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Found 69 results

  1. The one word that the fitness industry is obsessed with and unanimously agrees upon as good is 'protein'. Want to build muscle? Protein. Want to lose fat? Eat more protein. Want to stay the same as you are and maintain your fitness? Eat protein. Protein is definitely important but it is more important to know what intake is for your goal. How much exactly of this magical macronutrient do you actually need? The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) according to health organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) is 0.8 to 1gm per kilo of your body weight. For example, an 80-kilo male will require 64 to 80 grams of protein per day to complete his RDA. Again, this is just for the average Joe who wants to stay healthy. In your case, it is not so. You are reading this article as you have a fitness goal like building muscle or losing fat while preserving your muscle mass. In these cases, it is logical that you are going to need more protein. © YouTube How much more exactly? Let's discuss two goals here. One is to lose fat while preserving lean body mass and the other is to gain muscle. Goal 1: Lose Fat While Preserving Lean Body Mass In these cases, studies have shown that higher protein intakes are associated with higher satiety, adherence to the diet, fat loss, and greater diet satisfaction compared to lower protein diets. When your goal is to lose fat, protein dosages between 1.8 and 2.4 grams per kilo of body weight have shown to have better results compared to doses lower than these. For the 80-kilo dude, this will translate to 145 to 190 grams of protein per day. The satiating quality of protein as a macronutrient makes higher intakes beneficial as you will feel full and the chance of dietary slips will be greatly reduced, considering hunger can be a persistent problem when you diet down to single-digit body fat ranges. Goal 2: Build Muscle © YouTube To gain muscle, studies have shown that lower protein dosages compared to the fat loss protein dosage are enough to build on muscle. When your goal is to build muscle, protein in the range of 1.4 to 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight will do the job. The 80-kilo dude will need 110 to 145 grams of protein to build muscle. For building muscle, you need to eat excess calories and having a relatively higher protein intake can defeat the purpose as the satiety factor may in turn make you eat lesser calories, which can be a hindrance to gaining muscle or any weight. To summarize the article and give takeaway points regarding protein intake, here are the ranges to aim for: General health - 0.8 to 1 gram per kilogram of your body weight. Lose fat and preserve muscle - 1.8 to 2.4 grams per kilogram of your body weight. Gain muscle - 1.4 to 1.8 grams per kilogram of your body weight. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  2. Times are changing and for the good. Well, mostly. With more and more people becoming aware of the struggles and needs of the LGBTQ community, one can't help but mention the name of the megastar who strove to stand away from the crowd and explore the 'road less taken', thereby establishing herself as an icon and a beacon of hope, for not only the nation at large, but also the queer community. Debuting at the tender age of 4, she was on the path to becoming a superstar in Bollywood, not only for her brilliant skills as an actress but also for the kind of roles she chose to portray throughout her career. © Twitter Whether it was the hot-tempered businesswoman Sheetal Jetley in 'Laadla', the passionate journalist in 'Mr. India', the demure Chandni Mathur clad in a sexy saree or the meek yet ambitious Shashi Godbole in 'English Vinglish' who gave the overtly 'English' society a piece of her mind, she always took up challenging roles that were away from the usual and never mainstream. A Voice Of Hope © Twitter While we lost the gifted artiste earlier this year, today on her 55th birth anniversary we remember her, not only for the great actor that she was, but also for being a woman of substance who chose to use her influence and visibility to voice the plight of the 'other', who are either less represented or marginalised by the mainstream community. An entire generation of queer men and women have found hope and solace in the actor's unintended portrayal of characters in 'conflict' who came in many layers of stories, identities and realities, and which was effortlessly captured in her performance. © Instagram Her characters weren't perfect, they weren't entirely flawed either, and there lay the beauty of it all. She made sure she couldn't be boxed up and categorised. The Queer Icon While the entire nation mourned the loss of the superstar, it was the queer community which came forward to express its grief very vocally. © Instagram The community has admitted several times across platforms, that for an entire generation of queer men and women, she symbolised the struggle of not being able to conform to society's ideals and the struggle to break out of those norms while preserving one's identity. What Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe were to the States during the 80s and 90s, so was Sridevi to the queer community in India. If you're wondering why, then read on. © Instagram The 80s and 90s in India presented no positive and confident narrative around gay pride, so the gay community cast their desires and dreams on to a star, who was an epitome of their identities in many ways - she was strong yet vulnerable, sensuous but still coy enough, sober yet quirky like their personalities. Apart from these resonances, what also struck a chord with the LGBTQ community was the influence and power that Sridevi wielded, which was uncommon in the mainstream society. © Instagram She became emblematic of the dismantling of the dominant power-structures, what was misogynistic and sexist to a large extent. In such scenarios, Sridevi came forth as a personality who subverted the rules and heralded change by often bagging same or even more pay than her male counterparts. Her iconic 'naagin dance' resonated with a lot of closeted gay men who wanted to break free in a world that wished to 'charm' its way into putting them in shackles, meant to inhibit any form divergence from the normal. © Instagram The characters she played helped them to face and come to terms with their dilemma, be it the languishing Benazir or the flamboyant and over-the-top Hawa Hawaii, she inspired the gay community to live their dreams through her. When no other Indian female actor took a stand on concerns and needs related to the LGBTQ community, Shashi (in 'English Vinglish') came forward to take a stand and rooted for inclusiveness in our society when she came across the off-handed attitude of people towards gay men and their relationships. This and a lot many other things about her persona, costumes and portrayal in numerous movies where she spoke as and for the marginalised men and women, made her a hit among the LGBTQ community. What The Queer Community Says Read through these tweets to see for yourself as to how much the LGBTQ community loved and idolised Sridevi: A #queer friend once said, all 90s boys liked one of 2 #Bollywood divas - if they liked Madhuri, they were straight. If they liked #Sridevi, chances are, they were gay. #RIPSridevi #NHsmtp pic.twitter.com/nn8TDBlMP5 — Alyssa G. Lobo (@filmibaby) February 25, 2018 This is what I had written. "You were one of the most important people in my life. It is because of you that I... https://t.co/LwRmmEMR1d — harish iyer (@hiyer) February 25, 2018 I am so sad that Sridevi passed away. She was a gay Icon. She was like Lady Gaga, Princes Diana for Indian LGBT Community. Indeed a massive loss for Indian LGBT community. #RIPSridevi — Agitated Guy (@Agitated_Guy) February 24, 2018 Gay men had some serious love for #Sridevi. She helped to find most of them their true-self! She was the epitome of self expression. — Nakshatra Bagweð³ï¸‍ð (@NakshatraBagwe) February 25, 2018 There you go, these are only some of the instances, but the LGBTQ community and the country at large misses the superstar, who became a symbol of chutzpah and unapologetically being herself.
  3. What's really appealing to the ladies? The six-pack abs, of course. But, have you thought of complementing your abs with some real vascular biceps? Trust me, that's really going to be a lethal combination and I am sure the ladies will not be able to take their eyes off you. But how do you do that? Before you start taking the entire Nitric Oxide supplementation to pop up those biceps veins, let me make it clear that nothing is going to work till the time your body fat percentage is low. Here are a few techniques to make that vein pop and make it look more vascular. Do Some Isolation Work When it comes to popping out the bicep vein, you need to do some serious biceps isolation. Some people really hate to do isolation work on their bicep, as they believe that the bicep gets trained as a complementary muscle in deadlifts and rows. But hey, we are talking about some real vascularity here which won't come unless you do some dedicated isolation work. If you do not have a separate day for biceps I would recommend to at least consider a separate arms day, where you train your biceps and triceps. Or you can also train your biceps with your back. But ideally, some form of isolation work should be there for biceps once or twice a week. © Instagram Reduce Your Body Fat No matter how much isolation work you do, the vein will pop up only when your body fat percentage comes down to around 12 per cent. A real vascular vein is visible when you hit the single digit. Once you're in a single digit fat percentage zone, your vein will be prominent throughout the day and not just while you're pumped up in the gym. Thus, I would recommend that you also work on reducing your body fat percentage along with isolation exercises for your biceps. Muscle Maturity And Genetics Muscle maturity is something that will come with time and you really can't do much about it. Someone who has been training for a decade will obviously have more vascular biceps as compared to someone who has just started lifting. Even if the body fat percentage of an experienced lifter and an amateur is the same, the experienced guy will still have more vascular biceps due to muscle maturity. So, you have to stick around with your workout to gain that maturity with time. Supplements Though supplements don't work unless you have the above two things in place, I'll still discuss them with you. Nitric Oxide boosters like Citrulline Malate and L Arginine can help you in having more prominent bicep veins if you use them before your workout. You can also take Beetroot juice to boost your natural nitric oxide production in the body. © YouTube My Personal Tip As a coach and as someone who has been training himself for 11 years now, I can share one special tip with you. To enhance vascularity you should always finish your bicep workout with high repetitions. You could choose to do a drop set or you could choose a light weight and do a higher number of repetitions. This will give you some real good pump in your biceps and will help you in pooling more blood in your muscles and veins, making them more prominent. Also, try to hold the weight in your arms with a hammer grip making a ninety-degree angle at the elbow. Do this till failure and see the veins popping up. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  4. There have been numerous instances where the Apple Watch was able to save a life, however, this time the Apple Watch was able to detect something entirely different. The smartwatch was able to discover a hole in a man's heart and the man wouldn't have been able to discover it, if it weren't for the Apple Watch. © BCCL The heart rate monitor on the device was able to detect his erratic heartbeat, as it was far too fast while he was asleep. The abnormality caused him to take notice and seek medical attention immediately. "My sleeping heart rate was averaging about 130-140 beats per minute. So that was while I was resting about six hours at night,” Adam Love told the local Australian news website 9News. It was found, that one of his lungs was sending blood into the wrong part of his heart. That meant the blood was sent from the lung to the heart and was being circulated right back — not around to the rest of the body. This was a cause for concern and it was later discovered that this anomaly was happening because of a hole in the heart. © BCCL The 24-year-old man went through surgery and was discharged later but still had weeks of recovery left. Because of this incident, his faith in the Apple Watch increased exponentially and he is now a fan of the smartwatch. "I don't think I'd live without one now. I love it for the convenience but also the fact it just picked up something medically that I had no idea about and it potentially saved my life.” Just back in May, the Apple Watch saved a woman's life in India and countless others in the past few months. In fact, here's a list of people whose lives were saved thanks to the Apple Watch, in the recent past.
