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Found 260 results

  1. Most of us have experienced something called a bad hair day or a bad haircut and when that happens, it literally feels like the end of the world. But some people, have been at the extreme end of the spectrum and have experienced epic hair disasters with hilarious mishaps. At this point, we are just thanking our stars that something like this didn't happen to us. But, yes, you've got to take a look at the following epic haircut fails because they are downright funny: 1. Bangs Or What? © Youtube/Funnyhairfails Baldhead and bangs, that too in layers? This couldn't get any creepier. The fact that the entire noggin has no hair, with only bangs in big and small layers looks like curtains on the forehead. I mean just shave it all off, maybe? 2. The Most Confusing Hairstyle Ever © Youtube/Funnyhairfails The man looks as confused as his hairstyle and no, we don't blame him. Firstly, there's a huge crop of hair on the top with bald sides and then curly pigtail on both the sides, neatly done with rubber bands. Also, he is trying to sport this so-called 'mullet' look with a goatee. Hats off. 3. Hat Hair © Twitter/ManoMaestro Ever thought of turning your voluminous hair into a cap? Creativity is flowing from all the sides for this guy who turned his hair into a designer cap. Imagine the amount of hair care and conditioning this hairstyle would take, just to maintain the bad hat on the head, all the time, even while sleeping. 4. Wifi Signal Hairstyle © Twitter/Kanyewest_FC Even Kanye has been a victim of a bad haircut, it seems. We don't understand the message he is trying to deliver here with his shaved head. It legit looks like wifi signals coming straight out of his noggin. Kanye has done some hilarious hairstyle experiments in the past, most of which have left people in splits. Still, points for going all out. 5. Life Revolves Around Tennis © Twitter/JohnBranchNYT It would have been okay if the colour was a bit subtle with no detailing, but the neon shade has gone way too overboard here. This guy's enthusiasm for playing tennis is so visible that the hairstyle has the aesthetic of the tennis ball as well as the court. 6. Ratty Hairstyle © Youtube/Funnyhairfails It is okay to be innovative and prove a point to look stylish, especially when it comes to the haircut. But as far this hairstyle, with a huge rat design, on a slightly shaved head is concerned, well, it looks nightmarish and awful, tbh. On top that, such a long rat tail, we are speechless. 7. The Koyla Look © Film Kraft With a disastrous look in the hit movie Koyla, even the King Khan of Bollywood has been a part of epic hairstyle fails. Sporting a mix of hair trends including that floppy hair with a fussy hairstyle which reminds us of Taarzan, Shah Rukh Khan's look here was really questionable at the time. 8. The Real Meat Head © Twitter/Joe Marler Looks like the man wanted to write savage but ended up with sausage. If you want to prove that you are funny, then just get a hairstyle like this one and you won't have to do much to tell the world about yourself. 9. The Very Famous Robert Pattinson Hairstyle © Instagram/RobertPattinson_FC Okay, after Twilight, Robert Pattinson went bonkers with his hairstyles and was seen in some of the most hilarious looks. This totally looks like a rebound haircut, the sort of style one gets, after a breakup. Messy bowl cut with a mysterious, random chin curtain on the back. What was he thinking? 10. When You Decide To Go Green © Twitter/Universityfox This man took the hairstyle game a notch higher by turning his hair into a garland. Well, this is what we call eco-friendly and imagine the amount of money he would save, buying the flowers. All he needs to probably do is keep watering his head. 11. Noodles On My Head © Instagram/Funnyhairstyles When you take the noodle hairstyle too far, this is literally what you get. It clearly looks like an advertisement for a noodle brand with hair sectioned and then finger-combed, to give the shape of noodles, all over the hair and also the eyebrows. That coupled with a thin goatee is just uproarious. View the full article
