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Found 846 results

  1. One of the greatest things that the Chennai Super Kings franchise did was to share the snippets from their practice matches against each other from their social media accounts. It not only allowed the fans to see the kind of freedom with which names like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Suresh Raina are practicing but also depicts the camaraderie within the squad. In the small bites from the second practice match within the three-time champions of the Indian Premier League, the highlight came at the very end of the video when all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja struck the ball for a boundary while his batting partner, Sam Curran did his best impression of Jaddu’s iconic ‘sword’ celebration. Sam Curran's sword celebration ⚔️#WhistlePodu #IPL2021 @ChennaiIPL pic.twitter.com/TsV0x4DgmB — Sam Curran FC™ (@SamCurranFC) April 10, 2021 And even though it was not as smooth as the one Jadeja does, it simply shows the kind of admiration and chemistry the roster possesses despite getting to play together for about two months in a year. CSK fans were overjoyed to see that their stars were having fun on the field and here is how some of them reacted: Le jaddu to sam after seeing sam's sword celebration pic.twitter.com/BfkpggDTUr — Aslam (@Aslam04423845) April 10, 2021| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| Tension mat lo CSK hi Jeetega |_____________| (•◡•) / / —— | | |_ |_#IPL2021 — Indian Passion League (@Sameer_127) April 10, 2021Sam is a lovely guy! — Aritram Dhar (@aritram_speaks) April 10, 2021Coming off the most disappointing season in the history of the franchise, CSK missed the IPL playoffs for the first time back in 2020 and finished at the number seven spot. With the hopes of returning to the usual selves, the ‘Whistle Podu’ team will need some top-level contribution from both Curran and Jadeja. The Englishman has shown some incredible form with the ball and the bat lately. His heroic and unbeaten 95-run performance during the final ODI between India and England almost took the series victory off the hands of the Men in Blue and was lauded by the international cricketing fraternity. ‘He has shades of MS Dhoni’: Jos Buttler on Sam Curran’s valiant 95-run knock https://t.co/tZo5W2sfCr via @IndianExpress pic.twitter.com/J8BLSO9iKA — BCABA Network (@BcabaNetwork) April 5, 2021 On the other hand, Ravindra Jadeja looks to return to the brilliant form he was in before he got sidelined with a broken thumb during India’s tour of Australia and had to undergo surgery. MS Dhoni and the CSK hope to start their IPL 2021 campaign with a win as they get ready to take on previous season runners-up in the Delhi Capitals and their brand new skipper Rishabh Pant at Mumbai’s iconic Wankhede Stadium on Saturday. View the full article
  2. Ofer Cassif, a Jewish member of the mostly Arab Joint List party, was attending a protest against the expansion of a Jewish settlement in Sheikh Jarrah, a Palestinian neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem
  3. In a recent survey conducted by Piplsay, an American think tank and polling firm, people from all over the political spectrum have agreed on one thing - a vast majority want Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to run for president in 2024. © Instagram/therockfans97 It seems that given Dwayne’s history with the idea, it might be time for him to take one step closer to this dream. © Instagram/therockfans97 Back in 2017, Dwayne had confirmed in an interview that he would indeed like to run for the highest office in the United States of America, after seeing that Donal Trump won quite emphatically. He couched his aspirations in the term “a real possibility if that’s what the people wanted.” © Instagram/therockfans97 If indeed that turns out to be true, it will be the second time that the Americans will have elected a celebrity to the White House. © AFP People had speculated that Dwayne would contest the 2020 election against Trump, after he and Tom Hanks performed a bit for a show, announcing their “campaign.” However, he shut all of those speculations down later, saying that he wasn’t ready - yet. © AFP There are speculations that indeed if he files his nomination, a showdown between Kanye West and Dwayne Johnson, at least in the initial stages cannot be ruled out. Twitter, meanwhile, upon finding this out, had some seriously strong opinions. Probably the same half that thought Trump would be a good president — MP (@matthew_pine1 April 9, 2021Naw....we've already had a celebrity prez. Didn't work out well at all. — Barb Dignan (@barbdignan April 9, 2021 We’re on team Terry… Fans of B99 unite! He'd make a great president! But I betcha he'd lose in a landslide to Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. pic.twitter.com/BKFLsAVeH9 — Kevin Glennon (@kevinglennon April 9, 2021 That’s gotta burn. He’d be a better republican candidate than many who hold the offices now. — Andrew || Burning Forest (@Burning_Forest April 9, 2021 Now that’s one heck of a combo, we must say. And Vince McMahon will be his running mate, right? pic.twitter.com/6bbvJ89hNo — Al B (@Scene_By_ALB April 9, 2021 Ah...American elections are just fun to watch. Like a really bad comedy movie... Stone Cold for opposing candidate on the right... pic.twitter.com/QTZGomhZRk — Johnny_Cage (@4aces10 April 9, 2021Imagine the presidential election being decided by a hell in a cell match. Wouldn’t that be a spectacle worth watching? In all seriousness though, what do you think about celebrities joining politics, and aiming for the highest offices in their respective countries? We have some experience in this regard, don’t we? View the full article
