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Found 23 results

  1. When the Jonas family does get together, it always turns into an enormous affair, said Priyanka Chopra
  2. From patriarchal society to intersectional feminism, we are moving in the right direction. We have no right to treat anyone differently based on their gender. Women are as good as men, if not better. From homemakers to CEOs, they are proving their mettle in every field. Social causes like feminism have urged women to come out of their shell. Feminism isn't about what a woman 'should' do, it's about what a woman 'wants' to do. While some choose to stay at the house and make it a home, others choose to sit in a cabin and lead their company. And some, some choose to do both! Choice! That's what they should have. That is what everyone should have. These days, Indian women are making a choice to have a nuclear family. They're preferring to stay away from in-laws. While it must not be easy for the older generation to digest, let's see how it makes sense because of these two major reasons: · Interference The younger generation doesn't have any specific rules about 'it's a man's job'and 'it's a woman's job.' They live life in their own comforting way and do things at their own convenience and pace. The older generation, however, doesn't understand this concept. Most men don't work in the kitchen before marriage. Post marriage, when a mom sees her son making dinner after coming from the office, she is bound to assume that his wife is making him do this. It won't cross her mind that maybe her son is happily doing it. Modern men have come out of gender-specific roles. They are more than okay with being a helping hand in every aspect of the marriage. But the older generation is not always too comfortable with it. They just assume that since their son had to change his lifestyle, he might not be happy with how things are. So they have a 'talk' with the wife which leads to unnecessary quarrels. Parents (both the sides) shouldn't interfere in a marriage unless they are asked. It's about time they stop 'assuming' things just because their children have changed their lifestyle. · Freedom When a woman is at her home, she can sleep anytime, wake up any time, laze around all day, and do just nothing. The same thing continues (if) she moves in with her boyfriend. We, men, don't really care about any such stuff as long as both the partners are happy. But when after the marriage if the in-laws come to live with the couple, that freedom goes. No matter how cool the in-laws are, some discomfort and the pressure to 'behave' would always be there. Modern women don't understand sacrificing their freedom. And they aren't wrong. So they prefer to stay away. I am sure even a man won't be completely comfortable living with his in-laws. After marriage, these two things concern women the most. I am not blaming the older generation here. Because that is how they have seen the world. They were brought up in a gender-specific society. A society where each gender had to live in a certain way. But times are changing now. Gender doesn't really have a place is the modern relationship. It's all about comfort, compatibility, and love. And that is how it should be!
  3. For all parents, their baby girls are no less important, valuable and beloved than the Princess of Sussex! So it goes without saying that, when these little girls mature into independent women, their folks start wondering if any man could ever match their standards of approval. And by standards, we mean a susheel and samajhdaar boy with Nick Bateman's dreamy-looks and Jerry Seinfeld's sense of humour and wealth, not to mention a personality that would rival even Sidharth Malhotra's. Well boys, sorry to put you in a state of self-analysis, but you do understand that you really don't stand a chance if you aren't able to win over your in-laws. Well, fret not, as it's time to brush your wit, pull up your socks and start acting smart by impressing your in-laws and win them over. And to help you achieve just that, here is a five-step guide you should follow to a tee. Step 1: Appearances Matter, So Dress To Impress © Official Instagram/ David Beckham Just how you shouldn't - scratch that - mustn't attend a wedding function sporting a pair of white sneakers (unless it's Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's wedding reception), you can NEVER meet your girlfriend's parents looking any less dapper than David Beckham in a suit. So don't shy away from donning the best outfit in your wardrobe. And just in case you don't own a fancy suit or simply cannot afford one, you could always beg, borrow or steal (okay maybe not the last one!) to impress your prospective in-laws. Step 2: Take Them Out For Some Fine-Dining © Official Instagram/ Kunal Khemu Browse through Dineout or Zomato and choose from the finest places in your city to relish a flavourful meal, and even more flavourful conversations, with your in-laws-to-be. A rooftop restaurant with prime-setting and live classical musicians, or a heritage restaurant in the bustling-old streets of the city, should ideally do the job! Oh, and it goes without saying that you need to pick up the tab! Step 3: Take Them Back To Malgudi Days © Unsplash Conversations, especially ones highlighting a personal connection, have traditionally worked as effective ice-breakers. You can actually take this one step further by kick-starting a conversation about Mohammad Rafi's melodious tunes, or about those times when Amitabh Bachchan ruled the silver screen. Not only would doing so take her parents on a trip down memory lane, but it will also make you their favourite person to share all of their memories with. Step 4: Having A Sense Of Humour Goes A Long Way © Official Instagram/ Nick Jonas As already mentioned above, conversations are great ice-breakers. But apart from developing personal connections during those conversations, one more highly effective way of winning over your to-be in-laws, or anyone for that matter, is to showcase your sense of humour. So fill the aura of nervousness and hesitancy with a little laughter, for a good sense of humour goes a long way in helping you leave a lasting (and positive!) impression. Step 5: Finally, Get Them A Nice Gift © Unsplash Finally, one tried and tested way of getting in anyone's good graces is to get them a gift. So why not have something nice delivered at their doorstep? Especially if you want to make sure that your in-laws-to-be don't think of their prospective son-in-law as a cheapskate. So for her father, you can always pick a classic and branded wrist watch, whereas, for her mother, you could get her the iDiva beauty box, which you can get by clicking here, that is the perfect amalgamation of premium beauty essentials for women.