  2. Chennai Super Kings end their Indian Premier League 2020 campaign with a three-game winning streak and acting as the show spoilers for KL Rahul and Kings XI Punjab, knocking them out of contention for a playoff spot. Nonetheless, this season of the Indian T20 league has been the worst for CSK skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni in terms of numbers, as he scored an even 200 runs with the batting average of 25, a massive statistical drop as compared to his second-worst season in 2016. View this post on Instagram Having said that, in the post match conference after the win against Punjab, a surprisingly upbeat Dhoni could be seen getting interviewed by Harsha Bhogle and gave a lot of insight towards the future of the prestigious franchise that CSK has aged to become. Dhoni spoke about bringing certain changes in the core team, the coaching staff and having over the team to the next generation (even though rumours of Dhoni returning to captain the #YellowArmy have already begun to spread out). ️ @GautamGambhir: "MS has given everything [to CSK]: heart and soul, his sweat, sleepless nights" Gambhir believes #CSK will retain MS Dhoni as their captain in 2021 pic.twitter.com/zhU4l25jhm — ESPNcricinfo (@ESPNcricinfo) October 29, 2020 But the highlight of the interview came when Bhogle asked the former Indian skipper if he had some of his jerseys left, as in almost every match this season, one of the members of the opposing side requested the 39-year-old for the autographed t-shirt he’d wear in game time. "Maybe they thought I am retiring. I have retired from international cricket maybe I will retire from the shortest format also," Dhoni said with a smile on his face. A lot has been said about the concept of a Dhoni-less CSK going ahead. His lack of match-finishing abilities, especially this season, became the centre of debate for countless cricket pundits and analysts. Many critics slammed the wicket-keeper batsman for not “leading the team from front”, hiding behind younger talents to get the win and eventually blaming the same young members of his team for lacking to show “spark” during the matches. MS DHONI - Youngsters are not showing spark Meanwhile Ruturaj#jadeja #CSKvKKR pic.twitter.com/bpi3yhRwRm — tuk tuk academy (@tuktuk_lover) October 29, 2020 However, all those words went to the garbage bin when ahead of the match between Chennai and Punjab, Dhoni straightaway quashed the talks of calling it quits when Danny Morrison asked him about his plans of retiring after this season at toss. “Definitely not,” Dhoni replied and set the records straight with just two words. It seems as if Mahi is not going away anytime soon. As long as the cricketer wants to play and as long as the franchise is willing to pay for his resources, MS Dhoni will continue to be a part of the Indian Premier League, regardless of what fans, analysts and critics have to say about his on-field effectiveness. View the full article
  3. According to hospital sources, he will be discharged after he gets more improvement in his condition.
  4. Netflix is arguably one of the most popular streaming services on the market, if not the best. In fact, things have only gotten better for them ever since the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions came into place. People now have more time in their hands than usual and it means more time to binge something on Netflix. Needless to say, Netflix is also good at enticing people and luring them into getting their subscription. On the same lines, the company is now going to offer a weekend-long trial in India. That's right, Netflix will host what it calls a "streamfest" in India and allow anyone and everyone to access their service for free. © Unsplash As reported by the folks over at Protocol, Netflix will offer its service for free on the weekend of December 4. Yes, there's still plenty of time but you might want to plan out how you're going to take advantage of this if you don't have a subscription already. In an earnings call, Greg Peters, the chief operating officer for Netflix, said, "We think that giving everyone in the country access to Netflix for free for a weekend could be a great way to expose a bunch of new people to the amazing stories that we have, the service, how the service works, really create an event, and hopefully get a bunch of those folks to sign up. So we’re going to try that in India.” © Unsplash/Glenn Carstens-Peters Although this "streamfest" seems to be limited to just India for now, we expect the same to trickle down in other markets too. We think Netflix is going to see some crazy response to this and they might end up getting some new subscribers in India. In case, you're wondering, you can sign-up for a subscription for as low as Rs 199 per month in India. View the full article
  5. Piers Morgan is deeply concerned over the Queen?s recent decision to go for a public engagement mask less
