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Found 9 results

  1. With 'Game Of Thrones' nearing its end faster than we had expected, it is safe to say that the story of the television series digressed from the storyline that author George RR Martin had spent years coming up with. While it deprives the show of a lot of love from the dedicated fans of the books, it also opens doors to an uncertain future and all sorts of theories about the way it all ends for Jon Snow, Cersei, Daenerys, and the rest of the crew with the series finale a couple of weeks away. One such theory could be about the main man, Jon Snow, who surprisingly seems to 'know nothing' about all the tattletales present in his “family” with whom he spent the better portion of his unusual life. via GIPHY I say “unusual” simply because one, he's come back to life after dying and two, have you noticed how ever since he was resurrected, he somehow managed to survive every major war he's been a part of while people around him continued to die, mostly saving him from danger? So, this theory is about how ever since he was brought back to life by the Lord of Light (through Melisandre), Snow became the most powerful and influential agent of the “one true god” especially because of the fact that Snow or rather, Aegon Targaryen was always the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, thereby the King of the Seven Kingdoms, a King who could force his subjects into worshipping the Lord of Light alone, while dismissing every other religion. via GIPHY The biggest hints about the theory dropped during the fourth episode of the eighth and final season of the show. After winning the Battle of Winterfell, with the Night King and the rest of the army of the dead decimated after Arya stabbed him in the torso with dragonglass, it was the wildlings who spoke of how Snow did not remain dead even after getting murdered: “He is little but he is strong. Strong enough to befriend an enemy and get murdered for it. Most people get bloody murdered, they stay that way. Not this one,” said Tormund to which Snow slyly replied: “I didn't have much say in that.” via GIPHY Also, a couple of moments ago, in a conversation with Tyrion, Ser Davos expresses his concerns with The Lord of Light. “We play his game for him, we fight his war and win and then he fucks off. No signs, no blessings. Who knows what he wants?” Maybe this is what the Lord of Light had planned all along. There also exists another theory according to which the Lord of Light and the God of Death are one and the same. In the last episode, Melisandre, a devout of the Lord of Light said something very peculiar to a terrified Arya that gave her the strength to kill the Night King. via GIPHY Interestingly, she spoke about the God of Death and the lines were first told to Arya nearly a decade ago by her sword-fighting instructor, Syrio Forel, who followed the God of Death aka the Many-Faced God as well. via GIPHY Once the Night King was dead, Melisandre happily died as her destiny was fulfilled by Arya and now it was Snow's turn to fulfill his by taking the throne from Cersei and Daenerys to complete the Lord of Light's plan.
  2. 'Game Of Thrones' always pays great emphasis to the soundtrack, the songs and the music that become a part of the show somewhere or the other. Usually, the themes and end credit songs are something to always look forward to as they tell us a lot abbot the standing structure and theme of the particular episode citing incidents of historical importance. Just like how Podrick's song did in episode 2 of season 8: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. © HBO The episode is all about bidding final goodbyes in Winterfell before the eventual fate is faced the next morning, or so the mighty men and women seem to believe. While Arya wants her last night in the arms of the man she fancies, Sansa warms up to Theon after he chooses to fight against the dead. Greyworm and Missandei are making grand future plans to visit Naath after the war is over and a bunch of people are sitting around the fire warming their emotions and indulging in some worthy banter and storytelling. Jaime knights Brienne of Tarth, while Tyrion fills everyone's cups with ale, requesting someone to sing a song. The quiet and unassuming Podrick Payne steps up to the occasion and belts out an old time classic called 'Jenny's Song'. © HBO The song is taken directly from George RR Martin's book: The Song of Ice and Fire and it connects to the larger scheme of things in the storyline. The song is primarily thought to be about 'Jenny of the Oldstones', a girl Duncan Targaryen was madly in love with. Duncan happens to be Daenerys's uncle and the Mad King's elder brother, making him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Well, what does this piece of information have to do with what's going on right now? A lot apparently! The song directly relates to Duncan's love for Jenny, Rhaegar's love for Lyanna and Jon and Dany's love for each other. Just like how Duncan left his throne for Jenny, the assumption that Jon or Dany might do the same for one another, now that Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and Dany is well aware of that fact, bringing the Azor Ahai prophecy to light as well. The song plays on many levels, talking about making great sacrifices for the one true love, as it has always happened in history and might take shape in the present as well through the only two Targaryens left. © HBO So, if Duncan gave up his throne for love, will Dany do the same for Jon is the question, and that's what the song highlights. The song though has only presented the readers