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Found 6 results

  1. Sanath Jayasuriya is one of the greatest names of the past generation of the cricketing world. Having played against the likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting, Jayasuriya's path to greatness is studded with great achievements and immense success both as a batsman and also as the captain of the Sri Lankan cricket team. When you are that successful, your fame and image in the society becomes that much important to you and must be protected with all your heart. Having being looked up to as a role model, an inspiration to the younger generation of not the Sri Lankan fans but also those around the world, it was highly essential for someone like Jayasuriya to protect his legacy from even the smallest of stains, and this one is a biggie. After being charged with the breaching of the ICC Anti-Corruption Code on two counts in October 2018 [one, failing to provide timely evidence and document as requested by ICC, and two, delaying or obstructing ICC's investigation against corruption] the former Sri Lanka Cricket Chair of Selector has been banned from the sport and any activity related to it. BREAKING: Sanath Jayasuriya has been charged with two counts of breaching the ICC Anti-Corruption Code. Full details: https://t.co/O4kTg0b1j2 pic.twitter.com/1bJsTg9WTP — ICC (@ICC) October 15, 2018 Jayasuriya accepted the sanctions, however it was the letter of justification for his actions and why he failed to provide timely assistance to the ICC in their war against corruption, that the former cricketer later uploaded on Twitter that seems to have irked many of his fans. Message to my fan... pic.twitter.com/YFeCR4opEs — Sanath Jayasuriya (@Sanath07) February 26, 2019 Ever since the beginning of the letter, it feels as if Jayasuriya is trying to hide his guilt. “It is clear that there were no Corruption charges, Betting charges or Misuse of Inside Information charges levelled against me under the Code.” However, failing to provide material evidence which is at the disposal of the suspect is deemed as obstruction of justice and is considered to be an act to hide a crime, which is why the Anti-Corruption unit banned the former skipper. Later on, in the letter, Jayasuriya says after he was slapped with the allegations of violating the Anti-Corruption Code on two counts, he had two options: 1. Deny all said charges and fight them in the Anti-Corruption Tribunal 2. Accept all charges and face the sanctions His reason behind choosing the latter is not only baseless and childish but also hints at his fear of what could have happened if the case had gone to the Tribunal. “It was understood that such a process would exhaust a lot of time, resources, efforts… and money from both the ICC ACU and myself.” Wow. Finally, in an attempt to give a small boost to his pride, he went on to say that he “voluntarily” suspended himself from his duties. While some of his fans believe that the whole corruption case against Sanath Jayasuriya is a conspiracy theory: Sanath take legal actions against @ICC if possible. Remember this dirty racist ICC baned Kusal Perera with false charges after the 2014 wt20. But at the end their lies were exposed. Don't give up. #Staystrong #StayBlessed #Cricket — Lahiru Gamage (@LahiruGamage84) February 26, 2019 The relatively wiser ones are not biting into Jayasuriya's facetious explanations: Amazed by the support people are giving you, there are more fools out there in the world..It's appalling & disgusting to be honest that you didn't cooperate with ICC didn't come out clean.. please don't use the rubbish witch Hunt story & drama.. — Sreekanth Nair (@NairShreekanth) February 26, 2019 Why not just hand over the phone - response is confusing and evades the topic?? — Babar Hashmi (@BabarHashmi1) February 26, 2019 Dude - you sold matches one way or the other. You and anyone who sold matches should be tried for treason. Why do you peechang yourself when you are a legend. Sadly, the the political maraya got you too! — Sumedha Desilva (@sumdesilva) February 26, 2019 you did not cooperate, says it all. save your explanations. — BShaw (@Ducatio_) February 26, 2019
  2. As per the latest research by global gurus, passion has emerged as a necessary ingredient for daily subsistence. An extension of this Biblical gospel is the emergence of having a particular hobby as the central tenet for human survival. In biological terms, a hobby is the new kidney. You need a couple for proper survival! This article looks at the rise in the number of people trying to manufacture a fake kidney, sorry a fake hobby! 1. The DSLR Addict! The most common group of hobbyists are 'the DSLR addicts' who try to find natural beauty in everything; ranging from domesticated cockroaches to pig poop. This is followed up by a 300-word commentary on each picture on Instagram and personalised messages on WhatsApp. While this is bearable, it becomes creepy when 'the DSLR addict' starts taking pictures of young women in the name of candid camera, salivating over 'such a pataka'. Creep alert! 