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Found 243 results

  1. The announcement from the US president came as the death toll from the covid-19, which he termed as 'Invisible Enemy', exceeded 42,000 on Monday
  2. 2020 truly marks the end of an era. Among other things, this is the year when we see two of the most iconic car manufacturers shut their operations in India. Both Mitsubishi and Fiat are bowing out of the fiercely competitive automotive market that India is. Even though both of these car manufacturers are engineering and commercial powerhouses when it comes to cars, the uncertainty and paradoxical nature of the Indian automotive market has dealt the final blow to these manufacturers. © Fiat This is the year when all new cars that will start plying on Indian roads have to comply with BS-VI. Both, Fiat's as well as Mitsubishi's automotive departments had been ailing with slipping sales and the churn that the Indian automobile industry was going through. © iStock Both of these manufacturers have given us some of the most iconic, and aspirational cars for the petrolheads of this generation. The Premier Padmini, or Fiat Premiere as it was also known, taught us how great and cool cars could be, in the 1960s. The Mitsubishi Pajero was instrumental in developing the notion that off-roading cars could be luxurious and fairly affordable. © Wiki Commons Here are five cars, from both of these manufacturers that proved to be iconic for the Indian petrolhead. Mitsubishi Lancer © Wiki Commons We have to start with the Mitsubishi Lancer, simply because of how iconic the car was. In India, you could only get your hands on the top variant, which came with that iconic spoiler. Furthermore, you could only get your hands on one if you were really well off, and had some really good connections. Depending on the year you bought the car, you would get a slightly different front grill; although we loved how understated the car was, some of the styling aspects were ahead of its time. As for the performance, it does look dated today, but for the early 2000s, this was a rocket ship on wheels. Fiat Punto Evo © Fiat There were a number of variants of the Punto that we got to see over the years. Be it the first, original, unadulterated one, or the most recent one, the Avventura, all of them were actually good cars. However, the Evo was a little bit special. It had marginally better handling than the closest competitor, it certainly was a thing to behold. For city roads, it was the perfect car - light, nimble and quick to accelerate. On the highways, it was stable at high speeds and powerful enough for some spirited driving. The only reason it did not sell that well, because of its pricing, and the fact that by the time it was launched, Fiat was already in a downward economic spiral. Mitsubishi Pajero © Mitsubishi There was no way this one did not make it to the list. Simply put, this was the most iconic car from the bunch. There was no mountain high enough, neither a valley deep enough that the Pajero couldn't drive over if it was paired with a skilful driver. Although the refreshed version did not impress even the most ardent fans of the Pajero, people will still recall this one, when asked about the most iconic SUV that was seen on Indian roads. Fiat Abarth 595 © Fiat The Abarth 595 was limited to a very few numbers in India and for good reasons. At almost Rs 30 Lakhs a piece, this was by no means a car that made fiscal sense. However, from purely a driver's and an enthusiast's perspective, this was a bargain. You would get a sportscar like performance and handling, in the size of a small hatchback and the price of a luxury sedan. The Abarth 595 was powerful, nimble, and could accelerate like a stabbed rabbit. This was a car that India was simply not ready for. Fiat Linea © Fiat The Linea was an unlucky car in a number of ways. It was sporty enough, handled well, was spacious and well equipped, and in its segment, was one of the most luxurious offerings. However, it was way more expensive than it should have been, and because of Fiat's issues with after-sales services, the car never really got the chance it deserved. Although Mitsubishi is completely out of the automotive market in India for now, Fiat's parent company, FCA, or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles India will continue to operate and will continue with the Jeep brand of cars. View the full article
  3. Who likes wearing pants? No one, of course, and with the entire world in a lockdown and people being forced to work from home during this pandemic, pants were the first thing to get abandoned. In an office, it's important to be appropriate and look presentable, but at home, we can all look however we please to look like and I think that's beautiful. The no-pants trend has caught up with everyone and I'm sure people's knees and legs are grateful to be finally free. Even TV anchors and hosts have fully embraced this lifestyle and it's good since who knows how long we'll be working from home and going pantless will remain the norm. People have actually given up on the formalities and are even going on-air without pants and one of the most relatable things I've seen recently is John Oliverâs Last Week Tonight contains dozens of clips of local news anchors across the country asking colleagues and guests on-air, âAre you wearing pants?â The juxtaposition of a seemingly presentable person with a proper tie and blazer on top with a pair of PJs as bottoms is just hilarious. Apparently, even John Oliver, after concluding his show that he filmed at home, stood up from behind a table to reveal shorts covered in a pattern of Grovers from âSesame Street.â Even John Krasinki has hopped on the trend and took it to another level. Towards the end of his YouTube show, Some Good News, he got up from behind a desk to reveal a red tutu on his lower half. He's rocking it, though. image2 (John Krasinski/Youtube) Even Stephen Colbert and John Oliver are having fun discussing the new office attire for everyone. Well, here's hoping we're all able to adjust back to a world where pants are required after all this is over. View the full article
  4. "Only those who are backed by the leader hold importance," says the PM's aide for overseas Pakistanis
