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  1. There are men who really, really take care of themselves and then there are those who seem to have it all together without even doing anything. If you’ve ever wondered how your friend or colleague always smells so good when you start sweating and smelling an hour into the day. While showering regularly is a no-brainer, there are a few other things that well-groomed men swear by to make sure they are always smelling like a summer breeze. You can incorporate these habits too and never smell bad again. Here are a few habits of great-smelling men that they subconsciously do every day to smell unbelievably good all the damn time: 1. Wear Washed, Breathable ClothesFor men who tend to sweat a lot, the easiest thing you can do to smell good is to combat the body odour trapped in dirty and sweaty clothes. Wear summer-friendly fabric like cotton, breezy outfits and light colours. Also, make sure you only wear clean and washed clothes. Use a sweet-smelling detergent so that even your clothes smell nice. 2. Use A Nice FragranceIt goes without saying that a nice perfume is your best friend if smelling good is what you’ve been earning for. Using a nice fragrance is good manners and you should carry a small bottle everywhere you go. It’s just one of the secrets of smelling fresh and nice all the time. You can find your signature fragrance be it, cool and fruity or strong and spicy like this one. __ECOMPRODUCT__3164__ 3. Limit The Smelly FoodWhat most people don’t know is that the food you eat also contributes to how you smell. Some of the stinkiest foods that men who smell great steer clear from are garlic, onion and fried foods. They tend to make you sweat more and are the culprit behind the foul body odour. Instead, have green tea to kill bacteria in your mouth and smell pleasant and fresh. 4. Use Fresh BeddingThe sweat from your clothes and skin can transfer to your bedsheets and can make you smell bad even when you’ve taken a shower. Using fresh and washed sheets, pillow covers and blankets is not only hygienic but can help your smell fresh and good. So change the bedding once every week or twice if you sweat more. 5. Use The Right ProductsMost of your grooming and skincare products are packed with a sweet smell. However, it’s important to also have antibacterial and summer-friendly ingredients in your products. The body talc, body wash, moisturiser, body lotion and aftershave can all help in achieving a nice smell throughout the day. That’s what well-groomed men swear by. View the full article
  2. Virat Kohli's century drought in international cricket continued as he made 45 in the first innings of his 100th Test match. Kohli was looking at ease out in the middle before a Lasith Embuldeniya delivery went past the outside edge of Kohli and hit the top of off stump, leaving the former India captain bamboozled. It was his 71st innings without a century and while he may not have got to the three-figure mark, Kohli has been scoring runs consistently for Team India. The 33-year-old himself said that he is not bothered about the milestones and just wants to concentrate on helping the team's cause. A guard of honour from India's players for Virat Kohli as he takes the field for his 100th Test #INDvSL pic.twitter.com/yArnFlSBj1 — ESPNcricinfo (@ESPNcricinfo) March 5, 2022 Former India opening batter Gautam Gambhir, however, has identified a major flaw that has been causing trouble for Kohli against spin bowling. Gambhir said Indian players have been playing a lot of limited-overs cricket and that has hampered their game against spinners. The former India opener highlighted that players prepare for a game by majorly facing pace bowling and that has put them off their basics. © Instagram/Gautam Gambhir "One of the major concerns is that the bat is in the line of pads. When that happens, it is difficult to play deliveries that turn away as well as those that don't turn. If you keep your bat ahead of your pad, you will be beaten only on one edge. When you look at Mayank Agarwal's dismissal, he was beaten on the inside edge. In Virat Kohli's case, he was beaten on the outside edge. So, it is very important to have your bat ahead of your pad,” Gambhir said during the post-Tea show on Star Sports on Day 1 of the first Test. "This is usually taught in formative years. Nowadays, you play so much limited-overs cricket that you lose your basics, the good habits die down. You've concentrated significantly on fast bowling, so I believe Indian batters have a scope for improvement in tackling spin," Gambhir added. Huge breakthrough for Sri Lanka! Virat Kohli departs for 45 in his 100th Test, Embuldeniya gets his second wicket.#WTC23 | #INDvSL | https://t.co/ScZZovuKMu pic.twitter.com/aZ9Uk5M5bB — ICC (@ICC) March 4, 2022 Gambhir's advice makes complete sense as Kohli has had his share of trouble against spinners across the world. Keshav Maharaj troubled him in South Africa while Ajaz Patel and Rachin Ravindra got the better of Kohli when New Zealand toured India last year. Kohli will be busy in the IPL later this month and will travel to England to play the fifth Test of the five-match series that was halted last year due to a Covid outbreak in the Indian camp. View the full article