  6. As you probably already know, Huawei is having a bit of trouble dealing with bad PR, which in turn is taking a toll on their global business. It's been a rough year for the company and it looks like there's still a lot of work that needs to be done to get back on their feet. However, there's a new report which claims that the company is considering selling off the Honor brand. Yes, the same has been reported by one of the most reliable analysts in the industry, Ming-Chi Kuo. © Reuters If the new owner of Honor is based outside of China, then it could regain access to major hardware and software suppliers which were lost earlier due to the trade sanctions. Huawei has dismissed these claims and says it is committed to supporting Honor. Kuo believes that the sale of the Honor business will be a positive move for Honor, more so than it is for Huawei. Once Honor is off Huawei's shackles, it'll be able to make a name for itself in the market and will be able to develop high-end phones. © MensXP/Karthik Iyer For Huawei, however, it's not good news because letting go of Honor means they'll have to lose one of its most promising divisions. We can only imagine the kind of impact it'll have on the already trembling state of the company. Let's see how this all unfolds in the future. Source: Tech Radar View the full article
  7. Getting a haircut is a transcendental experience. Your noggin suddenly starts feeling light and the mirror starts showing your sharpest features. The only trouble is with the schedule, which makes it next to impossible to maintain the haircut for long, and within a matter of two weeks, you are there yet again, sitting on your barber's chair. Hence, here are six easy ways in which you can maintain your haircut and make it look as good as new for longer. 1. Get The Right Haircut © iStock Remember that when you go for a shorter haircut, it will grow out faster. Edgy hairstyles like skin fade, undercut or the crop haircut grows out quickly. Hairstyles that are long and have fuller sides don't need to be cut often. The extra length on top and the sides isn't quite visible. In fact, even buzz cuts also, require a good amount of visits to the salon. 2. Try To Not Overwash Your Hair © iStock The key to maintaining the haircut is by managing the volume of your hair. When you shampoo too often, it will strip your hair's natural oils and hence dry it out and cause hair frizz. Keep the frequency of washing your hair down to 2 to 3 times a week to avoid this issue 3. Don't Forget To Condition Your Hair © iStock No matter how much you try and control it, your hair's tendency of growing out won't stop. So, what you can do is keep it as healthy as possible. Remember to give your hair some soothing spa at home by conditioning it. This way your hair will be less prone to any environmental hazards. 4. Use The Right Tools © iStock If you wish to maintain your hair, it's okay to plunk down a few extra bucks on the right tools. Make use of heat projection before you blow-dry your hair and ensure that the comb you are using is designed for your hair type. A wide-toothed comb is always your best bet, to keep your hairstyle looking fresh. As for the styling products, rely on clay products, creams and gels to control your hair from turning greasy by the end of the day. These will give your hair a good hold and won't make it look flat or lank. 5. Take A Look At The Edges © iStock A hair cut is past its prime when the neckline and sideburns have grown out to their fullest. Making sure that these two areas are defined will help you stay away from your barber's chair for long. For sideburns, you can use a trimmer and get it back up to the halfway point of the ear. Then, use a comb to brush the hair of the sideburn. This will also help keep a check on the excess hair. Use scissors to snip it away. As for the neckline, this part can be tricky as you need to hold a mirror to take a look at the hair behind. Use a trimmer here to steer clear of the fuzz that's grown below, in upward strokes till you reach the hairline made by your barber. If you think your hand is not steady enough, seek assistance. 6. Give Your Hair A Day Off © iStock Understandably, you love putting hair wax or mousse on your hair because it gives your hair volume. But take a day off, and don't apply any hair product on your hair. Instead, just a wear a cap or leave your hair as it is to let it breathe. View the full article
