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  1. If there’s one actor from the Telugu film industry who really knows style, it has to be Vijay Deverakonda. The man truly is a trendsetter. © Instagram/thedeverakonda For a long time, he has been seen with long hair, which he would style in a rather haphazard manner, to give it an unapologetic, “unkempt” appeal. © Instagram/thedeverakonda Well, recently, the actor went for a completely different hairstyle, which, we have to say, makes him completely unrecognisable. © Instagram/VijayDFans Vijay has had a few hairstyles where his hair was relatively shorter but never has he gone for such short hair. Deverakonda started to grow his hair out for Arjun Reddy, the movie that basically placed him on the map as a dependable and bankable star. Arjun Reddy was also the reason why his popularity soared immensely in the Hindi-speaking belts of the country. © Instagram/thedeverakonda Pictures of him sporting very short hair first appeared online when he was seen at a sporting event recently. The actor has basically trimmed off all of his hair and gone for a quasi-crew cut. Although this hairstyle is definitely a part of one of the characters he will be seen playing in a film, one cannot say for sure, which film is it that made Vijay get rid of the long luscious tresses of hair. There is a good chance that such short hair may be a part of the various looks that he will be donning for Puri Jagannadh’s Liger. View this post on Instagram The fact that he’s wearing a cap, also shows that whoever the filmmakers are, they also want to keep his looks for the film under wraps. Fans of Vijay surely approve of this new hairstyle, and they took to Twitter to convey the same. New look @TheDeverakonda#VijayDeverakonda #LIGER #JGM pic.twitter.com/plgVTXwqh8 — KarthikReddy (@thekarthikreddy) February 27, 2022CHARM #LIGER #VijayDeverakonda pic.twitter.com/ZYr9cRLLLB — Thedeverakonda Fan (@VijayDe78593148) February 27, 2022The NEW LOOK Of DEVERAKONDA #VijayDeverakonda Get Ready Solider @TheDeverakonda Is Coming !! #JanaGanaMana#LIGER #JGM #VijayDeverakonda𓃵 pic.twitter.com/CK45X2aB6m — The Deverakonda Army _ (@TeamVDArmy) February 27, 2022Loved @TheDeverakonda #VijayDeverakonda #JGM pic.twitter.com/beRizqhyYV — Shiney Sameer (@ShineySameer) February 27, 2022Our ROWDY Latest Click At #PrimeVolleyball Gachibowli Indoor Stadium. Rowdy New Look @TheDeverakonda #VijayDeverakonda pic.twitter.com/BxqMWNTj0Y — Vijay Deverakonda Trends (@VDTrendsOffl) February 27, 2022Our ROWDY Latest Click At #PrimeVolleyball Gachibowli Indoor Stadium. Rowdy New Look @TheDeverakonda #VijayDeverakonda pic.twitter.com/BxqMWNTj0Y — Vijay Deverakonda Trends (@VDTrendsOffl) February 27, 2022On the professional front, Vijay will be seen in Liger, next. Following that, he has a couple of films that are ready to be shot, including Puri Jagannadh's Jana Gana Mana. View the full article
  2. As entertaining as Bollywood is, the problem with it is that it gives a ‘cult classic’ status to some of the most problematic films ever made. Take Kabir Singh for instance, the movie that acquired an immediate liking and popularity, despite being one of the most toxic films to be ever made. And if we were to actually think back to other such kinds of problematic movies, the list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the 2003 release - Tere Naam. via GIPHY Usually, simply stating the fact that Salman Khan starred in it, is enough to get the point across. But this time, let’s dive in deeper to know just how many times I had to hit my head on the wall for my common sense to leave my body and this movie to register in my head as the shit-show it was. © MD Productions Radhe Mohan (Salman Khan) is a typical good for nothing spoilt brat. Not interested in studies, always bullying people and roaming around aimlessly in life with his friends. And if that was not enough, he also has a haircut that is physically painful to watch. The only way he justifies his pointless existence is by occasionally beating up bad guys who try to harass women. And perhaps that’s the irony of the film, one that you will figure out as you read on. © MD Productions Enter Nirjara Bhardwaj, a student from his former college and the Indian prototype of a woman that is usually accepted and welcomed with open arms. Why? Because she is soft-spoken, timid, without a spine and knows how to not stand for what she wants. Indian society and Radhe, both immediately fall in love with her at first sight. Whatte cliche! © MD Productions However, Radhe being the lunatic and hooligan he is, intimidates her and her fiance Rameshwar. He does so to the point that the woman finally speaks up and asks Radhe to f*ck off. Of course, he doesn’t, because societal conditioning has taught every man that the meaning of a ‘no’ is actually to try harder. Which is exactly what he does. © MD Productions In the meantime, Radhe gets involved in beating up guys who are trying to run a brothel in which, somehow, Nirjara’s sister gets involved. Radhe ends up beating quite a few goons and saving her sister, seeing which her father tells him how Radhe might actually be a nice and kind man at heart. © MD Productions Radhe, however, snaps back to his d*ck-self pretty damn soon, for he then kidnaps Nirjara to tell her how he feels for her. Because his funda is clear, ‘if you love her, you don’t let her go. Instead, you kidnap her and tie her in a remote place and threaten her for her life’. Real classy and romantic. © MD Productions He not only ties her up and keeps her in an abandoned warehouse of sorts, but also shouts at her and breaks down in front of her, scaring the shit out of her. However, love and Indian filmmakers being blind as they are, turn that super problematic moment into a romantic one. Safe to say, consent is as lost in the movie as Nirjara’s conscience or agency to speak. © MD Productions Nirjara then finally falls into love with the seemingly psycho man and at the same time, glorifies this really f*cked up and toxic love story. Because that is just what Bollywood’s undertone for love stories is always is - glorifying toxicity and misogyny. © MD Productions But all's well, that doesn’t end well, because karma and the