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Found 70 results

  1. The operation was the latest in a four-year-old crackdown targeting the network of US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen
  2. How many times have you read or heard someone or the internet or the television telling you should be washing your hands? By now, we've washed our hands too many times for it to be 'fun' any more. We're currently witnessing unprecedented times that have led us to experience mundane things like never before and washing hands is just an example of that. So, Pornhub who had recently made Premium free for everyone in an attempt to flatten the curve, is now back with another initiative called ScrubHub , a safe for work website which is a result of a partnership between Pornhub and two Los Angeles-based creators. © Scrubhub In an effort to make videos that remind you to wash those damn hands, Scrubhub, a parody website features famous pornstars washing their hands with catchy porno titles. From, 'Washing My Hot Fortnite Playing Stepbrother Brad As He Sprays Me' to 'Thick An*l Hunk Goes Slow and Deep in His Afternoon Quickie', they have them all. © Scrubhub "We wanted to take something as mundane as washing your hands and make it entertaining in the only way we know how (by taking a joke way too far)," Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn, the brains who have partnered with Pornhub, said in a press release. © Scrubhub Scrubhub is a tongue-in-cheek approach to get viewers across the world to follow basic hygiene guidelines in the time of coronavirus crises. The proceeds raised from Scrubhub will be given to Invisible Hands, a volunteer organisation that provides food and essentials to communities at risk in New York and New Jersey, and Frontline Foods. © Scrubhub Pornhub has witnessed a surge of site traffic since its complimentary Premium memberships became open for everyone. Even offering free premium worldwide hasn't stopped Pornhub from doing something to help COVID-19 relief efforts. Pornhub is also offering models, financially impacted by the crises larger payouts on both its main site and Modelhub. They're even sourcing recommendations of additional charitable organizations for Scrubhub to donate to. All we can say is, as long as they are doing their job in reminding you to wash your hands, it's working. View the full article
  3. We are already cautioned about all the hygiene tips that one needs to follow due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you touch something likely to be exposed to it, you instantly need to wash your hands to halt the virus from spreading further. When you do so for a good 20 seconds, the virus can be banished, but in turn, your hands will become dry since you are doing it so frequently. Even though everyone is calling it the best method to prevent the spread of the virus further, many people are still not aware of the right way to do it. If you are wondering what are the dos and don'ts of washing your hands so frequently, here's what you need to know: Dos:1. Wash Your Hands Under Clean Running Water © iStock Before you start scrubbing your hands with soap, use lukewarm water to wash your hands. Then, take the soap and scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Scrub your hands together as it helps loosen and get rid of dirt and germs. 2. Wash Your Fingertips © iStock Fingertips are often skipped but you need to know that they are a safe haven for the germs to settle. So while you scrub your hands, wash your fingertips thoroughly. 3. Wash Your Hands When You Blow Your Nose And Before Eating © iStock You might think that you didn't catch anything on your hands, but you still need to wash them. Be it before or after you eat your meals or if you sneeze or cough, there's no excuse, whatsoever. Cleaning your hands is crucial and it needs to be done, either with soap and water or a hand sanitiser. 4. Drying Your Hands © iStock Moist hands can give living organisms a space to survive and spread. Hence drying your hands immediately after you are done, is very important. Experts suggest that one should use a paper towel, dry towel or automatic blowers to dry hands. 5. Use A Hand Sanitiser © iStock A hand sanitiser is a quick solution to everything and a great alternative to soap and water. Once you apply it, it helps control the spread of the virus. Sanitiser can make your hands feel wet but just for 10 seconds. You should ideally hand wash on most occasions but when you are unable to, a hand sanitiser filled with powerful ingredients can be really helpful. Donâts :1. Don't Use Hot Water © iStock Hot water is the major cause of hands turning dry and dehydrated. Hence it is recommended that you either wash your hands with cold or lukewarm water. 2. Don't Let The Water Keep Running © iStock While you are scrubbing for those good 20 seconds, there's no need to keep the tap running. When you wash your hands, for example, 20 times a day, you save at least 1 litre of water, if you don't keep the water running. Hence, save it while you can. 3. Don't Touch Anything Else © iStock Once you are done washing your hands, don't touch your skin, any surface or washbasin. These areas could also be infected with the virus and you do not want to come in touch with them. Be cautious while doing so. 4. Don't Touch Your Face © iStock We know that the respiratory virus is spreading from one person to the other and that is mainly through spread of droplets because of sneezing or coughing. If that happens, the next step is to immediately wash your hands and not touch your face to control the spread of the virus. 5. Donât Scrub Too Hard © iStock While you are washing your hands in those 20 seconds, it is important to scrub it gently. When you do it too frequently, it can lead to dryness and your hands are more susceptible to cracking. This is the perfect stop for the germs to settle down. To avoid any sort of dryness, use a hand moisturiser to keep your hands hydrated. View the full article
  4. Priyanka Chopra took a rather whimsical approach to promoting good hygiene among the masses
  5. You ever see someone and just get this irrational urge to slap them? For a good portion of people in this country, that person is Kartik Aaryan. It's not like people seriously hate him, they just find him so annoying that they want to punch him, there's a difference. View the full article
  6. WHO has approached Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Ivanka Trump and Greta Thunberg to take its Safe Hands challenge as a protective measure against COVID-19
