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Found 16 results

  1. If you've ever aspired to be like Jon Snow after watching 'Game Of Thrones', to pledge your life and honour to the Night's Watch, kill a White Walker with Valyrian steel and lead the army to fight the army of the dead...you could start with the hair. Here are tips to have a mane just like Snow: 1. The Hair Length © HBO Firstly, you need medium-to-thick density and also have a natural wavy or curly texture. This will enhance the 'Snow' look you're trying to achieve. A minimum of 6 months' growth is necessary for the mane to be as long as Snow if you're starting out with short hair. 2. The Texture © HBO If your hair is straight and lightweight, a good texturizing product will enhance the look for straight hair. If the hair is naturally more straight and needs more texture, the diffuser helps in setting the style so the hair doesn't dry smooth. 3. Trim Routinely © HBO Your hair won't just transform into Snow's mane on its own. Routine trims transition it into the aspired look. Keep the growth on the nape shorter and let the sides and top catch up in order for them to begin to grow in unison with the back hairline. Don't get it cut too often though. 4. Here's How To Style It © HBO For achieving the right texture, length, and density: wash and condition the hair. Then, apply the texturizing or curl-enhancing product or a sea salt spray. Later, comb the product through your hair, using a wide-tooth comb for even distribution, lastly shake the hair out.
  2. If you still haven't watched 'Uri' you are missing out on a really good movie. Brilliant storytelling, excellent direction and of course, the stellar Vicky Kaushal leading the pack to the 250 crore mark. Even if you haven't watched the movie, you must definitely be aware of the famous dialogue 'How's the josh' which has gone viral since. The dialogue has now become insanely popular around the globe and social media is flooded with different renditions of people chanting it with great pride. However, behind everything that leaves impact, there is something equally impactful that inspires it in the first place. The case with this viral dialogue is also similar in nature. Recently, the director of 'Uri', Aditya Dhar explained the inspiration behind this viral dialogue. “I had some friends from defence background, so with them, I used to go to a lot of Army clubs. There was one in Delhi where we used to go for Christmas or New Year parties. There used to be a retired Brigadier who would line up all the kids in front of him and have a chocolate in his hand. He would say 'How's the josh?' and we were to respond with 'High Sir!' The kid who was the loudest got the chocolate. Being a foodie, I used to be the loudest and always got the chocolate. I have heard very few Army people use the phrase. It is not something which is used extensively. What I did was I used the line in the right way in the film and now it has taken off to another level”, he said. © Instagram He further went on to add that this line was in his memory when he was penning down the movie and hence it had to be there. “The line was there right from the first draft. As a writer, we write according to our personal experiences, our memories. It is an amalgamation of everything. I had the line with me in my memory and this was the perfect film for it to come out.” The movie is based on the 2016 Uri terror attack and the retaliatory surgical strike by Indian on Pakistan that followed. The movie is already a blockbuster and has catapulted Vicky Kaushal to the hall of fame of actors.
  3. Retiring an NBA jersey is the greatest act of respect a team can perform for a player who was invaluable to them. Here are 8 such jerseys that were retired in the last few decades.
  4. Christian Bale undoubtedly happens to be one of our most favourite actors to portray Batman on screen, whom we love to watch pack a punch on the silver screen, and he just turned a year older today. However, even as he adds another year to his age on paper, the actor's charms and screen presence only seems to grow bigger and better with every passing day. Bale recently earned his fourth Academy Awards nomination for his performance in 'Vice', where he gave an extraordinary performance as former US Vice President Dick Cheney. Yet, we can't talk about Bale without mentioning the 'Dark Knight' trilogy. © Warner Bros Though it was back in 2005 when Christian made his first appearance as Batman in 'Batman Begins', he found himself back in the shoes of Bruce Wayne two other times - in 'The Dark Knight' and 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Bale succeeded to prove time and again that he was born to play the iconic superhero, as he stood against a slew of actors who also came to audition for the role. The list is hefty and includes names like Billy Crudup, Eion Bailey, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy, Joshua Jackson, Henry Cavill, Heath Ledger, Cillian Murphy and David Boreanaz. Check out this rare clip from Bale's audition to star as Batman. The video shows Bale in Val Kilmer's suit from 'Batman Forever' as he acts out his part in front of Amy Adams who was standing in for Rachel Dawes. In the video director Christopher Nolan is seen saying that, “Christian had somehow figured this (that this character was all about extraordinary iconography) out before his screen test; that you could not give a normal performance, you had to project massive energy through this costume in order to not question the costume.” © Warner Bros Christian himself seems to have felt strongly about Bruce and history, because he once told MTV that, “If you look at the history of the guy and the pain that he went through. I went 'I can't do this in a normal voice. I have to become a beast in order to sell this to myself.” It was that very rugged and loaded voice that made Bale's Batman stand out amongst all others. His 'Batman' movies earned over $2.8 million and multiple Oscars nominations as well. Nobody could have done it better, isn't it?
