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  1. 1917, is one of the best war-films released in 2019 across the globe and on 17 Jan, 2020 in India, that is sweeping the award season this year. But the reason why 1917 is so unique is that the film design makes the viewer believe that everything was shot in one single cut. Set in April 1917, the film takes place during the first World War. Germans have retreated back from the French territory mysteriously and without warning, later, it's found out that it's a trap set by the Germans. The British Battalion of 1600 men set to attack the Germans on the Hindenburg Line the next morning could potentially lose their lives in this trap. The film follows the mission of two soldiers Dean-Charles Chapman as Lance Corporal Blake and George MacKay as Lance Corporal Schofield who are asked to deliver the message to the battalion and further asking them to stand down. The pair has to cross the vast "no man's land" filled with the debris of dead soldiers and scavengers feasting on these bodies. © DreamWorks Pictures This anti-war film doesn't follow the generic format of the war-genre with a redemptive arc for the protagonist. Instead, the film focuses on making this mission an experiential one. You'll feel like following the two soldiers. Directed and co-written by Sam Mendes, the film features Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, Claire Duburcq, Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch among others in pivotal roles. With stunning visuals and exceptional narrative, the film has historical roots but is certainly not based on a true story. Here are seven real-life historical connections with the film that make the narrative even more compelling. © DreamWorks Pictures 1. Sam Mendes's grandfather, Alfred H. Mendes served as a soldier in World War 1 for the British army on the Western Front and was sent on a mission in which he had to traverse across the âno man's landâ. However, the plotline in this film is largely inspired by his experience and the characters are fictional. The mission was written by the scriptwriters and most events are fabricated versions of the real-life event. The narrative to save a soldier's brother and his entire battalion is an incredible tale but it's important to note that the story is necessarily not a true one. © DreamWorks Pictures 2. It's true that the Germans obliterated everything in their wake, that could potentially be used by the Allies while retreating, creating a vast âno man's landâ. Roads, bridges, and water pipes were all destroyed in case the Allies moved forwards. Instead, booby-traps and barbed wire were set up which is represented in the extremely authentic set design in 1917. Itâs partly based on real-life events. © DreamWorks Pictures 3. In real life, Mendes's grandfather was given the Military Medal after volunteering to locate soldiers during the Battle of Passchendaele. This instance inspired the discussion between the two soldiers in the film about the honour of a military medal. McKay's character had received one and claimed it as a "piece of tin" that he traded for wine when he was thirsty. While Chapman's character held it as a symbol of pride and was rather excited to receive one. © DreamWorks Pictures 4. During the war, these trenches went on for miles of complicated twists and turns. The trenches on the Western Front were a pivotal feature of WWI and were created with as much accuracy as possible in the film. They hired a British Army veteran, Paul Biddiss, to act as a technical adviser to make these trenches in the film look as authentic as possible. The crew had dug about 2,500 feet of trenches by the end of it. © DreamWorks Pictures 5. In the timeline that this movie is set up, in real time, the First Battle of Passchendaele (or the Third Battle of Ypres) was underway. The battle that occurs in the film is heavily modeled on the Battle of Poelcappelle, which took place during the previously mentioned battles. This battle too was based on misleading information, much like it was in the movie. During this battle, the Allies thought they had an advance, but in reality, they did not. © DreamWorks Pictures 6. The background characters in the film are seen passing time by performing certain actions that were actually done by soldiers as they 'waited' for the battle to take place. Army Veteran, Paul Biddiss lent his expertise in assigning them tasks or leisure activities possible at the front. These included using candles to kill lice, filling sandbags, or even playing chess with buttons. © DreamWorks Pictures 7. 6 April, 1917, the date the film is set is based on the events that took place on 5 April. During the war, the Germans moved their troops to the Hindenburg Line along the Aisne River. The dispute between the Allies seeing it as a 'retreat' and the Germans seeking resources and a better location was actually based on real events. Besides, 6 April was the date that the Americans entered the war. Source: SCREENRANT View the full article
  2. If your New Year resolution is to look for a girlfriend this year, then you're in luck because this is what you should be reading! Now, before choosing just about anyone, remember to pick someone out who suit you the best. Someone you get along with on a fundamental level, and someone who has a basic level of empathy too. Only then you'll be able to have a wholesome relationship, if that's what you're looking for this year. © AA films So, here is some inside scoop if you're looking for a girlfriend for a meaningful relationship in 2020. (1) Make Sure She's Kind While most people, especially women are kind, there are a few who show apathy in the wrong places. Now she may not feel for a certain cause, so there's no point judging her on that. But if her overall kindness quotient is low, then trust me you can do without her. By kindness I mean, see how she talks to the support staff around her or how she treats animals in general. If you sense some bad news there, move on! © Pen Marudhar Entertainment (2) Make Sure She's Emotionally Intelligent Women intuitively have higher EQs than men, but there are times when they fail there too. Why do you need a woman with a higher EQ? Well, according to studies, men reach their level of emotional intelligence at a later stage in life, before women do. It's what helps balance a relationship in the first place. With both of your EQs being low, the relationship can go through some major issues and eventually end too. A woman who recognises her emotional capacity and challenges it, for it to grow every day, is someone with a higher EQ and that's always a good thing. © RSVP (3) Make Sure She's Worldly No, we don't really mean well travelled as such, but someone who is open to opportunities and different perspectives. Someone who enjoys adventure and the thirst to explore the unknown. The only reason this kind of a girl is in our recommendation is because she'll be knowledgeable since she loves doing her research, she'll be fun and will be open to just about anything. © UTV motion Pictures (4) Make Sure She's Passionate About At Least One Thing The sub-heading definitely gives away what I am trying to say. Girls who're hardly passionate about anything usually tend to get boring and don't have a drive. Eventually your dreams will become her dreams because she lacks passion and the ability to dream big. She doesn't have to be passionate about everything, but any one thing is good. It could be her love for something, or something she is currently pursuing. And once you meet her, you'll find out in a jiffy what she's passionate about, if at all. © Fox Star Studios (5) Make Sure She Loves Her Friends This could go either way, both for men and for women. Someone who loves their friends and is loved by their friends, is generally a grounded person. If she talks about her friends often or likes hanging out with them a lot, then she is someone who is a nurturer and will do anything to keep them happy. This also reflects on how she handles and manages her relationships. If she never gives up on friendships, then she will never give up on relationships either. An added advantage is knowing for a fact her friends love and dote on her. If that's the case, you have yourself one of the nicest girls around. © Fox Star Studios So, don't sweat it. Finding the right person takes some time but when you do find them, all the waiting and searching is really worth it. So let 2020 be your year and look for someone who has at least 3 characteristics listed above! View the full article
