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Found 19 results

  1. It has been more than a decade since the trash talking, middle-finger raising, beer-drinking, hell-breaking, Texas Rattlesnake, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin made an entry to a pro-wrestling ring to the sound of shattering glass (discounting all the guests appearances he has made since his retirement) but the spirit of Austin 3:16 lives on in the hearts of millions and millions of the wrestler's fans who grew up watching him chugging on Budweisers and hitting his opponents with the Stunner. Austin's charisma is unbeatable and even after so many years of him hanging up his boots, people want to be like him and even want to make his gimmick a part of their happiest occasions. Here's this lad, Danny White who entered his own wedding with Steve Austin's entrance music playing in the background while guzzling down on a couple of cans of beer. Soon after, the groom to be, locks his target on his friend who was apparently his groomsman. Dodging a botched arm swing by his buddy, White turns around, kicks him in the torso and sends him flying with a 'Stone Cold' Stunner to the chin. Haha share this video! #xrp wedding time stone cold steve Austin pic.twitter.com/EgVnUr5bmC — Steve (@fortch15) March 31, 2019 While all of this was obviously staged and despite the beers being real, the two friends initially looked in control, the falling groomsman was unaware of a woman standing next to him. Falling on her knees, the guy swept her off her feet, causing her to crash on the ground like falling timber. Giving credit where it is due, the lady quickly got to her feet, brushed away the dizziness, picked up the horrible actor of a groomsman, and disappeared into the confused crowd who saw the whole thing unfold in front of their eyes. Here's congratulating the couple on a weird but memorable wedding: View this post on Instagram When a video from your wedding is posted on barstool, you know it was a success ððCongratulations @dwhite575 and @mshaq1003 love you both welcome to the fam!ð A post shared by Victoria Celenza (@victoriaagraceee) on May 12, 2019 at 2:52pm PDT
  2. The 2019 season of the Indian Premier League has to be special and unforgettable for both, the former West Indies ODI hero, Kieron Pollard and the young and eccentric, Hardik Pandya, both of whom found themselves hitting long shots on a regular basis in the ongoing month and a half long tournament. While playing for the same franchise, Pollard and Pandya, and Mumbai Indians, have been loyal to each other through the thick and thins of the team's 12-year-long journey and have reaped the benefits of being a part of the most successful IPL team with three championships (tied with MS Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings). © Twitter/IPL And while this season has not been MI's best, they are still on their way to qualifying for the top four spot of the IPL playoffs by winning 7 of their 12 matches and a total of 14 points in their hands and it is safe to say that on a lot of occasions, the MIPaltan needed some superhuman performances to get out of trouble and the duo of Pandya and Pollard got to work, especially in the death overs. “Even when he came onto the scene, if you remember, in a couple of games for Mumbai (Indians), he finished off with his big hits. He is a small guy but hits the ball a long way. And once he continues to practice well and continues to evolve as a cricketer, you can see him doing great things not only for Mumbai Indians but (also for) Indian cricket,” the Windies legend praised a 25-year-old Hardik Pandya. © Twitter/IPL Pandya, who was in a bit of a fix ahead of the league began as he suffered from a stiff lower back and a life-time of humiliation for his comments at a popular talk-show, has finally collated enough courage to go out there and let his bat do the talking. “It is matter (sic) of him having the confidence and you giving him the confidence for him to believe in himself, because he is one of those guys who is free-spirited and just goes out and tries to use his youthful exuberance to have an impact on the game,” said Pollard, who has been by Pandya's side for ages now.
  3. Congress and BJP have never ever shied away from taking potshots at each other online, much to our amusement. I mean, two major political parties trying to troll one another will always be hilarious to me and also give people second-hand embarrassment, especially when it's not at all subtle, they go at it with direct hits. The last dig I remember is BJP releasing a 'Gully Boy' style rap against Rahul Gandhi and Congress last month, and the gif replies by Congress and AAP confirmed that we're in the weirdest timeline. Now, Congress is out here making memes out of PM Modi and the timeline is getting weirder and weirder. Today morning, the official Twitter account of Congress shared a thread listing out PM Modi's 'greatest hits' and it's not what you would expect. “Modi's greatest hits” pic.twitter.com/c58jS9uqH5 — Congress (@INCIndia) March 28, 2019 There's a dig at 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' campaign. pic.twitter.com/aB0nEsTstH — Congress (@INCIndia) March 28, 2019 Okay, then. pic.twitter.com/RPZeecty4R — Congress (@INCIndia) March 28, 2019 And, the last one, and the most common one as well, I guess. pic.twitter.com/1gICMBwsZe — Congress (@INCIndia) March 28, 2019 I really want to see PM Modi's exact reaction to this, I really do. Well, I'm like 100% sure BJP is already making a video as a rebuttal. Well, let the Hunger Games begin.