  7. With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, measures, like washing your hands constantly (for at least 20 seconds) and using a hand sanitiser every twenty minutes, can be harmful to the skin. By constant washing of hands, and exposing hands to drying alcohol-based formulas we're exposing them to excessive drynessâand, in certain situations sore, cracked, and flaky skin. While using a hand cream may help temporarily, but you'll end up washing your hands again. London-based dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto understands the struggle. In fact, she took to Instagram to share advice for taking care of your hands when you're washing them constantly. View this post on Instagramð©ð¾ââï¸As Coronavirus fears continue to circulate and we see rising cases in the UK, it only makes sense to follow current recommendations surrounding the importance of hand hygiene and washing practices. However, repeated cleansing and use of alcohol gel has resulted in nearly all of my patients this week suffering with some degree of either excessive dryness or very active hand dermatitis (eczema).⣠***⣠Repeated use of soaps, detergents and alcohol gel are a common and important cause of what is known as irritant contact dermatitis. These products can damage proteins in the upper layer of our epidermis (stratum corneum), cause changes in the lipids or fats in our skin, prevent skin cells sticking together appropriately and reduce the water binding capacity of our skin. In extreme cases, changes may occur to our skin microbiome resulting in secondary bacterial infection (e.g. colonisation with bacteria such as Staphylococci).⣠⣠Clinically, the hands can become red, rough, scaly, dry, cracked, and fissured (where small cuts appear in the skin). You may feel the hands have a burning or tingling sensation or feel itchy and irritated. In severe cases the skin may become blistered, painful and form crusts. This problem can develop in anyone who is frequently washing their hands - which is probably all of us right now! Those at high risk often have a background of eczema already or work in an occupation which involves frequent hand washing (e.g. healthcare professionals) or exposure to chemicals or irritants (e.g. hairdressers, beauticians, agricultural workers).⣠***⣠Continued in comments ðð¾A post shared by (@anjalimahto) "Repeated use of soaps, detergents, and alcohol gel are a common and important cause of what is known as irritant contact dermatitis," Dr. Mahto wrote. "These products can damage proteins in the upper layer of our epidermis and cause changes in the fats in our skin. Clinically, the hands can become red, rough, scaly, dry, cracked, and fissured (where small cuts appear in the skin). You may feel the hands have a burning or tingling sensation or feel itchy and irritated. In severe cases, the skin may become blistered, painful, and form crusts. This problem can develop in anyone who is frequently washing their hands, which is probably all of us right now!" She further suggests that carrying a non-fragranced hand cream at all times and get into the habit of moisturising after washing can make a huge difference. This means that sweet fragranced ones are not going to help anymore. Fragrances can potentially worsen dermatitis. She recommends CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream, Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, and La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Hand Cream. You can find these creams online quite easily. Besides, just like sanitising your hands has become a ritual, moisturising is just another step that you need to make a mental note of, to save the skin on your hands from turning flaky. View the full article
  8. OnePlus is expected to launch the OnePlus 8 Series soon and weâve already heard plenty of rumours about the upcoming smartphones. But the latest piece of information that comes about the new phones is a picture of Robert Downey Junior holding a OnePlus phone. © Instagram/RDJ Fanpage The picture shows the Hollywood star holding the OnePlus 8 Pro while on a set of a movie. The picture shows the phone having a vertical camera module that is in line with previous leaks of the phone. Weâve already heard about OnePlus launching three phones this year one of them being a budget-friendly âLiteâ version of the phone. The flagship smartphones are expected to have the Snapdragon 865 chipset, a 120HZ refresh rate display and a punch-hole camera. The smartphone will also be 5G ready thanks to the new chipset by Qualcomm. © Instagram/RDJ Fanpaage Thereâs also a good chance that one of the models will also have support for wireless charging as the Chinese company joined the Wireless Power Consortium recently. OnePlus joining the consortium is a huge hint that at least one of their products will have some form of wireless charging. Previous rumours have suggested that the new OnePlus smartphone may support 30W wireless fast charging. The new OnePlus smartphones are expected to launch sometime in April and the final models of the phone also appeared on Chinese telecoms regulatory agency TENAA. It has the model number OnePlus IN2010 for the OnePlus 8 and IN2020 for the 8 Pro. View the full article
  9. With great power comes great responsibility, sure. But with great money comes a whole lot of questions, and perhaps the most important one is âwhat should I be splurging on?â Thereâs a whole universe of choices out there if youâre an A-lister in Indian business, sports or entertainment - fast cars, luxury rides, finely crafted accessories and heck, why not throw in a private yacht or jet for the heck of it? Here are some of the most desirable purchases recently made by Indiaâs elite, and why we want to get our hands on them. Krunal Pandyaâs Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Rainbow Yellow Gold Oyster - Rs 89.90 Lakh © Instagram Like his younger brother Hardik, all-rounder Krunal Pandya has a fondness for bling of all kinds - fast cars, slick fashion and some seriously exclusive taste in timepieces. Heâs often been spotted wearing a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Rainbow Yellow Gold Oyster - a timepiece worn by international celebrity royalty ranging from comedian Kevin Hart to musicians John Mayer and Post Malone. Every time you flick your wrist to check the time, you also get a glimpse of Rolexâs proprietary platinum-gold alloy - studded with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds. Time is money, friends. Vikram Oberoiâs Ducati 1299 Superleggera - Rs. 1.2 Crore © Zigwheels Easily the most expensive bike purchase ever made in the country, this Italian crotch rocket was snagged by the Oberoi Group head honcho a few years ago in 2017. Lean, mean and weighing just about as much as a Bajaj Pulsar (while being over 10 times as powerful), this is just what youâre looking for if you want to go fast. Real