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Found 98 results

  1. In the past few years, we've seen Samsung launch its S-series flagship phones on the sidelines of MWC (Mobile World Congress), but this could change in 2019. As per a new report, the Galaxy S10 will be announced on February 20, a few days ahead of the popular trade show. We expect the S10 to launch in three models, a regular Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Plus. According to the Gizmodo report, Samsung will launch the phones on February 20 and confirm its immediate availability for pre-orders, while sales are slated to begin from March 8. © Reuters Citing the source as a "major tech retailer", Gizmodo has also revealed the price of all the three options of the Galaxy S10. The S10 Lite is said to have a 5.8-inch flat display along with 128GB onboard storage and will be priced at GBP 669 (Rs 60,500). The primary variant or the "regular" S10 is expected to have a 6.1-inch display and the 128GB option will be priced at GBP 799 (Rs 72,000). A 512GB option will also be available and will retail for GBP 999 (Rs 90,000). A case manufacturer's expectations for the Galaxy S10 lineup: pic.twitter.com/lrExjvalcb — Evan Blass (@evleaks) December 8, 2018 Samsung has been launching a "plus" variant for two years now, and the S10+ with 128GB will be marked at GBP 899 (Rs 81,000) while the 512GB option will be marked at GBP 1,099 (Rs 99,000). The report also says that Samsung will be launching an S10+ variant with 1TB of internal storage and it will be priced at GBP 1,399 (Rs 1,27,000). Being the 10th anniversary of the S-series, the 1TB S10+ version is rumoured to have a massive 6.7-inch display along with six cameras. The report also further iterates that Samsung will not launch the 5G variant of Galaxy S10 before the second quarter of 2019. © Onleaks / 91Mobiles For now, the leak doesn't delve into the RAM and processor details, but we are fairly confident the USA variant will sport the recently announced Snapdragon 855 chipset. A recent leak by @evleaks suggests the three phones will feature a punch-hole style front camera and an even better edge-to-edge display. If true, Samsung will be the only mainstream phone maker to completely skip the notch trend. Another report by 91Mobiles says the S10 Plus will pack a 6.4-inch dual-curved edge AMOLED display along with an ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner. Source: Gizmodo
  2. Everyone, at some point in their lives, has imagined living in their ultimate dream house. Some unfortunate souls keep dreaming, while some blessed people actually end up living the dream. Not surprisingly, celebrities are usually the ones who give us the regular dose of envy and desire by showing the world their gorgeous pads, complete with every imaginable comfort. Here below we have listed out eight celebrity mansions that will leave you shook: 1. Mukesh Ambani's Pad © Twitter Even though technically, Mukesh Ambani isn't a celebrity, he has a huge fan following for his works and he owns the most expensive private residential property on the planet, one billion dollars to be precise. This secured him (and his mansion) the first spot on our list. Any Indian would salivate at the thought of getting a property in South Mumbai, irrespective of its size. Antilia is a 27-storey extravagant property. Six floors are reserved for parking while, health centre covers two floors. 2. Hilfiger Penthouse © Twitter © Twitter This designer's house is located at the ultimate hotspot. The Plaza Hotel's Dome Penthouse faces 5th Avenue and Central Park. Hotel Plaza is so famous that tourists consider it a sightseeing point in itself. That is a dream location for most Americans. It measures around 5,655 square feet. This massive place occupies the 18th and 19th floors of the hotel. Since it is part of the hotel, he also gets to enjoy hotel amenities like room service, valet parking, maids, amongst many. Although, Hilfiger has been attempting to sell the place for the past few years. We are looking forward to eyeing the house which will replace this eye candy. 3. Big Boy Mansion © Twitter There's a reason Floyd Mayweather Jr. is nicknamed "Money". Floyd Mayweather doesn't fit the definition of humble and we are all for his over-the-top expeditions. He calls his 22,000 square foot home the 'Big Boy Mansion'. Apart from the millions the house is worth, it has ridiculous amenities including a fire pit and a multiscreen movie theatre. In fact, there are cars worth $15 million parked in the garage which he never uses. He is so obsessed with this place that he created a separate Instagram handle for it. 4. House In The West © Twitter Kim and Kanye West bought a house for $20 million in 2014. The house was renovated for years and the couple finally moved in last year. Prior to the renovation, the 15,667 square foot structure was a French Country-style home with eight bedrooms, two spas, two bedrooms and a vineyard. The couple even had to buy a small part of their neighbour's land to successfully implement all their plans. Given the fact that most parts of their lives are public, the decision of keeping the house under curtains was received as a shock by most. In fact, Kanye West slipped up and shared three photos of their home and Kim was quick to remind him of their pact. 5. Howard Stern's Property © Twitter If the thought of spending $52 million on a property nearly gave you a heart attack, the news of spending $10 million on renovations alone will definitely kill you. No one other than the biggest radio personality, Howard Stern, could manage to spend so much on their house. This Palm Beach, Florida house has luxurious as well as functional amenities. Every window of the house has a remote-operated shutter which can withstand wind and debris of the impact of up to 276 miles/hour. With five bedrooms and twelve and a half bathrooms, this massive mansion is spread across nineteen thousand feet of land on Florida beachfront. 6. Naomi Campbell's 'Eye of Horus' © Twitter This successful supermodel has always been in headlines for doing unconventional things. In 2012, Naomi Campbell's Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin gifted her the 'Eye of Horus', for her 41st birthday. It is located on Cleopatra Island in Turkey. It is believed that Cleopatra and Mark Anthony bathed together on this beach and Mark Anthony had to import sand for her, as she was not ready to set foot on any land except her own. Naomi's Eco-house is designed to be completely self-sufficient and was constructed by Spanish architect Luis de Garrido. 7. Enya's Manderley Castle © Twitter This singer from Ireland has sold over 80 million records. That is not a small deal for any artist. Her castle in Dublin is another proof of her success. After buying the castle in 1997 for €3.8 million, she named it 'Manderley' as she was obsessed with Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca. The Irish coast, as far as Wales, is visible from the roof of the castle. She even has a garden stretching across 3.5 acres of land. The castle even had a secret tunnel the other end of which was at Killiney beach, but it is now sealed. 8. Bill Gates' House © Twitter The following facts about Bill Gates are public knowledge: His charitable attitude, his brilliance, his frugality. But, did you know that this man spends with open arms when it comes to property? He owns a whopping $63 million mansion in the hills of Medina, Washington. This estate is nothing short of a hotel, with multiple garages and an underground cave with the capacity of ten cars, six kitchen which comes with an all-day chef, a 2,100 square foot private library and an aquarium which will put your local aquarium to shame. Another property he owns in the west is worth $18 million and has a private race track. Makes you wanna quit your gym life and move on the geek side, right?
  3. You never feel your best when you are at the receiving end of a theft. Obviously. It gets especially worse when you are a student, always running low on money and even energy on most days for that matter, besides a lot of other stuff. This universal condition that is commonly shared by most students around the world, took an even uglier turn when a university student's laptop was stolen in UK. The incident was shared by the guy's flatmate on Twitter, who revealed that the stealing the laptop wasn't the last thing the thief did. In his Twitter post, Stevie Valentine shared how after his flatmate's laptop was stolen, the thief reached out to him and apologised for the theft in an earnest email, and even suggesting helping the guy out with his important university files. So my flat mates laptop got stolen today, please pree what the thief sent him ððððpic.twitter.com/pDhhpmncPz — Stevie Valentine (@StevieBlessed) November 28, 2018 The tweet has since gone viral and obviously the netizens had a field day between sympathizing with the thief and feelings sorry for the bloke. But regardless of it all, that has given us a good laugh and here's a piece of it for you too. If he's really sorry he'll write the next essay. — Theo (@Heli0s) November 28, 2018 “If there are any files such as university work, that you need let me know”. MANNNNNN pic.twitter.com/Jud0Mb4UfO — sulia moses (@suliarmoses) November 28, 2018 And they say there's no honor amongst thieves smh — Preston (@Press107Preston) November 28, 2018 Just buy the laptop back from him. He needs the money ðð — ChistaBlue (@chista92) November 28, 2018 That's right. Pay for own laptop ð¤¦ð¼‍âï¸ð — Stanley Evason (@stanno61) November 29, 2018 You're ruining the fun coz that's what I thought too. But was like let me pretend it's not and enjoy the tweet ð — Shimo Shimiza (@khanyielanga) November 28, 2018 pic.twitter.com/xkLHAHiZ8m — Saf (@_safwaan_) November 28, 2018 A sympathetic criminal. We stan. — isa (@moisturizeds) November 28, 2018 He deserves the charger pic.twitter.com/Lab5L8Me0L — Olufemi Oyekanmi (@_jimmydneutron) November 28, 2018 Wow. I get it. And the email seems sweet. But damn you stole from a student. Students are broke too. And now they need to figure out a laptop. Or how to get their work done. — Derick Vason Swinson (@SwinsonVason) November 28, 2018 The thief sending the documents back pic.twitter.com/1qjzFJRMSZ — Lemphorwana la Bojalwa (@Roooosta) November 28, 2018
  4. This season of 'Koffee With Karan' has seen some surprising elements in the form of fresh pairings and interesting questions. From Alia coming with Deepika, to Sara Ali Khan playing it cool with daddy Saif, Karan is the perfect host who can make his guests spill the beans on literally anything and everything under the sun. View this post on Instagram Your #guiltypleasure is back! #koffeewithkaran season 6âï¸âï¸âï¸âï¸âï¸ A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Sep 27, 2018 at 5:21am PDT As per the latest reports in Pinkvilla, the 'baap' of all episodes might still be on its way. Turns out that Karan has invited Kareena and Priyanka to come together on his show and probably the divas have given their nod for the same. PC is getting married next week so the shoot has been scheduled for the second week of December. © Instagram/Priyankachopra The beauties worked together in 'Aitraaz' and post that it was reported that there was been a cold vibe ever since. In fact, in previous seasons when Kareena was asked what would she ask PC, she jokingly said 'where do you get that accent from' to which PC, when she appeared with Shahid later, replied with 'same place where your boyfriend gets it from'. Well, both have moved past it already but it will super fun and an episode full of some major gossip we hope!