  3. Larsa Pippen highlights ex Scottie Pippen?s ?abusive habits? following ?healing? separation
  4. We will let you in on a secret. Women notice everything and can most certainly tell if you take personal care and hygiene seriously. Men who take care of themselves are naturally attractive to us women. Trimmed nails, moisturised lips and clean feet are what an ideal man should possess and fortunately, most men get this. © iStock However, men also make the silly but disastrous mistake of overdoing it when it comes to looking presentable and attractive. While it’s nice to have a man who puts in extra minutes to get ready, it is equally unappealing if he goes overboard with it. Make sure you steer clear of them. © iStock Here are 4 grooming habits you thought would make you irresistible to her, when in reality, it would only put her off for good: 1. Overly Done Eyebrows © iStock A man who takes extra time and care to maintain his brows screams effort, which women love FYI. However, while women appreciate well-defined brows, overly plucked, pencilled eyebrows that give her brows a competition can also creep her out. Make sure they are in shape, neat and dense but not Deepika-level strong. 2. Too Much Perfume © iStock It’s great and honestly, quite sexy when a man smells good. However, an overpowering scent is as off-putting as a bad odour. Plus, the excessive fragrance also comes across as trying too hard to look and smell good. What you should be doing to impress her instead is take a shower and add a spritz of perfume before going out. 3. Gel-Dripping Hair © iStock Too many men are guilty of making this mistake (including Ross Geller from Friends) without realising it’s only making you less attractive than what you intended. Using too much gel in your hair while styling can make it look greasy and oily while you just need a small amount to style your hair. If you think she isn’t going to notice, she will and probably refrain from running her fingers in your hair, because, you know. 4. Weird Beards © iStock Girls might love designer facial hair on their baes but most real women would be repulsed with that wannabe rockstar look. A neat stubble, faded styles and even fuller beards are much appreciated if a clean-shaven look isn’t your scene. But if you are trying to impress a mature adult woman with a quirky beard with geometric and abstract cutouts and whatnot, your chances are slim, my friend. View the full article
  5. A former royal chef recently weighed in on some of Queen Elizabeth?s most peculiar eating habits
  6. Dark circles are the worst of all skin problems. They look unappealing, don’t have a specific remedy or cause (sometimes they are genetic) and simply refuse to leave. Almost nothing seems to work on those pesky eye bags and under-eye darkening. © iStock Dark circles may be stubborn and don’t leave easily but what makes them stay, is our own poor sleeping habits and lifestyle. Increased screen time, inadequate sleep coupled with an unhealthy diet also has a lot to do with under eye skin problems. © iStock However, you can keep those in check and avoid puffiness, dark circles and eye bags by simply adopting some bedtime habits. Here are 4 such healthy habits to swear by before you hit the sheets to get rid of under-eye woes: 1. Sleep On Your Back © iStock Sleeping on your tummy is a super comfortable position but is not very healthy, neither for your body (it puts stress on your back and spine) nor for your skin. Sleeping with your face down leads to fluid collecting in your face which leads to puffiness under your eyes. Instead, sleep on your back to let the fluid drain and avoid puffy eyes. 2. Stay Away From The Screen © iStock As relaxing as it is to scroll through social media or binge-watch your favourite series lying on the bed with the lights off after a tiring day, it is only adding up to your skin problems. It strains your eyes which causes the blood vessels around your eyes to enlarge, darkening the under-eye area and giving you puffy eyes. Read a book or listen to music instead. 3. Avoid Salt & Hydrate © iStock Salt has a special quality of retaining water in the body, the under-eye area being one of the most common parts to store it. The collected fluid can make your dark circles more visible as blood vessels are pushed closer to the skin by excess water. Limit your salt intake in dinner and drink lots of water to reduce excess fluid in the body. 4. Get Adequate Sleep © iStock Lastly, but most importantly, get a good night’s rest. When you don’t get a proper shut-eye, you are bound to have dark circles and eye bags among other skincare and health problems. Lack of sleep is the prime reason for many skin problems, dark circles being one of them. Make sure you have interrupted sleep for at least 7-8 hours. View the full article