  4. If you are a fan of the Indian cricket team from the era of Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly, you know that you didn’t like Ricky Ponting. You must have had a lot of respect for the guy for everything he had achieved as the captain of the Australian side but you didn’t like him. But ever since the Launceston-born transitioned into the role of a coach, especially with the Delhi Capitals, the parameters for disliking him are quickly fading away too. View this post on Instagram With just a couple of days left for the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League to start, Ponting’s badass speech to motivate his squad for the season was shared by the official Twitter handle of Star Sports and what the former Aussie skipper said in the 4:20 video has left the fans in goosebumps. Attitude, Effort, Commitment. Care. If you're looking for some motivation and inspiration - we HIGHLY recommend @RickyPonting's first speech of the season to his @DelhiCapitals side! #VIVOIPL #IndiaKaApnaMantrapic.twitter.com/6YR13pagZm — Star Sports (@StarSportsIndia) April 8, 2021 “Some things about me, right, that some of you guys, don’t know about me, right? 46 years of age, married, three kids from Melbourne. I have been in Delhi for three years. First year I was here, we finished last. Two years ago we finished third. Last year we finished second. This is a different Delhi than it was years ago,” he says at the beginning of his speech. Ponting then goes on to list out three major reasons why a player won’t play for a team he coaches. 1. Lack Of Right Attitude: “I can see it, right? I sit back and watch and I observe. I can see who has got the right attitude and who hasn’t. If you haven’t got the right attitude, you don’t play… simple as that.” 2. Lack Of Effort: “If the effort’s not there… you turn up any day to train and there’s not a 100% effort there, same thing. You don’t play.” 3. Lack Of Commitment To The Team: “If you don’t commit to what we’re committing as a group, and commit to what you are trying to get out of every session, I can see it. You don’t play.” “There have been good seasons, yes. There haven’t been great seasons because we haven’t won it yet, right? We are all about winning,” says the DC coach. Here’s how some of the fans reacted to Ponting’s speech: Goosebumps. This is the right attitude of a coach. Winning every match and forgetting what happened in the past and looking forward to the next matches. @BCCI needs someone like @RickyPonting as a next coach. — Pranav (@bhosalepranav21) April 8, 2021Not a huge fan pointing BCS of his past behaviour .but ohh boy this man is a bad ass knows how to win ..His relentless desire to succeed is really infectious..Bring pointing and virat together, either they will broke the team or they will make a unbearable team ... — Subrat Parida (@subratp85768956) April 8, 2021Great speech sir.. I really got Goosebumps — Nitthin (@nitthin_offl) April 8, 2021One hell of a team talk... Goosebumps.. thank you @RickyPonting #IPL2021 #DCOnThePitch #pointing https://t.co/W867PwWgl4 — mohit nain (@mohitnain36) April 8, 2021Real words from a man who has seen it all..been through it all and scaled several peaks I'd like to hear more from coaches like Kirsten, Buchanan, Fleming https://t.co/cBUNEbrPJh — Advait Venkat (@advait_venkat) April 8, 2021 View the full article
  5. The duo of powerful couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have provided the fans with numerous fun and adorable moments over the past three and a half years since the news of their marriage first broke out. And even though the two have managed to live a relatively private life together when compared to some of the other power-couples of the country, every once in a while they share some perky instances of their lives with their social media family. View this post on InstagramOn Wednesday, Sharma shared yet another such playful video in which she was seen with the Team India skipper in the middle of a photo shoot. As the camera crew looked to take a small break between shots, the actor decided to display her strength on camera. Hugging Kohli from behind, she wrapped her arms around him tightly and lifted him in one go without breaking a sweat. View this post on Instagram“Oh, teri!!” exclaimed Kohli in absolute amazement while hanging a couple of inches above the ground, in the tight grip of his wife. Sharma, herself could not believe how strong she was and felt that Kohli was boosting himself in the air by giving himself a little bit of a push off the ground as she picked him up but the cricketer told him frankly that he was doing no such thing. Trying to give the lift another shot, Sharma wrapped her arms around Kohli once again and picked him up like a baby with absolute ease before gently placing him on the ground and flexing her biceps for the frame as the Indian captain walked away completely startled. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli became parents early this year when they gave birth to their first child, Vamika in January. And even though the couple wish to keep their daughter away from the “public eye” they shared a glimpse of her in yer another Instagram post. View this post on Instagram“We have lived together with love , presence and gratitude as a way of life but this little one , Vamika has taken it to a whole new level ! Tears , laughter , worry , bliss - emotions that have been experienced in a span of minutes sometimes ! Sleep is elusive but our hearts are SO full Thanking you all for your wishes , prayers and good energy,” Sharma wrote in the caption while introducing their child to the world. View the full article
