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Found 22 results

  1. Whatever PM Modi says or does, it trends. That's the rule of Twitter in India. So of course, him launching a new campaign was bound to be talked about, no surprise there. PM Modi launched a 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' campaign this morning and shared a video and message on Twitter. Your Chowkidar is standing firm & serving the nation. But, I am not alone. Everyone who is fighting corruption, dirt, social evils is a Chowkidar. Everyone working hard for the progress of India is a Chowkidar. Today, every Indian is saying-#MainBhiChowkidar — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) March 16, 2019 The video is basically a song with lyrics showcasing the government's initiatives. In the tweet, he says that today, everyone's a Chowkidar and well, now people are tweeting #MainBhiChowkidar. This particular hashtag soon became the top worldwide trend on Twitter and his tweet alone has thousands and thousands of replies, retweets, and likes. Soon, people started tweeting using the hashtag saying every Indian is a chowkidar today because “Everyone who is fighting corruption, dirt, social evils is a Chowkidar, everyone working hard for the progress of India is a Chowkidar.” Now everyone's proud to be a chowkidar. Proud to be a Chowkidar. #MainBhiChowkidar https://t.co/XXwo5hxkrb — B.S. Yeddyurappa (@BSYBJP) March 16, 2019 :@narendramodi ji our commitment towards your vision to build a #NewIndia which is strong, secure, safe, respected across the world and developed is unwavering. Millions of youths like me pledge our support to the #MainBhiChowkidar movement ðhttps://t.co/YBlb7OD4ga — Nupur Sharma (@NupurSharmaBJP) March 16, 2019 Umm. A Chowkidar usually gets a nametag on his dress but this one is so reliable that his whole dress is covered with name tags! #MainBhiChowkidar #ChowkidarChorHai pic.twitter.com/9GHq8wfxKR — Ashok Swain (@ashoswai) March 16, 2019 Fake Modi is with real Modi. As proud Indian citizens, we all must leave no stone unturned to fight any evil in our country. Lets all pledge to unite towards a stronger and progressive India. We are all with you @narendramodi ji. Jai Hind #MainBhiChowkidar — Vivek Anand Oberoi (@vivekoberoi) March 16, 2019 Thank you Sir#MainBhiChowkidar because only you can: implement One Law One Flag One Anthem & One Constitution enact Uniform Education Uniform Healthcare & Uniform Civil Code make a United Integrated Developed Bharat, Free from Corruption Crime Casteism Communalism Conversion https://t.co/r4ba43uZlY — Ashwini Upadhyay (@AshwiniBJP) March 16, 2019 Even Smriti Irani tweeted. I am proud to join #MainBhiChowkidar movement. As a citizen who loves India, I shall do my best to defeat corruption, dirt, poverty & terrorism and help create a New India which is strong, secure & prosperous. — Smriti Z Irani (@smritiirani) March 16, 2019 People are also changing their names on Twitter. I changed my twitter handle name today to #support #MainBhiChowkidar pic.twitter.com/jeVx2692so — Chowkidar Sumit Vajpai (@SumitVajpai) March 16, 2019 Okay then. #MainBhiChowkidar Trend is showing Chowkidar is imandaar#CongressChorHai pic.twitter.com/tBzG2jvBsG — Ritesh jain (@Jainritesh_rj) March 16, 2019 I don't know how that's related. #MainBhiChowkidar Meanwhile @RanveerOfficial thinking Which dress suits him most pic.twitter.com/KcOKApp2Km — Siddu Patil (@Siddupatil_) March 16, 2019 What is even happening anymore? Nervous tweet Mr Rahul ! Looks like you are scared today seeing so many #MainBhiChowkidar It's Quite natural for robbers to be nervous when they see #Chowkidar. https://t.co/Qq4Bip3m7c — BJP Karnataka (@BJP4Karnataka) March 16, 2019 Okay. Everyone who is fighting corruption, dirt, social evils is a Chowkidar. Everyone working hard for the progress of India is a Chowkidar. Today, every Indian is sayiing #MainBhiChowkidar pic.twitter.com/eULatsm0MR — Kiren Rijiju (@KirenRijiju) March 16, 2019 Immensely proud to be a part of the #MainBhiChowkidar movement. 125 crore Indians stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Hon'ble PM Shri @narendramodi ji in fulfilling the vision of creating: - a strong India, - a secure India, - a prosperous India- a #NewIndia. — Biplab Kumar Deb (@BjpBiplab) March 16, 2019
  2. Whether you are a casual health enthusiast, sportsperson, athlete, powerlifter or hardcore gym freak, you all know the importance of adequate protein in your daily diet. While the average person may not need as much protein as a sportsperson or hardcore gym freak, that doesn`t mean that they are getting optimal amounts of protein in their diet. © Thinkstock Images International society of sports nutrition recommends 1.4-2gm of protein per kg of bodyweight for athletes. This means 112gm -160gm of protein a day for a 80kg athlete. This requirement can go even higher depending on these things: 1. If someone is training hard frequently along with­­­­­­­ a job that requires much physical work. 2. If someone trying to lose fat without losing much muscle. 3. To improve body composition. 4. If someone using Steroids (PEDs). First priority to get all this protein should be from real foods which have complete amino acid profile such as chicken, mutton, lamb, fish, cheese, eggs or milk. People who are vegetarian are left with only limited options .On top of that if they have a busy lifestyle where they can`t eat as much solid food will have to rely on protein powder supplements. Another situation where reliance on protein powders (Whey isolate, Soy, Pea,Rice) may increase is when someone is suffering from “Lactose intolerance”. It is estimated that 60-70 % of Indians are lactose intolerant with south Indians being more affected (66.6%) than north Indians (27.4%). Lactose intolerance is a condition where the affected person is unable to digest a sugar called lactose present in Dairy products. As a result, affected person gets bloating, painful stomach cramps, gas or vomiting. While whey concentrate may have some amount of lactose present in it, whey isolate reduces it to much lower level which most people may get comfortable with. Even better option for people with lactose intolerance is using protein powders made from Soy, Pea, Rice or a blend of any of the three. They are again considered high quality proteins. -As a pure vegetarian who`s not using any Performance enhancing drugs, it becomes really challenging to get below 10% body fat without losing muscle mass. And any athlete who has worked hard day and night (with training and diet) to achieve that few pounds of muscle will not want to lose it very easily. Getting to extremely low body fat levels (Stage/photo-shoot condition) require calorie restriction and very little amount of carbs and fats in diet. However, most vegetarian high quality protein sources will also give you quite high amount of carbs and fats along with it, which is fine when you are maintaining or bulking but not ideal when cutting. © Thinkstock Images Every 3gm of protein from milk in 100ml will also give you 5-6gm of carbs with it. Now do the math of how much carbs you will be getting in order to complete 30gm of protein milk. The same amount of carbs you can better get from solid food when on a restrictive diet to remain full for longer. Similarly trying to get 18gm of protein from cheese will also give you 25gm of fat with it. While the same amount of protein you can get from casein protein scoop giving you almost negligible to 2gm of fat. People who are non vegetarians or eat eggs can do a cut/fat loss protocol quite easily since they can consume lean protein sources such as egg whites and chicken breast having no fat. The same can`t be said for pure vegetarians. I may get a little hate in comment section for promoting the usage of protein powders, but you ask yourself “Am I really promoting it or just showing you reality”? © Thinkstock Images Have a good day, folks! And stop thinking of protein powders as something taboo or associating it with steroids. Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population . References- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7234720
  3. Ahead of the twelfth edition of the Indian Premier League, Netflix India has come up with an original docu-series, 'Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians', that covers the journey of a young but very capable owner in Akash Ambani and an extremely energetic core basis which the MI Paltan is formed. Sleepless nights? Nervous nail biting? Screaming at your screen? If you've experienced any or all of these symptoms you might have Cricket Fever, premieres 1st March. pic.twitter.com/Ujl1tq6Els — Netflix India (@NetflixIndia) February 5, 2019 What begins much like any other cricket-specific documentary with fans highlighting how important and gravitationally pulling the sport is in India, 'Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians' soon deep-dives into the lives of those individuals that made the franchise come together. The unique and professional relationship being shared by Akash Ambani with mother, Nita Ambani as co-owners of the team as shown throughout the series is refreshing. Taking away a major portion of the responsibilities off his mother's shoulders, Akash has stepped up as an owner who not only cares about picking up the good players during the auction by also tries his best to become one of them during locker room talks, training sessions and meals as they take on the journey that the 2018 IPL really was. From a trip down the memory lane with Hardik and Krunal Pandya to the heartwarming story of Jasprit Bumrah and his proud mother, the series helps the Indian audience get to know their favourite cricketers a little more intimately, a little more personally. Getting to see Rohit Sharma successfully operate as the leader of the team that features athletes coming from different parts of the world, who approach the game a lot differently than his national teammates, says a thousand words about his brilliance not only as a batsman but also a captain and why he is given the role of the leader of the Men in Blue in the absence of Virat Kohli. What is unique about the series is how it did not just casually cruise over the defeats MI went through last year. The process of a team facing disappointment, expressing their emotions fresh after a loss in an open-floor discussion hosted by coach Mahela Jayawardene, motivating each other and getting ready to fight another day, has been beautifully captured by Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE), the studio that produced the series. In essence, even though Mumbai Indians was unable to win the title last year, the base of an organisation as grand as this is built on a lot of experiences and stories that are worth telling and that's exactly what 'Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians' has conveyed in this 8-episode docu-series.