goons who were beaten up by Radhe, come back at lightning speed to take their sweet revenge. © MD Productions They beat the living shit out of Radhe, and we have to admit, it did make us feel sorry for the guy. Thrashing him up near the train tracks, they beat him to the point that he suffers thorough brain damage and is later admitted to a mental institution. Nirjara keeps praying and waiting for him, and even when Radhe recovers, the wardens misunderstand him and beat him up instead. © MD Productions Convinced that there is no hope of Radhe being with Nirjara, his brother asks Nirjara to carry on with her life and marry her former fiance Rameshwar. Somehow, on the day of the wedding, Radhe escapes the mental institution and crashes the wedding only to see that Nirjara has instead committed suicide. © MD Productions Because she would rather take her own life than marry someone else. Not that the option of staying unmarried wasn’t on the table, but for the sake of adding a tragic flare to the story, we are presented with a sob-fest of an ending. © MD Productions Radhe, completely broken after witnessing the death of Nirjara, willingly goes back to the institution despite his family pleading otherwise. The movie ends as we see an old Radhe, still tying peacock feathers in Nirjara’s memory. And that is how, rage, toxicity and bullying, ends up ruining the lives of nearly everyone in the movie. The End. View the full article
  3. In a bizarre incident back in 2018, a Delhi-based female model went for a haircut at a salon at the Hotel ITC Maurya. However, things ended really badly for her. The woman, who had asked for her regular hair stylist was told that the person wasn't available after which the salon management appointed her another worthy hairstylist on the assurance that the person was just as good enough. © iStock Well, the woman went for the haircut and it turned out to be an absolute nightmare for her. The woman was left “shocked and surprised to observe that despite her specific instructions for long flicks/layers covering her face in the front and at back, and 4-inch straight hair trim from the bottom”, the hairstylist ended up chopping "off her entire hair leaving only 4-inch from the top touching her shoulder." Following the terrible incident, the woman is reported to have “undergone severe mental breakdown and self-esteem issues as she always had long hair and because of fault on the part of ITC Hotels Ltd, she has been left with little or almost no hair”. Now, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has decided to award Rs 2 crore compensation to the woman for the wrong haircut and treatment given to her by staff at the salon in Hotel ITC Maurya. © ITC The woman worked as a model for hair products, however, she lost out on a lot of work assignments because of the incident. Justice RK Agrawal and Dr. SM Kantikar passed the order for the compensation while stating that there is "no doubt that women are very cautious and careful with regard to their hair” and that they “spend a handsome amount on keeping the hair in good condition." “They are also emotionally attached to their hair. The complainant was a model for hair products because of her long hair. She has done modeling for VLCC and Pantene. But due to haircutting against her instructions by the Opposite Party No.2 (ITC Hotels Ltd), she lost her expected assignments and suffered a huge loss which completely changed her lifestyle and shattered her dream to be a top model,” read the order. Apparently, the woman had been planning to continue working as a model for hair-related products and had also received a role in a movie. View the full article
  4. Indian cricket fans will surely agree that as far as having a dope looking hairstyle is concerned, no one comes close to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The man is a legend when it comes to trying out new hairstyles. Take his recent fauxhawk as an example. © Instagram/aalimhakim Well, it seems that Hardik Pandya, the king of bling, as he is often called by people who seriously follow fashion, would like to present himself as a challenger. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 Truth be told Pandya has had some really quirky and unusual hairstyles over the years. When we say quirky and unusual, that is usually a euphemism for downright bizarre. Heck, people often label his hairstyles as failures. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 This time though, thanks to legendary hairstylist Aalim Hakim, Pandya actually had a much relatable, but dope looking haircut. Pandya recently visited Hakim’s studio at Versova, Mumbai, for a makeover, and boy oh boy, was he in a for a surprise. He got one of the soberest hairstyles that he has ever sported alright, but nonetheless, it was still quirky and zany. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 The hairstyle that we see Pandya donning is a variation of the high fade, with a bit of a spiked quiff thrown in. It looks seriously cool, especially since it actually suits Hardik’s thin, and elongated face. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 Apart front the hairstyle, what caught our eye were the dapper accessories that Hardik was wearing. Here we see him wearing a really cool Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1AR-001. The watch used to retail for Rs 80 Lakhs when it was available. Now though, it is almost impossible to get your hands on one. © Patek Philippe We also see him wearing a really dope looking pair of sunglasses from Versace. The gold sunglasses apparently cost somewhat around Rs 1.7 Lakhs. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 All in all, Hardik’s new haircut is actually something that regular guys like us can go for. Aalim Hakim has been giving some pretty dope looking makeovers to cricketers and Bollywood actors for some time now. It will be interesting to see which actor or cricketer gets a new makeover. View the full article
  5. Celebrated stylist Aalim Hakim shared Dhoni's pictures on his official Twitter account
