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Found 12 results

  1. Indian skipper Virat Kohli is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve and never shies away from speaking his mind both on and off the field. Unlike his predecessor MS Dhoni who used to deal with everything with a cool head, Kohli is not known for his calmness and maturity. We have often seen him losing his cool during press conferences and many of us wonder why he reacts in the manner that he does. On numerous occasions, Kohli has described the public criticism as “nonsense” and something which doesn’t affect him at all. But there was a time when it did. In fact, in the early part of his career, he used to try extra hard to prove others that he belonged to this level and put himself under undue pressure which affected his game massively. © Reuters In Kohli’s own words, he used to treat every foreign tour like an “engineering exam” and wanted to show people that he was good enough to play at the highest level. "To be honest, before that Australia tour, I was treating every foreign tour like, more like an engineering exam, that I have to pass somehow and I have to show people that I can play at this level," Kohli told Dinesh Karthik during a Sky Sports interview. © Twitter/SkySports This unnecessary pressure affected his game and then came the England tour in 2014 where he failed miserably and even went through depression. The failure worked as an eye-opener for him and he realised whoever he was trying to please had nothing to do with his life. During his struggle days, not many people came forward to help him and that was when he realised that to succeed, he would have to cut the white noise down and instead of winning people over, his focus should be only on his performance. "There I realised that once you are down and out, there was hardly anyone who came to help me, there was hardly anyone who was looking towards me and saying listen let’s work together and you know try to get your game up to speed, everyone was just going after me left, right and centre. So, I was like I am playing to prove these people wrong, for what, I have got nothing to do with them, they literally have nothing to contribute in my life,” said Kohli, explaining why he turned a cold shoulder to the public opinion from critics as well as the media. © Reuters Kohli went into the next series against Australia with a new approach and found instant success as he scored nearly 700 runs, with the help of four hundreds and since then, he has never allowed anyone’s opinion affect him and his game. That said, a public figure can’t run away from criticism and our only advice for the Indian captain would be that instead of slamming the critics, he should learn to respect their opinions. View the full article
  2. Researchers found more prominent degrees of COVID-battling antibodies in individuals who had the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines
  3. They say while they are flagging mutations, there was no reason currently to believe they were expanding or could be dangerous
  4. We all are aware of the severity of the second wave of COVID-19 and need to get even more sincere while taking precautions. Taking care of your immunity and overall health is all the more important now. You can only help others if you’re taking care of yourself first and that's exactly what we are here to talk about today. Antioxidants like Vitamin C, D, A and E, along with essential proteins and micronutrients (like zinc and iron) are most important for your immunity system. Here are five immunity boosting smoothie recipes that are super rich in all these nutrients. Check them out! __ECOMLOOKS__2886__ __ECOMLOOKS__2887__ __ECOMLOOKS__2888__ __ECOMLOOKS__2889__ __ECOMLOOKS__2890__ The Bottomline These healthy smoothies are highly rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals and are extremely easy to make. Try them out and strengthen your immunity system! Explore More View the full article
  5. AH-CHHOO! Man down! That’s all it takes to get sick. Sometimes even less. While you bravely and fully trust your immune system to fight back and it does, are you sure you’re giving it all the right weapons? See, you start off feeling great, 100 per cent confident about your health. But then one boozy late night and the energy level starts to dip. And then you follow it up with comfort food. It feels amazing but sooner or later, you’ll run out of energy. That’s probably when you’ll think about boosting your immune system by adding antioxidants and spices to your diet, by getting enough vitamin C and D. It’s good that you’re thinking about your health now and drinking grandma’s immunity boosting kadha. But wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid all the things that are weakening your immunity in the first place? 1. Stress, Loneliness & Sadness Stress and lack of sleep can make the brain boost production of cortisol, a hormone that impairs the function of infection-fighting T-cells. A sudden tragic event can also weaken your body’s immune response. According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology in December 2014, increased anxiety associated with loneliness leads to greater supression of the immune system. Solution:Exercise regularly. Stay in touch with your friends and family. Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or tai chi. Hug people more often. __ECOMPRODUCT__1395__ 2. Sedentary LifestyleStudies have shown that too much sitting, avoiding exercise and sun can affect your body’s ability to fight infection. Regardless of your gender, age and harmful habits like smoking and drinking, a sedentary lifestyle can impair immune system, cause inflammation and other chronic diseases. Solution:Stay active. Excercise for 30 minutes. Walk in the sun, preferably before 10 a.m. The harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun can also trigger immune responses and increase the risk of infection. __ECOMPRODUCT__1396__ 3. Too Much ExerciseBeing a couch potato is not encouraged because it impairs your immune system, but extreme workouts also do the same. Overtraining syndrome can make your body more suspectible to viruses. Solution:Moderate physical activity makes your body less vulnerable to infection. __ECOMPRODUCT__1397__ 4. Excessive Drinking & SmokingAll kinds of cigarettes—traditional and e-cigerattes—are exposing you to nicotine which is known to increase cortisol levels. Vapour from e-cigarettes contains free radicals that can cause airway inflammation and share impaired responses with bacteria and viruses. It can also damage the lungs and make them more susceptible to infection. Excessive drinking has a similar effect on the immune system. It make your lungs more prone to bacterial and viral invasion. Solution:Quit smoking. Limit your drinks. Increase your lung capacity. __ECOMPRODUCT__1297__ 5. Salt, Sugar & Saturated FatAccording to a June 2014 review published in Nutrition Journal, saturated fat can impair the immune system. Salt and sugar might also have negative effects. Obesity reduces the number and function of white blood cells that are vital to fight infection. Solution:Add salt and sugar to your food in moderate quantity. Eat good fat. Add cinnamon to your desserts and drinks. __ECOMPRODUCT__1398__ The Bottomline A couple of years back, you could enjoy all the junk you want but today, when a deadly virus is spreading like a wildfire, your body needs you. Immunity is your hero and you must take care of it in all possible ways. Explore More View the full article
  6. With over one million people being tested positive with the Coronavirus, the need for boosting your immune system and staying healthy for yourself and the people around you, has become of utmost importance. We, therefore, reached out to Sheryl Salis, a registered dietician, certified diabetes educator and wellness coach with a career spanning across 19 years in order to provide you with some simple and basic steps to make your immunity stronger, which can help you survive the pandemic more efficiently: 1. Add Virgin Coconut Oil To Your Diet © Pexels Include Cold Pressed Virgin coconut oil in the diet. The important medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) present in coconut oil are lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid. These acids in coconut oil principally destroy microbial organisms by disturbing their membranes, thus interfering with virus assembly and maturation. Coconut oil also has monolaurin which is a potent antiviral agent. It kills the virus by dissolving the protective lipids surrounding it. Consuming two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every day will help keep the virus at bay by building a stronger immune system along with additional health benefits such as, aid in weight management, support cognition and help in digestion as well. 2. A Colorful Plate © Pexels Include coloured fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, papaya that add flavor to your palate. These are essentially rich in antioxidants and help you build a stronger immune system. 3. Vitamin C - The Major Player © Pexels Include foods rich in vitamin C like orange, sweet lime, lemon, gooseberry, bell pepper, berries, tomato, dark leafy vegetables, cashew fruit, kiwi, strawberry, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc. which boost your immune system. Did you know Amla has the highest vitamin C content which is almost equal to that of two oranges? Amla has potent anti-viral and antioxidant properties as well. Dried amla is as good as fresh amla as it contains substances which partially protect the vitamin C from destruction on heating or drying. 4. Add Zinc To Your Diet © Pexels Foods rich in zinc such as nuts, whole grains, legumes, yeast, dairy products also help boost immune function and are highly recommended to be incorporated in the diet. 5. Switch To Green Tea (Preferably With Moringa) And Green Coffee © Pexels Sip on moringa green tea which is formulated to give you all the benefits of green tea combined with the power of the superfood moringa. It is packed with vitamins and minerals (specifically vitamin C) and has antioxidants which help boost immunity. Additionally, it helps maintain bone and joint health, helps regulate metabolism and aids in weight management. Similarly, unlike regular coffee, green coffee is unroasted and hence has three times more antioxidant potential which is otherwise lost during the roasting process. It is a health booster that is high in antioxidants which helps boost immunity and aids in weight control and management. 6. Enhance Digestion and Stay Hydrated © Pexels It surely helps if you use garlic, pepper, ginger, asafetida (hing), cumin seeds/powder, turmeric, moringa, lemongrass, basil, and coriander in cooking as they help enhance digestion and improve immunity. Did you know that adding black pepper to the turmeric helps in the absorption of active ingredients in turmeric? You can mix and add it to food, especially soups. 7. Spice Up Your Meals © Pexels Pepper rasam and sambhar have all the essential spices and are just right to boost your immune system. Spices tend to be very helpful in building a strong defence mechanism against viral infections. Ensure to include sambhar and rasam to your meals. 