  4. Indians are not new to the coffee experience, even when a steaming pan of chai remains a common sight at the tea stalls we spot in every nukkad in town. Yet, the narrative around coffee has undergone major developments in the last few years, as a result of which the appreciation for this darkened gold has made its way beyond the southern borders of the country, where it has been ruling over the hearts of people for the longest time. One of the key game changers in bringing about this notable change in how Indians enjoy their coffee is courtesy to to the makers of 'Sleepy Owl', a specially brewed, gourmet coffee brand that was co-founded by Arman Sood, Ashwajeet Singh, and Ajai Thandi in 2016. © Facebook Before the trio introduced Indian coffee drinkers to the rich and novel taste of cold brew coffee, co-founder Arman by his own admission said that, “up until law school he didn't even know coffee was a bean, that had to be roasted, then ground and brewed.” So we wonder how these three young men came across the gold mine of taste and the high of caffeine discreetly guarded by a select few who had discovered this beauty. Ajai's stint at JP Morgan in New York, stirred his love for coffee for the first time, and in the time he ended up spending there, the love turned into a solid affair. So of course he was more than interested when Ashwadeep show the slightest interest in introducing cold-brewed coffee to people back home. Soon Arman joined the dua, and together the kick started 'Sleepy Owl'. © MensXP So from the very beginning the trio had a very simple agenda, “we wanted Indians to have a fantastic coffee experience, but we wanted to bring it to them in a convenient way for them to enjoy it. So that's what Sleepy Owl does - we make very convenient coffee products,” Arman tells MensXP. 'Sleepy Owl' became a 'corporate-household name' when it came to great tasting coffee which could be freshly delivered to their work desks. The bag-in-box format of 'Sleepy Owl' played a huge part in this, its convenience and quirky packing only adding to the brand's offerings. © Facebook But thankfully, even with his academic backgrounds in law, Arman's family was more than supportive of his decision to transition from law to entrepreneurship. But there is one element that makes the co-founders' and Sleepy Owl's journey all the more special, and it's the fact that Sleepy Owl sources its coffee from within the Indian subcontinent. Proud of this fact, Arman tells MensXP that, “being a startup in India, we wanted to be rooted in the spirit of make in India. With India being the 4th largest coffee exporter in the world, we had to go with its fantastic Arabica coffee. We consistently source 100% of our Arabica coffee from Indian farms. © MensXP The makers of Sleepy Owl work with an aim to create delightful customer experience, yet the initial challenge of getting into retail stores did pose a hurdle. The brand decided to make use of social media popularity and built the hype around the brand online first, and followed it up with customer feedback. So once they had taken care of that along with the daily struggle of roasting, grinding and brewing coffee for that perfect blend, they launched on 16th June, 2016. What started in Ashwajeet's home kitchen in Dwarka, soon moved out to a larger facility in South Delhi, and today they are available in 120 stores in Delhi NCR. But that is just not where they want to draw the line. With the projection that coffee industry will be a 5 billion dollar industry by 2020, Sleepy Owl wants to have a very big portion of that pie. © MensXP So for Arman, every budding entrepreneur must keep this in mind that, “entrepreneurship is like jumping off the cliff without a parachute and building it along the way.” But he also adds that don't listen to the naysayers no matter what they say.
  5. In the last five years of his tenure, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known to have gone out of his way when it comes to holding bilateral talks with India's neighbouring states and their state heads. Be it smoothening out ruffled feathers or boosting the affairs of trade and defence cooperation, PM Modi has tried to work out a lot of matters of national importance with our international brethren. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, in Seoul, earlier today. pic.twitter.com/bGWPQyfeq0 — ANI (@ANI) February 22, 2019 So today when PM Modi was welcomed by the South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Seoul, the Indian Prime Minister took this moment to express his gratitude towards Koreans, who have always been invested in maintaining a healthy relationship with the Indian subcontinent. PM Modi is in South Korea on a two-day visit to strengthen strategic ties between the two countries, and upon his arrival he also unveiled the bust of Mahatma Gandhi at Seoul's Yonsei University, along with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The Seoul Peace Prize being bestowed upon PM @narendramodi is a matter of great pride for 130 crore Indians. It not only acknowledges the success of PM Modi's progressive policies and reforms but also signals the rise of India on the world stage. pic.twitter.com/fCKB1WjR5O — Amit Shah (@AmitShah) February 22, 2019 However, it is the Seoul Peace Prize that PM Modi was honoured with by the South Korean President that has got the international media talking. PM Modi accepted the honour and the prize, which he dedicated to the countrymen back home. "I believe that this award belongs not to me personally, but to the people of India. The success that India has achieved in the last 5 years is due to aspirations, inspiration & efforts of the people of India. On their behalf, I accept the Award and express my gratitude", said PM Modi after receiving the award. He further added that he wished to donate the prize money to Namami Gange project. The Seoul Peace Prize is dedicated to the people of India & our country's culture of peace and harmony. https://t.co/ymUdug3JYp — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) February 22, 2019 Namani Gange is a 'Clean Ganga' initiative taken up by the Union Government for the “abatement of pollution, conservation and rejuvenation of National River Ganga.” At the same event, PM Modi also touched upon the issue of climate change and terrorism at the event, and urged all the country to come together and fight off terrorism in the light of the recent Pulwama attack. We hope the funds are put to good use, and river Ganga is revived to its full glory at the earliest.
  6. Unlike the earlier popular belief that eggs are meant to be consumed only by bodybuilders, people in India have slowly started including eggs as part of their daily breakfast option. The awareness about general health and fitness amongst people in India is rising and hence, they have started adopting various healthy foods in their lifestyle. However, the myths have also found their place along with the changes in diet, thanks to the social media sharing platforms. People like to share just about anything and everything at its face value without making an effort to do a little research of their own to know the truth. Here below are three popular myths that most Indians believe: 1. Eggs With Blood Spots Are Adulterated And Unsafe To Eat Sometimes, when you crack open an egg, you may find a tiny blood spot on the yolk. Though it's very uncommon, I am sure that you may have experienced this if you eat eggs regularly. Sometimes you may also see a blood stain on the outer shell of the egg. Some people think that it's because of adulteration and that the egg is unsafe to eat. Well, this isn't true at all. These blood spots are caused by the rupturing of tiny blood vessels in the hen's ovaries at the time of ovulation. This is not very common and may happen occasionally during the egg-laying process. The United States Regulatory agencies like USDA clearly states that eggs with blood spots on the surface or on the yolk are safe to consume. © Pixabay 2. Brown Egg Are More Nutritious Remember how our parents use to tell us that brown eggs are 'desi' eggs and are more nutritious than regular white eggs? Well, this is not even remotely true as the colour of the egg depends on the breed of the hen that has given it. In terms of nutrition, both the eggs remain at par with each other. © Pixabay 3. If Eggs Float In Water, It's Not Good For Consumption This is a post that is often seen on various social media platforms. It is suggested that if you dip an egg in water and it starts floating then it's not fit for human consumption. But if the egg settles down at the bottom, then it is safe. This is also not true. It is due to the simple concept of buoyancy that the egg floats. An egg will be able to float in water when its air cell has enlarged sufficiently to keep it buoyant. This just means that the egg is a little old. If you want to check whether the egg is fit for consumption or not, you will have to actually crack it open and check for any foul odour or abnormal colour in its yolk.
