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Found 18 results

  1. In what was arguably one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the tournament, a spirited Liverpool brigade outclassed famed Barcelona with a 4-3 (on aggregate) win in the UEFA Champions League semifinals and romped their way into the final. Trailing 0-3 from the first leg, Jurgen Klopp's men scored four goals to shut all the naysayers and lived up to their ever-improving reputation as one of the best teams in club football. On a night, where the famed trio of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho failed to breach Liverpool's defence, the home side were aided for their persistent hard work through strikes from Divock Origi and Georginio Wijnaldum who scored two goals apiece. If overturning the improbable 0-3 deficit from the first leg wasn't enough, the fact that Liverpool pulled it off despite notable absences of Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, further earned them plaudits from all over the globe. © Reuters But, their sensational triumph wasn't the only thing that caught everyone's attention. In fact, one of the goals scored by Liverpool appears to have become a vital example for Mumbai Police to promote their road safety campaign amongst citizens. Having equalled the scoreline to 3-3 (on aggregate), the Reds punished Barcelona for their casual attitude in the 79th minute. Taking a corner kick, Trent Alexander-Arnold's clever thinking saw him quickly thumping the ball into the box before Origi smashed it past Marc-Andre Ter Stegen to pull off what eventually proved to be the winner. Be it the road to a final, or way back home - being distracted cost dear even to the mightiest. It can cost you dearly too. #SafetyGoals #LIVBAR pic.twitter.com/MizDdxNhSr — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) May 8, 2019 Mumbai Police, taking note of Arnold's clever goal that caught the Barcelona defence napping, used it in their post to create awareness. Taking to Twitter, Mumbai Police shared the video of the decisive goal and captioned it: "Be it the road to a final, or way back home - being distracted cost dear even to the mightiest. It can cost you dearly too. #SafetyGoals #LIVBAR". Their tweet might irk Barcelona fans, but it surely struck a chord with football enthusiasts in India. Hahahaha. @LFC you are being watched by the best. @MumbaiPolice @FCBarcelona #LIVBAR #championsleague @ChampionsLeague @MumbaiPolice have — Dextryl Ferrao (@Dextryl) May 8, 2019 Mumbai Police is Red! ððð¼ — Athar Kazi (@athar_kazi) May 8, 2019 Whosoever, individual or team is managing this handle, please take a bow.. M not even a @LFC fan, but the epicness on this tweet is beyond insane.. Relevant & Poignant message passed in a subtle, witty manner!! — Amit Khadikar (@AmitKhadikar) May 8, 2019 And India's best Twitter account goes to @MumbaiPolice ððâ¤ï¸ — Aditya Rane (@adiji) May 8, 2019 Tweet of the Day. — UCL FINALISTS 2019 (An) (@RoyalAnfield) May 8, 2019 Hahahaha epic ! Great one !@Sank990 @bombayquant @avnilesh @jai_118 @PremKJ — Aditya Nimje (@adityanimje) May 8, 2019
  2. In football, celebrations are something which every player wants to be unique in order to stand apart from others. And for the same reason, they even get booked with a yellow or even a red card every once in a while. But other than removing shirts or jumping into the crowd for celebrations, it seems like some players constantly try to find new ways to express their joy after a goal or a win. Be it PSG's Edinson Cavani for his sniper celebrations against Lens or Muangthong United's Mario Gjurovski for celebrating with his pants on his head, some celebrations tend to be a bit over the top (pun intended). But for the regular quest for showcasing something new, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang continued his love for superheroes with a stunning celebration by putting on the famous 'Black Panther mask' after his 2nd goal against Rennes last night. Arsenal Vs Rennes 3-0 Goal by aubameyang...The celebrationð#ARSREN pic.twitter.com/dbCpVZsdFi — Yassin (@YassoPlayss) March 14, 2019 The Arsenal Forward pulled off another one of his iconic masked celebrations in Thursday's 3-0 win over Rennes, as he helped the Gunners into the Europa League quarter-finals. Having been foiled in his plans to rock a mask against Manchester United 2-0 win last week, he made sure that he implemented his plan this time. “I had a special celebration planned but couldn't find my mask. I asked a member of the staff to put it in the back of the net but when I scored the penalty I couldn't find it. But no worries. Maybe next time.” he explained after the Man United match. And it didn't take long for 'next time' to come along, as in the very next match, against Rennes, he got the chance. © Reuters Tapping in a perfect cross by Sead Kolasinac in the 72nd minute, the Gabonese star ran to the advertising boards and, after a brief look, found the Black Panther mask he'd hidden for the occasion. Despite knowing that he would get booked for such kind of celebration, he still decided to go on with it. "I needed the mask to represent me," Aubameyang expressed in the post-match interview to BT Sports. He further explained: "... Africa and Gabon we are called the Black Panthers so it represents me - that's it." Trailing 3-1 in the first leg, it was really important for the Gunners to win this clash and they made sure they didn't rely on an 'away-goal-scenario' and sealed both the legs with 4-3 on aggregate. Now with Chelsea and Arsenal both in the quarter-finals of the Europa Cup, let's see what future holds for them.