8. Kill The Virus With Antiviral Foods © Pexels Garlic, fennel, basil, cloves and tulsi have antiviral properties that help you maintain and boost your immune system whilst you stay prepared to fight the viral infections and flu. 9. Drink Healthy Juices © Pexels Try these healthy juice combinations like: a. Beetroot + Carrot + Spinach + Amla + Ginger b. Apple + Beetroot + Carrot + Ginger + Lemon + Celery. These juices not only energize you and help you maintain youthfulness but also help boost your immune system in an efficient manner. We can boost our immune systems by adding the above-mentioned foods easily available in our kitchen to build a stronger immune system without letting us compromise on our favourite meals. It is extremely important to build a strong immune system which will work in our defence during times of distress. 10. Vitamin D © Pexels Studies have shown that vitamin D helps boost immunity. Ensure that you go to your terrace for at least 15 mins in the day (without applying sunscreen) and get vitamin D. You can set a time with your neighbours to ensure you maintain physical distancing. View the full article
  7. Malignant breast cancer cells metastasized to the liver are seen in this undated handout photo. REUTERS/file Normal immune cells that live near milk ducts in healthy breast tissue may play a key role in helping early breast cancer cells leave the breast for other parts of the body, researchers say. This could possibly cause cancer to metastasize, or spread, even before a tumor has developed, according to Dr. Julio Aguirre-Ghiso of The Tisch Cancer Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City and colleagues. The study was published online January 2 in Nature Communications. In previous work, the team identified a group of early cancer cells that get disseminated into the body during the earliest stages of breast cancer, before any cancer can be detected. In the current study, they report that immune cells called macrophages play an important part in this process. Working in mice and in human cells in the laboratory, the team found that dissemination occurs when macrophages are attracted to the milk ducts, where they trigger a chain reaction that enables the early cancer cells to leave the breast. ?We show that by disrupting this (process), we can prevent early dissemination and, ultimately, deadly metastasis,? Aguirre-Ghiso said in an email to Reuters Health. ?Our study challenges the dogma that early diagnosis and treatment means sure cure,? he said. It could also be a ?starting point? for a test that could identify patients with the earliest form of breast cancer, known as ductal cell carcinoma in situ, who may already have disseminated disease, he suggested. Future work will involve identifying the type of macrophages involved in early dissemination and exactly how the process occurs, which potentially could lead to the development of novel therapies to prevent it. The kind of large, double-blind clinical trial that could prove this approach is still far in the future, Aguirre-Ghiso noted. ?Even so,? he said, ?our findings point to the notion that early treatment of high-risk patients may prevent the formation of deadly metastasis better than the current standard of treating metastatic disease (only after it has appeared).? Cancer geneticist and researcher Dr. Theodora Ross of UT Southwestern in Dallas told Reuters Health by email, ?The concept that macrophages are assisting in early metastases is so intriguing.? But for now, she cautioned, ?the extension of this hypothesis to humans remains speculative.? However, ?the point that patients with small ?early? breast cancers are not necessarily cured (by early treatment) is a good one,? she said. ?What if metastases happen way before you ever see the cancer on a screening test??
  8. Marriyum Aurangzeb speaks to media ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb hit out at the opposition on Friday, saying that no one is immune from accountability. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his sons did not claim exemption available to them and instead presented themselves for accountability, she reminded the opposition while addressing media outside the Supreme Court premises here. Aurangzeb expressed confidence that the Supreme Court will decide the Panama Papers case strictly in accordance with the law and constitution. She said that despite a lengthy and minute investigation process, there was no evidence to prove allegations of corruption, commission, kickbacks or misuse of power by the elected Prime Minister. She reiterated that the Sharif family submitted all the required documents before the apex court bench. Replying to a question, the minister said PML-N fully respects the judges; however, it has reservations over the JIT report submitted to the Supreme Court, she said. PML-N leader Daniyal Aziz meanwhile said there should be across-the-board accountability. Speaking to media earlier today, Aziz took aim at Pakistan Peoples Party saying that those talking about accountability were only giving the ?impression? that they cared about accountability. ?PPP is talking about accountability but at the same time it is trying to pass a bill against NAB in Sindh,? he said. SC reserves judgment in Panama Papers case Bench observed it will proceed strictly in accordance with the law The special implementation bench of the Supreme Court reserved its decision in the Panama Papers case on Friday, after hearing arguments over the final report of the JIT. Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed remarked that the bench would review the matter of the prime minister?s disqualification.
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