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Found 1,357 results

  1. Whether it is about making a good first impression or about flaunting your great sense of style, sweating is an obstacle to a lot of us. From visible sweat marks to not-so-inconspicuous body odour, sweating is an uncontrollable problem we all hate. If youâre one of the many people who have been embarrassed way too many times because of excessive sweat, you have come to the right place. Itâs time to let go of such body care problems with these hacks. What Causes Excessive Sweating?Generally speaking, we all know that sweating happens when the body temperature is high. This helps in cooling down the body. However, there are certain occasions when you sweat a lot more than normal. If this happens to you, it could be because of many reasons, medical or otherwise! For example, some people sweat when they are nervous or anxious. No matter what the cause of your sweating may be, we are here to make your life easier with these hacks! __ECOMLOOKS__677__ __ECOMLOOKS__678__ __ECOMLOOKS__679__ __ECOMLOOKS__680__ __ECOMLOOKS__681__ Fashion Tips To Hide The SweatWhile all these hacks are great for minimising and controlling the sweat, they donât stop the process altogether. For all the right reasons, sweating is kind of good for our body. Here are some fashion hacks for the days when the weather is both on your side! __ECOMLOOKS__682__ Separate Workout ClothesIf you sweat heavily under normal circumstances, you need to have extra weapons for your workout days. Workout fabrics are different and help in drying up a lot more sweat a lot quicker. Invest in good athletic wear and your skin will thank you for it. iStock __ECOMLOOKS__684__ Frequent LaundryLetâs not forget the old relation between sweat and bacteria. Dirty and sweaty laundry is a great breeding ground for the bacteria. Make sure to keep your personal hygiene in check by doing your laundry on time. iStock Kick It To The Curb!Now that you know these simple hacks, itâs time to let go of all your sweat troubles. No more sweating equals no more embarrassments! Explore More View the full article
  2. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro leaks have been making rounds on the internet and prominent leaker Jon Prosser posted a video detailing everything about the upcoming phones. The video reveals the specs, pricing, and other details for Appleâs new phones expected to launch this fall. © Unsplash_Daniel Romero According to Prosser and his sources, Apple will be launching two models i.e, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro where both models will be getting a âMaxâ model. The lineup will include a 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch model where the Pro models will come with OLED displays with 10-bit colour depth made by Samsung. The iPhone 12 will also have OLED displays but will be manufactured by BOE instead. The leaks also say Pro models will come with 6GB of RAM and a triple camera setup that will include a LiDAR sensor. The non-Pro models will feature 4GB RAM and a dual-camera setup instead. The Pro model is expected to have a stainless steel body while the non-Pro model will be made of an aluminium body. © Unsplash_Daniel Romero When it comes to the pricing, Prosser believes the iPhone 12 will cost somewhere around $649 (~ Rs 49,229) for the 128GB model and will go up to $749 (~Rs 56,800) for the 256GB variant. The Max version fo the iPhone 12 will be a bit more expensive and will start at $749 (~Rs 56,800) for the 128GB model and cost $849 for the 256GB (~Rs 64,400) variant. For the Pro models, there are expected to be three variants for each size where it will start at $999, $1,099, and $1,299 for the 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB versions respectively. The Max models of the 12 Pro are expected to be priced at $1,099, $1,199, and $1,399 for the same storage versions respectively. © Unsplash_Daniel Romero Yesterday, it was rumoured that the iPhone 12 Pro would come with a 120Hz ProMotions display however Prosser says there is an internal conflict at Apple. The phones might ship with the features but will not be enabled depending on the battery performance of the two devices. It is worthy to note that Prosser is quite new to the Apple leaks scene, however, he has accurately predicted the launch of Apple products in the recent past. His track record has been on point so far which adds more weight to these leaks. Having said that, the information above is still based on leaks and it is still quite early to determine Appleâs plans. Features could change before the launch of the iPhone 12 series later this year or these leaks could just be untrue. We can only know for sure when Apple launches the new iPhone later this fall. Source: Front Page Tech View the full article
  3. We don't know anything about Thor: Love and Thunder right now except for one thing - that it's going to be amazing. And, how do we know that? Because we can trust Taika Waititi to top himself and make the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie after he gave us the incredible Thor: Ragnarok. Since there's a long way to go for the shooting to even begin for the fourth movie, we actually won't know anything about the plot for well over a year. So, what else can fans do in that much time except for speculating the plot and coming up with theories? Moreover, everyone has some extra time right now to completely geek out, so why not? © Marvel A fan theory about Thor: Love and Thunder not only ties together the entire phase four but also explains how Jane Foster might be able to wield Mjolnir, a hammer that doesn't even exist in the current reality. Basically, a theory from the r/FanTheories subreddit suggests that the movie will probably loosely adapt The Mighty Thor comics storyline where Jane Foster becomes Thor. But, it's not just that, it also ties in The Eternals and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It starts with "In present-day NY, Jane Foster is suffering from breast cancer after she was possessed by The Aether." While the aether was not the reason behind her cancer in the comics, this could be a great way for some continuation because after all, she did have an infinity stone inside of her. © Marvel Then comes the Doctor Strange connection - "A hammer from alternate timeline makes its way to the main universe through the portals opened by Doctor strange during MoM events, it's looking for new wielder and Choose Jane, she picks it up and becomes Mighty Thor." There is a small Guardians of the Galaxy connection since Thor did leave earth with them - "In space, Guardians drop Thor on Vanaheim and left for their own adventure. Thor is looking for lady Sif after she was absent during Ragnarok but he finds out that she is already gone somewhere." Lady Sif's absence was painfully felt in Ragnarok and honestly, it would be great if she came back. © Marvel The best addition to the new movie is obviously Christian Bale and here's a theory on what he could be playing - "Actually Sif and her new friend Beta Ray Bill are investigating about the same alien who was the lone survivor of his race, he is known as Gorr. It is said that Gorr was the one who killed Celestials for revenge.he is so powerful that even Celestials feared him and if he is freed again he will continue to wreak havoc on the universe. Odin feared Gorr himself and that is why he had Hela to protect Asgard." Then, of course, Gorr is freed and ends up meeting Thor and we get to know his backstory - "Years ago when his planet was dying of drought he prayed for rain but no one listened to them instead Celestials came and destroyed it and since then Gorr is on a vengeful mission to wipe anyone against his will." © Marvel This calls for a superhero team-up and Thor, along with Sif, Beta Ray Bill, Valkyrie, and Jane defeat the villain. Lastly, the theory suggests that the movie will end with Sif sacrificing herself and then finally Thor's retirement. Well, that is a compelling theory and honestly, pretty believable as well. But, I'm still holding out hope for Loki's return since it's not a Thor movie without Loki, of course. View the full article