  6. John Cena credited the support he got from his vulnerable moments to come up with his new self-help books
  7. “Give a man a mask and he'll become his true self,” this line and the idea behind it got engraved in my mind the very first time I saw Heath Ledger be the best version of the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008). There were actors before him and actors after his unfortunate demise who tried to bring life to the character of the ‘Clown Prince of Crime’ and even though Joaquin Phoenix was great, nobody can touch the kind of work Ledger did for Christopher Nolan over a decade ago. © Warner Bros But what made the Australian actor become such a disturbing yet breathtaking Joker? Other than some brilliant screen-writing and exceptional directing by one of the best, Ledger himself went forward and made some significant sacrifices which came to fruition and got him acknowledged by the critics and fans alike. Here are four sacrifices made by the Heath Ledger which established his version of the Joker as the best: 1. Self Isolation For Six WeeksHeath Ledger, few months to the set of Batman had to isolate himself in a hotel in London with a diary & experimented his laughing, imagined voices & talked to himself for weeks so he'd properly lose his mind while getting bare hours of sleep to perfect The Joker role. pic.twitter.com/Yww4kKQxDM — W On Screens (@WhatsOnScreens) August 24, 2019 Arguably the biggest known fact about how Ledger got into the character of the ‘Agent of Chaos’, was him completely cutting himself off from the rest of the world and limiting himself to a hotel room for six weeks. During this time, he also created a famous ‘Joker’ diary which described what went on inside the actor’s mind. Pictures of hyenas and comic book clippings were also pasted inside the sheets. 2. Unnatural Voice Leading To Dry Mouth Heath Ledger had a very deep voice and while playing the role of the Joker, he went with an unnatural voice and ended up with a dry mouth in between takes. That is why he introduced licking his lips while delivering his lines to keep them moist, which became a very significant part of his character as a whole. Later in his 2017 biopic, I Am Heath Ledger, it was also mentioned that he did it in order to keep the prosthetics of his scar wet and stuck to his face. 3. Threw Himself On Walls To Get Hurt For Real During the interrogation scene from the movie, Ledger wanted Christian Bale to actually hit him as hard as possible and but when the latter declined his offer, he began to throw himself against the walls in order to make the contact look genuine. “He was slamming himself around, and there were tiled walls inside of that set which were cracked and dented from him hurling himself into them. His commitment was total," Bale had said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. 4. Extreme Insomnia Because of Playing The Joker Although Ledger suffered from insomnia for years, his sleep troubles got worse while he was shooting for The Dark Knight as the Joker. According to Looper, the kind of physical and mental exhaustion he went through for the role took a massive toll on his body. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@heathledger) In an interview with the New York Times while the movie was in production, Ledger opened up about how he could only sleep for a couple of hours every day before he would wake up, with his mind racing with the thoughts of the character. “Last week I probably slept an average of two hours a night,” he said. “I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going.” Eventually, it was his sleep deprivation which led to his untimely death of the actor before the film’s release due to an accidental overdose of prescribed sleeping medication, and the artist didn’t live long enough to see his art. View the full article
  8. With the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League less than a week away, Australian superstar and one of the most adored international cricketers in the world, David Warner recently announced that he was finally in the country for the tournament. In an Instagram video, Warner told his followers that he had arrived in Chennai on Friday afternoon and had to take a long nap (presumably to get over the jetlag) and will have to spend about a week’s time in hotel quarantine while adhering to the bio-bubble protocol established by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). I’ve arrived and ready to go but one problem I need some ideas to get through the next few days of quarantine!! Please give me some ideas please comment below. #boredinthehouse #india #cricket https://t.co/8l2XDl4S8J — David Warner (@davidwarner31) April 3, 2021 "I have just woken up after a massive, massive sleep. Arrived yesterday afternoon here in Chennai. Got, I think, six or seven days to get through the quarantine. I need some ideas, please comment below. Give me some ideas. Whether it's some funny stuff, silly stuff, whatever it is. Please comment below... Netflix shows anything. I need something, please. Thank