  8. When it comes to athleisure and sneakers, in particular, our celebrities are always a step ahead. They have all the latest dope on the trending fashion and the picks of the seasons. These trendsetters know just the stores for their favourite stylish footwear. No wonder then that just a few days after Japanese athleisure giant ASICS opened its biggest store in Connaught Place, Delhi, celebrities flocked to the store to stock up on their latest styles. View this post on Instagram Couldn’t wait to visit the country's largest ASICS store, recently opened at Connaught Place, New Delhi. The go to destination for all sneaker lovers and performance sports Athletes. Also experienced the ASICS’ FOOT ID innovation which enabled me to select the perfect shoe for my runs. All this and more in my store visit experience video. Do check out 😁 #ASICS #ASICSIN #IMoveMe #EDOERATRIBUTE @asicsindia A post shared by Rannvijay (@rannvijaysingha) on Sep 30, 2020 at 4:34am PDT Roadies superstar Rannvijay Singh, who is in Delhi, made it to the store launch and gave us a sneak peek to the collection. Spread over two floors, the sprawling interiors of the ASICS store highlights its commitment to innovation and a healthy lifestyle. While Rannvijay gave us a tour of the largest ASICS store yet, he also flaunted the new Tokyo collection in all its bright glory. ASICS Another addition to this new store was the Edo Era Tribute collection. Talking about this sustainable collection made entirely of recycled PET bottles, Rannvijay spoke about the brands' commitment to switching to more sustainable and eco-friendly products. ASICS Tiger Shroff, who couldn’t make it to the store launch made sure he sent his love and wishes to his favourite brand. Talking about the new concept store, he said, "I would like to congratulate ASICS on the opening of its biggest store in India at the heart of Delhi in Connaught Place. This ASICS store gives people a chance to choose from a wide variety of world-class products in Running, Core-Performance Sports, and SportStyle category under one roof. I would have loved to be present at its opening but nevertheless would visit it at the first opportunity possible. Wish a lot of success to my favorite footwear brand ASICS." If you thought only men are sneakerheads, think again. Actress Nikita Dutta too was spotted at the new ASICS store in Delhi. Styled head-to-toe in the ASICS collection, she was spotted with her shopping haul for the day. ASICS Over the last few days, many other Indian athletes, celebrities, and sneakerheads have made their way to Connaught Place to check out the new store. This includes Indian tennis player Karmann Kaur Thandi, who took the opportunity to get her Foot-ID done and stock up on the latest Tennis collection from the Core Performance Section at the Asics store just before the International Tennis season begins. ASICS So if you are in Delhi, don’t miss this opportunity to grab some funky new athleisure for the work from home life. View the full article
  9. The situation has worsened as the rate of air tickets being sold by the travel agents ranges from Rs130, 000 to Rs200,000
  10. In a bizarre finding in Vietnam, the police authorities have discovered over 320,000 used condoms that were being recycled and repackaged in order to be sold again. The footage filmed by the state-owned Vietnam Television (VTV) for the broadcast displayed dozens of bags filled with used condoms spread across the floor of a warehouse in the southern province of Binh Duong. These bags filled with contraceptives weighed more than 360 kilograms which would approximately be equivalent of 345,000 condoms, according to VTV. © iStock This started when the local authorities and market inspectors raided a factory near Ho Chi Minh City. They discovered that these bags were a part of a larger network that sold these recycled condoms to the market again. The factory's 34-year-old owner, a woman, confessed they purchased the condoms from a third party the state-owned Tuoi Tre newspaper reported, AP reports. She further added that they used a substance calls prophylactic to first boil all condoms in water, then dry and reshape them on a wooden phallus before they were repackaged and sold. One can only imagine the number of health risks that could incur after using recycled condoms. Sexual health is still taboo in most countries. Condoms are one of the most popular and easily accessible forms of contraceptives. Recycling and reusing condoms can prove to be extremely harmful. In fact, after seeing this, people have similar reactions. People were