  4. Elon Musk is currently out there completely destroying his reputation, one tweet at a time. Everyone always loved him because he was the most eccentric billionaire but now, it seems like he's reached a point with being so weird that he's losing respect. Honestly, from just his ongoing stupid 'Free America' campaign on Twitter, you can tell that he's lost it. FREE AMERICA NOW â Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 29, 2020 The country has the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths and 'opening' the country would just lead to even more devastation and it's disappointing to see someone who's considered a genius to go against basic common sense. I feel like most people would prefer staying alive rather than have the illusion of 'freedom'. Now give people back their FREEDOM â Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 1, 2020 What is even happening here? And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air â Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 1, 2020 Are you telling me this is not a shitpost? My gf @Grimezsz is mad at me â Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 1, 2020 This honestly has big high energy. © Twiitter I honestly think he's high out of his mind. Rage, rage against the dying of the light of consciousness â Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 1, 2020 I have an important question for him - © Twitter As soon as he tweeted this yesterday, Tesla stocks reportedly plummeted. Tesla stock price is too high imo â Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 1, 2020 I never thought I would see people calling Elon Musk, out of everyone, a dumbass, but here we are. What can I say, 2020 seems to be just getting worse by the day. Elon Musk is a moron. pic.twitter.com/LLSWfizQV4 â إدÙÙÙ (@Edwinwkf) May 2, 2020 The perfect tweet. Satisfying to watch men in my life lose faith in Elon musk after bargaining for so long. he is their Lindsay lohan â Natalie Walker (@nwalks) May 2, 2020 Nothing can be worse than this insult. Starting to realize how Elon Musk is what Trump would be if his IQ were above average pic.twitter.com/GbOIzx7yWU â Sarcastic William LeGate (@williamlegate) May 2, 2020 Possibly. Is Elon Musk stuck on a bad LSD trip? â Lexi Alexander (@Lexialex) May 2, 2020 Hmm. #ElonMusk This is also an advantage of being a billionaire, Weed is also available in Lockdown.#elonmuskhacked pic.twitter.com/POCPJYqMvP â namascray (@namascray1) May 2, 2020 I can see it. Elon Musk thinks he is Tony Stark but he's actually just an extremely rich Drax. https://t.co/HiQjG6RJHC â Daniela (@LeonaNightmare) May 2, 2020 Are we sure it's just beer? Media Commentators: #Twitter isn't real life.#ElonMusk: *HOLD MY BEER* https://t.co/np5stEUXKd â Alexandra Marshall (@ellymelly) May 2, 2020 Seems surprising. absolutely mind-boggling that Elon Musk is an adult â ben mekler (@benmekler) May 2, 2020 Plausible. I think maybe @elonmusk has been taking advice from @realDonaldTrump and has overdone it with the disinfectant. â Graham Scarborough (@gscarbo77) May 2, 2020 Yep. Why did I ever even bother tweeting about @elonmusk when itâs so obvious heâs a weirdo having a meltdown https://t.co/Jhrs1ioWuH â Cindy Khandoker (@CindyKhandoker) May 2, 2020 Actually, that makes sense. I feel like @elonmusk is at that part in his life like in Iron Man 2 when hes drunk at a party and almost kills everyone. â Cole (@ColeTwoFishFlag) May 2, 2020 Never go full dumbass on Twitter. #ElonMusk went batshit crazy. Never go batshit crazy. Drove Teslaâs stock price down 8%. So responsible lol. pic.twitter.com/K6hx4RM0Cs â Muhammad (@muhammadmsuhail) May 2, 2020 I think not. This @elonmusk episode kinda reminds me of @kanyewest's. And for whatever reason both ended up supporting Trump ideology during it, lol...Coincidence? â Eric Notor (@EricNotor) May 2, 2020 View the full article
  5. The Ironman Triathlon is one of the hardest athletic and endurance competitive events that is organised anywhere in the world. It is a one-day event that consists of almost 4 kilometres of swimming, 180 kilometres of Tour de France style bicycling, where you cannot stop peddling even for a second, and finally a 42 kilometre run to the finish line. Of course, all off this has to be completed within a set time. © Ironman Triathlon Now imagine completing something this arduous, and finishing in a rather impressive manner, and posting one of the most commendable times at such an event, once youâre over the age of 50. Seems impossible? Well, not if youâre Milind Soman. View this post on InstagramYesterday was #workoutwednesday so I tried 10 clap pushups ð fun!!! Finding small challenges every week keeps me interested and motivated to be active. That's all I need. . . . What's your small challenge ??? ððð#keepmoving . . . #BeBetterEveryday #fitnesslife #pushups #challenge #Live2InspireA post shared by (@milindrunning) If you follow Milind on any social media platform, you must have noticed, that he often goes on his runs, without any footwear. Itâs almost as if he has a disdain for any and every sort of equipment. âWell, that is partially true. I just donât like anything weighing me down. I try to remove anything that becomes an unnecessary complication. So yes, I prefer running just my shorts, and sometimes, my sunglasses. If I am running at night, I will wear a pair of slippers, just keep my feet protected.â © Instagram/milindrunning In this day and age, we believe it is actually quite impractical to think about fitness without any gym equipment, or some sort of basic equipment if one is to stay fit. Milind however, would disagree. âSee, you really donât need any of those fancy equipment. Yes, you need to exercise, and running, or jogging or doing anything in the open is the best way to go about it. To stay fit, what you really need to focus on, is what you eat. Having a balanced diet is fine, but are you paying attention to the micronutrients and everything else? Ask yourself,â says Milind. © Instagram/milindrunning We finally asked him how he prepared himself for the Ironman challenge. With a chuckle, Milind responded saying, âPeople today have forgotten what the normal human body is capable of, and actually get surprised when someone does something like that. No matter what the challenge, marathon, triathlon, or endurance event one is planning to go for, the first step is always to set your mind right and believe that not only is that thing achievable, but something that is very normal and achievable, and that of course, you can do it.â This, he says, is half the battle won. © Instagram/milindrunning With that being said, you need to take the next step equally importantly and start preparing yourself accordingly. This includes fixing up your diet, strengthening your core and also allowing your body to rest. But coming over the mental obstacle, says Miind, is the biggest challenge. View this post on InstagramDay 16! Or 17 .. or.. ð¶ . . Well, the good news is that I can now do 20 clapping pushups ðª apart from the stairclimbing and skipping that I have been doing. . . . There is lots of not so good news, but I dont need to tell you that, you have watsap ð . . . Take care, stay home, stay positive. . . . #love #betterhabits4betterlife #Live2Inspire #fitnessaddict #keepmoving #neverstop #nevergiveup #loveyourself ð· @ankita_earthyA post shared by (@milindrunning)When he recently uploaded a video of his 82-year-old mother jumping ropes, the internet went berserk. View this post on InstagramSkipping with @somanusha ! Not a new activity for her but new for me ð when you are at home 24Ã7, each one, teach one another ! You are old only when you think you are.. #LockdownMantra . . . #keepmoving #NeverStop #nevergiveup #loveA post shared by (@milindrunning) âPeople messaged me for days and asked how did she do that, at that age and how does she keep so fit. The thing is, she has been doing it forever, and therefore, she is able to do it now, without any issues. It is genuinely surprising for me when people see something this normal and mundane and are surprised like that,â says Milind. © Instagram/milindrunning Normal? Well maybe it is for Milind. For us mere mortals, who in our 20s and 30s would start losing our breath after 3 flights of stairs? Not at all. View the full article