  7. It felt like smooth sailing for the Indian cricket team as the score read 'Australia 26/2'. Enter Shaun Marsh, who had scored 54 but was caught out by Mohammed Shami off Kuldeep Yadav in the first ODI, and oh, how things changed. The way the wickets were falling for the Indian bowlers, Marsh was presumed to be no more than a small curb in their way. Boy, were they wrong. A brilliant performance from Shaun Marsh to post his 7th ODI hundred!#AUSvIND | @toyota_aus pic.twitter.com/ikonMqRz99 — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) January 15, 2019 Forgetting the batting woes of his past, especially in the longest format of the game, Marsh looked a new man. Putting up massive partnerships, first with Usman Khawaja (53 runs) and later on with Glenn Maxwell (93 runs), Marsh was reaching for the boundary at will. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav and even debutant Mohammed Siraj were all taken to school as the Aussie batsman hit a total of 11 fours and three sixes in his 131-run innings, which makes it his best innings in Australia till date. The ton is his seventh overall and also makes him the first Australian to score in three digits in any international format of the game, since Marsh had scored 106 in the third ODI in South Africa on 11th November, last year. His performance against India comes at the best possible time, especially when the selectors at Cricket Australia are looking for in-form players to prepare the best team that they can for the upcoming 2019 ICC World Cup. With Australia's best cricketers namely Steve Smith and David Warner having suspended contracts under Cricket Australia for the infamous ball-tampering case against South Africa in March, last year, and Tim Paine's excruciating failure as the skipper during the Border-Gavaskar cup against India, the team is desperately searching for a good leader and Shaun Marsh fits all the categories like a glove. While the Australian fans are head over heels after the batsman's exceptional knock, the Indian fans didn't shy away either from commending his efforts: More than enough. This Indian side is not capable of chasing 200. — Mrityunjay (@BhartiyeBeta) January 15, 2019 Congrats Shaun ðð — Anuva Samantsinghar (@AnuvaAnushka) January 15, 2019 Brilliant to see this guy , back in form — Abhishek (@AbhishekAFCx) January 15, 2019 Wao! Good contribution. — Jahangeermalik (@Jhangeermalik78) January 15, 2019 Virat kohli and his team selection for India - pic.twitter.com/AOfjKPEm7l — El chapo (@rohitraut59) January 15, 2019
  8. No offence, but desi Twitter (and not brown twitter, T-Pain) is where it's at! Indian people really do know how to make a joke or a meme out of anything and everything and every year we realize it after laughing throughout the year at the best tweets and then re-living it at the end of the year with a mandatory compilation so everyone can end their year with a laugh. So, here are this year's winners, the tweets that are so funny, you will momentarily forget about the shitty year. Enjoy! 1. A fake accent they acquired just in a week. When your friend returns from abroad with a fake accent pic.twitter.com/gupmlLal7r — Bade Chote (@badechote) January 20, 2018 2. Oh no. Indian Actors with Canadian Citizens. pic.twitter.com/YGUyHcO4BW — Jet Lee(Vasooli Bhai) (@Vishj05) February 20, 2018 3. Everyone knows this situation. When everyone knows you ate the last slice of ð but you refuse to admit it. pic.twitter.com/8oJhNh4KaP — Vir Das (@thevirdas) June 10, 2018 4. Literally every song. 10 seconds into an Atif Aslam song pic.twitter.com/g2cr3kEqAV — Vighnesh Rane (@Vighrane01) June 28, 2018 5. Allow him to keep his last name as well. Definitely allowing my husband to work after marriage. I'm such a progressive woman 𤷠— Perpetually screamin' (@AnantikaMehra) January 11, 2018 6. The only way to do it. Drug Testing.... FBI- Microscopes. CIA- Advance Toxicology Labs CID legend- pic.twitter.com/h13JFTtlXs — Pun of god (@Punofgod) October 12, 2018 7. Can't argue with this logic. 'Mom trying to let his son eat carrot ð¥' Son- Why should we eat carrot,mom? Other countries- Because it contains beta-carotene baby, it's good for eyes. Indian mom- Tune kabhi khargosh ko chasma lagate huye dekha hai !! — Pritamð (@pritamkdas99) July 16, 2018 8. Things are getting real now. indian culture is having had entire relationships and traumatic breakups without your parents ever knowing — mazikeen (@RecklessAtSix) July 22, 2018 9. Don't you mean Radflix? Radhika Aapte on Netflix pic.twitter.com/SgoQ6dbe5u — Freelance 007 (@James_Beyond) August 27, 2018 10. A picture is worth a thousand words? Skjllkgjkjh this is still the funniest pic, Anushka's look of utterly bemused disgust ð­ pic.twitter.com/kCn0uxCCM6 — Dinah Laurel Lance (@LordPotter4eva) November 8, 2018 11. Apparently. For The Ambani's everyone is Alexa. — Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) December 10, 2018 12. One wink is all it takes. Same. pic.twitter.com/u9eakRppXX — Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) July 20, 2018 13. How is this so accurate? Siddharth Malhotra sounds like the name of a character Ranbir Kapoor would play. — mukesh manjunath (@mukthegaul) January 25, 2018 14. Too true. white people after one (1) yoga class pic.twitter.com/eGFf9RaOTe — Neha Yadav (@nay_yeah) February 21, 2018 15. It's going to be 2019 in a few hours but we need to talk about 2004. Weirdest Year for BOLLYWOOD ? - 2004 Julie - Hit Murder - Super Hit Swades - Flop Lakshya - Flop National Award - Saif Ali Khan for Hum Tum ð — AAVISHKAR (@aavishhkar) September 13, 2018 16. Totally accurate. Indian patriarchy summed up in one photo. pic.twitter.com/OSvU5tuE5t — Tushar Abhichandani (@YawnOkPlease) August 29, 2018 17. Ooh, shots fired at Mark. All the hidden Facebook apps the moment you login to Facebook pic.twitter.com/PbaFeHvMrW — Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) April 11, 2018 18. Great pun! Oneplus 6T pic.twitter.com/nVNY3h6wdG — 㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠(@theesmaarkhan) October 31, 2018 19. Kahaani ghar ghar ki? [Visiting the doctor with my mom] Doc: "Kya takleef hai aapki?" Me: "Feve..." Mom: "Yeh saara time video game khelta rehta hai" — ð¨ (@pranavsapra) September 4, 2018 20. Wait, so you're telling me that's not a fish? I'm so Bengali that I thought it was a fish in his hand. pic.twitter.com/oC3vf66qOw — nin (@NautankiNinja) July 30, 2018 21. It's so sad. Alexa, play Despacito. Friend : you watched Dhadak? Me : yes Friend : so, who dies at the end of Dhadak? Me : Sairat — Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) July 24, 2018 22. It's so great! Post wedding dress usage! ð pic.twitter.com/cOy2D1mhTo — bhaavna arora (@BhaavnaArora) December 5, 2018 23. The only kiki challenge we need. Trying to decide whether to write à¤à¤¿ or à¤à¥ in a Hindi sentence was the first à¤à¥à¤à¤¿ Challenge. — mohit ghune (@Ghunegaar) August 6, 2018 24. Who did it, dammit! Who called it Priyanka Chopra's wedding and not Nick-ah? — Avinash Iyer (@IyerAvin) August 18, 2018 25. Because he's bhai. When you get a medal from Salman Khan, HE gets to stand on the podium pic.twitter.com/x4an2QEi2t — Manik Mahna (@manikmahna) January 31, 2018 26. What happened, Saif? When you get a medal from Salman Khan, HE gets to stand on the podium pic.twitter.com/x4an2QEi2t — Manik Mahna (@manikmahna) January 31, 2018 27. Should've been the background score. "Jaane kya hoga rama re, jaane kya hoga maula re." pic.twitter.com/N5xHWWildL — Abhijit Dey (@babumoshaaye) March 19, 2018 28. Oops. *laughs in Indian* https://t.co/e2YdqlqRwk — mallu papi (@shyxmm) July 16, 2018 29. Why is it soooo long? Maula Mere Aakhein teriiii Maula Mere Maula Mere Maula Mere Maula Mere Maula Mere ................... pic.twitter.com/nbp21WKxTl — Rameez (@Sychlops) July 31, 2018 30. Every Ranbir Kapoor movie ever. This could be any movie. pic.twitter.com/XqWikC5B2U — Anirudh (@anirudhpatil) June 30, 2018 31. So many feels. áµáµáµáµáµ áµáµáµáµáµ áµáµ ᶦˢˢ áµá¶¦Ë¡ ˢᵠáµáµÊ° â¿á¶¦áµáµË¡áµá¶¦ ʳáµÊ°á¶¦ áµáµá¶Ê° áµáµÊ° Ë¢áµá¶»áµ áµÊ°á¶¦ áµÊ¸áµáµÊ³ áµá¶¦ áµá¶¦ áµá¶¦Ë¢áµ áµÊ¸áµ áµáµâ¿áµáµÊ° áµá¶¦Ê¸áµ JO LUT GAYEEEEEEEEEEEEE pic.twitter.com/v51QHlPJGp — Secret Santanoo (@tantanoo) September 14, 2018 32. Don't you mean south delhi girls? Bandruuuh Gurrrrrlz trying to get a Rickshaw... pic.twitter.com/Qb4nANnBVr — That Goan Boy (@schmmuck) April 22, 2018 33. I'm still confused. Aadhaar Card is not mandatory for opening Bank Account. But PAN Card is mandatory for Bank Account. And PAN-Aadhar are Mandatory for filing Tax returns. #AadhaarVerdict pic.twitter.com/SIpkh9hNZg — SAGAR (@sagarcasm) September 26, 2018 34. True. Crazy Rich Asians is not releasing in India. India, on the other hand, is always releasing its Crazy Rich Asians. — Samit Basu (@samitbasu) August 21, 2018 35. Glo up! Me in 9th standard spending 3 hours chatting on the phone right after school VS me in 2018 having a panic attack every time the phone rings pic.twitter.com/rZYkOAtEl6 — Bratticus (@bharatunnithan) September 6, 2018 36. Age is just a number. Priyanka: 36y old Nick: 26y old Malaika: 45y old Arjun: 33y old Milind: 53 y old Ankita: 27y old Don't make a big deal about the age difference. Nothing really matters as long as you fucking love each other. Akshar Pathak: 29y old Chicken Malai Tikka in the fridge: 3 days old — Akshar (@AksharPathak) November 12, 2018 37. Should I be offended? Legend has it that if you come to Bombay and say "nice weather" three times, a Delhi person appears from thin air and say "Yeh toh kuch nahi bc in our real winters we hibernate for six months and then eat our offspring to keep ourselves warm" — Pranav Tonseker (@peeteeonyou) December 11, 2018 38. A little too spot on. 1. Shuttle cock during first serve 2. Shuttle cock after 1 game pic.twitter.com/ZZ1AOQ54j0 — Bade Chote (@badechote) July 29, 2018 39. The universal answer. 1. Shuttle cock during first serve 2. Shuttle cock after 1 game pic.twitter.com/ZZ1AOQ54j0 — Bade Chote (@badechote) July 29, 2018 40. That's the dream. Indian parents push you very hard in life so that one day, you're successful enough to pay for regular therapy. — chethana (@iamdatemike) November 25, 2018 41. Seriously, log kya kahenge> Daughter: *breathes* Brown parents: Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Brown parents: log kya kahenge? — sai (@Saisailu97) November 18, 2018 42. Justice for Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood saal bhar body banata hai climax mein pitne ke liye — adrak (@ubercoolosis) December 3, 2018 43. Bas challa do. When you invest all your life savings on a startup pic.twitter.com/ZH4GaS8Rys — AmbyZee The FreeBird (@Cheese_Pakora) September 24, 2018 44. Only a little cringey. reading my own romantic whatsapp correspondences at 3 am. pic.twitter.com/5QsYuOoMrH — The Life & Opinions Of 'PaladinContent': Gentleman (@PaladinContent) September 3, 2018 45. I love how people are still not over this. One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain. pic.twitter.com/BWCK3U62Nn — Jackie J. Thakkar (@Juvenile_Jack) November 6, 2018 46. Not cool. No wonder Aman pushed you to another guy and died instead https://t.co/BMunvU85ON — not a damsel, but in distress (@KiskuGhoorra) November 18, 2018 47. Sponjali? tum paas aaye.. pic.twitter.com/kGxURLqjCp — half golden mongoose (@slugcharmer) April 3, 2018 48. Or maybe he does know. my dad doesn't know what some emojis mean ð­ð­ð­ pic.twitter.com/3lmP3MavPh — ìë (@shrutithenaik) June 5, 2018 49. Every single time. Me trying to see name of the movie whenever it appears on screen. pic.twitter.com/iLlnsJitC1 — Aarpee (@TweetsofRP) April 8, 2018 50. The best way. This is how we blocked people in our days :) pic.twitter.com/YwE464sOBf — Tausi Malik (@TausiMalik1) December 18, 2018
