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Found 22 results

  1. Winter might still be looming on our heads but the winter we all are waiting for is coming in April when the final season of 'Game Of Thrones' hits us with God knows what! The new pictures that were recently released gave away very little, just like the teaser which actually just teased us only a tab bit. Now as per Redditors, there's a new crazy theory around the birth and fate of Cersei's unborn child. According this theory, she might give her child to the Night King and in return become the only immortal in Westeros and rule like the queen that she is. While many theories about the Night King and even Jon Snow have been floating around, this one claims that with her love Jamie now gone, it is possible that he is killed in the big war and when the news arrives, she'll sacrifice her child to save her own soul. © HBO Some theories already claim that there is a pact between the White Walkers and the humans and the Night King's army will be returning for their periodical sacrifice. Now we know what you're thinking--even Khaleesi is pregnant, right? Well, but one of her dragons are already with him and given the fact that this child could mean everything to her, we doubt she'll give it away. The insanity shall roll over us starting 26th April. Till then, keep calm and carry on.
  2. We just celebrated India's 70th Republic Day and while both patriotism and our pride seem to run equally high on that day, there's something to be said about the dormancy of this patriotism and pride throughout the rest of the year. As a nation, we are a bunch of highly passionate people tightly strung together by our sense of freedom, entitlement and notions of nationalism, that springs to life every time anything to do with the Armed Forces is mentioned, even in passing. © Indian Defence Review It's true that we don't get to see these superheroes live in action very often, but the few times that we got to witness their daredevilry and astute desire to serve the country, we felt nothing but awe mixed with respect, and an immense sense of pride for our warriors. But while such moments are few and far in between, we have the opportunity to witness the bedazzling spirit of our Siachen warriors before heading out for a rescue operation, as the entire unit comes together during the induction, responding to the war cry of 'how's the josh', which will give you major goosebumps! Vicky Kaushal's 'Uri' is touching newer heights literally. Won't you say? We feel strongly and almost fanatically about these men and women who dare to face death in their line of duty, and rightly so. After all, we owe so much of the life we're living to them. It is their sacrifice and selfless passion to serve the country and its people, that allows us to enjoy the kind of safe and fun life we lead, day after day. Salute to these warriors and their josh!
  3. Maintaining facial hair on a regular basis is super important if you want to grow a glorious beard. An essential component of growing your beard is maintaining the length of the crop and not have it look dishevelled. Men can either choose a razor or a trimmer to keep the crop in place. You need to anyway clear growth on your cheeks, the neck hair and the frivolous hair growth. However, using a razor means encountering a ton of cuts that tend to stick around for a week or two and make you look like a battle victim. Using a razor is too much of a hassle. Instead, try these razor sharp trimmers that will do the job for you. 1. Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4001/15 This trimmer has long lasting durapower technology that charges up to 45 minutes. Its smooth tips are skin-friendly with 10 lock-in length settings, 1-10mm with 1mm precision. © Amazon Price: 1,249 Buy it here 2. Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men Its high grade stainless steel blades cut close to the skin and give a good finish. The trimmer comes with removable and rechargeable battery. © Amazon Price: 349 Buy it here 3. Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men's Beard and Hair Trimmer With Japanese blade technology, the trimmer is rechargeable and washable. © Amazon Price:1,299 Buy it here 4. Syska HT3052K Grooming Kit The high quality trimming blades make for a safe, easy and hygienic trimming experience. This trimmer promises to tackle imperfect lines and untidy beards with a grooming kit that takes care of every need. © Amazon Price: 1,899 Buy it here 5. HTC AT 210 Professional Cordless Trimmer for Men The HTC trimmer will give you a hassle-free grooming experience at home. It is extremely easy to use because of its ergonomic design. © Amazon Price: 444 Buy it here 6. Braun MGK3080-9-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer Kit With a varied range of blades from 0.5-10 mm for ultimate customized precision, this is a must have for every man. It has a fully washable head and comb for easy cleaning under running water. © Amazon Price: 3,919 Buy it here
  4. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's wedding became national news last year, and even a glimpse of their wedding photographs sent the entire nation into a frenzy. And now, 2019 seems to have started no differently for the couple, what with Ranveer's mega success making the transition to 2019 utterly memorable for the newly-weds. The pair doesn't seem to be able to stay away from the limelight for long, and lately, they made headlines for coming forward and declaring loud and proud, that neither of them will be changing their surnames post marriage. © Instagram In this case, the newly-wed couple was met with the same fate as any other Indian couple. That is, as soon as two people decide to tie the knot, the raging question that arises is, whether the woman will change her surname post marriage. Deepika shared a similar fate, and ever since her wedding in November last year, gossip columns were populated with artfully written pieces speculating if Deepika Padukone will thenceforth be known as Deepika Padukone Singh, Deepika Padukone Bhavnani or some such other variant. © Instagram But as we have already gathered from an HT report, neither Deepika nor Ranveer have any plans of changing their surnames, much against popular buzz doing the rounds. Calling her own comment in an interview, about Ranveer changing his surname pose marriage, a “candid joke”, Deepika further added that, “It's not true. In fact, after that interview, I realised that it's a conversation Ranveer and I've never even had. So, we haven't been like, 'oh, do you think you should change your surname?'” © Instagram She went on to explain that the question about changing her surname came as a surprise since she and Ranveer had never considered it important enough to discuss it. “It has never crossed either of our minds. When I was asked about it, I was like, 'oh, we haven't even thought about it'. Maybe because it's not important. Also, I've worked extremely hard to create my own identity and so has he. So, my question is, why would he have to do that?”, said the 'Padmaavat' star. At this point, I would prompt you to re-read that last statement by Deepika once more. I would have preferred to highlight that bit with a highlighting pen for you, if it was possible. But you get the point. I simply wish to draw your attention to the keywords here - “not important”, “own identity” and “why”. © Instagram And I have the same question, why is it expected from a woman to change her surname once she becomes someone's legally wedded wife? Also, why is it so that a man is seen as a submissive or less powerful when his wife decides to stick to her maiden name after getting married? Why do we as a society wish to meddle with others' personal choice to change or not change their surnames, so as to just carry forward medieval societal “norms and traditions” that secure patriarchal egos and position? © Instagram Changing the surname is often seen as a symbol equivalent of belonging to a community, family or household. Needless to say, the 9th-century 'Doctrine of Coverture' played a role in altering people's mindset in this regard, since such a practice was unheard of before then. But again, this is the 21st century and surely, we ought to leave behind such malpractices in our past and look at women as an independent, fully-functioning individual who is more than someone's wife, mother and daughter-in-law. © Instagram Why do we want to work ourselves up with this need to maintain that a woman must always “belong” to someone? That she needs to be labelled, which would then act as her marker should she get mixed up/misplaced in a country with a population spilling onto the 2 billion mark? Why do we as a society treat it as our birthright to overlook the identity a woman creates and maintains before she decides to get married and share the same with another human being, who also happens to have a 'unique identity' of his own? This is not to say that women who 'choose' to take on their husband's surname after getting married are bartering their identity, or furthering senseless patriarchal norms. Like anybody else, even they have the right to consciously and freely choose for themselves, regardless of the motivation behind it. So my point is, just like Deepika pointed out in her comments, that all of us, both men and women work very hard all our lives to create our own identities that are attached to our personal achievements and histories. And I believe it is utterly unfair for anyone to expect that a woman or a man should change that identity attached to their names, for any reason whatsoever. What do you guys have to say about this? Let us know in the comments section below!
