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Found 38 results

  1. The freezing winter winds have begun to taper off, and we are gradually pootling towards the dog days! The summer season gives you the opportunity to boast off the fashionista that resides inside you and naturally demands a trendy wardrobe upgrade. Whether you are someone who likes to be in style at all times or someone who buys clothes just for the sake of keeping oneself sheathed, there's one thing that you'd all agree to - summers call for fine quality cotton clothes! Cotton is the go-to summer fabric and makes for a godsend during those blazing hot days when your skin is longing for air and comfort. However, most men don't always pay heed to the fact that cotton too has plenty of variants, a popular one being organic cotton. The environment is chock-a-block with a myriad of resources which are there to sustain us. But, in order to get easy and faster solutions, we humans often end up over-utilizing these resources, more often than not causing unnecessary harm which in turn could lead to their depletion. So to combat this, the environmentalists have come up with various methods, one such being organic farming. Organic production benefits the environment (and us!) for it renews the soil, and helps maintain its fertility. At the same time, it limits the use of toxic chemical fertilizers or pesticides which are known to have an adverse impact on soil, air, water, and human health. So, as you decide to shop for clothes this summer season, there's one thing that you must keep in mind, and swear by - laying out your bucks on garms which are crafted out of 100% organic cotton. And as such, if you are all set to make a shift to organic cotton clothing, or wish to learn about this variant of cotton, here is an all-inclusive guide for you: What Is Organic Cotton? © Unsplash It does not happen as often that one pays heed to the environment and its health while laying out money on clothes. But while fashion and clothes would come and go, Mother Nature should sustain (well, we hope at least!). As such, it becomes important that we start giving it the attention that it deserves, and do our bit in preserving it. The fact that a large population of farmers around the globe employ synthetic methods and products to speed up the cultivation process, and to ensure that the crop comes out good, is something which is not as scandalizing as it used to be. Organic cotton is a result of that. It is a type of cotton which is cultivated without the use of any chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, or pesticides, and its production involves no other artificial inputs. The fact that organic cotton is kept sheathed from any exposure to toxic chemicals is what ensures its purity, which in itself makes it healthy, as well as environment-friendly. What Are The Benefits Of Organic Cotton? © Unsplash When we talk about the diverse variants of cotton, the most common distinguishing factors remain confined to the quality of fabric, and how comfortable it feels on the skin. However, when it comes to organic cotton, there are more factors attached, the major ones being the environment-friendly properties that it is packed with. There are a number of reasons why you should invest in garments crafted out of organic cotton, some of which are as follows- 1. It is the most environment-friendly fabric: As the farmers do not make use of any artificial inputs in the production of organic cotton, this variant safeguards the soil from any sort of chemical abuse and helps itl retain its fertility. 2. It is smooth and lightweight: Be it organic cotton t shirts, briefs or anything else, articles which are crafted out of this type of cotton feel exceptionally light as well as smooth on the skin. This is owed to the fact that the organic treatment of this type of cotton ensures that it retains its natural wax which contributes to its smoothness. 3. It ensures better colour and sweat absorption: Organic cotton is packed with natural wicking properties, which in turn helps in better dye absorption during the later stages of textile production. Also, the products which are crafted out of this type of cotton are better at absorbing sweat. 4. It prevents possible skin allergies: Since no chemicals are used in its production, organically farmed cotton automatically reduces the chances of any chemical-induced allergies on the skin. 5. It is safe to work with: The farmers who work in cotton fields are vulnerable to the ill-effects of the chemical substance' which in turn can affect their well-being. Since organic cotton cultivation makes no use of such potentially toxic chemicals, the workers, as well as their families, stay out of harm's way! How Is Organic Cotton Better Than Regular Cotton? © Pexels What comes to your mind when someone says COTTON? A white ball of fluff! Isn't it? Most of us don't pay much heed to the variety that exists in cotton, which is sundry, and our idea of it is often confined to a basic definition. Most cotton garments that we invest in are made out of regular cotton, which is usually available at relatively pocket--friendly rates. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are a few differences between organic cotton and regular cotton, which are not only bound to its texture and feel, but also to ways in which they affect the environment. When it comes to quality, organic cotton is a lot more smoother as compared to regular cotton, and feels lighter on the body. The clothes which are made out of organic cotton are airy, which ensures that your skin is able to breathe sufficiently at all times, making them a perfect investment for the blazing hot summer days. Bearing in mind its impacts on the environment, there is no dearth of reasons which prove that organic cotton is a lot more eco-friendly than regular cotton. To begin with, the use of natural fertilizers ascertains that the soil quality is not compromised upon, and that it retains its nutrients. Organic cotton farming also contributes to water conservation, for 80% of its water usage is relied upon rainwater. Another factor which gives organic cotton an edge over regular cotton is that it is skin-friendly. Regular cotton, on that other hand, is chemically farmed. This may not suit all skin types, and induce allergies for many. Organic cotton producers makes sure that your health is not at stake, and that you remain devoid of any allergic reactions. All things considered, it won't be wrong to assume that organic cotton is indeed better than regular cotton. Is It Expensive? © Pexels While the word is bent towards making a shift to everything organic, the entire “I chose organic” rage is something which is still in its fledgling stage. The brands which deal in organic cotton garments make sure that yours as well as the environment's well-being is not jeopardized in anyway. As such, like everything else organic, this variety of cotton can be a tad bit more expensive than ordinary cotton, but that seems justified if you take into consideration all of its rich properties. Not that it will cost you a fortune, but the garments which are crafted out of this type of cotton can be a little costly when compared to regular cotton. But then again, you can not expect to get something which benefits your health as well the the environment to come with a miniscule price tag. Now you might feel that organic cotton should technically be less expensive than regular cotton for the producers don't have to spend anything on high-priced fertilizers or GMO (Genetically modified organisms) seeds. That is true, but it's also important to understand that the harvesting process for organic cotton costs a lot more, which in turn results in the heftier price tag. What All Can You Get In Organic Cotton? © Pexels A number of brands in the fashion industry have begun to latch on to the importance of conserving the environment, and its resources, and so have begun to make the much-needed shift to organic cotton farming. Today, you would find everything from t shirts, to trousers, briefs, and even socks which feature organic cotton make. And given the awareness surrounding this type of cotton, we can expect to see a significant boom in the coming future when it comes to the variety of organic cotton products that are going to be available. How to Identify Organic Cotton Products? © Unsplash There are a range of sham sellers in the market who are looking for opportunities to fraud customers by selling stuff that they falsely claim is crafted out of organic cotton. Trying to discern the difference between organic cotton and regular cotton can be a task next to impossible, for there isn't much you can do to tell the difference from the naked eye. So, with that being the case, unless you are someone who does not mind splurging out money on whatever looks good to the eye, and do not care as much about the fabric quality, it is requisite that you make sure that what you are investing in is 100% genuine! The most common way of ensuring that the products that you are buying feature a legit organic cotton make is that you shop from brands which are well-known for crafting articles out of pure organic cotton. Also, all the brands dealing in organic cotton always have it clearly mentioned on their product label.
