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Found 21 results

  1. Since he had left with only INR 12,000, his primary options were walking and hitchhiking
  2. According to the rules of the residential complex, feeding stray dogs comes under the banner of littering
  3. No matter where you go, wireless speakers have become the new boombox as people like to hear music in a very quick and easy manner. Whether you are in your house or at the beach, a Bluetooth speaker is the most convenient way to listen to music. Some of these speakers are water/splash proof and some deliver great audio quality. We've listened to plenty of speakers over the year and decided to share our knowledge about them. Here are some of the top Bluetooth speakers we are currently digging. UE Wonderboom - INR 5299 © BCCL If you are looking for a waterproof speaker that also doubles up as a great speaker in terms audio quality. The Bluetooth speaker claims to have 360-degree surround sound and can play music for up to 10 hours on a single charge. The speakers also have a durable build which makes it capable of sustaining drop damage from a height of five feet. The Wonderboom has an IP67 rating i.e. the speakers are dust and water resistant and can remain submerged in water up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. The UE Wonderboom can be paired with a maximum of eight other Wonderboom speakers and can also have two devices connected at the same time. Buy it here JBL Flip 4 - INR 7,385 © BCCL JBL has improved their Bluetooth speakers drastically and we can finally say they have a speaker that we want. Its rugged, tough and perfect for the outdoors and deliver powerful bass as well. If you are currently looking for a Bluetooth speaker that you can take to your next hiking trip, this is it. The battery can last up to 12 hours on a single charge and is waterproof as well. It's got two 40mm drivers, which is more than enough for your listening needs. Buy it here Bose Soundlink Micro - INR 8,999 © BCCL This is the latest offering by Bose that does not cost a lot and can also deliver a sound quality that can't be matched by any other speaker of this size. Don't let the size fool you, the speaker is powerful enough to be your perfect travelling companion. You can strap on the speaker to almost anything and listen to music on the move. To top it off, it is also water resistant can be paired with other Soundlink Micro speakers as well. In our opinion, this is a steal. Buy it here UE Roll 2 - INR 3890 © BCCL This is the second UE Bluetooth speaker on our list and for good reason. The speaker is unique looking and is one of the first few speakers that has a 50-foot wireless range. The speakers sound good even though it has less bass output when compared to the Wonderboom. They are currently priced at INR 3890 and is a steal for a speaker that is also waterproof. It can also be paired with 3 other Roll 2 or Roll speakers which enhances the experience a lot. It can last up to 10 hours on a single charge and has two 40mm drivers. Buy it here Amazon Echo - INR 9,999 (c) Amazon.com Not only is the Echo a hands-free smart speaker, it also functions well as a Bluetooth speaker, You can control it by using your voice to play music, make calls, check weather and news, set alarms, control smart home devices, and much more. The speakers can fill the room as it has 360° omnidirectional audio, and deliver crisp vocals and dynamic bass response. Buy it here
  4. Every man loves a sexy pair of sneakers. They are perhaps the only 'fashion-related' articles that men actually love taking an interest in. However, the only bad thing about sneakers is that they are expensive, and the really good ones are often unaffordable. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of 8 pairs of super sexy sneakers that are on sale right now. Bonus? All of them are under INR 1499. 1. Puma Men's Frazer Slip-On Idp Sneakers This brown beauty is comfy AF and looks super expensive. Price: INR 1399/- © Amazon Buy it here 2. United Colors of Benetton Men's Sneakers This pair in tan is one of the most unusual sneakers, courtesy the complicated yet beautiful construction. Price: INR 1499/- © Amazon Buy it here 3. Carlton London Men's Norman Sneakers This black pair is a statement piece, perfect to be worn at a rad party. Price: INR 1398/- © Amazon Buy it here 4. Puma Men's Streetballer High Tops High Top Sneakers are super cool, and perfect for jazzing up the most casual outfits. Price: INR 1399/- © Amazon Buy it here 5. United Colors Of Benetton Men's Sneakers This pair in white is the definition of 'playful', with the blue lining and colour spots all over. Price: INR 1299/- © Amazon Buy it here 6. Vans Authentic Sneakers Who doesn't like burgers? A perfect pair for the bro who is a foodie. Price: INR 1174/- © Amazon Buy it here 7. Jack & Jones Men's Casual Canvas Sneakers This simple, suave pair in Burgundy will definitely fit in your wardrobe, irrespective of your sense of style. Price: 1049/- © Amazon Buy it here 8. Converse Canvas Sneakers A versatile pair of smart black sneakers is a must because they go with everything. Price: INR 1299/- © Amazon Buy it here
