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Found 634 results

  1. Alongside the new Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung has also announced the new Galaxy Z Fold 2, the successor to the original Galaxy Fold. The new Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks like a really good upgrade, so let's check it out. This time around, Samsung has offered a bigger display upfront instead of the smaller one seen on the predecessor. It's a 6.2-inch display that looks super clean, making it look like a proper phone even when it's closed, allowing you to do more without unfolding the device. © Samsung But you might want to open up and check out the display inside because it's an impressive panel. We're looking at a 7.6-inch panel inside which supports up to 120Hz refresh rate. It also has a tiny punch-hole on the top instead of an ugly notch like the last phone. Internally, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is powered by a Snapdragon 865+ processor and comes with up to 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. It packs a 4,500 mAh battery, but we'll have to see how long it'll last, given the fact that there are multiple displays to power. As for the optics, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 sports a triple-camera setup at the back which includes a 12MP sensor, a 64MP telephoto camera, and another 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera. On the front, that punch-hole includes a 10MP selfie camera and there's another 10MP selfie sensor on the cover display. © Samsung Pricing & AvailabilitySadly, Samsung didn't tell us how much it plans to charge for the Galaxy Z Folds 2 and when it'll be made available. So think of this just as an announcement. We expect Samsung to give us more details about the pricing and availability next month, which is also when we'll know if or when it'll come to the Indian market. View the full article
  2. When Indian actors have some nasty run-ins with the law, news outlets, as well as the common public, have a field day, thanks to the voyeuristic sensibilities that we have developed. Obviously, when it comes to Indian singers and musicians, the fervour among audiences is not different at all. © Viral Bhayani For some reason, most of us think that musicians and singers lead a larger and wilder lifestyle, and have come to expect them to be involved in all kinds of stuff, from hard drugs to an insane drinking habit. More often than not, this might not be the case. However, when we see them get embroiled in a legal battle, we often assume that the people in question live a wild life. © Twitter/its_badshah Here are a few singers and musicians that have been embroiled in some or the other legal battle over the years, which their fans want to forget. 1. Daler Mehndi - Human Trafficking © Wiki Commons Daler Mehendi was actually convicted in a case back from 2003, which accused him of being involved in a human trafficking ring. He was sentenced to two years in prison, but was later granted bail by a district court in Patiala. Apparently, the singer, along with a couple of his brothers would charge up to a crore to take people abroad as a part of their touring troupe and drop them off in USA. 2. Honey Singh - Obscenity & Outraging The Modesty Of Women © Twitter/asliyoyo It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Honey Singh, like a number of Punjabi Rappers, has been accused of obscene lyrics, and outraging the modesty of women, a number of times now. Several police complaints have been filed against the rapper, a number of times. However, things got a little serious for the rapper when an infamous song by the name of Volume 2, whch glorified sexual misconduct and rape, were attributed to him. Honey Singh & his camp have maintained that they did not have anything to do with the song. 3. Badshah - Outraging The Modesty Of Women & Insulting Religious Sentiments © Twitter/its_badshah Badshah’s Genda Phool has caused him more pain than any other song perhaps. First of all there was the bruhaha over cultural appropriation and issues with credits to the original singer, Ratan Kahar. Once that thing was settled, a West Bengal NGO filed a formal complaint, stating that Badshah offended Bengali sentiments by showing Bengali Women in a vulgar manner. The complaint also stated that it hurt religious sentiments by showing the Goddess Durga in a vulgar manner. The complaint eventually led to an FIR. 4. Mika Singh - Sexual Misconduct & Outraging The Modesty Of Women © Viral Bhayani Mika Singh just had to make it to this list. Although he has been embroiled in a number of cases over the years, including possession of illegal currency and alcohol, the two main legal cases of his that are well known for is one involving Rakhi Sawant, and one involving a 17-year-old Brazillian model, for which he was arrested in Dubai. Apparently, he sent some unsolicited nude photos to the minor, and behaved inappropriately, after promising the model a role in a Bollywood film. 5. Aditya Narayan - Rash Driving & Endangering The Lives Of Others © Sony Entertainment Aditya Narayan too has been embroiled in a number of controversies. A few years back, he was seen in a video verbally abusing and getting into a physical altercation with the ground staff of a reputed airline. Soon after that, he was arrested for crashing into an auto and seriously injuring the driver, and a passenger. Although not much details of the case are available in public forums, several reports claimed, that at the time of the accident, Narayan was under the influence, and was intoxicated behind the wheels. 6. Papon - Sexual Misconduct With A Minor © Wiki Commons While judging a reality singing contest, Papon allegedly kissed and inappropriately touched a minor girl. Papon was mentoring the girl in the show. Apparently, the incident took place when they were shooting a celebration sequence for Holi. Papon was charged under POSCO or the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act of 2012, and is under trial. 7. Ankit Tiwari - Sexual Misconduct & Rape © Twitter/ATFans Ankit Tiwari made headlines in 2014 when he and his brother were accused of raping a 28-year-old woman. In 2017, the court acquitted the singer and his brother, after the woman changed her statement was deemed hostile. However, after the hearings, she gave a number of interviews, where she claimed that she was forced to change her statement. The most recent development of the case is that it was being considered to be reinvestigated, once the case is reopened. 8. Sidhu Moosewaala - Violations Of The Arms Act © Twitter/sidhumoosewala A Punjabi singer who has been rising among the ranks of the most popular Punjabi singers, Sidhu Moosewaala, is also currently under investigation, after a video clip showing him shoot an AK-47 at a firing range went viral. Common citizens are not allowed at any firing ranges, and neither are they allowed to own and possess automatic firearms. View the full article
  3. The world is no longer one’s oyster. Your smartphone, though, is one. Thanks to the continued nuisance that the endless lockdowns have become, keeping yourself from banging your head against the wall out of boredom and mundane lives, is becoming a challenge. Online courses and stuff like that are fine, but seriously, does anyone really feel like going back to school? No. © iStock This is where we step in, with an awesome new concept called Online Experiences. We figured, why not pick a few skill that you’ll actually use, hang out with some really cool and fun people while you do it, and have a great time? © iStock We’ve got a bunch of your favourite digital creators and influencers for some seriously epic stuff. Wanted to start your own podcast, but never knew where to begin? No problem. Wanted to amp up your Instagram game, just using your phone? No worries! Wanted to seriously get in to beatboxing, but have absolutely no clue how you’re supposed to start? We’ve got you covered! © Kunal Malhotra We have a series of some really epic experiences lined up, using which, you can actually pick up a skill, with no hassle whatsoever. The best bit? We have some really cool mentors/instructors for you guys. 1. Shoot It Like A Pro, With Kunal Malhotra © Kunal Malhotra Kunal Malhotra aka @the.photography.blogger is one of the best pros you can learn from. He’s going to teach you guys 10 dope photography tricks that’ll make you a master shutterbug. And the best bit of it? You don’t even need to have a bulky camera, just your smartphone will do. 2. How To Doodle On Photographs, With Samar Khan © Samar Khan Ever wondered how to amp up your photographs with that little extra oomph, so that your Insta feed stands out? Well, who better than Samar Khan, aka @metrodoodle to teach you how to turn your boring, mundane photos, into DaVinci like a masterpieces? Again, all you need is a smartphone to start illustrating, no fancy tablets, or specialised programs. 3. Start Your Own Podcast Ft. Sukriti Chaturvedi © Sukriti Chaturvedi Some people love to talk, while others love to listen. For both of these people, there are podcasts. For people who love to have conversations and are actually planning on making a profession out of it, Sukriti, aka @hisukriti is the person to go to. For her Online Experience, she will be talking about how one actually starts out with a podcast, and even help you figure out the subject of your podcast. 4. Beatboxing 101 With Aaron Koul © Aaron Koul Admit it, every time you’ve heard a bass-heavy EDM track, you have tried to mimic the track by making sounds from your mouth or basically, beatbox. What if we told you that you can actually make it a legit skill, or at the very least be the voice of a party? Aaron, aka @aaronkoul, is a properly self-taught beatboxer, apart from being a dope content creator. Prepare yourself to be the one-man orchestra at a party, that everyone raves about. Plus, there are tons of other funfilled Experiences one can try out. Do check out MensXP Experiences for all the details, and how to join in. View the full article
