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Found 674 results

  1. Hot on the heels of Steam's annual Autumn sale, Epic Games' Black Friday sale is now live as well. The Epic Games Store is considered to be the hotbed of some kickass gaming deals and frequent free game giveaways. While we don't have an exciting free game giveaway now, there are some really sweet deals to check out. We suggest you head over to the store and check out the deals yourselves. But here are some suggestions to get you started - View the full article
  2. Relationships are not the easiest things in the world to handle and if you add the huge stress of the ongoing pandemic to the mix, then ensuring that love remains the only constant in any relationship can be trickier that one can fathom. Here are 4 practical tips that can help you work through any bumps and ensure that the pandemic is not destroying the love in your relationship: 1. Be Patient With Each Other © Unsplash Probably one of the most clichéd advice in the world for literally anything in life, but patience is one virtue that helps anyone in keeping their calm. If you are married and the house has been a mess, the work-life balance has gone for a toss, children are an added responsibility, then please remember that losing your cool on each other is only going to get toxic for everyone living in that house. If you are in a relationship or engaged, then please be tolerant of anything that is hindering your partner from paying all that extra attention to you. It is quite possible that work stress, pay cuts, issues back home, and a million other things which have charged into your lives, courtesy the Covid-19 situation, is not something easy to deal with. Give your partner some room to vent, allow them more space to accommodate and make your own new rules. © Unsplash Life is not rosy for any of us at the moment, so don’t be unfair in your expectations from your partner. If you are in a long-distance relationship, then it might be harder than what you are already enduring in life. If your partner has been unable to fly back home due to job insecurity, visa issues, financial constraints, please spare each other the added horror of emotional stress that this situation may be causing you. While one of you may still have the little pleasure of a family or friends near you, do remember that besides fighting for so many things in life, the distance can get tougher if the relationship is deprived of love. © Pexels 2. Be More Forgiving Towards Each OtherAnother beautiful habit that makes life easier for us is to forgive often, and with a full heart. Financial constraints, emotional distress, anxiety and so many negative consequences of the pandemic have already fallen on our heads and crippled our lives. © Unsplash It is possible that 2020 was the year of big plans for you and for obvious reasons, you had to cut down on budgets, give up on plans among other things. Please remind yourself that these things are being delayed, not denied. So many people are having small weddings, many couples have postponed the idea of buying a new car, investing in a new property etc, the important part is that you are in this together. So, try and sail through this storm. Don’t allow your frustration to poison your equation with each other As far as emotional incompetency is concerned, it is okay if your partner or you are unable to spend a lot of time together like you used to do. It is okay if you or your partner is unable to be there for each other for every little thing, or you lack the understanding of what or how they feel. Communicate and make concrete plans to meet, call and be there for each other. Everyone is trying to understand what is the new ‘normal’, and it's fine if they lose themselves and work on them before giving all their time to the relationship. Forgive each other, and move past the obstacles, instead of dwelling on them. © Pexels 3. Eliminate Toxicity From The EquationThere is a big chance that there are way too many toxic elements around you who are affecting your mental health and inner peace. The most obvious reaction to any negativity in our life is that we end up pouring our pent up emotions on the people who are closest to us, especially our partners. © Unsplash If you are finding yourself more irritated than ever, angrier than ever, or there are other people or situations which affect your inner peace, then take the help of your partner instead of just unloading on them in this toxicity. Tolerance and love should not be taken for granted. © UTV 4. Take Great Care Of Your Own Mental HealthIn continuation with the previous point, let this serve as a stark reminder for you that you don’t need another human to complete you. Two wholesome individuals complete a relationship. One can never pour from an empty cup so, before you decipher what is going wrong with your relationship, take good care of your own mental health first. © Unsplash If the pandemic has caused some major hurdles in life for you, take necessary steps to correct them. Seeking professional help can be a good idea for anyone who needs it and, in fact, a supportive partner will be happy that you are taking care of yourself. Besides this, ensure your nutrition is on point, and you are indulging in some kind of physical activity like yoga or working out and even meditating if need be, to find your own stability. © search light pictures The pandemic is going to test your relationships with everyone, including the one you have with yourself. But remember, temporary problems don’t need permanent solutions which cannot be reversed. Stay safe and stay in love. It's not easy, but it's not impossible either. View the full article
