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  1. If in cricket 10 players gets out in 10 ball by ball . than which number of player will be not out declare.
  2. The Prestigious Indian Army has a simple motto for training its cadets: 'we first break you, then make you'. Boys go through gruelling weeks of physical hardship and come out as men fit enough to serve the nation at times of war. Once soldiers are inducted, the Army ensures they are prepared (mentally & physically) to perform at their absolute best, even in extreme circumstances. However, the Army demands certain prerequisites before you can join. The First Physical Test You Need To Clear Is The 1600 M Run. Note: This test is conducted for non-commission entries for the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and equivalent ranks in Police & Paramilitary forces. © Quora You will get 5 minutes and 45 seconds to cover 1600 M, one second more and you fail. Boys completing the run in 5 minutes 30-45 seconds are taken in Group 2 and allotted 48 marks. For those who complete it in 5 minutes and 30 seconds or less, are taken in Group 1 and allotted 60 marks. The Biggest Mistake Aspirants preparing for this test run for hours trying to increase their stamina. This is an absolute waste of time. There is a simple principle called 'specificity' in exercise science- if you want to get good at 'something' like long jump, do that 'thing' instead of ballet dancing. Passing a 1600 meter run in minimum time is not merely about stamina, it also requires speed and strength. Thus, you need to train accordingly and enhance all those three capabilities. The following training plan will help you to cover 1600M in minimum time and secure you in Group 1 with 60 marks: Workout 1: Run 1600 M In Minimum Time Measure 400M distance and cover its 4 rounds with minimum time. If on the first day it takes you 7 minutes to cover this distance, aim for 6 minutes and 45 seconds the next day and gradually, come down to 5 minutes and 30 seconds and under. Workout 2: 100 M Sprints Maximum Laps Measure 100M distance and sprint as fast as possible. Then walk back slowly, settling your breath and sprint again. Repeat this continuously for 10 minutes. Your goal should be to cover maximum laps in 10 minutes. If on the first day you could do 5 laps in 10 minutes, aim for 6 the next time. Try beating your previous best with each training session. © Quora Workout 3: Full Body High-Intensity Training This workout is for strengthening your muscles to run 1600 M as fast as possible. Start with 10 Burpees, followed by 10 Jump Squats, followed by 10 Box Jumps and at last, 10 Body Weight Lunges (each leg). Rest 5 minutes after this and repeat this cycles four more times. Needless to say, you are not supposed to perform all these workouts in one day itself, as it will simply burn you out. Here is how you have to arrange your training. Day 1 Run 1600 M in minimum time Day 2 Run 100 M sprints maximum laps Day 3 Rest Day 4 Run 1600 M in minimum time Day 5 Full body high-intensity training Day 6 Rest Day 7 Repeat Cycle Important: Rest is a crucial part of this training for boosting recovery. Perform all workouts only once per day for the initial four weeks. From the fifth week onwards, perform all workouts twice per day (morning & evening). Best of luck! Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Qualcomm has announced its flagship chipset for 2019: the Snapdragon 855. This is the processor that will go inside most of the top Android phones in 2019 including the Samsung Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7, Xiaomi Mi 9 and more. Samsung said it will launch 5G phones in the US in the first half of 2019 and will work with AT&T and Verizon on a total of three models. OnePlus announced its first 5G phone, which will go to Europe. Qualcomm is focusing on several key areas for improvement with the Snapdragon 855, including connectivity, the camera, artificial intelligence, entertainment, and more. © Twitter / Michael Josh The Snapdragon 855 is the first one to offer 5G connectivity by using an integrated Snapdragon X50 5G modem. It supports both Sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequency bands that are expected to provide incredibly fast speeds. Qualcomm says users will get up to 20 times faster average performance compared to some of the current networks. The chipset also sports better WiFi performance via the Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6 mobile platform that ensures better power efficiency and security. Don't get too excited about 5G right now though, it's going to take a long time to arrive in India. © Twitter / Patrick Moorhead Compared to 2018's Snapdragon 845, Qualcomm is promising a 45 percent faster CPU (Central Processing Unit) and a 20 percent faster GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). It sports smaller transistors and is built on TSMC's 7nm process that has lower power consumption and better efficiency. Now, Qualcomm's chip is on par with Apple's A12 Bionic chipset that also ships with a 7nm process. The Snapdragon 855 comes with a custom Kryo 485 CPU built on ARM Cortex Technology. You get one prime core Cortex A76 clocked at 2.84GHz, three Cortex A76-based performance cores clocked at 2.42GHz, and four Cortex A55-based efficiency cores clocked at 1.8GHz. The GPU consists of an Adreno 640 unit that supports 10-bit HDR gaming for the first time. © Twitter / Anshel Sag For the camera, it comes with Qualcomm's Spectra 380 ISP (Image Signal Processor) that can integrate computer Vision-powered portrait modes and AR/VR functions. This direct integration leads to a significant speed boost and reduces power consumption. In simpler words, the chipset is capable of hardware-based depth sensing, object classification, and shoot real-time HDR at 4K resolution. Qualcomm is also finally shifting from JPEG to HEIF images for pictures. JPEG doesn't support portrait effects and HDR natively and hence takes up more space in terms of memory. HEIF standard ensures maximum detail while taking minimum storage. © Qualcomm AI tasks are going to be much faster and in-depth thanks to supporting of the Adreno, Kyro, and Hexagon processors. These processors can work mutually to power AI tasks and together form the company's 4th-generation multi-core AI Engine. Qualcomm has also collaborated with Google's TensorFlow library for on-device mobile performance. These specifications and details have been outlined only on paper right now and we can test the actual performance difference only when the chipset is out, powering a publicly released phone. Though, Qualcomm has definitely upped its game against rising competition from other chipmakers like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.
  4. Tired of failing the New Year's fitness resolutions? Getting average results even after following your fitness guru's training and nutrition advice? It all starts with this fitness discussion around the new year with friends and family that how we want to lose X amount of weight or gain X amount of weight or achieve some form of idealized physique. A goal is always set by everyone but we are unable to reach or surpass their fitness goals. Did You Ever Think Why? © Unsplash We set a goal instead of systems. When we set a goal, it's basically an emotional attachment without any concrete daily action plan while systems can help us design that daily action plan and instead of focusing on the result we put the effort in following the daily procedure required to achieve our fitness goal. Goal: I want to lose 3kg this month System: 1) Following Daily set calories + Amount of time set for physical activity Above is building a long-term process in a space where most of us are focussed on finding quick and short-cut solutions. Now that we have understood the concept of systems in general, let's talk about the steps we can take to create this sustainable fitness lifestyle and kickstart your fitness journey in 2019. 1) Take Baby Steps When you have decided to kickstart your fitness journey in 2019, you need to understand that the change you make has to be sustainable for it to have a long-term effect. Example: A completely inactive person, with unhealthy eating habits for the majority of his life, decides to start his fitness journey by directly jumping on an intense training program and changing his entire daily eating pattern in a short amount of time. While above seems like a very good start, it's probably going to go down the drain after few months of mental exhaustion or worst completely returning back to before. Start slowly, aim to increase your activity level more than previous and start replacing unhealthy food options for healthy one by one. Keep a track whether you are able to maintain the change and adapt to the small change you just made. If yes, increase it one level further and so on according to your schedule. 2) Track Your Exercise And Food © Unsplash When you begin tracking what you eat and how much do you exercise daily you will become more conscious of your actions for your fitness goals. Results should be measurable and so should your daily process to improvise and find the areas which are stopping you from achieving your fitness goals in 2019. Example- I eat healthily, I consume good food Optimal way: I eat 2500 calories and I exercise daily for 45 minutes and repeat this 4 times a week (more details, the better) 3) Seek Knowledge And Help If you are determined but you don't have a direction for achieving your fitness goals in 2019 you are going to go haywire and won't achieve your desired outcome. Best and fastest way to learn something is to pay someone and seek knowledge. Other methods include reading articles over here and follow up on researches. If you want to avoid all the above hassle and save your time, the first option is what you should go ahead with. 4) Environment Over Motivation © Unsplash Lot of times we indulge ourselves in watching motivational videos and motivational music, though science has clearly demonstrated the impact of music on training, the goal shouldn't be motivation but it should be self-motivation. The fire should come from within and for the fire to stay alive it requires you to surround yourself with people who support you and are also determined to achieve their fitness goals in 2019. You can't outgrow your environment. Your motivation to kickstart your fitness goal in 2019 will plummet down but if you have supportive people around and people who also want to become a better version of themselves, you will have a higher probability of doing the same and sustaining your fitness for a longer period. As a good measure always make friends with people who you see regularly in the gym and learn from them. 5) Mental Fitness Don't get caught up in the best method or the best diet plan just because you read it somewhere online. Always do what's the best for you. Do what allows you to follow your plan consistently and the one that keeps your mind happy. If the training or nutrition plan doesn't keep you happy you probably should drop it and try to hop on to some new gimmick again. Remember folks, fitness is not short term but the thing you want to keep up with for the longest period possible. Go achieve your fitness goals in 2019! Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  5. If we have to jot down a list of the greatest films that have ever been made, we won't be able to ignore the glory of 'The Shawshank Redemption' in any case. While, IMDb has still got the film as the reigning queen in the top rated 250 movies, we need our readers to know one striking fact about the film that has simply been ignored by the world. Though this is the one movie that always remains a movie buff's/ critic's special, let us tell you that 'The Shawshank Redemption' is in many ways inspired by the 1979 film 'Escape From Alcatraz', starring Clint Eastwood. Image one In this article, we will explore how over the years, comparisons have been drawn between the two films and what's so peculiar about 'The Shawshank Redemption' that makes it stand out. The Actors If we have to figure out who did a greater job in the two films, it will be hard to make a choice. Where on one hand, 'Escape from Alcatraz' featured Clint Eastwood (Frank Morris) as the white guy, 'The Shawshank Redemption' largely introduced us to the very talented Tim Robbins (Andy Dufresne). If it is rare to find a single loophole in an actor's performance; Eastwood and Robbins presented one such case. In both the films, significant lines have been given to the character of the black prisoner, sharply played by Paul Benjamin (English) and Morgan Freeman (Red) respectively, though Freeman had an upper hand to his character. Thanks to the 'Godly' voice he is gifted with. He swiftly carried out the outstanding narration in 'The Shawshank Redemption', which got him huge acclaim years later as the film made its way into the classic category. Other actors who played the prisoners in both the films did justice to their roles. The Storyline People have termed the Stephen King film as inspired from Alcatraz! As much as the themes of these films are set on the idea of escaping from a prison or prison break, differences have been found between the two as we understood their story formations. Image two_Paramount Pictures Maybe, it is the time gap between the two films that made them look a bit contrasting. Both the films dictate the hardships of prison life and throw light on the behaviourism of prison inmates. What's most interesting is the fact that 'Escape from Alcatraz' and 'The Shawshank Redemption' outlined the traits of the prison warden in similar ways. Also, there is an old man in both the films who carries a pet (a mouse in Alcatraz and a bird in Shawshank) and off course, the method of prison break has also been kept similar in them. However, one cannot ignore the peculiarity of narration and thoughts outlined in 'The Shawshank Redemption'. Major Difference From our thorough study of the two films, we found that 'Escape from Alcatraz' is too direct a story for the viewers, while the makers of 'The Shawshank Redemption' have spent a good amount of time in building each character in the film. Whether it is Andy, Red, Captain Hadley, Warden, or Brooks, the film illustrated an in-depth analysis for each of these characters. The glorification of the idea of freedom is what makes 'The Shawshank Redemption' a film that cannot be missed. If we have to personify freedom, one can see it walking away and then coming back to its beholder, while one goes through the film. Where on one hand, 'The Shawshank Redemption' is a difficult and much emotional journey, 'Escape from Alcatraz' is a thrill and more of an adventure.
  6. Scenario 1: Dad: So, what are you doing with your life? Son: *silence* Scenario 2: Dad: Hello Beta, kaise ho? Khana ho gaya? Son: Haa, ho gya. Mai thik hu. Aap kaise hai? Dad: Mai thik hu. Accha mummy se baat karo. *conversation ends* Does this sound familiar? I bet it does. Of all the people we meet and get acquainted with, it is our father who is the first male presence in our life; our role model, our hero and someone we look up to but are eternally scared of. Indian dads and sons are a complicated lot and their relationship is even more complex. The dynamics of the relationship change dramatically; a bit like Tom and Jerry. Truth be told, we have always had a love-hate relationship with our fathers. Mothers are the fun one, they nurture you, spoil you, care for you. Fathers are the ones who are the strict ones, who reprimand you when you do something wrong. There is a time when they love you dearly, but as you start growing up, you sense a sort of detachment from them. Baba, Papa, Abba, Dad, Appa, Pitaji, Babuji, Baoji; all these words instil a sense of respect, along with a sense of fear as well. We delved into what causes this rift between these two which makes bonding a hassle: 1. Unfulfilled Aspirations: Takiya Kalam: Par tum doctor/engineer kyun nahi banna chahte? Everyone has dreams; some of them get fulfilled, others get cut down due to circumstances. Imagine a young man in his prime who couldn't achieve his heart's desire and decides that his son will carry on the baton. While it is not wrong for a father to have a dream for his son and live their dreams through their children, some fathers downright force their aspirations down their children's throats. This kind of an attitude enables animosity in the son, who goes out of his way to try to live up to the expectations and trying his best, but doesn't seem to make his father happy, eventually hating himself and his father. What we need to understand is that it is not compulsory that sons will follow their father's dreams, if one does so of their own will, it is fantastic, but having a pre-defined path already set in stone for you may not be comfortable. 2. The Inability To Show Emotion: Takiya Kalam: Thik hai. Aur accha karo! Handling emotions have never been the strong suit of men. Showing emotion is portrayed as a flaw, especially in a patriarchal society like ours. Our fathers have always been strong; no tears, no love-dovey talks, just plain tough love. A trait learnt from their fathers. Saying 'I love you', giving a hug or showing emotion is seen as non-masculine, and our society has a very deep-rooted (read misguided) sense of what constitutes masculinity. What they do not realize is that this ingrains the same behaviour in an impressionable, young mind. A son looks up to his father as the person who will show him the ways of the world and help them. So, when they do not show any affection or emotion towards them, it instils rejection and hurt in the mind of the son; leading him to have an aloof relationship, not only with his father but future relationships as well. 3. Being 'The Man': Takiya Kalam: Ladke ye nahi karte… From an early childhood, a son is taught to be the man of the house; it is implicated by the father that he needs to be the sole patriarch of the family after him. He must man up and step into his father's shoes and become the “paterfamilias”. It is an unspoken rule; a regulation that needs to be followed. For a young adolescent, it is increasingly difficult to understand the complexities of adult life, let alone have the burden of “being the man” thrust upon him. Moreover, if the son decides to follow a career in something other than so-called manly pursuits, it is the father, more time rather than less, who will always ask him to follow a career more socially acceptable for a man. Majority of Indian parents have a hard time supporting their children in endeavours the society frowns upon. 4. Toughening Up: Takiya Kalam: Ro mat! Ladke nahi rote! Whenever you fell, your dad made it a point to tell to stop crying about it and brush it aside. That is the way they had always been taught to deal with their problems; they were trying to make you tough. Crying or whining was frowned upon; it made you a ninny. 'Boys don't cry' is such an adage that makes men think that it is a sign of weakness. It's high time that we change it. Crying is not for weaklings, but our dads sue made us feel it was. 5. Worldly-Wise: Takiya Kalam: Duniya aese nahi chalti! In the process of making their sons worldly-wise, dads often employ tactics and lessons which might not be always good. The first time you were duped by the shopkeeper or had any mishap, instead of explaining it you would most probably get lectured about it. The echoing “the world doesn't function the way you want to” dialogue is mandatory. Though it may have seemed like the worst thing that time, it did shape you as an adult, but not in the best way possible. You would try to hide any mistakes you committed so that you would not get another verbal berating. Dads are just trying to make you street-smart so that you don't make the same mistakes they did. 6. Enforcing The Rules: Takiya Kalam: Bas keh diya! Monica says, rules help control the fun. Indian fathers are a step ahead: enforce rules quite heavily so that there is little fun. Rules, when too binding, constrict a person. Having too many rules instils rebellion in the child especially if physical violence is involved. The control being forced upon them makes them have even more animosity towards their dads. Slapping, beating or disparaging doesn't work, it only agitates the young child. He may not shy away to employ the same on others. It becomes a struggle for supremacy; the son wanting more freedom and the dad trying even harder to show the son the fault in his ways. Also, the legendary sass of Indian dads is unparalleled; “Lights to tumhare papa band karenge” or “Papa to ATM hi hain” which is funny to hear but does make you feel irritated. 