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Found 126 results

  1. The number of people facing acute food insecurity could nearly double this year to 265 million due to the economic fallout of COVID-19, the United Nations? World Food Programme (WFP) said on Tuesday.
  2. Our Internet reporter Vishnu Kaushal is back and this time he is presenting his report on Lockdown 2.0, Trump's tweet & the Global Recession. Watch out now! View the full article
  3. 'Apart from containing the virus and dealing with the economic crisis, our biggest worry now is people dying of hunger.'
  4. With the entire world going haywire because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the world staring at a global crisis, people are bracing themselves for a hard time up ahead. A lot of industries are already facing probably the worst kind of crisis, something that they clearly couldnât have anticipated. © Reuters For example, most global airlines are looking at the possibility of going bankrupt by the end of the 1st quarter of the financial year. The tourism and hospitality industries are also looking at dire consequences, with many popular tourist destinations already going into lockdown, and many countries, including India, stopping all commercial internationally plying flights for at least a couple of weeks. © iStock The global fashion industry too, is looking at a bleak future. Weâre not saying that the entire industry is going to die out, that would simply be impossible and unfeasible. Instead, as a few key incidents indicate, the industry is heading for a major slowdown, something which might take a year or two to fully recuperate from. Here are five ways that the Coronavirus pandemic is causing havoc on the global fashion industry, and therefore the global economy, and why you too should be worried. © iStock 1. Fashion Weeks & Other Events Getting Cancelled © Twitter/armani Fashion weeks are not just events where major designers and established labels present their latest collections, they are also an avenue for young and emerging designers to showcase their work. Global fashion events, like the Milan Fashion Week, are also avenues where designers present the latest developments in fashion technology - new materials, new and efficient ways to embrace sustainability at affordable prices, etc. All this is going for a toss. The Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week has been indefinitely postponed, the footfall at the Milan Fashion Week Was abysmally low, and a number of high-end luxury brands, as well as fast fashion brands, have already cancelled their annual events. View this post on InstagramSummer 2020 Destination Weddings Jewellery Courtesy: Sabyasachi Heritage Jewellery collection @sabyasachijewelry Shoes by Sabyasachi x Christian Louboutin @cl.india @louboutinworld For all product related queries, please email us at customerservice@sabyasachi.com Video Courtesy: Sabyasachi Calcutta Makeup and hair by @deepa.verma.makeup Models: @priyadarshini.96, @kanika.dev, @melissandre.t, @vishakha_b Location Courtesy: Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad @tajfalaknuma @tajhotels #Sabyasachi #DestinationWeddings #BridesOfSabyasachi #SabyasachiBride #SabyasachiJewelry #CLxSabyasachi #TheWorldOfSabyasachi @bridesofsabyasachiA post shared by (@sabyasachiofficial) This has actually led to a strange development. A number of labels are going the digital route now. Giorgio Armani held his runway show at Milan Fashion Week in an empty theatre, which was streamed online. Ace Indian Designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has been doing something similar for quite some time now. With fashion shows going completely digital, this definitely is a major paradigm shift. A lot of money is invested in fashion weeks, both, by designers, and the event organisers. We already were dealing with fashion show fatigue and the number of fashion weeks that take place every year. Imagine what would happen if every designer starts presenting their collection only using social media and digital streams. The number of âshowsâ would explode exponentially. 2. Collaborations Getting Delayed Or Cancelled © Christian Louboutin Special collaborations are also getting delayed, or worse, cancelled. Most fashion events are the breeding ground for artists and designers collaborating for a special or a limited edition collection. Although this may seem somewhat benign, collaborations have been the driving force for the industry for a long time, Whether you talk of labels like Sabyasachi collaborating with Christian Louboutin, or Virgil Abloh collaborating with Nike. With collaborations getting delayed, launch events, again, may get cancelled altogether. When the situations worsen, these collaborations may get cancelled altogether, which will not only affect jobs and artistic creations but the financial world as well. A number of publicly traded fashion companies have historically seen a surge in the value of their shares, when they collaborate with artists and designers who have a cult status. Products from their subsequent collections, which have nothing to do with the collaboration, also sell well. 3. Sales & Stock Prices Dropped © iStock One way that the pandemic is affecting the fashion industry globally, is the alarming drop in sales. It is quite understandable that at a time of a pandemic as grave as this, luxury is something that most people donât really care about. Fashion, being quintessentially an endeavour of leisure and luxury, is bound to suffer. People simply have stopped buying things that do not fall under the category of absolute necessity. Most giant global retailers, like Amazon, have taken a resolution to focus only on delivering items that are an absolute necessity for their customers. © iStock This fall in sales has been followed by a massive drop in the value of stock prices. Now, privately held companies, are indeed affected by this, but they still will be able to fare well. Publicly traded companies are seeing their stocks plummet. Consequently, there will be drastic budget cuts and layoffs. 