  3. A global pandemic is going on, and most of us haven't taken a getaway vacation in months. The ones lucky enough to still have a job are working overtime to stay employed, as the entire year has been absolute chaos. God knows all of us deserve a vacation right now, but even that privilege is reserved for the most privileged of the privileged. Looks like almost the entire of Bollywood has been escaping to the Maldives in shifts and trading in masks and hand sanitizers for private beaches and blue skies. Is there some sort of Bollywood discount going on for this Maldives vacation? Is there an Illuminati meeting or something going on there? Why are so many famous people suddenly choosing the same place? We have Tara Sutaria bringing in her 25th birthday in the best possible way. View this post on Instagram Staying true to himself, Tiger Shroff is still jumping around surrounded by a breathtaking view. View this post on Instagram And, since Tiger Shroff is there, then so is Disha Patani, apparently. View this post on Instagram Very happy for her and not at all jealous. View this post on Instagram Katrina Kaif went viral for just these two pictures. Imagine the power! View this post on Instagram So gorgeous. View this post on Instagram Varun Dhawan spent his time in the Maldives feeding rabbits - View this post on Instagram And, posing on the beach. View this post on Instagram Mouni Roy visited a couple of months ago and got this unbelievable shot. View this post on Instagram Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi had a picture-perfect family vacation. View this post on Instagram Looks like Farhan Akhtar is reliving his Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara days. View this post on Instagram Badminton power couple Saina Nehwal and Parupalli Kashyap look like they're enjoying the water. View this post on Instagram Rajulpreet Singh soaking in the fresh air, that's pretty rare to find in India now. View this post on Instagram Kajal Aggarwal and Gautam Kitchlu are having a dreamy honeymoon. View this post on Instagram Tapsee Pannu showing us the only way to have breakfast. View this post on Instagram Sigh. Well, all we can do right now is live vicariously through our dear celebs who are surrounded by sun, sand and pretty blue waters. View the full article
  4. If there is anything that the 2020 season of the Indian Premier League proved, as far as Chennai Super Kings are concerned, it is that despite having one of the most successful runs in league history, it is time for them to reinvent themselves. Yes, being the oldest squad in the Indian T20 league helped them achieve great heights back in the day. But schemes like that have an expiration date and the CSK’s date has come and gone. View this post on Instagram After the final match of the season for Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the #WhistlePoduArmy, the skipper said: "We need to slightly change our core group and look for the next 10 years. At the start of the IPL, we made a team and it served well. There comes a time where you have to shift a bit, hand it over to the next generation.”Dhoni also clarified that he is not going anywhere and that his squad will be back, stronger and more determined - a classic by-the-book response after the abomination of a season that they had. However, the repercussion of the failure CSK faced this year might go way beyond what it looks like on the surface. Here are three ways in which MS Dhoni’s relationship with Chennai Super Kings can proceed: A Successful Marriage View this post on InstagramBoth MS Dhoni and CSK stay loyal and committed to each other, CSK give their captain a lucrative Rs 15 crore deal to continue to play for them and hope that with a new and relatively younger roster surrounding him, they can get back to their winning ways. A Small Separation View this post on InstagramFormer India batsman Aakash Chopra has opined that the franchise should not retain their skipper if there is a mega auction ahead of the next season as they stand a chance to lose Rs 15 crore if they do not do so. In a video posted from his Facebook account, Chopra said: "I think CSK should release MS Dhoni going into the mega auction, if there is a mega auction then you will be with that player for three years. But will Dhoni stay with you for three years? I am not saying don't keep Dhoni, he will play the next IPL, but if you keep him as a retained player you will have to pay Rs 15 crore." Chopra also suggests that once Dhoni is back in the auction pool, CSK can pick him up with their right to match provision, which would allow them to bring Dhoni onboard by matching the highest bid that has been made in his name by any other franchise. While this could help them save a lot of money in the long run, it might take a toll on CSK’s purchasing power ahead of the 2021 season if another team bids extremely highly for Dhoni. It also leads to a greater chance of losing ‘Captain Cool’ if they are unable to match the rival team’s bid. A Divorce View this post on InstagramOf course the third possible destiny of the Dhoni-CSK relationship can be a break up. If CSK decide to take a 180 degree turn in their approach towards next season, and hope to build a completely new roster behind a young, energetic and strategically sound captain (just like they did back in 2008 with Dhoni), they can decide to drop MS and move ahead. The wicket-keeper batsman has been great for the team over the years. Apart from his excellence on the field, Dhoni has also been a great asset in terms of merchandise sales and the overall media buzz the organization has been getting thanks to his massive fan following. But all good things must come to an end and it seems as if this could be the end of the road for Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Chennai Super Kings as a unit. View the full article
  5. Earlier this year at the WWDC event, Apple announced the new macOS Big Sur OS for the MacBooks and Macs. This is a particularly exciting release because Apple is now making a transition of Mac from Intel to Apple Silicon. We already have our first set of devices running on the new chip. That being said, the macOS Big Sur will be rolled out to other MacBooks and Macs as well. So here are some features that we're looking forward to using on the macOS Big Sur. Design © Apple Apple has been working hard to improve its native navigation services to compete with the likes of Google Maps. While there's still a lot of ground to cover, Apple has indeed managed to improve certain aspects of it. With its latest iteration on the macOS Big Sur, Apple is bringing a redesigned interface for Maps on iOS. PrivacyApple is also working on improving privacy with Big Sur. Apple is also trying hard to inform users about the permissions used by various apps on the App Store by adding a new section on each app’s page. You'll see all the permissions requested by a particular app to get more ideas. That's just one part of Apple's effort and we can't wait to see what else we have in store. View the full article