  6. A good hairstyle can make or break your look. The vibe of that day when you get a fresh haircut and come out of the barbershop is different. While there is a bounce in your hair, there also is a spring in your step. So, when we know that a good haircut is the MVP of any look, why don’t we do anything to make it last long? After all, while visiting a salon is relaxing, it is also time consuming and expensive, plus COVID still very much is there. Best would be we do something to extend the life of our sharp cuts and side fades and limit your visits to the barbershop. Here’s everything that’s gonna go into creating an at-home maintenance routine and make your fresh cut last longer. Get A Nice Sharp HaircutFirst things first, start with a quality haircut. Hair that’s been cut by a skilled professional will grow out evenly and be easier to maintain. Now, for your in-between at-home maintenance to be more effective, opt for longer and fuller hairstyle, one that has more natural borders. With this kind of style, which has a little volume and texture already built in, the growth of your hair won’t be as noticeable. This will help you get away with having it cut less often and style more with a soft gel or hair wax. __ECOMPRODUCT__1972__ Gather The Right Haircut ToolsOnce you have a nice hairstyle in place, all you would need is the right tools to maintain it and perform your DIY clean-up. Small hair scissors Electric trimmerComb __ECOMPRODUCT__1603__ Trim Your Sideburns The first step of your DIY clean up would require you to trim up the bottom edge of your sideburn with a trimmer. Ensure that it’s straight and at length to the middle of your ear. Now, comb the hair of the sideburn towards your face and snip the overgrown hair with scissors. Repeat this process, this time combing your sideburn hair towards your ear, and then repeat the same exercise on the other sideburn. __ECOMPRODUCT__1214__ Move On To Your NecklineAsk anyone you trust to do this part for you. Give them a trimmer and ask them to move it in upward strokes around your neck until it meets the hairline created by your barber. You can also use a pen styler to give your edges a further sharp finish. __ECOMPRODUCT__1151__ Style Your Hair With WaxThe best products to tame your unkempt hair is hair wax, particularly ones with a strong hold and matte finish. Scoop out a coin-sized amount of hair wax and rub through your palms to spread evenly then run your hands through damp hair to shape. Anything too dense like hair creams and gels are good for moisturising but may bring your hair down in a few hours. Hair wax works the best to style your hair without much effort and add volume to it. __ECOMPRODUCT__1973__ You can also use a hair spray as a last minute fix to style your hair and make it look salon-fresh. __ECOMPRODUCT__1750__ Shampoo Less, Condition MoreLimit your shampoo sessions as overgrown hair looks more out of place when it’s dry and frizzy. Your new haircut needs to be kept tamed and tight. So, what do you do? Switch to conditioners. Conditioning helps retain the straightness of your hair back and fixes the shape of your hair. It also helps make hair healthier, stronger and less prone to breakage. Don’t forget healthy hair is the key to a great looking hairstyle. __ECOMPRODUCT__1974__ A DND Day For Your Hair Give your hair a day off from all the hair waxing, blow-drying, and shampooing that cause harm to your hair. This will allow your hair to recuperate from the chemical damage and improve naturally, making your goal to make a hairstyle last longer achievable. __ECOMPRODUCT__1975__ The Bottom-lineWhile you can’t control the speed with which your hair grows, you now definitely can delay your appointments with the barber and maintain your haircut to last long. Hope our tips help you make everyday a good hair day! Explore More View the full article
  7. If there is one player in international cricket who can be described as the epitome of patience, it’s Cheteshwar Pujara. A classic Test match batsman, Pujara likes to occupy the crease for long hours and tire out the bowlers and his old-school tactics have helped not just him but also his teammates batting alongside him. In the ongoing World Test Championship final against New Zealand, Pujara's patience once came to the fore and he faced 35 deliveries without scoring a single run. While this might frustrate other batsmen, Pujara isn’t bothered at all, in fact, his confidence increases with each passing delivery. However, this time around he couldn’t make the most of the opportunity and got out cheaply. © Twitter BCCI While Pujara’s patience on the cricket field is second to none, the same can’t be said about a bad haircut. Watching him play might give many fans a false perception that all he cares about is his batting but that’s not true. Like others, he also cares about how he looks, including his hairstyle for which he has set very high standards. During an ICC interview, Pujara sat down with TV presenter Sanjana Ganesan and answered a few questions about his favourite Instagram memories. ✂️ Trusting his wife to cut his hair Going on safari with the @BCCI 🇮🇳 Winning the Border-Gavaskar Trophy in 2020/21 Insta Memories with @cheteshwar1.#WTC21 #INDvNZ pic.twitter.com/xgMqM0hJ2e — ICC (@ICC) June 22, 2021 In one such Instagram post, he was seen getting a haircut from his wife during the lockdown and Pujara revealed how he felt about it. Reacting to his wife’s hair-cutting skills, the Saurashtra batsman said despite her best effort, he wasn’t fully satisfied and never took a chance again with her. © Instagram Cheteshwar Pujara “Only once, I’ve only tried this once and after that, I never tried this again. It’s not up to the mark. I always like high standards for my hairstyle. She tried her best, it wasn’t bad but it could have been better,” Pujara says in the video. In the video, Pujara also expressed his desire to learn photography as he loves clicking pictures and wants to prove his wife wrong who keeps reminding him that the images he clicks are never nice. View this post on Instagram He also spoke about the memorable win against Australia at The Gabba earlier this year, where despite battling with so many injuries, the team managed to come out on top and register their second consecutive Test series win Down Under. Pujara failed with the bat in the first innings of the WTC final, managing only eight runs. He faced 54 deliveries during his brief stay out of which 52 were dot balls. India saw a dramatic collapse and were bowled out for 217 runs in their first innings, handing the advantage back to the BlackCaps. View the full article