  5. The last thing most of us do before stepping out of the house is to perform those last-minute checks in the bathroom mirror. Not only does doing that help us avoid making any embarrassing fashion faux pas, but the knowledge that we're leaving the house looking our best serves as a much-needed confidence booster as well! At the same time, it's also important to have a checklist for things you need to take with you to the gym. Does the idea of creating a checklist for your gym bag essentials seem like overkill? You might rethink that when you're dripping with sweat but have nothing to wipe it off with, or when you have to rush to a family gathering straight from the gym with nothing but your sweat-soaked workout gear as a clothing option. So to help you avoid those embarrassing situations, here's a list of essential items that should be taking pride of place in your gym bag every time you hit the gym. 1. Extra Towels © Amazon Towels have to be the most frequently used piece of equipment at the gym (and if that's not the case with you, you're probably doing something wrong!). In fact, a responsible gym-goer should have multiple towels handy—one to wipe the sweat off themselves, one to wipe any gym equipment before AND after using it (make sure you don't get the two towels mixed up) and a couple extra ones just in case. Most gyms do offer complimentary towels, but do you really want to use them not knowing who was using them before you? You can get your own gym towel, one that will quickly absorb sweat and cool you down, by clicking here MRP: Rs 299 2. Spare Clothes © Instagram/magic_fox In an ideal world, we'd all like to spend a couple of uninterrupted hours at the gym and then enjoy a well-deserved rest at home. Unfortunately, what we actually manage in the real world is a hurried hour or so of working out, usually before or after work or social gatherings. While you might not have a problem showing up for these plans in sweat-soaked clothes, we can assure you that the people around you definitely will! Pro tip: So if you're planning on going somewhere right after your gym session, check out this comfortable yet stylish t-shirt that comes equipped with Dri-FIT fabric to keep sweat stains away. MRP: Rs 1,695 3. Deodorant © Pixabay The first thing on your post-workout to-do list should be taking a shower, but that's easier said than done. Unfortunately, body odour doesn't care for your busy work and social calendar. So, if you don't have the time to hit the shower after the gym but don't want your overwhelming body odour to drive people away, your gym bag should always have a good deodorant. 4. Face Wash © Instagram/Tiger Shroff Are you so busy sculpting your dream physique that you're neglecting your skin? Investing in the best face wash based on your skin type will help keep your face acne free by unclogging your pores and clearing away dirt and grime, especially after those strenuous workouts. 5. Water Bottle © Pixabay Staying hydrated is just as important during a workout as maintaining proper form and using the right equipment. However, there always seems to be a long queue at the water cooler just when you need to hydrate. Why not avoid such a predicament by carrying your own water bottle to the gym? Pro tip: If you were planning on purchasing a water bottle to carry to your gym, check out this slim, spill-proof, leak-free, lightweight and sturdy option by clicking here. 6. Wireless Headphones © Instagram/Virat Kohli Nothing ruins a workout quicker than a pair of low quality headphones. Actually, a pair that keeps slipping off your head is just as bad. Worse still is forgetting your headphones entirely and having to work out to your fellow gym-goers' grunts instead of your favourite workout tunes. Wireless headphones have the answer to all those problems—they're easy to pack, look super stylish and allow you to enjoy your workout without getting tangled up in wires.
  6. Smartphone companies try to differentiate themselves by incorporating unique and exciting ideas that may not translate well into the real world. Companies like Samsung are already launching devices with four cameras like the Galaxy A9 and now it seems like LG will up the ante. © LetsGODigital LG is reportedly working on a smartphone that will have camera setup with 16 lenses. The new patent was filed by the company and spotted by LetsGoDigital. LG has already incorporated a five-camera setup on the LG V40 ThingQ comprising of three rear cameras and two front cameras. Light has already made a 16-lens camera in 2017 and is now working on a smartphone with up to nine lenses in the rear camera. This step was taken to improve low-light performance and achieve various depth effects. © LetsGODigital LG's plans for a new 16-lens smartphone may just be the concept that would trump every other smartphone mentioned above. Having said that, the information is based on a patent and it's not certain whether we would see a smartphone with 16 lenses by LG soon. According to the patent, the 16 lenses will be arranged in a 4x4 layout at the rear and will be able to take multiple perspectives in a single shot. This feature could change mobile photography altogether as it will also allow it capture of moving 3D pictures. This new setup will also enable the smartphone to replace objects easily due to extra data caught with each shot. © YouTube The patent also details that LG will be placing a mirror at the bottom of the rear cameras which will let users take selfies. This may eradicate the need of selfie camera and will let LG use a true edge-to-edge display without a notch. We aren't sure if this device will ever see the day of light, however, LG is definitely considering building a smartphone with 16 lenses. We just want to now see how LG will be able to translate this concept into reality. Source: LetsGoDigital
  7. “So, no one told you life was gonna be this way…” Nothing seems more relatable (and ominous) than this line from the iconic 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' title song. via GIPHY Your 20s are the most erratic and tumultuous phase of your life. You have no idea where your life is going, your career seems to be a mystery and you have that nagging voice in your head telling you to do something about it quickly. Worse still, you have to pay bills, navigate through relationships, fake laugh through work commitments or fake smile with irritating colleagues; try to be an adult. As cherry on the top, it seems that you are running out of time. It seems laughable now; the dream you had when you were younger, when you imagined that life would turn out to be perfect. How would you have known that you would have to pay your own bills? And why does everything require money? That you would be living the best life; a great apartment, a fantastic job, a nice car, a loving partner, a fabulous best friend and lots of money! Essentially, you would be happy. Now, you have this urge to find out your true calling; to see the real you. But it seems like a fruitless attempt. Breathe. You have time. You do not need to figure out everything at the same time and more importantly, not just now. It might seem like everyone else has their life under control and is leading a more focused and better life than you but that is hardly true. Everyone is vulnerable in their 20s; no one has a veritable idea about how one should go through life. Everyone is just muddling through. What else do you find out in these years? A bunch of people you can hang out with, a start to meaningful relationships with people who might end up being with you for the rest of your life. And who else other than your roommate fits the bill perfectly? © Warner Bros. Television The person who stays with you, shares a house with you and is there for you when you need a person to listen to your ranting, or when you want to bitch about someone, or cry with when you miss your family. Your home away from home. Your family. That is if you are lucky. Roommates, like everything else, come in various shapes and sizes. Some good, some not so good and some who are terrible. Blame it on Monica and Rachel or Joey and Chandler who made living with roommates look so easy and fabulous. The reality is dreary. © Warner Bros. Television Truth be told, if life was to be perfect (read fair), I would be living in a beautiful apartment with all the amenities one can possibly imagine. More importantly: I would be living alone. But all that is wishful thinking for now. In your tweens, most people are not rich enough to live alone, essentially if you are in college or just starting out with your job. Thus, walks in a roommate, who will help you in splitting the rent, the shared amenities and basically be your go-to person in this rough, rich, big, bad world. :P © Universal Pictures Or you wish! Your 20s is a time to meet people and get to know people and these people shape the person you become later in your life, though it might not seem that way when you are interacting with them. Your roommate is the first one in this list. Here are the types of roommates you have in your 20s: 1. The Passive-Aggressive One “Does it hurt one's hand to put out the light when one leaves the room?” it said. On a note. Seems familiar? Notes seem to greet you everywhere you go; the washroom mirror, the kitchen, the fridge. This type of roommate won't come up to you when they feel uncomfortable, they will stick notes all over and never talk about the problem. © Pinterest “Oh, sorry, were you going to use the washroom? The thing is I need to use it. I'm running late.” © Pinterest They will enter the washroom just before you get up to use it or use up all the hot water. They love to irritate you, be it blaring the music on their phones when you are around or doing something which they know pisses you off but will act innocent when you call them out on their behavior. © Warner Bros. Television Or worse, they will move around your stuff or if there is a maintenance problem, they won't intimate you and act like a victim when you finally confront them. 2. The Angel These are a god-send. And very rare. They will make your bed for you, take care of you when you are sick, do your laundry. All this, without being asked to do. There are pure souls with a heart of gold, a real angel. via GIPHY They are just the best people and it always seems like you are not doing enough good things in return. via GIPHY The best thing is that they do not expect anything from you; they are genuine to a fault. 