  6. Apple's iOS 14 is one of the most feature-rich iOS releases and love how it looks and feels on the newer iPhones. But if you're still rocking one of the older iPhones and have just updated to the new software, it may feel slightly sluggish. We suggest you give the OS some time to settle in before troubleshooting. But if the problem persists then here are some simple tips to help you speed your old sluggish iPhone - Force Restart Your iPhoneThis may sound like a very basic move but sometimes this is enough to get things going. Here's how you can do it on different iPhones - On iPhone 8 or Later or iPad without Home Button: Simply press and quickly release the volume up button. Then, press and quickly release the volume down button. Once done, just hold down the power button until you see the Apple logo. On iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the volume down button and the side button simultaneously. This should bring up the Apple logo. On iPhone 6s or later or iPad with Home Button: Press and hold the home button and power button simultaneously. This should bring up the Apple logo and your phone should restart. Once this is done, see if it has improved the performance. If it has then you don't have to worry about checking out other tips here. Check For The Latest Update © Apple Just because your iPhone is running on the latest OS version, it doesn't mean you're on the best software version. Apple keeps releasing new OS versions with small/major bug fixes and it's best to keep your device up-to-date at all times. Just check if there's a new software update that may end up fixing some issues. Clean Up Your iPhone © Apple Keeping a tab on unnecessary files and wiping them regularly also helps to keep your iPhone's performance optimum. Sometimes just cluttered storage is enough to slow things down. We suggest you go to Settings app -> General -> iPhone/iPad Storage and see how your iPhone's storage is currently in use. We suggest you look for redundant files and remove them. Keep Tabs On Resource Hogging Features © Unsplash Every smartphone, including the iPhones, have some resource-hogging features like background app refresh and location services that may impact your device's performance by a huge margin. We suggest you keep tabs on them and take control. You'll often find them in your settings apps, so be sure to explore them. View the full article
  7. When Cyberpunk 2077 comes out in December, one of the things we suggest you do besides the main missions, of course, is getting into a vehicle and explore the Night City. Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world game in which the players are free to move around anywhere. And to do that, you'll also get a ton of vehicles in the game, and we already our eyes on a few of them. Here, check them out - Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech View the full article
  8. There is something about ghar ki shaadi that almost instantly brightens up our mood and transports us on a journey of love, togetherness, food, lots of bhangra and of course, shopping. Well, Indian weddings have that kind of effect on us. Right? It is a chance for all family members to get together to celebrate the coming together of two souls and what’s not to like? One week of staying in an Indian wedding household means being a part of the happiest vacation of your life. From haldi functions to dhol nights, the celebrations at every Indian wedding leave you feeling happy and satisfied. And when you have Manyavar for all your wedding celebrations, you know that #ShaadiGrandHogi. Manyavar Even though things have changed in the ‘new normal’, the spirit of an Indian Shaadi must remain the same! And this video by Manyavar captures that emotion perfectly. When the father comes to help the groom tie his pagadi, the brothers join in too, and that togetherness is what a wedding truly means. Manyavar has truly nailed the #ShaadiGrandHogi sentiment and now we cannot wait to go experience a 2020 wedding as intimate as this one. View this post on Instagram Jab tak apno ka special touch na ho toh, Shaadi grand kaise hogi? Watch this video to know more. #ShaadiGrandHogi #Manyavar #shaadi #safa #modernlook #stylish #weddingwear #weddingstyle #weddingfashion A post shared by Manyavar (@manyavarmohey) on Sep 30, 2020 at 5:56am PDT So when my friend who was due to get married in March postponed his wedding with a heavy heart, we didn’t let him feel that way for long. So what if the wedding cannot host 1000 guests, or cannot have a live music band flown in from another country? The true meaning of an Indian wedding is in its traditions that are brought to life by family and friends, and Manyavar understands that emotion perfectly. The feeling of choosing your wedding sherwani with family in tow is a mini celebration in itself. Right? It is not the size of the baraat but your mother’s eyes gleaming with pride that makes it so special. It is not the number of people but looking at your proud father dancing with joy. It’s not about having over a hundred people around but playing super cute jaimala games with your wife that makes a wedding grand. Just like this adorable video! View this post on Instagram This shaadi season, apno ke saath khatti-methi shararatein hai jaruri varna kaise honge shaadi ceremonies puri? Watch this video to know more. #Manyavar #shaadi #Jaimala #ceremony #sherwani #safa #modernlook #stylish #weddingwear #weddingstyle #weddingfashion #ShaadiGrandHogi A post shared by Manyavar (@manyavarmohey) on Oct 20, 2020 at 5:06am PDT So, when my friend who had ‘big plans’ decided to highlight his feelings over the scale of the wedding, I felt that there’s nothing that can break the spirit of Indian weddings. No matter how much things have changed, Indian weddings will always be grand. Manyavar believes that #ShaadiGrandHogi no matter what. Let’s not get our spirits down this Shaadi season because no matter what the situation is, #ShaadiGrandHogi. Love the emotions and beauty of weddings as much as we do? Shop for your grand moment at Manyavar stores near you or head to their website now! View the full article