  8. Just when we thought the pandemic is about to take a backseat now, finally, it became clear that things aren't nearly close to being normal yet. All our dreams of getting drunk in cheap bars and attending shady clubs with free shots will have to wait, but what really suffers is our day to day, practical life. For example, we still can't visit salons without being concerned about the potential repercussions. via GIPHY But just like the human race has survived countless catastrophic events, this time is no different, and home salon services came up as a blessing. Yes we may be in the middle of a pandemic but how on earth does that justify having continuous bad hair days? via GIPHY As glad as we are that we're surviving at an age when home salon services are a thing, there are a few things that we need to be careful about, to not convert that into a risky little affair. Here are 3 things to strictly not do when you've called a salon service home for a haircut/shave/massage. via GIPHY 1. Let's start with 'not sanitizing them at the doorstep'. Yes, promises of safety are made everywhere, but does it mean you should stop being careful? Nope. Please keep two things ready - a bottle of hand sanitizer and a bottle of spray on sanitizer. via GIPHY Ask them to sanitize their hands, and use the spray on sanitizer on the surface of their shoes and other stuff they are about to carry in. Mostly, we can trust service providers with being safe, but please do keep in mind that they are also, at the end of the day, humans. Take responsibility for your own safety, especially if you have children and elderly people living in the same house. via GIPHY 2. The second point may be a bit tricky to understand, but please bear with us. When they enter and ask you to show them the place where the haircut will take place, please don't just let them be. By that we mean, help them set it up. via GIPHY Show them where the chair will be, which direction it will face, where to keep the mirror so that you can clearly see the haircut being executed just like in a salon, whether there is ample lighting, whether the plug point is close enough for them to comfortably use their appliances etc. Sounds like basic courtesy? Yes, but doing this is extremely important as not paying attention to any of these things can result in a horrible haircut, and that would be all on you. (I have a friend who legit cried after a home haircut. He's 30.) via GIPHY 3. Gloves are a safety measure, for sure, but do insist them to remove them and wash their hands instead, properly. The reason is, most salon personnel in India are used to not wearing gloves, and they have had to just get used to them in a very small amount of time because of the pandemic. via GIPHY During something as tricky as giving someone a haircut or a shave, dexterity is of paramount importance. Every move, every glide counts and it only makes sense for you to let them be as comfortable as possible while at it. Also, if there is a head massage or eyebrow threading included, they will have to get rid of their gloves midway anyway. So, it just makes sense for you to be prepared, cooperate with them, and let them be comfortable to get the best out of it. via GIPHY Another thing that you should be careful about is to make prior cleaning arrangements depending on whether the salon personnel is carrying a portable vacuum cleaner or not. If they aren't, and you don't have one either, it always makes sense to put down old newspapers or sheets that can be discarded along with all the hair. A bit of prior planning can make the whole experience extremely hassle-free for you! View the full article
  9. Our celebrities have inspired us in many ways amid the lockdown. Be it with their cooking skills or upping their grooming game, these celebs left no stone unturned in entertaining us. And, since most of the things came to a standstill, including going to a salon and getting a haircut done, a few also dared to cut their hair at home. Here's taking a look at six dramatic transformations of celebs during the lockdown. 1. Virat Kohli View this post on Instagram Anushka Sharma, acted as an absolute pro, when she cut Virat Kohli's hair and well, did a fantastic job at it. Surprisingly, she did it with a pair of kitchen scissors and gave him an uber-cool gradual fade. 2. Vicky Kaushal View this post on Instagram Vicky Kaushal's luscious curls had grown out during the isolation phase but since he couldn't step out, he chose to do it at home. Thanks to his younger brother, Sunny Kaushal who turned into a professional hairstylist and gave him a nice high fade short quiff. 3. Sachin Tendulkar View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram Sachin Tendulkar, the 'God Of Cricket' also donned the barber's hat for his son during self-isolation. Besides being a master on-field, Sachin also perfected the hair-styling arena as he gave Arjun a suave buzz cut. Not just that, he also cut his own curly mane at home. 4. Cristiano Ronaldo View this post on Instagram Even footballers were seen making the most of lockdown - case in point, Cristiano Ronaldo, who got a haircut at home from his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. Ronaldo got a unique haircut, a blend of fading buzz cut the back and sides with a disconnected top knot. 5. Vivek Dahiya View this post on Instagram View this post on InstagramTelevision actress, Divyanka Tripathi became a hairstylist for her husband Vivek Dahiya during the lockdown. He took to Instagram and posted a picture while getting his hair done, and made his fans curious about his new look. The final look was quite inspirational with bangs and a short haircut. 6. David Beckham View this post on Instagram David Beckham is fashionable in all rights. He took the plunge amid the lockdown and turned to the clippers. For someone who has a history of looking good in every hairstyle, the lockdown inspired buzz cut also suited him well. View the full article
