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  1. The Kashmir Files has emerged as a giant slayer in the box office, something that has almost never happened in the history of Indian cinema. The fact that a super small budget movie with minimal promotions and no big names in the starcast can achieve this, that too in a country like India, is extremely impressive. View this post on Instagram However, what is the reason why people throughout the country are thronging to the theatres, despite it not being a 'feel-good' or 'masala-entertainer' movie? The reason is the subject itself, and the fact that this narrative, the one that shows things from the POV of Kashmiri Pandits themselves, has never been explored so unapologetically. Political correctness is not something the makers worried about while telling the story, and that precisely is the reason why it has ended up being a blockbuster. View this post on Instagram A number of videos have surfaced on social media, that show Kashmiri Pandits breaking down post the movie in theatres, deeply emotional and in tears. The reason for that, apart from PTSD, is the direct reference to a number of real life documented incidents in the movie, that have been shown in raw, gory details. Here are 4 such incidents. Please note, these can count as 'spoilers' even though the documented evidence of these incidents have been around for more than 30 years. 1. Bitta Karate InterviewIn the beginning of the trailer of The Kashmir Files, an interview has been shown, which is almost a frame by frame adaptation of the real interview of Bitta Karate, a compulsive killer who admitted having murdered at least 20-25 Kashmiri Pandits. Here are both the YouTube videos. 2. The Killing Of BK Ganjoo Inside A Rice DrumThe gruesome murder of Anupam Kher's son shown in the movie, where he is shot left right and center inside a rice drum, and his wife subsequently fed the same rice laced with her husband's blood by the terrorists, is based on a real life incident - the murder of telecom engineer BK Ganjoo. March, 1990. Terrorists came for BK Ganjoo. He hid inside a rice barrel. His Muslim neighbour informed on him. Ganjoo was shot dead. Rice laced with his blood was fed to his wife. Here, @sunandavashisht in her Senate testimony recounts the incident, captured in #TheKashmirFiles. pic.twitter.com/CzJeT0VHJK — Anand Ranganathan (@ARanganathan72) March 8, 2022 3. The Gruesome Rape & Killing Of Girija Tickoo With A Carpenter SawThe character of Sharda played by Bhasha Sumbli in the movie, suffers a death so gruesome, that perhaps has never been shown in a Bollywood movie. She is cut alive in two halves with a mechanical carpenter saw. The incident is a reference to the Girija Tickoo case, who was raped before being faced with the same gruesome death. Her niece has come out with a post on Instagram post the release of the movie. Here is the post. View this post on Instagram 4. The 1998 Wandhama Massacre The last scene in the movie is a direct reference to the heartbreaking Wandhama massacre of 1998, where 25 Kashmiri Hindus in the town of Wandhama were killed. The victims included four children and nine women. The Lashkar-e-Taiba/ Hizbul Mujahideen was blamed for perpetrating the massacre. A Twitter user shared a message from his father on the same. His father was a journalist. Message from my father about #TheKashmirFiles pic.twitter.com/fF5UDgAx5L — Samay Raina (@ReheSamay) March 13, 2022 There are many more references of real life incidents in the movie, that will be apparent once anyone starts reading up old reports on the Kashmiri Pandit exodus/genocide. The movie has been gathering more and more momentum in the box office, and may just end up breaking a lot of unexpected records if it continues its dream run. View the full article
  2. The day is here, fellow Harry Potter fans! After a period of almost a decade when we finally bid farewell to the movie franchise that was the Harry Potter series, we will get to see the stars of the movie return again in the reunion episode. Titled Return To Hogwarts, the Harry Potter 20th year Anniversary episode is airing on Prime Video and will see the original cast of the eight films return for what will be an opportunity of a lifetime. © Warner Bros Stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint are returning to speak on their experiences of the films for the HBO Max special. © Warner Bros Having said that though, did you know that there was this extra bit of meaty information that Emma had once revealed about her famous kiss with Rupert Grint. The two actors, who played the roles of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, kissed in the final Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 film. However, while fans loved them finally getting to it in the movie, personally for them, the kiss really wasn't that great. According to Hindustan Times, speaking about in an old interview, Emma and Rupert both found it an awkward experience. © Warner