fast. Gautam Singhaniaâs Ferrari 458 Challenge - Rs. 5 Crore © Overdrive It takes one kind of man to buy an expensive, exotic sports car - it takes entirely another to work hard at training under ex-F1 racers and become the first Indian to win a race at the coveted Ferrari Challenge Championships. The 458 is already one of the sexiest, fastest cars you can find on the road. And after slapping on some tuning upgrades and putting Raymond CEO Gautam Singhania behind the wheel, this car went on to decimate records at Buddh International Circuit. Mukesh Ambaniâs W222 Maybach S600 Pullman Guard - Rs 25 Crore © Mercedes-Maybach On the other end of the spectrum, thereâs luxury thatâs seriously out-of-this-world - the kind that Mukesh Ambani decides to treat himself with. The W222 Maybach isnât just the pinnacle of opulence on four wheels - itâs nearly indestructible as well, with bulletproof plating, underside protection against bombs or mines and even special tyres capable of running while flat. Itâs no wonder that along with the heavy price, comes a heavy weight - all this protection tips the scales at 5.1 tons. Mukesh Ambaniâs Boeing Business 2 Jet - Rs. 520 Crore © Boeing Screw first class - if owning the most expensive house in the world wasnât enough, the Reliance tycoon also happens to own one of the worldâs most exclusive and expensive private jets. Based on the Boeing 737-800, this incredible aircraft features all the luxury trimmings youâd expect, along with ultra-long ranges and extended space for passengers and baggage. Vijay Mallyaâs Indian Empress Yacht - Rs. 1400 Crore © Wikimedia If youâre looking for a way to fall asleep, start by counting off the zeroes in the net value of this luxurious behemoth. Bought in 2006 from the Qatari royal family, when adjusted for inflation, this thing is worth slightly more than a 100-strong fleet of Mercedes Benz S-Class sedans. Paintings from Mallya's personal collection adorn the walls of this mini-ship that has two master staterooms, three suites and 11 twin rooms, apart from a helipad, a gym, a salon, a massage room, a jacuzzi, an elevator and incase all of this doesnât impress you, a grand piano which once belonged to Elton John. Howâs that for bragging rights? View the full article
  10. Patients wait to register for treatment at the opening of a medical marijuana clinic in Bangkok. Photo: AFPA medical clinic in Bangkok opened Monday offered free cannabis oil to hundreds of Thais seeking relief from cancer, insomnia and muscle pain as the government drives home the economic and health benefits of their gamble of marijuana. Thailand in 2018 became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalise medical marijuana, although many Thais have long used the herb in traditional medicine. The government is eager to harvest the multi-billion-dollar potential of weed, investing in tech to extract, distill and market cannabis oils. "Today marks the beginning," Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said at the launch of the Bangkok clinic. "We are fighting for the better health of Thai people and fighting for a better economy," he told AFP, standing next to a marijuana leaf mascot wearing a doctor's coat. Thailand hopes that legalising marijuana products for medical purposes will provide a boost to the economy. Photo: AFPHundreds of, mostly elderly, Thais waited to receive the 5-10 mg vials of oil for muscle aches, though some came bearing more serious ailments — like Natjuta, born with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheel chair. Her mother, Supatra Ulapatorn, said cannabis oil helps her daughter to sleep better and stay calmer. "She does not sleep well which causes me not to sleep either," said the 60-year-old. "She is more calm now, so I think it works." Anutin, a construction tycoon-turned-minister whose Bhumjaithai party rode a pro-marijuana platform in last year's elections to become a major player in parliament, has promised an economic bonanza to his rural constituents. Read more: Zambia becomes the first African nation to allow medicinal cannabis He added that the drug has been "de-stigmatised" in Thailand. "If we talk about cannabis extraction, I have a sense people view it as medication rather than it being a narcotic," he said. Still, a knot of rules govern who can grow marijuana plants and extract cannabis oil, and critics say legislation will limit opportunities for small farmers and likely benefit big agro-industrial firms. Medical research has shown that cannabis oil can help ease the pain of patients suffering from conditions such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, but the science is out on its impact on other serious diseases including different forms of cancers. Recreational use and trade of marijuana is still illegal and could land anyone caught with a joint with severe penalties of up to 10 years in prison.
  11. Undone by a spirited South African brigade who romped to a 107-run win in the first Test, the touring English brigade was eager to put their best foot forward in the second match at Cape Town. But, contrary to popular perception, Joe Root-led England couldn't do much against a clinical bowling performance from the hosts. Opting to bat, England's batting line-up fell like a pack of cards. Ollie Pope (61*) and Ben Stokes (47) tried to carry the baton for their team, but eventually failed to find support from their teammates as England bundled out for 269 runs. Kagiso Rabada had a field day as he claimed three scalps, while the likes of Vernon Philander, Dwaine Pretorius and Anrich Nortje grabbed two wickets apiece. Trailing 1-0 in the four-match Test series, England weren't expected to produce a mediocre batting performance. And, while it appeared to be a collective failure of the visitors' batting unit, Stuart Broad, out of all the players in the England line-up, hogged the limelight for his comical dismissal. Comedy batting again from Stuart Broad ð #hopeless pic.twitter.com/loJvbX7K4y — Mr Geoff Peters (@mrgeoffpeters) January 3, 2020 The incident occurred in the 82nd over of England's first innings where the hosts had suffered a big collapse, going from 185-4 to 269-9 in no time. Rabada was bowling the final delivery of his over when he went for a steaming yorker which got Broad completely flummoxed as he couldn't decide what to do with that delivery. A vital cog in England's bowling unit in the longest format, Broad was expected to do better than what he did against Rabada. The left-handed batsman has the highest individual score of 169 with a decent strike rate of 64.25. He has also amassed 3159 runs in 136 Test matches for England. Thus, as soon as the video of his hilarious dismissal surfaced on social media, cricket fans wasted no time in taking him to the task. The fact he has a test century makes this clip even worse — Ricky McLarnon (@RickyMcLarnon) January 3, 2020 Broad's batting in Test cricket is a tale of two halves- Pre Varun Aaron bouncer (2014-)- Post Aaron's bouncer. — Yash Mittal ð®ð³ (@im_yash2307) January 3, 2020 And to think he once scored 140 in a test match.. — Paul Tyrrell (@TyrrellPaul) January 3, 2020 If it was a Pakistani player..... Match fixing — Khawaja Ahmed Hussain (@Dextrocardian) January 3, 2020 @VarunAaron still ruling his mind! — Sushil Sali (@SushilSali) January 3, 2020 He reminds me of the lion from Alice in Wonderland, no heart — trevwall (@trevowallace) January 3, 2020 Does he not know where the bottom of his bat is #shocking — DreamteamRating (@Dreamteamrating) January 3, 2020 Takes him longer to put his gloves on than he spends batting — Steve Marriott (@stevemarriott67) January 3, 2020 View the full article