  4. When it comes to picking the best sunglasses for men, face shapes play a very important role. In most cases, it's easy to find out what your face shape is. Once you know you can easily go for the best sunglasses for your face shape. But when it comes to round faces and oval faces, picking out sunglasses can be a little hard. These face shapes are very similar to each other and can get confusing. Not to worry, we are here to solve your problems! Whether you are looking for the best sunglasses for round faces or sunglasses for men with oval faces, you will find a sure shot answer here. How To Know Your Face Shape?Even though we are only discussing two of the most common face shapes, there are many others that you should know about. From square, oblong, triangles and many more. Your face shape can also be a mixture of two shapes. To know your face shape, you need to consider four major factors. These are your forehead width, cheekbonesâ width, your jawline and the length of your face. Best Sunglasses For Round FaceRound faces have a rounder jawline and cheekbones that aren't very sharp. They have a chubby appeal, with the jawline and cheekbones falling almost perpendicular to each other. The best sunglasses for round faces would be the ones that are in contrast to the shape. In other words, sharper and more structured shapes like squares and rectangles are best suited for round faces. Here are the best sunglasses for round faces. __ECOMLOOKS__839__ __ECOMLOOKS__840__ __ECOMLOOKS__841__ Best Sunglasses For Oval FaceBoth round and oval faces are very common and have a circular shape. This is why they can get easily confused. The only differentiating factor is the length of your face. If the length of your face is more than the breadth, your face shape is oval. Luckily, oval faces can pull off any style. If you are looking for the best sunglasses for men with oval faces, you can just stop, tbh. You can literally pick any shape and it will work for you! Lucky right? Just make sure that you pick the right size. Anything too big might not suit your face. Even though most shapes suit oval faces, there are certain sunglasses that are better. Letâs go through them! __ECOMLOOKS__842__ __ECOMLOOKS__843__ __ECOMLOOKS__844__ Choose Wisely! Now that you know all about the best sunglasses for your face shape, making a choice shouldnât be that hard! Explore More: View the full article
  5. We reviewed The Last of Us Part 2 (TLOU2) last week and found the game to be a visual masterpiece with a compelling story. During our gameplay one thing was for sure, TLOU2 was an experience you will rarely find in video games. The game made us question our motivations and even made us care for things we normally donât in video games. © MensXP Naughty Dog, creators of the Uncharted series and the developer of TLOU2 have gone to extreme lengths to pay attention to details. However, with any new game release, youâre often conflicted whether you should buy a game at release or wait for it to get cheaper to play sometime later. We make the case for the game which will hopefully get you excited for the game and get it when it launches this Friday: 1. Awesome Gameplay © Youtube_Naughty Dog In our review, we mentioned that this game feels ultra-smooth and just intuitive when it comes to gameplay. The world features a semi-open environment where you will have to sneak around enemies to get to your objective. You can either hide and play with a stealth play style or go in guns blazing. However, to survive each battle, you need to have enough resources to craft medkits, ammo and attachments for your weapons. While the gameplay may not seem too different from a traditional stealth game, the game gives you the freedom to craft, strategise and kill enemies on the fly. The fact that you may not have enough resources to survive the battle adds extra breadth to the gameplay that forces you to think before you act. 2. It Looks Beautiful © Naughty Dog If you ever wondered how good a game can look on the PlayStation 4, you donât need to look further than The Last of Us Part 2. You will be visiting a city in the game that has been overrun by nature since a lot of time has gone by since the outbreak. The environments and textures are extremely detailed in this game and are simply awe-inspiring. If you ever wanted a game that looked like a movie, the facial animations of each character will blow you away. These sort of details make a game immersive and you wonât be disappointed while playing The Last of Us Part 2. 3. Itâs Not A Short Game © Naughty Dog Most of us are under some form of lockdown and there are only so many TV shows and movies that you can watch. There may have been a point where you wanted to play a game where you can spend hours and still experience a great story. The Last of Us Part 2 can last for about 25 hours depending on the difficulty level and if you are a completionist like me; you can expect to spend anywhere between 30-35 hours in the game. Even if you play for a few hours every day; you are sorted for the next few weeks where you get to experience a story and enjoy awesome gameplay. 4. You Donât Need To Play The First Game © Naughty Dog Yes, The Last Of Us Part 2 is a sequel to the original that launched seven years ago, however, you donât need to play the original for the second part of the game. Naughty Dog has included enough callbacks and flashbacks that get you up to speed with Ellie and Joelâs story. However, we do recommend playing the original as it just adds to the overall narrative and is a masterpiece in its own right. 5. A Compelling Story © Naughty Dog We canât talk much about the game, however, we will repeat what we said in our review last week. Hereâs what our review said: âWhatever our ultimate goal was at the start of the game changed drastically towards the end of the story. I wanted to achieve that goal with the utmost brutality, without any mercy and any remorse. However, some events in the latter half of the game make you rethink everything. It's a great showcase of Naughty Dog's skill of humanising games and storytelling that screws with your mind.â 6. It's Brutal © Naughty Dog Whenever we played this game we felt sick in the stomach because of the gore and life-life graphics. Usually, in games, you kill enemies and move on the next objective, however, in this game, dealing with enemies can become taxing. You can feel every blow on your controller and at times even feel bad for killing enemies simply because of it being brutal. There are times when you will have to deal with dogs and killing them to survive is a heart-wrenching experience. In our review, we said âThese dogs have names and you can feel the anguish in the tone of the owner after discovering its death. This feeling hits home with any animal lover who has lost a pet in the past which was the case for me as I lost my dog a few months ago." TLOU2 will be available to people to play in India on June 19th Friday 9:30 AM IST. The game will be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store, Amazon India, Games The Shop or your local games retailer. View the full article
  6. As the border tensions between India and China begin to intensify, Indian Intelligence Agencies have asked the government to block or advise people to stop using several Chinese mobile applications. The list of apps given by the agencies includes 52 apps in total. The apps mentioned on the list are apparently not safe and have extracted a large amount of data outside India. The same has been confirmed by the people familiar with the matter. © MensXP/Karthik Iyer Before discussing this further, here's the complete list of apps that are mentioned on the list - -TikTok -Vault-Hide -Vigo Video -Bigo Live -Weibo -WeChat -SHAREit -UC News -UC Browser -BeautyPlus -Xender -ClubFactory -Helo -LIKE -Kwai -ROMWE -SHEIN -NewsDog -Photo Wonder -APUS Browser -VivaVideo- QU Video Inc -Perfect Corp -CM Browser -Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab) -Mi Community -DU recorder -YouCam Makeup -Mi Store -360 Security -DU Battery Saver -DU Browser -DU Cleaner -DU Privacy -Clean Master â Cheetah -CacheClear DU apps studio -Baidu Translate -Baidu Map -Wonder Camera -ES File Explorer -QQ International -QQ Launcher -QQ Security Centre -QQ Player -QQ Music -QQ Mail -QQ NewsFeed -WeSync -SelfieCity -Clash of Kings -Mail Master -Mi Video call-Xiaomi -Parallel Space © Reuters Reportedly, a senior government official also noted that these recommendations were also backed by the National Security Council Secretariat, which felt these could be detrimental to India's security. An official explained that the parameters and the risks attached to each mobile app will have to be examined one by one. This, by the way, isn't the first time we're being alerted about a security concern w.r.t Chinese apps. Back in April, the Home Ministry had issued an advisory on the use of Zoom on the recommendation of the national security agency. The service was deemed unsafe by other countries like Taiwan the US too. Source: Hindustan Times View the full article
