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  1. The Prestigious Indian Army has a simple motto for training its cadets: 'we first break you, then make you'. Boys go through gruelling weeks of physical hardship and come out as men fit enough to serve the nation at times of war. Once soldiers are inducted, the Army ensures they are prepared (mentally & physically) to perform at their absolute best, even in extreme circumstances. However, the Army demands certain prerequisites before you can join. The First Physical Test You Need To Clear Is The 1600 M Run. Note: This test is conducted for non-commission entries for the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and equivalent ranks in Police & Paramilitary forces. © Quora You will get 5 minutes and 45 seconds to cover 1600 M, one second more and you fail. Boys completing the run in 5 minutes 30-45 seconds are taken in Group 2 and allotted 48 marks. For those who complete it in 5 minutes and 30 seconds or less, are taken in Group 1 and allotted 60 marks. The Biggest Mistake Aspirants preparing for this test run for hours trying to increase their stamina. This is an absolute waste of time. There is a simple principle called 'specificity' in exercise science- if you want to get good at 'something' like long jump, do that 'thing' instead of ballet dancing. Passing a 1600 meter run in minimum time is not merely about stamina, it also requires speed and strength. Thus, you need to train accordingly and enhance all those three capabilities. The following training plan will help you to cover 1600M in minimum time and secure you in Group 1 with 60 marks: Workout 1: Run 1600 M In Minimum Time Measure 400M distance and cover its 4 rounds with minimum time. If on the first day it takes you 7 minutes to cover this distance, aim for 6 minutes and 45 seconds the next day and gradually, come down to 5 minutes and 30 seconds and under. Workout 2: 100 M Sprints Maximum Laps Measure 100M distance and sprint as fast as possible. Then walk back slowly, settling your breath and sprint again. Repeat this continuously for 10 minutes. Your goal should be to cover maximum laps in 10 minutes. If on the first day you could do 5 laps in 10 minutes, aim for 6 the next time. Try beating your previous best with each training session. © Quora Workout 3: Full Body High-Intensity Training This workout is for strengthening your muscles to run 1600 M as fast as possible. Start with 10 Burpees, followed by 10 Jump Squats, followed by 10 Box Jumps and at last, 10 Body Weight Lunges (each leg). Rest 5 minutes after this and repeat this cycles four more times. Needless to say, you are not supposed to perform all these workouts in one day itself, as it will simply burn you out. Here is how you have to arrange your training. Day 1 Run 1600 M in minimum time Day 2 Run 100 M sprints maximum laps Day 3 Rest Day 4 Run 1600 M in minimum time Day 5 Full body high-intensity training Day 6 Rest Day 7 Repeat Cycle Important: Rest is a crucial part of this training for boosting recovery. Perform all workouts only once per day for the initial four weeks. From the fifth week onwards, perform all workouts twice per day (morning & evening). Best of luck! Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Wedding season is on and it is also the time for the Diwali bonus (my condolences if you're an engineer). This is the time when most of the websites and stores offer heavy discounts on clothing. If you have a wedding to attend to and can put some load on your credit card, now is the perfect time to shop for the upcoming wedding season. If you're confused about what to wear, then this guide can help you clear that doubt. Let's see what you can wear on various functions of the wedding: · Roka Roka is an informal function where people don't dress up much. It's usually a casual meeting where the boy meets the girl, things get finalised and officially the wedding is announced. You don't need to wear anything formal here. © Pinterest Though it doesn't mean you attend it in your ripped jeans and white sneakers. Put on a party-wear black shirt, off-white pants, brown shoes, and a brown belt. Compliment it with a black stainless steel watch. Nothing is sexier than this combination when it comes to formal but not too formal. · Engagement Some people prefer the engagement ceremony during the day and some have it at night. And you should wear accordingly. © Pinterest For a daytime engagement, nothing is more graceful than a sky blue linen suit with a white shirt. Or if blue isn't your colour then go for a cream linen suit with a black/white shirt. In both the cases, go with brown shoes and brown belt. © Pinterest If the function is at night, then you can opt for the good old-fashioned black suit and a white/black shirt with a black tie. Wear shiny black shoes with it. Or if you want to keep it semi-formal, you can also wear white sneakers. But trust me, nothing works better than a full-fledged formal suit! · Haldi Haldi is a function which doesn't require you to dress up much. Here you can go for a simple Kurta Pyjama. © Pinterest A Pathani Kurta Pyjama would suit the best. Colour can be of your choice, you can opt for pure white, or pure black, or something else which you think works best on you. Make sure it is little party wear and just don't wear half sleeves Kurta. That's a big NO! · Sangeet This is the time to be fully traditional. Go shop for a perfect fit Pathani suit and a Nehru jacket to compliment it. © Pinterest A maroon Pathani suit usually goes with every occasion and to compliment it, you can wear a brown/cream Nehru Jacket. · Cocktail Hold your glass right & suit up! Although you would be taking your coat off after the third drink, it's important that you look decent at least until then. Wear a suit. Nothing else will work. © Pinterest Not your favourite vest and the new rugged jeans, not the white shirt you wear only on special occasions and certainly not something traditional. Go with a navy blue suit and a white shirt. A pink tie would be a nice compliment and so will be a pocket square of the same colour. And of course, brown shoes. If you aren't happy with navy blue, you can switch to a party wear grey. But keep everything else the same. This is the occasion to be Barney Stinson. · Wedding You have two options here. Either you can go for something traditional, or suit up. If there's no reception, then you can choose freely. However, if there is a reception party, then I would advise you to wear something traditional at the wedding. © Pinterest Go with a sherwani. But be very careful while choosing it, because one wrong move and you would end up looking like a jaadugar. I would strongly advise you to ditch the modern design and colours like green or orange. Be a human and stick to either some shade of cream or maroon. Compliment it with a red dupatta if you're going for a cream sherwani or a cream dupatta if you're going for a maroon sherwani. A black sherwani with a red dupatta works too. Trust me, the old fashioned way is the best way! · Reception This is the function to bring out the bond inside you. Nothing works better than a perfect fit tuxedo. You can go totally 007 and opt for a simple black tux with a white shirt and a black bow. © Pinterest But if you want to try something different than what the rest of the crowd will be wearing, then go for a cream tux. A cream jacket, black shirt, black pants, and a black bow. It would work perfect if you're confident enough to pull it off. In either case, wear black shoes. So, there was your go-to style guide which would always work. Time to do some shopping?
  3. Dating is not easy these days, especially for men. There's a lot of competition and you have to be the best and stand out of the crowd to impress women. While thanks to DSLR and that wanna-be photographer friends of ours, we get some decent pictures to upload on a dating app. And somehow, we manage to crack a joke or two in order to convince her that we are funny as well. We talk, share our interest and get to know each other better. Based on those interests, we plan the first date. And man doesn't that become a nervous evening? From trying all the three shirts that we have to try to find matching socks, it becomes a war like situation where nothing seems to work. And at the end, we wear whatever we think looks best on us. All is well that ends well, right? Nope! Looking your best is less important than looking appropriate. For instance, maybe that red t-shirt, ripped blue jeans, and white sneakers make you look as good as Arjun Rampal. But if you have planned a date in a posh restaurant where you would be sipping wine on a rooftop, that might not be an appropriate attire. Based on the kind of date you have planned, following are the attires you should go with: · A Movie Date First of all, if it's the first date, going on a movie date is not a wise choice. You would want to get to know each other on your first date and a movie hall clearly isn't the place for that. View this post on Instagram Beauty & Beauuuuuuuuchhhhiiii ððððððð A post shared by Karan Wahi (@imkaranwahi) on Oct 1, 2018 at 8:07am PDT Your second or consecutive dates can definitely be movie dates. So, what to wear on a movie date? Keep it simple. Bring out that round neck t-shirt with a witty quote from your closet and pair it up with ripped jeans (not too ripped, don't show too much skin unless you're Ryan Reynolds). Wear sneakers and please, go with the no-show socks. Nope, even ankle height is not okay. · A Brunch Date Brunches are good as it's easier to pull off various shades during the day. If the brunch is in a café, you can opt for a white polo t-shirt and with it, you can wear khaki chinos. This is one of the most killer combinations. You can complement it with white sneakers. As an accessory, you can wear a watch with a brown strap. Plus, a brown wayfarer to have that dreamy Kartik Aryan look would definitely be a plus. View this post on Instagram Unparalleled comfort and style redefined by Crocs â¤ï¸ðð #literidepacer #crocsindia @crocsindia A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Jul 16, 2018 at 2:20am PDT If the brunch is in some posh restaurant, replace the polo t-shirt with a pure white or pure black shirt. Let everything else remain the same. It's not difficult from going casual to going semi-formal. Just a little attention to detail and that's it. · A Sportish Date An outdoor date is a great idea if you two are adventurous. It can be anything; be it hiking, trekking, a sport of your choice, or even a gaming arena where you can virtually check each other's gaming skills. And if no one told you, it would be one of the best dates of your life. Adventurous sports make our adrenaline go high, which tricks our brain to think that the date was fun. If you can get her adrenaline rush, she definitely will say yes for a second date. Your attire here depends on what you have planned to do. For hiking or trekking, go for a comfortable but stylish lower, which would make you look like an athlete. You can pair it up with a body fit t-shit and your sports shoes. If you have a G-shock, great. But don't wear a leather strap or metal strap watch. If you're going to experience the adventure in virtual reality, medium fit jeans and a loose t-shirt would do the job. You can either wear sneakers or sports shoes, both would work. · A Clubbing Date Clubbing is one of the most casual kinds of dates, so dress accordingly. But make sure she notices that you have put some effort, and didn't just reach there by wearing what you could find on your bed-side chair. © Flipkart Wear a nicely ironed checkered shirt with sleeves rolled till your elbow. Pair it with blue jeans and loafers or ankle height sneakers. As an accessory, you may go with a leather strapped watch. Also, make sure the shirt is not too tight as you would need to use your hands while you dance. Anything worse than looking bad is looking uncomfortable. · A Dinner Date A dinner date is the most intimate kind of a date. Here, you notice everything about each other. How they look, how they talk, if they're a listener, the colour of their eyes, what they laugh at, everything! This is the date where you need to up your game. It's time to bring your favourite black shirt out. © Yash Raj Films With it wear either black or grey trousers. Tuck in the shirt, sleeves should be buttoned, and the trousers should be slim fit. To complement the all black or black-grey combination, go with brown leather shoes and a brown belt. A black stainless steel watch would be cherry on the cake. This sharp attire will show her your confident and responsible side. It would also show her that you care about the date and have put an effort into it. Women get half impressed by the effort only, so this attire will definitely buy you a second date. Last but not least, be a gentleman!