7. Generation Gap: Takiya Kalam: Hamare zamaane me… © Pinterest The biggest bone of contention is the generation gap: there is a huge difference in the era and conditions our fathers were brought up and the time in which we are now. There are things that they might have a hard time understanding, like mobile phones or laptops for example. They might not always like the music you listen to, the games you play or the shows you see or the way you are growing up; which is fine. You might have been often treated to the iconic, “Hamare zamaane me to hum aisa karte the” or “Hamare zamaane me hum badon se zubaan nahi ladate the.” The son needs to understand that their father is just trying to be relevant; he is unsure about how his son perceives him in this new era. Instead, the son tries to belittle the father or make fun of their choices and thus increases the strain in the already fragile relationship. 8. Communication: Takiya Kalam: Lo, maa se baat karo… Psychology suggests that sons are more comfortable with their mothers instead of their fathers; it is somewhere true. Remember the discomfort you felt when a condom ad or *** scene came up while you and your father were watching television? The channel would get changed immediately or you would start faltering and stuttering while your father would put up a stoic silence. When it comes to *** or some other hard topic, Indian fathers typically shy away from talking about it. It is not limited to just ***, having a conversation with your father is rather difficult. Other than enquiring about your being or some other superficial topic, the conversation ends there. Also, the son doesn't like coming up with any topics in the fear of ending up with a life-long lecture or not having any topic to talk about because it has always been like this, you never bothered to ask about what interests him and vice versa. 9. Appreciation & Comparisons: Takiya Kalam: Sirf 98 aaye hai? 2 marks kaha gaye? Sharmaji ka beta 100 number laya! © iDiva Instead of appreciating what the son has achieved, most fathers try to focus their attention on what he needs to work on. Though it might be a good thing in the future, the want for appreciation remains unfulfilled which gives rise to a sense of anger and despair in the son. He starts thinking that he is unable to obtain his father's approval and his level of acceptance. The pedestal created by the father for his son hampers their relationship. Acting like salt to a wound, Indian fathers have a habit of comparing their sons with his contemporaries. "If Rahul got 98 why did you not get 100? Though they are just pushing you to better yourself, never appreciating your efforts makes one sad. "Making comparisons doesn't make anyone better, it just makes you doubt yourself more. Some dads unknowingly become unkind to their sons; be it comments on their appearance or their habits. This all leads to a feeling of worthlessness in the son. 10. Pride: Takiya Kalam: “Baap humesha baap hota hai” © Afran Productions/Paramount Pictures Fathers are proud beings, and justly so. They have suffered and brought you up; so, when a son does not show the proper respect to his father, it serves as an insult to their ego and pride. They are not comfortable in asking you for help, they will always see it as a step down from their role of the provider and nurturer. As a young adult, with raging hormones and the sense of insecurity, sons give their fathers a hard time by not explaining new things which they don't understand, further enraging the father. The son seeks vindication for all the hurtful things by not helping out and ending up hurting the father's pride. How Can We Rectify this? Fathers need to understand that their words have a profound impact on their sons. They need to shed the armour once in a while, to show their sons that they are fun too. They need to give the son a break; it is beneficial for both. The son needs to understand that behind that grumpy façade and rule-loving face, lies the man who wants the best for you and loves you. The ways he shows may not be always great, but it is your responsibility as the son to understand it. © Pixar Animation Studios/Walt Disney Pictures Bonding with your father is an extremely important aspect of life. He is the first man in your life, the person who will be there always, supporting and guiding you, not always in the way you want. Fathers are also human, they are bound to say things, commit mistakes. Do not hold grudges; talk with them. Listen to their stories, their words of wisdom; they have a lot to say. In retrospect, you will find that he was correct a lot of times, though you may not have felt that way at that moment. © T-series Tell him your experiences, hang out with him. Even if he is of a non-talkative sort, indulge him. Do things for him without being asked to. If you know he likes something, get it for him. He might fake annoyance, but he will be secretly delighted that you remembered. Catch a movie with him, call him more often. If you feel sorry for the way you treated him in the past, apologize, give him a hug. Explain things to him, like technology, which you know he has a hard time adapting to. Be vocal about your love, it is never too late. Try to become friends with him. Whoever said that sons and fathers can never be friends was wrong. Try to understand him and you will see that he has warmed up to you. This is the way you can build a better relationship with your father. © Abc Look at movies like 'The Pursuit of Happyness' and 'Sanju'; these movies show how fathers are not always vocal about things. They are behind-the-curtain men, who make the movie of your life work. A father's love is hidden, it isn't as demonstrative as a mother's, but it doesn't mean that both are different; you just need to unearth the layers.
  7. Dating is not easy these days, especially for men. There's a lot of competition and you have to be the best and stand out of the crowd to impress women. While thanks to DSLR and that wanna-be photographer friends of ours, we get some decent pictures to upload on a dating app. And somehow, we manage to crack a joke or two in order to convince her that we are funny as well. We talk, share our interest and get to know each other better. Based on those interests, we plan the first date. And man doesn't that become a nervous evening? From trying all the three shirts that we have to try to find matching socks, it becomes a war like situation where nothing seems to work. And at the end, we wear whatever we think looks best on us. All is well that ends well, right? Nope! Looking your best is less important than looking appropriate. For instance, maybe that red t-shirt, ripped blue jeans, and white sneakers make you look as good as Arjun Rampal. But if you have planned a date in a posh restaurant where you would be sipping wine on a rooftop, that might not be an appropriate attire. Based on the kind of date you have planned, following are the attires you should go with: · A Movie Date First of all, if it's the first date, going on a movie date is not a wise choice. You would want to get to know each other on your first date and a movie hall clearly isn't the place for that. View this post on Instagram Beauty & Beauuuuuuuuchhhhiiii ððððððð A post shared by Karan Wahi (@imkaranwahi) on Oct 1, 2018 at 8:07am PDT Your second or consecutive dates can definitely be movie dates. So, what to wear on a movie date? Keep it simple. Bring out that round neck t-shirt with a witty quote from your closet and pair it up with ripped jeans (not too ripped, don't show too much skin unless you're Ryan Reynolds). Wear sneakers and please, go with the no-show socks. Nope, even ankle height is not okay. · A Brunch Date Brunches are good as it's easier to pull off various shades during the day. If the brunch is in a café, you can opt for a white polo t-shirt and with it, you can wear khaki chinos. This is one of the most killer combinations. You can complement it with white sneakers. As an accessory, you can wear a watch with a brown strap. Plus, a brown wayfarer to have that dreamy Kartik Aryan look would definitely be a plus. View this post on Instagram Unparalleled comfort and style redefined by Crocs â¤ï¸ðð #literidepacer #crocsindia @crocsindia A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Jul 16, 2018 at 2:20am PDT If the brunch is in some posh restaurant, replace the polo t-shirt with a pure white or pure black shirt. Let everything else remain the same. It's not difficult from going casual to going semi-formal. Just a little attention to detail and that's it. · A Sportish Date An outdoor date is a great idea if you two are adventurous. It can be anything; be it hiking, trekking, a sport of your choice, or even a gaming arena where you can virtually check each other's gaming skills. And if no one told you, it would be one of the best dates of your life. Adventurous sports make our adrenaline go high, which tricks our brain to think that the date was fun. If you can get her adrenaline rush, she definitely will say yes for a second date. Your attire here depends on what you have planned to do. For hiking or trekking, go for a comfortable but stylish lower, which would make you look like an athlete. You can pair it up with a body fit t-shit and your sports shoes. If you have a G-shock, great. But don't wear a leather strap or metal strap watch. If you're going to experience the adventure in virtual reality, medium fit jeans and a loose t-shirt would do the job. You can either wear sneakers or sports shoes, both would work. · A Clubbing Date Clubbing is one of the most casual kinds of dates, so dress accordingly. But make sure she notices that you have put some effort, and didn't just reach there by wearing what you could find on your bed-side chair. © Flipkart Wear a nicely ironed checkered shirt with sleeves rolled till your elbow. Pair it with blue jeans and loafers or ankle height sneakers. As an accessory, you may go with a leather strapped watch. Also, make sure the shirt is not too tight as you would need to use your hands while you dance. Anything worse than looking bad is looking uncomfortable. · A Dinner Date A dinner date is the most intimate kind of a date. Here, you notice everything about each other. How they look, how they talk, if they're a listener, the colour of their eyes, what they laugh at, everything! This is the date where you need to up your game. It's time to bring your favourite black shirt out. © Yash Raj Films With it wear either black or grey trousers. Tuck in the shirt, sleeves should be buttoned, and the trousers should be slim fit. To complement the all black or black-grey combination, go with brown leather shoes and a brown belt. A black stainless steel watch would be cherry on the cake. This sharp attire will show her your confident and responsible side. It would also show her that you care about the date and have put an effort into it. Women get half impressed by the effort only, so this attire will definitely buy you a second date. Last but not least, be a gentleman!