  6. When he made his debut in an HBO mini-series called Band of Brothers, Tom Hardy used to be this skinny, little actor who was willing to risk it all just to have a career in show business. Due credit to his skills and the perseverance to keep at it, he made it and made it big. Tom Hardy looking young as hell in Band of Brothers. pic.twitter.com/uh2Z9bWJ0H â Andy Kelly (@ultrabrilliant) November 14, 2017 He is the kind of guy who wishes to truly commit to the roles that he is offered, so much so that he is willing to put his body on the line, just to look the part, or at least he used to. Hardy first jacked up for his performance as Michael Peterson in the 2008 biography called Bronson, based on the life of Britainâs most violent criminal and was weighed at 150lbs (68 kg). In 2011, he bulked up for Warrior (2011) and was recorded at 181lbs (82kg). And finally, for his role as Bane in Christopher Nolanâs The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Hardy touched the 200lbs mark which is approximately 90 kg. Now, for those who donât know, Tom Hardy is 5â9ââ and the ideal weight for a male this tall is between 144lbs (64 kg) and 176lbs (79kg). According to his interview with AskMen, Hardy revealed that he only had five weeks to look like the man and so âI started eating and my arse very quickly got very fat.â âFor Bronson, I put on about 7lbs a weekâwith no steroids. In the end Iâd put on about 2 and a half stone by eating chicken and rice, which was my staple diet throughout the day. Then Iâd have a pizza, Häagen-Dazs and Coca-Cola: So not good stuff, but I had to put weight on,â he added. Heâd put on weight for Bane in a similar manner (with more weight training) and while he did not realise the toll it was taking on his frame, he later shared how the rapid transformations cost his body. âIâve probably damaged my body too much. Iâm only little! If I keep putting on weight Iâll collapse like a house of cards under too much pressure,â he told The Daily Beast. "I think you pay the price with any drastic physical changes. It was alright when I was younger, to put myself under that kind of duress, but I think as you get into your 40s you have to be more mindful of the rapid training, packing on a lot of weight and getting physical, and then not having enough time to keep training because youâre busy filming, so your body is swimming in two different directions at the same time,â he added. Based on the kind of things he was eating and the problems Hardy spoke about ever since his Bane expedition, it seems Hardy may have tried what is known as âDirty Bulkingâ. © Pexel What is âDirty Bulkingâ and why is it a bad idea? Dirty Burking can be roughly described as gaining weight by any means necessary and eating whatever you can lay your hands on. Burgers, fries, pizzas, sweetened beverages, nothing is off-limits. Just like in Hardyâs case, dirty bulking is often paired with heavy intensity resistance training. While many bodybuilders and weightlifters have accepted using such means to increase bulk in off-season, others have complained about the side-effects it brings along. If the caloric surplus goes unchecked, unwanted fat begins to form which, in turn, leads to issues such as joint pains. Due to the high intake of sugar, processed carbs and saturated fats, a rise in cholesterol levels and high blood pressure can also be diagnosed, which can eventually lead to a stroke. Lethargy and the unwillingness to do active work also come along. View the full article
  7. When the whole world was battling with COVID 19, our film industry is dealing with the loss of two legends, Irrfan and Rishi Kapoor . But, these two legends have left us with so many memories from their past. Well, the two were the ones who lived their life to the fullest and it was a treat to see the two of them together sharing the screen in Nikkhil Advaniâs D-Day. Thereâs a scene of the two actors thatâs going viral on the internet. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Advani recalled how Irrfan tricked Rishi Kapoor into staying in a desert for the scene they were shooting in Kutch by bribing him with âchicken and alcoholâ. Yes, you heard it right. At least one thing is for sure. There will be jashan in the heavens tonight. #RIPLegend #RishiKapoor #IrfanKhan pic.twitter.com/V4qXyWjeqp â Nikkhil Advani (@nikkhiladvani) April 30, 2020 Recalling the old days, Advani said, âWe were shooting in the desert and while Irrfan and a lot of team bunked out in tents, Chintuji would drive two hours back to the hotel. He was averse to early morning shoots but there was this sunrise shot we had to shoot with him and he was refusing to comply, saying, âIâm an actor, not a doodhwalaâ. He remembered how Irrfan bribed Rishi Kapoor with âchicken jungli and alcoholâ and finally managed to make his stay in the desert for the shot. âIt was a near-impossible feat in Kutch, but he delivered on his promise and I got my shot,â added the filmmaker. Not just the film industry people but fans are also missing the two legends and are remembering the scene where they saw the two of them together. Iâm just in shock,I just saw #dday movie yesterday night in which both #legends r in the movie sharing screen & at the end of the movie both have death scene & today both #Legends are not among us.But u both r always stay in our #Heart Sir. @irrfank sir ð½ @chintskap sir ð½ pic.twitter.com/X42oVp6zos â AMRIT GURDASPURIYA (@iamgurdaspuriya) April 30, 2020 In the movie #DDay both #IrrfanKhan and #RishiKapoor died in short interval of time. Who would have thought it will be same in reality #riplegends pic.twitter.com/4UUgU7mYR4 â Muhammad Taha (@iTahaAnsari) April 30, 2020 Another sad day for Bollywood,veteran actor @chintskap is no more. Rip to his soul.. I remembered the movie #DDay where #RishiKapoor acted the character of Daud died suddenly after the death of wali khan (#IrrfanKhan).. You both will be Stay forever in our hearts pic.twitter.com/H7CJExGXfW â Deepti Ranjan Sahoo. (@drs4tweet) April 30, 2020 India & bollywood is going through tough times. loss of Covid19 & now this sadness. It's too much for us, such a cruel fate we have to face Even in this movie,both died on the same day but now they both are going to heaven #DDay#RIPRishikapoorji #RIPIrrfanKhan #RIPLegend pic.twitter.com/YidvcNegA1 â Meet Kash (@kashish_sinha03) April 30, 2020 D- Day back in the day never got its due... Always thought of it as a powerful piece of cinema. So much unsaid and yet the silences were so impactful. Probably now when they go looking for these legends together, they warm up to this lost gem too #dday #RishiKapoor #IrrfanKhan pic.twitter.com/D7V56C82so â Griha Atul (@GrihaAtul) April 30, 2020 No one can ever fill the void created by the absence of these two legends. View the full article
  8. We donât talk about hygiene as much as we talk about grooming. However, grooming is an essential part of hygiene and vice versa. Both need the other in order for you to look and feel good. Not for grooming alone, personal hygiene is important for many reasons. From several illnesses to bad first impressions, bad hygiene surely knows how to announce its presence. Donât believe us? Read all about these signs that indicate bad hygiene habits and how to get rid of them! __ECOMLOOKS__401__ __ECOMLOOKS__402__ __ECOMLOOKS__403__ __ECOMLOOKS__404__ __ECOMLOOKS__405__ Explore More View the full article
  9. Remember the HTC Exodus 1S smartphone? Yes, the entry-level blockchain phone from HTC that we asked you to stay away from? Well, the phone is back in the news again. It looks like the phone is capable of turning into a money-making machine, thanks to a cryptocurrency mining app. Yes, the phone is said to be getting an app called DeMiner that will be able to mine cryptocurrency when the phone is plugged in and idle. The app is being developed by Midas Labs and is scheduled to launch every soon. © HTC If you're good at math, then you may have figured out that at that rate, you'll be looking at just over a dollar a year i.e. $1.38 a year. That's like making roughly Rs 100 a year, which means the phone can't even make enough cryptocurrency in over 100 years to pay for its price. And on top of that, you're looking at additional expenses like electricity costs and more. Even if you're planning to buy it to use a phone that can also mine cryptocurrency while it's charging, we still think it's a bad idea. It's definitely not worth the asking price and it's probably not going to last long enough with those basic entry-level specs. This is just to tell you how bad the phone really is and we're yet to have seen anything useful from the folks over at HTC. Source: TheVerge View the full article