  7. While it's been a couple of months since we all started working from home due to the COVID-19 lockdown restriction, a lot of you are probably still trying to figure out how to work from home. Either you're not used to the WFH setup or you don't have a setup in the first place. If you are one of those people, then we think you should start off by getting a computer that'll give you the most bang for your buck. Let's take a look at a few laptops that we think are best to add to your work from home setup: 1. MacBook Air © YouTube/Marques Brownlee For most people, there's no other laptop that's as good as the MacBook Air. It's a lightweight portable device with enough power and battery life to get your job done without any hassle. It also helps if you're in the Apple eco-system as it seamlessly integrates with your iPhone, iPad, etc. 2. Dell XPS © Dell xps What a MacBook is for macOS, the Dell XPS is for people who prefer using a Windows machine. There's no other way to put it. These laptops combine a slim form-factor with just the right amount of power you need to get your work done. You get to choose between a 13-inch and a 15-inch variant, both of which are packed with powerful internals including a 10-gen processor, up to 8GB RAM, an InfinityEdge display and more. 3. Latitude 9510 2-in-1 © Dell latitude There's nothing more versatile than a 2-in-1 notebook, and we think the Latitude 9510 offers a really good value for money. It looks really sleek and it offers powerful internals to power through the tasks you throw at it. 2-in-1 notebooks are very convenient to use, so you might want to take a look at this one. 4. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3If you want to buy something directly from Microsoft, then we suggest taking a look at the Surface Laptop 3. You get to choose between a 13.5-inch and a 15-inch display and they both are packed with powerful internals. They also look incredibly cool in the Platinum and Matte Black variant. You can learn more about them here. 5. 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Magic KeyboardAlright, the iPad Pro isn't exactly a laptop, but it's worth mentioning here because of just how powerful and portable it is to use. The new iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard offers the best of both worlds. It's also worth mentioning that the iPad probably has the best front-facing camera than pretty much everything else on the list. So, you know it's perfect for those zoom calls. View the full article
  8. He is multi-talented, has immense passion for acting, all the girls swoon over his ever-so-charming smile, one of the most sought after actors in the industry and a man with class - thatâs R Madhavan for us! View this post on InstagramThank you soooooo very much @primevideoin .. I am so very touched .. wow... ðððâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ððððA post shared by (@actormaddy) Beginning his acting career with television roles in 1994, the 3 Idiots actor, who has turned 50 years old today, has come a long way. Every 90âs kid would remember his iconic movie Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein and his memorable performance as âMaddyâ. Since then people started addressing him as âMaddyâ and the interesting thing about him is that he is one of the few actors in the country who has a pan-India appeal, as he has worked in films from over seven different languages. There are several lesser-known interesting facts about this South-Indian heartthrob. Letâs check them out here one by one: 1. Chocolaty boy of the industry, Madhavan hails from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand where he was born into a Tamil Iyengar family. His full name is Madhavan Balaji Ranganathan. His father Mr. Rangnathan was a management executive in Tata Steel and his mother, Mrs. Saroja was a manager in the Bank of India. He also has a younger sister Devika, who is a Software Engineer and is now settled in the UK. View this post on InstagramHappy 50th Anniversary Appa and Amma. We married on your Anniversary so we could have a marriage like yours. Please bless us so that it may... LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH ..â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ðððA post shared by (@actormaddy) 2. Maddy has had quite a dynamic career. From getting trained with the army to procuring electronics degree to becoming a public speaking professional and then foraying into acting, he has done it all. In fact, he was also awarded Best NCC Cadet Maharashtra and got a chance to go to England for it. It is a matter of pride that the 50-year-old actor was trained with the British Royal Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. Later he considered joining the army but unfortunately he was rejected due to age cut-off by six months. 3. Did you know he started his acting career with television? Initially, he made guest appearances on television, including a role on the Zee TV prime-time soap opera Banegi Apni Baat in 1994. Later he took to commercials and small roles in TV. Moreover, he got popular from the Sea Hawk show as a captain of the ship, and worked as an anchor in Tol Mol Ke Bol. However, his turning point, which also gained him recognition in the Tamil film industry, was Mani Ratnam's successful romance film Alaipayuthey (2000). 4. He is a proud father to his son, Vedaant, who arrived in this world much before he forayed into the film industry. Making his dad proud, Vedaant won silver for India in swimming at the Asian Age Group Swimming Championship last year. View this post on InstagramIndia gets her Silver medal at the Asian Age Games . Gods grace .. Vedaants first official medal representing India .ððððA post shared by (@actormaddy) 5. Apart from acting, Maddy has immense passion for golf. He has played golf with Amitabh Bachchan and Mani Ratnam for a celebrity charity event in 2007. He has also won the qualification round of the Mumbai leg of the Mercedes Trophy golf meet and also qualified for the National Finals, in 2017. 6. He met his wife Sarita Birje in 1991, an air hostess, who attended his public speaking coaching class. It was him who helped her crack her interview. After completing the course, the pair began dating and got married in 1999. View this post on InstagramTo the Biggest Blessing in my life and to you all....Wish you all a very very happy Valentineâs Day. Express your love to all who you love.A post shared by (@actormaddy) Happy birthday Maddy! View the full article
  9. The on-going coronavirus lockdown has probably already made it a lot difficult for you to go about your day-to-day activities. A lot of people actually seem to be having some issues dealing with a messed up sleep cycle. Since you're essentially not "going out" anywhere, say, to work or to college, maintaining a proper sleep schedule seems to have taken a toll. Well, don't worry because you are not alone. Anyway, here are some apps that you can install on your phone to fix your messed up sleep cycle - Calm © Unsplash Meditation, as we all know, is a solid way to bust out some stress, and it's always a good practice to destress before sleeping. So we suggest you install an app called Calm. It's technically a free app but you do need a subscription to use all its features. It's got some great sleep stories, soothing music, and a ton of other things to help you sleep better. This one is definitely worth trying. Headspace © Unsplash This particular app is filled with a ton of meditations for every possible situation. Our favorite feature of the app is that it comes with sleep packages called "sleepcasts" which are 45-50 minutes long each. And if those things are not your jam then you can also check out their wind-down guides get a good night's sleep. Slumber Slumber is a great app if you want to check out some alternative techniques like Hypnosis and ASMR. You can also check out its soundscapes feature or listen to "soothing stories" that may help you fall asleep. The app is free to download, but you'll have to pay to access some premium features. But its definitely worth checking out. Noisli © Unsplash This app, unlike any other in the list, will let you create your own soundscapes. It lets you drown out distracting sounds in order to create the perfect environment for you to relax. All the sounds like completely customizable and you can mix them according to the ambiance tha Ut you're trying to set. View the full article
  10. With us nearly at the 40-day mark of Indiaâs Coronavirus lockdown, itâs likely that several of us have made our way clean through our liquor supplies, with little more than a bunch of empty bottles to show for it. However, if you were responsible enough to ration or resorted to more dubious means of keeping your booze bank topped off, Bangalorean master-bartender Hemant Mundkur has a trick or three up his sleeve - teaming up with Bacardi to present a way to make those last few drinks count. View this post on Instagram#raiseyourspirits #acocktailaday #cubalibre #freecuba #thesame #rumcocktail #bacardicocktail #Bacardi #Cocktail #BacardiLife #drinks #drinkresponsibly #curfew #india #morethanwork #cubancocktails #cuba #DoWhatMovesYou #rum #cuban #cocktail #bartender #apartmentbartender #homebartender #brandambassador #quarantine #isolation #minimalistbartender #tulleeho @thecocktailstory @tulleeho @bacardilimited1862A post shared by (@hemant3651)Here are five of his top recommendations for a boozy weekend break from the quarantine blues: 1. Indian Summer © Bacardi Fruity, spicy and possibly the best way to use a mango if youâre lucky enough to have gotten a few during the lockdown - this oneâs a real treat. Ingredients: 50 ml White Rum 1 ripe mango Pinch of salt Pinch of red chilli powder 10-15 ml Sugar Syrup 15 ml Lime juice Glassware: Highball glass. Garnish: Slice of mango, skin on. Method: Add all ingredients to a blender with ice and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and garnish. (Sugar Syrup Recipe: 1 cup of warm water, 1 cup sugar. Mix till sugar dissolves.) 2. Pomegranate Mojito © Bacardi Sunday afternoon and a pitcher of this to share - sounds like heaven. Ingredients: 50 ml white rum 15 ml lime juice 10 ml sugar syrup 2 tablespoons pomegranate 8 mint leaves Soda Glassware: Mason jar. Garnish: Mint sprig. Method: Add pomegranate in the glass and gently muddle. Place mint in a glass and gently tap with a muddler. Add rum, lime juice, sugar syrup - fill the glass with crushed ice and a splash of soda. Mix well, garnish and serve. 3. Pina Colada © Bacardi Sure the beach is off-limits - but thatâs no reason to lay back, relax and enjoy one of these Puerto Rican classics at home. Ingredients: 50 ml white rum 25 ml coconut milk 75 ml pineapple juice 10 ml sugar syrup Glassware: Hurricane/Tall Glass. Garnish: Candied ginger. Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake with lots of ice. Strain over cracked ice in your glass and garnish. 4. Rum & Vanilla Coke © Bacardi An all-time favourite mix of Rum & Cola, with an extra vanilla twist. Super easy and super delicious. Ingredients: 50 ml white rum 3 drops vanilla essence Cola to top up 1 lime wedge Glassware: Highball Garnish: Lime wedge Method: Fill glass with ice, squeeze a lime wedge, add vanilla essence and remaining ingredients. Stir, garnish & serve. 5. Daiquiri © Bacardi For all you minimalists out there - this drink defines balance in a cocktail with 3 simple ingredients. Born in Cuba, enjoyed the world over. Ingredients: 50 ml white rum 1.5 tsp powdered sugar 20 ml fresh lime juice Glassware: Coupe/Martini. Garnish: Lime wedge. Method: Add rum, sugar & lime juice in a shaker, and using a spoon, stir until sugar dissolves. Add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled martini/coupe glass. If youâre looking for some great livestreams to tune into this weekend along with your drinks, Bacardiâs got you covered again with a fantastic lineup this Sunday - with some local favourites to tune into as we cross over into May. © Bacardi Cheers! View the full article