2. The Metrosexual Farmer After decades of struggling in cities, the countryside and farming seem to be making a comeback. Getting closer to mother nature is the epitome for this breed of hobbyists. Their social media feeds are filled up with pictures of cute puppies in clean looking agrarian fields with tags comprising of natural, organic, green, clean, fulfilment amidst other passion dosed phrases. Some of them are often caught trying to spot potato on the plant stem and gur on sugarcane. Wonder where the North Indian heat, the pesticides, the buffalos and the ugly tractors go? 3. The Palika Bazaar Of Cult Fit Do you have a friend who always poses with medals of having finished half marathons? Their captions tend to hover around, 'finished this race in record time' accompanied with a dozen selfies during the race. Quick question, how did you manage to finish your race in record time and manage to take so many selfies during that time? Also, why aren't you physically active on the remaining 364 days as indicated by your generous flab! A sister profile of this breed is the fake yoga guru! Beware! 4. The Great Lover Of Poverty After the rise in Xiaomi phones, philanthropy has really taken off! Everyone seems to be waking up nights trying to rake up ways to help undernourished children in sub-Saharan Africa. This breed of hobbyists loves to give back to society and hence start social media pages to garner donations for their funds. On a different note, did someone ask for a recommendation for philanthropic work for admission into an American business school? Such a kind-hearted soul! 5. The Nation Builder This group of nation builders can be summarised in a single neat sentence, 'my leader is more virile than yours'. This group of hobbyists can be characterised by excessive vitriolic, sorry passionate discussions on social media about their political leaders and their resultant nation building. This street fight multiplies disproportionately as seemingly sensible people start fighting like your mother and wife! 6. The Adventure Junkie Mankind has seen a massive adrenaline shift after the birth of Instagram. In terms of importance, the birth of Instagram has been chronicled in the annals of history along with the extinction of dinosaurs, the invention of the steam engine and World War 2. Adventures like rock climbing, para-gliding, rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving are so yesterday. The adventure junkie is always looking for the next high. The next in-thing on their list is to spend a night inside a coffin with a skeleton. Apparently, the Google Pixel phone takes excellent low light pictures! 7. The Motivator As you might be aware, India has fared very low on the happiness index. This has led to the birth of 'the motivator' whose single biggest mission is to make people realise their inner potential. To clarify, this is not the group of hobbyists that posts 'Good Morning,' 'I love you' and 'thank you' on all the family WhatsApp groups. The motivator genuinely believes in making people realise their potential; hence their social media feeds are filled up with, 'you can achieve', 'aim for the stars', 'follow your dreams', 'when the going gets tough, you get going' amidst other noble lines. As I write this, tears of gratitude are dripping down my face! 8. The Serial Entrepreneur Once seen as a huge deal breaker in securing matrimonial alliances, the tag of an entrepreneur has come a long way! In common parlance, throw a stone at someone on 100 feet road in Bangalore and you will spot a visionary entrepreneur. This group of hobbyists, who are under the inner torrential frenzy of adding value to everyone, are obsessed with changing the world and making humanity a better place! I am sorry, how many of your startups have ever made a dime in life? 9. The Cat Lover A cat has nine lives and hence it lands up on the ninth spot on this list. Once upon a time, cute pets were synonymous with the Vodafone pug. As the Indian economy has leapfrogged, cats seem to have taken centre stage. Screaming out, 'kitty kitty kitty' at restaurants is perceived to be extremely cool. This group of hobbyists indulges in putting up scintillating pictures of cat love, the success of their cats in a cat grooming race and pictures of cat manicure and pedicure! Please don't bark back at them in retaliation! 10. The Real Warren Buffett It is ironical that Warren Buffett made so much money while this group of hobbyists barely gets any publicity. This group is characterised by their know it all commentary on interest rates, stock market movement, hot picks, cool tips, lukewarm opportunities at dinner tables. It is unfortunate no one has ever asked them, 'mate, how much money have you made on your own?' In summary, there are many more such passionate groups of hobbyists; the enthusiastic historian, the artistic cake baker, the vintage dancer, the pseudo-intellectual educationist, the always right tarot card reader, etc. However, you should be careful while spilling your passion over to your immediate world. You don't want your circles to go, 'fake hobby alert'!