  10. Most of us have experienced something called a bad hair day or a bad haircut and when that happens, it literally feels like the end of the world. But some people, have been at the extreme end of the spectrum and have experienced epic hair disasters with hilarious mishaps. At this point, we are just thanking our stars that something like this didn't happen to us. But, yes, you've got to take a look at the following epic haircut fails because they are downright funny: 1. Bangs Or What? © Youtube/Funnyhairfails Baldhead and bangs, that too in layers? This couldn't get any creepier. The fact that the entire noggin has no hair, with only bangs in big and small layers looks like curtains on the forehead. I mean just shave it all off, maybe? 2. The Most Confusing Hairstyle Ever © Youtube/Funnyhairfails The man looks as confused as his hairstyle and no, we don't blame him. Firstly, there's a huge crop of hair on the top with bald sides and then curly pigtail on both the sides, neatly done with rubber bands. Also, he is trying to sport this so-called 'mullet' look with a goatee. Hats off. 3. Hat Hair © Twitter/ManoMaestro Ever thought of turning your voluminous hair into a cap? Creativity is flowing from all the sides for this guy who turned his hair into a designer cap. Imagine the amount of hair care and conditioning this hairstyle would take, just to maintain the bad hat on the head, all the time, even while sleeping. 4. Wifi Signal Hairstyle © Twitter/Kanyewest_FC Even Kanye has been a victim of a bad haircut, it seems. We don't understand the message he is trying to deliver here with his shaved head. It legit looks like wifi signals coming straight out of his noggin. Kanye has done some hilarious hairstyle experiments in the past, most of which have left people in splits. Still, points for going all out. 5. Life Revolves Around Tennis © Twitter/JohnBranchNYT It would have been okay if the colour was a bit subtle with no detailing, but the neon shade has gone way too overboard here. This guy's enthusiasm for playing tennis is so visible that the hairstyle has the aesthetic of the tennis ball as well as the court. 6. Ratty Hairstyle © Youtube/Funnyhairfails It is okay to be innovative and prove a point to look stylish, especially when it comes to the haircut. But as far this hairstyle, with a huge rat design, on a slightly shaved head is concerned, well, it looks nightmarish and awful, tbh. On top that, such a long rat tail, we are speechless. 7. The Koyla Look © Film Kraft With a disastrous look in the hit movie Koyla, even the King Khan of Bollywood has been a part of epic hairstyle fails. Sporting a mix of hair trends including that floppy hair with a fussy hairstyle which reminds us of Taarzan, Shah Rukh Khan's look here was really questionable at the time. 8. The Real Meat Head © Twitter/Joe Marler Looks like the man wanted to write savage but ended up with sausage. If you want to prove that you are funny, then just get a hairstyle like this one and you won't have to do much to tell the world about yourself. 9. The Very Famous Robert Pattinson Hairstyle © Instagram/RobertPattinson_FC Okay, after Twilight, Robert Pattinson went bonkers with his hairstyles and was seen in some of the most hilarious looks. This totally looks like a rebound haircut, the sort of style one gets, after a breakup. Messy bowl cut with a mysterious, random chin curtain on the back. What was he thinking? 10. When You Decide To Go Green © Twitter/Universityfox This man took the hairstyle game a notch higher by turning his hair into a garland. Well, this is what we call eco-friendly and imagine the amount of money he would save, buying the flowers. All he needs to probably do is keep watering his head. 11. Noodles On My Head © Instagram/Funnyhairstyles When you take the noodle hairstyle too far, this is literally what you get. It clearly looks like an advertisement for a noodle brand with hair sectioned and then finger-combed, to give the shape of noodles, all over the hair and also the eyebrows. That coupled with a thin goatee is just uproarious. View the full article
  11. Getting a haircut is a transcendental experience. Your noggin suddenly starts feeling light and the mirror starts showing your sharpest features. The only trouble is with the schedule, which makes it next to impossible to maintain the haircut for long, and within a matter of two weeks, you are there yet again, sitting on your barber's chair. Hence, here are six easy ways in which you can maintain your haircut and make it look as good as new for longer. 1. Get The Right Haircut © iStock Remember that when you go for a shorter haircut, it will grow out faster. Edgy hairstyles like skin fade, undercut or the crop haircut grows out quickly. Hairstyles that are long and have fuller sides don't need to be cut often. The extra length on top and the sides isn't quite visible. In fact, even buzz cuts also, require a good amount of visits to the salon. 2. Try To Not Overwash Your Hair © iStock The key to maintaining the haircut is by managing the volume of your hair. When you shampoo too often, it will strip your hair's natural oils and hence dry it out and cause hair frizz. Keep the frequency of washing your hair down to 2 to 3 times a week to avoid this issue 3. Don't Forget To Condition Your Hair © iStock No matter how much you try and control it, your hair's tendency of growing out won't stop. So, what you can do is keep it as healthy as possible. Remember to give your hair some soothing spa at home by conditioning it. This way your hair will be less prone to any environmental hazards. 4. Use The Right Tools © iStock If you wish to maintain your hair, it's okay to plunk down a few extra bucks on the right tools. Make use of heat projection before you blow-dry your hair and ensure that the comb you are using is designed for your hair type. A wide-toothed comb is always your best bet, to keep your hairstyle looking fresh. As for the styling products, rely on clay products, creams and gels to control your hair from turning greasy by the end of the day. These will give your hair a good hold and won't make it look flat or lank. 5. Take A Look At The Edges © iStock A hair cut is past its prime when the neckline and sideburns have grown out to their fullest. Making sure that these two areas are defined will help you stay away from your barber's chair for long. For sideburns, you can use a trimmer and get it back up to the halfway point of the ear. Then, use a comb to brush the hair of the sideburn. This will also help keep a check on the excess hair. Use scissors to snip it away. As for the neckline, this part can be tricky as you need to hold a mirror to take a look at the hair behind. Use a trimmer here to steer clear of the fuzz that's grown below, in upward strokes till you reach the hairline made by your barber. If you think your hand is not steady enough, seek assistance. 6. Give Your Hair A Day Off © iStock Understandably, you love putting hair wax or mousse on your hair because it gives your hair volume. But take a day off, and don't apply any hair product on your hair. Instead, just a wear a cap or leave your hair as it is to let it breathe. View the full article