  10. Not all beards are equal but all of them are great in their own unique way. While most men embrace a clean-shave, stubble or a full beard, not everyone is happy with what they have. One of the problems that men face is uneven or scanty beard growth. Most men end up shaving it off completely in frustration of not knowing any better. A patchy beard is only a nightmare if you treat it like one. Instead of getting frustrated at what you don't have, it's best to focus and enhance on what you do have. We know you may have tried some of these out but since no two beards are the same, we advise you to be a little patient and start with the tips that you feel will benefit you the most. What Is A Patchy Beard? A beard is one that grows out unevenly and has patches of thick and thin strands of hair. Initially, when men start growing out a beard, they start to experience patchiness. Halfway through the process, they give up and decide to adopt a clean-shaven look. This often leads to a lot of frustration too since there is a lot of stigma attached around a beard for men. © iStock A patchy beard can exist due to many reasons. Some men are less endowed than others, some are just not eating right or resting enough due to stress, lacking nutrition, hormone imbalance issues, and so on. Testosterone and DHT are the two hormones that influence the hair growth on your head as well as your beard. Except for your genes, all the other factors can be balanced out for the better. Let It Grow Out Patience is the key here. Let your beard grow out and don't be tempted to start shaving it everyday out of fear of it being scanty. Eventually, your beard will seem thicker. Every beard has a distinct growth pattern. You can only make the most of your beard once you observe its growth pattern. Of course, you can never be sure if the gaps will eventually fill out but you can definitely do your part in trying to enhance the growth. If your beard starts to grow thick with time, great. In case it doesn't, there's help on offer. You can always use beard growth products to help your beard grow fast. __ECOMPRODUCT__297__ © MensXP Must Have Products For Men With Patchy Beard To make sure that your beard reaches its fullest potential, it's important you embrace some products that will continue to be a part of your beard care routine. It goes without saying that choosing the right ones can give your beard the best chance of reaching its potential.. Beard Growth Oil: A beard growth oil is a multipurpose beard grooming product. Unlike a normal beard oil, a beard growth oil will healthify your beard as well as make it appear fuller and denser. A beard oil makes it super easy to style your beard too. __ECOMPRODUCT__298__ © iStock Beard Dyes: If you are a man who gets a light beard, you can consider dyeing it. Darker colors tend to look more dense and thick than light colors. They also have a statement appeal to it. Moreover, you will get a chance to be experimental too! It is a temporary yet a quick hack for last minute emergencies. © iStock A Little Make-Up: An eyebrow pencil is all that you will need for this. Take one and fill in your beard with small strokes. Go with a light hand and repeat until you have filled up the patches. Remember to not touch your face or else you will remove the product. Practice thoroughly and no one will know you have a patchy beard. © iStock Patchy Beard Styles To Try Out Depending on how patchy your beard is, you can take inspiration from these beard styles and work your way around your beard patches with style! © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP __ECOMPRODUCT__300__ Explore More View the full article
  11. With every single day passing by in lockdown, we can feel a little bit of fat accumulating on our bellies, thighs and everywhere else in general. If you havenât been working out regularly while in self-quarantine, you will be in for a surprise once you go back to the gym and fire up that treadmill or start running on the tracks. A drop in stamina, strength and agility are common outcomes of lack of physical activity, especially for this long, and it will take due course of time to get back to the fitness level you were once at. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@hockeyindia) Luckily, we had the Indian hockey teamâs PR Sreejesh and Harmanpreet Singh with us to share their expert advice on how to avoid a big tummy by the time the fields are safe to play and the gyms are open again. âIt is very important to take care of general fitness during the lockdown and work on your entire body, not just your stomach. Fitness drills and bodyweight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and spot running with a band are great and highly effective for workouts at home,â says Sreejesh, the Indian goalkeeper. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@sreejesh88) âWe are focussing on maintaining our overall fitness and therefore we emphasize on strengthening all of our muscle groups. For any hockey player, the forearm is very important. So I try to focus on developing my forearm further sometimes. Our Scientific Advisor ensures that we are doing drills which will improve our overall fitness day by day,â says Harmanpreet Singh, who plays as a defender. Here are a few exercises that you can try at home and ensure your fitness levels donât take a sudden dip: 1. Skipping It is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep your body active as it makes your entire body move. While getting rid of the fat, it also helps shape your muscles, especially in your hips, thighs and stomach. It is also one of the few exercises which help burn a lot of calories quickly. 2. Push-ups Push-ups are an excellent bodyweight workout to focus on your chest, shoulders and triceps. There are so many variations of the push-ups such as decline push-ups and diamond pushups for generation greatest pressure on multiple body parts. If you are unable to hold your entire body weight, knee push-ups are also an option. 3. Lunges All you need is a staircase and you are in business for lunges. Other than strengthening your back, hips and legs, lunges also help you with weight loss, bringing balance to either side of your body and make your body more symmetrical. 4. Resistance Band Training A pair of resistance bands can help you take care of almost all sorts of exercises your body needs. You can focus on your shoulders, core, hips and legs with a single band as well and they are a great way to start exercises as it avoids the risk of injury from lifting heavy weights. The athletes went on to share why it is important not just for sportspersons but for the common folk as well, to pay close attention to their fitness. âSpending time on exercises helps everyone to keep negative thoughts away. I really look forward to fitness drills every day. It's one of the biggest highlights of the day for me,â Singh says. View the full article
  12. Last week, Mukesh Ambani and Mark Zuckerberg were trending because of the JioMart-WhatsApp partnership. In case you missed the whole conversation around JioMart, then you can click here to learn everything that you need to know about it. Now, it looks like JioMart is up and running and users can now place orders on JioMart for groceries via WhatsApp. Users in Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan, three sub-urban areas of Mumbai can now use JioMart's WhatsApp business account for shopping. © Mensxp jiomart So this particular service is entirely based on the 'WhatsApp For Business' feature. We're not sure when the JioMart service will be made available in other markets, but if you live in one of the three suburban areas mentioned above, then here's how you can use JioMart and place an order for groceries - You can initiate an order by texting "Hi" to +91-8850008000 on WhatsApp. Now save this number as âJioMartâ on your phone, and start a new conversation. Once done, you'll get a link that opens a mini-store on the browser. © Reuters From there, you'll be able to select the items you want and add them to your cart. We were able to see all day-to-day essentials from toothpaste, snacks, tea, rice, oil, and more. And once you place the order, JioMart will automatically assign a neighbourhood store and send an invoice through WhatsApp. It looks like there's no way to make the payment online right now, so you'll have to coordinate with your delivery agent to figure out the process. But apart from that, there shouldn't be any other issues. Jio is promising a 48-hours delivery for now, which is great. View the full article