you," Warner said in a video posted on his Instagram account. View this post on Instagram “I’ve arrived and ready to go but one problem I need some ideas to get through the next few days of quarantine!! Please give me some ideas please comment below. #boredinthehouse #india #cricket,” Warner also wrote on Twitter. Funny, weird, or uncanny, Warne has asked his fans to recommend him anything that he can do here in order to make it through the quarantine period without getting bored out of his mind. Fans were quick to help Warner out with some brilliant recommendations: Watch below movies sir. 1. Agnathavasi 2. Sakthi 3. Vinaya Vidheya Rama 4. Spyder 5. Bramhotsavam 6. Officer If you still get time cover below movies 1. Simhadri 2. Attarintiki Daredi 3. Maharshi 4. Magadheera 5. Orange — martian (@123___ABC___abc) April 3, 2021Practice Butta bomma step ...@rashidkhan_19 promised that you and Rashid Khan will to do the step after Rashid takes a wicket...🏻 — Avik ; Haste raho Hasate raho :) ♡’s Agnivo (@Ur____beautiful) April 3, 2021watch rahul gandhi speeches you will get lot of entertainment — PRASAD 🇮🇳 (@SONAWANE_PM96K) April 3, 2021 One of the most common ways through which Warner remained in touch with this social media fan-base and kept them entertained was through the Chinese video-making platform TikTok, which was banned in India following the border dispute back in 2020. Warner remained the most successful overseas player in the history of the tournament, scoring 5254 runs as a batsman and leading his franchise SurRisers Hyderabad to the championship back in 2016. While IPL 2021 begins on April 9, Warne and SRH will be first seen in action on April 11, as they lock horns with Kolkata Knight Riders at Chennai’s Chepauk stadium. View the full article
  9. Zac Efron's girlfriend Vanessa Valladeres reportedly quit her job just to be able to travel with him
  10. It is the Indian Premier League season and international cricketers from all over the world have made their way to India once again to participate in the most lucrative T20 tournament there is. This means elite-level competition, the making and breaking of excellent records, and of course, the money is not bad either. However, more often than not the IPL and the players get criticised for earning “too much money” from the season and end up getting questioned about their patriotism, their love for the nation and the duties they’re supposed to fulfil as a member of a nation’s international cricket team. View this post on Instagram England all-rounder Ben Stokes recently fell prey to a similar criticism following an interview with Sky Sports Cricket in which he was seen wearing the Rajasthan Royals jersey and talking about not letting the failures of the previous season affect them this year. Every year is a clean slate and we're really excited about our prospects @benstokes38 on @rajasthanroyals’ new signings & the pressures of @IPL… #RoyalsFamily Watch every match in the Indian Premier League live on Sky Sports Cricket from April 9. — Sky Sports Cricket (@SkyCricket) March 31, 2021 “Every year is a clean slate and we're really excited about our prospects,” Stokes said in the interview which was uploaded on Twitter on Wednesday. "It's great for the competition that it's come back to its roots (India) after taking place in Dubai last year, which was an achievement in itself. Fingers crossed that fans will be allowed back in at some point during this IPL because they are a huge part of this game and why we play,” Stokes also said during the interview. "It was an amazing feeling to have fans back in the grounds on our [England's] recent tour of India - even though 100 per cent of the crowd were against us! Being back in the thick of that atmosphere was amazing!" he added. However, this time around, it was a Team England fan who called the cricketer out for only performing in franchise cricket and “chasing a pound note again” while sarcastically criticising him for being “too tired to bowl” for the national squad. Chasing a pound note again, once back in an england shirt will be too tired to bowl — roger (@rogerc32) March 31, 2021 Stokes, who does not hold back from getting involved in such social media exchanges from time to time, ended up asking the fan what he was talking about and when did he ever complain about bowling for the English side. When have I ever been to tired to bowl in a England shirt pal??? https://t.co/854pfJRDXA — Ben Stokes (@benstokes38) March 31, 2021 “When have I ever been to tired to bowl in a England shirt pal???” Stokes asked the fan in a reply. This is when the Indian fans of the cricketer flocked to Twitter to show their support for Ben Stokes: Is this what you get when you win ur country their first ever one day world cup and obviously some test match heroics!!? Huhh! Respect the man. — Rajat Barwal (@therajatBarwal) March 31, 2021So sad to watch such comments, this man gives his everything on field. Bats and bowls his heart out. — Shrutika Gaekwad (@Shrutika_45_) March 31, 2021A guy accusing Ben Stokes of being too tired to bowl for England !! Anyone who watches cricket can see that Stokes gives his best for England all the time. — Aryan Tripathi (@AryanTripathi_2) April 1, 2021Never. That particular test in Ahemdabad we just witnessed last month, where you gave it your all in the heat when Pant was smashing you guys. You guys almost made a match out of it. It's so disappointing to see stupid 'fans'. Ben Stokes is adored more in India I guess. — Anshul Kansal (@anshkansal) March 31, 2021Wow!! This is some knob. After watching @benstokes38 bowl in the last test with stomach bug under extremely inhospitable conditions, straining every sinew. If the critic has come with this the observation I am worried about the critic's well being — Sameer Phal (@HereticGoan) April 1, 2021 View the full article