  5. Many of us have been intrigued by the stars and galaxies that lay beyond the reach of human eyes. We are fascinated by the mention of the presence of life on other planets on our solar system and cannot seem to get over the mysteries that surround our beloved natural satellite, Moon. © Facebook But while most of us interested in astronomy donât end up going beyond star-gazing or owning a professional telescope at home, others turn it into their vocation and continue to fuel their curiosity for years. Astronauts happen to be one such group of individuals who are willing to devote their lives for path breaking research and experiments. © Twitter/NASA So recently, as many as 12,000 aspiring astronauts sent in their applications to become future NASA astronauts for its Artemis generation that will undertake its upcoming Moon and Mars missions. Recently NASA revealed that it received applications from every US state in a span of a month from March 1st to 31st. Now the agency plans to interview the most qualified applicants to make the final decision post medical clearance. This development has left people on Twitter intrigued. Astronaut applications were due today... I'm not going lie, I kind of want to know what the requirements are 𥺠@NASA â aaayyyyy.sami (@AnginiSami) April 3, 2020 Others think itâs to run away from coronavirus. Just read #NASA got 12,000 applications for a space mission. Motherfuckas trying to leave the GD PLANET to escape the #coronavirus. 𤯠â Mike Fly (@mfly1971) April 2, 2020 Second largest number of applications ever? https://t.co/j4nUraUSkV More than 12,000 astronaut applications in to #NASA, the 2nd-largest ever; for missions such as returning to & helping lay groundwork for trip to Mars" GOOD LUCK, Y'ALL ð§âââ<< May the next group change what the default #AstronautEmoji looks like â Kay Savage (@Kay_the_Savage) April 2, 2020 Many are still hoping to make the cut. I made it under the wire yesterday. My application is in for the next NASA Astronaut Class selection. My odds are up! 1 in over 12,000. Last time it was 1 in 18,300! Under half selected are civilians. So the odds are even less. Space, here I come! â Ginny Mauldin (@GinnyMauldin) April 1, 2020This is the highest number of applications received by NASA and this selected generation of astronauts who make the cut will lead an extensive expedition on digging more information about the Moon. The selected list is expected to be out by next year around October. In a world where people today are trying to make some quick bucks via social media, it is interesting to see the spike in applications for a profile which requires a lifetime of hard work. View the full article
  6. Kate Middleton and Prince William will still be doing all they can help out during the coronavirus pandemic
  7. People have been asked to do the bare minimum to stop the spread of Coronavirus - just stay at home if you can - and still, it seems like it has been really hard to get this simple message across. Even PM Modi has asked for a (Bhartiya) Janta Curfew on Sunday, but we all need to do our part and make sure to practice social distancing during this pandemic. But, some people are not following that protocol and that, surprisingly, includes none other than senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. He's one of the smartest politicians we've ever had but after all, he is a boomer, and was recently called out by his own son for going to the Parliament during the Coronavirus outbreak. My struggles with a lackadaisacal boomer today: @ShashiTharoor insists on going to Parliament with hordes of other people pressed together in close quarters even as Indian government enacts significant measures to begin imposing social distancing. This is nuts. â Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor) March 19, 2020 A word in the tweet that I had to Google? Yep, Ishaan is definitely Shashi Tharoor's son. But, his point is extremely valid. A crowded place is a nightmare right now and those who are privileged enough to be able to avoid it, really should. Glad this has struck a nerve among some Indians. Keep your parents and grandparents home!! â Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor) March 19, 2020 Not just a son complaining about his boomer dad, but also a PSA. Like always, Shashi Tharoor has a rebuttal. But @PMOIndia @narendramodi (addressing nation right now) exempts public representatives from social distancing because it is their responsibility to serve the public, just like doctors, food delivery personnel & media (other categories exempted in PMâs speech) https://t.co/4Lpq5Ya3qB â Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) March 19, 2020 But, Ishaan is not backing down so easily. There are other ways to serve the public than sitting on a bench in parliament â Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor) March 19, 2020 While what Shashi Tharoor said was true, it doesn't make it right, though. Everyone is siding with his son on this one, for obvious reasons. Exactly. What is the logic of parliament continuing? â barkha dutt (@BDUTT) March 19, 2020 Same. Lackadaisacal boomer. pic.twitter.com/CXGjoPt56C â Angoor Stark ð®ð³ (@ladywithflaws) March 19, 2020 A very Tharoor conversation. âLackadaisacal boomerâ- Tharoor on Tharoor https://t.co/Dh1N6LxBkZ â Simi Chakrabarti (@SimeeyC) March 20, 2020 Yes. Ishaan Tharoor publicly calling out his dad Shashi is how we need to handle "lackadaisacal" boomers. https://t.co/9pXY1iU0kd â sher (@vikas_murali) March 19, 2020 We have to beg for their safety. would be super cool if parliament shut down, and maybe directed other places (like places of worship!) to close so i can stop having to beg my 80+ year old grandparents not to go there! https://t.co/2cARSEuePd â Ritika Bhasker (@mostlyinane) March 19, 2020 It should be. Ishaan Tharoor cribbing about Shashi Tharoor on twitter is all of us right now. Also, do you think it's legal to lock people in? https://t.co/Nef9KyurFB â Natasha (@yeskaybe) March 19, 2020 Such a productive quarantine. Day 7 of quarantine- Learnt a new word "Lackadaisical Boomer" https://t.co/Aw5YuEVdgH â Ankita (@AnkitaTweetsYo) March 20, 2020 Definitely. Indian kids need a support group for this one. https://t.co/G0wg3bWRul â Megh, the descriptivist language person ð®ð³ 𧶠(@ever_ambiguous) March 20, 2020 We're all in this together. I am not the only one having trouble convincing a parent to act sensibly! https://t.co/TazwVZspoD â Ùتاشا Natasha (@nuts2406) March 19, 2020 It is. I've been complaining about senior citizens still doing laughter club in my neighborhood park, but this is top class parent shaming PSA! #Corona #COVID2019india https://t.co/R25aYnIimZ â Rohini Mohan (@rohini_mohan) March 19, 2020 View the full article