  13. If youâve been missing watching YouTube videos at full resolution on your phone we can understand your pain. Youtube and Google recently restricted video quality on mobile devices to 480p to protect the internet infrastructure thanks to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. While most of us are stuck at home, we want to catch up on our favourite channels and documentaries on our phones at the best quality possible. © Unsplash While you can still watch YouTube videos at full quality on your TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and even browsers, smartphones tend to be the most used device to consume YouTube content. If youâve been wanting to watch YouTube videos at full quality, follow our guide below. Do note this method on works for Android devices as it uses an open-source app that is not available on the Play Store. It is worthy to note that the YouTube restriction is temporary and will roll back to the way it was once the COVID-19 situation improves. Follow These Steps: © New Pipe 1. Download NewPipe from the official website here 2. Install the APK on your Android phone 3. Go to settings> Video and Audio> Select default resolution to max Once youâve selected the right options in the app settings, NewPipe will automatically play the best resolution of the video according to your internet speed. If you want more control, you can switch the resolution of the manually once the video starts playing. You can even adjust the playing speed from more options if you like to adjust that feature as well. © New Pipe NewPipe is an open-source YouTube client that lets you stream content without any ads. You can even follow your favourite YouTubers and manage subscriptions from within the app. You can even download your favourite videos and create your own playlists in the app. While it does not emulate nor provide the full Youtube experience, it is a great temporary solution for users right now who want to watch videos in full resolution until Google lifts the COVID-19 restrictions in the near future. View the full article
  14. Earlier this week, we saw the Kirana stores getting a huge push with Jio's upcoming JioMart service. It'll be interesting to see how Jio and WhatsApp manage to pull everything together and help out these retail stores. But in the meantime, the government wants to step in and help out the millions of Kirana stores in the country. The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) along with traders body Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) is now inviting applications from Indian startups to help them. These applications are for developing solutions that can help the local shops take online orders and ensure contactless delivery. © Reuters This development is pretty interesting and it comes hot on the heels of the central government allowing e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart to resume normal operations from April 20. That obviously, isn't happening, so we'll see if this application helps out. So, essentially, the DPIIT is looking for e-commerce solutions integrated with messaging platforms, logistics solutions, payment gateway, and everything. We're looking at a one-stop solution for all things online so they can get back up and running. © Reuters If you have a startup of your own or in case you know people who can put this thing together, then you can extend your help by making people aware of this. It's a kickass initiative, and we hope it reaches as many as it can so there's a solution in place at the earliest. Source: Startupindia View the full article
  15. Call it a sign of the times - as pollution, global warming, water crises and humanityâs constant greed for resources have risen, so have several key figures in politics, research and especially entertainment taken a stand to raise awareness and fight against the degradation of our planet. It isnât just Hollywood A-listers at work though - closer to home, several Indian actors have wholeheartedly used their wealth and influence to make the environment a priority both in their personal lives as well their social outreach. Here are six of the most dedicated of the lot. Akshay Kumar © Reuters Preferring to start at the grassroot level, Kumar has believed that cultivating a green mindset must begin at schools - hence his work with The Energy and Research Institute (TERI) focused on educating children through workshops, books and training exercises to develop a sense of responsibility and care towards the environment. Aside from this, the actor has taken on films such as Toilet: Ek Prem Katha which promote environmentally healthy practices as well - along with generous donations to wildlife conservation efforts such as for Kazirangaâs famous one-horned rhinos. Aamir Khan © Reuters Ever since 2013, the actor has limited himself to a single film per year, focusing the rest of his efforts on social causes and environmentalism. Along with film producer & wife Kiran Rao, the duo set up Paani Foundation - a water conservation NGO on a mission to help the villages of Maharashtra from droughts. They not only got down to working on the fields themselves but also helped safeguard the villagers' and environmentâs future by educating people on how to tackle and avoid the issue of drought in their villages. To date, the organisation has pulled in over 4,000 villages across the state - helping them become self reliant and drought-free. Ajay Devgan © Indian Express Asserting that environmentalism must begin at home, the actor asserts that âeven at home, Kajol and I make sure we do not misuse resources like water and electricity. I feel environmental awareness should just be common sense.â Heâs also put in the groundwork for several key environmental projects, such as supporting the World Wildlife Fund through donations while simultaneously investing in a massive solar park in Charanaka, Gujarat. Over the years, this initial fund has helped contribute to providing clean power to the district - an initial output of 25 megawatts has now become over 625 megawatts through the years. John Abraham © Reuters Long-known for his commitment to maintaining one of Indiaâs fittest bodies on the platform of vegetarianism, Abrahamâs philosophy towards the environment has resulted in partnerships with PETA and Habitat for Humanity. The former of which has led to awareness ad campaigns where the actor modelled in support of leaving animals uncaged. Back in 2013, the actor even wrote letters addressed to the Ministry of Environment and Forests - urging them to ban the horrific treatment of animals in Indiaâs circus trade. Gul Panag © Reuters Named after her grandfather, Panagâs Colonel Shamsher Singh Foundation addresses basic sanitation, waste disposal and effective employment of natural energy resources - along with volunteering and donation drives that the actress helped promote and bring into schools and other social spaces. While the foundation has done some commendable work in championing environmentalism and other important causes, Panagâs philosophy towards green living begins at home. Back in 2012, the actress along with husband, pilot Rishi Attari, began work on their solar and wind powered home on the outskirts of Pune - which had such a low carbon footprint it was eventually certified by TERI Griha, Indiaâs rating system for environmental home certification. Dia Mirza © Reuters Back in 2017, Mirza was appointed UN Environmental Goodwill Ambassador for India - a role that has seen her speak on the world stage, championing the cause of climate change movements, anti-pollution initiatives and more. Closer home, sheâs been a regular at organising cleanup drives on Mumbaiâs Juhu & Mahim beaches - promoting the avoidance of single-use plastic, a cause which Maharashtra went on to enforce and promote as an example to other states. View the full article
  16. The world seems to be going into a bleaker space by the day because of the manner in which we are scrambling to deal with the novel coronavirus. Naturally then, whenever there is any news about people stepping up to overcome this travesty or any news where against all odds, humans are coming out on top, it is actually a feel-good sort of a story. People take pride in humanity and humans being the victors. © Reuters The State of Arunachal Pradesh has become one such reason. Ever since COVID-19 started rearing its ugly head in India, it has been a frenzy. Almost every day, we get to hear that some thousand new cases have been discovered, or people have died in dozens. However, the manner in which Arunachal Pradesh has handled the situation should be an example of how things are supposed to be done. © PTI For those of us who are unaware of the status of Coronavirus in the state, Arunachal Pradesh had just one confirmed case of the contagion and that too was the case of a man who contracted the virus when he was in Delhi. That man, identified by local authorities as a 31-year old man, in the Lohit district, was released earlier on the 17th of April. According to a report filed by a major television news channel, in which they spoke to the local authorities of the state, there were 2 main reasons they were able to keep the state free of the contagion. Firstly, of course, it was the dedication of the medical professionals who took the case extremely cautiously and dedicatedly. The second reason, they say, are the practices that the local tribal people have been following for centuries. © PTI The authorities said that way before the contagion actually started to spread voraciously, the indigenous tribes of the area, started practising their versions of self quarantining and social distancing. © ANI The three