  5. It's alarming how most men aren't aware of the importance of conditioning their hair. A shampoo is indispensable, yes, but all that does is clean up the hair. What about the rest of the procedure? While shampoo opens up the hair cuticle, it's the job of a conditioner to seal the nutrients inside, while keeping pollutants out. To understand it better, imagine that each hair strand made up of scales (almost like a fish). When the hair gets damaged, the scales stand up, thereby making your hair look dull. A conditioner smoothens up the scales while strengthening the hair shaft, preventing breakage, split ends, and even hair loss. So, for healthy and shiny hair, using a conditioner is a must. Here is a list of the best budget conditioners available in the market right now. All of them are under INR 199. 1. Garnier Ultra Blends 5 Precious Herbs Conditioner This Ultra Blends paraben-free formula is blended with 5 precious herbs – green tea, eucalyptus, aloe vera, lemon and henna, which nourishes your hair, leaving it healthier and revitalised. © Amazon Buy it here 2. TRESemme Spa Rejuvenation Conditioner This is a conditioner that is different as compared to regular conditioners. This is a scalp massage-able conditioner developed specifically for both scalp and the length of the hair. It moisturizes, detangles, and smoothens your hair - just like a spa treatment. © Amazon Buy it here 3. L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Clay Conditioner Enriched with the extraordinary power of clay that deeply purifies and detangles your hair, this conditioner is tailor-made to resolve the problems of oily roots and dry lengths. It moisturises your hair from lengths to tips for optimum hydration, leaving hair fresh for up to 72 hours. © Amazon Buy it here 4. Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Formulated with Oxyfusion technology, this conditioner breathes life into fine, flat hair while giving it visible fullness, extra volume, and natural bounce. © Amazon Buy it here 5. Pantene Hairfall Control Conditioner This conditioner nourishes and fortifies hair from root to tip to prevent breakage caused by hair dehydration. Plus, it strengthens your hair while providing nourishment to the scalp, thereby visibly reducing hair fall. © Amazon Buy it here 6. Biotique Bio Thyme Volume Conditioner This conditioner is formulated especially for fine and thinning hair. Its volumizing formula is blended with pure thyme, oils of peppermint, lavender, and the natural sap of the berberry tree to condition and hydrate hair while thickening follicles and balancing pH levels. © Amazon Buy it here 7. Sunsilk Perfect Straight Nourishing Conditioner If you want straight, tangle-free hair, this is the ideal conditioner. It is designed to reach the deepest hair fibers, reduce frizziness, and help straighten hair strands, aligning them perfectly as your hair dries. © Amazon Buy it here
  6. Our face is the only part of our body that is always exposed. Plus, it is our identity. So, we need to make sure that it is cared for. Unfortunately, for those of us who live in cities, it is a huge challenge, courtesy the unbearable pollution all around. However, there are ways in which it can be easily accomplished. One of them is to just find a face wash that suits our skin type and wash our face regularly (ideally, twice a day). That can go a long way in avoiding most skin problems. But most men are clueless about which face wash they should use, and often just end up using the regular bar of soap they bathe with to wash their face. Please don't do this, because a regular bar of soap will only make your face incredibly dry and flaky. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a list of face washes that will solve most problems Indian men face with their facial skin. Bonus: All of them are under INR 199. 1. Garnier Men Face Wash Power White Double Action, 100g If you have dull, lifeless looking skin, this one is your best bet. Enriched with Salicylic Active and Vitamin C, this facewash exfoliates your skin and reduces dullness. It also cleanses your skin deeply, removing oil and dirt from the pollution. © Amazon Buy it here 2. Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Face Wash (10X whitening), 100gm If you have dark spots on your skin and want to get rid of them, this is the face wash you should use. Plus, it makes your skin brighter. © Amazon Buy it here 3. Himalaya Herbals Men Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash, 100ml Having pimples is one of the worst problems that your face can have. Wash your face regularly with this face wash enriched with the medicinal properties of neem leaves and get rid of pimples within a short time. © Amazon Buy it here 4. Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash (150 ml) If you want to prevent your face from breaking out into pimples, and also keep it oil free while not excessively drying it up - this is the face wash you should go for. This is one of the best face washes for people with combination skin. © Amazon Buy it here 5. Pond's Pure White Anti Pollution Face Wash, 100 g If your skin has lost its lustre and glow because of constant exposure to pollution, this is the facewash you should go for. It contains activated charcoal which is a powerful ingredient to draw pollutants & impurities out of your skin. It leaves your skin squeaky clean & matte. If you travel regularly, this face wash is a must-use. © Amazon Buy it here 6. Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash, 50g If you have dry skin, this moisturizing face wash is the one you should use every day. It replenishes skin from deep within to leave it beautifully bouncy and is gentle enough to be used frequently without making your skin dry. © Amazon Buy it here 7. VLCC Alpine Mint and Tea Tree Gentle Refreshing Face Wash, 175ml If you have sensitive skin and want a face wash that is completely soap free and nourishes your skin with natural ingredients while cleaning it gently, this is the face wash you should be using. © Amazon Buy it here
  7. 1. Nivea Fresh Active Original 48 Hours Deodorant, 150ml Recommended by experts and loved by industry-insiders—this OG-deodorant keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day. Plus, it is not at all harsh on your skin. Price: INR 133/- © Amazon Buy it here! 2. AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant, 150 ml Ladies love a man who smells good. You know what else they like? Dark chocolate. This deodorant achieves that rare feat of keeping you smelling good, with seductive notes of dark chocolate. Bonus? It's affordable-AF! Price: INR 161/- © Amazon Buy it here! 3. Wild Stone Deodorant, Red, 150ml This deo is bright, fresh and energetic with the perfect amount of masculinity mixed into it. It has amber & woody top accords to provide an all day long warm woody fragrance. This musky deo is perfect for a date night out with your bae. Price: INR 152/- © Amazon Buy it here! 4. Old Spice Deodorant for men, 150 ml This Old-school deodorant has that special masculine scent that reinvigorates your body completely and makes ladies go weak in their knees. Remember supermodel and superhuman Milind Soman's iconic Old Spice ad? Yup, you'll smell just like him! Bonus? It lasts long (like really long) and leaves behind a strong, masculine scent! Price: INR 169/- © Amazon Buy it here! 5. Brut Original Deodorant Spray for Men, 200 ml If you like something strong, this deo is your jam. A few sprays in the morning and you will be ready to take on the rest of the day with confidence. Perfect for someone who's always on the go and is used to taking public transport. Price: INR 247/- © Amazon Buy it here! 6. Fogg Marco Body Spray For Men, 150ml This deodorant has the rare quality of a strong fragrance that's not harsh. It lasts long and is extremely soothing. Plus, women love its strong, musky note. Price: INR 163/- © Amazon Buy it here!
  8. Padmaavat has crossed the INR 100 crore mark since its opening on Thursday (January 25). According to estimates, the movie earned Indian Rs114 crore at the local box office with its highest earnings coming on Sunday. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed film stars Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh in lead roles. After much controversy, the film opened this past week. Extremist groups in India claimed the film portrays queen Padmavati falsely, which has been denied by producers. Trouble first hit the movie in January last year when Rajput Karni Sena members attacked the film?s director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and vandalised the set during filming in Rajasthan. Members of the fringe group threatened to attack cinemas, including with swords, on Thursday while hundreds of women have said they are ready to perform a mass self-immolation if screenings go ahead. Hardliners also offered bounties of up to INR 50 million ($769,000) to anyone who "beheaded" lead actress Deepika Padukone or Bhansali. Several states ? including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab ? tried to ban the film but India?s Supreme Court has ruled that this would violate creative freedoms. It was initially due to hit screens on December 1 but filmmakers pushed back the release date and earlier this month India?s censor board cleared it with five changes.