  3. Most men overlook the fact that the hair defines the way they look. So, even if you're well-groomed, are wearing the best of the clothes from your closet but your hair is frizzy, it'll definitely ruin everything. Often, we tend to not take care of our hair and that reflects in the bad hair quality in terms of dry, brittle hair. This is more often than not because we're not taking care of our hair, so here's why you should oil your hair, not just to improve your hair quality but also for other crucial benefits. 1. Nix The Frizz © Getty Images Hair oil is probably the best natural conditioner. In order to 'deep condition' your hair, oil your hair with coconut oil, then leave it on overnight, and wash it off with a mild shampoo the next day. 2. Hair Oil Can Also Be Soothing © Instagram/Ranveer Singh Slowly massaging hair oil helps in the better absorption of oil in the scalp. It also enables blood circulation which in turn is soothing. Oiling your hair also strengthens roots. 3. Fights Off Fungal And Bacterial Infections © Getty Images If you don't take care of your hair, your scalp especially becomes more prone to bacterial and fungal infections which reflects if you spot lice or dandruff among other visible signs. Regularly oiling your hair helps fight bacterial infections and goodness of the oil keeps the scalp hydrated. 4. Gives Hair a Natural Sheen © Getty Images Regular oiling nourishes your hair root deep. Oiling your hair, even post-wash leaves a natural sheen to your hair. So you can say goodbye to the frizz because with regular oiling, you won't be facing that anymore. 5. Nix The Dandruff Too © Getty Images One of the major reasons behind dandruff is a dry scalp. The dry scalp stretches and breaks, causing scabs and flakes that form dandruff. Dandruff cause itching on the scalp and at hair roots, inevitably resulting in hair breakage and hair fall. Massaging helps to keep the scalp nourished and to nix dandruff as well. So, this will definitely slow down the hair fall process. View the full article
  4. Birds of Prey is less than a month away and even before its release, people are turning into proper DC stans, thanks to the latest trailer. Well, Margot Robbie aka Harley Quinn does have that power, for sure. The new trailer dropped today and it's as colourful and crazy as you would expect it to be. It starts off with our poor lil Harley getting over her breakup with Joker. You should do whatever you want to cope, cry, eat cheese while crying, blow up your ex-boyfriend, it's called self-care. But, after that, she realizes that there are plenty of supervillains who want her dead, of course, and that includes Ewan McGregor's Roman Sionis, a mafia don known as Black Mask. What else is left other than to make a (suicide) squad? She teams up with four other women who are on Black Mask's hit list to take him down: Gotham City cop Renee Montoya, pickpocketing runaway Cassandra Cain, the vigilante the Huntress, and supernaturally screaming lounge singer Black Canary. The best part is obviously at the end when it's revealed that she has a pet hyena named Bruce. I mean, of course Harley Quinn will have a hyena named Bruce. Here's the trailer: The trailer has obviously got everyone very excited for the movie and going by the response, it looks like there'll be a lot of new DC fans after this. It looks great! This sequence is already a serve #BirdsOfPrey pic.twitter.com/52nEAIrq3n — Harley Quinn Updates (@HarleyMovieNews) January 10, 2020 Good enough. I don't care how good/bad the movie is, this is my reason for seeing it #BirdsOfPrey pic.twitter.com/EGToY8KWGQ — Ink Hyaena (@InkHyaena) January 10, 2020 Hmm. not harley taking a big lungful of cocaine lmaaooo #birdsofprey pic.twitter.com/tQKRqMvKXg — númenwhórë (@sIickslack) January 9, 2020 For sure. this is how gotham city's worst nightmare looks like #BirdsOfPrey pic.twitter.com/eoD0luoqKr — sasha ðð (@quinnftwidow) January 9, 2020 Yep. Our first look at Roman Sionis becoming #BlackMask! #BirdsOfPrey pic.twitter.com/Kh81bjwrVm — Ewan McGregor Daily (@EwanDaily) January 9, 2020 It's great. I love the aesthetic Gotham looks amazing #BirdsOfPrey pic.twitter.com/aZXVvHXwJR — Anthony (@brooklynbatman_) January 9, 2020 Great detail. Bernie holding Harley's tissue is sending me. #BirdsOfPrey pic.twitter.com/gMsMZLYHEx — Adam Stabelli (@AdamofGotham) January 9, 2020 Makes sense. Me waiting 1 more month to watch #BirdsOfPrey pic.twitter.com/FYvvsjPvBn — Formerly known as Oracle (@4eyed_Rhea) January 9, 2020 View the full article
  5. If in the New Year, you're looking to get a new look, you should definitely consider dipping your toes in the 'porn-star moustache' style. Firstly, it's much easier to grow a moustache than a full-fledged beard and secondly, it's one of the changes that'll bring a visible change to your face and besides, might just be your signature look. But, before we explore why you should have a porn star moustache, here's what it looks like. © Getty Images Celebrities like Ayushmann Khurrana, Kartik Aaryan, Arjun Kapoor and even Ranveer Singh, for that matter, have flaunted this stache. Although the pornstar moustache has different variations, the most popular one can be defined as a thick, heavy moustache with slightly elongated ends and no accompanying facial hair. So why should you try one, you ask. 1. In the '80s, male pornstars used to keep moustaches like these, and it quickly became a rage among the ladies. This subsequently meant that more men started getting a similar style. And while the trend was then taken over by clean shaved men and then fuller beards in later years, it's the 'porn star moustache' that keeps coming back every few years which means now is a good time to get one. © Getty Images 2. Most men try to find a signature style for their facial hair that suits them the best. This style then becomes their go-to for a couple of years because it suits them the best. One of the major reasons why some men aren't able to find their signature style is that they just don't experiment enough. If you think that you're one of them, this is the sign you were looking for. © Getty Images 3. With most actors ditching the stache for a beard, we think that people have just gotten used to seeing the latter all around. And with that, getting a stache means you can stand out in the crowd effortlessly with your rad new stache. © Getty Images 4. Lastly, a pornstache, especially does not require all that effort as one may think. In fact, it is rather easy to grow and maintain. Besides, while most men may choose a handlebar, you can express your personality through this style. And the best part is that if you don't like the way it looks on your face, you can always shave it off. View the full article
  6. You know what's the best movie to watch? The movie that everyone wants to boycott before it has even released, that too for unrelated reasons. We already knew Chhapaak was going to be one of the most important movies of the year just because of the highly crucial story it is based on. However, just a few days before its release, the movie is already surrounded by so many controversies with calls for boycott just because some people didn't like something Deepika Padukone did. Well, all I want to say after reading the first reactions to the movie is you all are going to miss out on a great movie with this boycott. There's nothing but praise for the movie with Deepika's strong performance as an acid attack survivor and it made it even better. Guess that about sums it up. Went for the premier of #Chapaak. It is a kick in the guts that we all need — Amit Tandon (@amitandon) January 8, 2020 Must watch, indeed. #Chhapaak gives strong message. Heart wrenching and emotional movie. Outstanding performance by @deepikapadukone. She is the soul of the movie. Superb direction by @meghnagulzar. Fantastic script & screenplay. must watch film. â­â­â­â­#ChhapaakReview #Chappak #DeepikaPadukone pic.twitter.com/RvvJDXedBN — E24 (@E24bollynews) January 8, 2020 Queen Deepika. Queen @deepikapadukone has delivered what will be the performance of the year in #Chhapaak & will win every major award for it. She is the undisputed queen of Bollywood & will keep rising. No amount of negativity will change that. â¤ï¸#ChhapaakReview #DeepikaPadukone — Asjad Nazir (@asjadnazir) January 9, 2020 Looks like they did justice to her story. Just watched #Chhapaak. It's an emotional and Heart Wrenching film. #Chappak shows acid attack surviver's pain, courage and fight. @deepikapadukone is outstanding. Superb Direction, impressive Screen play. Must Watch and Inspiring film. â­â­â­â­#ChhapaakReview #DeepikaPadukone pic.twitter.com/C9qrGfFhyM — Neetu Kumar (@neetukumar02) January 8, 2020 That's a good word. #OneWordReview...