  4. For all who swear by Uber India, another episode of verbal harassment killed the sweet joy-ride for a woman and her husband, who'd taken the cab on a hot sultry day in the national capital. The woman, Amrita Das, who is a Delhi-based-journalist, experienced lewd comments and misbehaviour from the Uber driver, while she and her husband were travelling in his cab. She took to Twitter to share her ordeal. © Twitter "Rude and creepy driver. I demand action. First, he refused to turn on the air conditioner, then says garmi lag rahi hai to aage mere godi me baith jao [If you are feeling hot then come and sit on my lap]. He also ended the trip, moments after starting to drive and forced me out. This is when I was with husband," she tweeted. @Uber_Delhi @Uber @Uber_Support rude and creepy driver. I demand action. First he refused to turn on ac then says garmi lag rahi hai to age mere godi me baith jao. He also ended trip moments after starting to drive and forced me out. This is when I was with husband. @DelhiPolice pic.twitter.com/qE40ib3B5d — Amrita D (@amritadas) 19 March 2019 And yes, Uber did respond to her Tweet but it was not the kind of response we were hoping for. They said: "We're so sorry to hear about this. Our team has recently responded via email. Please reply there if you have additional questions." We're so sorry to hear about this. Our team has recently responded via email. Please reply there if you have additional questions! — Uber Support (@Uber_Support) 19 March 2019 This isn't the first time an Uber driver has shown misconduct towards a female passenger in Delhi. There have been numerous cases reported of women being molested or being talked back rudely to, while riding an Uber. Just recently Mallika Dua encountered an Uber driver who chose to abuse her when she asked him to increase the temperature of the air conditioning. But this incident with Amrita Das is a new low altogether, wherein the Uber driver isn't just insulting her request, he's being lewd and inappropriate with her as well. Although, Uber has received the complaint, just like always, their complacency over this matter will also rule the roost, just like the rest of them have in the past. They probably won't take action against the driver and he'll carry on driving in the city, passing horrible remarks to other women who hail his cab. © Twitter The need of the hour is for Uber to step up on their hiring operations and also take vital responsibility towards several complaints they receive about their drivers. The drivers should be thoroughly scanned before they are hired and if they misbehave, they should definitely be fired, on the ground. We're not sure why Uber dictates such apathy towards these issues but we're hopeful they'll change their ways soon before something more drastic happens. Meanwhile, Twitter came out in support of Amrita and this is what most of them had to say: Worst part is..Uber doesn't have an emergency contact number in India.. happened to us as well...hope you are okay.. — Naren (@shipsdeet) 19 March 2019 This is serious. No response from @DelhiPolice @DelhiTrafficPol ? Don't hesitate in filing a police complaint. @Uber_Support Do you not verify drivers' credentials before hiring? @Uppolice and @uptrafficpolice also need to look into the matter, since the car has no. plate of UP — Half Expert (@akul_nishant) 19 March 2019 @Uber_Support Taking this particular driver as reference, I'd like to know how do you ensure something like this does not happen again? Is he going to be let off with a warning? Or sacked? Or sensitised? What are the concrete steps you're taking to make your riders feel safe? — Abhishek Sinha (@raptorhands) 19 March 2019 Sick and tired of @Uber_Delhi drivers. No action taken even after having multiple harrowing experiences. Sack this driver! — Dylan San Delo (@theparambhole16) 19 March 2019 Uber has gone worst in NCR. If u'd ask to turn on AC, they'll lecture you on whether. Cab drivers in their 'prime category' are even worst. — Piyush Hans (@HansPiyush) 19 March 2019 That's why girls still hesitate to travel alone.. When will this change ð — Divya Sharma (@DivyaSh92292336) 19 March 2019 Why @DelhiPolice u aren't responding U must learn from @MumbaiPolice who are prompt in responding to public calls, they respond to even every smallest tweet — âsâ (@arieotic) 20 March 2019 Sorry from @Uber_Support isn't an answer. @DelhiPolice must take action against the driver. https://t.co/ENCI3ty20t — Mohd Mustaquim (@Mustaquimm) 20 March 2019 This is genuinely a very common occurrence. Uber should definitely suspend such drivers. — AARUSHI005 (@Aarushiwith2As) 20 March 2019 The most pertinent question though is when will women feel safe in this city? Put aside single women travelling alone, even women travelling with male companions face such threats too. Unless Uber India decisively takes action against their drivers, the situation's not going to change for sure.