obviously horrified. Omg that is disgusting.https://t.co/y72OdJU1ri — G (@Gingeerly) September 25, 2020 And shocked. What.....in the name of Jesus did I just read? https://t.co/oPZPTPj6bk — chris evans (@notcapnamerica) September 24, 2020 People even questioned why such a trade existed in the first place. H..How.. were they collecting them? And how was that more cost effective than just making new ones? https://t.co/Znw7WRPRx9 — AJ, but standing six feet away (@ajchavar) September 25, 2020 Someone put out a PSA. Wanna go to Vietnam, carry your own... https://t.co/UAWd1cAuAL — Peter Ogwang (@OgwangOgwang) September 24, 2020 It's important to check the packaging of the brands of contraceptives you're buying to make sure they are authentic. This helps prevent a situation wherein you don't get your hands on recycled condoms. Which, obviously, would not end well for you. View the full article
  11. The announcement from the US president came as the death toll from the covid-19, which he termed as 'Invisible Enemy', exceeded 42,000 on Monday
  12. 2020 truly marks the end of an era. Among other things, this is the year when we see two of the most iconic car manufacturers shut their operations in India. Both Mitsubishi and Fiat are bowing out of the fiercely competitive automotive market that India is. Even though both of these car manufacturers are engineering and commercial powerhouses when it comes to cars, the uncertainty and paradoxical nature of the Indian automotive market has dealt the final blow to these manufacturers. © Fiat This is the year when all new cars that will start plying on Indian roads have to comply with BS-VI. Both, Fiat's as well as Mitsubishi's automotive departments had been ailing with slipping sales and the churn that the Indian automobile industry was going through. © iStock Both of these manufacturers have given us some of the most iconic, and aspirational cars for the petrolheads of this generation. The Premier Padmini, or Fiat Premiere as it was also known, taught us how great and cool cars could be, in the 1960s. The Mitsubishi Pajero was instrumental in developing the notion that off-roading cars could be luxurious and fairly affordable. © Wiki Commons Here are five cars, from both of these manufacturers that proved to be iconic for the Indian petrolhead. Mitsubishi Lancer © Wiki Commons We have to start with the Mitsubishi Lancer, simply because of how iconic the car was. In India, you could only get your hands on the top variant, which came with that iconic spoiler. Furthermore, you could only get your hands on one if you were really well off, and had some really good connections. Depending on the year you bought the car, you would get a slightly different front grill; although we loved how understated the car was, some of the styling aspects were ahead of its time. As for the performance, it does look dated today, but for the early 2000s, this was a rocket ship on wheels. Fiat Punto Evo © Fiat There were a number of variants of the Punto that we got to see over the years. Be it the first, original, unadulterated one, or the most recent one, the Avventura, all of them were actually good cars. However, the Evo was a little bit special. It had marginally better handling than the closest competitor, it certainly was a thing to behold. For city roads, it was the perfect car - light, nimble and quick to accelerate. On the highways, it was stable at high speeds and powerful enough for some spirited driving. The only reason it did not sell that well, because of its pricing, and the fact that by the time it was launched, Fiat was already in a downward economic spiral. Mitsubishi Pajero © Mitsubishi There was no way this one did not make it to the list. Simply put, this was the most iconic car from the bunch. There was no mountain high enough, neither a valley deep enough that the Pajero couldn't drive over if it was paired with a skilful driver. Although the refreshed version did not impress even the most ardent fans of the Pajero, people will still recall this one, when asked about the most iconic SUV that was seen on Indian roads. Fiat Abarth 595 © Fiat The Abarth 595 was limited to a very few numbers in India and for good reasons. At almost Rs 30 Lakhs a piece, this was by no means a car that made fiscal sense. However, from purely a driver's and an enthusiast's perspective, this was a bargain. You would get a sportscar like performance and handling, in the size of a small hatchback and the price of a luxury sedan. The Abarth 595 was powerful, nimble, and