  5. The lovably eccentric character of Genie from 'Aladdin' has been one of the most beloved characters for years, and it was probably because of Robin Williams. The late actor will always be known as the voice of Genie and it's obviously hard to follow in his footsteps, but Will Smith has taken on the challenge in the upcoming live-action version of 'Aladdin'. However, Disney's adaptation of the beloved animated movie seems to have gotten off to a rough start, with people not exactly being excited about the most important character - Genie. I mean, he's not even blue! That's not how it works, that's not how any of this works! A whole new world. Check out the exclusive first look at Disney's #Aladdin on the cover of the newest issue of @EW! https://t.co/WZkpxh4YNU pic.twitter.com/ch0zpbM7AQ — Walt Disney Studios (@DisneyStudios) December 19, 2018 The first picture of Will Smith in character was posted by Entertainment Weekly alongside Canadian actor Mena Massoud as Aladdin and British actress Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. Well, ever since then, Twitter has been having the best time roasting the hell out of it and it kind of deserves it, tbh. This ain't it, chief. Ummmm.... That's gonna be a no for me dawg. . .#aladdin #Disney #willsmith https://t.co/kPwFIWdmXi — Tarski Merceda (@TarskiMerceda) December 19, 2018 Nope. Just saw Will Smith as the genie in the live action Aladdin remake. My reaction....... #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/v6irLIjRC5 — Jason Wesney (@JasonWesney) December 19, 2018 #NotImpressed Will Smith: Hey Twitter, Take a look at these shots of me as Aladdin my new film. All of Twitter: pic.twitter.com/lS1HeQl2Mr — ð¦I'm your finder. (@hllwy) December 19, 2018 People are roasting Aladdin as well. I still can't believe Disney made the actor playing Aladdin wear a shirt under his vest in a movie set in the middle of the fucking desert pic.twitter.com/AFdfhzp2cS — frank costa (@feistyfrank) December 19, 2018 That gif, tho. When I saw what genie will look like in #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/QtB85IQPiC — The Comic Losers Podcast (@TheComicLosers) December 19, 2018 That's uncomfortable. What could Will Smith possibly have done to deserve this? Jada is gonna have to do a whole episode of “Read Table Talk” about this hair piece. pic.twitter.com/wMm5fysIg0 — Saeed Jones (@theferocity) December 19, 2018 It's a crossover! Aladdin should not be dressed like Marty McFly pic.twitter.com/c8jvjCQfGc — Kyle Buchanan (@kylebuchanan) December 19, 2018 It's already giving me anxiety. Will Smith's genie hair in the live-action #Aladdin is going to be a major source of anxiety for me in 2019. pic.twitter.com/FwG44LHiUj — Jason Carlos (@jaarlos) December 19, 2018 Really? That's it? so that's it huh? #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/JkQ6IGsobG — ðºð (@Hellkr1) December 19, 2018 So much better! The new Aladdin Movie with Will Smith looks good! pic.twitter.com/pU3DiUZXET — TRAFON (@RiseFallNick) December 19, 2018 Someone's calling everyone out. disney: we're gonna spend like $200 million having humans recreate a beloved animated movie for some reason internet: omg take all my money disney: sweet here's how it looks so far internet: THAT ISN'T HOW A GIANT BLUE GENIE'S HAIR IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK YOU MONSTERS — Steve Kandell (@SteveKandell) December 19, 2018 Will Smith to the rescue! #WillSmith I need to see some photos of this. Because atm my childhood memories are upset. #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/6fuxmuy5dG — Sarah Freer (@SarahFreer) December 19, 2018 Someone added blue. A splash of blue :) #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/n2rmaaUxy0 — BossLogic (@Bosslogic) December 19, 2018 Oh no! *upon seeing Will Smith as Genie for the first time* #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/uLpMzwE38P — Nick Bosworth (@NickMBosworth) December 19, 2018 Umm. pic.twitter.com/nH6np0Px08 — Frank Pallotta (@frankpallotta) December 19, 2018
  6. Ever since his appointment as captain, Virat Kohli, owing to his hard work and dedication to cricket, has been an example for his Team India mates. His leadership has allowed Indian cricket to scale new heights, while his artistry with the willow has impressed all. The Indian captain's focus on fitness, too, has inspired his teammates to step up their game in the gym. A brilliant batsman, great leader and a fitting role model for the youth; Kohli has checked all those boxes over the years. But, recently, far away from the cricket field, the Delhi cricketer showed everyone that he is also considerate and a good human being. In a touching gesture for his teammates, Kohli along with his wife Anushka Sharma - who are also celebrating their first wedding anniversary today - happily gave away their cosy business class seats to the Indian seamers during their trip from Adelaide to Perth. Witnessed @imVkohli & his wife give up their Business class seats to allow the Quicks more comfort & space on the trip from Adelaide - Perth !! Danger Australia .. Not only are the quicks more relaxed .. The Skipper is managing his troops with great human touches #AUSvIND — Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) December 11, 2018 Former England cricketer Michael Vaughan, who is also in Australia as a cricket pundit, revealed that both Kohli and Anushka produced the heartfelt gesture for the Indian pace battery to ensure they felt more comfort during their flight to Perth. "Witnessed @imVkohli & his wife give up their Business class seats to allow the Quicks more comfort & space on the trip from Adelaide - Perth !! Danger Australia. Not only are the quicks more relaxed. The Skipper is managing his troops with great human touches #AUSvIND," former England captain tweeted. © Reuters Earlier, during India's memorable 31-run triumph over Australia in Adelaide, Kohli added yet another feather to his cap. For a man who has witnessed a marauding run this year, Kohli couldn't do much with the willow as he managed to score just 3 & 34 across two innings. But, even if his bat couldn't breathe fire, Kohli, with his impeccable leadership skills, still clinched the unique feat of becoming the first-ever Asian captain to win a Test match in at least South Africa, England and Australia. Though there are still three more Tests to go Down Under and Australia, despite the absence of their stalwarts Steve Smith and David Warner, still pose threat to India, the Kohli brigade, for now, can bask in the glory of a brilliant team effort that has allowed them to take a crucial 1-0 lead in what promises to be an exciting series.