  11. Shah Rukh Khan hosted an #AskSRK session on Twitter recently and it seems like his fans were eagerly waiting for the moment. As soon as he started the session, fans bombarded him with questions. Khan, who has a history of replying with humour and wit, made sure that he added his spark to it. One of the users asked SRK how to woo a woman and he got the perfect response from the actor. The user asked, “@iamsrk ladaki patane ke liye ek do tips do #AskSRK.” To which, SRK responded, “Start with not using the word ‘Patana’ for a girl. Try with more respect gentleness and respect.” Start with not using the word ‘Patana’ dor a girl. Try with more respect gentleness and respect. https://t.co/z1aJ0idK0t — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) March 31, 2021 Another user asked Khan to advise teen girls who are insecure about their appearance. To this, he replied, “All girls have a beauty which is different from each other. Don’t compare…and remember you are unique.” All girls have a beauty which is different from each other. Don’t compare...and remember you are unique. https://t.co/7crO6QCdvk — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) March 31, 2021 His responses are why he is known as the man with a golden heart. SRK has always spoken about how men should be more respectful towards women and has stood up against violence and spoken for the ones who are oppressed by patriarchal norms. In an earlier interview with Indian Express, SRK had talked about how to navigate relationships and behave with women in everyday life. He said, “Three things: Respect, respect, and respect. I really believe that. Some of my women friends, whom I have known for years, find me too formal at times. But there is no romance and love without respect.” “Respect means equality, and I don’t mean the social media’s #equality. To me, equality is letting you know how weak I am, equality is asking you, can you take care of me? This is what I’ve done with my wife, and my women friends because I genuinely love them,” he added. He also emphasized the importance of teaching boys about gender sensitivity. On the work front, SRK is returning to the big screen with Pathan, a YRF backed action film, which reportedly sees him playing a secret agent. As per reports, the actor is charging a whopping Rs 100 crore for Pathan. Are you excited to see Shah Rukh back in action? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  12. With less than 10 days to go for the 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League, elite cricketers from all over the world have already arrived or are en route India to get themselves familiarised with the turf here and hope to put on a show. One of those world-class players, Englishman Sam Billings, made it to Mumbai on March 29 as a member of the previous season’s runners-up squad, Delhi Capitals. However, the hotel’s “non-existent” wifi made life difficult for the wicket-keeper batsman, who tweeted about it in frustration. Hotel WiFi is non existent..... 🤣 Best WiFi dongle to buy and use in India please? pic.twitter.com/xWhfnUBpoM — Sam Billings (@sambillings) March 30, 2021 “Hotel WiFi is non existent..... Best WiFi dongle to buy and use in India please?” Billings wrote. Almost immediately, Indian users came to the cricketer’s rescue and started naming brands that have good dongles. Billings even offered a poll between Jio and Airtel to decide ‘a winner’. Only one way to decide.... Jio or Airtel WiFi Dongle? — Sam Billings (@sambillings) March 30, 2021 Finally, some expert advice came towards the England athlete’s way from a familiar face in Indian cricketer and Delhi Capitals teammate Ravichandran Ashwin, who seemed to be going through a similar issue in his room. I bought one buddy!! That’s far better, but these hotel walls are resisting the speed!! https://t.co/o8OiNJ1nB5 — Ashwin 🇮🇳 (@ashwinravi99) March 31, 2021 “I bought one buddy!! That’s far better, but these hotel walls are resisting the speed!!” Ashwin replied. Billings made it to India ahead of the three-match ODI series between India and England at Pune’s Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium. However, he only managed to make an appearance in the first ODI during which he injured his shoulder while trying to stop a boundary in the first innings. And even though he returned to bat in the second innings, the righty was not seen as an active member of the touring side for the remainder of the series. Both Billings and Ashwin will be starting their IPL 2021 campaign under the leadership of the new Delhi Capitals captain in Rishabh Pant from April 10 (Saturday) as they lock horns with Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. ANNOUNCEMENT Rishabh Pant will be our Captain for #IPL2021 @ShreyasIyer15 has been ruled out of the upcoming season following his injury in the #INDvENG series and @RishabhPant17 will lead the team in his absence 🧢#YehHaiNayiDilli — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) March 30, 2021 According to rules and regulations formed by the BCCI, keeping in mind the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in the country, none of the eight IPL franchises will have the luxury of playing on the respective home grounds this season. All matches will take place in a third location, with the thought of bringing neutrality to the playing conditions for both sides and ensure a just competition. View the full article