  5. We are more than aware of the state of our roads in India. Name any town or city, big or small, the number of wheels speeding on an already brimming road at any given point in time is truly testing on many levels. No, we aren't just thinking 'time', we're talking more along the lines of keeping our equilibrium together and reining our wayward tongue in such moments of civilian weakness when the roads threaten to get the better of us. Since that seems pretty relatable on an everyday basis and we hear some unanimous muttering of “been there, done that”, we may all come to agree upon the fact that cab-hailing services may (and have, on multiple occasions) come to our rescue during such testing times. One such platform that's an absolute hit across the Indian subcontinent is Ola and every Indian must take pride in this homegrown cab-hailing giant that's made everyday commute easy and a LOT less aggressive, to say the least. News hit the wire last afternoon with Ola Co-founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal's announcement that the ride-hailing service is all set to launch in the United Kingdom very soon. The news comes after just a few months of Ola's successful operations in Australia since February earlier this year. Now with its impending launch in the UK, which also happens to be the company's second major global launch, things are looking up for the company like never before. Spearheading the company's globalisation spree is Bhavish Aggarwal, the brain we're all set to anatomize today. From Humble Beginnings To The Ride © Reuters Born to a pair of doctors and hailing from the small town of Ludhiana in Punjab, Bhavish is a 2008 IIT-Bombay graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, who ranked #23 in his entrance examinations (little to his parents' disappointment, we know right?!) and went on to work with Microsoft as an Assistant Researcher for the next two years post graduating from college. IIT-B was also to be the place where he was destined to meet the future Co-founder of Ola, Ankit Bhati - the two shared dorms in college and were the first friend either of them made on campus. Though the rest is history but to cut the story short, that first introduction led to innumerable escapades together and exchange of ideas which culminated into the fathering of what was to be known as Ola Trips. At a raw age 24, Bhavish along with Ankit, co-founded an online weekend trip-booking portal in early 2010 with a personal pain point they sought a solution to. BTS Scoop You'd Wanna Know © Reuters In his own words, he was 24 when he started, had a girlfriend but wasn't married and had no money so that eliminated the risk of huge losses - and this here folks, formed the basis of his first startup. That's some way to look at it, right? However, while all might seem up and pumping to an onlooker, Bhavish often admits to having lived through numerous hiccups at the initial stages of Ola's inception. Back in the day in 2010, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India wasn't as hot and bothered as recent times which posed as a struggle for them to breakthrough. After being in operation for 6 months, Ola Trips metamorphosed into Ola Cabs harnessing on the need of the hour. Built with an aim to build urban mobility in India, Bhavish stood by his belief that startups should be established to solve big, important problems and that's how Ola Cabs came into being. Then came the funding which was slow to come by but was it worth the wait? Sure as hell! Tiger Global came onboard as their first major investor and they have never looked back since. Fast forward to 8 years, and what started as India's very own ride-hailing service has now already travelled overseas after successfully catering to the needs of Indians over the past few years! Going Global: Taking Ola Westward © Reuters 2018 marked a new phase for the company, one that came as a welcome change, mind blowing enough to leave any founder elated! Starting with the launch of their services Down Under in Australia at the beginning of this year, Bhavish is now all set to ride over to the UK and target “one of the most sophisticated transportation markets” in the world for its new challenge. As the company spreads its wings and continues to soar high, we wonder what continues to fuel Bhavish's vision everyday. Right from expanding to newer markets and exploring ways to contribute to the government's Vision 2030 by planning to introduce EVs across major towns and cities in India, to launching Ola Play and relaunching Ola Cafe, there's no backing down for the budding entrepreneur. Backing Words With Actions © Reuters Bhavish lives by ideology that their company must always be about the consumer and partner satisfaction first and we have no trouble taking his word for it because he continues to give us major reasons to place our trust on him. For every other aspiring entrepreneur, he has one advice - “don't wait for the perfect time, the perfect team or even the money - just jump into the fire”, perhaps much like how he started.
  6. While we all eat for different fitness goals, sometimes following certain guidance on food instructions blindly can cause certain complications if you are intolerant or allergic to certain foods. It is very important to be sure what food works for you and what type of food could kick you back to the starting line when you are so close to making those gains. So let's start with understanding that food allergies and being intolerant to certain foods are two different things. Understanding The Difference Between The Two © Thinkstock Food allergy causes an immune system reaction that affects different organs in the body. It can cause many symptoms. In some cases, an allergic food reaction can be severe or even send you to the hospital for days. Food intolerance symptoms are generally less serious and often have to do with just digestion issues. For example, certain people, who are lactose intolerant, could make them run to the toilet almost immediately. So, this is a good heads up for the guys who plan on starting with whey protein. Symptoms Of Food Intolerance Could Look Like Those Of Food Allergy A big difference in food intolerance is that it does not involve an attack on the immune system or cause severe allergic reactions such as bloated face, rashes on the skin, etc. While food allergies can be detected through medical tests, food intolerance does not show on medical tests. Symptoms may begin at any age and may develop quickly or slowly. It occurs more commonly in women, which may be because of hormone differences, as many food chemicals mimic hormones Symptoms Of Food Intolerance There are certain things that happen to you that could indicate you are intolerant to certain foods. Sudden body tremors, breaking out into cold sweats, feeling of palpitations, loose motions, breathing problems, unusual feeling on the skin such as burning sensation, these things are common. Pay attention to these signs and act upon it quickly. Symptoms Of Food Allergy If you happen to experience any of the following symptoms, then you better put that cookie down! Itching, burning and swelling around the mouth, swollen eyes and face skin rashes almost immediately after eating something you're allergic to, feeling of nausea and then vomiting, abdominal cramps are certain symptoms you need to look at. Treating Food Allergy Or Intolerance © YouTube Sometimes you have no choice but to give up on certain foods that were giving you all those gains. But it's for your own safety and health. But that would be the simplest way. Sometimes temporarily stopping some food for a period and then resuming to eat it after a big gap, that too in small quantities would be fine for food intolerant people, but allergies to certain food could be a lifelong symptom and those people may have to come in terms with that. Before you eliminate or reintroduce foods, seek advice from a specialist doctor and dietitian. Conclusion Dealing with food allergies can be irritating. The degree of reaction to certain allergies or intolerance can range from just a slight botheration to something that could be deadly. People with food allergy must vigilantly avoid the foods or supplementations that trigger a reaction. When food intolerance is present, it is important for people to plan, particularly while away from home. Checking with the people at the restaurant about the type of food served to simply preparing your own meals wherever you go would be a smarter option to avoid anything that could pull you backwards with your fitness goals. Eating right is a task especially when surrounded with a lot of challenges, and people who are prone to these complications need to be extra careful. Helius is one of Mumbai's most promising fitness professionals and part time kettle bell lecturer. His knowledge on nutrition and trainer soft skills management is well recognized. To know more about him CLICK HERE, and mail your queries about fitness to heliusd@hotmail.com.