  3. Let's face it, it has not been the best of days for the Chelsea Football Club in the recent past. After facing a crushing 6-0 defeat at the hands of Pep Guardiola's Manchester City a couple of weeks ago, the Blues saw another internal drama take the centre stage when goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga decided to openly dishonour his manager Maurizio Sarri during the Carabao Cup final against the Citizens. However, it seems as if the Football Gods had had enough fun with the struggling Chelsea FC and decided to provide them with some sort of reimbursement. In came Tottenham Hotspur Right Wing-Back Kieran Trippier. In an English Premier League match up early this morning, Tottenham Hotspur (EPL Rank 3) went head to head against Chelsea FC (EPL Rank 6) and lost 0-2 to the Blues in spectacular fashion. However, a lot of credit for Chelsea's win must go to the Hotspur defender Trippier who did exactly the opposite of what his job description said he does: defend his side of the goal. Trippier. pic.twitter.com/bNQmN3aeyK — Busonzio (@Busonzio) February 27, 2019 When the Chelsea forwards decided to make a late-game push for another goal after Pedro's excellent strike in the 57th minute, the ball tumbled down to Trippier with no Blues player in his vicinity. The 28-year-old then decided to pass the ball to his keeper Hugo Lloris (at least that's what we think he wanted to do). Typical defender move, right? However, what Trippier did not realise was the fact that Lloris was running right towards him with the net completely unguarded. His skilful and unbelievably accurate shot thus placed the ball right in the bottom left corner of the goal post. Within microseconds of sending the ball for an own goal, the British footballer had realised what a mess he had created, as his keeper stood still, shaking his head in disbelief. The fiasco brought forward a five-year-old tweet the footballer had put up. “Come on Chelsea,” he had said one year before he had signed with Tottenham in 2015. Hotspur fans and well, fans of football in general were quick to jump on to the glorious internet to roast the unfortunate defender with the best memes they could think of: 𤣠Kieran Trippier. ð¤¦‍âï¸ð¤¦‍âï¸ð¤¦‍âï¸ #CHETOT pic.twitter.com/R6hLmoaOLD — Sky Bet (@SkyBet) February 27, 2019 Kieran Trippier has always been a Chelsea fan pic.twitter.com/iFAr2bvwr5 — The Futbol Sphere (@TTOFz) February 27, 2019 Trippier has better 1v1 finishing than Morata. #CHETOT pic.twitter.com/eysZBdTvw4 — Naman Khandelwal (@yungnaman) February 27, 2019 Players that need to leave the club this Summer: Trippier Ben Davies Lamela Aurier Dier We can't be a top tier contender having these kind of players. — Patrick Souza (@PatrickRSouza) February 28, 2019 Nobody: Kieran Trippier: pic.twitter.com/MpWUxGI13n — Steven (@SPURSWlN) February 28, 2019 The internet never forgets…but you know that, right?
  4. Diets, diets and DIETS! There are so many diets floating about that you can never seemingly make up your mind to stick to one. It gets tiring and moreover, frustrating to pick the best diet suitable for your goals. Keeping it simple, there isn't any such thing called the 'best diet'. Yup, one diet never fits all. However, there can be some diets that can have the opposite effect and ensure you never achieve your fitness goals. So, if weight loss is your target, then stay away from these three diets: 1. The Paleo Diet © Thinkstock The Paleo diet was popularized by an American nutritionist Loren Cordain. It tries to mimic what our palaeolithic ancestors ate and eliminates all types of modern human-made foods such as agricultural foods (grains, wheat, rice, pulses), dairy (cheese, milk, butter) and processed foods (KFC, Lays, McDonald's). It essentially consists of meat, fruits, nuts, and leafy vegetables. The basic idea is: Since our ancestors were lean, strong and active, consuming a diet which they ate will provide us with the same attributes. The problem? This is an extremely flawed assumption. Our ancestors were not lean and strong because of the food they ate, it was the time period on earth wherein if you didn't have those traits you would be dead. Also, our palaeolithic ancestors were spread across the earth and consumed a variety of foods depending on geographic location and availability. ' Thus following this expensive diet (nuts and red meat are expensive) is not going to speed up your muscle gain or fat loss process. And unless you do not enjoy eating these foods on a regular basis there's no need to follow this diet. 2. The GM Or General Motor Diet © Thinkstock If you think the name of this diet is stupid, then brace yourself for its even stupider protocol. The GM diet was developed by the employees of a vehicle manufacturer company, General Motors in 1985. The diet does not account for calories or macro/micro-nutrients but is broken up into seven days, each with strict rules about which food groups you can consume. Here is what this diet looks like: The diet doesn't specify the maximum or minimum amount of food to be consumed each day. Day One Eat only fruit — any kind except bananas. Day Two Eat only vegetables in raw or cooked form. Limit potatoes to breakfast only. Day Three Eat only fruits and vegetables of any kind except bananas and potatoes. Day Four Consume only bananas and milk. Day Five Eat two 10-ounce (284-gram) portions of beef, chicken or fish. In addition to the meat, you may only eat 6 whole tomatoes. Vegetarians may replace meat with either brown rice or cottage cheese. Day Six Eat two 10-ounce (284-gram) portions of beef, chicken or fish. Vegetarians may replace meat with either brown rice or cottage cheese. Increase your water intake by two glasses to flush out extra uric acid. Day Seven Eat only brown rice, fruits, fruit juice, and vegetables. Surprisingly, this diet is also recommended by some dumb Registered Dieticians. And here is the problem: except day six & seven, you are only consuming carbohydrates or fibre on the majority of days. For optimal functioning of the human body carbs are just optional (this does not mean they are bad!) but protein and fats are critical, and this diet severely lacks both. Following this diet may result in weight loss due to the huge caloric deficit that is bound to happen, but it will also cause plenty of muscle loss and will make you feel miserable. And once you come off it, a lot of weight will also be regained. 3. Boiled Food Diet + No Sugar & Salt Diets © YouTube This is the holy grail of every bro scientist gym trainer, you go to them asking how to lose fat in the fastest way possible, and they will recommend: "eat only boiled food and refrain from using sugar and salt". Well, in a way, this works because you will begin to hate food so much that you will stop consuming it and inevitably lose weight. Coming to the point: Science has proven numerous times that the body is not concerned with the source but the nutrients. And the fundamental process behind every diet is energy balance i.e. if you eat more than you burn, you will gain weight and if you eat less than you burn you will lose weight. Thus following a diet like this, which gets you fed up in a few days, is a pure waste of time and energy. You did not get overweight in a few days or weeks, therefore do not expect to get fit in a few days or weeks. Invest in a trainer which can design a training and nutrition plan that is feasible as well as enjoyable for you. All the best for your fitness goals in the coming year!