4. Indian Karigars Going Out Of Jobs © iStock It shouldnât come as a surprise to you, that most luxury fashion companies source a lot of materials and finished goods from Indian artisans and karigars. However, they are not involved directly with artisans, but through export companies. Rarely do these companies have any contracts with these artisans. What makes matters even worse, is that most of these artisans are employed on the basis of daily wages. If you assume that these artisans are poorly paid, and do not enjoy basic benefits such as health insurance and job security, you wouldnât be mistaken. © iStock Most of these artisans have to work every day, to sustain themselves. A prolonged period of unemployment will clearly not bode well for the communities of artisans. Furthermore, given the current status of our economy, stopping manufacturing and exports will only go on to weaken the Rupee. 5. Corporate Greed Metastasising Into Community Spread © iStock Although a number of ateliers have already stopped work, given the lack of demand, a number of businesses are still operational in a variety of ways. As of the 19th of March, a number of retailers are providing massive discounts to buyers, which is being met by a network of delivery personnel and warehouse workers. There are a number of labels and retailers who are asking their employees to visit customers, just to show them pieces when they ring the corporate offices up. Think of them of as a private show, delivered to your doorstep. Furthermore, even though common sense dictates that if a company is not able to allocate resources for its employees to work from home, they should at the very least ensure that the situation is not conducive for the contagion to spread. Instead, many reports and social media posts reveal that the corporate offices, as well as retail outlets of a number of well-known fashion retailers are âaskingâ their employees to continue with their work until a shut down is forced onto them. © iStock The situation is particularly worse in warehouses, which even at the best of times, is a cesspool of germs and contagious diseases, given our propensity to flout basic health and safety norms. Obviously, this will lead to a surge in the number of coronavirus cases over the next few weeks. © iStock Having said all this, there are a few instances which show that even in a situation as dire as this one, the fashion industry even at its possible weakest moment, is taking the humanitarian route. Zara, for example, has announced that they will be making masks and hospital gowns for medical professionals due to the shortage that is being foreseen. LVMH has already started making hand sanitizers for medical workers after suspending the production of perfumes and cosmetics. Giorgio Armani, too, has donated about 1.25 million directly to Italian hospitals, which just recently overtook China in the number of deaths resulting from Coronavirus. © iStock The global fashion industry sure is looking at a dark phase for a couple of months, if not years. With that being said, the tenacity with which certain institutions and people in the industry are pushing forward, combined with our grit and zeal, is proof that sooner or later, we will bounce back. View the full article
  5. Coronavirus pandemic has killed over 4,500 people while infecting more than 124,000 in 113 countries and territories
  6. Azhar was selected for being the youngest minister and for his commitment to maintaining dialogue, integrity across political lines
  7. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said his organization was not underestimating the risk
  8. China's ambassador Zhang Mingh said the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the global economy largely depends on global response
  9. UN health agency based in Geneva had initially downplayed the threat posed by the disease
  10. Arvind Krishna has been appointed as the new CEO for tech giant IBM and will be taking over the reins of the company from April 6th 2020 onwards. He will be succeeding Ginni Rometty who will be retiring from the company after 40 years. "I am thrilled and humbled to be elected as the next Chief Executive Officer of IBM, and appreciate the confidence that Ginni and the Board have placed in me," Krishna said in a press statement released by IBM. © Reuters Rometty describes Krishna as a "brilliant technologists" and "right CEO for the next era at IBM". She stated, "Krishna has played a significant role in developing our key technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud, quantum computing and blockchain. He is also a superb operational leader, able to win today while building the business of tomorrowâ. © Reuters If you arenât aware of who Arvind Krishna is, he is an IIT-Kanpur graduate and has done his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign. Personally. He is the co-author of 15 patents and has material publishes in journals. Krishna joined IBM in 1990 and is currently the senior vice president for cloud and cognitive software at IBM. Krishna has previously worked on security software and information management. Krishna has also been credited as the "principal architectâ of IBMâs Red Hat acquisition. It was IBMâs largest acquisition in its long history that cost $34 billion. © IBM Krishna being appointed as the head of IBM is yet another name added to the list of Indian-Origin leaders heading a global technology company. Krishna is now part of an exclusive club of Indian-origin executives that include Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga, PepsiCo's former CEO Indra Nooyi, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. View the full article
