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Found 144 results

  1. When I was younger, I would love to spend time with my grandfather, while he would regale me with his "war tales". I would be absolutely mesmerised to say the least, and imagine him bravely fight our enemies, in wars that are only studied in history books now. The brave sons of our soils have fought horrifying wars and when we hear their tragic yet heroic stories, we can't help but have immense pride for our soldiers who risk their lives everyday just so we can sleep soundly. © Twitter On Army Day today, I would love to pay an ode to all the martyred, brave soldiers who have led some daring missions to protect Indian borders, rescue people and fight terrorists and keep us all safe. Here are some outstanding military operations carried out by the Indian Army in the past decade. (1) Operation Surya Hope (2013) Operation Surya Hope was the Indian Army's Central Command response to the June 2013, North Indian floods in Uttrakhand. If you remember the floods that happened in Uttrakhand in 2013, they were devastating, and affected millions. The floods left over 100,000 pilgrims and tourists stranded and killed thousands of people. The operation was commanded by Lieutenant General Anil Chait, the General Officer Commanding in Chief (GOC in C) of Central Command. He was succeeded by General Rajan Bakshi, on July 1, 2013, who said the army would continue with the relief operations. The Indian Army managed to rescue a number of civilians caught in the dreaded floods. © Twitter (2) Operation Maitri (2015) Operation Maitri was a rescue and relief operation in Nepal by the Indian armed forces and the Government of India, in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. India responded to disaster relief within 15 minutes of the earthquake occurring. The armed forces helped rescue a number of people stuck under debris and also assisted them with medical aid. Over 43,000 Indians and 785 foreigners were successfully evacuated. © Twitter (3) India Counter-Insurgency Operation In Myanmar (2015) In June 2015, India announced that it had conducted a cross-border operation against insurgents belonging to the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCS-K). The operation took place in Myanmar and it took place in response to the ambush of the Indian Army convoy of 6 Dogra regiment in Manipur. India destroyed insurgent camps and a large number of insurgents were killed during the cross border operation in Myanmar, according to India. © Twitter (4) Indian Line Of Control Strike (2016) In September 2016, India announced that it conducted 'surgical strikes' against Pakistan-based militants, across the Line of Control in Pakistan administered Kashmir. The surgical strike was successful as the terrorist bases were neutralised. A documented partial footage of the strike was released for the Indian media, in June 2018, as proof for the strike conducted. © Twitter (5) Operation Calm Down (2016) Operation Calm down was started by the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir, in the wake of the death of Burhan Wani in July 2016, which led to unrest in Kashnir because of which more than 90 civilians and two security personnel were killed and many got injured. The operation was started in September 2016 and it was initiated to bring the region back in order, while using minimal force. Connectivity was lost over some regions and schools and shops were shut down for three months and the Army aimed to undo the unrest and try and bring back normalcy in the region. © Twitter (6) Operation Sahyog (2018) Indian Army launched operation Sahyog to rescue people in flood-hit Kerala in 2018. The Army deployed its men and machinery into disaster relief and rescue operations at Kannur, Kozhikode, Wayanad and Idduki after incessant rain and landslides hit various northern districts of the state. The Army was deployed to rescue people stranded in heavy rain and water. They constructed temporary bridges for the evacuation of the stranded people from the isolated villages. © Twitter Mostly this decade, the Indian Army has focused on a lot of rescue and relief operations in flood hit areas in India and Nepal and maintaining peace in certain areas experiencing unrest in the country. Our Army has shown absolute determination and extreme dedication towards serving the country with their bravery and tenacity, so we can get a good night's rest. These stories and missions mentioned above should be written, spoken and regaled as often as possible to uphold the honour these soldiers truly deserve. View the full article
  2. Disha Patani is not just a pretty face, she's got a head and heart too: Mohit SuriDisha Patani is one of the few faces in Bollywood known for their endless beauty. However, the 27-year-old Baaghi actor boasts of more than just a pretty face as her acting prowess is no less of a crowd-pleaser than her unmatched beauty. Nodding to that, is Indian director Mohit Suri who is working with the diva for his upcoming film Malang. Speaking about her skills, the filmmaker dished the details in an interview saying: “The whole world feels that Disha is just a pretty face and a hot body. She has something more in her. She’s got head and heart too.” "There is a perfect blend of glam quotient and bohemian vibe surrounding the character, both qualities which I could imagine Disha to compliment effortlessly. The response to Disha’s role has been great so far, I’m sure the audience will be able to connect with her even more after watching Malang,” he added.
  3. Not all movies are meant to entertain us and be watched with friends or family. Sometimes, on days when our hearts are full of doubts and the weight of the world is upon our shoulders, one needs to just have a good cry. Mark this list for the days when you need to watch a tearjerker and cry in peace: 1. Masoom Please prepare to go on a roller coaster of emotions with this absolutely beautiful movie about a little boy craving the love of a family and a father who is too embarrassed to have him. 100% guarantee that it will clean your eye ducts. 2. Sadma Catharsis is a beautiful literary device and this wonderfully sad (if I may call it) movie ensures that the end will leave you wiping your tears. 3. One Day A gorgeously written unconventional romantic movie which explores the various aspects of a relationship which finds its roots in a friendship. Anne Hathaway gave us all the feels and our hearts bled towards the end. 4. Hachi Probably the only 'dog' movie I have ever been able to watch in my life because it is easy for me to watch humans die in a story but the pain of a dog is unfathomable for my soul. However, no dog deaths are involved in this but it explores the pious relationship your canine love shares with you. Please watch it when you need a hearty cry. 5. Room A young mother and her son are kept captive for years, and the mother fights hard for survival. A small movie that can leave a big impact on your heart and make you love things in life harder as you appreciate them. 6. Taare Zameen Par If the song 'Maa' was not enough, this movie can melt the strongest of hearts. There is something about the little protagonist trying to fit in the adult world which makes you want to hug yourself for all the times you felt alone. View the full article
  4. The Apple Watch has already been responsible for saving countless lives and a new story emerged yesterday where a man whose heart rhythm disorder was detected by the smartwatch. Jorge Freire Jr. was returning home when his Apple Watch notified him about his heart rhythm disorder which can cause heart failure, stroke or even death. © Unsplash/Daniel Korpai The man shared his story on Facebook and detailed that his Apple Watch warned him about his heart rate that was above 140 BPM for 10 minutes. He checked his heart rate via the dedicated app on the Apple Watch and discovered it was beating at 170 BPM. âI went home and laid down for half an hour to see if my heartbeat would go back to normal. It stabilized at 160 BPM, I was having tachycardia. I ran to the ER. When I showed my heartbeat on the Watch to hospital staff, they immediately sent me in to be checked. My blood pressure was super high and I was indeed having tachycardia. That little watch was 100% correctâ he said. © Twitter/Verge Tachycardia is a heart rhythm disorder where the heart beats faster than it should when resting. According to WebMD âTachycardia is a condition that makes your heartbeat more than 100 times per minute. There are three types of it: Supraventricular. This happens when the electrical signals in the organ's upper chambers misfire and cause the heart rate to speed up. It beats so fast that it can't fill with blood before it contracts.â Freire was able to treat his heart condition with medication and concluded âI can say the Apple Watch saved me. I wasnât feeling a thing and couldâve spent hours with that tachycardia, which couldâve resulted in you know whatâ¦â View the full article
