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Found 36 results

  1. Playing with electronic gadgets is fun. What if we tell you that the world of electronic gadgets and grooming is a wonderful place to be in? Here's a list of grooming gadgets that you should have in your kit. 1. Beard Trimmer © Amazon If you still shave your beard, it's time you explore the wonderful world of trimming. You might never want to come back. A trimmer works like magic in getting rid of the unwanted whiffs without scarring the face.You'll also be surprised by the flawless finish a trimmer gives. 2. Nose, Ear And Eyebrow Hair Trimmer © Amazon Now this one looks very different from the usual trimmers. You need these to get to to the nooks and crannies that a regular trimmer won't reach. Just use the trimmer to get all the irritated crop out. 3. Body Trimmer © Amazon One of the golden rules for using a trimmer is that the one you use for your face should be different from the one you use for the body. And honestly a trimmer is any day better than razor in giving you a smooth torso and other parts of your body. 4. Electric Flosser © Amazon An electric flosser gets those inside debris that a toothbrush can't. It works by way of ejecting water stream in your teeth that cleans the teeth with the help of the pressure involved. 5. Electric Toothbrush © Amazon An electric toothbrush works by way of a battery that operates and makes the bristles circle around your teeth. The cleaning is much faster and and steadier than it is manually. 6. Cleansing Brush © Amazon A cleansing brush is a gadget that works as a face bristle to clean your face and get rid of the dead skin cells from your face. It also reaches the skin beneath your beard and prevents painful ingrown hair. 7. Hair Dryer © Amazon Hair dryer is one of the most important gadgets that you should have in your kit. Be it the bed hair, the frizzy hair or the whiff, all of these can be styled with a hair dryer.
  2. Just like your girlfriend's night skincare routine or the makeup kit that she carries around, you too need a grooming kit in place. Why do you ask? If you do not take care of your skin and your hair or your beard, you'll definitely be adding years to your face. Also if you're out in the dating game, not taking care of yourself is not attractive at all. So, here are 4 super essential grooming products (apart from the basic face wash and moisturizer) that you should add to your grooming kit: 1. An Essential Oil © Getty Images An essential oil, be it tea tree or lavender, or even any other natural ingredient that you like, can help you in countless ways. Firstly, they help tackle dryness, they also help to get you to sleep at night in case you have trouble doing so. They also reduce puffiness and signs of ageing. 2. An Under Eye Cream © Amazon An under-eye cream is a boon for racoon eyes and post-hangover cleanup. If you are awake from partying all night, use this so that your boss does not find out. In fact, they are a more permanent solution to dark eye circles. 3. A Face Mist © Amazon Another hangover remedy, a face mist helps freshen up your face and tackles all the dryness and tiredness from the night before. Just steal one from your girlfriend's kit and you'll never want to return it. 4. A Roll-On Deo © Getty Images In case you have a long day ahead of you, you need a roll-on to quickly stroke your pits with for a refreshing fragrance that doesn't turn off women.
  3. In 2019, you should focus on being the best version of yourself. This means aggressively chasing your goals, asking out that crush of yours and most importantly, taking care of yourself. Here's the thing, looking good directly factors in feeling good. This means you should put significant effort into taking care of yourself. This will also help you stand out in a group of people who don't care for themselves. 1. Not Dismissing Manicure & Pedicure Sessions Traditionally, seen as something that only women care for. However, if you have nails that often end up looking like this. © Instagram They will not only drive away your crush but also come off as dirty to your fellow colleagues and boss, and the worst case scenario is that no one will be willing to share food with you during lunch. Now, before that happens, go for a manicure/pedicure session. You'll be surprised to discover the wonderful packages that exist out there. Some of them include massages and a completely calming session. You could even turn this into a date. © Instagram 2. Making The Concealer A Part Of Your Everyday Routine © Instagram The concealer is not a gendered product. Repeat this after me. A concealer is a blessing. We're talking about the racoon eyes that you get from partying all night, acne scars, huge pimples and the hickeys that you don't want to show to anyone else. It conceals everything with one stroke. You can easily steal it from your girlfriend's beauty kit or just simply ask her for it. Additionally, here's a list of other super helpful products you could steal from your girlfriend. © Instagram 3. Investing In A Skincare Routine © Instagram Try to consciously try to look after your skin. Now lathering a skin cream every now and then is not taking care of your skin. You need a regular and fixed routine in place with products curated that suit your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, choose moisturizing cleansers and creams or if you have acne-prone skin go for anti-acne products. Also, you could make the whole routine fun with face sheet masks and that is literally no effort at all. © Instagram Even celebrities like Ansel Elgort vouch by fun face masks. For a good skin care routine, you ideally need a cleanser, a good moisturizer, essential oil and a weekly face mask and a scrub. 4. Always Carry A Pocket Mouth Wash Or Mints © Instagram Bad breath is imminent if you don't take care of your oral hygiene. Bad breath can be a big turn off at a date or off-putting at an office meeting. It's best to always have mints or a pocket mouth face wash handy. 5. Make Sure To Use A Roll-On After Shower © Instagram While taking regular showers is a good thing, it's also important to supplement it with a roll-on to make sure you don't have a case of body odour throughout the day.
  4. Whether you favour the clean shaven look, proudly maintain a bushy beard, or sport a facial hair style that falls somewhere in between these two, it's impossible to give up shaving completely, at least not if you want to look well groomed! Although men today gravitate towards the electric trimmer to help 'shave' seconds off their morning shaving ritual as they rush to work, they can't hope to match up to the smooth, close shave that the good old safety razor offers. The O.G. of shaving implements, the safety razor was the first shaving tool curated to reduce the reliance on professional barbers and put the power into your own hands (quite literally!). The origins of the safety razors we know today, i.e., a handle attached at right angles to a head in which a removable blade can be placed, can be traced back to early 19th century. Including a protective layer between the blade edge and the user's skin dramatically reduced the level of skill needed to shave injury-free, adding a 'safety element' to the design. Since then, the safety razor has evolved into a highly specialised piece of shaving tech that provides professional-level shaves right in your own bathroom. So, if you take your appearance seriously, adding the best safety razor to your grooming routine is the smartest decision you can take. And on that note, we've compiled this helpful list of the best options out there, to make your choice a little easier, and your morning shave much smoother (and safer). Does Your Shaving Kit Contain The Best Safety Razor? 1. Vikings Blade The Chieftain Safety Razor © Amazon When you think of Vikings, the image that comes up is of fierce warriors ready for battle, and this safety razor from Vikings Blade arms you for the battle against bad grooming! Made from materials sourced from Sweden, this razor offers a smoother and closer shave than ever before, with no cuts or resistance thanks to their patented micro-comb system. The razor is perfectly weighted, and is hand-crafted from a mix of brass and bronze with a shiny chrome coating. The advanced butterfly head facilitates quick blade changes, so you won't have to waste time pre-shave. The case also comes with a mirror so that you can keep up with your grooming regime on your travels, and also contains five raw, unbranded, unpolished super sharp platinum-coated Swedish steel blades. MRP: Rs. 4,734 Buy It Here 2. Merkur Futur MK-70M Safety Razor © Amazon When it comes to the best safety razor in terms of ease of use, Merkur's Futur MK-70M is tough to beat. While the snap-cap design makes loading blades extremely simple, the blade exposure dial allows you to control the blade gap, which means the blade performs as gently or as aggressively as you please. At 122 grams, it feels nice and solid in your hand, but can still be manoeuvred across the contours of your face with precision. Produced entirely in Solingen, Germany, it offers an amazing shave minus the skin irritation that sometimes accompanies cheap razors and safety razor blades. MRP: Rs. 7, 981 Buy It Here 3. Edwin Jagger Safety Razor © Amazon A great offering from renowned English manufacturers Edwin Jagger, this beauty comprises a two part, die cast and hand polished chrome plated blade head. It's precision engineered to deliver a shaving angle that is gentle on all skin types, which means experienced as well as new shavers can enjoy a smooth, close, comfortable and accurate shave. The handle is triple plated, and the head components are finished with a flawless blue white scratch resistant chrome plating. The handle is capped with chrome plated end cap detailing, and the Edwin Jagger name is embossed into the chrome plated collar, so you know you're getting a quality item. You get five free Derby double edge safety razor blades with each purchase, which means your blades will match up in quality and performance with your razor. MRP: Rs. 4,383 Buy It Here 4. Muhle R41 Safety Razor © Amazon With a stunning chrome finish, this offering from Muhle is a double edge safety razor that definitely makes a visual impact. Its performance is just as impactful as its looks - the razorhead, with open tooth comb, was specially developed keeping practised wet shavers in mind. The special blade angle allows a direct, vigorous shaving technique without risk of cuts. The open tooth comb design as well as the gap behind the foam edge ensures that no stubble collects on the edge, making cleaning an easy task. MRP: Rs. 7,783 Buy It Here 5. Parker Long Handle Safety Razor © Amazon Producing quality grooming implements for well over four decades, Parker have produced yet another stunner with this safety razor. It uses a chrome plated brass frame that enhances durability and guards against corrosion, meaning it'll be a part of your safety razor kit for a long time. The twist-to-open design allows you to replace blades easily, while the four-inch-long textured handle offers a sure grip that makes for a close and comfortable shave, enhanced further by the flexible comfort guard. MRP: Rs. 1,950 Buy It Here 6. Feather AS-D2 Safety Razor © Amazon Moving from the best Europe has to offer to the finest Asian offering, this expertly-crafted Japanese