  9. We don't know about your travel plans, but three Indians are currently making headlines for their week-long trip that is worth a whopping 10,000 crores. via GIPHY We're not talking about a sequel of 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara'. We're talking about ISRO's most ambitious project, Gaganyaan, whose budget just got a nod of approval by the government today. The three astronauts will be sent into space by 2022. Twitter (For Representation) Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad announced the same at a press conference today, "The Union Cabinet has approved the Gaganyaan project under which a three-member crew will be sent to space for at least seven days." Cabinet approves indigenous human spaceflight programme; Gaganyaan programme to carry 3 member crew for minimum 7 days in space at a total cost of Rs 10k crores. — ANI (@ANI) December 28, 2018 This is said to be India's first manned mission to space and the Rs. 10,000 crore budget includes the cost of technology development, flight hardware and essential infrastructure elements. The announcement of launching a manned mission to space by 2022, was announced on August 15, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his 72nd Independence Day speech. He also mentioned that with this project, India will become the fourth nation in the league after Russia, the United States and China.
  10. At the time when India's schedule for their Australian tour was announced, everyone in the cricket fraternity knew that it was going to a great contest. And, why not? India were going to lock horns with the Aussies in three T20Is, as many ODIs and four Test matches. While the limited-overs series offered some slam-bang action, all eyes were undoubtedly glued to the much-anticipated duels in Tests. And, after two Tests and with the third one currently in progress, the fact that India and Australia are tied 1-1 goes on show how evenly this series is poised. We've already witnessed batting geniuses of Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli who are currently leading the list of top run-getters in the series and the spin wizardry of Nathan Lyon who is miles ahead in the race of leading wicket-takers. But, apart from some exciting cricket on offer, the four-match Test series has also witnessed some of the most hilarious quips from both the sides. If Rishabh Pant's quirky comments from behind the stumps left everyone in splits, Tim Paine's recent remarks from the same position has once again brought a smile on the faces of cricket fans across the globe. © AP Though Australian cricketers have been infamous for using verbal volleys to unsettle the opposition batsmen, the ongoing series has witnessed an altogether different approach from the home side. Struck with the ball-tampering scandal recently, while the Aussies seem to have minimised their aggression, they have traded explosive comments for quirky jibes - something that reflected in Paine's latest comments. During the second day's play at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Paine was caught on the stump-mic trying to sledge Rohit Sharma. While the Indian batsman was taking guard for the next delivery, the Australian skipper was heard telling his mate at short-leg that it was 'a toss-up between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians at this time'. "If Rohit hits a six here I'm changing to Mumbai" ð#AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/JFdHsAl84b — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) December 27, 2018 But, it was the comment which followed later, that left everyone in splits. "He has this nice easy swing of the bat. We see him do it all the time for MI. If Rohit hits a six here, I'm changing to Mumbai Indians," Paine was heard saying on the stump-mic before the fielders around him burst into laughter. Tim Paine bantering up a storm right now ððð FOLLOW LIVE https://t.co/0L1sS1X2x0 pic.twitter.com/1OMiKwvUif — Herald Sun Sport (@heraldsunsport) December 27, 2018 And then, he followed it up with, "Is it true Rohit? Did Finchie (Aaron Finch) get you out. To be honest, the hardest two overs I played in domestic cricket last season were from him." While we aren't sure if Paine's remarks unsettled Rohit or not, but the Australian captain got no help from his teammate Peter Siddle who came on as a substitute fielder only to drop the Mumbai batsman on 16 at short fine leg in the 147th over. On the other hand, the cricket fans couldn't stop themselves from expressing their views on Paine's hilarious remarks. All of us to Tim Paine right now: ð¤«#CricketMeriJaan #AUSvIND — Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) December 27, 2018 Absolutely engrossing period of play, Rohit Sharma focussing hard as Nathan Lyon tries to weave a web around him n Tim Paine chirping away from behind. great watching. Who says Test cricket is dead. has been d most tlkd abt series than any IPL r ODI game #AUSvIND #BoxingDayTest — Sanjjeev (@Sanjjeev) December 27, 2018 "Rohit hits a six here, I'm changing to Mumbai Indians" ðð Oh Tim Paine, you are the opposition captain but we seriously can't hate your banter. #AUSvIND — Manya (@CSKian716) December 27, 2018 Tim Paine's sledging is seriously 𤣠Come on, Rohit. Hit that six! #AUSvIND — Sonali Dhulap (@pillya) December 27, 2018 Loving Tim Paine behind the stumps... He just started to whistle ð#AUSvsIND — Aravind V (@IamChefGamer) December 27, 2018 Tim Paine's chatter behind the stumps is EpicðHe's talking about who he's fav IPL team between Mumbai and I guess RCB is ..#AUSvIND @SPNSportsIndia — Jason Dsouza (@jdnats) December 27, 2018
  11. As the New Year lurks around with all of its glorious promises and opportunities, there comes the need to appreciate the goodness that we experienced in the year that shall bid us goodbye in less than two weeks' time. Every year, we make a ton of memories, both good and bad, live through experiences there won't be a once-over for, and enjoy the 365 days of our lives, one day at a time, each marked by a very distinct colour and takeaway. Since all of this also reminds us of that one platform which allows us to spill our hearts out on, yes we are talking about Instagram - this year has been a mega year for the global photo-sharing app, we decided to share with you the top 5 images on the Gram that were most 'loved' and garnered the most amount of likes and appreciation in India. Browse through the following five images and you can see for yourself what makes them special, and maybe also like them if you haven't already: 1. Virat's Birthday Post For Anushka View this post on Instagram Happy B'day my love. The most positive and honest person I know. Love you ♥ï¸ A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Apr 30, 2018 at 9:07pm PDT No wonder this post enjoyed the amount of love that it did. Not only because we absolutely love the Indian skipper for all that he is capable of, but also because their love story has been for the win ALL THIS TIME! 2. Anushka's Rather Intimate, 'Lovey-Dovey' Picture With Virat View this post on Instagram A post shared by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma) on Mar 11, 2018 at 5:38am PDT Just like we said before, this doesn't surprise us at all either. This Jodi has been a super hit with people of all generations, and we can totally see why. This image said a lot about the kind of relationship the duo share, and people obviously “love” it! 3. A Winner Picture View this post on Instagram Thanks everyone for the support and Mumbai for turning yellow.Shane 'shocking' Watson played a shocking innings to get us through.end of a good season.Ziva doesn't care about the trophy, wants to run on the lawn according to her wordings. A post shared by M S Dhoni (@mahi7781) on May 27, 2018 at 1:03pm PDT Another one from the world of sports who made it to the top 5 is former Indian captain M. S. Dhoni post his IPL win! The picture is surely a happy one, but it's really the caption that got us. What a man! 4. Hera-Pheri Again & Again View this post on Instagram This is not a throwback but takes me back to so many. As always was lovely catching up with one of my oldest friend and co-star @suniel.shetty today :) A post shared by Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) on Mar 28, 2018 at 10:29pm PDT Just like Akshay said, this picture surely does take us down memories lane. One of Bollywood's most loved on-screen pairings, who dole out the best form of entertainment together, this picture deserves all the love that it did. 5. Twinning, Much? View this post on Instagram We are convinced we have been separated at birth!!!@amandacerny @ayosphoto A post shared by Jacqueline Fernandez (@jacquelinef143) on Sep 13, 2018 at 8:32pm PDT We totally didn't see this coming, but we can also understand why it enjoyed the kind of buzz that it did. Jacqueline and Amanda do seem like twins who got separated at the Kumbh Mela!