could accelerate like a stabbed rabbit. This was a car that India was simply not ready for. Fiat Linea © Fiat The Linea was an unlucky car in a number of ways. It was sporty enough, handled well, was spacious and well equipped, and in its segment, was one of the most luxurious offerings. However, it was way more expensive than it should have been, and because of Fiat's issues with after-sales services, the car never really got the chance it deserved. Although Mitsubishi is completely out of the automotive market in India for now, Fiat's parent company, FCA, or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles India will continue to operate and will continue with the Jeep brand of cars. View the full article
  13. Who likes wearing pants? No one, of course, and with the entire world in a lockdown and people being forced to work from home during this pandemic, pants were the first thing to get abandoned. In an office, it's important to be appropriate and look presentable, but at home, we can all look however we please to look like and I think that's beautiful. The no-pants trend has caught up with everyone and I'm sure people's knees and legs are grateful to be finally free. Even TV anchors and hosts have fully embraced this lifestyle and it's good since who knows how long we'll be working from home and going pantless will remain the norm. People have actually given up on the formalities and are even going on-air without pants and one of the most relatable things I've seen recently is John Oliverâs Last Week Tonight contains dozens of clips of local news anchors across the country asking colleagues and guests on-air, âAre you wearing pants?â The juxtaposition of a seemingly presentable person with a proper tie and blazer on top with a pair of PJs as bottoms is just hilarious. Apparently, even John Oliver, after concluding his show that he filmed at home, stood up from behind a table to reveal shorts covered in a pattern of Grovers from âSesame Street.â Even John Krasinki has hopped on the trend and took it to another level. Towards the end of his YouTube show, Some Good News, he got up from behind a desk to reveal a red tutu on his lower half. He's rocking it, though. image2 (John Krasinski/Youtube) Even Stephen Colbert and John Oliver are having fun discussing the new office attire for everyone. Well, here's hoping we're all able to adjust back to a world where pants are required after all this is over. View the full article
  14. "Only those who are backed by the leader hold importance," says the PM's aide for overseas Pakistanis
  15. Many of us have been intrigued by the stars and galaxies that lay beyond the reach of human eyes. We are fascinated by the mention of the presence of life on other planets on our solar system and cannot seem to get over the mysteries that surround our beloved natural satellite, Moon. © Facebook But while most of us interested in astronomy donât end up going beyond star-gazing or owning a professional telescope at home, others turn it into their vocation and continue to fuel their curiosity for years. Astronauts happen to be one such group of individuals who are willing to devote their lives for path breaking research and experiments. © Twitter/NASA So recently, as many as 12,000 aspiring astronauts sent in their applications to become future NASA astronauts for its Artemis generation that will undertake its upcoming Moon and Mars missions. Recently NASA revealed that it received applications from every US state in a span of a month from March 1st to 31st. Now the agency plans to interview the most qualified applicants to make the final decision post medical clearance. This development has left people on Twitter intrigued. Astronaut applications were due today... I'm not going lie, I kind of want to know what the requirements are 𥺠@NASA â aaayyyyy.sami (@AnginiSami) April 3, 2020 Others think itâs to run away from coronavirus. Just read #NASA got 12,000 applications for a space mission. Motherfuckas trying to leave the GD PLANET to escape the #coronavirus. 