  11. Photo: FileLONDON: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are looking to globally trademark the "Sussex Royal" brand which covers a range of items and activities including clothing, stationery and the running of "emotional support groups", according to international filings. The application covering Australia, Canada, the EU and US was filed in December with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in the name of their new foundation, international media reported. As well as the application to register Sussex Royal – which the couple have been using on their Instagram account and on a website launched last week as they announced they were "stepping back" as senior royals – one was also made to register "Sussex Royal the Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex". Read more: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s whopping net worth will leave you shocked Six classes were listed in the applications, covering printed matter such as magazines and greeting cards, clothing ranging from footwear to pyjamas, charitable fundraising and management, as well as education and social care services including the organising and conducting of emotional support groups. Applications to trademark Sussex Royal for a range of goods and activities were lodged with UK intellectual property authorities last June by their advisers Natalie Campbell and Sara Latham. Ownership was switched to the couple in December. However, Harry and Meghan face having to potentially make an objection to protect their would-be brand after an application was lodged with EU authorities to trademark a range of goods including beer and jewellery under Sussex Royal. Read more: Oprah Winfrey denies role in Prince Harry, Markle's departure from Royal Family It was lodged on Thursday by an applicant who appears to be based in Italy and filed it in German, with English listed as a second language. Database searches suggest it was made in the name of Ui Phoenix Kerbl, possibly after the Guardian reported on Thursday that the Sussexes had yet to register their brand outside the UK. Six categories of goods and services were listed – covering areas including toiletries, sporting goods, toys and alcoholic beverages – in the application to the European Union intellectual property office (EUIPO). Meanwhile, the Duke of Cambridge has expressed his sadness over tensions with his brother before Monday’s crisis summit at Sandringham called by the Queen to decide the future of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Read more: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle to step away from royal family in shock move The brothers are now "separate entities" but Prince William hopes matters can be resolved so the royal family can once more play as "a team", according to reports. "I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can’t do that any more; we’re separate entities," William was quoted as saying. "I’m sad about that. All we can do, and all I can do, is try and support them and hope that the time comes when we’re all singing from the same page. I want everyone to play on the same team," he said. The comments come as the Queen, Prince of Wales, William and Harry prepare to meet face-to-face for the first time since the Sussexes’ bombshell statement on Wednesday. In it, Harry and Meghan said they intended to "step back" from being frontline royals, split their time between the UK and North America, and work towards becoming "financially independent".
  12. The latest buzzword in the fashion-verse is street-style, and when it comes to this trend, adidas originals takes the cake. Recently, the brand launched a new collection âadicolorâ which is all about hip designs, the big trefoil, and popping colours. Whatâs more? Global style icons like Ranveer Singh, Mo Salah and Eden Fines were seen flaunting this collection, which truly redefines street-style. Take a sneak peek at these style gods rocking the adicolor range! Adidas Originals As far as weâre concerned, the ever-energetic Ranveer Singh embraces street style like no other. Right from airport looks to film promotions, trust Ranveer to slay in a tracksuit like its haute couture. The time-tested colour combination and casual fit make this outfit versatile â ideal for a college student, a man hitting the mall, or just someone heading out for a run. And most importantly, itâs the trefoil logo that's the icing on the cake. Saved exclusively for adidas originals, the trefoil makes a statement without trying too hard. In addition to Ranveer Singh, Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah also sported this collection. Adidas Originals Known for his impeccable style, Mo Salah has never held back when it comes to fashion â be it blazing red sweatshirts or funky hats. This time too, he owned the red hoodie, and how! Adidas Originals And lastly, fashion model Eden Fines gave us major holiday vibes in her red street-style ensemble. Rocking the large trefoil tights and the snug-fit tee, Eden sure gave us all a lesson on street-style. While celebs have gone all out to show their love for street style time and again, itâs about time we dipped our toes in this trend as well. And if you donât know where to start, hereâs something we can vouch for - adidas originals is the hallmark of street style, and one can never go wrong with their classics! The new 'adicolor' range is now available at select outlets and on their online stores. View the full article