  5. Ever since his arrival at Stamford Bridge, Alvaro Morata has, by far, failed to replicate his success in the Chelsea shirt. Scoring just 24 goals in 72 appearances for the Blues, Morata has struggled to get going in the English conditions. And, if reports are to be believed, the Spaniard may well be on his way out this month's transfer window, joining AC Milan in a swap deal for Gonzalo Higuain. But, during Chelsea's FA Cup third-round clash against Nottingham Forest, the 26-year-old silenced his detractors with two crucial goals that paved way for his side's comfortable 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea forward put his side in the front with an easy finish in the 49th minute before doubling their lead in the 59th minute, capitalising on another delicious cross from Callum Hudson-Odoi, with another goal. For a man who has attracted a lot of criticism for his inconsistent form, Morata fared pretty well in front of the home crowd, getting his name on the scoresheet, not once, but twice to help his side march forward in the FA Cup. But, despite his goals, misfortunes doesn't seem to leave the Spaniard alone. General reminder that Morata somehow cost real human money. pic.twitter.com/Jxgk7XylOT — Dylan Walsh (@dylanwalsh_) 5 January 2019 Though his goals did entice the Stamford Bridge, Morata's howler during the match made him the butt of all jokes on the social media. The football fans were rather unforgiving towards the Spanish footballer after he made an absolute mess of a clear chance at an open goal from 3 yards out. Thankfully for Morata, he was ruled off-side, but the fans just couldn't digest that a professional player could miss from such a position and distance. The two things morata does best have been displayed in this vid. Being offside and missing a sitter ðð — Faris (@fariscoyg) 5 January 2019 Forest fans to Morata: "You're just a shit Daryl Murphy" — Miguel Delaney (@MiguelDelaney) 5 January 2019 MORATA! From... The CHOsen One! No, this is not a mistake. It happened AGAIN! Hudson-Odoi is single-handedly saving Morata. Wow. — Alex Goldberg (@AlexGoldberg_) 5 January 2019 Madrid really robbed Chelsea blind with morata. Then loaned them another lemon with Kovacic So Chelsea revenged with courtois. 3 deals , All round sadness — kenna (@kennagq) 5 January 2019 How did the sperm that formed Morata not miss the egg pic.twitter.com/kwbXPWpm1D — Brother Seun (@Bruhvaseun) 5 January 2019 So we have two problematic strikers- Morata and Giroud- and somehow, my club thinks the best thing to do is to get Cavani pic.twitter.com/P5Vc05kJFw — no one you follow (@Trillsamm) 6 January 2019 Alvaro Morata scores 2. Still looks Depressed. Ignores Sarri and walks down the Tunnel. Thank you for some good memories but it's time you leave. — Pys (@CFCPys) 5 January 2019 Incredible vision from Morata. Row Z was not even in the frame, yet he still manages to find it. pic.twitter.com/AtvlBsHGQq — Paddy Power (@paddypower) 5 January 2019 ð¬ Offside, but this is vintage Morata... pic.twitter.com/AjdfEJiEwz — Oddschecker (@Oddschecker) 5 January 2019
  6. 2019 is almost here and so is the reason for a host of 'new year new me' fitness resolutions. But instead of really abiding by the process, people unfortunately succumb to the lure of taking shortcuts to get fit. Here's a list of what not to do in the name of fitness resolutions in 2019: 1) Running Marathons Or Running Long Distances Regularly In Hopes Of Getting 'Fit' Running mindlessly on a treadmill or weekly marathons will not get you anywhere. It definitely wouldn't help you build muscle and look lean, which is the aim for most. Yes, you might lose a bit of fat but believe me that would be a lot of water weight. This will come at the cost of elevated cortisol levels (stress hormone), poor joint health and at best, a new skinny fat you with 'problem fat areas'. Mindless running is often coupled with crash diets or some stupid 'detox diets' which makes the case even worse. © YouTube 2) Following A Fitness 'Guru' Who Propagates A Specific Diet As 'The Best Diet' Do this diet and see the magic. If your trainer/guru tells you this, best believe that you are in for failure. There's no best fat loss diet and never will be. That's the very basic of fat loss. One size doesn't fit all. So if your fitness guide tells you to do a detox cleanse or a 7 day fat busting diet, look for a better coach. 3) Doing Aqua Zumba, Dance Fitness Or Aerobic Dance Classes The trend of zumba is so dumb on so many levels that I can literally write another article on it. They make people dance like mad cows in these classes without taking into account any injury, activity levels or the diet. People sweat tins and think they burned many calories and are getting slimmer. Of course, that's not the case. Of course you will lose a couple of kilos because before this you were not doing anything this physically demanding. But soon the weight loss will halt and all the lost weight will come back. 4) Cutting Out Carbohydrates And Shifting To Salad Only Diets The lowly informed main stream media has demonized carbohydrates so much that everybody thinks it makes people fat. Well, it doesn't. Excess calories coming from food makes people fat. Your overeating is making you fat. Salad diets are the absolute worse and eventually, if done for long, can land you in a hospital. © Thinkstock 5) Ketogenic Diet If you have a job, a budding social life, friends or family, this diet will take a toll on your interaction with all of these. In short- it's extremely hard to follow, makes very little sense nutritionally and the results it offers can be replicated by a normal 'carbohydrate inclusive diet'. Hence, think a hundred times before doing this.