  4. We all know that we need a face wash as part of our skin care routine. Everybody uses it, so there are probably a hundred brands making it. But, what does a face wash really do? And how can you figure out which face wash is the right option for you? That's why we have broken down how to choose the right face wash. The point of a face wash is to clean the skin on your face of dirt, sweat, sebum (the oil that is secreted), bacteria, dead cells, and any other impurities. If a cleanser is too light, it may not clean well enough, if too rich, it may clog your pores. You also need to make sure that your face wash doesn't contain excessively harsh or harmful chemicals. Ingredients like cocamidopropyl betaine or caprylic triglyceride are better as they are sulfate free surfactants. And finally, you should definitely not use your everyday soap on your face, as it can dry your skin too much, or cause damage due to its harsh components. And here is what you have to remember when buying your face wash: For dry skin © Instagram/ Tiger Shroff Dry skin needs nourishing, quite obviously. So what you need is a face wash for dry skin that is moisturising, with ingredients like lanolin, petroleum, and mineral oil. These components help to nourish the skin, and after cleansing it, leave a slight layer of moisture. You should stay away from foaming face washes. You should also avoid excessive exfoliation, and stay away from products that have salicylic or glycolic acid. For oily skin © Instagram/ Sidharth Malhotra The right face wash for oily skin is equipped to combat any excessive sebum that is produced. Sebum is the naturally oily secretion that your happens on your skin. Unlike what a lot of products tend to do for oily skin, it is not advisable to get rid of all the natural oil on your face, in the name of cleansing. It makes our sebaceous glands react, and overproduce oil to restore the balance. The ideal face wash for oily skin in a mild one, generally foaming, which cleans the face without stripping it off all moisturise entirely. Look for products with naturally antibacterial properties like neem and tea tree to keep breakouts at bay, since they combat any pores that may have bacteria in it. Something like aloe vera is also good to have, as it soothes the skin, and lightly hydrates it. For combination skin © Instagram/ Varun Dhawan People with combination skin face a difficult battle, sometimes your skin gets too dry, and sometimes the side-effects of an oily skin can suddenly act out on your skin. What you need is a gentle cleanser that does not irritate either property. Something that is alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, soap-free is a good choice for you. In fact, you may want to consider something like a micellar water, due to its super gentle properties. For sensitive skin or acne-prone skin © Instagram/ Ishaan Khatter If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, first you need to determine what is the problem area. If you have hyper dryness, it can lead to red patches and rashes on your skin. Alternatively, if you have acne-the end result can also be angry red patches. Both these are very different, and ideally, you should only pick your face wash after a consultation. Sensitive As a general rule though, both do need a gentle cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, then pick a cleanser that doesn't have any alcohol, is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. Acne-prone If you have acne-prone skin then tea-tree, neem, and salicylic acid based anti-acne cleansers area a good option. For normal skin © Instagram/ Ranveer Singh If you happen to have normal skin, then you happen to have lucked out quite a bit. Most face washes will work for you, though it is better that you stay away from harsh chemicals like parabens and surfactants. You can use both a foaming or non-foaming face wash depending on how your skin reacts to each. Just remember that you don't want a face wash to completely dry out your face, leave any residue behind, or not clean the dirt properly.
  5. Mass gainers are one of the oldest and most popular supplements in the market. Every major supplement company has its own range of mass gainers with fancy names: XXL mass gainer, Extreme Mass Gainer, Serious Mass etc. In this article, I will help you understand whether you need a mass gainer or not. And if you do need, which one should you buy. Stop Being Fooled First © Pixabay First, let's burst this bubble. Mass Gainers are marketed in such a way that majority of the population is forced to believe that it magically helps in gaining muscle mass. Well, muscle building is and will always remain a combination of optimal training, nutrition, and recovery (optimal being the keyword). Supplements, steroids, and everything else will always be secondary. Hence, one or even multiple tubs of mass gainers won't get you jacked like the athlete on its packaging. What Are Mass Gainers? A mass gainer is basically the powdered form of a meal. It majorly contains carbohydrates (70%), a moderate amount of protein (20-30%) and some fats (5-10%). A typical serving of mass gainer will have 1000 Calories with 200g Carbohydrates, 25g Protein, and 10g Fats. Who Should Actually Use Mass Gainers? As you can see, mass gainers are nothing but food in a powdered form, which helps you get in extra calories. Therefore, the majority of smart coaches (including myself in past) have labelled mass gainers as a waste of money, because you can get those same calories from real foods. But after training hundreds of people over time, I have learned that everyone's body, appetite, and life circumstances are different. Following Are Some Instances Wherein A Mass Gainer Can Be Useful: © YouTube • You are underweight & have a small appetite. Mass gainers can feed your body with a good chunk of calories and being in liquid form appetite won't be an issue. • You can only eat 2-3 meals after long gaps. Here mass gainer can be used as a snack meal. • You cannot pack a meal for school/college/office and all there is available junk or low-quality food. Here, a mass gainer can be extremely useful in hitting your macronutrient targets especially if you have serious performance goals. Which One To Buy? If you do require a Mass Gainer consider the following things before buying one: 1) It has at least 15g protein per scoop. Note: per scoop not per serving. 2) Ensure the source of protein is a quality one like whey concentrate, isolate, casein, egg protein or a combination of all three. 3) Check carbohydrate source. Avoid dextrose based mass gainers. Maltodextrin and Waxy Maize are acceptable. Complex carb sources like oats, quinoa powder are the best. Hope this article helps you make a better investment of your hard earned money. References- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10442270 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3894395/ Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  6. 'Thugs of Hindostan' is just one week away but its promotion has been going on in full swing for quite some time. There was already hype about the movie from the beginning just because of the star cast, which will obviously happen when you put Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan in a movie together, and then all the looks from the movie and the trailer just built up the excitement even more. View this post on Instagram To see myself on a poster with Mr.Bachchan is a dream come true for me. I still cant believe it. #ThugsOfHindostan | @yrf | @tohthefilm | @amitabhbachchan | @katrinakaif | @fatimasanashaikh A post shared by Aamir Khan (@_aamirkhan) on Sep 24, 2018 at 11:22pm PDT However, the biggest problem everyone had with the movie was how much of a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' it looked like. But, even if the looks were not unique, at least the marketing for it is. Going to different shows to promote your movie is too mainstream – does anyone even watch TV anymore? So just turn to something everyone probably uses every day. View this post on Instagram à¤à¤° ठहà¥à¤ हम, फिरà¤à¤à¥ मलà¥à¤²à¤¾à¤¹. हम सॠà¤à¥à¤¯à¤¾à¤¦à¤¾ नà¥à¤ à¤à¤¨à¥à¤¸à¤¾à¤¨ à¤à¤¸ धरतॠपॠà¤à¤¹à¥à¤ नहà¥à¤ मिलà¥à¤à¤¾ à¤à¤ªà¤à¥. सà¤à¥à¤à¤¾à¤ तॠहमरा दà¥à¤¸à¤°à¤¾ नाम हà¥, à¤à¤° भरà¥à¤¸à¤¾ हमरा à¤à¤¾à¤®. दादॠà¤à¤¸à¤® !!! #ThugsOfHindostan | @yrf | @tohthefilm | @amitabhbachchan | @katrinakaif | @fatimasanashaikh A post shared by Aamir Khan (@_aamirkhan) on Sep 23, 2018 at 10:20pm PDT In case you haven't noticed yet, Google Maps has a little help from Firangi today to help guide people. An animated version of Aamir's character from the movie appears riding a donkey and showing everyone the way. Now, this is what I call an original idea, tbh. So basically, everyone has the option of riding along with Firangi, aka the desi Jack Sparrow, while navigating your way while claiming things like “Chalo bhaiyya, one two three kick maar”. There are some steps for that before, though, but they're quite simple. To activate #FirangiOnGoogleMaps, follow these simple steps on @googlemaps. So let's “1,2,3...quick march”! | @aamir_khan | @GoogleIndia | @TOHTheFilm pic.twitter.com/GmBrmo6uYY — Yash Raj Films (@yrf) November 1, 2018 People are already using this new feature and thoroughly enjoying it. Promotion level: Game changer. Chalo!