  8. What are the only two things everyone has been saying these past few days? Wash your hands and avoid crowded places. And honestly, it's simple enough and the least people can do during this pandemic. Self-isolation and social distancing is becoming the norm throughout the world but of course, Indians have something else in mind. Right now, the condition in India is still controlled to an extent and we need to keep it that way because just looking at the huge amount of people in this country, the death toll due to coronavirus if it spreads like it did in China and Italy would be devastating. © Reuters But, apparently UP government really doesn't care about people since they're still going ahead with the Ram Navami Mela in Ayodhya which is going to be held from March 25 to April 2. The mela every year attracts a huge number of devotees but it seems like this year, it's even more special to people since the Supreme Court verdict gave the disputed land for the construction of Ram Mandir. Reportedly, the chief medical officer of Ayodhya, Ghanshyam Singh, expressed concerns about the event and said, "We simply do not have the necessary resources to screen such a large number of people." © Reuters However, the district administration claims that the CMO never made such comments and they have made "all the necessary arrangements." Mahant Paramhans, an Ayodhya based saint, said, "It can not be stopped...it will hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus....and this year it is more important...for the first time Lord Rama is free." He added, "Ramji will make sure that no harm comes to the devotees." Of course, everyone should be free to practise their religion however they want, but during the time of a pandemic, ten lakh people should not be gathered together at one place. The entire Covid-19 situation will quickly get out of hand in India if the mela goes on as planned. © Reuters People online are obviously angry about how the well-being of the entire population is being compromised for one mela. Absolutely nothing. More than 1 million people from all over the country will be in this mela between March 25 - April 2 What could go wrong? https://t.co/y4PgSfB6Bg â Dhruv Rathee (@dhruv_rathee) March 18, 2020 Hmm. When bigots and idiots come together it becomes suicidal! https://t.co/PsJGxf6acF @deccanherald â Ashok Swain (@ashoswai) March 17, 2020 Hmm part two. Why is nobody shouting about Ram Navami Mela in Ayodhya. Shaheen bagh with many fewer people is being portrayed as a public health threat but hindu pilgrims infecting the whole country is a great idea!! â N S (@nandinisundar) March 18, 2020 Ouch. Cults usually indulge in mass self-harm in their final days. https://t.co/UdB1lpaoSs â Sasidharan Pazhoor (@inquestioner) March 18, 2020 It needs to get cancelled. Ayodhya to hold Ram Navami mela despite #COVID19 fears This, if true, is criminally irresponsible of @myogiadityanath. The UP Govt will be responsible for the single largest transmission of #coronavirusindia#CoronavirusOutbreak https://t.co/PgRu2Jw5rS @deccanherald â Kavita Krishnan (@kavita_krishnan) March 17, 2020 Exactly. So, large gatherings have been banned in UP but Ram Navami Mela in #Ayodhya is on schedule from 25 March. Over 10 lakh pilgrims expected to attend. Adityanath govt must cancel this. Surely, Lord Ram would also think of people's safety first. #COVID19Indiahttps://t.co/9fC92m2Y6O â Ruchira Chaturvedi (@RuchiraC) March 18, 2020 Yes please. Ram Navmi is coming, and Lakhs of people would want to go to Ayodhya as this Ram Navmi is a little special. But in the wake of Coronavirus, we urge UP CM to cancel the Mela or make it an isolated affair this time.@myogiadityanath pic.twitter.com/gIJ93dlcql â Aaj Ki Taza Khabar (youtube channel) (@AKTKadmin) March 18, 2020 Won't be surprised. With bottles of cow urine at the ready? â LIBERATUM (@LiberatumGlobal) March 18, 2020 Sad and ironic. The Adityanath government has banned large gatherings due to #coronavirus, except in the holy city where over 10 lakh people are expected for the Ram Navami Mela later this month. #covidindia https://t.co/7RdexC0da1 â Meghnad (@Memeghnad) March 17, 2020 View the full article
  9. From a serene beach vacation to a party hotspot â Goa is many things, but the one thing that poker lovers will tell you about Goa is that it is the Vegas of India. And truly so. Floating casinos to poker events, thereâs no dearth of entertainment à la Las Vegas. Just before the monsoons hit the Goan shores, this tourist paradise is going to make it rain money with Indiaâs first-ever National Poker Series. It is a mega event that is sure to bring together all poker enthusiasts from across the country. If you are one of them, we have all the details lined up for you. What, When & Where?The National Poker Series (NPS) will run for a week (just the time you need in this beach paradise) from 29th March to 5th April and will feature buy-ins beginning from just Rs 4,000. With the low buy-ins, they plan to make the tournament accessible to all the lovers of the game. The tournament will take place at the Poker Baazi LIVE room aboard the Casino Pride 2 cruise ship in the middle of the sea. It canât get better than this, but guess what - it does. Pexels PokerBaazi, the official partner of the National Poker Series will be hosting qualifying tournaments on their app with buy-in starting upwards of just Rs 10. These qualifying tournaments, also known as satellites, let players win tickets to the NPS at a fraction of their actual price. If you think a week-long trip to Goa might be out of your budget right now, you can play to win a package deal that includes travel and accommodation. Go From Goa To VegasApart from the chance to win big moolah and a national title, the National Poker Series will feature exciting prizes across the leader-board. The two best performers in the series will win all-expenses-paid trips to Vegas. PokerBaazi That's right - play your cards right and you could find yourself seated at the table of some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. If you're a fan of the world's most popular card game, then the National Poker Series is right up your alley. Learn more about the event here. View the full article
  10. Holi is more than just the most colourful festival out there. It officially marks the beginning of the Hindu festive calendar and is often seen as the second festival after Diwali which brings people from all sections of the country together, regardless of their caste, creed or religion. © Reuters But earlier today the whoâs who of the Indian political scene decided to move away from Holi celebrations this year amid the Coronavirus outbreak in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah made the announcement hours ago via their official Twitter handles. © BCCL Keeping his point forward, PM Modi said, âExperts across the world have advised to reduce mass gatherings to avoid the spread of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. Hence, this year I have decided not to participate in any Holi Milan programme.