#Chhapaak: POWERFUL. Rating: â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸½ Some stories should be told. Some issues must be addressed... Gut-wrenching, yet empowering... Aces: Sensitive writing. Skilled direction. Masterful performances... Take a bow, #Deepika and #MeghnaGulzar. #ChhapaakReview pic.twitter.com/LyDUkFtrvq — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) January 8, 2020 That's promising. #chhapaak The year begins with a 'splash' of grit and guts. Deepika plays the victim and the warrior with equal poise while Vikrant lends terrific support. Meghna is in top form once again. 'Chhapaak' is a shining example of good cinema with great intentions! â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸ (4 stars) — Bhavikk Sangghvi (@bhavikksangghvi) January 8, 2020 Powerful is basically summing it up. What a powerful movie #Chappak is! Brilliant performances by @deepikapadukone & @masseysahib. @meghnagulzar, please take a bow. Your storytelling just gets better & better with every film. Congrats @foxstarhindi, Vijay Singh & Ruchcha for putting your faith in a concept like this — goldie behl (@GOLDIEBEHL) January 9, 2020 What a nice reaction. View this post on Instagram Star struck! @thelaxmiagarwal â¤ï¸ What an inspirational story #chhapaak @deepikapadukone Thank you so much for this moving experience! You never felt so beautiful ð¤ @vikrantmassey87 brother you're phenomenal! I have been a huge fan since Dharam-Veer days, and can't wait for your next! ð @meghnagulzar Ma'am, much love and respect ð We need more stories like these coming our way ð A post shared by Siddhant Chaturvedi (@siddhantchaturvedi) on Jan 8, 2020 at 9:40pm PST Hmm. Force that drives Deepika is unimaginable and her integrity in reel and real life is exemplary! Vikrant your are just wonderful! Meghna, Atika, thank you! More power to your craft, to your honesty! @deepikapadukone @masseysahib @meghnagulzar @atikachohan #Chhapaak — juhi chaturvedi (@writeonj) January 9, 2020 Now, that's big. 3.5 stars from @shubhragupta for Chhapaak. (Some colleagues used to joke in office that she doesn't know counting beyond 1, going by her very high standards and thus, low rankings for most films.)https://t.co/MF0k2TmEyX — Sushant Singh (@SushantSin) January 9, 2020 That's great. @deepikapadukone leads from the front and this is in my opinion her absolute best yet. @masseysahib superb performance!! My absolute best wishes bhai ð I can't articulate what I have been feeling since last night. This movie will never leave my mind !!! Many cheers — Gulshan Devaiah (@gulshandevaiah) January 9, 2020 View the full article
  7. Foldable phones became a thing of last year and it was natural to see the foldable screen technology trickle down to laptops sometime soon. That day has finally come when Lenovo showed off its first foldable laptop that uses a prototype OLED display. It folds up like a folder and the company is looking to sell this as a commercial product sometime soon. The laptop is called the ThinkPad X1 Fold and will be available sometime this year. © BCCL/PCMag The display on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold uses a 13.3-inch 4:3 OLED panel and has a resolution of 2048 x 1536. That's roughly the same size as a 9.7-inch iPad and looks quite portable too. The device currently runs on Windows 10 Pro and not the Windows 10x; a specific operating system for folding devices that is scheduled to release later this year. It would be interesting to see if this foldable device by laptop would adopt that operating system. At the moment, the laptop uses a customised pop-up menu which can switch between a single full-screen mode to a dual-screen mode. While using the X1 Fold as a tablet in portrait mode, users can use the touch screen display for keyboard input. It also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard that can be attached to the foldable device via magnets. There is an inbuilt kickstand to keep the foldable laptop upright while typing on the keyboard accessory. © BCCL/PCMag The obvious advantage of using a foldable laptop is convenience and the fact that it has a smaller footprint due to its folding capabilities. It weighs less than 1KG and can transform into a PC whenever required thanks to the different screen modes it supports. Currently, not much is known about the performance as Lenovo has not detailed the specific CPU it will be using. However, Lenovo claims it can last up to 11 hours on a single charge. © YouTube/Cnet Lenovo says that the X1 Fold will ship sometime in mid-2020 and will retail for $2,499 (Rs 1,79,397.50). The X1 Fold definitely comes with a hefty price tag especially considering it is still a prototype at this stage. However, since it is the world's first folding laptop, the price may not be a factor for tech enthusiasts who simply want to own something experimental, exclusive and innovative as the Lenovo X1 Fold. View the full article
  8. It's easy to get caught with the growing list of gadgets that are making their way into the world. Quite honestly, not all of them are worth your time or hard-earned money. In most cases, what may work others may not do the trick for you, which is why it's important to give a little bit of thought before buying anything. But today, I am going to be listing some of the top tech items to kick off 2020 with. All the items on this list are very reliable will make your life easier, allowing you to get more done, and feel less stressed. So let's get started with this list - Baseus Mini Magnetic USB-C Angled Fast Charging Adapter I don't have to tell you about Apple's MacBook MagSafe connectors, right? I am very clumsy when it comes to wires, and I can't begin to tell you how many times I've tripped over a power cord that's charging either a phone or my laptop. And the next thing you know is gadget is sent flying off the table or desk. © Amazon This is where MagSafe connectors enter. Apple has stopped making these, but luckily a ton of other third-party vendors have started selling them, that too for different connectors. Today, on Amazon, you can get a MagSafe USB Type C connector, a MagSafe Lightning connector, and a whole more. The one from Baseus is what I use personally, but you can do a little research and pick anything that suits you. But just do yourself a favor and buy a MagSafe connector for as many gadgets as you can. A Wireless Charger As someone who carries more than a dozen gadgets at a time, I often find myself carrying a ton of chargers with me all the time. I am glad that most of the gadgets which I use these days including my iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods support wireless charging. I can just throw them on the wireless mat whenever I am not using them instead of keeping it on my bag and they'll get charged and be ready to go when I am. © Amazon Even if you don't carry too many gadgets, a wireless charger is something you might want to invest in 2020 because it'll definitely make your life that much easier. Once you go wireless, you won't feel like fiddling with charging cables anymore. Tile Mate © Amazon Bluetooth locators have gone mainstream now and one of the best ones on the market is the new Tile Mate tracker. You can use this with anything like your wallet, backpack, or your suitcase, and track it in case you happen to misplace them. It's one of those things that you'll forget about until you need it. A Pair Of Truly Wireless Earbuds © Apple There are a ton of truly wireless earbuds out there on the market, and I think it's time we switch to wireless media instead of fiddling with cords for our day-to-day use. Yes, a good pair of wired earphones or headphones are still irreplaceable because of the sheer quality that it offers, but the convenience offered by a pair of truly wireless earbuds is unmatchable. You can gon with AirPods Pro if you're an Apple user, so buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds or Realme Buds if you're an Android phone user. A Smart Speaker © Amazon Smart speakers with digital assistants are just as popular as Bluetooth speakers once were. There's something satisfying about talking to your digital assistant and getting things done like setting an alarm, turning on lights and other appliances, etc. Options like the Amazon's Echo Dot and Google Home Mini are so good in terms of both audio quality and functionality that you simply can't ignore them. Be sure to check it out. View the full article