#TOH #ThugsofHindostan #FirangiOnGoogleMaps — Sai Charan T (@Charan3107) November 1, 2018 Wooow, it's working .ð Now,I m so so so and So happy.ð Thanks @GoogleIndia @googlemaps @aamir_khan @TOHTheFilm #FirangiOnGoogleMaps ðð¦ pic.twitter.com/IC5a8tPM94 — SATYAJEET (@imSatyajeet18) November 1, 2018 A lot of people are surprised it's even working. Waah... Finally Its Working on my Phone ðð𤩠Chalo bhaiya... 1..2 ..3 .. Quick March ð #FirangiOnGoogleMaps Thanks @aamir_khan @TOHTheFilm @yrf ð pic.twitter.com/8xDs3qvwHk — $@M (@SAMTHEBESTEST) November 1, 2018 Very good. This is very good marketing strategy @aamir_khan @yrf ðð #FirangiOnGoogleMaps Millions of people use Google Map #ThugsOfHindostan ð pic.twitter.com/4cgVFHTGhG — â­ιââââ} ƒíɾÉÕ²Öí {ââââιâ­ (@Jammy_PK) November 1, 2018
  7. November is here and so is our new binge list for you! If you also happen to get lost in the myriad of options that flow your way and spend more time in deciding what to stream on Netflix, then fuss not. Here's our top picks for the month: 1. Rajma Chawal This movie was one of the favourites at the MAMI and is directed by Leena Yadav. The movie follows the relationship between a father and a son in the modern age and stars Rishi Kapoor and Amyra Dastur in pivotal roles. When: 30th November © Leena Yadav 2. Narcos: Mexico This one was originally meant to be a successor in the line of the extremely famous 'Narcos' but was eventually developed as an independent show. The series will follow the drug cartels in Mexico, unlike 'Narcos' which focused on Columbia. If you're a fan of the original, you don't need many reasons to watch this one. When: 16th November 3. House Of Cards (Season 6) HOC fans can rejoice as the sixth season is finally here. However, unlike the previous seasons which had over 13 episodes each, this one will only have eight episodes and will obviously not star Kevin Spacey as well. When: 2nd November 4. Westside This musical reality show will showcase and follow the journey of nine artists who will have fully produced music videos and original songs sung by them. If you're a musical fan, then this where fiction meets reality for you. When: 9th November 5. Dogs This documentary follows the stories of six dogs and their families in various situations. You will not get out of this without shedding a few tears and just reminding yourself about how lucky you are that your dog decided to love you. Besides these fantastic 5 picks, you will also be able to stream 'No One Killed Jessica', 'Barfi', 'Kai Po Che' and 'ABCD 2' in November.
  8. Diwali is a time when we remember the victory of good over evil, but it is also a time to get your loved ones together and celebrate that very victory. So, throw the best Diwali party with our party guide this festival season, and become the host with the most. The festival season means lots of family time, great food, gifts, the perfect outfits, music, dance, and a game or two of cards. And with our help, you will be acing it all, and throwing the best Diwali bash, that will make sure everyone will be waiting for their invite next year. Throw the best Diwali party, with these tips and party essentials we have picked out: 1. Get The Dress Code Right © Instagram/Alia Bhatt A Diwali bash is incomplete without the right clothes. And to get the dress code right, you need to be a good host, get your Diwali outfit ready. Make sure you let guests know the required attire, whether you want to class it up in a fancier black tie-inspired event, or go the traditional way. It is Diwali after all, so we recommend fully decked out desi vibes. with vibrant and glam ethnic outfits. Get yourself the perfect Diwali kurta and make sure your guests know to dress up too. 2. Ambience Is Key & That Means Lighting, Lighting, Lighting! © Twitter/Amitabh Bachchan A warm, welcoming, and energetic ambience is a necessity for any party, and even more so for a Diwali party, which is, after all, the festival of lights. Don't worry about over-doing it, there's actually not much of a way to go overboard with lights during Diwali. Instead, invest in different kinds and style of light. Buy a couple of string lights, some floor lamps, paper lantern lights, and make sure your guests feel the festive vibe the whole time they are there. String Lights © YouTube MRP: Rs 379 Buy it here 3. The Right Music To Set The Tone & Keep The Party Going © YouTube Get into the party mood with the right music. We obviously mean, Bollywood music. Dance through the night with the Bollywood hits that aren't just fun, but also have innumerable memories attached to them. Bring on the fun, nostalgia, and festive feel with the best music. If you are wondering about what kind of sound system is suited to outdoor parties, or big Diwali bashes, check out our list of the best speakers. 4. Make Sure People Are Hooked With Games And Entertainment Diwali parties mean lots of games, camaraderie, and fun. We all know a game or two of cards is on the table (pun intended) when friends and family get together during the Diwali season. Even if you aren't throwing a card party, it's good to be stocked with games and entertainment options for your guests. We recommend these: • Cards © Amazon India MRP: Rs 425 Buy it here • Jenga © Funskool MRP: Rs 449 Buy it here • Uno © Amazon India MRP: Rs 89 Buy it here • Poker © Amazon India MRP: Rs 3,499 Buy it here • Cards Against Humanity © Amazon India MRP: Rs 2,150 Buy it here 5. Let The Food Do The Talking © Mensxp/Lighthouse Café Don't forget the food when it comes to your Diwali bash. Keep your fridge fully stocked, or better, over-stocked. It is much easier to handle having more food (you can always give it to charity or have your guests take packed food back), but dealing with a food shortage is scary and difficult, when you have a bunch of hungry guests on your hand. Pro tip: Get LOTS of snacks. They keep your guests nibbling, busy, and it is much easier than having to handle a full plate of dinner while socialising or partying it up. So get a lot of different kinds of snacks, and lessen the amount of the main courses. 6. A Drink Or Two, Served Up In Style Is Always A Good Idea © Mensxp Any kind of party needs a little bit of fuel to keep it going, and to bring out the crazy in your guests. So, organise drinks that people find easy to handle, and mix, unless you are hiring a bartender or server to manage it. Get yourself some quirky and effective bar accessories that will not only make the whole thing easier but also impress your guests. Pro tip: In case some of your guests get a little too crazy, or simply want to sober up, keep provisions handy. We have all hosted parties where we had to drop the host hat, and become a nurse, and it's a pretty inevitable thing. So, just be prepared for any spilt drinks, messes, or an overly drunk person. Stock up on some easy-to-use wipes, keep some cleaning supplies handy, keep a batch of chilled lemonade in the fridge, and some headache medicines that you can easily dispense to anyone in need.