â Experts across the world have advised to reduce mass gatherings to avoid the spread of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. Hence, this year I have decided not to participate in any Holi Milan programme. â Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) March 4, 2020 Amit Shah too announced that he wonât be attending the annual Holi Milan celebration this year. âHoli is a very important festival for we Indians but in the wake of Coronavirus, I have decided not to participate in any Holi Milan celebration this year. I also appeal to everyone to avoid public gatherings and take good care of yourself & your familyâ tweeted the Home Minister. © BCCL Earlier today, talking about the cancellation of the Holi Milan programme, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the Holi Milan program that was being organised at Miller School in Patna on 7th March, has been called off. In the wake of recent developments Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also decided to not celebrate Holi for the same reason, though he added that it is also because he is pained by the riot victimsâ misfortune. âI am also not celebrating Holi this year, because of this (Coronavirus) and the recent violence which took place in Delhi, in which many people lost their lives. People are in pain that is why neither I nor any minister or MLA will celebrate Holi,â Kejriwal was quoted as saying by ANI. © Twitter/IANS So far, Delhi has reported 28 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, while thousands across the country are still under observation over suspected infection. As per the latest Health ministry updates, close to 25 people with suspected coronavirus infection have been admitted at the Safdarjung Hospital, and four individuals have been kept in isolation at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi. Given the growing call to avoid Holi celebrations in the city, people are in two minds over what the possibility implies. Holi is celebrated across the country by one and all with much fervour but given the current scenario, the call to avoid mass gatherings in the form of Holi celebrations, seems like a rather logical idea. © PxHere I say this because if we try to look beyond the trappings of culture and the tradition that Holi celebrations are tied to, weâll see that science and medicine is the only way out this fatal virus outbreak that is threatening our country right now. Experts have suggested that the Coronavirus is spread through close person-to-person contact within a range of 6 feet. The virus usually spreads via the aerial medium when an infected person sneezes or coughs, and the particles land on someoneâs hands and nose causing them to contact the infection. It can also spread when someone touches an object or surface that is covered with the virus. © Reuters Given this data, and the fact that large gatherings will expose people to the danger of contracting the infection, it seems like a fair move that PM Modi, CM Kejriwal and many other ministers are calling off mass Holi gatherings to celebrate the festival this year. Yes, we do not like how that sounds and what that means. But if we do not want an epidemic-like situation akin to China, where over 80,000 people have been infected and close to 3,000 people have died due to the infection, we must make this sacrifice for the greater good of our loved ones and the country at large. View the full article
  11. If there is one thing about humans which can be declared a universal fact, it has to be our greed and selfishness. Over the many years of our existence on this beautiful abundant planet, or should we say once-abundant planet, humans have managed to rob and massacre a gazillion precious things that made Earth the blessing that it is. © Pexels From almost a million giraffes that lived in sub-Saharan Africa only a hundred years ago, the number has dropped down to only about a lakh remaining giraffes in Africa now. Whatâs even sadder is that out of the 28 African countries where these tall beauties were found, seven countries have already declared them as âextinctâ. These seven countries are - Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria and Senegal. © Pexels At the on-going Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, experts shared the sad detail and called for immediate and aggressive action for the conservation of the remaining giraffes. This is yet another reminder that we humans have only learnt how to take from others around us - from the environment, from the animals, from Earthâs resources, we have only learnt to devour anything and everything that comes our way. © Pexels We have taken away natural habitats, fresh air and a million precious lives of various living creatures who no longer breathe on the face of this earth. And in turn, given this beautiful planet a live time-bomb called âclimate changeâ which will perhaps be the end of us all. With the extensive exploitation that we have exposed our dear Earth to, it is quickly losing its perfection to house all of us together in harmonious coexistence. View the full article
  12. When it comes to millennials, their idea of love and its expression have evolved way beyond the boundaries and restrictions of the bygone era, thus resulting in some complications too. Love in the 21st century is both the same and different today as we are trying to reconfigure it for lives led at a very fast pace. Since the 17th century, it's been the pursuit of love that has excited us. Back in the 80s, our parents could hardly even confess their feelings to their loved ones. Cut to the present, everything is out in the open and people are comfortable in putting snippets of their personal lives out on social media for everyone to consume. © Maddock Films Here are the excerpts from the interview: The ideology of love in the 21st century Sara: In 2020, it doesn't matter what a male or a female side is. There are just different viewpoints about love and the basic ethos of love remains the same. I don't think it's about gender disparities anymore. It's about how present are you mentally in that relationship. View this post on Instagram#HaanMainGalat â¤ï¸ . . Out tomorrow #LoveAajkal ðºð»ðð»ð¥A post shared by (@kartikaaryan) Kartik: It's always been the same. I believe it's something which is more about you rather than the time we live in. The kind of availability and options that we have in the digital scenario wasn't the case in the old times. It's to each his or her own. I really feel that be it the millennial age or even younger generations than us, it has always been about the feeling and the jitters you get in a relationship. Instagram Wala Love: Is going public a good idea? Sara: It's a shit idea. I believe the more public you go, the more it gets worse. I think love is very personal and it should be kept between two people because it would stay real and close to you. View this post on InstagramJo Tum Na ho â¤ï¸A post shared by (@kartikaaryan) Kartik: I also think the same as I never felt the need to go public. I have never talked about my personal life. I feel whenever you make a statement or even talk about it in public, it becomes a conversation that will keep coming back to you. I think it's one of the personal feelings and it should be kept that way. Food Being The Cupid In Relationships... Sara: The real answer to this question is that the more real things that you do with your loved one, the more special it's going to be. I think more than anything, eating is a very primal instinct and if you can enjoy doing that with your partner, it's very basic. If you find someone who can do this simple stuff like eating which is devoid of any glitter, it's