  13. Indian Home Minister Amit Shah. Photo: AFPNEW DELHI: The lower house of the Indian legislature passed controversial legislation early Tuesday that will grant citizenship to religious minorities from neighbouring countries, but not Muslims, amid raucous scenes in parliament and protests in the northeast of the country.The Citizenship Amendment Bill provides that Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, and Christians fleeing persecution in Muslim-majority Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan can be granted citizenship. It comfortably passed the lower house with 311 votes in favour and 80 against just after midnight."This bill is in line with India’s centuries old ethos of assimilation and belief in humanitarian values," Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, adding that he was "delighted" about its passage. But to Muslim organisations, rights groups and others, the bill is part of Modi’s push to marginalise India’s 200-million-strong Islamic minority. The Indian government denies the charges. "This is not a bill that is discriminatory," Home Minister Amit Shah said. "This is a bill to give rights, not to take them away from anybody."Testy debateModi’s government had tried to shepherd the legislation through parliament during its first term in power, but it failed in the upper house, where Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies lack a majority.After sweeping to victory in the April-May national elections, the BJP is now more confident it can push the bill through both chambers.During a lengthy debate marked by angry exchanges, opposition Congress lawmaker Shashi Tharoor said the bill "infringes upon the principle of equality before law" guaranteed to all persons, including non-citizens.The legislation seeks to amend the Citizenship Act of 1955, which prohibits illegal migrants from applying for Indian citizenship.Under Modi, several cities perceived to have Islamic-sounding names have been renamed, while some school textbooks have been altered to downplay Muslims’ contributions to India.In August, his administration rescinded the partial autonomy of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, India’s only Muslim-majority state, and split it into two. On Monday, 100 scientists and scholars at institutions in India and abroad published a joint letter expressing their "dismay" at the legislation, saying the constitution called for members of all faiths to be treated equally.But, they wrote, Modi’s "proposed bill would mark a radical break with this history and would be inconsistent with the basic structure of the constitution". The letter said such a careful exclusion of Muslims would "greatly strain" India’s pluralism.'Against infiltrators'The government has defended the bill, saying it was only aimed at flushing out infiltrators, and that Muslims did not face persecution in the three neighbouring countries."I say this again and again that this bill has nothing to do with the Muslims in this country. The Muslims in this country will be able to live here with dignity, are living here, and will continue to do so," Shah said."What are we doing now? We are giving the minority their rights." Shah has recently also proposed a "national register of citizens" that would see "each and every infiltrator identified and expelled" from India by 2024.The citizenship bill has led to protests in India’s northeastern states, where residents are unhappy about an influx of Hindus from neighbouring Bangladesh.In Guwahati in Assam state, protestors set fire to tyres, while tribal groups staged protests in Tripura. On Monday, prominent political groups opposing the bill called for a complete shutdown across all the states in the northeast on Tuesday.
  14. The new role brings Wenger back to the game for the first time since 2018, when he left Arsenal after 22 years in charge. Photo: Hindustan Times Veteran coach Arsene Wenger has been named FIFA´s chief of global football development, the governing...
  15. The cheaper price means aid agencies and governments will be able to use a key tuberculosis drug more widely in their treatments. AFP/Noah SeelamA pharmaceutical multinational on Thursday slashed the price of a key anti-tuberculosis drug boosting...
  16. India's recent results in the Global Hunger Index should raise serious alarm, with a deplorable rank of 102 among 117 countries - ranking the lowest among both BRICS and South Asian countries - Pakistan ranked 94th, while Bangladesh stood at 88th and Nepal took the 73rd spot. © Concern Worldwide/Welthungerhilfe With a score of 30.3, India falls firmly within the 'serious' category of hunger. The GHI score itself is calculated by zeroing in on four different key figures - undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting, and child mortality. © Concern Worldwide/Welthungerhilfe While general trends seem to be improving (except for wasting) according to the report, it is said that for infants in India aged 6 months to 23 months, only 9.6% are fed a 'minimum acceptable diet'. This means that less than 10 percent of the infants in India are properly fed. © Reuters Because of its large population, India's GHI indicator values have an inflated impact on the regional numbers as well. India's child wasting rate is extremely high at 20.8% - the highest wasting rate of any country in this report. © Reuters Hygiene is also a serious issue that remains at large. “Even with new latrine construction, however, open defecation is still practiced,” the report reads. “This situation jeopardises the population's health and consequently, children's growth and development as their ability to absorb nutrients is compromised.”