  3. Humans are said to be the most intelligent among all species; with a highly developed brain and thinking capabilities. Yet, more times rather than less, we tend to do things which can be construed as one thing- stupid. When these things happen, you are left to feel embarrassed by your own clumsiness and folly, trying to rectify them or salvaging the situation by mentally berating yourself and praying that no one gets to know about it. Nothing to worry, it happens to the smartest of us. These lead to hilarious anecdotes for which you are often teased about (if someone sees you committing these goof-ups) or reminisce on a later date, laughing about your incredible kookiness. The reasons for doing these things can be due to our scattered thoughts, inattentiveness, daydreaming or, sorry to say, dumbness. :P Do you think you are not guilty of doing such things? Well… Here are a few instances of dumb things that we do, either inadvertently or sometimes while being aware of it: 1)The Elevator Exasperation: Pressing the button for the elevator multiple times, even though it has already been pressed (thinking it will make it move faster). 2) The Refresher Remedy: Refreshing the computer screen even though knowing it'll do no good. 3) The Ensemble Escapade: Wearing the jacket/shirt/t-shirt inside out or the other way around or in some cases, forgetting to wear pants. 4) The Trial By Telephone: Calling a person and forgetting what you were about to say. 5) The Search Party: Call someone and then search for your phone in panic or holding the phone in your hand and then run around searching for it. 6) The Liquid Wonder: Trying to drink from a bottle with its cap closed. 7) The Computer Communicator: Talk to the computer/laptop screen, asking it to work faster. 8) The Telephonic Teleportation: Doing all sorts of unimaginable, weird things while talking on the phone. © Pinterest 9) The Forgetfulness Fortitude: Forgetting your favourite thing when someone suddenly asks you what it is. 10) The Online Oscillation: Ordering stuff online and clicking on “track package” immediately. © Pinterest 11) The Chocolate Catastrophe: Throwing the chocolate in the dustbin instead of the wrapper. 12) The Sudden Sunday: Waking up with a jolt, freaking out and then realizing it is Sunday. 13) The Walking Wonderment: Walking up a path, trying to overtake the slow-walking person in front of you, only to realize you had to go the other way. 14) The Dragon Breath: Eating exceptionally hot food, all the while knowing that it is hot and then blowing the steam out of your mouth like a dragon. 15) The Musical Mystique: Putting your earphones in, waiting for the music to start. Getting worried that the phone is broken and then realizing that you didn't click “PLAY”. 16) The Remembrance Revival: Walking into a room and forgetting what you wanted. 17) The Spectacles Tournament: Trying to find your spectacles, asking around, getting freaked, only to find it lodged on your head. 18) The Waiter Waltz: Saying “You too”, when the waiter at a restaurant tells you to enjoy your meal. © Pinterest 19) The Animated Apology: Apologizing to inanimate objects when you hit them. © Pinterest 20) The Honking Heroics: Honking at the person in front of you while being stuck in a traffic jam or a red light. 21) The Ouch Overlap: Inadvertently hitting someone else and saying “Ouch”. 22) The Seat Belt Massacre: Trying to get out of the car with your seatbelt on. 23) The Awkward Hug-Shake: Going in for a hug while the other person extends a handshake. 24) The Ignorance Ignorance: Texting someone even though you can make out that they are ignoring you. 25) The Information Inaccessibility: Forgetting information just when you need it. 26) The Transparent Trap: Walking straight into a glass door. 27) Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind: Keeping things in the most random places; like your stapler or shoes in the fridge or your phone in your closet. 28) The Earphone Eulogy: Getting up with your earphones still connected to the laptop. 29) The Waving Wavelength: Waving at a person only to realize they are not who you thought. 30) The Hot Plate Occurrence: Touching something hot even after being told it is hot and then cursing. Now, don't say that you're not guilty of any of these! :P