  9. Statement pieces are bold and unique items that capture everyone's attention. It could be an article of clothing, a strong accessory, or even a trendy piece of luggage. These are items that you don't frequently wear but need to have in your wardrobe nonetheless, to cut the monotony. An eclectic collection of statement pieces goes a long way in converting the regular individual into a seasoned fashionista. Keeping today's gentlemen's needs and trends in mind, we have come up with a list of ten must-have statement pieces, all under INR 1999. Don't believe us? Take a look below! 1. The Dapper Olympian Denim Tunic From Mr Buttons A vintage style tunic made of denim. Need we say more? This grandad shirt will help add a point of difference to your shirting collection. Can be worn all buttoned up or can be left partially unbuttoned for a nonchalant, devil-may-care look. Price: INR 1999/- © Mr Button Buy it here 2. Noble Faith Cotton Dungaree From Koovs Dungarees give you that avant-garde, high street style edge. Wear it with an 'I wear what I want' vibe for best results. Price: INR 1999/- © Koovs Buy it here 3. Sweater With Cords From Zara This purl knit sweater with eyelets and cord on the chest exudes edgy sophistication from every thread. Price: INR 1690/- © Zara Buy it here 4. Genuine Leather Oxford Shoes with Broguing From Ajio Enhanced by the classic brogue perforations, these genuine leather Oxfords with almond-toe styling demonstrate refined taste. The royal blue colour makes them stand out like no other pair. Price: INR 1650/- © Ajio Buy it here 5. Long Jacket By Bhane This smart style long jacket in dark Indigo can be paired up with a number of outfits for that layered look from the ramp. Price: INR 1850/- © Bhane Buy it here 6. US Polo Assn. Leather Trim Canvas Laptop Bag From Nnnow In the classic combination of navy and brown, this bag is a perfect marriage of style and utility. Price: INR 1920/- © Nnnow Buy it here 7. Mustard Jodhpuri Joggers From Fighting Fame Want to make a statement unapologetically while adding an Indian twist? This is the garment you should choose. Price: INR 1699/- © Fighting Fame Buy it here 8. Galaxy Bomber Jacket From Postfold Featuring a relaxed fit, with metal zip and flap pockets, this jacket is a perfect layering option for unforeseen windy days. Keep it stylish by pairing it up with jeans, shirt and lace-ups. Price: INR 1499/- © PostFold Buy it here 9. Monochrome Watch With Cosmic Design And Rotating Spaceship From Asos Doesn't the name say it all? When it comes to watches, this one will pretty much give a competition to any other piece in terms of the degree of coolness. Price: INR 1820/- (approx.) © Asos Buy it here 10. Black Cotton Waistcoat From Limeroad This statement black waistcoat with the super stylish button pattern will surely turn heads, irrespective of any room you enter. Price: INR 1539/- © Limeroad Buy it here
  10. Rare cars are often auctioned off for ridiculous amounts, like the LaFerrari Aperta we talked about just a few days ago, but you know shit has hit the ceiling when a ramshackle car found in a barn sells for over $2 million, even if it is a Ferrari Daytona from nearly half a century ago. © RM Sotheby's Even if it is the only one of its kind ever to have been made. What good is it to you if you probably can't even drive it? © RM Sotheby's Who are we fooling? It's fucking awesome that despite having done 36,390km in its life and having moved across continents, driven around by many before landing up caged in the barnyard of its Japanese owner Makoto Takai, the aluminium alloy body of the only Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta Alloy shows no sign of wear. © RM Sotheby's It is every bit worth the $2.17 million. © RM Sotheby's Whoever made the purchase will, however, get the vehicle in an unrestored condition. © RM Sotheby's The Daytona was found with layers of dust on the exterior and rather worn out interiors and one could say that the cabin appears to have been treated like a trash can. © RM Sotheby's There is no information on whether the car is in drivable condition, and we're guessing it isn't based on the looks of it, but that's of no concern to a vintage car collector, since most of these vehicles end up as static pieces of art, anyway. © RM Sotheby's Unlike the LaFerrari prototype that was sold for $7 million, on the condition that it would remain stationary and not be driven at all, this Ferrari can very much be driven around because it was released as the only street-legal version out of five 365 GTB/4s. If it can be powered up, it is capable of going up to 280kmph and can reach 0-97kmph in 5.4 seconds thanks to its 4.4 litre Coloumbo V12 engine. © RM Sotheby's
  11. Game of Thrones fans, last season was too good to watch; after all, we had our hands on some of the episodes (on our laptops basically) even before its release. Well, the makers definitely realised how amazingly talented the hackers are when it comes to piracy and have decided to do something sneaky to keep hackers at bay. In order to avoid all the fiasco and spoil the last season of the most watched series, makers have come up with an amazing idea. Well, they know if season 8's episodes are leaked it will be written in history. Yeah, kind of! So they have decided to shoot multiple endings for the last season of GOT. Fans and hackers, if you think you are smart, it seems like makers are smarter! Speaking of The Morning Call, the head of HBO, Casey Bloys, talked about their intention to do so and said, “I know in Game of Thrones, the ending, they're going to shoot multiple versions so that nobody really knows what happens . You have to do that on a long show. Because when you're shooting something, people know. So they're going to shoot multiple versions so that there's no real definitive answer until the end." As many of us, HBO served a major hack this year and couple of the episodes were released online before it was officially aired. © HBO Talking about what the finale could be, he said, "Finales are tough. If you think about Six Feet Under, well, that was a pretty good finale. But if you think about Seinfeld, if you think about The Sopranos, if you think about Breaking Bad... Everybody has an opinion about how a show should end." Now it is obvious, that going through what HBO has already suffered, the makers don't mind going an extra mile and shooting several versions of the ending, so the whole finale is saved. Honestly, now we are very curious about how many endings will be shot and what all could be part of the predicted ending. Share your ideas with us.