  7. When they said your body is your temple, they actually referred to a temple with good maintenance, not an ancient structure that will fall apart and is only dependent on your prayers. You need to take care of your body and do your best to make it reach its best version, because honestly, that is the only thing you really own, and the only thing money can't buy you. A well-built body, and the efforts you have put in to achieve that, legit count as your best investment. In MXP Body Love, we will ask people with amazing bodies the key questions, and seek their guidance on the same. Our Body Love expert here, is actor Tushar Khanna, who answers 7 questions on how to look good without clothes. © Instagram © Tushar Khanna 1. One Food You Should Never, Ever Eat? For me, it has got to be sugar. Sugar is one of the most dangerous food items because it's the hardest to get rid of from your diet, and causes the most damage. I have read that getting rid of a sugar addiction is as hard as quitting drugs, because they impact the same part of your brain. I try avoiding it as much as I can, but I give in a little bit on my cheat days. A man's gotta survive! © Instagram © Instagram 2. The One Body Part You Should Never Ignore When It Comes To Workout? Legs. When it comes to Indian gyms, I have noticed most people are just obsessed with their upper bodies, mainly chest and arms, and end up ignoring their lower body. The result? A weak core, and a weird, misshapen body. Chicken legs are not sexy, homies! Also, your upper body strength increases when your legs are equally strong. © Instagram 3. Natural Fuzz vs. Waxed/Trimmed Body Hair? I am more of a natural or neatly trimmed person. I anyway don't have an excessive growth, plus waxing is just not my thing. I don't think I can ever get waxing done, because it hurts even while thinking about it, haha! © Tushar Khanna © Instagram 4. Grooming Essentials - What Are The Products You Can't Do Without? Face wash, sun block and a moisturiser. I also think it's extremely important to scrub once a week, to get rid of dead skin. I only use products by Kiehl's, as they suit my skin type. © Instagram 5. Shave Down There Or Trim It? Trim, always. © Tushar Khanna 6. Best Lighting For Clicking Nudes (Or Just For The Boudoir)? If you're in good shape, the lighting doesn't matter! *winks* © Instagram 7. Any Last-Minute Tip? If you ask me, I'd just say that confidence is the key to looking good, with or without clothes. Just be proud of who you are, and be confident, and you'll automatically look good.
  8. Every year all of us wait patiently to see what's new in Android's latest update. The cycle is pretty clear by now, Google shows off upcoming features at I/O in June, Android Beta starts rolling out for those who just can't wait and the package is released OTA to supported devices in August. To start off, Android P has been named Pie and it's officially called Android 9.0 Pie. Since its inception, Google has named Android's updates after appetizing treats like Oreo, Marshmallow, Lollipop and more. With Android Pie, the focus has been on artificial intelligence, which will power the user experience on the OS. The update is approximately 1.2GB in size and already available for download on the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL. Now, here's why Android Pie is so exciting: 1. New Gesture-Based Navigation With this update, you now have the option to ditch Android's traditional three-button navigation and go with gestures instead. A pill can be your only home button, tap it to go home, swipe right on it to go back and swipe left to see recent apps. This is pretty similar to what we've seen on the iPhone X and many other Android devices have been shipping with this feature as well. Yes, you obviously also have the option to retain the older navigation buttons, but a choice is always appreciated. 2. Notch Support © MensXP While the addition of a notch will forever be a controversial debate, Google has embraced the notch and understood that it's better to natively support it and improve the user experience than letting OEMs dig through the UI and add the functionality in their skin. This way, apps are also built keeping in mind the proper scaling norms and notifications can be more easily incorporated throughout the UI. Even the Pixel 3 is rumoured to sport a notch. On the other hand, Google doesn't want OEMs to go overboard with the notch and is limiting it to only 3 per display. You can also simulate a notch by enabling the option in Developer Mode. 3. Wellbeing Program © Google It is a universal fact that every one of us is almost or even actually addicted to our phone, and Google doesn't want it to be that way. The program isn't actually ready yet but Pixel users can sign up in Beta. Android Pie brings in a Dashboard that lets you set time limits on apps and grays out the icon on your home screen when you have exhausted the minutes. You can also keep a track of how much you've used the phone throughout the day along with separate counters of every app. This way, you know which apps are taking up most of your time. The onboard AI will also suggest you a few steps to curb usage. 4. Artifical Intelligence Everywhere © Google AI is at the heart of Android Pie and is active in almost every process of the phone. Starting with Adaptive Battery, which tracks your most frequently used apps and saves battery for them to Adaptive Brightness that learns how you like the display colours and brightness and automatically shifts the output accordingly over time. Google is also working on a program called Slices that show you relevant information from your top apps. This way, apps like Google Maps will automatically learn your movements and suggest traffic alerts and faster routes. 5. New Screenshot Tool © Android Police Taking a screenshot has always been pretty straightforward, but the functionality was never actually natively supported by Android and every OEM had a different way of dealing with it. With Android Pie, Google is making this uniform across all devices. Obviously, the old method of taking one still works. Android Pie also brings in a new edit feature that lets you draw, crop, or highlight the screenshot before sharing it. This has been standard in the iPhone since iOS 11, and we're glad it's finally coming to Android.
  9. Last week, Apple crossed the US$ 1 trillion mark in terms of market capitalization, becoming the first publicly traded American company to reach this milestone. While oil and natural minerals have always been the most-sought commodity since mankind's inception, none of these industries have ever recorded a trade this huge. Apple is immensely popular today, its mobile operating system, iOS, has a market share of almost 19 per cent worldwide. Unlike Google's Android, iOS only runs on iPhones, and Apple releases just a couple of them every year. While it may not be dominating the personal computer and laptop segment in terms of market share, it sure has a majority chunk of the premium sales. MacBooks have been the go-to choice for users around the globe, and just like iOS, officially, only MacBooks runs on MacOS. © Apple Post Apple recently has also taken over the smartwatch market by storm, making a huge dent in the sales of well-established brands like Fitbit and Jawbone. This company has a history of releasing very few products but selling an unimaginable quantity of it. But, did you know Apple was near bankruptcy in 1997? Its computers just weren't selling and had to take an investment from Microsoft to survive. © Reuters In 1997, Steve Jobs was brought back to Apple after the acquisition of Next Computers. Back then, the company had just 90 days of operational funds left and had cut a third of its workforce. Jobs immediately secured a US$ 150 million investment from Microsoft and got an assurance from Bill Gates that Microsoft would support its Office products for the Mac for five years. © Apple / Wikipedia In return, Apple dropped a major lawsuit against Microsoft alleging copy of user interface and experience of the MacOS for Windows. A year later in 1998, Apple launched the iMac G3, which was an all-in-one desktop computer that was designed for domestic consumption. It was a staggering hit, and Apple was back in business. The iMac was a hit because competing products from IBM, HP and others were too bulky and complicated to use. The iMac was just a single unit product, looked well designed and had a first of its kind OS. In the coming few years, Apple invested heavily in the mobile audio industry. The iPod was released in 2001, back then mobile audio players were very bulky, required a cassette or CD and the Walkman was still trending. Apple completely digitized the record industry by launching iTunes in 2003. Since the first generation iPod, the company continued releasing newer and improved variants like the Mini, Nano, Shuffle, and Touch. In 2007, Apple announced it had sold its one-hundred millionth iPod. In the same year, Apple announced the iPhone. Just like the iPod, the iPhone was revolutionary and made for the young audience. While competitors were making the chunky BlackBerry and Nokia, Apple was selling a sleek touch-enabled phone. © Apple Since 2007, iPhone sales have steadily increased worldwide and while competitors like BlackBerry, Nokia, and Motorola are nowhere to be seen today, Apple rules the premium smartphone industry. One thing that has always remained constant in all Apple products is compatibility. User experience and the ease of sync between every product line, has been the core reason why people have bought more and more Apple products. While many consider this to be a drawback, Apple's bubble ultimately provides more value to the user in the longer run. © Apple While Apple has majorly built its empire on B2C (business to consumer) selling, it has made sure that its offering is unmatchable by competition in terms of end value, quality, and experience.
  10. The artificial intelligence bot that had previously beaten human in DOTA 2 had received an update which could enable it to compete with semi-professional DOTA 2 players. The good news is that Human players did a better job this time around but still lost to the AI bot. © Twitch Dubbed as the 'OpenAI Five', the bot was able to destroy players during the warm-up sessions before it took on a team of humans that included former DOTA 2 professionals along with Twitch streamers Fogged, Cap, Merlini and Blitz. The game was a best of three series and OpenAI Five started strongly against the human players. The bot managed to win the first two games with ease. To keep things interesting, OpenAI Five let the audience select the team of five heroes which basically helped the human players by a large margin. The third game was won by the human players due to the weak team that was chosen by the audience members for the AI bot. The OpenAI team made small tweaks to the neural network last month which increased the bots' reaction time and also enabled to come up with new strategies. OpenAI is a non-profit organisation that was founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. The bot uses machine learning and a neural network to teach itself to play DOTA 2. The previous version of the AI bot has beaten the top-ranked professionals in the 1v1 version of the game last year. © OpenAI OpenAI wants to now beat a team of DOTA 2 professionals at this year's "The International”, a major annual tournament and one of the biggest e-sports tournaments in the world.