  12. Following a marauding run against West Indies at home, the Indian cricket team couldn't have been better prepared to travel to Australia for their much-anticipated tour this year. Boasting of match-winning batsmen and bowlers in their side, Team India undoubtedly looked stronger of the two sides preparing to lock horns in four Tests, three T20Is and as many ODIs. Starting the tour with the T20I series, the Indian cricket fans were anticipating a clinical performance from their national team in the first game at the Gabba. But, the Virat Kohli brigade looked far from the side that had recently demolished Windies at home. There were drop catches, mediocre batting displays and eventually a heartbreaking defeat at the packed Brisbane Cricket Ground. After electing to field first, Kohli's men seemed like they meant business, with both Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah looking sharp early on. And the fact that Australia got their first boundary on the 18th delivery of their innings despite the presence of the dangerous Aaron Finch and D'Arcy Short at the crease, highlights the tidy lines and lengths of India's pace bowling duo. With just 12 runs in 3 overs on the board, the Australian openers were beginning to feel a bit of pressure which opened a window of opportunity for the visitors. In the fourth over, Finch punched the ball straight into the hands of Kohli who couldn't do more than letting it slip through his hands. The drop catch eventually saw Bumrah conceding two consecutive boundaries later in the over. Virat Kohli leads by examples. Drops an easy catch of @AaronFinch5.#INDvAUS pic.twitter.com/AH8O5JouuU — Yash Bhati (@yashbhati0017) November 21, 2018 The Indian team eventually took three wickets through Khaleel Ahmed and Kuldeep Yadav which put the shackles on Australia's innings. With Marcus Stoinis and Glenn Maxwell still finding their feet, India stuttered further in the field. In the 13th over, KL Rahul's confusion in overthrowing the ball to the bowler or going for the stumps allowed Maxwell a second life - one he capitalised on later in the innings. Kohli is having a rare horrible day in the field Missed a catch,maybe should have come up to the stumps during that Maxwell run out chance,he was at short mid wicket,who should have ideally collected the ball,as Clarke on air rightly mentioned And then this misfield#INDvAUS — Devesh arora (@Devesharora20) November 21, 2018 The same over saw Kohli erring in the field again as he failed to get his hands around the ball after sprinting a long way in the circle. With India looking mediocre in the field, the Australian duo made the most of the chances they got. Given a lifeline earlier, Maxwell smoked sixes at will, sent the ball to the railings of the second-tier and even hit the spider cam as Indian bowling unit (mostly Pandya) ducked for cover. © BCCL With the partnership between Maxwell and Stoinis reaching 77 runs, India desperately needed a breakthrough and Bumrah provided one in the 17th over, only for Khaleel to put down a sitter. Batting on 17-ball 30, Stoinis chopped the ball straight down the throat of young Indian pacer which eventually let it burst through his hand before drawing the fury of Bumrah. Amid a blistering batting display from the Australian batsmen, India found some relief in the rain. After a brief disruption, the players returned to the field and Bumrah dismissed Maxwell, a wicket that we reckon came a tad too late. With the game reduced to 17 overs (including a five-over powerplay), the Indian fans were neither bothered by the revised 174-run target nor with the 10.23 required rate, owing to their visitor's strong batting line-up. But, that wasn't the case. Shikhar Dhawan took the charge of the Indian run-chase early on, smashing five boundaries in the first four overs of their innings. With Dhawan going hammer and tongs at the Aussie bowlers, Rohit slow start wasn't really a concern. But his decision to charge down the wicket against Behrendorff in the 5th over, which eventually cost India his wicket, was outright unnecessary. © BCCL Rohit was sent back to the pavilion, but Dhawan's blitzkrieg continued to the sheer joy of Indian fans. The 46-run partnership between Dhawan and KL Rahul stabilised India's chase, but it was the former who did most of the scoring. And, Rahul's bid to accelerate his strike-rate failed big time after he decided to drive inside the line of Adam Zampa's googly, eventually losing his balance and getting stumped. Zampa was back into business in the 11th over, only this time it was priceless wicket of King Kohli. Unable to score against the Aussie spinner (1 off 4 balls), Kohli was feeling the heat when he stepped out of the crease to cut Zampa's top-spinner before eventually getting a top edge that was safely taken at short third man. © BCCL With Dhawan still dictating terms at the other end, India still fancied their chances with adequate depth in their batting order. But, Billy Stanlake got Dhawan out caught at third man in the 12th over to rattle India's run-chase. Young Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Karthik gave hope to the Indian fans after stitching a crucial 51-run partnership for the fifth wicket, but the ever-increasing asking rate proved a tad too much for them. The 16th over saw Andrew Tye dismissing Pant before Stoinis dashed India's hopes with consecutive wickets of Pandya and Karthik. In the end, India lost the game by a mere four runs (D/L method). A game that was undoubtedly a delight for the cricket fans, eventually proved to be a big wake up call for the Indian side. India scoring more than Australia yet losing. Australia ke score par laga GST bhaari pad gaya. But a good thrilling game to start the series.#AUSvIND — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) November 21, 2018 There was a lot to learn from the contest for the visiting brigade. An ordinary day in the field is definitely not going to help a top-side like India to register wins Down Under. Moreover, the decision to play Pandya backfired big time as the all-rounder gave away 55 runs in 4 overs (including six sixes) and couldn't score more than two runs. If their poor bowling allowed Australia to amass crucial runs, their mediocre batting display and poor shot selections eventually summed up their forgettable outing at the Gabba. Given their batting might, Kohli-led India would have been reasonably happy about chasing 174 runs in 17 overs on any day. But, on the day, when it mattered, the high-flying Kohli brigade just couldn't do it.