  9. Sony's PlayStation 5 is all set to hit the shelves this week in a lot of regions. Although we don't have any info about its launch here in India we still think it's a good idea to check out some of the accessories that you might need at your disposal when the console comes out. We think you should consider picking up these additional accessories to ensure you get the most out of your brand new console. PS5 DualSense © Twitter/ @vjeranpavic Every PS5 purchase will come with a controller. Sony has always bundled only one controller with its consoles and this time it's no different. That being said, we always recommend getting another controller because, well, it's fun to play multiplayer games like FIFA with your friends and you can't do that without another controller. As of now, we're not sure how much the controller will cost here in India, but we'll update the pricing here once it goes official. PlayStation Plus © Twitter/ @vjeranpavic We're super excited about Sony's PlayStation Plus Collection which is essentially a digital library of games that came out during the lifespan of the PS4. But for that, you'll need an active PlayStation Plus subscription, so be sure to grab it as soon as you get your new console. We'll update official pricing once it goes official here. PS Camera © Sony In case you're interested in streaming your gameplay online on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, then we suggest getting a camera as well. For the PS5, Sony's PS Camera itself is a great option to consider. This camera will also allow you to remove the background of your camera’s feed and replace it. An External Hard DriveThe PlayStation 5 has limited space and we're not entirely sure about how the SSD expansion will work on the console. So for now, we suggest you grab an external hard drive to store your older PS4 games. You won't be able to use the HDD to play new PS5 titles but it'll be a temporary home for your old library of games. View the full article
  10. Apple has officially released iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 today. It brings a lot of new features but the most important part of the update is that it brings a ton of new emojis. By a ton, we mean over 100 new emojis and they're really cool. The update brings a ninja emoji, a transgender pride flag, a coin, a tamale, and a lot more. In case you're familiar with the "frustrated Italian hand gesture" you'd be delighted to know that the update also brings the "pinched finger" emoji that looks like this - © Emojipedia There are a lot of other really cool emojis but the one that we'll definitely be using a lot more this year would be the "Smiling Face With Tear" emoji. Yeah, here's what it looks like - © Emojipedia We suggest you head over to the blog post written by the folks over at Emojipedia for the full catalog of new emoji added in the update. Besides the new emojis, the update also brings other improvements to iOS 14, including eight new wallpapers, a refreshed AirPlay Menu, a new Shazam toggle, and more. The update is also something to look into in case you have a HomePod because it brings a lot of improvements for it. As always, Apple's updates are quite reliable unless it's a beta. We don't think you'd be coming across any major bugs in this update so feel free to update and take a look at all the cool emojis that we can use. Source: Emojipedia View the full article
  11. Even if your immune system is weak and even if you are over 60, you must try to distract yourself from bad news
  12. Cyberpunk 2077 is an action-adventure RPG set in the Night City, a place that is not known to be always very kind to the people. You'll often find yourself caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Your escape will purely depend on the kind of firearms you have in tow. Cyberpunk 2077 features a ton of weapons and it's important to understand and get a feel for them before fixing on the ones that work best for you. Weapons typically fall under pistols, rifles, and shotguns. However, the game also has different classes of weapons under which your particular firearm will fall into. Here are 3 different weapon classes in Cyberpunk 2077 and how they'll affect your gameplay - Power Weapons The weapons that fall under this category are your conventional firearms. This means they use traditional ammo, calibers, and cartridges. You'll find a ton of options when it comes to power weapons. We're looking at guns like pistols, revolvers, SMGs, machine guns, and more. Power weapons are the type of guns in which you can expect a high rate of fire accompanied by high recoil. Tech WeaponsThe weapons that fall under this class will fire projectiles with an electromagnetic charge. They're not going to be high on the rate of fire but you can expect them to deal a lot of damage, especially if you're shooting a well-charged shot. Smart Weapons View the full article