  12. RIYADH/KARACHI: Saudi Arabia has handed over late model Qandeel Baloch's brother — who was an absconding suspect in her murder — back to Pakistan, Arab media reported on Thursday. According to the reports, the International Criminal Police Organization's (Interpol) cell in the Kingdom had arrested Muzaffar Iqbal, a Pakistani citizen and Qandeel's brother, on Wednesday as part of their job to tackle international crime. He had on record admitted to drugging and killing his sister when he was presented before a special magistrate.The arrest was made on the Pakistani government's 2016 request to Saudi Arabia as Iqbal was residing in the Kingdom at the time. Iqbal has been accused of aiding and abetting in Qandeel's murder. In 2016, Qandeel's brother, Waseem, had strangled her to death at her residence in Punjab, following which her father, Muhammad Azeem Baloch, had lodged a murder case against his son, accomplice Haq Nawaz, and various others. Read more: Absconding suspect Arif caught through Interpol’s help An affidavit submitted by the parents in 2016 had also named two of other sons, Aslam Shaheen and Arif. In October last year, another absconding suspect and brother, Arif, was caught with the help of Interpol from Saudi Arabia and transferred to Multan following his arrest. Also read: Court rejects appeal by Qandeel Baloch’s parents to pardon sons Before that, in September, a model court had sentenced the slain model's brother, Waseem Khan, to life in prison for murdering his sister. He had on record admitted to drugging and killing his sister when he was presented before a special magistrate. Six — including Mufti Abdul Qavi as well as Qandeel's other two brothers, Aslam Shaheen and Arif — were acquitted in the case. Her father had even said he would be happy if his son and the three other accused were “hanged for their unforgivable crime”.On August 22, the court had rejected the August 21 appeal of late model’s parents to acquit their sons as they had forgiven them. Prior to that, however, her parents had refused to pardon their sons and had called for capital punishment in the case. Her father had even said he would be happy if his son and the three other accused were “hanged for their unforgivable crime”. Related:No justice for Qandeel Baloch? Excerpt from Sanam Maher’s ‘The Sensational Life And Death Of Qandeel Baloch’ Mufti Abdul Qavi says nothing wrong with taking selfies
  13. The way Delhi's weather is treating us right now, with slaps of chilly winds in the bone-chilling winters; looks like 'Dilli Ki Sardi' is going to get far more worse than the song that came out in 2003. While as kids we took the winter vacations for granted, as adults we are paying for it by waking up at 8 to go to office. If waking up wasn't tough already, we also have to deal with the tantrums of cabs drivers who take advantage of the fact that winters and auto rickshaws don't really go hand in hand. © BCCL But, not anymore! Thanks to this autowala and his genius 'jugaad'. What he did is not rocket science, but a clever hack that we never thought of. Recently, a Twitter user shared a GIF of an autorickshaw with most part wrapped with bubble wrap to stop wind from entering the passengers seat at the back. The Twitter user wrote, "Autowala won my heart! Simple technique but really effective to save the passenger from Dilli ki sardi!" Autowala won my heart! Simple technique but really effective to save the passenger from Dilli ki sardi! #jugaadzindabad #dillikisardi pic.twitter.com/dpemE09f0x — Polychai (@Polychai1) December 23, 2019 Internet is impressed with this creative jugaad and can't help but salute him with their freezing hands. @anandmahindra, Indian jugaad against cold breeze in New Delhi. — Guruprasad (@kulkarnigs) December 28, 2019 Sardi se bachao + mini airbags ki safety.. — rahul tiwari (@rahultiwari254) December 29, 2019 When some people were laughing at those who were travelling to hill stations during winters, the temperature in Delhi dropped to less than 2 degrees, making it colder than some of those hill stations. In fact, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has reported that the temperature is expected to fall further in the following days. View the full article
  14. In what was arguably one of the highly-anticipated bouts, Mary Kom got the better of Nikhat Zareen in the finals of the Women's Boxing trials for the 2020 Olympic Qualifiers in the 51-kg category at the Indira Gandhi Stadium on 28th December. There was a lot of public interest going into the bout after Nikhat made a public demand for a fair Olympic selection trial. All I want is a fair chance.If I'm not given the opporunity to compete what am I training for. Sports is about FairPlay & I dont want to loose faith in my country.Jai Hind @KirenRijiju @RijijuOffice #AjaySingh @Media_SAI @DGSAI @BFI_official @kishanreddybjp @PMOIndia #TopsAthlete pic.twitter.com/t1ie62tMJy — Nikhat Zareen (@nikhat_zareen) October 17, 2019 Earlier this October, Nikhat had written an open letter to Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju. "I have been inspired by Mary Kom since I was a teenager. The best way I can do justice to this inspiration was to strive to be as great a boxer as her. And Mary Kom is too big a legend in sport to need to hide from competition and not actually defend her Olympic qualification,” she wrote in the public letter. Putting doubts to rest, six-time world champion Mary came out on top in an intense trial, winning the contest by a split 9-1 verdict. She will now fight for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics spot in the Asia-Oceanic qualifiers from 3-14 February in Wuhan, China. But, owing to the bitter row triggered by Nikhat's public demand for a trial, tension was palpable inside the boxing hall. In a bout which had very few clear