Bros “Obviously, us kissing was the most horrifying thing either of us has ever had to go through,” said Emma. This is when David Yates, the director of the final four Harry Potter films, pitched in, by saying, “I spoke to both of them in their trailers, made sure they were both comfortable. It was almost like prepping them for a major sports event.” Rupert, on the other hand, said he almost blacked out. Wow! “I think I kind of blacked out. I just remember your face getting closer and closer to mine,” said Rupert. Emma then labeled kissing Rupert 'wrong'. “(It was) like an actual horror show,” “Kissing Rupert was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. It just felt wrong, so wrong on every level because Dan, Rup, and I are so many siblings,” said Emma. Daniel Radcliffe, on the other hand, admitted that he made it even more awkward for them. “I did not make this better because I have been told significantly that I was just being an absolute d**k about this and being like, ‘I am going to come on set and watch you guys kiss'," said Daniel. The three actors will probably reveal a lot more in the special reunion episode. Stay tuned! Source: Koimoi View the full article
  3. Kohli's 10-month-old daughter, Vamika, has been the target of threats and abuse after Indian skipper defended Mohammed Shami
  4. Lawyers speak out regarding possible murder charges against Alec Baldwin after horrific prop gun incident
  5. Bipasha Basu has always stood out in Bollywood, an industry wherein you are judged easily for the minutest of things. But we're glad she didn’t pay heed to age-old customs. From owning her dusky skin colour to redefining the word ‘sexy’, Bipasha has lived according to her own set of rules. She has never bogged down to customs like a heroine should be fair and petite. She went against the popular culture of Bollywood and made her name. View this post on InstagramBipasha has completed 20 years in the industry and has had a fair share of struggles. She says she's glad that she didn’t give in to the rules of how a leading lady in Bollywood is supposed to be and took the road less traveled. Basu made her acting debut in 2001 with the multi-starrer Ajnabee, directed by Abbas–Mustan. In an interview with Hindustan Times, she narrated some brutally honest and rather strange incidents on how people used to react to her boldness. “It was back then when I met my first hairstylist, Kaushal, who basically taught me what were the rules of being a heroine at that point of time. And they were quite funny and hilarious to me,” she said. She went on to add, “As an actress, you apparently had to hide in those days. But I was very different. I guess that’s why the bohemian tag came to me very fast. My choice of roles was very different. My presence was very different. I did not look like the quintessential, fair, petite, timid girl. I looked quite feisty, fiery, and sexy.” View this post on Instagram Basu did not care for what is and isn't socially acceptable. She was okay with the ‘sexy’ tag but back then, it wasn’t something people were comfortable with. She shared, “Today, sexy has become a very easy adjective. But back then, when people used to call me sexy, there’d be questions, how do I feel about it. But I don’t know why they thought I’m bohemian. Maybe it’s just because I didn’t hide and used to speak my mind.” She also shared how she was asked to abide by certain rules. “I remember I was having iced tea in a glass while shooting Ajnabee in Switzerland. My hairstylist came and told me, ‘Everyone is thinking that you are drinking whiskey’. She asked me to drink it in a cup to avoid this perception. Then this other time, I was wearing a backless blouse, and she told me, ‘Actresses don’t dress up like this’ and that I’m only supposed to wear it on-screen,” she said. View this post on Instagram Elaborating it further and sharing her resentment over these rules, she said, “I used to ask if you can’t wear something in your normal life, how can you wear it on screen. In fact, I’ve had experiences where big actresses would comment on other girls wearing tiny shorts off-screen, and when they were the ones who’d wear it on screen.” Bipasha has always been refreshingly honest about her relationships but she was advised not to. From dating Dino Morea to John Abraham, she has always been very transparent about her personal life. She recalled an incident wherein she announced that her boyfriend is coming on set and people were not very pleased to hear it. “I was asked why you’re talking about your boyfriend. It’s a very personal thing. I was like I’m not ashamed of my boyfriend and don’t need to hide him,” she shared. View this post on Instagram Like we know that Bollywood has an obsession with fair skin, Bipasha had a tough time with people accepting her dusky tone and had to hear insensitive remarks. “I used to love sunbathing all the time, even though I’m dusky. But I was told, ‘You’ve to walk with an umbrella all the time’. I understand now why umbrellas are required. Back then, in my me-time, I was told that you shouldn’t tan because you’re already dusky. But none of these things really stopped me. These are some rules that I was told to follow right from my first film, which I never followed,” she asserted. We are glad that she didn’t succumb to such rules and lived life according to her own rules. View the full article