razor is worth every penny of its considerable price tag. Made with the same care and precision used to make the famed Samurai swords, Feather blades are renowned the world over for their sharpness and durability, and the ability to provide a smooth shave without any skin irritation despite the sharpness of the blade edge. The Feather AS-D2 is made completely from stainless steel, imparting a noticeably heavier weight to the razor. The hefty handle also features very aggressive knurling that ensure you have a great grip on the razor at all times. MRP: Rs. 23,293 Buy It Here 7. Vikings Blade The Godfather Safety Razor © Amazon The name says it all - this truly is the godfather when it comes to choosing the best safety razor. It utilises premium high-end heavy duty Swedish materials for its construction, and combines a classic blade manufacturing process with a modern look. The result is a superior shaving implement that has a hefty old school feel which gives you a close shave without burning a hole in your pocket. Each razor also comes with a luxury leatherette and suede travel case, as well as five raw, unbranded platinum coated super blades. MRP: Rs. 5,187 Buy It Here 8. Baxter of California Safety Razor © Amazon Despite what the name might suggest, this sleek and stylish chrome-plated razor was crafted in Germany, so you know you have a precise instrument in your hands! It's designed to help reduce ingrown hairs and razor burn when used properly, and its remarkable durability means you won't have to look for replacements every so often. It comes packaged in a black gift box along with a pack of starter blades and an instructional card to guide you towards the most effortless and effective shave. MRP: Rs. 9,320 Buy It Here 9. Van der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor © Amazon This offering from Van der Hagen offers the complete shaving experience in one package. The razor is forged from chrome plated brass for an attractive yet sturdy look, and the short handle offers the user better control while using it. The butterfly opening offers the chance to change blades quickly and effortlessly. Every pack includes five ice-tempered, teflon-coated, stainless steel blades that are made in Germany, which combine with this exquisite razor to provide a great shave. MRP: Rs. 2,112 Buy It Here 10. Gillette Flexball Fusion Pro Glide Razor © Amazon No list of the best safety razors would be complete without a Gillette safety razor, and this particular one offers a close and precise shave like no other. The Fusion Proglide features the thinnest blades used by Gillette, which have an advanced low resistance coating to facilitate effortless gliding over the face. This smooth experience is enhanced by the FlexBall technology, which combines with the Blade Stabilizer to help keep blade shape steady while allowing the head to pivot freely over the contours of the face. A reformulated Lubrastrip, infused with mineral oil and lubricating polymers further help the razor move smoothly over skin, while the precision trimmer, long-hair trimmer comb and rinse through slots are added features that make this an excellent option. MRP: Rs. 499 Buy It Here 11. The Bluebeard's Revenge Scimitar Razor © Amazon We've already covered Vikings, so why not move on to pirates now? The Bluebeard's Revenge Scimitar helps you slice through stubble with minimal effort, just like the great pirates on old went through the fleets of their enemies. This three piece, all metal, chrome plated razor is engineered in the UK, and features all that's good about traditional shaving instruments. It has a substantial feel when you grasp it, and yet glides over skin easily. The top of the razor head, on which the distinctive Bluebeard's Revenge logo has been laser etched, unscrews off to facilitate an easy blade switch, and would make an extremely stylish and valuable addition to your grooming arsenal. MRP: Rs. 15,288 Buy It Here 12. Merkur Classic Safety Razor © Amazon Another stunning offering from Merkur, this three-piece double-edge safety razor features the classic Merkur closed-comb head. It's available in a few variants that you can choose from based on your preference, secure in the knowledge that each has a contoured, weighted handle with a matte knurled pattern that rests easily in any hand. Manufactured in Germany, it's designed to last you a very long time, without letting up on the quality of the close shaves it provides every time! MRP: Rs. 3,822 Buy It Here 13. Parker 24C Safety Razor © Amazon Enjoy a barbershop-standard close shave in the comfort of your own home thanks to this heavyweight safety razor from Parker. The open comb head provides an extremely close shave, while the solid brass frame ensures durability. It sports a four-inch long textured handle for a sure grip that won't slip even with wet hands. Each razor comes with five Shark super chrome blades that go perfectly with the razor and combine to give you an amazing shave each time. MRP: Rs. 1,950 Buy It Here 14. Bombay Shaving Company Precision Safety Razor © Amazon Possibly the best safety razor in India in terms of performance and value for money, this Precision safety razor from Bombay Shaving Company takes inspiration from the classic safety razors in that it's heavy and sharp, but also exquisitely engineered with a smooth chrome finish. The brass and zamak alloy makes for a generous weight distribution, while the design make it effortless to use. An aggressive clamp setting allows better cutting efficiency, which means you'll always get the desired results. As for the added goodies, it comes with a razor sheath for added protection and also includes ten Feather stainless blades straight from Japan, all at a very pocket-friendly price! MRP: Rs. 1,181 Buy It Here 15. Bevel Safety Razor © Amazon Featuring a simple yet stunning design, this re-engineered single blade safety razor from Bevel will definitely make your shave experience much better. The razor is generously weighted for an intuitive shave, allowing you to wield the blade without much effort. It's specially designed to shave right at skin level, which enhances the smoothness of the shave without those annoying razor bumps and burns. An eye-catching design that provides an effective shave that doesn't harm your skin either, you can't go wrong with this option! MRP: Rs. 5,431 Buy It Here
  5. If you're prepping for the big date that you've been looking forward to for a very long time, it'll be very unfortunate if you blow it off with your own silly mistakes. So, here's a guide for you so that you don't make any disastrous mistakes that'll probably turn the other person off. Apart from a lot of things that could go wrong fashion-wise, there are also certain grooming mistakes that you're likely to make. Here is a checklist to avoid these mistakes: 1. Bad Breath This tops the list of things you might forget to check before you step out. Before the big date, you could either take a look at these steps or pop a few mints to make sure your mouth doesn't reek of anything bad. It's important to have clean white teeth too. If you think your teeth have started to turn yellow, it's better to book a dentist appointment and get the routine cleaning done beforehand. 2. Body Odour View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jan 3, 2019 at 10:55pm PST If you have a date at the end of a long working day, it doesn't hurt to freshen your pits with a dash of deodorant or a roll on, so that you can raise your hands freely like Tiger Shroff. 3. Unkempt Hands © Instagram One of the many things that your date will notice about you is the way you keep your hands. If they look like the picture above, she will be disturbed by it even if she doesn't show it. Think about it this way, if you spot dirty nails you would be equally grossed out too, right? It works both ways. 4. Unkempt Beard & Hair © Instagram If your hair and beard are dishevelled and you look like you just got out of bed for a date, probably because you want to send out a message that you want to keep things casual by being casual, it's a bad move pal. This won't get you a second date in the very least. Get a salon appointment before you go for your date and make sure your final look is clean and polished. This will definitely get you brownie points, trust us. 5. Not Making An Effort © Instagram Remember, the Beyonce-Ed Sheeran concert? It was outrageous for Ed Sheeran given the sheer contrast in his and Beyonce's get ups. She wore an elaborate gown and he turned up in jeans! The idea is not to go over the top with your efforts. However, keeping in mind where your date is set, you certainly can make some quality effort that goes on to show that you care, which will most certainly be appreciated by your date.
  6. We're sure that so far you've got your grooming basics right and you're most probably washing your face at least once a day and using a moisturizer (if you're not, you should definitely read this). But apart from that, there is one essential grooming product that men fail to add to their grooming kit that can change their skins for good. A BB Cream. © Getty Images South Korean beauty and grooming secrets are a treasure and should be adapted because have you seen these guys age? They never do. A BB Cream, a South Korean discovery is that one product you should definitely have in your grooming kit. BB creams also known as blemish balms aim to blur out imperfections whilst also taking care of pigmentation, oil control and hydrating skin simultaneously. It also gives the benefit of sun protection, oil control and an anti-ageing in one cream. © Getty Images It's also an easy remedy to cover scars, blemishes and skin discolouration like an Instagram filter, except this work in IRL being a product squished inside a tube. © Getty Images They might look like it's a feminine product, but they also come in unisex packaging. Use a BB cream next time before a big date to hide the bugging pimples, scars and blemishes. It really makes a difference.
  7. All grooming products come with an expiry date which means you'll have to dump them at some point. With weather conditions like that of India's, it's likely that the expensive products you buy will get spoiled well before their expiry date. That's the worst scenario you could imagine, however, there is a preventive measure that you can take from stopping your grooming products from spoiling like storing them in the fridge. Besides lasting longer, they will even feel better on your skin. Here are four products that you should be storing in the fridge: 1. Fumes © idiva Without a doubt, you should be storing your fumes inside of the fridge. The heat and humidity degrade the quality of the fume. 2. Eye Cream © innisfree green tea seed eye cream Firstly, if you don't have an eye cream, get one. Especially if you don't want racoon eyes for the rest of your life. Secondly, put that in the fridge. Besides, a chilled out eye cream works better in soothing and de-bloating your blood vessels under the eye. 3. Beard Oil © prospector They tend to become a little runny in the Summer heat. Shove them in the fridge for uniform consistency. Also, the emollients degrade when they come in contact with the UV rays. 4. Toner/Moisturizer © Dove Again, just for the immediate benefit of how it would feel on your skin in its chilled glory. But in case you're using organic products, they anyway shouldn't be outside.