  13. Following the return of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Rajasthan Royals (RR), the eleventh edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) proved to be a major hit amongst the fans. Staging a brilliant comeback to the tournament, the MS Dhoni-led CSK overcame a resurgent Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) brigade in the final to clinch their third IPL title earlier this year. And, the 2019 edition of the IPL is expected to be no different. Promising some thrilling contests and slambang cricketing action, the upcoming edition of the tournament will once again pit the eight franchises against each other. But, even if the 2019 General Elections end up shifting the IPL outside India, the tournament, like in 2009, is not going to get affected (at least in terms of fanfare). While there are still a few months to go for the IPL to kickstart, the franchises seem to be busy spicing things up with some friendly banter on the social media. In what turned out to be an epic Twitter war, the likes of Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians (MI) were recently seen locking horns in a trolling contest on the micro-blogging website. I had to hold my phone pretty high to fit Big Polly into the frame ð Happy to see you again my brother ð ⤠pic.twitter.com/lNXnI89B4E — hardik pandya (@hardikpandya7) November 13, 2018 It all began with Mumbai Indians' all-rounder Hardik Pandya tweeting a photo of himself in the company of his club mates Kieron Pollard and Krunal Pandya. "I had to hold my phone pretty high to fit Big Polly into the frame. Happy to see you again my brother," Hardik tweeted. Find a better allrounder trio. We will wait â³ð #CricketMeriJaan @hardikpandya7 @KieronPollard55 @krunalpandya24 https://t.co/wBnnKrVdF9 — Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) November 13, 2018 Taking note of their star cricketer's tweet, Mumbai wasted no time in firing pot-shots at other IPL franchises with their tweet: "Find a better allrounder trio. We will wait". The wait is over! ð pic.twitter.com/MM5nzuuJDt — SunRisers Hyderabad (@SunRisers) November 13, 2018 In response, Hyderabad were quick to share the photo of their all-rounder trio which included Rashid Khan, Shakib Al Hasan and Mohammad Nabi. "The wait is over," SRH tweeted. Moondru Mugam ð¦ð¦ð¦#Thala #WhistlePodu ð pic.twitter.com/0thaMqeIE1 — Chennai Super Kings (@ChennaiIPL) November 13, 2018 While Mumbai and Hyderabad were exchanging verbal volleys, Chennai, too, joined in the debate by sharing a photo of Dhoni, insinuating that their 'Thala' alone is equivalent to three all-rounders. The wait goes on...ððð pic.twitter.com/uDeM0WImIt — Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) November 13, 2018 Though Mumbai didn't seem to have any answer for Chennai's gem of a tweet, the three-time IPL champions marked a comeback with a savage reply for Hyderabad. Taking a dig at SRH, Mumbai shared a picture of its IPL trophies and shut the David Warner-led brigade with the caption: "the wait goes on". The twelfth edition of the IPL is slated to begin from 29th April 2019 and even if the tournament is eventually moved outside India, the epic Twitter banter between these three franchises proves that it is going to be a feisty affair.
  14. There was a time when the top smartphone brands in India included Micromax, Karbonn and Intex. Those days are long gone, new entrants in the market have completely changed the dynamics in the last few years and homegrown brands are nowhere to be seen. The top four smartphone brands in India include Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, OPPO, and Huawei. Out of these, only Samsung is from South Korea, and all others are based out of China. According to a report in The Economic Times, consumers have spent more than Rs 50,000 crore in the financial year of 2018, buying smartphones made by the top four Chinese brands. © MensXP / Shivam Vahia The figure has nearly doubled than the last financial year and the the current trend suggests it will further increase. The top four here includes Xiaomi, currently India's top smartphone maker in terms of sales volume, followed by Vivo with a market share of 10 percent and OPPO at 8 percent. Other markers like Lenovo (includes Moto lineup), OnePlus, and Infinix make up more than half of the total Indian smartphone market by sales. These Chinese brands have completely saturated the market and placed their products in every possible price segment to lure the buyer. With global operations, these companies have managed to focus on India and the latest products have been coming in at a much faster pace now. © MensXP / Shivam Vahia While these brands are based out of China, they have heavily invested themselves in the country. In accordance with the government's Make in India initiative, all the major manufacturers have local assembly lines in the country. Local sourcing of phones ensures that employment is generated in the region and the companies are able to avoid high import duties. Xiaomi has already announced a plan to invest Rs 15,000 crore in setting up assembly lines while OPPO already has two facilities in Uttar Pradesh. Vivo employs more than 5,000 people in its plant and even Samsung (South Korean brand) has opened it's largest facility in the world at Noida. © Xiaomi The combined sales of these four smartphone makers doubled to Rs 51,722 crore from Rs 26,262 crore in FY17. The Indian smartphone market is valued at a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh crore in FY18. In Q3 2018 itself, more than 44 million smartphone units were shipped.
  15. Canada has a lot of things our country doesn't and now, another, probably one of the most important things has joined the list. Recreational marijuana is now legal in Canada, yay! This news is technically a few months old and it was back in June when the bill legalizing marijuana passed the senate. It's been too easy for our kids to get marijuana - and for criminals to reap the profits. Today, we change that. Our plan to legalize & regulate marijuana just passed the Senate. #PromiseKept — Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) June 20, 2018 But, as of today, adults are allowed to carry and share up to 30 grams of legal marijuana in public. Moreover, it's also legal for people to cultivate up to four plants in their households and make products, like edibles, for personal use. Obviously, it won't be available to minors but that's a no-brainer. As much as we would want India to follow suit, it doesn't seem like that will happen anytime soon. Sorry, Uday Chopra, even after your very thought-out tweet, it still is probably a long way to go for us. I feel India should legalize marijuana. Firstly, It's part of our culture. Secondly, I think if legalized and taxed it can be a huge revenue source. Not to mention it will remove the criminal element associated with it. Plus and most importantly it has a lot of medical benefits! — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) September 13, 2018 But, what we do know is how many Indians prefer moving to Canada. The country is like a mini-Punjab now. I mean, the free healthcare is enough reason to immigrate, but now this as well? It's like Canada just wants to get more and more people to come there. Great move, seriously. So, if you were planning on becoming the 'kaneda wala cousin' of your family, now you have one more reason for it, or should I say, 420 more reasons. People on Twitter are having some fun with this, and rightly so. Canada right now ð¨ð¦#CannabisLegalization pic.twitter.com/nG0Vb7kmcY — Kelly Canuckð (@KellyCanuckTO) October 17, 2018 Take that, America! Right now, marijuana is 100% legal in Toronto! In 3 hours, it'll be 100% legal here in Vancouver as well! Congratulations on this historical day, Canada! You're now America's cool older cousin who can get us weed! — KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) October 17, 2018 So much excitement! WEED IS OFFICIALLY LEGAL IN CANADA pic.twitter.com/6EQz5Fvv0X — A â¡ | DMUMT (@10LOEY) October 17, 2018 Yes, great day. HAPPY CANNABIS DAY CANADA! #legalizationday pic.twitter.com/jEWPzrt8pA — Ash Rainbowð³ï¸‍ð (@lulz) October 17, 2018
  16. It doesn't matter if you watch cricket matches or even care about the game. If India is playing against Pakistan, I can guarantee that almost the entire country is glued to the television, waiting for India's victory. Everyone obviously already knows about the most anticipated game of the Asia Cup that took place yesterday, and to say that everyone was extremely excited for it would be an understatement. In fact, even before the match started, the hashtag 'IndvsPak' was already active. Moreover, it was the perfect opportunity for India to avenge their defeat at the Champions Trophy. All the people from both the sides of the border didn't hesitate before taking a dig at each other but as we all know, the winner takes it all and Indians won the meme match on twitter. Oops, shots fired. Don't get disheartened Pakistan. I know its not easy to be the son of a successful father.#IndvPak — Abhishek Bachchan (@juniorbacchhan) September 19, 2018 Wow. Pakistan fans watching their team's batting right now. #IndvPak pic.twitter.com/N4o6HiPLRO — Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) September 19, 2018 One word. When Pakistani fans try to remind Indians about Champions Trophy Final #INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/yNZjlia0mW — Bade Chote (@badechote) September 19, 2018 That editing, tho. Mauka-Mauka 2018. #INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/Stpb8M4Jst — Deewan. (@Spoof_Junkie) September 19, 2018 It's getting more brutal. Q.Why pakistan don't produce good batsman? A~ pic.twitter.com/X0LLyRW2mA — Bruce Wayne ð¦ (@WaizArd20) September 19, 2018 At least Indian can make fun of themselves. Indian Bowlers Indian Bowlers Against against Other teams Pakistan pic.twitter.com/tUicp00hLS — Mask Indian (@Mr_LoLwa) September 19, 2018 Circuit is happy. Pakistani batting ðð#INDvPAK #AsiaCup18 pic.twitter.com/i4hbDDibty — Singapore Sheikh (@sircaustick) September 19, 2018 Great observation. Aaj ye Bhai apna fir bahar Sofe pe soyega ð¤£ð#INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/HajnbG13uw — Yo Yo Funny Singh (@moronhumor) September 19, 2018 Accurate. Summary of #IndvsPak match ðððð pic.twitter.com/VsOczTa1Rf — Mask Indian (@Mr_LoLwa) September 19, 2018 Good idea. Udaas Mat Ho... Chal Champions Trophy Finals Ki Highlights Dekhe...#IndvPak pic.twitter.com/HDb91SEHdQ — Babu Bhaiya (@Shahrcasm) September 19, 2018 Peace out. “India won by 2 runs as they scored 164 chasing Pakistan's score of 162..” #IndvPak pic.twitter.com/Kar8TMaKXZ — The-Lying-Lama (@KyaUkhaadLega) September 19, 2018 Exactly. Imran Khan said "If India will take one step forward , Pakistan will take two" Kohli decided not to play against Pakistan, and entire Pakistan decided not to play against India. ðððð#INDvPAK#PAKvIND — Mahesh Vikram Hegde (@mvmeet) September 19, 2018 Umm. Year 2099. World cup, India beats Pakistan for the 50th time. 100 yr old Pakistani Fan: "But the Champion Trophy Final in 2017..."#INDvPAK — Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) September 19, 2018 Leave it to people on Twitter to turn a nice moment into this. Hence proved.......#INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/1zcN1H6rV4 — PhD in Bakchodi (@Atheist_Krishna) September 19, 2018 Baap is baap. Be It War Be It GDP Be It Economy Be It Kabaddi Be It Football Be It Hockey Be It Olympics Be It Asian Games Be It Cricket BAAP Baap Hota Hai, Beta Beta. Itna Kaun Haarta Hai Bhaið¬ðð#INDvPAK #INDvsPAK #PakvsInd #PAKvIND #IndiavsPakistan — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) September 19, 2018 Oh no. Dear Pakistan, You Can Now Start Celebrating Your Customary TV Breaking Ceremony. #INDvPAK #INDvsPAK #PAKvIND #PAKvsIND #IndiavsPakistan pic.twitter.com/cmmvZ9SrWS — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) September 19, 2018 Great comparison. #INDvPAK After every defeat , Pakistanis satisfying their heart with Champions trophy win be like pic.twitter.com/bYVQcGWmGg — BrainHumourð¤ (@orsunabhai) September 19, 2018 And, ending it on a good note. A Pakistani cab driver just dropped me off at my hotel in Sharjah and said with a smile, "Mubarak. India jeet gaya". This, when I had no clue that there even was a match! People are friends. Politicians are the real enemy. #INDvPAK — Akil Bakhshi (@akil_bakhshi) September 19, 2018