  5. There are some good shows available which keep us hooked to our screens. Not everyone can understand the delight of finding a good series. It's an amazing feeling, almost as good as love. via GIPHY But then there are some shows which cross even this mark and set up a whole new standard. Those are the shows which we can watch repeatedly without getting bored. And by “we” I mean a wide age group of people. Those are the shows which are enjoyed by a 17-year-old as much as by a 34-year-old. via GIPHY Following are such shows which can entertain many generations for a long time: 1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S via GIPHY Duh! It has to be the first one.Our teenage was spent watching it, our early '20s were spent learning from it, and our late '20s and '30s will be spent thanking it for being there for us when we really didn't have anything good to watch! 2. Game Of Thrones via GIPHY It came, it conquered, and it will leave us soon. But I can bet generations will enjoy watching Tyrion's wisdom, Arya's surviving skills, and Khaleesi's fierce hotness. via GIPHY This is the show which became “you may like it, you may hate it, but you can't ignore it.” People who loved it loved hard! Rest of the people, which are very few, just couldn't develop the taste. 3. Breaking Bad via GIPHY It's always intriguing when a chemistry teacher becomes a drug lord. This show had thrill, drama, emotions, and everything else which makes a show great. It's hard to find people who haven't watched this gem! This is the show which won't fade away anytime soon. 4. Seinfeld via GIPHY Again, a gem of a series. The humour, the characters, the screenplay; just too good! This is one of the shows in which supporting characters were enjoyed more than the lead character. Many of us weren't even born when it aired, but man did it broke all the time barriers and made it to one of our favourites! 5. The Big Bang Theory via GIPHY Another good show coming to an end. It's not easy to keep the audience entertained for 12 straight years but this show did it! It's hard to find a dull moment in the show. via GIPHY TBBT showed that people actually grow and change with time, just a little patience is required from your partner's end. I mean, if Sheldon can let a girl touch him, your girlfriend too would agree to that secret fantasy of yours. Just be a little patient. As an honourable mention, I would like to mention 'Californication'. The romance, the story, the acting, ***, drugs, love, booze, the show has it all! via GIPHY These were the shows which will be staying with us for a long time. Watching and re-watching them would never grow old.
  6. When we talk about nostalgia, mostly things from our childhood come into our mind. Be it some treasured moments or things we were exposed to when we were young. Of course, by exposed I mean the visual medium, which is such a strong tool, that it becomes a big catalyst in inferring our nostalgia and making it so malleable, that we can visit it anytime we want or like. But that's just because we have the means to do so. But the real part is remembering where these memories stem from and be grateful for the source of such memories, we grew up on. One source I'd always be grateful to would be the renowned Ad Guru and theatre artist Alyque Padamsee, who passed away on the 17th of November, leaving his legacy behind to feed our nostalgia even more. (c)Twitter As the head of Lintas India, one of India's prestigious Ad firms, he gave us a string of brilliant visuals and catchy jingles to remember throughout our lives. His ads were what the 90s were made of and they certainly reeked of boldness and progression. Be it showing women in a different, progressive light or having bold stances about ***, Padamsee created several iconic ad campaigns that we still remember till date. (c)Twitter And so, to keep his memory forever alive and intact, here are some of his best Ads from the 90s. I bet you remember all of them and even if you don't, this is a good way to bring some forgotten nostalgia back: (1) Lalitaji, Surf Ad I remember I used to get annoyed whenever this ad came on TV, but now when I look back, I realise this campaign was solely based on the ideal 'Indian' woman who had to do everything right, including buying a budgeted washing powder! She's value-conscious and never willing to compromise on quality! This ad became really popular back in the day! (2) Liril Waterfall Ad Of course, you remember this ad and you remember the girl in it? Karen Lunel was everyone's 'waterfall girl' when the ad came out. Alyque Padamsee stressed the fact that the girl should not come out of the waterfall in order to give the product that unique and fresh branding. But having a girl bathe in a bikini under a waterfall and make it seem as innocent as possible, was something only Mr. Padamsee could do! (3) Kamasutra Condom Ad This one became a rage back in the day and this is exactly what I was talking about when I said 'progressive'. This and many other Padamsee ads opened India's ad market globally and India was slowly being recognised as a progressive country. The ad had Pooja Bedi, actor Kabir Bedi's daughter in the shower, waiting for her lover. Take a look! (4) 'Hamara Bajaj' Ad Not just the jingle but the entire ad was iconic in every sense of the word. The jingle became a signature tune that represented the ad world of the 80s and some of us still remember it so distinctly! (5) Charlie Chaplin- Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish Ad Pop culture references were popular back then too, and this ad was a great example of that. It was executed brilliantly. I am sure we still remember it! (c)Twitter Alyque Padamsee was a marvel and a talent house in himself. He was a renowned theatre personality as well and some of his work including 'Evita', 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and 'Tuglaq' were outstanding. He even played the role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Richard Attenborough's 'Gandhi'. His legacy will continue to live within us in the form of nostalgia from the 90s and we'll never forget his contribution to the Indian ad industry and to theatre, ever.