  13. With the clubs and restaurants still being a crowded zone, house parties and gatherings have become our only solace. From weekend parties to more intimate game-nights, the “new normal” calls for new forms of entertainment! The concept of celebrating your weekends is a necessity now more than ever before. And today, that’s what we are going to talk about! Not every weekend needs to be a loud celebration, sometimes a relaxed night in with your buddies is all that you need. Here are some fun party games to play with your friends next weekend! 1. Drink Up Cards This drinking card game is all about keeping people engaged in the most fun way! The deck consists of 55 cards, out of which one card explains the rules. Each card will ask you to perform a dare or drink up. You can play this game with cocktails or mocktails, the choice is yours! __ECOMPRODUCT__823__ 2. Double Sided Magnetic Dart Board This game never gets old. The rules are pretty simple. All that you need to do is aim right! You can make it even more fun by adding dares or drinks to the basic rules. Isn’t this perfect for one of those low-key nights! __ECOMPRODUCT__757__ 3. Would You Rather Card Game Would you rather is a fun game in itself. However, we do need to agree on the fact that thinking of questions while playing is the biggest peeve. With this card game, you can keep things interesting without any mental effort! __ECOMPRODUCT__824__ 4. Classic Playing Cards If you like game nights, you should have a good deck of playing cards. The number of games you can play are many! With the festive season coming up, poker seems to be the best choice! __ECOMPRODUCT__825__ __ECOMPRODUCT__756__ 5. Mantri Cards: Political Trump Card Game Want to let your political ‘keeda’ out? We have the perfect game that will help you do that in the most competitive and fun way! This card game will not only improve your knowledge but also let you have fun while doing that! __ECOMPRODUCT__535__ 6. Oye Happy Check & Mate Board Game Game nights need not be with your friends only. Sometimes, you can have them with your partner too! This fun check and mate board game is meant to bring you closer to your partner in a fun, yet smooth way! __ECOMPRODUCT__826__ 7. FIFA’21 Well, in case you already own a PS4, there’s nothing better than a classic FIFA night. The newer and better version of the game is finally here, so go ahead and enjoy your game nights! __ECOMPRODUCT__827__ Game On! There’s nothing better than a fun game night with your best buddies! Go ahead and enjoy your “night-ins” the right way! Do let us know which are some of your favorite games to play at your game nights! Explore More View the full article
  14. There's a lot happening around CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077. It's all over the news right now because the devs just announced a delay, pushing the game's release to December 10. While all that is happening, OnePlus just decided to launch a new variant of the OnePlus 8T that is inspired by the game. Yes, we're looking at the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition. Here, check it out - © OnePlus Looks badass, right? We're looking at a completely new design of the OnePlus 8T from the back. The camera module has been extended horizontally to cover the body and you can see the '2077' branding there. The back of the phone also has three different textures with Cyberpunk engraving towards the bottom. As is the case with most limited edition phones, the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk Edition also ships with a software theme. You get a live wallpaper too which uses the spiritual symbol in the game. The fingerprint unlock animation is also inspired by the game and it looks like the artificial eye scan in Cyberpunk 2077. Even the charging animation shows a sick hacking animation. The phone also ships with custom sound effects, and two custom filters to be used while taking pictures or recording videos. As seen in the images, the phone also ships with a custom case. And in addition to that, the box includes a manual that doubles as a poster and six limited edition badges. © OnePlus Pricing & AvailabilityBesides the visual flair, nothing's new in this limited edition phone. It's basically the same as the vanilla OnePlus 8T in terms of the internals. In case you're wondering, the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 edition comes in 12GB + 256GB version and is priced at 3,999 yuan which roughly translates to around Rs 44,000. You'll be able to order one today and get it shipped from China once it goes on sale on November 11. We're not entirely sure if it's coming to the other markets, but we suggest you stay tuned for more info. View the full article
  15. The COVID-19 outbreak majorly impacted a lot of businesses, so naturally, game production also took a hit. Game developers are being forced to work from home, which isn't ideal due to some obvious limitations. Due to this, a number of games have been delayed due to slow development. Here are 5 games that got delayed this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak - DeathloopArkane Studios showcased their time-bending shooter and it got a lot of hype. Sadly, the studio had to delay the release because the devs had to adjust to the work-from-home model. It's now delayed into 2021. To the community, an update on DEATHLOOP: pic.twitter.com/XveoG6AgoT — DEATHLOOP (@deathloop) August 18, 2020Halo InfiniteHalo Infinite was originally supposed to come out with the new Xbox consoles but they got a lot of criticism after they showcased the gameplay a couple of months ago. After what we think was mostly negative feedback, 343 Industries decided to delay the game's release to 2021. Halo Infinite Development Update pic.twitter.com/TFZvXhRN9f — Halo (@Halo) August 11, 2020 Tales of AriseThe JRPG Tales of Arise got delayed indefinitely. Although the devs didn't specifically cite COVID-19 as the reason for the delay, they did speak about how the workflow changes had affected the development. We are looking forward to playing this game whenever it comes out. Cyberpunk 2077We have important news to share with you pic.twitter.com/qZUaD6IwmM — Cyberpunk 2077 (@CyberpunkGame) October 27, 2020 After a really long development period, Cyberpunk 2077 was finally slated to come out in September this year. But CD Projekt Red later announced that the game is getting delayed to November 19. Although they also didn't explicitly cite COVID-19 as the reason for the delay, it's worth noting that they're also undergoing work-from-home changes like many others. The game recently got delayed again and it's now slated to come out on December 10. View the full article
