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Found 6 results

  1. We have come a long way since judging people on the basis of the colour of the skin and calling them out because of the way they look, or have we? South Africa, as a nation, has experienced probably the worst form of racism not too long ago when Apartheid was a part of their day-to-day life. Clearly, the memories of racism and discrimination continue to haunt them even now. Under such circumstances, the Pakistani captain and wicket keeper, Sarfraz Ahmed somehow got the brilliant idea to racially taunt the Proteas batsman Andile Phehlukwayo on Tuesday during the second ODI at the Kingsmead Cricket Ground in Durban. After the Pakistani batting order was totaled at 205 within 46 overs, it seemed like a cake walk for the South African batsmen to get over this below-average target but faced some early trouble as their openers Hashim Amla and Reeza Hendricks were sent back for cheap. While Rassie van der Dussen's 80-run performance at one-down was of huge significance, it was Phehlukwayo, who like a brick-wall, was glued to the pitch, determined to win this one for his side. Frustrated as the Pak bowlers were unable to get Phehlukwayo out, Ahmed let out a comment which would later get him into a lot of trouble. He said: "Abey kaale, teri ammi aaj kahaan baitheen hain? Kya padhwa ke aaye hai aaj?". (Hey black guy, where's your mother sitting today? What [prayer] have you got her to say for you today?) Sarfaraz Ahmed to Andile Phehlukwayo: "abbay kaale teri Ami kahan bethi hoyi hain aaj, kya parhwa kay aya hai aaj" "black man wheres your mother sat? What have you asked your mother to pray for you today?"#SAvPAK pic.twitter.com/vw6yuE73OE — Saj Sadiq (@Saj_PakPassion) January 22, 2019 Not that Phehlukwayo was able to understand what Ahmed said, but as fate had it, his racially motivated taunt got picked up by the stump mics and was immediately brought to shame by the Twitter world. Sarfraz Ahmed should be punished by @ICC @TheRealPCB for his raciast comments against South African Player — Farooq Murtaza (@farooqmurtaza1) January 22, 2019 Sarfraz Ahmed is nothing more than just another sorry excuse for a Kaptaan. Pathetic sportsman.#PAKvSA #SAvPAK — Ruffles (@aliakberhabib) January 22, 2019 Sarfraz Ahmed might be in trouble after his comments. He might have said it jokingly, but at present, such remarks are taken seriously. The world of sports don't take racist remarks lightly boy! #SAvPak — Faisal Caesar (@faisalyorker1) January 22, 2019 Hey @ICC, That's a gross racist remark by Pakistan Team's Captain Sarfraz Ahmed to Andile Phehlukwayo. Hope you'll take strict action against him. #SayNoToRacism #SAvPAK #PAKvSA https://t.co/H8wFmMJbCl — Sir Jadeja (@SirJadeja) January 22, 2019 Ultimately, Phehlukwayo not only succeeded in winning the match for the Proteas, he was also crowned the Man of the Match for his crucial 69* in 80 outing to win the second of five ODIs within 42 overs.
  2. You probably have grown up watching some parts of the iconic TV show 'Kasauti Zindagi Kay' with your mom hiding the TV remote every time Anurag and Prerna came on the screen. However, while getting accustomed to this 'saas bahu' saga, one thing which stuck with all of us was the gorgeous, hot Komolika. Played fantastically by Urvashi Dholakia, Komolika's character was probably the only thing we didn't mind watching. When Ekta Kapoor announced the show was coming back with a new star cast, fans were anxious to know who was playing Komolika, that's it. The rumours and guesses were put to rest when Hina Khan was announced as the new age millennial 'Komolika'. In fact, the promo video created quite a buzz as well. View this post on Instagram And so the adventure begins! #Komolika #NewBeginnings ♥ï¸ #Repost @ektaravikapoor with @get_repost ã»ã»ã» Bihar ka bewagpan aur bengal ki adaa .... welcome @realhinakhan as KOMOLIKA ðððâ¤ï¸ðð¼ðð¼ðð¼ððð¼ A post shared by Hina Khan (@realhinakhan) on Oct 14, 2018 at 12:15am PDT Last night, Hina finally made her official entry as Komolika on the show, people got excited. The woman is hot and she probably knows it. This looks grand! Congratulations @ektaravikapoor for carefully following the #BiggBoss11 and picking out the best to play #Komolika pic.twitter.com/YqJ2kSPHQu — Ankita Chakravarti (@ankitaChak15) October 29, 2018 Meri @eyehinakhan ke expression dekho. She impressed us on the very first day ðððð #Komolika #KasautiiZindagiiKay #AllHailToKomolika pic.twitter.com/zZMlGppyM3 — Ashish Jaiswalâ¤ï¸NIKKAâ¨â¨ (@AshishJ45093943) October 29, 2018 She is being hailed as the expression queen on Indian TV. So @eyehinakhan is looking damn hot and truly gives justice to the komolika character.... Nikaaaaaaaa ððð #Komolika #KasautiiZindagiiKay2 i loved it man hina you a amazing ðð pic.twitter.com/fygTBclXMg — PUNEET GARG ⨠(@Itspuneetgarg) October 29, 2018 Di the way you come back on screen all haters are burning with jealousy @eyehinakhan #Komolika pic.twitter.com/oXHKa1sl1h — Akshay K (@AkshayK79533851) October 29, 2018 Needless to say, the internet is convinced that she is indeed the best choice to revive the character on screen. #komolika #AllHailToKomolika #KasautiiZindagiiKay the star of stars come #komolika welcome @eyehinakhan @komolika12 pic.twitter.com/bA1dLmqdZq — lovely alma (@lovelyalma2) October 29, 2018 Hina Khan as #Komolika looking stunning... perfect choice by @ektaravikapoor .. @eyehinakhan can do justice this legendry character ..@StarPlus — SrishtyFly Abhi ð¦ (@Abhi_tiwareee) October 29, 2018 Well, looks like the makers get full marks for getting Hina Khan on board for this iconic role. She looks like Satan got dressed in all her glory.