with one important line in the book: "High in the halls of kings who are gone, Jenny would dance with her ghosts". This reference goes back to 'Summerhall', a Targaryen castle, where a great fire broke out and killed Aegon Targaryen V and Duncan, Jenny's Prince. So, when the line reads "Jenny would dance with her ghosts", it means she'd be dancing with Duncan and Aegon V. © HBO But the version in the episode, the one that Pod sings to show off his vocal skills goes something like this: " The ones she had lost and the ones she had found, And the ones who had love her the most. The ones who'd been gone for so very long, She couldn't remember their names. They spun her around on the damp old stone, Spun away all her sorrow and pain. And she never wanted to leave. Never wanted to leave. Never wanted to leave. Never wanted to leave. Never wanted to leave. Never wanted to leave. Never wanted to leave. While the last lines repeat, we see a montage of Sam, Gilly and little Sam, Greyworm and Missandei and Theon and Sansa, characters that may not survive the war between the living and the dead. © HBO Well, Jon has forfeited love for duty in the past, when he gave up his love for Ygritte and sided with the Night's Watch because that was the right thing to do according to him and here he is, once again put up to a test and we're wondering if he'll forfeit his love once again for Dany! Well, only time will tell, that's all I can say. For now, the assumption that the song has something very significant to do with what lies ahead is very overpowering, because it talks about love from a long time ago, weaving its way into a love that's very much a part of the present. While we're not sure who gives up on their destiny of love first, we do know that perhaps both won't make it alive to the throne and whoever does make it, the sacrifices they made to get to the throne will haunt them for life. © HBO For now, to digest this heavy piece of information, give Jenny's Song a hear. It's performed by Florence and the Machine and it goes by the name 'Jenny of Oldstones'.
  3. I'm sure that most reading this blog are running an up-to-date Invision Community and enjoying all the benefits of a modern community platform. Little things that get taken for granted now, like being able to view your community on a mobile phone without pinching and zooming just to read a few posts and having multiple automated tools to deal with community toxicity and spam. However, a little wander around the web soon uncovers some really old forum systems still somehow creaking along. Amazingly, most of these communities are still used daily, often with millions of posts in the archives. It might be tempting to ask why keep upgrading and investing in new versions of the software? After all, if the community is still running just fine and getting daily visitors, then it's ok to do nothing, right? But there is a hidden cost in doing nothing. Security This is the main one for me. Old platforms often have several published security vulnerabilities. Often these vulnerabilities are exploited by scripts that are shared around hacker communities. This means exploiting a website running an old version of a forum system is as simple as running a script and pointing it at your site. Older forums are also less sophisticated. They rely on unsafe hashing methods to store passwords and lack vital features like two-factor authentication. Also, consider that the server environment has to be maintained with out of date PHP and MySQL versions. It's a recipe for disaster. Could your community survive a major exploit where data is downloaded into the hands of a hacker? The cost could be fatal to your community. Declining engagement Even the most ardent of fans on your community will eventually tire of struggling to access your site on mobile devices. I think back to 2002 when we created the first version of our software. We only had to focus on how it looked on a computer, so naturally, that influenced the design of the forum. It's not so simple now. More and more of us are using mobile phones to access the internet. A recent statistic showed that mobile internet access outstrips desktop use 2 to 1; and for some countries, mobile internet access is almost the only way people get online. It's just a matter of time before new members stop registering and engagement tails off. Competition At the end of 2018, there were 1.8 billion websites (I Googled it). The competition for attention has never been as fierce. Your community may be the go-to place for your niche, but what if another community popped up running the latest version of a platform with all the features your members have been desperately asking for? It may not take long until there is a massive drain from your community. I'm sure there's a dozen reasons to make sure you're always re-investing in your community by upgrading to a modern platform. This blog merely scratches the surface. For those of you that do invest and upgrade? You reap the benefits daily by ensuring you are doing the very best for your community by keeping it secure and accessible for most. If you are on an older platform, now is the time to put some serious thought into making the move to something better. I put together a little downloadable guide that might help too. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.
  4. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 2019 Unlock the secrets of the Dragon Eye and come face to face with more dragonsthan anyone has ever imagined as Hiccup, Toothless and the Dragon Riders soar to the edge of adventure. Hiccup and the gang join Gobber on a quest to find alegendary boneclad Dragon.