  7. The 'King of Romance', 'Badshaah' and 'King Of Bollywood', who has been sitting on the throne as the uncontested ruler of Bollywood, turned 53 today. It is needless to introduce him, but just to clarify we're talking about Shah Rukh Khan. SRK has been ruling our hearts for more than 25 years now and with each movie, the actor has proved why he is loved by billions of people. So on his birthday, let's take a look at some of his iconic characters that were loved and hated by his fans. 1. Rahul - Darr You're not a Shah Rukh Khan fan if you don't remember Rahul and his iconic dialogue "Hi I'm Rahul, naam to suna hi hoga!" But, there was a time when Rahul was considered a creepy stalker who just wouldn't leave his 'K-K-K-Kiran' alone. SRK was brilliant as an antagonist, and it was his grey character that brought him stardom. © Yash Raj Films 2. Kabir Khan - Chak De! India The pain of being called a traitor, the struggle of clearing your name and making people believe in you again, to making the women's hockey team win the World Cup at a time when everyone was against them. Coach Kabir Khan was one robust character that left a deep imprint on our minds. © Yash Raj Films 3. Raees Alam - Raees We've seen SRK play Don in several movies, but his character of Raees was different and in a way better and more intense than the previous ones. Set between mid-1960s to late 1980s, Raees is a man who climbs up the ladder of success as an illegal alcohol dealer. © Red Chillies Entertainment 4. Mohan - Swades 'Swades' is based on the true story of a Non-resident Indian man who returns to his homeland. The self-realisation that Mohan Bhargava goes through and the groundbreaking decisions he takes for the ones he love and for the love of his country, is something that every Indian staying outside could connect with back then. © UTV Motion Pictures 5. Devdas - Devdas 'Devdas' is probably one of SRK's best performances in his entire lifetime. The character was so legendary that despite being more than a decade, people still remember his dialogues and antics thoroughly. © Red Chillies Entertainment 6. Surinder - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi 'Darr' portrayed SRK as a creepy stalker, but 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' depicted him as a man, who is willing to do anything it takes just to bring a smile on his wife's face, even if it means changing his own identity in order to make her believe in love again. © Yash Raj Films 7. Dev - Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna From falling out of love, failing to express the frustration, feeling guilty about cheating to eventually choosing the one you truly love; this movie taught us about the complexities of a relationship like no one else. And SRK's Dev Saran was at the centre of everything that was happening in the lives of Rani Mukherjee, Abhishek Bachchan and Preity Zinta. Dev Saran took us through an emotional ride, where one can't help but relate to him. © Dharma Productions 8. Rizwan Khan - My Name Is Khan SRK plays Rizwan Khan, an autistic man who, in the wake of 9/11 attacks on the twin tower, sets out on a journey to prove his innocence and tell the people and the President of the United States that his name is Khan and he's not a terrorist. One of the most moving characters and an equally brilliant movie, SRK won many a hearts with the conviction with which he performed. © Dharma Productions 9. Gaurav - Fan 'Fan' is a psychological thriller, where SRK plays a double role - one of superstar Aryan Khanna and the other role is of his obsessive fan Gaurav Chandna. Right from the makeup to the portrayal of the obsessive fan, who not only tarnishes his idol's image, but also dies for him in the end; SRK convinced us that he is the most versatile actor in Bollywood and not just a romantic hero like everyone believes him to be. © Yash Raj Films 10. Vijay Anjaam Another movie where SRK plays a obsessive lover, who can go to extreme lengths to get the girl he loves. SRK plays Vijay Agnihotri, a wealthy industrialist who falls in love with an air-hostess and ends up killing her loved ones, just to get closer to her. We don't know what was the agreement between SRK and the 90s directors that in every movie, he was made to play an obsessive lover/murderer. © Shiv-Bharat Films
