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Found 29 results

  1. Whey protein is the most common supplement in the fitness industry, and supplement companies have flooded the market with their strategies to sell their premium whey protein product. Trainers with less knowledge in nutrition are going crazy behind whey protein and treating it like some magical supplement. Some trainers even sell it to their clients and make money out of it. Whey protein is nothing but a convenience protein source food and it's the easiest way to ingest protein in your body. Here are a few things you should know: 1) Consuming Only Whey Protein Will Not Build Muscle © Thinkstock Images Most of the fitness folks think consuming whey protein will give them magical results in a week's time, but that's not entirely true. Protein builds, repairs and maintains muscle in your body but it only helps you to grow when you lift weights, put mechanical tension on your muscles and hit your total daily protein intake every day and overtime. Whey protein can help you complete your daily protein intake if it's hard for you to complete it from other sources of protein. 2) Whey Protein Isn't Only For Bodybuilders © Thinkstock Images Yes, this is true. Whey protein is just a convenience protein source food and it can be consumed by anyone who wants to complete their daily protein intake. You don't have to be a bodybuilder or lift weights to consume it. It has a great taste and makes every dessert yummy. You can add a scoop of whey in your ice cream, smoothie, cake, custard, etc. You get a whopping serving of 25-30g of protein per scoop. 3) Whey Protein Is A Natural Food Source © Thinkstock images Hell yeah, you read that right! Whey protein comes from cow milk. When your mother makes paneer at home the leftover whitish liquid which she throws away, is whey. The supplement companies restore the whitish liquid and process it through filtration and other processing methods to make whey concentrates and isolates. So yeah, it is not something medicinal or artificial being given to you. It is just a processed dairy product. Much like your cheese or ice-cream! Author bio: Yashovardhan Singh is an online fitness coach with www.getsetgo.fitness, an online fitness platform. Along with lifting weights and building his physique, he is also a motorbike enthusiast, an animal lover. You can connect with him on Instagram or drop him an email on yashovardhan@getsetgo.fitness.
  2. If you're looking for someone to date or fall in love with in 2019, your timing couldn't be perfect. I don't just mean that because it's a brand new year and it's still the beginning, but because 2019 is a marvellous year of revelations and strengthening certain aspects about how you react to things around you. Just like how everything happens with an evolutionary spin, dating too takes that curve every once a while and permits us to seek new rules every time we want to start exploring the world with someone. Apart from the rules you need to stick to, for dating in different cities, there are something's which are stagnant and unanimous, in terms of qualifying as the 'deal breaker'. And for a man, in 2019 particularly, it's his tryst with honesty. © Eros International Even with a heavy spin off on finding the 'perfect match' at a brink of a second, we're still looking for folds of realism in people we ardently want to be with and if things aren't real, it's difficult to define what the intent actually is. The crux of everything a man is today or what he should be doing, is all matched up to how honest he is as a human being and if he's indeed as honest as he should be, greater good does come his way. In relationships though, which are certainly not archaic anymore, honesty has become a trivial concept and it certainly shouldn't be one. Because people are dishonest they move away and start swiping again but if you're honest to one another, you're amorous, even though you want to head in different directions eventually. So here are 4 pertinent things every man should definitely be honest about, if he's looking to date in 2019: (1) What You Really Want From Her The new year brings a new age, or that's the easiest assumption I summon. No, really, can we go a little old school here? Remember a time when there were no dating apps or much of social media influencing our decisions? We would take time to wonder and think what we really want out of a dynamic? Yes, let's bring that back. Be open about what you really want because honestly, women are done with men playing games or giving them the chase. If you want an open relationship, be vocal about it, if you want to be in a relationship, there's no harm sharing that, if you just want something casual, let it out, but there isn't any point of being dishonest about your intent, because when she finds out you're dishonest, you'll just be a man who lies and gets away with it! © Fox Star Studios (2) Are You Commitment Phobic? A commitment phobic person could break at any point in time. If you're not ready for a commitment, don't dazzle her with your charm and leave her to figure the rest. Let her know that commitment scares you and even if you really want to be with her and the big 'C' gets in the way, ask her to help you out with it. Maybe she can help you take it slow, maybe she can opt for something casual with you. Who knows? and you won't know either unless you voice out your very obvious concern. Don't let her find out through some 10,000 alarming signals you let off, during the day. © Fox Star Studios (3) That Sexism Scares You, Not Feminism Yup, as text-bookish as I may sound right about now, it's actually true. Be wary, you're always judged for that and that's not because women want to judge you till you evaporate, it's because equality is very important for them and if you're on the same wavelength, hallelujah! Women have found a voice in 2019, well they had one way before too, maybe you just weren't listening. But now, if you hear, they're saying it's okay to understand what they really need and want from a man, which doesn't reek of sexist behaviour and aligns with some feminist ideology. It certainly doesn't mean you have to embrace everything in the name of feminism, it just means you have to start being equals. Chivalry is great but maybe go dutch on the bill? Let her drive you for a change or even pull a chair back for you? © Eros International (4) Be Honest About Your Long-Term Goals You can slip it into a conversation or just have a long conversation and disclose all you want to about what you're looking at, in 2019. You could be looking at getting married or maybe just being with someone, whatever it is, being honest about it, rather than shying away from it is way easier and classier, might I add. © Yash Raj Films You could add-on more honest things to be honest about other than these 4 pointers and make a classic example of how you've understood what I am trying to say, or you can just press the little obnoxious cross on the top-right corner of your window and close this article, but let me tell you this- Who doesn't love an honest man? He can live a tough life but he'd never be forgotten and that's how important a role honesty really plays, in society and of course in 2019, today.
  3. Hi guys ! We have created a Android Application for our users. Now you can easily install and open fundayforum without opening browser or searching on web fundayforum. Just install it and with one click you can use Fundayforum Board. Apk File link is below Click at download Button for application and Please before install Go to your android mobile settings > Security > and check mark at UNKNOWN DEVICE . Run the application for installation. Thats it. If you got any errors or any suggestion please pass your comments. Thanks
  4. If you're in love with someone, it's mostly because you're attracted to one or more of the inherent qualities the person possesses. Either you're attracted to their outward beauty or you've fallen for certain traits the person has. Whatever your reason is, you find a way to justify what love means to you, when it comes to her. © Fox Searchlight Pictures But sometimes people may be truly undulating in the symphony of love without realising the person they're in love with, is absolutely wrong for them. Or even if they're aware of it, coming out of it is an entire process in itself. But most people don't realise they're in love with the wrong person, because they're more attached to the feeling of being in love, than the person itself. Let's face it, not all relationships, dynamics, equations and feelings are meant to be and that's okay to accept. It's okay to accept only because you have to protect your own heart first. © Getty images So, to simplify this further, we have listed down 5 researched and scientific facts to tell you when the person you're in love with, is wrong for you: (1) When The Relationship/Dynamic Is Taking A Toll On Your Mental Health If you feel heaviness within you and you seem to be unhappy most times, maybe the feeling is a derivate of the relationship you're in? This is the first sign of unhappiness and is absolutely non-negotiable. Your mental state is the most important thing and if you feel it's slipping away circumstantially, you need to either step up and change things around or cut the source entirely off. © Getty images (2) When You're Always The One Compromising While we all have our individuality, and that's a great thing, in a relationship it's always best to work as a team. That's because both the sides have needs. Some basic and some complex and the partner(s) always have to compromise to ensure the others needs are met. But if you're constantly stepping forward and compromising all the time wherein she's not willing to budge, does she really want to make an effort for you? That's something to think about for sure, isn't it? © Getty images (3) When The Person Keeps Feeding Your Insecurities There will be a time where you'll realise that your insecurities don't have a standstill or a place they can disappear to. The person you're with doesn't make an effort to give you closure on certain things and sometimes, it becomes an issue of trust. If she's constantly feeding off of your insecurities, it's about time to let go of her and move on because that's the trait of a toxic parasite. © Getty images (4) When Your Family & Friends Don't Like Her Much Every time she's around either your family or your friends, they always have a disapproving look on their face and it's there for a reason. Maybe she did something they didn't like and didn't apologise, maybe she doesn't respect them enough or maybe they just don't get the right vibe from her. It's still fine when one or two people from your friend circle or your family sense it, but a bunch of them being uncomfortable around her is a certain red flag! © Getty images (5) When Your Fights & Arguments Never Find A Resolve While it's healthy to fight in a relationship, most times, it's not healthy to sweep things under the rug and not resolve them then and there. Most times, the things you sweep under the rug come out at some point and become even more fierce in nature, for any relationship. A healthy fight is something that can be talked out and let go once and for all. It's not supposed to accumulate into something bigger in the future and if that happens often, and there's no resolve to it, the relationship or the person isn't really the right fit. © Getty images It's always for the best if you figure out these tell-tale sign early off with the person, before you get more involved with them. It'll definitely hurt lesser and take lesser time to get over. Not everyone is suited for you and you really need to pick and choose wisely in today's day and age in order to have a successful and sustainable relationship with them.