punches, there were words exchanged between the boxers inside and outside the ring. There was also a vociferous protest by the representatives of Nikhat's home state boxing association. But what caught everyone's eye more than anything was Mary's conduct after the result was announced. Mary Kom defeated Nikhat Zareen to book her spot in the Olympic qualifiers. She doesn't shake Zareen's hand after the fight ð¬ð¬pic.twitter.com/BiVAw9PCSd — MMA India (@MMAIndiaShow) December 28, 2019 The 36-year-old was visibly pumped at the end of the bout before marching past her opponent Nikhat, refusing to shake her hands. When asked about her conduct following the bout, Mary told ANI: "Why should I shake hands with her? If she wants others to respect her then she should first respect others. I don't like people with such nature. Just prove your point inside the ring, not outside." Mary Kom on not shaking hands with Nikhat Zareen after the bout: Why should I shake hands with her? If she want others to respect her then she should first respect others. I don't like people with such nature.Just prove your point inside the ring,not outside. https://t.co/TERXuRECMh pic.twitter.com/vwqSvSmgN3 — ANI (@ANI) December 28, 2019 While Mary was clearly irked by her opponent's antics over the past few months, Nikhat, too, was unhappy with the senior boxer's conduct. The Telangana boxer claimed that she was hurt by Mary's behaviour and accused her of using "foul language" inside the ring. According to media reports, the favourable result for Mary left a few representatives from the Telangana's boxing association, Nikhat's home state, bemused as they cried foul once the verdict was declared. Boxing Federation of India (BFI) President Ajay Singh had to step in to control the situation after AP Reddy, claiming to represent the Telangana Boxing Association, vociferously protested the decision. "How will boxing grow amid this kind of politics," Reddy later told reporters after being asked to leave the ringside by BFI president and pacified by a disappointed Nikhat herself. View the full article
  15. In a stadium where international teams struggle to make more than 150 runs in the first innings, the Indian cricket team went on to score 174 runs thanks to blistering knocks played by KL Rahul (52) and Shreyas Iyer (62) in the series deciding third T20I match against the visiting Team Bangladesh. #TeamIndia win by 30 runs to clinch the three-match series 2-1.#INDvBAN pic.twitter.com/vChBI1jjxW — BCCI (@BCCI) November 10, 2019 However, the game belonged to the young Indian bowlers who made up for their lack of experience with their raw energy and electrified the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium with a phenomenal display of brilliance with the white ball. Even though the spinners struggled with the amount of dew present on the field, Indian medium-fast bowlers, namely Shivam Dube and Deepak Chahar shone brightly during the crucial match and led their side to the series win. But the man of the hour has to be Chahar who not only took a hat-trick during the final overs of the match but also went on to register a staggering 6/7 figures on the scorecard. These stats are not only the 27-year-old cricketer's career best but also happen to be the best in the whole world when it comes to the shortest format of the game. The best bowling figures in T20I cricket! Take a bow Deepak Chahar ð¥ pic.twitter.com/3OGnB99h0n — ICC (@ICC) November 10, 2019 After removing two of the most talented top-order batsmen of the Bangladesh side in Liton Das and Soumya Sarkar on back to back deliveries in the third over, Chahar returned for his second spell in the middle of the game. Batsmen Mohammad Naim and Mohammad Mithun had formed quite the partnership and had brought their team back in contest after thrashing our spinners all around the ground. Just when the game seemed to be going out of Rohit Sharma's hands, the Agra-born delivered yet again and dismissed Mithun in the 13th over, thereby breaking the established partnership and sending one half of the threatening duo back to the dressing room. Big moment! A third wicket for Deepak Chahar, who now has figures of 3/3 ð¥ Bangladesh 110/3 after 13 overs. pic.twitter.com/ZxC7m9CqLR — ICC (@ICC) November 10, 2019 However, it was Chahar's third and final spell in the death overs was the most crucial one not only for himself by for the team as well. With Shivam Dube taking care of business and dismissing Naim, it was time for Chahar to hammer the final nail in the coffin and bring home the victory and that's exactly what he did. He scalped Shafiul Islam's wicket thanks to a KL Rahul catch at the boundary on his final ball of the 18th over. On the first ball of the 20th over, he dismissed Mustafizur Rahman thanks to a Shreyas Iyer catch and a yorker right into the base of the stumps to remove Aminul Islam to complete his hat-trick on the following delivery. Six-Fer & a It's a Hat Trick for Deepak Chahar, Outstanding Stuff From Him Today! ð¥ð¥ð India Wins Comfortable Which Looked Tough Before 70 Mins. ð — ArunachalaM (@ArunbuddyAP) November 10, 2019 For his disciplined and inline bowling which led to the most impressive T20I bowling figures in the world, it would have been criminal to give somebody else the 'Player of the Match' recognition. Former cricketers, BCCI officials and the fans of the Indian cricket team took a moment to congratulate the bowler on this unbelievable feat: Exceptional bowling by @deepak_chahar9! He bowled very smartly and used his variations well to pick up crucial wickets at crucial stages. Special mention to @IamShivamDube, @ShreyasIyer15 & @klrahul11 to give #TeamIndia the series victory in the decider. #INDvsBAN pic.twitter.com/JTLgrC1dUz — Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) November 10, 2019 What an amazing spell by @deepak_chahar9, 6 wickets for just 7 runs, he became the first Indian bowler to take a Hat-trick in T20I. Many congratulations for this remarkable achievement. Kudos to the entire team for winning the T20 series against Bangladesh. #INDvsBAN pic.twitter.com/4SCg6d74z5 — Jay Shah (@JayShah) November 10, 2019 Man of the month #deepakchahhar chaaaaaaaa gyaaaaa apna ladka â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸ — Harbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) November 10, 2019 Congratulations @deepak_chahar9 @ImRo45 @bcci for the win .. never easy with so much dew .. — Sourav Ganguly (@SGanguly99) November 10, 2019 View the full article
  16. The safe hands of Colin de Grandhomme proved crucial as New Zealand drew level with England. Photo: AFP The safe hands of Colin de Grandhomme proved crucial as New Zealand drew level with England 1-1 in their Twenty20 international series in...