  8. It's Halloween time and you'll probably find a lot of lists of what to watch, where to party and how to dress up, but we are tripping on something else for Halloween. Here's a list of 5 'desi' Indian horror shows which scared the daylights out of us when we were kids and the reason why we slept with the lights on: 1. Aahat The moment you read the name the tune started playing in your head, right? The tune oddly sounded like the title track of 'Gupt' to me. This iconic horror show was damn scary and probably really good with creeping us out. One particular episode that stands out in my mind is where the woman is trapped in the mirror, where there is a whole new scary world. I could not really face the mirror alone for a very long time. 2. The Zee Horror Show Another great horror show that gave us scares in the midnight with a theme song that gave us Goosebumps. 3. Ssshhhh...Koi Hai This was a horror anthology series which ran chills down our spines. Every episode had a new theme with a different star cast and every episode was equally scary! Also brilliant background score as well. 4. Woh Let's just give credits to the makers for being super thoughtful and progressive in terms of adapting the iconic 'IT' into a TV show for the Indian masses. The clown that made sure all of us ran away from clowns at birthday parties, Lilliput did a fantastic job of scaring us repeatedly . 5. Mano Ya Na Mano This drama series was based on real life incidents which made it scarier than everything on this list. Irrfan Khan played the perfect host as he navigated our fears through various parts of India and the intriguing tales embedded in our culture. Which one are you streaming again for Halloween now?
  9. Growing up as a kid, most of us were arguably glued to our television sets to watch the episodes of World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Irrespective of our tuition classes or preliminary exams, we somehow managed to find time to catch a glimpse of our favourite wrestlers in action. Today, WWF might have become World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but many of us still keep pulling off the signature moves of the prominent wrestlers in our bedrooms (well, I still do). Such was the entertainment on offer, that it was just too hard to resist. And, the fact that we still share the WWE stories with our friends over drinks, shows the kind of effect it had on us. At the ongoing Summer Youth Olympics, something similar came to the fore. Moldovan wrestler Alexandrin Gutu had his eyes set on the gold when he locked horns with Russia's Stepan Starodubtsev in the men's Greco-Roman 71kg category final. After toiling hard for a while, Gutu eventually secured the gold medal through 'Victory by Fall'. That's a celebration! ð¯ #Wrestling Congratulations to Alexandrin Gutu from #Moldova ð²ð© #goldmedal Men's Greco-Roman 71kg @wrestling Tune in now for the live competition from @BuenosAires2018! ðº https://t.co/wlr9pbj0zB pic.twitter.com/UBBdurOYaO — Olympics (@Olympics) October 13, 2018 Overwhelmed by emotions, the Moldovan wrestler raised his arms as he basked in the glory. Soon, Gutu saw his wrestling coach on the sidelines and there was no surprise to see him running straight into his arms. But, Gutu and the fans in the arena were in for a big surprise. I'd hate to see what happens when he loses......LOL. — Common Sense (@RealWorld2018) October 13, 2018 While Gutu expected a hug, the wrestling coach wrapped his arms around his ward before pulling off a WWE-like body slam. Gutu's coach was then seen giving a high-five and planting a kiss on the cheeks of his pupil. The act seemed like a premeditated move as part of their unique celebration. Love it ðªð¼ðð¼ — ð®ð³ Soumya Sarkar ð®ð³ (@SarkarSpeaking) October 13, 2018 And, though Gutu made his country proud by winning a gold medal, it was his coach who took the social media by storm with his brilliant 'body slam' celebration.