  2. For a lot of men, shaving is just another thing that has to be done, which is why their daily shaving routine is pretty basic - lather, shave and rinse. What's more? A lot of those men expect perfect results when they look in the mirror, even though their shaving routine is always less-than-perfect. However, shaving is more than just a chore - it's a rite of passage for every man. As such, it's worth putting some time and effort into your shaving routine, especially when you consider how impactful a truly great shave can actually be for you. Which is not to say that achieving the perfect shave requires some great sacrifice on your part. In fact, transforming your daily shave from an exasperating chore to a sought after part of your morning ritual is fairly easy. All you need to do is spare just a little bit of your valuable time for preparation, arm yourself with the right tools, and adhere to the following five simple steps. Achieve A Perfect Shave Every Time With These Easy Steps STEP 1: Preparation Is Key © Pexels The perfect shave requires the perfect surface, so the first step is all about preparing your skin before you unsheath your shaving paraphernalia. Use hot water to wash your face thoroughly - it'll soften your stubble, making your razor's job easier. Hot water will also open up your pores, which offers the blade a smooth surface to glide across. Lastly, it will help clear away the initial layer of oil, dirt, and dead skin, which can clog up all types of razors. STEP 2: Getting Down To Business © Wikimedia Commons Once your skin has been prepped, the next step is to get a nice, rich lather going. Apply a top quality shaving cream or the best shaving foam to your skin and work it into a lather using a shaving brush. This will hold your facial hair in an upright position, allowing the blade to approach the base of the hair which results in a smoother and closer shave. For an even more luxurious experience, you can even use a pre-shave beard oil on your skin before you lather up. STEP 3: In The Act © Unsplash Now comes the most technical part - the wielding of the blade. These days, the best electric shavers are waterproof, which means they can be used for wet as well as dry shaves, and they tend to do an admirable job, especially if all you want is a trim to keep your beard well groomed. However, if a close, clean shave is what you're after, a razor blade should be your weapon of choice, and the right technique will elevate the quality of your shave no end. You might have heard about the importance of shaving 'with the grain' without fully understanding what it means. Run your fingers over your stubble - if it feels smooth, you're moving with the grain and if it's rough, you're going against it. Shaving with the grain simply means moving the razor in the direction your hair is growing in, which makes for a much smoother, closer shave without running the risk of razor burns, cuts, and other skin irritations. Always remember to use gentle strokes, letting the weight of the razor dictate how much pressure you apply to the skin. STEP 4: Respect Your Razor © Pexels You'll get the best shave only as long as you treat your shaving implements with care, which is why looking after your blades is crucial. Rinse your razor blades after each stroke with hot water to dislodge any hair or shaving gel stuck in between. The most important thing to keep in mind is always having fresh, sharp blades at hand. Even the best safety razor won't be as effective if it doesn't come equipped with sharp blades. Old, worn out, and even dirty blades are more likely to cause nicks and cuts. And remember, your razor should be doing all the work here - if you have to exert a lot of effort, it's probably time to switch out your blunt blades for new razor sharp ones. STEP 5: Don't Forget About After-Shave Care © Shutterstock A shave isn't over when you put the razor down and wash your face - the perfect shave always ends with the proper aftercare for your face. Use cold water for the final face wash, as it helps close your pores. Always remember to pat dry with a towel, as rubbing can cause redness and irritation. Your final act should be to apply a good alcohol-free post-shave balm or cream. This will prevent your skin from drying out, while simultaneously soothing, hydrating, and nourishing it - leaving you with smoother, healthier skin and a classy clean shave!
  3. While it's safe to say that an average man is most likely to sport a printed shirt just on a tropical getaway, a recent trend boost may make you think twice. Over the last couple of years, prints on men have been making their way to the mainstream fashion world. Ranveer Singh may be the king of prints, but that doesn't mean prints have to be as maximal as he is. As more and more men embrace this trend, there is a whole world of possibilities emerging with this look. Prints can add a whole new level of edge and make your basic outfit exciting. Here's a definitive guide on what pants to wear with all kinds of printed shirts: 1. Minimal Print © instagram @vickykaushal09 Not all prints have to draw attention, you can go classic with paisley, gingham or polka dots. A printed shirt can even elevate a basic jeans and sneakers look, if styled well. If you're opting for print for the first time, go easy on the colour scheme. © instagram @ishabhansali Keeping it monotone and building your outfit around one colour is advisable. Keep the accessories and layers basic with either black or brown when it comes to formal wear. For casual, a basic white or black jacket and white sneakers should do your outfit justice in the most minimal way possible. 2. Hawaiian Print © instagram @diljitdosanjh Just because Hawaiian shirts are associated with being on a holiday doesn't mean these babies can't be rocked all-year round. As prints go for a modern upgrade, so do the age-old classics. Major fashion houses took a spin on Hawaiian shirts in grown-up colour schemes of black, forest green, and sand offset by pops of colour making it super trendy. © instagram @naheedee Choose a Hawaiian shirt in a slim cut, contrary to the older boxier version for a more structured fit. Pair your shirt with chinos and oxford boots for a spin on casual Friday or well-fitted jeans and sneakers for a relaxed fit. Evoke holiday vibes all through the year! 3. Floral Print © instagram @vickykaushal09 Not everyone dares to pull off this supposedly 'feminine' print, but it's 2019 and we need to get over these outdated gender norms for good. One can rock a floral printed shirt with a pair of rugged denims or shorts and sneakers for a casual brunch look or pair it with a solid coloured suit for understated elegance. © grazia If you can't find any other way to pair your floral shirt, black jeans will be your saviour. It's also important to pair the textures right in terms of look and feel. For example, a shiny or leather bottom won't flatter a cotton dress shirt. Go for a smaller print size or minimal colour scheme if you are a little hesitant to wear bright florals. Your style will blossom, anyway! 4. Animal Print © viral bhayani When we say animal print, Ranveer Singh's all leopard print suit comes to mind, doesn't it? As daring as it was, pulling off animal print doesn't have to be a very difficult task. Considering that these animal prints are super bold, it's best to keep the rest of your outfit understated. Sticking to basic silhouettes and pieces like chinos, classic denims and blazers are key to make your shirt the centre of attention. © instagram @ishabhansali For an understated yet classy way to pull off animal print, opt for monotone prints like zebra and pair with bold solid coloured separates. This contrast will definitely act as a welcome change from your usual take on animal print, which mostly involves warmer tones. Now go out there and rock prints like a pro!
  4. Denim: every man's go-to piece of clothing which sticks with them season after season. We rely on our trusted denims far too much, thinking we can never go wrong with styling them. Even the most versatile piece of clothing can go wrong if you don't match the shades right. As denims come in various colors and washes, it is essential to know what textures and shades to sport with every kind. Fret not, for we have put together guidelines on what to wear with the 4 most common shades of jeans available. Take a look and thank us later. 1. Light Wash Jeans © vickykaushal09 Perfect for a day look, light washed denims are definitely a gamble when it comes to matching them right. For an appealing everyday look, go with a basic crew neck tee shirt or a hoodie with white sneakers. Since 90s trends are back, light washed denims are having a moment in the sun. Pair them with contrast coloured uppers such as green, pastels, navy or black. Frayed hem and ripped detailing look super stylish with light washed denims as well. 2. Dark Wash Jeans © ishabhansali For those wondering, this category is only for indigo and charcoal shade of dark denims. Any dark denim which is not black falls under this section. Mostly available in skinny fit and stiffer fabric due to it's nature, dark washed denims are most versatile than other shades in terms of wearability. Go for a blazer or a polo neck tee on top for a business-casual look or pair them up with a checkered shirt. Don't opt anything too form-fitting either. Dark denim is ideal for the much-hyped 'denim on denim' look for which you can opt for a lighter shade of denim on top. Pair these babies up with primary colors, neutrals and prints. 3. White Jeans © theanisha As much as it is really calculated, keeping white jeans clean can be an intimidating task. We can't stop the chutney bowl from spilling for you, but we can sure tell you how to rock white denims. First things first, you should go for an almost white denim, like a cream or stone washed shade instead of pure white as they are fairly easier to maintain laundry wise. White denims act as a great canvas for other colors, textures and even prints. Shades like khakhi, tan, sand and black go really well with the contrast that white bottoms add to the look. 4. Black Jeans © ishabhansali As far as denims go, dark shades go a long way. There's nothing like a black denim to add texture and edge to any casual look. As black is perceived as a going-out shade, black denims switch between casual and party-wear easily. An all-black look is an age old method of pulling this shade off. If you have a particularly fluorescent or primary hued shirt or sweatshirt, team it up with black denims for a fail-safe look. If you're looking to pull off a printed blazer, textured bomber or an tuxedo jacket for a party or business casual look, black denims are your best friend. Pair them up with shades like camel, grey, pastels, primary colors or white for a sure-shot way of looking super fly. Now that you have yourself a fail-safe guide to matching denims, you may thank us.
  5. When was the last time your parents actually went out on a date? Or, even spent some quality time together without worrying about family? Never, right? Well, it's Valentine's Day and here is your chance to do something special for your beloved parents and plan the perfect date night for them. And trust us, it is not the most difficult thing to do and we are going to tell you how to set up a romantic date for your beloved oldies: 1. Make Sure You Get Candles Qtrove.com A good set of scented candles is a must. It's extremely romantic, and of course, very old-school. Our suggestion would be to check out this Tearose Scented Natural Wax Candle that smells like a bouquet of red roses and lilies with a hint of mintiness. 2. Some More Light To Set The Mood Qtrove.com Setting up a date is all about focusing on the tiniest of the details. And speaking of details, don't forget a gorgeous hanging lamp for a soothing ambience. We recommend this Cone Hanging lamp with intricate jungle doodling that can jazz up any set-up. 3. Beautiful Crockery That Impresses Mom Qtrove.com Even though it's date night, you know what's really going to impress your mother? A good set of crockery. Nothing impresses a mother like an elegant set of crockery. And, one of our recommendations would be to check out this classic China Large Greek Design Bowl with handcrafted silver filigree work on it. 4. A Gift For Father Beloved Qtrove.com Dad loves chocolates but his health doesn't allow him to indulge? Buy this Gluten Free Intense Dark Almond Chocolate Fudge and ask your mom to give it to him at the end of the date. Aren't you the cutest Cupid? 5. Something Your Mom Would Love Qtrove.com Mom loves a little pampering and your dad simply doesn't get it. And since you're already playing cupid, get your hands on this Aqua Fresh Body Wash and make your dad gift it to her on Valentine's Day. The body wash is enriched with tea tree oil and fresh blooms, that leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. 6. Oh Wait, You Also Need Food! Qtrove.com A successful date must include a mouthwatering meal. Cook something simple, healthy and yummy. Check out this range of Whole Wheat Pasta that is available is three incredible flavours - fresh palak, mixed vegetables and fresh beetroot. Whip up a storm in the kitchen for your parents, and don't forget the wine to complement your dish. Even though this seems like the cutest date plan ever, you probably don't know where to get all of this from in such a short time, right? All these products (and much more) are available at Qtrove.com. You just need to start adding items to your cart and get the ball rolling. While you are at it, don't forget to shop for yourself too. The brand has an amazing range of gourmet food, home decor, beverages, kitchen essentials and grooming products.