3. The Father/Mother “Are you well?” “Did you drink water?” “Are you saving money?” “Why are you so late?” The nurturer, these roommates are always looking out for you. © 20th Century Fox Television These are the people who genuinely care about you, but eventually start acting like your parents. Given a chance, they might even go ahead and out up a curfew for you! But their heart is in the right place and you love them for it. 4. The Roommate From Hell Forget everything good anyone ever said about roomies. This one is the worst of the lot, spawned by Satan himself. You trusted them, with their devilish wit and charm they fooled you when they moved in. © 20th Century Fox Television A few weeks later… They'll eat your food, disturb you when you are busy, try to antagonize you and do everything in their power to make your life living hell, just for their sadistic pleasure. via GIPHY They will put on music when you sleep, bang the drawers/cupboards while you try to rest, scream in to the phone loudly without any regard of you being there. They are pathological liars, master manipulators and are God's way of letting you know that evil is real. 5. The Monica The efficient, memo-making cleanliness freak. They have a set of rules (because they help control the fun, you know? :P), which should be followed impeccably, without question. Basically, they are Monica and Sheldon fused into one. © Warner Bros. Television Nothing is good enough for them; the maid doesn't do the dishes properly (Or you, if you don't have one). They try to control every aspect of the minutest thing. via GIPHY d The house is never clean enough, everyone is a slob and the rules are not being followed properly. Just short of a whistle and a cane, this type makes sure you bend to their rules and if not, they will make you bend to the rules. All you want to say is: via GIPHY 6. The Booze-Addled Seer “Piyega? Nahi? Are, pi na. Atleast chakhna to kha le”: A memoir. This roommate greets you with their booze-infused breath and gyaan about life. © Warner Bros. Television Always a glass or bottle in hand, with a cigarette in the other, they tipple around the house with at the least two other tipsy people in tow, churning out memoirs about their drunk adventures and life knowledge. via GIPHY Though living with them gives you the much-needed humor and levity in life; be it with their funny antics or crazy stories, there is a time after which it will become irritating. If you are uncomfortable: Don't try to change them, just move out. 7. The “Janmo Ke Saathi” À la Amy from The Big Bang theory, this type of roommate wants to be constantly with you. Whether you are going out or going to the loo. They want to hang out with you all the time and get angry if you don't reciprocate their enthusiasm. © Warner Bros. Television Though they are good people, they become overly-attached and want to be BFFs which can become claustrophobic after a while. © Warner Bros. Television Sit them down and explain your perspective, they will surely understand. It is essential to set up boundaries. 8. The Creep Imagine waking up from sleep in the middle of the night and seeing someone perched at the end of your bed, silently watching you. © Warner Bros. Television If that doesn't stop your heart, I do not know what will. via GIPHY Or when you get out of the washroom and find inside in your room, sitting on your bed or going through your belongings. On being asked, all they do is give you a weird smile and go away. Worse if you share a room with this person, you might hear them going down on themselves without a care in the world. This happens when you don't research your roommate well enough. Though you can't judge a person in a mere interview or one meeting, it is imperative that you don't entertain these people. Either kick them out or move out. 9. The Invisible One/ Ninja You never see them; except for once or twice. In fact, you wonder whether you have a roommate or not. Their room is mostly locked and looks unused when open. via GIPHY These roommates have the stealth of a cat, the poise of a ninja and the affinity of a ghost. They might give you the scare of your lifetime when they spring out suddenly from their room when you least expect it. “Are they even real?” is the question you keep mulling over in your head. via GIPHY In the end you know this is the best because you can have the whole place to yourself while paying only half the rent! 10. The Snob An uptight douchebag with an endless source of money from their affluent parents or because of a better job, the snob is out there to rub your nose in their rich lifestyle and prosperous prospects which makes you wonder why in the world did they end up sharing a place with you? © 20th Century Fox Television via GIPHY They go to the best restaurants in town, they have an enviable wardrobe and they always make it a point to make you feel like scum just because you are not rich enough. via GIPHY With their superficial and materialistic outlook towards the world, their spoilt upbringing makes them the least favorable of roommates. 11. The Borrower “Are! Mast t-shirt hai! Mai next party ke liye borrow kar lu?” These roommates are always on the look-out for borrowing something for you. Be it money, your food, your soap, shampoo, cigarette, booze, your clothes or even your underwear, they are always asking you to lend some entity or the other to them. via GIPHY “I will pakka return it!” is their catchphrase. If you are gullible enough to give it, well, good luck to you. via GIPHY via GIPHY I know, sharing is caring, but what does it amount to if the things you lent are never returned to you. If you are lucky enough to get it back, it is mostly in a pitiable condition or broken or in such a state that you won't be able to use it again. The day is not far away when they might want to borrow your life as well! :P 12. The Pseudo-Roommate This is your roommate's S.O. © 20th Century Fox Television You wake up, they are there. You come back from office/college, they are there. They seem like just another roommate; the only difference is that they don't pay the rent. They seem like a constant fixture in your apartment and you can't say anything about it because you'll end up upsetting your roommate. © 20th Century Fox Television You just fantasize about leaving the room one fine day and living alone. 13. The Slob Dirty underwear? Check. Unwashed dishes? Check. All the stuff piled up on the chair? Check. Voila, say hello to your roommate from Slobsville. via GIPHY A polar opposite of “The Monica”, this roommate makes you feel like you are living with a very dirty rat. Believe me, in a few days your apartment WILL boast of rats. They believe in not showering on days at an end or leave uneaten food lying around the house. Extremely messy, you shudder at the thought of entering their room. © Warner Bros. Television Mostly, these kinds of roommates are not aware of the mess they are creating. Or they just don't care. They just have a happy-go-lucky approach towards life, which sometimes translates into a messy lifestyle, eventually turning into slovenly habits. Their sloppiness never seems to end and drives you crazy. Exorcise them with some “Colin”, “Surf Excel” and soap! 14. The “High and Mighty” Perpetually high, they wander around the apartment with a far-off look in their eye and a constant hunger. via GIPHY Always smoking weed, this roommate will offer you a different perspective of the world. Then forget what they said. via GIPHY You might be woken up at 3 in the morning with the loud banging of this person trying to make Maggi. via GIPHY These roommates are up at the most unearthly of hours and doing weird stuff which in turn will come back to disturb you. 15. The Party Animal Today is a party. And tomorrow is a party. And the day after? You got it, a party! The party animal roommate seems to be in an eternal party mode. They seem to know everyone around and are always ready for a gala time. If not going to one, they turn your apartment in the venue. With a bunch of raucous friends and a knack for frivolity, these people do not care about the other person living in the house. via GIPHY Late nights, loud music and a penchant for disturbing others are just the basic characteristics of this genre of roommates. via GIPHY Throwing a party occasionally is good; it takes off the pressure from your hectic lifestyle but throwing a party every day knowing that it irks their roommate is just a way of torture. 16. The Sadhu They don't go out. They don't want to hang out with you or anyone. They are always cloistered in their room and have no interest in the outside world or the people in it. via GIPHY via GIPHY Early to bed, early to rise. Their perfection and lack of interest in worldly matters make you want to kill yourself. You have to drag them out of their room, just so they can get a breath of fresh air. 17. The Noisy Nitwit This person believes in being loud. And by loud, I mean, ear-drum shattering, cacophonously loud. via GIPHY They always have music blaring from their phones or iPods or some other electronic gadget and are never aware of the noise they make. They don't believe in earphones. Guess what? It just doesn't stop at music. They will holler at the person on the other end of their phones, snore when they sleep, create an orchestra when they prepare food and the list goes on. Heaven forbid, if they have a S.O., you'll be treated to their vocal declarations of pleasure when they are in the sack. 18. The Kumbhakaran An atomic blast or even Dhinchak Pooja's songs is not enough to wake this one from their deep slumber. via GIPHY They are always running late but are perennially complaining about their lack of sleep, even though they would have just woken up from a 14-hour beauty sleep. Moreover, they can sleep anywhere; on the couch, on the bus, in the grocery store or the washroom. via GIPHY Not a great partner in the case of emergencies. 19. The Fitness Enthusiast “Why don't you go on a run with me from tomorrow?” “Here, try this protein shake!” “You really need to work on being more active, you need to lose weight!” “ Do you even lift, bro?” Guess what? Thanks for the advice, but I won't take it. via GIPHY These fitness enthusiasts turn the apartment into a gym; you walk in the apartment and there they are, doing push-ups, lunges and what-not. Moreover, they will try to make you join them. Being active is a choice; everyone has their way of staying fit, but this type doesn't understand the concept of leaving people alone. According to them, whoever doesn't work out isn't fit. via GIPHY They will push you to work out with them and the day you reluctantly agree to that, well, you just signed off your rights to a pleasant morning's sleep and have a master class in feeling incompetent. Though they are just trying to help you, they need to realize that all people aren't the same. Ah, but who will make them understand? 20. The Mooch This person makes Ebenezer Scrooge seem like a spendthrift! They never seem to have money, never ever! They conveniently forget their wallets at home when they go out with you, never seem to have their bills in order, are always behind on the rent and basically ask you to do everything around the house which requires money and effort. They are quite comfortable with leeching off you and like a parasite are sucking away your happiness and resources. © Warner Bros. Television They are always trying to figure out a “jugaad” for everything, so that it never requires money. So what if the fridge is not working, it leads to global warming, right? “If it ain't broke, don't fix it” is their mantra. They are a glibber cousin of The Borrower, without the promise of returning your things and they make duping you to save money look effortless! 