  9. It can be horrifying to spot your very first grey hair strand. The grey strand is synonymous to the ravages of time that you're no exception to either. The good news is, none of us are. However, if you're someone who wants to hide the greys, (that's completely normal too) you should probably read ahead: 1. Don't Pluck It Plucking the grey is damaging to the follicle in the long run. It's best to dye it so the dye only gets to the shaft of the hair. Damaging the hair follicle might lead to hair fall. Alternatively, you can cut them shorter if you just want to remove them from sight. 2. Focus On Getting Strong Hair © Getty Images Switch your shampoo and conditioner with a formula that has hair brightening qualities. That will ensure that any grey hair strands you do have, get acclimated to the change, and visually it doesn't project a stark difference to others looking at you. 3. If You Plan To Dye It, Being Subtle Is Key It's always best to go to a professional colourist whose job is to make your dyed hair look all-natural. But, if you have just a few spots and small patches to fill, you can spot-colour by matching your tone with the various drugstore options. 4. Use A Hair Oil © Getty Images Generous use of hair oil softens and relaxes the hair which is good for hair growth in the long run. Hair oil will also give your hair a healthy sheen that prevents the greys from looking dull and brittle. View the full article
  10. It's not just the end of another fantastic (I suppose) year, but the end of an entire decade and while we deliberate over how to function differently in an entirely new decade, we should also get rid of old patterns and adapt or adopt newer ones. By patterns I mean something that has been detrimental to your existence for a whole decade. Something you thought that worked for you but really hasn't, and it's quite obvious with the decisions you've made the past decade. © AA Films But changing a pattern isn't easy, it requires a conscious effort. But consciously trying to change something for one's own betterment is not that difficult either. It just needs a lot of discipline, acceptance and hard work. So, in order to change patterns and step into a brand new year, with a brand new persona, you can try doing things you've probably never done before! And by things I mean activities. This will give you courage and a reason to believe that old habits can be thrown out of the window and new ones can be welcomed through the front door! Here are 5 new things you can try in 2020, to redefine who you really are! (1) Plan A Solo Trip This one should definitely be on the cards. And by planning a solo trip I don't mean going to a nearby destination and chilling for a weekend. I mean a proper solo trip where you travel to another country perhaps, or plan an excursion within India, discovering cultures and sights and sounds, you haven't in the past. Solo travelling is very important to connect with oneself. It breaks a lot of unnecessary patterns and also encourages to have a positive, more outward opinion on life, along with making you more independent, self reliant and self assuring. © UTV Motion Pictures (2) Get Yourself A Pet If you've always been someone who thinks getting a pet is added responsibility and that you'll be tied down, well, take a chance! It might be extra responsibility and you might leave the house lesser but you are doing something you've never done before! You are taking care of another life and that's quite a leap of faith! Besides, pets are highly therapeutic and will help you heal in time as well! © Instagram virat kolhi (3) Approach Women Differently Maybe try a different way to reach out to the women you like? Try going back to making it more organic and simple instead of online dating. Hit more bars and make more conversations. It's the best way to build your self esteem and meet women you can actually have a one-on-one conversation with, personally and not through a screen! © UTV Motion Pictures (4) Try A Brand New Diet This may sound clichéd but changing dietary pattern is also a big change and one must do it from time to time. If you're used to binging on food or going out often and eating then maybe change that pattern to have something more suitable for the body. For instance, a vegetarian diet has its own benefits. But you will never know until you try it, so maybe find a good suitable diet and change your immediate one. © Instagram (5) Find A New Tribe People are also responsible for how happy you are in life and what patterns you live by. Sometimes the influence is far greater than you can imagine. Sometimes you're surrounded by people who're posing as a deterrent for your personal growth and hence you need to maybe find yourself a new tribe or in simpler words, make new friends! It isn't difficult TBH. All you need to do is start meeting more like minded people through apps or just generally going out and initiating the need to be friends with them! © UTV Motion Pictures These are activities you can start with for the coming year to get rid of the old toxic patterns. Even if you imbibe half of the above, you will feel different and new and probably look towards more positive changes in the future. View the full article
  11. Every year Bollywood treats us with a wide variety of movies which cater to completely different audiences. As we welcome 2020, the month of January looks as exciting as ever for Bollywood movie buffs. From something as serious as the life story of acid attack survivor Laxmi Aggarwal to a light-hearted Jawaani Jaaneman, here are the nine movies we are looking forward to in January 2020. Sab Kushal Mangal (January 3) Filmmakers are expected to say 'Sab Kushal Mangal Hai' when you have an actor like Akshaye Khanna on board. The movie is a love story about a young woman, a TV anchor, and a local big shot. Akshaye said in a statement, "I really liked the story and the character. Also, the fact that the comedy is never forced, it is situational.” The movie also stars Priyaank Sharma, the son of actor Padmini Kolhapure, and Riva Kishan, daughter of Bhojpuri star Ravi Kishan in lead roles. Bhangra Paa Le (January 3) If you are a Vicky Kaushal fan, you would surely like his brother Sunny Kaushal on the big screen as it seems like the acting runs in their blood. The viewers have loved the trailer and want to see more of him on the big screens. Directed by debutant Sneha Taurani, the movie talks about Bhangra as an art form. Just like Street Dancer 3D, we would see the leads showing off their dance moves and can be seen at loggerheads in the trailer. Shimla Mirchi (January 3) Shimla Mirchi, a film starring Rajkummar Rao, Rakul Preet Singh, and Hema Malini, will showcase how a single mother (Hema Malini) and her daughter (Rakul Preet Singh) fall in love with the same man (Rajkummar Rao). It's surely an unusual love story and will be interesting to see it on the big screen. Chhapaak (January 10) Easily one of the most-anticipated Deepika Padukone movies, the actor would be portraying the role of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal in Chhapaak. The trailer has already left us speechless, thanks to Deepika's excellent acting. While talking about the preparations that went into making Malti look real on the screen, Deepika had earlier said, “I'd say it's the toughest movie I have ever done. Not because of the role, but because of the prosthetics. I am an extremely patient person, but I had to dig deep to go through that every single day for 42 days.” We are surely looking forward to watching this one on the big screens. Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior (January 10) Ajay Devgn's 100th film promises to be a grand affair. The film will feature Ajay as Maratha warrior Tanhaji Malusare who fought the Battle of Sinhagad (1670) against Udaybhan Singh Rathod. Rathod's role will be essayed by Saif Ali Khan. Audiences will also get to watch Kajol as Ajay's on-screen wife, Savitribai Malusare, in Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior. Jai Mummy Di (January 17) Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall's Jai Mummy Di has already made the right noise as viewers have appreciated the trailer. The trailer shows the mad journey of two lovers struggling to keep their affair secret from their obsessive mothers. Jai Mummy Di has been written and directed by Navjot Gulati. Jai Mummy Di is slated to releases on 17 January 2020. Sunny and Sonnalli previously starred together in Luv Ranjan-directed Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2. Street Dancer 3D (January 24) Varun Dhawan, Prabhu Deva and Shraddha Kapoor are set to burn the dance floor with their upcoming movie Street Dancer 3D. Set in London, the movie shows Varun playing a dancer of Indian origin and Shraddha hails from Pakistan and the two are ready to pin each other down on the dance battlefield. In an interview, director Remo D'Souza said, “The story of Street Dancer is close to my heart. The way Varun, Shraddha and I are bringing the story alive on the screen, the audience will become a fan of the film. It is an inspirational story and a family entertainer.” Panga (January 24) After playing an edgy role in her last film Judgementall Hai Kya, Kangana Ranaut is back on the big screen to entertain her fans with another venture, Panga. In the movie, she will be seen playing the role of a kabbadi player who is also a mother. The movie also stars Jassie Gill in the lead role. The trailer has already impressed people and they are looking forward to watching the movie. Jawaani Jaaneman (January 31) It will be a treat to see Saif Ali Khan and Tabu reunite on the big screens for Jawaani Jaaneman. The two had earlier acted in films like Hum Saath Saath Hain and Biwi No. 1 before this collaboration. In an earlier interview with Mumbai Mirror, Tabu opened up about working with Saif in R Balki's film. She said, "This is a different film and it's amazing to work with Saif after so many years. We did Biwi No. 1, but we didn't have any scenes together. Saif has a great sense of humour and I was looking forward to doing this kind of film with him," she said. The posters have been quite quirky and fans are excited to know what the movie has to offer. #JawaniJaaneman in cinemas this 31st January. Add some colours to modern love this season ð¥@poojafilms #BlackKnightFilms #NorthernLightsFilms @nitinrkakkar #SaifAliKhan @AlayaF___ #Tabu @kubbrasait @vashubhagnani @jayshewakramani @PuriAkshai @honeybhagnani #JawaaniJaaneman pic.twitter.com/xUS5zV1qCn — Jackky Bhagnani (@jackkybhagnani) December 24, 2019 Which one are you most excited to watch this January? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  12. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are going to kickstart a new generation of gaming in 2020 and the only thing we know so far are the names and what the next Xbox looks like. However, new leaks have surfaced online that paint a clearer picture of both consoles. These leaks are not yet official but it gives us a better look at the power of each console. © Twitter/The-Driun According to a report by Digital Foundry, the PS5 will reportedly have a 9.3 teraflop GPU. The report was published by Eurogamer and it also details the GPU specifications of the Xbox Series X. The PS4 is capable of maximum 1.84 teraflops which means the PlayStation 5 will be leaps ahead in graphics prowess. The report also said that the PlayStation 5 will feature GDDR6 RAM, identical to what you can find on AMD's RX 5700 GPU. © Youtube Apart from these specifications, the report also claims that the PS5's GPU will be able to switch between three modes for backward compatibility. It will be compatible with PS4 and PS4 Pro tiles while a “gen2” mode is reserved for PS5 games. The other modes have been referenced as “gen 1” and “gen 0” modes to allow backward compatibility. The “gen1” mode runs on the same clock speed, GPU draw power and other metrics of the PS4 Pro: 36 compute units, a 911MHz core clock, and 218GB/s of memory bandwidth and 64 ROPs. © Microsoft In the same report, it was detailed that the Xbox Series X GPU is able to achieve 12 teraflops, however Digital Foundry describes it as “frankly ginormous, with signs pointing to a possible target of 12 teraflops.” If these leaks are to be believed, the Xbox Series X sounds a bit more powerful than the PS5, at least on paper. While the leak details both consoles and its components well, it is still unofficial information and needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Source: Eurogamer View the full article
  13. Mehwish Hayat, Fahad Mustafa’s rib-tickling viral TikTok videos Pakistan’s leading lady Mehwish Hayat is unleashing chuckles all around with her TikTok videos making rounds on the internet where she takes the frame with Fahad Mustafa. The two Actor in Law stars have taken the spotlight on the widely-used video sharing platform as their dubbed videos poking fun at Pakistani politicians with their dialogues from the film is leaving the audience in fits of laughter. “In our country, minorities are given all of their rights. Always remember, the white in our flag is for them solely,” an energized Mehwish can be seen lip-syncing to an audio clip from her 2016-released Nabeel Qureshi directorial. Another one of their videos shows them delivering one more iconic dialogues from the film with their disgruntled characters addressing the judge. Watch the videos here:
  14. OnePlus is expected to showcase a concept smartphone at CES in a few weeks, however it seems like another OnePlus phone was spotted on a certification website. OnePlus generally launches a new smartphone sometime in April/May which is still months away, considering the listing has just appeared. It was spotted on China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) certification website by Twitter user Sudhanshu Ambhore. OnePlus 8 Pro 5G (IN2010) launch nearing soon, as it gets certified by MIIT.#OnePlus8Pro pic.twitter.com/ZvJCzjjuX6 — Sudhanshu Ambhore (@Sudhanshu1414) December 25, 2019 Ambhore tweeted out a screenshot from the website that gives us a sneak peek into what the smartphone could feature. While the main specifications were not detailed in the screenshot, it does have all the basic information about the phone's frequency bands. According to the screenshot, this OnePlus device is said to come with dual-mode 5G connectivity with support for a range of frequency bands. The listing comes with a model number IN2010 and is tipped to be the Pro variant of the OnePlus 8. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Given that the upcoming smartphone has been listed on a Chinese certification website, it is still too soon for the smartphone to launch. Previous rumours have suggested that the OnePlus 8 Pro will launch with a 6.7-inch curved AMOLED display and have a refresh rate of 120Hz. The smartphone is also touted to have a punch-hole camera instead of the pop-up mechanism on the OnePlus 7/7T Pro. There are three models expected to launch where the Pro variant will apparently be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chipset. In addition to the triple-camera setup, the new OnePlus smartphones are also expected to sport a ToF (time of flight) sensor. View the full article
  15. Getting a good shave means getting rid of the pesky strands that are hard to weed out. But while at it, it's also equally important to avoid nicking the skin and bleeding. So, here's the thing, different areas of the body might need different kinds of razors for effective hair removal. So here is a range of different razors that you can use keeping your need and preference in mind. 1. Cartridge Razors © Gillette Cartridge razor blades are placed inside a disposable cartridge. This is designed in such a way that the razor can deliver a close shave. The cartridge can be flexible and can glide smoothly over the contours of the skin without any glitches. They provide a quick shave because there are multiple blades at work. However, these cartridges should be changed routinely to avoid bacterial infections. Using one for too long also makes the edges blunt and therefore less effective. These razors, however, are slightly expensive. But if you want to, you may try Gillette Fusion Manual Razor. 2. Disposable Razors © Gillette Disposable razors are designed with a plastic handle that is attached to a blade at one end. A disposable razor is not as fast and effective as a cartridge razor, but it does the job if you're patient enough. But, if you're clumsy, this might not be the razor for you because you're more likely to nick yourself with it. However, they're not sustainable and definitely not practical in the long run. 3. Straight Razor © Parker Straight razors have a metal blade and a handle that doubles as storage for the said blade. These are the sharpest razors that exist out there. They deliver a very close shave but are a little tricky to work with. Try Parker Straight Edge Razor if you want to go for these ones. 4. Electric Razors © NOYMI Electric razors or auto-razors, as the name suggests, have a motor attached. Foil electric razors have a foil or thin metal sheet with holes over the blades. Another version of this is called the epilator. The tiny holes take in the hair and crop through it. Rotary electric razors, on the other hand, have three circular heads that are designed in the shape of a triangle. Electric razors are ideal for coarse thick growth. Try NOYMI Electric Shavers for Men EM100. 5. Safety Razor © Bombay Shaving Company These are single-blade razors for long-term use that have a protection device installed. However, because of the protection device, the razor takes relatively longer to provide a finish. Try Bombay Shaving Company Precision Safety Razor if you're into this kind of razors. View the full article