  7. Qualcomm and Apple are in the middle of a legal fight that concluded to an injunction against the Cupertino giant in court. The ruling prevents Apple from importing and selling multiple iPhone models in China. Qualcomm and Apple have been in a legal battle for a while and the Chinese courts' order specifically bars the company from selling the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X. The iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are still going to be sold in China. It is also worthy to note that this ban only applies to China as the Chinese courts have no jurisdiction in international markets. © Reuters “Qualcomm's effort to ban our products is another desperate move by a company whose illegal practices are under investigation by regulators around the world,” Apple said in a statement. “All iPhone models remain available for our customers in China. Qualcomm is asserting three patents they had never raised before, including one which has already been invalidated. We will pursue all our legal options through the courts.” Qualcomm claims that Apple is apparently infringing Qualcomm patents which include users to adjust the size and appearance of photos. Qualcomm also claims that Apple is also infringing another patent which includes the procedure of managing apps on a smartphone. “We deeply value our relationships with customers, rarely resorting to the courts for assistance, but we also have an abiding belief in the need to protect intellectual property rights,” Qualcomm said in a statement. The company is upset that, “Apple continues to benefit from our intellectual property while refusing to compensate us.” © Twitter Apple has filed an appeal to overturn the court's decision and will fight the ban and are set to face off in court in April. Apple has been battling the San Diego based chipmaker since early 2017 and some companies in Apple's supply chain predict that the two companies will reach a settlement over Qualcomm's 5G tech. Source: CNBC
  8. There's only one thing Mark Ruffalo is known for more than playing the character of The Hulk. Well, any guesses? It's an easy one. Giving out spoilers of course, and if you are a Marvel fan, you know how seriously Marvel and the Marvel fanbase actually takes spoilers. But, we all still love Mark, even though he f*cks up sometimes, he's like a little puppy that you can't stay mad at. Instead of showing disappointment, let's all celebrate this man and how much extra information he gives all the fans, accidentally of course. Here's us looking back at all the times Mark didn't know when to shut up - or shut off his phone - which probably landed him in hot water with Marvel and Disney. The first, and the arguably the best, Mark screw up till date has to be the Instagram live incident at the premier of 'Thor: Ragnarok'. The poor guy was just trying to do something nice for the fans by going live on Instagram but didn't realize he never ended that live. Oh, Mark. So, he ended up 'leaking' his own movie at the premier itself and over 2000 people heard the starting of the movie. Oops! He also revealed how everything went down at the theatre later on as well. Basically, his phone was blowing up with people trying to inform him he was still live but he didn't want to check his phone while watching a movie and here's when his manners shouldn't have mattered. Disney had to literally send someone to yell at Mark to turn off his phone. Then comes an 'Avengers: Infinity War' spoiler that no one even realized was a spoiler at the time. I would like to apologize for bringing up the ending of that movie but it's important. While we were aware that we would see many characters die in this movie, no one expected the list to be that long. It was impressive to see how Marvel kept this all under wraps but then an interview of Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle with 'Good Morning America' from last year resurfaced and became really relevant again because obviously Mark really couldn't help himself from giving out a major spoiler. Classic old Mark, tbh. Uh oh, @DonCheadle, is @MarkRuffalo going to get in trouble with @MarvelStudios now!? #InfinityWar #D23expo pic.twitter.com/WR5C1QCBTb — Good Morning America (@GMA) July 16, 2017 While talking about 'Thor: Ragnarok', “Every other Marvel movie, it doesn't end well for the superheroes.” Well, he should've stopped at that but of course, he added, “Wait till you see the next one, everybody dies.” Oh, Mark. Don's reaction probably summed up Marvel's reaction as well. And then comes the time when he was 'fired' from MCU after giving out spoilers during an interview with Jimmy Fallon. The best thing about Mark, though, is that he at least tries to cover up his mistakes and that's what he tried this time as well. But, since he doesn't think before speaking about multimillion-dollar movies, he obviously doesn't think before tweeting about it as well. .@JimmyFallon, I trust that you will cut my spoiler slip on the show tonight. That was “off the record” homey. Please don't get me in trouble with Marvel (Barry) again. DM me back. M — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) October 5, 2018 Here's the clip in question - I LOVE YOU @MarkRuffalo WITH OR WITHOUT SPOILERS #FallonTonight pic.twitter.com/ZSkPJfdp2v — αâÑ | IT'S MARK AND SCARLETT'S BIRTHDAY (@bannersfluff) October 6, 2018 This spoiler incident was obviously a joke and Jimmy kept it up as well. Dude, it's too late - already sent the final show to Burbank for air. Are you sure you're gonna be in trouble? We could maybe bleep it out. What is “DM”? https://t.co/GMds1hGO8X — jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) October 5, 2018 But, it was too late. The Russo brothers got to know about it before Mark could fix it, and well, now you know the reason if The Hulk does not show up in the next Avengers movie. Mark, you're fired. — Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) October 6, 2018 He also did some damage control. Guys... can we talk about this? https://t.co/PYe56UiUgO — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) October 7, 2018 In the end, I would just like to say that Mark please never stop giving us spoilers, we're all waiting for anything about 'Avengers 4'. So leak something already. Thanks.