21. The Fight Club Member The first rule of this fight club is to get angry without any provocation. Always angry and determined to fight with you on the most trivial issues, they are a permanent member of the angry club. Aggressive and angry, they will try to assert their dominance over the house and you. via GIPHY You try to ignore them, but they have a problem with that as well. You have given up on engaging with them because they turn everything into a fight. 22. The *** Freak You have planned a perfect evening; you look forward to going back home and just relaxing with a cup of coffee and a great book. Well, the gods have a different plan for you, or rather the *** fiend does. via GIPHY You arrive to your apartment to see a sock on the doorknob, which means that your roommate is busy getting lucky while you need to find someplace else for the next couple of hours. It is the third time this week. You can just sigh and slog off to the library/department store for the next couple hours. via GIPHY Or if you have a separate room, your roommate makes it a point to let you know how much fun they are having with their better-half with; continuous giggles and moans or with plain ol' creaking bedsprings. via GIPHY 23. The Bestie-Turned-Roommate They say that you can truly know about a person only if you live with them. There's a difference between hanging out with your best friend and living with them full-time. © 20th Century Fox Television Your best friend might be the best person in the world, but it does not mean that they are the best roommate. You will find out that they have some habits which irritate you, which had never bothered you before. As the adage goes, closeness brews contempt; seeing too much of a person eventually leads to resentment. All your plans of living with your best friend seem too good to be true now. 24. The Greek God/Goddess They are the epitome of beauty and you are always in awe of them. They are good-looking, and they know it and after a while you start to resent them. © Warner Bros. Television The reason? They always get asked out on dates when you guys go out, you hardly get any attention when they are around, and it seems everyone is clamoring to get their attention and some even use you as a means to get to them. Like Chandler says when asked by Monica to make Joey his roommate (in the flashback episode): Monica: He's so cute. Chandler: Oh yes, and that's what I want a roommate that I can walk around with and be referred to as the funny one. Don't begrudge them because they might be better in the looks department; it is a person's heart that matters! Mostly, these beautiful people have beautiful hearts as well! Focus on that! If they are good to you, nothing else matters. And if not, then go find a new roommate. The bottom line is: Never underestimate your worth! 25. The Perfect One The person you will find if you are lucky. The rarest of rare. The person who makes you believe in true roommate bliss! The more I say about this person would be less; you confidante, your partner-in-crime. You can't imagine home without them. You miss them when they go home or to their job. You love hanging out with them and even sitting around seems to be fun. The one who make your partner jealous because of the closeness you share. They get your vibe; your camaraderie is legendary. They know when you are upset, when not to talk to you and when you need your space or your food. © Warner Bros. Television They let you live peacefully and don't bother you unnecessarily and you reciprocate the same. The best thing: they are always there for you! via GIPHY On an end note, life would be incomplete without roommates! Note: All the characters of this post are real! :P
  8. Gym rats or fitness freaks (the two tags I absolutely dislike) often start worrying when a trip is planned. The fear of losing the 'gains or putting on fat is pretty real. If you are one of those freaks too, or even if not but you'd like to stay in shape when you travel, this piece is totally for you. Here are some tips and tricks to incorporate while traveling: 1) Intermittent Fasting © Pixabay Intermittent Fasting or IF is a popular dieting strategy that splits your day into two distinctive windows. The feed and fast windows. You consume zero calorie drinks and beverages in the fasting window like coffee, green tea, diet soda, water, etc. and you eat solid meals or calorie-containing beverages in the feeding window. By incorporating this strategy, even if you would be eating outright junk, you will still end up limiting the calories you consume during the day. A 16:8 or an 18:6 fasting:feeding protocol is something I see suits me and most of my clients during traveling. 2) Walking A good way to get in some exercise or some physical activity when traveling is to use your feet as the primary source of transport. Walk short distances, explore the place, be on your feet. This way you will burn off some extra calories for the day and worry a bit lesser about getting out of shape. 3) Hotel Gym Or Room Workout Getting to the gym or keeping up with your actual workout during your travels may not be possible due to two main reasons: a. Short on time b. Not much equipment or a proper gym facility So make the best use of whatever is available to you. Either do a bodyweight session inside the hotel room itself or just a few exercises in the hotel gym. Finish off the session in 30 to 40 minutes so you can later enjoy the day and your trip as well. 4) Reduce Your Meal Frequency © Pixabay This is not the Intermittent Fasting pointer again. This means, in general, eat lesser meals. If you are used to eating 5 to 6 meals in a day, drop it down to 2 or 3 meals for the day. Lesser meals = lesser calories. And this is a very easy way to manage intake without complicating things. 5) Protein And Salads As Starters When traveling, eating the local delicacies should be on your to-do list as you may not find the same opportunity anytime soon again. But if you have a tendency to overdo it, there are a few tips and tricks you can incorporate to avoid the all-out hogging approach. Start your meal with a serving of protein and some fiber. A salad with minimal dressings as an example. As both of these things are satiating, they will suppress your appetite to a certain extent. A lower appetite means that you will not hog on or go all out on the foods kept in front of you. This way, you can incorporate these steps and manage to stay in shape during your travels. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  9. It seems like Samsung is going all out with its upcoming Galaxy S10 with features that would outshine quite a few flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S9 looked like a small upgrade from its predecessor however it seems like Samsung is turning up the heat with the S10 this time. © Twitter According to Wall Street Journal, Samsung is preparing to launch four different models of the Galaxy S10, out of which one will have a massive 6.7-inch screen, have support for 5G and also pack six cameras. The six cameras will include a quad setup at the back and two selfie sensors in the front. Samsung has already launched the Samsung A9 in India yesterday that has a similar setup however the Galaxy S10 is reported to have even better sensors. © Twitter The other three smartphones from the lineup are expected to be smaller and have a screen size ranging from 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches. These models will also have different camera setups as some are expected to have three to five cameras in total. It is also being reported that the new Galaxy S10 device will incorporate reverse wireless charging similar to Huawei's Mate 20 Pro. In previous rumours we've covered that Samsung may not have a notch and instead have something entirely different. The Galaxy S10 is also expected to have chips dedicated for AI functionality and high-resolution cameras. Samsung is trying to experiment and push the envelope with their new smartphones especially since the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 are considered to have incremental upgrades. 5G support on smartphones is the next big step in communication and Qualcomm's new 8150 chipsets will be all about the new capabilities. The Snapdragon 8150 chipset will have the X50 5G modem with is already being utilised by companies such as OnePlus, Xiaomi and LG for 2019 smartphones. Source: Wall Street Journal
  10. 'Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes Of Grindelwald' just hit the theatres, and you should watch it ASAP because the spoilers are going to get you and ruin your life. This article, however, contains no such spoilers. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's discuss about a particular fantastic beast - one of our favourites. This one is perhaps the cutest of them all, and the most mischievous too. We're talking about the magical Niffler. © YouTube © YouTube The first movie was enough to get us obsessed with them, but after watching the second movie, we are just convinced that every man should have a Niffler as a pet. Here are 4 reasons: 1. Nifflers are talented. They are natural treasure hunters. Tired of being broke? Get one and let it loose. You'll be rich in no time. Yes, the neighbourhood will complain about a mysterious crime-wave, but they had it coming anyway because it's time they paid back for poking their snouts into your business all the time. © YouTube 2. Nifflers aren't domestic creatures. In fact, they should not be domesticated because they can be destructive. So, you don't even have to keep them inside your house. They burrow and can live under the ground. Moral of the story: You don't need to have the conversation with your mum about keeping one in the house. Just keep something shiny handy every time you want to call them. Hassle-free AF! © Wizards And Whatnot 3. They are cute. They are naughty. They are faithful (wait till you find out what happens in the end of FB:2). They are just like doggos - that too intelligent ones like retrievers. In fact, they actually do retrieve gold. They will fill the void in your heart, as well as in your wallet. Why would you not want one? They are hands down the best pets, ever! © YouTube Just one teeny tiny technicality: they aren't real. However, baby Echidnas (also called Puggles), might just be the inspiration behind the creation of Nifflers. © Huffpost © Lorinda Taylor They look just like Nifflers, although we aren't sure about the retrieving treasure bit. It's worth a shot we say. Let the wizards have the Nifflers, while us Muggles make do with the Puggles.