  11. One of the most neglected factors when it comes to making progress in terms of fitness that people ignore is stress. Many a times, people who struggle with their fitness goals are going through some sort of stress in their life. Most people make the mistake of ignoring this factor but once you start managing stress better, other things start falling into place more easily. How Stress Works © Pixabay Trying to make progress in your fitness levels while being chronically stressed is like pushing your motorbike to the place that you want to ride it to. You might reach there but it would be a hell lot harder than if you would have ridden it. The reason behind it is that your body's sympathetic nervous system is stuck in "on" mode. It's like your body's smoke alarm is constantly going off which basically makes it's very hard for you to focus on anything and it depletes your will as well. The Peace Killing Hormone Is Friends With Stress Being stressed also makes your body produce a hormone called cortisol which has been linked to triggering cravings for comfort foods and eventually, food binges. Stress also depletes the energy you use to exert self-control. For example, if you are having a bad day at the office and someone offers you a piece of cake, you'll find it a lot harder to not eat it. Our impulse control takes a hit when we feel distressed, so we look for ways to feel better and that piece of cake looks like a very good alternative. How To Tackle Stress 1) The first and the foremost thing that you should do is that you should admit that you are stressed out. Only then you will look for a remedy to your problem. 2) Once, that is out of the picture, you should scale back a little. May be cut down on the number of sessions you work out every week and start dedicating your time towards an activity that you enjoy doing. This will help alleviate the stress of trying to do too much at once. 3) If you are trying to lose weight and the weight on the scale is stuck, remember, weight is just a number. Giving it too much importance can be stressful. There are many more factors to consider when it comes to tracking “fat loss” like taking your measurement, taking photos of yourself regularly, and looking at how your clothes fit you, etc. © Thinkstock 4) You should also look at adding activities which can relax you mentally and physically like yoga and meditation. These activities only take a few minutes of your time rather than hours and can go a long way de-stressing you. Taking care of yourself and it does not only include fitness and nutrition, take up a hobby or do an activity that you like doing, as doing things that you like reduces stress and keeps you active which in turn helps you live a happy life along with a healthy one. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. Nav is an avid bodybuilding enthusiast and heads the NABBA (National amateur bodybuilders association) as a General Secretary. This innate passion and position has helped him work with a lot of bodybuilders to help them take their physique at the next level. He also has a lovely pet called Buster whom he enjoys playing with in his free time. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness to take your fitness and physique to the next level.
  12. If there's anyone who synthesizes his personal-swagger into his style, it's Ishaan Khatter. Whenever he's out in the sun, grabbing a meal at Farmer's Cafe (with JBL speakers in his hand) or just, doing his thang with Jhanvi Kapoor — he's always spotted in a few staple, signature Ishaan Khatter pieces. Namely, his paisley-printed shirts from Anokhi, Nike sneakers, chukka boots, ankle-length socks, dark-washed jeans, cargo pants and sometimes, even just the classic checks. And this is like summing up the lad's style, that's a complete reflection of how he wishes to live his life: easy, without any effs to give and devoid of any unnecessary glamour. While that's how he likes to dress in life, for anything to do with a bridal/couture runway showcase (whether he's walking or just attending), the tale is a hell lot different for him. Every single time he's walked for a designer (Falguni and Shane Peacock in April'2018) or attended a showcase (Manish Malhotra just yesterday), the guy has stuck to seven-point perfection, but without the addition of a try-hard vibe. While the last time, he chose a white embellished sherwani (walking alongside Malvika Mohanan): © Viral Bhayani ...this time around, to attend Manish Malhotra's Zween Couture Collection 2018/19, the recently-turned actor opted for another stellar example of Indian wear: © Viral Bhayani Let's talk of his recent outfit in detail — the one that managed to stand out, despite having two gorgeous women (AKA star kids) in tow. Broken down, Khatter is wearing a white kurta + jodhpuri trousers topped with a maroon ethnic jacket, with a gigantic handcrafted detail on the pocket area. And if focused further, there's a slight diamond-like detail in the tailoring on the sides, that literally anyone, would be quick to notice at the first glance. As for the bottoms, though, they're ideally a modernised version of jodhpuri pants, they also feature a buttoning system right at the bottom and a stitch going across the center. Clearly, the smallest details matter for the designer maverick, Manish Malhotra. © Viral Bhayani All thanks to the sole button on the jacket (which Ishaan has kept buttoned), the over-all appearance of the outfit is quite sharp. Even sharper, because of the low-heeled embroidered slip-ons on the feet, that are bringing this outfit to a terrific close. But, as it is with the guy every single time, Ishaan decided to keep his signature curls, ear studs intact, to instill his personal signature into this outfit. Are we complaining? Absolutely not. © Viral Bhayani Clearly, if you're looking at being the best-dressed man or, wanting to appear better-dressed than the groom itself, this needs to be your next menswear win at a wedding.
  13. WhatsApp has officially rolled out group calling feature on Android and iOS devices after the company launched voice and video call support back in 2016. The video and voice calling feature have been very receptive amongst users as users spend over 2 billion minutes on the platform's calling feature. © Whatsapp Now that the new group calling feature has rolled out, here's how you can use the new feature. Well, anything you do, make sure WhatsApp on your device has been updated in order to make use of this feature. After you've updated the app, here are the steps you need to follow. . Open WhatsApp from the home screen or your app drawer. . Click on the Calls Tab . Choose a contact from your list whom you want to call. (Video or Voice) . Once you are connected to a call, you can tap the add participant button on the top right corner. . Select the second contact from your list you wish to add on the call . You can add up to 4 participants in total in a single group call. Follow step 4 and step 5 each time. © Whatsapp WhatsApp mentioned in its blog that group calls are always going to be end-to-end encrypted, and they've designed calling to work reliably around the world in different network conditions. This would probably be the most used feature by people who would like to communicate with more people at once. Would you use this feature on your phone? Let us know in the comments.
  14. Shrugs is one exercise which the novices love and so do the pros. Big and muscular traps separate a beginner from an experienced lifter and is one muscle which is an envy of many. Big trap muscles and a thick neck are surely a sign of strength and power. Professional sportsmen like boxers, wrestlers, MMA players, rugby players, throwers in athletics etc. are the people who deeply understand the value of strong neck and trap muscles. The exercises which develop the trap muscles will indirectly strengthen the neck. As per author and coach Paul Check, “the trapezius group is critical to stabilization of the shoulder in any activity requiring use of the arm… The trapezius group (upper, middle and lower) are key contributors to the force generating sequence during most pulling exercises and are critical to most lifts, particularly Olympic lifts.” © YouTube Stop Using Bad Form However, in the weight room one can find people performing shrugs in a number of ways and in most cases, the technique is as funny as the amount of weight being lifted. If I have to define the method in which dumbbell shrugs is to be performed in one line then it would be, “lift two heavy dumbbells by your side, lift your traps slowly and lower slowly”. It is actually as simple as that. I really don't know where did these funny movements come from. I once saw a guy lifting some puny dumbbells. He then kept the dumbbells in front of his body, he lifted his traps, rolled them back, lowered them, brought them forward again and then straightened his arms to give traps a kind of a stretch. This was one rep. The cherry on the cake was that this was told to him by his trainer. The Anatomy And How Traps Work While Doing The Shrugs The trapezius or the traps is not a single muscle, but three different muscles with different roles and movements, ultimately used to elevate and rotate the shoulder. The bulging traps of a bodybuilder which you see is the upper traps that are primarily used to lift and rotate the shoulder blades upward. The middle traps pull the shoulder blades together and lower traps rotate the shoulder blades downward. Dumbbells are the best way to target the traps. Shrugs on a trap bar is another way to engage the traps more readily. © YouTube When we are holding the dumbbells by the side, the upper traps are acting against gravity to move up and rotating them in any direction will not only be less effective but also put undue stress on the rotator cuff apart from wasting your precious energy. While standing, your feet should be parallel, with stance almost equal to the width of the pelvis. Any more wider, and the dumbbells will drag on the outer thigh. While moving the dumbbell up or down, avoid any kind of shoulder rotation or too much elbow flexion (bending), there would be a slight bend in the elbow though. Maintain the torso erect, and don't arch the back, keeping the wrists neutral all this while. What Not To Do 1) Never let the shoulder move or round forward during the lift. This encourages forward head posture, and causes excessive and unwanted loading of the sternoclavicular and acromioclavicular joints. 2) Though while doing the shrugs, the shoulders should move vertically straight up and down, but slight scapular retraction, and a wider chest would help even more. This would also help strengthen the other movements like squats, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts, as scapular retraction is commonly seen in all these movements. 3) Try and take the shrugs in the middle of the workout, and maximize the loading, by lifting heavy. What To Do 1) Try doing dumbbell shrugs with a 3022 tempo i.e. take 3 seconds to lower the weight, hold the weight for 0 seconds at the bottom, 2 seconds to take the weight up and 2 seconds hold at the top. This small change in the tempo will bring phenomenal changes in the way your trap fibers are recruited. 2) For a trap roast meal, do a drop set with the same tempo. Lift the weight equal to your 10RM (rep max) and do 10 reps. After every 10 reps, lower the weight by 10lbs and do total 4 levels of drop. So if you start at 90lbs, do 10 reps, next do 10 reps with 80lbs and so on till last 10 reps with 60lbs. 3) Traps muscles are extremely strong and in most cases it is your grip which fails you first. Use a set of lifting straps if required. However, use them only when necessary. Behind The Back Barbell Shrugs © YouTube Behind the back barbell shrugs which were made famous by former Mr. Olympia, “Lee Haney” is another good way to target the traps. You can use a Smith machine for such a shrug. Again, in this shrug, it is a natural tendency to roll your shoulder back excessively. Avoid this practice and keep the bar as close to your body as possible. Akshay Chopra, is a graduate of the National Defence Academy & the Air Force Academy, and a former IAF pilot. He is one of the most qualified health, fitness & nutrition consultants in the country, and an author of multiple books & ebooks. He is among the few in the country to have a background of competitive athletics, military training and bodybuilding. He is the co-founder of the Body Mechanics chain of gyms, and India's first research based channel We R Stupid. You can check out his Youtube here.