  9. Before we launch into the guide head-first, let us begin by understanding what exactly qualifies as PDA, at the very start. As most of you may already be aware, PDA stands for public display of affection. While that's something young Indians love to indulge in (both online as well as offline), the older generation loves to bawl over the same. © Twitter Regardless, we must put it out there that “public display of affection” could be anything right from holding hands, kissing, to hugging and cuddling with your partner while in the public view. If you really think about it, there's no set way of circumscribing it because it can be pretty subjective. Let's just say if it's something you wouldn't do in front of your grandparents (or even your parents in the Indian context), then that would probably count as PDA. © BCCL Yet, when we talk about PDA in the Indian scenario, there exist two definite demarcations. One is the kind you might have witnessed in a public park with couples cuddling on a bench. The other is the more acceptable one, such as a couple holding hands across the table while on a romantic dinner. These are kind of the two extremities of cringe fest that PDA is often capable of evoking in a person. Whether you like it or not, acceptance of PDA says a lot about your partner and/or your relationship, according to psychologist Dr. Cooper Lawrence. In an interview with Zoosk.com, Dr. Lawrence said that unwillingness to indulge in PDA might mean that your partner doesn't want the world to view him/her as attached. He believes that “this may be indicative of someone who isn't fully committed to you and may never be”. © Instagram Dr. Lawrence also feels that since PDA denotes a certain amount of emotional connection between a couple, at the very least, holding hands can be a good thing. Studies have shown that holding hands has positive health benefits. Even mild PDA helps in lowering the heart rate and regulating the BP! Well, if we have you convinced about the good, and the bad of PDA, we'd now like to present to you the various possibilities of how you can take cues from Ranveer and Deepika on getting your PDA act right. The following 5 instances are some of the least cringe-worthy ways of indulging in some healthy PDA without offending anyone (barring only the nosy aunties perhaps), as shown by the soon-to-be-married couple: 1. The VERY Public Declaration Of Affection View this post on Instagram Throwback To IIFA 2015ð DeepVeer Are So Cuteð (@deepikapadukone, #DeepikaPadukone, @ranveersingh, #RanveerSingh, @arjunkapoor, #ArjunKapoor, #DeepVeer, #IIFA2015, #250KPlease, #GainFollowers) A post shared by A Proud Deepika Padukone Stanð (@deepikapiku) on Feb 24, 2017 at 7:57am PST This was back in the day during 2015 IIFA Awards when Ranveer got down on his knees, on the awards stage, and made a very public declaration of his love to Deepika with a heart-shaped balloon. He did something very similar again during a promotional appearance on the Colors TV show 'Swaragini'. © YouTube It might seem too cheesy, but trust us, most people would be too busy adoring the act to stop and bash you up for it. 2. Doing The 'Romeo' © YouTube Again in 2015, post attending Farah Khan's birthday bash, Deepika was seen leaving the venue with Karan Johar, while Ranveer chased after his lady-love with a yellow rose in a typical 'Romeo' gesture. If you ask us, when done in a non-creepy, playful manner this can really strike the right chords with your girl. 3. The Covert PDA Gestures Special visitor on set today. #RanveerSingh and a very happy #DeepikaPadukone. Great spirit and smile. #Cooldude pic.twitter.com/dvwmWh1NZ2 — D.j. Caruso (@Deejaycar) February 13, 2016 PDA need not always be a physical gesture. Instead, something like what Ranveer did for Valentine's Day in 2016 could be an inspiration for you. In 2016, while Deepika was away from home in the US shooting for 'XXX: Return Of Xander Cage', Ranveer decided to surprise her on the set of the movie. Women dig such thoughtful gestures. Little things matter, and this could be one way of showing her, and the world how much you love her. 4. A Hug Says It All © YouTube At the success party of 'Tamasha', Deepika pleasantly reciprocated her feelings for Ranveer very publicly. While Ranveer was responding to media queries, Deepika surprised him by hugging him from behind. Ranveer's reaction was a mix of shock and amusement. This looked so natural and subtle, we're sure anybody who saw them would have found them adorable. 5. The Out-And-Out PDA © Twitter During their appearance on the Colors TV show 'Comedy Nights Bachao', Ranveer went all out hugging and pecking Deepika on the show. While some might say it was too much of PDA on national television, their fans were surely not complaining. So, maybe keep the PDA subtle at most times, and go all out only once in a while to really amp things up a bit every now and then?
  10. The wedding season is here, and if you're even remotely social, you must already have a pile of invitations. As enjoyable as the idea of attending a wedding reception might be, it honestly is a lot of work. You need to look good, not only because of societal norms, but also because of the fact that it's extremely likely that you might just run into someone you're into, and you should just be safe in terms of being, well, 'not repulsive'. But if we look at it systematically, it can be done, and easily so. Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to get ready for a wedding reception without breaking a sweat, and not missing out on anything: 1. Get A Salon Appointment © en.uaezoom The first step, obviously, is grooming. Please take an appointment at a good salon, and get a good haircut. If you have facial hair, take care of shaping and grooming that as well. Please do that at least a day in advance, to avoid last minute hassle, or any redness/rashes. 2. Get A Manicure (& Pedicure Too, If Possible) © Shutterstock You will be socializing while holding a wine/cocktail glass. Women notice the finer details, like nail hygiene. Trust us. Also, an Indian wedding might have certain occasions that will require you to take off your shoes. So, go for a manicure and pedicure for brownie points. 3. Get Your Clothes Dry-Cleaned/Ironed In Advance © Shutterstock Rummaging for clothes at the last minute can be a sartorial suicide. Please make sure you know well in advance what you're wearing. Get them out, and give them for dry cleaning/ironing/laundry if required. That can reduce your stress by a great deal on the day of the reception/function, plus who doesn't like freshly laundered and ironed clothes? 4. Get A Facial © Donner Hubb Yes, we know you're probably thinking that's stretching it a bit, but trust us, you need your skin to look good. The lights can be unforgiving, and the competition fierce (in case you want a date). The choice is yours. 5. Use A Great Perfume © FreeDesignFile One of the most underrated, yet most important steps is to smell incredible. If you smell great, half the battle is won. Plus, there is a possibility that you might dance at some point, which means you will sweat. A good perfume will save your back. Apart from these steps, please also do the obvious things, such as taking a proper shower before getting ready, and carrying breath mints for those after-dinner conversations. Good luck!
  11. You see them every day. You talk, hang out, have fun. In the midst of this routine, you realise you have fallen for them. And if you are lucky enough, so have they. The catch? You work in the same place. via GIPHY What's wrong with falling for someone at work, you ask? Have you been watching Jim and Pam from 'The Office' and harbouring a secret desire to end up like them? Or Jake and Amy from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but there are a lot of things which come into play when you start dating a co-worker. © NBC It is not wrong; you can't help yourself from falling in love or the person you fall for; but will love be sufficient to satiate your hungry stomach when you are out of a job? Fear not, we are here to tell you how to have the perfect office romance: 1. Have THE Talk Before you jump into a relationship with someone you share a working relationship with, be sure to chart out what happens if you break up. You need to remember that this is not a person you met online or at a coffee shop, went on a few dates with and when you guys didn't hit it off, stopped dating. This is not someone you can easily avoid if you want. They are not a person who can be written out of your life, because chances are that you may have to see them even after things go south for you. You might have to work closely with them in the future. They are going to be a constant presence in the office, where you spend the largest part of your weekday. I do not mean to be a buzzkill or discourage you from having a meaningful relationship by talking about the negatives first, but you need to be clear on what happens if things don't work out. You are taking a chance here; your career is at stake and theirs is too. Figure out a plan on what works best for both of you. 2. Keep It Cool “If you got it, flaunt it” does not earn any points from your colleagues. Keeping a low-profile from the beginning can benefit in the long-run. The perk would be that if things don't work out, no one would be the bad one. Having the romance on the down low will also help you avoid gossip, refraining from calling each other with cute nicknames or other terms of endearment in front of people in the office. In fact, having a secret that just the two of you share only makes the relationship more exciting; the sly glances and unspoken words, the accidental run-ins in the elevator, the clandestine, nonchalant lunches you share. Again, don't go overboard with the secrecy. Some people tend to go to the other extreme; ignoring or humiliating their beau in an effort to throw people off their scent. It might seem like a great idea but can lead to problems afterwards. via GIPHY Keep the hand-holding, kissing and hugs outside your working hours. No one is demanding that you treat your S/O with disrespect, but you can control your urge for nine hours of the day, can't you? PDA is never appreciated in workspaces. Period. I can't stress enough on the way some co-workers will find new ways to spread rumours or talk behind your back if they get a wind of a relationship brewing, especially if you're dating your superior/boss/senior. 3. Be Aware Of Company Policy Having an impulsive, devil-may-care attitude won't help. Different companies have myriad rules and policies regarding office romances. Check your company policy so that you don't have to suffer later. I know of some couples who assumed that having a relationship at work won't affect their individual careers. Contrary to popular belief, they ended up getting an earful from the HR and were kept on probation, or in some cases, were terminated. It is imperative to see what the company has to say about their employees having a relationship. Most of them now have a “love contract” or “cupid contract” which prohibits the employees from engaging in an affair, or a compendium of rules which they need to follow if they do pursue a relationship. © NBC 4. Gossip Girl If your colleagues know you are dating someone from work, you are bound to be the hot topic of gossip. Be prepared to listen to some snarky comments or sneaky potshots at you or your partner by some extremely nosy co-workers, who will be interested in every little detail of your relationship. Instead of being irritated and letting their words get the better of you, learn to ignore. Tell them that it is not a topic you would like to discuss in the office or during office hours. In fact, here is when the previous point comes into play. If you keep a non-existent, nearly invisible footprint of the relationship, your co-workers won't be interested or won't even know of it. 5. That-What-Must-Not-Be-Done Clause I know that being in close proximity to the person you love, can inspire you both to express your love physically. As invigorating as office *** may sound, it is not worth the chance. TV Shows, novels and movies might make it look cool, but it is neither ethical nor pleasant. Please do not try to imitate Rachel and Mike from 'Suits'. via GIPHY The aftermath won't be pretty. Most firms have cameras installed across the expanse of the building, some are hidden, and you won't be able to salvage your reputation or your partner's if the management gets hold of the footage. A lengthy lecture, a probable demotion or/and an angry letter from the HR department, along with a verbal discourse from your manager is just a bonus. 6. Are You Both Ready? Make sure that both of you are on the same page. You wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of a sexual harassment lawsuit. Reiterate the fact that the relationship is consensual for both from the start. Is it just a fling or an affair or are you completely and irrevocably in love? 7. Handling Conflict Never let your personal fights and differences spill into your area of work. Strategize to keep the fights at home; creating a scene in front of your colleagues will only debase your credibility and the respect people have for you. Have stipulated times and lives for personal and work matters. © ABC Studios 8. Dating The Boss (Or Junior) For the manager: Refrain from giving any kind of unnecessary perks to them or showing of affection or intimacy. If they are worth it and have worked for it, give them that promotion or reward. Don't incorporate your love in the workplace, remember that another person may suffer as a result. You were given a position of responsibility for a reason; be impartial. For the subordinate: Do not seek preferential treatment or accept gifts from them. Be prepared to listen to gossip about you from your peers or see a change in their behaviour with you. Believe me, your peers will talk. You can't stop people from wagging their tongues. Do what is in your power; be professional and do your job. Make it very clear that just because you are having a relationship who happens to be a superior/junior does not make you a pariah or a sell-out. You work hard, and you deserve the recognition when it is due. It has nothing to do with the person whom you are dating. © NBC 9. Taking The Plunge If you are sure that they are the one for you, then it is time to have a talk/discussion with the HR department for seeking out alternatives for both of you. Most commonly, your departments might get changed or locations might be altered, but you won't have to sneak around or go out of a job. Doesn't love conquer all? via GIPHY What is a teeny-tiny inconvenience when you can spend your life with the one you love in turn? 10. The Other Side If it doesn't work out, its fine. Don't let petty frustrations or incompatibility in a relationship cloud your judgement or the love you once had, instead, be a harbinger for your or their professional discomfort. People fall out of love, it is normal. You might not get along after a time if your personalities don't match. Be professional and don't let your feelings get the better of you. Give a mysterious smile when you see them and walk away. All the best. Thank us later.