  13. On Tuesday, Delhi Capitals announced that 23-year-old Rishabh Pant is set to become the new captain of the franchise ahead of the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League after Shreyas Iyer was ruled out of the tournament with a severe shoulder injury. ANNOUNCEMENT Rishabh Pant will be our Captain for #IPL2021 @ShreyasIyer15 has been ruled out of the upcoming season following his injury in the #INDvENG series and @RishabhPant17 will lead the team in his absence 🧢#YehHaiNayiDilli — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) March 30, 2021 “Rishabh Pant will be our Captain for #IPL2021 @ShreyasIyer15 has been ruled out of the upcoming season following his injury in the #INDvENG series and @RishabhPant17 will lead the team in his absence,” read Delhi Capitals’ Twitter post. During the first of three ODIs between India and England at Pune’s Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Iyer had suffered a subluxation of his left shoulder which led to him being ruled out of the England series and the 2021 season of the Indian T20 league as well. I’ve been reading your messages and have been overwhelmed by all the outpouring of love and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone. You know what they say, the greater the setback, the stronger the comeback. I shall be back soon ️ pic.twitter.com/RjZTBAnTMX — Shreyas Iyer (@ShreyasIyer15) March 25, 2021 In his absence, fans and critics of the game got involved in a tough debate about who the next leader of the squad should be, given Capitals’ arsenal of talented and experienced players. Names like Ravichandran Ashwin, Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan, and Steve Smith were some that make it through to the top of the line with youngsters Prithvi Shaw and Rishabh Pant also making a couple of cameos. However, reacting to the team’s decision to make Pant the skipper has left a majority of their followers stunned and a little disappointed, even the ones loyal to the southpaw, himself. Really poor decision, Rahane or Ashwin should have led the side , even Smith would have been better option. I hope extra burden of captaincy doesn't hamper Pant's — Pratik Parikh (@PratikParikh05) March 30, 2021While @ashwinravi99 and @stevesmith49 is In the Team....Yyy u Made Pant as a Captain...Come On @DelhiCapitals He dint Even Captain One Match In International.. — Praga (@Praga_31) March 30, 2021Big Pant fan but this is a bad call. Will affect his performance — Jarl (@Jarl_AFC) March 30, 2021LoL Why the management had made this wrong decision , he was playing good for the couple of months , now captain will have more pressure to bat. I thought Rahane or Smith will be the captain ☹️ — ⭐ Rajesh ⭐ (@itisrajeshkc) March 30, 2021Pant has been phenomenal for the Men in Blue as a middle-order batsman. Getting the call to replace Iyer in the India-England series allowed him an avenue to show off his versatility as a batsman, dominating in both red and white-ball cricket. Ironically, this also becomes the very reason why Pant’s captaincy becomes a big reason to worry about. While absolutely lethal as a hitter, being put under the burden of being a franchise skipper, that too with some of the biggest legends of the game playing as subordinates might just end up throwing Pant off his form - at least that’s what the fans on Twitter feel. View this post on Instagram Making it to the finals of the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League, only to lose by Rohit Sharma and his Mumbai Indians squad by five wickets, Delhi Capitals made their team significantly better by adding an ace batsman like Steve Smith to their roster during the mini-auction. However, the loss of Shreyas Iyer will definitely leave a huge gap in their middle order and Pant’s development as a player and now as a captain will be put to a difficult test. View the full article
  14. Music composer AR Rahman is known for not commenting on political issues and also refrains himself from pulling pranks. Recently, he surprised everyone when he made fun of the anchor at the launch event of 99 Songs, for speaking in Hindi. Rahman, who is an Academy and Grammy Award winner, was addressing the media for his upcoming debut project as a producer and co-writer. He was addressing the media along with the movie’s lead, Ehan Bhat, at a press conference in Chennai. While speaking to Rahman in Tamil, the anchor started speaking in Hindi to welcome Ehan. She said, “Main aapka hardik swagat karti hoon (I welcome you warmly).” As soon as she started speaking in Hindi, Rahman was left shocked and asked, ‘Hindi?’ and started walking off the stage. Watch the video here- View this post on Instagram He later cleared the air saying that he was only making fun of the anchor and wasn’t serious about walking off the stage. Here’s what people on the internet have to say about this- © Surya Surya Instagram © Surya Surya Instagram People on the internet started calling him out for having a problem with Hindi language and some also called him anti-national for the same. A user also commented, “There is no national language in India, yet people don’t try to even indulge in learning and respecting the other languages. If you want the respect of Tamilians, try learning a bit of their language and culture as well.” Earlier, many Tamil celebrities such as Suriya, Kamal Hassan, and others have questioned the Hindi imposition in non-Hindi-speaking states. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  15. Peter Phillips, grandson of Queen Elizabeth and son of Princess Anne was spotted violating guidelines