  12. Jugaad is the exact word when we find a temporary solution for not-so-temporary problem. And, if a necessary step is not taken in time, someone suffers. So, after years of 'juggad', the residents of the RTR flyover area finally have some good news coming. The existing 900-metre flyover ( which was built in 2009), was a single carriageway till it was decided (in 2014) to construct a parallel one to decongest the existing one. But, the construction kept getting delayed sometimes due to residents moving to court and other hindrances. So, to be precise this new flyover will be 2.7-km-long and the project is expected to be completed by June 2018. A noise barrier on highway looks something like this: © A1 Highways So here is the problemtic scenario, To construct this parallel flyover, the Public Works Department (PWD) sought Central Road Research Institute's (CRRI) help. They asked them to study the noise pattern in the nearby areas. According to the research, it was concluded that noise was loudest during the day at 78-82 dB and further by 10 dB during the night. And this would coninue happening if they kept using the current noise barrier, which costs around Rs 1.5 Cr. But, as per standards, the noise limit is 55db in residential areas during the day and 45db in the night. Vasant Vihar, West End and Anand Niketan, Munirka and other areas near Rao Tula Ram Flyover will be affected. The good news is the CRRI has suggested installing the micro-perforated noise barriers which will absorb noise, unlike the reflective ones which just reflects it and then install them in the nearby areas too. Here is what Nasim Akhtar, a scientist with CRRI, who has performed the study has to say on the subject. © crridom CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) He said, “We have recommended noise barrier at the flyover as it passes through residential areas. Such noise barriers are used in Taiwan, China and we recently got them installed at BR Ambedkar flyover in Mumbai. This barrier will reduce the noise by 18db-20 dB. It has small holes and the noise from the traffic will go to a box and be absorbed there. The height of the barrier should be 3.5 meters.” As per their report, “Various traffic surveys in tandem with noise and vibration monitoring were conducted at four locations falling on the flyover corridor to understand the traffic scenario and the noise generated. Due to joints in flyover span, an approximately 10db noise will increase at flyover in the night time. Maximum noise level can even cross 100db.” “A good noise barrier should be lightweight yet strong and durable, and should also be water/fire resistant. It should also be easy to maintain and assemble and disintegrate,” the report further said. This what a PWD official had to say on after the study has been conducted. He said, “We have got the study conducted to understand the pattern. They have recommended the high-quality barriers and it is up to the government to decide.” FYI, Block, concrete, wood or metal, without any added treatment or design behave like the reflective wall. And here is a look at how Absorptive Noise Barrier Walls are a better solution than the Reflective Barrier Walls. Check out the video below:
  13. I get, that concerts, especially the ones with international caliber, are expensive. And all of the times the management companies need to at least break even with costs when they’re getting international artists down to India. Last year, when Coldplay came to India, the internet went up in a loud roar when the ticket prices were announced to be 25,000INR. That, some would still justify, and a lot of the audiences got the chance of experiencing the band for free; courtesy of the Global Citizen. I stand neutral here because, no comments. NME(dot)Com But, what somehow doesn’t register is when you put the price of a Justin Bieber concert in India as high as 76,000 rupees. Now, let it be known that the starting price of the concert tickets are 4,000 and some rupees (I don’t honestly care enough to mention the exact figure). A lot of us will sit and justify the prices; saying that we don’t really need to care about a 76k ticket when all we need is a 4k one. One huge problem with that, my friend, is that you don’t consider that a problem. My problem isn’t with the fact that Justin Beiber isn’t worth that ticket price (I’m not saying he is, either). My problem is with the fact that artist and event management companies think that putting that price to an Indian concert ticket is worth it. Let’s look around and see the amount of poverty and pollution that 76,000 rupees could actually help in many ways. Sorry, to put a social-activist spin to it. Let’s stick to music. They don’t mind shelling out crores of rupees bringing ragers of international talent to India but, they won’t do even quarter to promote original talent that’s springing up in the country. My problem