  5. We have to admit that we can never get enough of the kick that good ol' action and crime thrillers hold for us. When it comes to films, we honestly have a hard time choosing between those pheromone-inducing racy action movies, and those featuring our preferred clan of superheroes that occasionally grace the silver screens. © Netflix However, ever since we laid our eyes on the trailer of Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam starrer 'Triple Frontier', there is no denying the fact that it has gotten us hooked and left us asking for more. So while we still have to wait a little longer for 'Triple Frontier' to hit our screens, what better way to wait for it, than to get prepped and build it up to the showdown? So here is the plan. Let's check out these action movies in the meantime, before 'Triple Frontier' officially makes its way onto our screens tomorrow. 1. Polar A neo-noir action film, it has been directed by Jonas Åkerlund. The story traces the journey of Duncan Vizla, world's top assassin, also known as The Black Kaiser. All set to reap the benefits of retirement, The Black Kaiser finds himself back in the game much against his will, when his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm. The new army of killers are younger, faster, and ruthless who will stop at nothing to have him silenced. Mads Mikkelson's stellar performance and the raw edginess of the plot will give a edge-of-the-seat experience. 2. Wonder Woman A wonderfully presented superhero origin story, it charts out Princess Diana's transformation from a naive warrior to an inspiring superhero. The film may seem like an an over the top representation of a story that presents the protagonist as an enigmatic and compelling force. If nothing else, who can fault the charm and insane performance that Gal Gadot managed to pull off with this one. 3. Hold The Dark This American thriller directed by Jeremy Saulnier, follows the story of a writer named Russel Core who is called in to visit an Alaskan village and in search of wolves that killed three children. In a bid to unravel the truth, the wolf expert instead finds himself discovering a harrowing mystery. The intense plot and riveting picturisation will surely keep you on your toes! 4. Transformers Another action movie which needs no introduction because it is pretty much a classic. A 2007 American film series directed by Michael Bay, the movie is all about the adventures of the two intergalactic races of robots, Autobots and Decepticons. They battle for the ultimate power source, All Spark and sets out to enamour the audience with its thrilling and one-of-a-kind action packed journey. 5. Outlaw King 'Outlaw King' happens to be a brilliant tale that traces the journey of the exiled crowned king of Scotland, Robert the Bruce, who leads a band of outlaws to reclaim his throne from the clutches of the English. With Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce, his charisma and persona pervade the entire narrative of the film. Truly a must watch, if you like to explore and are looking to movie beyond the mainstream.
  6. It's just been a week since Respawn Entertainment launched 'Apex Legends' and the game has found success in just a matter of days. It's a free-to-play Battle Royale game that is giving games like PUBG and Fortnite a run for its money. Respawn has now revealed that the game has hit 25 million total players and had "well over" 2 million concurrent players during the weekend. © YouTube To put things into perspective, 'Fortnite' took four months to achieve these numbers after its launch. At the moment, 'Fortnite' has over 200 million players and 8.3 million concurrent players which is a huge number for any game. This is partly because of the game can also be played on iOS and Android devices. © YouTube The studio is now using this achievement as an opportunity to promote the game's roadmap including new goodies for players for Valentine's Day. The company is also going to launch a paid Battle Pass next month that will work similarly to Fortnite's subscription programme. © Respawn Entertainment 'Apex Legends' builds on the Titanfall series and lore; which has been generally well-received amongst players. It uses the same combat mechanics with Battle Royale essentials such as looting gear, weapons and ammo. However, the game sets itself apart from other games, thanks to different characters that have different abilities. The game's marketing has also helped the game gain success due to its surprise launch and support from streamers like Shroud and Dr DisRespect. The game also does not implement any play-to-win micro transactions which make the game accessible to everyone for free. Have you been playing 'Apex Legends'? Follow our tips and tricks for getting your first win in the game.
  7. The seventeenth edition of the Asian Cup has been full of surprises. There were thrilling goals, exciting contests and shocking results. Favourites South Korea were handed an early exit after losing 1-0 to dark horses in the last eight. Australia lost their chance to defend their crown when they were eliminated from the quarterfinals at the hands of underdogs United Arab Emirates (UAE). But, while scintillating plays and unexpected results surely enticed the fans, the tournament, sadly, also witnessed a disgraceful episode which is now being touted as a new low in Asian football. The spirits of the home side - UAE - were high as they went past one opponent after another to eventually set up a date with their bitter Gulf rivals Qatar in the semifinals. But, this was more than just a game. It was the 'Blockade Derby' as dubbed by many ahead of the fixture. © AP A regional political dispute in 2017 saw Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cutting all political, diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar. The quartet continues to accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism and destabilising the region - the charges Doha has consistently denied. A land, air and sea blockade on Qatar also meant that the private jet carrying the 25-player Qatari squad took a longer route and had to fly to the UAE via Kuwait. On the other hand, Qatari fans were also unable to attend the games and support their national team from the stands in the UAE, where showing sympathy for Qatar remains punishable with up to 15 years in jail. However, despite all the political drama and hindrances, the Qatari travelled to the UAE to participate in a tournament - that holds a rich legacy in Asia - and play a sport - which unites people across the globe. And, it was probably the political problems in the Middle East that saw a charged-up Qatari side stealing UAE's thunder in their own backyard and securing a spot in the final. Fans throwing shoes at the Qatari players after they score their 2nd goal ð² pic.twitter.com/zCxyhZeWOc — Jordan Gardner (@mrjordangardner) January 29, 2019 The