  5. Men need to have some formidable traits to attract women. Having said that, if you inherently possess some traits that make you a wonderment for women, then you're in sheer luck. If not, well we can definitely help you. After all, it's not rocket science. According to wholesome myths, especially for some users on our website, women love men who're rich or good looking. While the latter maybe true, the former is questionable. It takes a lot more than money and other riches for women to be absolutely swooned by a man. © Eros International 'Good looks' is subjective. While some women love a man with looks others may want more grounded traits like honesty or sensitivity. While we agree these are important traits any man should have, we also believe there are 5 most important traits that a man can channelise towards his characteristic and win over any woman he likes or wants. Here are 5 personality traits a man can possess which can make the ladies swoon. (1) Some Awesome Leadership Skills Having leadership skills is something you should nourish from the beginning and not just to impress women. It tells the world that you're decisive and trust me, indecisive men are the last thing a woman needs. She likes men who can take control of a situation and aren't afraid to face it, without any inhibitions. Actually, that's quite a turn on for women. © Sony Pictures Releasing (2) Confidence Rules The Roost Having confidence without an ounce of cockiness is absolute gold. If you think you're good looking or/and hot, then you should shoulder off the cockiness you carry around with you. It's absolutely unappealing to meet a man who is aware about the way he looks and uses that dismissively to try and attract women. Women will definitely turn the other way. What you can do is carry yourself out with class and dignity and the rest will definitely follow. © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures (3) It's Time To Be Accountable While this may seem too ambiguous, it really isn't. Accountability is the first and foremost responsibility you may have as a man and if you're aware of the fact that you have to be accountable ever so often, you can really make changes in how you perceive things. Mostly one has to be accountable for his actions and the words that he speaks. Having accountability to owning up to your flaws and mistakes is one of the most relatable thing for a woman and she finds this quality rather endearing. So, if you're aware of things you've messed up on and you take complete accountability for it, you're good to go. © Eros International (4) Self-Respect Is A Well Kept Secret While most men do possess self respect, they sometimes forget about it when they're going out of their way to please women. When a woman says 'no', it does not mean try harder. It means keep yourself respect intact and walk out of the situation. There is nothing more off-putting than forcing your actions and thoughts onto someone else. So build on the self respect and use it wisely! © RSVP Movies (5) Stand Your Ground, Always Girls find it rather attractive when a man holds strong opinions and beliefs and has a strong voice. Now I don't mean any of that in the negative. I don't mean you should be absolutely opinionated, or have a voice strong enough to crush someone else's voice. What I mean is if you believe in something strongly, pronounce it well and let people know about it. It's an endearing trait and women find a man who can stand his ground firmly, quite attractive. © Eros International It doesn't take much to find a woman who'll absolutely loves and gels with your vibe. It takes an ounce of respect and doing the things that you love doing, being your own person and carrying out your personal style well, along with the above five traits to set the wheel in motion. Once you have everything set, you're sorted in every sense to swoon any woman you like!
  6. Today, we're not going to be talking about the on-court exploits of NBA superstars. Instead, we're going to be talking about men who believed being good was more important than being a superstar. We're not saying a good person can't be a superstar (as is evidenced by a few people on our list). All we're trying to say is these men believed in being good role models first and everything else came after. Michael Jordan It goes without saying that one of the most recognizable names in basketball is also one of the most charitable. Instead of going into all his philanthropic exploits, we're going to talk about just one. A very important one. © Getty Images The Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Clinics. In Jordan's own words, the clinics will, “help provide a brighter and healthier future for the children and families they serve.” LeBron James There are hardly any lists of basketball players which LeBron can't wiggle his way onto. That's the case here as well. For someone who is the face of the NBA for many, LeBron hasn't let his superstar status get in the way of him being a good person. © Getty Images What did he do? He opened a school. A public school that helps at-risk kids. If that's not a sign of philanthropy, what is? Tim Duncan You could call Tim one of the greatest power forwards of all time. Need proof? He was a part of the All-NBA team 13 seasons in a row. Now that's quite the achievement, wouldn't you say? © Getty Images But, Tim didn't let that superstar status get to him. He set up a foundation of his own called the Tim Duncan Foundation. Through his foundation he helps thousands with health awareness and also funds multiple youth sports. Adonal Foyle Okay, Foyle is not one of the biggest names of the NBA. But, his career off the court is a substantial one for sure. © Getty Images His tireless humanitarian work also got him inducted into the World Sport Humanitarian Hall of Fame in 2009. We also must mention Democracy Matters, his group which only has one goal, spreading democracy.