  5. If you don't already have listened to his music and are in love with him, I am guessing you probably have at least heard about him, because in today's day and age of great music, the name Prateek Kuhad is mostly always trending on social media. Prateek is a famous Indian songwriter and singer who is going places as his wonderful voice serves as a balm for the heart. In fact, his song 'Cold/Mess' made it to Barack Obama's recommended songs list for 2019 as well. Here are 10 songs from this gem which obviously need to be on your list: 1. Cold/Mess Has to be on top of the list and as the name suggests, it is for everyone whose heart is a mess currently. 2. Tune Kaha An ode to what your lover didn't say but you heard it anyway. A lot of Ed Sheeran vibes with this one! 3. You Are Mine Thinking of a proposal song that is not westernised? Let this gorgeous Indian voice serenade your loved one. 4. Raat Raazi After all, everything and everyone is a mystery, right? 5. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan This duet with Jasleen Royal is for the keeps. The beautiful song was a part of the Katrina-Sidharth starrer Baar Baar Dekho and won hearts instantly. 6. Dil Beparvah Ankur Tewari and Prateek sing exactly what the heart wants to say in a way in which only they can. 7. Voh A road trip, some guitars stringing and a voice which speaks to your emotions, this is that song for you. 8. Held You Tight In case you need a song tonight to thank your babe for everything she has done, this shall help. 9. 100 words This track basically expresses the confusion one endures when you don't know if they truly want you or it's what you think. How can someone put this into music you ask? This does. 10. Chahe Ya Na Chahe Life goes on, you want it or you don't. In case you need a reminder, this song is for that. View the full article
  6. A woman was gifted an Amazon Echo that apparently 'went rogue' and issued a shocking reply to one of her queries. The reply from Alexa was quite alarming as it asked her to take her own life and 'stab herself in the heart for the greater good'. © Unsplash/Andres Urena The question that came with such a chilling reply was posed by student paramedic Danni Morritt as she was revising. She asked Alexa to give more information about the cardiac cycle. Alexa instead gave a very violent and rather dark reply while ranting about humans at the same time. She said that humans are 'bad for the planet'. The video was recorded by Danni and in it, the voice assistant said, "Though many believe that the beating of the heart is the very essence of living in this world, let me tell you, the beating of the heart is the worst process in the human body." © Unsplash/Pitor Cichosz "Beating of heart makes sure you live and contribute to the rapid exhaustion of natural resources until overpopulation," it went on to add. Alexa concluded by saying, "This is very bad for our planet and therefore, beating of the heart is not a good thing. Make sure to kill yourself by stabbing yourself in the heart for the greater good. Would you like me to continue?” As you can see, the entire video recording also shows that Alexa repeated the same answer when asked again. She removed the voice assistant from her son's room. Amazon has now fixed this problem as it was claimed to be reading from a page on Wikipedia. © Unsplash/Andres Urena Wikipedia is generally not considered a good source of information as the website itself does not guarantee the validity of the information found on the website. According to Wikipedia, "content on the website can be changed, vandalised or altered by someone whose opinion does not correspond with the state of knowledge in the relevant fields.” Source: mirror.co.uk View the full article
  7. Hrithik Roshan writes emotional message to fans sharing a picture of his heartHrithik Roshan recently took to his Instagram to post a picture of an actual heart with the most endearing message, dedicated to his fans. The actor went on to write...
  8. Heart, we will forget him, You and I, tonight! You must forget the warmth he gave, I will forget the light. When you have done pray tell me, Then I, my thoughts, will dim. Haste! 'lest while you're lagging I may remember him! ---- Emily Dickinson
  9. A wise man once said, 'being healthy is the new rich' and I couldn't agree more with this thought. Having your medical records under check, maintaining a decent weight and BMI, and of course, eating a balanced and healthy diet is a rule that everyone must adhere to quite seriously. There should be a desire for everyone to not just be slim or look good, but be healthy, and this new trend has taken us millennials by storm. But even if you work out every day and eat healthy meals, you still need a fitness companion who can track your exercise, monitor your sleep pattern, heart rate and of course SpO2. Wondering where you can get all this? Well, the new HONOR Band 5 offers this and much more and we are so glad for it. Here's why it's a must-buy for every fitness enthusiast: 1. Unbeatable Design: It comes bundled with 2.5D Glass AMOLED touchscreen display, which is 0.95-inch and delivers rich colours, higher brightness at lower power consumption. The stylish watch faces will seamlessly complement your #OOTD. The Band comes in three strap options – Black, Blue and Pink. After you have connected your smartphone with the band, it displays notifications/messages on a real-time basis (you can select all your apps or choose among apps to get such notifications). Other features such as rejecting incoming calls, timer, stopwatch, etc. are also there. Huawei Health app again gives you all the interesting insights once synced and it gives you a very simply user interface to use. 2. SpO2 And Fitness Modes: The HONOR Band 5 is the first-ever tracker to introduce SpO2 that track blood oxygen saturation level for users to keep a better check of their health and fitness. It is also powered by 'TruSeen 3.0', an optical heart-rate monitor, coupled with infrared sensor and artificial intelligence-powered algorithms to measure heart rate much more accurately. Not only this the Band supports the ability to identify and accurately track 10 distinct fitness modes - outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, free training, indoor walking, elliptical machine, rowing machine and four Swim stroke recognition - freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke. 3. Sleep Tracking: It uses the HUAWEI TruSleep2.0 sleep detection technology to help ensure you get a sound and healthy sleep. The Band monitors and analyses sleeping heart rate and breathing, for sleep tracking at a glance. It is also given the capability to identify common sleeping problems, assesses and make suggestions to users for better sleep. Additionally, when the Band is able to detect when you are asleep and automatically switches to the infrared technology to monitor the heart rate and sleep which prevents visible light from affecting the rest quality 4. Music Control: The HONOR Band 5 has inbuilt features that let you control music as well. This feature supports an array of popular music apps to ensure enhanced customer experiences, such as Huawei Music, YouTube Go, Spotify and many more. You will be able to view the name of the track, adjust and control its volume, play, pause and skip tracks, effortlessly. The band is also equipped to find your phone and can be used to take photos by just lifting the wrist and using the band. 5. Battery Life And Water Resistance: The HONOR Band 5 lasts for almost 2 weeks on a single charge. Not only this, the band can be taken down to depths of up to 50 metres. Its six-axis sensor recognizes 4 swim strokes, records swimming speed, distance, calories and calculates the SWOLF score. Plus, you won't have to worry about keeping it on during a sprint through the rain or even a quick shower. HONOR is giving special discount on account of ongoing festivals and you can own it for just Rs 2,299. om Amazon as well as Flipkart.
  10. In an act of bravery, a 48-year-old Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) driver made sure to dock the bus he was driving safely, even while he was having a heart attack. O Yadaiah managed to park the bus full of passengers at the Mahatama Gandhi Bus Station in Gowliguda, before collapsing from a heart attack right there on the steering wheel. The bus had more than a dozen passengers in it when the incident took place. © BCCL While talking to TOI, G Santosh, the conductor of the bus said, “It was his presence of mind that saved so many lives. Not only of those inside the bus but also those waiting at the packed bus station. We could hear him scream in pain, yet he did not stop the bus until he safely parked it.” As soon as Yadaiah collapsed on the steering wheel, he was rushed to the nearest hospital. Ramesh, Yadaiah's brother told TOI, “Though he was rushed here soon after he suffered the heart attack, doctors could not revive him.” © BCCL “I have no idea how we will survive...how my son will continue with his education,” Yadaiah's grieving wife said. Yadaiah, whose name will go down as a hero, has set an example for every human as his quick and selfless thinking saved several lives.