is that the people in our country will ACTUALLY spend that 76k on that fucking ticket because everyone’s got to do that thing to prove they have the money to do that thing. My problem is that people won’t spend 500 to watch up and coming talents perform at quaint bars and cafes in the country but will pay hefty amounts to see an established young star from Uncle Sam’s familia come to India strut around just because the memo said he’s that famous kid about town. Billboard My problem isn’t even with Justin. He’s come a long way, honestly and yes, he may not make the most enthralling music; but, he deserves due credit for his own journey. My problem is with the fact that none of these buck-loads-of-cash-wielding crowds would give a rat’s ass about our own musicians, or even international lesser known musicians but will be right there in the front flashing their junk [sic] to kiss a famous kid’s ass. Getting my drift? And that’s not all. It’s also about the fact that these companies can get away with pricing these tickets at steep figures because they know that people WILL ACTUALLY pay that amount of money to do exactly what I described above. That’s just how screwed up the process is. The money is going to the money. That same 76 thousand can be used in 76 different and more beneficial ways—promote our own Indian musicians, invest in the careers of the youth, develop an industry that is more India-friendly than it is foreign-obsessed. You could fly abroad and watch Justin Beiber perform for a lesser price, seriously. But, we are pseudo people with a false and mistaken sense of value and nothing can change that. Yes, big names do matter when it comes to labels. But, this is more on the lines of cheating. They’re cheating homegrown talent and how. This isn’t hate. It’s just a rant on the unfairness of the system that governs our own country’s talent and you can call it biased, all you want. It doesn’t really change the situation. Justin Bieber is great and all; but sucking up to foreigners has always been our thing, anyway. And so, it negates any greatness.
  14. LG is making a comeback in the Indian smartphone market as they launched their latest flagship phone, the LG V20, that will also be the first smartphone to feature Android Nougat straight out of-the-box. The LG V20 is also the world’s first smartphone to come with wide-angle cameras on both the front and back of the phone. The V20 can take wide-angle photographs with rear-facing 135-degree and front-facing 120-degree lenses. Even more interesting is the Hybrid Auto Focus feature, which delivers optimal picture sharpness while Auto Shot simplifies selfies with a face detection feature that triggers the shutter automatically. © BCCL In designing the V20’s incredible audio features, LG collaborated with renowned European audio brand, B&O Play, under the umbrella of Bang & Olufsen - the manufacturer of a complete line of audio and video products. The fastest-growing stand-alone unit of Bang & Olufsen takes the audio game of the V20 several notches higher, assuring one to ‘Play More’. Hitting the right cords, the new V20 comes with B&O Play headsets for absolutely free. The phone has a secondary ticker display (160 X 1040 pixels), which is placed on top of the primary display. The secondary display enables the user to view notifications and alerts. It also gives access to recent apps and other frequently used tools. © BCCL Speaking about LG V20 Smartphone, Amit Gujral-Marketing Head, LG Mobiles India said, “The much-awaited V20 will set new standards in the smartphone segment. Especially Audio &Video experience on V20 would excite consumers like never before. With the new flagship phone V20, one can weave a beautiful story every day – all thanks to its high-quality audio, video and dual camera features. In short, it’s a multimedia powerhouse. And the best part, this extremely stylish phone has passed stringent 60,000 validation tests to be a real sturdy & durable smartphone”. LG V20 Specifications: Operating System: Android 7.0 Nougat Display: 5.7-inch (2560 × 1440) Quad HD IPS | 513 ppi | 2.1-inch (160 x 1040) IPS Processor: Quad-core Snapdragon 820 | Adreno 530 GPU RAM: 4GB LPDDR4 Internal Storage: 64GB; expandable up to 2TB with microSD cards Rear Camera: 16MP | OIS 2.0 | f/1.8 aperture | Dual-tone LED Flash | 75-degree lens 8MP | f/2.4 aperture | 135-degree lens Front Camera: 5MP | f/1.9 aperture | 120-degree wide-angle lens Dimensions: 159.7 x 78.1 x 7.6mm Weight: 173g Battery: 3200mAh | Quick Charge 3.0 Priced at INR 54,999, the LG V20 comes in three colour variants – Titan, Silver, and Pink – and is available exclusively on Amazon online, and in offline stores across India. It comes with a B&O headset worth INR 18,000 free as well as a complimentary SF-coated back cover. There’s also a six month screen replacement offer.
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