  8. Like it or not, most people go to the gym to look good. Yes, being healthy is always a bonus but that's not the REAL goal of 90-95% population. Looking good is. And when it comes to looking good, what's better than having a chiselled midsection. If you have 6 (or 8) pack abs, you are the envy of all the guys and an eye candy for all the ladies in the gym. But the fact of the matter is that getting to the conditioning where your abs look like bricks attached to your abdominal area, is very difficult. Most people try and fail and only a minority are able to get that shredded. The Reason? Nutrition, yes! Most people do not know how to eat right in order to get shredded, even though it is common knowledge by now that in order to lose fat you need to eat in a caloric deficit. but it is easier said than done, especially when you are trying to get single digit body fat percentage. You eat very little food for a very long time which becomes very monotonous and difficult, plus when you are already lean, you lose fat very slowly as compared to when you start dieting. This can be very disheartening and this is where most people fail. But here are a few tricks that you can implement while dieting to make your life a little easier when you are in the pursuit of that die-for midsection: 1: Pump Up Your Food Volume (Low-Calorie Foods) Your stomach is like a wrinkled tissue with space for only half a can of a soda when it is empty. But as soon as you eat, those wrinkles unfold, the stomach expands and its space expands up to 20 times. The interesting thing here is that your satiation depends on how full your stomach is, which means that it's not the number of calories in the food that matter but the amount you consume. So opt for more real, voluminous and low calorie/calorie-free foods which will make you feel full while keeping your caloric intake lower. © YouTube 2 Bump Up The Fiber Continuing from the first point, real foods like fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes are high in fibre and fibre slows down the digestive process. Soluble fibre, which is mostly found in beans and legumes, some fruits and veggies etc is fermented in the gut, which gives you the feeling that you are full. On average, your food (caloric) intake is decreased by around 10 per cent by 14 grams of fibre you eat. So, if you want to feel fuller bump up your fruits, veggies and starchy carbs. If that's not you, you can always make your foods more solid than liquid. The more solid in nature a food is, the stronger the satiety signal it sends. Think about what makes you fuller, apple juice or apple? An apple, which you have to chew, is always going to be more satiating than apple juice, which is more satiating than water. © Pixabay 4. Ramp Up The Protein Despite its importance being mentioned in every fitness article ever, most people still do not eat adequate protein. Higher protein intake becomes even more important when you are trying to get ripped for a few reasons: a. Protein has a much higher satiety rate than both carbs and fat. so, eating more protein will probably going to make feel fuller for longer preventing the chances of overeating through frequent snacking. Also, your body needs protein for a lot of functions which are very vital. Unlike fats and carbs, protein cannot be stored to be used in the future. So, your body is acutely aware of its protein intake, just as it's sensitive to sodium and water. The desire for protein is thought to drive appetite until you've consumed enough. b. What you want to lose is fat and not hard-earned muscle, and an optimum protein intake along with resistance training is what's going to help you retain your muscle mass. Implement these tricks and eat your way to six-pack abs. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. He has coached individuals from all forms of life, right from people looking to get in shape in general to national level bodybuilding and physique athletes. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness or his Instagram handle if you are looking for professional help with your fitness goals.
  9. Ahead of their much-anticipated tour of Australia, the Indian cricket team was tipped to give their opponents a run for their money across the T20I, Test and ODI series Down Under. While the in-form Indian side boasted of match-winners including batting genius Virat Kohli, the Australian brigade appeared depleted, especially in the absence of Steve Smith and David Warner. Two of the most influential players in the Australian line-up, Warner and Smith, who were handed their respective 12-month bans over the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa, have been away from international cricket, plying their trade in domestic competitions outside Australia. While Warner and Smith cannot take part in India's ongoing tour of Australia, the two batting maestros seem to be doing their bit to ensure their team comes out on top in the upcoming four-match Test series. The Aussie batting duo has been busy helping their fast bowlers to combat their biggest threat - Kohli - in Tests. Two of Australia's star quicks didn't hold back when David Warner jumped in the SCG nets this afternoon. pic.twitter.com/yyoUowozWP — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) November 25, 2018 Warner was recently spotted at the Sydney Cricket Ground where the Australian team was sweating it out in their net session. The left-hander was seen facing Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins with coach Justin Langer watching from the sidelines. Virat Kohli put the finishing touches on India's six-wicket win at the SCG on Sunday after a fast start in the power play #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/5kvispVho5 — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) November 25, 2018 According to The Australian, Warner was also invited into the Australian dressing room ahead of their T20I defeat to India in the third match, where Kohli's brilliant 61-run knock saw the visitors securing a 1-1 draw in the series. On the other hand, Australian fast bowling spearhead Mitchell Starc also revealed that Smith has been asked to help the bowlers get ready this week for the tough challenge against India. "There's talking to bowling coaches then there's talking to the guys you're bowling to. That's a great opportunity to have him face us in our preparation leading up to the Tests," Starc told the Sydney Morning Herald. Enjoy the very best of @stevesmith49's net session against Australia's Test quicks at the @scg today. Some of these shots are just ð pic.twitter.com/WusgsaKLH9 — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) November 27, 2018 "It'll be great to bowl to him (Smith) in the nets. He's one of the best in the world, to even get his thoughts on how we're tracking will always be good for us," Starc added. While how big a help Smith and Warner will turn out to be for their team, is yet to be seen, but Australia undoubtedly have their task cut out against a strong side like India going into the exciting Test series. The Indian cricket team will also be eager to establish their dominance Down Under when they take the field against Australia in the first Test, slated to begin from 6th December at the Adelaide Oval.
  10. Wedding season is back with a bang and apart from rejoicing at the festivities, there are a lot of other things you may indulge in to live through the cold, long and harsh winter months. I mean yes, free-flowing alcohol is one option at weddings but I was talking about something a little more cosy! Weddings is a great time to meet new people and form new associations. If you're from the groom or the bride's side and are closely associated with either then you'll definitely be interacting with their extended families and getting to know the unknowns a little better. (AA Films) Chances are, you'll find someone attractive enough to probably make a move too. Since festivities are in order and you're single AF, there might be a chance you feel a little left out and might resort to the option of approaching women at the wedding. While that might be a good idea, remember you're in the year 2018, the same year, #MeToo became a conscious effort to make a deliberate change in the way we act and feel, and so approaching a woman should be kept under measures suitable to the crowd you're approaching. I am not saying you're creepy, I just mean there is a certain code of conduct you need to follow through with, that'll still get you what you like and want. So, if you're looking at hooking up/getting to know someone at a wedding this year, maybe this is how you should go about it (1) Be As Amicable As You Possibly Can Be cool and be as social as you possibly can. Be amicable and helpful around the ceremony and make an impression on everyone, not just women. And by impression I mean make a good impression. Women usually do notice single men around and if you make a good impression and the woman you're trying to impress sees other women talking to you or gravitate towards you, she will do so herself too. On the other hand, if you come off a shy awkward and displaying a lack of confidence, no one is going to pay you any heed at all. So, be the kind of guy who is liked by everyone and try and be as confident as you can. (c)Eros International (2) Make Her Comfortable You may spot someone you like who probably knows no one else except the groom or the bride. If you are talking to her, make sure you keep her company and don't make her feel left out, just because she's awkward. Make her have some fun and introduce her to people, so she can converse with them too. Don't hit on her randomly and go away, she will feel a lot more awkward if you do that. (c)Eros International (3) Do Your Due Diligence If you like someone , go for it but also find out who she is and if she's from the same side of the party as you! If she's not, then ask someone who knows her about her and get to know who she is. Make sure you're in no way related to her, before you go talk to her. You might just be talking to your 5th cousin, you've never met, without you knowing it! So, it's always a good thing to find out whatever you can about the girl. (4) Don't Be An outrageous Flirt You never know what women might misconstrue as inappropriate behaviour, since appropriateness is still being defined or is rather decided by the girl so don't outrageously and aggressively flirt with anyone. You can obviously get her a drink and take her phone number politely but if she's not interested, it's best to move on and let her be. No, women don't like to be pursued beyond a point. If she likes the chase, trust me you'll know she wants to be chased. But if she doesn't you will know that too. So don't make her uncomfortable, especially at a wedding! (c)Pintrest (5) Don't Get Too Drunk Yes, alcohol is everywhere you breath. It's a big fancy Indian wedding and unless the families have an issue with alcohol, it's probably more prevalent than some draught stricken areas in India. But that doesn't mean you drink the entire fountain! While getting drunk is great, it loosens your inhibitions, it's not okay to get too drunk also. Maybe you can offer the lady you're crushing on, a drink and give her company with your drink? That way you drink with her and you don't go overboard! (c)Eros Interational Approaching a women anywhere in today's day and age has to be well thought out. If she's not comfortable with your presence get the hint and leave her alone. It all works on the principle of consent and once you understand that, it'll be easier to make a fair judgment of what women really want. It's either a yes, or a no and a no certainly doesn't translate to 'I wish you try harder'!