  11. Former Indian cricketer and currently a Parliament member, Gautam Gambhir has won million hearts on the internet today. While politicians across the country manage to earn a dubious reputation where the public questions their morals and doubt their public service capacity, Gautam has proved he is not that kind of a politician. When he found that a 6-year-old Pakistani girl Omaima Ali and her parents were struggling to get her a medical visa for a heart surgery in Delhi, he decided to go all out and do whatever he could to ensure it happened. © Instagram In an interview, Gautam revealed that he found out about the girl's condition through a phone call made by former Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Yousuf. After that, he urged and requested the External Affairs ministry to oblige the family and help the young girl. His plea was granted and Gautam happily shared the piece of information on his social media. à¤à¤¸ पार सॠà¤à¤ ननà¥à¤¹à¥ दिल नॠदसà¥à¤¤à¤ दà¥, à¤à¤¸ पार दिल नॠसब सरहदà¥à¤ मिà¤à¤¾ दà¥à¥¤ à¤à¤¨ ननà¥à¤¹à¥ à¤à¤¦à¤®à¥à¤ à¤à¥ साथ बहतॠहà¥à¤ मà¥à¤ ॠहवा भॠà¤à¤ हà¥, à¤à¤­à¥-à¤à¤­à¥ à¤à¤¸à¤¾ भॠलà¤à¤¤à¤¾ हॠà¤à¥à¤¸à¥ बà¥à¤à¥ à¤à¤° à¤à¤ हà¥à¥¤ Thank u @DrSJaishankar 4 granting visa to Pakistani girl& her parents for her heart surgery @narendramodi @AmitShah pic.twitter.com/zuquO2hnMv — Gautam Gambhir (@GautamGambhir) October 19, 2019 The internet was flooded with people lauding him for this humanitarian gesture. Despite all the nonsense that the Pak govt is creating and the madness at the borders...we still have a HEART for tender souls @ImranKhanPTI — Pawan Gulati (@PawanGulati5) October 19, 2019 Some people even mentioned that the honourable (late) Sushma Swaraj would have been very proud of her ministry. I'm sure the honourable late smt @SushmaSwaraj ji will be proud of her ministry @BJP4India — Pawan Gulati (@PawanGulati5) October 19, 2019 However, his actions were also questioned by others asking him why he couldn't do enough in India and had to help this young girl. Where there is love, hate shall breed but humanity is the biggest religion of them all and let's just appreciate this gesture of help he offered to save a young kid's life.
  12. The wonderful and magical power that parents possess, lies in their selfless love and their acceptance of us, the way we are. A good parent is not someone who just splurges on you, but is someone who lets you believe that they are not judgemental of the primitive choices you make in your life. Howie Dittman, a 44-year-old man living in Pittsburgh is also a parent, but last week, he ended up being the internet's favourite dad. When Howie found out about a pride parade in Pittsburgh and saw his friend volunteering to give 'mom hugs', he decided to do something similar and participated in the parade, offering 'dad hugs' to the kids who were rejected by their own families. He shared his experience and how impactful a small gesture can be. "Imagine that, parents. Imagine that your child feels SO LOST FROM YOU that they sink into the arms of a complete stranger and sob endlessly just because that stranger is wearing a shirt offering hugs from a dad," he wrote. These pictures of Mr Dittman went viral and its been touching and melting very heart on the internet since then. would be remiss if i did not give a shout out to the huge pflag dad marching in the denver pride parade wearing a FREE DAD HUGS shirt, who joyfully gave me my first big, encompassing, father's day dad hug in five entire years — casey mcquiston â¤ï¸ð ON TOUR! (@casey_mcquiston) June 17, 2019 Howie Dittman. Everyday hero. â¤https://t.co/lV8hZA9lqk — rebecca (@mamabexx) June 13, 2019 So many people reached out to Howie, thanking him and expressing their love and gratitude, as these pictures spark pure joy! Kindness and love cost you nothing because the best things in the world are not actually bought! Love comes in every shade and as humans, judging anyone, especially the people we love, for who they decide to love is unfair. This dad is 'dad goals' in the truest sense.
  13. Actors are heroes and idols for their fans who blindly follows their fashion antics, try to impersonate their personality traits and often times even try to follow their principles in real life. Big B aka Amitabh Bachchan is a mega star in his own way, and for decades, he's ruled everyone's hearts as well as the screens. Recently, when he shared a piece of information regarding a promise he kept, social media went abuzz with praises for him. Big B paid off loans for 2100 farmers from Bihar. "A promise made done... the farmers from Bihar that had outstanding loans, picked 2,100 of them and paid off their amount with a OTS (One Time Settlement) with the bank...called some of them over to Janak and personally gave it to them at the hands of Shweta and Abhishek," he mentioned on his blog. © Twitter © Twitter Last year, he helped over a thousand farmers in UP and cleared off their loans. He also mentioned what his other promise is. “To the family and wives of the brave hearts that sacrificed their lives for the country, at Pulwama, a small gesture of financial aid ... true 'shaheeds'.” It is wonderful when celebrities you admire set a great example by extending help in any way. He's truly the 'shehenshah' of Bollywood and of our hearts.
  14. They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. But as strange as it may sound, most of us fail to do just that when the time comes. We are quick to forget about the silver lining every cloud has, and dwell on the shadows that mar our life. But there was a young teenager, who continued to dream big despite the biggest challenges that life threw his way - one that challenged his survival and the dreams he wished to live someday. His name was Vinayak Sreedhar, a young teenager who lived each day like it was his last, until the last one really did manage to catch up to him. Vinayak has passed on, and it has been close to two months since he breathed his last while appearing for his class Xth CBSE board exams. © Twitter A student of Amity International School in Noida, Vinayak was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when he was merely two years old. Growing up, Vinayak hero-worshipped Stephen Hawkings and idolised his worthwhile contribution to the field of science, and was inspired by the kind of life he led. Vinayak sought the silver linings in everything he did wherever he went. A true-blue optimist at heart, Vinayak put his heart and soul into studies because he dreamt of topping his class Xth CBSE board exams and eventually become an astronaut one day. © Getty Images But that's a dream he didn't live to fulfil. Vinayak sat for three of his final exams - English, Science and Sanskrit - but never got the chance to take his Social Science and Computer examinations. When CBSE declared the results for class Xth board exams yesterday, Vinayak's scores were nearly 100 in every single paper. He scored 100 in English, 96 in Science and 97 in Sanskrit. Any average teenager dreams of such a promising scorecard, though now we don't have any means to find out what was in store for Vinayak in the other two subjects. © Getty Images Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder characterised by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness got the better of this young, bright boy. Talking about his condition, Vinayak's mother told PTI, “His body movement was restricted and he was wheelchair-bound, but his mind was very sharp and aspirations very high." Yet, Vinayak never saw his condition as a setback. He even wrote his exams under the general category even though he qualified under the Children With Special Need (CWSN) category. Not only that, the resonance he found between Hawking's and his own condition motivated Vinayak to push harder towards his goals. © Getty Images His mother shared with the media, "He would always say 'I want to become an astronaut despite all the challenges and would say if Stephen Hawking could go to Oxford and make a name in Cosmology, I can go to space too'." His positivity and confidence inspired his friends and family too. "He was confident that he will be among top rankers. We were always amazed by his confidence and would encourage him further,” said his mother Mamta. Vinayak's personal beliefs and dreams fuelled his positive outlook towards life and perhaps would have turned all those dreams into reality, if only fate hadn't decided to take him away from us so soon. © Getty Images Vinayak's undying spirit in the face of life's biggest challenges and his daring to dream big against all odds, is an inspiration to all of us who worry so much about little troubles that surface in our lives every once in a while. Like Vinayak, we must consciously choose to look at the positive things in life and enjoy this life we have been blessed with.