home fans at the Mohammed Bin Zayed stadium in Abu Dhabi had made their feelings clear when they booed the Qatar players and their national anthem before the game began. But, Boualem Khoukhi's strike in the 22nd minute didn't just shut the home fans, but probably got them agitated. And, as soon as Almoez Ali scored the second goal for Qatar 15 minutes later, the UAE fans began throwing shoes from the stands to interrupt the Qatari forward's celebration. They don't deserve to host the asian cup if that's how they behave !! No manners and no sport spirit — M (@Mazaaaj) January 29, 2019 From there on, every player that went to take corners for Qatar had to regularly deal with projectiles of shoes and bottles being thrown from the stands. And, things got worse for the hosts in the 80th minute when Hassan al-Haydos added a third in the 80th minute with a chip over the UAE goalkeeper. © AP Insult was added to indignity in stoppage time when UAE defender Ismail Ahmed was sent off following a VAR intervention for an elbow to the face of Salem Al-Hajri before Hamid Ismail's goal sealed the game for his side. This is bullsh*t, if this was fifa, they'd place a ban..and Fifa is trash! This is unacceptable, I can't count the number of times I have cursed at Messi #Russia2018 but I'll never throw shoes, it only ruins the game for everyone — Celeste/Celeste™ï¸ (@CelesteIsAnArmy) January 29, 2019 Following the fourth goal and a certain defeat of their team, the UAE fans erupted in anger, throwing more shoes and water bottles at the Qatari players who were celebrating their progress to the tournament's final where they'll take on four-time champions Japan on 1st February. Bad attitude reflects their behavior ,no wonder this is UAE — Fatima Al-Abdulla (@fmalabdulla) January 30, 2019 The demeanor of the UAE fans was not only unacceptable, but also disrespectful for the sport. Even if there are allegations against Qatar for supporting terrorism, the footballers playing on the pitch should be treated with respect. The Qatari players were just representing their country like the UAE side. And, most importantly, the political drama should not devour the spirit of the game.
  8. At the time when India's schedule for their Australian tour was announced, everyone in the cricket fraternity knew that it was going to a great contest. And, why not? India were going to lock horns with the Aussies in three T20Is, as many ODIs and four Test matches. While the limited-overs series offered some slam-bang action, all eyes were undoubtedly glued to the much-anticipated duels in Tests. And, after two Tests and with the third one currently in progress, the fact that India and Australia are tied 1-1 goes on show how evenly this series is poised. We've already witnessed batting geniuses of Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli who are currently leading the list of top run-getters in the series and the spin wizardry of Nathan Lyon who is miles ahead in the race of leading wicket-takers. But, apart from some exciting cricket on offer, the four-match Test series has also witnessed some of the most hilarious quips from both the sides. If Rishabh Pant's quirky comments from behind the stumps left everyone in splits, Tim Paine's recent remarks from the same position has once again brought a smile on the faces of cricket fans across the globe. © AP Though Australian cricketers have been infamous for using verbal volleys to unsettle the opposition batsmen, the ongoing series has witnessed an altogether different approach from the home side. Struck with the ball-tampering scandal recently, while the Aussies seem to have minimised their aggression, they have traded explosive comments for quirky jibes - something that reflected in Paine's latest comments. During the second day's play at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Paine was caught on the stump-mic trying to sledge Rohit Sharma. While the Indian batsman was taking guard for the next delivery, the Australian skipper was heard telling his mate at short-leg that it was 'a toss-up between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians at this time'. "If Rohit hits a six here I'm changing to Mumbai" ð#AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/JFdHsAl84b — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) December 27, 2018 But, it was the comment which followed later, that left everyone in splits. "He has this nice easy swing of the bat. We see him do it all the time for MI. If Rohit hits a six here, I'm changing to Mumbai Indians," Paine was heard saying on the stump-mic before the fielders around him burst into laughter. Tim Paine bantering up a storm right now ððð FOLLOW LIVE https://t.co/0L1sS1X2x0 pic.twitter.com/1OMiKwvUif — Herald Sun Sport (@heraldsunsport) December 27, 2018 And then, he followed it up with, "Is it true Rohit? Did Finchie (Aaron Finch) get you out. To be honest, the hardest two overs I played in domestic cricket last season were from him." While we aren't sure if Paine's remarks unsettled Rohit or not, but the Australian captain got no help from his teammate Peter Siddle who came on as a substitute fielder only to drop the Mumbai batsman on 16 at short fine leg in the 147th over. On the other hand, the cricket fans couldn't stop themselves from expressing their views on Paine's hilarious remarks. All of us to Tim Paine right now: ð¤«#CricketMeriJaan #AUSvIND — Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) December 27, 2018 Absolutely engrossing period of play, Rohit Sharma focussing hard as Nathan Lyon tries to weave a web around him n Tim Paine chirping away from behind. great watching. Who says Test cricket is dead. has been d most tlkd abt series than any IPL r ODI game #AUSvIND #BoxingDayTest — Sanjjeev (@Sanjjeev) December 27, 2018 "Rohit hits a six here, I'm changing to Mumbai Indians" ðð Oh Tim Paine, you are the opposition captain but we seriously can't hate your banter. #AUSvIND — Manya (@CSKian716) December 27, 2018 Tim Paine's sledging is seriously 𤣠Come on, Rohit. Hit that six! #AUSvIND — Sonali Dhulap (@pillya) December 27, 2018 Loving Tim Paine behind the stumps... He just started to whistle ð#AUSvsIND — Aravind V (@IamChefGamer) December 27, 2018 Tim Paine's chatter behind the stumps is EpicðHe's talking about who he's fav IPL team between Mumbai and I guess RCB is ..#AUSvIND @SPNSportsIndia — Jason Dsouza (@jdnats) December 27, 2018