  4. Karan Johar is all set to grill his guests with some controversial and entertaining questions, we never knew we needed answers to, in the sixth season of 'Koffee With Karan' that premieres today. From making Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone talk about their relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, Alia burping on national television, to Johar casually dropping the much-awaited 'wedding' hint; the promo of the first episode has already skyrocketed our excitement. View this post on Instagram Girl power in the KOFFEE house!!! Fun and games are about to begin! #koffeewithkaran from the 21st of October on @starworldindia at 9pm! @hotstar @deepikapadukone @aliaabhatt A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Oct 12, 2018 at 10:06pm PDT If the promo wasn't exciting enough, we now have some inside scoop on how the trio will bring the whole house down with their savagery, wit and by spilling some secrets that were until now kept hidden from us. 1. Deepika spills some beans on her wedding plans Karan Johar is known for making people reveal secrets even if they don't want to and currently the biggest rumour in Bollywood is Deepika's wedding with Ranveer Singh. Although, both Ranveer and Deepika have been tight lipped about the wedding, according to some reports they will get married in November in Italy. So, what better chance than his own show to make Deepika speak about it? With both Karan and Alia badgering her to answer, will Deepika finally confess? Instagram 2. 'Padmaavat' Controversy 'Padmaavat' was one of the biggest hits of 2018 and the hottest controversy too. With nationwide protests, vandalisism on film sets, and death threats to Deepika Padukone; release of 'Padmaavat' wasn't a smooth sail at all. On the show, Deepika opens up about how most of the Bollywood fraternity stood with her during that time. But she also added, "Standing up for yourself is not always taken in the right sense." Instagram 3. Deepika was the first one to know about Karan Johar's twins Karan Johar too revealed that it wasn't Shah Rukh Khan or his mother, but Deepika who knew about the adoption of his twins. When he got to know that he can bring his babies home, he was filled with joy and got emotional. Around that time time, Deepika incidentally called him and Johar told her everything. She safegaurded the secret for months until he revealed the news in public. Instagram 4 Alia Bhatt love Deepika's Pap-Face Whoever said that actresses don't get along well, clearly haven't seen the promo of the show yet. Despite Karan trying to make it awkward by talking about Ranbir, both Alia and Deepika shared incredible chemistry. Alia even confessed how much she loves Deepika and that she wants her pap-face (paparazzi face). She also confessed that she would love to get her height, her legs and her body! Instagram 5 Alia and Deepika's guilty pleasures The duo further talk about their guilty pleasures - Deepika, just like any other fangirl loves to stalk Taimur Ali Khan every night on Instagram and Alia loves to stalk photographer Viral Bhayani and his captions, and Varun Dhawan's 'hilar' profile on Instagram. 'Koffee With Karan' starts from October 21 i.e. today at 9 PM on Star World.
  5. Rejections and failures are said to be the best teachers in life. They allow us to assess the circumstances and prepare for a better comeback in the future, thereby not only enabling us to learn from our mistakes but also help improve upon our strengths. While other rejections in life may be a little easier to get past, a rejection in the matters of the heart can a lot of time to get over, especially if you really love someone but the feelings are not reciprocated. As hard as it can be, there's no denying that the majority of us might have been through it. © Pexels That got us thinking if we could perhaps get together and chart out the major deciding factors behind those rejections and quickly got down to it. We went around asking fellow friends and young girls and there surfaced what seems to be like a common trope behind most rejections. These reasons are pretty easy for guys to overlook but matter a whole lot to the girls and play an important role in their decisions. So be sure to read through to find out what they said. 1. Your Personality Is Too Strong Or Not Strong Enough via GIPHY “I see red flags when a guy is domineering to the point of trying to take control of my life. I hate that in a man.” - Lavanya Chauhan We know it seems more like a contradiction but most of the women we asked said that while they liked a man who is confident and has a purpose in life, they were also repelled by the ones who tend to be overbearing and have a controlling streak, thus inhibiting their freedom and movement. They want to be able to breathe in the relationship, but that also doesn't mean they want you to be too mellow. 2. You Exhibit Lack Of Confidence via GIPHY “I can instantly tell if I want to date a guy by the way he carries himself. He need not be the most good looking guy in the room, but he needs to have an air of confidence around him.” - Mohana Deb We also noticed that just like men like dating confident women, women also have the hots for men who exude confidence. Most women we spoke to would rather go for a man who may be average looking but has loads of confidence and knows his sh*t. They feel that men who have confidence mostly tend to be more receptive towards various aspects of the relationship and know how to take control when needed. 