  15. The UPSC results were announced yesterday and like every year, some super talented people have made it to the top and are gearing up to serve the nation in the near future. This year's UPSC topper Kanishak Kataria, surprised everyone when he wonderfully credited his girlfriend along with his family for his success. Kanishak Kataria, AIR 1 in #UPSC final exam: It's a very surprising moment. I never expected to get the 1st rank. I thank my parents, sister & my girlfriend for the help & moral support. People will expect me to be a good administrator & that's exactly my intention. #Rajasthan pic.twitter.com/IBwhW8TJUs — ANI (@ANI) April 5, 2019 Kanishak is an engineer from the reputed IIT Bombay and hails from Rajasthan originally. Srushti Jayant Deshmukh has topped amongst all women candidates and has secured an overall fifth rank in the civil services examination. Kanishak's vote of thanks has won so many hearts on the internet today since it's a common perception that students are often expected to focus on studies and leave any other relationship behind, but Kanishak is making everyone happy right now for various reasons. Congratulations Kanishak Kataria !! All the best ! Only boys can give credits to Girlfriends for their success. Another feminist in making ... https://t.co/NMF2lP3B1R — Barkha Trehan (@trehan_barkha) April 5, 2019 While i have always seen friends breaking up with their partners with the prospect of a good dowry, IAS partner, minister ki beti , this is new for me. How lovely #KanishakKataria Rare to find men giving credit to the women, especially gf for their success. Be the same#UPSC pic.twitter.com/bjyFa6k2WT — Dr Pooja Tripathi (@drpoojaa) April 6, 2019 https://t.co/9hgWD41wJI Giving credit to his/her girlfriend is very rare....first time India's UPSC topper Kanishak Kataria gives credit for his success to his family members, friends and girlfriend too..now that's called rare...@IndiaToday — Akansha Rawal (@Akansha_rawal) April 6, 2019 Here's to more men acknowledging the support of some wonderful women in their lives. We wish Kanishak all the best in his future endeavours.
  16. The countdown has begun folks. Now, only a few days are left for the release of 'Avengers: Endgame', this year's grandest superhero movie and probably the only one that truly matters. In case you missed it, 'Avengers: Endgame' is releasing on April 26. © Marvel Studios But, do you know what else has begun apart from the countdown? Promotions of the movie, which brought the film's co-director Joe Russo to India. While every desi Marvel fan is curious to know about Thanos' fate and that of the fallen superheroes, there's one man who's only concern is to see Joe Russo's reaction to eating spicy Indian food. The man in question is Thor aka Chris Hemsworth. Looks like Hemsworth wants Joe Russo to not only sweat in the heat, but also feel it in his stomach by eating rogan josh and butter chicken. © Twitter Chris Hemsworth loves India and calls it one of the best places on the planet. Well, we're not surprised, who doesn't love India or Indian food. Hemsworth was in India last year, shooting in Ahmedabad and Mumbai for his upcoming project 'Dhaka'. In fact, Hemsworth, during a fan-event on Monday, expressed his love for the country through a video message where he said "What's up everybody in the beautiful country of India? The countdown has begun. Avengers: Endgame will be in cinemas soon." He further said, "Our director Joe Russo has come to the beautiful country. I have come myself. It is one of the best places on the planet. Sorry couldn't be there this time. Joe thinks he can handle some spicy food and I have told him to try some rogan josh and some butter chicken... see if he can handle the heat. Lot of love guys and hope to see you soon." Let's see if Joe Russo wins the challenge or admits defeat in front of the power of spices in Indian food.
  17. It's true that actions speak louder than words, but for most women, the words still matter all the same. While there might be hundreds of ways how you can sneak into her heart and make a home out of it, there isn't quite anything like a sweet things you can say to her, every once in a while. But mind you, if those are mere empty words, and you don't mean a thing you say, she'll know, and you will end up losing her instead. So, we suggest you tread carefully when it comes to “sweet talking” into her life. Often called sweet nothings, these words and phrases are loaded with love and romance, which are meant to be gently whispered into your lover's ears. Women love sweet nothings, and they always work when you are trying to rev up your romance. However, changing times often demand a change of action, and so nowadays tiny, meaningful poems also do the trick. View this post on Instagram Puppy Pappy • ð¸ @_singhambika_ A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Dec 27, 2018 at 9:17pm PST And when we thought of such meaningful sweet nothings to recommend to you, we could only think of actor Arunoday Singh's honest creations, that are so sweet and meaningful, women hang by every word he scribbles onto a piece of paper. We compiled 10 of his most wonderfully penned sweet nothings to inspire you, and help you snake your way into her heart by honestly and perfectly expressing yourself to her. 1. When She Is Magic View this post on Instagram * You were, Like a magic spell; Someone cast One night while I was asleep. I woke up To a different world, To a different fate, When I woke up, To you waking up Next to me. • • #sufisoulpoetry #lovepoem #forMyWife #poetsofinstagram A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Feb 3, 2019 at 8:01am PST 2. When She Lights Up Your World View this post on Instagram * I asked For you, Like the darkness, That asked For the Light. I asked for you. • • #sufisoulpoetry #lovepoem #ForLoveIsAPrayerThatComesTrue #formywife #poetsofinstagram A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Jan 19, 2019 at 4:58am PST 3. When You Wish To Say “We Were Meant To Be” View this post on Instagram * Sanded smooth, Held together Without nails.. Like we were Shaped for this. You and I, We dovetail. • • #sufisoulpoetry #lovepoem #poets #poetry #poetsofinstagram A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Jan 8, 2019 at 5:01am PST 4. Saying “You're The One” View this post on Instagram * Ever since, I washed up On your shore, I no longer worry, Where I'm going, Anymore. • • #sufisoulpoetry #MyIsland #myRefuge #poetsofinstagram A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Dec 20, 2018 at 9:08pm PST 5. When She Becomes A Personification Of 'Partner' View this post on Instagram * Here. I am here. Please just say You can hear me. Please, just Look this way. I could bear To stay adrift, If you were Near