  12. Unlike your run-of-the-mill sprint, a marathon is a going to be a lot more challenging, physically draining and mentally exhausting. It will require a lot of time and effort on your end, and will also make you rely on a wider and diverse set of skills. As such, any help you get should be welcome - especially if we keep in mind just how difficult finishing a marathon can be. Well, we at MensXP understand that, and we've come up with a few tips that are going to be beneficial to all types of runners who might be prepping for their next (or first!) marathon. So, whether you're a beginner or expert alike, here's your foolproof guide for running a marathon that'll not only help you finish it, but will also increase your chances of coming first. 1) Increase Your Stamina © Unsplash Of all the skills you harbour, the amount of stamina you posses is going to be that one skill that'll be most tested when you'll be running a marathon. So needless to say, increasing your stamina should be pretty high on your priority, as that's basically the first step in ensuring that you finish (and possibly in the first place!) your marathon. Speaking of which... 2) Start Going On Quick Runs & Short Sprints © Pexels While going on quick runs and short sprints won't necessarily prep you for a marathon (after all, a marathon is a different beast altogether), it will help you increase your stamina and as mentioned above, that is the one skill you need to be honing in order to prep yourself for running a marathon. Initially, you can go on just a couple of such runs in a week, but it's advisable to gradually scale up that number. 3) Get The Right Pair Of Marathon Running Shoes © Unsplash You might believe that wearing any pair of marathon running shoes will do the trick, but that's actually a rookie mistake to make. In reality, the running shoes you invest in can actually end up being the kingmaker (if you choose them wisely!) or the deal breaker (if you go for a substandard option) vis-a-vis your chances of winning your marathon. Pro tip: While being a brand brat isn't exactly something that we recommend, when it comes to running shoes, opting for premium and reputable brands can actually become a matter of safety and avoiding potential injuries. 4) Make Sure You Stay Hydrated © Pexels You may not know if you're going to come first or last in your marathon, but the one thing you can absolutely be certain of is this - you'll be sweating buckets! So with all that water leaving your body, your chances of getting dehydrated shoot up. As such, you need to ensure that you stay hydrated. So stocking up on enough water bottles, energy drinks and hydration pouches is highly advisable. 5) Get Your Body In Shape © Pexels No, you don't need to have six-pack abs or the biggest biceps in the gym, but you do need to get in shape. After all, the fitter you are (and the better your Body Mass Index is) the easier it will be for your body to sustain itself during the duration of an entire marathon, no matter how long or challenging the marathon may be. 6) Scout The Path You'll Be Running On © Unsplash This one should pretty much be a no-brainer. The path you'll be running on needs to be scouted and vetted by you before you run your marathon. For instance, you need to ask yourself the following questions? How long is the marathon going to be? What kind of terrain will it cover? Are there any potential safety risks that you might encounter? Conducting the proper research can, more often than not, make all the difference.
  13. If you've been familiar with the dating scenario, you'd know that women are mostly attracted to guys who're confident and sure about themselves. They want a man who can hold his own and stands out in the crowd. Women don't mind shy guys but they don't respect them enough to want to maybe date them. Even if they date a shy guy, it'll never be because of the personality they hold, TBH. It'll only be because they're probably nice guys and can be submissive at the same time. So, if you want to be a success with women, you will have to build on your confidence and work on that spark that attracts them to you in the first place. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying dismiss all your positive traits and the inherent personality that you possess. I am just saying, you can do away with unrequited shyness and up the dating game a tad. © Thinkstock Images I am going to give you a few tricks and pointers to keep up with, when you want to approach women at bars and ask them out. It takes a lot to approach a woman you like at a bar but once you get it right, she will definitely not let you down. Unless, of course, she's on a 'girls night' out and doesn't want any male attention or she's genuinely not interested! So, here are 5 useful tips to approach women at a bar if you're a shy guy! (1) Remember, Being Shy Isn't Cute It works for women for sure. I mean, if a woman is shying away in front of me, I'll find her cute AF but it doesn't really work for guys as much. Being shy is a sign of zero to no confidence and that's just off-putting for women, who're looking for something more substantial. So in case you think you score a date on the virtue of being shy, then I think you're wrong. The key is to never assume being shy is an endearing trait! (2) Eye Contact Helps If you find a girl at a bar you're digging, try and make eye contact with her. Not in a creepy way, obviously, but in a more flirtatious way. I know it's a bit tough once you're shy and shy men usually stay away from eye contact. But you're breaking away from the only thing that is holding you back on meeting women, so making eye contact is absolutely okay and harmless! Once you establish good eye contact, you have her attention! (3) Smile, Always! Smiling is another way to get her attention. Again, don't be creepy about it and let the girl think you're genuinely interested in her, just through a smile. This is a carryover of the 'eye contact' you just made. Once you do establish good eye contact, smile at her simultaneously, just to let her know you're interested in talking to her. (4) Approach Her Steadfastly Once you've established good eye contact and she has read your body language, it's time to approach her, without thinking twice. Do it like you're ripping a band-aid off! Quick and fearlessly! Once you do approach her, that's when the real work starts. When you're approaching a woman at a bar, you have to let go of any preconceived notions you may have about yourself. You have to stop second-guessing yourself or think you're appearance isn't up to mark or that you can't do it. Of course, you can! It's only a matter of patience and a lot of confidence that you have to develop over time. She actually may like you making an effort. Most women appreciate a guy who walks up to them and starts talking, because they know it takes a certain amount of guts to do so. Just don't be assertive with her when you approach her. That' s a huge turn-off. Be vocal, yes, but first ask her if you're intruding her space. If she replies with a yes, and that she's busy, move on. Don't stand there and try harder. It's okay to be rejected at a bar because you never know what her motive to be at the bar is, in the first place. © Pinterest I know rejection is hard to handle, but once you approach her and ask her for permission to join her for the evening, it's smooth sailing from there. If she says no, then move on and do your thing and if she says yes, then own the evening! Being shy is just a state of mind and once you get over that, you're going to enjoy every minute of going out and meeting new people!
  14. Netflix is one drug supply which we basically cannot live without today, right? So unless you have a bad habit of binge-watching, then chances are you have a plethora of options available to stream but in case you are looking for your dope supply, then here's a list of a few TV shows and movies which are hitting Netflix this month and can totally be on your binge list: 1. Little Things Mithila and Dhruv are coming back with their extremely relatable, much-loved love story of two millennials living it out together. You know you have waited for the second season for quite a while now, right? When: 4th October onwards 2. Sanju If you missed this wonderfully crafted Ranbir starrer biopic of Sanajy Dutt or you simply want to relive the brilliance of Rajkumar Hirani, then this movie will be finally available on Netflix this month. When: 15th October 3. Soorma Diljit Dosanjh and Taapsee Pannu did a wonderful job in this hockey movie which tells the story of Indian hockey player Sandeep Singh. Make sure you watch it this month! When: 21st October 4. Salt Fat Acid Heat As the name suggests, this show is a culinary visual delight. Based on the famous cookbook 'Salt Fat Acid Heat', this show has chef Samin Nosrat taking us on an experimental food tour across countries. When: 11th October 5. Private Life This show revolves around a couple struggling to have kids and going through a strenuous cycle of adoption and assisted reproduction. When: 5th October 6. Riverdale (Season 3) The crazy town stories of Archie and his friends are coming back after a hiatus with the third season hitting Netflix this month. We will finally know what the Lodges are up to for real, what is on Cheryl's mind and how will our 'Bughead' end. When: 11th October 7. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina If you're an Archie's fan, then you are no alien to Sabrina and her life. The famous teenage witch's life has been finally turned into a series of its own after much speculation was rife about Sabrina joining the 'Riverdale' cast. When: 26th October
  15. It's often said that the first impression you make on someone is almost always the last impression you leave on them. While this is said to be a general principle for all social interactions, it becomes especially (and essentially!) true for first dates. After all, a first date is when your date's guard is up, her observation skills are at an all-time-high and any potential red flags are searched for with a magnifying glass. In other words, how you dress up and how you behave on a first date pretty much ends up determining your future with that person. So to help you make sure you ace that first step, here's a five-step guide that you should follow to a tee. Step 1: Make Sure Your Beard Game Is Impeccable © Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan While not everyone out there is flaunting a beard or a mooch, those that do need to make sure that their beard game is impeccable. There can be absolutely no debate on this whatsoever, as harbouring a messy and unkempt beard pretty much gives your date a license to never see you again. Pro tip: Investing in the best beard oils, the best beard trimmers, and even the best moustache waxes is highly advisable. Step 2: Don't Overdo With Your Clothes And/Or Accessories © Instagram/ Varun Dhawan While we'll never vouch or push for you to censor your fashion choices - especially if they are eddy and/or if they make you feel comfortable - there's a fine line between being edgy or a rule-breaker, and over-doing things. After all, the golden rule 'less is more' is a prominent fashion rule for a reason. Step 3: Pay Attention To Your Choice Of Footwear © Instagram/Vicky Kaushal You might feel like the shoes you are wearing aren't all-that-important in accentuating your ensemble, but that'll be an incredibly rookie mistake to make. In fact, the type of sneakers you'll be wearing actually get noticed a lot more than you believe, so much so that they usually become an indicator of a man's sense of fashion and taste. Step 4: Wear A Long-Lasting Fragrance © Pexels The importance of the fragrance you'll be wearing cannot be stressed enough. After all, it acts like that stealth agent which helps you leave a lasting impression on your date. In fact, at times the perfume you are wearing might even be more effective than the clothes you choose to adorn. So stock up on the best perfumes for men out there, make sure you spray just the right amount (DO NOT drench yourself in a cologne, no matter how good it smells), and you'll be good to go. Step 5: Finally, Be Confident & Comfortable With Yourself © Instagram/Shahid Kapoor This step is, without a doubt, the most important step of them all. Anything and everything else you do will pretty much get severely undermined if you don't follow this step. Being confident and comfortable with yourself - be it in the clothes you wear, the body language you exude or how you choose to talk and behave - will certainly help leave a lasting (and positive!) impression on your date.