  8. Some men view it as an inconvenience and try to avoid it altogether, while some view it as an essential part of their everyday routine. It's even possible that you fall somewhere in the middle of these two opposing viewpoints and do it occasionally. Regardless of what your personal opinion on shaving is, the fact of the matter is that it's something almost all of us do. And at a time when bushy beards are all the rage, the clean shaven look can be seen as a breath of fresh air, which is why you'll find several celebrities and A-listers championing it at work, on the red carpet, and even on the sports field. As it happens, even the most bushiest of beards needs its fair share of maintenance, which requires even the whiskered gentleman to display a certain level of competence with the razor and invest in the best grooming products in order to maintain the tag of 'well groomed'. Why Do You Shave? Before you head off to shop for shaving supplies straightaway, you need to make sure you're stocking up on the right stuff. Whether you're shaving your whole face or carefully detailing around your beloved beard or moustache, the products you use can make quite a difference. If you're a fan of the clean shaven look and are willing to invest the time it takes to give yourself the smoothest possible shave everyday, you should look into finding a good shaving cream. However, if a couple of minutes before you rush off for work is all you can spare for your daily shave, then the right shaving foam is what you need. Why Shaving Foams? The major characteristic of a good shaving foam is that it allows for a quick, time-saving yet efficient shave, which is perfect for a man constantly on the go. Just splash your face with water and with a couple of sprays of the can, you instantly have a light, airy lather which is incredibly easy to apply, remove with the blade, and rinse away with the next splash of water. So, if you're looking for the best shaving foam to achieve a classy clean shaven look that's incredibly low maintenance, we've curated a helpful list for you to choose from. Choose The Best Shaving Foam To Suit Your Shaving Routine (in H2 tag) 1. Proraso Protective And Moisturizing Shaving Foam © Amazon The major gripe men have with shaving everyday is that it tends to leave their skin looking raw and feeling tender, which is definitely not something you want to be dealing with daily. Enter the Proraso protective and moisturising shaving foam, which is actually ideal for daily use. Enriched with the goodness of aloe and Vitamin E, it softens your facial hair and prepares your skin admirably for before you use your blade. Despite its particularly thick texture, it can be rinsed off easily, leaving your face smooth to the touch. MRP: Rs. 2,173 Buy It Here 2. Innisfree Forest For Men Shaving And Cleansing Foam © Amazon What's better than a shaving foam that prepares your skin and beard for a shave? One that also rejuvenates your skin, which is exactly what this dual-purpose foam from Innisfree does for you. It harnesses phytoncide from the pine, cedar, and retinispora trees in Jeju province in South Korea, a compound that serves to reduce skin irritation due to shaving while simultaneously brightening skin tone. What's more, it's free from mineral oils and artificial fragrances. So if you've been on the lookout for a shaving foam for men that not only offers a smooths have but also relieves skin stress, this is the product to go for. MRP: Rs. 2,522 Buy It Here 3. Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling Shaving Foam © Amazon Widely known for curating quality grooming products, Nivea has come up with yet another successful product with this excellent shaving foam. The 0 per cent alcohol content is what makes this one a winner, since you don't feel that annoying burning sensation after the blade passes over your skin. Its specially designed formula is enriched with seaweed and chamomile, resulting in a close shave every time thanks to expertly softened facial hair and a gentle cooling sensation after the final rinse. All the features of the best shaving foams in the world, right here in one budget-friendly package! MRP: Rs. 239 Buy It Here 4. L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Shaving Foam © Amazon We all know L'Oreal as a brand that produces the best haircare products, so it should come as no surprise that their range extends to male facial hair as well. Their Men Expert hypoallergenic shaving foam is ideal for men with sensitive skin, as the Skin Protect System uses aloe vera as a soothing agent. Not only does it soften the bristly stubble to make shaving an easier task, it also addresses the problem of post-shave irritations and micro-cuts by spreading a protective film over the skin. MRP: Rs. 1,085 Buy It Here 5. Gillette Classic Regular Pre-Shave Foam © Amazon It's almost impossible to talk about shaving products and not mention Gillette, who have pretty much established themselves as the go-to for male grooming. Aside from their cutting-edge razors and other shaving paraphernalia, Gillette shaving foam is yet another world class product that can rival the best in terms of performance as well as value for money. Their classic shaving foam provides an extra rich and creamy lather that spreads evenly and rinses with the utmost ease. It also features Gillette comfort glide formula, which uses glycerine to hydrate the skin and special lubricants to facilitate smoother razor glide. MRP: Rs. 199 Buy It Here 6. Hermès Terre d'Hermès Shaving Foam © Amazon The Hermès Terre d'Hermès Shaving Foam was developed along with several other bath and body products by the luxury brand, with the aim of providing an alternate means of wearing their famous fragrances. Its texture is fine and smooth, making it supremely easy for the user to apply and the razor to glide over the skin. It also serves to protect the skin once the razor has done its job, even leaving behind a masculine scent containing earthy and woody notes. MRP: Rs. 11,152 Buy It Here 7. Proraso Anti-Irritation Shaving Foam © Amazon No more leaving home with annoying micro-cuts and post-shave patches of redness on your face and neck, as this anti-irritation shaving foam from Proraso is designed especially for use on sensitive skin. Imbued with green tea, oatmeal extract, aloe vera, and glycerine, it creates a rich lather that hydrates, protects and soothes the skin throughout the shaving process. So if your skin gets easily irritated when you shave daily, this one is right up there with the best shaving foams out there, and will definitely save you from having to deal with the trouble. MRP: Rs. 1,598 Buy It Here 8. Oriflame North For Men Original Shaving Foam © Amazon One of the major complaints men have about shaving foams is that it doesn't have quite the same rich texture of shaving creams of gel, but this offering from Oriflame addresses that issue admirably. An ultra-rich foam that makes for a luxurious lather upon application, it is also enhanced with Arctic Pro Defence and zinc to protect your skin from cuts while shaving and leaves it moisturised afterwards. Glide Technology also helps in that endeavour by allowing the razor to move smoothly over the contours of your face. It's even alcohol free and eminently affordable, so if ever there was a shaving foam for men in India, this is definitely it! MRP: Rs. 249 Buy It Here 9. Nivea Men Fresh Active Shaving Foam © Amazon Equipped with Nivea's Ultra Glide Technology, this shaving foam from Nivea offers an incredibly comfortable and smooth shave while protecting against nicks and cuts. However, as the name suggests, it does more than just prepare your face for shaving. With mint extracts, ISO-magnesium and Vitamin Care, it has a cooling foam formula that has an extra kick of freshness post-shave, leaving your face rejuvenated after the final rinse. MRP: Rs. 208 Buy It Here 10. Gillette Sensitive Fat Foam © Amazon Yet another offering for those with sensitive skin that doesn't do well when faced with the prospect of shaving daily, this time from Gillette. Lightly fragranced, its lather spreads easily with minimal effort on your part, providing an even covering that's easy to deal with. The glycerine in the formula takes care of your skin by keeping it hydrated, leaving it feeling extremely smooth after your post-shave rinse. MRP: Rs. 159 Buy It Here 11. Ustraa Badass Sexy Shaving Foam © Amazon Packaged in an eye-catching orange bottle (they even have a black version if that's your colour of choice), this shaving foam from Ustraa has all the ingredients that a well-rounded shaving foam should possess. A rich lather offers a smooth shave while also rejuvenating the skin thanks to Vitamin E, almond oil, and cucumber extracts. Its astringent properties, which shine through thanks to witch hazel extracts, serve to soothe cuts and bruises, making for a supremely satisfying shave overall. MRP: Rs. 250 Buy It Here 12. Proraso Refreshing And Invigorating Shaving Foam © Amazon Enriched with eucalyptus oil and menthol, this excellent shaving foam works well with all skin types and even serves to keep the skin soft and supple. However, its most noteworthy characteristic is the extra kick of freshness it offers post-shave, thanks to the menthol in the foam formula. It's the ideal shaving foam for the summers, as the freshness is exactly what you need as a pick-me-up before you leave the house in the morning. This quality product can be used daily without fear of irritating your skin, making it one of the best shaving foams out on the market. MRP: Rs. 2,107 Buy It Here
  9. We all deal with unwanted hair. It has been an annoyance for men and women alike since puberty. Although, men face a teeny bit of extra issues when it comes to stubborn facial hair. Your everyday shaving and occasional routine of trimming body hair may be set, but there is hair that sprouts on the most unruly areas too. Yes, we're talking about ear and nose hair. Everyone talks about nose hair but ear hair also needs to be acknowledged and dealt with. The occasional men's grooming routine should include taking care of ear and nose hair as well. Period. Here are some grooming tips and methods that can help you get rid of those nasty little buggers: Tweezing © hairclippers If you spot just a few noticeable hair popping out of your ear or nose, the best way to take care of that business would be to tweeze them. Yes, each pull will hurt but if you have the threshold for it, why not? Tweezing generally gets the hair out from the root itself and the hair won't grow back for a long time. It's a solution you can adapt if you only have a few strays. Trimming © XYroutine Since many trimmers are basically designed for both nose and ear hair, you shouldn't have a problem finding one that can swing both ways. A trimmer makes sure there is no pulling at the skin and reduces the chances of getting cut. Trimmers designed for the very purpose have an angled head, which allows for better reach and control. Waxing © Pinterest As more and more men adopt the metrosexual lifestyle, waxing ear and nose hair are extremely common. What you need to keep in mind during a waxing session is that ears are extremely sensitive and should only be waxed by professionals. Many home-kits for nose hair removal are, however, actively available in the market. Hard wax would be applied to the area, allowed to set, and then quickly pulled off. Use ice water to soothe the skin after a waxing session. Nip those distracting nose and ear hair in the bud by regularly spending a few minutes grooming then time and again. Put your well-groomed self forward, guys!
  10. Getting married is a lot of work. We agree. And especially if you have a big fat Indian Wedding planned. From organizing everything from scratch to filling in the guest lists, planning the honeymoon and even finding time to be with the person you love. Amidst all this chaos, you might forget to take care of yourself. via GIPHY While your soon-to-be wife, in all likely-hood, is busy taking appointments to take care of her skin and her hair, you shouldn't stay behind. Why, you ask? Because when the event planning stops and the actual Wedding ceremonies begin, you'll be at the centre of everything. Thousands of pictures will be taken of you. Some, more zoomed in than others. These pictures will then be circulated for your entire life and you don't want to look back and spot blackheads, pimples, on your face. via GIPHY You want your face to reflect you inner state of affairs which should ideally be glowing with happiness. via GIPHY However, apart from an au naturel glow, you'll need to lather your skin with creams on a regular basis to get a Wedding-friendly face. Here's a quick hassle free grooming routine for grooms so that you're proud of your Wedding face in years to come: 1. A Good Cleanser via GIPHY You need to start your day with a good cleanser. Also use it twice a day. Once before sleeping. A cleanser is great for cleaning out dirt from your pores and keeping the bacteria away which means a pimple-free skin near the Wedding. You can go for a face wash that suits your skin type. 2. A Serum via GIPHY Normally, you might skip this step if you don't believe in worldly excesses. But, trust us, when you're waiting in line to get married in front of people, this is not a huge step. You take two-three drops of serum for your face and spread it all over. This will rejuvenate your skin cells and help them reach the max glowing potential that they can. 3. Face Mask via GIPHY Weekly, you need two masks for your face. Spread it over the weekend: one for Saturday and the latter for Sunday. Get a soothing sandalwood or charcoal-based mask or something else depending on your skin's needs. Use that on a Saturday. Keep it for ten minutes and then wash your face. On a Sunday, Use face sheet mask to relax your face. 4. Face Scrub via GIPHY Use it once a week after cleansing your face to weed out clingy dirt from your deep pores. Use an apricot or charcoal based scrub for best results. 5. Moisturizer via GIPHY After cleansing and using a serum, always remember to lock in the moisture with by lathering up cream on your face. You don't want your skin to be dry and scratchy during the Wedding.
  11. When it comes to grooming products for men, things have never been better. After all, the grooming space has been growing rapidly, with hundreds of new brands catering towards the grooming needs of Indian men. But despite this promising and progressive trend, it can often be challenging to find the best grooming products for yourself, especially when there is a plethora of grooming ads out there to confuse you. So, we thought we would help clear some of that confusion for all you grooming conscious men out there, by shedding some light on a new brand that is acing the grooming game, both in terms of the quality of products, as well as customer experience - Spruce Shave Club. Some of you might recall the brand as being part of the MensXP Man Box - their 5X Razor was one of the most beloved products from our grooming box - but for those of you who aren't aware of the brand, here's everything you need to know about them. © Spruce Shave Club Spruce Shave Club first hit the markets about two years ago with one primary goal - to help Indian men gain access to some of the finest American and German made shaving razors, but to do so without burning any holes in their wallets. After all, wanting to get a good shave should never be dependent on the status of your bank account. Taking one look at their wide range of premium shaving razors which include 3, 5, and 6 blade variants, each of which helps deliver a quality shaving experience, it's safe to say that they are well on their way to accomplishing that primary objective. In fact, their 5X shaving razor, in particular, is an incredibly power-packed grooming tool that comes equipped with 28% extra lubrication, an anti-clog design, and a precision trimmer edge. You can find out more about this amazing razor by clicking here And guess what? They don't just deal in shaving razors, as their catalogue of grooming products for men also includes shaving gels, aftershave lotions, pre-shaving oils, and even shaving brushes which are all herbal and enriched with pure essential oils and natural extracts to help deliver a quality experience. © Spruce Shave Club Additionally, the packaging of these products is premium and classy, the products themselves are amazing and deliver an unbelievably smooth shave, and perhaps best of all, don't hurt your wallet! Their products end up being the perfect amalgamation of modern and cutting-edge technology, as well as ancient ayurvedic and herbal knowledge of Indian culture, to create an incredibly innovative, unique and unrivalled grooming experience. This unique blend of two diverse elements has already been expanded to cover other products including beard oils, washes, balms, and waxes. There are also plans to come out with a range of face washes, face masks, shampoos, body washes, and much more. © Spruce Shave Club So, if you were unhappy with the grooming products your currently own, and really wanted to spruce up (pun intended!) your shaving and grooming game with a new brand, you shouldn't think twice before checking out Spruce Shave Club's premium products by clicking here. Trust us, you won't regret it! To know more about them, you can follow them on their social media links: Facebook - https://facebook.com/spruceshaveclub Instagram - https://instagram.com/spruceshaveclub LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/spruce-shave-club/
  12. While women don't have to worry about finding the right grooming products that will help them combat skin and/or hair problems, men have to look a lot harder. After all, they don't have a plethora of grooming products available at their beck and call, which only increases the chances of them investing in the wrong products for their skin and hair, ones that may end up causing more harm than good. Well, fortunately for all of us men out there, The Man Company has actually come out with a range of premium products that will help safeguard you against a plethora of common skincare and haircare problems. Not only are their 'Defence Theory' products tailor-made for men who lead an active and hectic lifestyle, but they are also highly functional in nature, and are made using natural ingredients that won't cause any side-effects (all of them are sulphate and paraben free). In fact, all of these products come with their own natural score - a percentage of the natural ingredients in each product. But the Man Company's 'Defence Theory' isn't just a range of products, but also a call to implement some lifestyle changes that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Whether it's eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet, working out at the gym, managing your stress levels, going easy on your alcohol and caffeine consumption, and getting a good night's sleep, 'Defence Theory' also means adopting a healthier lifestyle while you upgrade your grooming game. And so on that note, here are some of the best grooming products for men courtesy of The Man Company's new 'Defence Theory' range. 1) The Man Company's Moringa & Shea Butter Anti-Ageing Cream © The Man Company This anti-ageing cream is infused with the powerful (and effective!) combination of moringa, shea and cocoa butter, making it an incredibly useful addition to any man's grooming kit. It penetrates deep into the skin and works from within to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet overtime. The shea butter in particular contains vitamins A, D, and E, which help protect your skin from signs of anti-ageing. Additionally, it also aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while ensuring your skin remains looking firm and tight. The Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants, which help fight off damage to your skin. USP: Combats fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and other signs of ageing. Suitable for all skin types MRP: Rs 699 Buy it here 2) The Man Company's Neem & Coconut Anti-Chafing Cream © The Man Company If you live an incredibly healthy and/or active lifestyle, chances are you've experienced chafing. It's pretty common to experience it if you happen to be a runner, a cyclist, or just someone who sweats a lot. Often seen as a red rash, chafing is extremely uncomfortable and painful, and can often be challenging to cure. Fortunately, The Man Company's Anti-Chafing Cream is specially formulated to help protect your nether regions. Enriched with the properties of coconut and neem, it prevents skin irritation, absorbs excess moisture, and brings back your skin's lost texture, while simultaneously protecting you against outbreaks of blisters and sores as well. USP: Absorbs excess moisture and prevents Itching MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here 3) The Man Company's Neem & Tea Tree Anti-Acne Gel © The Man Company Acne breakouts are never pleasant. While dealing with them during our teenage years was still tolerable, it's downright infuriating to have to tackle them when we are in our 20's. Well, considering the rising levels of toxins and pollutants in the air, as well as the fact that some people have more acne-prone skin, and acne breakouts pretty much become unavoidable. So investing in this anti-acne gel from The Man Company makes a lot of sense, especially since it's perfect for oily skin, foams perfectly, smells good, and does not cause skin dryness or irritation. While the neem removes impurities and excess sebum, leaving your skin cleaner and fresher, the tea tree clears existing blemishes and prevents future breakouts. USP: Formulated for sensitive skin and repairs blemishes MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here 4) The Man Company's Fenugreek & Moringa Anti-Hair Fall Serum © The Man Company Dealing with hair fall can be a lot more challenging than it actually appears. Whether it's the air pollution, or the quality of the water itself, hair fall is becoming more and more common in Indian men these days. So this Fenugreek & Moringa Anti-Hair Fall Serum from The Man Company pretty much ends up being a godsend. Not only will this serum help stimulate and reboot your hair follicles with moringa and fenugreek, but the high protein and Nicotinic acid content in this serum will help treat a gamut of scalp-related issues including, but not limited to, hair dryness, baldness, and hair thinning. USP: Prevents acute hairfall and suitable for all hair types MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here 5) The Man Company's Moringa & Vitamin E Anti-Sweat Lotion © The Man Company If you are someone who happens to sweat a lot in your nether regions, things can get incredibly embarrassing, especially if you're at a social gathering or a public place. So you probably shouldn't be thinking twice before investing in the Man Company's Moringa & Vitamin E Anti-Sweat lotion. As the name suggests itself, it is formulated with the nourishing properties of Moringa and Vitamin E, controls perspiration and reduces the likelihood of contracting skin infections down there. USP: Moisturises your skin while keeping it dry MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here 6) The Man Company's Multani Mitti & Cocoa Butter Skin Brightening Cream © The Man Company This skin brightening cream implements a powerful formula of multani mitti and cocoa butter that makes it a great tool to add to your grooming regimen. A powerhouse of antioxidants and rich minerals, this cream will help add luster and shine to your skin, will help reduce acne breakouts, and will even remove blackheads from your face. An absolute winner. USP: Sulphate and paraben free, and suitable for all skin types MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here 7) The Man Company's Apple Cider Vinegar Anti Dandruff Shampoo © The Man Company If your scalp and hair are constantly plagued by dandruff, so much so that it has started causing hair fall, back acne, and are affecting your overall standard of living, then you ought to check out this Apple Cider Vinegar Anti Dandruff shampoo from The Man Company. This particular shampoo comes enriched with antibacterial properties that help eliminate dandruff, as well as reducing the likelihood of it coming back to haunt you. The additional neem and reetha extracts also work towards hydrating and helping your hair retain its vital moisture, while the wheat protein works towards making your hair thicker and shinier. USP: Keeps your scalp and hair moisturised MRP: Rs. 699 Buy it here
  13. Surely all men have grooming needs, but whether or not you indulge in them is different. And if you're one of those who still believe "but men don't care about looks", it is time you get off that ship right away. The first and the most important step in grooming is picking the right products that will do their magic and not harm your skin or hair in the process. While there's a plethora of mass-produced options in the market, we believe that natural, handmade products always work best. So, here's a list of the top organic grooming essentials that will change everything you think about men's 'vanity'. 1. Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap Qtrove.com These handmade soaps have Activated Bamboo Charcoal that can absorb minerals, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances from your skin, leaving you with stronger, healthier skin. It can act as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. It is an effective, natural treatment for acne. 2. Smokers Paradise Lip Balm For Men Qtrove.com This is a natural lip balm that moisturizes the lips, and with regular use, reduces the darkness and the dullness of your lips. Lemon essential oil acts as an effective lightening agent which effectively reduces the dark colour with regular use. Bergamot, peppermint and spearmint essential oils provide nourishment and hydration to dry, cracked lips without any negative side effects. 3. Handmade Shikakai & Multani Shampoo Bar Qtrove.com Glycerine is a natural by-product of soap making process. It attracts moisture & is thus a great skin & hair softener. These handmade natural soaps are made the traditional way. So not only do they retain the glycerine completely, they are also free from any preservatives or synthetic ingredients. This makes these shampoo bars gentle, mild, safe & a superior choice for skin & hair care. 4. Organic Hair Color Qtrove.com The 100% Natural Hair Coloring is a perfect solution for colouring your hair with zero exposure to harmful chemicals. It is not recommended to use chemically loaded harsh hair dyes on the sensitive scalp and hair as they cause damage and breakage. Stay natural, stay safe! 5. Vitamin C Anti Pigmentation Orange Peel Face Mask Qtrove.com This ancient recipe works well on blemishes, spot reduction, pigmentation, and dullness. Orange, rich in Vitamin C, is the best all-rounder when it comes to your skin. It's rich in antioxidants and helps your skin get smoother and better. The orange peel contains citric acid that helps in the brightening of skin naturally. Find all of these wonderful products and much more at the one-stop-shop, Qtrove.com. They make sure that they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers for Qtrove.com, which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. At Qtrove.com, products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Embrace Qtrove.com as your go-to marketplace for all things pure and good. Spread the good karma by embracing the ultimate shop for good things- Qtrove.com! And for a limited period, you can save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket! If you pay using your PayTM wallet, you will get 10% cashback up to Rs 100 on Qtrove.com!
  14. Grooming is as important as having a sense of style. Or in fact, even more than that. You need to look presentable not just to impress that girl/boy you have a crush on, but also to impress the big clients in your next official meeting! Neglecting grooming is a big no-no, as it leaves people wondering why you couldn't have possibly taken care of yourself. So, here are signs to watch out for if you're neglecting grooming. If you relate with any of these, it's time to upgrade your grooming routine: © Epiphanydermatology 1. If you're getting razor burns from shaving, you might want to get a couple of things right. Firstly, make sure your razor is not infested with bacteria. Don't use your blade more than 3-4 times or more than three months at a stretch (whichever comes first). It's also important to prep your skin with hot water and use a moisturizer on your face. You need to follow up your shave with a good alcohol-free aftershave that minimizes irritation and the growth of ingrown hair. © Manyofmay 2. If your eyebrows are leaning towards becoming a unibrow, it's a huge problem. You might think that taking care of your brows is not manly enough but trust me, having a single brow or haphazard brows is not attractive. Taking care of your brows only makes you more presentable and handsome. It's time you start. © neckbeard.com 3. Having a neckbeard: You can't mistake your beard with extra growth on your neck. You need to draw a line that marks the ending of your beard. Try to keep the crop an inch above your Adam's apple for a smooth finish. © lybrate 4. Dry, cracked lips are a huge turn-off. Not only does it make your lips un-kissable but will also make you feel extremely uncomfortable throughout the day if you don't use a moisturizing agent. © baldingbeards 5. You need to change your oral hygiene routine if you have evil-smelling breath. The worst case scenario is when you possibly don't even know of its existence. It's time to ask a trusted person if your mouth reeks foul and if it does, take care of it with some good old mouthwash. Pro tip: Mint chewing gums help in emergency situations when you can't access a mouthwash or a brush. © baldingbeards 6. If wearing black means snowfall on your shoulders, it's time to keep watch on the kind of shampoo you're using. Switch to an anti-dandruff shampoo that'll help reduce the dandruff, so you don't have to constantly brush your shoulders to avoid visible residue. Oiling your hair on the regular is another way to tackle dandruff. © nextluxury 7. If partying or working late leaves you with dark, puffy eyes that take weeks to go, it's time to take care of them. You want to look fresh for a date or a meeting and not resemble a sleepy racoon. Try under-eye creams that can be really effective in reducing those dark circles. © fabhow 8. No-one wants to hold hands that are scaly, patchy. Since winters tend to make hands dry and rough, it's important to use a hand cream, so that you can have soft hands the next time your SO wants to hold hands with you.
  15. Wonder why her hands are supple to touch or why her skin has a flawless finish at all times? It's time for you to broaden the definition of grooming by taking inspiration from your girl's beauty stash. Reason: You'll be stunned by the sheer effectiveness of these products and once you cross over to the other side of products that make self-care seem irresistible for you, there's no coming back. This is not only a form of self-care but will also definitely upgrade your grooming game by a notch. 1. Lip Balm The lip balm has no gender. Also, it is a universally acknowledged fact that no one wants to kiss a pair of chapped lips. I'm sure you secretly agree with this too. Which leaves us to this conclusion: your lips need a balm. With Winter months right here, the weather can be terribly harsh for your skin and especially your lips. Your skin, just like your girlfriend's, is not impermeable to the dryness of Winter. Like her, you too need a moisturizing agent to save the lips from breaking into cracks. Try: Nivea Men Active Care Created especially for men, the lip balm moisturizes your lips without making it rather shiny, just in case you want to keep this your little secret. © Amazon Price: INR 120 Buy it here 2. Sunscreen I can't stress enough on the importance of sunscreen. Not only does it help prevent your skin from getting a rough tan but also saves you from the UV rays that are responsible for causing cancer. Now, that's a good enough reason to not say no to it. Ideally, for your face sunscreens, don't choose a cream below SPF 40, because most people don't apply enough and a lower SPF just won't do the job. Try: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (SPF 50+) Its ultralight formula blends flawlessly and helps prevent sunburns. © Amazon Price: INR 514 Buy it here 3. Leave-In Conditioner Winter months can leave your mane dry and brittle. A good solution would be to shampoo it less and condition it more. Trust me, when I say this- it's the most basic routine that every girl follows. A viable option is adding a leave-in conditioner to your routine. This not only gives the hair much-needed moisture that it lacks but also adds a healthy shine to your hair. Try: Pantene Oil Replacement The non-sticky formula takes barely a minute to apply and gives your hair all the goodness of a hair oil without leaving it oily and sticky. © Amazon Price: 150 Buy it here 4. Dry