  12. Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought the world to a standstill. Owing to travel restrictions, quarantine camps and lockdowns across the globe, people are currently being tested to their limits during these ongoing times of crisis. But, the frustration is not just restricted to the general public. Celebrities and sports icons, too, find themselves in the same boat. With not much to do and a lot of idle time at their hands, a lot of celebrities have resorted to sharing videos of themselves, giving an insight of their lives during lockdown. And, the latest fad, appears to be grooming videos. From growing beards to trying new hairdos, celebrities are making the most of their time during self-isolation protocols. There are even some who are setting couple goals by coming to each other's aid at home. Last month, in one of the most popular videos on social media, Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma was seen giving her popular husband Virat Kohli a brilliant haircut at home. View this post on InstagramMeanwhile, in quarantine.. ðð»ââðð»ââA post shared by (@anushkasharma) The video, which showed Anushka using a pair of kitchen scissors to give Kohli a cool haircut with a gradual fade, didn't just strike a chord with the fans, but also inspired others to recreate the turn of events. Since then, a lot of people including celebrities have tried their hand at getting haircuts or shaves by their partners or kins. But, one haircut didn't go as planned. Inspired by Anushka and Virat, former England cricketer Robert Key and his wife Fleur were probably looking to follow in the footsteps of the Indian couple before disaster struck. In one of the major lessons as to why grooming should be left to professionals, the England star was left fuming after his wife removed a major chunk of his hair by accident. Well f*****g done @fleurkey u arenât allowed to moan about hairdressers ever gain pic.twitter.com/ZAKG6fcgRg â Rob Key (@robkey612) April 16, 2020 In arguably one of the most hilarious posts in recent days, Key took to Twitter and shared a picture of himself where a major chunk of his hair on the back of his head was gone. "Well f*****g done @fleurkey u arenât allowed to moan about hairdressers ever gain," Key tweeted alongside his picture. Sorry ?? but you did say âgo all the way up..â ???? https://t.co/te7UjCcc87 â Fleur Key (@fleurkey) April 16, 2020 While his wife did respond with an apology, "Sorry but you did say 'go all the way up'," Key's disastrous haircut sparked a laugh riot on social media, including reactions from England stars Sam Billings and Joe Denly. ?????????? â Sam Billings (@sambillings) April 16, 2020???????????????????????????? â Simon Jones MBE (@si610) April 16, 2020End product???? â Joe Denly (@joed1986) April 16, 2020You going for the number 2 bud ?? pic.twitter.com/KQFcIK7XCt â Rikki Clarke (@RikkiClarke81) April 16, 2020Have you upset her recently?? That looks as if revenge has occurred! â BethTredwell (@Btredders) April 16, 2020I told him Iâm no hairdresser! ???? â Fleur Key (@fleurkey) April 16, 2020Donât worry, Iâve done the same, flipping guard slipped! ?????? â Helen Root (@hrooto1) April 16, 2020???????? this has really made me giggle. Brilliant from @fleurkey remember the name! â Robert Purton (@purts149) April 16, 2020Iâm sure your misses must play golf mate. Thatâs a perfect divot ?????? â pwilsongolf (@pwilsongolf) April 16, 2020Shit thats actually quite bad ?????? â Kris Rudkins (@KrisRudkins) April 17, 2020 View the full article
  13. Right from when they started dating, to the wedding that set the theme for a thousand South-Delhi weddings, to always having each other's back, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are legit couple goals. If that weren't established enough, the couple continues to pull off cute stunts that continue giving other couples a healthy mix of complex and aspirations. Right from looking like a million dollars together to getting photoshoots done that will continue to bless our feeds, this couple indeed is the one couple the country looks up to. View this post on Instagram A post shared by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma) on Sep 28, 2019 at 10:19am PDT Adding to that already impressive score card, they just hit one more mega-sixer, this time in the grooming zone. Anushka Sharma just gave Mr Kohli a haircut at home, using - wait for it - a pair of kitchen scissors. Don't believe us? Check it out here. (c) Instagram/AnushkaSharma1588 Now, while it looks like the sort of extreme sports most husbands and boyfriends will not be gutsy enough to be a part of (and we don't blame them at all), Virat was not one to back off. He let her do it like the champ he is, even though he started off by saying: "This is what quarantine does to you. You allow things like this to happen." (c) AnushkaSharma1588 However, a little bit into the video, we could clearly see the reason behind his confidence. Looks like Anushka is a pro at it, judging by the beautiful haircut she effortlessly ended up giving her husband. By the end of it, Virat was extremely pleased with it, and had great things to say about the cool 'gradual fade' Anushka gave him, which is also his go-to hairstyle. (c) AnushkaSharma1588 Although we have reservations about Anushka's claim that it's a 'new look she created for him', we do agree, wholeheartedly, that this indeed is a baautiful haircut, and that Anushka deserves a huge round of applause for pulling this off like a seasoned hairstylist. The results spoke for themselves by the time she was done. (c) Instagram/AnushkaSharma1588 (c) Instagram/AnushkaSharma1588 Check out the amazing video here. View this post on Instagram A post shared by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma) on Mar 27, 2020 at 9:59pm PDT All we can hope for now, is for our respective spouses to take a hint and help us out with our alarming hair situation during this quarantine season. View the full article