  9. Women's cricket, for long, has been seen lurking in the shadows of the men's game. From disparity in pay structure to comparatively lower fanfare, the women's game desperately needed the help of fans and cricket administrations to carve their own niche in a sport which is generally dominated by men. But, the times are changing, as female cricketers are getting their due and noticeable developments have aided women's cricket. The biggest boost was arguably the standalone ICC World T20 in the West Indies. For the very first time in history, women's cricket had their standalone ICC showpiece event that was not a precursor to a men's tournament. While all the teams seemed hell bent on making a mark in the historic tournament, the Indian women's cricket team, early in the tournament, established themselves as one of the favourites. Owing to their marauding run, Harmanpreet Kaur-led India went past one opponent after another, establishing themselves as a big threat to their rivals. © BCCL But, the tournament didn't really pan out the way Harmanpreet's girls or their fans would have expected. Despite their unbeaten run which included a convincing win over eventual champions Australia, the Indian team stuttered against England in the semifinals before taking the long flight back home. Amidst multiple shortcomings in the semifinals, the Indian cricket team undoubtedly missed the experience of a veteran campaigner like Mithali Raj, whose exclusion from the playing XI had left former Indian cricketers confused and fans baffled. The 35-year-old could have proved crucial for India who eventually bundled out for just 112 runs in their humiliating eight-wicket loss in the semifinals. Though many questioned India's tactics to ignore Mithali for the semis, no one really got to know the real reason behind the controversial move, until now. Opening a can of worms, the record-breaking batswoman finally broke her silence on the issue and disclosed what is rapidly turning into one of the biggest scandals in Indian women's cricket. © BCCL The right-hander has alleged that coach Ramesh Powar humiliated her and discriminated her during the recently-concluded World Cup in the Caribbean. According to a letter sent by Mithali to BCCI CEO Rahul Johri and general manager Saba Karim, Mithali stated that her exclusion from the semifinal match against England was "baffling and hurtful" and that her main issue was with the coach who was indifferent to her in the lead up to the match in Antigua. "My issues with the coach started immediately as we landed in the West Indies. At first there were small signs that his behaviour towards me was unfair and discriminatory but I did not bother much about it," Mithali wrote in the letter. She alleged that despite adhering to some of the decisions taken by Powar in the interest of the team - like batting out of her usual opening position and delivering with back-to-back fifties when asked to return to her preferred slot - the coach's indifference to her caused her a lot of stress. "Not having played middle order in recent times and without practice still, I agreed for the greater cause of the team. For me team comes ahead of anything. After the game, it was evident that the opening did not work as the team was 3/38 after power-play and yet in the team meeting the next day he informed me that we are going with the same opening pair as against New Zealand. And he also praised the openers despite them not succeeding," she claimed. © BCCL "This left me completely shocked as against Pakistan there was no requirement of strengthening the middle order and also I have a great record against them. This was a match we had to win. I immediately reached out to the selectors and upon their intervention, he told me just before the game at breakfast that I was opening," Mithali said. "I performed well in the game and we cruised to victory. But instead of saying any words of encouragement it appeared he was out there to prove a point and from there on his behaviour changed dramatically towards me and really caused a lot of stress in the middle of one of the most important tournaments for us," she added. Mithali further alleged that Powar ignored and avoided her during net sessions which left her embarrassed and humiliated. Mithali also claims that she sought the team manager's help to facilitate a meeting with Powar to air her concerns and offer her suggestions. But things took a nasty turn after she was asked not to turn up to the ground for the game against Australia in the group stage. © BCCL "In the evening after the team meeting before the Australia game, Ramesh rings up in my room and instructs me not to come to the ground as the media will be there. I was told I was not to be with my own team in one of our biggest games. I was shell shocked. I spoke to the manager immediately and told her that I am not seriously injured and only seriously sick, and that I want to come and watch my team play. She agreed and told me to come," she revealed. "But I received a text from Ramesh in a few minutes after my conversation with the manager wherein he told me not to step out of the dressing room. I found it strange why is he getting involved when it was purely the managers' and physio's call. When we won the Australia game, Ramesh sent a word across with a team mate to call me down to the dugout so that I can join the team for a victory lap. It was strange because right through the match I had been put under house arrest and was never allowed to leave the dressing room," Mithali disclosed in the letter. After being dropped from the semis, Mithali claimed that she was further humiliated by the coach during the innings break. "Also, when the team was getting ready to field in the second innings, it is customary that even those who aren't playing should join the team huddle as it has always been the norm in our team. But to insult me that day, he sent a word through the manager to tell that it was only the playing eleven that can join in the huddle and the rest can go back to the dugout making us feel as outcasts. It was worrying and insulting because the coach was out to destroy and humiliate me," she said. © BCCL Apart from coach Powar, Mithali was also all guns blazing against BCCI's CoA (Committee of Administrators) member Diana Edulji and accused her of ignoring her ordeal. "Her brazen support in the press with regard to the decision of my benching in the semifinal of the T20 World Cup has left me deeply distressed, more because she knows the real facts having spoken to me. Thereafter her statement saying 'selection is not the COA's headache' is like suggesting there is no system of cheques (sic) and balances and anyone can do anything and get away because they have the backing of people in power," Mithali claimed. Speaking about India's T20I captain Harmanpreet, Mithali said: "I would also like to point out that I have nothing against the T20 captain Harmanpreet Kaur except for the fact that her call to support the decision of the coach to leave me out of the eleven was baffling and hurtful". The shocking revelations by Mithali, one of the most respected cricketers in India, has undoubtedly left everyone bemused. While it's still too early to draw conclusions on the latest controversy, the whole episode is surely the last thing Indian women's cricket, which is finally evolving and finding its place in the man's world, needed.