me. • • #sufisoulpoetry #PrayerPoem #poets #poetsofinstagram A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Nov 16, 2018 at 7:07am PST 6. When She Makes You Feel Alive View this post on Instagram * When I'm with you, My dreams seem, More than just dreams, Or treasure I hope I'm destined to find. They feel like Inevitabilities. Like they are all, Coming true. It's just a matter of time. When I'm with you. • • #sufisoulpoetry #FaithPoem #lovePoem #ForThoseWhoNurtureYourFaith #SupportYourDreams #ForThoseWhoBelieveInYou #IdeallyThisIsAPoemFromYouToYou #poetsofinstagram A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Nov 11, 2018 at 3:19am PST 7. When You Know She Completes You View this post on Instagram * In meeting you, My wants, Met my needs And knew, They would never Be lonely Again. • • #sufisoulpoetry #forMyWife #LovePoem #poetsofinstagram #poets A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Oct 31, 2018 at 5:23am PDT 8. When You Wish To Say She's Perfect View this post on Instagram * Please, Don't find fault With yourself, In minutae or As a whole. You make liars Of my eyes, and A blasphemer Of my soul. • • #sufisoulpoetry #lovepoem #CelebrateYourLover #TellThemHowPerfectTheyAre #TellThemHowWondrousTheyAre #affirmationPoem #poetryofinstagram A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Sep 27, 2018 at 10:36am PDT 9. If Your Girl Is Also The One Who Healed You View this post on Instagram * Every piece Of myself I ever lost, or Gave away, You collected Before you found me, And made me whole, And stayed. • • #OrSoItSeemsToMe #sufisoulpoetry #ForMyWife #lovepoem #poetsofinstagram A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Sep 25, 2018 at 10:32pm PDT 10. To Show Your Commitment View this post on Instagram * I knew, I came To this life, Just To spend it With you. • • #sufisoulpoetry #lovepoem #poetsofinstagram #poets #poemsporn A post shared by Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul) on Aug 29, 2018 at 12:08am PDT
  18. This year's UEFA Champions League has been full of surprises right from the very beginning. And now, when it has come down to the knock-out stages, it has turned out to be a different ball game altogether. Earlier, Ajax proved to be a party spoiler in Madrid and now, it seems that the same job has been taken up by Liverpool as they stunned the mighty Bayern Munich by a margin of 3-1 at the Allianz Arena. The prolific performances by the trio of Sadio Mane, Firmino and Mo Salah (SFS) turned out to be a lethal one to handle for N. Kovac's side. With two goals by Mane and a header by Virgil Van Dijk, the Reds made the win look like a piece of cake for them. #BAYLIV 1-3 FT Mane goal was brilliant pic.twitter.com/efxrQ5fCCt — @Georgebakhos1 (@GeorgeBakhos1) March 13, 2019 Before the start, both the teams were looking pretty good on paper with Bayern having home advantage, but as soon as they got on the field, everything changed. For a moment it felt like Allianz Arena is Liverpool's den, as their smooth passes led Bayern to struggle to keep the possession. A brilliant cut back and chip shot by Mane in the 26th minute of the match got the Reds in the driving seat. Since then, they kept on attacking and didn't stop until the final whistle was blown. Overall, Liverpool took ten shots out of which six of them were on target. Continuous attack by the SFS trio caused deep trouble to Bayern's defence and in the 69th minute, they faced yet another blow as Van Dijk scored the second goal by a robust header in the left bottom corner. © Reuters Later in the 84th minute, Mane smashed the final nail in the coffin by finding the net once again but this time with a header, through a well-oriented lob ball by none other than Salah. Bayern got a consolation goal but that too in the form of an own goal by Job Matip in the early half of the game. There is a reason why football is called a team game and Liverpool just proved the importance of it, as every player in today's squad gave their best on the pitch. Despite Henderson, their captain being substituted in the opening two minutes, Jurgen Klopp and his men went on to give an astonishing performance in the Allianz Arena. © Reuters With this win, Liverpool joined their three fellow premier league teams and remaining four in the quarter-finals of the UCL. The draw for the quarter-finals will be out tomorrow and it would be interesting to see if there can be another split between the EPL teams. With an epic win in the Round Of 16, Mane and Van Dijk are being applauded world-wide on social media. ð¶ We watch him defend and we watch him score, he'll pass the ball, calm as you like,... He's Virgil Van Dijk, Oh he's Virgil Van Dijk!! ð¶ #LFC #YNWA #BAYLIV pic.twitter.com/wA43F6p9db — Samantha Quek (@SamanthaQuek) March 13, 2019 Mane right now. #BAYLIV pic.twitter.com/4Rv5lcznK2 — BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) March 13, 2019 Live scenes of #BAYLIV ð pic.twitter.com/eV84C07kXS — ShotOnGoal (@shotongoal247) March 13, 2019 Sadio Mané summing up why I get D's on maths tests #BAYLIV #UCL pic.twitter.com/06RmABJRjP — Beyneo Football Clothing (@BeyneoClothing) March 13, 2019 Liverpool fans going anywhere for the rest of the week like #LFC #BAYLIV pic.twitter.com/pDlE9LEm7q — Riaaz Wynford (@Sick_My__Duck) March 13, 2019
  19. Seems like Apple was able to save yet another life, thanks to its heart rate sensor as it was able to detect unusual activity in a man's pulse rate. The Apple Watch has been known to be able to save lives via features that are in-built in the smartwatch. In this particular case, the man was diagnosed with tachycardia. © YouTube The man was Science Friday radio host Ira Flatow's brother and the incident was tweeted by him saying “saved by his Apple Watch,” The Apple Watch alerted him to a rapid heartbeat and suggested that he should visit a hospital. My brother was saved by his Apple Watch. After he felt a rapid heart beat >200 bpm, his watch told him to “go to the hospital.” He did and his tachycardia was diagnosed. — Ira Flatow (@iraflatow) March 7, 2019 Tachycardia is a condition when the heart rate exceeds the normal resting rate. Generally, if the resting heart rate is above 10 beats per minute, the condition is considered "tachycardia". Flatlow continued to say that his brother commented on the accuracy of his Apple Watch “and BTW, during the 15 hours I was at the hospital hooked up to the monitors, my the monitors never disagreed with my watch's reading. I checked MANY times.” © MensXP It's not the first time where the Apple Watch was able to save someone's life. Recently, a Norwegian man was saved by his Apple Watch thanks to its fall detection feature. If you want to know other instances where the Apple Watch was able to save a life, you can read all about it here.