  7. Long distance relationships are very tough to sustain and people who can pull them off flawlessly should be awarded! No kidding. I tried my hand at one some time ago and I couldn't do it for longer than maybe 6 months. Not that I wasn't in love with her or something, I just couldn't handle being away from someone for so long without any physical or emotional proximity. I guess a LDR (long distance relationship) is not everyone's cup of tea and people who do it have a lot of willpower, patience and a sense of loneliness that doesn't really bother them. © Pintrest When I signed up for a LDR with my then girlfriend, we didn't factor in any cons and just thought about the pros. We thought we'll swiftly move into a space where we'll have a lot of time to ourselves over digital media and spend a lot of time talking to each other and two years without any physical contact would be just about fine. Little did we know it was the toughest journey both of us ever embarked upon. The problem was that we didn't factor in what goes into maintaining a long distance relationship and we figured we'll just wing it. But it doesn't really work like that and till date, losing that relationship has been my biggest regret. © Pintrest So, if you're contemplating a LDR with someone you really love or want to be with and want to make the probable effort for, here are some important boxes you should check before going ahead! You can take these steps as serious learning's, from my failed LDR! (1) Can Basic Logistics Be In Place? Basic logistics also include the distance your partner is travelling and figuring out accordingly how often you can visit each other. If it's a straight-up no-travel or no seeing each other LDR, then it gets tough (like ours was). There is only so much you can rely on technology TBH. If you have the means and the luxury to travel and meet up at least once in two months, then it sounds absolutely doable. Maybe think of a commonplace you both can meet every other month. That way you don't have to travel the whole distance to see your beau. But if the logistics aren't in place there is no point in doing a long distance at all. "My GF and I have been in a long distance since I got a job in another city and I had to leave. There was no 'talk' per se about how we were going to deal with this but things sort of fell into place. She understood we had to do this because of our respective careers. Of course, we had our doubts and fears about how we'd do this but we decided to meet at least once a month and since then it has become a lot easier" - Alshaar, 28, Associate Editor © Pintrest (2) Can You Be Constant At Communicating? Communication is the key to keep any healthy relationship alive and it's required even more if you're in a long distance relationship. Communication is the heart of a LDR and if it fails, the entire relationship can collapse. I don't mean be on the phone 24/7. I mean communicate as and when you feel like talking to the other person. If you remember something concerning them, communicate, if you're feeling sad or happy, just communicate. You have to make sure the person is a part of your life through communication. You can decide on how to carry forth the communication but once you do stick to it. if you're averse to the idea of communicating or think you're bad at it, LDR is probably not for you then. "Communication is the key. When I moved to another city to study, my boyfriend and I would only meet maybe twice a year but we made it through by just effectively communicating and staying in touch. It came naturally to us" - Gowrav, 27, Writer © Thinkstock (3) Can You Trust The Other Person Completely? This is also another key factor. If there is no trust, there is no reason to consider doing a LDR. Trust is the binding force behind any relationship and in this case, you wouldn't know what the person is up to for most of the time and you just have to have a solid trust in them and a strong faith in the relationship! If you can trust the person enough and trust them to not do something that may upset you, then you're ready for this. *** is an important part of any romantic relationship and sometimes it becomes a carnal need. If you trust the person to not indulge in casual *** while she's not around you or meet other people for any other purpose than to just socialise, then maybe it's not worth the risk. "Yes, trust is important. It's the most important thing to have in a relationship. My GF visits me every other week since we're not very far off from each other but there are times I don't see her but I don't wonder what she's up to. I know she'll never cheat on me" - Mohit, 28, accountant "*** is an important part of any relationship and sometimes, in a long distance, physical proximity does get compromised. In that regard, my boyfriend and I have decided to have an open relationship, just for *** and not an emotional attachment. We're clear about this in our communication and talk about it whenever we do hook up with someone. It works out for the best" - Gowrav, 28, Writer © Pintrest (4) Can You Be Okay With Them Socialising? Sometimes, in order to not think about the distance, a lot of people resort to socialising so they don't feel lonely. Your partner will have a different social circle and you may not be a part of that life. If you think you can handle her having a separate life from yours without having the FOMO, then it's fine to do this. Or else just be clear about what you really feel. © Pintrest (5) LDRs Are All About Commitment If you're planning to go ahead with a LDR it's but much obvious that you're willing to commit. There isn't a point if there is no commitment and you're just doing this for the heck of it. LDRs should only be done if the relationship is heading somewhere. If it's a casual fling, why keep the person on the hook and do one? Commitment gives a sense of security to both the partners and the fact that so much hard work will not go in vain. It stabilises a relationship and seals the deal, telling the partners that this is it for them. © Thinkstock You can have certain dos and don'ts if you're considering a LDR. Like make a LDR budget wherein you spend out of that for travels etc. Have a schedule for talking to each other, especially if you're in different time zones. Keep the interaction alive with communication, sending over gifts, handwritten letters etc and just be true and honest to each other. A day will come when you will not have to be away from each other anymore and you'll cherish each other even more when you do come back together and form a stronger bond!
  8. Why Have I Been Banned For? You can see the reason for the ban at your profile page sidebar or the top of the home page. Right below our logo you'll notice a box which states that you've been banned, what you've been banned for and how long this ban will last. What does the Reason "Copying and Pasting" mean? You copied and pasted either your own post on several threads or you've copied and pasted other people's posts. This is considered low quality posting and is against our What does the Reason "Leeching" mean? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leeching_(computing) Wrote:In computing and specifically Internet, a leech is one who benefits, usually deliberately, from others' information or effort but does not offer anything in return, or makes only token offerings in an attempt to avoid being called a leech. On Fundayforum this means basically the same. You've been found being a person who only wants to get free leaks without contributing anything to the community. How can I contribute to the community? We have several ways to contribute back to the community. To contribute you don't have to worried about posting nulled or leaked content of IPS APPS or PLUGINS here.But Before posting just check it out is it already available or not. Do not post the same stuff we won't approve those kind of files or posts. You can contribute back to the community by participating in discussions on here. We offer a couple for sections to do so. You like Poetry? We've got a big Urdu Poetry section for that! You like Quiz? We've got a Quiz Application for that! You like Islam or information? We've got sections of ISLAM and Study base knowledge for that! And if you don't have any specific topics you prefer, we still have Chit chat, Male Gossip, Female Gossip, Text Games, Etc Sections in other Forum Category. where you can talk about anything that doesn't fit in any other category. But I am banned so I can't contribute anymore? That's not entirely true. We are willing to give every member of Fundayforum another chance as long as we see that you really want to contribute back to the community. That's what this section is for. You can appeal your ban by admitting your fault or proving us that we've made a mistake banning you. What rules apply additionally to the general rules? Do not lie to us in appeals. Any hostility towards staff members will extend your ban by one month. If you are banned permanently already we might remove your appealing rights completely.
  9. Here at Fundayforum, we require high quality posts. If you're just here to unlock content and download something, you're at the wrong place. What we consider spam and/or low quality: Short messages like "cool", "thanks", "lol" etc. General thank-you post. We have a like button for a reason. Posts in other languages. Only English , Urdu, Punjabi,Hindi languages are allowed. Undescriptive thread titles like "Please help". Off-topic posts or anything that has nothing to do with the thread. Threads which will get you banned: What's your favourite X? (Example: What's your favourite food?) X vs X? (Example: Playstation or Xbox?) Will X die?/Is X dying? Any thread about the unlock requirements. Any thread about the unlock limits. Any thread that is low quality, as described above. How can I unlock and download something without getting banned for leeching? Involve yourself in the community and contribute something useful. Post a tutorial or guide, share a great story you experienced or just provide leaks. What if I don't want to contribute? Don't even bother staying here. You'll just get banned. We have a zero tolerance policy against leechers.
  10. We all go through the phase where we are looking for company but not exactly looking for company. Getting me? You might be finding it confusing, so let me rephrase that. Sometimes in our life, we crave for intimacy but don't exactly want a relationship. via GIPHY To get over this phase, some people have one night stands while some find solace in friends. However, some go for a relationship which is not exactly a relationship. They enter into something casual which usually has just one rule (and we sure can talk about it, unlike fight club): nothing serious! via GIPHY If you just had a breakup, or need a break from singlehood without having to commit, a casual relationship is a great idea. It provides you with the break which you need, you get a new friend, and of course, who doesn't like to get laid? But maintaining a casual relationship isn't as simple as it sounds. If you are in one such relationship then keep in mind that contrary to the popular belief, there is more than just one rule to keep the relationship in the complication-free zone. 1. There's No Space for Jealousy Irrespective of whether you're exclusively (but casually) involved or in an open relationship, there's no space for jealousy in such relationships. Your partner is free to date/hangout/party with whomever they want and you have no right to question it. via GIPHY The “who were you talking to at 1 in the night?” doesn't work here. If you're the jealous kind who hates the idea of your partner being even slightly involved with someone else, then a casual relationship isn't for you. 2. They Can't be Available All the Time When you're in a serious relationship, you expect your partner to be there for you whenever you need. But when you're in a casual relationship, expecting the same is naïve. via GIPHY A casual relationship is not an 'in sickness and in health' relationship. It is being there with each other to have a good time. That's it! Don't expect anything more than that. Make yourself understand that you might be their last priority. 3. Tell Them If You Start Developing Feelings First of all, you shouldn't break the very first rule of a casual relationship by falling for them. But, we're human and at times, we don't have control over our feelings. If you find yourself breaking this very basic rule, tell your partner. via GIPHY It's important because they might not be on the same page and things would become complicated if they actually aren't. Don't wait for too long hoping that they might start feeling the same. You might get hurt. 4. Don't Expect Pillow Talk Expecting the lovey-dovey messages, mushy talks, or good morning texts is a big NO-NO! You're in a casual relationship, so, keep it casual. Meet & talk when you both are free, have a good time and then get busy with your lives. via GIPHY Speaking of life, get one! Don't make them your world. A casual relationship is not at all about spending all the time together. It's about having a good time when you're free. 5. Split The Bill It goes for every relationship actually but is mandatory when you're in a casual relationship. Don't let your partner pay all the time. via GIPHY You don't need to split every bill, but you should pay alternately. It would keep things simple. The next time you enter into a casual relationship, keep these in mind. In fact, it is also good if you make your own rules by discussing your partner. After all, You wouldn't want a complicated relationship, would you?