  6. Human beings can be weird, and find some of the most bizarre things vastly interesting. A case in point would be, how some people just love and adore serial killers. © Reuters Now, finding serial killers intriguing and fascinating isn’t that big a deal or problematic so to say. However, there are people who actually call themselves fans of certain notorious serial killers. Heck, there are a number of fan groups on Facebook and Instagram, that are dedicated to certain notorious murderers. © New Statesman Here are some of the most prominent serial killers who have their own fan-clubs and groupies. Ted Bundy © Reuters Ted Bundy remains to be one of the most sinister serial killers of all times. He also happens to be one of the most charming one, as per his fans. He has had several fan groups over the years, with the most notorious one being called, The Bundyphilles, who actively lobbied for him to be released. Richard Ramirez © AFP Dubbed as the Valley Intruder as well as the Night Stalker, Ramirez had killed over 13 people, and sexually assaulted at least a dozen more, including children. That does not mean that he did not have his share of fans. Most of his fans believed that he was being entrapped because of his Latin-American ancestry. He married one of his fans, Doreen Lioy, while he was awaiting his execution. During their courtship, which began when Ramirez was in prison, Lioy wrote about 75 letters to him. The Zodiac Killer © Paramount Pictures To this day, nobody knows for sure who the Zodiac Killer is. Perhaps that is why the serial killer remains to be one of the most popular urban legends in San Francisco. Jake Gyllenhal & Robert Downey Jr. played journalists in a movie about the serial killer. The Zodiac Killer had a great number of fans who would often call up radio & TV news stations discussing him, and confess their love for him. All this, without even knowing who the person was. Aileen Wuornos © AFP Aileen Wuornos was a *** worker who was arrested and convicted for murdering 7 young boys. Her trial received a lot of media attention, which ultimately painted her as the victim of a series of unfortunate events, which led her to act out. Although she was executed, she left behind a number of fan clubs that are operational to this day. Jeffrey Dahmer © AFP Jeffrey Dahmer, again, was a serial killer who targeted young boys. Many of his murders involved sexual assault, necrophilia, and cannibalism. His appeal, sort of went international. Imagine being a convicted American serial killer with a fan club, based out of Glasgow, named McDahmer’s. Well, that’s what happened with him. Anyway, Dahmer was beaten to death by a prison-mate. Charles Sobhraj © BCCL Finally, there’s Charles Sobhraj. There are several urban legends surrounding the man and his charm, about how he would often entrap his victims with his charm and his ability to smooth talk. Charles had a number of fan clubs in India, Thailand, Nepal, and France, all countries where he was a wanted man. Heck, he even got married to Nihita Biswas the daughter of his lawyer, who, in her own words, was charmed by his personality. At the time of his marriage, he was 64, while she was 21. Go figure. The bottom line…As we said, human beings can be very weird. It is actually very interesting to see, why people such as Bundy & Shobhraj become cult personalities and draw people near, almost to the point where their fans start vehemently denying their crimes. Nonetheless, making superstars out of such people isn’t exactly wise. View the full article
  7. There is a reason why big cats like lions and tigers, despite being so fascinating, are considered to be the most fearsome animals in the animal kingdom. © Instagram/Kody Antle A very recent example of this was a horrifying incident when a lioness mauled her trainer during a circus performance in Russia. According to the scary footage which has gone viral on social media, a lioness named Vega could be seen attacking her trainer Maxi Orlov in front of spectators during one of the shows at the Ural Travelling Circus. The footage showed the lioness jumping onto Orlov and sinking her teeth into the trainer just as he advanced towards her with a pole. It was reported that scared children and parents rushed out from the arena after seeing the incident, with one woman even suffering an epileptic seizure after witnessing the shocking scene. "The lionesses went berserk. When we ran away, there was a wild roar from the animals. The tamer was attacked," said a witness. Fortunately, Orlov and other members of the circus were able to fend off the big cat, after which the trainer was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his arms and legs. As per reports, prior to the performance, Vega had already been seen brawling with another lioness in the ring. View the full article