  6. Most people, specifically men, don't pay much heed to the kind of clothes that they invest in, let alone the quality of its fabric. Not that we are trying to undermine men, OR their knowledge of fabrics, but if there's something that we can say without any hums and haws it's that not many men harbour the proper knowledge of fabrics beyond the more commonly used cotton and wool. While wool is the fabric for winters, summers are all about cool and breathable cotton garms. But did you have any idea that these fabrics have their own variants too? Given the spine-chilling winters that the country experienced this year, we are pretty much anticipating that the summers, which are around the corner, are gonna be equally harsh on us, and so it becomes requisite that we start gearing up, or rather, “garming” up! While we are all no stranger to the fact that cotton is the ultimate go-to fabric for the scorching summer days, we often end up not paying enough attention to all the different types of cotton that are being used to curate men's wear. This is where Supima cotton becomes a godsend. An underrated variety of cotton, which not many people are aware of, it happens to be one of the BEST forms of cotton available out there. As such, it's high time that we bestow it with the stardom that it legit deserves! There are very few brands in the market which craft Supima cotton shirts, or Supima cotton t shirts, which, once again, is chiefly owed to the fact that not many are even aware of its nonpareil quality. That needs to change. So, to help you get acquainted (and fall in love!) with this variant of cotton, and its exceptional qualities, we at MensXP have curated this guide, which is the only Supima cotton guide you need. What Is Supima Cotton? © Shutterstock Most men tend to have a relatively limited collection of clothes in their wardrobe, and often end up re-using the same piece of garm over and over. But before you know it, that t-shirt that you absolutely swear by has worn out to the point where the only purpose it can serve involves turning it into a kitchen cloth (Haven't we all been there?) To combat just that, Supima cotton makes for an investment that you wouldn't ever regret. Supima cotton is a premium variety of cotton which is cultivated exclusively in the countries of west and southwest America and represents only 1% of all the cotton that is grown across the globe. Featuring extra long staples, Supima cotton is way softer, stronger, and more durable than regular cotton fabric, which when used in garment or handloom production ensures prime quality and unmatched resilience. Where Does It Come From? © Shutterstock While cotton is cultivated extensively around the world, Supima cotton, in particular, is a high-quality American product which is exclusively cultivated in the south and southwest regions of the United States, particularly in California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. The origin of Supima cotton goes back to the 1790s when the producers developed an exceptionally good American extra-long staple cotton, which was incredibly soft, as well as strong. However, it was actually in the 1900s that this cotton acquired its name, and since then, there has been a significant advancement in its seed and crop quality. The cultivators across the American state use cutting-edge and environment-friendly technologies and methods to farm this crop, which in turn results in a healthy harvest, an excellent Supima fabric, and ultimately the finest quality of products. What Are The Benefits Of Supima Cotton? © March Tee Saying that Supima cotton is good would be an understatement, for it is packed with properties which in a number of ways are unparalleled. Since the cotton fabric is often considered synonymous with comfort, which makes it so popular in the scorching summer months, it is also important that you fork out your money on the right type of cotton. To fulfil just that, Supima cotton becomes a godsend, and steals the show with its outstanding properties, some of which are: 1. It is an incredibly soft fabric Summers call for comfort, and since garments are your second skin, there's nothing more comforting than sporting something that allow your skin to breathe. To prevent your skin from gasping for air, it is time that you invest in clothes which feature a Supima cotton make.This type of cotton feels exceptionally soft on your skin, owing to its extra long fibres. 2. It doesn't compromise on durability Hate having to get rid of your favourite garms? Fret not! Not only does Supima cotton feel softer on the skin, but it is also stronger in its composition than other commonly used types of cotton. The strength of the fabric too is credited to its extra-long fibres, which makes this cotton (as well as its products!) more resilient, all the while preventing easy breakage and wearing out of the fabric. 3. Better colour absorption We are pretty much certain that no one likes sinking money into garments which lose their colour after the very first wash, especially those who are all about solid colours. Supima cotton earns one more brownie point in this department for it works wonderfully in absorbing colours and also prevents them from fading away. Is Supima Cotton Better Than Regular Cotton? © March Tee Cotton comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and fibre strengths, something that not many mortals are aware of. Most of the garments, or handloom products which we use on a regular basis are crafted out of what we call “regular cotton” or other widely cultivated variants of cotton, which are often less expensive, as compared to Supima cotton. Regular cotton, which also makes up for the most commonly utilized variety of cotton may be friendly to most pockets, but it can not rival the excellent quality that is extended by Supima cotton, which is TWICE as stronger and FOUR TIMES as softer than regular cotton. Supima cotton features a longer staple length of up to 2 inches, as compared to regular cotton which has a shorter staple length of 1.125 inches. This is what contributes to the superior quality that Supima products are packed with. The garments crafted out of Supima cotton come out way softer and more durable than those featuring a regular cotton make, which makes for the prime reason for why one should invest in Supima cotton. Is It Expensive? © Unsplash Splurging a fortune on clothing isn't everybody's cup of tea, so it becomes essential that we address the cost which comes attached with this premium quality cotton and its products. The talk around town is that products crafted out of Supima cotton often come with a hefty price tag, and we don't completely disagree! However, the superlative strength and durability of Supima cotton make it worth its weight in gold! For instance, you spend a minuscule amount of money on a t-shirt and don it everywhere you go. But, as soon as you begin to fall in love with it, you see strings of thread popping out from numerous places, the colour starts fading after just a few washes, and the fabric begins to die away. Supima cotton products may be a tad bit costlier when compared to products which are fabricated out of regular cotton, but you won't have to worry about those clothes getting worn out and depreciating so soon. So you'll actually be saving a lot of money in the long run, especially since you won't have to buy new Supima cotton t-shirts or trousers every couple of months to replace the old ones. What All Can You Get In Supima Cotton? © Unsplash Most men would be happy to learn that a fine Supima cotton make is not just limited to t shirts, and that there are a plethora of other things which are made out of top quality Supima. From shirts and trousers, to briefs and even socks, an array of brands today are slowly, but masterfully making the shift to this premium quality cotton and crafting high-quality products for your luxury and comfort. There are a number of official websites which sell an elaborate range of Supima products, and since they are reputed enough, you can rest assured about the quality and authenticity of their products. How To Identify Supima Cotton Products? © March Tee If you are willing to invest in products which are crafted out of A-grade Supima cotton fabric, then you would also want to be sure that the products feature a pure Supima make. In simpler words, distinguishing between Supima cotton and other types of cotton, solely on the basis of the texture of fabric may not be as easy and as helpful as it may sound. However, there are some ways in which you can make certain that you are spending your bucks on the right stuff. Most brands selling Supima cotton products make sure that they advertise it on the product label itself. For we live in a world which is far from being perfect, we would not recommend you to blindly trust what's given on the label, for a plethora of sellers forge the consumers by selling inferior quality products, wrongly claiming that they are made out of Supima. As such, in order to ensure that t shirt that you are buying is crafted out of authentic Supima cotton, it is also essential that you only shop from the official websites which hold a reputation for curating pure Supima cotton products.