  17. Unlike any country in the world, the population in India is a somewhat balanced mix of different kind of people. There are some who are privileged enough and can enjoy a weekend getaway whenever they feel like it and indulge in luxuries, while there are some who make the most of it with jugaad. We Indians are the synonym of 'jugaadu', as we simply have a way to fix every problem. And recently, business tycoon Anand Mahindra took to his Twitter sharing the glimpse of this fact. He shared a video where a man can be seen under a shower. Wonder what's so great about it? Read on. The man constructed the shower using a water bottle with multiple holes at the bottom, quite similar to that of a showerhead. He wrote, “And as some of us look forward to a comfortable Sunday shower, let's salute the ingenuity of others; Let's salute those who enhance the quality of their lives in a frugal manner by recycling objects the rest of the world discards.” And as some of us look forward to a comfortable Sunday shower, let's salute the ingenuity of others; Let's salute those who enhance the quality of their lives in a frugal manner by recycling objects the rest of the world discards.. pic.twitter.com/s5bFgXjTch — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) September 9, 2018 What followed later was a string of pictures shared by users, depicting how Indians across the country have done something or the other to make the best out of a not-so-best situation. We have no dearth of such innovative ideas in India.. here's an unthinkable use case of a two wheeler for you sir.. pic.twitter.com/DyqGgqD502 — Aswin Bhupalam (@aswinbh) September 9, 2018 Necessity is the mother of invention or innovation. Other examples doing the rounds. pic.twitter.com/fu6MrLQufE — Dilip Kumar Gandhi (@Doc_BeTheChange) September 9, 2018 pic.twitter.com/LmhGYKKwWb — Balraj Singh Solanki (@SolankiBalraj) September 9, 2018 An equally ingenious application I encountered :) pic.twitter.com/4X1GdmLIYl — Sameer Nagpal (@sameernagpal) September 9, 2018 à¤à¤¤à¤¨à¥ à¤à¤®à¤¾à¤² à¤à¥ à¤à¤à¤à¤¿à¤¨à¤¿à¤à¤° सिरà¥à¤« à¤à¤° सिरà¥à¤« भारत मॠहॠमिलà¥à¤à¤à¥à¥¤ pic.twitter.com/bNcwiYzKlH — Balraj Singh Solanki (@SolankiBalraj) September 9, 2018 pic.twitter.com/h7deCseg7w — GeethV (@v_geeth) September 10, 2018 Reminds me of the innovative floating supports used by these kids to swim pic.twitter.com/ufAy5DDEFV — Nupur Gupta (@Nupur_G) September 9, 2018 Another innovative guy at home :) Rightly said "Necessity is the mother of Invention" !!@virendersehwag @sardesairajdeep #HowToEatNoodles pic.twitter.com/nBVjfscFdQ — Manish (@m_darak) September 10, 2018 Sir, this piece of #jugaadinnovation (rain protector for switches), has been invented by an indi-genius person (somewhere in Puri). pic.twitter.com/JPdEvhP3Zi — Ansuman Rath ð®ð³ (@_AnsumanRath) September 9, 2018 While it does make us appreciate their effort in trying to make the best of a situation, it also makes us think about how privileged we are. These tweets do encourage their innovation, but it also puts us in a fix and makes us wonder when will the standard of living in India improve? For how long people will have to keep making jugaads?
  18. Most of us have suffered from the frustration of not being able to crack a math sum, and there's also no denying that not all of us have come to love the subject during school. However, while we constantly shared a love-hate relationship with mathematics as students, if there was one topic even most math-haters enjoyed or solved correctly were the Venn diagrams, that required us to figure out the logical relations between finite collections of various sets. via GIPHY Lately, these Venn diagrams have taken on a whole new meaning thanks to Twitter and these are now finally being used to form logical reasons between various situations we face as a part of our society. via GIPHY The trend gathered speed when a Twitter user posted a Venn diagram showing the commonalities between preachers, DJs, and bank robbers. The post instantly went viral and numerous other users followed suit with their own renditions inspired by the user's post, but things only got better when Indians joined in and contributed to the trend with their very own desi versions of Venn diagrams. why is this so funny to me pic.twitter.com/fUDik7CTF5 — CHELO (@chelllssseeea) August 21, 2018 We picked out 5 such desi Venn diagram memes that would be relatable for every Indian living in a metro city: 1. The Desi Love Triangle Venn the math of dating is solved! ðð#humour #venndiagram pic.twitter.com/cHvTnQzV08 — Shaadi.com (@ShaadiDotCom) August 29, 2018 This is relatable on so many levels, for so many of us that this Venn by Shaadi.com instantly hits home. 2. When Auto Is The Lifeline Of A City Life of an Autowala. pic.twitter.com/oq5hPguL0v — Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) August 28, 2018 If you tell us you cannot relate to this, we'd say you're lying because that can't be true. We have all been there and done that, so there's no shame in admitting to the miseries we put a poor autowalla through. 3. We Are The Food We Eat Venn are we eating next? ðððð©pic.twitter.com/pbAXYcwTuZ — Zomato India (@ZomatoIN) August 28, 2018 This one is basically all of us, every other day, be it within the four walls of our house or the high rise office that's a second home to us. Guess people take “sharing is caring” too seriously? 4. Behen Hogi Teri Girls who are your sisters. A Venn Diagram. pic.twitter.com/wrUeoP7zvy — Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) August 26, 2018 Funny but equally painful to the guys who can relate. No matter where you look, they all resort to the dreaded B-word, bhaiya. Nahi banana behen yaar! 5. Beta Humara Bada Naam Karega Perfect Venn Diagram does exist pic.twitter.com/uUP9NFuYA0 — Vaibhav... (@lamevaibhav) August 24, 2018 Lastly, one that's painful enough to accept and yet remains a constant truth of our lives, the struggle of getting through these courses can be nothing short of torture and some of us consciously call it upon ourselves. Relatable much? We know, right.
  19. The ARPANET (predecessor of the Internet) was launched almost half a decade back, and the American, as well as the European research community, is widely credited for the Internet we use today. Modern computers have improved remarkably; just a decade back a 2GB microSD card was an amazing thing for the end consumer, today we're launching 1TB microSD cards. Until the 90s, India was relatively new to computers. Even after the boom, India emerged as an outsourcing country. While the developed world is committed to researching and developing, India has its own set of problems that prevent it from heavily investing in R&D. The country is at a nascent stage and lacks the all-around community support a researcher requires. This does not mean the country has failed to contribute at the international level. We've compiled a list of Indian born inventors who have marked their name in history thanks to their widely adopted technology invention. 1. Ajay Bhatt © BCCL He is credited for inventing the most widely used data transfer standard, the Universal Serial Bus (USB). He is a graduate from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and completed his post graduation from The City University of New York. Bhatt joined Intel in 1990 as a senior staff architect on the chipset architecture team in Folsom. He is the chief architect and co-inventor of technologies such as USB, Accelerated Graphics Port, PCI Express, platform power management architecture and various personal computer enhancements. The USB port has been defined and developed by several other companies such as Apple and Microsoft. It continues to reign as the unchallenged choice of connection for all gadgets out there today. 2. Vinod Dham © BCCL Vinod Dham is popularly known as the Father of the Pentium chip, for his contribution to the development of highly successful Pentium processors from Intel. Dham did B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering and then pursued an MS degree in Electrical Engineering, where he specialised in Solid State Electronics. He is called the “Father of Pentium” for his role in the development of the Pentium processor. He is also one of the co-inventors of Intel's first Flash memory technology (ETOX). The tag Intel Inside had almost become a trademark for all the computers. Currently, he is the founding Managing Director of Indo US Venture Partners. 3. Pranav Mistry © Pranav Mistry Pranav Mistry is a computer scientist and inventor, he heads the Think Tank Team and is best known for his work on SixthSense, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Project Beyond. He has previously worked at Microsoft, Google, CMU, NASA, UNESCO, Japan Science & Technology before joining Samsung. SixthSense is an innovative augmented reality (AR) technology which allows users to pop up a screen on the wall by moving their fingers and control it with their fingertips in the air. He has also worked on various other projects like SPARSH, QUiCKiES, BlinkBot and more. 4. Anadish Pal © Gulf News He is credited with inventing the fuel-efficient internal combustion engine along with his contribution and patents on Rail Gun technology, gravitational waves, portable power sources. Today, he is the country's sole independent inventor with the maximum number of US patent grants. The patents include research on induction motor as a sensor, a Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV), a contact-less non-optical computer mouse suitable for 3D applications, a robotic platform, an electromagnetically controlled valve-less internal combustion engine, and more. 5. Krishna Bharat © Stanford University Krishna Bharat is a Principal Scientist at Google Inc, working in the area of user interface and algorithmic support for Web search and content analysis. He is an IIT Madras pass out and has a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech University, USA, Krishna is the person behind immensely popular Google News. Google News was one of Google's first endeavors beyond offering just plain text searches on its page. Also, he received the 2003 World Technology Award for Media & Journalism. Krishna is the acting head of Google's new R&D Center in Bangalore India.