  11. Irrfan Khanâs impact on Indian filmmaking cannot be understated, no doubt. Across two decades of initial struggle and eventual worldwide success and fame, the actor has lent his talent to everything from some of Bollywoodâs most timeless films, to high-profile Hollywood castings and perhaps on a more day-to-day basis, several memorable advertisements throughout the years. While most recently remembered for his quick quips as a brand ambassador for LED manufacturers Syska - for whom the actor shot his last ad for in the midst of his gruelling battle with cancer. © SYSKA Irrfan lent his calm, collected persona to several major brands from all over the world - appearing in spots for everything from Vodafone to Mastercard. Rajiv Rao, former National Creative Director, Ogilvy India, worked with Khan on the Vodafone ads since the beginning. âWe were supposed to shoot in the night in Delhi for the Hutch ad,â he recalls. âBut he couldnât make it to the shoot for some reason and came the very next day. The shoot happened in Connaught Place in Delhi in a tiny tea shop. We shot the ad in the middle of the day in the Delhi heat, where he was supposed to have a âcutting chaiâ. I remember he had worked all night. He still came and made our shoot happen without complaining. He was excellent at the shoot.â Just one in a series of stories recalling the starâs humility and patience towards his work. Here are a few of his very best brand partnerships over the years: 1.Vodafone/Hutch Lena hai toh leh lo - the actorâs nonchalant attitude was a perfect fit for many brands on this list, but itâs fair to say that his delivery was perfected in this series of ads shot in 2009 for the telecom giant in partnership with Ogilvy & Mather. 2. Candid Dusting Powder Only Irrfan could make a medical powder brand cool - itâs also fun to see him cast alongside badminton champion Saina Nehwal in this quick TV spot from 2016. 3. LU Bakeri Nankhatai A really good example of Irrfanâs vocal range as a voiceover artist, this simple yet sweet ad crossed borders and gave us an unusual example of an Indian artist taking on a Pakistani brand - and speaking in Urdu to boot. 4. Mastercard One of the longer and more high-profile ads on this list, this showed Irrfan playing the role of a reserved pencil pusher opening up while travelling to attend a friendâs wedding in Jaipur. Shot by McCann, this also had a special connection to the actor, as many of his earliest efforts in the theatre took place during his youth spent in the Pink City. 5. Aegon Religare While most of Irrfanâs ad appearances show him as a slick, modern individual, this one flipped the script by casting him as a hilarious old man in disguise - taking note of the various expenses pensioners would have to face in old age. Itâs touching to notice that other than fans and movie personalities, several ad directors also wrote personal messages of support praising the actorâs professionalism and warmth - just take a look at this heartfelt letter written by Piyush Pandey, one of Indiaâs most well-respected and influential copywriters. Piyush Pandey is not on social media, so he asked me to post this message about Irfan Khan. pic.twitter.com/kvkRTe2TtA â Anant Rangaswami (@AnantRangaswami) April 29, 2020 I guess the next time we see those Syska ads, theyâll hit pretty differently. View the full article
  12. Thereâs a simple answer to everyone who wants to know how we are coping with the lockdown and our never-ending work targets, actually, it can be put in two simple words - Alcohol and coffee. Today we thought how cool would it be if we combined both of them? Now that every day feels like a weekend (or Monday in some cases), why not try something new to keep the spirits high! Here are some coffee-based cocktail recipes for you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Espresso MartiniWhat You Need: Get MensXP bar essentials kit100 ml sugar syrup100 ml vodka Ice50 ml freshly brewed espresso coffee50 ml KahluaCoffee beans (optional)Martini glassesDirections: Put martini glass in the refrigerator to chillFill the cocktail shaker with cold sugar syrup, ice, vodka, espresso and KahluaShake until the shaker feels icy coldPour into chilled martini glasses and garnish with coffee beans (optional)https://img.mensxp.com/media/shop/catalog/products/M/649245/mensxp-bar-essentials-kit-default.jpg?w=509&h=678&cc=1&q=75 Irish Iced CoffeeWhat You Need: Crushed ice ¼ cup of sugar¼ cup of hot water2 cups of freshly brewed chilled coffee100 ml Irish whiskey ¼ cup of chocolate syrup1 cup creamDirections: Combine sugar and coffee in a cup and stir until the sugar is dissolvedAdd coffee, whiskey, and chocolate syrup and stir to blend the ingredients Take a tall glass and fill with crushed ice and pour coffee mixture over the iceAdd whipped creamServe with a straw and spoonTurkish Coffee SourWhat You Need: Get MensXP big bar box2 tablespoons of coffee75 ml rum5 cardamom pods2 cloves1 cinnamon stick 20 gm or ¼ cup of egg white20 gm or ¼ cup of lemon juiceA small strip of lemon or orange peelDirections: Take a pan and pour a cup of water and 2 tablespoons of coffee Add the cardamom pods, lemon/orange peel, cloves, and cinnamon stickBring to boilNow let it coolFill ice into the cocktail shaker then add egg white, rum, and lemon juiceShake hard for 1-2 minsPour into a glass and serve chilled__ECOMPRODUCT__290__ Coffee Old-FashionedWhat You Need: MensXP leather box bar kitCrushed ice¼ cup of sugar syrup2 cups of freshly brewed chilled espresso100 ml bourbon Strips of lemon or orange peelDirections: Fill a cocktail shaker with ice Add chilled espresso, bourbon, and syrup Shake for 1 minPour into a glassGarnish with lemon or orange peel__ECOMPRODUCT__289__ Mochatini (Mocha Martini)What You Need: MensXP portable bar setIce50 ml of Kahlua50 ml of vodka100 ml chocolate liqueur2 tablespoons of lemon juiceTo garnish: white chocolate or white sugar (if white chocolate isnât available) Martini glassesDirections: Put martini glass in the refrigerator to chillFill a cocktail shaker with ice Add Kahlua, vodka, and chocolate liqueur into the shaker Shake vigorously to combine and chill Rim the chilled martini glass with white chocolate or white sugarPour the mixture into the glass__ECOMPRODUCT__291__ Explore more View the full article
  13. Alongside the new Mi 10 Youth Edition smartphone in China, Xiaomi announced its new software skin MIUI 12 yesterday. This particular version of the software will eventually be rolled out to most of its other phones too, so that's what we're going to be taking a look at today. With the new MIUI 12, Xiaomi has given a complete overhaul with this new software skin and it's now said to offer a more refined UI along with enhanced privacy features. The update will eventually be rolled out to some Xiaomi devices here in India too, so here are 5 exciting features that we're looking forward to the most: 1. UI Changes View the full article
  14. The lockdown period amid the coronavirus crisis gives us time to binge on shows that we always wanted to but never got the time. While some iconic shows have been popular for remarkable narrative set-up, here's the thing, no show can be truly perfect and goof-ups are inevitable. So here are 10 mistakes in iconic shows that you might've missed while watching the show the first time. 1. Made In Heaven © IMDB/ goof-ups page In the second episode of the show, Shibani mentions that Jazz (Jaspreet) lives in Dwarka, but in the following episodes, her brother is seen wasted in Hauz Rani Park because of drugs, and the apartments near Shek Sarai is made to look like her house, which is at least more than an hour away from Dwarka. 2. Game of Thrones © IMDB/ goof-ups page In season 6, it is revealed that Melisandre has a life-altering choker necklace that gives youth to her otherwise aged body. So whenever she removes it, she turns into an old woman. But, in season 4, episode 7 when Melisandre takes a bath, she's not wearing the necklace, and yet her youthfulness is still intact. 3. Sacred Games © IMDB/ goof-ups page With parallel timelines that were years apart from each other in Gaitonde's universe, Jameela and Jojo did not seem to age at all as compared to the RAW agent and Gaitonde himself. 4. Friends © IMDB/ goof-ups page It's been more than ten years since Friends ended. But, here's a goof-up that you may not have noticed. In the episode, The One With Rachel's Date, Phoebe and Monica are sitting in Central Perk drinking coffee. However, when the scene cuts to Phoebe, there's an unidentified woman sitting next to her as Monica, who visibly looks nothing like Courtney Cox. 5. Mahabharata © IMDB/ goof-ups page In episode 49 of Mahabharata, Bhishmapitama is spotted with an electric cooler in the background. An electric invention that could not have been there in his time, certainly. However, a different narrative says that it was actually the design of the pillars in the background. Probably we should watch it again, just to investigate. 6. Friends © IMDB/ goof-ups page In an episode, Phoebe was present in two different places at the same time. In the pilot episode where Monica introduces everyone to Paul the Wine Guy, Phoebe is in the kitchen when she realises, she pulled out four eyelashes. The scene immediately cuts to Paul sitting in the living room and Phoebe is sitting right behind him. 7. Downton Abbey © IMDB/ goof-ups page Downton Abby is set in 1912. The storyline depicts the lives of an aristocratic family living in a fictional Yorkshire country estate in Downton Abbey. The drama usually gets attention to get the details from the time correct in portraying the 19th century England, Then, we came across this picture of the show wherein, a clear plastic water bottle water is visible in the background. Looks like someone was thirsty on the set. 8. The Simpsons © IMDB/ goof-ups page In the episode, And Maggie Makes Three, Marge tells Homer that she's pregnant with Maggie, but it's funny because baby Maggie is already there in a picture hanging on the wall behind Marge when she breaks the news to Homer. 9. How I Met Your Mother In season 2 of How I Met Your Mother, Ted's date brutally smashes the car windshield, but in the next shot, the glass seems to be intact and spotless. In season 1, when Marshal runs through the cloud of smoke towards the Limo, the audience gets a glimpse of the fog machine the makers didn't bother to remove from the screen which is just awkward. 10. Game Of Thrones © IMDB/ goof-ups page For a show set in a timeline with no electricity, electric chargers sure do seem out of place. In the episode where Stannis Baratheon was defeated, there's a charger kept under his leg. It could also be his mic when the scene was being shot. View the full article