major tribes of the state, the Galos, the Adis, & the Nyishis performed ceremonies, when the leaders of these tribes, performed certain ritualistic ceremonies and prayers and sealed their districts and villages, off. The rituals have differing names - the Galos, for instance, call it Arr-Rinam or Ali-Ternam, whereas the Adis call it Motor. The Nyishis call their practice, Arrure. All these three ceremonies have a few things in common. They will entail a ritualistic sacrifice of small amounts of edible grains, some vegetables, and an egg, and a small bird, normally a fowl, which will be offered to the local gods. The priest of the village or the community will chant prayers, and ask the gods to ward off the evil spirit that is causing these troubles. © EastMojo This is also followed by the blocking of all entrances and exits of the district using trees trunks and bamboos, which are then consecrated using ashes and holy water from the sacrifice. Although the belief is that these blocked gates stop the evil spirit to enter the district, this is actually a very effective way of stopping movement across towns and districts. © PTI As for stopping all movement within a particular district, the priest will then chant a prayer, which ties the people in the community to a vow, of not stepping out of their homes unless it is absolutely necessary. And because there is a serious religious and more importantly, traditional aspect tied to the custom, the people in these districts are actually taking this self-imposed quarantine, very seriously. As per the latest figures that the district authorities have shared, about 12,000 people are in this self-imposed quarantine, of whom, about 10,000 have completed the 14-day quarantine that has been the norm. And it is not like the authorities arenât testing at all; of the roughly 450 tests that have been conducted in the area, 34 are awaiting results, whereas the others have proven to be negative. © Reuters This has actually been a long practice among tribal communities all over the world, whenever there has been an outbreak of a disease of this magnitude. The last time the Galos, for instance, had implemented the Arr-Rinam was 40 years ago when a waterborne disease caused havoc in the area. This just goes on to show that in areas where modern medicine hasnât been able to penetrate properly, people rely heavily on indigenous practices, and that too for a good reason. These practices seem to work for the indigenous of Arunachal Pradesh, rather well. View the full article
  17. Owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are restricted to staying at homes as PM Narendra Modi has imposed a lockdown. If you look at the brighter side, people are finally taking out some much-needed time from their hectic schedules to spend time with families and even learning new things each day, especially from moms. Well, I am sure many of us are learning how to cook but things at Milind Somanâs house look a tad bit different as he is leaning to skip a rope from his mother. Sharing the video, he wrote, âSkipping with @somanusha! Not a new activity for her but new for me when you are at home 24Ã7, each one, teach one another! You are old only when you think you are.. #LockdownMantra.â Skipping with aai ! Not a new activity for her but new for me each one, teach one another ! You are old only when you think you are.. #LockdownMantra Thank you @5Earthy . .#keepmoving #NeverStop #nevergiveup #love pic.twitter.com/MGjkwhQWjz â Milind Usha Soman (@milindrunning) April 21, 2020 In the slow-motion clip, the mother and son duo can be seen skipping the rope barefoot as the song Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire plays in the background. While Milind is clearly struggling, his mother is acing the skipping game. People on his Twitter feed were impressed with how fitness runs in their genes. Superman and Superwoman â Deepak Joshi (@djlive5) April 21, 2020Wow shes better than u in this hahaha ...fitsoo familyï¸ â Vijay Singh (@VijaySi28327641) April 21, 2020It is all in the Genes! â Yuvraj Khatana (@KhatanaYuvraj) April 21, 2020Aayi is super woman. Respect. â Roli Khanna Mittal (@KhannaRoli) April 21, 2020Milind has been a fitness freak and is inspiring many to ditch their laziness and start working out this lockdown season. This isn't the first time Milind Soman has shared a workout video of his mother. Earlier, he posted a clip of his mom and wife Ankita Konwar doing one-legged box jumps on their terrace. View this post on Instagram28 and 81 ! Be fit at every age ðªð #mygirls @ankita_earthy @somanusha . . . #betterhabits4betterlife #Live2Inspire #fitnessaddict #keepmoving #neverstop #nevergiveup . . . Who run the world ???!!!!!! ðA post shared by (@milindrunning) On the work front, Milind Soman was last seen in the second season of web-series Four More Shots Please!. View the full article
  18. Given that by now the best scientific and medical brains are all studying the effects of the novel coronavirus, one would assume that we may have the symptoms and signs associated with the disease somewhat figured out. Well, one would be wrong. © Reuters In a rather bizarre turn of events in Wuhan, two doctors who were in contact with the patients of COVID-19, and who later fell ill because of the disease, are now showing a new symptom. The new symptoms have doctors all over the world puzzled, and more importantly, worried. Wuhan is the city where the first case of the novel coronavirus broke out. © Reuters As per a video released by China Central Television, or CCTV, the skin colour of the two doctors has changed drastically over a period of time. The doctors who are showing this new bizarre symptom have been identified as Dr Yi Fan and Dr Hu Weifeng, colleagues of Dr Li Wenliang, the man who tried to blow the figurative whistle on the virus. © CCTV While Dr Yi is a cardiologist, Dr Hu is a urologist who has been bedridden for over 99 days, as per the report that was filed. The Science Times a website operated by a community of scientists tried to speculate as to how something like this could take place. The first reason that they and the doctors treating Dr Yi & Dr Hu gave was that it could be the virus itself. Because the virus attacks the respiratory and the renal systems, this has an effect on the lungs, liver, and kidneys, all of which play a vital role in ridding the body of wastes. The article postulates that because the livers have stopped functioning normally, they had to put both the doctors on a life-supporting machine which causes certain hormonal imbalances. © CCTV The second reason, that the doctors gave was that certain medicines, which have been given to most Chinese people who were treated for the virus, causes the pigmentation of the skin to change. © Reuters In any case, the team of doctors looking after Dr Yi & Dr Hu are assuming that their skin condition will return to normal, once they are taken off the treatments and the medicine. Global Times, the tabloid division of the Chinese state-run People's Daily newspaper soon put out a video showing that Dr Yi has already started getting his colour back. Yi Fan, a Wuhan doctor whose skin was darkened after the #COVD19 virus damaged his liver, has almost fully recovered. In an interview with CCTV, he said he can now sit down and chat after nearly 40 days of treatment. pic.twitter.com/3hoXIMb7eI â Global Times (@globaltimesnews) April 21, 2020 However, people are taking this news of ârecoveryâ with a pinch of salt. Anything coming out of China is pure propaganda at this point - believe nothing question everything â Corinne Smith (@SmithTsmith3) April 21, 2020Don't trust Chinese propaganda â FOMONAUT ð­ð° (@cryptophiles) April 21, 2020Whatever the case may be, whether Dr Yi is indeed recovering or not, two things are becoming clearer. Our knowledge of the virus and the way it behaves is still frighteningly non-existent, and that people are increasing deficit of trust as far as China is concerned. View the full article