  11. Yes guys, women bleed from 'down there' 5 days every month. It's really not an anomaly that they do TBH because if they didn't, they wouldn't be procreating, to begin with. Yeah, why do you think a woman gets her period in the first place? To determine the fact that she will be able to bear children someday. I really don't want to get into the biology of it, because you should leave that research to when you have spare time. © Twitter But what you do need to know are certain facts about a woman's period so you don't sound utterly stupid when you don't need to! If you have a girlfriend, a sister, a mother or women friends, this info will certainly come in handy. Why? Because women love guys who are sensitive and can understand what they're going through, in every sense of the word. Here are 5 important things every guy should know about a woman's period: (1) Yes, PMS Is Real Basically, whatever you've read and heard about PMS is true. Women get cranky, they get moody, they cry, they want to eat more chocolate and they're fighting bad cramps all day. Why? Because 'that time of the month' also brings along a batch of fresh hormones and hormones cause certain mood imbalances. And that's okay, right? PMS usually begins a few days or a week before the period starts. Sometimes, they begin a lot earlier and it's not an easy time for a woman. So, the next time you want to blame the fights you've been having with her while she is PMSing, think thrice. © Pinterest (2) No, Women Are Not Untouchables During Their Period Yup, this one's indeed an interesting myth. Back in the old days, if the girl of the house was on her period, she was treated differently for those 5 days. She was given separate utensils to eat in, she wasn't allowed to chill with the rest of the family, and she wasn't even allowed to enter the temple etc. Basically, she was treated like an outlaw and if you've heard these stories from your mothers and grandmothers it's time to change your perspective! A woman on her period is a blessing, not disgusting! © Pinterest (3) Yes, Chocolate Craving Is Real Again, no one has really figured out why, but women do crave chocolate when they're on their period. It's definitely something hormonal. So, if you bring her a chocolate with a hot water bottle, you're gold to her. © Pinterest (4) Yes, Period *** Is Okay While a lot of people, including women, may find this repulsive or unhygienic, it actually is the best *** you can have, both for women and men. Men, because there is natural lubrication and women, because it relieves period cramps and let's face it, women are hornier that time of the month, so it serves their purpose. As far as hygiene goes, that is something you need to figure on your own. Maybe put a used bed sheet underneath while doing it? © 20th Television (5) Yes, They Appreciate It If You Do Nice Things For Them The 5 days when she's bestowed with her period, are the toughest for her throughout the month. And she wishes for some support, if not all. So, what you can do is understand her mood swings, let her be cranky and make her feel like it's okay to cry or just PMS because sometimes, it's not in her hands. You can also help her out by buying her sanitary pads or tampons and making her some chamomile tea to ease her pain. © Thinkstock Women having her period is like men getting an early morning boner. It's the most natural phenomena ever. So, the next time you want to cringe at it, make a face or look away in disgust, maybe try and understand it better first?
  12. Women's safety has forever been a concern in India, especially in New Delhi. And when reports surface about women getting molested and raped even in broad daylight, our faith only crumbles and the thought of travelling alone at night turns into a nightmarish vision for many women. However, some women have started feeling safe while travelling at night, thanks to certain people who are going out of their way to ensure that women are safe irrespective of what time it is. One such person is Praveen Ranjan, an auto driver, who commands all our respect for doing his bit to help women. Twitter Praveen Ranjan never takes fare from the women who are travelling at night. When asked about the reason, he said, "Madam main kuch nahi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pahuchana zyada zaroori hain." Praveen's story was shared by Neha Das, who said she was glad that she met him. She wrote in her post, "Yesterday was just another day in office. Finished work just in time to leave a little before 12 am. Delhi winters are here, the streets are mostly empty. While I waited for an auto outside office, this gentleman stopped. On asking the fare, he said "Madam main kuch nahi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pahuchana zyada zaroori hain." "I stood there wondering is he for real," she further wrote and I am sure everyone reading this post would have thought the same. This autowala, whom I would like to call the unsung hero, refused to take any money from Neha, but after she insisted, he took the fare without the night charges. Not all heroes wear capes, some like Praveen silently help women rebuild their trust in society and ensure their safety. We salute this unsung hero.
  13. In this fast-paced millennial world of filters, insta-worthy travels and like-worthy pictures, the real you, the real me, has taken a sudden backseat. And that is exactly where we all need to head back to! Shed the filters, stop catching up with the lives you see on Instagram. Not everything you see on the web is real. If every conversation you ever have makes its way to your social media timeline, you, my friend, have a serious problem and it is about time that we address it. The snarky short film 'The Icebreaker' by Cocktail Crew India, is a direct and much-needed take at this world driven by pretences, that turn your friends into strangers living in a parallel digital universe. The film is live on Cocktail Crew India which is India's first and largest drinks community. The lead actor in the ad film is rising Bollywood star, Divyendu Sharma. The film is the perfect reminder to live a little more and laugh a lot more with friends. Watch this hard-hitting short film burst your digital bubble and make way for reality. So, the next time you catch up with your friends over a drink, be the icebreaker – ditch the smartphone, toss it over and have a heart-to-heart conversation instead!