  17. Yes, it's finally happening! Sony and Microsoft have joined hands announcing an unusual partnership, under which the rivals will work together on cloud-based gaming services. “The two companies will explore joint development of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure to support their respective game and content-streaming services”, Microsoft said in an official statement. But wait, before you start speculating about the end of console wars, or prepare yourself for a joint Microsoft/ Sony streaming service that'll let you play, say, Halo and Uncharted on a single platform, let me burst your bubble and tell you that it's not happening. © Microsoft As a part of the agreement, Sony will use Microsoft's Azure servers and data centers for its own game and content-streaming services. That, in case you don't know, includes Sony's PlayStation Now and PlayStation Vue. Additionally, the companies also agreed to “explore collaboration in the areas of semiconductors and AI”. It's not entirely clear what that means just yet, but that sounds more Microsoft's mixed reality and AR stuff to me. Let's leave that for some other day. The Console War Is Still On Considering the arrival of Google's Stadia service and reports about Amazon's cloud gaming service, it's easy to expect the two to join hands. I mean, who wouldn't want to see the rivals join hands to make a powerful next-gen console or come up with some sort of streaming standard? © Google Stadia That, however, isn't happening because both Sony and Microsoft are making their own powerful next-gen consoles and they've made some big promises like impeccable CPU and GPU, faster SSDs, and what not. If they want to make money, then these new consoles, I am sure, are going to need exclusive titles to convince gamers like me. Now, for instance, the only reason I'd recommend the PS4 over the Xbox One is the exclusives. God of War, Last of Us, etc. It's a long list of awesome games, but you get the point, right? Sony and Microsoft teaming up for a streaming standard to put the rivals out of business looks good on paper, but not so much in reality. I doubt Sony, or even Microsoft, will give up the software exclusivity. © Naughty Dog Why bother building a new console when you're simply going to make your next big exclusive fully accessible to people buying a competing console or subscription-based service? Why Microsoft? Now that's out of the way, you might be wondering why Microsoft, and not Amazon's AWS or Google? Well, if you have a service that caters to gamers across the globe, then it only makes sense to opt for a cloud-computing service like Azure. Its wider distribution of data centers across the globe will make sure Sony's streaming services are not facing any latency-issues. It's as simple as that. Competitors like Amazon and Google missed out on hosting Sony. Final Thoughts Though the idea of having a standard subscription platform to play all games in one place sound drool-worthy, let me tell you that we're not going to see that happening anytime soon. If that's what you made out of the picture of Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shaking hands before reading, then I am here to tell you that you're living in a delusional world. I doubt if that's even something which Microsoft or Sony have thought about at this point in time. © Microsoft Today's announcement of Sony and Microsoft's partnership is purely strategic and it has nothing to do with the console wars. Yes, the partnership could be great for the future of gaming with implications such as crossplay, especially for multiplayer titles like FIFA. Yes, an interesting possibility, but for now, both companies are readying their flagship consoles. The console war is here to stay!
  18. We're in the 'Endgame' now, and Marvel is hellbent on making this experience a bigger, better and more wholesome experience. Marvel x Adidas Basketball 'Heroes Among Us' collection is coming out today. Clearly, they've carefully planned this so that both the movie and the collection release at the same time. The collection contains five specially-curated shoes that are both akin to the character that they're based on with cutting edge detailing second to none: 1. Marvel's Black Panther | Dame 5 Shoes © Adidas With core colours of black, active purple and silver metallic, the shoe is crafted in Damian Lillard's signature style. These sneakers are built with a flexible cushioning and foam pads that enhance comfort. 2. Marvel's Iron Man | Harden vol 3 Shoes © Adidas With core colours of scarlet, collegiate burgundy, gold metallic, these basketball shoes are inspired by James Harden's signature playing style with a special Iron Man themed exterior. 3. Marvel's Captain America | N3XT L3V3L Shoes © Adidas Using core colours of collegiate navy, cloud white, and scarlet, these kicks feature a sock-like construction with a laceless knit upper for a premium locked-down feel. It fits so well with the Captain America theme that you'll feel like you're wearing a part of his uniform. 4. Marvel's Thor | Marquee Boost Shoes © Adidas A classic look gets upgraded with modern details. These basketball shoes are built for quickness and agility on the hardwood. They have a molded ankle collar with a cushioned heel for support and comfort. 5. Marvel's Nick Fury | T-MAC 1 Shoes © Adidas With the colour interplay of core black, silver metallic and light metallic, These sneakers are designed to the likes of Tracy McGrady's signature style: smooth, unstoppable scoring game, these kicks have a retro aesthetic to them. 6. Marvel's Captain Marvel | Pro Vision Shoes © Adidas A bright interplay of blue, red and yellow, this is the new pair of kicks that combines a streetball-inspired look with modern detailing. The rubber outsole provides extra grips.
  19. It has been well documented that Indian bowling all-rounder Kedar Jadhav shares one of the biggest bromances in Indian sports with former captain of the Men in Blue and current Chennai Super Kings leader Mahendra Singh Dhoni for some time now. The 34-year-old Jadhav has openly spoken up about how much he idolises Dhoni and the fact that he decorated his room with Mahi's posters in his Pune house. So, it is only obvious that Jadhav would love to be around Dhoni as much as he can and according to his latest Instagram post, take care of his eating habits as well. View this post on Instagram Bromance â¤ï¸ A post shared by Kedar Jadhav (@kedarjadhavofficial) on Apr 14, 2019 at 10:10am PDT In the video, Kedar and Mahi can be seen sharing a quick bite ahead of an IPL match against Dinesh Karthik's Kolkata Knight Riders. Jadhav has always looked up to the Indian wicket-keeper and has commended his ability to stick to the crease, remain calm under testing times and finish games in favour of his country with a bang. “I can't put it out in words. Every time I see Mahi bhai, it instils confidence in me. That sort of aura is like, that you see him and feel that 'I will deliver today'. He has the knack of getting the best out of every player and that's what everybody loves about him,” Jadhav had said after playing a 81-run-innings in an ODI match against the visiting Australians in March. “The kind of cricketer I am today is because of him. He has always encouraged me… He had seen me in Zimbabwe first and in the New Zealand series at home in 2016, he just wanted two overs from me and luckily for me in my second over, I got two wickets.” Belonging to the 'Whistle Podu' franchise, Dhoni and Jadhav are enjoying their well-deserved top spot on the points table of the league with a season-best record of seven wins to one loss in their eight games played. Super Kings are to take on Kane Williamson and SunRisers Hyderabad at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium on Wednesday.