  3. With the fitness and health industry being on an uptrend, everyone is jumping on the wagon of eating healthy or picking healthier options for meals. While the idea of eating healthy is a very good thing, there is something you should know about the companies or marketers selling the so-called healthy foods. They market the hell out of foods that may not even be slightly healthy, or conducive or helpful to your goal of getting in shape. I like to call them 'fake' health foods. Here are some of them that you may be guilty of adding into your shopping cart every time you're at the mall or grocery store: 1) Packaged Fruit Juices © Pixabay These are often marketed as the health food/drink you should be consuming first thing in the morning to start your day. Just NO! If you ever flip the label and see the nutrition content, these so-called health drinks are loaded with sugar making them no different from the regular sodas or colas you may be drinking. And juicing, in general, is not a great way to consume your fruits. It just destroys all the fibre from fruit, which promotes satiety in consuming them. The store-bought ones are anyway not healthy in any sense. 2) Cereal Bars Or Snack Bars © Pixabay This was a tough competitor for the no. 1 spot on this list. Yes, a lot of brands have started selling cereal bars or health bars. They are often even marketed as meal bars or the best breakfast you can get in a small packet. Absolutely not! If you look at the label of it and compare it to a normal chocolate bar, you will see that both are almost the same. These so-called snack bars are just another sugar-loaded food marketed differently to you. Instead, you would be better off eating a chocolate bar, as it will not taste half as bad as these fake health bars. 3) Sugarfree Or Diet Biscuits © Pixabay Another fake one on the radar! The story with these are the same, even though sugar may not be an ingredient on the list, the fat content of these biscuits are twice as those of regular biscuits or cookies. And in the regular biscuits as well, sugar is not present in that high quantities. A surprising (or not) reality is that, by adding this additional fat into them, they are often higher in calories than the regular cookies and they taste terrible and are priced twice the normal cookies. 4) Fruit Yoghurt © Pixabay Oh, how could I? Right? I have nothing against yoghurt. Go for the low-fat, normal fat, full-fat one. Up to you. Yoghurt is actually a very good food to consume and if you pick any plain variety of it, you are actually picking good food there. Then comes the added flavour or the fruit yoghurts. All of a sudden, the yoghurt has lesser protein, more carbs, fats, and added sugar. These macros of the tasty-yet-healthy flag bearing foods are no different than that of an ice-cream. Beware of these so-called healthy foods as they may ruin your diets and never let you get in shape. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  4. Heat waves can sap productivity by slowing down thinking, even in the young and healthy, a small study suggests.Harvard researchers found that during a summer heat wave, students living in dorms without air conditioning consistently scored lower on...