  10. After a 4-day long fashion extravaganza, the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week came to an end. The beautiful artistry involved in the skilful execution of all the garments, as well as the shows, transformed it into an affair to remember in the fashion fraternity. The big cherry on the cake, however, was the finale, which was a celebration of love. The show was dedicated to freedom - the freedom of choice that the LGBT community has only recently acquired because of the landmark ruling regarding the striking down of section 377. Here are 5 never-before-seen moments from the show, that made it one of the most iconic fashion shows ever: 1. For the first time ever, 40 designers came together to showcase their respective work, based on one single celebratory theme. The rainbow was the unifying factor and was presented in the form of 40 different, mindblowing outfits. © Viral Bhayani 2. True to the theme, division based on gender and sexuality didn't cast its shadow on the show. From transgender models to gender-fluid outfits, everything that paves the way for a more inclusive society graced the stage with unmatched beauty. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani 3. From a conceptual view of art and design, there were some never before seen pieces. From Gaurav Gupta's illuminated dress to start off the show to Rajesh Pratap Singh's iconic white dress, that bled rainbow colours as it entered the runway, it was an artistic paradise. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani 4. Never before have we seen such positive energy on a ramp, when all 40 designers walked the ramp as well, accompanied by their respective models and creations. It was nothing short of a party, one that should inspire everyone to embrace their individuality. View this post on Instagram A post shared by MENSXP (@mensxpofficial) on Oct 13, 2018 at 11:09am PDT 5. When designer Suneet Varma kissed his partner/husband Rahul Arora on the runway, we saw a glimpse of freedom in terms of pure, raw, unbridled love. After all, freedom was the celebratory theme! © Viral Bhayani Here are some more pictures from the amazing show: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani
  11. Johnny Depp has played so many legendary roles that it's hard to pick a favourite, but I feel the first character that pops into your mind when you think of him, is none other than that of Captain Jack Sparrow. And now, turns out that this iconic character has a desi connection. No, I'm not talking about Aamir Khan's look from the upcoming movie 'Thugs Of Hindostan' which seems 'inspired' by the famous swashbuckling pirate. I'm talking about the new revelation by Ted Elliott, one of the screenwriters for Jack Sparrow's character. He recently revealed how the character is inspired from Lord Krishna. Isn't that just so unexpected? He said, “Jack Sparrow's character in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' is one of the most integral parts of the film. The characterization of Sparrow is based on Lord Krishna who is a major deity in Hinduism. While writing the character sketch of Jack Sparrow, we referred to the description of Lord Krishna, various shades of the Almighty, which helped us a lot in making the whole character of Jack Sparrow into existence.” At first, it seems fake, but when you really think about it, you can see the connection. But, we're still dealing with the initial reaction of the people – to be shook. Captain Jack Sparrow, is an inspiration from Krishna do you knew this @BabuBegOfficial? #JackSparrowIsKrishna pic.twitter.com/fID72DHa3P — Rajkumar (@raj50_boy) September 25, 2018 OMG WOW!!!! TIL that legendary Jack Sparrow character was inspired from Lord Krishna. #JackSparrowIsKrishna pic.twitter.com/fw1354lvpp — *Uncle Ji * (@Hitler_uncle) September 25, 2018 I love all the different gifs people are using, tbh. That moment when you someone tells you Jack Sparrow is actually inspired from Lord Krishna#JackSparrowIsKrishna pic.twitter.com/BdLPfHWaGs — *Uncle Ji * (@Hitler_uncle) September 25, 2018 That expression, exactly. Omg! Just got to know that Captain Jack Sparrow was inspired by Lord Krishna OMG!#JackSparrowIsKrishna pic.twitter.com/6IbM3NCq89 — s a T y a (@POETICandFUNNY) September 25, 2018 Pleasant surprise indeed. This is a pleasent surprise to know that Jack Sparrow is actually inspired from Lord Krishna #JackSparrowIsKrishna — Mahesh (@Iam_Mahesh_) September 25, 2018 The gifs are back! Jack Sparrow is actually inspired from Lord Krishna!!! #JackSparrowIsKrishna pic.twitter.com/9tZt7jxm95 — Minal Ruhela (@minalrh) September 25, 2018 Quite unbelievable. It is unbelievable that Jack Sparrow is being taken by the inspiration of Lord Krishna #JackSparrowIsKrishna pic.twitter.com/8nFgeVFjaf — Deepa (@deepsdhanu) September 25, 2018