  20. Rishi Kapoor, the 66-year-old opinionated actor , who is currently in New York undergoing treatment for an unknown disease shared his two bits on the Indo-Pak situation, and we completely agree with him. After Kangana's remark about how Bollywood celebrities should be more participatory in political matters, a wave of actors came forth to share their two bits about India's current situation with Pakistan. We aren't sure if it's because of the statement Kangana made or celebrities really have a dominant opinion but in a way it's good the industry is meting out their opinions because it heavily impacts their fan base. © Twitter Kapoor came forth on Twitter and said Pakistan should join hands with India to 'root out terrorism' and we completely agree with him, as that seems as the most probable and sane solution at hand, right now, sans the violence. He said : "Agree with @arunjaitley If Pakistan truly wants to root out terrorism as they say so,they should join hands with India to do so. We and you have nothing against our respective civilians. If Imran cannot, Pakistan Army or ISI should do it. Think!" Agree with @arunjaitley If Pakistan truly wants to root out terrorism as they say so,they should join hands with India to do so. We and you have nothing against our respective civilians. If Imran cannot, Pakistan Army or ISI should do it. Think! — Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) 10 March 2019 Kapoor's opinion on Twitter came forth after Arun Jaitley, the finance minister, spoke to a news channel and shared his opinion about how Pakistan has been in dismissal about the Indian air-strikes and the state isn't cooperating to curb terrorism. And we completely agree with him and with Rishi Kapoor. © Twitter Post the Pulwama attack, where over 40 CRPF jawans lost their lives, India and Pakistan have been trying to validate peace through acts of violence and the best possible way to curb the dire situation is if the two countries have a dialogue and reach a pivotal point of eventuality, where steps are taken to remove terrorism from the root. While that may take time to occur, a good way to start the process is by joining hands and coming up with apt tactical solutions that will benefit both the countries. © Twitter While most politicians and other celebrities want the idea of peace to prevail between the two states, following through with the imminent ideology may take time and we really hope it happens before it's too late. While Rishi Kapoor, amongst many others, shares his opinion on the matter, we hope for nothing more than normalcy between India and Pakistan, soon.
  21. With the closing season of 'Game Of Thrones' almost here, Adidas has launched a collaboration of Ultra Boosts that have been inspired by the iconic show. The Game Of Thrones x Adidas pack was unofficially dropped this week and they clearly indicate the House they've been inspired from or the character. Here are some of the most obvious pairs that fans have pointed out. Take a look: 1. The Night's Watch © HBO © adidas At the north point of Westeros, the Night Watch guards the seven kingdoms like the army guarding the borders of a country. The patrol the Great Wall wearing the thickest furry coats in black. The inspired shoes take a cue from their uniform to make a black upper prime knit upper surface and give a white sheen in the white mudguard, Boost midsole, and outsole that symbolize the never-ending snow in the North. A leather lace cage puts the shoe together which represents the leather armour of the Night Watch. 2. The House Of Lannister © HBO © adidas The Lannister sigil prides itself with a lion and a "Hear Me Roar" tag line and a confluence of gold and crimson. These indicators are clearly visible in this shoe. Take a look. The red primeknit is a marker of their house, and the three gold lines mark the wealthy reputation of the Lannisters that always makes them say: via GIPHY 3. The House Of Targaryen: Daenerys © HBO © adidas With white, cream and silver accents on the laces, lace cage, heel cup, and heel tag this shoe is probably the most elegant of the lot. Targaryen is considered the noblest House of the lot, their family has distinct features of pale skin and silver hair which are accounted for in this Ultra Boost. 4. The House Of Targaryen: Dragons © HBO © adidas The House of Targaryans: the former ruling House of Westeros' sigil is appropriated for this shoe. Their slogan, "Fire And Blood" is used both here and for Dany's Ultra Boosts. 5. The House Of Stark © HBO © adidas House Of Stark is the warden of the North and their sigil entails a grey direwolf on a white background. Black and grey that represent the house have been visibly used on the prime knit surface and touches of black on the lining, mudguard, Boost midsole, rubber outsole, heel cup, and their signature three stripes. The heel has a very significant and nostalgic tagline, "Winter Is Coming" because Winter is here, and people will die. via GIPHY 6. The White Walkers © HBO © adidas The White Walkers represent the destruction that is going to consume Westeros. The White Walkers are icy dead creatures that turn people into walking zombie-like digits that initiate destruction. For its Ultra Boost, ice blue is used on the prime knit surface, white Boost mid-sole and white rubber out-sole continue the theme with hints of black and the tagline, "Winter Is Here" to send a chill down your spine. via GIPHY
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  23. Apple Watch has now become the must-have wearable for every iPhone owner. The Apple Watch Series 4 is the latest iteration of Apple's smartwatch line and Apple has not only made it better, but the company has added a few more nifty features that make it the best smartwatch on the planet. The Apple Watch Series 4 has a bigger screen, a thinner case, more accurate sensors and a fresh new design. The AW Series 4 is probably the only smartwatch out there that fulfils everything you expect from a wearable and here's how it managed to impress us. Design & Display Apple Watch series 4 looks notably different from its previous iterations, as Apple has now provided a bigger screen with far fewer bezels. It looks even sexier than ever before and looks more in line with the current generation of iPhones. The near bezel-less display gives more screen real-estate as both models are 30% larger while maintaining the same case size. We got the 44mm model for review and it has a resolution of 448x368 versus the 340x272 display resolution of the AW Series 3. © Apple Thanks to the extra space, the icons for applications are larger, in turn, making it easy to access. Notifications are also easier to read due to the larger text. The brightness on the Apple Watch Series 4 remains unchanged but it still works like a charm even under direct sunlight. My new favourite watch face. https://t.co/NnXWoYrxPg">pic.twitter.com/NnXWoYrxPg — Akshay Bhalla (@Bhallanator) https://twitter.com/Bhallanator/status/1054587979207831553?