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Found 1,044 results

  1. In a very ‘filmy’ twist in the tale, the long storyline of the famous ‘Baba ka dhaba’ plot which kept us busy last year has come to an end (hopefully). After accusing YouTuber Gaurav Wasan of duping and cheating the owners on the name of raising funds for helping them, the husband-wife duo had opened their own restaurant in Malviya Nagar back in December last year. After that turned into a flop business, they have now taken a u-turn and like a ‘saas-bahu’ saga straight from a TV channel, the owner issued an apology to Gaurav, stating that he never cheated them. They finally reunited like ‘Karan-Arjun’ and the video went viral, because obviously, at this point of time, we all are invested in this story and the nation wants to know what happened. All is well that ends well. Galti karne se bada, galti maaf karne wala hota he (Mere Maa Baap ne hamesha yehi seekh di he ) #BABAKADHABA pic.twitter.com/u6404OBlnn — Gaurav Wasan (@gauravwasan08) June 14, 2021#BABAKADHABA End of controversy 🥺 pic.twitter.com/sih1ggA0Wk — Yuvraj Pratap Rao 🇮🇳 (@yuvrajuv444) June 14, 2021Gaurav once again won a lot of hearts for being a man with a big heart himself, and publicly accepting the apology and clearing the air around this controversial issue. While I am assuming his fan following and his YouTube channel will gain more stardom and clicks and likes will rain in abundance for him, people on the internet were slightly baffled and this reunion actually turned into a meme fest for so many random users who decided to share their two cents around this new ‘kahani’. #BABAKADHABA again trending due to YouTuber Gaurav Wasan..... Baba is emotional and both are hugging... Few days later baba be like...... pic.twitter.com/IqBu5U9Mwt — Ruthless Truth (@ruthlesstruth01) June 14, 2021#BABAKADHABA Gaurav To Baba After Forgiving:- pic.twitter.com/ExigpvJbZg — Anand Punse (@Gen2rider) June 15, 2021#BABAKADHABA owner's ego after his restaurant failed : pic.twitter.com/wjlRM6JYv7 — UmderTamker (@jhampakjhum) June 14, 2021#BABAKADHABA *Karma Exist * Baba & His wife right now : pic.twitter.com/Nxs03NfW1q — Tweetera (@DoctorrSays) June 14, 2021This is how your destroy yourself!#BABAKADHABA pic.twitter.com/kTb1yUUF5E — सत्य मेव जयते! (@Died_Democracy) June 15, 2021All things said and done, it is true that while asking for forgiveness takes a big heart, it takes a bigger heart to accept it and forgive someone. Even though everyone is hooting about how ‘karma’ hit back at the aged couple and some maintain that they were simply ‘brainwashed’, here’s hoping that peace will prevail so that tomorrow when someone like Gaurav tries to help someone like this ‘baba ka dhaba’ owner, we allow humanity to exist and help someone instead of turning it into a plot of a Bollywood movie. View the full article
  2. It has been a year since we lost Sushant Singh Rajput but his loss is still felt every day by his fans and admirers. It’s still very hard to believe and come to terms with the fact that he will no more be available for the people who genuinely adored him. His friends and family are still finding it hard to deal with this irreparable loss. Before he entered Bollywood and showed his enigmatic charm in movies like MS: Dhoni The Untold Story and Chhichhore, he ruled on Television. He entered the television industry with Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil but his big break was bagging the lead role in Pavitra Rishta, a love story between Manav Deshmukh (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Archana Karanjkar (Ankita Lokhande). Manav worked as a mechanic to support his family while Archana was a dedicated daughter to her family. While it’s hard to even imagine anyone stepping into the shoes of Manav, reports are emerging suggesting that the show is back with a second season. According to reports, the concept of the show has been locked and the producer, Ekta Kapoor is finalizing the cast. “Shaheer Sheikh has come on board Pavitra Rishta 2.0 to portray the iconic character of Manav. Ankita will be back to play Archana again after 7 long years. The other cast members will be locked soon,” a source close to the development told Pinkvilla. View this post on Instagram However, some people aren’t appreciating the fact that any other actor could possibly play Manav. Ardent fans of the show are calling on the makers to not play with their emotions as for them, Manav is and will always be Sushant. Some even went on to say that the makers are cashing in on Sushant’s death for TRPs and even want to boycott the second season. © Viral Bhayani Instagram © Viral Bhayani Instagram © Twitter © Twitter Amit Sarin, who shared the screen with SSR in Pavitra Rishta, also somewhere echoes the same thoughts and he too believes that it’s hard to imagine someone else as Manav. In an interview, Amit said, “It is so hard. He gave life to that character. He was Manav in every sense of the term. So, obviously, it will be difficult to imagine Pavitra Rishta without Sushant. But I guess we need to move on”. Do you agree with people’s opinions? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  3. PTI govt eyes reintroduction of administrative price control mechanism (price magistracy) to gain greater control over inflation