  15. Sony Pictures Entertainment has decided to snag the wildly successful anime One Punch Man - with Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner taking care of the screenplay, and Avi Arad and Ari Arad of Arad Productions taking up the producersâ chairs. Created as a low-budget, high-concept manga series back in 2009, artist/writer ONEâs quirky, hilarious and thoroughly refreshing take on the superhero genre was widely appreciated by fans, and led to a full blown manga series hitting Shueisha Magazineâs Young Jump Next in 2012 - gorgeously illustrated by Yusuke Murata, one of Japanâs all-time greats. © TV Tokyo Following an English release in 2015, the manga was soon adapted into an anime series that gained worldwide acclaim and even has its own video game - so itâs not surprising that Sony decided to pick it up for the live-action treatment. The series follows the story of superhero Saitama, an unassuming yet devastatingly powerful man capable of destroying any foe with a single punch - leaving him frustrated and bored without anyone to challenge him. © TV Tokyo The seriesâ unique twist, colourful cast of characters and gratuitous comedy won many hearts over the years, and several of us fans are left speculating over who can truly pull off the cast IRL. Here are our top picks - avoiding the ever-present whitewashing thatâs hit anime-to-live action adaptations so far: 1. Stephen Chow as Saitama © Columbia Pictures/Madhouse Although the martial arts action legend from Hong Kong is a bit past his prime, thereâs no one whoâs been able to seamlessly blend goofy comedy alongside awesome fighting setpieces the way heâs done - just check out the manâs work from earlier cult classic such as Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. A bit of makeup and CGI work could get us a truly memorable performance that would knock the socks off all of us disappointed by Hollywoodâs previous 2. Jackie Chan as Bang/Silver Fang © Columbia Pictures/Madhouse A martial arts veteran with a humble yet righteous personality - seems like Chan in his late-career would certainly nail this role. The actor himself has represented those values both on and off the set, and given the chance, martial arts film fans would be thrilled to see him cast alongside Chow in a movie. 3. Ryuhei Matsuda as Genos © Shochiku/Madhouse Slick, serious and with a flair for dramatic and driven characters, Matsudaâs career across the last twenty years of Japanese cinema has everyone you need for a perfect Genos. The young, selfless robotic warrior could work well with the actorâs stoic reputation - and fortunately for Matsuda, the physicality of Genos would have to focus on costume work and CGI effects. 4. Terry Crews as Superalloy Darkshine © NBC Universal/Madhouse I wanted this pretty much as soon as the character was introduced - huge, hilariously vain and yet compassionate and peace-loving, Crews would probably nail his role better than anyone else on this list. We just hope heâs going to be comfortable wearing literally nothing but a black speedo for the entire shoot, though - but itâll be worth it when we get to see him yell out special moves before destroying his opponents. 5. Chow Yun Fat as Atomic Samurai © Sony Pictures/Madhouse Proud and hilariously arrogant, the worldâs strongest swordsman in the One Punch Man universe fits many of Chow Yun Fatâs roles throughout the years - along with the aesthetic required. For those who love Chinese martial arts flicks, seeing Fat dismiss Stephen Chow as Saitama would be absolutely hilarious and a dream come true. View the full article
  16. Mukesh Ambani is in a league of his own when it comes to growing as a business tycoon. The Reliance Industries chairman recently reclaimed the top spot as âAsiaâs Richest Manâ from the former title-holder Jack Ma. This after facing a major loss of $5 billion just weeks ago amid the coronavirus outbreak and the following market crash in India. © Reliance The big news comes after Reliance Industries recently sealed a $5.7 billion deal with Mark Zuckerbergâs Facebook, which made Relianceâs stocks surge to new heights. However, becoming Asiaâs richest man isnât the only recent milestone in Mukesh Ambaniâs book of achievements. The Reliance Industries magnate has been steadily climbing the success ladder on various other fronts, and here are 5 such recent Mukesh Ambani milestones you may have missed: 1. Among Top 10 Billionaires On Hurun Global Rich List © Reuters In February last year, Mukesh Ambani became the first Indian to join the top-10 billionaires on the Hurun Global Rich List competing against 2,470 billionaires having a net worth of $1 billion. Now, this year too, Mukesh Ambani managed to hold his position as the ninth richest person in the world on the Hurun Global Rich List 2020. The only Asian on the list, he shares the 9th position with Googleâs Larry Page and Microsoftâs Steve Ballmer. 2. Became One Of The Six Oil Elites In The World © Reuters Just a few months ago in November 2019, Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries booked a spot as the sixth-largest oil company in the world. Reliance managed to overtake British oil and gas company BP Plc to claim the sixth position. While the Exxon Mobil Corp topped the list, it was no small feat for Reliance Industries to join the elite club of energy supermajors. 3. Became Asia's Richest Gainer © Reuters December 2019 came bearing even greater news when Mukesh Ambani was declared Asiaâs highest gainer after the Bloomberg Billionaires Index shared that Mukesh Ambani managed to add $17 billion to his fortune in 2019 alone. With that, his net worth touched $61 billion. 4. Reliance Jio Becomes The Largest Telecom Company © BCCL Earlier this year Reliance Jio became Indiaâs largest telecom service provider. Mukesh Ambaniâs telecom company clinched the title not only based on its revenue generation but also in terms of the number of subscribers. With almost 370 million users at the time, Reliance Jio had overtaken Vodafone Idea by a great margin of 33.3 million users. 5. Broke Global Record With The Launch Of Reliance Jio © Pinterest After Reliance Jio was launched in 2016, within one year of operations it made and broke various records in India and across the globe. With more than 130 million subscribers within the very first year, it touched new heights in the telecom sector. View the full article
  17. OnePlus recently launched the new OnePlus 8 series phones with a ton of cool features. A lot of those features are a part of the new OxygenOS that's running on the new phones and we're happy to report that a lot of them are making their way to the older OnePlus phones too. That's right, OnePlus is making some really cool features of the OnePlus 8 series available to the older devices in their line up with the new OxygenOS update. Here's a quick look at everything that's coming to the older phones - © Twitter/ @DurvidImel Smoother PerformanceOnePlus phones are all about that speed and smooth performance and things are only getting better with each update. OnePlus made as many as 280 tweaks under the hood to make the phones feel faster. They've completely redone the animations to make them feel smoother and faster. Obviously, the new OnePlus 8 Pro is going to benefit the most here since it has that 120Hz panel, however, the older phones should also theoretically feel faster across the board. OnePlus has some of the smoothest animations in the business, so we can only imagine how much difference this will make. UI TweaksOnePlus has also simplified the navigation gestures, so it should be a lot more intuitive to use that now on the older devices too. And on top of that, there are some other deeper customization options that are not limited to just themes. We're looking at things like accent colour customization, advanced settings for AMOLED Wide Gamut, sRGB and Display P3. The new OcygenOS also gets the Dark Theme 2.0, which is essentially the universal dark theme. So, more apps now are compatible with Dark Mode, which is always a good thing. Lastly, there will be some new dynamic wallpapers too. These are the ones that shift colour tones based on "current outdoor temperature conditions." © Reuters Faster Downloads & Smart SMSOnePlus has a nifty little feature called Dual-channel download acceleration with which the users can expect faster download speeds. This particular feature can be enabled to use both mobile data and Wi-Fi at the same time to speed up things. This is in addition to the OnePlus phones' ability to smartly switch between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi depending on the connectivity. Smart SMS manager is also a cool feature to have onboard as it automatically categorises things like spam and promotional messages. Smart SMS manager on the OnePlus phones can categorise the messages between up to 39 types, including OTPs, tickets and bank messages. © Twitter/ @DurvidImel Cricket Card 2.0Cricket scores will be visible on the OnePlus Shelf that sits on the left-mist screen on the home screen. Users will now be able to customize this card to add their favourite teams and access the stories quickly without having to load a website or Google the scores. A pretty neat feature for all the cricket fans out there. All these new features will be rolled out to the existing OnePlus phones, including the OnePlus 7T series and the OnePlus 7 series soon. So, keep an eye out for an update to get all the cool OnePlus 8 series features on your older device. Source: News18 View the full article