  7. How many times has it happened that you’ve felt everything is going right between you and your potential date, from the chemistry to the interest, but then suddenly as things move up from texts to calls or even in-person conversations, you find things collapsing sooner than a teenager cumming for the first time. Suddenly all that sexual tension that was driving you two closer has vanished into thin air and you are left with nothing but doubts as to what actually went wrong, that too, this early in a romantic pursuit. © giphy You see, in most cases when things end before they even start, the reason is almost always a habit or two that would have either come as a red flag or simply off-putting to the point that the person wouldn’t want to take things forward. And believe it or not, most of these habits can be noticed during your early conversations with a potential love interest. And so, to make sure you don’t scare off your crush so early on, here are a few habits that might be sabotaging your chance at a relationship - 1) Not Listening © iStock A rookie mistake, yet one that everyone ends up making is to always try to speak and never listen. It may look rather easy and indulgent in theory but when it comes down to actually practicing listening, not many can do it. And that becomes one of the major reasons for people to split up, because they don’t feel heard. Hence, try to make an effort to listen to what the other person has to say, the same way they try to hear you out when you’re speaking. It’s bound to go a long way. 2) One-Upping © Eros International This is when a person is narrating a story or an incident and you, having recalled one of your own, jump in to start sharing yours without letting the other person finish. Classic jerk move, TBH. It’s extremely annoying and doesn’t only put off a person but also makes you come across as rather self-contained. Now, we wouldn’t want that, would we? Best to hold on to your story until after the other one finishes or best, until someone actually asks you for it. 3) Constantly Interjecting © iStock Nothing gets on anyone’s nerves more than a guy who constantly interrupts them while speaking. Whether it is to correct them, cite an anecdote, share your two cents or to even ask a question, WAIT. No one likes to be cut short in the middle of a sentence, most of all the person you’re showing a romantic interest in. Hold your horses and just let the other person speak. 4) Acting Distracted © iStock Another habit to steer clear of during conversations is to act distracted the moment it is the other person’s chance to speak. It is highly disrespectful to expect someone to offer you all of their attention, while you are busy scrolling through your IG feed or petting your dog when your chance to sit and listen comes. Don’t be that guy, don’t zone out. 5) Changing The Topic Suddenly © iStock Unless something drastic and life-changing has happened in real-time that you can’t not discuss with your potential love interest, don’t ever be quick to switch the topic of conversation, especially right after they have shared something important to them. Give a conversation enough time and attention to not make the other person feel that you were listening only for it to get over with fast. Make the transition slow and don’t haste, lest you want to come across as someone who doesn’t care enough. View the full article
  8. No one likes Monday mornings. However, since we are now working from home, even weekends feel the same. Sure, there aren’t deadlines and client calls but you are practically at the same place and doing the same things (minus making excel sheets) which can be monotonous and frustrating. © iStock It’s okay to feel all baffled and restless throughout the week since you are swamped with work but your weekends, especially the mornings of the days you are off work, should feel and look different so you can be more relaxed and productive the next week. © iStock Here are 4 morning habits you can incorporate into your weekend routine to make your off-duty days: 1. Break Out Of The Rut © iStock While you spend the rest of the mornings having a quick breakfast and opening your work laptop to start off with your daily targets, take the weekend mornings for some recreational activities that you love. Go for a run, schedule a morning match of your favourite sport with your friends or simply have coffee sitting on your balcony with your family. 