  7. Like it or not, most people go to the gym to look good. Yes, being healthy is always a bonus but that's not the REAL goal of 90-95% population. Looking good is. And when it comes to looking good, what's better than having a chiselled midsection. If you have 6 (or 8) pack abs, you are the envy of all the guys and an eye candy for all the ladies in the gym. But the fact of the matter is that getting to the conditioning where your abs look like bricks attached to your abdominal area, is very difficult. Most people try and fail and only a minority are able to get that shredded. The Reason? Nutrition, yes! Most people do not know how to eat right in order to get shredded, even though it is common knowledge by now that in order to lose fat you need to eat in a caloric deficit. but it is easier said than done, especially when you are trying to get single digit body fat percentage. You eat very little food for a very long time which becomes very monotonous and difficult, plus when you are already lean, you lose fat very slowly as compared to when you start dieting. This can be very disheartening and this is where most people fail. But here are a few tricks that you can implement while dieting to make your life a little easier when you are in the pursuit of that die-for midsection: 1: Pump Up Your Food Volume (Low-Calorie Foods) Your stomach is like a wrinkled tissue with space for only half a can of a soda when it is empty. But as soon as you eat, those wrinkles unfold, the stomach expands and its space expands up to 20 times. The interesting thing here is that your satiation depends on how full your stomach is, which means that it's not the number of calories in the food that matter but the amount you consume. So opt for more real, voluminous and low calorie/calorie-free foods which will make you feel full while keeping your caloric intake lower. © YouTube 2 Bump Up The Fiber Continuing from the first point, real foods like fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes are high in fibre and fibre slows down the digestive process. Soluble fibre, which is mostly found in beans and legumes, some fruits and veggies etc is fermented in the gut, which gives you the feeling that you are full. On average, your food (caloric) intake is decreased by around 10 per cent by 14 grams of fibre you eat. So, if you want to feel fuller bump up your fruits, veggies and starchy carbs. If that's not you, you can always make your foods more solid than liquid. The more solid in nature a food is, the stronger the satiety signal it sends. Think about what makes you fuller, apple juice or apple? An apple, which you have to chew, is always going to be more satiating than apple juice, which is more satiating than water. © Pixabay 4. Ramp Up The Protein Despite its importance being mentioned in every fitness article ever, most people still do not eat adequate protein. Higher protein intake becomes even more important when you are trying to get ripped for a few reasons: a. Protein has a much higher satiety rate than both carbs and fat. so, eating more protein will probably going to make feel fuller for longer preventing the chances of overeating through frequent snacking. Also, your body needs protein for a lot of functions which are very vital. Unlike fats and carbs, protein cannot be stored to be used in the future. So, your body is acutely aware of its protein intake, just as it's sensitive to sodium and water. The desire for protein is thought to drive appetite until you've consumed enough. b. What you want to lose is fat and not hard-earned muscle, and an optimum protein intake along with resistance training is what's going to help you retain your muscle mass. Implement these tricks and eat your way to six-pack abs. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. He has coached individuals from all forms of life, right from people looking to get in shape in general to national level bodybuilding and physique athletes. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness or his Instagram handle if you are looking for professional help with your fitness goals.