  7. "Cum stains." Does even reading this phrase make you feel a little uncomfortable? Well, it shouldn't, because it's a completely natural thing, but it still does because of our societal conditioning. Imagine, if you're getting embarrassed just reading about it, how embarrassing it must be to talk about it openly. No wonder, we were never taught how to get rid of them. But don't worry, because post reading this article, you'll be ready to fight those pesky little white stains. Here is a 5-step guide that will help you get rid of semen stains from your clothes and sheets: © Getty Images 1. Step one is to not let it set. Use your finger to remove the semen from the fabric. Use it from the side as a scraper, and not on it. Rubbing it will just make it worse. Use some water to wash off the remaining stain quickly, before it sets. 2. Use some detergent to rub the remaining stain, and wash it off with water. In most cases, this should be enough. © Getty Images 3. If the stain is still visible, try using a little bit of dishwasher soap/liquid, with a cleaning sponge. Rub it firmly but gently till it's not visible anymore. © Getty Images 4. If the stain is still there, take a little bit of baking soda and rub on it for about 30 seconds or so, and wash it off with water. © Getty Images 5. Now ideally, it should be gone by this point, but if it turns out to be a little white devil that just won't let go, you need to use some spot cleaning techniques or enzyme cleaners that are available in the market. However, be careful while using them on coloured clothes, because excessive exposure may result in colour bleeding. Pro-tip: Never use hot/warm water to wash semen stains. Semen will get coagulated and stick even more to the fabric fibre under hot water. Always use cold water for the best results.
  8. Nothing spoils one's mood more than a bad haircut. Every time you visit your hairdresser, you shouldn't have to leave feeling like you are dying a little from the inside. Sure, it's not the end of the world. But at that exact moment, it sure feels like it. Well, hair sure can grow back quickly but it still doesn't undo the damage. Reassuring enough? If not, you could expand your hat collection. But what's key is to amend these little errors while getting a haircut. Follow this step-by-step definitive guide to avoid getting an awkward haircut: 1. Research Properly © Gettyimages Being people who don't even buy a piece of clothing without doing a fair bit of research, it is surprising how many people go to the salon without any information. Do a fair bit of research about the type of hair you have and what kind of cut you should go with. You can even go to your hairstylist for a consultation prior to the day of getting a haircut. 2. Consider A Little Show And Tell © angieslist Fancy a haircut sported by an actor or an athlete? You may as well get it. Do a little social media digging and find a haircut you like. Show your barber that image and ask if it can be replicated with your hair type and face shape. Keep your options open and keep backups. The only way to fend off a bad haircut is to make sure you get a good one. 3. Pay Attention To The Finishing Touches © liveabout Every man knows that more than the process, it's the last 10 minutes of the haircut that actually makes or breaks a look. The finishing touches can do more for your haircut than the cutting part. Pay attention to the finishing touches, men. This is the perfect opportunity to get some styling advice. Even the most impressive haircut wouldn't be helpful if you don't do it justice by using the correct styling method and products. Ask your hairstylist for styling tips and products to keep your mane as good every day! 4. Don't Be Afraid To Mix It Up © gettyimages When men find a salon, tailor, barber and even a bartender that they like, they never go to anyone else. These are men's ride-or-die people. If you're one of those people and are sick of sporting the same hairstyle for years, maybe it's time to switch. To be able to communicate to your barber is a task in its own that you shouldn't skip. But if you've tried to communicate with your hairstylist about that and keep getting the same old look, switch. Don't be afraid to take the plunge. Bonus advice: Schedule your haircut appointments every 4 weeks to keep your trim fresh AF. Follow these guidelines and you will definitely save yourself the pain of looking for new hats to cover up an awkward haircut.
  9. Be it a date night, a red carpet or your regular job, the art of tucking your shirt in should be the one thing that every man knows. With all the new styles emerging and the idea of the one kind of shirt tuck being lost somewhere in between, we are still fans of the old school way. Think of it this way, you do this chore every single day, so why not do it the right way? The Ideal Way To Tuck Your Shirt In The goal of an ideal shirt tuck is to make your torso look flat and smooth. In this case, wrinkles are a big no-no and so is excess showcasing of the dreaded muffin-top. © theartofmanliness A proper tuck should have a clean 'gig line' which is a military term for the line formed straight down your upper body. A properly tucked shirt should sit so that the cloth with the buttons lines up precisely with the fly of your trousers. Your belt buckle and trouser button should ideally be in the same line. © telegraph uk One must also know when to tuck in their shirt as there's more than one kind tuck out there. They all depend on what kind of shirt you're wearing, the occasion, comfort and more. Here are a few types of tucks you can experiment with and nail the perfect tuck every single time: The Loose Tuck © Wikihow Loose tucking is the most basic method of tucking and one that every man knows. This is the easiest and the quickest method to tuck in your shirt. Method: Simply tuck your shirt's loose ends into the waistband of your trousers and then fasten your zip and buttons. Use your favourite belt to accessorize and you're good to go. The Underwear Tuck © thedistilledman The name of the method might suggest differently but this does not involve tucking your shirt into your underpants. Don't do that under any circumstances. This is a layered tucking method for when there's an undershirt involved. Method: In an attempt to get a creaseless finish, tuck your undershirt inside your underwear. Then tuck your shirt in the way you normally would. This should put an end to all the extra fabric bulging at your waistband. The Military Tuck © theartofmanliness.com Used by the armed forces, the military tuck is a foolproof shirt-tucking method. When the fabric of your shirt begins to bulge out of the waistband, wrinkled and unruly, it doesn't make a good impression. This method cancels out that problem and will give you a perfectly in place tuck all day. Method: Follow the same procedure as the loose tuck but run your thumbs around the front to the sides of your waistband before buttoning up, smoothening any creases. Pinching the fabric at each side and folding it back on itself will create the ideal fit. Tucking is such a simple step but it can impact your whole look. Ensuring the best fit possible to your clothing is in your hands now. Quite literally. Cheers!
  10. As if dealing with acne wasn't cumbersome in itself, 'bacne' a.k.a back acne is worse. via GIPHY Here's the thing, if you've dealt with acne as a kid, you're more likely to face body acne as an adult. There are obviously exceptions. The thing with body acne is that it's less accessible, more resilient and hard to tackle with. via GIPHY But that doesn't mean you let the acne stay. There are ways around it to nix the troublesome acne forever: 1. Wash Them With An Acne Cleanser © Shutterstock You ideally need to find a cleanser with a good formula that uses a combination of salicylic acid and glycolic to cleanse out the oil clogged pores. 2. Use A Scrub © Shutterstock A good scrub sloughs away the dead skin cells. Use a scrub to gently rub across your back to get rid of the acne. The scrub also helps rid the skin of residue. 3. You Could Also Add A Spot Treatment via GIPHY A cream essentially made to reduce pimples can similarly work extremely well. Just like you use a spot treatment cream to target the pimples on your face, you can also use it on the rest of your body for a similar result. 4. Take Good Care After Working Out via GIPHY Working out is great for your health but not for your skin, unfortunately. If you have a bad case of acne, it's best to take a bath right after you work out so that the sweat doesn't screw with your skin.
  11. Since school days, we've been taught how to properly tuck in our uniform shirt. But how many of us are actually doing it right? As simple as this sounds, it can make a world of a difference in your look. A man can go from drab to fab just by following a few simple guidelines that come with tucking your shirt in. The goal here is to educate you about whether to tuck in or not for all kinds of shirts that exist in your wardrobe. 1. Always Notice The Hemline © ishabhansali Shirts that have flat, even hemlines are meant to be worn untucked. But if the shirt has visibly different length variations at the hem, rather than being even all the way around — it should always be tucked in. If your shirt constantly keeps slipping out when tucked in, it was probably not supposed to be tucked in. The ideal length for an untucked shirt should be when it hits the middle of your back pocket or the zipper of your pants. 2. What Kind Of Shirt Are You Wearing? © vickykaushal09 There's more leeway when you're wearing a t-shirt, a turtleneck shirt or any other kind of shirt in terms of tucking. Polos, Hawaiians and undershirts should be worn untucked. Golfers, however, make an exception with tucking in their polo shirts for a more dressier look. T-shirts shouldn't be tucked in unless it's a particular style statement you're going for. Turtlenecks can be tucked in if worn under a blazer or a suit, but on their own just leave them untucked. 3. Consider The Occasion © twitter @r_khanna Is it a wedding? An interview? A business meeting? Dinner with your spouse's parents? Well, you should definitely tuck in your shirt for these. Adding a bonus rule here, if you're wearing a tie for the said occasion, tucking your shirt should be your first instinct. On the contrary, bachelor parties, barbecues, drinking at the local pub and sports events don't really count for occasions you need to tuck your shirt in for. 4. Observe The Layers Of The Outfit © ishabhansali If you're planning to wear a suit or a blazer over your shirt, there are a few observations you need to make. If the shirt you're wearing has a collar, tuck it in. A sweater shouldn't be tucked in unless it is of a really thin material. The fabric of the shirt matters too. Shirts in casual fabrics like denim and linen are better worn untucked, while wool and poplin shirts are more appropriate tucked in. Well, now you know how to navigate your way through the tricky world of shirt-tucking.