  15. Heading out for a wedding? We suggest you ditch your tux for a bandhgala instead and take a cue from how our famous men are doing it right now. The Bandhgala — a classic Indian, formal menswear piece — has over time evolved into mainstream festive wear. Even today, it's every guy's go-to piece when he's heading out for a wedding. But why just wear it to a wedding? We say, wear them to your pre and post wedding functions too, and pair them differently every single time. Just like these style stars below: 1. For A Sangeet @shahidkapoor owning it like always in @shantanunikhil for promotions of #padmaavat in Singapore yesterday ð¥ð¥ #shahidkapoor #minimalist #grey A post shared by Anisha Jain (@theanisha) on Feb 3, 2018 at 12:36am PST The first big event in the wedding celebrations is usually a dinner party or an in-house sangeet. For this occasion, keep things simple yet refined with a Bandhgala, along with a pair of well-fitted, comfortable trousers with double-monk straps. Take Shahid's monochrome look for example; it's easy, casual and dapper, all at the same time. 2. For An Engagement Party @kartikaaryan in @shantanunikhil and @trumpetshoes_in for #DadaSahebPhalkeExcellenceAwards2018 last night! #kartikaaryan A post shared by Anisha Jain (@theanisha) on Apr 22, 2018 at 2:31am PDT While the bride and groom exchange rings before their big night, we'd say, you turn to absolute refinement in the form of a handcrafted Bandhgala like Kartik here. Pair it with a well-fitted pair of safe, solid black trousers and patent leather dress shoes! 3. For A Mehendi Ceremony (If You're Allowed LOL) A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on Dec 23, 2017 at 3:00am PST Opting for a Bandhgala for a Mehendi may be a bit too much (considering they're usually day events), but a Bandhgala-Nehru jacket hybrid could be a great bet here. Wear it over a plain kurta with pyjamas and complete the look with monk straps and tinted sunglasses. 4. For That Big Wedding Night How you like me now? How you like me now? How you like me now? How you like me now? . Outfit - @Raghavendra.Rathore Assisted by @shradhapamnani @priyanka2.0 Hair - @ajaykaloya.hair Makeup - Ajay Naik #RanbirKapoor #Sanju #RaghavendraRathore #ThirtyFourPointSevenFive #TheHeavy #HowYouLikeMeNow A post shared by Priyanka & Kazim (@the.vainglorious) on Jun 30, 2018 at 11:37am PDT A Bandhgala is one style you're sure to see at any Indian wedding. But instead of opting for a Bandhgala that's long in length (a choice that many go for), wear one that's a lot shorter with a well-fitted pair of Jodhpuri pants like Ranbir here. Finish the look off with a pocket square in a contrasting color, a classic timepiece, and brogues. 5. Finally, A Bandhgala For A Wedding Reception The Dapper Duke. . . @ayushmannk sharpens this look with an equestrian twist. For a TV show today. In: Shirt & Jacket by @pawansachdeva22 Denims: @selectedindia @selected_official Chelsea boots: @louboutinworld . . #equestrian #chelseaboots #english #dapper #mensfashion #ayushmannkhurrana A post shared by I S H A B H A N S A L I (@ishabhansali) on May 10, 2018 at 11:27am PDT Lastly, it's time to close a stylish wedding affair with a statement Bandhgala, that's well-cut and sure to make you stand out from the rest (brownie points if you're the groom yourself). Take a cue from Ayushmann here and throw on a formal jacket on top, if you're really feeling it!
  16. When does a man feel like he has reached the zenith of fulfillment? The correct answer is: when he has managed to grow a handlebar moustache. A handlebar moustache is so much more than just a moustache - it is the ultimate, undisputed symbol of masculinity. In the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, big biceps and defined abs didn't do it for women as much as a proper handlebar moustache. There is something about it, a mysterious allure, if you will, that sets the owner of a handlebar moustache apart from his counterparts. The bonus: You're instantly noticeable, and it acts as a dope conversation starter, not to mention impresses the ladies. The tricky thing about handlebar moustaches is that, not everyone can grow them. While a small percentage is because of facial hair growth issues, mostly it is because of the fact that most men are clueless about how to go about it. Don't worry, this is where we step in. Here is a step by step guide on how to grow the perfect handlebar moustache. Step 1: Be patient © Twitter Patience is a virtue but when it comes to matters of vanity, most of us forget it. The first step you need to follow is not to do anything at all. If you are clean shaven, with decent facial hair growth, it will take some time for you to grow a handlebar moustache, and there is absolutely nothing you can do but wait for it to grow. Do not give up in the middle when you start to look a little, umm, homeless, for your patience shall bear fruit. Step 2: Facial hair care © Twitter Start using a good beard oil, and massage once everyday, gently. Get a good beard and moustache wash, and use it everyday before going to bed. You must comb too, at least once in a day. Step 3: Start using a moustache wax © Twitter Once you start seeing a bit of growth, start using a wax. Take a little bit of wax in between your thumb and index finger, and apply it on the ends of your moustache, twisting it in the shape you want. Do it everyday, because this will help your moustache hair grow in your desired direction. However, wash it off everyday before you go to bed. Step 4: Communicate well with your barber © Twitter Poor communication with your barber can destroy your moustache. Tell him what you want categorically, loud and clear. Show him a picture if you have to. When you go to the salon, tell him to trim only the moustache hair that is overlapping your lips downwards, and to leave the lateral ones alone. He will anyway know which parts to trim once you tell him clearly about what kind of moustache you are aiming for. Step 5: Trimming unruly hair and maintaining the shape © Twitter Once you're used to twisting your newly grown, majestic moustache, you'll find out that there are some hair strands that are refusing to cooperate. Just snip them off, carefully. Also, keep a moustache wax handy all the time because you will initially need to do over the twisting bit several times in a day, till you're used to the process.
  17. Apple has the ultra-premium brand image not only in India, but everywhere around the world. The brand is known for its simplistic marketing and has managed to create a fan base like no other. The iPhone makes up 8 out of the 10 best-selling smartphones in Q2 2018 and the company has 38.7 percent share in the US smartphone market. While Apple has been performing positively in the USA, Europe, and other south-east Asian markets, the brand hasn't been able to make a mark in India. According to Counterpoint Research, iPhone's market share in India has come down to just 1 percent in Q2 2018. Keep in mind, India is the world's second largest smartphone market and companies like Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus have been posting double-digit growth in the country. Why Is Apple Unable To Perform In India? © Reuters It's the price. India is a very price sensitive market; the budget and the midrange segment account for a majority of the sales. Xiaomi and Samsung have massively expanded their portfolio in the country. Even smaller players like OPPO's Realme and ASUS have been shipping lakhs of units. Anything above Rs 30,000 is considered premium in India. OnePlus has established itself as a pocket-friendly premium vendor. Samsung sits at the top with its flagships and Google's Pixel is trying to make a dent in this segment as well. Apple, on the other hand, sits at the peak of this pyramid. While Samsung's S9 costs Rs 60,000, the iPhone X starts at Rs 89,000. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus try to compete with the S9, Note8 and Pixel 2, but often fail. Even the iPhone 6S (32GB) that was launched way back in 2015 costs Rs 35,000. Will you buy the latest OnePlus 6 for that price or the iPhone 6S? © BCCL A few years ago, it made sense to invest in an older iPhone because of iOS and its long-term stability. But, Android has come a long way now and you are assured that a Rs 30,000+ phone will receive software updates at least for the next two years. Apple had been piggybacking on the iPhone SE for quite some time, but the phone simply cannot take the load now. It's old and far inferior to its Android counterparts. Why Is Apple Not Able To Maintain Competitive Pricing? © Reuters This is where things get interesting. A few years ago, smartphones in India were super expensive when their price was compared to other markets. This international price gap has reduced drastically and now we often see prices in India being cheaper than other markets. Vendors or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) started taking the country seriously and established local manufacturing plants to avoid import duty. Majority of the smartphones that are now sold in India are assembled locally. Spare parts often get imported, but the duty on spares is still lower than on finished mobile phones. Samsung recently opened the largest manufacturing facility in Noida, Xiaomi has set up three factories and Vivo and OPPO have sourcing units as well. © Twitter/MEAIndia Currently, the government imposes 20 percent import duty on mobile phones. In the last one year, the government has increased the rate from 10 percent to 20 percent and this is killing Apple. Apple via its contractor Wistron is currently assembling the iPhone SE in India while the 6S is being made in smaller batches. All other models are being imported. The company has been trying to expand its facilities and production units in the country, but hardly anything has materialized. © BCCL The company is currently undergoing strategy turnaround and restructuring in the country. Reports have also emerged that Wistron would invest close to Rs 3,000 crore in two phases to set up a greenfield smartphone manufacturing plant in Karnataka. The company is expected to make the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus here, depending on Apple's requirements. There has been no word on sourcing the flagships devices right now.