  12. We have loved watching these characters play out their roles to near perfection on-screen and at times, have also been left baffled (and intrigued) by their quirks and nuances, as the show moved from one captivating season to the next. We loved the plots and how the characters seemed to develop over the course of the story, the rising action kept pulling us deeper and deeper into the show's mystery and the season finale always left us hanging (and desperately yearning) for more and much more! © Facebook While we may have figured how that some of our beloved characters suffer from mental disorders, it would not be wrong to say that a lot has already been said and written over that aspect of the characters. However, what hasn't been spoken in details is that some of those characters may have more of themselves tucked away within layers of fact and fiction. We picked up 5 such iconic tv characters that suffer from personality disorders. 1.Sheldon Cooper- Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder © Facebook Many of you might say you expected it, but here is what someone suffering from OCPD usually behaves like. They are obsessed with order and rules, they work best with lists and schedules to guide them. They verge on perfectionism, can be pretty rigid and need to be in control in every situation. Does that sound like a “bazinga” to you? 'Cause it surely does to us. Be it the “thing” he has for his seat or the weekly dinner routines, this is Sheldon through and through. 2. Dexter Morgan - Schizoid Personality Disorder © Facebook Well, this guy here is in a different league altogether. Fans and critics alike have gone on and on, trying to piece out this character but well, no perfect results have surfaced yet. While a major chunk of followers believe that Dexter suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder, we feel he aligns more accurately with SPD and here's why. A person suffering from SPD usually exhibits detachment and coldness in temperament along with an absolute lack of interest in normal human interaction. Sounds like Dexter to us. 3. Betty Cooper- Borderline Personality Disorder © Facebook A Netflix series based on the iconic 'Archie Comics', 'Riverdale' is based on a murder investigation following the death of the Blossom Twins. Betty Cooper plays one of the main characters on the show and it is believed that she displays some traits of BPD, such as the use of an alternative persona during emotional outbursts, signs of anxiety, isolation as a combating tool, perfectionism and the likes. Though she has not been diagnosed as someone suffering from the said disorder, many people with BPD have identified with her character. 4. Walter White/ Heisenberg - Narcissistic Personality Disorder © Facebook Heisenberg is one complicated character with many layers to himself, that makes him interesting and dangerous all at once. He also happens to display some key traits of a person suffering from NPD, such as preoccupation with unlimited success, power, brilliance, etc., like Walter White, who only wishes to be bigger and better. They consider themselves unique or special, even Walter only considers Gus Fring to be at par with him. They can be interpersonally exploitative and lacking empathy because they only care for their personal goals. Heisenberg, is that you? 5. Dr. Gregory House - Antisocial Personality Disorder © Facebook A beloved character who made medical diagnosis look fancy on screen, Dr. House is believed to be suffering from ASPD because of a number of reasons, but the most notable ones are not being able to manage long-term relationships, persistent irritability, getting angry at others who question his methods or blocking people out altogether. That's Dr. House for sure. There you go. Did you know about these disorders they suffered from?
  13. Most of us have a habit of leaving the plight of our hair to our barber's whims. Or in some cases, our mom's. We do it simply because we're scared, and don't want to take the risk of looking ridiculous because of a failed experiment. So, we settle for that one haircut which makes us look decent. No matter how adventurous or experimental we are, when it comes to our haircuts, most of us look the same throughout, until we go bald. Well, most of us, not all! The other category belongs to the league that is presided over by David Beckham - the man who's a style icon on and off the field. From buzz cut to shoulder length long hair, he has done it all. The man can pull off anything! I'm sure if he weren't a footballer, he would definitely have been a supermodel. Let's take a look at some of the most iconic hairstyles of David Beckham: The Buzz Cut There's hardly anyone who can pull off the buzz cut better than him. It usually suits guys with a broad face and muscular built, but our man here pulled it off as if it was meant for a long face and lean built. © Twitter The Mohawk Even the most adventurous ones don't go for this one. The reason? It looks silly on most men. Beckham here, of course, is an exception. © Twitter The Unkempt Long Hair It takes a lot of effort to look like you didn't put any effort. And if you can carry it well, then it's one of the best looks you can have. © Twitter The Cornrows This one can't be beaten in terms of the don't-give-two-hoots brand of badassery. It takes a lot of guts to go for it and takes an even bigger effort to maintain it. © Twitter The Quiff This is what we want to ask our hairdresser but end up saying “Just trim the sides and don't touch the middle.” Before Beckham, this haircut was a rare sight. And now, it seems like everyone goes to the same hairdresser who knows only one haircut. Let's just say, this one's a favourite because of one simple reason – it suits every face cut. © Twitter The Man Bun It takes a lot of patience to grow your hair. We all know the middle stage where you look a little, err, homeless. But if you keep your calm, it's a really sexy haircut for a man. Or maybe it just looks good on Beckham. © Twitter The Twin Ponytails No comments on this one. Just look at it though! © Twitter The Curtains One word – gutsy. But try it once. © Twitter The Open Long Hair Long hair has a boyish charm. But then again, it requires a hell lot of patience and care - something that Beckham clearly has mastered. © Twitter On your way to the barber? Probably take a leaf out of David Beckham's book right here and be fearless for once?