  17. The idea of motorsports is just a cog in the wheel of India's mass opinion. We consider it a largely elitist hobby that is only affordable for a privileged few, despite being among the world's largest automobile manufacturers. Maybe that's why the country has barely contributed to the global motorsport scene, both in terms of producing world-class race drivers as well as racing technology. Part of the Mahindra & Mahindra automobile conglomerate, Mahindra Racing is out to change the latter, and eventually, influence the former. First things first; Mahindra Racing is the only Indian team (and one of the founder teams) in the Formula E Championship, a quickly growing class of international motorsport that uses only electric cars. It has already garnered a sixth of the total viewership of the Formula 1 around halfway into the fifth season of its existence. A total of 11 teams are contesting for the team championship with two drivers representing each outfit in the 2019 edition. Click here for Formula E rules, points system and more Mahindra Racing had finished on the podium (at third) a couple of seasons ago, followed by a close fourth last year. This season, they were at a healthy third as I arrived in Paris on the eve of the ePrix on Saturday. Jérôme d'Ambrosio of Belgium, who drives the #64 for MR led the driver's standings by one point. “The fundamental line that we use in Formula E is,” Mahindra Racing Team Principle Dilbagh Gill tells me on the sidelines of the race track, “you don't go to the race, the race comes to you.” Dilbagh has had a more than a decade-long journey with Mahindra and comes on the back of a colourful CV with various international projects. He speaks with fervour about being an international pioneer in this field and you might recognise him from passionate mid-race garage visuals. © Mahindra Racing Naysayers were sceptical about the no-sound 'disadvantage' of these cars, the 'slow' speed of the race and the feasibility, he tells me. But Formula E has come a long way with 11 teams in contention this season, with the likes of Porsche and Mercedes said to be joining in from 2020. “It (Formula E) has become a genuine form of racing. It's no longer like Formula 1. This season, the seven races have had seven winners from seven different teams. And you still don't know who will win the eighth one,” he says. “Second part is if you see any traditional forms of motorsport, only males used to watch it. That is also changing, where it is becoming more family oriented. When the father, who is into motorsports and he brings his kid, he is actually having a conversation during the race with him, because they can speak to each other with the loud sounds of the Formula 1.” As a result, the female demographic has warmed up to the idea. “In F1, 80 per cent of the audience is male and 20 per cent is female. Here, it's 52 per cent male and 40 per cent female and 8-10% kids.” The renaissance of EVs in the 21st Century (electric cars held several performance records over internal combustion engine cars but fell behind in performance during the first decade of the 20th century, notable electric-only racing series have shown an upward trend in both cars and bike circuits. Apart from Formula E, there are the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy, the World Rallycross Championship, the World Solar Challenge and the MotoE World Cup. In other racing events, electric vehicles are competing alongside combustion engine vehicles, for example in the Isle of Man TT and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and in some cases winning outright. In January 2017, a pure electric car participated in the Paris-Dakar Rally and completed the entire route of 9000 km through Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. The vehicle had been specially designed and built for the race. The car had a 250 kW engine (340 hp) and a 150 kWh battery. The battery consisted of several modules. Each module could be charged separately by a power cable to speed up the charging process. The obvious question here is that how does this global electrification impact India? “To a large extent, the user is millennial, says Dilbagh, “They are now delaying the decision to buy the first car. An Uber can pick you up from anywhere at the press of a button, so what's more convenient can be sought. That's why they are delaying those decisions. They are also getting conscious about the mobility coming from the electric and the conversation about sustainability.” With Mahindra Racing, he believes, new electric mobility technology also reaches the end-user quicker. “The transition from race-to-road is much higher and faster. What you see in the car today literally can be in a car within 18 months. While in a conventional model, it takes six years. We say that 2030 (with reference to India's Mission 2030 of going electric-heavy) is far away, but it is just 11 years away and in the next 11 years, Mahindra Racing will have 15 alterations in developing a new car (one race technology every Formula E season).” But where does that take us in terms of motorsport in India? Barring the maiden edition of the Formula 1 that took place in the then-newly inaugurated Buddha