  18. While you're hitting the gym extra hard for that Goa Holiday you've planned next month (or whenever, some day, you get the drift), there are other areas, apart from your physique, that require equal amounts of attention. Abs are important, yes, as you want to show them off, but there are some areas that you just have to uncover for the entire world to see during a beach holiday, irrespective of whether you want to show off or not. Your feet occupy the top spot in that list. You definitely are not going to wear shoes at the beach, and because of the step-child treatment your feet always get, they are now ugly and unworthy of attention. The result? Embarrassment. But worry not, because there is a super easy way that will help you make your feet beach-ready in 4 easy steps, all of it at the comfort of your home. Read on: 1. Cut & Shape Your Nails © Twitter Cut your nails using a nail-cutter. Try doing it straight and don't cut too much around the corners, because that can result in bleeding, pain, and later, ingrown nails. Once you're done, use the filer to shape them as per your preference, and remove all the sharp edges. 2. Soak Your Feet In A Bucket/Tub © Twitter Make a foot-soak solution that will moisturize your feet and help you relax. Add ingredients as per your convenience, but a good foot-soak should ideally contain the following: Epsom salt, lemon juice, a little bit of shampoo, and a few drops of essential oil (if you want). Alternatively, if you're lazy and just want to get it done with, shampoo should suffice. Also, you must use warm water. 3. Scrub/Exfoliate © Twitter There are ready-made foot scrubs available in the market that you can conveniently use. Take a little bit of the scrub and rub all around - especially your toenails, your heels, and your ankles. You can use a pumice stone or a foot filer, so that all the dry skin comes off easily. Be firm, but not rough on your feet, as you don't want injuries from all the rubbing. 4. Moisturize © Twitter Moisturizing your feet after the whole process is a must. You have multiple options when it comes to moisturizing. You can use a heavy cream/lotion, or a foot cream, or even olive oil or almond oil. Make sure you massage your feet up real nice, so that it doesn't appear dry, as improved blood circulation only makes them feel and look better than ever. Optional step: Before starting this process, you might consider getting rid of your feet hair (the growth on the surface of your foot and your toes) with a trimmer for a cleaner look.
  19. Growing bored in a long-term relationship is natural; it's only human. After years of being together, feelings of being stuck in the same routine are natural. When you've been with the same person since high school, you find yourself wondering sometimes what it would feel like to be with someone else for a change. What if it hadn't worked out? If you've spent most of your early twenties being in a relationship, you miss bachelorhood. You miss the thrill of one-night stands, the rush of flirting with that hot girl on the dance floor, the abandon of buying a one-way ticket without having to answer anybody. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images When you spend each day with the same person, you get comfortable with them but a sense of boredom also creeps in. The other life seems more exciting. Office parties, friends get-togethers, music concerts – you see plenty of other people and know it's the world out there. It's difficult to be emotionally loyal. Even if you love the other person dearly, it's difficult to convince yourself this is it. Am I missing out on life? – you ask yourself. But then you love them so much. You find their company comforting and assuring. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images If you've fallen out of love with them, it's okay to call it quits. But if you are miserable only because you are bored and your relationship doesn't seem as exciting as before, you need to rethink your decisions. Tell yourself why you love them, why their presence in your life is indispensible, why you long to see them after a tiring day. If your love for them outweighs your boredom with your love life, hold on to it with both hands. Work the boredom out, because deep down you know how you love them. Don't get bogged down by the seemingly dull nature of your love life. Reinvent your romance time and again. don't be under the impression that real love needs no work. Even Romeo and Juliet, had they been real and lived on to settle down together, would have experienced their share of ups and down in the relationship. No relationship is ever perfect. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images Revisit the old times with your partner, remind each other how you started. Relive your first love by doing the same things you did for them when you just met. Shake things up a little; experiment with them in bed, go out on adventures. The best thing about old love is that you are comfortable enough to try out new things without the fear of being judged. © Pexels A relationship will not always be hunky dory and make your world go round. Love is not supposed to be like that. A mature relationship is when you want to grow old together. It's when you are so comfortable in each other's presence that you no longer feel the need to impress and act. It's when after a long hard day at work, you find comfort in the fact that you will get to see that one person who makes every pain melt away. Love is when you can't bear to share your life with anyone else. © Pexels But love doesn't guarantee a smooth relationship. You have to make it work. You could be bored even if you are in love. You could be eyeing a different life even if you look forward to returning home to that one person. Because not all days are alike. One day you could be missing them terribly, another day you could find their presence intrusive in your personal space. There are hundreds of things that will try your relationship. The one constant is the way you feel. Every hurdle can be dealt with as long as you feel special in their presence. Just remember no love tale is perfect. At the end of the day, love is just about finding friendship with someone you love; it's about finding that sweet spot with someone. As long as you are comfortable with them and love them completely and selflessly, a little boredom is child's play to deal with. For more of this author's work, click here; to follow them on Twitter, click here.
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    Formal gatherings, a date or even Saturday Night — all these settings have one thing in common: the need for a blazer (if not a suit). But, if until now, you've worn just a shirt or a necktie underneath it, it's time to brave up and go the extra mile. Ditch your usual primary uniform with the blazer and take cues from Ayushmann Khurrana on what the hell to wear with a blazer in 2018. Because really, your 2017-ways aren't cool anymore. 1. A Classic Polo T-shirt Love my awesome red #AmericanTourister #Curio...Impossibly #HardToLetGo! @AMTouristerIN A post shared by Ayushmann Khurrana (@ayushmannk) on May 18, 2018 at 12:45am PDT Polo T-shirts may be as casual as your everyday T-shirt, but when it comes to exuding a refined vibe, they come right below a shirt. So there you go, a polo is your first piece to pair with a blazer. Ayushmann pairs his navy blue polo with a pair of chinos, a blazer, and some super-cool sneakers. Result? An easy, but polished look! Notice how every single colour is a cool colour! 2. Soft Knits Man of Steel. @ayushmannk cuts us sharp with this killer colour block look. PS: Beat that mix-match / mismatch socks! Dressed for Vogue BFFs wearing: Suit & Cardigan: @paulsmithdesign @paulsmith Brogues: @louboutinworld Socks: @jackjonesindia Pocket Square: @sonofanoble.snob #mismatch #mixmatch #socks #stripes #colourblock #paulsmith #cardigan #sharp #tailored #suit #steel #mensfashion #luxury #VogueBffs #ayushmannkhurrana #britishfashion #picoftheday A post shared by I S H A B H A N S A L I (@ishabhansali) on Nov 6, 2017 at 9:17am PST No matter what occasion, a solid-coloured suit really can never disappoint you. That said, let's admit, that it's a little chilly in a few cities right now. Looks like its the perfect time for a knitted pullover, that you can wear for your next Saturday Night. Wear it under a suit like Khurrana and complete the look with a pocket square, timepiece, dress shoes and a pair of cool-arse socks! 3. Longline Shirt-Kurta Hybrid Metallic Accents to Ashes & Dust. . @ayushmannk gives this dark ensemble a rock solid edge. In @rohitgandhirahulkhanna to perform at his gig in Delhi. Brogues: @hatsoff_accessories. . . Assisted by: @bhoomikka. . . #ashes #dust #metallic #dark #edgy #gig #indianfashion #ayushmannkhurrana #rohitgandhirahulkhanna #sharp A post shared by I S H A B H A N S A L I (@ishabhansali) on Apr 15, 2018 at 9:24am PDT Ayushmann's wardrobe is full of kurtas, longline shirts and hybrids of each, so it's not surprising that he wore one under a blazer jacket recently. The key to acing this look, however, is to keep the colours similar or maintain consistency of a colour palette. For example, opt for a black primary piece like Khurrana here, and pair it with a dark brown or grey suit with black derby shoes. 4. A Turtleneck Summer Wine. @ayushmannk brings back the '70s at the Times Food & Nightlife Awards, Delhi Wearing: Suit by: @philocaly_menswear Brogues by: @tods #summerwine #marsala #70sfashion #ayushmannkhurrana #maroon #suit #cool #mensfashion A post shared by I S H A B H A N S A L I (@ishabhansali) on Mar 15, 2018 at 10:41am PDT Since Steve Jobs ensured that every guy has a turtleneck in his wardrobe, Ayushmann Khurrana is no far behind. But while he wore it with jeans and dad-like trainers, we suggest, you opt for a turtleneck in a neutral tone, pair it with a solid- coloured suit and complete the look off with oxfords! 5. A Striped T-Shirt 50 shades of swag. @ayushmannk dressed for interviews to promote #meripyaaribindu wearing: Suit: @paulsmithdesign Tee: @zara Sneakers: @adidasoriginals Wristbands: @thetiehub Assisted by: @bhoomikka #grey #gray #50shadesofgrey #stripes #sporty #sport #sportluxe #menswear #menstrend #mensstyle #mensfashion #bollywoodactor #bollywood #bollywoodstyle #bollywoodfashion #instabollywood #paulsmith #zara #adidasoriginals A post shared by I S H A B H A N S A L I (@ishabhansali) on May 8, 2017 at 9:35am PDT Round-neck T-shirts are a staple item in every guy's wardrobe but a striped one is far more classic, nautical and hence, summer-ready + perfect to be worn under a suit. Pair with your favourite sneakers and sunglasses to get the perfect smart-casual ensemble! 6. A Statement White Shirt Tales of the Teal. @ayushmannk rocks this @dhruvvaish outfit at a gig in Goa. #picoftheday #teal #asymmetry #ayushmannkhurrana #menswear #mensfashion #smart #tailored #suave #dapper #indianfashion A post shared by I S H A B H A N S A L I (@ishabhansali) on Sep 8, 2017 at 11:06am PDT For all the guys who just can't resist wearing a white shirt, this should help. Turn to one that's a button-down, with fold over details on the front. To style it right, fold the sleeves over the suit blazer and finish the look off with your classic pairs of Vans. 7. A Graphic T-shirt Square and Explicit. @ayushmannk makes a mean graphic statement for an event today. Wearing: Suit by @anujmadaancouture Tee: @hm Sneakers: @whitesoul_in Shades: @frency_and_mercury @gemopticians #square #graphic #geometric #blackandwhite #picoftheday #ayushmannkhurrana #badass #hot #mean #suit #sharp #checks A post shared by I S H A B H A N S A L I (@ishabhansali) on Sep 25, 2017 at 5:47am PDT Turn to a round neck T-shirt with a bold graphic in the center and wear it underneath your plaid suit with a pair of sneakers and socks. It's that simple.