2. Plan Out The Day & The Week © iStock If you make a mental note of all the fun things you’d do on the weekend but before you know it, Monday sets in (feeling of the weekend passing by) and you have done absolutely nothing, you are not alone. Planning your day out in the morning itself would help you space out your time to run errands and tick things off your weekend to-do list. To avoid hassle at work through the week, plan for the next 5 days too. Take some time out and make a to-do list for all the important tasks, meetings and projects. 3. Stay Away From The Screen © iStock If it’s before 12 pm and you are already on your phone scrolling through social media, get away and indulge in better things. All your days are spent on the screen anyway, so keep your screen time limited and less on weekends so you (and your eyes) are not tired even before lunchtime. 4. Indulge In Self-care © iStock Keep an hour or so of your weekend mornings for some ‘me time’. Whether it is an hour of hitting the gym, yoga or treating your hair with a nice champi session (convince the nearest human to do you the favour) that relaxes you. It will make you look and feel good throughout the week. View the full article
  9. Manoj Bajpayee is the man of the moment. It’s been a long time coming to be honest. He’s been consistent and determined to his craft, as evidenced by the love and appreciation for his role as Srikant Tiwari has brought him. The Family Man series has finally brought him the much deserved widespread recognition I feel he has deserved, since I saw him in Satya. At some point, a lot of what we consider ‘mainstream’ success boils down to your ability to turn up, day after day. Despite our personal difficulties. Find a way to keep moving forward. ‘In The Club’, a clubhouse room hosted by Aniruddha Guha and Janice Sequeira, had Manoj Bajpayee share his journey as an actor. As a veteran of the craft he knows a thing or two about determination, and true grit. More so, he’s designed his life to do what he wants to do. As far as healthy lifestyles, who better to learn from than Manoj Bajpayee who’s gone through some seriously rough times in his long journey as an actor. He can be someone who inspires us to strive to be better, a realistic reference point. Here are 6 healthy lifestyle habits you can adopt from ‘The Family Man’ star Manoj Bajpayee: 1. Quick to Bed, Quick To RiseManoj likes to hit the snooze by 10 pm latest. An early night to bed can be life changing in the long run as it allows you more time to yourself the next day. He doesn’t like sleeping in either, he starts his day early. It helps him gain more time to the day without stressing about his commitments during the day. View this post on Instagram 2. Meditation And Workout“I like to do some yoga as soon as I start the day because it allows me to center myself. Collect my thoughts.” An excellent practice as you’re getting your mind onboard for the rest of the day. The talented actor also acknowledges the virtue of staying fit, he ensures he’s getting a workout in the first half of the day so that he can reap the benefits through the rest. © Prime Video 3. Look Fresh AlwaysManoj stressed on this point, “Even if I don’t have to go anywhere for a meeting, I ensure that I’m always dressed properly, fresh clothes are necessary for me. I like to groom myself with perfume and all.” Dressing well everyday definitely helps feel better and fresh throughout the day. The clothes you wear, and the way you groom yourself can do wonders for your mental health! © UTV Motion Pictures 4. Practice Your DisciplineThis is the bit where Manoj Bajpayee reads poetry, rehearsing lines, recording himself and learning from it. This commitment to the craft is what separates Manoj from the rest. Many talented artists ignore the importance of practice, nothing makes you better at your craft than dedicated practice. So it could be your job, or a side hustle you’re figuring out. You have to turn up everyday. View this post on Instagram Is this the kind of lifestyle you expected? Do let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  10. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher share that they do not prefer to shower like people normally would
  11. We’ve all had our lives upended, thanks to the pandemic. We find ourselves reaching out for comfort foods and snacks to distract ourselves. But over time, these eating habits can cause great harm to your body. Here are seven healthy eating habits that will keep you fit and healthy for life. Avoid Cleanses - There might be a lot of fads and trends that might promise you the world, but be wary of them. Drinking cucumber juice or watermelon juice or whatever is the pick of the week for a couple of weeks is actually extremely harmful for you. © iStock Add Protein - You’ve been told this since you were young. Proteins are essential to building a healthy body, as it is used to build and sustain healthy bones, muscles and skin. You can add protein to your diet through various sources like meat, dairy