  11. Office- going folks often complain a lot about their weight problems. Some of the usual excuses are: "I do not have the time to exercise." "I cannot eat 6 meals in a day." "I have a slow metabolism." "I cannot follow the GM diet." etc….. Well, fat loss is not easy to achieve. I get that. But it does not have to be as complicated as you make it with those statements above. Fun fact: You don't need to do anyting mentioned in the statements above if you want to lose weight. How Does Weight Loss Happen? Your body needs a certain number of calories to maintain its weight. You have to eat lesser than that number to start losing weight. How To Calculate This Number? © Thinksticok An easy way to calculate the fat loss calories is to multiply your body weight x 24. Or you can use any of the innumerable calculators available online. For example, an 80-kilo guy can start eating 80x24 = 1920 calories to start losing weight. Obviously, this number will change with time as you lose weight. You do not need to follow any specific special diet or eat 6 times a day to boost metabolism. All you need to focus on is eating this calorie number consistently. Install a calorie counting app and feed in what you eat throughout the day. If it is going above this, you need to cut back on food. How Many Meals Per Day? As many as you are comfortable with. Do you like eating 3 meals? Eat 3 meals. Do you like eating 6 meals? Eat 6 meals. As long as you stick to the calorie number, it is all that matters. © Pixabay How Do I Exercise? I Cannot Go To The Gym 6 Days A Week. You do not need to. Just take care of a few things if you want to look good after losing weight: 1. Lift weights over doing just cardio. 2. Select exercises that work your whole body or more muscle groups and not just stick to bicep curls. 3. Exercise each body part at least two times per week. 4. Get stronger at those exercises. Need a 3-day plan with which you can kickstart your journey? Read this article. I Do Not Want To Take Fat Burners Or Fat Loss Pills. Are They Needed? No. They are not. Most supplements in the fitness industry are a bust and pretty pointless. They just give out fake promises and take your money. Do I Need Any Supplements? No again. Are there some supplements that can benefit you? Yes. And they are: 1. Whey protein 2. Caffeine 3. Creatine Again, they do not do anything magical or help you achieve your goals overnight. They benefit you in a certain way which I have covered in detail in this article. Oh, and guess what? Even if you buy 3 of these and use it, it will not cost you over 100 Rupees per day. How Long Do I Need To Do This? Good question. The simplest answer would be; 'as long as it takes.' As a lot of factors play a role in this and it is a very subjective thing. If you want to speed things up or want consistent results, you might benefit working with a coach 1-1. To Sum It Up: 1. Eat fewer calories 2. Lift weights 3. Get stronger 4. Do it consistently Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  12. Yesterday, Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 6 Pro in India and releasing the device so soon wasn't really expected. If we consider Xiaomi's launch pattern for the Note series so far, the Note 4 was launched in Q1 2017 followed by the Note 5 in Q1 2018. We were expecting the Note 5 Pro's successor to come early next year. Instead of launching one phone per year, it has decided to go with two phones per year in the same series. This is in line with industry trends like OnePlus releasing two every year. In the midrange segment, this makes even more sense because the competitors are constantly launching new phones with better offerings. © Xiaomi Earlier, the difference between the incumbent and the successor used to be major. We'd see specs bump, software upgrades, as well as design changes. Now with the new launch flow, we see the phones have minor upgrades. So, what's new in the Redmi Note 6 Pro? 1. The design remains the same on the back, but you'll see a notched display on the front. The display is now slightly bigger at 6.26-inches instead of 6-inch. Due to the notch, the aspect ratio has been changed from 18:9 to 19:9. The slightly larger display area means the screen-to-body ratio too has been bumped to 81 percent. 2. The phone ships out of the box with MIUI 10 and brings in gesture support, picture-in-picture mode, new recent menu, Android Pie like volume slider, and AI performance enhancements. The Redmi Note 5 Pro is already receiving the update OTA (over the air). © Xiaomi 3. The Redmi Note 6 Pro has a slightly better dual camera setup on the rear consisting of a 20-megapixel primary shooter with f/1.9 and a 5-megapixel secondary lens with f/2.2. The front too now has a dual camera setup with a 20+2-megapixel combo. 4. The rear camera comes with dual pixel phase detection autofocus, AI scene detection, studio lighting, adjustable bokeh, and improved portrait mode. Using AI, not only can the phone add a bokeh effect but also completely change the background into 6 presets. After a preset is applied, you can also further change the type of lighting overlay. This opens up the option of having much more customization and using the same depth sensor, newer edits can be applied. One neat feature on the #RedmiNote6Pro, you can remove unwanted things from the background. pic.twitter.com/mBhhj3iCMq — Akshay Bhalla (@Bhallanator) November 22, 2018 5. The processor remains the same at Snapdragon 636, which powered the Redmi Note 5 Pro as well. Everyone expected the phone to get a processor bump, but is it really needed? The chipset is powerful enough to fuel a midrange phone and it becomes easier for Xiaomi to roll-out updates. The base hardware configuration of the Redmi Note 5 Pro and the Note 6 Pro remains the same, and both can receive timely updates. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Now, obviously, if a company is launching a "new" product, we naturally expect it to boast new features. And, the Redmi Note 6 Pro does bring quite a few. Xiaomi hasn't removed any of its features from the Note 5 Pro, and has just added new ones on the top. The notch's existence has always been controversial and it depends on one's choice. The deal is even sweeter when we consider the launch price. The base variant with 4GB+64GB configuration starts at Rs 13,999 and the second option with 6GB+64G configuration costs Rs 15,999.
  13. Gym rats or fitness freaks (the two tags I absolutely dislike) often start worrying when a trip is planned. The fear of losing the 'gains or putting on fat is pretty real. If you are one of those freaks too, or even if not but you'd like to stay in shape when you travel, this piece is totally for you. Here are some tips and tricks to incorporate while traveling: 1) Intermittent Fasting © Pixabay Intermittent Fasting or IF is a popular dieting strategy that splits your day into two distinctive windows. The feed and fast windows. You consume zero calorie drinks and beverages in the fasting window like coffee, green tea, diet soda, water, etc. and you eat solid meals or calorie-containing beverages in the feeding window. By incorporating this strategy, even if you would be eating outright junk, you will still end up limiting the calories you consume during the day. A 16:8 or an 18:6 fasting:feeding protocol is something I see suits me and most of my clients during traveling. 2) Walking A good way to get in some exercise or some physical activity when traveling is to use your feet as the primary source of transport. Walk short distances, explore the place, be on your feet. This way you will burn off some extra calories for the day and worry a bit lesser about getting out of shape. 3) Hotel Gym Or Room Workout Getting to the gym or keeping up with your actual workout during your travels may not be possible due to two main reasons: a. Short on time b. Not much equipment or a proper gym facility So make the best use of whatever is available to you. Either do a bodyweight session inside the hotel room itself or just a few exercises in the hotel gym. Finish off the session in 30 to 40 minutes so you can later enjoy the day and your trip as well. 4) Reduce Your Meal Frequency © Pixabay This is not the Intermittent Fasting pointer again. This means, in general, eat lesser meals. If you are used to eating 5 to 6 meals in a day, drop it down to 2 or 3 meals for the day. Lesser meals = lesser calories. And this is a very easy way to manage intake without complicating things. 5) Protein And Salads As Starters When traveling, eating the local delicacies should be on your to-do list as you may not find the same opportunity anytime soon again. But if you have a tendency to overdo it, there are a few tips and tricks you can incorporate to avoid the all-out hogging approach. Start your meal with a serving of protein and some fiber. A salad with minimal dressings as an example. As both of these things are satiating, they will suppress your appetite to a certain extent. A lower appetite means that you will not hog on or go all out on the foods kept in front of you. This way, you can incorporate these steps and manage to stay in shape during your travels. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  14. Water is the very foundation of life on earth. I think we can all agree that life, as we know it, would not have existed in the absence of water. The human body itself is about 70% water. It is pretty obvious that like everything else, there would be different opinions on how much water one should be drinking every day. Some people believe you need to sip on water even when you're not thirsty, while some recommend not drinking more than 2 litres of water every day. So many opinions, so much confusion! But Why Is Being Hydrated So Important? © Thinkstock Images Because you constantly keep losing water from your body, primarily via urine and sweat and being dehydrated can negatively impact your fitness levels. If your body weight decreases by meager 2% from fluid losses, your endurance goes down and if the number goes up to 3%, it can negatively impact strength. So, to prevent dehydration and (more importantly to be alive), adequate fluid intake is very important. What All Can Be Considered As Fluids? All fluids except for alcohol should be counted in your total fluid intake. Alcohol is not considered because it is dehydrating and makes you urinate more fluids out than you drink. Other than that, every other fluid contributes to your fluid intake. Even things like coffee and diet sodas which are often looked at as dehydrating agents are fluids. So all fluids, including coffee, diet soda, milk, juice, tea, flavored waters and any drink (besides alcohol) will count towards this intake. So How Much Fluid Should You ACTUALLY Consume? © Pixabay Your total water (fluid) intake for the day depends on a lot of internal and external individual factors and there are a couple of ways to decide optimum water (fluid) intake. Body weight method - The first way to calculate your fluid intake will involve calculations based on your body weight. For every 23 kg of your body weight, you should have a litre of water. 2. Qualitative method - The second method is based on your individual needs. Following this method, you should drink the amount of fluid which makes have 5 clear urinations per day. Out of 5, two urinations should be after you workout or during your workout if you have long workout sessions. Out of the two methods, I find the second one superior over the method where you intake is determined by your bodyweight. This is because two people of same body weight can have very different needs when it comes to fluid intake. A few determining factors could be: 1. Sweating - Some people sweat more than others and depending on the geographical location some people lose a lot more fluid through sweating than others. So, a 75 kg guy living in Jaipur will need to drink a lot more water than a 75 kg guy who lives in Kashmir. 2. Training And Lifestyle - Your hydration status depends a lot on the quantity and type of training you do. For example, if you work out 6 days and do 3-4 hour long cardio sessions in a week on top of the weight training, you'll need a lot more water to stay hydrated than someone who does not. Your profession also pays a big role in deciding your fluid intake. If you are someone who has to do physical work for their livelihood, you naturally will need more water than someone who is sedentary and sits at his office desk working on computers all day. Conclusion The best way to begin is to initially set your water(fluid) intake as per the body weight-based fluid recommendations. Check the colour and frequency of your urine while drinking this set of amount of fluid and increase or decrease your fluid intake accordingly by aiming for 5 clear urinations per day. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. He has coached individuals from all forms of life, right from people looking to get in shape in general to national level bodybuilding and physique athletes. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness or his Instagram handle if you are looking for professional help with your fitness goals.