  18. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that every actor part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is perfectly cast. The cast is what makes every movie so great and has actually made what Marvel is right now. Imagine someone else playing the character of Iron Man or Captain America other than Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans. I really can't imagine, can't even picture anyone else. Now, that's how you know you've made damn good casting decisions. But, it would've ever so easily gone a different direction if anyone else other than Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannson, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner were playing the superheroes. Here are the actors who are probably enjoying the Marvel fame in an alternate universe. 1. Tom Cruise - Tony Stark © Twitter/Marvel I really can't wrap my mind around the fact that Tom Cruise was almost Iron Man. I mean, it would've been interesting but Robert Downey Jr is literally Tony Stark for real so no other actor would've been able to match up to it. 2. John Krasinki - Steve Rogers © Twitter/Marvel Yes, he's great, we all love him but I'm kind of glad he didn't end up as Steve Rogers. No offence, but no one can do a better job than the best Chris in Hollywood. 3. Emily Blunt - Natasha Romanoff © Twitter/Marvel If anyone can pull off the sexy yet deadly vibe that Natasha Romanoff gives off other than Scarlet Johannson is definitely Emily Blunt. She would've, for sure, killed it as Black Widow, tbh. 4. Liam Hemsworth - Thor © Twitter/Marvel Playing the God of Thunder is a career-defining role and imagine losing it to your brother out of all the people. That's like being happy and sad at the same time and I really feel bad for Liam, but I don't think the youngest Hemsworth brother could've pulled it off like Chris did. 5. Jensen Ackles - Clint Barton © Twitter/Marvel Instead of hunting ghosts and demons, Dean Winchester would've just been fighting aliens if he became a part of MCU. I can't tell if it's an upgrade or a downgrade. But, Jensen Ackles did audition for the roles of both Captain America as well as Hawkeye. 6. Tom Hiddleston - Thor © Twitter/Marvel I'm actually so glad that he didn't end up getting the part of Thor since no one can play Loki like he did. He is the freaking God of Mischief and Tom fits the part to a T. 7. Sebastian Stan - Steve Rogers © Twitter/Marvel Another actor who didn't get the main role but ended up playing everyone's favourite character in the series. He should start a club with Tom Hiddleston. Sebastian could've been Captain America but honestly, he's more of a Bucky. Bonus Points! 8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Ant-Man © Twitter/Marvel Wow man, DC and Marvel? That's bold and it would've been great if it happened but come on, no one can match up to the charm Paul Rudd brings to the character of Ant-Man, not even someone great like Joseph Gordon Levitt. 9. Joaquin Phoenix - Doctor Strange © Twitter/Marvel Just imagine how different everything would have been if Joaquin Phoenix has become a part of MCU as Doctor Strange. We probably wouldn't have gotten a chance to see his exceptional performance as Joker and I really don't want to live in a world like that. View the full article
  19. Apple's new iPhone SE is finally here and it's the most affordable iPhone that Apple has released in many years. It's priced at Rs 42,500 in India and at that price, you're getting a lot of awesome features making it a great value for iPhone. Let's check them out. A13 Bionic ChipsetThe price to performance ratio of the new iPhone SE is incredible. It's powered by Apple's best chipset i.e. the A13 Bionic. It's the same one that's powering the likes of the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. © Apple The A13 Bionic, for those of you who don't know, blows past Qualcomm's latest processors like the Snapdragon 855 Plus. It's the most power-efficient chip Apple has ever made and it helps a lot with battery performance. We're happy to see Apple going with the A13 Bionic chipset instead of its predecessor. Great move, Apple! Wireless ChargingWireless charging wasn't a thing on iPhones until the launch of the iPhone 8. So, we're not really surprised to see wireless charging on the new iPhone SE given the fact that they both have the same design. That being said, Apple could have easily skimped on this feature to keep the production cost low, but we're happy to see it being included here. Not a lot of phones in this price range offer wireless charging, so kudos to Apple for this. IP67 Rating The new iPhone SE also comes with an IP67 rating which means it's dust and water-resistant. The iPhone SE can withstand the effects of immersion in water between 1cm and 1m for up to 30 minutes. It's the same as the iPhone XR's IP rating. Form Factor"Compact" phones have become more or less become a thing of the past. Even OnePlus' new OnePlus 8, which they claim to have a compact form factor, still has a massive 6.55-inch display. That's still a relatively large display to handle for a lot of people. The new iPhone SE, however, comes with a small 4.7-inch display, just like old iPhones. It's the same size as that of the iPhone 8, which is great. The new iPhone SE is definitely one of the most compact phones available on the market. PriceObviously, it's hard to dive deep into this phone without discussing its price. The new iPhone SE starts at Rs 42,500 making it the most affordable iPhone to launch in many years. Yes, the OG iPhone SE was a little bit cheaper, but this is one of the most affordable iPhones you can get your hands on today. © Apple The new iPhone SE now stands as a great competitor to the upcoming (rumoured) Google Pixel 4a. It'll be interesting to see how the two compare side-by-side, but it's safe to say that this is a great move by Apple. If the expensive price tag of the "Pro" iPhone models has been keeping you away, then the new iPhone SE is a good way to get your first iPhone. View the full article
  20. The OnePlus 8 series is officially here and the company will be launching two new smartphones with very similar specifications but with some differences. The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are now official and we've got all the necessary information about the two phones. While the two smartphones have launched at a very tough time, hopefully, these smartphones will hit Indian shores soon. Both smartphones use similar designs as the OnePlus 7 series' near bezel-less displays and are powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chipset. Here's everything you need to know about the two OnePlus smartphones that have been launched today: OnePlus 8 The OnePlus 8 comes with a 6.55-inch AMOLED display that has an aspect ratio of 20:9 and 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution. The display also comes with a refresh rate of 90Hz, similar to the OnePlus 7, 7T Pro for smoother operation and better gaming experiences. The display also supports HDR10+ video content on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon and other streaming platforms. The display also has an internal luminescent material that helps to filter blue light and adjusts the brightness automatically. This feature is ideal for reading text in low-light environments. © Oneplus The OnePlus 8 will be available in three colours i.e. Onyx Black, Interstellar Glow, and Glacial Green. The OnePlus 8 weighs 180g and has curved glass edges, making it just 8mm thick. The smartphone comes with a glass back for the black and interstellar glow variant while the Glacial Green has a matte-glass finish. © One Plus In the camera department, the OnePlus 8 comes with a triple-camera setup at the back where it uses a 48MP main camera sensor in the middle, a 16MP ultra-wide camera and an additional macro sensor. The ultra-wide sensor has a field of view of 116-degrees and also has support for night mode. The main 48MP shooter is a Sony IMX586 that features both EIS and OIS stabilisation. The main sensor has an aperture of f/1.75 for clearer images as it lets in more light. OnePlus has also introduced a new mode where it can capture shots of pets. The OnePlus camera app can now recognise a pet's facial features and can focus better and take clearer pictures. The mode is currently only applicable to cats and dogs for the moment. © One Plus The OnePlus 8 is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chipset and is 5G ready as well. The chipset has been coupled with 8/12GB of RAM and 128/256GB of UFS 3.0 storage. The OnePlus 8 also comes with support for WiFi 6 for network speeds of up to 9.6 Gbps In terms of battery, the OnePlus 8 comes with 4300mAh and can be fast-charged with WarpCharge 30T. OnePlus claims the smartphone can be charged from 1 to 50% in 22 minutes. OnePlus 8 Pro © One Plus The second model is a more premium offering by the company and it comes with top-of-the-line specifications and additional features fans have been requesting for years. For starters, the OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a 6.78-inch QHD+ AMOLED display and support for HDR10+ content. The display also has a refresh