  10. Bitcoin has plunged below far below US$ 5,000 and is currently trading for just US$ 4,300. The year has turned out to be a nightmare for investors who touted the cryptocurrency to be the future and had made high investments. Within a week, it has lost more than 25 per cent of its value due to sell-off by traders. The last time Bitcoin sunk this low was in October 2017. Even other cryptocurrencies like Ripple's XRP and Ethereum's Ether fell as much as 14 and 16 per cent respectively. Since last year, the rise in enthusiasm for bitcoin led to a rush of investment and speculation around cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related startups. © Reuters But the consistently declining prices and growing scepticism isn't going well with short-term investors. Also, there have been claims that bitcoin's previous price increases were artificially inflated. The U.S Justice Department is currently investigating whether Bitcoin's high market value last year was an outcome of trade manipulation. Bitcoin has plummeted over 75 per cent this year from a peak of US$ 20,000 touched in December. The cryptocurrency was holding off at US$ 6,000 for quite some time, but the lack of a bounce meant investors were seeing a red flag and getting bearish. © TradingView Adding to this, the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) penalised two cryptocurrency companies that held an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) without registration with the regulator. Bitcoin Cash has also undergone a "hard fork", meaning the offshoot of the original Bitcoin was split into two, and the community has been internally fighting. Hence, mainstream investors have stayed clear of Bitcoin with concerns over scant regulatory oversight. © SCMP A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that is based on a technology called blockchain. Here computers compete against each other to solve complex math problems. That computing power creates a distributed, secure and transparent network ledger- commonly known as a blockchain on which applications such as Bitcoin can be built. According to industry tracker Coinmarketcap, the total value of cryptocurrencies is now around $154 billion, down from a peak of around $800 billion in January.
  11. From Munna's 'jaadu ki jhappi' that became synonymous to every grateful/friendly hug we passed around amongst friends, to Rancho's 'aal izz well' that popularly transformed into a national emotion, every film under Rajkumar Hirani's direction bears an interesting sentimental connect, only few other Bollywood directors have been able to deliver. The Lesser Known Backstory Regarded as one of India's most successful and critically acclaimed filmmaker, Rajkumar Hirani is a commerce graduate, who became exceedingly interested in the films and theatre much against his parents' wishes. © Twitter An active participant in theatre groups during college, Raju Hirani's father got him enrolled in an acting school in Mumbai, but he ended up staying there for just 3 days. Later he ended up getting a scholarship for a film editing course, and thus began his filmy journey - or so he thought. Destiny At Play Destiny seemed to have a different path laid out for Rajkumar Hirani, as initial failures and rejections saw him shift base to the advertising sector. He tasted some big successes in the industry, but his passion to make films pushed him to break away from advertising. This is when he started working with Vidhu Vinod Chopra as an editor in films, but his big break came with 'Mission Kashmir' in 2000 where he was taken onboard as the film editor. © Twitter The Big Directorial Debut Rajkumar Hirani made his directorial debut with 'Munnabhai MBBS' in 2003, which was a major hit with the audiences nationwide, and became a classic cult movie of sorts. This was followed by 'Lage raho Munnabhai' in 2006, which brought Hirani a significant amount of critical acclaim. The cultural impact of the movie, which popularised Gandhigiri all across the country, put him on the national radar of directors to watch out for. What Makes Him Special When friends in the industry refer to him, their vocabulary comprises of words such as 'sincere' and 'modest' - he is known as the man who is unperturbed by the fame he enjoys. He is seems to enjoy his disconnect with the temporal world - the unworldliness which also transfers to the characters in his movies. Be it PK, Rancho or Munnabhai, all of them bear an air of unworldliness around them. Boman Irani was quoted by Business World as saying that, “He is no different on the sets than he is elsewhere. He is a great conversationalist. But the reason why he's a great filmmaker is that he considers the opinion of everyone. He's very open to criticism. There is nothing highfalutin about him, despite all the success." This only seems to reflect the larger opinion that people hold about the filmmaker. Not just that, Hirani's movies seem to be a manifestation of his personal ideologies that resonate with the masses. © Reuters No matter which movie you wish to consider, the well-crafted cultural bridges evident in Hirani's movies, along with the socially poignant messages that he throws in with his direction, screenplay and dialogues make for a stellar watch every single time. Film critic, Rajeev Masand also points out the ideosyncracies that are innate to every Raju Hirani movie, and had this to say about Hirani's style of direction as seen in 'Sanju', “In trademark Hirani fashion, the film is both moving and humorous,” which again is a recurring trope that marks most of his movies. Hirani's strength lies in building a connect with his audiences, and offering something for every audience age-group. The message and story that Hirani therefore translates onto frames is commendable and thus, it doesn't come as a shock when you find out he is one of the few directors who have the maximum amount of hits in the box office! The Best Of Raju Hirani Rajkumar Hirani carries the name of some of the best movies Bollywood has ever produced, under his belt. 