  16. Making a debut can be overwhelming and intimidating for a lot of reasons. Being a newbie and a junior in the field is one thing, but there is a host of other things that can weigh on your mind. There are expectations to be shouldered, judgements to battle out and criticisms to sift through. And when you have the chance to move beyond it all, you finally get to acknowledge the butterflies and excitement coursing through your body. You want to see how all of your hard work comes through and how people around you respond to it. © Fox Star Studios Well, that was perhaps exactly how debutant Sanjana Sanghi felt ahead of her debut movie Dil Bechara starring late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak and Sushant’s sudden passing, things didn’t pan out as she may have imagined. Nonetheless, the movie went on to break records and create a lot of buzz online. Not only did people watch it for Sushant, but the audience couldn’t stop praising Sanjana’s performance either. © Fox Star Studios And now, it seems Sanjana has found an admirer in author John Green of The Fault In Our Stars, the novel which was adapted into Dil Bechara. Green had reached out to Sanjana on Instagram almost three months ago to share his appreciation for the film and its performances after having watched the movie. However, Sanjana discovered the message in her inbox only recently and shared it on her Instagram feed. Check out the DM John Green sent Sanjana here: View this post on Instagram This proves that hard work and sincerity never goes unnoticed. We only wish Sushant was here to witness it all too... View the full article
  17. Coronavirus or no Coronavirus, Delhiites have to deal with yet another massive health problem as winter approaches - air pollution. After Dussehra celebrations in the national capital, Delhi’s air quality fell to the “very poor” category on Monday and the data from the Central Pollution Control Board showed the Capital’s overall air quality index at 343 on a scale of 500. Delhi air pollution How it started. How it's going pic.twitter.com/wLPIbRy8jm — Licypriya Kangujam (@LicypriyaK) October 20, 2020 The immediate effect of this pollution is on the lungs. We got in touch with Dr. Agam Vora, Lung Health Expert, in an initiative by Fast&Up India, to understand the repercussions of such such levels of air pollution on human health, especially in 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic: Dr. Agam says: “I remember 20 years ago, my mentor once told me, ‘You can buy the best of nutrition, water and amenities but the air that you breathe is the same as everyone else.’ Air pollution is one such thing that affects everyone, and it affects a 100% - no one is immune to it.”Delhi: Air Quality Index is at 422 in Bawana, 423 in Mundka and 416 in Jahangirpuri; all three in 'severe' category as per Delhi Pollution Control Committee data. pic.twitter.com/B40eMVD6B4 — ANI (@ANI) October 25, 2020 Specifically for lung health, one must understand what happens to our lungs due to factors such as air pollution. This pollution can be damaging as it enters your system through lungs. The first victims are the lungs and we have realized over the years that asthma and bronchitis have become household problems. Even a normal person with no diabetes or blood sugar and someone who does not smoke, may get respiratory infections or coughs once a year. This is because of the effect of pollution on the lungs. © Reuters He adds: “The effects of this pollution and climate change have had a big impact globally. We are seeing an increase in the level of allergens, diseases and it has brought about changes in nature. For example changes to aquatic life, changes in peak seasons, in our national parks, et cetera. This has led to the extinction of many species. If we do not stop, we will end up losing a lot of life. A sorry number is that air pollution causes 6 million premature deaths annually.”Here’s How You Can Protect Your Lungs From Air Pollution Most Efficiently: 1. Steam Inhalation: © iStock Inhaling steam twice daily is highly recommended. It is one of the most effective and simplest ways to cleanse your lungs as the water vapours open up the air passage of your nostrils and allow the lungs to drain the mucus. 2. Exercising Indoors: © iStock The coronavirus pandemic has allowed us to find ways to stay fit at home. Trying to keep fit at home will not only keep you away from contracting the virus but will also massively negate the risk of harming your lungs from the toxic air out there. Here are some of the best ways to work out at home. 3. Measures Before Going Outside: © iStock Alternatively, if you love to go for walks, it is advised to do so either early in the morning or in the evening when the air pollution levels are normally low. Try to avoid exercising at rush hour near busy streets or highways as well, as all of the cars idling tend to create additional pollution. Always check the air quality index of the region around you before stepping out and wear good-quality pollution masks. 4. Nutritional Supplements: © iStock There are varieties of nutritional supplements, which can boost immunity, relieve stress, and provide multi vitamins. Dr. Agam says that molecules like N-Acetyl Cysteine help as the effect of smoking and pollution on the lung is with the development of nascent oxygen, it is because of the oxidation effect, which happens at the cellular level. Antioxidant molecules would probably reverse the effect or could probably prevent the oxidative damage, which brings about structural changes and functional changes to the lungs. 5. Consider Investing In Air-Purifiers: © iStock While most of the air-purifies do not deliver on the lofty promises they make while advertising, they still can be helpful in protecting you and your family’s health but not just cleaning the air in your house but by also netting harmful particles suspended in the air, prevent them your entering your system and causes further damage. View the full article