  21. Food is life for us. It is our go-to friend for everything. Food is an excuse to meet friends. It brings us together. We make friends on the basis of our common tastes, literally. There are a hundred different cuisines out there. From high-end bakeries offering melt-in-the-mouth desserts to lip-smacking chicken tikkas at barbeque restaurants. From dirt-cheap draft beer to discounted combos. There's a whole world on a platter for you to have a good time. When you have food by your side, how can you not be happy? © Thinkstock/Getty Images We are young, ambitious and raring to go, and we are always stressed. We panic when we accidentally drunk text our ex. We are bummed when we don't get a parking spot. We feel life is shit when our order doesn't arrive on time. At the end of a tiring day, an indulgent warm meal is the ultimate stress-buster. The definition of a good meal, by default, eliminates anything that's home-cooked or healthy. Dripping with cheese, oil or cream, our comfort foods are high on fat, spices and junk. Food is a status symbol today. There are restaurants you have to right tick; there are dishes you must try; there are friends you have to meet every weekend. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Good food has become our source of happiness, sometimes our only source of happiness. The solution to every problem is good (read: swimming in calories) food and cold beer. Looks like a harmless thing, doesn't it? The problem is that most days are bad days. Most days are challenging. We need an anti-bummer every day. What do you do then? You indulge yourself every day. Had a dull meeting? Have a pizza. Had an argument with girlfriend? Have a beer. It's not gluttony anymore. It's an emotional need. © Thinkstock/Getty Images And even if you escape the vicious cycle of depending on food to bring a smile to your face, how do you manage your social life with a healthy diet? We millennials document everything. We Instagram our pizzas and our beers. We Snapchat our desserts with digital hearts over them. As a result, an entire generation is binging on unhealthy food. The days when people happily lived on plain dal chawal are long gone. You need to be eating good food to feel good about your life. As a result, a whole generation is becoming unfit. From obesity and hormonal problems to diabetes and heart disease, this generation is experiencing ailments that used to affect 50-year-olds. We have far more fitness options and far better awareness than our previous generation, yet we are unhealthier than our parents. © Thinkstock/Getty Images These are two opposing forces in your life – your need to be healthier, fitter, more good-looking, and your need to find easy happiness in food and bond over your common tastes. How many parties, get-togethers will you miss because you don't want to be cheating on your diet every weekend? How many times will you stay sober while the rest of your gang is busy clicking drunk pictures? How long will your resolve to live a healthy lifestyle last when everyone around you is downing pints after pints of beer and making YOLO-resolves to live life to the fullest? © Thinkstock/Getty Images How do you then avoid it? Removing junk from your life means removing certain friends, certain occasions, certain days. The reason why so many of us are never able to stick to our diets is because there's too much temptation around. Going on a diet is not a health decision anymore; it's a decision that will affect both your social and personal life. © Thinkstock/Getty Images You sweat it out in gyms or run marathons, but how do you eat clean? How do you jeopardize your social lives, how do you deny yourselves the pleasure of a perfectly grilled cheeseburger or a freshly brewed beer? How do you eliminate the one thing you look forward to in a day? Of course, many of us are able to do so. One idea is to then choose your friends wisely; have gym partners and fellow marathoners as your closest buddies. Chances are you will never cheat on your diet with junk food. But you don't always choose your company as much as your company chooses you. Changing friends is not the answer. Perseverance is also not the long-term solution. The change has to be deep and widespread. © Thinkstock/Getty Images We need to stop defining our lives with the food we eat. We need to get out of the dim-lighted pubs and find other ways of socializing, ways that don't always involve pleasures of the culinary kind. A swim in the nearby sports club, an evening walk in the ridge area, bonding over books, art and music – can we go back to the simpler yet more intimate ways of socializing, not to mention much less expensive. And while we're at it, it just might be a good idea to leave our phones behind.
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    Backne: How Do I Avoid It?

    If you've ever run your hands through your back and noticed a few bumps/boils, it might be the result of back acne. But remember: acne on the back isn't the same as discovering pimples/acne on your skin, but is curable anyway. Also known as 'Bacne', this skin problem affects a lot of Indian men (especially during the summers) and yet, happens to be a topic that has not been discussed in length. Although, a man's back is not usually as exposed as that of a woman, it doesn't mean that guys aren't subjected to the ordeal. In reality, it's quite an itchy, bumpy ride for both the sexes. For Indian men, however, who're trying to stay away from backne, here are a few tips/tricks that may come handy: 1. A Sweaty Back Can Result In Bacne. © Reuters Pictures /MensXP Agreed, everyone sweats a lot through the day, but to find a way around it is important. But wait, your sweat is not the reason for bacne, the fact that it remains trapped due to the apparel you've slipped into, is what's clogging the pores on your back. Result? Acne on the back. The solution is simple: opt for clothes made of breathable fabrics (like cotton, linen or rayon) especially during the supremely hot months and turn to technologically-enhanced fabrics at the gym (for example, sweat-absorbent materials). By doing this, your skin will be able to breathe and the sweat will evaporate naturally without causing damage. 2. What Products To Use? Acne on the back requires some special assistance while you take a shower. Opt for a body wash/shower gel with acne-curing agents like Benzoyl Peroxide (preferably about 10%) or products that contain 2% Salicylic Acid. Regular use will visibly reduce acne on the back and help clear your skin out. Also, remember to take a shower immediately after a sweaty, crazy routine. 3. How To Clean The Back? © Amazon India/MensXP You may be using the right products for your body, but unfortunately, your back isn't the most accessible for a deep cleaning. When it comes to cleaning it while taking a shower, use some assistance like a tall bath brush. It's easy-to-use and proves to be very effective. Just remember to buy a brush with soft bristles and use it gently while cleaning. Buy it here 4. Wash Your Clothes Regularly. Wearing clean, breathable clothes is key to keeping bacne away. Ensure you wash your clothes after you wear them, especially the ones you're wearing for a workout. Also, be mindful of fabrics that are touching your back daily (like bed covers, towels, any kind of basic linen) and wash them at least once a week. This will keep your back clean and bacteria-free! 5. Exfoliate Your Back Once A Week. © Amazon India/MensXP It's hard, but you have to do it anyway. Apply a scrub on your back at least once a week, to clean it like a professional and apply a mask post, to calm any irritation down (you need to hydrate it back). Opt for a charcoal or clay mask as it will not only clean the skin but leave you with a soft, soothing skin surface. Buy this scrub for best results! 6. Moisturise Lightly. The skin on your back may not be as dry as that on your face (or neck), but it's still needs ample moisturisation. Opt for a gel-based moisturiser or if you expose your back to the sun often — a moisturising sunscreen — to keep the skin on your back hydrated and ensure that it's protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Eventually, avoiding acne generation. 7. Dirty, Greasy Strands Can Cause Bacne Too! Through the course of the day, the excess oil and grease in your hair can trickle down to your back and become a big cause of back acne. So keep your strands oil-free and condition them regularly to maintain their overall health. For guys with long hair — tie your hair up while heading out to the gym, to avoid the sweat from your hair dripping down to your back and causing the build-up of bacteria.