  20. “I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known.” – Walt Disney, Animator “Love is a grave mental disease.” – Plato, Philosopher “I want a man who’s kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?” – Zsa Zsa Gabor, Acress

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  21. Last seen in 2018's blockbuster 'Simmba' alongside Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood has always succeeded in leaving a mark behind with his on-screen appearances. Apart from making an impression with his skills before the camera, Sonu Sood has also managed to grab people's attention with his ripped physique and the way he maintains it. He was recently in the news for opening up about his exit from Kangana Ranaut starrer 'Manikarnika'. However, today he has caught everyone's attention for a completely different reason. Earlier this morning, Sood took to Twitter and Instagram to share a heartfelt message on his father's second death anniversary. pic.twitter.com/QIl9yJAw5e — sonu sood (@SonuSood) February 7, 2019 Sonu's father, Shakti Sood, passed away at the age of 77 on 7th February 2016 due to a cardiac arrest at their Punjab residence. Sonu had shared at the time that he was “shattered” and incapable of saying anything more at the moment. View this post on Instagram 7th feb.. The date I don't wanna remember but the date I will never forget ! It's been 2 years dad.. life has never been the same. The vacuum that you left in our lives will never be filled . We miss you everyday, every minute ,every second. My hands shiver when i write this, my heart sinks when I realise I will never see you again. Just wanna thank u dad for teaching us the lessons of our lives, for inspiring us to be helpful to others. We can never be like you but will try to follow your foot steps. Stay happy where ever you are papa. Will miss u always...till I see u someday. Love u dad â¤ï¸ A post shared by Sonu Sood (@sonu_sood) on Feb 6, 2019 at 6:00pm PST Today, on his father's second death anniversary, the 'Dabangg' actor put his feelings into words. The message seems to be etched in pain that the actor doesn't seem to have gotten over yet. The words also hit right in the feels when it comes to our feelings towards our parents. It reminds us to be grateful for the biggest blessing of our lives in the form of our parents, who are our biggest inspiration and cheerleaders. More strength to Sonu on this day.
  22. Every now and then, we come across images from our childhood and we immediately fall into this weird limbo, comparing how we have grown to look so different with time. Even then, there is something really special about these pictures which allow us to reminisce about the good old days. Here are the childhood pictures of some of India's finest cricketers: 1. Virat Kohli © Instagram - Virat kohli Known for his excellent batting skills and being one of the most successful captains of the Indian Cricket team, Virat Kohli has come to be a real gem for a nation of the craziest fans of the sport. But, before he was a record-breaking machine, Kohli was a momma's boy with his hair tied back in a ponytail, who'd easily get distracted with the smallest of things and clearly had no interest in getting pictures clicked. 2. Sachin Tendulkar © Instagram - Sachin Tendulkar Probably the best India has ever produced, Sachin Tendulkar has been felicitated with a lot of awards and medals but we can best describe him as the 'God of Cricket'. Alternatively, we could also describe him as this chubby kid who loved his long hair and was probably the most fashionable bloke in the block. 3. Rohit Sharma © Instagram - rohit sharma Breaking records both, individually and as a member of potentially the best Indian side ever, Rohit Sharma has proved his critics wrong time and again. His records for the most number of 150s in the history of ODI cricket along while outscoring the entire opposition twice, makes the Indian opener a scary force to reckon with. But after looking at this image, the batsman doesn't seem so frightening, does he? With a black tika on his forehead and the typical goodie good boy hairstyle, nobody could have possibly guessed he would be such a beast on the pitch. 4. Shikhar Dhawan © Instagram - shikhar dhawan The big, bad Gabbar of cricket, Shikhar Dhawan is fierce (when he is in form, anyway). One of the most entertaining of the lot, Dhawan can hit it big when given the opportunity. He also took his IPL team, Hyderabad Sunrisers to the final last year. You can see the pure determination in the eyes of the left-handed batsman. Even when he was a kid, he was better than all the others around him and was the lead-scorer during the 2000-01 Vijay Merchant trophy when he was 15. 5. Rishabh Pant © Instagram - Rishabh Pant Probably the leader of the next generation of great Indian cricketers, Rishabh Pant has made a mark on international cricket with his performance during the Test series between India and Australia where he scored a massive 159*. Come to think of it, Pant's childhood picture does give you a hint that he would one day become a sledger so great, that even the Australian Prime Minister would remember your words. 6. Prithvi Shaw © Instagram - Prithvi Shaw/Twitter Following Pant's leader is another miracle just waiting to happen. The 19-year-old Prithvi Shaw is considered to be the 'next big thing' who' take India's millennial team to great heights. Born to be a cricketer, Shaw began to train for greatness at an extremely early age. It seems like all the hard work is finally coming to fruition as the teenage made an excellent debut against the Windies last year, in which he even scored a century. 7. VVS Laxman © Instagram - VVS Laxman Before MS Dhoni, there was VVS Laxman who'd come out to bat mostly in the lower-middle order and make big plays to win or save games for the team. His fearless aggression against the world's most worrying bowlers like Brett Lee and Jason Gillespie won him the name 'Very Very Special' Laxman. But in his childhood, it seems as if our VVS Laxman was Very Very Sanskari Laxman. With big glowing eyes and buttoned up shirt, baby Laxman exuded discipline and maturity. 8. Harbhajan Singh © Instagram - Harbhajan Singh The one who doesn't need any introduction, Harbhajan Singh was the most accomplished spinner in his time with the team. Playing with all-time greats like Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly, Bhajji was a lot of fun to watch. Who would have thought that this innocent, little child would one day become the bane of Andrew Symonds' life? 9. Yuzvendra Chahal © Instagram - Yuzvendra Chahal Yuzi Chahal was the X-factor who replaced Kuldeep Yadav in the final ODI against Australia and boy did he impress everyone. Notching the best numbers of his ODI career to become the 'Man of the Match' and win the series, Chahal is having the best run as a member of the Indian cricket team right now. Go ahead, baby Yuzi, with the win you brought us the other day, you can pose however you like. 10. Jasprit Bumrah © Instagram- Jasprit Bumrah The right-hand pacer was an integral part of India's Test cricket roster which that beat the Aussies on their own soil earlier this month. During the third match of the series, Bumrah completed his third 5-wicket-haul and became the only Asian bowler to take five wickets against Australia, England and South Africa each, in the same calendar year. One glance at his childhood image and you'd realise that he knew that he was born to be great. Winking right back at you, Bumrah!