  16. We go to theatres expecting that we will have three hours of sheer entertainment, but then there are a few movies that are way beyond just entertainment. Such movies leave an indelible impression on you for you to think about them deeply. We are all set to say goodbye to 2019 but before that, we thought we should treat you with 10 movies that challenged societal taboos in this entire decade for you to watch them all over again. These movies are stellar examples of Indian storytelling and well, we can't deny that Bollywood filmmakers have thought out-of-the-box wherein the movies are trying to talk about something serious and challenge societal taboos. From trying to normalise the fact that your parents can have an active *** life to addressing periods out in open, movies in this whole decade have done some serious talking. Without any further ado, let's take a look at the movies which we think challenged societal taboos and made their point loud and clear. Udaan Even if we complete the next decade, Udaan would still be relevant as it tries to deconstruct the notion of how a male should grow up in the contemporary urban, middle-class society of India. It challenges the whole idea that if you are man, you have to be tough and also head the family according to your whims and fancies. The protagonist's father is shown to be a typical man who follows the set notions of masculinity that our society offers and the movie is trying to give a new definition to manhood. Badhaai Ho Ayushmann Khurrana's Badhaai Ho gave out its message very loud and clear that sexual desires are not restricted to any age and it's ok to accept that Indian parents can have a normal *** life even post their children have crossed a certain age. It must be seen as something normal without any taboo regarding the same. It's hard for us to believe so because we don't openly discuss *** with our folks. Well, the movie hits the right spot and makes it very clear that it's normal to have parents who are still sexually attracted to each other when they are in their middle age. Article 15 Caste, creed, ***, and religion have always been debatable subjects or call them the biggest propagandas to encash on for our 'educated' politicians. The movie highlights the plight of the lower caste and the evils of the caste system that still prevails in our society. The film is a tight slap on the face of institutional age-old customs of castes. Section 375 & Pink Akshaye Khanna and Richa Chadha's movie Section 375 refers to Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, under which a woman can accuse a man of rape, if he has sexual intercourse with her without her consent, or if the consent is produced via coercion, deception, or the woman not being in a sound mental state to give consent. The movie is an eye-opener for those who don't understand the difference between consent and will. It does tackle the social taboo of 'Ladki Ki Naa Mein Bhi Haan Hai'. Coming to Pink, Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsee Pannu's movie also highlights the similar subject of consent and will. The movie, in fact, was one of the few movies that initiated this very dialogue. Masaan Masaan is a collage of stories crisscrossing age, gender, social ethos, taboos, and the caste system. It fights many taboos at one go and you have a fair understanding of how people are crude in our society. Shubh Mangal Savdhaan & Vicky Donor Shoojit Sircar directorial Vicky Donor touches upon a very less talked about subject of sperm donation. There are men who have issues of erectile dysfunction and are unable to make their spouses conceive. This movie tries to normalise the dialogue of sperm donation and offers it as a solution for all those men who have been suffering within. Shubh Mangal Savdhaan deals with the subject of erectile dysfunction about which no one would talk in the open. The movie tries to tell the audience that it's okay to have erectile dysfunction and there's always a solution. PadMan & Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Both the movies mentioned above attack societal taboos in a very matured way. PadMan talks boldly about women's health and menstrual hygiene. It throws light on the fact that women need sanitary pads and creates awareness about the use of these pads. Coming to Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, no one would have ever imagined that a full feature-length movie on the importance of toilets would ever be made. It tries to shun the idea of open defecation. Aligarh This Hansal Mehta directorial, based on a real-life incident, was a strong take on a sensitive topic of LGBT rights. When the movie was released, it was bashed by the people for showing homosexuality on the big screen but it tried to say that there's nothing wrong in falling in love with someone from the same *** and every human being has the full right to social acceptance. Bala, Ujda Chaman, & Gone Kesh Are you dealing with premature balding and are not okay to accept it? Then, Bala, Ujda Chaman, and Gone Kesh are here to tell you that it's perfectly alright if you are struggling to keep a lush mane on your head. Premature balding is a subject that was neglected earlier but these movies tried to create a healthy discussion around this matter. Newton Newton is a story about a government clerk who tries to run a free and fair election in a conflict area in central India. It challenges the whole idea behind the unfair electoral process and even shows how lower castes are fooled into this system. Dear Zindagi Dear Zindagi argues that just like every other physical ailment like fever, your mental health should also be kept in check from time to time and there is no shame in asking for help if you are going through depression. Lipstick Under My Burkha Lipstick Under My Burkha is a bold take on how women are subjected to follow a certain conduct and this movie challenges that very notion and asserts the fact that women own their bodies and have the full right to freedom of expression and should be allowed to explore their sexuality. Hindi Medium It may be a light-hearted movie but it shows the invisible line that divides the urban rich and poor – those fluent in English and those who are not. It challenges the whole idea behind the fact if you know English well, you can make a living for yourself and assert the fact that students can do well on the basis of their merit and talent. Which one do you think you can watch all over again? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  17. Christmas is here and not everybody has a chance to celebrate the day with their friends and family. If you need a way of sending holiday greetings to your near and dear ones, you can do it by sending WhatsApp stickers. Here is how to download and send Christmas stickers on WhatsApp: 1-Open WhatsApp and go to the chat that you want to send the striker to. 2-Tap on the emoji face at the bottom left corner. 3-Click on the 'stickers' button and you will see the available sticker packs. 4-Tap on the + button at the top right corner of stickers window. 5-Scroll to the bottom of the list and tap on "Get more stickers". 6-Search for Christmas stickers and select one from the available stickers. 7-Download the sticker pack that you want to use. 8-The sticker pack will be available for use. 9-Now send a Christmas sticker by tapping on the emoji face.