Shampoo A dry shampoo, contrary to a leave-in conditioner, is for those days when you absolutely don't have the time to shampoo or the bad hair days when your hair seems oily and limp and can be difficult to style. Dry shampoo absorbs the excess oil and leaves hair with much-needed volume. Try: Colab Sheer + Invisible Tropical Fragrance Dry Shampoo is great for cleansing out the excess of natural oil that leaves hair sticky and greasy. © Amazon Price: INR 699 Buy it here 5. Concealer A concealer is instrumental in saving your girl in times of crises. Whether it's a hickey on her neck that she needs to hide before an official meeting or a pimple on the face right before date night or even dark circles for that matter! This product upon generous use, conceals it all. Now, these aren't gendered problems. I'm sure you relate too. Use a concealer stick so that you could avoid the awkward moments when your hickey gets spotted. Try: Colorbar Full Cover Make Up Stick, this product is lightweight and creamy and will seamlessly blend in your skin. © Amazon Price: INR 675 Buy it here 6. Hand Cream No-one wants to hold hands that are scaly and unpleasant to touch, right? Ever wonder why your girl's hands are so soft to touch? Hand lotion is crucial in keeping the softness intact since the skin on your hands is devoid from the production of sebum oil (a natural skin moisturizer). This is where a hand lotion comes into the picture. Try: Dot & Key Hand Cream This one is ingrained with moisturizing and sanitizing properties that help keep the hands soft. © Amazon Price: 395 Buy it here 7. Hair Dryer I know, I know, a lot of you guys might already be using this. But for a few out there who aren't, the hair dryer might come off as useless at first glance but once you notice the difference between naturally dried hair and hair dried with a hairdryer you wouldn't want to go back. This gives an added definition to your hair and at a quicker pace, so it doesn't seem like much of a hassle and you don't get late for work. Try: Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer A reliable hair dryer that is easy to carry and styles hair while giving it volume quickly. © Amazon Price: INR 779 Buy it here
  16. 'No Shave November' just came to an end last Friday, and those of you who participated this year might now be looking like a totally different version of yourselves. The newly earned, full face of stubble, or wackily (over)grown beards, have been a matter of immense pride, but now with the curtains drawn on 'No Shave November', we can already guess about the inner struggle you might be going through. For the first-timers, it's all about the next step now, while for others, the plans have already been laid out. Whether you plan to keep that look on or ditch it for a cleaner look, grooming yourself is still key given that we've officially hit the month of December. © MensXP Now, some of you might be unaware of how to look after your mane and beard the right way, and that's understandable given that the very makers behind one of India's most popular men's grooming brand 'Ustraa', went through the same struggle as you, not so long ago! It was at the crucial age of 35 when the grit and resolve of friends Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand were tested. Rahul and Rajat had been working with an IT firm in Hyderabad which was hitting major losses before finally tasting the dust. This entire process found the duo relocating first from Hyderabad to Mumbai and then finally to Delhi, before they suddenly found themselves altogether broke and unemployed. With no intention of going back to work for someone else and no savings to fund their personal business venture, Rajat and Rahul sold their office laptop to an ex's father for Rs. 50,000 and launched their first startup with it, which is today popularly known as 'Happily Unmarried'. © MensXP 'Happily Unmarried' was born out of the founders' personal experiences of struggles when trying to set up a house (and life) as single men. The brand went on to cater to the lifestyle-related needs of young, unmarried men. They did have their own share of challenges though, as from being newbies with no business background to drawing no salaries in the first year, were just a few struggles they faced. Yet, in the face of numerous setbacks, Rahul and Rajat stood tall against all odds. Their perseverance and faith in their products paid off, because today, as we all know, 'Happily Unmarried' has become a hugely popular brand. So obviously, when the time came to expand, the duo decided to give their luck another try and enter a totally new and (quite) unexplored area in the Indian market. Talking about this next big step, Rajat Tuli, in an exclusive interview to MensXP, said, “Till five years ago, what you were getting in terms of men's grooming, was what you were getting 25 years ago. So while the men had evolved, the products that were made for them hadn't.” © MensXP This became their threshold and after much deliberation, which was then followed by thorough market research, Rajat and Rahul decided to enter the men's grooming sector. And once they did, boy, did they turn up the heat or what! Their new men's grooming brand's name was called 'Ustraa', and as simple and on-point as the name is, so are their range of products! What started out as an employee's complaints regarding lack of good beard products in the market, took a whole new form in the many grooming products that Ustraa offers, right from beard oils, aftershave balms to shaving creams and body wash. Such was the popularity and reach of Ustraa, that within a year of their launch, they had touched over 1000 towns across the country! Catch Rajat Tuli spill the beans on Rahul and his personal journey to build their dreams into a reality. Learn why the M.I.C.A graduates were called stupid and how that 'stupidity' transformed their lives with Happily Unmarried and Ustraa's inception, besides a lot more!
  17. You don't need us reminding you about the rising levels of harmful toxins in the air. In fact, as recently as a few days ago, nine out of the world's ten most polluted cities were in India. Add to this the fact that many grooming companies are infusing their products with chemicals and a gazillion preservatives (many of which can be incredibly harmful for your skin), and it probably becomes safe to say that our dependence on using organic and natural products is at an all-time-high. Fortunately for all of us out there, one company understands this predicament all-too-well, and is actively curating products that will help Indian men make their grooming regimen more organic - Raw Nature. And so if you were looking for some A-grade organic products to add to your grooming regimen, ones that will help protect your skin against the harmful effects of toxins, SLS and parabens, and that will be suitable for your skin type as well, then Raw Nature's brand new collection of organic soaps (available in four different and unique variants) warrants your time and attention. 1) Raw Nature's Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Soap © Raw Nature Infused with the richness of lemon eucalyptus oil, this 100% natural, handmade and organic soap from Raw Nature is perfect for those who are constantly dealing with their skin's excessive oil (sebum) production and the resultant acne breakouts. Formulated for acne control, it comes with anti-bacterial properties (that help combat acne) as well as Zinc and Lunar Silver that help detoxify and nourish sensitive skin. MRP: Rs. 1047 (for pack of 3) Buy it here 2) Raw Nature's Activated Charcoal Soap © Raw Nature If you were looking for an organic soap that would deeply cleanse your pores, while also improving your skin's elasticity, then look no further than Raw Nature's Activated Charcoal variant. For those who aren't aware of its incredible properties, Activated Charcoal helps remove excess oil from your skin, helps combat body odour and even removes dust and dirt particles. It's also infused with peppermint and rosemary, and makes for a great tool in fighting blackheads. MRP: Rs. 897 (for pack of 3) Buy it here 3) Raw Nature's Brazilian Green Clay Soap © Raw Nature Are blocked and clogged pores your skin's Achilles' heel? Well, then this Brazilian Green Clay organic soap from Raw Nature is tailor-made for your needs. And that's not all, as the basil it comes infused with is rich in toning and inflammatory properties that not only soothe any skin irritation, but also help promote tissue repair. MRP: Rs. 897 (for pack of 3) Buy it here 4) Raw Nature's Red Clay & Wild Argan Oil Soap © Raw Nature Finally, we have this Red Clay and Wild Argan Oil variant from Raw Nature. Providing your skin with the hydration and moisture it requires, it's guaranteed to be an effective addition to your grooming kit. Considering all of the rich benefits of Red Clay and Wild Argan Oil that your skin is going to be subjected to, getting this organic soap for just Rs 897 makes for a steal of a deal. MRP: Rs. 897 (for pack of 3) Buy it here
  18. Shahid Kapoor doesn't care what people think. Why do we think so? He just went ahead and - wait for it - shaved his beard off. The same beard he has been keeping for years, the one that saw him through some of the biggest hits of his career. Now one might think it's just a shave, and what's the big deal? Let us answer that question in three points. Here are three reasons why we think Shahid Kapoor going for a clean shave abruptly is the gutsiest grooming move of 2018. 1. It takes guts to shave your beard off in the month of November. When the entire world is obsessed with feeding their insta feeds with #NoShaveNovember and #Movember, for a mainstream Bollywood actor to go ahead and pull the ultimate stunt is nothing short of gutsy. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on Nov 26, 2018 at 6:21pm PST 2. Shahid has done it for a role (in case you hadn't guessed it already). He is playing the lead in 'Kabir Singh', the Hindi remake of superhit Telugu movie 'Arjun Reddy'. Such transformations yield really good results, we must say. Remember Aamir Khan's cult hairstyle for 'Ghajini'? © Viral Bhayani 3. Shahid seems to have shaved 10 years off his age along with the beard. Usually, getting rid of one's beard can be an extremely risky move, but Shahid clearly knows what he's doing - a least as far as his latest pictures without the beard goes. He looks just like he did when he started off his career in Bollywood. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on Nov 25, 2018 at 8:00am PST View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on Nov 24, 2018 at 8:28am PST This man right here has two children. Say what?! © Viral Bhayani All that matters is that he looks great even without the beard, and we're totally digging this new look.