  4. When you think about it, about 71 percent of our planet's surface is covered by water, with the massive oceans holding around 96.5 percent of the Earth's water. © Unsplash Now, out of that gigantic sum, around 80 percent of the oceans are still unexplored mainly due to the fact that the deepest sections of the oceans have extreme pressures, making it very dangerous for humans. However, with so much left to uncover including the possibility of finding some new species of fish or other creatures lying in the very depths, human civilization continues to venture out on deep-sea exploration missions. © Unsplash In the most recent example of that, a scientist decided to travel 10,000 meters deep into the ocean to unravel its deepest mysteries, only to find out a bunch of plastic, clothing, and even a teddy bear. © Unsplash Marine scientist Dr. Deo Onda, an oceanographer from the University of the Philippines' Marine Science Institute, along with undersea explorer Victor Vescovo, visited the Emden Deep in the Philippine Trench, which is the third deepest spot on Earth. © Caladan Oceanic/Verola Media By embarking on the mission, both Onda and Vescovo became the first people to dive to the absolute bottom. The duo used a submersible called 'Limiting Factor' for their 12-hour expedition that included four hours of descent, four hours of exploring, and four hours of returning to the surface. However, instead of finding newer species of marine life hidden in the depths, Onda says he was shocked to see so much plastic and other garbage. "There was a lot of garbage in the trench." "There were a lot of plastics, a pair of pants, a shirt, a teddy bear, packaging, and a lot of plastic bags." "Even me, I did not expect that, and I do research on plastics," said Onda, while speaking to Channel News Asia. The marine scientist added as to how he and Vescovo thought they'd finally found a mysterious sea creature, only to later find out that it was a toy. "We saw it from the window [of the submersible]," "First we saw eyes and thought it was a creature. "But no, it was a teddy bear." © Verola Media Speaking on the 12-hour-long expedition, Onda said he couldn't even sleep the night before because of the excitement. "I was awake the entire time." "When you get to 12 hours, you realize how tiring it is. We're asked to fast and limit liquid consumption the day before because there's no toilet in the submersible." "I also couldn't sleep the night before because I was so excited," said Onda. View the full article
  5. Battlegrounds Mobile India is about to launch soon, however, it seems like the game cannot keep out of trouble due to its relationship with China’s Tencent. While Krafton, the company behind the game has been clear about having any links with the Chinese developer, it seems to not be enough for Lok Sabha MPs. According to Zee News, Nizamabad, Telangana, Lok Sabha MP, Arvind Dharmapuri has officially written to IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asking for a probe into Battlegrounds Mobile India’s relationship with China’s Tencent Games. The letter, that was sent on June 2nd, mentioned Dharmapuri has received a representation against the game by Nizamabad-based social activist Sai Kumar. © onur-binay-unsplash The letter does not ask for an outright ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India but it does put the game under scrutiny. The letter highlights key issues with the game and asks the Indian Government for a probe as well. According to the letter, Battlegrounds Mobile India stores data in India and Singapore and also allows for international data transfers. Dharmapuri has also asked the Union Minister to look closely at Krafton’s investment and agreements with Tencent for national security reasons. It seems like the Indian Government officials have not ignored the relaunch of PUBG Mobile as Battlegrounds Mobile India. Last month, Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering had also asked to ban the upcoming game in the country. MP Abhishek Singhvi also demanded a ban on the game stating that the Battlegrounds Mobile India would allow for Tencent’s re-entry in India. © Twitter_arvind dharmapuri Even with negative press, Battlegrounds Mobile India has amassed over 20 million pre-registration on Google Play in anticipation of the launch later this month. Having said that, as of now the Indian Government has not determined the fate of Battlegrounds Mobile India. It could be possible that the game might get banned if the Indian Government finds practices that violate India’s national security or unearths links with China’s Tencent Games. Source: Zee News View the full article
  6. Mahira Khan said "I hope, pray and plead for an investigation into this incident. And the right decisions to be taken accordingly?