products, beans and nuts. © iStock Portion Control - It’s going to be really difficult but portion control is essential for a healthier life. As this will empower you to eat more things you want and like, without fear of over indulging and causing harm to your body. © iStock Commit to a lifestyle - The reasons why many people resort to dieting fads is because they are always looking for a quick fix to their unhealthy lives. This is counterproductive. Instead try to build better habits, adding changes to your life incrementally so that it’s easier and healthier to sustain © iStock Eat Green - Thankfully most Indian recipes include green ingredients. Green veggies are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibres. They can reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease and various other illnesses. © iStock Fibre Is Your Friend - Fibre improves your gut health by reducing the digestive stresses on your body and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, thus ensuring you stay away from needless junk foods. Fibre helps improve digestion and reduces constipation. © iStock Cut Down On Sugar - Sugar’s a weakness for many because we’ve all got a sweet tooth. But while it may taste good, it’s not healthy for you at all. Processed, refined sugar can cause headaches and make you feel low on energy. Eliminating sugar from your diet reduces inflammation in your body. © iStock With these small tweaks, you can add good health and happiness to your life. View the full article
  12. Sleep is one of the most important biological functions of our body along with eating, drinking and breathing. This state helps the body heal and recover from the various stresses that we put on it throughout the day. It’s recommended that everyone gets at least 8 hours of sleep, although not everyone requires the same amount of sleep to feel refreshed. This is mostly due to the individual’s genetic disposition. However, as we grow old and accrue various lifestyle changes, they often come at the expense of quality sleep. When we’re young, the feeling of invulnerability can lead us to disregard the importance of a good night’s rest. With age these habits catch up and can wreak havoc on one’s health and insomnia can also be triggered as a result. Here are 5 such Lifestyle Habits that are hampering the quality of your sleep. OverworkingWhen the pandemic struck, a significant portion of the population was excited to embrace the concept of working from home. But as time has worn on, the already permeable professional boundaries have become further blurred. No meeting is too early or too late for anyone as everyone is expected to be at home, and thus be at their work’s disposal. Quality sleep being one of the biggest victims of this toxic hustle culture. © iStock Lack Of Physical ActivityA distinct lack of physical activity harms the quality of sleep experienced. The recommended level of physical exertion varies depending on your age. However, having some time to work up a sweat during the day helps improve the quality of your sleep. Do note that working out right before bed might be counterproductive as the stimulation received disrupts immediate sleep. © iStock ScreentimeSorry to break it to you, but your screen time is greatly hampering your sleep. The blue light emitted by our screens affects the melatonin production in our brains. Being on the phone during bed keeps our brain active and stimulated, keeping quality sleep at bay. © iStock Poor DietWhat we eat and when we eat also affects our sleep. Foods rich in sugars and caffeine keeps us up for longer as they provide the body with the kick to keep moving. Having a diet without adequate fibre also affects the quality of our sleep. It is also advised not to eat heavy before bed time. A poor night’s rest can also influence the quality of decision making the next day, making one more susceptible to poor dietary choices. © iStock Mental StressorsChances are if you suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental ailments, your brain is working overtime in order to facilitate these thoughts. Over time these thoughts swarm and eat into the quality of your sleep. By keeping you up at odd hours, your body isn’t able to rest properly to heal and nourish itself. Which is why it is essential to talk to a professional about your mental health stressors. Consistently high levels of stress in the brain can cause dire consequences in the future. © iStock By limiting the impact of these active stressors in your day to day life, you can ensure a better quality of sleep, and thus a better quality of life for yourself. Make your sleep a priority. View the full article