  15. Having trouble looking fashionable while sticking to traditional attire? Let us help you.
  16. Every dude wants a good looking midsection. It's impressive to look at and speaks volume about a person's dieting ethics. The problem is that not many can get what they dream off and Virat Kohli, 10 years back, certainly didn't imagine that he would one day have a fantastic core. What did he do to get the defined abs he sports now? Well, that's what I am going to break down with this article. Diet. Diet. DIET! View this post on Instagram Thats how i feel when i have my favourite nibbles and a cup of black coffee in front of me. ðððð. Stay healthy stay happy :) #healthiswealth #eatclean A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Jul 1, 2016 at 4:21am PDT Now no matter however much you workout, if your diet sucks, you will never ever see your abs. That's the truth, folks. In fact the very first step in carving out a chiseled core is to look at what you are eating on a daily basis. Virat went through a paradigm shift in his eating habits ever since he got serious about his strength and conditioning. His plates see nothing else than grilled, low fat food now. Pretty sure he's also counting the calories he eats. That's exactly what you have to do- count your calories. If you eat more calories and burn less you will put on weight. If you eat less and spend more, weight loss is inevitable. Eating right and calculated is the FIRST step. Movement Matter More Than YOU Think View this post on Instagram India, let's get out of our comfort zones. When it comes to fitness, the first step is always the hardest but I'm going to help you get started. PUMATRAC is here to reshape our fitness regime. I'm going LIVE on Instagram and Facebook tomorrow at 4 PM IST, Join me! A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Mar 25, 2018 at 1:57am PDT The only thing that stands between visible abs and a happy you is the layer of abdominal fat you see on your core. That's not only a result of poor eating right there but also an example of how less you move throughout. Let me make this very clear- you don't burn massive amount of calories by spending an hour or so in the gym. Maximum calories are burned when you move throughout the day. Yes, walking, talking and just regular movement in general amount to thousands of calories burned. After getting your diet structured (in a deficit), make it a pint to move more. Exercising Surprised why I put exercising at last? That's because if the above two things are in place, exercising won't matter. Running buck wild on the treadmill and doing thousands of crunches will only get you injured, not a six pack. So is you have the above two things sorted out, here's how you should work your core- 1) Compound Movements View this post on Instagram Rise and push up, guys! I've done my bit for #1MillionPushUps. What's your count today? A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Mar 28, 2018 at 4:20am PDT View this post on Instagram Can't wait to get back onto the field. Almost there now ðªâï¸ð. 14th April â³ A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Apr 11, 2017 at 1:49am PDT I'll keep it easy- push-ups, lunges, squats, bench press, shoulder pressing, pull-ups and deadlifts are some of the most outstanding compound movements. They make you body work as a unit to produce force and hence, recruits maximum muscle. And unsurprisingly, Virat surely does them all. Almost all the compound movements demand absolute core area recruitment which eventually leads to strong abs. 2) Isolating The Core Now once you are well versed with compound exercises, if need be, core isolation can help add more development to the area. Crunches, sit-ups and leg raises are some really effective core isolation moves BUT ONLY IF done correctly. And yes, you don't need to do a thousand reps of these, like most people do. Stick to 10-15 rep range and have absolute control on your core throughout the movement. 3) Cardio View this post on Instagram There's no ideal way to put in hard work. Everyday is an opportunity. Stay fit stay healthy! âï¸ðªð A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Nov 17, 2018 at 12:21am PST Again, you don't need cardio to see your abs. You need a calorie deficit aka eating less. But that doesn't mean 'no' cardio at all. You can still throw in low intensity or high intensity cardio as per your wish but in moderation. 20-25 minutes 2-3 times a week is more than enough given that you operate in a calorie deficit. Always keep in mind that cardio is just a tool to burn more calories! So that's about it guys. Virat does all of the above and in the exact same order. Getting abs is no rocket science. All it takes in consistent effort. View this post on Instagram Focus and determination are my keys to build strength during this time. ðª #Ignite for my soundspiration! #MuveAcoustics A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Jun 4, 2018 at 2:25am PDT
  17. If you have watched the latest 'Fantastic Beasts' movie then this is a cool ground for further investigation, if not, then beware, spoilers ahead! While the latest instalment was slow in parts, interesting in some, the wild ending opened a Pandora's box of discussion for fans and viewers. Who would have thought that Credence, who is seeking his history so desperately, would stun everyone when his identity was finally revealed. © Warner Bros It is already established that the movie draws from the Harry Potter universe and there is an obvious connection between the two. However, in case, your memory is not jogging fast enough and you need a recollection of exactly how everything in this movie fits in the world of Harry Potter, then allow us to elaborate. 1. The Mirror Of Erised- Now, we are familiar with this magical mirror which is known to show us nothing but the 'most deepest and desperate desires of our heart'. Back in the first book, 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone', when Harry asks Dumbledore what does the mirror show him, Albus is quick to respond with 'thick, woollen socks'. Of course, it is a lie but this movie shows what the younger Dumbledore truly desired when we get a glimpse of his intimate relationship with none other than his friend-turned-nemesis Gellert Grindelwald himself. © Warner Bros 2. Nicolas Flamel- I don't know about you, but the excited me got more excited to see the man from the first book come alive on the screen for the first time. He is the French Alchemist who is known to have the elixir of life, is immortal and is also, as we know, Dumbledore's close friend. When Lord Voldemort is on the lookout for the stone, Flamel trusts Albus with it. © Warner Bros 3. Dumbledore's Empathy For Obscurials- As per various theories, Dumbledore's sister was an Obscurial who was abused by Muggles as a kid and therefore never practised magic. This suppression led to uncontollable outbursts of power from her. Their father Percival is sent to Azkaban for killing the muggles and never reveals the intention, fearing that the Ministry would take Ariana away. Eventually, Ariana's outbursts end up with them losing their mother and then Albus becomes their guardian. He later develops an idea with his friend Grindelwald that a utopian world could exist for wizards, which leads them towards 'The Deathly Hallows'. In the same book, we read that Harry learnt about the duel between the brothers and Grindelwald and Ariana's demise that kept Dumbledore guilty all his life. It makes sense that he wants Newt to protect Credence, because he doesn't want another obscurial to face a horrific destiny. 4. The Conflict Between The Ministry Of Magic & Dumbledore- It is no surprise that there has always been a conflict of interest and clash of opinions between the two powerful entities of the wizard community. When Voldemort returned and was at large in the 'Order of the Phoenix', the Ministry practically went to war with Dumbledore, who was trying to tell the magical community that the Dark Lord was back.The same tension has been shown in this movie when the ministry bans him from teaching 'Defence Against The Dark Arts' and cuffs him up to keep a tab on every spell he casts. 5. Nagini's Reality – So another shocker in the trailer was that Nagini was in fact, a legit human being. She is a Maledictus who we believe, probably allies or is taken in by Voldemort, once she becomes a snake permanently. I was personally looking for more dope on her but the next instalment will probably take care of her backstory. © Warner Bros The next movie will open more cans of worm, we guess, and therefore the lukewarm feeling that this movie left us with, will most certainly be taken care of in the next one. I have faith in the direction of David Yates and I cannot wait to see what the newly discovered Dumbledore has in store for us.