  16. Former England skipper Michael Vaughan has become a major source on controversial takes when it comes to the Indian cricket team, especially with the Englishmen’s tour across all formats of the game. His cheeky comments, about the pitch in Chennai and Ahmedabad during the Test series or the “nervous in India” remark in the middle of the fifth and final T20I match at the Narendra Modi Stadium, made him public enemy No. 1 amongst the fans of the Men in Blue. View this post on Instagram However, Vaughan’s recent interview with CricBuzz is looking to repair at least some of the damage, in which he talks about how Rahul Dravid’s developmental program is turning out to be a gold mine of talent for the national team. “Whatever India are doing behind the scenes, I know we keep mentioning the IPL but I think Rahul Dravid with his A-side and development program is clearly installing the right mentality in his players. All these players are being brought through the system into the international India team which is a huge pressure cooker. Full credit to the system that India has produced, they are getting it absolutely right,” Vaughan told Cricbuzz. Michael Vaughan said that Rahul Dravid has infused the right attitude and mentality within the young players with his A-side & U-19 teams which have allowed them to come up and perform well on the international stage, full credit to the system that India has produced. #Cricket — Abhinav (@DeadlyYorkers) March 25, 2021 The boss-man at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru at the moment, Dravid held the position of the head coach of the U-19 Indian cricket team and the India-A before. During his time as the leader of the supporting cast, the young guns of the country saw true development and even went on to win the U-19 World Cup back in 2018 with Prithvi Shaw as their captain. Other than Shaw, names like Rishabh Pant, Shubman Gill, Washington Sundar, and Mohammed Siraj have also had the honour to get trained under the brilliance of ‘The Wall’. INTERVIEW: We’ve managed to get better results by not stressing on outcomes: Rahul Dravid The India A coach reflects on the successful tour of the UK and his behind-the-scenes role to keep the feeder line bursting with talent.https://t.co/vunvQ1tOKb pic.twitter.com/yqPSyFaej5 — BCCI (@BCCI) July 22, 2018 Over the past couple of series, bad form, injuries and personal issues have led stars like skipper Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah, Prithvi Shaw, and now Shreyas Iyer forced to being moved away from their duties as an Indian cricketer. Even then, the selectors not felt a scarcity of talent to replace them, at least on the field. “There was a time in international cricket when Australia used to field two teams, Australia and Australia A. I remember a tournament which was held in Australia and actually, Australia were participating with two teams. So, India, with the depth of talent they have at the moment. It’s just a factory; the structure is so good,” former assistant coach for Team India, Sanjay Bangar recently said on Star Sports and a lot of credit must be given to Dravid who works behind-the-scenes to place the team at such a high pedestal internationally. View the full article
  17. Reports that Moeed Yusuf may be appointed High Commissioner to India have been debunked by the premier's aide
  18. In October 2020, a 21-year-old woman, Nikita Tomar was shot dead outside her college in Haryana's Ballabgarh. The CCTV footage went viral and it was gut-wrenching to see how Nikita was struggling to free herself from the accused Tauseef who was seen forcing her to get inside his car. After she retaliated, she was shot dead. This was the video that went viral: CCTV footage shows a girl named Nikita Tomar being shot dead by an assailant (Taufeeq) outside her college in Ballabgarh, Faridabad. Shooter and associate flees in car. Police have arrested Taufeeq. pic.twitter.com/idOPIDZfDo — Raj Shekhar Jha (@rajshekharTOI) October 27, 2020 Finally, today, Nikita got justice. A fast-track court in Faridabad on Wednesday convicted Tousif and his partner Rehan, the main accused in the Nikita Tomar murder case, for conspiracy, kidnapping, and murder. They were held guilty under sections 302 (murder), 366 (kidnapping a woman to compel her into marriage), 506 (criminal intimidation), 120-B (criminal conspiracy), and 34 (common intention) of the IPC. However, a third accused, who was arrested on charges of supplying the country-made pistol used in the murder, was acquitted by the court. 