  19. One of the biggest stars in B-town, Shahid Kapoor has not only established himself as being an A-grade actor (with 'Udta Punjab' and 'Haider' reflecting his acting prowess and diversity), but he's also become somewhat of a fashion star - what with his recent appearance at the Lakme Fashion Week being yet another example of his exemplary fashion game. But it's not just his clothes that have been grabbing everyone's attention lately, it's also his beard. Shahid's facial scruff has become all the rage these days, and all it takes is just one look at his beard and mooch game to realize just why that is the case. © Official Instagram/ Shahid Kapoor As such, it goes without saying that most of you out there would want to get a beard just like Rawal Ratan Singh's. And as we at MensXP perfectly understand that, here are five grooming essentials for Indian Men that can help you achieve that. © Official Instagram/Shahid Kapoor 1) UrbanGabru Beard Oil, 30 ml © Amazon UrbanGabru, as a brand, is known for curating A-grade grooming essentials for men. These include, among other things, some of the best beard oils for men out there. So if you want to get a kickass beard that could rival Shahid's, investing in this beard oil should be your first step. Product description: Infused with natural sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and argan oil, this 30 ml variant from UrbanGabru will help you combat itchiness, fill-in thin spots and nourish and strengthen your hair follicles as well. MRP: Rs 289 Buy it here 2) Beardhood Moustache And Beard Wax © Amazon Just getting a premium beard oil won't be enough if you want to upgrade your beard game. You'll have to invest in a beard and moustache wax as well. This becomes especially true when it comes to taking care of your mooch as many men tend to either deprioritize - or flat out ignore - the well being of their moustache. So getting this hundred percent natural product from Beardhood - a brand that curates some of the best moustache waxes out there - is highly recommended. Product description: Infused with natural ingredients such as essential oils, pine sap and Vitamin E, not only is this beard and moustache wax suitable for all skin and beard types, but it'll also give off a musky scent that will help you smell good. MRP: Rs 359 Buy it here 3) Ustraa Beard Softener for Beard Care, 100 g © Amazon You've got the beard oil and the moustache wax, so what you need now is a beard softener. Apart from helping you properly grow out your beard, a beard softener can also help you treat sunburns, minor skin wounds and itchiness, making it an essential grooming product that should be a part of every man's grooming kit. Product description: Rich in natural ingredients such as argan oil (that helps repair dry and damaged hair), shea butter (a natural hair softener) and castor oil (helps in combating hair loss), at a mere Rs 383 this beard softener from Ustraa is worth every single penny. MRP: Rs 383 Buy it here 4) Himalaya Men Face and Beard Wash, 80 ml © Amazon If you have plans of getting a luscious beard that'll help you score more right swipes on Tinder than ever before, you can't just rely on beard care products. You have to pay attention to your skin as well. As such, getting your hands on this face and beard wash from Himalaya Men - one of the best face washes for men with beards - makes for a step in the right direction. Product description: Specifically designed for men with beards, this face and beard wash is infused with coconut water and aloe vera that provide deep cleansing and clearing of the skin without damaging your beard. MRP: Rs 146 Buy it here 5) Philips Beard Trimmer QT4011/15 © Amazon If you take a good look at Shahid's beard, the first thing you'd notice is just how well-trimmed it is. You can see the fine outline of his beard that makes him so damn desirable to the ladies. So after you've gotten all of the skin care and beard care products mentioned on this list, you need to make sure that you get your hands on this power-packed trimmer from Philips. Product description: Equipped with up to 27 different lock-in settings, DuraPower technology, up to 90 minutes of wireless usage on a single charge and self-sharpening titanium blades, this QT4011/15 variant from Philips is an absolute steal at its price, truly making it of the best beard trimmers for men out there. MRP: Rs 2,050 Buy it here
  20. Indian men are a funny breed. While most of them never shy away from championing themselves as grooming experts, an alarmingly large number of them still end up making some of the most amateurish and rookie mistakes you could possibly think of, Whether it's because of a lack of awareness, sheer ignorance, or just laziness - there are many men out there who continue to make basic mistakes that end up hampering their grooming game. So on that note, here are 5 amateur grooming mistakes that most Indian men NEED to stop committing, if they ever want to come across as being desirable. 1) Investing In The Wrong Trimmer For Their Beards © Unsplash The trimmer you'll be using is perhaps the single most important tool in your grooming artillery. After all, without a premium trimmer at your disposal, you'll never be able to properly groom and maintain your facial hair. Which is why it's probably so surprising to see so many Indian men end up buying the wrong trimmers for themselves. When looking for the best beard trimmer for yourself, you have to keep two important factors in mind - the type of beard you are growing and whether or not you want a rotary or foil trimmer. Pro tip: Brands such as Nova, Philips and Havells curate some of the best trimmers for men out there, and that too at affordable rates. 2) Using The Wrong Skin Care And Beard Care Products © Unsplash Since men often lack the expertise to identify grooming essentials that are best suited for their skin and beards, they end up investing in the wrong products. This is a rookie mistake, but one that can have alarming consequences. After all, if you end up using a face wash that is specifically designed for dry skin, while you yourself harbour oily skin, it may cause harmful effects on your skin. Similarly, using a beard oil designed for longer beards on your stubble is not advisable. So make sure you get only those grooming and wellness products that are suitable for your skin and facial hair. 3) Harbouring An Unkempt Beard Or Mooch © Pexels Growing a long and bushy beard is fine, as long as its groomed and kempt. Harbouring unkempt facial hair will only achieve one thing - make you look incredibly undesirable and homeless. As such, you need to make sure that - regardless of its length - you are always harbouring a well-groomed beard and mooch, if you want to leave a lasting (positive!) impression that is. 4) Ignoring Nose And Ear Hygiene © Official Instagram/Ranveer Singh Many people believe that grooming your facial hair is only confined to taking care of your beard and mooch. In reality, ensuring that your ear and nose hairs are trimmed is just as important (and hygienic!) as maintaining your facial hair. So when you are stocking up on grooming essentials for your beard and mooch, don't forget to get nose and ear hair trimmers as well. Pro tip: Some of the best Philips trimmers for men out there come equipped with nose and ear trimmers/combs as well. 5) Following The Crowd © Official Instagram/Shahid Kapoor It's not a hard and fast rule that what may look good on one person will look good on you as well. It's one thing to appreciate a celebrity's beard and mooch game, and another thing altogether to try and ape it. After all, there are many different factors that decide how good (or bad!) a specific beard will look on you ranging from your facial shape to the speed at which your hair grows out. So don't be a sheep and cultivate your own sense of style.
  21. If there's anyone with the skills of saving one's face — it's David Beckham. Blame his terrific skincare routine and grooming ritual here and we'd declare you as a smart man. After all, a habit of taking care of yourself, ensuring you do it daily, and doing the right things at the right time (also, before it's too late) — is the way of ensuring you look 23 at 43. So, going by that theory, let's just say: Beckham comes with capital-G moves to cop. But that's like talking of senior-Beckham. David has three sons from his marriage with Victoria Beckham too, that are drops of genetically-blessed entities themselves. But before age starts to hit them and just in case, they've been skipping a step or two, here's a list of 5 grooming habits they must learn from their age-defying father right away. © WWD 1. Face masks are as golden as golden gets As stated by the ex-footballer himself, David indulges in face masks quite frequently. But well — he does it in private, and not to garner likes on Instagram. But whether you use these masks to remove the excess oil, dirt and grime off your face or to simply hydrate your skin using a sheet mask; the point remains that face masks ensure your skin goes a long way. Time we relent. Plus, don't face masks feel great anyway? Even Beckham thinks so. © Innisfree 2. Under-eye care isn't for losers Correct us if we're wrong: baggy/puffy under-eyes, dark circles make any man look haggled, fatigued and well, just not very attractive. Plus, having zero under-eye stress is rule #1 of looking younger than usual, right? Using Vitamin E oil, hydrating serums will help prevent wrinkles and rid you of the appearance of any kind of under-eye tiredness. Result? You're going to end up looking a lot younger. © Clinique 3. Your hands need a hand job — with a cream In case you're not aware, your hands lack the presence of sebaceous glands, meaning: they're a hell lot prone to drying. Also, meaning: they're a lot more susceptible to cracking up and peeling off, come whatever weather their way. To avoid all that, the trick lies in moisturizing daily, and doing that with a season-less approach (hand creams aren't just for winters). Use a cream that gets absorbed faster and doesn't make your hands feel greasy. © Clarins Men 4. Thickening shampoos actually help God forbid, if you're not wanting to look like David Beckham in life, you can happily succumb to hair-thinning. But the truth is, no one (except you) would appreciate that sight. Take our suggestion, and begin with using hair-thickening shampoos occasionally, starting from your 20s. And, keep them closer through your 30s and 40s. Hair-thickening shampoos contain special polymers, that'll give your shaft a collective bounce. Just look at David Beckham's mane! © Molton Brown 5. Know about hair serums? It's a world-renowned fact that hair serums prevent your strands from damage, reduces frizz, hydrates them, make them easier to style and well, give them a much longer life. Plus, they're useful in controlling the oil produce on your scalp, so that there's no excess oil trickling down your forehead, neck and back, causing troubles like breakouts and boils in the heat. But most importantly, hair serums ensure that your mop looks as glorious as Beckham's. Rub some into your mop right after a hair-bath or a minute (or two) before you're starting to style them.
  22. Consider this: you're in a double-breasted suit, with your mane in the best form and are greeting your next, big potential client. But while you're shaking his hands, his eyes wander and he notices that very unpleasant-looking — or rather, yellow — collar of your white dress shirt. Now, chances are, he's either actually going to cite it to you (which is very rare, unless he's a work-friend) or well, just make a face and keep it to himself. Whatever may be the case, the baseline remains: your grooming habits can creep into your sartorial ways of living, easily. So, keep a close watch, boy. Here, we list down 5 grooming habits that'll ensure your style-skills are always on point and come what your way, no one's going to notice anything amiss. © Instagram/Kartik Aaryan 1. To Avoid: Yellow Shirt Collars Maintain: Neck Hygiene It's a rather simple task, so to say, but neck hygiene is ignored by one and all. But starting today, begin with wiping the dirt off it with attention daily. Exfoliate the area every two days and trim any unwanted strands in/around the neck region and avoid too much hair product trickling down your neck (use a bare-minimum amount at the back of your hair). © Hex Performance 2. To Avoid: The Absence Of Sandals In Your Wardrobe Maintain: Foot Hygiene (Or Get A Pedicure Regularly) Sandals are lovely. Even more, when the mercury rises and keeping your skin exposed is the best way to live. But what if you have disgusting feet? Well, you shouldn't have disgusting feet. Opt for a frequent pedicure or indulge in the little things at home: scrub your feet well, ensure you kick the dead skin cells off, trim your toenails regularly, apply a foot cream before hitting the bed daily and using a filer, always shape your nails. © Instagram/Best Sandals For Men 3. To Avoid: Not Wearing Tank Tops (Because Of Back Hair) Maintain: A Well-Planned, Hair-Trimming Regime Strands of hair as natural entities, grow almost everywhere on the body. But well, on the back? Now, that's an unpleasant sight (but hey, it's a natural process too). But since you want to look your best in a tank top, turn to shaving/waxing your back hair. And while that's important, it's equally vital for you to maintain the skin on your back too. While shaving the hair, always use a pre-shave oil, fresh blades, and invest in post-shave care as well. And in general, don't forget to scrub and moisturise the skin on your back as well.