  18. This article does not constitute medical advice. Please see your licensed medical physician for information about how best to manage diabetes in your individual case. It's always a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise regimen. Diabetes is one of the major lifestyle diseases people are suffering from in the 21st century. Every third person now has Diabetes and it is terrible how it is seen as the new normal. There are two types of Diabetes mainly- 1. Type 1 - Here the beta cells of your pancreas have been destroyed and your body cannot produce insulin. 2. Type 2 - Here your tissues have become insulin resistant. Meaning your organs and tissues cannot store the blood glucose. © Thinkstock Images The type 1 is usually genetic and one has to depend on external insulin. The second one, i.e. type 2 diabetes is usually caused due to lifestyle factors and being overweight. Let's talk about type 2 diabetes now. What happens here is when you eat carbs, they are broken down into blood glucose. In a normal scenario, your blood glucose will rise, your pancreas will release insulin. Think of your tissues and organs as the storage chests and insulin as the key. The blood glucose is what you can store in the storage. When your blood glucose rises, the insulin is released by your pancreas and they bind to your tissues opening the chest. The flowing blood glucose gets stored in it and your blood glucose levels become normal. Summary: Tissues and Organs - Storage chests with locks Insulin - Key to the locks Glucose - Things that can be stored in the treasure chests When you get fat (the time when you are most susceptible to type 2 diabetes), these locks get changed. As your body is trying to prevent fat gain after a certain point! As the keys fail to unlock, the blood glucose/sugar levels stay elevated which then leads to issues like hyperglycemia and can damage your organs. Now, this led to a certain breed of keto-tards thinking that it is the carbs at fault here and carbs or insulin elevations lead to diabetes. That is not the case. The case is of you eating more calories than what your body is using. © Pixabay This brings us to the main point of discussion. How should one diet if they are borderline diabetic or type 2 diabetic? First, there is no such thing as a perfect diet for everyone as it misses a host of things and the overall context. Second, 'keto is the best' diet for diabetes suggesting crowds are idiots and even more is their guru. Coming to what you should be focusing on: 1. Lose fat. That is one of the main issues you should be trying to resolve. To lose fat, you can start dieting at approximately 10 to 12 calories per pound of body weight. 2. Lower carb or High carb? Research shows that both of them work equally well if they lead to weight loss. One issue is of the glycemic load. When you eat a lot of simple carbs at once, they elevate blood glucose easily which could lead to issues for diabetics. Eating complex or high-fiber carbs can solve that. Again, not many people eat a lot of high-fiber carbs these days due to their food choices. So reducing overall carbohydrate intake seems to be a better option A rough number here would be around 1 gram per pound of body weight. 3. Having monounsaturated fats seems to be beneficial over saturated fats but only up to a certain level. After a point, it has no benefit over saturated fats. Limiting fat intake to not more than 35% and keeping it mostly unsaturated fats is a good idea. 4. Have a protein intake between 0.8 to 1.2 grams per pound of your body weight. 5. Following a resistance training routine with a little bit of cardio for overall health should be coupled along with a dietary approach. And yes, one major thing that research has shown and people falsely correlate. Insulin resistance is a cause of weight gain. Not the other way round. References: 1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10889805 Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  19. Over the last three decades, obesity has acquired the dubious status of being a worldwide epidemic in reproductive-age men. The incidence of obesity has nearly tripled over the last three decades and this increase corresponds with a similar rise in the number of reported cases of male infertility around the world. What makes this data even more concerning is the fact that the impact of male obesity isn't restricted to their impaired reproductive potential alone; it also reduces the quality of sperm and can affect the metabolic and reproductive health of offspring. How Does Obesity Affect Fertility? © YouTube Obesity is characterised by abnormal or excessive fat accumulation, which has negative implications for health, life expectancy and various other chronic diseases. Recent demographic changes, including increased consumption of high-calorie, low-fibre junk foods, combined with decreased physical activity and sedentary lifestyles have led to a phenomenal increase in the incidence of obesity. Today, India ranks among the top five countries in terms of its obese population. High Body Fat Equals More Oestrogen (Female Hormone) A 2012 study conducted by Pare Hospital in Paris that studied nearly 10,000 men found that while 24 per cent of respondents with normal body weight reported a low sperm count and 2.6 per cent had no viable sperm. On the other hand, in obese men, 32.4 per cent had a low sperm count and 6.9 per cent had no viable sperm. The researchers surmised that the link between obesity and reduced fertility could be attributed to the fact that fatty tissues could potentially convert male hormones such as testosterone into the female hormone oestrogen. Higher amounts of fatty tissue directly correspond to increased oestrogen levels. What Do The Waistlines Say? Another 2013 study that surveyed 468 men with no previous diagnosis of infertility found that men with waistlines measuring 40 or more inches had a 22 per cent lower total sperm count than men with waistlines of less than 37 inches. The study also found that azoospermia, a condition characterised by a complete lack of viable sperm in semen was more common in obese men (6.9 per cent) as compared to men of a healthy weight (2.6 per cent). More Fat Equals More Testicular Heat Researchers also believe that raised testicular heat, which is more common in obese men owing to insulation caused by excess body fat, can lower the quality and production of sperm. Obesity is also linked to higher rates of erectile dysfunction in men, as obesity-linked high blood pressure can affect the flow of blood to the *****, making it harder to achieve or maintain an erection. Losing Weight To Improve Fertility © Pixabay · Eat healthy – a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and dairy, when combined with a physically active lifestyle can help you to reach or maintain a healthy weight. · Lower caffeine – excessive consumption of caffeine, whether in the form of fizzy beverages or coffee, have been linked to lower sperm count and concentration. It is recommended that you limit your consumption of caffeine to 300 milligrams a day. · Exercise – stress is a leading cause of abnormalities in sperm production and reduced sperm concentration. In addition to helping to stay fit, regular exercise can keep your stress levels in check. · Check your medication – certain medicines can affect the quantity and quality of sperm. Before trying to conceive, make sure all the medication you take – including prescription and over-the-counter drugs – are fertility-friendly. If necessary, ask your doctor for suitable alternatives. · Quit smoking – cigarettes can cause poor sperm counts and cause slow-moving sperm. Make sure you quit smoking at least three months before trying for a baby. · Eat more folate – lower levels of folic acid are associated with a higher level of abnormal chromosomes in sperm, which can increase the likelihood of miscarriage or birth defects. Remedy this by eating folate-rich foods such as beans, leafy green vegetables, whole grains and citrus fruits and aim for 400 milligrams of folic acid every day. Author Bio: Dr. Rajalaxmi Walavalkar, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF specialist at Cocoon Fertility.
  20. At every gym, you will find numerous people performing the famous 'ab crunch' exercise. Most people do it for burning their belly fat, something which cannot be achieved by merely doing 'ab crunches' (this a topic for another article, but if you are smart you'd already know this). The problem with crunches is that majority of people, even the well-trained athletes fail to harness its full potential. Your legs and arms are only as strong as your core. An underdeveloped core is a weak support for hard-working limbs. © Pinterest The core muscles act as shock absorbers for jumps, rebounds, or plyometric exercises; stabilize the body; and represent a link, or transmitter, between the legs and arms. Also, the best protection against common lower back injuries is a strong back (by doing barbell rows, deadlifts back extensions) and well-developed abdominal muscles. The ab crunch is a powerful exercise to strengthen the rectus abdominis. Here Are Are Alterations To This Movement To Make It More Effective 1) Rest your calves on a bench The rectus abdominis runs vertically and pulls the trunk forward when the legs are fixed, as in ab crunches. To isolate the abdominal muscles, an exercise is required that bends the spine but not the hips. Exercises that flex the hips are performed by the iliopsoas (a powerful hip flexor) and to a lesser extent by the abdominals. Thus, the best ab crunch position is lying on the back with the calves resting on a chair or bench. This position isolates the abdominals since the hips are already bent. © Pinterest 2) Reduce The Range Of Motion In exercise, more science is not always optimal. As in the case of ab crunches, a full range of motion results in reduced stimulation of the abdominis muscles as beyond a certain range, people begin to use their lower back. Note that a crunch is not a full sit up. It is meant to stimulate the rectus abdominis only. Limiting the range of motion is makes the exercise the best way to build strength and endurance in that specific muscle group. Consider moving only 5-7 inch off the floor and perform the eccentric and concentric with a very slow tempo ( 3 seconds up, 4 seconds down) this enhances the recruitment of ab muscles and also increases the time under tension. These two changes will make your ab training slightly harder but a lot more effective. Credits: Periodization for Sports by Tudor O Bompa, Exercise Manual by NSCA Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  21. What if you ate cakes, Oreos, sugary cereals and Doritos for a majority of your meals? The most common answer for it would be saying that you will become obese and balloon up in size. Some trainers or uneducated gurus will go to the extent of saying that this will cause you cancer. That is because they have an academy pushing sports nutrition courses that teach pseudoscience and fad diets in the guise of 'science' and say things like calories do not count. © Twinkies But Seriously, What Would Happen If You Eat Junk Foods Most Of The Time? That is what a professor of human nutrition of the University of Kansas did for 10 weeks to prove a point. The Point He PROVED: Calories Count © YouTube Professor Mark Haub aka the Twinkies professor started eating a diet that ensured he ate less than 1800 calories in a day. For a person of his weight, he would need around 2600 calories a day to maintain weight. This effectively put him in a calorie deficit. Two-thirds of his calories came for absolute junk food and sugary stuff like Twinkies (a brand of cakes), Oreos, Doritos, and a variety of sugary cereals. Along with that, he ate some green veggies, a protein shake, and a multivitamin per day. The results: 1. He lost 27 pounds of body weight in 10 weeks. 