  12. Imagine this: you've come back early in the morning from partying all night, only to realize you have an early meeting at work. So you barely get time to sleep. You get ready in a jiffy, rush to work looking like a hot mess and have your boss judge you for not being prepared and having a life in general. via GIPHY You have a hangover, my friend. Relatable right? More often than not, the days ends with this resolve: via GIPHY But we obviously falter. Aside from doing things to get over the hangover, you also need to look the part. You need also know how to hide a hangover so you don't look the droopy-eyed monster that is ready to succumb to sleep in the office. So, here are 3 tips to fake looking fine without actually being fine, if push comes to shove at work. Thank us later. 1. Water Saves Everyone Don't underestimate the sacred capabilities of water. Set an hourly reminder on your phone to keep hydrating yourself. Before you sleep, drink a full glass of water. This helps tackle the puffiness that screams hangover. You'll wake up with tamed puffiness. Hangovers happen mainly because of dehydration, once you hydrate yourself, you'll have less of them or in less intensity at the very least. via GIPHY How to hide puffiness from your eyes you ask? A night serum is the answer. A good face serum for men will rejuvenate your skin and recuperate the lost moisture. 2. Moisturize While getting ready, make sure to lather up your face with a moisturizer to nix the dryness. This will help you avoid the hangover face at work. Trust us, you might even get away with this. via GIPHY 3. Don't Forget The Eyes & The Mouth via GIPHY To stop looking like that. Mouth: right after a long-stretched party night, your mouth is likely to stink like a stench. Make sure your brush thoroughly in the morning and carry mints to work. Pop them in before a meeting. Eyes: Your eyes might start to assume the dreaded red in the morning. To stop redness, get a soothing eye dropper on your way to work. Pro tip- Wear sunglasses and no one can see the damage done underneath. © Twitter
  13. Getting married is a lot of work. We agree. And especially if you have a big fat Indian Wedding planned. From organizing everything from scratch to filling in the guest lists, planning the honeymoon and even finding time to be with the person you love. Amidst all this chaos, you might forget to take care of yourself. via GIPHY While your soon-to-be wife, in all likely-hood, is busy taking appointments to take care of her skin and her hair, you shouldn't stay behind. Why, you ask? Because when the event planning stops and the actual Wedding ceremonies begin, you'll be at the centre of everything. Thousands of pictures will be taken of you. Some, more zoomed in than others. These pictures will then be circulated for your entire life and you don't want to look back and spot blackheads, pimples, on your face. via GIPHY You want your face to reflect you inner state of affairs which should ideally be glowing with happiness. via GIPHY However, apart from an au naturel glow, you'll need to lather your skin with creams on a regular basis to get a Wedding-friendly face. Here's a quick hassle free grooming routine for grooms so that you're proud of your Wedding face in years to come: 1. A Good Cleanser via GIPHY You need to start your day with a good cleanser. Also use it twice a day. Once before sleeping. A cleanser is great for cleaning out dirt from your pores and keeping the bacteria away which means a pimple-free skin near the Wedding. You can go for a face wash that suits your skin type. 2. A Serum via GIPHY Normally, you might skip this step if you don't believe in worldly excesses. But, trust us, when you're waiting in line to get married in front of people, this is not a huge step. You take two-three drops of serum for your face and spread it all over. This will rejuvenate your skin cells and help them reach the max glowing potential that they can. 3. Face Mask via GIPHY Weekly, you need two masks for your face. Spread it over the weekend: one for Saturday and the latter for Sunday. Get a soothing sandalwood or charcoal-based mask or something else depending on your skin's needs. Use that on a Saturday. Keep it for ten minutes and then wash your face. On a Sunday, Use face sheet mask to relax your face. 4. Face Scrub via GIPHY Use it once a week after cleansing your face to weed out clingy dirt from your deep pores. Use an apricot or charcoal based scrub for best results. 5. Moisturizer via GIPHY After cleansing and using a serum, always remember to lock in the moisture with by lathering up cream on your face. You don't want your skin to be dry and scratchy during the Wedding.
  14. If you've invested in a pair of genuine leather shoes, dope sneakers or boots, then you must be well aware of the fact that those babies don't come cheap. Your trusted going out or office shoes deserve some love and care. Follow these tips to keep statement shoes look fresh as ever even after years of wear and tear: 1. Leather Shoes © theworldofshoes Shoe care: As the weather can be quite unpredictable, one must know how to protect their leather shoes when they get soaked. Air-drying helps release the moisture without damaging the shoe while blow-drying or heating makes the leather crack. © Amazon Polish: It depends on how often your shoes are being worn, but as a general rule of thumb, for shoes that you wear very often you should polish them once every week or two. Polish them using the same coloured polish and a soft bristled brush for a long-lasting effect. Storage: When it comes to your leather shoes, it's best to keep them stored in shoe bags. This way they won't scratch and tear, would be safe from dust and kept away from light. 2. Suede Shoes © Lifestyleasia Shoe care: Suede shoes and boots look fly as hell but are their maintenance is equally difficult. Since suede is such a sensitive material, even a little splash of water is capable of damaging it permanently. The solution to that is to invest in a silicon-based suede protector spray in the same colour as the shoe to make them weather-proof. © Amazon Polish: Use a suede protector spray and spray all over the shoe and allow to dry. Do not over soak the shoe. You could also use a suede brush and give the shoes a good brush. Storage: The best way to store suede is out in the open where they can be exposed to fresh air, suede shoes need air so they can breathe. 3. Training Shoes © Amazon Shoe care: Trainers always look better fresh. You could clean your kicks using sneaker cleaning products that are easily available out there. Invest in a basic sneaker cleaning kit for the same. You should also spot clean, wash and wipe your trainers down regularly for so that your kicks stay fresh AF. © Amazon Polish: You need actual sneaker polish in the colour of your shoe and not just a scruff cleaner for trainers. Compromise in quality might lead to the paste looking chalky when dry. Remember, investing in a good product goes a long way and increases the longevity of your shoes. Storage: Store your sneakers and trainers in boxes and/or shoe bags keeping them stuffed with paper to help them keep their shape and absorb any excess sweat. There you go. Now you know how to give your shoes the right kind of treatment. Keep on shining, lads!
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  16. New month brings in new cheer and also some new movies and shows that release on Netflix. Here are the top 6 recommendations we have for you: 1. You Okay, technically it released in the last week of December but it's been trending for a while and chances are that you might have missed this brilliant show that has a pronoun for a name. Trust me, it makes sense after you watch it, as it stars the lonely boy from 'Gossip Girl', Dan (Penn Badgley), and therefore, should definitely be on your watch list. 2. Bandersnatch Why is this here if you've already watched it? Well, simply because it is that mind-boggling stuff that never goes to the brain in one go. So, yeah do a repeat or join the party if you have not made your choices in this film yet. 3. Inception The Leonardo DiCaprio starrer which confused us at every possible level is coming to Netflix on 15th January in case you were looking for a re-run. 4. Fifty Shades Darker Watch Mr. Grey swoon his lady love Anna and I am not sure if this stuff turns you on or not, but it is a great idea for movie night in bed. Catch it on the 26th of this month. 5. Friends From College (Season 2) The second season of this comedy series which involves a group of friends and their addled up adult lives is coming back on Netflix on 11th January. 6. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo This is for everyone who tries and constantly fails to keep their rooms or apartments clean. Marie Kondo is a Japanese organisational expert and it is her literal job to help people lead a more organised life. If not inspiration, then this show will at least induce some self-loathing for yourself in case you are not the “organised” type.
  17. The New Year has dawned upon us with some really interesting new movies lined up for this month. Here are the top 6 big releases that are hitting the screens in January so you can plan your theatre itinerary accordingly: 1. The Accidental Prime Minister Probably one of the most awaited movies of the year and a great one as the trailer looks promising. This movie is currently being branded as controversy's child but nonetheless, promises to tell the unknown side of one of the most important leaders of the country, Dr. Manmohan Singh. The movie is hitting the theatres on 11th January. 2. Uri After impressing us as DJ Sandz, Vicky Kaushal is coming back with an action-packed movie based on the Uri attacks and the surgical strike. The movie is releasing on 11th January. 3. Thackeray This one looks like a very interesting insider take on Balasaheb Thackeray and his leadership in Maharashtra. If you still need a reason to watch it, then you should remember that it stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Enough said? Be ready to witness the brilliance on January 23rd. 4. Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi The title is self explanatory and the movie stars the queen Kangana Ranaut herself and will also mark the debut of Ankita Lokhande. This is going to be a treat for History lovers and Kangana fans. It releases on 25th January. 5. Bombairiya Radhika Apte is coming back with a movie that's not releasing on Netflix thankfully. 'Bombairiya' is a dark comedy which involves some stellar acting by Radhika, a stolen phone and more confusion. You can check it out on 11th January. 6. Bumblebee Probably the only major release for tomorrow, that is, 4th January. This movie is already garnering a lot of reviews across the globe so that's one reason to watch it. Besides that, it involves an autobot named 'Bumblebee' that seeks refuge in a junkyard and finds a new lease of life, courtesy the 18-year-old Charlie. Guess we'll have some busy Fridays ahead.