'Munnabhai MBBS' based on the life and struggles of the goon who had his heart in the right place was an exposé on rampant discrimination in the medical sector. On the other hand, 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' is a rewriting of Gandhigiri in contemporary times, whereas '3 Idiots' was a scathing criticism of the India's current state of education. Similarly, 'PK' was a direct attack on India's obsession with religious fanaticism and love for superstitions. © Reuters More recently, 'Sanju' brought Hirani critical acclaim for his vision and more than perfect execution of it, to tell a story that needed to be heard. Whitewashing or not, the movie made for a good watch. Rajkumar Hirani has presented the Indian film-goers with marvellous stories that shall be cherished by movie enthusiasts for many years to come.
  12. For a really long time, the world of cricket remained unfazed by the concept of fitness, which continued to be a prerequisite for athletes plying their trade in other sports. Cricketers, in the past, were more concerned and focussed on honing their techniques and skills which meant that fitness took a back seat. But, modern-day cricket is no longer the same. The likes of Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers introduced a breed of cricketers who were not only technically sound and skilful, but also physically fit to carry out the chores on the field. The new-age cricketer is electric on the field, runs hard between wickets and pulls off blinders - all that seemed impossible for the previous generations. But, while international cricket has witnessed the modern-day cricketers setting new standards in the sport, there are some players who still back their cricketing skills over fitness. Afghanistan opener Mohammad Shahzad is the one that belongs to the latter category. © Twitter Earlier this year, the Afghanistan cricketer was mocked and drew a lot of flak for his comments regarding the fitness concerns over his game. "I work a lot on my fitness but I don't compromise on food). You want me to have a fitness routine like Kohli, it is not possible, but I am working on it (losing weight). I can hit bigger sixes than Kohli, so why do I need to follow his diet?" he had said. While many laughed at him, others wasted no time in taking a dig at his 'beer belly'. But, for a man who was deemed unfit to play in Australia in Afghanistan's first-ever ICC World Cup appearance, Shahzad silenced all the naysayers and shattered all the pre-conceived notions on the back of a blistering hundred against India in the ongoing 2018 Asia Cup. On 25th September, Afghanistan and India were gearing up for the Super Four clash which held no serious effect on either side in the tournament going forward. India had already secured their berth in the final and Afghanistan were out of the tournament. But, the so-called inconsequential game had a bearing on how we saw the sport. © Twitter Opening the innings for his side, Shahzad took charge of the proceedings right from the word go and took the inexperienced Indian pace attack to the cleaners. Making the powerplay his personal playtime, the right-hander raced his way to fifty in just 37 deliveries to ensure Afghanistan romped their way to 57 runs in nine overs. If his domination early on sent the Indian seamers ducking for cover, Shahzad's rampant run, at the later stage, cut a sorry figure for the opposition spinners. He blazed away against seam and spin in a merciless assault. When the bowlers bowled on the stumps, he used slog sweep to dispatch them over the fence, and once the ball was bowled wide of the stumps, the Afghan didn't miss out on sending them over cover for glorious boundaries. Even as the wickets kept on falling at the other end, Shahzad's blitzkrieg didn't stop, as he notched up a well-deserved hundred in 88 deliveries. His fine knock eventually came to an end in the 38th over after he holed out to long-off in a bid to smash a six. Shahzad's whirlwind of an innings was restricted to 124 runs that included 11 fours and seven sixes. It was his 5th ODI hundred and first against India. He also overtook Faf du Plessis (120 runs) to become the highest run-getter in an ODI inning against India. © Twitter Shahzad attacked 60 per cent of the balls he faced in his innings with a boundary percentage of 19 per cent - something that's more than his career average of 45 per cent and 12 per cent respectively for the two metrics listed above. His blistering innings was an exhibition of clean hitting - one that shows why he values power over fitness. On Tuesday, standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing over 90kg, none of the fitness concerns that surrounded Shahzad mattered. So what if he cannot run as quickly as Kohli, Dhoni or ABD? Shahzad's knock proved that he can adequately make up for it by hitting the ball long and clean. The man's philosophy of 'stand and deliver' - just like Virender Sehwag - cannot be overlooked, not after what he did to the Indian bowlers in Dubai.