rate of 120Hz and the company claims to have made 150 visual optimisations across OxygenOS for the phone. The phone also comes with MEMC support where it converts standard 24FPS videos to 120FPS to reduce motion blur, stuttering and ghosting. The display has a resolution of 3168x1440 and has an aspect ratio of 19.8:9. The OnePlus 8 Pro will be available in three colours i.e. Glacial Green, Onyx Black and Ultramarine Blue. © One Plus In the camera department, the OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a quad-camera setup where it has a 48MP main camera, 48MP ultra-wide sensor, a 3x Telephoto lens and a separate colour filter camera. The new Color Filter Camera can add new lighting effects and filters to your images. The smart pet capture feature also makes a return from OnePlus 8 and will work in a similar fashion. © One Plus In terms of what powers the phone, the OnePlus 8 Pro also uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chipset and has 5G connectivity. The chipset has been coupled with 8/12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 128/256GB of UFS 3.0 storage. The OnePlus 8 Pro also comes with support for WiFi 6 for network speeds of up to 9.6 Gbps. The new LPDDR5 RAM is expected to increase memory speeds by 30% and also consume 20% less power. © One Plus Similar to the OnePlus 8, the Pro variant also has support for 30W wired charging however the phone also comes with Warp Charge 30 Wireless. The smartphone has a 4,510mAh battery and can be charged wirelessly to 50% in 30 minutes. The phone also comes with Reverse Wireless Charging for juicing up accessories like earphones and smartwatches or even other phones. Pricing Both the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro come in two variants and will be priced as follows: OnePlus 8 8GB + 128GB: $699 12GB + 256GB: $799 OnePlus 8 Pro 8GB + 128GB: $899 12GB + 256GB: $999 The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro will available from April 29th via open sale in other regions however it is not clear when the smartphnes will be available for shipments to customers in India. We will know more about the Indian pricing of the smartphones soon so keep an eye out when we get official word. View the full article
  21. Earlier this morning, PM Modi addressed the nation to announce the extension of the ongoing lockdown in India. As per the latest speech, we now have to stay indoors for a couple more weeks, till May 3, to be precise, to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. PM Modi also encouraged people to download an app called Aarogya Setu, which in case you don't know, was launched earlier this month. The app has already been downloaded by close to 20 million people, and I am sure the number will go up since our Prime Minister has now urged everyone to do so on national TV. In case you're wondering whether or not to download the app, here's a quick look at everything that you need to know about it. Pros Of Aarogya Setu:Easy To Set Up © MensXP Getting started with the Aarogya Setu app is very simple. Just download the app and register with your mobile number to start using it. It needs your phone number for contact tracking i.e. to identify and notify about someone in your circle being tested positive. Language Setup & Translation In order to make it easier for people to use the app, the government has added the ability to choose between multiple languages. You can choose between English, Hindi, Gujrati, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, and a few more. You can also change the language at any point after setting up, which makes it accessible for millions in India. Self Assessment Test & Safety Tips © MensXP The primary objective of the app is to help you figure out if you are at risk of getting infected by COVID-19. And therefore, besides the self-assessment test, you'll also see some tips on how to keep yourself safe. There are things like safety tips, Do's and don'ts, and a direct link to learn more about the COVID-19. I am sure this will come in handy for people who're not entirely aware of the risk of getting infected by the virus yet. Cons Of Aarogya SetuLocation Sharing You're probably already aware of this, but there's a lot of speculation surrounding the Aarogya Setu's privacy policy. The fact that it's tracking you all the time, can be unsettling for some, to say the least. The government says it needs the location access to figure out the places you've been to and use it later if/when you test positive. It definitely makes sense since it'll make it super easy for the government to trace back your contact points and quarantine them, but do you really want the government to track you all the time throughout this pandemic? © Reuters User Data When you install the app, the government immediately gets all of your info including your name, age, ***, and phone number. With all this info and the location data, it is safe to say that the government literally knows your entire digital personality at any given point in time. Battery Drain Since the app is constantly using your phone's location services, you can expect the phone's battery to drain faster than it would on a normal day. Location services use GPS to track the location of your device as it pings after a set interval of time. This means, your phone is constantly sending out data to the servers, which means more battery usage and heating issues. It's very similar to using Google Maps for navigation. Except, in this case, your phone will be constantly sending your location, unlike Google Maps which you'd probably use not more than an hour a day while traveling. Is It worth Downloading? Aarogya Setu uses Bluetooth to communicate with devices around you so that it can identify who you're coming in contact with and notify you later if/when that particular person tests positive. But, even if you are around an infected person, say someone who lives in the same building, it doesn't necessarily mean you've come in contact with them. Bluetooth, however, doesn't really understand directions, so, at best, the app has the ability to tell that you "may" have come in contact with someone who has tested positive which is a fair trade off in our opinion, but may cause panic. And lastly, I'd like to point out the security vulnerabilities. If this app, like several other govt apps infamous for security lapses, is vulnerable to security breaches, just imagine the kind of data leak we're looking at. The party hacking into the system will literally know who you are and where all you've been since the moment you downloaded the app. In conclusion, while the app definitely can be a mass mobiliser when it comes to fighting the Coronavirus, it does have its own sets of flaws. And location tracking is the least of our concerns. Let's hope the app is secure to breaches, so that our data stays safe with the government. View the full article
  22. The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken all of us and disrupted our everyday lives. It's not like we had never heard of the words 'pandemics' or 'lockdowns' before, as we've all had these troubling terms thrown at us in schools at some point with pictures of a dystopian reality that we never thought could be our own. But 2020 has shown us that some of the worst possible realities can, in fact, come true. Not that we're not fighting this, we hope to resume routine life as soon as we can, and in a month or two hopefully, we will be back on the streets. However, these 3-4 weeks of isolation, for a lot of people, has put things in perspective as they make a list of things that they want to do as soon as it's safe to step out. We asked a bunch of people the first thing that they would want to do as soon as the lockdown ends, and here are some hilarious answers: 1. "The time in the quarantine has made me regret all the times a turned down a party invite, I might possibly turn into a party animal once this ends" © iStock 2. "Once it's safe to meet strangers again, I'm going to find someone on Tinder and hook-up with them" © Excel Productions 3. "I've been craving fried chicken after watching a bunch of movies of people eating fried chicken in them. Once the pandemic ends, I will go and live in KFC for a whole week." © iStock 4. "Have *** with my boyfriend." © iStock 5. "My family is conservative, I can't drink till the lockdown gets over. I plan to get sloshed on the streets with my friends without worrying about catching any infections." © iStock 6. "I'm done with washing my hands too many times, once it's safe again, I plan to not wash my hands for a month." 7. "I miss greeting people on the streets, I'm going to greet every random stranger on the street once this gets over." © iStock 8. " I'm staying with my boyfriend's family for the duration of the lockdown, as soon as this gets over, I plan to go back and lock myself in my flat for two days." 9. "I think working in a lockdown has made my team a little crazy, I can't wait for this to get over so I can quit my job." © iStock 10. "Give my girlfriend a ten-minute long bear hug." © Excel Productions So, what are you planning on doing once it is safe to step out? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  23. With all the free time the COVID-19 quarantine has forced upon us, thereâs a tendency to spend a lot of it daydreaming (especially if you live alone) about the day it all finally ends - seeing friends and family after perhaps the longest gap many of us have ever experienced, and hopefully planning the recovery party to end all recovery parties. Right now though, weâre all on hold. Some of us have dealt with things by avoiding depressing news statistics, some of us have thrown ourselves into work-from-home cycles fearing the inevitable tide of layoffs and some of us are simply stuck in confusion. As part of the latter, itâs not uncommon to find myself bringing up memories of life before quarantine, and how we took everything from football matches to family outings and even professional handshakes for granted. Hereâs a list of some of the things Iâve gone back to while stuck in lockdown - letâs see what you can relate to as well. 1. Crowds © Reuters With everyone cooped up at home, our cities have turned into eerie, empty shells of what they once were. 2. Hugs © Reuters A little physical appreciation goes a long way, especially in rough times. Itâs truly a shame that many of us will probably think twice even after all of this is over. 3. Dating © Reuters I donât know about you guys, but love in the time of Corona has been pretty much nonexistent. 