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Found 4 results

  1. When it comes to redemption in the domain of style, no one in Bollywood quite had it as successfully as a certain Mr Suniel Shetty. From shabby, ill-fitting clothes during the '90s to being the picture of suavity currently, at the age of 57 (what?), his style game has only improved with age - just like fine wine. What sets him apart from the crowd is his versatility, especially his comfort with pulling off traditional Indian wear as nonchalantly as athleisure. The way he pulls off a dhoti like it's no big deal, is one for the books, and here are 8 times he wore it, rocked it, and showed it why it needs to come back to our wardrobes immediately. 1. When he wore it with a smart black sherwani and paired it with a pocket square and black leather jootis. © Viral Bhayani 2. When he went for the most basic but most sophisticated outfit ever - the white dhoti with a white kurta. © Viral Bhayani 3. When he added a classy twist to the all-white dhoti kurta combo with a blue bandhgala waistcoat. © Instagram 4. A grey dhoti with a black border? Yes, please! © Twitter/SunielShetty_FC 5. Chillin' in the sun in a dhoti > Chillin' by the pool. © Instagram 6. When was the last time you saw someone casually taking a stroll by the mall in a dhoti? © Twitter/SunielShetty_FC 7. A black kurta on a white dhoti can look fierce. © Instagram 8. To being truly Indian - spiritually and sartorially. © Instagram Applause, Anna.
  2. In your twenties, chances of you spotting your first dreaded grey hair strand are very likely. The existence of a white hair strand(s) or in plural can be terrifying. The white signifies the beginning of horrors of old age and death! You might also think that white is an unattractive colour to be on one's head. Or worse, what if suddenly your crush begins to think that you're really old. But hey, before you freak out. via GIPHY This is not a nightmare. You're in control of this. You can control your grey strands in a better way than you think. Here are things to immediately do as soon as you spot the grey. 1. Don't Pluck It Whatever you do, don't pluck it. As tempting as the idea might sound, plucking the hair strand damages the hair follicle and might lead to hair loss. You don't want another problem to attack you when you're already dealing with one. via GIPHY Don't. 2. Snip It A good alternative to plucking greys is snipping them short. Just give them a close cut near to the scalp so they stop being the unicorn in your main crop. © active web group 3. Dye It If suddenly you see too many white strands, you could consider dyeing them. But don't go all out. Keep it subtle. Spend time choosing the tone matches the colour of your blacks. 4. Oil It Once you start with the hair colouring business you need to take care of your hair. All the chemicals from the hair dye will render your hair dry and brittle. © livestrong If you find the greys taking over your blacks, it's time to embrace it. It looks suave, trust us. Look at Jim Sarbh, Obama, Milind Soman for some inspiration. © Twitter While all these solutions might give you temporary results, the best way to deal with the whites is to wear it like you're proud of it. Who cares anyway, right?
  3. 'Living healthy' should pretty much be a motto that everyone swears by. But in the hustle and bustle of daily life, as well as the rat race to be first and succeed in one's profession, many people end up forgetting about this basic (and necessary) life motto that all of them should be prioritising. After all, nothing else matters if your health is in jeopardy. So on that note, here are four lifestyle changes that all Indian men should immediately implement to live a healthier and better, life. 1) Start Implementing A Balanced Diet © Pexels We can't stress this enough - implementing a balanced diet is ABSOLUTELY vital in ensuring that you are living a healthy life. After all, you are what you eat and if your body doesn't intake the right amount (and type) of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it's going to be more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. So make sure you're incorporating a diet that isn't just dependent on junk food and beer, but has a fair amount of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grains as well. 2) Start Using Organic Grooming Products © Unsplash We all understand that men cannot do without grooming, not unless they want to make sure they never get another date. And it's understandable that one's grooming regimen would require a dependence on grooming products (face wash, soaps, moisturisers). But it's absolutely imperative to understand that most grooming products for men contain a plethora of chemicals, SLS and parabens. As such, it's important to start using organic products - be it soaps, face washes or even shampoos - that make for a healthier lifestyle change. Pro tip: If you are looking for premium grooming products that happen to be 100% natural and organic as well, then Raw Nature's new range of organic soaps makes for a great option. They are curated to combat all types of skin problems (oily skin, acne breakouts) and you can buy them here 3) Increase Your Water Intake © Pexels While keeping yourself constantly hydrated should pretty much be a no-brainer, a lot of folks don't really pay that much attention to their water intake. Needless to say, this is something that has to change, especially if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. So, if you weren't drinking enough water already, make sure you start increasing your water intake as staying hydrated will help boost your immune system, promote healthy weight management, flush out harmful toxins from your system, help you avoid kidney stones and help you regulate your body temperature as well. 4) Invest In Your Physical & Mental Fitness © Unsplash Finally, you need to start investing in your physical AND mental fitness. While a lot of people make sure they are physically fit by regularly going to the gym, most of them forget about the importance of prioritizing their mental health as well. So, while you make sure you're properly doing your weights, cardio exercises and push-ups, try to take out some time for yoga, meditation and chanting as well.
  4. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/3b7ba35e6aa8443dac8c127f448bf787.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ny8xMC8yMDE4IDU6MTE6MjggUE0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1IZHUyRk5Cdm1PZ1N3bm5kVXZ1Vk1nPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...