  5. We all can't live without our smartphones, however living in India brings up some issues that have an easy remedy for your smartphone. It gets too hot in India during the summer and it has a direct impact on your phone's internal temperature. © MensXP In fact, smartphones tend to get too hot which can cause problems like forced shutdowns, battery drain, and other problems. If the temperature gets too hot, your internal components can melt simply from exposed heat. Having said that, we have compiled a few tips if you face this problem on a regular basis: 1. Keep It Away From The Sun © Pexels I've made this mistake on numerous occasions, where I would either leave my phone on a table or in the car where direct sunlight caused my phone to stop working. Smartphones, just like any other object, catch the light and absorb the heat from the sun. Smartphones tend to retain the heat, causing it to get hot. This is the first step you should always follow in order to prevent your smartphone from overheating. 2. Do Not Turn Up Your Brightness © MensXP Turning up your display brightness will cause your battery and processor to work harder which in turn causes overheating. Instead of turning up the brightness, we recommend you invest in a glare screen guard so that it is easy for you to look at your smartphone in bright conditions. 3. Turn Off Background Apps © BCCL If you have no use for useless apps that eat up the juice while running in the background, you will eventually find your smartphone heating up. Just like the screen, apps that use background refresh also cause your phone to heat up. Close unnecessary apps from your phone's multitasking menu in order to prevent overheating. This will decrease how hard your smartphone works and as a result reduce heat emission. 4. Take Off Your Phone Cover When It Overheats © Spigen Just like everything on this planet, your phone needs to breathe and if your smartphone starts to overheat, remove the phone cover immediately. Phone covers prevent heat from escaping and gets trapped inside the phone cover which in turn, heats your smartphone even more. Removing the phone cover will help your phone cool down faster. 5. Never Put Your Phone In The Fridge! © Youtube If your smartphone is already overheating, you should avoid sudden temperature changes in order to protect your smartphone. Many people think that sticking it into the freezer or the fridge may prevent it from overheating. In fact, experts call this “a terrible idea”, since exposure to sudden changes in temperature can affect your phone's components and will also collect moisture in the innards.
  6. Mahir Pandhi was the winner of 'India's Next Top Model' and is our own 'Dilli Da Munda'. Random . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . #indian #fitindia #model #actor #wlyg #bollywood #hollywood #life #fitness #natural #punjabi A post shared by MAHIR Pandhi (@mesmahirising) on Jun 20, 2018 at 4:58am PDT @asadejazphotography A post shared by MAHIR Pandhi (@mesmahirising) on May 7, 2018 at 3:29am PDT Is it just us or even you agree that he has an uncanny resemblance to Zayn Malik? . . . . . . . #winner #TOPMODELINDIA #behindthescenes . #wlyg #top #colors #realityshow #colorsinfinity #models #actors #artistlife #struggle #work #topmodel #best #greeneyes #orange #latergram #behindtmi #backstage #smile #allsmiles #mahirpandhi #jatt #punjabi #amityuniversity #dpsnoida #photoshoot #Bollywood #hollywood A post shared by MAHIR Pandhi (@mesmahirising) on May 6, 2018 at 4:02am PDT Shot by @asadejazphotography Make up by @simrannn_singh . . . . . . . . . . . . #winner #TOPMODELINDIA #behindthescenes . #wlyg #top #colors #realityshow #colorsinfinity #models #actors #artistlife #struggle #work #topmodel #best #greeneyes #orange #latergram #behindtmi #backstage #smile #allsmiles #mahirpandhi #jatt #punjabi #amityuniversity #dpsnoida #photoshoot #Bollywood #hollywood A post shared by MAHIR Pandhi (@mesmahirising) on May 3, 2018 at 1:23am PDT Even celebrity photographer Atul Kasbekar approves of this ridiculously good looking hunk, if we may call him that! Introducing the best looking guy I've seen in a while Say hello to the devastatingly handsome @MahirPandhi Winner of #TopModelIndia and a new acting talent at @BlingLive pic.twitter.com/6TcCrLYRJW — atul kasbekar (@atulkasbekar) July 10, 2018 @asadejazphotography And @simrannn_singh A post shared by MAHIR Pandhi (@mesmahirising) on Apr 17, 2018 at 7:47am PDT He shared a picture of his transformation and I am SHOOK actually! Just the beginning. Wait for it. Puberty didn't workout, I did! #JAIGURUJI A post shared by MAHIR Pandhi (@mesmahirising) on Apr 18, 2018 at 2:37am PDT Puberty hits all of us, but handsomeness hit him the hardest I guess? What's the story this picture is telling you guys? Shot by @harshit_arorax3 Make up by @simrannn_singh . . . . . . . . #TOPMODELINDIA #behindthescenes . #wlyg #top #colors #realityshow #colorsinfinity #models #actors #artistlife #struggle #work #topmodel #best #greeneyes #orange #latergram #behindtmi #backstage #smile #allsmiles #mahirpandhi #jatt #punjabi #amityuniversity #dpsnoida #photoshoot A post shared by MAHIR Pandhi (@mesmahirising) on Apr 13, 2018 at 7:55am PDT No matter what happens, your love is my prize. A post shared by MAHIR Pandhi (@mesmahirising) on Apr 5, 2018 at 7:08am PDT You wanna take care of your girl bro, cos this Indian Zayn Malik can steal away your Gigi with just one look!