  16. So, FIFA 19 has been out for a few days now, and I just came across my first opponent with a 90+ rated squad. How do these guys do it? I mean, we all know how they do it, but why? What's the fun in spending cash, buying FIFA points and opening pack after pack until you get a 90+ rated player? That's no fun, is it? © EA Sports Grinding your way to the top is far more exhilarating. Plus, you relish each victory on Division Rivals a lot more when you know you've earned every single player in your team. Yes, there's a little luck involved with packs but you've earned every pack instead of buying them, so it still counts. Anyway, nobody really cares about the experience, it's all about making 500,000 coins, isn't it? Everyone has a favourite player(s) and we want to buy them as soon as possible. Favourites like Eden Hazard, Neymar Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi aren't cheap, though. So, unless your favourite player is Inter Milan's LB Dalbert, you're going to need some cash before you can afford any of them. Luckily, we're here to help. © EA Sports Buy low, sell high. That's how any market works, right? But, how do you know when a player is at his lowest? Unless your brain works at 2 GB per second, there's no way you're going to be able to remember the value of every single player in the game. Luckily, there's a website that can help you out. I won't name it here because they aren't paying us but it has something to do with football and bins. Now, on to the tips: Budget Players Initially, you won't have too many coins, so investing in 10k-20k players is going to be difficult. So, what you need to do instead, is focus on players that are worth less than 1000 coins. The Premier League is a gold mine for this. It is the most popular league in the world, after all. So, why not make the most of it? The most important thing to remember while buying players, is their discard value. Discard value is the amount you can quickly sell a player for. Rare gold players have a discard value of around 600 coins. Common gold cards have a discard value of 300 coins or so. Try to get cards as close to this value as possible. © EA Sports As for selling, list them for a 200-300 coin profit right away. Don't wait for their value to skyrocket. It's not happening! Keep the FIFA transaction fee in mind too. That 5% can prove to be quite detrimental to your endeavour. Always account for it when selling. Think of it this way, a 200 coin profit on 10 unpopular Premier League players worth 800 coins is way better than a 2000 coin profit on Dele Alli. Why? The FIFA transaction fee on selling 10000 coins worth of players is 500 coins, while you'd have to pay 1500 in transaction fees for Dele Alli, who costs 30000 coins. Weekly Rewards Choosing the right rewards is very important too when you're trying to make millions. The first question you need to ask yourself is, what is my main objective? Do you want to build a great squad or make 500,000 coins? If you want to make 500,000 coins, always go for the coin rewards. There's always a risk associated with packs and you don't want that. Take the coins. Live stress-free! © EA Sports Yes, it can get hard with so many streamers posting videos of themselves opening packs and getting Cristiano Ronaldo. But, how many packs did they have to open to get him? Think about it. I've opened around 50 packs since I got the game, and the best player I've got so far is Riyad Mahrez (Untradeable). What a waste! Luckily, they were all earned. I should have gone for the coins! Coin Boosts When you press the R3 button on your PS controller, you'll get taken to a market of sorts where you can use the FIFA XP you've gathered over the years to get additional rewards. There are some 86+ players available on loan here but what should interest you the most are the coins boosts. These are extra coins you get for every time you play a match. There are 75000 worth of coins you can get through the various coin boosts available here. Don't forget them! © EA Sports Sniping This is a method most streamers use to make coins. I've tried it out a few times but have never been successful. What people do is find the lowest cost at which a popular player is selling and then set their max buy now price, lower than that. It's difficult to snipe a player but if you do, there's good money to be made there. Personally though, it's too much effort and I don't have that much time to waste, so I give this method a pass. Squad Building Challenges The last piece of advice I have for you today is quite simple really! Don't waste your time with the SBCs. Unless you're doing an SBC to get a particular player reward, ignore it. There's no point spending 20000-30000 coins on an SBC and then the best card you get out of the rewards, is a Santi Cazorla. You'll feel like breaking your remote. Don't waste your time! © EA Sports You thought making 500,000 coins was going to be easy? Hahahaha. There's no magic trick that can get you there. There are no secret trades you can make. It takes time and effort. You'll have to play for at least 3-4 hours Monday to Friday plus 8-9 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Here's a breakup of the coins you can expect to earn this way: Squad Battles – Elite 1 – 30000 Coins + 2 Mega Packs (Hoping for 20000 worth of value.) Division Rivals – Division 5/Rank I – 58000 coins Coin Boost – 75000 coins Playing matches – 125000 coins Weekend League –Gold 1 (20 wins) – 50000 coins + 2 Jumbo Rare Players Pack/2 Player Pick Special Items (Around 50000 coins from this hopefully) Apart from this, you can trade using the above tips and earn around 100000 coins in a week. Who knew making your first 500,000 coins was this easy? You might just get lucky and pack an 89+ card which is just an added bonus! Unless it's David Silva. :/
  17. For my money, sneakers are one of the most underrated elements of a guy's ensemble. In the larger scheme of things where people tend to focus on the jackets, t-shirts, shirts and trousers they are wearing, they often end up underestimating the value a kickass pair of sneakers can add to their attire. If worn with the right things, the sneakers you are wearing can make all the difference in ensuring you look good. But finding and getting the right pair of sneakers can often be a daunting task, especially if you don't know what (or how) to look for. So to help make things easier for you, we at MensXP present a simple and easy to follow five-step guide that'll help you buy the best sneakers for yourself. 1) STEP 1: Have Clarity Over The Type Of Sneakers You Are Looking For © Unsplash There are many different types of sneakers you can opt for - running sneakers, casual sneakers and party sneakers just to name a few. So before you start looking for a new pair of sneakers for yourself, you need to have clarity over the type of sneakers you are looking for. It goes without saying that you can't be looking for running sneakers when you're looking for something that'll help you accentuate a party ensemble, and vice-versa. 2) STEP 2: Look At The Bigger Picture © Official Instagram/Vicky Kaushal When you're about to buy a pair of sneakers for yourself, make sure you don't look at them in isolation. After all, what you're going to be pairing those sneakers with is just as important as the sneakers themselves. So make sure you keep in mind the bigger picture - the jackets, shirts, trousers and/or jeans you'll be teaming up your sneakers with - before you buy a pair of sneakers for yourself. 3) STEP 3: Don't Be A Brand Brat! © Unsplash Of course, it goes without saying that Nike, Adidas and Reebok offer some of the best sneakers for men in India (although they are primarily known for running shoes), but you don't have to confine yourself to just those few brands when looking for a pair of sneakers. In fact, thrift shopping for sneakers is an art in itself, and you can get your hands on some incredibly stylish and fashion-forward pairs if you just search with an open mind. Finally, all the money you'll be saving by not being a brand brat certainly won't hurt either. 4) STEP 4: Be Creative © Official Instagram/ Nike Of course, owning a pair of basic black and/or white sneakers is a given, especially since you can pretty much team them up with almost anything in your wardrobe. But you should also think about being a bit creative when choosing a pair of sneakers for yourself. So try opting for funky prints and patterns, as well as unique and complementary colour combinations, and you'll be good to go. 5) STEP 5: Don't Compromise On Your Comfort © Official Instagram/ Vicky Kaushal When it comes to the footwear you are opting for, your comfort should be a high priority. After all, you don't want to contend with those agonizing shoe bites JUST because you wanted to own a stylish pair of sneakers. So make sure you always wear your size and don't opt for sneakers that will make it agonizingly difficult for you to wear AND walk in them.