  8. Intermittent Fasting is the crazy hype train that everyone in the fitness industry wants to jump aboard. People believe it to have a few magical effects. These magical effects are mainly associated with fat loss. People assume that if you do not eat for a few hours in a day, your body becomes a fat burning 'furnace' and make you leaner than a shredded bodybuilder in a couple of weeks. © Thinkstock Well, the actual thing that Intermittent Fasting helps with is adherence to a caloric deficit. Some people just find it easier to eat less food if they only eat a couple of meals in a day. It is all about that single aspect. I have written a piece on Intermittent Fasting in the past as well. The other side of the story is that people have started doing Intermittent Fasting for muscle gain. They think that: 1. Fasting will increase their growth hormone and make them bigger. 2. They will not put on body fat as they are fasting. Guess what? You are TERRIBLY wrong. Let's understand what you really need to do to build muscle: 1. Resistance training 2. Progressive overload 3. A calorie surplus with adequate protein 4. Rest and recovery Now let's understand how Intermittent Fasting can wreck all of this: 1. Resistance Training A lot of people have this misconception that if you do not eat and work out, it will elevate anabolic hormones and help them build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Well, these anabolic hormonal adaptations that happen when training are similar to those you'd have if you trained after a meal. Another thing to know is that even if these hormones are elevated, they are going to be in physiological ranges. You will not become jacked like a bodybuilder on steroids. If fasting made you muscular like an enhanced bodybuilder, why would people even buy steroids, especially considering the side effects of it? 2. Progressive Overload © Tnation You may get a few training sessions easily in a fasted state, yes. Will you be able to progress long-term with it? I don't think so. You may go to the gym and slog your ass like a laborer. You won't progress going forward as you are hungry and depleted of energy. Having a meal before your workout, especially carbs, will provide you fuel to lift more and longer. 3. A Calorie Surplus With Adequate Protein To gain weight and in turn muscle, you need to eat more calories in a day than you burn off. Yeah, the area people go wrong is they stuff their face with as much food as they like and get fat. That is a fallacy of their plan, not the idea of eating more calories. If you fast, it will be simply difficult for you to consume enough calories in a day. Apart from that, there are studies that show you need to eat protein at equal intervals to keep elevated muscle protein synthesis through the day. There is even a study that shows that even eating the same amount of protein, the group that broke it down in more frequent intervals (4-5 meals) gained more muscle compared to those who ate it in lesser meals (1-2 meals). 4. Rest And Recovery This mainly comes down to your sleep and stress levels. An additional aspect of it is the food intake. There is a reason that on a cut or a fat loss, your recovery is poor. That is because you are not eating enough calories for the same. If you fast and it reduces your calorie intake, you will not recover and might even start losing progress or dropping strength in the gym. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  9. For a man who broke a million hearts at Stantiago Bernabeu after completing a 100-million-euro move to Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo didn't really enjoy the start many would have expected him to at the Old Lady club. The Portuguese initially struggled to find the back of the net, going goalless in 320 minutes across three games before eventually breaking the drought with a brace against Sassuolo. Since then, Ronaldo has scored seven goals for Juventus in the Serie A. But, the five-time Ballon d'Or winner still wasn't able to break the duck with his new club in the UEFA Champions League. His maiden goal for Juventus in the Champions League finally came on 8th November when his club hosted Manchester United in the Group H clash. WHAT A GOAL FROM CRISTIANO RONALDO ð³ pic.twitter.com/9oypBzYY7u — LewisMcinnes (@TheLewisMcinnes) November 7, 2018 Scoring his 8th goal in 14 matches across all competitions for Juventus, Ronaldo capitalised on a beautiful long-ball from teammate Leonardo Bonucci in the defence. The Portuguese, in the 65th minute, made a perfect forward run into United's 18-yard-box before hitting an inch-perfect volley to put the ball past goalkeeper David de Gea. While the stunning strike brought the Allianz stadium on its feet, it also instigated an animated celebration from Ronaldo himself. The 33-year-old rushed to the left corner before unveiling his chiselled abs in front of the home crowd. While his happiness didn't last long as Juan Mata's strike in the 86th minute and Alex Sandro's own goal in the 90th minute saw United snatching a late 2-1 win, Ronaldo's brilliant volley still was too good for the football fans to ignore. To take that first time over the shoulder is as tough as it gets. Nuts. — MarcoT (@MarcoTrotz) November 7, 2018 That was a beautiful goal wow !!ð¤ð¤ — #McGolden Karabo@Za (@KaraboMakofane) November 8, 2018 Good Ball Amazing Goal — Adair Martinez (@AdairMa36477240) November 8, 2018 That is world class. End of. — â¡â¡â¡ (@LewiBizzle) November 8, 2018 Love Ronaldo. BIG time player — UK GEM Education (@GrahamRMeadows) November 8, 2018
  10. Hate it or love it, anabolic steroids are a BIG part of the sports and fitness industry. Choosing to ignore them or use them is a very personal decision. If you have chosen to ignore them and treaded on the path of natural bodybuilding, more power to you. Here are 5 crucial things you really need to consider if building muscle naturally is your lifelong goal: © YouTube 1) Excessive Training Will Kill Your Gains & Won't Let You Build Much Muscle Overtraining is the worst enemy of natural lifters. Pounding on weight every day without taking rest into account, is simply setting up yourself for disaster. Why? Blame it on high levels of cortisol, our primary stress hormone. Training is a type of stress for the body and results in muscular and cellular inflammation. To counter this inflammation, our body releases cortisol, which is also an anti-inflammatory hormone. Too much stress that comes with the hours of training throughout the week means more stress, which means more inflammation and eventually, more cortisol released. When secreted in higher levels and in absence of proper nutrition, cortisol inhibits muscle tissues rebuilding. Hence, you stay small. In short, rest amply. 2) Volume & Frequency Are Inversely Proportional Volume is the amount of reps and sets you do in a workout. Frequency is how often you train a muscle group. Both of these don't go hand in hand, like many think. If your volume for every workout is high, you need more rest, which means, you need to train less. So if the volume goes up, frequency comes down. If you want to train more frequently, decrease your sets and reps per workout. This is why it's said to have an inverse relation. This will eventually help you rest more and recover better. © Pixabay 3) Eating Like The Hulk Will Only Make You Fat Eat big to get big, doesn't really fit with most natural lifters. Well, unless you are genetically and metabolically gifted. To gain muscle you need a little, let's say around 500 calories more than your maintenance calories. But what do most guys do? Eating everything! This creates a huge surplus, reaching well over 1000 calories and unsurprisingly, they get fat. Calculate your food intake wisely because you don't have steroids assisting your fat loss. 4) The Progress Will Be Slower Than You Expect. Be Very Patient. Once you are through your first year of rookie training, building muscle slows down. You will see good growth during your beginner year and you can pile up to 5-7 kilos of muscle since you are new to training. But once you get sensitized, three or 4 years into lifting, the rate at which you will build new muscle tissue will slow down drastically. It's a hard fact that you need to get to terms with. Studies Referred: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4033492/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4836564/
  11. You don't always need over the top romantic gestures to show your significant other how much you love them. Sometimes just being so thoughtful and romantic is enough to give everyone the 'hashtag relationship goals'. And, that's exactly what the former Prime Minister of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay has done and made everyone swoon with the most adorable picture with his wife. How far would you go to make sure your girlfriend or wife is alright? You'll do anything for that, right? But, what about making sure her feet are alright and clean? Now, here's a lesson for everyone. Not as dashing as Sir Walter Raleigh, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do to keep his lady's feet clean. ð pic.twitter.com/cSJWoMQm07 — Tshering Tobgay (@tsheringtobgay) September 12, 2018 Just to keep his 'lady's feet clean', he carried his wife Tashi Doma on his back. Not to sound too sappy, but – The first thing I, and probably a lot of other people, thought of was Chandler carrying Monica on his back in the episode where she bought those crazy expensive boots and how she couldn't walk in them because they were so uncomfortable. But, he made a completely different yet a very spot on reference in his tweet. He took Sir Walter Raleigh's name, who is widely believed to have laid down his expensive cloak on a puddle so that Queen Elizabeth I could walk on it, because her feet getting wet was just not acceptable. As soon as this couple gave us some new relationship goals, people couldn't help but go 'awww' in the replies. That was my first thought too! This remindes me of monika and chandler ð. Couple goals! — Ishita Rawat (@IshitaRawat5) September 12, 2018 Exactly. Sir Walter Releigh only threw his cloak in the path of the Queen to save her feet from getting dirty but our dear Tensin Norgay carried the full weight of his lady on his person — charanpalsingh ghei (@Cpsghei) September 12, 2018 Very proud. Very well said Sir. Kudos. All men must be proud of you, — Sushil (@Sushiljalan) September 12, 2018 Yep. Just amazing — Pantious Bianca (@Bianca15048017) September 12, 2018
  12. I will have to be honest, I don't know much, okay anything about sports, but I'm very well-versed in memes and we can all agree that Neymar won the best meme trophy during the FIFA World Cup this year. All of his over dramatic antics earned him the title of a crybaby and I think it is quite well-deserved. I mean, remember this Oscar-worthy performance? And, these hilarious memes? Is this your Neymar??? Is this why you call him a GOAT cause he's been eating Russian grass all 90 mins??? #BRASUI #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/lqIIM7JMEj — The Virgin Prince Of Chitownð (@ShadayaTawona25) June 18, 2018 Which Neymar Jr. are you today? Neymar loved the grass in Russia #worldcup #BRASUI pic.twitter.com/pDYxCGMU7X — Lethabo (@LethaboMorodi) June 18, 2018 And, people even made these hilarious comparisons. He has been mocked so much this World Cup but his memes have died down since then. So, he took it upon himself to get back on Twitter's good side and he made of fun of himself and it was hilarious. You know you can trust a person who can take a joke about themselves, and Neymar just did that during a game last night. After scoring a goal over Nimes in France's Ligue 1 yesterday, he saw chance to put all the 'crybaby' ridicule to rest and he jumped on it. Some people in the audience had brought over the banner 'Neymar is a crybaby' and he took the opportunity to go celebrate his goal by going in front of the banner and made a crying motion in front of it. Look at this, this is just too funny! Neymar scores for PSG at Nimes… …and runs straight over to the 'Neymar is a cry baby' banner ð­ pic.twitter.com/iNFvFNBkFi — ESPN UK (@ESPNUK) September 1, 2018 What a guy! Opposing fans held up a sign calling Neymar a "crybaby." So when he scored, he celebrated in front of it ð pic.twitter.com/x0EfNNma2O — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) September 1, 2018 Pure class indeed. ð½ð Pure class from @neymarjr ð #NOPSG pic.twitter.com/hVRQ8rQBN0 — Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_English) September 1, 2018 Everyone appreciated him shutting up the trolls once and for all, and that too in the best way. Savage..ðð — Swapnil Shankar (@SwapnilShanka12) September 1, 2018 Exact same feel. pic.twitter.com/w7hjqLaWop — A L E X (@alexpersanch) September 1, 2018 Yep. Neymar has officially gone full WWE heel. https://t.co/3XSKJzHpHM — Brooks Peck (@BrooksDT) September 1, 2018 But, at least he's funny. Elite celebration but he's still a crybaby — Robert Durst (@ColonelSandurst) September 1, 2018
  13. Last week I laid out the first 5 golden rules to live by if you are trying to bulk. This week, with this piece, I dive further into 5 more things that you must befriend during the process of l bulking. 1. Accept Little Bit Of Fat Gain You will gain a bit of fat, feel soft and maybe even look a little chubby. That comes in with natural bulking. A caloric surplus will do it for you over a long bulking course. Better make peace with it or you will find yourself doing a lot of unnecessary cardio and eventually, ruin your bulk. You 'might just' avoid fat gain only if- a. You are new to training. b. Taking steroids. c. Already have a very skinny frame. The amount of fat you gain on a bulking phase will also depend on your genetics, your way of bulking (Clean/Dirty), choice of food and macro ratio. 2. Don't Completely Cut Fat From Diet © Thinkstock To avoid fat gain during a bulk, another stupid thing people do is cut all the fat sources from diet. Butter, high fat milk and egg yolks are thrown away! Don't forget that fats are needed to maintain optimal hormonal function. Long term low fat diets result in low testosterone which will affect your muscle gaining goals negatively. As a rule of thumb, make sure to eat at least 0.8gm of fat/kg of your bodyweight. For a 60 kg dude, it means at least 48gm of fat per day. 3) Follow The Plan Consistently Thanks to social media, it's really easy nowadays to get side-tracked from a diet. Stick to a plan for at least 4-6 weeks before trying anything new. It`s not a special diet, supplement or technique that gets you closer to your goal. It`s the discipline and consistency which does the job. 4) Add More Meals, If Your Appetite Is Small © Thinkstock It's completely fine if you can't eat big in every sitting. Just distribute your food in more number of meals and eat at convenience. The point is to take in more calories by any means possible. 5) Use Digestive Enzymes When Needed Eating a lot of food doesn't necessarily mean that your digestion will ramp up as well. In fact, in most cases, a lot of food intake over the course of the day slows down digestion. If you face indigestion, bloating, gas or irregular stools, start using good quality digestive enzymes. Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population .
  14. I am sure you are familiar with the concept of 'bulking'. So, before I lay down the 5 golden rules for putting on mass, here are a few things that you must always consider first: 1) Bulking requires you to eat plenty of food, which you may not be used to. 2) A little bit of fat gain in the bulking phase is completely fine. Don`t fret over it. 3) Consistency is a must for a successful bulk. 4) Utilizing gym time doing more compound exercises is better than isolation work when bulking. Almost everyone in the gym culture, at some point in time, feels unhappy at their current size and wants to take their physique to the next level by adding more mass. This doesn`t come easy especially when you are an ectomorph aka a skinny dude. 1. Stop Doing Any Form Of Steady State Cardio. Stick To Walking Most people have this fear of getting fat when on a bulking phase. So in order to counter that, they will try adding more and more sessions of aerobic workouts in their training, which doesn`t really makes sense. You see them running like mad cows or marrying the stationary bike. Cutting and bulking strategies are two very different things and should be treated like that- differently, not simultaneously. If you fail at gaining weight, then cardio is not for you! © YouTube 2) Keep The Rep Range From 6-8 By this, I mean training certain compound lifts like rows, squats, presses, deadlifts etc in the 6-8 rep range. Muscle grows by various mechanisms and mechanical tension is one of them. If you are always lifting in bodybuilding rep range (considered 6-15 usually), you are missing out on a lot of potential to gain a considerable amount of strength, which the 6-8 rep range can provide. 3) Prioritize Rest. Take More Off Days You don`t need to hit the gym every day to gain muscle mass. Training 3-4 days with good intensity can get you there. Resting properly before hitting the gym will allow your body to recover quickly, restore glycogen levels and not let the stress hormone 'cortisol' kill your gains. © Thinkstock Images 4) Use Creatine Creatine is one of the most studied supplements in the field of sports nutrition and is completely safe (unless you have kidney issues or high BP). I`ve been personally using it for the last 6 years without any issues. Just make sure you drink enough water along with it to maximize results. Supplementing with creatine helps you produce more ATP, or in other words, it increases body ATP reserves which in turn gives you more energy to lift more and grow more (provided you are eating enough). Read more about creatine here. 5) Learn To Eat, A LOT! Failure to eat is the failure to get big. Set your surplus calories and get chewing. Track your weight. If it goes up, stick to the set surplus. If it doesn't, add more calories slowly and steadily. If you can eat anymore, add shakes. But the point is to be very consistent with eating. Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population .
  15. A fitness lifestyle isn't that easy to follow. Trust me in almost 11 years of my fitness journey I've come to learn this fact. It is very important to surround yourself with healthy options if you want to keep your gains on track. The less junk you have around you, lesser is the possibility that you will cheat on your diet. Today I am going to list a few of such healthy food items that you should surround yourself at all times if you're serious about your bodybuilding gains. Eggs © Thinkstock/Getty Images One of the healthiest food sources on this planet and an absolute winner on the protein content is your whole egg. Whole eggs offer various options in which it can be included in the diet. From breakfast to dinner or snack, you can add eggs in your diet in so many ways. A bodybuilder needs some good quality protein that has the best amino profile to help him build muscles, and eggs give you exactly that. Therefore I suggest you to add them in your groceries list every time you go out grocery shopping. Greek Yogurt © Thinkstock/Getty Images The advantage that Greek yogurt has over regular yogurt is that Greek yogurt is high in protein and contains lesser fat per serving, making it an ideal food for bodybuilding. Regular yogurt has more fat and thus it becomes difficult at times to include it in your regular diet. Therefore, Greek yogurt serves as a very good alternative as it contains the same healthy bacteria like yogurt and also has more protein per serving. Quinoa © Thinkstock/Getty Images Quinoa is another healthy grain available out there which is quite easy to cook. Looks almost like brown rice after cooking, it takes less than half the time to cook than brown rice. This easy preparation makes it an ideal choice to be there in your surroundings. Whenever you feel hungry and want to have a healthy snack, just cook some quinoa and it will help you in completing your carb intake for the day. Whey Protein © Thinkstock/Getty Images I am sure this one must already be there in your list, if not, then it should be. Choose a delicious flavor of your whey protein so that when you have cravings for a sugary drink or a sweetened shake, you can replace it with a protein shake. Not only does the protein shake help you complete your protein intake for the day but it also offers you a delicious way to satisfy your hunger. Low Fat Cottage Cheese © Thinkstock/Getty Images Cottage cheese is also an excellent muscle builder as it provides you the casein protein that helps your body get a continuous supply of amino acids. Vegetarians consume majority of their protein from cottage cheese only. It is also very easy to cook cottage cheese and you can also have it in its natural form. Oats © Thinkstock/Getty Images A very good source of complex carbs and fiber, oats are an ideal way to start your day. They fill your body with enough calories that you can easily sustain till lunch. These days, oats are also available in masala flavor which can be cooked like instant noodles and provide a very good option to be consumed as a snack. Whole Wheat Bread © Thinkstock/Getty Images In the evenings, instead of having those sugar filled cream biscuits, it's better to have whole wheat bread slices. Make sure that the brand that you buy uses whole wheat flour in the manufacturing process. By replacing those biscuits with these breads you will reduce the sugar intake and also increase the fiber intake simultaneously. Olive Oil © Thinkstock/Getty Images You know that you need to avoid the normal vegetable oil for a healthier lifestyle. Olive oil is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat as well as oleocanthal, a polyphenol compound that acts like a natural anti-inflammatory substance. You can also complete your daily intake of essential fatty acids. Muesli © Thinkstock/Getty Images Just like oats, muesli serve as an excellent snack whenever you feel hungry. It is low on GI and has a good quantity of fibers, and therefore can easily fit into your macros. You can have it with your protein shake to enhance the flavor of muesli. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  16. No exercise is bad. However, certain exercises fit with certain goals and certain exercises don't. Thanks to stupid gym trainers, most people in for fat loss end up doing exercises that aren't even meant for fat loss in the first place. If you are chasing fat loss, here, these 4 exercises aren't for you. 1. Crunches © Youtube Let's get it clear. Any type of abdominal crunches, hanging leg raises, etc done at the gym or anywhere will not give you visible 'abs', unlike what's widely believed. The lesser fat you have, the more visible your abs will be. It's 2018 and I hope I don't have to explain to you that you can't lose fat from belly area doing thousands of crunches. But still, I see fat people killing themselves doing crunches with extremely poor form, putting themselves at lower back injury risk. These are fine if you are doing them to make your core strong or as warmup but don't expect any fat/weight loss from it. 2. High Impact Exercises © YouTube Some trainers make their obese clients do exercises like jumps, rope skips, jumping jacks, and various hopping exercises which put lot of pressure on their knee joints. No, your fancy sports shoes will not save you from the high amount of force it creates on the joints. Save your knees and do such exercises later once you are at a normal bodyweight if you want stay injury-free in the long run. 3. Unnecessary Isolation Exercises (Bicep Curls, Calf Raises, Wrist Curls And Tricep Kickbacks) © Pixabay Nothing against isolation work, but it's more suited towards the needs of a bodybuilder. And you are not a bodybuilder. Isolation exercises are really not the best bang for your buck when the goal is to lose the excess weight you are carrying. Various upper body exercises like wrist curls, tricep kickbacks, calf raises etc are not going to give you the results you are looking for. Instead, do compound exercises like presses, rows, squats and deadlift. 4. Wrongly Using The Treadmill And Excessive Running It's completely fine to walk on a treadmill. That helps burn calories. However, one needs to be careful so as not to hold the machine's handles. While doing so, you are taking some weight off your legs and thus making the process easier and as a result lesser calories burned. Also, excessive running is not the answer to your fat loss goals. If done in excess (like it's usually done by most), it's going to hurt your joints and eventually make you skinny fat. This can even prove more harmful when you are doing so while incline walking. I would like to conclude this article by saying that no particular exercise is inherently bad. It's just that it may or may not suit your goal. Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population .
  17. France won the World Cup Final and claimed the throne last night with attacking football and one controversial celebration. The World Cup is probably the biggest sporting event ever and a player from the French team took his celebration moves to the next level that left many disgusted. Having said that, the world is also being taken over by the free game called Fortnite and the two worlds collided at the World Cup final last night. French stroker Antoine Griezzman celebrated his penalty goal last night by doing the “Take the L” dance move from Fortnite. The emote is used in the game to humiliate opponents and the same can be said about Griezzman's celebration last night. Having said that, Fortnite didm't probably invent the dance move as the game has been known to replicate emotes and moves from the internet that go viral. However, there is no doubt in everyone's minds that Griezzman's celebration was probably the near perfect replication in real life. Here's how the “Take the L” dance move looks in the game: Griezzman has used the dance move on a previous occasion in the world cup and other occasions. Fans have responded to his celebration at the final with mixed opinions. Obviously, old-school footballers found the celebration disgusting while Fortnite fans applauded his celebration. A penalty kick goal and a Fortnite dance ... Its a 2018 type of game ð¤·ð»‍âï¸ #CRO #FRA #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/VF3CwjfLEo — Troy Hughes™ (@TommySledge) July 15, 2018 Griezmann doing the Fortnite L celebration in a World Cup final is the most disgusting thing you'll ever see. — Xav Salazar (@XavsFutbol) July 15, 2018 Handball. Penalty kick. Fortnite dance for the whole world to see. Griezmann is having himself a match pic.twitter.com/zM40nJGMK9 — Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) July 15, 2018 Fortnite has been taking over the gaming world and popular culture in general where we've seen the popularity of a Battle Royale game hit the roof, thanks to its easy concept. The game is all about defeating 100 players. We can confidently say that this won't be the last time we will see a Fortnite dance at a sporting event.
  18. Mario Mandzukic celebrates his winning goal for Croatia after he and his teammates fell on top of AFP photographer Yuri Cortez. Photo: AFP MOSCOW: When Croatia scored the goal that took them into the World Cup final on Wednesday, an AFP...