  14. There are two kinds of people in the world - one kind is known for their remarkable words and one kind is known for their work. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee belonged to both parts of the world - a man who was known for his work and his way with words. The 93-year-old was one of the most iconic leaders, who ruled the nation between 1998 to 2004 and is till date loved and appreciated by people. In fact, Vajpayee served thrice as the PM of India and during his tenure drafted certain key policies that shaped the country's economy. An orator extraordinaire and a poet by heart, Vajpayee passed away today at 93 in Delhi's AIIMS hospital, where he had been undergoing treatment for a kidney ailment. © Twitter AIIMS released a statement a few minutes ago, “It is with profound grief that we inform about the sad demise of Former Prime MInister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee at 05:05 PM on 16.08.2018.” The statement further read, “Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated over the last 36 hours and he was put on life support systems. Despite the best of efforts, we have lost him today.” © AIIMS In the memory of this visionary man who gave the world some of the classic poetic masterpieces such as 'Kya Khoya Kya Paya', 'Sreshtha Kabita' and more; here's a look at some of his inspiring quotes and poems that will forever stay with us.
  15. Right from the ghettos to terminating world records in powerlifting, 23-year-old Larry Wheels is a powerlifting pop-culture legend in the making. While Larry's been on the PL scene for a long time now, social media has now catapulted his fame internationally. With the help of social media, Larry is an underground PL legend already. Before we get deep into Larry's upbringing, let me break down some of his exploits on the PL stage - he deadlifts 855 pounds (387 kilos), benches 276 (kilos) and squats 810 pounds (367 kilos). Is he an official Hall Of Famer yet? Well, if not that, he really is the champion of the PL people. Through Rough Edges Comes The Sharpest Of Talent The same programs I used to break the 242 and 275 record are in my bio now! The programs focus on the squat, bench and deadlift. Plenty of volume and accessory work to give you that bodybuilder shape while smashing PRs like a powerlifter! All programs only 19.99! A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels) on Jul 10, 2018 at 7:38pm PDT Before becoming a champion power lifter, Larry was housed with foster parents. Not a steady family but multiple over time, ever since his mother lost his custody when he was 7. At the age of 12, he dropped out of school and landed right into alcohol and substance abuse. Eventually, Larry had to come back to his mother. Out of school, broke and trying to get out of drugs, he invested himself into exercising. He started with just a broomstick, concrete blocks and sticks. He had a bicycle which he used to ride out daily, till the time he was absolutely tired. Soon, working out was his new drug. From The Shadows Comes The Goliath The same programs I used to break the 242 and 275 record are in my bio now! The programs focus on the squat, bench and deadlift. Plenty of volume and accessory work to give you that bodybuilder shape while smashing PRs like a powerlifter! All programs only 19.99! A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels) on Jun 21, 2018 at 5:33am PDT Soon, Larry grew out of the make-shift home gym and it was time for him to step into a real iron arcade. However, his mother couldn't afford the fees as she waited tables at a local restaurant. Looking at this, Larry also started working at a restaurant to afford his gym fee and joined a gym regardless. A year deep into lifting weights in the gym, Larry was sure about two things: weight lifting was his passion and second, he was a genetic freak, light years ahead from anybody training for strength. He started out-doing his peers and setting new local records. Thus, he decided to take this up seriously and made a decision to make a career in powerlifting. Baffling Shift From Powerlifting To Bodybuilding At the age of 18, Larry competed in RPS powerlifting meet. Though he was 247 pounds at that time, he still competed in the 275 weight category and won the gold. Since then, this champion has been on a record-breaking spree. In November 2017, he made a combined world record of 2275 pounds in powerlifting. The real surprise came when he competed in a bodybuilding competition just after 3 months of making the world record in powerlifting. Not only did he compete but he also won the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic bodybuilding event. The word was out: Larry was a muscle Goliath on the prowl. Click link in bio for training programs. Who's gonna be at the American fit expo? @americanfitnessexpo mhpstrongusa #teammhp #maxhp #maxperformance #mhpstrong Email me at liftlikelarrywheels@gmail.com for customized 1-1 online coaching! Visit Larrywheels.co for 6 different training programs! Use code LARRY10 15% off @ironrebel Use code “wheels” for 15% off any @alphaclothing purchase @pioneer_fit @davidmotiv #grimreaperpump #excuseme squat #bench #deadlift #liftlikelarry #apemanstrong #ironrebel #motivNY #igfitness #fitness #powerbuilder #insane #bodybuilding #fitness A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels) on Jun 1, 2018 at 10:13am PDT