  11. Stan Lee's death is something that was huge, unmeasurable loss for almost every single person. He has affected so many lives and is responsible for making all of our lives a little better. The world is still mourning the loss of this ''marvellous' legend and I don't think anyone is getting over it anytime soon. We already have a lot of things to remember him by and now, we also know what his last known words were and it's just bringing back all the feels. TMZ got hold of the last picture of Stan Lee which was clicked on Saturday, November 10th, along with the last words he said then. The picture shows him smiling and looking cheerful during what would be his final sit-down with the man he trusted to run Marvel Comics, Roy Thomas. © TMZ During the last meeting, Thomas, who is Lee's protege and also a comic book writer, and Stan apparently discussed superheroes and comics for about 30 minutes. Stan's last words to Roy before he left were, “God bless. Take care of my boy, Roy.” Who is the son Stan Lee was talking about? Fans are speculating it to be none other than Spider-Man. Stan was very protective of that character and fought with Marvel's publisher at the time, who basically questioned the idea of a teenager as a superhero. The character was originally conceived with this idea in mind and as a rejection of the stereotype that teens were always sidekicks. Well, Stan Lee was obviously right, as we all know, as Spider-Man is one of the most successful Marvel characters and it seems like Stan just wanted to protect the legacy of the character he thought of as his son. Roy also released a statement on the last meeting, saying Stan seemed to have “lacked much of the old Stan Lee energy” most people had come to know him by. Roy also added that he seemed enthusiastic about future Marvel movie cameos if he could do them without being too much of a burden. Roy called Stan “one of the most important mythmakers of the 20th century.”
  12. Samsung's next flagship smartphone is expected to launch in a few months however that does not keep details from leaking. According to a report from Korea, the Galaxy S10 is expected to have a design that every manufacturer will strive to achieve. © Twitter/VenyaGeskin1 The Galaxy S10 is expected to have one of the most beautiful screens on a smartphone ever as Samsung has already teased the Infinity-O Display. It's basically a screen that will zero bezels and a tiny dot/hole at the top centre that will house the selfie camera. Korean website, TheElec claims that the screen will have a zero-bezel OLED panel and will have two holes that will have the camera and an infrared sensor. Other sensors, that are generally in the notch or top bezels, will be under the screen to give the smartphone a uniform look. The report adds that Samsung is using diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers to drill holes in displays. Samsung is also busy creating a new user interface that would accommodate these holes. UI tweaks will include displaying information on the left and right side of the hole such as single strength, carrier name, battery percentage and more. © Twitter The report also adds that Apple may adopt a similar screen for future iPhones as Samsung manufactures OLED panels for the Cupertino giant. It's not confirmed whether Apple would drop the notch design as the company uses Face ID and 3D facial recognition for unlocking the smartphone and use other features like Animoji. It's unlikely that Apple will opt for a screen design similar to the Galaxy S10 as the notch have an array of components essential for Facial recognition. Source: TheElec
  13. The wedding pictures are out from Lake Como, and it was well worth the wait! Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone may have absolutely driven everyone to madness by making people wait for so long just to catch a glimpse of them as a married couple, but these pictures totally make up for it. Two weddings and two pictures were all that it took to make everyone scream out loud – and I mean that literally, because of the chaos in our office right now – and the excitement that has taken over. View this post on Instagram â¤ï¸ A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Nov 15, 2018 at 6:36am PST Yes, Ranveer is hard to outshine, especially when he's the groom, but our girl DP out here knows how to steal the limelight. No offence to anyone but she's the best looking here, the most gorgeous, the most beautiful...basically, every other nice adjective out there. Just look at her! View this post on Instagram â¤ï¸ A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on Nov 15, 2018 at 6:36am PST What a stunning bride, it almost makes up for the fact that she broke everyone's heart by getting married! Instagram Ranveer is a lucky man and he surely knows it! Instagram In short, Deepika exceeded our expectations, obviously, and brb...need to go cry over her bridal beauty. (We'll update the story as soon as more pictures come)
  14. It's the D-Day, and naturally, the entire country has been waiting for a single glimpse of the mega wedding with bated breath. As camera friendly as Ranveer and Deepika are, the fact that they would actually go-for rock-solid privacy in terms of sharing pictures is quite understandable, yet surprising. They do love their fans, but which couple won't want their wedding pictures to be perfect? So they made the wedding a 'phone-free zone', and requested all the guests to only share pictures which are bride and groom pre-approved. Anyway, the guests clearly are well-behaved, and didn't indulge in any sneaky phone camera action. However, we finally have the first round of official pictures. Take a look. (c) instagram/deepikapadukone Doesn't he look amazing in a white Sabyasachi sherwani for the Konkani wedding? And here is the one for the Sindhi wedding, where he's wearing the already famous Sabyasachi Kanjeevaram sherwani. (c)instagram/deepikapadukone All we can say is that we are breathless!