International Circuit in Noida, India has stayed away from the global motorsport map. Of course, due credit has to be given to Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok, but the impact has been hot and cold. Racers have not really lined up to participate in competitions like Indian Formula Manipal DJS Racing Indian National Rally Championship JK Tyre National Racing Championship SPCE Racing 4ZE Racing. “We just need a little bit more clarification in terms of regulations in India, because a lot of other drivers in the championship are still fighting the tax problems, they couldn't drive in Formula One. There is no clear directive yet, as to where does motorsport fall in terms of taxation,” says Dilbagh. Mahindra Racing is now aspiring to further its long-term goals by escalating driver education in India. They want to use the data from the race track and find a way to reach out to public transport and truck drivers in the country for better efficiency. Electric is the way forward after all. “There is a huge shift from three peddled and now going two to one peddle drive. While we talk of passenger cars also, if we can take some of this data and put it in commercial vehicle, you can increase the range by 15-20 percent by just using a peddle inside. At the end of the day you get more mileage and money. Mileage to money there is direct correlation.” I came to Paris with very little knowledge about e-racing but by the end of the weekend, there has been so much to take away despite a bittersweet race day for Mahindra Racing (where Jerome crashed and the team was unlucky to not start the race at the pole position). The beauty of Formula E lies in the fact that the eight race of the season saw its eighth winner, from the eighth distinct country. If we can find a way to channel the passion of the drivers, the ambitions of the manufacturers and the will of the powers-to-be, there could still be hope of saving the environment in a manner that is both simple and modern. © Mahindra Racing © Mahindra Racing
  18. For most of us here in India, travelling finds an unwitting connection to chai. Traversing through the country's picturesque landscape, these heavenly places serving steaming cups of chai can be found in quaint villages high up in the hills, or under the thatched roofs of a dilapidated chai ki tapri along the highway. Yet, no matter where we happen to chance upon one, it never fails to fill our heart with joy at the very sight of it. © Facebook Now, imagine such a tea-stall located in a small village in some part of this country, shouldering the weight of an elderly couple's ardent dreams to explore the length and breadth of not just India, but the entire world. Yes, you are right. This almost seems like an impossible dream when you hear about it at first, but guess what, there exists such a tea-stall and such a couple who have managed to realise their dreams of travelling around the world, by running a tea-stall! © Facebook Vijayan and Mohana, both in their late 60s, are from Kochi in Kerala, but are better known to the world as the “globetrotting couple” who travel around the world by selling tea. Vijayan and Mohana have been running a nondescript tea-stall in Kochi, called the 'Sree Balaji Coffee House' for the past 40 years, and the minimal earnings from that business have allowed them to travel to over 23 countries so far! © Facebook How do they manage to make all this happen you ask? Well, the key to their success is the couple's undying grit and desire. Vijayan and Mohana refuse to be cowed down by the financial restraints or the logistic trivia that might hamper their bigger plans. The elderly couple saves from whatever little they make at their shop, and rely on small loans to fund their travels. After saving Rs. 300 every day for decades, they used it along with their meagre income and bank loans, to explore 23 countries! It was back in 1963 when Vijayan began selling tea in the streets to fulfil the travel dreams he shared with his wife. © Facebook Singapore, New York and Switzerland are some of his most favourite places. The couple has been to Brazil, Argentina, Peru, USA besides many others, but currently, their plan is to check out Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Greenland Norway. There is simply not stopping this duo! For Vijayan, travelling is all about collecting experiences and learning about other people and their culture. Vijayan marvels over the beauty of landscapes and the kinds of people they meet during their travel. © Instagram Their philosophy is simple. Keeping their nest destination in sight, the couple continues to save Rs 300 every day, and keep their expenses to the minimum (they work both as worker and manager of their tiny shop). While on their trip, they spend very little on unnecessary things. Still, the loans they take keep getting piled up, and after every trip, they spend the next three years trying to repay that debt. Their story might be laden with a lot of struggles, but Vijayan and Mohana don't plan to give up as long as their arms and legs are moving. This couple is proof that no amount of limitations are big enough to stop someone from realising their dreams if they set their heart to it.