  18. Martin Scorsese recently faced strong backlash for taking a jibe at Marvel movies. "The Departed" director found himself in trouble when he went on to say that superhero movies were "not cinema". Todd Phillips, the director of Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker, agrees to what Scorcese said. According to AceShowbiz, the director said he accepts Scorsese was making a fair point. The director, however, fell short of explaining whether he fully agrees to what Scorsese said. He was speaking at The Hollywood Reporter's directors roundtable chat. "Marty got a lot of heat for that (what he said), but I understand it fully. We were struggling to get 'Joker' made, which sounds funny because it exists in the superhero world, but it's really not one of those movies." "We spent a year at Warner Bros., and I saw emails back and forth, literally, where they said, 'Does he realise we sell Joker pyjamas at Target?' I go, 'Didn't movies come first and pyjamas come second? Are the pyjamas dictating the movies?' Theme park rides. Pyjamas. Slurpee cups. Whatever it is that you are selling off the back of movies, you can't make your decisions based on that." Martin Scorsese, who was also present on the occasion said: "I remember when Disneyland was built... and one of the aspirations of the studios was to become as important to American culture as Disneyland. And the first studio to really do that was Universal with the (studio) tour. And then you add the blockbuster on top of that - and why not? People go to the movie. Enjoy it. That sort of thing." "So the sense of a theme park has always been there. It's not bad. We used to love to go to amusement parks. But now in an amusement park, you have the film."
  19. If your 9-5 job is not really an 8-hour shift but extends to at least 12 hours on a good day, you know your skin will bear its brunt in the form of under-eye pits, among other things. Not getting enough sleep is one of the main factors behind this. It also results in eye darkness and puffiness and here are seven affordable ways to get rid of dark circles. 1. Use Retinoids With consistent use, retinol-enriched products can stimulate the production of collagen, an essential protein. They are also responsible for skin volume and support, so they're definitely good for you. © Getty Images You can try Clinique Fresh Pressed Clinical Daily, as this product has active retinol which will help in boosting collagen. © Clinique 2. Sleep On Your Back If dark circles are something you experience more in the mornings, one solution could be to sleep on your back and use an extra pillow so the fluid doesn't pool overnight. © Getty Images 3. Use Under-Eye Lightening Products In Case Of Pigmentation Increased pigmentation can also be a major factor behind dark under-eye pits. Look for products with ingredients like topical lightening agents such as vitamin C, kojic acid, and licorice extract. You could try Mamaearth Under Eye Cream. © Mamaearth 4. Take An Antihistamine Sometimes, people have darkness under the eyes due to an underlying allergy without realizing it. An antihistamine helps clear that up instantly. 5. Tea Bags A quick solution would be to try tea bags for the dark circles. This is because tea bags contain natural tannins which is a mild diuretic. Soak two eye bags in warm water and refrigerate them for a while. Place them under your eyes for a minimum of five minutes for it to work. © Getty Images 6. Get More Sleep With a standardized sleep schedule and a minimum of seven to eight hours in your routine, your dark circles will reduce considerably. 7. Use Almond Oil Essential oils like almond oil have soothing and healing properties that help lighten dark circles. © Getty Images View the full article
  20. Millions of smartphone users learned through the Blue Alert that a suspect accused of killing a police office is on the loose.According to police, 21-year-old Tavores D. Henderson is accused of killing Nassau Bay Police Sergeant Kaila Sullivan, 43, Tuesday night.The suspect managed to escape as he was being handcuffed. The deceased police officer was hit by the suspect’s vehicle when he fled the scene.Authorities have announced a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to Henderson's arrest.Launched in Texas in 2008, chief purpose of the Blue Alert was to let the people across the state know when an offender who killed or seriously injured a federal, state or local law enforcement officer in the line of duty is on the run.There are four criteria that must be met to issue the alert:A law enforcement officer must have been killed or seriously injured by an offender.The investigating law enforcement agency must determine that the offender poses a serious risk or threat to the public and other law enforcement personnel.A detailed description of the offender's vehicle, vehicle tag, or partial tag must be available for broadcast to the public.The investigating law enforcement agency of jurisdiction must recommend activation of the Blue Alert to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).Texas is one of the 34 states that currently has the system in place.
  21. Thanks to first-party and third-party developer support, the Nintendo Switch has become one of the most robust Nintendo consoles ever. Sure, the console is not officially sold here in India but people can still get their hands on it via other sources. In fact, the Nintendo Switch has outsold the Xbox One in India even though Xbox has an official presence in the country. According to the MakoReactor, Nintendo Switch's lifetime India sale numbers are believed to be above 50,000. In fact, the number could have risen a bit since the report was first published a few months ago. This means a lot of you own the console who are probably looking for the best games to play on the console. In 2019, we saw many games launch that also made its way to India and we've handpicked some of the games that you should consider buying. It includes games from various genres: 1. Pokemon Sword and Shield © Nintendo If you have been a fan of past titles, you will not be disappointed by this entry into the franchise It is as addicting as previous Pokemon games and comes with new dynamic environments. It as an open-world-style Wild Areas filled with wild Pokémon for you to catch and comes with new Dynamax battles. You can also do Max Raids with your friends to take on giant Pokemons and earn rewards to make your Pokemon party stronger. You can expect good 20 hours of single-player and potentially unlimited gameplay thanks to the new game modes. 2. Overwatch © Blizzard Entertainment We still can't believe Blizzard was able to port the highly competitive hero shooter game for the Nintendo Switch. We reviewed the game when it first came out and it is by one of the best multiplayer games you can play on the console. To know more about the game, read our detailed review here. 3. Luigi's Mansion 3 © Nintendo If you ever wanted to be a Ghostbuster while also cosplaying as a Nintendo Character, this game may just be for you. This game comes with one of the most satisfying environmental puzzles in the series as you explore a labyrinth hotel that turns into a haunted mansion. It's a fun and casual adventure game with clever puzzles and an endearing story. 4. Super Mario Maker 2 © Nintendo The level-creating game that will give you literally countless levels to play is, by far, the most value for money game on our list. You can play the game cooperatively and competitively with friends; make your own levels or play on levels created by other users. There are some really cleverly and creatively designed levels that you can play and save to play offline whenever you want. Super Mario Maker 2 also comes with its own story mode with 100 levels you can clear. 5. NBA 2K20 © YouTube Not everyone is a fan of playing competitive or casual adventure games. For people who love playing sports games can also check out NBA 2K20. You can play a few basketball matches in the offline mode or compete with other people in the MyTeam mode. You can also play the MyCareer mode to play the single-player narrative experience. Visually, the game looks awesome and have realistic character models to give you the feeling as if you are watching a match on live television. 6. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Complete Edition © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The Witcher 3 will go down as of the best RPGs of all time and the game finally made its way to the Nintendo Switch this year. However, in this version Switch, players will get all of the DLCs and the full game which can result in over 100 hours of gameplay. The game has a gripping story that will keep you at the edge of your seat and a great combat system to keep you busy in the massive world. 7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate © Nintendo Technically, the game launched in early December 2018, however, it is still a great fighting game that captured audiences all through 2019. It comes with 74-characters to choose from and more than 100 stages for you to battle it out with your friends. For online multiplayer modes, the game comes with 8-player brawls to intense 1-on-1 contests that will keep you playing this game for a long time. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is also the perfect party or local multiplayer game to simply have fun or be competitive at the same time. 8. Astral Chain © Platinum Games If you are a fan of Anime-style action games then you cannot go wrong with Astral Chain. It is an adventure game set in the future where you control your character and a range of Legion companions. The fighting mechanics in this game is extremely satisfying where you will throw some crazy combos. The environment is filled with fun puzzles and has its own prog-metal soundtrack. Visually, it is the best looking game you can play on the Switch right now. View the full article