  7. Meghan Markle?s pal shares a peek into the illustrations of Prince Harry and Archie found in ?The Bench?
  8. Two security personnel, one from Rangers and the other a traffic police officer, were injured
  9. Emilia Clarke recently shed light on her decision to move into the Marvel Universe
  10. Zayn Malik got into a heated confrontation with a man outside a Manhattan bar
  11. Dua Lipa has finally announced the official release dates for her brand new track Love Again in multiple countries
  12. The Indian Government told the Delhi High Court that the instant messaging app WhatsApp is “tricking consent” from its users for the new privacy policy. The Government also said that WhatsApp is evading a data protection Bill currently in the works. The Centre also said before the court that the Competition Commission of India (CCI) formed the prima facie opinion that WhatsApp violated the Competition Act, 2002. © pexels “WhatsApp as unleashed its digital prowess to existing users and would force them to accept updated 2021 privacy policy, to transfer existing user base committed the updated privacy policy before Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill becomes law,” it said in the affidavit, as per ANI. In the affidavit, the Centre also urged the high court to issue a direction to WhatsApp to stop sending ‘push notification’ to users related to the new privacy policy. It also asked the court to ask WhatsApp to place on the record number of times such push notification have been pushed daily and its conversion rate as well. “It is submitted that millions of WhatsApp existing users, those who have not accepted the updated 2021 privacy policy are being bombarded with notifications on an everyday basis," the Centre said in the affidavit. Earlier this year, WhatsApp forced a new privacy policy on its users that lets the messaging service share data with its parent company Facebook, if users have interacted with a business on the messaging platform. The company first tried to propose to implement it in January and said users who did not accept the terms would have their accounts deleted. The company has now backtracked from the policy due to backlash from millions of users and the Indian Government. © pexels WhatsApp is also battling the Indian Government in the Delhi High Court against the latest IT guidelines claiming that tracing of identifying originators of messages violates the right to privacy under the Indian law and effectively ends the platform’s end-to-end encryption policy. View the full article
  13. Are you on the weight loss path? Have you stopped eating your favourite foods to achieve that goal? Gave up Chicken, Rice, Paneer, Eggs? Well, it is time to stop! Every one of us can lose weight and lead a fitter, healthier life without giving up any of our favourite foods. Being in a calorie deficit is all about portion control and finding ways to make our favourite ingredients healthy. If you want to lose weight, then it may help you set a deadline and then take it one week at a time. No matter what your goal, it is important to know all the low-calorie, high protein foods that you can easily incorporate into your diet. Although protein quality is important, the amount of protein you consume is key. So, here is a list of some high protein foods that will help your body stay in calorie deficit: __ECOMLOOKS__2999__ __ECOMLOOKS__3000__ __ECOMLOOKS__3001__ __ECOMLOOKS__3002__ __ECOMLOOKS__3003__ __ECOMLOOKS__3004__ __ECOMLOOKS__3005__ __ECOMLOOKS__3006__ To Wrap It UpIt is important to understand that while leading a healthy life is super important, you do not have to cut out any food item from your life. While giving up processed and fried foods is good, there are always ways to make those recipes healthier and still have them taste great! Explore More View the full article
  14. The last two years have made it very clear for us that our shoedrobe needs a tiny upgrade. We all need more slippers, sliders and comfy shoes in our collection. The pandemic not only changed our lifestyle and health habits, but also our fashion choices. Shoes like sneakers and loafers are only catching dust while we flaunt our sliders. If you agree, we have the perfect selection of sliders for you. Here are seven sliders for men that are comfy, affordable and of course stylish. 1. Black Skull Printed Sliders These black skull printed sliders are perfect for adding a badass vibe to your look. Be it PJs, shorts or even your boxers, these sliders will go with everything. __ECOMPRODUCT__1674__ 2. Black Suede Chill Mode Sliders Need some me-time? Slip into comfort and turn on your chill mode with these sliders. Be it gardening, cooking or chilling with a face mask, these sliders are perfect for any and every occasion. __ECOMPRODUCT__1678__ 3. Stripe Street SlidersStripes are one of the most versatile patterns for men. These sliders with subtle stripe detailing are perfect for anyone who loves black and white. You can wear them at home with loungewear or outside, they’ll look just as good with everything. __ECOMPRODUCT__1679__ 4. Quilted Homie Sliders If you’re someone