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  20. Nowadays, log onto any celebrity style website/Instagram page and you'd be quick to notice similarities between a few uploads. Sneakers — every famous man's frequent indulgence — have now replaced the concept of semi-formal footwear; everyone's wearing sneakers with (literally) everything now. They have almost become like a way of life. But while that's that, a few pairs of course, emerge as complete favourites. Like the Balenciaga Speed Sock sneakers, as seen on Aryan Khan here: #Bollywoodactor @iamsrk 's son #AryanKhan arrives to attend a programme organised to celebrate Friendship Day in Mumbai's Bandra. #aryankhan #starkids #shahrukhkhan #iamsrk #friendshipday A post shared by Bollywood.com (@bollywood_dotcom) on Aug 5, 2018 at 9:04pm PDT In ideology, the speed sock sneakers are knitted, sock-like kicks that feature a shock-absorbing, memory sole technology and besides their unique construction, also boast of a textured sole (you can't miss it). But while men like Varun Dhawan, Diljit Dosanjh are just simply wearing these Balenciaga sneakers, star kids like Aryan Khan are aiming for a mismatched medley. While his right foot was gracing red sock sneakers, his left foot was witness to a black sock sneaker. What the hell was he eyeing here? Is this a brand-new style move to cop? @___aryan___ spotted at #bastina #FriendshipDay2018 #aryankhan #Bollywood #instadaily #instalike #likeforlikes A post shared by Bollywoodnewzz (@bollywoodnewzz) on Aug 5, 2018 at 8:45am PDT Let's talk of how he's brought this sight together. Khan decided to opt for a cosy hoodie here (unzipped to a level of two-buttons-open) and paired it with classic jeans. However, while you may call this a last-minute (plus safe) styling decision, it's hard to ignore the chemistry between the colour of his hoodie with one of his shoes. So clearly, while the star kid was eyeing a well-balanced sight here, his decision of opting for mismatched shoes, brought a lot of drama along; but in a very subtle manner. Handsome dude #aryankhan party with friends at bestin restaurant ð Follow @bb_breaking . For more updates #bb_breaking #bollywoodfashion #snaped #mumbai #mumbaidaily #photooftheday #bollywoodlife #celebstyle #celebfashion #celeboutfit #deepikapadukone #priyankachopra #kritisanon #kritikharbanda #nushratbharucha #ananyapanday #saraalikhan #janhvikapoor #kartikaaryan #salmankhan #katrinakaif #daisyshah #jacqlinefernandez #tigershroff #kajol #pooja #poojahegde #aliaabhatt #ranveersingh A post shared by Being bollywood (@bb_breaking) on Aug 5, 2018 at 11:43am PDT Here's a closer look at the shoes: © Balenciaga © Balenciaga What's to notice about the trend of sock sneakers, however, is the fact that they can be worn on hardwood, just like your usual trainers/running shoes. Plus, they're almost as cosy as the feeling of slipping into socks, but alternatively, also give you a lot of grip while you're up and about. And while the Balenciaga speed sock sneakers are very minimal in style, turn to other brands in the market and you'd find a lot of maximalist options in 'snockers' out there. And while Aryan has worn the red and black variants here, the speed sock kicks come in a lot of other colours and even with prints on top. @___aryan___ paired his red sweater with red/black @balenciaga sneakers #bollywood #style #fashion #beauty #bollywoodstyle #bollywoodfashion #indianfashion #celebstyle #celebrityfashion #indianstyle #afashionistasdiaries #indianfashionblogger #delhidiaries #bollywoodstylefile #mensstyle #aryankhan #balenciaga #casualstyle A post shared by A Fashionista's Diary (@afashionistasdiaries) on Aug 5, 2018 at 8:54pm PDT Point being, mismatched pairs are a thing now. But keep the drama on the kicks as the focal point. Unless, a lot of chaos and debauchery is on your mind.
  21. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang speaks at the China-EU Business Roundtable held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, Monday, July 16, 2018. Photo: Reuters SHANGHAI: A vaccine scandal in China, which has hit a nerve in the country and...
  22. According to data from Nielsen Music, the 25-track double album ?Scorpion? sold some 731,000 units in the United States for the week, making the soul-baring record the biggest seller of 2018 by far. Photo: Reuters LOS ANGELES: Canadian rapper...
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