  19. Four-time world champion in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), having held the WWE Championship three times and winning the Universal Championship once. A Unites States champion, winner of Intercontinental Championship, a one-time WWE Tag Team Champion (with Seth Rollins). To sum it up, Roman Reigns is as big as they come in WWE. Leati Joseph Anoa, who fights in WWE as Roman Reigns, has given the wrestling fraternity and fans memorable moments over the years. Currently signed as a member of the SmackDown brand, Reigns has often been promoted as the face of WWE and enjoys a massive fan following. But, despite his exploits in the ring and contribution to the WWE over the years, the popular wrestler now finds himself at the short end of the stick. © Twitter/@WWERomanReigns The 34-year-old had announced an indefinite hiatus from WWE in 2018 to receive treatment for leukaemia that had returned after 11 years of his private battle with it. The wrestling star made a sensational return to WWE last year, defeating Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 35 in a cracking fight. Drafted to SmackDown during the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-up, Reigns was hailed as SmackDown's greatest ever acquisition and the future of WWE. Following his heroics at numerous events last year including Extreme Rules, Hell In A Cell, Crown Jewel, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Super ShowDown, Reigns was in the fray for the WWE Universal Championship bout against Goldberg at WrestleMania 36. © Twitter/@WWERomanReigns However, days before his much-anticipated bout against Goldberg, Reigns backed out of WrestleMania 36 due to health concerns regarding his immune system being compromised from his run-ins with leukaemia. According to Wrestling Observer, Reigns was in attendance in Orlando, but after the Usos weren't happy that The Miz, who was sick with some kind of illness, was there, the title challenger made the decision to not go through with the match. While WWE managed to replace 'The Big Dog' with Braun Strowman who went on to defeat Goldberg and became the new Universal champion, Reigns' decision to back out from WrestleMania 36 hasn't gone down well with Vince McMahon. As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, McMahon has instructed WWE performers and staff to "not ever mention Reigns" on air. © Twitter/@WWERomanReigns The news explains why new Universal Champion Strowman hasn't once acknowledged Reigns on TV since defeating Goldberg at WrestleMania and becoming a world title holder - something that wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the Florida-born wrestler's decision to pull out of the WWE event. Irrespective of the so-called punishment at the hands of McMahon and WWE, Reigns decision to withdraw from WrestleMania was undeniably right given his compromised immunity due to the battle with leukaemia. More importantly, with his wife Galina pregnant with twins for the second time, Reigns prioritising his health and family over a wrestling event is quite understandable. © Twitter/@WWERomanReigns But, despite his reasons, McMahon and WWE appear to be leaving no stone unturned to get back at Reigns whose future remains uncertain as of now. There have been a few layoffs and staff furloughs at WWE which has caused a bit of panic in the wrestling world. Reigns has no ongoing storylines and no one is sure when he will return to the ring. But with the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) wreaking havoc across the globe, we imagine it won't be anytime soon. View the full article
  20. When the most effective way to prevent a pandemic from taking over is to maintain a safe distance from one another, places like prisons become a big reason to worry. But when that prison is Tihar - the biggest prison complex in South Asia, the risk of the contagion affecting people increases multifold. Based on a suggestion made by the Supreme Court in March, Tihar has released over 2,900 prisoners who are suffering from cancer, asthma and TB amongst other diseases, on bail or parole in order to make the complex less congested. These prisoners are sent home for a period of 3-60 days during which they are to remain in quarantine. Tihar jail to release 3000 inmates to avoid overcrowding as Coronavirus cases cross 400 https://t.co/hV2uztU19G â Republic (@republic) March 23, 2020 We got in touch with Deepak Sharma, assistant jailor, Tihar, who explained the process in detail. âWe have been selecting prisoners to release only if they have committed soft crimes and have shown good behaviour in the past three months,â Sharma said. âIf there is a criminal who is imprisoned for a more serious crime and is suffering from a severe disease, the final say rests with the judiciaryâ. © Jailor Deepak Sharma When asked about the precautionary measures that are being taken to ensure that the virus doesnât get inside the jail, he said: âTihar jail has always been very systematic when it comes to dealing with ad hoc situations. So, we know what to do and how to deal with the coronavirus crisis. âWhile older prisoners are tested constantly, we pay special attention to the new inmates we get daily. Every new prisoner, when brought to Tihar, is kept in isolation for a total of 15 days. After that, one final test is done and if the results are negative, only then does he join the other inmates.â SG Tushar Mehta present in Court says that in prions like Tihar Jail, attempts are being taken to prevent overcrowding and if any person is found to have any symptoms, they'll be isolated to test for COVID-19. â Bar & Bench (@barandbench) March 16, 2020 About bringing essentials such as grains and milk Sharma said: âEvery morning a van from Mother Dairy comes and drops the goods in front of the jailâs main gate. We then send someone from inside to collect the items and put them in store. We also take their test from time to time.â âWe have doctors available inside the jail premise at all times and we conduct all the COVID-19 tests in-house. We make sure to sanitize the entire place thoroughly. We have also placed machines at the main gate that sanitize the staff members while coming in and going out.â © Reuters Currently, the focus is on decongesting the jail. According to a report by The Indian Express, the jail population has come down from 17,552 as on March 25 to 16,179 as on April 7 and is expected to go as low as 14,500 in a weekâs time on the basis of bails and paroles to severely ill prisoners. View the full article
  21. "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves,â Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor and author of has written in his book. That quote completely sums up our situation right now. India, including many other countries, is in complete lockdown owing to the outbreak of coronavirus and there is very little that we can do right now. In a situation like this, where we have no control over things currently happening, itâs best to change our attitude and shift our focus towards whatâs positive out there in the world. This may come across as insensitive for some but can we save that debate for later please, yâall? From blue skies, cleaner air and water, to animals and birds returning to their natural habitat, the outside world looks much better now and werenât we always striving to achieve that? Here is a compilation of some of the beautiful images from India that clearly show us the stark differences between life before and after the lockdown: Nearly after three decades, people could see the Dhauladhar mountain range from Jalandhar. It is around 213 km away from the town. © Wikimedia commons Today Morning in Jalandhar ï¸ Dhauladhar Mountain Range Seen After 30years reason being Pollution Drop @capt_amarinder @PunjabGovtIndia @CMOPb @AkaliDalJal pic.twitter.com/snkEjDGNEX â Nitin Singh Rajput (@ThatAviator) April 3, 2020 A clearer view of the Himalayas from Dharamshala. © Twitter/@gull_1985 Interestingly, a herd of deer is seen on an empty highway of Andhra Pradesh. Deer Highway on the road to Tirupati, Southern India #IndiaFightsCorona pic.twitter.com/IeXwVVbQJK â Prem Mohanty (@philipbkk) March 27, 2020 Endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles laid millions of eggs on Odishaâs beach. Mass nesting of Olive Ridley turtle in Odisha #Rushikula Beach. For the first time here in Rushikulya history turtles came in the day time for laying their eggs thanks to #Lockdown21 normally they come during the night time. @ravishndtv @sardesairajdeep @ndtv @IndiaToday pic.twitter.com/BlKXBx2Nkb â Sahinsaha (@khansahinsa) March 26, 2020 Another critically endangered animal was spotted on a street in Calicut - a Malabar Civet. A Malabar Civet, an almost extinct species, ventured into Kozhkode town during the #lockdown pic.twitter.com/NbIVBsA3Fx â Chethana (@Tall_Dreams) March 27, 2020 Spectacular view of birds visiting Bengaluruâs Sadaramangala lake. In this Corona gloom and doom, something to cheer us up...Sadarmangala Lake in BLR. Nature is taking back what truly belongs to it. With humans forced at home, nature is out there in full glory pic.twitter.com/T77Q761FGm â RK Misra (@rk_misra) March 23, 2020 Now that humans are locked up inside, deer spotted roaming on the streets of Chandigarh. Deers on the roads of Chandigarh due to reduction in noise and air pollution. #CoronaResetsNature