  23. After a dry spell in 2017, Bollywood has bounced back in 2018. Beginning with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus 'Padmaavat', 2018 has been good so far for all major films, except a few. Return on Investment (ROI) is a true indicator of the success or failure of a film since all films are not made on the same budget and scale. In case ROI is positive, the film makes profits and if ROI is negative, it makes losses at the box-office. © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures To find out the ROI, box office collections of the film is measured against the investments made in the film. Investment is basically the cost of production of the film, which is the sum of production, promotion and advertisement costs. This ROI will determine the share of all involved – producers, distributors, exhibitors and actors (where it is on a profit-sharing basis). Kindly note that the ROI does not include income from satellite, music and digital rights. Ratio Of Success – Super-Hit = 150%+ ROI Hit-100 = 150% ROI Semi-Hit = 50-100% ROI Average = 0-50% ROI Flop = Negative ROI Now, here is the box office report for the first half of 2018. Super-Hits © AA Films What is interesting to note, is that all the super-hit films have been the highest grossing films for each of the actors involved – Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Tiger Shroff, Alia Bhatt, Kartik Aaryan, Nushrat Bharucha and Sunny Singh. For some of them, it is even their first INR 100, INR 200 or even INR 300 crore film. The box office numbers of these films are as follows - 'Padmaavat' – INR 302.15 crores 'Sanju' - INR 319.64 crores and still counting as of 16th July 2018 'Baaghi 2' - INR 165 crores 'Raazi' - INR 123.17 crores 'Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety' - INR 108.46 crores Note that the budget of 'Padmaavat' was INR 210 crores, which is the most expensive Bollywood film to date. Despite controversies over the film's release, court proceedings and not seeing a release in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the film collected INR 585 crores worldwide. It is currently the 9th highest grossing Indian film of all time. For the same reason, it has found its place in this list. Hits © Pooja Entertainment 'Pad Man', 'Raid', 'Hichki', '102 Not Out', 'Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran' and 'Veere Di Wedding' were all hits at the box office and brought in a large enough audience to keep the cash registers ringing. Each of these films covered different genres and also brought two leading ladies back to the silver screen – Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor Khan. While both content and star-power worked in favor of the first 5 films, 'Veere Di Wedding' worked on the basis of marketing, star-power of its leading ladies and the controversial adult content in the film. The collection of these films are – 'Raid' – INR 101.54 crores 'Veere Di Wedding' – INR 80.23 crores 'Pad Man' – INR 78.95 crores 'Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran' – INR 65.36 crores '102 Not Out' - INR 51.79 crores 'Hichki' – INR 46.17 crores Average © NH Studioz Though Shoojit Sircar's 'October' was more of an off-beat film and received rave reviews from critics, it just managed to sustain itself in theatres. With an earning of INR 45.36 crores, it was an average affair at the box office, which was primarily due to the presence of Varun Dhawan. Further on, two horrible films also find mention in this list, solely due to their star-power - Salman Khan's 'Race 3' and Anushka Sharma's 'Pari' bringing in INR 169 crores and INR 24.65 crores respectively. Flops © Reliance Entertainment It is not that 2018 has been a flop-proof year so far at the box office. Neeraj Pandey-directed 'Aiyaary' starring Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee tanked big time at the box-office with only INR 17 crores coming in at the box-office. To add to the list, the other big-time flops films are – 'Mukkabaaz', 'Kaalakaandi', 'Welcome To New York', '3 Storeys', 'Dil Juunglee', 'Blackmail', 'Omerta' and 'Bhavesh Joshi Superhero'. All of these films hardly brought in INR 50 crores in total. Neither the star-power nor the content worked in favor of these films and as a result, they turned out to be huge disappointments for all involved.
  24. Rajinikanth's latest release 'Kaala' struggled to bring in audiences after the film met with polarized reception from both critics and audiences. Pa Ranjith, the director of both Rajinikanth films - 'Kabali' and 'Kaala', could not manage to bring the Thalaiva magic to the silver screen and as a result, the movies bombed. © Lyca Productions Now that Rajinikanth's next '2.0' directed by Shankar has already been postponed multiple times and is only expected to hit screens on 29 November 2018, everyone has one question on their mind - what does it mean after Kaala's lukewarm response? First things first, '2.0' seems to be a risky proposition for all involved as the budget of the film is Rs 550+ crores. But, why is it so, let us analyse. Multiple Delays The sequel to 'Robot' (Endhiran in Tamil) has been delayed primarily due to the massive amount of VFX work involved in the film. With a production budget of approximately Rs 550+ crores, '2.0' aims to be a different experience altogether given the present-day landscape of Indian cinema. The film is the first Indian film to be shot entirely in 3D. © Sun Pictures With multiple shift in release dates, we still do not know whether the film will release on 29th November 2018. If the film gets delayed further, it will surely lose a lot of money and steam by the time it actually hits the screens. Huge Investment And Distributor Issues With clouds of ambiguity hovering over the film's final release, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana distributors were seeking a refund of the distribution rights paid for the Telugu version of '2.0'. As per recent developments, the distributors have even initiated legal proceedings to recover the distribution rights paid in the range of Rs 90 crores to 120 crores. © Lyca Productions Such escalating issues around the film's delay only increase concerns over the recovery of the investment made by everyone associated with the project – be it the producers or distributors. Hurried Promotional And Marketing Strategy No matter how confident the producers Lyca Productions have been about the film, the major problem lies with their promotional and marketing strategy. It is said that a film is made in the editing room but the studio began to market the film even before the final product was in sight. © Lyca Productions In late 2017, Lyca Productions released a few songs from the A R Rahman composed album at a grand album launch event in Dubai along with promotional posters to keep the fans excited. With no proper release date in sight, this strategy too was highly criticised. Non-Holiday Release Every big production house eyes a perfect release date to recover the investment but a non-holiday release on 29th November 2018 seems to be quite confusing. Given that mega-budget films rely heavily on festive and national holidays to recover a huge part of their investment, a release date like this is extremely debatable since '2.0' is the most expensive Indian film to be ever made. © Lyca Productions Despite numerous issues around the film, what does such a huge project mean to Indian cinema? If one has seen the production footage released by Lyca Productions, it can be seen how Shankar is trying to push the boundaries of Indian cinema with this film by bringing new technology to the table. With such a huge budget, '2.0' should technically justify the sci-fi genre raising the standards of Indian cinema to a new level post the gigantic success of the 'Baahubali' duology. Also, Shankar's direction has always been top-notch and he surely knows how to handle multi-starrer films with high production values. Nevertheless, we hope that Shankar's '2.0' will not be affected by 'Kabali' or Kaala's box office performance and goes on to create history at the box office. For now, we can just be optimistic about the film's release as per schedule.
  25. In 2017, Bollywood saw a major shock coming almost every other weekend, with most of the films declared disasters at the box office. Except for a few, most went by without notice and barely lasted more than a week in theatres. So, what caused Bollywood to fail while Hollywood & local language films triumphed at the same time? Let us take a look: 1. Old Wine In A New Bottle Bollywood, time and again, has relied on the same fodder, while the audience is desperate for a change. Most of the films barely managed to hold the content together and the end result was either a headache like SRK's 'Jab Harry Met Sejal' or a sob fest like Salman's' 'Tubelight'. It was just the same remakes or usual masala flicks. © Red Chillies Entertainment 2. 'Baahubali' Further with the release of 'Baahubali: The Conclusion', the demand and expectations of movie-goers sky-rocketed. The movie-going experience was not proportionate to the price paid for a ticket at the theatre. The bar set by 'Baahubali' was sky-high and most of the films fell flat in comparison. These films where nothing when compared to the grandeur and the experience of the movies like 'Baahubali'. © Arka Media Works 3. Content Driven Cinema With new content being available in smaller films, the audience appreciated these films and finally, content-driven movies found their well-deserved space. With 'Newton' in Hindi, 'Aruvi' in Tamil, 'Shuddhi' in Kannada and 'Posto' in Bengali to name a few, content-driven cinema brought its own audiences eating into a chunk of the revenue share of other big commercial and mainstream cinema. 4. Box Office Success of Local Language Films With the acceptance of local language films in every corner of the country, like 'Baahubali' in Telugu, 'Vikram Vedha' in Tamil, 'Manje Bistre' in Punjabi, 'Kirik Party' and 'Raajakumara' in Kannada, and each of them earning huge sums while keeping the audiences interested, the competition only got tougher. © White Hill Studio 5. Competition from Hollywood Facing major competition from Hollywood, Bollywood was finding it hard to sail. Hollywood films bring a huge chunk of the audience to theatres because of the multiple formats on offer for a big screen experience - IMAX 3D, Regular 3D and the 4DX extravaganza. Also, it brought family audiences to the theatres with animated films like 'Boss Baby', 'Despicable Me 3', 'Ferdinand' and 'Coco'. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures With a cult following, Hollywood giants like Disney, Warner Bros, and Sony Pictures brought fans of different franchises like 'Fast and The Furious', the MCU and DCEU in huge numbers, with the success stories including 'Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2', 'Wonder Woman', 'Spiderman Homecoming', 'Thor Ragnarok' and 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle'. 6. Digitization of Content With the growing popularity of Netflix, Hotstar and the launch of Amazon Prime, there was a paradigm shift in content consumption as the same was available at affordable rates right at our fingertips. Furthermore, such content was easily available as internet costs fell drastically thanks to the neck-to-neck price war in the telecom sector. Furthermore, films would release in a window of 4-8 weeks on these digital platforms, which the audience did not mind waiting for. © Netflix With such changing economies in entertainment, the rising popularity of digital platforms and the speed of content consumption, Bollywood lost the battle. With 2018 looking good so far for Bollywood, it looks like it has finally found the much-awaited silver lining. Hope this winning streak continues and Bollywood focuses on rolling out good content much more.