4. Personal Space © Unsplash Conversely, many of us at home with partners and family have suddenly been deprived of our me-time. Being stuck at home during a crisis undoubtedly leads to disagreements and arguments - without the space needed to maintain a healthy relationship, even the company we have can gradually become suffocating. 5. Travel © Reuters Whether for work or for leisure, getting out and about - seeing the world is an absolute joy and necessity for many of us who love to travel. Right now, weâre unlikely to explore anywhere further than our apartmentâs gates. 6. Shopping © Reuters Many of us enjoy a bit of retail therapy when we can afford it. Unfortunately, malls and shopping centres have turned into ghost towns all over the world across the last few weeks 7. Prayer and Worship © Reuters While many of us couldnât care less, several others found comfort and peace in visiting temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras and monasteries during tough times. Iâm sure weâre all praying for the virus to leave humanity alone, but for those with a religious bent, it isnât quite the same anymore. 8. Sports Events © Reuters For many sports fans, their true religions - from football leagues to cricket tournaments - have vanished overnight with no clear replacement. 9. Healthcare © Reuters While falling sick is never fun, catching a minor bug can lead to massive anxiety and frustration, given how terrified we all are of catching COVID-19 symptoms. While weâve previously had few qualms when it comes to visiting a doctor, getting near a clinic or hospital these days can be downright scary. 10. Fitness © Reuters Hitting the gym used to be a massive source of both mental and physical fortitude for us - one that weâve had to substitute with home workouts and other solutions that just arenât the same as busting out a weightlifting routine or working on your form with trainers and fellow gym-mates. 11. Movie Theatres © Reuters How long do we have before the TV series binges get old? Not much Iâd expect - and for film buffs around the world, not having access to escape into the world of cinema at your favourite theatre can be downright heartbreaking. 12. Predictability In Everyday Life © Reuters This one is perhaps a bit abstract, but several of us found comfort and confidence in maintaining a daily schedule of sorts - managing our lives around work, family and our own personal interests. With the pandemic surging on, many of these routines have shattered, leaving us to pick up the pieces and move on in a world where tomorrow seems quite uncertain. 13. Education © Reuters While those of us with jobs have our own concerns to worry about, students donât have it much better either. Several examinations such as the 10th and 12th boards, key entrance exams and the day-to-day functioning of both minor and major universities have been hamstrung by the COVID-19 outbreak. Imagine taking out a student loan, and discovering that your first semester was spent relying on correspondence courses through the internet, rather than the education youâve actually paid for. 14. Dressing Up © Reuters Sure you can try and pull off a good look while at home, but whatâs a nice outfit without a compliment or two from your friends, and the right place to pull it off? 15. Driving © Reuters Perhaps Iâm speaking for myself (and a whole lot of motorheads) here, but putting my hands behind a steering wheel or a bikeâs handlebars was great fun and a spectacular way to unwind. Itâs even worse considering how traffic-free the roads and highways around us are today. Weâre sure thereâs much more to feel nostalgic for. But, as the situation develops, weâll hopefully be back to enjoying these things again. Share some of the pre-quarantine things you miss in the comments! View the full article
  24. It was reported that 'Gossip Girl' reboot will address just how much social media has changed
  25. In a surprising new development in Britain's fight against COVID-19, none other than heir to the throne, 71-year old Prince Charles of Wales has been diagnosed with the deadly viral strain, after being tested earlier this Monday. Known as the 'Perpetual Prince' in British media circles, he holds the record for the longest-serving heir apparent (living) in British history - a legacy that's been the butt of several tabloid jokes involving him and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II - who, at 92, seems to be chugging along splendidly. While Prince Charles has his own detailed and multifaceted life behind him - the subject of countless biographies and historical books - there remains a lot of quirky, unusual and downright entertaining facts that have slipped by over the years. The Prince Was Bullied In School © Wikimedia You might consider that kids would think twice before messing with the product of a 1,500-year old monarchy, but not every Scottish boarding school is as fun as Hogwarts. Attending classes at Gordonstoun, Scotland, when a classmate would talk to him, bullies would start making slurping sounds to imply his peers were 'sucking up', according to Robert Jobson in Charles at Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams. While the young Prince kept himself composed and didn't get into any trouble during his schooldays, he would write home about his troubles. “The people in my dormitory are foul,” he wrote in a 1963 letter. “Goodness, they are horrid. I don't know how anybody could be so foul.” His Controversial Marriage With Princess Diana © Reuters While most of Britain's general public were ecstatic to see Princess Diana enter the royal family back in 1981, future years saw many biographers chart how both Diana and Charles were not keen on tying the knot - one that was undone when the pair divorced in 1992. Diana met Charles at 16 when he was dating her elder sister Lady Sarah, beginning a series of coincidences that eventually led to the events captured in National Geographic's Diana: In Her Own Words - a documentary where archived interviews of the Princess revealed her disinterest in marrying Charles on their wedding day, and succumbing to the pressures of her sisters and the monarchy itself. Charles, who was reportedly in love for several years with his current wife Duchess Camilla, did not come out to his family about his regrets - although in Charles: The Misunderstood Prince, he was revealed as sharing a private moment of weakness with his valet. 'Stephen,' he asked his valet, 'Is it possible to love two women at the same time?' Looking at Charles' life now, perhaps the answer was yes. British Playboy Royalty, Or Not? © Reuters Don't get him wrong though - while the prince was pretty sombre when it came to marriage, he certainly had his fair share of tours around London's tabloids back in the day, with any young woman of royal lineage turning into fodder for the press, and Lady Sarah Spencer was no exception. While the prince himself maintains that he was a shy, reserved person, the press and some members of the royal family suggested that Charles was quite the charmer - his great-uncle Lord Mountbatten told interviewers that the young prince was forever 'popping in and out of bed with a girl.' Yes, this is that Lord Mountbatten, believe it or not. Either way, Charles would go on to resent this image and denounce it later in his life. He Owns A Vintage Aston Martin That Runs On Wine © GQ Move over, James Bond - while Prince Charles may not live up to the same kind of playboy reputation, he certainly matches up when it comes to cars. The prince owns an Aston Martin DB6 MKII that was gifted to him by Queen Elizabeth on his 21st birthday. While the car itself is a gorgeous piece of British motoring heritage, it also happens to literally run on white wine. The prince happens to be a patron and generous donor to environmental causes - and his vintage ride was pretty far off from passing any recent pollution checks. Determined to ride guilt-free, he went on to strongarm the engineers at Aston Martin - who after some convincing, managed to turn his Aston into the most delicious-smelling vehicle to roll out of their factories. He's A Skilled Illusionist © Reuters Probably the coolest character trait for any member of the British royal family, Prince Charles actually has some skills in the art of illusions and magic - having passed the official examination to join the Magic Circle — a British social organization of magicians — back in 1975. His Secret-Service Codename is 'Unicorn' © Reuters Certain visiting dignitaries to the U.S. are given code names of their own, and Charles was given Unicorn. The fanciful name is oddly fitting - the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland and has been part of its coat-of-arms for some 600 years, with the earliest banners and signs found in Rothesay Castle, Scotland. Among Prince Charles's earliest titles, which he received at age 5, is Duke of Rothesay. The Prince Is An Accomplished Author - Of Children's Books © Reuters In 1980, Prince Charles wrote a children's book called The Old Man of Lochnagar, based on the stories he would tell his younger brothers, Princes Andrew and Edward. It centers around an old man who went to the caves near Balmoral looking for a quiet place to take a hot bath. The book was later turned into an animated short film, narrated by the prince. While this is one of his more famous and unusual works, the prince has shone as a writer with several books written on subjects ranging from architecture to philosophy, and has lent his forewords to 24 separate publications. Here's wishing him a speedy recovery. View the full article
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