  4. In this file photo taken on November 27, 2017 Britain´s Prince Harry stands with his fiance US actress Meghan Markle as she shows off her engagement ring whilst they pose for a photograph in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace in west London....
  5. In this file photo taken on November 27, 2017 Britain´s Prince Harry stands with his fiance US actress Meghan Markle as she shows off her engagement ring whilst they pose for a photograph in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace in west London....
  6. LAHORE: A young woman was severely burnt Tuesday night here in Begum Kot area of the city's Shahdara Town, Geo News reported, after her in-laws allegedly doused her in oil and set her ablaze.Fouzia, 27, said two years ago, she was married to...
  7. An ongoing dispute with her in-laws had led the latter to set the mother-of-three ablaze, according to the woman's family. Photo: Geo News KASUR: A woman's in-laws allegedly sprinkled petrol and set the woman on fire over a minor family dispute in a village in Punjab's Kasur district. According to a spokesperson of Jinnah Hospital in Lahore, the 27-year-old ? a resident of Ladheke village situated in the outskirts of Lahore near Raiwind ? has suffered burn injuries to 80 percent of her body and is in a critical condition. An ongoing dispute with her in-laws had led the latter to set the mother-of-three ablaze, according to the woman's family. The family has appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar and Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif to take notice of the case and serve justice. The Inspector General of Punjab police Captain (R) Arif Nawaz Khan took notice of the incident soon after it was reported and ordered a probe into the matter.
  8. SARGODHA: A newlywed bride robbed her husband, in-laws and managed to run away on the second day of marriage, Geo News reported. On Thursday, the groom, Muhammad Asif, accepted before the court of additional district and sessions judge Sargodha Zulfikar Ali that he got married to a woman identified as Erum, who later robber him and his family. He said that the bride fed sleeping pills to the family while they were busy preparing for the valima [reception], on the second day of marriage. The groom, Muhammad Asif, detailed the case before a sessions judge on Thursday. Photo: Geo News screen grab Asif shared that the family later on also learnt that the woman had given a false name at the time of her nikkah, and she is already a mother of five children. The judge ordered that the bride and her accomplices should be arrested and summoned a report over the matter from police. Asif also claimed that the driver of deputy mayor Sargodha had played an important role in the wedding. On September 24, the police had arrested an 18-year-old girl for robbing people through fake marriages in Sargodha. The girl, in a span of four months, married seven times and deprived people of their valuable possessions. Girl robbing people through fake marriages arrested in Sargodha The girl, in a span of four months, married seven times and robbed people The case came to attention, after affected grooms, Allah Dutta and Azhar Mahmood, presented their Nikah contracts before a session court. According to court sources, Sana would disappear after a day or two with the stolen goods and jewelry. A case has been registered in the jurisdiction of urban area police station against the girl. The court in its ruling ordered the girl to be sent to prison. The group working with the girl included her alleged brother, father and ?Nikahkhawan? (marriage registrar), who were also found to be fraud. The marriages weren't registered correctly anywhere. Sources informed that Sana and her group would hunt for men who were looking to marry and dupe them.
  9. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/2a8edd34be6fc210f7ad0bdebf0b6b7a.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9MTAvMzEvMjAxNyA4OjQ2OjE1IEFNJmhhc2hfdmFsdWU9NGRWcmF0WnpFZnN3OXZRdnpqNTBWdz09JnZhbGlkbWludXRlcz02MCZpZD0x style=center] MUZAFFARGARH: Two more people died from complications after allegedly consuming poisonous lassi in Tehsil Alipur's neighbourhood Lashari, bringing the total toll of the tragedy to 15 on Tuesday. A seven-year old girl was the latest to succumb to the illness while under treatment at Nishtar Hospital Multan. Twelve others among the affected remain under medical supervision, Geo News reported. Police said a woman, identified as 20-year old Aasia, conspired with her lover Shahid and his aunt Zarina Mai to kill the members of her husband's family. Woman allegedly kills 13 members of husband?s family with poisonous lassi A failed attempt to kill her husband may have resulted in the 'accidental' murder of her in-laws, the police say She was accused of poisoning a container of milk that her husband, Amjad, was to consume. He, however, did not consume the poisoned milk, which was later used to make lassi ? a milk and yogurt-based drink ? that resulted in the death of 15 people who drank the poisoned beverage. The suspect denied all of the allegations leveled against her when the accused were presented before the media. Later today, the three suspects were presented before the Anti-Terrorism Court in DG Khan and sent into police custody on a 14-day physical remand.
  10. LODHRAN: A 20-year-old woman died in Lodhran on Monday after her in-laws tortured her and forced her to drink acid, police said. Asiya Bibi, 20, was tortured and forced to consume acid by her in-laws in Chak no. 339WB of Dunyapur tehsil in Lodhran district, according to police. The woman breathed her last on way to hospital. Asiya, before succumbing to her injuries, stated before police that her father- and mother-in-law subjected her to torture. She told the law enforcers that her in-laws forced her to drink acid. Police have booked Asiya's father- and mother-in-law, and their two sons on murder charges. The accused remain on the run and raids are being conducted for their arrest.
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