actually great. View this post on InstagramKaafi dubli ho gayi ho Aao pehle jaisi sehat banayeinA post shared by (@kartikaaryan) Kartik: It's not only restricted to food, as I believe if you can enjoy silence with your partner, it's all worth it. For me, if you spend time with someone in complete silence without having any thought of doing or saying something and still being in that harmony, it's pure and you have totally cracked it. Sara On Being An Inspiration Sara: I think that inspires me to do better because inspiration is a circular thing. If I know I have the ability to inspire even one girl to be more her, I will be glad. I think we need people to make us realize who we are and celebrate and channelize our inner self. Heartbreak As A Reason Of Depression In Millennials Sara: What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. Kartik: I understand it can be really tough for people, but you really need to stay strong and you should always discuss this with the right people. Sara and Kartik's latest release Love Aaj Kal 2 explores the journey of love in two different time frames and compares the obstacles of one with another. The movie has warmed up to mixed reactions from the audience and critics alike. If you're planning to catch it this weekend, check out the trailer below: View the full article
  13. LONDON: Discussions regarding future plans for Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are progressing well and should conclude within days not weeks, a royal source said on Saturday. The couple, officially known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, blindsided the rest of the royal family on Wednesday by unexpectedly announcing they would be stepping back from their roles to spend more time in North America and earn an income. They did not consult Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, or other members of the royal family before making their surprise announcement on a new website, https://sussexroyal.com. Officials spent Friday holding behind-the-scenes meetings about new arrangements for Harry and Meghan and things were progressing well, according to the royal source, who added that the aim was to reach agreement within days. The source said officials had consulted the British and Canadian governments about the issue of the couple’s future. Meghan is in Canada with the couple’s baby son, Archie, and she and Harry are reported to be considering basing themselves in that country. Separately, the London Times newspaper reported that Meghan, a former TV actress, had agreed to record a voiceover for Disney in return for the company making a donation to a charity that works to protect elephants. The Times gave no details about what Meghan’s voiceover would involve, but said Disney would make a donation to the charity Elephants Without Borders. The newspaper did not say where the information had come from. An official spokeswoman at Buckingham Palace had no immediate comment on the report. Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
  14. The trailer for Jawani Jaaneman just dropped and boy, are we already looking forward to the movie! Starring Saif Ali Khan, newcomer Alaya F and Tabu in lead roles, the trailer looks like old wine packaged in a new bottle but still something that you'd want to try for sure. Here are our 3 reasons why we feel this movie will be a wholesome entertainer: 1. Appropriate Star Cast: Saif Ali Khan looks like a glass of fresh lemonade on a hot summer day. Newcomer Alaya F seems promising and Tabu is simply amazing in her role as well. The movie has characters which are flawed and real, nothing looks plastic which is actually refreshing. View this post on Instagram #JawaaniJaanemantrailer is FANTASTIC. #Saif is back in form with this one, doing which he does the best.. Tabu is phenomenal as always. Film should do well at the BO if marketed well.. #JawaaniJaaneman A post shared by Sumit Kadel (@sumitkadelofficial) on Jan 9, 2020 at 12:37am PST 2. Fresh Perspective On A Clichéd Story: The trailer may give you major déjà vu when you watch it. However, this looks like one of those movies which you will probably watch anyway, given the fresh perspective. 3. Saif's Moves To Ole Ole: C'mon, if you are a Bollywood fan and this is not enough reason for you to watch the movie, then what is? Watching the good-looking Nawab flaunt his dad bod and giving our millennial generation a fresh version of his iconic Ole Ole is everything! The movie releases on 31st January so, make sure you catch it. View the full article
  15. 2019, as we already know, was a fantastic year for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). After the 'Chandrayaan 2' mission, it looks like the organization wants to continue doing big things in 2020 as well. ISRO chief K Sivan, recently, addressed the media to outline some of the upcoming launches and missions. We're looking at two different big mission that are lined up for ISRO. One is 'Chandrayaan 3', which is a highly talked-about mission. Along with that, ISRO will also be working on the 'Gaganyaan' mission. It's said that the 'Gaganyaan' mission will be done in parallel with 'Chandrayaan 3'. © Reuters 'Gaganyaan' mission, for those of you who don't know, will be ISRO's first spacecraft mission. The mission will see India sending humans into space for the first time. The astronauts will be sent for a minimum for 7 days by 2022, which is simply awesome. The test flights for the mission will likely begin by the end of this year if everything goes smoothly. The spacecraft that will be used to carry the astronauts will be developed by ISRO and it'll consist of a service module and crew module. © Reuters The astronauts for the mission got shortlisted after a series of tests conducted both in India and Russia. All four of them have been confirmed to be Indian Air Force pilots. The astronauts will be trained in Russia during which they'll be sharing their expertise on human space flights. The training is set to begin by the third week of January. Although the 'Gaganyaan mission won't be finished by 2022, a huge chunk of the important work will be done this year itself, including the astronaut training. We hope to get constant and timely updated from ISRO on this, so we'll keep you posted. Source: Ministry of Info & Broadcast View the full article