  22. If you're in your twenties and constantly feel lost or confused and think your life is weirder than a bizarre Bollywood love story, we're here to tell you that you're not alone. It's going to be okay, my friend as you're just undergoing a 'quarter-life crisis.' Most people in their twenties are often confused about their careers, love life and life, in general. Maybe, your life is falling apart in front of your eyes but trust me, it will get better. Before you start overthinking, here are a few signs that'll tell you if you're undergoing a quarter-life crisis and how to fix it: 1. You're Feeling Trapped © Unsplash This happens to everyone who is stuck between freedom and early adulthood as you're transitioning from practising independence to commitment. If you've committed to something at an early age, be it your work or a relationship, feeling trapped is 'okay'. How to fix it? Rather than quitting your job or giving up on your relationship, the best way is to identify the problem and work on a solution. It might sound like a lot of work but trust us, there is no shortcut. 2. You're Constantly Worrying That You're Not Earning Enough © Unsplash The chances are that you're not earning enough. But remember, you are just in your twenties but are stressing like you're in your forties. It is paramount to earn enough and fulfill your dreams but it is also important to work at your own pace and not be part of the rat race. Your achievements and your learning curve isn't the only thing that makes your identity. There is so much more. How to fix it: Rather than focusing on how much you earn, focus on developing and evolving your work skills. Working on self-development will automatically enable you to reach where you've always wanted to reach. Quit procrastinating and jump onto the right track. 3. You're Perpetually Bored © Unsplash If you feel bored all the time, chances are that you're looking for a change and you're just not enjoying your regular schedule anymore. You can also feel bored or worked up in your relationship and it is normal to feel this way. How to fix it: The brainchild is to start doing what you actually like doing. If you don't know what you want to do, it's about time you make a list of things that you've always wanted to do. You can always start doing new things with your significant other to make things more romantic and interesting. Take that cooking lesson you've always wanted to take, join that dance class, hit the gym or take those acting classes that have been on your bucket list ever since. 4. You Dream About Plans That You'll Never Execute © Unsplash This happens with every one and this shouldn't be a big deal, honestly. The problem arises when you're only dreaming and not working on anything and that is called 'procrastinating' and you need to stop doing that. There is no better way but to just do the things that you plan to do unless you're planning on murdering someone. (Okay, please don't ever execute that plan!) How to fix it: Just execute them or don't make grand plans in the first place. It's like writing a to-do list and then not doing it. So, don't make a to-do list in the first place if you are not going to do it at all. 5. You're Unsure About Your Purpose In Life © Unsplash It used to be so simple in school. All we had to do was complete our homework and show up in class. Now, suddenly, we have to unleash a purpose that we are born for, why? How to fix it: It is rather difficult to find just one purpose in life. With the advent of learning to multitask, there is a chance that we've multiple purposes and as far as you are happy, you don't really have to have the ultimate and single purpose in life. View the full article
  23. You know how you wait for something for so many months and then when you finally see it, you're extremely disappointed? That's exactly what the first teaser for Black Widow is like. It's been months since anything new Marvel-related came out and fans had been desperately waiting for Black Widow's first look. The first teaser for the movie, that's supposed to release on May 1st finally dropped and honestly, I had just one word after watching it - underwhelming. After movies like Endgame and Infinity War, we have way too many expectations from Marvel movies (or maybe we don't since nothing can top those movies?), whatever the case may be and whatever the level of expectations may be, it wasn't met at all this time. Starting off with that one Natasha Romanoff quote from Endgame - you know which one I'm talking about - the trailer is packed with snippets of action sequences. It also shows Natasha reuniting with her 'sis' and their 'family' coming together. Guess we'll get to see how everyone's related. One more important part of the trailer - Is this Clint? Are we finally getting to see what happened in Budapest? Did they force him to wear a mask to keep the suspense? Okay, this is just a cool shot. Very unrealistic, but cool. New cool suit alert. Here's the full teaser: Maybe I'm just not feeling that excited about the teaser because we're so used to knowing all the characters already in all the recent Marvel movies and the fact we don't know anyone but Natasha, is throwing us off a little. Maybe. No doubt that it will probably be a great origin story for Black Widow because of how badass of a character she is. People are actually pretty excited about it, and I have a feeling I have an unpopular opinion. Here for it. Obviously https://t.co/55hU4afmju — Helen O'Hara (@HelenLOHara) December 3, 2019 Oops. scarlett johansson finally gets her own movie just to be outacted by her costars https://t.co/uzLrt2pBeo — christina (@lavenderhatchet) December 3, 2019 The suits are awesome. OH MY GOD THE SUITS THIS LOOKS GREAT #BlackWidow https://t.co/4ujVn0Mu9O — Owenâï¸ððâï¸ (@owen_yard) December 3, 2019 It's a great look. HOLY HELL I FOUND NAT'S SUPERIOR LOOK AND I AM NIT OK pic.twitter.com/wxLkjQAamQ — Abby (@Avengers_WDW) December 3, 2019 This is it, this is my favourite tweet. so happy to see asian american representation<3 https://t.co/btXTekwhJK — tay (@marxistspice) December 3, 2019 Technically she's dead. nat at the nat at the beginning of end of the decade. the decade. #BlackWidow pic.twitter.com/5ZUY1AEQWg — chris (@pottermcu) December 3, 2019 Same. Gonna tell my kids this was Captain America#BlackWidow pic.twitter.com/xTIs5gAiEN — JJ ð (@marvel_maniac_) December 3, 2019 View the full article
  24. In case the first Sunday of December is turning out to be overwhelming for you or today is the day you take out your woollens and pack away the tshirts, then I am guessing going out brunching or dining would not be on the list. So, for those of you who want some good recommendations on what to stream online today as you order your pizza and change back into the same pair of pyajamas after a hot shower, here are five new suggestions that have hit the streaming services and are ready to entertain you: 1. War The highly recommended action warfare with Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff is all the aesthetic pleasure one needs on a lazy Sunday. Battle, bullets, ego, and some good action dished out by Bollywood's most flexible men. Stream it on Amazon Prime and chill with a pizza as their ripped figures make you consider getting a gym membership. 2. The Irishman The much awaited Martin Scorsese movie has been on our lists but given that fact that it is a long watch and one needs a lot of time to soak in the brilliance of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, today seems to be the perfect day to do it and relax with a beer on the couch. 3. One Mic Stand I know there are a plethora of stand up acts out there but if you're in the mood of a funny intellectual watch and want to ditch your brains to spend it on a movie, then stream this instead. Bonus: Shashi Tharoor dishing out humour is more entertaining than reading a thesaurus decrypting his words. 4. Avengers Endgame I know we have a strata of fans who will go back to something comfortable as they scroll through their social media feed. This one needs no introduction and is ready to be your Sunday friend on Hotstar today. 5. Inside Edge If you loved the first season then you already have plans to stream the second one online this Friday. In case you didn't, then imagine a good looking fictional T20 team, match fixing, some hot cricket politics and more drama all packed in one. Stream the first season again and prepare for the next season, and make the most of today. View the full article
  25. Global phenomenon boyband BTS started trending worldwide as it stepped on the red carpet at MMA2019 awards show on Saturday.Jungkook, the group?s vocalist, also became the Twitter trend as music afficioandos went crazy over his stunning...
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