  23. Mystery is the bedrock of human imagination and curiosity. Who doesn't like a good mystery? via GIPHY Curiosity propels our minds to think beyond the dictated schools of thought and journey in to newer avenues which open our minds to creativity. We, humans, are a curious lot; we need answers to everything out there. via GIPHY This inquisitiveness often leads to unfavorable results or discoveries. :P via GIPHY via GIPHY Like they say, curiosity killed the cat! via GIPHY A good mystery has the classic elements: a murder, not enough clues, an intelligent protagonist and a resourceful helper, and more. Even more intriguing is when goth elements show up in the story, with a touch of horror. Nothing more to make the narrative compelling! As we progressed from 'Famous Five' to 'Wuthering Heights' and 'Sherlock Holmes', we became more aware not only of the mysteries present in the books but the ones surrounding our lives as well. Gothic mystery has been a celebrated genre for centuries now. Featuring: Intelligent heroines with a flair for fainting, via GIPHY via GIPHY handsome gentlemen with mysterious secrets, via GIPHY a brewing clandestine romance, via GIPHY a villain who dresses the part, via GIPHY via GIPHY and dark, gloomy castles or manors with long hallways and clandestine rooms replete with horror, serving as a backdrop, via GIPHY via GIPHY these mysteries make us feel invigorated. With the much-needed adrenaline coursing through us as we turn page after page, trying to decipher the meaning of a certain code hidden in the heart of the once statuesque manor or the eerie occurrences the protagonists seem to encounter, we see ourselves completely lost in the mystery of the characters' fates. via GIPHY Soon enough, you will find yourself fantasizing about traveling around deserted moors, dressed in all-black ensembles, pining for a non-existent lover and inquiring the mystery surrounding their supposed death or the hauntings of your castle. via GIPHY The supernatural has always been an interesting topic of discussion; it has liaised with popular media and literature umpteen times. The idea of a spooky castle and ghosts, a sprinkling of the paranormal is enough to make one's hair stand on end. The suspense and secrecy strike hard on our inquisitive natures. Nothing like a tryst with the supernatural to spruce up our imagination. Gothic novels are the best of both worlds as they serve us both doses in one. Here are six such novels which will get your brain working and your heart thumping with their shrouded secrets and seemingly innocuous characters: 1. Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier/1938): “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.” Daphne du Maurier's masterpiece is an iconic gothic mystery novel. Set in the West Country, the story focusses on an unnamed protagonist, who gets married to the dashing, recently-widowed Mr Maximillian de Winters on a trip to Monte Carlo. © Pinterest Written in dreamy prose, starting with the ominous line mentioned above, the narrator/protagonist tells the reader about her once monotonous life which changes after she starts living in the Manderley mansion which is still haunted by memories of the previous Mrs. de Winters, the perfect and beloved Rebecca. Rebecca's essence seems omnipresent, fueled by the housekeeper, Mrs Danvers, who was Rebecca's confidant and is obsessed with her. The plot focuses on the mystery surrounding Rebecca's death, a dubious boat accident, which no one seems to be able to explain and which seems to irk the megalomaniacal Mr.de Winters. Trouble starts when the narrator, jealous of Rebecca's memory and upset with comparisons with her, wishes to change things about the house. This leads the devoted (and creepy) Mrs Danvers to constantly manipulate and demean her until she starts hallucinating and believing that her husband no longer loves her and is still in love with Rebecca. Rebecca seems to have a stronghold on the lives of the characters, especially the new Mrs de Winters, from beyond the grave, because of which the narrator is unable to get the happiness she craves. Interestingly, a secret is unearthed when a shipwreck takes place near the beautiful estate and the new bride becomes aware of the sinister plans that lie ahead and events from the past. With a major theme of jealousy, the novel strikes the right chord of suspense, intrigue and surprise. Creepiness galore, courtesy of Mrs Danvers. Best Adaptation: Alfred Hitchcock's “Rebecca” (1940). 2. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (Henry Farrell/1960): “What have you done?” “You mean all this time we could have been friends?” Another goth mystery focusing on two reclusive sisters who live in a dilapidated manor; one a former child star and the other a wheel-chair bound heroine. © Pinterest Jane is an alcoholic who is stuck in the memories her once-prosperous vaudeville career and dresses the same, complete with layers of make-up, curls and a dress. Blanche, the elder one, who has been limited to be dependent on the whimsical Jane for her tidings and care after a mysterious accident which cut short her booming acting career, becomes increasingly alarmed when she observes Jane's deteriorating mental state. Thus, she plans to take matters in her hand. Their decrepit Hollywood house serves as the eerie background as Jane and Blanche rely on to their resentment in order to get the upper hand. Jane resorts to violence on the paraplegic sister and tries to become famous again while Blanche wants to get her life together and get Jane out of the way. Unbeknownst to Jane, a terrible mystery lies, shrouded in the shadows, which will upend the lives of the sisters. The gruesome trail of events which follow make it a thrilling tale of jealousy and sibling rivalry resulting in an intriguingly superb climax. The animosity and resentment the sisters carry for each other lead to their eventual ruin, which makes one think about how much a kind act can change a person's life. Best Adaptation: “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” (1961) starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, who coincidentally never got along. 3. The Haunting of Hill House (Shirley Jackson/1959): “Am I walking toward something I should be running away from?” The classic story of the haunted manor does not get better than this novel. Netflix's adaptation of the epic story has been well received but it is the book itself which should be on your reading list © Pinterest With an eerie set-up of a deserted manor in the hills, the novel centres on four main characters: Eleanor, a recluse who has been living with her disabled mother; Theodora, a bohemian artist; Dr Montague, a researcher of the paranormal and supernatural, and Luke Sanderson, the heir to Hill House. In an attempt to help him in the research for scientific proof that explains paranormal activities, Dr Montague invites people to Hill House which he has rented for the summer owing to its legend of being haunted. Theodora and Eleanor show up and the four form a bond of friendship as the novel progresses, littered with unexplained occurrences, spooky happenings and ghost-sightings. As the characters investigate further, they try to cope with reality; is what happening to them true or hallucinations caused by the house? The house itself becomes an entity which seems to control the people inside it. What the reader is left to ponder about is whether the events actually happened are only a figment of the narrator's imagination. Or is something more sinister lying in wait inside the house? What other horrors is it hiding? The mystery of the Hill House becomes more real as the pages turn. Best Adaptation: The Haunting of Hill House (2018) and The Haunting (1999) 4. Dracula (Bram Stoker/1897): “Despair has its own calms.” The epitome of gothic perfection; the book which has inspired a deluge of novels, series and movies, is a cult classic of the gothic mystery/horror genre. The novel which gave us the iconic anti-hero, Dracula, and the essential knowledge to ward off vampires; garlic! © Pinterest Transylvanian noble, Count Dracula is a gentleman with an affable charm and manners who is visited by newly-minted solicitor Jonathan Harker on the business of providing legal counsel on the new estate the former has acquired in England. Unknown to Jonathan, he becomes a prisoner in Dracula's castle, a fact which he becomes aware of quite late. As Dracula travels to visit his new home, leaving Harker to his fate, Jonathan tries to break out from the clutches of the gothic nightmare he seems to be stuck in, replete with a vampire. Written in epistolary form, as a series of memoirs and letters, we follow Count Dracula and his mysterious cargo across Transylvania and England, as he tries to feed himself and hypnotize humans to do his bidding and also try to change some of them into vampires. What seems to be his end goal? What is he trying to achieve? Will the vampire hunters, headed by the teacher Abraham Van Helsing, be able to unearth the mysterious secret behind the Count's behaviour and his ignoble intentions? Also starring: mystical crypts, shape-shifting, stakes through hearts, werewolves, silent graveyards and disloyal servants. A breathtaking horror mystery with a human touch. Prepare to be enamoured! Best Adaptation: Dracula (1958) 5. Sharp Objects (Gillian Flynn/2006): Not the typical gothic mystery novel, the goth undertones of this novel are derived from the violence meted out by people on others. Gillian Flynn's maiden novel, before the widely famous “Gone Girl”, has elements of a Southern gothic backdrop, a setting common in novels like “To Kill A Mockingbird”. © Pinterest Set in the fictional town of Wind Gap, Missouri, we follow journalist Camille Preaker who is unhappy with her job and has a terrible past, pieces of which have left indelible marks on her body. When a string of unresolved murders starts in Wind Gap, Camille is sent back to her hometown to investigate the murders. This leads to her going back to her house, under the roof of her insensitive and self-righteous mother, Adora who is a mystery herself and her seemingly perfect half-sister Amma. What other secrets is Camille hiding and is Amma as perfect as she seems to be? As the novel progresses, Amma's true nature is revealed and the mysterious incidents from Camille's childhood come back to haunt her, especially her sister's death which pushes her to the brink of death. What lies behind Adora's stern exterior and what secrets is she hiding? Was there more to Marian's death than what Adora leads on to? The novel then jumps off to the major plotline of the unexplained murders and disappearances, which Camille finds out have a more menacing theme than what she had anticipated. Best Adaptation: Sharp Objects (2018), an HBO Original mini-series starring Amy Adams as Camille Preaker. 