  5. Apple has introduced some cool and hidden features on iOS which you can find deep within the settings menu in iPhones. You can check out all the hidden iOS 12 tricks we found during our tests here. Having said that, there's a new tip going viral that allows users to use their iPhone as a microphone if you own a pair of AirPods. It works even if you are far away thanks to the Bluetooth technology on board. If u have AirPods ð§, u can press “Live Listen” to “On” and leave your phone in the room with someone and u can hear what they saying, thank me later𤫠pic.twitter.com/fC6KYmqpB4 — arnold (@arnoldcrndo) January 9, 2019 The feature was spotted on Twitter and is called “Live Listen” which basically turns your iPhone into a listening device. The person who tweeted about the feature said that it could be used as a way to cheat on a test. © MensXP After checking out the feature for ourselves, “Live Listen” is targeted towards people with hearing loss. It was introduced in a software update in September for Apple's AirPods and basically lets people with hearing listen in via the Bluetooth enabled earbuds. Basically, after turning on the feature you can point your phone towards the person you want to hear speak. You basically get to hear what the person is saying through the hearing aid feature on the AirPod. Apple describes it as "Made for iPhone hearing aids, sound processors, and now AirPods can help you have better conversations in loud places. Just turn on the Live Listen feature and move your iPhone toward the people you're talking with.¹ Live Listen uses the microphone to pick up what they're saying more clearly.” Here's how you can turn on the “Live Listen” feature: © Twitter Go to Settings Control Center Customize Controls. Turn on Hearing. 2. Put AirPods in the ear and open Control Center 3. Tap the ear icon, it should say “Live Listen” 4. To get clear audio, place the iPhone's chin facing the person to hear what they have to say. It is unclear if Apple is already aware of the situation, and if it will do something about it. Perhaps can bring in a new update where it would play a sound to alert people around the phone that the Live Listen feature is activated. For now, please be responsible and respect other people's privacy.
  6. Apple has dropped the new iOS 12 update to all iPhones starting with the iPhone 5S. We've been using the new OS update for quite some time thanks to the Beta channel, and the new update is much more than just performance fixes. Apple has stressed that the new OS update will not slow down your phone but actually make it faster. The focus has been on making even older devices run faster. The change is very noticeable, especially on the iPhone 5S, SE, and 6. In the last one year, the company has been dealing with a lot of complaints from users, thanks to a slightly broken iOS that would crash with a simple link or text message. While we're glad Apple has finally made iOS tolerable again, the company has also added tonnes of new features. A lot of these additions are very minor but can bring about a major change if used correctly. We've prepared a list of newly hidden additions that iOS 12 has: 1. Bedtime Mode: © MensXP The Bedtime feature has been there in the Clock app for years. Basically, you can set your regular sleeping time and the phone will remind you to go to bed via a notification. It also syncs with Apple Health and your Apple Watch data to keep a track of whether you are following your goals. Now, even the Do Not Disturb mode can be synced along with Bedtime, wherein all notifications will be silenced, and also hid from the lock screen. This way, you can go to sleep without any interrupting notifications that light up the display. Apple has also subtly made the background of the lock screen darker during bedtime, making it easier for you to check the time in darkness. 2. Content & Privacy Restrictions: © MensXP Content Restrictions on iOS 12 let you manage almost every aspect of your phone's functionality ranging from whether a user can delete or install new apps to the use of location services. The option can be found in the Settings app, in the ScreenTime menu. With this, you can micromanage everything an app can do on your phone. For starters, you can set U, US, A ratings for Movies and TV shows, so that the kids in the house don't go wandering. Or, you can control sending out data from your phone. Have a very sensitive job? Block off all apps from using the GPS. These are just a few examples. The amount of control you get is unbelievable. 3. Search Photos: © MensXP You're out with your friends and wanna show that cool place you had visited six months back, but don't wanna scroll through the thousands of other pictures on your camera roll? Simply search for it! Similar to Google Photos, the app can now search photos based on category, place, and people. The algorithm will constantly scan pictures and categorise them accordingly, like pictures taken in / of a vehicle, pictures of dogs, food, and almost everything. This makes discovering pictures a lot easier, and the system creates new albums all on its own. 4. Measure App: © MensXP The Measure app is based on Apple's ARKit 2, you can use your iPhone or iPad to take the measurements of just about anything in your environment. In simple words, you don't need to worry about carrying a physical tape measure anymore. Want to calculate the length or area of something that's tough to get a tape measure against? You don't have to buy a separate device to accomplish that calculation; you don't even have to buy a separate app to do it. It will measure the area, perimeter, as well as the central point all by itself. 5. Manage Notifications: © MensXP Managing the hundreds of notifications on iOS 11 was a pain, Apple has finally fixed this. Instead of seeing a long list of notifications, iOS 12 now groups them for you –not just by the app but also by topic and thread. You can now also manage how every notification reacts, individually. Just swipe left on the notification and select Manage. Deliver Quietly means that notifications for this app will appear in Notification Center but not on the lock screen or with an audible alert. Turn Off turns off all notifications for that app.