𤯠â Mike Fly (@mfly1971) April 2, 2020 Second largest number of applications ever? https://t.co/j4nUraUSkV More than 12,000 astronaut applications in to #NASA, the 2nd-largest ever; for missions such as returning to & helping lay groundwork for trip to Mars" GOOD LUCK, Y'ALL ð§âââ<< May the next group change what the default #AstronautEmoji looks like â Kay Savage (@Kay_the_Savage) April 2, 2020 Many are still hoping to make the cut. I made it under the wire yesterday. My application is in for the next NASA Astronaut Class selection. My odds are up! 1 in over 12,000. Last time it was 1 in 18,300! Under half selected are civilians. So the odds are even less. Space, here I come! â Ginny Mauldin (@GinnyMauldin) April 1, 2020This is the highest number of applications received by NASA and this selected generation of astronauts who make the cut will lead an extensive expedition on digging more information about the Moon. The selected list is expected to be out by next year around October. In a world where people today are trying to make some quick bucks via social media, it is interesting to see the spike in applications for a profile which requires a lifetime of hard work. View the full article
  16. Kate Middleton and Prince William will still be doing all they can help out during the coronavirus pandemic
  17. People have been asked to do the bare minimum to stop the spread of Coronavirus - just stay at home if you can - and still, it seems like it has been really hard to get this simple message across. Even PM Modi has asked for a (Bhartiya) Janta Curfew on Sunday, but we all need to do our part and make sure to practice social distancing during this pandemic. But, some people are not following that protocol and that, surprisingly, includes none other than senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. He's one of the smartest politicians we've ever had but after all, he is a boomer, and was recently called out by his own son for going to the Parliament during the Coronavirus outbreak. My struggles with a lackadaisacal boomer today: @ShashiTharoor insists on going to Parliament with hordes of other people pressed together in close quarters even as Indian government enacts significant measures to begin imposing social distancing. This is nuts. â Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor) March 19, 2020 A word in the tweet that I had to Google? Yep, Ishaan is definitely Shashi Tharoor's son. But, his point is extremely valid. A crowded place is a nightmare right now and those who are privileged enough to be able to avoid it, really should. Glad this has struck a nerve among some Indians. Keep your parents and grandparents home!! â Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor) March 19, 2020 Not just a son complaining about his boomer dad, but also a PSA. Like always, Shashi Tharoor has a rebuttal. But @PMOIndia @narendramodi (addressing nation right now) exempts public representatives from social distancing because it is their responsibility to serve the public, just like doctors, food delivery personnel & media (other categories exempted in PMâs speech) https://t.co/4Lpq5Ya3qB â Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) March 19, 2020 But, Ishaan is not backing down so easily. There are other ways to serve the public than sitting on a bench in parliament â Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor) March 19, 2020 While what Shashi Tharoor said was true, it doesn't make it right, though. Everyone is siding with his son on this one, for obvious reasons. Exactly. What is the logic of parliament continuing? â barkha dutt (@BDUTT) March 19, 2020 Same. Lackadaisacal boomer. pic.twitter.com/CXGjoPt56C â Angoor Stark ð®ð³ (@ladywithflaws) March 19, 2020 A very Tharoor conversation. âLackadaisacal boomerâ- Tharoor on Tharoor https://t.co/Dh1N6LxBkZ â Simi Chakrabarti (@SimeeyC) March 20, 2020 Yes. Ishaan Tharoor publicly calling out his dad Shashi is how we need to handle "lackadaisacal" boomers. https://t.co/9pXY1iU0kd â sher (@vikas_murali) March 19, 2020 We have to beg for their safety. would be super cool if parliament shut down, and maybe directed other places (like places of worship!) to close so i can stop having to beg my 80+ year old grandparents not to go there! https://t.co/2cARSEuePd â Ritika Bhasker (@mostlyinane) March 19, 2020 It should be. Ishaan Tharoor cribbing about Shashi Tharoor on twitter is all of us right now. Also, do you think it's legal to lock people in? https://t.co/Nef9KyurFB â Natasha (@yeskaybe) March 19, 2020 Such a productive quarantine. Day 7 of quarantine- Learnt a new word "Lackadaisical Boomer" https://t.co/Aw5YuEVdgH â Ankita (@AnkitaTweetsYo) March 20, 2020 Definitely. Indian kids need a support group for this one. https://t.co/G0wg3bWRul â Megh, the descriptivist language person ð®ð³ 𧶠(@ever_ambiguous) March 20, 2020 We're all in this together. I am not the only one having trouble convincing a parent to act sensibly! https://t.co/TazwVZspoD â Ùتاشا Natasha (@nuts2406) March 19, 2020 It is. I've been complaining about senior citizens still doing laughter club in my neighborhood park, but this is top class parent shaming PSA! #Corona #COVID2019india https://t.co/R25aYnIimZ â Rohini Mohan (@rohini_mohan) March 19, 2020 View the full article