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  15. First relationships can be tricky. You never seem to know for sure what you're supposed to do, how you're supposed to do it, what you should be saying or when you should be saying it! As exciting as the possibility of landing your first relationship is, be warned that most often your expectations might fail in reality. A Visual.ly report states that 44% of American adults are currently single, whereas a YouGov stats suggest that out of the 46% of married adults in Britain, 27% are married to their first loves! Numbers are but a mere combination of digits when it comes to something as unexpected and educating as a relationship. More so if that relationship happens to be your first love affair! © Colour Yellow Production While the racing heartbeat and weak knees are all fun, wait till you get to the part when the newness and pleasant surprises begin to lose their charm, and you kind of begin to come to terms with the more “serious and laborious” aspect of maintaining a lovey-dovey relationship. You may end up feeling clueless about certain situations and emotions, and fret over goofing things up instead of mending them. Well, before you give up and decide that relationships might not be your cuppa tea, read through these 7 honest pieces of advice and words of caution from real people around the world( read: Redditors), for a much better head start in the department. 1. “Relax. Don't forget to breathe. She isn't perfect and neither are you even though it feels like it is. That's perfectly OK. If you have something on your mind: say it. Nothing good comes of bottling up.” - zzzuluz © MensXP As a rule of thumb, you may want to remember this for good. Walk into this relationship with no expectations, and to seek just affection and companionship. Let the rest unfold in its own sweet time, as the two of you figure things out. 2. “Communication is key. Don't be afraid to talk about issues or concerns you have. Talk about what you want, and listen to what they want. Help each other get those things. And don't ever say something in the heat of anger just to hurt them. Once it's out you can't ever take it back, and unlike the movies, they probably will leave.” - admlshake © MensXP Like every other relationship, a romantic one also thrives on communication. Being vocal about your feelings helps you to navigate through tough situations more cordially. You'll build an understanding that's far more precious. 3. “Pick your battles. No, not everything needs to be discussed deeply and emotionally. Maybe you don't like how she twirls her hair when she's thinking, or that one shirt you find really gaudy, but before you complain about something consider: Is this a you problem or a her problem?” - orangepeeling © MensXP Arguments will happen. That's a no-brainer. Two independently thinking adults will have different views and those views might clash sometimes. But at the same time, you need to choose which fights you really want to pick. 4. “Do not under any circumstances make her your entire life and have a life and hobbies outside of her. This will come in very handy when the eventual break up happens. Also, don't tell her anything and everything. She's your girlfriend, not a therapist. Keep some stuff to yourself. I made the mistake of sharing all of my dark and depressive thoughts with her, which put too much pressure on her to make me happy.” - lordkeith © MensXP Well, this one is different but makes sense. First relationships often make us lose a sense of reality and we are left engulfed in the undying flames of new found love. However, losing yourself over someone is a bad idea. So, be sure you still hang out with your mates and enjoy your own company at times. 5. “Jealousy kills everything. Don't be clingy, give each other space, and assume it will all probably end one day.... don't sweat it, there will be more.” - cnik70 © MensXP A little bit of it goes a long way, but as soon as you overdo it, jealousy is bound to ruin your relationship. 6. “It's going to end, probably in a blunt way, and it's going to suck.” - agedscotch © MensXP Sad, but perhaps true. So in case you come to bear the burnt, then don't stop to lick your wounds. Gather the broken pieces and find better ways of healing your broken heart. 7. “Don't forget that breaking up is a reasonable solution to many of the possible problems.” - Iggybdawg © MensXP And if you don't fall in the previous category, but instead feel this girl is too much to handle for your own sanity or things just don't seem to be adding up, well then break up with her in a polite manner. Call it quits and both of you will thank each other for it later. However, we must bring to your notice that there would always be a lot to learn from your first relationship. But it's important that you go with the flow of things and figure things out along the way. We must remember that some people find love at first sight, while for others it takes a lifetime. So don't lose heart and work on building your relationship instead. Then who knows, you might even end up meeting your better half in your first love.
  16. Winter is right at our doorstep and it is going to bring along those days of extremely tight muscles and unending soreness. While not a LOT changes between working out in summers and in the winter, there are a couple of things that need to be looked at to prevent injury. Here are 4 things you need to pay attention to while working out during winters: © Tnation 1) Warm-Up Seriously Before A Workout Not that you didn't know this already but not everyone warms-up seriously. While in summers the body's already warm and ready to kick it, in winters, it just isn't. An explosive dynamic warm-up is a great tool here. Pick a couple of body weight exercises and do a small 3-5 minute circuit. If your gym has a rowing machine, even better! Hop on and go balls out for 1-2 minutes at full throttle. Break a sweat. 2) Do Dynamic Warm-Ups. Don't Bother With Static Warm Ups. Dynamic warm-ups involve moving explosively for a couple of minutes and static stretching is nothing but standing at a place and stretching. Now, here's where people get it all wrong. A static warm-up should be done after the workout because the body is already warm and muscle tissues have more elasticity. A dynamic one should be done right before starting a workout, simply because it warms you up and gets you ready. Doing static stretching without doing a proper dynamic warm-up can cause injuries. © Pixabay 3) Drink Your Damn Water! For obvious reasons, hydration takes a steep dip during winters. We just don't feel thirsty. This doesn't, in all cases, mean that we don't need more water. Once in a rigorous workout, during winter, you will realize how dehydrated you actually are. Keep a strict check on how much water you are drinking throughout the day. 4) Supplement With Curcumin And Citrulline Malate To Deal With Post-Workout Muscle Soreness Soreness can cause twice as much as pain during winters. Curcumin (haldi) has shown to help with delayed onset muscle soreness in many pieces of research. It's also a very potent anti-inflammatory agent. You can also look at CM that has recently hit the headlines for being helpful for soreness. Here's our take on it, in detail. Referred Researches- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25795285
  17. After a 4-day long fashion extravaganza, the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week came to an end. The beautiful artistry involved in the skilful execution of all the garments, as well as the shows, transformed it into an affair to remember in the fashion fraternity. The big cherry on the cake, however, was the finale, which was a celebration of love. The show was dedicated to freedom - the freedom of choice that the LGBT community has only recently acquired because of the landmark ruling regarding the striking down of section 377. Here are 5 never-before-seen moments from the show, that made it one of the most iconic fashion shows ever: 1. For the first time ever, 40 designers came together to showcase their respective work, based on one single celebratory theme. The rainbow was the unifying factor and was presented in the form of 40 different, mindblowing outfits. © Viral Bhayani 2. True to the theme, division based on gender and sexuality didn't cast its shadow on the show. From transgender models to gender-fluid outfits, everything that paves the way for a more inclusive society graced the stage with unmatched beauty. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani 3. From a conceptual view of art and design, there were some never before seen pieces. From Gaurav Gupta's illuminated dress to start off the show to Rajesh Pratap Singh's iconic white dress, that bled rainbow colours as it entered the runway, it was an artistic paradise. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani 4. Never before have we seen such positive energy on a ramp, when all 40 designers walked the ramp as well, accompanied by their respective models and creations. It was nothing short of a party, one that should inspire everyone to embrace their individuality. View this post on Instagram A post shared by MENSXP (@mensxpofficial) on Oct 13, 2018 at 11:09am PDT 5. When designer Suneet Varma kissed his partner/husband Rahul Arora on the runway, we saw a glimpse of freedom in terms of pure, raw, unbridled love. After all, freedom was the celebratory theme! © Viral Bhayani Here are some more pictures from the amazing show: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani
  18. There's a shape-shifting role reversal in acknowledging a certain type of power in today's generation. It's the power to speak and be heard by the women of this age, this time and at this very moment. The #metoo movement has definitely left men all over the world highly confused. For instance, what role do men have to play, in a world where women speak up? The answer? A very pivotal one. But of course, men of entitlement and an armoured patriarchal upbringing, need this more than anyone else, especially when they have highly intricate, pre-woven and rigid belief of how women should be treated in a particular society. © Twitter I am a woman, surviving in a so-called male-driven society and sometimes, I need a voice of my own to clarify, that I do in fact have a voice of my own. Nope, this isn't a textbook reportage of why #metoo is important. We all know why it's important, and no, it is not some lame feminist propaganda you all will mock till there isn't anything else left to mock. This is a fair account of dwelling in an environment which makes 'dominance' of the 'other gender' a vile life hack. But let me tell you, nothing about this is normal. Starting a movement to speak up about sexual assault and harassment isn't normal. Being berated and criticised for your work in a notorious power-play isn't normal. Being eve-teased in broad daylight isn't normal and acting nonchalant or indifferent towards these issues and shrugging off responsibility as a man, is certainly not normal. So, what is normal? Normalcy is definitely subjective, but when I see women speak of sexual assault experiences almost 36 years ago, that changed their lives forever in an indignant way, I insensitively judge the threshold of normalcy today. Do we not understand right from wrong anymore? or the good from bad? © Twitter Recently, in a discussion with an acquaintance, while understanding his views on normalcy, he relayed that it was 'normal' for him to hear of instances of physical abuse and domestic violence. Of course, I was aghast by his revelation but upon questioning him further, I realised he'd spent his childhood years watching his mother suffer thought domestic abuse on a daily basis. That made a lot of sense to me. Roughly, more than 70% of the population