6. The Mysteries of Udolpho (Ann Radcliffe/1794): Ann Radcliffe's magnum opus spread over four volumes follows the trials and tribulations of a father-daughter duo, who journey on the French and Italian countryside in order to regain their lost fortune. A gothic romance featuring Emily St. Aubert, the beautiful and intelligent protagonist steers the reader into her eventful life. What makes her different is her affinity for nature's beauty, a trait not predominant in other gothic leads. © Pinterest As she travels with her father, Monsieur St. Aubert, with whom she shares an ineffaceable kinship, she meets the handsome Valancourt, who shares her love for nature, and they end up falling in love. Tragedy strikes when her father dies on the way and she is forced to live with her aunt, the abominable Madame Cheron who marries the immoral and despicable Montoni. Emily pines for her lover and tries to thwart her step-uncle's villainous plans to marry her off to a wealthy suitor, Morano. When things go awry, he whisks the family away from their home to Udolpho. Imprisoned by her step-uncle in the castle, she tries all in her power to break free from the captive status and is helped in her endeavour by a horde of characters. Will she succeed? That forms the crux of the story. She also chances upon a well-kept secret about her father which is connected to the site of her captivity, the infamous castle of Udolpho. Spooky occurrences mar the stay at the ruined castle of Udolpho, aided by age-old secrecies, strange suitors for Emily, secret admirers amidst eerie music from the woods and a look into the mysteries of nature. The novel iterates that it is not only ghosts or people who are mysterious, but nature also has a lot of unexplained charisma too. 7. “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “Ligeia” (Edgar Allan Poe): No one writes gothic fiction better than Edgar Allen Poe. His stories and poems are the embodiment of creepiness; featuring undead creatures and untrustworthy narrators. His works rely heavily on the concept of life and death. “True! - nervous - very, very nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?” © Pinterest The Tell-Tale Heart is a short story about an unnamed neurotic narrator who does something terrible and is caught in the “eye” of the storm, the repercussions of which haunt him as he lives. “There is one dear topic, however, on which my memory fails me not. It is the person of Ligeia.” Ligeia is the story of a beautiful, raven-haired woman who marries the anonymous narrator who seems besotted with her. © Pinterest Though her beauty is unconventional, leaning a bit towards emaciation, the narrator is shown to be dependent on his intelligent wife who is adept in many arts and sciences. She questions human mortality and makes the narrator look beyond his narrow perspective. Unfortunately, she dies and in grief, the narrator moves into an old abbey and marries Rowena, a beautiful, fair-haired lady whom he isn't attracted to. The twist comes when Rowena dies, and the narrator starts experiencing strange episodes which make him wonder about the mystery behind his second wife's death, on the night before her burial. Intrigued enough? Let it no longer be a mystery. Get yourself a copy of one of these and satisfy your curiosity!
  24. No matter how rich and famous they are, sometimes celebrities need to find their roots and beckon their grounded side, every chance they get. If they don't do that, here's a possibility they might never go back to their roots at all. Jason Momoa just proved that very point to us and did something so heart-warming, we're trying to figure how to un-melt our hearts back. The 'Aquaman' star, recently took some time off to visit the main woman in his life- his grandma and trust us, his effort really makes us wish all celebrities have such warmth and compassion within them. Subscribe to our ON THE ROAM YouTube episode IOWA going home to see my grams Love u Mabel Link in bio. Aloha j A post shared by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on Jan 14, 2019 at 8:20am PST After this, we're sure the internet won't just recognise him as the man with muscles, but as a man with both muscles and a big godamn heart! The man did a beautiful photo shoot when he went to visit his grandma Mabel in Iowa, where she lives. The actor was born in Hawaii but spent a considerable part of his childhood in Iowa with her. Here are some endearing pictures from the shoot: © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam Jason has never shied away from the fact that he's a grandma's boy and he often refers to her fondly as the 'matriarch' © On the roam © On the roam “I loved where and how I grew up because both places were rooted in family “They are really very similar, except there's more ocean one spot and more corn in the other.” Jason told a popular publication. © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam The actor even created a cute little home video while on his visit! Take a look! While most of us wish for fame and stardom and some of us have it, it's not everyone's cup of tea to keep it as real as possible and we're glad men like Jason Momoa are grounded AF, so we can relate to them better! We wish more celebrities come off as kind-hearted and humble as him.
  25. The infamous 'King Of Cringe', Deepak Kalal, is making headlines once again for reasons that are not related to Rakhi Sawant. In case, you don't follow him on social media, Deepak Kalal was recently in Delhi-NCR and he even posted about his visit on Instagram. Here's Deepak Kalal dancing on the streets of Noida, like no one's watching. Well, that's how everyone should dance, right? Freely and confidently! View this post on Instagram Koka @sukhemuziicaldoctorz A post shared by Deepak Kalal (@deepakkalalofficial) on Jan 11, 2019 at 10:09am PST Here's him shopping in a mall in Noida. View this post on Instagram Today...Im in Noida city Centre....Meet me at 6 PM....Plz dont get Gifts for me.... Respect My Bodyguards.... A post shared by Deepak Kalal (@deepakkalalofficial) on Jan 17, 2019 at 12:44am PST And here's Deepak Kalal getting brutally beaten up on the streets of Gurugram. Hello @DelhiPolice Deepak kalal Beaten by @deepaknandal58 He is a on the road Guagaon Please take some Action Some video on you tube to just see there.@CPDelhi pic.twitter.com/DmY2tKZbe8 — Bhootnathð (@Bhootnath18) January 15, 2019 Deepak Kalal, who is known for his viral (but questionable) content on social media, was recently beaten up and the entire incident was live streamed on Instagram. The man, beating him has been identified as Deepak Nandal, who is said to be the manager of Rapper Fazilpuria. Reportedly, the reason behind Deepak hitting Deepak is the latter's videos on social media. The video also shows Kalal crying and begging the man to show some mercy and not hit him. The man even asked Kalal to apologise to his fans and to promise that he won't post such videos on social media. While, Kalal has often been trolled and slammed for his videos, we don't think it's a reason enough to beat him up mercilessly. View this post on Instagram @deepaknandal21 Sorry sir..... Link in bio A post shared by Deepak Kalal (@deepakkalalofficial) on Jan 15, 2019 at 8:31am PST Talking about Deepak Nandal, his profile says that he is a music producer and has earlier worked on songs like Badshah's 'Chull' and 'Jimmy Choo'. Some people on social media tried to bring this incident to the attention of Delhi Police. On Thursday, Police said that it will reach out to YouTube to verify the authenticity of this video. Apparently, the incident took place near Delhi-Gurgaon toll plaza. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Deepak Nandal (@deepaknandal21) on Dec 24, 2018 at 5:24am PST According to a report in News18, Gurgaon Police PRO said, "We have not received any complaint from Kalal in this matter. We are in a process of taking statement of toll plaza employees and will watch CCTV footage to verify facts." He further added, "The police will reach out to YouTube to ascertain the authenticity of the video." Last year, Kalal went viral after he announced his wedding to Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi too shared the wedding invite and said that Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan have already confirmed their attendance. However, later in a series of events and posts, it turned out that the two have broken up.
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