  14. Barbers are trained to give the best haircuts and it's good to see that sometimes they are able to gauge what we want even while we are only blabbering. But more often than not, chances are, that your haircut can completely be ruined, not because the barber is new but because your research and guidance were not complete. A barber's priority is to make you happy with the haircut you want but they certainly can't decipher everything from your basic knowledge. So what do you do? There are some simple ways to talk to your new barber so he understands your desires. We have you covered so you are able to communicate better and upscale your skills from here. 1. Words Are Never Enough © Instagram/Hakim Aalim Did you know that visuals work better than words, any day? Try to show him a picture of your earlier hair cuts or a new one that you desire to get instead of giving directions. Have some images ready when you walk in. Your hair cut can be as basic as you want but leave it up to your barber at the end to bring all the elements together. So, you see how all the time you spent on Pinterest or Instagram was not a waste after all? 2. Learn About Your Hair © Instagram/Salonjaffal Not just colour wise, but every hair type is different, starting from thickness to moisture level. Learning what your hair type is will help you understand the sort of haircut you want. It will save you the headache for hunting tons of pictures and finally going back to your favourite buzz cut. When you do this, let it be your barber's last call to let you know if the style is the right fit for you or not. Try this out. 3. During The Mid-Cut © Instagram/Salonjaffal When the process has begun and if you feel that your barber is going too short, you can ask him to stop very politely. This will help him know the exact length you want. Remember, that two barbers cannot give you the same haircut. It's a matter of technique and if you think the haircut was misunderstood, you can explain again. A skilled barber will learn better from you and appreciate your comment but being harsh will only lead to more issues, probably a bad haircut. 4. Know What Is Style & A Cut © Instagram/Hakim Aalim If you are getting a haircut to achieve a particular hairstyle, you should ask yourself a few questions, for example, are you willing to do everything to maintain it? Will you use hair wax every day? What about hair styling tools? All these things are important for your barber because unless you are willing to, a good haircut is not possible. Take all the factors into consideration and then go for it. 5. Ask Questions Before © Instagram/Hakim Aalim When you ask relevant questions, it will help you understand the new barber. Make sure you understand maintenance tips, hair care, and styling products, etc. If your barber is giving vague answers, he probably only knows buzzcut and flat-tops and is not the right one for you. Be wise here! View the full article
  15. A TikTok video of a hairstylist using fire to style his customerâs hair is doing the rounds on the internet. The video showcases a hair stylist styling a manâs hair using a bizarre fire technique and the man who is sitting on the chair looks calm. In the video, the barber uses a lighter to set his customerâs hair on fire and then further uses two combs to pull the hair back. This process is repeated until the time fire is extinguished on its own. The video was first shared on TikTok and then on Twitter. Watch the full video here- This is an origin story for a hairstyle like mine.pic.twitter.com/gBKrhr1AQH â ð¹ððð ð¶ððððð (@JoshuaGrubbsPhD) January 27, 2020 The video has over 30 million views on TikTok and has also now gone viral on other social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter the video has been viewed around 13 million times. The only question is why someone will want to put their own hair on fire. However, the internet is shocked and here is what the people want to say about the bizarre hairstyle technique- OMG that'd damage your hair wouldn't it not? Also How'd that not hurt him o.o â Emsha (@EmmaShosha) January 27, 2020Can you even imagine how much that must stink? â Arden Brooks (@ThatArdenBrooks) January 27, 2020I saw that at a Japanese flaming grill restaurant... â David J. Ley PhD (@DrDavidLey) January 27, 2020Once my hair reached the point of no return this is how I'm going down. â Andrew [Ëfeɪvi.É] (@andcarnivorous) January 27, 2020 pic.twitter.com/NrM0gpdVW3 â JC Murphy (@NotThat_JC) January 27, 2020Is it weird that I screamed? â Jack Arnal (@DrArnal) January 27, 2020 pic.twitter.com/ERbRYZFaP7 â Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt (@dr_sweatt) January 27, 2020We will never suggest anyone to get that done and never try doing that on your own too. Are you brave enough to try this? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  16. We've all been there - planing to get a really dapper of a haircut, scouring the internet, looking for that one hairstyle that we can actually pull off and look nice in, timing our visits so that the best barber at the salon works with us, and whatnot. © iStock Well, the day arrives, we go to the salon, get a haircut, which, within the salon looks great. But as soon as you cross into the threshold of your house, you look like something like this. © Viral Bhayani Well, as much as our barber maybe a wizard, we are also partially to blame for the mishmash of all things unfortunate that we're now carrying on our head now. Why? Well, because most Indian men make these blunders when they visit their barbers: © iStock 1. “Do Your Thing, Barber Bro!” © Instagram/aalimhakim Like we said, your barber may be a wizard, but he ain't a psychic. If you don't tell or show him what exactly you want, how the heck is the man supposed to know, what you want your hair to look like? Usually, if you end up being the 50th customer he has had for the day, who's asking him to do his “thing,” he will just do his bare minimum, with the least bit of effort, and send you on your way. Work with him, and instruct what you want done, precisely. 