  15. Up until the PlayStation 4, the controller layout remained unchanged for years. Having said that, the Touchpad on the PlayStation 4 is more or less used as a quick action button in various games and wasn't really explored further. However, according to a new update to Sony's DualShock controller, the touchpad could be replaced with a proper touchscreen. © YouTube The patent was spotted by DualShockers, and suggested that the touchscreen can be used for interactive feedback such as showing stats, displaying a mini-map or other functions you need to see on the fly. Sony has already implemented an LED light bar which changes colour according to your gameplay. It's not the first time we've seen a touchscreen on console controllers. Nintendo's Wii U had a similar concept that did not impress gamers as a whole. The Sega Dreamcast also implemented something similar back in the day which was also a failure when we look at sales figures. However, Sony has been killing it when it comes to console sales all over the world and it may just be a successful implementation for the company if the company implement the latest patent. © Pexels Even though this is a patent, for now, it is possible to see a new Dualshock controller with the next generation of Sony PlayStation. Sony is reportedly working on the PlayStation 4 successor and it may be possible that we will see the new controller bundled with PlayStation 5. We can only know for sure once Sony unveils the new console which could release sometime in late 2019/early 2020. Source: DualShockers
  16. I call Delhi my home. And why shouldn't I? I've lived here for over 30 years and went through all of its phases it had to offer. As a child, I developed chronic bronchitis while staying in the city and it made me uncomfortable from time to time. It was nothing major to worry about because it was latent and it hardly ever occurred again in my growing-up years. But as the years progressed with my time in Delhi, the latency of my health issue started brimming to the surface. It wasn't because my lungs were not functioning well. it was because the air quality in Delhi subsequently dipped. (c)Twitter The last five years have been a literal living nightmare in Delhi with the bad air quality that surrounds us and let's face it, we've done nothing productive to counter or tackle this grave issue. Instead, we've been counter-productive towards this very problem and enhanced it in a way that we can't seemingly make it better instantly. But I wouldn't blame the commoners as much as I'd blame the government and together, we've managed to make Delhi the most polluted city in the world. Yes. Let that information sink in, slowly. Imagine, living in a smoke bubble constantly, trying to find your way out. Well, let me tell you, there is none, and the only probable solution that'll ever come out of this is if we dearly depart this highly toxic city. (c)Times Of India Recently, I caught the flu pretty bad due to severe weather change and it developed into a bad chest congestion bringing my bronchitis back. I went to the doctor immediately because I was literally choking and when I got there, I had to wait for 1.5 hours to see her. Why? Because everyone around me was really sick. When I finally got my time with her she told me I was the 106th patient to come see her for the same reason. The symptoms appearing after breathing in the toxic air are- wet cough, wheezing, chest congestion, eye burns and swollen glands and other lung-related ailments and the doctor had a fair share of patients dealing with the same that day. The worst bit- she said, was that 60 cases out of the 106 cases she'd seen that day were babies and children. (c)Twitter "I get a lot of patients on a daily basis fighting pollution-related ailments and my only advice to them is leave the city. There is nothing else we can do right now. Especially children" - Dr Mugdha, Fortis Hospital. #Delhi's Anand Vihar at 999, area around US Embassy, Chanakyapuri at 459 & area around Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium at 999, all under 'Hazardous' category in Air Quality Index (AQI) pic.twitter.com/QX7z5UYOl9 — ANI (@ANI) 8 November 2018 But it's not just the lack of information and awareness. My doctor telling me to leave this city to improve my health is not the solution and backing down and bowing in front of it will not make it any better. The only solution left is to fight the air, which will continue to make the Delhi winters worse. The lethal level of pollutant PM2.5- the particles of which can easily penetrate the lungs and cause respiratory diseases was at a 'hazardous' 644ins some parts of Delhi about two days before Diwali this year. But Diwali left us with little or no mercy and the air quality worsened instantly, right after Diwali. The air quality oscillated between 'poor' and 'very poor' because people defied the Supreme Court's orders to not burst hazardous crackers in the first place. The air quality recorded with an overall index rising to 574, which falls in the 'severe-plus emergency' category according to data by the centre run-SAFAR. (c)Twitter So, this is how it really works- An AQI ( air quality index) between 0-50 is considered good, 51-100 is 'satisfactory', 101-200 is moderate, 201-300 is 'poor', 301-400 is 'very poor', and 401-500 is 'severe'. Any guesses which category we fall under? Dear Delhi: we just let ourselves down with this brazen contempt of the Supreme Court. We were better than this, I thought... — barkha dutt (@BDUTT) 7 November 2018 "The origin of Delhi air pollution problem is linked to the development of it obviously. When Delhi's population started expanding, construction dust, which is a high factor to the pollution in Delhi contributed to air pollution a lot and so has industrialisation and obviously vehicular emissions, which are increasing air pollution all year around. The last 3-4 years stubble burning came to the narrative and stubble burning only impacts pollution during winter. So, all year around, waste burning, plus the mentioned issues become contributors to the pollution factor to Delhi. (c)Twitter From a solving perspective, obviously sustainable development is one, improving your waste practices is one and protecting our trees - are the small solutions we can work towards or a more long-term benefit" - Tamseel Hussain, an environmentalist who also runs #letmebreath, which is India's first pollution storytelling community, which started last year during peak Diwali season. The depletion, though, in air quality hasn't just been witnessed this year. In 2017 the AQI pos Diwali was 340, in 2016 it was 445and in 2015 it was 360, all falling under the 'severe' quality. "The Delhi government has proposed the Graded Response Action Plan, which we still have to see the impact of and the central government has proposed the National Clean Air action plan The thing is, everyone keeps blaming that people need to contribute but I think it's a combination of the government and people coming together and collaborating to solve this crisis" - Tamseel Hussain Long ago I was told that there was no culture in Delhi but a "vulture". Today I discovered that we are worse than vultures. We feed on ourselves. How else do you explain crackers going on in brazen violation of court orders, leaving behind choking smog putting all of us to shame. — Anil Swarup (@swarup58) 7 November 2018 While we think the problem lies with the people who've been burning firecrackers all year round, I solemnly believe it's not just them. I have witnessed a terrible drop in air quality because I am prone to sicknesses when that happens since the past three years, and it's something that happens frequently and not just during Diwali. Yes, the air quality does worsen during Diwali but we suffer a lot more from the smoke of crops that burn and we don't realise it. But as ardent citizens of a country that's losing its face in the name of corrupt practices, we can surely rectify these issues and make them more minor than major. As Tamseel points out, we can do our own bit to maybe curb the pollution issue so the kids in our city can breathe fresh air, instead of being rushed to the hospital to be nebulised. (c)Twitter I wish to go back to the Delhi I grew up in, where the air was cleaner than what it is today and for that to happen, we need to encourage more changes in and around us and obviously, within our lifestyles as well.
  17. The mention of Diwali evokes glorious images of multi-hued Chinese lights dotting every building in the vicinity, a mixed array of lamps and candles gracing all the flat surfaces along the way, and of course the loaded plateful of sweets and the sparkling new clothes which complete the prep for the celebrations. What? You think I forgot to mention something? Yes, the puja, right? Of course, no Diwali celebration can begin without the blessings of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi, on this auspicious occasion. What else? You certainly aren't hinting at those loudmouthed elements that wreak havoc on Diwali, are you? © Wikipedia Well, seems like you are talking about the firecrackers after all. Well, given Delhi's current air quality and its inhabitants' constant struggle to take the next breath of air, besides of course the Supreme Court's ban on everything except green crackers, I'd say that petitioning for free-use of firecrackers at this point is a little ill-timed. The national capital is literally choking on its own air even as you read this. The latest CPCB data on Tuesday states that the overall Air Quality Index (AQI) was recorded at 394, which falls in the 'very poor' category, and warning has been put out that the situation will only get worse. Yet, here you are questioning my decision to do away with the mention of firecrackers on a Diwali post, and challenging the wisdom of the SC judges who called for the partial ban and even gave a free pass to bursting of green crackers between 8 pm to 10 pm tomorrow, in the spirit of the celebrations. © Tipping Points Film Anyhow, before you go any further to bash me over my cause to discourage you from bursting crackers, maybe you'd like to know that bursting crackers on Diwali has never been a part of ancient Hindu tradition. It simply happened to be a result of social interactions with China, which were adopted by Indians. Don't believe me? But history has proof. History shows that firecrackers were first invented in China, which made their way to India and other neighbouring countries due to trade movements. Historian P K Gode talks about the existence of gunpowder in 1400 AD and the first evidence of which could be found in the Tang dynasty in his 'History of Fireworks in India between 1400 and 1900'. © Flickr According to Chinese belief system, loud sounds and bright light helps to ward off evil, and therefore it was a popular practice in that part of the world. However, higher price initially prevented commoners from accessing it easily, thus was usually the royals who made use of fireworks for their personal entertainment. Numerous travelogues by ancient travellers validate this fact, as can also be seen in Marathi chronicle text 'Peshwayanchi Bakhar'. But the Chinese belief soon made its way to India and found acceptance as the signifier of victory of good over evil. Thus, people chose to light crackers during Diwali to mark their celebration of Ram and Sita's return from exile, after having defeated the evil Ravana. © Wikipedia Diwali was always meant to be a celebration of lights, the crackers came much later. Apart from deafening sounds and loads of air pollution, is only brings you smog (and a little more closer to your death). So go green this Diwali, it'll help us all in the long run.