  16. Today, we have a lot of choice in terms of sports to watch on TV. But, go back a decade or two and the choices were pretty limited. Of course, there was cricket and hockey. But, if you were interested in any other sport, the chances of finding Live programming on TV were slim. But, there were some other sports that were on the fringe, threatening to steal eyeballs every now and then. The NBA basketball games were among the prominent ones. The audiences for such sports were of two types, hardcore fans of the sport and hardcore fans of the personalities who played the sport. We're going to be focusing on the latter here. © Getty Images Even though you'd have to be up really early in the morning to catch an NBA game live, there are many who do it. They may say it's because their favourite teams are playing but, the truth is, the only reason anyone wakes up at 5 am, is to watch their favourite player. Watching their superstars tear through oppositions is well worth the effort. And just like that, these players become something much more than stars. They become household names. Names that we can't forget. Even if you've never watched these players play a single minute of basketball you'll recognize their faces and certainly recognize their names instantly. That's the kind of status they managed to achieve in India. So, without further ado, here's a look at some of the iconic NBA stars anyone will recognize no matter how young or old they are: 1. Michael Jordan Is there any other player we could start a list of iconic NBA stars with? The man has done it all. He is the first ever sports personality to become a billionaire. Makes sense that any and everybody would recognise his name. © Getty Images If not for his time on the court (and his forgettable time in baseball) people would certainly recognise him as the man behind “Air Jordans.” “His Airness,” is one of the best basketball players of all time and we can say with reasonable certainty, that there's not a single person on the planet who hasn't heard of him. 2. Yao Ming At 7'6” Yao Ming would stand out in just about any crowd. But, while this star's height made him a formidable force in the NBA, it's not the reason for his immense popularity. Tall guy in the NBA, not a game changer is it? Nah. © Getty Images Memes, on the other hand, is a universal language that every 20-something understands. So, when your face becomes a meme, you're certainly going to become one of the most recognised faces in the world. The meme originated from a 2009 press conference. We don't know whether Yao approved of his becoming a meme or not, but what we do know, is that now no one would fail to recognise him on the street. 3. LeBron James One of the most bankable stars in basketball today, LeBron is the perfect example of what Michael Jordan would have been, if he played in the modern day. From sneaker sponsorships to epic dunks, the man does it all. © Getty Images While some may say that LeBron is more infamous than famous, our point of contention here is, he's a major crowd puller for the NBA today, whatever be the reason. If 3 NBA titles, 2 Olympic Golds, 4 NBA Season MVP's and over 31,000 weren't enough, LeBron just moved to one of the most popular NBA teams ever, the LA Lakers. We bet everyone will recognise him now. 4. Kobe Bryant Since we're on the topic of the Lakers, let's move on to one of the biggest stars to ever play for them, Kobe Bryant. 5 NBA championships, 2 Olympic Golds and over 33,000 points at an average of 25 ppg (points per game) made Kobe a menace for his opponents. © Getty Images But, it's the amount of time he spent in front of the camera that made him one of the most recognisable basketball players in the world. Throw in a fiery rivalry with his teammate Shaq and you already know that Kobe was destined for great things. Many consider him to be the Jordan of his time. Yeah, there are a lot of comparisons to Jordan in the NBA. Deal with it. 5. Dennis Rodman When we talk of NBA stars who were in the news for all the wrong reasons, we can't help but mention Dennis Rodman. While some might consider Rodman to be nothing but a poor reflection of what a professional athlete must be, we can't deny the fact that he's won 5 NBA championships. He was such a popular player for the Pistons that they even retired his number in 2011. © Getty Images While he certainly was one of the most eccentric players to ever play basketball, we'd like to believe that he is remembered for his skills on the court rather than his antics off it. Either way, Rodman is not a name we will easily forget. 6. Shaquille O'Neal Big Shaq, one of the few NBA stars who managed to get into Hollywood. Whether Hollywood helped him increase his popularity or not, will never be known, but no one can deny the effect his incredible run, as a Center for the LA Lakers, had on his popularity. © Getty Images With a towering 7'1” presence, Shaq would be just as hard to miss in a crowd as Yao Ming. He even has NBA championship rings to show off. But besides all of this, Shaq's claim to fame for the average Indian citizen would be the time, when was a part of Wrestlemania. Not many could stand toe-to-toe with the Big Show. Big Shaq could. That adds to his iconic status in India for sure.