2. His body fat dropped from 33.4 to 24.6 percent. 3. His BMI dropped from 28.8 to 24.9. 4. His cholesterol profile improved. 5. His HDL or the 'good cholesterol' increased by 20 percent, his LDL or the 'bad cholesterol' decreased by 20 percent and his triglycerides dropped by 39 percent. Calories © Pixabay The main thing that he ensured in his diet was consistently eating lesser calories than what his body burns in a day. This does not mean you should go on a junk food diet starting this moment. It is not healthy and if you are looking at a long-term habit formation or improved athletic performance, this style of eating is far from ideal. Still, it proves a point, a point that is the basis of how different diets work. The different diets give results by putting you in a caloric deficit. Then you decide to go low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat, it is totally up to you. You do not need to go hunting for a special fat loss diet. Start making choices that you can stick to and decrease your calorie intake. Here is an article I have written on how to lose weight and not your mind: https://www.mensxp.com/health/nutrition/40518-want-to-keep-your-sanity-while-dieting-give-this-a-try.html. Just wearing t-shirts that say 'I train your trainer' or injecting steroids do not make you inherently great at understanding the scientific literature or for the matter, understanding the very basics of nutrition. Oh, and yes, calories do count. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  22. With less than a month to go for PeeCee and jamai raja Nick Jonas' wedding, the virtual space is buzzing with latest updates (and speculations) involving the nitty-gritty of their wedding. While the world is more than aware of all that's been keeping Priyanka busy over the last few weeks, not much is known about what her soon-to-be-husband is up to with the wedding approaching quickly. View this post on Instagram Bae â¤ï¸@nickjonas A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Oct 23, 2018 at 7:29pm PDT Online news portal USA Today recently caught up with Nick Jonas and during the interaction, when Jonas was asked about his equation with fiancee Priyanka, he ended up giving the best, and most relatable relationship advice to all the men around the world. Talking about Priyanka, he said, “You have to be honest with your other half. That's where the beauty of a real relationship is, being able to be your authentic self. I have that in my life now.” He further stated, “It's really about trying to keep as much time as you can for yourselves. Not letting the outside world penetrate the world that you create for each other, or the world with your family and friends and your inner circle.” View this post on Instagram Happy birthday baby. ðâ¤ï¸@nickjonas A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Sep 16, 2018 at 4:53pm PDT We feel this is as plain and honest as it gets. While still keeping it simple, Jonas very clearly gave away the secret of his relationship, that seems to be doing wonders for the couple. In earlier interviews too, Nick has often been heard declaring how the two bonded over their love for faith and family. Seems like things are firm between the two on a much deeper level, given that showbiz forces people to keep up with a facade constantly. However, if Nick feels that he has finally found the person he can really open up to, and be his real self with, we believe nothing else could confirm a stronger bond.
  23. Robert Horry was in India recently and we spent some time with the 7-time NBA Champion talking about everything under the sun. But, amidst all the fun and games, we also asked him a few hard hitting questions about the state of affairs of basketball in India. © Getty Images Even though we kind of blindsided him with these questions, Robert had some astute advice on how Indians can become better at the sport. Here's a look at what he had to say: What is the best thing about basketball in India? The best thing is the NBA academy and the way they're trying to implement basketball to the youth at an early age. Once you implement basketball and start a grassroot programme it gets the youth more active in the sport and when the youth is more active in the sport, they start to love the sport. If you don't feed them the sport they don't know about the sport, they don't try the sport. This way you get them young, get them to fall in love, and see how competitive the game can be, how fun the game can be and more importantly how it can bring forth a brotherhood, a sisterhood because it's just not a sport for guys, but also a sport for young ladies also. © Getty Images What's the one thing that surprised you with reference to Basketball during your trip to India? I think the one thing is the love and the athletic ability from watching them practice here at the NBA Academy to see how good these guys were and see how young they were. And that's the whole thing. You catch these guys at a young age and are able to teach them the game so they can end up growing with the game in India and maybe one day someone that I just saw can maybe ascend to the NBA. In a cricket-crazy country like India – how can NBA change the focus to basketball or any other sport? I think the best thing to do is to present it to them. Present it to them, let them watch and the thing is you have to let them watch good basketball because. Just think about it. If a cricket match is not a good cricket match, you're not going to watch that. So present it, have some tape delay NBA games here in India so people can get a taste of it. Once you get a taste of it I think you will love it. You will want to go out and play it and the next thing you know it will probably be your favourite sport. It probably won't take over cricket but it will be up there hopefully. © Getty Images What do you think aspiring Indian players need to do to play in the NBA? I think the most important thing is to learn the game. Learn the game, watch tapes of old guys and go out and play the game. There are so many kids who want to watch the game but don't emulate the guys they need to emulate. You see a guy try to do some trickshots and you're like hey slow down. Learn how to shoot a regular shot before you do a trick shot. There are so many things that come into it. You have to be able to pass, dribble, shoot. Learn the fundamentals first and then expand on it.
  24. There is often a hot debate as to how many times should a person train their arms per week, especially when the goal is to gain maximal size As the saying goes, 'education is important but bigger biceps are more important', here's some crucial information for hitting the guns. So How Often Should You Train Your Arms If You Want Bigger Biceps? © YouTube Let's find out using a couple of studies. First, let's understand how many times do you need to train to see muscle grow at all? An observational study was done on amateur male bodybuilders with a survey that asked them how often they trained a muscle group per week. A whopping 69% of them trained using bro-splits aka '1 muscle group a day' and trained every muscle group just once a week. Whereas, 31% trained their muscle groups two to three times a week. [1] As it was a study done in male physique and for bodybuilding competitors, it shows that even training your arms once a week leads to muscle growth. Now, the question still remains- how many times should one lift for maximum gains? A meta-analysis (a study of studies) was done on this exact topic by Brad Schoenfeld in 2016. Schoenfeld and his colleagues looked at 10 studies and compared studies looking into 1 time per week training frequency vs. studies looking at 2-3x per week training frequencies. Their findings showed that there was plenty of evidence that suggested training more than 1x per week was more beneficial to maximize muscle growth. It showed that training 2-3 times per week resulted in approximately twice the growth in muscle from baseline (3.7% vs. 6.8%). The logical doubt one might have here may be that the groups doing it 2-3x were training more. The beauty of the studies included was that each of the groups, 1x vs. 2-3x per week had the same total workout volume, same exercises, and the same rest periods between sets. © YouTube The only difference being the number of times the muscle group was trained per week. Coming to the conclusion, how many times should you train your arms per week to maximize gains? The current evidence shows that you should at least train your arms directly 2x per week if your goal is to pump up those guns. Another takeaway is that you should be able to do something you can be consistent at. If you work your schedule smartly, you should be able to hit your arms 2x per week very easily. References: 1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22990567 2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27102172 Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  25. There's the festival of lights fervently knocking on our doors, there's Priyanka Chopra living it up during her bachelorette trip to Amsterdam, and there's Ranveer-Deepika kicking off their wedding celebrations - the world seems to be blanketed in celebrations. While there is so much happening all over the place, it is hard to miss how and clad-in-what the 'Padmaavat' actor, Ranveer Singh, rang in the celebrations. When it comes to Ranveer Singh dressing up, expecting the unexpected is the mantra, all thanks to his bizarre-yet-memorable outfit choices on almost every event. From being the connoisseur of androgynous-dressing to suiting up like Mario from the video game, he has been there and done it all. So when it comes to the actor's wedding ceremonies, it sounds fair to expect him to make a grand appearance in an outfit we didn't think existed. And he has done it again - left us surprised, with our jaw dropped - but this time, because of his extremely subtle choice of attire. View this post on Instagram How happy does he look? ð Haldi ceremony at Ranveer Singh's residence. . . #deepikapadukone #deepikaranveer #ranveersingh #ranveerdeepika #DeepVeer #deepveerkishaadi #deepveerwedding #deepveerforever #love #wedding #bollywood A post shared by Deepika Padukone ⤠(@deepika.heart) on Nov 4, 2018 at 10:06am PST The actor was spotted in the balcony of his marigold flower-adorning residence, during his haldi ceremony, clad in a basic white kurta-pyjama. Yes, Ranveer Singh can do basics, too, and look just as handsome. Spotted with YRF's casting director, Shanoo Sharma, the star looked ecstatic as he danced with his classic enthusiasm, and gave us a preview of how fun the wedding is going to be. Now that the God of Quirky Dressing, Ranveer Singh, has approved, it's time we talk about the relevance of a white kurta-pyjama in our closets. If we had to list down ethnic wear essentials for men, a white kurta-pyjama would top the list. From being extremely comfortable to something that can be worn at any occasion, without looking under-dressed, you are fashionably sorted for a number of occasions. So if you haven't already upgraded your wardrobe with this must-have ensemble, take some inspiration from the 'Lootera' actor, and get your hands on one, this Diwali. Here's where you can get yourself one: