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Found 289 results

  1. The rights of Liam Neeson's The Ice Road have been acquired by Netflix for huge money
  2. WABetaInfo says suspicious links shouldn't be opened, but virus reports are "fake news"
  3. Gigi and Bella Hadid have a perfect way to detach themselves from the toxic world of social media
  4. To feel safe meeting up with someone IRL these days, certain conversations need to happen that weren’t necessary in a pre-COVID-19 world. Agreed? While we await a normal world where we don’t have to think twice before shaking hands or hugging someone thanks to this Coronavirus, the meaning of dating and physical intimacy has completely changed for everyone now. Also, a gentle reminder that kissing someone who is not your partner is one of the most risky things you can do right now because of the exchange of saliva it involves equals the amount of anxiety this pandemic is giving us. Well, we are talking about a frigging pandemic here, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with rejecting a date if the person you’re talking to doesn’t respect your personal and health-related boundaries. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that wearing a mask and taking all the necessary precautions means one cares, and people who care are attractive and sexy. Don’t you think? From hygiene practices to taking all the necessary precautions including maintaining social distancing, here is our guide for the post-COVID world where you should ask these following health-related questions before you go between the sheets with your date. 1. Have you had any COVID-19 symptoms in the last few weeks? This is one of the most pertinent questions to ask your date before you decide to go between the sheets. Well, the symptoms may include — but are not limited to — cough, fever, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell. Keep in mind, if your prospective date has displayed symptoms, it is recommended to not indulge in *** until they have been tested and confirmed they do not have COVID-19. © Unsplash 2. Have you been in close contact with anyone who has COVID-19? Well, again this is important to know. It could be a friend, family member or co-worker who either tested positive for the virus or has a presumed case. You can also ask if they’ve been in any situations recently that may have elevated their risk, like travelling or taking part in some public event. If that’s the case, they may still have it and be asymptomatic. Precautions are a must then. 3. Have you been dating, hooking up or spending time with many people in recent times? This is something that you should definitely ask your date before the *** to understand what precautions they’ve been taking when socializing with others. See if these dates or get-togethers took place indoors or outdoors, if they were large or small, if they happened once or twice or a bunch of times and if people were wearing masks and/or maintaining social distancing. The more people they are around — in particular, intimate with — will increase their risk for getting COVID-19. And if you are around them this will increase your risk too. Right? © Unsplash 4. Who do you live with? This you need to ask to find out if your date lives with parents or grandparents, who could be in a high-risk group because of their age or underlying health conditions. Or perhaps they have a roommate who’s an essential worker, which could also increase your date’s exposure to the virus. It will also let you know if you need to be more careful being around them because they are around a lot of people. 5. What does a typical day look like for you during the pandemic? Well, this will give you a good idea of what the person’s risk factors are — are they working at home? Or are they going to a space that puts them at risk for getting infected? In fact, you can also find out if you both have similar or different interests, which is as important as the sexual compatibility. © Unsplash TBH, it is always best to date someone who has similar views as you about how to manage this public health crisis. So if you're concerned that your safety boundaries might be in any way jeopardized or made negotiable during ***... back away, and prioritize your health. Period. Please remember: Don't forget to practice the safe ***! The pandemic has changed a lot of things but precautions for practicing safe *** remain the same. View the full article
  5. Premier expected to address Sri Lankan Parliament; this will be his first foreign trip of 2021
  6. Earlier when you were trying to make acquaintance with someone new, the conversations were extremely light, friendly, and casual. However now with the pandemic life changing dating and everything attached to it, the conversations have shifted and the questions to ask have changed. Now, you need to know more than what shows your date enjoys watching or whether he likes to sip wine or whiskey. It has become comparatively more important to know their COVID status and risk exposure before you meet anyone in person. This question is necessary for your safety amid a pandemic. However, discussing these questions can be awkward with someone you never met yet. So, here are five questions you need to ask your date before taking meeting them: Contemplating Risk Behaviour and Whether They Are Taking Precautions © Pexels Now, there is no one question that’ll tell you if they have been in the exposure of COVID. But, one needs to have a conversation regarding the same if meeting someone for the first time. Also, it’s important to know if the person you are about to meet is on the same page about risk-taking. It is paramount to understand whether or not a person has been protecting themselves against the virus, the same way you’ve been doing it. Asking About Their Expectations From This Date © Pexels Rather than just asking questions that you’ve on your checklist- it is always better to have an open-ended conversation. It’s just like if you were meeting a friend who you haven’t met in a while and you’d ask the necessary questions for both of your safety. Besides the normal stuff, you must ask if they are going on multiple dates, if they are looking out for something casual, or they want to date someone genuinely. If you are stepping out in public during the COVI-19 scare, might as well know all about them. Asking About Deciding Where To Meet © Pexels Hope they agree to meet at places that are low risk and less crowded. If your match doesn’t believe in meeting at low-risk places- you should know you’re making a wrong choice and are risking your safety. Talk to them about what places they’d choose to meet at amid a pandemic and just hope that you guys agree (considering the safety measures). You should ask if they have been going out often in crowded places and exposing themselves to the virus or not. This will tell you how responsible they are. Asking About Their Hygiene © Pexels It is your right to know the changes they’ve made in their lifestyle to protect themselves from the virus. It’s okay to consider risk points as a deal-breaker- if they think wearing a mask is not necessary, wearing a mask is a marketing gimmick or the virus doesn’t exist. Do they believe in taking showers or changing clothes after coming back from their work? Do they use sanitizer to clean surfaces before they touch anything in a public setting? These random questions are important. Ask About Their WorkspaceNo you don’t have to know their work timings and CTC, but you must know if they are working from home, or go out for work, and if they do, then what are the precautions that they are taking. Dating is going to change in ways of how we perceive it and hence it is important to change our attitude toward ourselves and the potential dates we will meet in the future. View the full article
  7. Smartphones are going to get even more expensive in India from this year after finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the annual budget in Parliament today. The country will be introducing import duties on mobile parts to encourage local manufacturing which will go into effect from April 2021. © Unsplash “Domestic electronic manufacturing has grown rapidly. We are now exporting items like mobiles and chargers. For greater domestic value addition, we are withdrawing a few exemptions on parts of chargers and sub-parts of mobiles. Further, some parts of mobiles will move from ‘nil’ rate to a moderate 2.5%” the finance minister said. © Reuters The new import duties will be levied on parts such as camera modules, PCBs (printed circuit boards), connectors amongst others from April onwards. The government will also be imposing an increased tax on importing of parts for chargers. While the government is going to be increasing taxes on chargers that are bundled with smartphones, many companies like Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung have opted to not bundle a charger in the box of its latest smartphones. © Unsplash Having said that, most new smartphones have adopted the PD charging protocol which means it will be easier for customers to switch to third-party chargers from companies like AMX, Anker, Stuffcool amongst others. However, the duty hike might have been imposed for a similar reason i.e. encourage manufacturing for chargers in India. It is worth pointing out some of these components were exempt from import duties prior to the annual budget change made today. Needless to say, prices of smartphones are bound to increase as other key components will still attract the higher import duty. However, India has seen a surge in local manufacturers that supply some of these components to smartphone OEM companies. The Finance Minister also said that the country will be investing Rs 1.97 lakh crores over the next five years to boost manufacturing via the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. View the full article
  8. FKA Twigs revealed, 'I remember it had this massive, dysmorphic effect on me for about six months to a year'
  9. Alibaba founder attended the Jack Ma Rural Teachers Award ceremony via video in which he met with 100 rural teachers from across the country
  10. Bitcoin is the world's largest cryptocurrency and it's currently enjoying its time under the spotlight again. The digital currency just topped $30,000 for the first time ever. This is just weeks after passing another major milestone. Bitcoin has been seeing some massive gains over the past couple of weeks and it gained almost 6-percent yesterday to reach nearly $31,000. That's an insane number to hit and we're sure cryptocurrency enthusiasts are going crazy about it right now. © Unsplash Bitcoin breached $20,000 in December last year and now we're seeing this number which is huge. Following the increase in its value, the cryptocurrency space, in general, is seeing a lot of movement. The enthusiasts are dropping in a lot of money in Bitcoin and other currencies in this space. Bloomberg Intelligence commodity strategist Mike McGlone noted that Bitcoin has increasingly been “embraced in more global investment portfolios as holders expand beyond tech geeks and speculators.” Analysts have even predicted that Bitcoin may eventually touch about $400,000. © Unsplash Obviously, that number isn't going to get here overnight and there's going to be a lot of external factors involved. But we won't be surprised if that ends up being the case. We'll be keeping an eye on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in this space and keep you updated with any new info we have. View the full article
  11. Just like a lot of politicians, Rahul Gandhi doesn't need to do much to get trolled and well, his Italy visit was never going to be spared. View the full article
  12. Video games were the unexpected saviour of entertainment in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t really hit the industry financially. Playing games is mostly an at-home activity and due to lockdown regulations, games saw a spike in both playtime and spending. The gaming industry made more money than movies and sporting events combined in 2020 as a result of the health safety regulations. Having said that, we do have to point out that both movies and sporting events were adversely affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Moviegoers were not able to see movies in theatres while sports fans faced a similar dilemma with annual sporting events as well. © Reuters Having said that, video games will see revenue of about $197.7 billion by the end of this year according to data from IDC. That’s roughly 20% higher than 2019 and a lot of it could be contributed to the pandemic. However, we also saw the launch to two new consoles by Sony and Microsoft respectively which could have also contributed to the increase in revenue. In comparison, film and sports industries raked in a combined $175 billion in 2020 which is significantly less than what video games achieved. Even though new consoles have hit the market, the biggest contribution in gaming revenue comes from mobile gaming. Smartphone games have seen a revenue boost of nearly 25% and are now up to a projected $87.7 billion. Majority of the revenue comes from the Asia region as it makes up $56.6 billion. © Unplash The data has also been backed up by games industry tracking organisation NDP where in its report it said that gaming spending has risen 22% in the US to $44.5 billion during the first 11 months of 2020. New gaming hardware has contributed $4 billion of that amount while over $38 billion comes from software sales. It would be interesting to see how gaming would fare against films and sporting events in the future once everything goes back to normal. However, it is quite impressive to see games make more money than traditional forms of entertainment in 2020. Source: IDC View the full article
  13. The 2022 Asian Games has announced that Esports and breakdancing are going to be an official medaled competition for the upcoming sports event. The announcement was made by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) General Assembly where the body has planned six different Esports medal events for 2022. The competition will be held with the help of the Asian Electronic Sports Federation. © Riot Games “This isn’t only a success story for AESF alone – but the Esports community as a whole,” says the Federation’s president Kenneth Fok. “Our past successes are rightfully celebrated but we always look forward to bigger and better achievements. Seeing Esports returning to the Asian Games in 2022 is a great landmark to achieve following years of hard work and commitment. A special you to the OCA for entrusting us with this honour and we promise to make the best out of this opportunity.” BREAKING!! Esports and #Breakdance has been announced as the official events of the #Hangzhou #AsianGames2022.@RNGRoyal @lolesports @LGDgaming @Hangzhou_Spark @ESPN_Esports @overwatchleague @SKGaming @FPX_Esports @TencentGames @JDGaming @T1 @faker @UziRNG @AsianGamesOCA pic.twitter.com/ALf4Jr7SIA — 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Official (@19thAGofficial) December 16, 2020 It’s the first time Esports has been recognised as an official competition at the Asian Games although it debuted at the Asian Games as a demonstration sport in 2018. The 2022 Asian Games will take place in Hangzhou, China, from September 10th to 25th covering 40 different sports. © Riot Games There have been talks of eSports becoming an official sport in the Olympics however it was met with hesitancy until the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a shift this year. Some of the games slated for the future at the Asian Games include Overwatch, Games by Tencent Games and possibly other games such as League of Legends or DOTA 2. An entire list was not shared by the organisers however it did tag the Overwatch League and Tencent Games in its announcement tweet. It's not entirely sure whether an Indian eSports team will take part in the Asian Games 2020 as of now. View the full article
  14. "Imran Khan was blessed and rose to the top, whereas the Minar-e-Pakistan rally will only be the political downfall of the Opposition"
  15. "Imran Khan was blessed and rose to the top, whereas the Minar-e-Pakistan rally will only be the political downfall of the Opposition"
  16. Cyberpunk 2077 is here for everyone to play, however, the long-waited RPG is suffering from performance and graphics issues on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. In fact, these issues are causing the game to be unplayable which has led to many players shelving the game until a patch is released. © Reddit The game isn’t looking too great on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, however, we’re hearing it isn’t much of a problem on next-gen consoles. In fact, the best version of the game is currently on PC where the game looks at par with what we have seen so far. Even in our review, the game looked fantastic with the RTX 2080 Ti and the RTX 3090 which we will discuss in detail later. However, on-base consoles by Sony and Microsoft, the game is suffering from glitches, chippy frame rate drops to game-breaking bugs that have broken the immersion for players entirely. Experts at Digital Foundry tested the latest build of the game on said consoles and found that the PlayStation 4 would often run it around 720p and up to 900p resolutions at times. The game looked extremely glitched and blurry which prompted the experts to call the game more on the lines of a Nintendo Switch port. If you want to know how bad the graphics can look, check out this video below: Welcome... to #Cyberpunk2077 on PS4 fat / XBO ! pic.twitter.com/77BSmEuw6y — Legolas (@Legolas) December 9, 2020 On the PlayStation 4 Pro, the folks at Digital Foundry found the game would max out at 1188p and dip as low as 972p. On the PlayStation 4 Pro, the game would drop down to 20 frames per second and also found stuttering issues in the early hours of the game. The game would specifically get rough while driving and exploring the Night City. Digital Foundry said that Cyberpunk 2077 looks completely different on Windows PC hinting that the experience was designed more for that high-end PC experience. View the full article
  17. Madhav Mishra is back! The long-awaited second season of Criminal Justice is almost here and the first look of it is making all the waiting well worth it. © Disney + Hotstar The first season of the crime thriller was highly acclaimed for the plot as well as the acting, and the second season seems to carry that forward. An intriguing story, a lot of suspense, and of course, Pankaj Tripathi, everything is there to top the first season. This time, the show will follow Kriti Kulhari's character who has confessed to her husband's murder. Madhav Mishra is obviously the only lawyer who can take on the challenge of defending her. © Disney + Hotstar From Pankaj Tripathi's hilarious introduction in the trailer to all the suspense surrounding the actual murder, it really feels like this season will keep everyone on the edge of their chairs. The best part is that all the episodes are dropping on December 24 on Disney + Hotstar, just in time for a Christman binge. Here's the trailer: The best way to welcome back Madhav Mishra. When you open OTT platforms these days!!! #MadhavMishraIsBack pic.twitter.com/7ENJDVUM9J — The-Lying-Lama 2.0 (@KyaUkhaadLega) Pankaj Tripathi ruling OTT platforms like...#MadhavMishraIsBack 2020 is full of surprises, even Madhav Mishra gotmarried. #MadhavMishraIsBack pic.twitter.com/5LgXtGsy3U— DeepakDua (@Deepakdua3158) #pankajtripathi's character #MadhavMishra is a very smart move by the creators.If you look closely, there's so much possibility. @DisneyplusHSVIP 🏼 really liked that. #MadhavMishraIsBack Link:https://t.co/GHChYSAqj1December 10,2020 Definitely. #MadhavMishraIsBack Pankaj sir be like: pic.twitter.com/rAa81zWSBt— Sarcastic Guy (@_its_cr_s) Two weeks to go! जय हो माधव मिश्रा की waiting — _manish 🇮🇳 (@d_manish25) December 10,2020 Yes! Madhav Mishra is back with his itchy leg https://t.co/Kmu54yko2C — The Secular Buffalo (@jenaanindya) View the full article
  18. In latest interview, PM Imran Khan speaks on the IMF, Opposition's movement and the coronavirus pandemic
  19. Going on a memorable honeymoon, with the man/woman of your dreams, tops the priority list of numerous people. However, we’ve heard of all sorts of honeymoon couples have had this year. Right from getting stuck with an extra-long honeymoon at a resort due to the coronavirus outbreak, to having a lockdown honeymoon at home, newlyweds have seen it all in 2020. © Instagram/Anudeep Hegde But here’s one couple who deserves a special mention for celebrating their honeymoon in a rather meaningful way. Just a week into their marriage, newlyweds Anudeep Hegde and Minusha Kanchan were in Anudeep’s hometown in Karnataka when daily visit to the Someshwara beach would give rise to an eco-friendly honeymoon idea. © Instagram/Anudeep Hegde It was during one such visit that Anudeep and Minusha’s discussion about their honeymoon destination led to a unique idea. Speaking to TNM, Anudeep shared, “We were considering Lakshadweep or Himachal Pradesh… but the pandemic and risks of long-distance travel at this time had made us wary. All this while, we had also been noticing that the beach where I often came while growing up had transformed for the worse. There was so much waste – mostly chappals, alcohol bottles and medicine bottles – littering the shore. I just spontaneously suggested to Minusha that we do a clean up till we are here. And she agreed without hesitation.” © Instagram/Anudeep Hegde And just like that, the couple got down to cleaning up the beach. Armed with two pairs of gloves and large garbage bags Anudeep and Minusha set to work, and ended up removing more than 600 kilos of waste from the shore between November 27 and December 5. © Instagram/Anudeep Hegde Recalling the experience, Anudeep shared, “Initially, it was just the two of us. Some people would come and enquire who we were, what we were doing when they saw us, but that was all. It wasn’t until December 4, by when I think word got out, and a group of 15-16 young people came and joined us. We had cleaned up about 70-80% of the shore by then. The leftover wooden stakes, leaves and other waste should be cleaned in another week or so.” © Instagram/Anudeep Hegde Since other people got interested and stepped forward to lend a hand, Anudeep now wishes to raise more awareness about cleanliness and marine conservation to keep the enthusiasm alive. And if you’re wondering if they are planning to go on an ‘actual’ honeymoon, it seems like Anudeep and Minusha have zeroed in on Kodaikanal and will leave for the hill station soon. Best wishes to the newlyweds and kudos to their thoughtful gesture that has not only cleaned a beach but also protected marine life at threat due to excessive land and water pollution. View the full article
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