  9. Self-love is the only love that matters anymore, and a UK company totally gets it. This is Ariana Grande and her song Thank You, Next's impact. Just kidding. But, for real, a UK company named LELO UK is giving its employees extra four days holidays for an interesting reason. People need extra time to masturbate and the company is literally giving them offs to do that. Yep. Also, did you catch the name of the company? The entire thing is just a little too hilarious for Hindi-speaking people I'm sure. A company called LELO is telling to lelo, this is not something you see every day. Turns out the company is a *** toy brand and now I'm convinced a desi person started LELO and you can't change my mind. These 'self-love days' are allotted with the belief that it can help boost productivity and happiness in the office. This announcement came after the company carried out a survey of over 2,000 workers across the UK on what makes them feel fulfilled. As expected, the result showed that 78% of participants believe orgasms make them happier. I have one question, what makes the other 22% people happy? Moreover, 66% of the people surveyed claimed they are more productive after having an orgasm and 40% believed that productivity can last up to 5 days after the orgasm. Rachael Nsofor, a spokesperson for the company, said, “Being sexually fulfilled and satisfied is something that we at LELO UK feel is a basic human right and it's completely free!” “As a result of this research, we're delighted to introduce a new initiative where we are offering our UK employees the opportunity to take up to four days a year as a 'self-love day'.” There are a few reactions about the name of the company and the news – by Indians, of course. Company ka naam bhi Lelo hai ð¹ð¹ pic.twitter.com/dyFJGegJG8 — SwatKat- The dancing humanð (@swatic12) November 19, 2018 A very valid question. What if employee takes masturbation leave, and gets laid somehow...... Will that be cheating or over performance ???? They should rename the company to "khud hii ki lelo". ðððð — arey bhai (@side_ho_jaa) November 19, 2018 Everyone should. I support such companies https://t.co/5IirBK4sLj — à¤à¥à¤¶à¤² मà¥à¤¹à¤°à¤¾ (@kushal_mehra) November 19, 2018
  10. We live in a world where times are changing at a rapid pace and most things around us are evolving as they should be. One of the things I am talking about is gender roles and the dynamic each gender role defines today. Gender has become a very translucent and a fluid concept in modern day India, especially amongst the new generation and the urban literates. Those who understand the concept of gender also understand there are no established norms and rules attached to it and the roles can be defined as per one's convenience. More men are taking over quintessential women roles in society. Be it becoming chefs and cooks to even learning an art form such as classical dancing, men are exceedingly becoming more flexible and letting their masculinity experience a different yet definitive stance or role altogether. © Pinterest One such thing that has emerged out of fluid gender roles is the concept of stay-at-home dads. A SAHD (stay-at-home-dad) is an embodiment of a housewife, while the working mother is out and about concentrating on her career. Now for those who think housewives are a dreary, archaic and a weak concept, they're noticeably wrong and I strongly disagree with them. My mother was a housewife and she took upon the task quite seriously. Since my dad was predominantly absent due to his job which made him travel a lot, she did the most difficult task and made it seem easy. Cooking an cleaning is not the only task of a housewife, I'll have you know, it's also structuring a life for all the other members who stay in the house, raising kids how they should be raised, heading the finances and paying the bills and running a fully-functional house with absolute perfection. © Pinterest When men exchange these roles with women and become house-husbands or SAHDs, they're enabling an empowered role for all the men, who want to understand what 'feminism' is all about or understand gender roles and how one isn't restricted to a particular type of gender identity, clearly. Now SAHds maybe different from house husbands. SAHDs sole responsibility is to take care of the children while running a house, whereas a house-husband may not have children to take care of and he does it willingly or works from home as a freelancer. A SAHD gives up his career to see his wife fulfil her career goals because she can't or doesn't want to leave her job but she can't dedicate time to her kid(s) as well. A SAHD steps up and takes responsibility for the situation and there's a really powerful role reversal there. So, in case you feel like you're headed in that direction or want to help your wife by working from home and running a house, the concept of stay-at-home-dads is quite awesome and here's why: (1) They Give Up Their Careers To Become SAHds The concept of a SAHD is that he stays at home with the kids and doesn't turn his back on fundamental responsibilities. Some working parents leave their kids in the care of nannies or at a reputed day-care while they go for work, while some want a familiar face around their kids at all times. This is when the mom or the dad take a considerate decision to quit their job and stay at home with the kids. If the dad makes the decision and wants his wife to stay at her job, then it's practically the best solution. It's not necessary the man needs to quit his job per say. He can freelance from home and take care of the kids and the house, simultaneously. © Pinterest (2) They Define New Gender Roles Back in the day, this concept would have been rather odd, but today it's not so strange anymore. Like mentioned above, gender roles are slowly changing and men and women alike are understanding and accepting the change. Stay-at-home dads are another example of changing gender roles and they're breaking barriers today, as more and more moms are heading to work and dads are taking up the responsibility of managing the kids and the household. © Pinterest (3) They Kill The Concept Of Patriarchy India has been botched with the rules of patriarchy since we can remember and patriarchy as a concept diminishes any stand equality can ever have in our society. What SAHDs do is break the even flow that patriarchy has formed and marginalise the concept of being an equal. With the absenteeism of mothers from the house during the day, the kids see their fathers emerge as the caretaker and instil ideas of nurturing within them. The kids learn equal responsibilities at a young age and they don't see the fathers as sole bread earners. They understand what a powerful role both men and women have in society and also understand the concept of being equal. © Pinterest (4) Children Learn A lot From their SAHDs Growing up with a male presence in the house, the kids learn a lot and understand masculinity is not just earning money and doing hard labour but also taking in responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of their needs, dealing with bullies for them or even going to parent-teacher meetings. A boy growing up with his father at home will automatically learn to be kind and understanding toward women because he knows what it's like to be a woman. When he sees his wife work alone in the kitchen in the future, he will share her responsibility equally. Kids also learn that having a SAHD both genders can have a career, both genders can stay home and both genders can distribute responsibility equally and nothing is really defined. © Pinterest (5) The Father-Child Dynamic Is More Beneficial In most cases, kids usually look up to their fathers. This is also due to inherent gender roles. I remember I used to meet my father once in 6 months and was in awe of him when I was a child. Spending time with their sons or daughters at home and teaching them the ways of life is therapeutic for both the father and the child. Research suggests that kids between 7-30 months old respond more favourably to being picked up by their dads, than being picked up by their moms. Kids are also more likely to learn quickly from their dads, than their moms because fathers usually pose as an inspiration to most of them. Fatherhood comes to men only when they first see their child. Unlike mothers who feel maternal when the child is in their womb. When a man spends time with his kids he gets a keen knack of what it's like to be a father and learns a lot about his kids unlike dad's who spend all their life at work and miss out on the primitive years of their children. So, it's basically beneficial for both the child and the father. © Pinterest Stay-at-home dads have all our support because they're literally superheroes without capes! They accept gender identifies easily and don't worry about what society may feel about their roles. They do it because they love their family and we believe there is nothing to be ashamed of. Instead, it's a matter of pride that a man can endorse such a role and do it pretty well too!