  18. It seems like history is repeating itself thanks to a leak discovered in an over the air Android Pie update for the Galaxy Note 9. Previously, the Galaxy S7's Nougat update showed the design of the S8 and S9's design was shown in S8's Oreo update. It seems like the leak the design of the Galaxy S10 may have been hinted once again. © Twitter The image shows that Samsung may have removed the iris scanner completely in favour of an in-display fingerprint scanner and may have embedded the selfie camera under the screen. The leak shows that Samsung has also carried forward the same design ethos of having minimal bezels. © Twitter The image was spotted by Twitter user MWeinbackXDA and Ice Universe and it seems like the leak may just be the final calling of the smartphone. There is a good chance that this will be the final design of the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S10 Plus. It looks like this particular design will feature a flat display, no notch and a hefty price tag. What makes this leak quite credible is that the artwork used in the Android Pie update does not resemble any smartphone by Samsung right now. The placeholder image looks like Samsung's next-gen smartphones. Of course, this leak should be taken with a grain of salt as Samsung is expected to launch the phone at MWC 2019. There's still quite some time for the official unveil and we will know more about Samsung's next flagship around that time. Source: SlashGear
  19. Unlike their female counterparts, most Indian men tend to not pay that much attention to either their ensembles, or even their wardrobe for that matter. The 'chalta hai' attitude of wearing almost anything that is comfortable, affordable and durable, while charming, isn't all that practical. After all, wearing fashion-forward clothes that don't just look good on you, but actually make YOU look good can never be a bad idea, especially if there is a newfound crush or prospective date you have plans of impressing. And so to help all of our bros out there upgrade their wardrobes - and by extension their fashion game - here are five fashion staples that all Indian men NEED to have in their wardrobes, come what may. 1) Solid White And Black T-Shirts © Official Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan Owning simple and solid black and white t-shirts should pretty much be a no-brainer. After all, if you have a knack for layering up your outfits, then your dependence on such t-shirts cannot be stressed enough. as they will end up complimenting even those trousers, shoes, shirts and jackets that most other tees will not. So make sure that you have the best black t-shirts and the best white t-shirts lined up in your wardrobe, and you'll be good to go. 2) A Pair Of White And Black Sneakers Each © Official Instagram/ Shahid Kapoor Investing in the right footwear should pretty much be a priority for all Indian men out there. After all, the type of sneakers you opt for says as much about your personality as it does about your fashion choices. This is where owning a pair of white sneakers and a pair of black sneakers becomes so important - not only are they going to be your go-to choice of footwear for a multitude of ensembles, but they are also going to compliment almost everything in your wardrobe. 3) A Leather Jacket © Official Instagram/ Ranveer Singh I can't think of even one excuse that any Indian man could make for not owning a leather jacket. Not only do they end up being incredibly useful in keeping you warm during the chilly winters, but they also help you look really, really good. The best part about a leather jacket also happens to be how easy it is to pull one off, especially since pairing one with a simple white tee (read: above) or a pair of black jeans will be enough to make you look incredibly stylish. 4) Colourful Scarves © Pexels With winter having arrived (no Game of Thrones references please!), the utility of winter wear has gone up. And when it comes to winter wear that also doubles down as a must-have fashion essential, scarves are precisely what you should be owning (and that too plenty of) in your wardrobe. Apart from doing their useful bit of keeping you warm, scarves will also help add just the right dosage of style and fashion to your otherwise basic attire. Pro tip: Make sure you have a wide variety of scarves, preferably in different colours, prints and patterns, so as to always have something that would compliment your ensemble. 5) A Stylish Watch © Official Instagram/Varun Dhawan It's often said that accessorizing properly can end up being the game-changer in determining how your outfit is going to be perceived by others. But accessorizing itself can prove to be more tricky for men than it is for women, primarily because the former don't have as many (and as diverse!) options to accessorize with as the latter. This is where owning a kickass and stylish wrist watch pretty much becomes mandatory. It can help elevate your regular ensemble and make it more fashionable, and it also helps give off a classy vibe to your appearance. Pro tip: If you don't believe that wrist watches have that much utility anymore, you can always wear a smartwatch like the Apple watch, and still be up to date with the latest technology WITHOUT compromising on accessorizing.
  20. AirPods have been a huge success for Apple and it seems like the company is bringing a brand new version of the wireless earphones soon. According to trademark filings and reports, the new AirPods will have more advanced features than the current generation. The filings were made from Hong Kong and Europe a few days ago, where new details about the next AirPods were leaked. © MensXP The filings were spotted by Patently Apple and the next version of AirPods are expected to have health-related features. The new features are expected to track and monitor heart rate via the biometric sensors inbuilt into the wireless earphones. The filing detailed the featured it may cover i.e.: “namely, health, fitness, exercise, and wellness sensors, monitors, speakers and displays for measuring, displaying, tracking, reporting, monitoring, storing, and transmitting biometric data, heart rate, body movement, and calories burned; hearing aids; medical apparatus and instruments; apparatus for use in medical analysis; testing apparatus for medical purposes; pulse meters; thermometers for medical purposes; spirometers [medical apparatus]; dental apparatus; heart rate monitoring apparatus; earplugs [ear protection devices]; feeding bottles; non-chemical contraceptives; hair prostheses; plaster bandages for orthopaedic purposes; suture materials.” © MensXP The new filing also mentions that there will be a mechanism to transmit biometric data such as heart rate, body movement and calories burned. According to the report, the AirPods will work closely with other Apple products such as the Apple Watch. We aren't entirely sure when Apple will launch the new AirPods, however, these filings make it extremely exciting thanks to the new features. There are other reports that suggest AirPods may also support noise-cancelling features which is a highly requested feature by AirPods users. Source: Patently Apple
  21. With Diwali season fervently knocking on our doors, it's time to start planning your looks for all those poker parties. From daytime casual brunches to those smashing parties, a lot happens over the Diwali weekend, making it quite an ordeal to ace every appearance you make - after all, it's an annual thing and you just can't go wrong with your ensemble choices. So if you are someone who likes to keep his wardrobe sorted, lest you end up making some major faux pas, here's a quick run-through on everything you need to have in your wardrobe this year. Take A Look At These Indian-Wear Essentials That Can Totally Make Your Diwali-Looks Memorable 1. White Chikan Kurta- Churidaar Pajama © Amazon India From the pioneer of Indian couture, Manish Malhotra, making conscious efforts to revive the love for the ancient thread work technique of chikankari, through his Mizwaa collection, to it ruling runways during major fashion events - chikankari makes for one of the classiest Indian wear options. The intricate art finds its roots in the northern regions of the country, with a popularity that surpasses all barriers. Chikankari, which is also one of the most high-priced manual threadwork patterns, is an absolute wardrobe essential, considering the elegance it reeks of. Be it just another family gathering or a Diwali party, a pair of basic white chikan kurta and churidaar pajama can look just perfect, if styled right. HOW TO STYLE IT: If you are someone who takes pride in adding a skosh of jazz, making appearances that stay even after the party is over, throw over a brocade-print, Mandarin-collared jacket. Apart from giving you that much-needed bling, the colour will stand out against the pristine white base, boosting your contrast-game like never before. MRP: Rs. 1,499 Buy it here 2. Black Cotton Kurta © Amazon India Orange might be the new black, but black is still black. While there are people who believe in abstaining from the colour on auspicious occasions, the way it can enhance one's look is simply undeniable. You might also have people tell you how prickly it can feel to wear a black kurta, especially during the day, with the colour absorbing heat from the surroundings - which we totally agree with - hence, cotton is your way out. Cotton is a rather light-weight and skin-friendly fabric - the two factors that balance the heat-absorbing qualities of black. So up your Indian-wear look with a black kurta, and be the star at the next poker party. HOW TO STYLE IT: There is hardly any bottom wear option that wouldn't look good with a black kurta, but if we had to pick our favourite, it would be a pair of fusion dhoti pants. Bringing alive the power of blending the best of both worlds, a pair of white dhoti pants will add an edge to your outfit, while also being extremely comfortable - because nothing tops comfort, nothing. MRP: Rs. 1,699 Buy it here 3. Nehru-Collar Jacket © Amazon India The first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, is remembered for a myriad of reasons - one of them being his predilection for Mandarin-collared outfits. The political figure was almost always spotted pulling off a Mandarin collar, so much so that it soon found a synonym - Nehru-collar, a name that is now more popular than its authentic identity. Owing to how ethnic-yet-comfortable Nehru-collar can look, it's a widely popular choice when it comes to shirts and jackets. The jackets, available in a variety of fabrics like linen and chanderi silk, can be worn over plain shirts or kurtas, and look just as edgy. HOW TO STYLE IT: Make a head-turning appearance in a linen, Nehru-collar jacket by throwing it over a pastel-hued, self-print kurta. The print on the pastel colour will look fancy-yet-subtle, while layering it with a linen jacket, which will notch up the class-quotient of your festive look, fetching you compliments from one and all. Buy it here 4. Dhoti © Amazon India No, we are not telling you to go rural, because dhotis are just so in. Gone are the days when churidaar pajamas were the top picks as Indian wear bottoms. Dhotis or dhoti pants (pre-stitched dhotis to save you the trouble of learning to tie one) can make your look rather