in this country has grown up with an innate sense of conditioning that breeds on patriarchy. Patriarchy isn't just male dominance in a structured household anymore. Patriarchy trickles down to a gripping hold on any sort of female expression and freedom, in more ways than one, and limits the understanding of what woman's role in the society really is. So, when little boys are exposed to that scenario, they grow up believing women belong in the kitchen and that every man has a physical and emotional right over them. So, in lieu of this, I ask you again, what is normalcy? A progressive country that is still confused about what a woman's role in society really is, or women trying their best to revolt against harassment and abuse in the most deafening way possible and still successfully failing at it. © Pinterest The truth is, normalcy is when men realise their roles and responsibilities in society, so they can aptly and collectively support women who encounter a terrible experience, such as abuse, and shut down those who perpetuate it. And by society, I mean their homes, public places and their workplaces. Yes, men have responsibilities and accountabilities and it's high time to put them out there, so this is exactly what I am going to do. I may not speak on behalf of all the women, but most women will surely agree with me on this. Because I don't know if you've noticed, men aren't giving the best accounts of themselves at the moment. #All Men Need To Shut Up & Listen Is that really so hard? Maybe it is, but when someone is trying to speak up, it's only fair to hear them out, without putting your judgements and criticism out there. It becomes hard to discern any positive role men may have in society, the moment they go rogue with the idea of acceptance. Yes, men have traits that women find uncomfortable. But it's OKAY to stop talking and give space to the other gender to LISTEN. If your woman friend is facing issues at her workplace with her boss, don't hush her up. Listen to her, because she might be a victim of workplace abuse, mentally or emotionally. If your mother is not happy with your father, be there to support her and break free from any vitriolic patriarchal upbringing and hear her out. It's only fair and progressive to give way to the others, who've been standing in line, far too long, waiting for a fair chance. © Pinterest #All Men Need To Act Now By act, I really don't mean get out on the streets and march around supervising candlelight vigils. I mean, act out if you see injustice, because you have the right to do so. Don't be our saviours or protectors, but be the support, you've never really been. If you see a woman being eve-teased, help her out of the situation. Scientifically and biologically, men are the stronger ***- physically. So what do you do when you see a man take advantage of that fact? Take charge of the situation and support it with all your might. Act out when you witness bias or harassment. Don't be mere bystanders, don't be fearful. Yes, we'd appreciate you standing up for us and taking action simultaneously when we need you to. © Twitter #Recognise That The Idea Of A Man Is Not 'Macho' I've noticed most men, especially alpha males require their 'men to be men'. This refutes the idea of equality that has a chance of stemming in a staunchly patriarchal society. This inherent insecurity with one's masculinity has gripped the generation with terms like 'misogyny', 'misandry', sexism, etc. I am not saying these terms have no relevance. I am saying the mere existence of the idea of masculinity breeds the idea of negative male privileges. You really don't have to contest and parade your masculinity around, because the new-generation-woman isn't too keen on gratifying your sense of masculine self. She needs a sensitive man, who doesn't complicate gender dynamics and doesn't thrive on the concept of 'macho'. © Twitter #Men, Equality Is Pretty Darn Cool Try the idea of equality? Yeah, I meant between two people, or as a gender divide, even. Equality is the idea of first believing you're above no one and then implementing that you're above, well, no one. What do you do when your subordinate at work, who is incidentally a woman, gets paid more than you? You call the authority on her (obviously by authority I mean HR) or cry murder, or you truly believe she deserves the pay because she works for it and maybe her work is better? This is just a small example that impacts 20% of our population perhaps. But equality goes way beyond that and starts at where you were nurtured to become a 'man'. Plain and simple, equality comes with a modernised view of neutrality between the two genders and if you dare to understand that, you dare to establish a responsible role for yourself in an 'equal' space. © Pinterest #Accept That You Are A Part Of The Problem As men, your job is to recognise the kind of abuse prevalent everywhere and accept the fact that it has perpetrated from one end to the other. When men react with indifference or scorn at the repercussions, they become a major part of the existing problem. To break away from this, it's okay to accept that you, as men, are a part of the problem in hand and you as men can help resolve it too. Don't dismiss it, belittle it or trivialise it, because the more you do all these things, the more avid the ripple effect is going to be. Acceptance is the first step to neutrality and support and once we have that from you, we will feel safer and more comfortable in society. © Twitter It's time to disassociate from the concept of what's normal and what's not and pave our own road to redemption. If anything, the #metoo movement has taught me to recognise why it exists in the first place and to kill the disarming effect it has on men and women alike, so we can stop craving the need for a movement like this and thrive on an equal and just platform. What's the role for women in this #metoo generation, you ask? Well, to come forward every day, brave the world and not stop talking about their experiences, that they couldn't share before.
  19. Just last week I read an article on how women are living in 'scary' times and the city has lost its safety net, where women are concerned. The news did unsettle me. Not that I didn't know we as women are always compromising on our safety, but those written words ascertaining our fears of dwelling in a city we grew up in, were becoming more transparent every day. The fear is real, I am not denying that but experiencing it is another level of existence altogether. © AA Films Just recently I happen to catch this movie called 'Stree', starring Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor and it baffled me relentlessly, thinking about the message it left me with. The movie is a dynamical mirror representation of our society and what it means to live under constant fear. The movie revolves around a small town in Madhya Pradesh which is haunted by the ghost of a young woman called 'Stree' (woman). She haunts the town once a year for four days, during a religious ceremony and picks up only men, who are not constrained behind their four walls and takes them away. What's bizarre is, she leaves their clothes behind, while she picks them up. The only way they can save themselves from Stree is by writing 'Stree Kal Aana' (Oh woman, come tomorrow), on the walls of their house, as a protective mantra. © AA Films The story is a representation of an age-old urban legend where men folks believed Stree to be an embodiment of a woman who was killed by village folks because she was in love with a man they didn't approve of. So she came back to find her lost lover and seek revenge from the men who unjustly killed her in a cruel way. The town lives in constant fear of this seductress spirit and cannot find a solution for her to stop taking the men away. The director, making his point out rightly has blended humour with horror quiet well and while you're getting spooked watching the movie, you're laughing at Rajkummar Rao's impeccable comic timing as well. The movie spun well in my mind. I thought it to be beautifully eerie, with an element of mystery and funny at the same time but then, when I digested the eventual takeaway, it actually got me thinking. Our society is quite like what it is in 'Stree', if the dynamics are completely changed and there is an apt role reversal. The director has very intelligently, might I add, made his point and driven it home. © AA Films Women live in constant fear in our society. Fear of walking the streets at night, fear of being picked up by fearless men, fear of grappling with living a comfortable life every day. In the movie, the men were on the edge for four days, every year because they feared their own fate. So they remained beneath closed doors, prayed to the Gods, asked their wives to protect them and even donned womanly attire to save themselves from Stree. Have you not realised, that's exactly how women live today? So, here I am, writing an article to urge every man to take away the best he can from the movie, which is a very subtle representation of the man-woman dynamic in our society. Here are some important life lessons 'Stree' is trying to teach every man. (1) It's Imperative To Slip Into Someone Else's Shoes In this case the director has taken this point out of the box and pinned it up really well. He tried to figuratively imbibe Atticus Finch's words into motion (the endearing character from 'To Kill A Mockingbird')- "climbing into someone else's skin and walking around in it", wherein, the director shows the men in town living under a strict curfew after hours, when there is danger lurking in the form of a woman. He made the men slip into women's characters and showed the fear of surviving in a space with predators roaming about. And that's the only way one can understand what a woman truly goes through, in a similar setting. To understand that, you truly have to understand the fear. © AA Films (2) You Face The Consequence For Everything We live in a world where everything is consequential and that's exactly what the director is trying to say as well. That no matter how hard hitting or subtle your wrong doing is, you have to eventually face the consequence, like the entire town did, trying their best to escape Stree after bestowing cruelty upon her. It's the Yin to every Yang and it completes the karmic circle. So before you take any step, always think about the consequences in hand. Either that, or constantly run away from your fears for the rest of your lives. © AA Films (3) Respect Can Go A Long Way How do you think Stree's painful journey ended towards the end, where she found peace eventually? It was a realisation that struck the protagonist (Rajkummar Rao), who faced his fears and came forward to acknowledge the wrongdoings of the men in town and took espinsibility for their consequences by showing her the respect she was looking for in the first place. And that's what the women in a society truly want and deserve from the men today. And that's why the movie's focus was more pronounced towards the end, when the men folk realised what they'd done was wrong and took steps to rectify it. How did they do it? By sculpting a statue of 'Stree' right at the brink of the town with the words 'Oh Stree Raksha Kar' (oh woman, protect us), etched on it, giving her (Stree) the respect she always wanted. © AA Films This article is not a feminist propaganda but an insight into a progressive cinema's metaphorical depiction of society, which some of you might have missed, within the realms of humour and horror the movie displays. The ardent lessons men can learn from this movie are plenty and I have just thrown light on the three main ones, leaving the rest for you to figure further. So, if you haven't watched the movie yet, I urge you to do so, to understand the society we live in today.