  11. It's Shah Rukh Khan's birthday today. It should have been a national holiday, ideally, at least for women throughout the country, but it's not an ideal world after all. But it's the king of romance we're talking about, so we're all celebrating it anyway. So is he, in Mannat. But what struck us the hardest on this birthday is his choice of outfit. Take a look! © Viral Bhayani SRK is legit wearing a shirt made out of what looks like the quintessential desi 'gamchha'. There isn't a man in the country who hasn't used one of these to dry themselves after a shower. They might have become a little tough to spot of late, thanks to the reign of fluffy towels, but move a little beyond metro cities, and you can still easily spot these beauties everywhere. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Though we're a little perplexed about his choice of fabric, we think it doesn't look bad at all! In fact, it looks like the desi cousin of a plaid jacket. Plus, it looks really, really comfortable. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that he is probably the only person in Bollywood who can pull off a statement piece like this while giving 'zero' hoots (see what we did there?) Happy Birthday, SRK!
  12. When love comes to town, there's a certain music in the air you simply can't miss, and this seems to be the case for Shibani Dandekar and Farhan Akhtar, who made their relationship public very recently. It was at the beginning of September when Shibani shared a photo on her Instagram feed, where she was holding the hand of a “mystery man” who was facing away from the camera. View this post on Instagram photo cred @anuragrao A post shared by Shibani Dandekar (@shibanidandekar) on Sep 1, 2018 at 8:12am PDT The entire nation switched their detective-mode on and began speculating who the man in the photograph might be. From celebrity tabloids to the fans, everybody was seen pinning their guesses on Bollywood's multi-talented celeb Farhan Akhtar. As it would later turn out, with Farhan sharing the same image on his Instagram feed last week, complete with a 'heart' emoticon, that the “mystery man” in Shibani's life is indeed Farhan himself. Fans had taken this post to be a “public confirmation” of sorts. View this post on Instagram â¤ï¸ A post shared by Farhan Akhtar (@faroutakhtar) on Oct 14, 2018 at 11:43pm PDT Ever since the couple has been sharing snippets of their time together every now and then. Be it taking a hike together, or wishing each other on their birthday (all with hearts and kiss emoticons), they have shared many of their memories with the world. However, it is this latest video that Shibani shared on Instagram that's become the talk of the town. The very smitten and in-love Shibani can be seen dancing to Farhan's song 'Señorita' from the movie 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara', along with a friend, while vacationing in Australia. This sure is #CoupleGoals #RelationshipGoals for millennials. Check out the video here: View this post on Instagram Some Bondi swag!! ððhow cool are we @eddiecowan ??? Had so much fun with you bro! @australia @espncricinfo @sydney #thatbrowngirl #Undiscoveraustralia âï¸ð‍âï¸ A post shared by Shibani Dandekar (@shibanidandekar) on Oct 24, 2018 at 12:52am PDT Fellow friends and colleagues from the industry have also commented on the post, stating that she seems to be very much in love. Singer Meiyang Chang also commented on the post saying, “I see your love for Farhan Akhtar will never fade :D". Post the surfacing of allegations against Farhan's cousin Sajid Khan in the #MeToo movement, people started bashing Farhan for not speaking out about his cousin sooner, or taking a step against him. During this time too, Shibani came forward to stand beside Farhan on social media, and said that blaming family members for not knowing isn't justified or fair. Shibani seems to be doing well both as a partner and a lover, won't you say?
  13. We grew up admiring Bollywood stars for a number of reasons - some for their charisma, some for their physique, some because of how good-looking they were. However, sometimes, those criteria change. For example, Suniel Shetty wasn't really admired because of his fashion sense back in the '90s, during his peak years, but look at the man now! He is 57, but he looks incredible, and we won't even be exaggerating if we said he looks better than ever. He was recently spotted at the airport in a fitted T-shirt and jogger pants, and we couldn't help but admire how excellently he is embracing age. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani To have maintained that toned, musclebound physique at the age of 57 in itself is worthy of appreciation, but Suniel sure knows how to do justice to it by dressing right. We love his choice of T-shirt. The royal blue perfectly complements his skin tone. Plus, it's doing wonders for that perfectly shaped salt-n-pepper beard as well. © Viral Bhayani The fact that he has chosen to wear a pair of well-fitted jogger pants in light blue, shows that he understands how to utilize the shade card in terms of choosing outfits. We are in love with the combination. It is classy, and extremely versatile. © Viral Bhayani Mr Shetty's choice of footwear shows that he is all about minimalism and class. What other footwear, other than a pair of white sneakers, can possibly look better with this outfit? © Viral Bhayani He has kept the accessory bit minimal, by opting for a pair of aviators and a silver 'kada' - simple, but classy. The youngsters are jealous, Mr S. And rightfully so!