vintage, giving it a native Indian vibe, while also being just so comfortable. Dhoti, apart from being edgy and comfortable, will make you stand out at the party, making you the trendsetter who likes pulling off the latest runway hits like a total star. HOW TO STYLE IT: Upgrade your wardrobe with this vintage-y essential, and pair it with a short plain kurta, with a Nehru-collar jacket thrown over it. If you want to add a fusion angle to it, we'd suggest you pick out those tan-coloured loafers or a trendy pair of white sneakers and be the dapper you were meant to be. MRP: Rs. 899 Buy it here 5. Tan Mojaris © Amazon India Mojaris, which were initially mostly worn in Punjab, are a quintessential example of ethnic footwear. Available in a variety of shades and patterns, ranging from magnanimously coloured threadwork mojaris to plain, leather ones, there's one pair to go for almost every Indian-wear outfit. Not just the pattern and colours, there's quite a broad spectrum to land on while picking mojaris, including shapes and designs, however, it's a basic pair of tan-hued leather ones that you definitely need to have in your wardrobe. Be it a churidaar pajama or a pair of dhoti, this can be your go-to footwear every time the festive season rings in. HOW TO STYLE IT: Get your hands (or slip in your feet) in a pair of brightly coloured mojaris, paired with a crisp white Indian outfit, more like a chikan kurta and pajama. The contrast between your outfit and just-the-right-kind-of-flashy footwear is bound to make you the best-dressed man at the next Diwali party. MRP: Rs. 799 Buy it here 6. Classic Kolhapuri Chappals © Amazon India Deriving its name from the city of Kolhapur, these comfortable chappals will give your feet the freedom to breathe. Mostly worn in tan shades and cutout patterns, Kolhapuri chappals are a hit amongst men and women, alike. Reason? They look just so raw and are as comfortable as it gets. What's more? You can even pair your Kolhapuri with jeans and shirt! HOW TO STYLE IT: Put on a pair of light-blue, distressed jeans, slip into a pastel-coloured, printed, short kurta and ace the look with a pair of Kolhapuris. If fusion and raw is your thing, this is the look you cannot miss experimenting with. You can also quirk up your look by layering your outfit with a swanky, Nehru-collar jacket. MRP: Rs. 1,199 Buy it here 7. Pashmina Stole © Amazon India For all those winter weddings and festivities, a pashmina stole is a must - it won't only save you from the cold, but also add a royal vibe to your simple Indian outfit. Mostly available in deep and bottle colours, adorning manual thread work, Pashmina stoles, if styled right, can completely refurbish your look. We agree that just the idea of carrying a Pashmina stole might sound a little too heavy to you guys, but trust us, it's one of the classiest piece of clothing you could inculcate in your Indian wear look. HOW TO STYLE IT: Put on a plain, grey kurta teamed with a pair of black churidaar pajama, with a black Pashmina stole thrown around your neck. The simplicity of the kurta-pajama will blend really well with the plush-look of your stole, making it one of the most admired Indian outfits you could have pulled off. MRP: Rs. 980 Buy it here
  22. As India gets ready to show off its very own “Iron Man”, the 182-metres tall statue of eminent Indian freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is being hailed as an engineering marvel. Located near the Narmada dam in Gujarat, it now holds the title of “the tallest statue in the world”. Also known as the “Statue of Unity”, the monument is double the height of The Statue of Liberty in New York. Not just that, the construction of the monument was completed in a record time of just thirty three months. The monument has been built by Larsen & Toubro Ltd, and the government had to shell out a whopping sum of 3000 crore rupees for its construction! © Twitter Now, while the monument also rightly boasts of a three-star hotel, museum and audio visual gallery within its premises itself, it nonetheless makes us wonder if the hefty amount could have been utilised for better, and more urgent matters. While Modi Ji decided to turn the crores into an iron statue, we asked 7 men to share how they would have liked to utilise the amount given a chance. Well that was a mixed bag of responses, but we do agree with a few things some of these guys mentioned. With only 7.0 physicians and 17.1 nurses every 10,000 patients, India is in dire need of better healthcare facilities, especially in rural and semi rural areas. Investing and promoting low-cost education institutions could have been another way of putting the funds to better use. Waste and infrastructure management needs to be looked into at the earliest. Gurgaon, Mumbai Assam's repeated struggles with annual floods, could have been treated too, to some extent. These are just some areas we have pointed out, but we're sure you can think of many more. So, we'd like to ask you about how you'd spend the 3000 crores, given a chance.
  23. There was a time when the top smartphone brands in India included Micromax, Karbonn and Intex. Those days are long gone, new entrants in the market have completely changed the dynamics in the last few years and homegrown brands are nowhere to be seen. The top four smartphone brands in India include Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, OPPO, and Huawei. Out of these, only Samsung is from South Korea, and all others are based out of China. According to a report in The Economic Times, consumers have spent more than Rs 50,000 crore in the financial year of 2018, buying smartphones made by the top four Chinese brands. © MensXP / Shivam Vahia The figure has nearly doubled than the last financial year and the the current trend suggests it will further increase. The top four here includes Xiaomi, currently India's top smartphone maker in terms of sales volume, followed by Vivo with a market share of 10 percent and OPPO at 8 percent. Other markers like Lenovo (includes Moto lineup), OnePlus, and Infinix make up more than half of the total Indian smartphone market by sales. These Chinese brands have completely saturated the market and placed their products in every possible price segment to lure the buyer. With global operations, these companies have managed to focus on India and the latest products have been coming in at a much faster pace now. © MensXP / Shivam Vahia While these brands are based out of China, they have heavily invested themselves in the country. In accordance with the government's Make in India initiative, all the major manufacturers have local assembly lines in the country. Local sourcing of phones ensures that employment is generated in the region and the companies are able to avoid high import duties. Xiaomi has already announced a plan to invest Rs 15,000 crore in setting up assembly lines while OPPO already has two facilities in Uttar Pradesh. Vivo employs more than 5,000 people in its plant and even Samsung (South Korean brand) has opened it's largest facility in the world at Noida. © Xiaomi The combined sales of these four smartphone makers doubled to Rs 51,722 crore from Rs 26,262 crore in FY17. The Indian smartphone market is valued at a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh crore in FY18. In Q3 2018 itself, more than 44 million smartphone units were shipped.
  24. All over the internet, you'll find a string of different tests of strength. Lifting this and bending that. The tests are many but most don't really make sense in a real gym environment. So how do you really test your strength without looking like an idiot? Here are the things no one talks about: . Strength standards assume that every single body has leverages suitable for lifting. . Strength standards assume no previous injuries or joint dysfunctions. . Strength standards base their lifting numbers from examples within the elite of the elite and subtract from there based on skill and ability level. What I mean here is that you should not judge how strong you are based on random guidelines off the internet. They do not apply to everyone. Humans come in all different shapes and sizes and it's never a one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to judging strength. Having said that, here are a few ways to judge whether you are actually strong or not: 1) Pull-Ups: 10 Reps © YouTube If you are an advanced lifter, 10 reps might sound like child's play to you but the number of people who can actually do pull-ups is very, very small. Finding someone who can do 10 reps of pulls-up with good form is like finding a flying pig. True strength can be witnessed in how a lifter controls his bodyweight when he/she is tired, especially during the eccentric (lowering) part. If you cannot do 10 pull-ups with good form, you have yet to realize your potential when it comes to strength or you need to lose some weight or both. 2) Squats: Bodyweight X 6 reps © YouTube Front or back squat, whichever variation you prefer does not matter. If you are not able to perform 6 solid to the floor squats with your bodyweight on the bar, you are not as strong as you could be. This is one of most accurate assessments one can do, no matter the body weight and size. Clearly, a 55 kg person will have an easier time squatting his bodyweight than a 100 kg guy. Think about it, if a 100 kg guy is not able to squat his body weight, then he definitely needs to lose some weight. If you're big and heavy, you should also be strong enough in proportion, if not you are just overweight. 3) Push-Ups: 35 Solid Reps © Pixabay Now, I can understand if you fall a pull-up or two short of the desired number, but not having the strength and conditioning to perform 35 solid push-ups in good form is inexcusable. The correct way to perform a push-up is to keep the core braced and tuck the chin in.
  25. Kartik Aaryan has transformed into quite the fashionista over the past couple of years. From having a great street vibe to nailing the most innovative athleisure outfits, Kartik has been doing it just right. Naturally, he is a favourite when it comes to designers, and rightfully so, because he has that natural penchant for doing justice to any outfit you throw at him. He proved it once again recently, in a classy kurta-pyjama-jacket combo by Manish Malhotra. © Viral Bhayani The festive season is here, and kurta-pyjama is probably the best (and the most common) outfit when it comes to ethnic Indian wear that fits the occasion. However, there are pieces that just stand apart, because of their distinctive construction and design, just like this one here. © Viral Bhayani The layered white kurta, in itself, can be a statement festive piece that will help you steal the limelight. Add the black velvet jacket with the silver Pegasus detail and the white detailing, you get an ensemble that scores a perfect 10. © Viral Bhayani We like the fact that the white trousers are just tapered and simple, to maintain the aesthetic balance of the outfit. We love the vertical black minimalistic side stripes. Any more detail here could have made it look a tad bit 'OTT'. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani We love Kartik's black suede shoes, that are working in perfect sync with the opulence of the velvet fabric of the jacket. This outfit has to be one of the best we have seen this year.