  20. Flying drones in India has been a painstaking task for enthusiasts as proper guidelines have never been issued up until now. This industry was mostly in the grey area and even local authorities had no clue how to deal with it. Thankfully the Ministry of Civil Aviation has finalised a new drone policy which is set to become legal in India starting December 1. The DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) has framed the new policy that is applicable to Remotely piloted aircraft (RPA). The policy defines an RPA as an unmanned aircraft, which is piloted from a remote pilot station - simply meaning a drone. Press Release on Drones: pic.twitter.com/6ZlPeLJpxB — Ministry of Civil Aviation (@MoCA_GoI) August 27, 2018 The policy classifies drones into multiple categories according to their weight. A 'Nano' category drone weighs lesser or equal to 250gms, a 'Micro' drone weighs between 250gms and 2kg, a 'Small' drone weights between 2kg and 25kg, a 'Medium' drone weighs more than 25kg but lesser than 150kg and lastly a 'Large' drone that weighs more than 150kg. Except for Nano drones, every other category operator needs to go through a one-time registration process. After the registration, users will have to request for permission to fly it on a mobile application. An automated process will take into consideration your flight plan and permit or deny the request instantly. © Reuters DGCA is calling this new drone management and coordination platform the Digital Sky Platform. Once the owner and operator are registered, drone pilots can simply file a flight plan, and put in a request for take-off. The policy is crystal clear in stating "No permission, no takeoff", strictly meaning that you can start your flight only after receiving permission. Drones also cannot be flown within 5kms of the perimeters of the airports in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad and within 3km from the perimeter of any other airport. Other prohibited areas include sensitive areas like Vijay Chowk in Delhi, military establishments, and within 25km from the international border. © CNN Also, the newly published policy specifies that flying can be done only during the day within a visual line-of-sight and the maximum altitude ceiling is 400 feet. Areas which are controlled airspaces need an Air Defence Clearance (ADC)/Flight Information Centre (FIC) number before receiving approval. Considering the Nano category in detail, even the DJI Spark weighs 300gms while the larger Mavic 2 Pro goes up till 900gms. For now, you'll have a tough time finding an ultra-light drone that can be flown for 'fun'. Also, these drones can be flown freely without permission only up to 50 feet. For educational institutes, the norms are relaxed and a permission isn't required for drones up till 2kg and an altitude allowance of 200 feet. © DigitalTrends This is just the first step our country is taking to legalise and regulate drones. We expect more changes to follow soon and the system can be rated only after it goes live. Thankfully the new policy has brought in much-needed transparency in operation of drones.
  21. When it comes to clothes, white is perhaps that one colour that has the power to make you look incredibly good - provided you wear it the right way. It's that one colour that can pretty much go with anything - be it lighter shades like sky blue and pink or darker hues like black and navy blue. So it shouldn't be surprising to see white t-shirts be such a fashion staple for most Indian men. After all, by investing in white tees they are able to look good without putting in that much effort. But just wearing a white T-shirt won't be enough in making you look your stylish best. You'll have to keep a few other things in mind as well: 1. How you wear your white tee: This is pretty much self-explanatory. What you pair your white T-shirt with will make all the difference in determining how fashion-forward or outdated your ensemble looks. It's also important for you to understand that what looks good with one white t shirt may not necessarily compliment another. As such, what you decide to wear it with is just as important as the white tee you choose to wear. 2. Pay close attention to the specifics: Does your white tee have any placement prints? Does it have a flecked or grindle effect on it? Does it have a round neck, a henley neck or a polo collar? What about the length of the sleeves? Are they short or long? All of these specifications play a significant role in determining how stylish and modish (or uncool and outdated!) you'll look adorning your white tee. 3. Avoid fashion blunders: It's pretty much a given that all of us will bring our own sense of style, individuality and comfort to our fashion choices. After all, no two people think or act alike. But no white t-shirt will save your ensemble if you end up committing major fashion blunders that actually border on lacking common sense. For instance wearing crocs or showing off the strap of your underwear (NO ONE wants to know if you're wearing Jockey!) will NEVER make you look good. To put it in other words, wearing white pretty much guarantees that you'll be looking good, trendy and super desirable. So keeping all of that in mind, we at MensXP have found the best white t-shirts for men that are stylish, unique, of good quality and totally affordable as well. Check Out The Best White T-Shirts For Men That Will Give Your Outfits A Trendy and Cool Upgrade! 1. United Colors of Benetton Solid Polo T-Shirt © Amazon India First of all, a polo t-shirt is probably the most classy variant of the t-shirt, one which has the power to make you look supremely stylish without having you put in that much effort. Secondly, United Colors of Benetton is one of the most premium, reputable and sought after brands for men's apparels and accessories out there. As such, this white polo tee from UCB warrants a place in every Indian man's wardrobe. Fabric composition: Pure cotton Wear it with: These grey fitted jeans from United Colors of Benetton and these black sneakers from Lee Cooper. MRP: Rs 720 Buy it here 2. Jack & Jones Men's Printed Slim Fit T-Shirt © Amazon India As was the case with United Colors of Benetton, Jack & Jones is yet another reputable brand that curates stylish and comfortable clothes for men. And as it turns out, this white printed variant is not going to be bucking that trend anytime soon. Featuring an abstract print and made of pure cotton, you can pair this slim-fit tee with any pair of black jeans or trousers and a bomber jacket for a cool and trendy look. Fabric composition: Pure cotton Wear it with: This pair of modish Black Jeans from Damler and these black sneakers from converse for a smart casual ensemble. MRP: Rs 584 Buy it here 3. GAP Men's Regular Fit T-Shirt © Amazon India Sometimes, just sticking to basics is enough to make you look good. And when sticking to basics includes wearing this white solid tee from GAP, you really can't go wrong. 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  22. On one hand where India is busy fighting it out with England at Edgbaston in the five-match Test series, their respective fan clubs too seem to be at loggerheads with each other. Known as 'The Bharat Army' and 'The Barmy Army', the two fan clubs played a cricket match at Richmond Cricket Club in Birmingham, and before we could even think about who won the match, an auto rickshaw came and stole all the limelight away from it. © Reuters The concept of 'drinks break' is nothing new in the world of Cricket. Earlier, we used to see players carrying drinks to the cricketers sweating it out on the pitch. With the advent of technology, vehicles replaced humans to deliver drinks. Talking about vehicles, thanks to 'The Bharat Army' the world saw an auto rickshaw deliver drinks to the players in Birmingham. © Twitter One look at the video and you will feel that you're watching a Gully Cricket match and not a match happened at a Cricket club in England. Honestly, I don't know what's more surprising - an auto rickshaw in England or desi Jugaad ruling at a Birmingham Cricket pitch. #ENGvIND Are you taking taking notes @BCCI ? A new way of delivering 'drinks' for the the players... #BharatArmyRickshaw #BharatArmy #Rickshaw #Cricket #IndianCricket #TeamIndia #LoveCricket #ViratKohli #COTI ð®ð³@imVkohli pic.twitter.com/v8M0nEa5Uw — The Bharat Army (@thebharatarmy) August 6, 2018 The video was shared by 'The Bharat Army' on their Twitter page, where they even urged BCCI to take notes. They wrote, "Are you taking notes @BCCI ? A new way of delivering 'drinks' for the the players…" 'The Bharat Army' is like an official fan club of the Indian Cricket team in England. In fact, they are reportedly expected to cheer for Team India in the second Test match that will be held at the iconic Lord's Stadium on August 9.