  16. Deadpool is finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I don't know who's more excited about it - the fans or Ryan Reynolds himself. Yes, Ryan recently confirmed that Deadpool 3 is being developed at Marvel Studios and honestly no one is able to contain their excitement about it. During a Christmas Eve interview on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Ryan gave everyone the best Christman present by revealing this news. He said, "We're working on it right now with the whole team. We're over at Marvel now, which is like the big leagues all of a sudden. It's kinda crazy. So yeah, we're working on it." While it's still not clear what will be the fate of the character in MCU, the thought of Deadpool interacting with MCU characters sounds hilarious. Hopefully, there'll be a crossover. I really want to see Wade Wilson interacting with Peter Parker for some reason. But, Wade and Tony together is honestly a missed opportunity - that would've been hilarious to see. This new development comes a couple of months after co-writer Paul Wernick saying they were just waiting for the Marvel bosses to give the green signal. Back then, he said, "We're just waiting for the word from on high. There's a lot to be sorted out, like how Deadpool fits into the Marvel Universe with the other characters of the MCU. Then it's, do the X-Men get in there at some point? Fantastic Four? There's a lot to be sorted out and I think we're all getting a much-needed rest from Deadpool - Ryan and us and everybody." There could've possibly only been one downside to Deadpool joining Marvel - the movie might've not been R-rated. But, we're lucky on that front as well since Paul Wernick reassured everyone that Disney has promised to allow his team to continue making R-rated movies. Now, that's a win! In an interview, he had said, "We're always in touch with Ryan. I think the party line and truth is we're all still figuring it out. Marvel has promised to continue to let us play in the R-rated Deadpool universe, and the hope is that they will also let us veer into the MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe] a little bit as well and play in that sandbox. Our feeling and Ryan's feeling is that it's got to be the right idea, it's got to be great. I think once we collectively agree what idea that great idea is, we'll be off to the races. Ryan's super-busy, we've got a lot of projects lined up, but we wake up thinking about Deadpool, and we go to sleep thinking about Deadpool." Well, the movie still seems to be in the initial stages and it probably won't come out for a while, just the fact that it's happening is exciting in itself. DEADPOOL IS JOINING THE MCU DEADPOOL IS JOINING THE MCU DEADPOOL IS JOINING THE MCU DEADPOOL IS JOINING THE MCU DEADPOOL IS JOINING THE MCUpic.twitter.com/HIwgC6n0fH — Marko|Mð¸ð· (@petersrogue) December 27, 2019 It's been a PSA. as this is happening, here's your reminder not to ship deadpool with mcu peter parker as he is a literal 16 year old child and wade wilson would promptly decapitate you for doing so https://t.co/MeK39XsGAx — jules (@webshootrs) December 27, 2019 People are already pitching their ideas for new characters, and even Ryan Reynolds liked this tweet. Dear @VancityReynolds Please consider me for a minor role in Deadpool 3 I play Jaxson "Big Teddy" Tresbre - a street-wise, sarcastic bounty hunter in a power wheelchair who helps Wade with life advice and crime-fighting until they encounter his one true enemy: A set of stairs. https://t.co/NsK5o0vrRG — Steve Spohn (@stevenspohn) December 27, 2019 Her mind. Elizabeth Olsen said she wanted Deadpool, so she's getting Deadpool. Her mind... She's so powerful. pic.twitter.com/X17qqXtNex https://t.co/Qbg5QSjrpG — ðªðð¾ð¶ð (@itsjustanx) December 27, 2019 Great video. DEADPOOL 3 CONFIRMED! DEADPOOL 3 CONFIRMED! DEADPOOL 3 CONFIRMED!pic.twitter.com/Vjjso1e6Xw — ‎Ù (@miqsommars) December 27, 2019 Keep winning. We might have a Tom Holland cameo in Venom 2 and Deadpool 3 is confirmed + probably coming to the MCU as a R rated movie. WE KEEP WINNING FOLKS pic.twitter.com/VoUO36MLOl — sara ‎â (@chaotictennant) December 27, 2019 Shaping up to be a great year. This is just a guess, but with the recent news of Gunn confirming the filming time of Guardians 3, this could be 2022: February: Ant-Man 3 May: Black Panther 2 July: Guardians 3 October: Deadpool 3 — Jeremy Conrad (@ManaByte) December 27, 2019 That would be hilarious. It'd be cool if Deadpool 3 was about Wade being forced to be in an MCU movie. He has to be PG-13, constantly reference Tony Stark, etc. As the movie progresses the colors start to become more desaturated, his costume becomes entirely CG... and he desperately tries to escape. pic.twitter.com/gUwSO6efDW — HiTop Alex (@HiTopFilms) December 28, 2019 I can already see him rolling his eyes. Oh so Marvel is making Deadpool 3? Imagine #Deadpool and Doctor Strange hanging out tho' pic.twitter.com/ILHh6HxCvn — duskybatfishgirl (@duskybatfishgrl) December 27, 2019 Yes. wait if deadpool is in the mcu..that means theres..lesbians..in the mcu..and theyre main characters.. — cooper| tros spoilers!! (@dameronpava) December 28, 2019 Same. finding out Deadpool 3 is in the making rn pic.twitter.com/bf8LlJWnp1 — ð±jocelinne (@ghstpnk) December 27, 2019 View the full article
  17. Recently, Deepika Padukone revealed that how emotionally exhausting and taxing her role in the much awaited film Chhapaak was for her. She was seen telling in many of her interviews how she burned a piece of her prosthetic makeup to disassociate herself from the role. According to Indiatimes, Deepika recently confessed in a video interview that her depression resurfaced during playing the role of Malti in the film Chhapaak. © Fox Star Studios She said, “I needed to have my counselor on the sets of the movie with me. It came out of nowhere and I was also caught off-guard. I started feeling it coming on and I thought maybe I am just tired or it is the long hours. But then it got really bad and I started feeling claustrophobic. It was very tough for me emotionally. To think about those days and put me emotionally through that.” She also said that even during her wedding celebrations, the role of Malti stayed with her, which she couldn't easily let go. © Fox Star Studios Meghna Gulzar's directorial Chhapaak is based on a real-life story of an acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal, who suffered an acid attack at the age of 15, in the year 2005. Laxmi had to undergo several surgeries before she started helping other acid attack survivors and promoted campaigns to stop such attacks from happening. Chhapaak also stars Vikrant Massey in a lead role alongside Deepika and is scheduled to release on January 10, 2020. View the full article