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">October 23, 2018 © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The Series 4 also has a set of exclusive watch faces that have been specifically designed for the larger screens. For example, there is a vapour watch face that has become our favourite out of the lot. The Infograph Modular watch face is also a nifty addition as it enables the user to see more information than ever before. For example, I've set up my Infograph Modular watch face with information such as Weather updates, Multiple time zone clocks, event tracking, activity rings, walkie-talkie, fast calling and Apple Music. You can fire up all of the apps right from the Series 4 without ever opening the Apps scroller. The cool bit is that another Infograph watch is capable of showing 8 complications and you can customise each complication to your liking. Features: Health & Other Cool Stuff Apple has been consistently improving the various health apps and has now added a bunch of other cool features to make Apple Watch a must-have device. The new Apple Watch now has an atrial fibrillation feature, which means it will alert you when you experience five or more irregular heartbeat rhythms. This feature is not exclusive to Apple Watch Series 4 but has rather come as an update via WatchOS 5. © Apple The new ECG app is available exclusively on the Apple Watch Series 4, however, it is currently not available to use due to pending approvals from various Governments. Just so you know, it works using electrodes on the back that is in the sapphire crystal-and-ceramic back and even the Digital Crown. Both the irregular heart rhythm detection feature and the ECG app will come via an update later this year. When it comes to fitness tracking, the Apple Watch has always been accurate in terms of keeping tabs on your steps, active heart rate and exercises. The new Apple Watch can now detect exercises automatically, a feature I've always wanted. For example, there have been times when I've started running on the treadmill and forgot to turn on the tracking and lost all my data about calories burnt and steps. Now, the Apple Watch will automatically detect me running on the treadmill and will even grant retro credit from before. As usual, everything gets collated in the Activity app on your phone, where it's laid out in an easy-to-understand interface. There are other new features such as challenging friends to activity competitions that last up to a week. It can track in metrics such as cadence and rolling miles. The workout app now has new modes that it can track such as Yoga and Hiking. GPS Or Cellular? © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla We got the Cellular variant for review and we can confidently say that the reception has improved a lot when compared to its predecessor. The voice quality is crystal clear and since the AW Series 4 have been outfitted with louder and clearer speakers, it makes it easier to converse, even when you are in a crowded area. However, if you are the kind of person who always has his/her iPhone around you, we would recommend you buy the GPS version. The cellular variant costs Rs. 49,900 (40mm), while the Series 4 Cellular edition 44mm with aluminium case costs Rs. 52,900. The GPS model costs Rs 40,900 for the 40mm variant and Rs. 43,900 for the larger model which makes more sense, if you don't need the cellular feature. What We Didn't Like © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla As usual, the battery life remains unchanged on the new Apple Watch as it would not last longer than 19 hours for us. We used the AW Series 4 for tracking steps, swim workouts, checking emails and sending messages. We even used Siri to set up a few reminders and ask for directions while we were walking to finds a restaurant. It managed to survive the entire day and evening and finally gave up at around 11:00 PM. We would have loved to see some improvement in battery life but that remains to be seen. The Final Say The Apple Watch Series 4 is probably the only smartwatch out there that can do things effectively. It works as an effective activity tracker and can also end up saving your life one-day thanks to the various health features. It looks sexy and snug on the wrist and has an updated design that makes it stand out from the rest. If you are an iPhone user, this is a must-have wearable that will make your life easier in more than one way. It is and will remain the best smartwatch on the planet for the rest of the year.
  24. India won, yay! The entire Asia Cup series was just a brilliant display of the Indian cricket team bringing it and winning, and it was just great to see our Men in Blue in such killer form. I mean, who doesn't get excited watching their country playing so spectacularly on foreign soil and making everyone proud? But, the best moment came yesterday– India won the freaking series, and in a such a thrilling manner! There was not much trolling or anything – unlike all the previous matches – and there were just celebrations all around and it's the best thing to see. So much excitement, so much pride. So near yet so far from Bangladesh. Congratulations to Team India on winning the #AsiaCup2018 . Hats off to Bangladesh for such a spirited fight despite missing key players. India have a lot of areas to work upon despite winning this & I am hopeful, they will get better. #IndvBan — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) September 28, 2018 Nail-biting, indeed. A great game of cricket! Congratulations team India! A nail biting finals, but we did it! #AsiaCup2018#INDvBAN — Harbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) September 28, 2018 I love how everyone has just positive words about Bangladesh. Congratulations India on becoming #AsiaCup Champions. Hats off to Bangladesh for their splendid fight and attitude, for not giving up and playing out of their skins,this despite missing Shakib and Tamim. Special mention to Kedar Jadhav for his grit and commitment #IndvBan — VVS Laxman (@VVSLaxman281) September 28, 2018 Exactly. Not for the weak hearted. A match worthy of a final. Excellent from the Indian bowlers to set up yet another win....and Bhuvi, Jadeja & Jadhav for holding their nerve. Best team of the tournament keeps the trophy ð Well Played, India ðððð — Aakash Chopra (@cricketaakash) September 28, 2018 Amongst a few concerns middle order woes ..priority..Easy match was made harder ...Sorry to say, #KedarJadhav stayed Till the end to see it off, but not a hero by any means.. .his fitness almost cost the game in the end #TruthBeTold#INDvBAN#AsiaCupFinal2018 — subramanibadrinath (@s_badrinath) September 28, 2018 What a game! Congratulations India on winning the Asia Cup. The bowlers were phenomenal throughout the tournament and the main reason that we managed to win. Really special effort from Bangladesh to take the game so deep. Well done #IndvBan — Mohammad Kaif (@MohammadKaif) September 28, 2018 The only thing that matters. He's happy. India is happy. Nothing else matters.#INDvBAN#AsiaCupFinal#INDvsBANpic.twitter.com/wPzb8auIYq — Jagrati Shukla (@JagratiShukla29) September 28, 2018 He stole the show. Feeling Happy For The Lil One. ð¤ðð#INDvBAN#INDvsBAN#BANvIND#AsiaCup2018#AsiaCupFinalpic.twitter.com/HmUsYI2I1A — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) September 28, 2018 Can't let that happen. #INDvBAN Thank you Team India. I would have not bear this cute kid crying again. pic.twitter.com/446BarZ6Ya — ðShivraið¶ð¾ (@_Man_with_Class) September 28, 2018 Everyone just loves this kid so much. #INDvBAN the little boy is on the top of the world pic.twitter.com/njTEX8ecFm — Anurag (@Anurag79487849) September 28, 2018 History has been made? Kedar Jadhav is only the second batsman in ODI history to win the final with 0 balls remaining. First was JavedMiandad in Sharjah in 1986! #IndvBan — Mazher Arshad (@MazherArshad) September 28, 2018 Congratulations team indiaðððð well done boys ðpic.twitter.com/NqcCWtQHwT — Rahul Sharma (@ImRahulSharma3) September 28, 2018
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