  20. Pull-ups are the most aesthetically pleasing exercise that you can do. Plus pull-up is one of the best 'pull' exercises that you can do. It engages almost all the pull muscles in your body. The ability to do (or not being able to) pull-ups is also a very important measurement unit for measuring your fitness levels. If you can do a pull-up you are doing ok, but if you can pull yourself up more than 10 times in a go, you clearly are in a very good shape. Unlike other body weight exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups etc, a pull-up is considerably more difficult to perform and certainly takes a lot more time to pull that first elusive pull-up as compared to the above mentioned exercises. © YouTube Now, you must be wondering that what in the world do you need to do finally get there and do a pull up by yourself. I get that pull-ups are quite intimidating and the fear and embarrassment of failure is what keeps most folks away from the pull-up bar and if you can't do one yet, how the heck are you supposed to work on them to get better? No matter whether you are not even able to hang on the bar unassisted or whether you are very close and are just somehow not able to complete that ever elusive rep, that basics for performing a pull-up remains same. You will need two things to perform that pull-up that you have been longing for so long and those two things that will get your chin up over that bar are: 1. Losing Excess Fat As simple as it might sound, this is one of the two primary reasons why you are not able to lift your own weight. Think about it, when do you think would be easier when it comes to pulling your own weight? When you are carrying unnecessary weight on you or when you are lighter. So, lose the unnecessary flab. How to do it? Eat less food than what your body needs to maintain its weight, that is, eat in a caloric deficit. © Pixanbay 2. Get Stronger Another no brainer when it comes to pulling your own body weight would be to get stronger as if you do not have the required strength to lift your weight, it wouldn't matter how light weight you are. So, if you go to the gym to do dumbbell curls and crunches, it's time for you to lift some serious weights. Start doing compound lifts like squats, deadlifts and presses and try to consistently get stronger doing them on at least on a month to month basis. If you do that consistently, you'll be pulling yourself up and down the bar sooner rather than later. Now, I do realise that these two things are not as easy as they sound but the fact of the matter is that there is no other way around if you are serious about performing the exercise and when it comes to fitness, the secret is that there is no secret and you have to put in the hard work if you want to see results. Also, most people do not realise the importance of being leaner when it comes to performing bodyweight exercises and give way too much emphasis on the strength part which obviously will help you but is only one half of the equation. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. Nav is an avid bodybuilding enthusiast and heads the NABBA (National amateur bodybuilders association) as a General Secretary. This innate passion and position has helped him work with a lot of bodybuilders to help them take their physique at the next level. He also has a lovely pet called Buster whom he enjoys playing with in his free time. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness or follow his Instagram handle if you are looking for professional help with your fitness goals.
  21. Some people always find a reason to skip their workout, isn't it? I am sure you also know a few couch potatoes in your friend circle who always tell you that they don't want to work out because they feel good about the way they are. Today I will tell you a few reasons why these sloppy guys need to start working out right now so that it's not too late to regret later. Read on the following reasons to know why you need to work out regularly and share them with your lazy friends. 1) It Helps You Build Healthy Bones And Muscle Mass Exercise helps your body build and maintain healthy bones and muscles mass. As you age, your body has the tendency to lose muscle mass and bone density. Exercising regularly can help you delay this aging factor of the human body. Weight training is the king of all the exercises when it comes to maintaining a decent muscle mass. However, any kind of regular physical activity will still help you maintain healthy bones and muscle strength. If you exercise regularly and keep your bones healthy, it will also save you from the risk of osteoporosis in the future. 2) Exercise Works As An Energy Booster Not just for regular people, exercise also works wonders on people who are suffering from various ailments. Studies conducted on people suffering from persistent fatigue established that six weeks of regular exercise helped them reduce and cure the feeling of fatigue. There have also been researches to prove that exercise can improve the symptoms of chronic fatigue and other serious illness. © Thinkstock Images 3) Exercise Regularly And Keep Chronic Illness At Bay Lack of regular exercise is the root cause of majority of chronic illnesses these days. Diabetes, heart disease and Arthritis are becoming common with general population and the biggest contributing factor is the lack of exercise. With regular exercise you can improve your body's response to insulin which will help you with better insulin sensitivity. Also, since lack of exercise leads to excess storage of fat in the body which leads to heart disease, it works as a life saver also. People who work out regularly, tend to have normal blood pressure and good heart health. 4) Exercise Helps You With Weight Loss And Body Re-Composition The problem of overweight and obesity have become a common sight amongst the youth these days. One of the crucial contributing factors to this epidemic is lack of exercise amongst youth. Exercising is the long term solution to this problem. Multiple studies have proven this fact that regular exercise (weight training or cardiovascular) when combined with a calorie deficit diet leads to weight loss and better body composition. In fact, exercise boosts your weight loss process as it speeds up your metabolic rate so that you are burning more number of calories even when sitting idle. © Pixabay 5) Exercise Boosts Your Quality Of Sleep When you work out, energy depletion takes place which stimulates the recuperative process of the body. This recuperative process is done by the body when you are asleep. Thus people who work out regularly tend to fall asleep early and experience a sound sleep. Multiple studies have reached similar conclusions. This includes studies on people who were facing problem of sleeping disorders as well elderly who had problem in sleeping. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  22. Rajinikanth's latest release 'Kaala' struggled to bring in audiences after the film met with polarized reception from both critics and audiences. Pa Ranjith, the director of both Rajinikanth films - 'Kabali' and 'Kaala', could not manage to bring the Thalaiva magic to the silver screen and as a result, the movies bombed. © Lyca Productions Now that Rajinikanth's next '2.0' directed by Shankar has already been postponed multiple times and is only expected to hit screens on 29 November 2018, everyone has one question on their mind - what does it mean after Kaala's lukewarm response? First things first, '2.0' seems to be a risky proposition for all involved as the budget of the film is Rs 550+ crores. But, why is it so, let us analyse. Multiple Delays The sequel to 'Robot' (Endhiran in Tamil) has been delayed primarily due to the massive amount of VFX work involved in the film. With a production budget of approximately Rs 550+ crores, '2.0' aims to be a different experience altogether given the present-day landscape of Indian cinema. The film is the first Indian film to be shot entirely in 3D. © Sun Pictures With multiple shift in release dates, we still do not know whether the film will release on 29th November 2018. If the film gets delayed further, it will surely lose a lot of money and steam by the time it actually hits the screens. Huge