  13. Ageing is inevitable but everyone has to go through the ‘sunken skin, no teeth’ phase in their lives. Yes, even Joey Tribbiani from Friends. However, there is no rule that says you cannot delay it and aim to look younger for as long as possible. Anil Kapoor has probably been living by this mantra and we all can see the results. © Instagram/Anil Kapoor Unless you are okay with looking a decade older or have YOLO as your life’s motto, you can carry on with your lifestyle. But if you are concerned about premature ageing and living a long, healthy life, there are some lifestyle habits you need to do away with. © iStock These are very common, everyday things that we intentionally or unintentionally do, without realising how it affects our skin, body and overall health. Here are 5 such lifestyle habits that could make you age faster and how you can keep them in check. Increased screen timeThe exposure from blue light can trigger premature ageing. Now that everyone is working from home and all the physical meetings and get-togethers have shifted to an online platform, you surely cannot escape the screen time. However, you can reduce it by snubbing social media with some family time and Netflix binge with a book. © iStock Not sleeping on timeAnother factor that takes years from your life and adds to your face is a messed up sleeping schedule. If you are up till late every night and are not getting enough sleep, you are not only speeding up your ageing clock but also inviting cardiovascular diseases that are caused by lack of sleep. © iStock SmokingYes, smoking kills. But before that, it makes you look older than you are. It can give you visible signs of ageing while also deeply affecting your health. It stops skin’s ability to regenerate cells and hence make you look older much faster. © iStock An unhealthy dietAdd the sedentary lifestyle with an unhealthy meal plan and congrats, you have lost youthful skin and a chance to a fitter body. Give up sweets, carbs, sodas that only add to your skin woes like acne, oiliness and dullness. Instead, eat more fruits, juices and healthy snacks that add to the years of your life. © iStock Not taking care of your skinYou can do everything right and still fall victim to premature aging because you have been reckless about your skin. You don’t specifically need a multistep skincare routine to maintain the health of your skin but cleansing, moisturizing and SPF is an absolute must. © iStock Keep these unhealthy lifestyle habits in check when there’s still time. Better late than sorry! View the full article
  14. It’s 2021 and both Gen Z & Y are actively moving towards creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones. While the path to good health starts from eating a balanced diet and exercising, there are many everyday habits that stop it from being truly holistic. During the pandemic, we all lost our sense of structure and the first thing that went south was our sleep cycle, plus when you add the stressful time our lives have been since March 2020, nothing good could have happened to our mental and physical health. There are many habits that we are all aware affect our health adversely and yet we make no effort to change them. Basic steps like having a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, not smoking, adding physical activity to our lives. These are simple changes are the first steps towards giving the holistic care that your body needs. Here are a few everyday habits that are standing in the way of your good health: __ECOMLOOKS__3030__ Not incorporating vegetables in your diet can lead to digestive issues and other health problems. Vegetables contain a multitude of vitamins and fibre that our body needs to stay in optimum shape. So, instead of munching on chips, add hummus and carrots to your snack list or add spinach to your pasta dish. There are many ways to make vegetables delicious. __ECOMLOOKS__3031__ However, exercising regularly is key to maintaining your heart health. Just 150 minutes per week which is only about 20 minutes a day of moderate-intensity physical activity (such as walking briskly or playing tennis) can lower your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and help you maintain a healthy weight. It can also make your heart muscle stronger so it pumps more effectively. When it comes to exercise, a little bit is better than nothing. If you’re not very active right now, start slow. Find ways to include activity throughout your day. Try to make exercise fun, too. If it’s boring and you dread working out, you may have trouble staying consistent. __ECOMLOOKS__3032__ Stress can also lead to some unhealthy ways of coping, such as overeating, heavy drinking, and smoking all of which are not good for you. By taking some steps to reduce your stress levels like meditation, therapy, journaling, finding a relaxing hobby, not only will you help your heart, but you’ll also feel better. __ECOMLOOKS__3033__ So make sure you're drinking the recommended six to eight glasses of liquids like water, juice, or tea, a day. This is important to keep your body hydrated and