  7. Ask any pseudo-scientist: “What is the best way to lose fat?” and the answer you will get is: “Do Keto Bro! Carbs are bad & make you fat.” The Ketogenic aka Keto Diet has been trending in the fitness community for quite some time. It is basically an extremely low carbohydrate diet. A person on a keto diet will be consuming merely 30-80 carbs per day. The advocates of this diet proclaim it to be an advanced diet for boosting fat loss. But does the keto diet really live up to its hype? © YouTube In this article we will be scientifically breaking down everything you need about ketogenic diets: * Nutrition Basics * What Is It? * How It Works? (KETOSIS) * Is It Superior To Other Diets? (Breaking The Bubble) Nutrition Basics Like any machine, the human body requires fuel to function. Humans have 3 fuel sources (Macronutrients), that is, protein, fats and carbohydrates. Alcohol is the fourth macronutrient but for a healthy and well-functioning body, it is advised that you get majority of energy from the initial three macronutrients. Calories are the amount of energy your body can derive from these macronutrients. Caloric content of all four macronutrients is mentioned below. Essential And Non-Essential Macronutrients Protein and fats are essential macronutrients, carbohydrates are non-essential. Essential means body requires them for survival. Protein is necessary for the maintenance of lean muscle mass and vital organs such as the heart. Fats are necessary for hormonal regulation. P.S: Non-essential does not mean carbs are bad. (More on it ahead!) What Is The Keto Diet? © Thinkstock/Getty Images Typically an individual consumes a combination of the three macronutrients. If you watch your everyday Indian diet, it has some amount of protein, moderate fats and a lot of carbohydrates (lentils, pulses, rotis, rice, fruits, etc). A keto diet removes all carbohydrate containing foods such as potatoes, whole wheat, milk, fruits, rice, oats, etc. The diet primarily consists of foods high in fat and proteins such as meat, chicken, fish, cheese, nuts, etc. Thus, in a nutshell, keto diet is a low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet. How It Works? (KETOSIS) © Thinkstock/Getty Images As stated above, carbohydrates are not an essential macronutrient. Carbohydrates are broken into glucose which the body utilizes for various purposes. Carbs are the preferred source of energy for our body but technically our body requires glucose, not carbohydrates. In the absence of carbohydrates, in case of a Keto diet, the body can produce its own glucose by breaking down amino acids in the muscles by the process called 'gluconeogenesis'. But solely relying on this mechanism will result in excessive muscle tissue losses in vital organs such as the heart, and eventually causing death. And to sustain this mechanism (being alive) a lot of protein intake would be required, which is 350-450g per day. Next, the body can also rely on Free Fatty Acids (FFA) in the bloodstream and stored body fat, for energy requirements. Most of the tissues in the body can utilize FFA as fuel. However, our brain cannot use FFA. Hence, your body begins to oxidize fat for the production of Ketone which are a byproduct of incomplete metabolism of FFA in the liver. Our body is producing ketones in some amounts all the time but under normal dietary conditions, they play an insignificant role. During a ketogenic diet, ketones play a significant role in energy production, especially in the brain (The brain can derive up to 75% of energy from Ketones.) When ketones are produced at accelerated rates, they accumulate in the bloodstream, causing a metabolic state called ketosis. This shifts the body's metabolic system from glucose utilisation to fat utilisation, which is the basic principle of a keto diet. Is It Superior To Other Diets? “As your body is oxidizing fat for energy production, your body turns into a fat burning machine.” I am sure you must have heard this statement from a Pro-Keto person. Even though your body is oxidizing fat for energy production, all of it is not body fat (which you want to lose) and at the same time you are also consuming substantial amounts of dietary fats, ranging anywhere from 150-250g per day. When caloric intakes are matched the amount of fat loss on a conventional balanced diet and a ketogenic diet is about the same. Therefore, total caloric intake is the fundamental factor that influences fat loss. And if you overeat calories on a Ketogenic diet as well, you will get fat. Calories are what counts, after all! (Surprise) Faster Fat Loss? Ketogenic or any other