Investment And Distributor Issues With clouds of ambiguity hovering over the film's final release, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana distributors were seeking a refund of the distribution rights paid for the Telugu version of '2.0'. As per recent developments, the distributors have even initiated legal proceedings to recover the distribution rights paid in the range of Rs 90 crores to 120 crores. © Lyca Productions Such escalating issues around the film's delay only increase concerns over the recovery of the investment made by everyone associated with the project – be it the producers or distributors. Hurried Promotional And Marketing Strategy No matter how confident the producers Lyca Productions have been about the film, the major problem lies with their promotional and marketing strategy. It is said that a film is made in the editing room but the studio began to market the film even before the final product was in sight. © Lyca Productions In late 2017, Lyca Productions released a few songs from the A R Rahman composed album at a grand album launch event in Dubai along with promotional posters to keep the fans excited. With no proper release date in sight, this strategy too was highly criticised. Non-Holiday Release Every big production house eyes a perfect release date to recover the investment but a non-holiday release on 29th November 2018 seems to be quite confusing. Given that mega-budget films rely heavily on festive and national holidays to recover a huge part of their investment, a release date like this is extremely debatable since '2.0' is the most expensive Indian film to be ever made. © Lyca Productions Despite numerous issues around the film, what does such a huge project mean to Indian cinema? If one has seen the production footage released by Lyca Productions, it can be seen how Shankar is trying to push the boundaries of Indian cinema with this film by bringing new technology to the table. With such a huge budget, '2.0' should technically justify the sci-fi genre raising the standards of Indian cinema to a new level post the gigantic success of the 'Baahubali' duology. Also, Shankar's direction has always been top-notch and he surely knows how to handle multi-starrer films with high production values. Nevertheless, we hope that Shankar's '2.0' will not be affected by 'Kabali' or Kaala's box office performance and goes on to create history at the box office. For now, we can just be optimistic about the film's release as per schedule.
  23. When it comes to accessories, sunglasses pretty much occupy the top spot - especially when it comes to celebrity fashion (they wear it at night too, you see). But let's talk about why wearing sunglasses is extremely important. Yes, they magnify your style quotient exponentially, true, but they do so much more for your well-being, from a purely functional point of view. Let's discuss 6 less talked about, often overlooked points about why we need to start wearing sunglasses: 1. Preventing Skin Cancer © Twitter Eye protection is a given, but the skin around your eyes need protection from the harsh sunlight as well. Around 10% of all skin cancers happen around the eyes, so it's extremely important for you to put on sunglasses before you step out in that harsh sunlight. Plus, the skin around the eyes is one of the most sensitive areas in the human body. 2. Preventing Cataract & Glaucoma © Twitter When some areas of the eye lens get clouded, it's called a cataract. It's been proven that prolonged exposure to UV rays contributes to cataract, and in serious cases, may result in blindness, also in those patients already suffering from Glaucoma. Make sure you never leave home without a pair of sunglasses, whether or not you have symptoms of cataracts or Glaucoma. 3. Preventing Pterygium © Twitter Pterygium is a painful growth on the eyeball. It can be treated with eye drops, surgery, or steroids, but it is extremely irritating and annoying. The best protection against it is prevention, that can be done by shielding your eyes from harsh sunlight and UV rays. 4. Macular Degeneration © Twitter This is a condition where a part of the Macula (on the retina) starts degenerating. Research shows exposure to UV radiation can speed up the process, so wearing sunglasses is of paramount importance. 5. Preventing Sun Related Headaches & Migraines © Twitter Strong sunlight is a leading cause for triggering headaches and migraines. Wearing sunglasses can easily help curb that. Plus, you'll be less fatigued and more comfortable in the heat. 6. You'll Look Super Stylish © Twitter Last, but not the least, wearing sunglasses makes you look super stylish in an instant. Moral of the story: Please start wearing sunglasses. Now.
  24. The rains have officially hit the country (including in excess, in a few cities) and well, the weather has almost turned into bliss. But, while the monsoon brings a lot of relief from the heat, it also means a lot of mess on the streets, as well as a major shift in the way we look (our skin and hair reacts differently to various weather changes). Result? You need to keep a few grooming tips handy, to keep any unwanted skin reactions at bay. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind: 1. Face Care © Amazon India Monsoons have the tendency of turning our face skin oily, all thanks to the humidity in the air. Turn to a face cleanser that will not just eliminate the oil from your face, but one, that also keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized after use. We'd suggest the Garnier Men Oil-Clear Face Wash. Use it twice a day. Also, opt for a face mist or facial wipes to keep your skin fresh throughout the day. 2. Hair Care © Amazon India The humidity in the air doesn't just make your skin greasy, but also your hair. However, that doesn't mean you turn to an overuse of your shampoo and conditioner. In our opinion, stick to using a shampoo and conditioner as per your usual regime — every two days, and turn to a dry shampoo) otherwise. Pro Tip: Keep your hair dry at all costs during the monsoon; to avoid fungal infections. Just carry a towel and dry them off! 3. Hair Styling © Amazon India Hair styling could be a herculean task in the rains. Your strands tend to get wet all the time, hence, greasy. Plus, the rain tends to wash off any products you've used in the day (or minimize their effect at least). Opt for a matte-finish hair gel we'd say, that's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, to styles your hair as desired, without the greasiness involved. Buy it here 4. Beard Grooming © Amazon India Just like your hair, your beard too, needs special care in the rains and hence, it's critical to maintain it's overall hygiene. Wash your beard often with a mild cleanser and dry it completely to avoid any infections due to moisture accumulation. Keep the beard length short and well-trimmed, because long mugs would be difficult to maintain. For guys who prefer their face clean shaven, remember to apply a post-shave balm after your shaving routine, so that your skin gets moisturized and isn't prone the annoyance in the air. 5. Body Wash © Amazon India We get it: your body feels wet and sticky during the monsoons. So, first off, it's essential to take a shower twice a day. Use a body wash or a shower gel, that not just cleans your body for you, but also leaves you fresh and rejuvenated. Remember to wash your feet at least once a day, as they could be prone to fungal infections. 6. Body Odour © Amazon India Smelling great through the monsoons isn't difficult at all if you use the right products. For #1, start by using an antiperspirant (so that the humidity doesn't take the best of you), ensuring you don't stink at all. As for smelling like a delight, choose the Axe Signature Perfume ( https://www.amazon.in/Signature-Perfume-Gold-Black-Cedar/dp/B01N3YB9H4/?tag=ilnmedia-21 ) that will keep you smelling musky and woody throughout the day. 7. Sun-Focussed Skin Care © Amazon India Even if the sun's overpowered by the clouds during the rains, doesn't mean you ignore wearing a sunscreen. You need a sunscreen all year round. For the rainy weather though, we advise you to use a gel based, water-proof sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Buy it here