  18. Our brethren from the LGBTQ community had been silenced for the longest time, as the society continued to grapple with the possibility of (rightfully) acknowledging their realities and enabling them to speak about their experiences and expectations, the same way we discuss our weekend plans. Until a few weeks ago, talking about these experiences might have seemed like a far-fetched dream for most, but the recent amendment of Section 377 has opened newer avenues for people to come out (literally) and indulge in an active discourse around the myriad nuances that make the LGBTQ community. © Reuters Why Do We Need Pro-LGBTQ Terminology If some of you have been wondering about the usefulness of this “guide”, then allow us to elucidate. Human society sustains on language as a mode of interaction and expression, and this forms the basis of why we must be aware of the niche terminologies related to the LGBTQ people and use them appropriately in our interactions. © AP Disclaimer: It must be understood that meanings tend to undergo changes and evolve over time. Mentioned below are some of the most commonly used terms (from amongst a more wholesome well of lexicon), that the LGBTQ community uses to describe themselves and their experiences. We must be aware of the same and use them accurately and respectfully during conversations. Identity terms are often dodgy and though we have tried to do justice to their meanings, it must be known that we have no intention of offending or hurting anybody from the LGBTQ community who may feel it does not describe them or the idea perfectly. © AP Here are 27 terms you must include in your vocabulary: 1. Advocate An individual who actively strives to propagate social equality for the marginalised groups by raising awareness, in order to end intolerance towards them. 2. Agender A person who does not identify with the traditional concept of gender and/or sees themselves as existing without a gender. 3. Ally A person who possesses socio-economic privileges, understands its effects and challenges such as practices that make a section of our society less privileged. An ally supports and respects all the members of the LGBTQ community. © AP 4. Androgynous Used to describe an individual whose appearance and mannerisms merge both masculine and feminine traits which result in ambiguity. 5. Asexual Used to describe someone who does not experience sexual attraction towards others. Often confused with celibacy, asexuality is a sexual orientation whereas the former is a conscious choice. 6. Bicurious It is to be curious about one's attraction towards people of the same gender. © AP 7. Biological *** A medical term for classification of an individual as male, female or intersex, on the basis of their chromosomal, hormonal and anatomical characteristics. 8. Bisexual Someone who is romantically and sexually attracted to both men as well as women. 9. Butch An individual who sees themselves as the masculine partner in a relationship, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. © Reuters 10. Cisgender An individual whose gender identity is in alignment with his/her biological ***. 11. Closeted Someone who is not open to themselves or others about their sexuality or gender identity, either as a choice or out of fear. 12. Coming Out It is the process of accepting one's one's own sexuality or gender identity, to themselves as well as to others. © Reuters 13. Cross-Dresser An individual who dresses in the clothes of the opposite ***. 14. Femme An individual who sees themselves as the feminine partner in a relationship, physically, mentally or emotionally. 15. Gay (Mostly applied to men) Individuals who are primarily romantically or sexually attracted to members of the same ***. © AP 16. Gender-Fluid A gender identity which is a dynamic mix of a boy and a girl. A gender-fluid person may feel more manly one day and more womanly the other. 17. Gender Identity It is the internal perception of one's own gender, and how they wish to label themselves as per traditional gender alignment. 18. Genderqueer It is a gender identity label used by individuals who do not identify with the binary of man/woman. © AP 19. Lesbian Women who are romantically and sexually attracted to other women. 20. Openly Gay Somebody who identifies as lesbian or gay in their personal, public and/or professional lives. 21. Pansexual Someone who is sexually and romantically attracted to members of all gender identities. © AP 22. Queer An umbrella term to describe individuals who don't identify themselves as straight. 23. Sexual Orientation The type of sexual, romantic, spiritual attraction one feels for others, based on the gender relations between the person and the people they are attracted to. 24. Straight Used to refer to people who have a sexual and romantic attraction to individuals of the opposite gender. © Reuters 25. Transgender Someone who is a member of a gender other than that assigned at birth, based on anatomical ***. 26. Transman/Transwoman An identity label adopted by female-to-male or male-to-female transgender people to mean that they are men/women while affirming their history as assigned female/male *** at birth. 27. Transsexual a person who identifies psychologically as a gender other than the one to which they were born into. They often want to change their bodies to match their inner sense of gender.
  19. Stay at the swankiest of hotels, step out to visit just the strip clubs, have risqué wild nights and gamble through the night - if that is your idea of having a special getaway to Vegas, then it's as passé as Chow and his Wolfpack from 'The Hangover'. Travelling to Vegas is definitely any man's ultimate travel destination, but there is so much more to the city than what's portrayed by Hollywood. There is an array of exciting new activities that you and your buddies can enjoy at this little paradise. © Wiki Indulge in speed car racing, fitness hikes across the luxury resorts, zip line through the old streets, fly over the Grand Canyon and shop endlessly at the premium outlet malls; the city has so much more to offer, that it makes for an ideal getaway for a group of adventurous men. If you still think that what's a Vegas trip without a hand of Blackjack and a show of a pole dance, then fret not, as that needs no planning as almost every hotel has casinos, bars and nightclubs inside and gentlemen's clubs nearby. Just book yourself into one of the staggeringly huge resorts on the Vegas Strip and enjoy all the action. Nevertheless, here we have for you a complete 4-day boys trip to Las Vegas, minus the cliche, that you will never forget: © Caesers Entertainment Day 1: Kickstart with an (Indoor) hike, pose at tourist spots, hop from club to club This is the most unusual fitness activity one would ever attend, that too in Vegas: a hike at Aria Las Vegas Resort. Right about when you are wondering if it is like any other hike on a trail, you need to actually do this to figure out what makes it such a fun activity. The 60-minute hike takes you across the huge resort and the 'city centre'. Meet your guide at the Aria Spa, start with stretching exercises, admire the lovely artworks that greet you on the way, browse through shops, pace up and down the stairs, mix it with push-ups, sit-ups and step-ups to get a first-hand feel of the vibrant art and shopping scene – all this while being indoors. It is a great idea during the summer months, as Vegas can get rather hot. This will surely work up an appetite for you to explore one of the many amazing restaurants located inside Aria. © Seven Magic Mountains - Las Vegas After lunch, head out to enjoy the two outdoor wonders – the seven magic mountains and the iconic Las Vegas signage. The seven magic mountains are about a half hour drive from the strip located in the desert along the Interstate 15, and sure is a mesmerising work of art. There are seven stacks of brightly coloured boulders in different shades that light up the desert surroundings and makes for a perfect background for a group photograph. Follow this up with a visit to the popular Las Vegas signage, which is extremely popular with couples for their post-Vegas wedding photoshoots. After all, what's a visit without a typical touristy click, right? © Wiki Use the remaining of the day to stretch your legs at hotel bars and then pick a fancy restaurant or two for drinks and dinner. Just remember, Vegas has a brilliant food scene and the line-up of acclaimed restaurants in a short stretch of the Strip is any gourmand's dream. But one just cannot eat at all the best restaurants on one trip, obviously. So choose and book in advance, as most of the restaurants do not have last-minute availability, even on weekdays. For a magical night on the rocks, visit Omnia at Caesar's Palace. The interiors in Vegas are larger than life and Omnia is no different. The jaw-dropping spaceship shaped LED chandelier, performances by top DJs and a patio area offering amazing Vegas views will have you hooked. © Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Picnic Breakfast - Las Vegas Day 2: Fly over the Grand Canyon in the day and party in the skies at night Rise early, beat the hangover and stand outside the hotel to be picked up for the Grand Canyon tour. There are multiple options but Papillon is one of the best, as you can see from their amazing reviews online. The airport is a half hour drive away in Boulder City. The helicopter ride itself takes you over some stunning natural wonders providing amazing aerial views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon. The icing on the cake is the landing at the bottom of the canyon in their private plateau along with refreshments. Exactly the kind of action boys love to boast and post! This is one heck of a popular activity and people book it months in advance. Once back in Vegas post this early morning activity, look for brunch options and enjoy the sights and sound of Vegas. Brunch is a supremely popular meal in Vegas, much more than breakfast. We're guessing people wake up late with a hangover and then get back to drunching (drinks + lunch) with endless bloody marys and mimosas. Follow it with a visit to premium outlet malls. These malls are what make the US a shopping heaven. Top brands at amazing discounts will urge and compel you to shop. It is an amazing space to stock up on your year's supply of sneakers, shirts, sweaters, bags, belts, denims and anything else you can think of. From high street to designer brands, there is something for everyone. You can spend an entire day here and yet feel you could have shopped more. © Caesers Entertainment Dump your shopping bags at your hotel, rest and rejuvenate as what awaits is the party in the sky. The High Roller Observation Wheel is your binge drinking session up there. Choose one of the 28 cabins that soar 550 feet above the ground and offer unmatched 360 degrees views of Vegas. Opt for the 'Open Bar in