  18. The Prestigious Indian Army has a simple motto for training its cadets: 'we first break you, then make you'. Boys go through gruelling weeks of physical hardship and come out as men fit enough to serve the nation at times of war. Once soldiers are inducted, the Army ensures they are prepared (mentally & physically) to perform at their absolute best, even in extreme circumstances. However, the Army demands certain prerequisites before you can join. The First Physical Test You Need To Clear Is The 1600 M Run. Note: This test is conducted for non-commission entries for the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and equivalent ranks in Police & Paramilitary forces. © Quora You will get 5 minutes and 45 seconds to cover 1600 M, one second more and you fail. Boys completing the run in 5 minutes 30-45 seconds are taken in Group 2 and allotted 48 marks. For those who complete it in 5 minutes and 30 seconds or less, are taken in Group 1 and allotted 60 marks. The Biggest Mistake Aspirants preparing for this test run for hours trying to increase their stamina. This is an absolute waste of time. There is a simple principle called 'specificity' in exercise science- if you want to get good at 'something' like long jump, do that 'thing' instead of ballet dancing. Passing a 1600 meter run in minimum time is not merely about stamina, it also requires speed and strength. Thus, you need to train accordingly and enhance all those three capabilities. The following training plan will help you to cover 1600M in minimum time and secure you in Group 1 with 60 marks: Workout 1: Run 1600 M In Minimum Time Measure 400M distance and cover its 4 rounds with minimum time. If on the first day it takes you 7 minutes to cover this distance, aim for 6 minutes and 45 seconds the next day and gradually, come down to 5 minutes and 30 seconds and under. Workout 2: 100 M Sprints Maximum Laps Measure 100M distance and sprint as fast as possible. Then walk back slowly, settling your breath and sprint again. Repeat this continuously for 10 minutes. Your goal should be to cover maximum laps in 10 minutes. If on the first day you could do 5 laps in 10 minutes, aim for 6 the next time. Try beating your previous best with each training session. © Quora Workout 3: Full Body High-Intensity Training This workout is for strengthening your muscles to run 1600 M as fast as possible. Start with 10 Burpees, followed by 10 Jump Squats, followed by 10 Box Jumps and at last, 10 Body Weight Lunges (each leg). Rest 5 minutes after this and repeat this cycles four more times. Needless to say, you are not supposed to perform all these workouts in one day itself, as it will simply burn you out. Here is how you have to arrange your training. Day 1 Run 1600 M in minimum time Day 2 Run 100 M sprints maximum laps Day 3 Rest Day 4 Run 1600 M in minimum time Day 5 Full body high-intensity training Day 6 Rest Day 7 Repeat Cycle Important: Rest is a crucial part of this training for boosting recovery. Perform all workouts only once per day for the initial four weeks. From the fifth week onwards, perform all workouts twice per day (morning & evening). Best of luck! Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  19. Wedding season is on and it is also the time for the Diwali bonus (my condolences if you're an engineer). This is the time when most of the websites and stores offer heavy discounts on clothing. If you have a wedding to attend to and can put some load on your credit card, now is the perfect time to shop for the upcoming wedding season. If you're confused about what to wear, then this guide can help you clear that doubt. Let's see what you can wear on various functions of the wedding: · Roka Roka is an informal function where people don't dress up much. It's usually a casual meeting where the boy meets the girl, things get finalised and officially the wedding is announced. You don't need to wear anything formal here. © Pinterest Though it doesn't mean you attend it in your ripped jeans and white sneakers. Put on a party-wear black shirt, off-white pants, brown shoes, and a brown belt. Compliment it with a black stainless steel watch. Nothing is sexier than this combination when it comes to formal but not too formal. · Engagement Some people prefer the engagement ceremony during the day and some have it at night. And you should wear accordingly. © Pinterest For a daytime engagement, nothing is more graceful than a sky blue linen suit with a white shirt. Or if blue isn't your colour then go for a cream linen suit with a black/white shirt. In both the cases, go with brown shoes and brown belt. © Pinterest If the function is at night, then you can opt for the good old-fashioned black suit and a white/black shirt with a black tie. Wear shiny black shoes with it. Or if you want to keep it semi-formal, you can also wear white sneakers. But trust me, nothing works better than a full-fledged formal suit! · Haldi Haldi is a function which doesn't require you to dress up much. Here you can go for a simple Kurta Pyjama. © Pinterest A Pathani Kurta Pyjama would suit the best. Colour can be of your choice, you can opt for pure white, or pure black, or something else which you think works best on you. Make sure it is little party wear and just don't wear half sleeves Kurta. That's a big NO! · Sangeet This is the time to be fully traditional. Go shop for a perfect fit Pathani suit and a Nehru jacket to compliment it. © Pinterest A maroon Pathani suit usually goes with every occasion and to compliment it, you can wear a brown/cream Nehru Jacket. · Cocktail Hold your glass right & suit up! Although you would be taking your coat off after the third drink, it's important that you look decent at least until then. Wear a suit. Nothing else will work. © Pinterest Not your favourite vest and the new rugged jeans, not the white shirt you wear only on special occasions and certainly not something traditional. Go with a navy blue suit and a white shirt. A pink tie would be a nice compliment and so will be a pocket square of the same colour. And of course, brown shoes. If you aren't happy with navy blue, you can switch to a party wear grey. But keep everything else the same. This is the occasion to be Barney Stinson. · Wedding You have two options here. Either you can go for something traditional, or suit up. If there's no reception, then you can choose freely. However, if there is a reception party, then I would advise you to wear something traditional at the wedding. © Pinterest Go with a sherwani. But be very careful while choosing it, because one wrong move and you would end up looking like a jaadugar. I would strongly advise you to ditch the modern design and colours like green or orange. Be a human and stick to either some shade of cream or maroon. Compliment it with a red dupatta if you're going for a cream sherwani or a cream dupatta if you're going for a maroon sherwani. A black sherwani with a red dupatta works too. Trust me, the old fashioned way is the best way! · Reception This is the function to bring out the bond inside you. Nothing works better than a perfect fit tuxedo. You can go totally 007 and opt for a simple black tux with a white shirt and a black bow. © Pinterest But if you want to try something different than what the rest of the crowd will be wearing, then go for a cream tux. A cream jacket, black shirt, black pants, and a black bow. It would work perfect if you're confident enough to pull it off. In either case, wear black shoes. So, there was your go-to style guide which would always work. Time to do some shopping?