  13. There is no dearth of celebrities in India, yet controversies 'somehow' manage to find themselves going back to Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma over and over again, every time they do something (even if it's harmless). Just like us, controversies too seem to be obsessed with Virushka, the power-couple of India and this obsession is as old as the whiskey bottle you chugged down last night. © Instagram Remember the time when Anushka Sharma was seen scolding a man for carelessly throwing garbage on the street? Or the time when Anushka Sharma was trolled for Virat Kohli's bad form because their break-up rumours were floating around? In both cases and various other instances that I didn't mention, Anushka Sharma was majorly trolled for no reason. This even brought me to a conclusion that social media does not really need a reason to troll her and the latest incident speaks volumes about the same. © Instagram The Indian Cricket team, which is currently playing the five-match Test series against England, was hosted by the High Commission of India in London on Tuesday. Now what can possibly go wrong in this sweet gesture? Well, anyone who knows Virushka's history with controversies, they will say EVERYTHING. #TeamIndia members at the High Commission of India in London. pic.twitter.com/tUhaGkSQfe — BCCI (@BCCI) August 7, 2018 While the whole team posed for the camera, all eyes were fixated on just one person i.e. Anushka Sharma who was standing in the middle of the frame. Some had problems with the fact that when none of the wives and girlfriends accompanied the players then how did Anushka go, and others were miffed that Anushka was standing in the front and the team's vice captain was standing at the back. Anyway, being the goldmine of memes that Twitter is, they did not let this picture slide past just like that with comments like 'Looking Nyc Dear' and 'Good Click'. While, some reactions were really funny, other tweets primarily trolled BCCI for posting the picture. Vice captain is in last row and First Lady of Indian cricket is in front row. These people giving lecture online few days back. @AnushkaSharma — Ali MG (@aliasgarmg) August 7, 2018 why is anushka sharma there? she's not a part of team india. this isn't acceptable — Shah (@FutbolML) August 7, 2018 Difference between family photo and team photo. This is supposed to be a team event not family function. — Bharath Aiyanna (@bharathaiyanna) August 7, 2018 . @AnushkaSharma in #TeamIndia? Either mention her name separately or have some sense before tweeting. — Vikky Mohanty (@vikkymohanty) August 7, 2018 Rahane ko last line me aur anushka pehli mein. Kya baat hai... — Raman (@RamanVirdi21) August 7, 2018 As someone mentioned earlier the vice captain of the Indian cricket team is standing in last row, whereas the captain's wife is in front row. This just looks unprofessional by everyone. — Bharath Aiyanna (@bharathaiyanna) August 7, 2018 anushka sharma is also there in the squad so probably she will be included in the playing 11 too for the next match — Mayank Sharma (@MSharma56483635) August 7, 2018 Anushka bhabhi bhi squad mein hai kya?? @imVkohli https://t.co/0A9xEjQuxI — Arpit Awasthi (@arpit_2112) August 8, 2018 Omgð²ð²...when Anushka Sharma started playing for indian team??𤠗 Vani (@Vani66100016) August 7, 2018 Is captain wife more important than vice captain? Where are other players wife's? Don't divide team for the sake of captain or Bollywood please — Sanjay Tank (@SanjaySTank) August 8, 2018 Why is Anushka here lmao? She is at the center while the vice captain is at the end lol whatta joke — Od (@odshek) August 8, 2018
  14. KARACHI: As we say here ?Aagaya woh Shahkaar Jis Ka Intezaar Tha?.Ali Zafar and Maya Ali?s Teefa in trouble, a complete package of romance, action, comedy and thriller, has hit cinema screens today. And it has...
  15. Worries about a more protectionist world have weighed on emerging markets, which are dependent on free trade and strong exports for growth-Reuters (Photo: File)LONDON: Trade war concerns and dollar strength continued to cast a shadow over emerging...
  16. The Amazon logo is seen at the Young Entrepreneurs fair in Paris, France, February 7, 2018. REUTERS/Charles Platiau/Files SAN FRANCISCO: Amazon.com?s stock market value reached $900 billion on Wednesday for the first time, marking a major...
  17. Representational image. Photo: FileEnergy firms led a sell-off in most Asian equity markets on Tuesday a day after supply fears sent oil prices plunging, while confidence remains fragile owing to ongoing fears of a global trade war.After hitting...
  18. A Pakistani journalist walks near wreckages, a day after a suicide blast during an election rally, in Mastung, Balochistan, Pakistan, July 14, 2018. AFP/Banaras Khan MASTUNG: A new video of the July 14 suicide blast that hit southwestern Pakistan...
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