low carb diet is believed to accelerate the rate of fat loss. Individuals on a keto diet will observe drop of 500g-1Kg within one day. But this is mainly due to water loss from the body and not true fat loss. Cutting carbohydrate intake affects water levels in the body. Every gram of carbohydrate stores 3 grams of water in the body. So, if you drop 200g carbohydrates from your diet you would easily lose 400-600g. Hence, majority of the initial weight drop on a keto diet is water weight. Once water loss has been taken into account, the rate of total fat loss is generally the same for ketogenic versus non-ketogenic diets. Final Verdict The ketogenic diet simply provides a fat-derived fuel alternative (Ketones) for the body. It cannot be called a fad diet but it is also not superior to other conventional diets for fat loss. Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  8. Urooj Butt

    Hidden Bad Girl

    Never underestimate a good girl. Looks can be deceiving. There's a bad girl hidden in every single one of them. It just requires the right partner who knows how to awaken the bad girl and unleash the beast inside.
  9. We're a cool bunch here at Invision Community. You'll see us around answering support tickets, posting in our community and writing cool new features and hilarious blogs. But, you won't see what we get up to in our spare time. This month, we asked the question "What is your secret talent?" To which Andy replied "I can't tell you, it's a secret" making me rephrase the question immediately. Without further ado, lets dive in. Andy Millne (Developer and owner of quick comebacks) I can fly a plane, a desire that started as a child being allowed to occasionally take the controls of my parent’s light aircraft. This was then rekindled when the same aircraft fell into disrepair and was in need of restoration and I had the disposable income to take lessons. Unfortunately this is a very expensive hobby and not really one I can still justify though I occasionally fly with friends when possible. I can also fly model planes and helicopters but I’m almost as talented at crashing them as I am flying them. Luckily that skill hasn’t transferred to the real thing. Editor: Andy lives in a different league to the rest of us. Mark Wade (VIP Developer and owner of scathing put-downs) I can solve a Rubik's cube in under two minutes. Editor: Pfft. Depending on how well the stickers are adhered, I can solve one in under a minute. Brandon Farber (Developer and owner of impressive tools) I don't know if I'd call it a talent, but I enjoy woodworking when I have time. I built a swinging day bed for my wife out of a couple of pallets and some misc wood and hardware, I screened in my back patio last year, I built a coffin for a Halloween party, and I built a desk two days before Christmas for my daughter as some recent examples. Right now I'm in the middle of building some planter boxes for our front porch. Editor: I made an ash tray for my mum in school once. She loved it, even though she has never once smoked. Desk v1.0 Daniel (Developer, T2 Support and Banksy protege) My secret is art. I used to paint art in the streets of Vienna in summer. Editor: If Daniel needs to work the streets to make ends meet, we should probably give him a pay rise. Daniel painting One of Daniel's creations Jennifer (Designer and owner of cool costumes) I do custom cosplay for myself and my family and I like to make digital space scenes in photoshop. Batman was not created by Jennifer Editor: Our legal department would like to point out that Batman was co-created by Bob Kane. Ryan (Developer and owner of short hair) I have an old one I can't really do anymore - I used to be able to do a pretty close Donald Duck impression. I've forgotten how to do it properly, though. Editor: Interesting thing to share. Ryan has many talents. He can play guitar and bass. He looks a bit like Ethan Hawke. Yet he chose to share the fact he can do a Donald Duck impression. Marc (Support and owner of things on wheels) I'm very good on skates (quad skates, not this inline stuff people do now). Me and my cousin used to do freestyle speed skating and half pipe. Stopped doing so once I got to an age whereby I was breaking things more than bouncing. Something I miss doing, so much so that I still have my skates, even though I haven't been on them in about 20 years. Editor: This is probably not Marc. That's enough from us. To be honest we were all blown away when we learned that Daniel was a secret street artist and he paints amazing pictures. We'd love to hear what your hidden talents are. Let us know below!