my family or my friends when I had a girlfriend. All my time went into work or being with her and meeting her demands of giving her adequate time. I didn't realise how I pushed my friends away and stopped making time for my family. Of course, this realisation will dawn when you break up and need your support system. Not like they won't be there for you but you will realise how important it is to always keep them close, whether you're single or dating. © Twitter You Will Cry & You Will Hurt, But It Will End Yes, men cry. At least I do. Not in front of people, no, but I do cry when I am alone and I am missing her and it's okay to cry. It doesn't weaken you, it releases the stagnancy of toxic emotions trapped inside your body. You will get up feeling heavy inside, your stomach churning, you feeling like absolute shit for the first one month, but if you can brave through a month and another and then another, you're almost there, almost healing. Crying and letting your pain out is the best way to heal, apart from travelling, and soaking yourself in things you love, like work and other hobbies. So dude, you're going to go through hell and back and when you're back, you're going to feel like a different man altogether. Someone who is kind yet, self-preserving, someone who works twice as hard and knows when to have fun, someone who has learnt companionship and also learnt to be alone and someone who is ready to give himself to another person again, but when the time is right and the person is absolutely worth it.