  14. Almost everyone dreams of being super-rich one day, and that's mostly a common goal for everyone. Who wouldn't want to be a millionaire and have an extravagant and lavish life? I will tell you who– someone who's already a multi-millionaire and still prefers living an ordinary life. Quite commendable, if you think about it. The person in question is the legendary actor Chow Yun-fat, who says he lives on just $100 a month and even plans to give away his $714 million fortune to charity. What a guy! Twitter While promoting his movie, 'Project Gutenberg', he opened up about his lifestyle, which is honestly so unexpected for a millionaire. He said, “My dream is to be a happy and normal person.” He went on, “The hardest thing in life is not about how much money you earn, but how to keep a peaceful mindset and live the rest of your life in a simple and carefree manner.” Words to live by, tbh! He said he doesn't like spending any money on himself and would rather spend it doing charity work. He also said he eats at street food stalls and takes public transport as much as he can. The best thing about this is that he also claimed he had used his Nokia phone – probably a flip phone – for 17 years and the only reason he upgraded to a smartphone was because the Nokia phone stopped working. Side note – Apple please take note and make phones that last almost two decades, that will be great! While a lot of us dream of the day where we would shop without even looking at the price tag, the guy who can actually afford to do it prefers shopping at discount stores instead. He said, “I don't wear clothes for other people. As long as I think it's comfortable, then it's good enough for me.” It's great to see that even after being in the film industry for 40 years, he's still so down to earth and humble. We really need more people like him in the world. Moreover, since he and his wife Jasmine Tan have no children, they plan on leaving it all to charity. The couple also established their own charity several years ago and even do a lot of charity work in their spare time. Basically, he has earned so much money but he still believes the best use of it will be to help others. He's known for acting in movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Bulletproof Monk and Crazy Rich Asians among others.
  15. Oh, Mark, you never learn, do you? You know what's worse than heartbreak? Getting spoilers about a movie that you were so eagerly looking forward to. That shit hurts, and if it's a movie like 'Avengers', then that's the worst thing in the world, don't even fight me on that. But, looks like Mark Ruffalo is a sadist who likes to watch people suffer, or maybe he's just a little confused and doesn't know when to shut up. We all know Mark and Tom Holland's long history of accidentally spoiling so many Marvel movies, but Mark one-upped Tom by literally spoiling 'Thor: Ragnarok' by being on Instagram Live during its premiere. Oh, Mark. (yes, this will be a phrase that's repeated throughout) And how can we forget the time, when during an interview, Mark said this about 'Avengers: Infinity War' - “Wait till you see the next one, everybody dies.” Oh, Mark. Don Cheadle's face says it all. The best thing about Mark, though, is that he at least he tries to cover up his mistakes and that's what he tried to this time as well. But, since he doesn't think before speaking about multimillion-dollar movies, he obviously doesn't think before tweeting about it as well. .@JimmyFallon, I trust that you will cut my spoiler slip on the show tonight. That was “off the record” homey. Please don't get me in trouble with Marvel (Barry) again. DM me back. M — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) October 5, 2018 Yes, tweeting about your goof-up for the world to see, especially the people who can fire you. Oh, Mark. Apparently, this is the clip in question. I LOVE YOU @MarkRuffalo WITH OR WITHOUT SPOILERS #FallonTonight pic.twitter.com/ZSkPJfdp2v — ale ︽âµï¸½ (@bannerscaptain) October 6, 2018 Jimmy Fallon also decided to keep the joke going and replied with this. Dude, it's too late - already sent the final show to Burbank for air. Are you sure you're gonna be in trouble? We could maybe bleep it out. What is “DM”? https://t.co/GMds1hGO8X — jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) October 5, 2018 But, it was too late. The Russo brothers got to know about it before Mark could fix it, and well, now you know the reason if The Hulk does not show up in the next Avengers movie. Mark, you're fired. — Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) October 6, 2018 I have one question – (Don't come at me with 'it's a joke', I know that already, thank you) Oh, Mark. Guys... can we talk about this? https://t.co/PYe56UiUgO — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) October 7, 2018 Now, I just can't wait for Mark Ruffalo to accidentally reveal the title of the movie. Do it already, man, we're all waiting, we know you want to!
  16. People have already started to queue up for the iPhone XS and we reported a story yesterday about how fans are even ready to spend the night waiting in line. However, Apple fans who were stationed outside the store were greeted with a surprise by another smartphone maker — Huawei. © Twitter In a brilliant yet snarky marketing gimmick, some people were spotted wearing Huawei shirts and handing out free power banks to hundreds of Apple fans in line. This was first reported by tech360 and here's what they posted: According to sources, approximately 200 power banks were handed out to people in the line. Here are some of the images shared by Huawei: © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter Each power bank came with a message that basically said “You'll need it”. We have to commend Huawei for this ingenious marketing campaign that basically targets the iPhone's battery life. The iPhone XS is outfitted with a 2,658mAh battery while Huawei's P20 Pro comes with a 4,00 mAh battery. Here's a video below that basically shows what Huawei was up to last night in Singapore.
  17. On one hand where people in some parts of the country are fighting each other in the name of religion, Kerala on the other hand is setting a great example for the whole world to see. Sending a strong message of communal harmony, a mosque in Malappuram district provided shelter and food to various Hindu families displaced by floods. The Juma Masjid in Malappuram doubled up as a relief camp for nearly 17 families including women, children and elderly people, who were left homeless and devastated by floods. They were provided food and shelter inside the mosque and were given rice, pulses and other important materials when they returned home. Reuters PT Usman, Chaliyar village panchayat chief told PTI, "There were 26 families who had sought refuge in the mosque, a majority of them Hindus. Though we opened the relief camp at the mosque on August 8, the activities started in full swing only after August 14, following a series of landslides that rocked the district." He further said that two days ago the Hindu families returned home as the water level receded, while "the rest returned home after taking part in the observance of Bakrid." While the mosque gave shelter to Hindu families, two groups of Muslim men also assisted in cleaning Hindu temples that were badly affected by the floods. Reportedly, a Vishnu temple in Wayanad and a shrine dedicated to Lord Ayyappa in Malappuram were cleaned by them. ðEid prayers at Purappullikkavu Temple, Eravathur, #Thrissur ðSisters get mehndi by Muslim inmates to celebrate Eid-al-Adha. #Kodungallur Snehalaya Relief Camp ð#KeralaFloods victims belonging to Christian community holding holy mass inside a Mosque in Kakkanad.#Kerala pic.twitter.com/F5awVdbc8G — Sunil Ananthapuri (@sunilupdate) August 22, 2018 Hindus too have transcended all boundaries to help the Muslim offers prayers on Eid-ul-Adha. According to the Times Of India, a temple at Eravathur gave their hall to Muslims to offer Eid prayers. P A Khalid, president of the Masjid Mahallu committee, said, "We were hoping that the water will recede by Wednesday and we will be able to offer Eid prayers at the Masjid itself. However, two days back itself we realised that this may not be possible. When we discussed the issue with the temple office-bearers, they immediately offered their hall for the prayers." Muslims cleaning a Hindu temple in Kerala after floods. Eid Mubarak! #Eid #KeralaFloods #ItHappensOnlyInKerala pic.twitter.com/y1LdnF33wo — Salil Ravindran (@salilravindran) August 22, 2018 P K Sabu, president of SNDP Union Mala said, "We thought offering the temple hall for Eid prayers will be an expression of the secular lineage of this land. We had also arranged all other facilities like water for cleaning for the devotees who had come for offering prayers." Honestly, no amount of words are enough to salute Kerala's strength and unity in the times of distress as it continues its fight against one of the worst floods in history. While the rescue operations are in full swing, the locals too are taking every possible step to save as many lives as they can.
