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Found 9 results

  1. Realme is known for launching affordable smartphones and IoT products, often copying Xiaomi’s model when it comes to consumer tech. However, Realme has gone a step forward this time around by launching products that look almost identical to what Apple makes; at least at first glance. Images of Realme’s latest products such as the Realme Book, Realme Pad and a smartwatch were shared online that not only copies Apple’s branding techniques but the product itself. © Realme,Apple When looking at the Realme Book, it’s clear that the Chinese company has lifted the entire aesthetics and branding of the upcoming laptop from Apple’s promotional videos and advertisements. But looking closer it’s clear that Realme has copied the design of the MacBook laptops as well, to the T. There are subtle differences, of course, but not enough to clearly distinguish it from Apple’s products. © Realme The case remains the same with the Realme Pad as well where a promotional image looks identical to what Apple uses for the iPad Pro lineup. It also looks like that company has copied the design of the tablet as well including the camera module which looks awfully similar to the one you can find on the iPad Pro. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla This is not the first time Realme has copied Apple’s designs for its products. The Realme Watch looks very similar to the Apple Watch’s design apart from a few changes such as the digital crown. Realme also copied the AirPods design for its Buds Air TWS earphones that launched a couple of years ago. © Youtube_Realme While Realme is known for affordable products its customers, it comes at a cost of owning something that looks like an Apple rip off. Realme, as a company, has gone leaps and bounds when it comes to the smartphone design department, however, the lack of creativity and original design looks like Realme doesn’t want to come up with something that is their own. Even though the Realme Book was showcased in its global launch event as a prototype, it’s fair to say that laptop is very reminiscent of something that was designed in Cupertino. View the full article
  2. The pandemic has not been easy for anyone. However, it has been certainly harder for the kids who lost the best years of their lives cooped up in the four walls of their homes, because of the lockdown. The online classes and homework that leave them overburdened only make things worse for the poor kids. © iStock It doesn’t only affect their health and productivity, but studying over the screens for hours also causes mental stress in children. A little girl from Kashmir took it upon herself to make sure the plight of children does not go unnoticed. © iStock She made a video addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and brought the issue to the notice of the entire nation. The six-year-old asks PM Modi, who she calls ‘Modi Saab’ in the video, why teachers give so much homework to little kids who are her age. She goes on to explain how she has to attend back-to-back classes for hours as soon as she wakes up and then has to work on the schoolwork given by her teachers. Modi saab ko is baat par zaroor gaur farmana chahiye pic.twitter.com/uFjvFGUisI — Namrata Wakhloo (@NamrataWakhloo) May 29, 2021 The video has garnered more than 30k likes and over 1.7k comments. She keeps her points across so adorably and innocently in the video that it is winning the hearts of Twitterati who also couldn’t help but sympathise with her. So adorable 🥰... But it is a matter of fact that the duration of the online classes are prolonged which makes the children tired and there should be some considerations on the durations of the classes against the backdrop of certain concerns such as health,tiring h/w,etc. — Imad Kirmani (@KirmaniImad) May 29, 2021My heart just exploded with the amount of mental labor little kids have to go through. Justice for 6 year olds. — Neha (@motherofjargons) May 29, 2021️Uff I have watched her at least 50 times and still can’t get enough. ‘Ab kyaa kareiinnnnn?!’ The only place where even that vicious name sounds tolerable! — Qissago (@Kahaanikaar) May 30, 2021So innocent and adorable. May God bless her always. Why don’t our governments carry out regular audits in the education dept to check if the courses are appropriate- & there is holistic development of the child rather than rote system, huge burden on children. — Rajesh (@RKdelhi1963) May 31, 2021Our education system is have to change because these kids are our future. And because of this education system there are lots of little kids who have so much burden in a very small age. If everything goes with this education system it can be dangerous for our future kids. — Saurav Pal (@SauravP23315954) June 1, 2021Safe to say that this little girl single-handedly managed to start a conversation about the pressure school kids have upon them in the pandemic regarding studies. Her video reached Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha who agreed with her. © Twitte He ordered the school education department to roll out a policy that lessens the burden within two days. Very adorable complaint. Have directed the school education department to come out with a policy within 48 hours to lighten burden of homework on school kids. Childhood innocence is gift of God and their days should be lively, full of joy and bliss. https://t.co/8H6rWEGlDa — Office of LG J&K (@OfficeOfLGJandK) May 31, 2021 This is so great! Well done, kid! View the full article
  3. Children all over the world are the same. Every kid wants to avoid school and homework as much as they can. And, because of coronavirus, kids in China probably thought they wouldn't even have to worry about stuff like that for now, since a pandemic is happening right before our eyes. But nope, teachers apparently always find a way. Basically, since people are under quarantine in Wuhan, China, schools are obviously shut as well. So, an app called DingTalk was introduced, which is essentially an online school. Side note - how many of you are relieved that we all finished school before the technology for things like these was invented? I sure am. Coming back, since teachers always find a way, so do the kids. They figured out that if enough of them gave the app a bad review, it would be removed from the app store. Apparently, the app's rating went from 4.9 to 1.4 overnight. See, people can achieve anything if they work together like this. Moreover, people are loving how smart and creative the kids are and honestly, this is the only funny thing about coronavirus. good morning to all the kids under quarantine in wuhan who defeated the app assigning them homework by spamming it with 1-star reviews until it got removed from the app store https://t.co/gDxjivabte â ðððð¦ð¤ âð ð¤ð ð¥ (@zenalbatross) March 7, 2020That picture, tho. School: Ok, no school, cause caronavirus. Students: Yay, less stress, so I can worry about staying safe and healthy with my family and- Also school: Here is your homework. pic.twitter.com/J60uiBtFKx â Aisha's Forehead|| REMINISCENCE (@OrbitGlowstick) March 7, 2020Yep. The kids are alright. The parents have no clue. https://t.co/ru20OnBQ64 â Mike Stuchbery (@MikeStuchbery_) March 8, 2020That was a moment in internet history. Thanks for reminding me of that! She was still the best IMO, but this comes close. â Charlie Foxtrot (@strumphs) March 7, 2020The future is in good hands. Children are the future https://t.co/3Z24raEJXu â Joseph Fink, M4A is a human right (@PlanetofFinks) March 7, 2020Hmm. We're seeing the best and worst of the human condition in the time of coronavirus From the worst files: The Toilet Paper Wars The best: Wuhan kids tuning in for school online amid lockdown work out that by giving 1-star reviews they can get their homework app taken offline https://t.co/BGUptdFZR4 â Talia Shadwell (@TaliaShadwell) March 7, 2020Yes. This is literally the first coronavirus-related news that gives me hope that the human species might survive this. https://t.co/biEw6vzPL1 â Ntina Tzouvala (@ntinatzouvala) March 7, 2020Absolutely. I think they all deserve straight Aâs for this forward thinking. â BTS_Genreâ· (@BTS_ARMYFANACC_) March 7, 2020Self-awareness? pic.twitter.com/Z9pkrLGJVU â Theoc (@Theoc900) March 7, 2020Yep. The kids in China outsmarted the app for school, and it was taken out. There's a big lesson, here. Work together to achieve your goals, and listen to the wise ones, amongst yourselves. https://t.co/MbcGclI3zk â QUEERWIRE (@QueerWire) March 8, 2020Truly. I am truly in awe at the ingenuity of these children. https://t.co/GhGYSPPrQO â Angela Chen (@chengela) March 7, 2020Proper. This is *proper* cyberpunk https://t.co/lPFKA2euQK â James Deardenayake (@TechnocratGames) March 7, 2020So much respect. Solidarity to these kids in Wuhan who figured out how to get out of doing homework while in quarantine. Massive respect. https://t.co/xXfACZZYJC â Ciara King (@iamCiaraKing) March 8, 2020 View the full article
  4. OPPO announced its very first smartwatch yesterday and if youâve seen any pictures online, you know it looks almost identical to the Apple Watch. The Oppo Watch instantly reminded me of the âcopy homework memeâ. The design language of the OPPO Watch largely remains the same with a few minor changes to avoid getting sued by Apple. Some people may say it looks promising, but before everyone gets delusional, it must be highlighted that the smartwatch is mostly unimaginative. © Oppo It has a similar square watch face and curved edges as the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. Hell, even the strap looks identical to the ones that come in the box with the Apple Watch. Subtle changes include two buttons on the right side of the device while Apple Watch has one button and a digital crown. It has a 46mm chassis and a 402 x 473 1.91-inch OLED screen, a heart rate sensor, water-resistance up to 50 meters, eSiM support and fitness tracking. The only original feature on the Oppo Watch we can think of is its support for VOOC fast charging. It can be charged to 45 percent in 15 minutes and can last 40 hours on a single charge. © Apple,OPPO But Oppo copying Appleâs homework just doesnât stop at the design of the smartwatch. Even the way it was presented including the presentation slides take a cue from Appleâs event last year. It seems like Oppo is trying really hard to sell a smartwatch for Android users that actually looks like an Apple Watch. Having no identity of its own, the Oppo Watch already has negative points in our books and we are not entirely sure who would want to wear an Apple Watch copy in public. © Oppo Oppo says the watch will run a version of ColorOS that will work in tandem with Oppo phones and will not use Googleâs WearOS. Oppo also says that the software will be a bit different for international markets. It would be interesting to see how Oppo has implemented software features on the smartwatch. What makes the Apple Watch great is its software integration with the iPhone and features that work out of the box. While Oppo promises similar functionalities, we can only be sure how it works once we get to test it for ourselves. The one thing that works in favour of the Oppo Watch is the price of the smartwatch. It will be available for 1,499 Yuan which is around Rs 16,000; which is considerably lower than the Apple Watch. It seems like a reasonable price for everything you will be getting for the Oppo Watch, but we can only know once we use the watch ourselves. View the full article
  5. Thai policemen are posted around the Tham Luang cave area as rescue operation continues for the 12 boys and their football team coach trapped in the cave at the Khun Nam Nang Non Forest Park, Mae Sai district, Chiang Rai, Thailand, July 7, 2018....
  6. How far will you go to escape school or punishment for not completing your homework? Maybe pretend you are sick or get your parents to write an application on your behalf. Even if we think of the most extreme measures that one can take, nothing can get close to the strategy that this 19-year-old class X student in Bhiwandi used to get his school shut down for a few days. He came up with a plan to spark communal riots between two communities. The kid was later arrested and sent to custody, when he was caught on camera. According to the police, he scribbled some objectionable messages on a piece of paper about his own faith and God and threw it inside one of his community’s worship places, located on his way to school. Failing to succeed in his first attempt, he threw a similar note 10 days later and it was then that his actions were caught on CCTV camera. The first note was sent on September 7. © wikimedia When a few people found the note at the place of worship, they suspected people from another community to be involved in this. But before things could escalate and wreak havoc, the police took the matters into their own hands and urged the trustees not to register a criminal offence before they got a hold of the culprit. The boy later admitted that he wanted the school to be shut since he was unable to finish his homework on time. Where do the kids get such weird ideas from? It’s crazy to even think of something like this, let alone implement it. This boy is clearly a genius to execute this plan, but had he put his ingenuity to better use, he could have done exceptionally well in his studies. On a serious note, this is a very serious matter and no matter what, sparking communal riots is highly dangerous and religious issues are not something to be played with. Source: TOI
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