  18. Bigg Boss has undoubtedly become one of the most popular reality TV shows on Indian television over the years. This year, the hit TV show has made a comeback with its 14th season this October. © Colors According to a report, Salman Khan became the highest-paid TV show host, with a fee of Rs 16 crore per episode. However, the actor has now taken a pay cut to accommodate the fees of other members of the show owing to the COVID-19 situation. During the launch event of the latest season, Salman said, “I am more than happy to cut it down so everyone else can get paid.” © Colors While you already know how much Salman is making per episode, ever wondered how much do the contestants earn on the show? Former Bigg Boss winners, Sidharth Shukla, Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan are on this season too for a two-week stint. The seniors, who are now on their way out, are the highest-paid “temporary” contestants on the show. gauhar khan image While Sidharth tops the chart with the whopping earning of Rs 32 lakh per week, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan follow with Rs 25 and 20 lakh per week, respectively. © Colors Let’s take a look at how much the other permanent contestants of the show are earning week-by-week on Bigg Boss 14: The biggest attraction of this season’s contestants are the married couple, Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla. Extremely popular among the audiences for her TV serial roles, Dilaik is the highest-paid contestant on the show. © BCCL She takes home a fancy cheque of Rs 5 lakh, per week. On the other hand, her husband and model Abhinav Shukla holds the 6th position on the list, by earning Rs 1.5 lakh per week. © Colors Second on the list is none other than popular TV serial face Jasmin Bhasin, as she is all set to take home Rs 3 lakh per week for the time she spends on the show. © Instagram The position for the third highest-paid contestants on Bigg Boss is shared by Sara Gurpal – an actress and singer – and TV actor Nishant Singh Malkani with Rs 2 lakh per week. Malkani, interestingly, is also the highest-paid male contestant on the show. Here’s a break-up of how much the rest of the contestants on Bigg Boss 14 are getting paid per week: 1. Eijaz Khan - Rs 1.8 Lakh © Colors 2. Abhinav Shukla - Rs 1.5 Lakh 3. Pavitra Punia - Rs 1.5 Lakh 4. Nikki Tamboli - Rs 1.2 Lakh © Colors 5. Rahul Vaidya - Rs 1 Lakh 6. Jaan Kumar Sanu - Rs 80,000 7. Shehzad Deol - Rs 50,000 Source: The Khabri View the full article
  19. It's Halloween time and the only type of movie anyone is allowed to watch this month is horror movies. Sorry, I don't make the rules. Every time a new horror movie comes out, we always get to hear how it's the 'scariest movie ever', and well, they rarely live up to the expectation. © Warner Bro With every scary movie marketed that way, it was time for science to decide the scariest movie ever, once and for all, and we have the results. © Broadband Choices According to “Science of Scare Project", a study conducted by Broadband Choices, we have a definite list of science-approved scary movies and it's a little unexpected. Basically, for this study, they took 50 people and hooked them up to a heart monitor. Then, they were made to watch 120 hours of the best horror movies out there. And then, everyone's heart rates were taken into account to declare the scariest of the scariest. © Broadband Choices Disclaimer - yes, 50 people is not a lot, and of course, the list is not accurate for the entire population, we get it. It's still a scientific study. So, here are the top ten movies that made people's heart rate go up by a lot, starting from the scariest: 1. Sinister © Alliance Films The movie follows a has-been true-crime writer who moves his wife and kids into a house where a family had previously been murdered. Determined to solve the mystery of the murdered family to use as a basis of his next novel, he soon realizes there's a lot more going on in the haunted house. 2. Insidious © Blumhouse Productions Another haunted house story but in this, the parents realize that their comatose son is actually possessed by some evil entities. 3. The Conjuring © Warner Bros *clap clap* Yet another movie where white people move into a sinister-looking house in the middle of nowhere and then realize it's haunted. The Perron family starts going through increasingly terrifying events and then get help from paranormal investigators. 4. Hereditary © A24 After the death of the matriarch of the Graham family, the family starts to uncover the terrifying secrets of their ancestry as they get haunted by a mysterious presence. 5. Paranormal Activity © Blumhouse Productions A couple senses that they are being haunted by a supernatural presence in their home and set up a camera to uncover the truth and document it. The found-footage approach actually makes the movie seem more authentic, thus even more terrifying. 6. It Follows © Northern Lights Films Basically, an STD, but make it haunted. A teenage girl is followed by a supernatural entity after a sexual encounter and can only get rid of it after having *** with someone else and passing it on. 7. The Conjuring 2 © Warner Bros. The sequel continues with the Warrens, the paranormal investigators from the first movie, coming out of a sabbatical and jumping continent to help out a family in the UK. After the Warrens try to help the youngest daughter who's possessed, they end up becoming the new target of the malicious spirit. 8. The Babadook © Entertainment One A monster movie, The Babadook follows a single mother dealing with her son's paranoid fears of a monster only to realize they are surrounded by a sinister presence all around. 9. The Descent © Celador Films A group of women head to a cave to explore it but soon after descending, they find strange paintings and evidence of a previous expedition, soon realizing that they are not alone. 10. The Visit © Universal Pictures Another found-footage movie, it follows two teenaged siblings going to their estranged grandparents' house to spend a week with them as their mother goes off with her boyfriend. Can't say anything else without spoiling it, but it gets real creepy real quick. So, if you have seen all the movies mentioned above, well, congratulations! you're a true horror flick connoisseur. View the full article