  18. Alright, folks! It's that time of the year. Yeah, 2019 is coming to an end and so is this decade. But we're talking about the Sunburn Music Festival, which is returning to its home in Goa for this year's annual bash. Sunburn, for those of you who don't know, is India's biggest electronic music festival. It's a place where some of the biggest names in the EDM world come together to bang out some of the finest tunes for you to enjoy. Sunburn is going big this year and there are a ton of things to look forward to. From some of the biggest artists in the industry to one of Asia's biggest production setup, the festival is truly shaping up to be an experience that'll keep you in the loop for quite some time. With that said, here are 4 things to look forward to at the Sunburn Music Festival 2019 in Goa. Goa!!! View this post on Instagram A post shared by SunburnFestival (@sunburnfestival) on Dec 19, 2019 at 9:49pm PST Having some great artists banging out tunes for you is one thing, but the venue makes a world of a difference. This year's 3-day bash is happening in Goa, which is simply awesome. With the abundance of sun and sea with brilliant electronic music, it's bound to be an enjoyable experience, right? Biggest Artists In The World View this post on Instagram A post shared by SunburnFestival (@sunburnfestival) on Dec 19, 2019 at 3:39am PST Sunburn Goa will have four different stages this year for over 100 DJs performing throughout the length of the duration. The main stage will see performances from the likes of Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, DJ FLUME, DJ Snake, and more. You'll also be able to experience live performances from other artists like Ritviz, Lost Frequencies, Laughing Buddha, Progressive Brothers, and more. It's going to be epic! Asia's Biggest Production Just imagine this - the sun setting across the horizon, as you're blitzed by lasers in every direction, a booming state-of-the-art sound system, mesmerizing visuals, and a massive stage featuring the world's finest artistes banging out some of your favorite tunes. Just book your tickets, already! © Sunburn After Parties With thousands of people attending over 3 days, you can be assured that the place will be packed with energy. And that's exactly why the experience is not limited to just the performances, but they also go beyond them. There'll be a slew of after-parties at 10 PM at 9 venues around the festival site. Sunburn is all about having a great time enjoying the music and the atmosphere. The experiences go beyond just the ones we've mentioned and there'll be a lot of things to look forward to like Festival Attractions, Campout Adventures, and more. This music festival keeps getting better every year, so we can't for December 26th. See you there! View the full article
  19. We already know a lot about Samsung's upcoming flagship phones in the Galaxy S series. If the leaks and rumours are to be believed, then we'll be getting five different variants of Galaxy S11 this year with different screen sizes and features. Looks like, each of those will also have a 108MP camera with 8K video recording capability. Now, there's a new leaked video that shows us what the new Galaxy S11e would look like. This CAD render is coming from a reliable source, so we think this is what the phone would look like. Here, check out the video showing the render - Just like last year, the Galaxy S11e appears to be targeted towards people who like using a phone with a small form factor. The phone is said to have a 6.2 or a 6.3-inch display on the front. Yes, it sounds like a lot but we expect the overall form factor to be small due to the high screen to body ratio. The Galaxy S10e was the best compact phone when we tested, so we're expecting something similar, if not better. The phone is also said to be very slim, coming in at 7.9mm thickness. On the front, as you can see, the Galaxy S11e sports a near bezel-less design. The front of the phone is mostly covered by the display with just a punch-hole at the center for the front-facing camera. We don't know the exact numbers yet, but it appears as though Samsung has further chopped down the bezels. And now, your very first look at the #Samsung #GalaxyS11e! 360° video + gorgeous 5K renders + dimensions, on behalf of my Friends over at @Pricebaba -> https://t.co/fJBKzepf2b pic.twitter.com/OBOXJt3qZq — Steve H.McFly (@OnLeaks) November 23, 2019 All the hardware buttons are on the right side of the phone and it looks like, it'll have an in-display fingerprint scanner this time instead of the side-mounted scanner. As for the optics, we're looking at a triple camera setup with mostly a 108MP sensor. The renders didn't come with information about the specs, so we'll save the speculation for now. The Galaxy S11e renders, by the way, show a phone that looks very similar to the regular Galaxy S11 variant. They'll have curved screen this time, so you'd probably hate them if you prefer a flat display. Guess who is bringing you the very first and early look at the #Samsung #GalaxyS11...ð As usual, 360° video + gorgeous 5K renders + dimensions, on behalf of my Friends over at @91mobiles -> https://t.co/ejj58wPNSH pic.twitter.com/QNS2dsyLp7 — Steve H.McFly (@OnLeaks) November 22, 2019 Looking at the renders, it looks like Samsung is still continuing to push the boundaries when it comes to bezels. Samsung makes some of the most beautiful phones in the market right now, and we hope to see something similar next year as well. View the full article
  20. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/ecc264d85319fda38c653e8657bf73c5.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9MTEvMjIvMjAxOSAxMjoyMTowOCBQTSZoYXNoX3ZhbHVlPWpjY0s5VUdYYW5ISGFpOHBGZkJtcXc9PSZ2YWxpZG1pbnV0ZXM9NjAmaWQ9MQ==...
  21. NoFap, like the name suggests, involves abstaining from habits such as porn and masturbation for extended periods of time, and if the reports are anything to judge by, it's been changing several lives for the better. Men have been reporting everything from better sleep patterns to healthier *** lives and even recovery from depression. Even actor and bodybuilder Terry Crews, who you may recognise from Brooklyn 99, has publicly shared his own struggle with this recovery, in a video that took over the internet back in 2016. NoFap practitioners, who commonly call each other 'Fapstronauts', eventually began the #NoNutNovember trend - and over the last few years, this challenge has picked up immensely. Let's take a closer look at how guys have been dealing with it. There's several men who picked up the challenge for the first time, and shared their thoughts across the first week of the month. FIRST WEEK OF #nonutnovemeber PASSED!! YES!!! #nofapnovember — Moathon (@moathon) November 7, 2019 I guess most of the people who follow #NoShaveNovember is just an excuse to leave their beard long and it doesn't help for a good cause. Why not try #NoFapNovember and focus and accomplish on your personal growth goals and see the difference? Just a thought. — Manju VK (@quality_richest) November 3, 2019 Started #NoFapNovember 3 days early. Day six for me. I took a shower for the first time in 3 weeks and cleaned my room today. Have a strange feeling in the middle of my forehead. Had a dream about God and the 5th dimension. I think i'm gonna make it. pic.twitter.com/0M6Xab8XNV — Lyr â­ (@Fatlittelman) November 4, 2019 As with everything on the internet, there's always another side. Several users feel that #NoFap is excessive, and took to trolling. The sh*tposts came in hard. #NoFapNovember costs jews millions in lost revenue and decades in cultural subversion progress — justshitpoasts (@justshitpoasts) November 3, 2019 Jack off or you're a Nazi #NoFapNovember pic.twitter.com/diOxJDriK5 — Greg (@HarmfulSpeech) November 2, 2019 #NoNutNovember @ #nofapnovember pic.twitter.com/os3hRzH8It — Ð¥ÑмÑÑина Hemyrina (@hmpolymath) November 7, 2019 Several men also shared their frustration - after years of porn addiction, withdrawal symptoms are bound to show up. Nearing the end of day 1 of #NoFapNovember and you look at the ceiling and see dis. #nonutsnovember pic.twitter.com/6mYSCfVcNx — Bröther Pig (@OatsPls) November 2, 2019 When she sends nude But it's November#nofapnovember pic.twitter.com/C2qNdzm9Nd — á´sÊɪsÊ ð®ð³ (@Lone_wolf__18) November 6, 2019 Day 3 of #NoFapNovember everything starts looking like... https://t.co/JV1eR73Bby — Aye Skee! (@SkeezyDoesIt) November 3, 2019 Fortunately, some longtime abstainers stepped in to provide encouragement and information. #PornHub awards are shaped like a molecule of seretonin - the hormone that is released when you ejaculate. They know porn is a psy-op. They know porn is addictive and destructive. And they're laughing at you.