pic.twitter.com/ITKlKLITJm â CA. Shubham Jain (@iShubhamJ) March 26, 2020 Peacocks were resting in a village school in Rajasthan as schools are shut due to COVID-19. Since humans are not using schools now. So these peacocks made it their meeting hall. Same pack which gave message of social distancing. From Lodhsar, Nagaur. Video is sent by Banne Singh from village. pic.twitter.com/ZIwJECPIDd â Parveen Kaswan, IFS (@ParveenKaswan) April 12, 2020 The cleaner Yamuna river in Delhi. Lockdown brings blue skies and clean air to India. Comparison: The Yamuna River in New Delhi on March 21, 2018, and on April 8, 2020. pic.twitter.com/NuXjk6xobq â Daniel Edwards (@danieledwardsma) April 12, 2020 Also, cleaner than ever Ganga which was even called fit for drinking. The water of the holy river Ganges has been cleared during the lockdown. That bird chirping though Triveni ghat, Rishikesh , Uttarakhand Nothing is more stronger than Mother Earth which was and being abused by human's yet recovered so soon. #ganga pic.twitter.com/m713xsVucb â Saru (@Saru81589968) April 17, 2020So itâs absolutely clear that nature sure has its own mysterious ways to heal itself. Taking advantage of this better-than-before world outside, we should behave like responsible citizens and continue to protect our environment even after the lockdown ends. View the full article
  22. Thanks to Doordarshan, the popular show Ramayan is back on the TV and I am on a nostalgia trip. Back then, we all used to watch it on our television screens and it seems like we are back to those golden days when people used to respect each other and TV used to air shows that made sense and shows like âNaaginâ didnât exist. We had actors like Arun Govil who played the character of Lord Ram to perfection. When one tries to imagine Lord Ram, we can only think of him in that avatar, as no one, post that, could ever give justice to the grandeur of the character of Lord Ram. Even after 33 years since its first telecast, the show continues to receive the same amount of love. Itâs trending on Twitter every day and people are thankful to the channel for re-airing the show in these difficult times of lockdown in the country. MensXP got in touch with Arun Govil to know his reaction to Ramayan getting a positive response by the millennials and how challenging was it to shoot in those days as facilities and production budgets were tight and limited. Ramayan is back and people from every generation is loving the show, especially the millennials. Many of us have watched it while growing up but for new generation kids, itâs a first. They are loving it and have been trending Ramayan on Twitter. What do you have to say about it? âIt feels great when you get so much of love and when people from every generation like you, it means that show has a universal appeal. The show has been telecast at such a time that everyone can watch it sitting with their families. It's a family-oriented show and you get to learn about relationships between a father and son, husband and wife, and many other relationships. The younger generation was earlier not thorough with Ramayan but now they can see it and understand it properly. These days, kids are smart and they know the positives and negatives. I am sure that the younger generation will follow some things from Ramayan. â When I was a kid, I used to think you are the real Lord Rama. Have you ever faced such situations back then when people used to come to thinking you as some celestial being? âThere were a lot of people who looked at me as I am Lord Rama and I could see them get goose bumps on their body. They used to start crying and say 'Oh Bhagwaan'. People used to touch my feet and run away saying that we have finally met God â âAaj hume bhagwaan milgaye, aaj humne bhagwaan dekh liyeâ, so there were a lot of such instances that happened back then. â View this post on Instagram⢠पà¥à¤°à¤­à¥ शà¥à¤°à¥ राम ⢠Sri Arun Govilji as Lord Rama, Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana! Arun Goviljii we fans love you @siyaramkijai ðð . . . Quick sketch from Pencil : HB, 2B. . #arungovil #arungovil_ram #sunillahri #sunillahri_laxman #arvindtrivedi #ramayana #ramayan #ramayanam #ramayanagiveaway #lordrama #lordram #10_top_artist #art_xplore #drawingsketch #drawingindian #indian_artists_club @laughingcoloursA post shared by (@sketches_of_harsh) So, it's not that directors didn't come with the modern versions of Ramayan but there's some charm about Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan and no one could ever recreate it. Do you agree? Let me tell you, after this Ramayan, there were at least 4 to 5 versions of it that were shown on TV. In fact, Ramanand Ji's brothers had also tried it but they also didn't work and the reasons are the quality of the show, Sagar Sahab's writing is unbeatable in this show, right kind of the casting, and this Ramayan was made with having faith in god. Later on, we too realized that God was helping us to make the show. Everyone in the show was dedicated to the show and we were not thinking it's just a character in the show. We were literally a part of it from our hearts and this emotion wasn't there in the rest of the versions. Nowadays, TV stars or Bollywood celebs have a lot of luxuries like their own personal vanity vans and rooms with AC but that wasn't the case when you were shooting. How challenging was it for you back then? There were no facilities at all. We had rooms to ourselves but that had only the basic amenities and even the bed was like 'lakdi ka takhta sorts' (old ones if you remember). I remember âitni garmi hoti thi and usmein humne kaam kiyaâ. Luxuries never make a project, it's your hard work that gives you the result. âHumari jitni jewelry hoti thi, mukut and all, it was made of metal and nowadays, fabric ka ban jata hai. Wo mukut and jewelry were so heavy that we used to get cuts on our skin and even our shoulders used to give up but then, we kept working hard and it did take a toll but the results were good and that kept all of us going. â View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@giggle.dude) So, when you play such a positive character, there's an image that's imprinted on people's minds and it's very hard for them to see you in sort of a negative portrayal. Did that happen in your case? âThoda nahi, aise poora hua tha mere sath. I was in commercial films prior to Ramayan. I had started working in 1977 and Ramayan came in 87. After Ramayan, I was out from commercial films and no one could think, Arun Govil could play anything but a deity. I also tried my hands but I myself didn't like it and I realized that this man is not made for grey characters. I wanted to change my image from positive to negative but that didn't happen so I left chasing what I didn't have. â Back in those days, humanity meant something different and life was very simple. Recently, a video had surfaced where Arvind Trivedi (who played the role of Raavan) was feeling apologetic for abducting Sita on the reel screen. But, now, we don't see such humanity or emotions. How will Ramayan restore the basic emotion of humanity? âEmotions toh basically logon ki life se missing hai aajkal. We are living in a materialistic world and emotions have no space which is not a good sign. Ramayan does help and let me tell you, we become habitual of the environment we stay in. If you stay with negative people, you tend to think negatively and when you are surrounded by positivity, you will absorb it as human beings have the tendency to observe our surroundings and react in a certain way. If you see positive things on TV, you will obviously learn good things. â View this post on Instagrambehind the scene â¥ï¸ #ram #ravan #ramayan #ramayanaA post shared by (@kharagpurlover) Ending on a positive note, what message you would want to give to the younger generation? âRamayan has so many things that you can learn from and it's quite relevant in today's life too. I would say 'sanskaar' bohot kaam aate hai. In our everyday lives, no one is telling these things so better to learn from Ramayan. We go to convent schools and it's good that you want to grow but don't get convent schools at home. In today's age, parents don't tell their children ki pair chu kar jao. I feel respect is getting lost and I think we should retain our 'sanskaar'. I would tell the youngsters to try everything, but it's important to know the positives and negatives. â Have you relived the golden days with your family while watching this mythological saga? View the full article
  23. Dia Mirza said: 'Consider this, our civic body continues to work to collect our waste and dispose of it'
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