  20. Dating is not easy these days, especially for men. There's a lot of competition and you have to be the best and stand out of the crowd to impress women. While thanks to DSLR and that wanna-be photographer friends of ours, we get some decent pictures to upload on a dating app. And somehow, we manage to crack a joke or two in order to convince her that we are funny as well. We talk, share our interest and get to know each other better. Based on those interests, we plan the first date. And man doesn't that become a nervous evening? From trying all the three shirts that we have to try to find matching socks, it becomes a war like situation where nothing seems to work. And at the end, we wear whatever we think looks best on us. All is well that ends well, right? Nope! Looking your best is less important than looking appropriate. For instance, maybe that red t-shirt, ripped blue jeans, and white sneakers make you look as good as Arjun Rampal. But if you have planned a date in a posh restaurant where you would be sipping wine on a rooftop, that might not be an appropriate attire. Based on the kind of date you have planned, following are the attires you should go with: · A Movie Date First of all, if it's the first date, going on a movie date is not a wise choice. You would want to get to know each other on your first date and a movie hall clearly isn't the place for that. View this post on Instagram Beauty & Beauuuuuuuuchhhhiiii ððððððð A post shared by Karan Wahi (@imkaranwahi) on Oct 1, 2018 at 8:07am PDT Your second or consecutive dates can definitely be movie dates. So, what to wear on a movie date? Keep it simple. Bring out that round neck t-shirt with a witty quote from your closet and pair it up with ripped jeans (not too ripped, don't show too much skin unless you're Ryan Reynolds). Wear sneakers and please, go with the no-show socks. Nope, even ankle height is not okay. · A Brunch Date Brunches are good as it's easier to pull off various shades during the day. If the brunch is in a café, you can opt for a white polo t-shirt and with it, you can wear khaki chinos. This is one of the most killer combinations. You can complement it with white sneakers. As an accessory, you can wear a watch with a brown strap. Plus, a brown wayfarer to have that dreamy Kartik Aryan look would definitely be a plus. View this post on Instagram Unparalleled comfort and style redefined by Crocs â¤ï¸ðð #literidepacer #crocsindia @crocsindia A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Jul 16, 2018 at 2:20am PDT If the brunch is in some posh restaurant, replace the polo t-shirt with a pure white or pure black shirt. Let everything else remain the same. It's not difficult from going casual to going semi-formal. Just a little attention to detail and that's it. · A Sportish Date An outdoor date is a great idea if you two are adventurous. It can be anything; be it hiking, trekking, a sport of your choice, or even a gaming arena where you can virtually check each other's gaming skills. And if no one told you, it would be one of the best dates of your life. Adventurous sports make our adrenaline go high, which tricks our brain to think that the date was fun. If you can get her adrenaline rush, she definitely will say yes for a second date. Your attire here depends on what you have planned to do. For hiking or trekking, go for a comfortable but stylish lower, which would make you look like an athlete. You can pair it up with a body fit t-shit and your sports shoes. If you have a G-shock, great. But don't wear a leather strap or metal strap watch. If you're going to experience the adventure in virtual reality, medium fit jeans and a loose t-shirt would do the job. You can either wear sneakers or sports shoes, both would work. · A Clubbing Date Clubbing is one of the most casual kinds of dates, so dress accordingly. But make sure she notices that you have put some effort, and didn't just reach there by wearing what you could find on your bed-side chair. © Flipkart Wear a nicely ironed checkered shirt with sleeves rolled till your elbow. Pair it with blue jeans and loafers or ankle height sneakers. As an accessory, you may go with a leather strapped watch. Also, make sure the shirt is not too tight as you would need to use your hands while you dance. Anything worse than looking bad is looking uncomfortable. · A Dinner Date A dinner date is the most intimate kind of a date. Here, you notice everything about each other. How they look, how they talk, if they're a listener, the colour of their eyes, what they laugh at, everything! This is the date where you need to up your game. It's time to bring your favourite black shirt out. © Yash Raj Films With it wear either black or grey trousers. Tuck in the shirt, sleeves should be buttoned, and the trousers should be slim fit. To complement the all black or black-grey combination, go with brown leather shoes and a brown belt. A black stainless steel watch would be cherry on the cake. This sharp attire will show her your confident and responsible side. It would also show her that you care about the date and have put an effort into it. Women get half impressed by the effort only, so this attire will definitely buy you a second date. Last but not least, be a gentleman!
  21. We all know that we need a face wash as part of our skin care routine. Everybody uses it, so there are probably a hundred brands making it. But, what does a face wash really do? And how can you figure out which face wash is the right option for you? That's why we have broken down how to choose the right face wash. The point of a face wash is to clean the skin on your face of dirt, sweat, sebum (the oil that is secreted), bacteria, dead cells, and any other impurities. If a cleanser is too light, it may not clean well enough, if too rich, it may clog your pores. You also need to make sure that your face wash doesn't contain excessively harsh or harmful chemicals. Ingredients like cocamidopropyl betaine or caprylic triglyceride are better as they are sulfate free surfactants. And finally, you should definitely not use your everyday soap on your face, as it can dry your skin too much, or cause damage due to its harsh components. And here is what you have to remember when buying your face wash: For dry skin © Instagram/ Tiger Shroff Dry skin needs nourishing, quite obviously. So what you need is a face wash for dry skin that is moisturising, with ingredients like lanolin, petroleum, and mineral oil. These components help to nourish the skin, and after cleansing it, leave a slight layer of moisture. You should stay away from foaming face washes. You should also avoid excessive exfoliation, and stay away from products that have salicylic or glycolic acid. For oily skin © Instagram/ Sidharth Malhotra The right face wash for oily skin is equipped to combat any excessive sebum that is produced. Sebum is the naturally oily secretion that your happens on your skin. Unlike what a lot of products tend to do for oily skin, it is not advisable to get rid of all the natural oil on your face, in the name of cleansing. It makes our sebaceous glands react, and overproduce oil to restore the balance. The ideal face wash for oily skin in a mild one, generally foaming, which cleans the face without stripping it off all moisturise entirely. Look for products with naturally antibacterial properties like neem and tea tree to keep breakouts at bay, since they combat any pores that may have bacteria in it. Something like aloe vera is also good to have, as it soothes the skin, and lightly hydrates it. For combination skin © Instagram/ Varun Dhawan People with combination skin face a difficult battle, sometimes your skin gets too dry, and sometimes the side-effects of an oily skin can suddenly act out on your skin. What you need is a gentle cleanser that does not irritate either property. Something that is alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, soap-free is a good choice for you. In fact, you may want to consider something like a micellar water, due to its super gentle properties. For sensitive skin or acne-prone skin © Instagram/ Ishaan Khatter If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, first you need to determine what is the problem area. If you have hyper dryness, it can lead to red patches and rashes on your skin. Alternatively, if you have acne-the end result can also be angry red patches. Both these are very different, and ideally, you should only pick your face wash after a consultation. Sensitive As a general rule though, both do need a gentle cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, then pick a cleanser that doesn't have any alcohol, is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. Acne-prone If you have acne-prone skin then tea-tree, neem, and salicylic acid based anti-acne cleansers area a good option. For normal skin © Instagram/ Ranveer Singh If you happen to have normal skin, then you happen to have lucked out quite a bit. Most face washes will work for you, though it is better that you stay away from harsh chemicals like parabens and surfactants. You can use both a foaming or non-foaming face wash depending on how your skin reacts to each. Just remember that you don't want a face wash to completely dry out your face, leave any residue behind, or not clean the dirt properly.