#NoNutNovember#NoFapNovember https://t.co/QeQqZAMJ6L pic.twitter.com/mk1idUmUFu — Lenny Henry Rollins ð¬ð§ (@rollins_hank) November 3, 2019 #NoFapNovember this is Day 7. Typically during days 7-14 there is an increase in the temptation to relapse. First, this is normal so do not FREAK out. Second, it is time to Double Down. Third, be honest and accountable. — Aaron Walter (@AaronWalter80) November 7, 2019 Will you be taking the challenge up this month? View the full article
  22. Arvind Kejriwal's flagship scheme and ultimate 'weapon to curb pollution and traffic' is back for another round and will be in force from Novemver 4 to November 15. In the wake of pollution in Delhi-NCR growing to hazardous levels, the Delhi government accounced the odd-even scheme, wherein vehicles whose registration numbers end with odd-digits like 1,3,5,7 and 9 will run on odd dates and the vehicles with even numbers like 0,2,4,6 and 8 will run on even days. People who are exempt from this rule are women drivers, emergency vehicles, two-wheelers and vehicles that are driven by disabled people. © BCCL But, looks like more than Kejriwal, the Delhiites were the ones waiting for it with 'bated breath'. Not because they have faith in the scheme or maybe they do, but they were waiting just so they can do what they're good at - crack funny jokes and memes and post it on social media. And let's just say these memes are making us choke on laughter, more than the air pollution ever did. Bollwood Movies New Versions Launched after #DelhiPollution & #OddEven #DelhiAirEmergency pic.twitter.com/QSAahmk6J1 — Rosy (@rose_k01) November 4, 2019 #OddEven is like trying to save a person from a Heart attack by Homeopathy. — Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) November 4, 2019 Delhi ; Choking BJP ; Bursted Crackers ð ; Defying #OddEven ð #BJPAgainstCleanAir pic.twitter.com/Qklf03eM3L — Aarti (@aartic02) November 4, 2019 #OddEven Priyanka Chopra on ODD DAYS EVEN DAYS pic.twitter.com/RnBKakv5oa — Stutið¸ (@morphinediary) November 4, 2019 For Delhiites who have a forgetful memory and can't remember #OddEven pic.twitter.com/DB3VV7qzks — Rajiv Gupta (@irajivg) November 4, 2019 Waiting for Nirmala Sitharaman to claim that #OddEven is responsible for the slowdown in car sales. — Suvojit (@suvojitc) November 4, 2019 This could be us lekin hum delhi mein rehte hai.. #OddEven #DelhiAirEmergency pic.twitter.com/y6E8YeWHSq — Bhatt ji (@Pahaadi_Tweet) November 4, 2019 View the full article
  23. It's happening, guys, Ant-Man 3 is coming! After there was no sign of the tiny (and sometimes huge) superhero in the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), everyone just assumed that we won't be getting any more of Paul Rudd's great character, not for a while at least, but Marvel has always been full of surprises. The only thing we know about the third instalment of this trilogy is that it'll come out in 2022 and that Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, along with Peyton Reed, the director of Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp, will be returning for this as well. Fans were upset because Ant-Man never got the recognition and appreciation it deserves, even after literally saving the world in Avengers: Endgame, but this news changes everything. Everyone's excited that the most wholesome actor in Hollywood - Paul Rudd - is finally getting what he deserves, that too with a movie in which no one else can play the character better than him. We all thought that 2021 would be the best year for Marvel with literally so many things releasing - Shang Chi, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder, Spider-Man 3, Wandavision, Loki, What If..?, Hawkeye - but 2022 is going to give its previous year some competition now. With this new announcement, Ant-Man 3 will join Black Panther 2 and quite possibly the Captain Marvel sequel. These three movies will most likely be a part of the fifth phase and we'll just have to wait and see what else Kevin Fiege has in store for us. Moreover, the Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse sequel was also announced today, so, basically, it's a great day to be a Marvel fan. April 8, 2022 #SpiderVerse pic.twitter.com/FC5nVIuciB — Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (@SpiderVerse) November 1, 2019 Yep, the second Spiderverse movie already has a release date and people are not able to contain their excitement about two new movies we'll get in a couple of years. ANT-MAN 3 AND ITSV 2 CONFIRMED ON THE SAME DAY AND COMING OUT IN THE SAME YEAR pic.twitter.com/ccFc84cxuC — m; (@odyneson) November 1, 2019 What a great video! ANT-MAN 3 IS OFFICIALLY IN THE WORKS WITH PEYTON REED DIRECTING AND WILL LIKELY BE RELEASED IN 2022 pic.twitter.com/esaLGzhr62 — ðªðð¾ð¶ð (@itsjustanx) November 1, 2019 You never put two bad bi**hes against each other. Ant-Man 3 vs Spider-Verse 2 pic.twitter.com/I3gvnkSyBN — Scoops McGee (@RoBatBattinsBat) November 1, 2019 Yes! "ant-man 3" is official pic.twitter.com/mVpPJpLgot — best of marvel women (@marvelwomxn) November 1, 2019 I read that as 'ant farm'. The Ant-Fam is coming. #AntMan3 pic.twitter.com/kxAWZ6rIW2 — ðªðð¾ð¶ð (@itsjustanx) November 2, 2019 May this list never stop growing. All the MCU movies confirmed now • Black Widow • Eternals • Shang-Chi • Doctor Strange 2 • Thor 4 • Spider-Man 3 • Black Panther 2 • Ant-Man 3 • Captain Marvel 2 • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 • Blade • Fantastic Four pic.twitter.com/7sgoRWVKFL — Fandom (@getFANDOM) November 1, 2019 The most relevant tweet. paul rudd and evangeline lilly showing up to set to film ant-man 3 pic.twitter.com/6l6zQ4EQzt — paul rudd (@philsadelphia) November 2, 2019 Great! INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE SEQUEL AND ANT MAN 3 COMING IN 2022 HOW WE FEELING pic.twitter.com/ez4vUeEiBc — ð­ð®ð®ï¸ (@thislilstangirl) November 1, 2019 View the full article
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