  20. The past couple of months have been overwhelming in terms of smartphone launches as none of the OEMs wanted to miss out on the festive shopping spree. With an influx of devices, it often gets difficult to pick and choose the ones that offer the most value for money. For Samsung, we think it was the newest entry into the M-Series, the Galaxy M51. Honestly, we didn't expect this gem of a phone to come knocking at our doors. This is one of those phones that has managed to stay with us ever since it came out. There are quite a few things we like about the Galaxy M51 but we'll be talking just the three of them here. Battery Life © MensXP/Karthik Iyer The Samsung Galaxy M51 is good at many things but the battery is where it brilliantly dominates the competition. The phone packs a generous 7,000 mAh battery. It is by far the largest battery we've seen on any mainstream smartphone. Regardless of how busy the day has been for the phone, there's a good chance that you'll still end your day with enough charge left to play a few games or watch a movie or a TV show. We tried really hard to kill the battery in one day but we gave up before the phone did. The charging speed is also not too shabby considering the battery size. You get a 25W charger inside the box and it takes about 2 hours to top it up. We'd love to see a faster-charging solution for the successor more than anything else. Display © MensXP/Karthik Iyer The Galaxy M51 also sports a beautiful 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus Infinity-O panel. It's got a tall 20:9 aspect ratio with support for FullHD+ resolution. It's a typical Samsung AMOLED panel that we've come to cherish over the years. It's a joy to look at and we certain that you'll have a great time using it, be it for gaming, watching videos, etc. It also has widevine L1 support to stream HD content on OTT platforms. There's also support for HDR, so those HDR-supported YouTube videos will look really good. It's a best in class Super AMOLED panel with great color reproduction. Performance © MensXP/Karthik Iyer The Galaxy M51 is powered by the Snapdragon 730G this time instead of going for its in-house Exynos chipsets. It is backed by up to 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. The performance of the phone is super smooth across all the day-to-day tasks. You won't encounter any lags while using the phone. Samsung's OneUI has also gotten better now and it's far from the sluggish UI were used to on older Samsung phones. You'll also have a great time gaming on this phone. The performance is solid and you won't have to worry about the battery too. The Final SayBesides the points we've mentioned above, there are plenty of other things we like about the Galaxy M51 and that's exactly why we keep coming back to it even after using so many devices that are coming out. It's a great phone and we think it's perfect for those who are looking to buy a phone under Rs 25,000. View the full article
  21. Pak vs Zim: Every game is important for us and Zimbabwe cricket from here to the World Cup, says former skipper
  22. Kunal Kemmu being a massive sneakerhead is something that people often fail to notice. Time and again, Kunal has made appearances wearing some rather dapper pairs. He has a flamboyant taste when it comes to his sneakers, that grab attention even from afar. From wearing the most colourful sneakers to stepping out in a Spider-man inspired pair, Kemmu can do no wrong with the brands he wears on his feet. © Viral Bhayani Kunal is seen wearing The Floatride Run by Reebok. The most eye-catching bit about this pair is the colourway, which is quite eccentric and OTT. These sneakers are designed, keeping in mind daily training and have a unique fit. The upper is a blend of two fabrics and the shoe stands stable, with its plastic grid. © Reebok The sneakers, thanks to the eccentric and flamboyant colourway, uplift the design aesthetics of the pair. The white socks further accentuate the overall appeal. This pair, in particular, isn't as costly as well. Originally, these sneakers are worth Rs 10,000 but they are available for Rs 4,994 right now, on the official website. The sneakers here are very pronounced and the exaggerated design aesthetics, turn heads. View the full article
  23. Officially, the iPhone 12 Pro is set to launch in the US this coming Friday, however, we already have unboxing videos that show off the phones in all their glory. The video of the phones being unboxed was first posted by a Twitter account called DuanRui and it gives us a closer look at the iPhone 12. © Twitter The first thing you will notice is its new flat-edge design and the graphite colour variant of the iPhone 12 Pro. The video was later uploaded to YouTube and here are the videos below: From the videos, we can see the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro up close and how the colours look like in real life. The graphite colour, in particular, looks quite impressive, however, we can’t get over the flat-edge design inspired by the iPhone 4. It also shows the edges on both devices have somewhat of a glossy/shiny effect when put under light. Other videos have also surfaced online that show off the silicon cases and the clear case that can be purchased separately for the phones. Apple will be selling five different colour options for the silicon cases namely: Navy, Plum, Pink Citrus, Cyprus Green, and Kumquat The silicon cases show that it covers the entire body of the iPhone, however, the clear cases leaves the bottom edge of the phone exposed. Similarly, other accessories, such as the MagSafe charger were also featured in a separate video that shows it is compatible with older iPhone models as well, albeit it won’t snap on like the iPhone 12 series. © Twitter We can’t wait to get our hands on the new iPhone devices ourselves, however, the phone will launch in India on October 30th. Stay tuned for our official review of the phone when it launches in a few weeks. The iPhone 12 series is powered by Apple’s latest A14 Bionic chipset and comes with nifty new features as well. You can read all about the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12 Pro here. Source: DuanRui View the full article
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