make it easy for your kidneys to filter your blood. And, drinking more water can even help you feel more energized. __ECOMLOOKS__3034__ So, instead of using alcohol like beer or wine to quench your “thirst”, have a glass of water before each alcoholic drink, this helps in reducing the amount you drink. The better option is to find other relaxing ways of rewarding yourself, such as taking a bath or reading a good book before bed, and limiting your intake to a maximum of one glass a day. __ECOMLOOKS__3035__ Whipped cream adds about 140 calories, and each pump of flavoured syrup adds another 20. Without these sugary indulgences five times a week, you'll cut out at least 41,600 calories a year! If you want coffee, drink it with low-fat milk and skip the calorie-heavy treats or just cut out coffee altogether and switch to less caffeinated drinks like green tea. __ECOMLOOKS__3036__ In order to make sure your digestive system does not get overloaded, make an effort to really taste what you're eating and appreciate the flavours. Physically take yourself away from your desk to eat lunch, and give yourself at least 20 minutes to enjoy it. To Wrap UpIn 2021, it is time to learn that sometimes little mistakes like getting six instead of eight hours of sleep, not drinking enough water, or surviving on 6 cups of coffee instead of getting a balanced meal can affect your health in a pretty big way. And yet, by making a few changes, you can easily turn your health around, and feel better! Explore More View the full article
  15. Although we are staying home and are spending a lot of time indoors, we do have to venture out at times to run important errands, buy groceries and other non-avoidable work. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, you must be dreading the hot summer days that are already upon us. This is the time when skincare woes like acne flare up. © iStock Stepping out without a face mask on is a sin these days, thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. However, by the time you’d come back home and take it off, your face would have become a hub for zits. © iStock The reason you could experience acne around your face and chin now more than ever is because of this new addition to your daily essentials- a face mask. Plus, summer heat just adds to the problem. © iStock A year ago, a ‘face mask’ was simply a skincare product that promised better skin. Ironically, it is now the survival tool that makes skin woes like blackheads and acne worse. But since they keep us safe from the deadly virus, these face masks, whether surgical or N95, are absolute essentials. © iStock Talking about the skin problems it brings with it, you can keep them at bay with proper care and good skincare habits. Here is what you can do: 1. Use A Clean Mask © iStock You don’t use the same gym clothes that are practically drenched in sweat because they can irritate your skin and cause body acne. The same rule applies here. Throw disposable masks after one use and always wear a fresh, dry and clean face mask. 2. Switch To Non-Comedogenic Products © iStock These are the products that do not block the pores on the skin. Use lightweight and water-based moisturisers that keep your skin nourished but don’t contribute to acne. 3. Give Your Skin A Break © iStock Since the protective layer of your mask blocks the droplets and air from passing through, it also prevents skin from breathing. Remove it for a few seconds every couple of hours (when you are alone) for your skin to relax. 4. Increase Your Water Intake © iStock This is the simplest skincare basic and a golden rule. To keep your skin hydrated, keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water. This would keep your skin healthy and breakouts at bay, even if you wear a mask for long hours. 5. Wash Your Face Regularly © iStock Goes without saying, once you are home, cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser to remove the oil, dirt and sweat that accumulated on your skin throughout the day. These are the things that invite acne. View the full article
  16. You’ve been consistent with your exercise and diet but somehow, still fail to see good enough results. Well, there’s a reason for it. When it comes to health and fitness, we often get stuck with what we eat and don’t focus on how we eat. No matter what your goal is, eating the right food in the right way is the first step. Here are seven common bad eating habits that you need to break for a healthier lifestyle. __ECOMLOOKS__2934__ __ECOMLOOKS__2935__ __ECOMLOOKS__2936__ __ECOMLOOKS__2937__ __ECOMLOOKS__2938__ __ECOMLOOKS__2939__ __ECOMLOOKS__2940__ The Bottomline In order to be healthier and fitter, you need to focus on your eating habits first. Are you guilty of making any of these errors? Let us know in the comments below! Explore More View the full article
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