  23. Whether you talk about it or not, all men have a few basic grooming routines that they follow religiously. And if you've been missing out on it all, (“cause boys don't care about it”) oh boy, you have a lot of catching up to do. The first step in grooming is narrowing down the products. While there are ample of options in the market, we think the organic, all natural products always work best for the skin. So, here's a list of the top organic grooming essentials that'll change everything you think about men's 'vanity'! 1. Anti-Acne Face Wash Qtrove.com Men get acne! Let's talk about it and work towards beating it. You often travel a lot throughout the day and that leaves a lot of dirt on your skin. The Saint Beard Anti-Acne Face Wash will give you a deep cleanse and will help you fight that unexpected acne and pimples. It just cleans your skin but also has a cooling effect. Made with Tea oil and Argan oil, it helps to repair, moisturize and exfoliate the skin. 2. Beard Wax Qtrove.com No one likes a shabby beard. Groom it, style it and work it! All you need is an all natural beard wax. You just need to follow a few quick steps to work it right: STEP 1: After drying your beard, scrape off a thumbnail-sized dab of beard wax on your thumb STEP 2: Rub the wax on your palm to make it melt. If you don't melt it, it will leave sticky clumps in your beard. STEP 3: Apply it on your beard in a downwards motion. 3. Green Clay Mask Qtrove.com The 100% French Green Clay mask gives your skin a perfect detox and brightens it. The product includes minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, cobalt and others to treat a variety of skin problems. If you have persistent acne problems, try the clay mask to give your skin a breather with the detox. All you need to do is add water to the mask and make it into a paste to apply on your skin. Once it's dried up, you just need to rinse it off. You can also add aloe juice, milk, yoghurt or honey to give your skin more nutrition. 4. Organic Shampoo Qtrove.com If you think you can make do by using your mom/sister/partner's shampoo you couldn't be more wrong. You need a shampoo that suits your hair and nourishes them well. The Rustic Art organic shampoo has the goodness of lavender, lemongrass and chamomile to keep your hair healthy. This hand blended and natural vegan shampoo is a better choice from most of the shampoos available in the market that are full of chemicals and other artificial elements. 5. Beard Brush Qtrove.com Grow a beard all you want but be man enough to groom it right! Don't let your love for beards give you a shabby and unkempt look. This Boar Bristle beard brush from St. Beard will help you groom and tidy up your grizzly beard. It will also help you spread the beard wax evenly. 6. Anti-Ageing And Wrinkle Free Cream Qtrove.com It's not about vanity, it's about keeping your skin healthy in the later years of your life and the only problem is, you need to start early! Add this organic anti-ageing cream to your everyday routine to relax those deep stress lines and wrinkles. It also helps to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. The green tea extracts in the cream, lifts and makes your skin firm. And you can find all of these wonderful products and much more at the one-stop-shop for all things good- Qtrove.com. They make sure that they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers for Qtrove.com, which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. At Qtrove.com, products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Embrace Qtrove.com as your go-to marketplace for all things pure and good. Spread the good karma by embracing the ultimate shop for good things- Qtrove.com!
  24. If we were to go by Merriam-Webster's definition of the word 'grooming', it basically means one basic thing - to make oneself (or someone else!) neat and more attractive. Now most men understand this well enough and don't hold back vis-a-vis investing in grooming essentials. But I've noticed a trend lately where, when it comes to facial hair, most men have decided to either not prioritize or outright ignore its grooming. This becomes even more puzzling when, in most cases, it's a man's beard game that actually helps him leave a lasting impression on his dates. So to help our bros take their beard and mooch game to the next level, here are five grooming tips for facial hair that all Indian men should follow . 1) Invest In A Quality Trimmer © Official Instagram/Virat Kohli Seriously guys, it's not that hard to do this. When looking for the best trimmers for Indian men, there are four major factors that you should keep in mind - the brand you are opting for (Philips trimmers always make for a great option), whether you want a wired or wireless trimmer, the type of beard you are growing (is it a stubble or a proper mane?) and what's the budget that you're working with. Following these tips will help you make an informed choice and invest in a quality beard trimmer that will certainly upgrade your grooming game. 2) Hair Growth Oils Are Your Friend - Use Them Wisely © Official Instagram/Ranveer Singh There is nothing wrong in wanting to grow your beard - as long as you do it the right way. Some of the best oils for hair growth out there can end up being of great use in this regard, so long as you use them wisely. So make some room in your grooming regimen for beard growth oils and you'll be good to go. Additionally, you can also opt for beard and moustache waxes that will help groom your facial hair. Pro tip: Beardo and Mamaearth come out with premium hair growth oils that you could opt for. 3) Don't Follow The Crowd, Cultivate Your Own Sense Of Style © Official Instagram/Sidharth Malhotra Sheep follow the crowd, men walk their own path. That mind sound a bit cliched, but it's actually pretty relevant when it comes to grooming your facial hair. Blindly following your favourite celebrity and basing your beard on their beard doesn't work because - a) your face shape may differ from theirs, and b) the way your beard grows out may differ as well. As such, you should cultivate your own sense of style and grow your beard keeping in mind your facial shape and comfort. 4) Wash Your Beard Regularly And Choose Your Face Wash Wisely © Pexels People often forget about the damage using a substandard face wash could cause to their beard and mooch. As such, choosing a premium and A-grade face wash, depending on your skin type and the length of your facial hair, becomes essential. For instance, you should look for face washes for dry skin (if that is your skin type) that don't contain any such ingredients that could be harmful for your facial hair. Additionally, you should also make it a habit of washing your face at least three to four times a day, so as to always keep your beard clean. Pro tip: Garnier and Himalaya face washes are highly recommended. 5) Finally, Know When To Trim It © Official Instagram/Tom Hardy There is nothing wrong with growing a beard, as long as you know when it's the right time to trim it. If your beard is growing unevenly (which is more common that you'd like to believe), or if its not suiting your face shape, then that's a sign for you to use a trimmer.
  25. We all want to look our absolute best, don't we? There's no reason to believe why any of us would ever want to not look our best. Now when it comes to men, this task can be a bit more daunting (and even frustrating) because quality grooming essentials for men are like surviving characters in 'Game of Thrones' - virtually non-existent! This becomes even more accurate when it comes to products catering to facial hair, including quality beard and moustache waxes that can be a bit hard to come by. This doesn't mean that we can do without them, especially since scraggly and shaggy beards can be a major turn off. So keeping that in mind, here are the best moustache waxes in India that all men need to add to their grooming kits. Check Out These Best Moustache Waxes In India That Will Make You A Hit Among The Ladies Ustraa Mooch Wax, 100 gm © amazon As a brand dealing in grooming essentials for men, especially those catering to moustache and beard care, Ustraa needs absolutely no introduction. As such, this mooch wax from their collection is no different as well. Infused with China clay and lemon oil, it will give your moustache a superior hold, keep it nourished and won't leave it dry. Additionally, it also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that will help you maintain hair hygiene. MRP: Rs 339 Buy it here Beardhood Moustache And Beard Wax, 30 gm © amazon Just like Ustraa, Beardhood is yet another brand that deals in premium grooming essentials for Indian men. As such, this moustache and beard wax from their collection warrants a much-deserved spot on your bathroom shelf. Rich in handpicked essential oils (including avocado and coconut ), shea butter, beeswax and Vitamin E, this moustache wax makes for a great addition to your grooming artillery. Sulfate and paraben free, not only will it not cause any damage to your skin, but it also has a very musky scent. MRP: Rs 359 Buy it here Man Arden Beard & Moustache Wax Legend, 50 gm © amazon If you are harbouring a stubble and are not one of those who is growing a bonafide mane, then this beard and moustache wax from Man Arden is perfect for you. Rich in beeswax, Pro Vitamin B5 and lacking any harmful parabens or sulphates, this non-oily and non-sticky wax will make your facial hair more manageable, better groomed and, as an icing on the cake, will leave you with a sweet Arabian Oudh scent as well. MRP: Rs 399 Buy it here Saint Beard Beard And Moustache Wax, 25 gm © amazon Priced at just Rs 249, this beard and moustache wax from Saint Beard makes for one of the most affordable products on this list. Giving you incredible value for money, it contains a gamut of natural ingredients including shea and cocoa butter, as well as jojoba, argan and tea tree oils, that help remove unwanted beard curls and give your facial hair the shape you desire. MRP: Rs 249 Buy it here Beardo Beard and Moustache Wax Extra Strong, 50 gm © amazon As the name suggests itself, this beard and moustache wax from Beardo is 'extra strong', and is infused with rich ingredients such as coconut oil, menthol, castor oil and liquid paraffin that make it a premium (and incredibly effective) addition to your grooming regimen. MRP: Rs 450 Buy it here The Real Man Moustache Wax, 50 gm © amazon Specially formulated for real men, this moustache wax is made from 100% natural ingredients - including beeswax, almond oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, castor oil and menthol. Not only will it help you groom and tame your mooch, but it will also help you avoid hair loss, skin inflammation, itchiness and rashes that other beard and moustache waxes can sometimes cause. MRP: Rs 240 Buy it here Beardo Moustache Growth Roll On, 8 ml © amazon Finally, we have this moustache growth roll from Beardo. If you're on a really tight budget, but still want something that will help you groom your beard and mooch, this is perfect for you as it'll help manage your facial hair and make it frizz-free as well. It's also perfect for those who want a quick-fix before a corporate meeting or social event that they have to attend. MRP: Rs 220 Buy it here