  8. One year after the tragic accident, Masud says what happened to him has strengthened his belief in miracles
  9. Nick Jonas shares that the incident took place due the taping of a show with his brother Kevin and Joe Jonas
  10. FKA Twigs sat down with Elle for a candid interview about her relationship with Shia LaBeouf
  11. In an unexpected and tragic turn of events, a massive glacier burst in Joshimath in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand on Sunday led to a deadly flood in the Dhauli Ganga river, endangering the lives of several people living along its banks. Unfortunately, several homes along the way were swept away as the waters rushed down the mountainsides in a raging torrent. There were fears of damage in human settlements downstream as well. Meanwhile, as per the reports, many villages were evacuated and people took to safer areas. More than 150 labourers working at the Rishi Ganga power project may have been directly affected, news agency PTI quoted State Disaster Response Force DIG Ridhim Aggarwal as saying. Currently, a high alert has been issued in Uttarakhand while authorities in all districts of the state on the banks of the Ganga river have been asked to continuously monitor the water level. © ITBP © ITBP The NDRF, SDRF and PAC Flood Company are being given instructions to be on the highest alert, an official statement said. Here are some shocking photos and videos from Joshimath as massive floods wreaked havoc in the area: ALERT Extremely Sad To Hear About The #Uttarakhand Glacier Break, Praying For The Safety Of Missing People Helpline Nos.: - 1905 - 1070 - 9557444486 Kindly Retweet & Spread The Word. #Uttarakhand #prayforuttarakhand #prayforuttrakhand #Chamoli #Uttrakhand #GlacierBurst pic.twitter.com/j7pD5yWrK2 — Dhruvil Gajjar (@meggi_07) February 7, 2021 Biggest story at this time: Terrifying images of glacier break leading massive flooding in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district. Extensive damage and devastation expected at several villages. Full coverage on @IndiaToday pic.twitter.com/rzR6ODfJ9y — Shiv Aroor (@ShivAroor) February 7, 2021 Rescue work in progress. UPDATE #UttarakhandGlacialBurst An #IAF ALH carried out reconnaissance of affected area by 6 scientists of DRDO along with their specialised equipment. Starting from 0645hrs today morning,6 Mi 17 sorties,1 ALH sortie & 01 Chinook sortie hv bn carried out. +@NewIndianXpress pic.twitter.com/nqWWCcuGBj — Mayank (@scribesoldier) February 8, 2021 #Uttarakhand#UttarakhandGlacialBurst Indian Army columns working continuously to rescue people trapped in the longer tunnel. Work will continue through the night. #IndianArmy pic.twitter.com/nZV412F2Qc — ADG PI - INDIAN ARMY (@adgpi) February 7, 2021 WATCH: Indian Army removes debris and slush at the tunnel in Chamoli through the night to carry out the further rescue operation.#UttarakhandGlacialBurst: Video courtesy @adgpi pic.twitter.com/dnUmW9CApb — Asianet Newsable (@AsianetNewsEN) February 8, 2021 #UttarakhandGlacialBurst Indian Army columns working continuously to rescue people trapped in the long tunnel at #Tapovan. Field hospitals are set up to treat the injured. Search & rescue operations will continue through the night. God bless #uttarakhand & our soldiers pic.twitter.com/KbZuhTjaPk — Anita Chauhan (@anita_chauhan80) February 8, 2021 Personnel from the Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) rescue a man. Watch the incredible video here: “ Humanity at Its Best “ Heartening to see that Whole Nation stands with people of #Uttarakhand in the face of this adversity.#UttarakhandGlacialBurst pic.twitter.com/91PyewwVYG — M B Patil (@MBPatil) February 8, 2021 As per the reports, India Meteorological Department (IMD) informed that no adverse weather is expected in Chamoli, Tapovan and Joshimath of Uttarakhand on February 7 and 8. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that he is closely reviewing the crisis unfolding in Uttarakhand. The Uttar Pradesh government has asked all authorities in districts on the banks of the Ganga river to be on high alert and monitor water levels following the flash floods in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district. As per the latest reports, as many as 15 people have been killed and close to 150 people are still missing. An operation to rescue people trapped in a tunnel near the Tapovan dam is currently underway and heavy machinery is being used to clear the debris. The two hydel projects bore the brunt of the "one time" mishap in which the Rishi Ganga hydel project at Raini was totally destroyed and the one at Tapovan suffered partial damage. View the full article
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