2. “I Think I Like It…I Guess.” © iStock Be sure of what you want to go for before your barber or hairstylist gets to work. Its always better to show your barber a reference photograph for him to work off of. In case he shows you a bunch of photographs to select a hairstyle from, work with him but mainly rely on your instincts as to what will work for you and what won't. For heaven's sake, don't get there with half-baked ideas only to walk away disappointed with a mop of a hair. 3. “No, I Don't Need That Complimentary Shampoo/Massage/Facial.” © iStock There must be something really wrong with you if turn down a complimentary service from your barber or your salon. First of all, refusing anything that's free is very un-desi. Secondly, even though they might not be using some premium products for the complimentary services, they make up for that by stellar service. The goal is to make you spend more the next time you visit or make you try out new things. 4. “Let It Be, Chalega” © iStock This is where most of us falter. Once your barber is done with you, instead of just paying the man and leaving, test your new hairstyle out. Run your fingers through your hair thoroughly, let it dry, and try restyling it yourself. You will not be coming to the barber every day to get it set right, now, will you? If you're unsatisfied even a little bit or find a part that does not seem right, ask your barber to work his magic into it, and observe how you're supposed to do it by yourself. We're pretty sure that if you avoid these pitfalls and follow a few other steps you should be able to walk out of that salon, actually happy and satisfied. View the full article
  17. Fans can be very passionate about their favourite celebrities. After all, for fans, movies can be inspirational, life-changing, and a major influence in their lives. As a tribute, they get elaborate tats, spray paint their faces and even get a quirky haircut in the name of celebrities that they love and adore. Especially after 'Singham', Ajay Devgn had gained massive traction. The Indian audience seems to love a badass cop who is willing to fight the evils of the society while putting his life at stake. This one particular fan loved Devgn enough to get his face imprinted on his head in the form of a haircut. This obviously could be a work of none other than Aalim Hakim. Must tell ya'll this sweet lil incident about a die hard fan of @ajaydevgn Sir! 27 year old Rajwinder & his brother Gurwinder from Punjab Muktsar District run a hair salon there. They'd been trying to get in touch with me for a while & finally got through me via my wife's number. pic.twitter.com/FaFNg344rU — Aalim Hakim (@AalimHakim) April 20, 2019 © aalim hakim/twitter Alim wrote, "Must tell ya'll this sweet lil incident about a die-hard fan of Ajay Devgn Sir! 27-year-old Rajwinder & his brother Gurwinder from Punjab Muktsar District run a hair salon there. They'd been trying to get in touch with me for a while & finally got through me via my wife's number." The fan went on to meet Ajay Devgn with this artsy haircut. Take a look: © aalim hakim/twitter
  18. Getting a haircut at a neighbourhood salon is one of those things which Indian men are so accustomed to, that they still prefer it over fancy salons, sometimes in spite of being able to easily afford the latter. The reasons are aplenty, but the bottomline is, the local neighbourhood salon will always score one up against the fancy salon chains, so it's only sagacious on our part to make the most of it. Sometimes, however, things can go wrong, but it can be prevented easily by being a bit vigilant. © Thinkstock/Getty Images How, you ask? Here are 3 things you need to do as soon as you enter a local neighbourhood salon, in order to be able to avoid a bad haircut. 1. Make sure you don't enter it during a rush hour, in other words, avoid a crowded salon. You know how neighbourhood salons work - they earn purely because of their volume of work. They want to be able to attend all the customers, and as a result, the quality of work obviously suffers. No one is at fault here, because India just has that many people. An easy solution? Don't go to the salon during peak hours - for example, weekend afternoons and weekday mornings/evenings. As soon as you see a huge line of people waiting for their turn, please reschedule. This automatically will ensure a better haircut. © Thinkstock/Getty Images 2. Once you enter the salon and sit on your chair, tell Mr Barber to wait for a couple of minutes. Before he picks up his tools and starts the process, communicate to him what exactly you want from him. Be extremely didactic, and don't just assume he knows what to do with your hair. Yes, it's his job to get the haircut done, but it's not his job to read your mind and figure out what you want for your hair. Make sure he listens carefully and understands, before letting him start the process. © Thinkstock/Getty Images 3. Be assertive during the process, but not overbearing. Keep a close track of the process by looking into the mirror, and see whether it's going towards the direction you want it to. The moment you see some deviation, immediately but gently point it out. Often, we just let the barber take over, and start watching the hilariously dubbed Tamil/Telugu movie on the TV kept up on a shelf, losing track of the process. The result? Often things drastically go wrong - trivial things that could have easily been prevented, and because it's on your head/face, even the smallest mistake can make you look horrible for a few weeks. Being a little vigilant can help you ensure that you never end up with a bad haircut at a local neighbourhood salon.
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