  18. There's a reason why they say "A dog is a man's best friend". Many people view their pets as a part of the family and rightly so. People don't just want their dogs to be healthy – they want them to be happy and to know that they treasure them. What better way to show their affection than to give their pooch some serious pampering? And it's only fair to indulge them in a way that will not just make them happy, but also enhance their lives. Here are 7 things you can buy your pets and show them just how much you love them, while giving them a healthy life: 1. Natural Detangle Solution Qtrove We would love to see our furry friends run in a field towards us, with their fur flowing in the air. But more often than not, we forget that their mats get entangled too. This organic detangle solution has Camellia Japonica, a Japanese shrub that has super emollient and detangling qualities, which increases elasticity allowing easy separation of the matted hair. It also contains nutrients to help reconstruct damaged hair tissue. Win-win! 2. Pure Raw Honey Qtrove It's known that sugary food causes our pets' skin to itch. Well, no more. If you want to treat your pet to something sweet, look no further than this Pure Raw Honey. It contains vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, and K, plus calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, sulphur, potassium, manganese, copper, and iodine which is good for our dogs. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in raw honey make it a functional food for dogs. 3. Paw Balm Qtrove If you think your pet licks their paws obsessively, it is a matter of concern. They could be doing so because their paws are dry and damaged. This Paw Balm is a 100% natural blend of butters and plant oils and is formulated especially to heal rough, chapped and dry dog paw pads, making them soft and smooth. And if your dog still doesn't stop licking, you can feel confident knowing every last ingredient that goes into these dog-products is carefully sourced. 4. Conditioning Soap Qtrove Pamper your four-legged love with a luxuriously refreshing and conditioning bath with this hand-crafted cleanser with Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, and Neem extracts. It is free from artificial fragrances, parabens, artificial additives or SLES. 5. Organic Anti-Tick/Flea Shampoo Qtrove Get rid of ticks and fleas off your canine companion without the use of harmful chemicals, with this organic shampoo. Its hypoallergenic conditioning soothes the skin and its anti-bacterial and antifungal properties keep your pet's mane healthy. 6. Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies Qtrove A super hit with every dog, these cookies are basically peanut butter sandwiched between oats cookies. Jam-packed with protein and heart-healthy fats, this one is sure to turn your furball into a fireball of energy! The best part is, that if you buy this from Qtrove.com, you can customize orders based upon your dog's allergies. 7. Coco-Therapy Supplements Qtrove As they grow old, our pets too need supplements like we do. And Do Bandar's coco-therapy supplements are the best health supplement for your dog. The supplements are made with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and extracts of turmeric. Virgin coconut oil is an amazing super-food that helps with numerous health conditions ranging from arthritis to diabetes, heart disease to weight issues, dry skin and pads to open wounds. And you can find all of these wonder products for your furry friends at the one-stop-shop for all things good- Qtrove.com. Whether you want to buy dog food, shampoo, conditioner, or a collar, you will find this and much more on Qtrove.com. They make sure that they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers for Qtrove, which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. At Qtrove.com, products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Embrace Qtrove.com as your go-to marketplace for all things pure and good. Spread the good karma by embracing the ultimate shop for good things- Qtrove.com!
  19. Of all the things that the nation wants to know, one question that has perpetually occupied one of the topmost spots is: 'When is Bhai getting married?' Well, if you were to take his interviews as the source for a possible answer, good luck. But, rejoice, for something finally happened that will help his fans dig out a probable silver lining, that might just satiate a small part of what they have been looking forward to. Salman Khan just walked the ramp as the showstopper for Manish Malhotra, and we finally have seen a glimpse of what he'll look as a groom. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Salman wore a statement black Bandhgala that has been adorned with crystals along the neckline and the button-up area. Beautifully incorporated as part of a layered outfit in the truest sense, the black linen Bandhgala boasts of velvet borders along the cuffs, and a royal maroon piping. © Viral Bhayani The top piece has been paired with a black Pathani kurta pyjama, that is just the perfect accompaniment. The volume of the pyjamas is perfectly complementing Salman's broad frame. © Viral Bhayani When it comes to footwear, he has chosen to wear a super elegant pair of black shoes with golden tips, which is just the perfect melange of royalty and sophistication. © Viral Bhayani Salman's classy black overalls is perfectly complementing Katrina's shimmery cedar gorgeousness in all its glory. The silver crystal detailing in both of their outfits is legit 'wedding outfit goals', tbh. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Salman later took his Bandhgala off, revealing the black Pathani - which we feel is a perfect outfit, style and comfort-wise, for when the time comes to hit the dance floor. Talk about a functional outfit! © Viral Bhayani All we can say is this, classic Indian ethnic look suits him incredibly well, and he should experiment on these lines more often. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Well, at least now we know how he is probably going to look like a groom. Could he actually be considering it, though? We'll find out soon.