3. Lack Of Initiative via GIPHY “I absolutely hate it when guys don't put any efforts into the relationship. I mean what's the point of such a lengthy courtship if you don't give a shit about our future?” - Rupal Singh Now this one is important because almost all the women we spoke to mentioned this one. Lack of initiative and effort in a relationship is a major turn-off for women. We were also told that they really appreciate it when they see the guy investing in the relationship and its future just as much as they do. They like to know that you value her and what you share together. 4. You're Trying Too Hard via GIPHY “But my pet peeve is a guy jo gur pe makkhi ke jaise mujhse chipak jaye. I'd instantly run in the other direction.” - Tara Nair Again, if you feel this comes as a contradiction to the previous point, trust us, we agree too, but when we pointed that out what they said actually made sense. They said that they want and like the efforts you put in but that does not mean they are looking for someone who is clingy. Women like the sense of chase as much as you do, so it only makes sense if that goes against you. There you go. Make sure to steer clear of these in the future and hopefully you'll not face rejection
  6. Watching their city rivals clinch the Premier League title last season, missing out on key players in the transfer window and a tumultuous relationship between their manager and chief executive officer; Manchester United and their fans have almost faced it all in recent times. But, their troubles are far from over. The Red Devils finished at 81 points last season (19 points behind rampant Manchester City) and the ongoing edition of the Premier League is proving a bit tough early on for Jose Mourinho's men. While the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea have made it four wins in as many games, United has already lost two- including the shock loss against Brighton- and are currently placed 10th in the points table. To make matters worse, their glorified manager - who has already attracted a lot of criticism for his theatrics - has now accepted a one-year prison sentence in a bid to settle a tax evasion case in Spain. According to reports, the prosecutors had accused Mourinho of a 2.9-million-pound tax fraud. © Reuters A report in El Mundo - a Spanish daily - claimed that the Portuguese has accepted two six-month jail sentences for defrauding the Spanish Tax Office off 2.9 million pounds in 2011 and 2012 relating to image rights. But, the big question is: will he serve time in jail? Sadly, the answer is no. The Spanish law states that a sentence of under two years for a first offense can be served on probation. Moreover, the report suggested that the 55-year-old has agreed to pay a fine of 1.78 million pounds amounting to 6 per cent of the alleged amount defrauded. And, with Mourinho pleading guilty, the investigating court in Madrid is likely to suspend his one-year jail term. Mourinho will also accept to "render opaque the benefits derived from his image rights" and the data which he produced "does not correspond to reality with the aim of obtaining illicit profits". However, this isn't the first such case in Spain as earlier this year, former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, too, settled with the Spanish tax authorities to serve two years in prison and pay an 18.8 million euro fine in a tax evasion case. © Reuters While Man Utd and their fans might have taken a sigh of relief over Mourinho's case, the football fans made full use of the opportunity to poke fun at the Portuguese and his current club. So here we have a criminal managing an English football institution. Guilty of tax fraud and Gaol time. That must be good for the image of football. "There you go son strive to cheat the people out of their tax benefits when you grow up like your hero" — 001harry (@001harry) September 5, 2018 bit like his team GOING DOWN — MrKevin (@kevin_mrkevin) September 5, 2018 At least he can't blame anybody here. — Vito Andolini (@OQuadruple) September 5, 2018 Tax cheat given jail sentence but still appears on TV every week https://t.co/omUhY9PfvB — Paul Lewis (@paullewismoney) September 5, 2018 Says an Arsenal fan. pic.twitter.com/Mi1sLh8O1D — Abdulsamad Umar (@justabdulsamad) September 4, 2018 Gets away with it because of who he is — Emily â¤ï¸ð NUFC (@NaughtyEmilyB) September 4, 2018 Maybe Jose will cheer up now Tom, now he's avoided a custodial sentence for tax evasion in Spain!? ð — Maurice Kilbride (@MauriceKilbride) September 4, 2018 Does that mean he now has a criminal record, and couldn't enter the US for future Utd tours? — Duncan Lightfoot (@duncancfcfan) September 4, 2018 Deary me if that were you or i we would be locked up money talks — Paula m (@PaulaRossi47) September 4, 2018 Hope he will get 'respect' as a criminal. — Sidharth (@Sidart61_ssd) September 4, 2018 I think he would be happier in prison — Michael Darmody (@MichaelDarmody) September 4, 2018