  22. Mass gainers are one of the oldest and most popular supplements in the market. Every major supplement company has its own range of mass gainers with fancy names: XXL mass gainer, Extreme Mass Gainer, Serious Mass etc. In this article, I will help you understand whether you need a mass gainer or not. And if you do need, which one should you buy. Stop Being Fooled First © Pixabay First, let's burst this bubble. Mass Gainers are marketed in such a way that majority of the population is forced to believe that it magically helps in gaining muscle mass. Well, muscle building is and will always remain a combination of optimal training, nutrition, and recovery (optimal being the keyword). Supplements, steroids, and everything else will always be secondary. Hence, one or even multiple tubs of mass gainers won't get you jacked like the athlete on its packaging. What Are Mass Gainers? A mass gainer is basically the powdered form of a meal. It majorly contains carbohydrates (70%), a moderate amount of protein (20-30%) and some fats (5-10%). A typical serving of mass gainer will have 1000 Calories with 200g Carbohydrates, 25g Protein, and 10g Fats. Who Should Actually Use Mass Gainers? As you can see, mass gainers are nothing but food in a powdered form, which helps you get in extra calories. Therefore, the majority of smart coaches (including myself in past) have labelled mass gainers as a waste of money, because you can get those same calories from real foods. But after training hundreds of people over time, I have learned that everyone's body, appetite, and life circumstances are different. Following Are Some Instances Wherein A Mass Gainer Can Be Useful: © YouTube • You are underweight & have a small appetite. Mass gainers can feed your body with a good chunk of calories and being in liquid form appetite won't be an issue. • You can only eat 2-3 meals after long gaps. Here mass gainer can be used as a snack meal. • You cannot pack a meal for school/college/office and all there is available junk or low-quality food. Here, a mass gainer can be extremely useful in hitting your macronutrient targets especially if you have serious performance goals. Which One To Buy? If you do require a Mass Gainer consider the following things before buying one: 1) It has at least 15g protein per scoop. Note: per scoop not per serving. 2) Ensure the source of protein is a quality one like whey concentrate, isolate, casein, egg protein or a combination of all three. 3) Check carbohydrate source. Avoid dextrose based mass gainers. Maltodextrin and Waxy Maize are acceptable. Complex carb sources like oats, quinoa powder are the best. Hope this article helps you make a better investment of your hard earned money. References- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10442270 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3894395/ Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  23. 'Thugs of Hindostan' is just one week away but its promotion has been going on in full swing for quite some time. There was already hype about the movie from the beginning just because of the star cast, which will obviously happen when you put Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan in a movie together, and then all the looks from the movie and the trailer just built up the excitement even more. View this post on Instagram To see myself on a poster with Mr.Bachchan is a dream come true for me. I still cant believe it. #ThugsOfHindostan | @yrf | @tohthefilm | @amitabhbachchan | @katrinakaif | @fatimasanashaikh A post shared by Aamir Khan (@_aamirkhan) on Sep 24, 2018 at 11:22pm PDT However, the biggest problem everyone had with the movie was how much of a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' it looked like. But, even if the looks were not unique, at least the marketing for it is. Going to different shows to promote your movie is too mainstream – does anyone even watch TV anymore? So just turn to something everyone probably uses every day. View this post on Instagram à¤à¤° ठहà¥à¤ हम, फिरà¤à¤à¥ मलà¥à¤²à¤¾à¤¹. हम सॠà¤à¥à¤¯à¤¾à¤¦à¤¾ नà¥à¤ à¤à¤¨à¥à¤¸à¤¾à¤¨ à¤à¤¸ धरतॠपॠà¤à¤¹à¥à¤ नहà¥à¤ मिलà¥à¤à¤¾ à¤à¤ªà¤à¥. सà¤à¥à¤à¤¾à¤ तॠहमरा दà¥à¤¸à¤°à¤¾ नाम हà¥, à¤à¤° भरà¥à¤¸à¤¾ हमरा à¤à¤¾à¤®. दादॠà¤à¤¸à¤® !!! #ThugsOfHindostan | @yrf | @tohthefilm | @amitabhbachchan | @katrinakaif | @fatimasanashaikh A post shared by Aamir Khan (@_aamirkhan) on Sep 23, 2018 at 10:20pm PDT In case you haven't noticed yet, Google Maps has a little help from Firangi today to help guide people. An animated version of Aamir's character from the movie appears riding a donkey and showing everyone the way. Now, this is what I call an original idea, tbh. So basically, everyone has the option of riding along with Firangi, aka the desi Jack Sparrow, while navigating your way while claiming things like “Chalo bhaiyya, one two three kick maar”. There are some steps for that before, though, but they're quite simple. To activate #FirangiOnGoogleMaps, follow these simple steps on @googlemaps. So let's “1,2,3...quick march”! | @aamir_khan | @GoogleIndia | @TOHTheFilm pic.twitter.com/GmBrmo6uYY — Yash Raj Films (@yrf) November 1, 2018 People are already using this new feature and thoroughly enjoying it. Promotion level: Game changer. Chalo!#TOH #ThugsofHindostan #FirangiOnGoogleMaps — Sai Charan T (@Charan3107) November 1, 2018 Wooow, it's working .ð Now,I m so so so and So happy.ð Thanks @GoogleIndia @googlemaps @aamir_khan @TOHTheFilm #FirangiOnGoogleMaps ðð¦ pic.twitter.com/IC5a8tPM94 — SATYAJEET (@imSatyajeet18) November 1, 2018 A lot of people are surprised it's even working. Waah... Finally Its Working on my Phone ðð𤩠Chalo bhaiya... 1..2 ..3 .. Quick March ð #FirangiOnGoogleMaps Thanks @aamir_khan @TOHTheFilm @yrf ð pic.twitter.com/8xDs3qvwHk — $@M (@SAMTHEBESTEST) November 1, 2018 Very good. This is very good marketing strategy @aamir_khan @yrf ðð #FirangiOnGoogleMaps Millions of people use Google Map #ThugsOfHindostan ð pic.twitter.com/4cgVFHTGhG — â­ιââââ} ƒíɾÉÕ²Öí {ââââιâ­ (@Jammy_PK) November 1, 2018
  24. November is here and so is our new binge list for you! If you also happen to get lost in the myriad of options that flow your way and spend more time in deciding what to stream on Netflix, then fuss not. Here's our top picks for the month: 1. Rajma Chawal This movie was one of the favourites at the MAMI and is directed by Leena Yadav. The movie follows the relationship between a father and a son in the modern age and stars Rishi Kapoor and Amyra Dastur in pivotal roles. When: 30th November © Leena Yadav 2. Narcos: Mexico This one was originally meant to be a successor in the line of the extremely famous 'Narcos' but was eventually developed as an independent show. The series will follow the drug cartels in Mexico, unlike 'Narcos' which focused on Columbia. If you're a fan of the original, you don't need many reasons to watch this one. When: 16th November 3. House Of Cards (Season 6) HOC fans can rejoice as the sixth season is finally here. However, unlike the previous seasons which had over 13 episodes each, this one will only have eight episodes and will obviously not star Kevin Spacey as well. When: 2nd November 4. Westside This musical reality show will showcase and follow the journey of nine artists who will have fully produced music videos and original songs sung by them. If you're a musical fan, then this where fiction meets reality for you. When: 9th November 5. Dogs This documentary follows the stories of six dogs and their families in various situations. You will not get out of this without shedding a few tears and just reminding yourself about how lucky you are that your dog decided to love you. Besides these fantastic 5 picks, you will also be able to stream 'No One Killed Jessica', 'Barfi', 'Kai Po Che' and 'ABCD 2' in November.
  25. Diwali is a time when we remember the victory of good over evil, but it is also a time to get your loved ones together and celebrate that very victory. So, throw the best Diwali party with our party guide this festival season, and become the host with the most. The festival season means lots of family time, great food, gifts, the perfect outfits, music, dance, and a game or two of cards. And with our help, you will be acing it all, and throwing the best Diwali bash, that will make sure everyone will be waiting for their invite next year. Throw the best Diwali party, with these tips and party essentials we have picked out: 1. Get The Dress Code Right © Instagram/Alia Bhatt A Diwali bash is incomplete without the right clothes. And to get the dress code right, you need to be a good host, get your Diwali outfit ready. Make sure you let guests know the required attire, whether you want to class it up in a fancier black tie-inspired event, or go the traditional way. It is Diwali after all, so we recommend fully decked out desi vibes. with vibrant and glam ethnic outfits. Get yourself the perfect Diwali kurta and make sure your guests know to dress up too. 2. Ambience Is Key & That Means Lighting, Lighting, Lighting! © Twitter/Amitabh Bachchan A warm, welcoming, and energetic ambience is a necessity for any party, and even more so for a Diwali party, which is, after all, the festival of lights. Don't worry about over-doing it, there's actually not much of a way to go overboard with lights during Diwali. Instead, invest in different kinds and style of light. Buy a couple of string lights, some floor lamps, paper lantern lights, and make sure your guests feel the festive vibe the whole time they are there. String Lights © YouTube MRP: Rs 379 Buy it here 3. The Right Music To Set The Tone & Keep The Party Going © YouTube Get into the party mood with the right music. We obviously mean, Bollywood music. Dance through the night with the Bollywood hits that aren't just fun, but also have innumerable memories attached to them. Bring on the fun, nostalgia, and festive feel with the best music. If you are wondering about what kind of sound system is suited to outdoor parties, or big Diwali bashes, check out our list of the best speakers. 4. Make Sure People Are Hooked With Games And Entertainment Diwali parties mean lots of games, camaraderie, and fun. We all know a game or two of cards is on the table (pun intended) when friends and family get together during the Diwali season. Even if you aren't throwing a card party, it's good to be stocked with games and entertainment options for your guests. We recommend these: • Cards © Amazon India MRP: Rs 425 Buy it here • Jenga © Funskool MRP: Rs 449 Buy it here • Uno © Amazon India MRP: Rs 89 Buy it here • Poker © Amazon India MRP: Rs 3,499 Buy it here • Cards Against Humanity © Amazon India MRP: Rs 2,150 Buy it here 5. Let The Food Do The Talking © Mensxp/Lighthouse Café Don't forget the food when it comes to your Diwali bash. Keep your fridge fully stocked, or better, over-stocked. It is much easier to handle having more food (you can always give it to charity or have your guests take packed food back), but dealing with a food shortage is scary and difficult, when you have a bunch of hungry guests on your hand. Pro tip: Get LOTS of snacks. They keep your guests nibbling, busy, and it is much easier than having to handle a full plate of dinner while socialising or partying it up. So get a lot of different kinds of snacks, and lessen the amount of the main courses. 6. A Drink Or Two, Served Up In Style Is Always A Good Idea © Mensxp Any kind of party needs a little bit of fuel to keep it going, and to bring out the crazy in your guests. So, organise drinks that people find easy to handle, and mix, unless you are hiring a bartender or server to manage it. Get yourself some quirky and effective bar accessories that will not only make the whole thing easier but also impress your guests. Pro tip: In case some of your guests get a little too crazy, or simply want to sober up, keep provisions handy. We have all hosted parties where we had to drop the host hat, and become a nurse, and it's a pretty inevitable thing. So, just be prepared for any spilt drinks, messes, or an overly drunk person. Stock up on some easy-to-use wipes, keep some cleaning supplies handy, keep a batch of chilled lemonade in the fridge, and some headache medicines that you can easily dispense to anyone in need.