  18. What are the only two things everyone has been saying these past few days? Wash your hands and avoid crowded places. And honestly, it's simple enough and the least people can do during this pandemic. Self-isolation and social distancing is becoming the norm throughout the world but of course, Indians have something else in mind. Right now, the condition in India is still controlled to an extent and we need to keep it that way because just looking at the huge amount of people in this country, the death toll due to coronavirus if it spreads like it did in China and Italy would be devastating. © Reuters But, apparently UP government really doesn't care about people since they're still going ahead with the Ram Navami Mela in Ayodhya which is going to be held from March 25 to April 2. The mela every year attracts a huge number of devotees but it seems like this year, it's even more special to people since the Supreme Court verdict gave the disputed land for the construction of Ram Mandir. Reportedly, the chief medical officer of Ayodhya, Ghanshyam Singh, expressed concerns about the event and said, "We simply do not have the necessary resources to screen such a large number of people." © Reuters However, the district administration claims that the CMO never made such comments and they have made "all the necessary arrangements." Mahant Paramhans, an Ayodhya based saint, said, "It can not be stopped...it will hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus....and this year it is more important...for the first time Lord Rama is free." He added, "Ramji will make sure that no harm comes to the devotees." Of course, everyone should be free to practise their religion however they want, but during the time of a pandemic, ten lakh people should not be gathered together at one place. The entire Covid-19 situation will quickly get out of hand in India if the mela goes on as planned. © Reuters People online are obviously angry about how the well-being of the entire population is being compromised for one mela. Absolutely nothing. More than 1 million people from all over the country will be in this mela between March 25 - April 2 What could go wrong? https://t.co/y4PgSfB6Bg â Dhruv Rathee (@dhruv_rathee) March 18, 2020 Hmm. When bigots and idiots come together it becomes suicidal! https://t.co/PsJGxf6acF @deccanherald â Ashok Swain (@ashoswai) March 17, 2020 Hmm part two. Why is nobody shouting about Ram Navami Mela in Ayodhya. Shaheen bagh with many fewer people is being portrayed as a public health threat but hindu pilgrims infecting the whole country is a great idea!! â N S (@nandinisundar) March 18, 2020 Ouch. Cults usually indulge in mass self-harm in their final days. https://t.co/UdB1lpaoSs â Sasidharan Pazhoor (@inquestioner) March 18, 2020 It needs to get cancelled. Ayodhya to hold Ram Navami mela despite #COVID19 fears This, if true, is criminally irresponsible of @myogiadityanath. The UP Govt will be responsible for the single largest transmission of #coronavirusindia#CoronavirusOutbreak https://t.co/PgRu2Jw5rS @deccanherald â Kavita Krishnan (@kavita_krishnan) March 17, 2020 Exactly. So, large gatherings have been banned in UP but Ram Navami Mela in #Ayodhya is on schedule from 25 March. Over 10 lakh pilgrims expected to attend. Adityanath govt must cancel this. Surely, Lord Ram would also think of people's safety first. #COVID19Indiahttps://t.co/9fC92m2Y6O â Ruchira Chaturvedi (@RuchiraC) March 18, 2020 Yes please. Ram Navmi is coming, and Lakhs of people would want to go to Ayodhya as this Ram Navmi is a little special. But in the wake of Coronavirus, we urge UP CM to cancel the Mela or make it an isolated affair this time.@myogiadityanath pic.twitter.com/gIJ93dlcql â Aaj Ki Taza Khabar (youtube channel) (@AKTKadmin) March 18, 2020 Won't be surprised. With bottles of cow urine at the ready? â LIBERATUM (@LiberatumGlobal) March 18, 2020 Sad and ironic. The Adityanath government has banned large gatherings due to #coronavirus, except in the holy city where over 10 lakh people are expected for the Ram Navami Mela later this month. #covidindia https://t.co/7RdexC0da1 â Meghnad (@Memeghnad) March 17, 2020 View the full article
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