  20. When we got to know that 'Fanney Khan' is going to feature Anil Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, our excitement was already uncontrollable, much like every other Bollywood buff, but once Mr Kapoor hit the road with Rajkummar by his side - both of them in their fashionable best - it did look like a fierce fashion feud, the good kind. Just like Anil Kapoor already has been killing it with his fashion game of late, by choosing and carrying off super modern and experimental silhouettes like longline shirts, Rajkummar Rao too has surprised us with his edgy AF style choices. We got to see it all recently, when they hit the streets for the promotion of the movie. © Viral Bhayani As if their too cool for school attires weren't enough, they showed off their equally cool Lakhan-inspired dance moves, with a Fanney Khan dedication to boot. A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Jul 30, 2018 at 8:02am PDT Mr Kapoor's simple but super impressive Khaki olive longline shirt stole the show (just like his character from Fanney Khan will, we hope). © Viral Bhayani But Rajkummar's layered outfit with the statement shirt, cropped trousers, and that copper-dust rose blazer wasn't far behind at all. He definitely was a worthy competition to Anil Kapoor when it comes to unconventional, mature streetstyle. © Viral Bhayani Both of their footwear and accessory game was on point. While Rajkummar matched his shades with his jacket, Mr Kapoor decided to stick to a classic pair of dark sunnies. © Viral Bhayani Who can tell there's almost a 30-year age difference between these two? All we can say is that we're bowled over, for sure.
  21. Star kids grow up fast. Actually they grow up at the same pace as every kid, but since their lives are constantly monitored during their childhood, and they go off the radar during adolescence (as they should), it appears to us as if they suddenly grew up one fine day. Akshay Kumar's son, Aarav, had the same effect on everyone, when they started noticing him as someone who is growing up to be a fine young man. The shocker? He's only 15. © Instagram It has to be a challenge, being the teenage son of Bollywood's fittest man, but it shouldn't be a problem for Aarav because he clearly has inherited his dad's raw magnetism, his mother's charm, along with his grandfather's face structure. The bonus? Dimple Kapadia's light eyes (his are blue, though). Add to that his own fashion sense, and we get a promising new talent in Bollywood who would surely grow up to be as big a 'Khiladi' as his father. © Instagram Aarav was just spotted at the airport along with dad Akshay, who managed to steal all the limelight with his blue co-ords and salt-n-pepper awesomeness of a beard, Aarav dressed in a way that is perfect for a new-age 15-year-old (perhaps a little to mature for a 15 year old?), and looked like a responsible gentleman who still retains his innocence, as he walked beside his mother and baby sister. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani The black and white Raglan T-shirt along with the black ripped jeans plus those basic black sneakers make for the perfect casual ensemble that is super cool, and playfully charming. The best thing about the outfit is, it's not 'extra' and is super relatable - something any 15-year-old will be willing to wear. © Viral Bhayani Another thing we couldn't help but notice is how tall the lad is, already! He is taller than his dad and he's still growing. © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that we can't wait to see his Bollywood debut, if he chooses to pursue his dad's footsteps - because he clearly has everything he needs to (superficially so, at least, for now), in order to make it big. Good luck, Aarav!
  22. There is nothing about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma that India doesn't love. People are totally obsessed with them and they are one of the most adored celeb couples. India is currently touring England and the Men In Blue are playing like rock stars. Yesterday, India won the first ODI by 8 wickets and the entire nation couldn't keep calm. While Virat is busy fulfilling his captain duties, he is also making sure he is spending some quality time with his wife Anushka. Another victory for Captain Kohli as he proudly holds the winning trophy! Very well deserved by him and the entire Team Indiað #IndvsEng A post shared by VirushkaWedDiaries (@virushkaweddiaries) on Jul 8, 2018 at 10:59am PDT That flying kissð Vc - @virushka.updates #Virushka #ViratAnushka #AnushkaSharma #ViratKohli A post shared by VirushkaWedDiaries (@virushkaweddiaries) on Jul 9, 2018 at 5:28am PDT The actress has taken some time out from her busy schedule and was seen enjoying the match, as the team, led by her husband, played against England. While Virat was kicking some major English butt with the bat, Anushka was sitting with Shikhar Dhawan's wife Aesha Dhawan and enjoying the fireworks. The photos and videos of them together surfaced on social media and the internet is simply loving them. What made netizens lose their mind was a particular video of Anushka and Aesha sending out flying kisses to their victorious men on the field. In fact, Aesha took to Instagram and shared a picture and wrote, “The squad!! Well done boys on a great win!!! #indiancricketteam @aliyah_dhawan @anushkasharma #rheadhawan #zoraverdhawan” The squad!! Well done boys on a great win!!! #indiancricketteam @aliyah_dhawan @anushkasharma #rheadhawan #zoraverdhawan ð A post shared by Aesha Dhawan (@aesha.dhawan5) on Jul 12, 2018 at 2:03pm PDT Check out the video: Anushka Sharma clicked with Aesha Dhawan at the match today!ð #Virushka #ViratAnushka #AnushkaSharma #ViratKohli A post shared by VirushkaWedDiaries (@virushkaweddiaries) on Jul 12, 2018 at 10:32am PDT Virushka today at the match!ð #IndvsEng #Virushka #ViratAnushka #AnushkaSharma #ViratKohli A post shared by VirushkaWedDiaries (@virushkaweddiaries) on Jul 12, 2018 at 11:53am PDT Wifey Anushka blowing flying kisses to hubby Virat is the cutest thing you will see today!ðâ¤ï¸ (A request, please give credits while reposting) #IndvsEng #Virushka #ViratAnushka #AnushkaSharma #ViratKohli A post shared by VirushkaWedDiaries (@virushkaweddiaries) on Jul 12, 2018 at 11:52am PDT Anushka Sharma clicked with Aesha Dhawan at the match today!ð #Virushka #ViratAnushka #AnushkaSharma #ViratKohli A post shared by VirushkaWedDiaries (@virushkaweddiaries) on Jul 12, 2018 at 10:32am PDT After the match, Virat & Anushka were seen spending some quality time with each other. Virushka clicked in Nottingham today!ðâ¤ï¸ Pc - @virushka_folyf , thank you ð¤ #Virushka #ViratAnushka #AnushkaSharma #ViratKohli A post shared by VirushkaWedDiaries (@virushkaweddiaries) on Jul 11, 2018 at 9:11am PDT Two days ago, Virat had shared an adorable picture of a day out with his ladylove. Day out with my beauty! ð¤©♥ï¸ A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Jul 10, 2018 at 9:04am PDT