the Sky' option that gets you a cabin with a bar and bartender. Enjoy the party of a lifetime as the observation wheel lets you soak in Vegas. After such a high, you can call it a day. If you still feel night's young, then casinos and clubs are open 24x7. Walk down the strip to the stunning Bellagio Hotel to see the iconic musical fountains that have starred in almost every show or movie set in Vegas. The fountains start every 15 minutes till midnight and are quite stunning. Drop into Tao at The Venetian or Hyde at The Bellagio for an eclectic mix of music and partying. © Top Golf at MGM Grand Day 3: Start with a swing, head downtown, end on a high at Hell's Kitchen Start your day with Topgolf at MGM Grand. Even if you do not know a thing about the game, you would still love your time spent here. Book yourself a pool-side cabana and carry your swimsuit. Order your meal and drinks, swim and practice your swings. It is such a fun place to spend the day with your group of friends. But it's best to move on and explore the 'original' Vegas. The Vegas of today with glitzy bright signs, dazzling casinos and never-ending parties didn't start around the Strip area. The casinos were started by the mob in the 1940s and soon, they became the lifeline of the city. To best understand the history, head downtown and visit the Mob Museum. It is one of the most fun and interactive museums you would visit, as you literally walk down (from the third floor to the basement) the history of how organised crime came into existence, shaped the US and the city, and how it became the menace we know it is and lastly, how the city curbed it. Some fascinating gangster stories to be heard and videos to be seen here. © Freemont Street Experience After the museum, walk down to the nearby Fremont Street Experience. This was the original Vegas 'Strip' where it all started. While the action and tourist activity have shifted to the outskirt strip, the street still retains its buzz. Hop from bar to bar, grab a drink one place and a bite from some other, and just enjoy the charm of the place where the action started. There are numerous music consoles blaring out loud music and it feels like one big party. One of the fascinating new ways of exploring the area is the SlotZilla zipline action, where you get to breeze above the Fremont street seeing all the things on display from the top. Rather than the normal sitting position called the zipline, opt for the more popular zoomline where you get to fly across like a superhero. © Hell's Kitchen - Las Vegas After enjoying the gangster history of the city, the perfect place to head for dinner is at bad boy Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. If you are lucky, you might bump into the man himself but otherwise do meet the current season's winner who heads the kitchen, Michelle Tribble. The restaurant is made just like the sets of Hell's Kitchen and you even get a drink with 'lovely' notes from Gordon. Then, of course, you can head out clubbing to XS at Wynn Encore which has crazy DJ lineups, incredible VIP area and Sunday night pool parties. © Dream Racing Day 4: Press the accelerator and live in the moment This is the last day of your trip and you better make it large. Start by heading to Dream Racing at the Las Vegas motor speedway. Choose from one of the largest selection of supercars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, etc and take it out on a spin on the racetrack, like an actual race car driver. It is a thrilling ride as the trainer accompanying you, eggs you on to speed up sending the odometer crazy, brake suddenly, turn sharply or drift. This is not a commonplace joyride as you get to take some of the best beauties out for a drive. © The Spa at Encore - Las Vegas After this adrenaline rush, use the remainder of the day to walk down the strip exploring the various stunning properties, their bars and casinos. Your visit to Vegas will be incomplete without enjoying the larger-than-life properties, that are cities in themselves with over 4000 rooms, restaurants, bars, casinos, fitness centres, spas, shopping malls, pools and convention centres. Some of the most stunning ones include Caesar's Palace, Mandalay Bay, The Linq, Planet Hollywood, Aria, The Mirage, Treasure Island, The Venetian, The Cosmopolitan and, of course, the Bellagio. While in Vegas, opt for a relaxing massage at one of the swanky spas such as the Spa at Encore, which is stunning and has a whole list of services specially designed for men. © La Reve - The Dream performance at The Wynn - Las Vegas Post the massage, get ready to head to one of the musical shows by La Reve (at Wynn) or a Cirque Du Soleil. These shows define Las Vegas. A perfect mixture of music, light and sound, acrobatics, aerial and water choreography and costumes. A complete entertainment package and a must-attend. Post the musical, opt for Hakkasan at MGM Grand for the DJs and for multiple levels offering different experiences and Marquee at The Cosmopolitan for its wild party atmosphere for your last night out. © Reuters Definitely, the city is most famous for its casinos and staggeringly blinding lights. But it has evolved and today it is much more than just gambling. Don't join the 'regulars' and plan a cliched Vegas trip, instead, have a trip with your gang that you will remember for the rest of your life.
  20. Skin care is important. Period. Nobody likes a sudden acne breakout just before a big meeting or a date. But the good news is: you can avoid it completely, nevertheless. How? By adopting a terrific (but basic) skin care ritual, that happens to be just a 5-step guide. After all, who doesn't love to maintain clear skin in life? And the truth is, it's not a herculean task either. Neither do you require very expensive products nor a lot of products; just basic ones that are suitable for your skin type. To break things down for you, here's a simple guide to maintaining clear skin all year-round: Step 1: Cleanse © Reuters Pictures The first thing that every guy should do in the morning (after brushing, of course), is clean his face. But remember, just a few splashes of water will not be enough to remove all the dirt and excess oil, you'll need something more. Instead of picking up a bath soap for the deed, invest in a face cleanser based on your skin type. Use daily and remember to pat your face dry (not rub). Step 2: Shaving Care © Amazon India How you shave will define how your skin really feels. Razor burns can cause irritation and over time, even lead to an acne breakout. Use the razor carefully and glide it smoothly by using the right shaving cream/gel. In addition, invest in a good post-shave balm (not any random moisturiser) to smooth your skin out and prevent any shaving-induced breakouts. Buy our suggestion here! Step 3: Exfoliate First off, let's establish: exfoliation is not only for women. Men too, need to get rid of dead skin cells regularly, to keep their skin in its best health. Start with exfoliating at least once a week and depending upon how your skin is reacting, turn to doing it every two days. Let's make this easier for you. To begin with, keep every Sunday as your day for exfoliating your skin with a scrub, to open your pores and remove the trapped dirt and oil. You can try the Ustraa Face Scrub. And once you're done exfoliating, hydrate your skin with a charcoal face mask. By doing this, you will not only get rid of the excess grime, dead skin skills, but also leave yourself with a much healthier-looking and clearer skin. Step 4: Moisturise © Amazon India Now that your skin is clean, it's time to hydrate it with a moisturiser suitable for your skin type. Choose a gel-based moisturiser, that won't make your skin feel greasy. Brownie points if it also involves SPF abilities (an SPF of 20 or above), to give yourself all-round sun protection. Buy our suggestion here! Step 5: Hydrate Your Body Orally. Hydrating your skin with a moisturiser isn't enough, you need to keep your oral intake of water high too. Drink at least 2 liters of water through the day! It will clean your skin cells from within, to give clear, flawless skin on the outside! Final words: All said and done, it's always best to consult a dermatologist too, in case you have any skin problems or irritation. An expert will give you the best advice!
  21. Yes, you can pop a pimple. You may have tried, failed, made a mess of or at least tried popping one in life, but the truth is: there's a way to do it. Or to be precise, a simple 5-step guide to do it right. And contrary to belief, pimple popping is not a sin either, nor will the pus of your pimple cause more to appear (of course, you need to pop it right). And well, let's admit: even if we've never wanted to pop a pimple in our lives, the fear of it standing out on our faces at an important party/event has made us do it anyway. Pimples are annoying — that's the baseline. Nevertheless, let's now show you how to kick that pimple off your face. 1. First And Foremost, Select The Right One © Reuters Fact: you can't start popping any pimple that appears on your face, you need to wait for at least 4-5 days. Plus, not every pimple can be popped; only those with a white head and pus inside can be popped (or rather, should be). Pimples that are big, red and sore shouldn't be turned to at all and should be left untouched. 2. Once Selected, Begin To Soften It © Amazon India Once you've selected the appropriate pimple to eliminate, know that you need to soften it first. A soft pimple is a hell lot easier to pop than those that are hard, and hence, supremely stubborn. Apply a moisturiser or Vaseline on the pimple a night prior and allow it to soften overnight. Buy our suggestion here! 3. Time To Remove Any Dirt And Grime Off It © Reuters Once the pimple is soft (thanks to your overnight treatment), wash it with a face wash that contains 2% Salicylic Acid (an anti-acne agent). Do this as the first thing in the morning and pat the area around the pimple dry, gently. Your pimple is now ready to be popped! Buy Here 4. Pop It Hold a clean tissue in your hands and place it around the pimple (using your fingers, gently). Slowly and steadily, begin to squeeze the pimple from both the sides, until it pops and the pus starts to ooze out. Once the pus inside is completely drained, collect it in the tissue. You're done! Pro-Tip: On the rare occasion, if the pimple doesn't seem to pop at all, call it quits. Don't fight a battle that's going to leave a scar. 5. Care For It, After © Reuters Well, popping the pimple just isn't enough. Once you've kicked its butt, you need to take care of the skin that lied underneath it, which obviously, is now exposed. Start by washing your face again with the same face wash (so that the pimple doesn't pop up again) and pat it dry. Apply Vaseline or any other soothing cream over the skin, to ensure this popping-process doesn't leave behind any scars, marks or irritates your skin.