2020 Nikita Tomar murder case: Faridabad fast track court convicts prime accused Tausif and his friend Rehan. Third accused Azruddin, who had supplied weapon, acquitted. Quantum of sentence to be pronounced on Friday, 26th March. — ANI (@ANI) March 24, 2021 If you remember, Tousif had earlier claimed that he was inspired by the character of Munna from the web-series Mirzapur. Munna, played by Divyendu Sharma, kills the woman who refuses to marry him in the show. Now, Kangana has reacted to the entire fiasco and bashed Farhan Akhtar for making a show like Mirzapur. She tweeted, “These boys had no record of crime or violence, main murderer confessed to cops that web series Mirzapur was his inspiration for killing a girl who rejected him. Dear @FarOutAkhtar hope you know art has serious consequences, you all played a major role in all these deaths. Sad". These boys had no record of crime or violence, main murderer confessed to cops that web series Mirzapur was his inspiration for killing a girl who rejected him. Dear @FarOutAkhtar hope you know art has serious consequences, you all played a major role in all these deaths. Sad. https://t.co/8Rs1vV2rPf — Kangana Ranaut (@KanganaTeam) March 24, 2021 A few people appreciated Kangana for taking a stand but then there were people who dragged Kangana’s body of work and questioned her on how movies could be responsible for someone doing such a crime. fashion dekh k log druggie ho jae?raaz dekh k bhut preto me wishwash karle?revolver rani and ungli se kya sikhe?how about double dhamaal?🤦 — Appi Mallick Kandwal (@Appi47931128) March 24, 2021Let's start with Gangster and finish it on Rajjo, Revolver Rani etc etc. And what about your one sided illusionary love story. You tried hard to trap HR. Rangoli pass the Doobie to Nangana Aunty with extra stuff . — Benaam (@Benaam01) March 24, 2021@KanganaTeam you should reflect on the amount of hate you are selling on twitter to get support from bhakts & MoDi rewards aka National awards. You blatantly endorsed hate videos from Ghaziabad priest who accused our Bharat Ratna APJ sir, because of his religion. — Millennial85 (@millennial1985) March 24, 2021Once Upon a Time in Mumbai को देखकर तो बहुत लोगो ने UPSC क्लीयर की थी रिहाना जी। pic.twitter.com/bFU6DmEozO — Dr jhaploo (@Jhaploo) March 24, 2021Yes! Thank you raising voice as usual mam & as usual correctly! Great!🏼 You are best! 🏼 It's said 'What we take in(Read, watch, eat etc) is what we become'. They must understand- they are putting things in minds- what they're putting- one must be careful. — मिलन (@shrinivas_pande) March 24, 2021True, what you have said, all these Bollywood actors, directors are only showing wrong doing, they are encouraging for ***, murder, drinking and everything else which is destroying people and the country. — Priyanka singh (@PS_Fashion_T) March 24, 2021We wonder how Farhan would react to this. What do you have to say about this? Do you side by her opinions this time around? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  19. Dalip Singh Rana, famously known as ‘The Great Khali’, took the World Wrestling Entertainment by storm when he made his debut in 2006 whilst becoming the first-ever Indian professional Wrestler to have signed an official contract with the brand. © WWE His imposing physique, a nasty look on his face, as the palms the size of an average man’s chest made him a quick-draw to pull in massive chunks of Indian viewership and the strategy did not disappoint. Over the past decade and a half, Khali has been on and off the air during the bi-weekly episodes of either of the two flagship shows of the WWE in Raw and SmackDown and has had some pretty interesting moments that helped him ascend as a WWE Hall of Fame Inductee for the 2021 class. Here are Great Khali’s Top 5 ‘Eyebrow-Raising’ Moments On His Way To The WWE Hall Of Fame: 5. Khali Kiss Cam If you are a WWE fan, you’d realise that a huge portion of the ‘Entertainment’ bit of the show happens when these giants aren’t fighting each other. These are called promos and play a significant role in the pro-wrestling business. Most of the top wrestlers have a gimmick and for Khali it was that of a “Punjabi Playboy”. While most of the times the Kiss Cam was used to make the couples from the audience kiss each other on television, there were moments when Khali himself needed to be a bit romantic with other WWE stars. 4. Winning A Slammy At the annual award ceremony of the WWE, Khali actually won the Slammy for the “Damn! Moment of the Year” in 2008 when he first hosted the aforementioned Kiss Cam for the first time. Khali not only accepted the award but also gave a humble speech about the need to not follow materialism and strive for a better life for future generations. 3. The Powerful Debut Khali’s debut remains one of the most talked-about moments of the wrestler’s career, especially because of the opponent he got the opportunity against. It was the Phenom, the Undertaker, himself, who sold the 7-foot-1 giant as an undefeatable monster and there was no looking back for Rana from that point on. 2. Punjabi Prison Match Every WWE Hall of Famer in the past has had some kind of contribution towards the company’s success. For the Undertaker, it was the Buried Alive Match, Kane brought the Inferno style to the WWE and the Great Khali introduced the Punjabi Prison Match that consists of two steel-reinforced bamboo cages. The first is four-sided and stands 16 feet (4.8 m) tall, while the second has eight sides and stands 20 feet (6 m) and surrounds the first. 1. Winning The World Heavyweight Championship After Edge gave up his World Heavyweight Championship following a legitimate injury that kept him away from the profession for over a decade, Khali was booked to become the first Indian to win the title back in 2007. The fact that Khali threw legendary names like Batista and Kane off the top-rope at the end of the 20-man Battle Royale to achieve this feat, only added to how prestigious the win was. View the full article
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