who has been loving your home time, these sliders are meant for you. Anything but basic, this pair has a quilted detailing that not only looks good but also feels super soft. __ECOMPRODUCT__1680__ 5. Reporter Print Sliders Another quirky print, this next pair of sliders for men is a must in your summer wardrobe. The subtle placement of red will add a pop of colour to your look. __ECOMPRODUCT__1681__ 6. White Chicago Striped Sliders From one colourful pair to another, these ones are perfect for the summer season. The white along with the multi-coloured stripes will elevate any look from your wardrobe. __ECOMPRODUCT__1280__ 7. White & Silver Striped Sliders Add a touch metallics to your shoedrobe with these white and silver sliders. Who said you can’t go all-out with your home wear? In fact, these sliders are meant to level up your loungewear. __ECOMPRODUCT__1682__ The Bottomline Being at home calls for a more comfortable wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean we give up on style. Which one of these stylish men’s sliders were your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! Explore More View the full article
  15. Malaysia's number of new daily COVID-19 cases has been greater than India's on a per capita basis
  16. No matter on which side of the political spectrum you’re on, you have to agree that the Indian government’s handling of the pandemic could have been better. © BCCL What definitely should have been better is the kind of responses, both verbal and non-verbal, that certain government officials and their supporters have been giving. And no, we’re not the ones saying it, a judge of the Supreme Court Of India, Justice Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud is saying so. © BCCL In today’s Suo Moto case in front of the Supreme Court, where they were discussing the COVID-19 management, Justice Chandrachud made a few scathing remarks, especially on how matters around the media’s reportage of the management have been stifled. © BCCL In one of the most scathing moments of the day’s discussion, Justice Chandrachud stated, “Saw report of a dead body being thrown into the river, don't know if a sedition case has been filed against the news channel yet for showing that.” This was a powerfully-sarcastic comment that conveyed the displeasure at the manner in which government officials viewed the reporting of COVID-19 related issues by the media. © Wiki Commons In another moment, the Justice asked, that why do state governments need to pay a higher price for procuring the vaccines, when the central government paid less. Justice Chandrachud: If this is the rationale, why do the States have to pay a higher price ? You have to ensure that vaccines are available at the same price across the nation. You can’t have a price at the Centre. #SupremeCourtofIndia #COVID19 — Live Law (@LiveLawIndia) May 31, 2021 He also asked why there are differences in pricing(for individuals) across the country for the vaccines. He also asked why are states being left in a lurch at such a crucial time. © BCCL Justice Chandrachud also did not spare the debacle that the CoWIN App has been. Justice Chandrachud: Is COWIN not mandatory ? SG: You don’t have to do it individually. Justice Chandrachud: Even in the villages, they have to get registered at a common centre. Is that really practical ? — Live Law (@LiveLawIndia) May 31, 2021 Justice Chandrachud: You keep saying that situation is dynamic, but you have to keep your ears on the ground. You keep saying digital India, digital India, but you are not aware of the ground realities. A poor worker from Jharkhand has to go all the way to a common centre ? — Live Law (@LiveLawIndia) May 31, 2021 Justice Chandrachud: You can certainly have registration, but how will you answer the digital divide ? How do you answer the question about migrant labourers who have to go from one State to another ? SG: Please take my affidavit. — Live Law (@LiveLawIndia) May 31, 2021 In another statement, he remarked that India’s digital literacy is far from perfect and he had the experience to make such a claim. Justice Chandrachud: If we say there is a problem, we expect you to look into. Digital literacy in India is far from perfect. I am the Chairman of the e-Committee. I have seen the problems which afflict this. You have to be flexible and keep your ears on the ground. — Live Law (@LiveLawIndia) May 31, 2021 People on Twitter, meanwhile, applauded Justice Chandrachud’s savage takedowns and hailed his comments. Same as there should be for petrol. One country, one price. Modi/Sitaraman are you listening? — Ashok Saldanha (@SaldanhaAshok) May 31, 2021Same as there should be for petrol. One country, one price. Modi/Sitaraman are you listening? — Ashok Saldanha (@SaldanhaAshok) May 31, 2021Justice Chandrachud got no chill pic.twitter.com/keY8G0jJD4 — Avish (@thefu_k) May 31, 2021“Please wake up and smell the coffee”: "Justice Chandrachud" #SupremeCourt Meanwhile Centre pic.twitter.com/2vIvpoGQF0 — Pushpank Tripathi (@Pushpank07) May 31, 2021“Please wake up and smell the coffee”: "Justice Chandrachud" #SupremeCourt Meanwhile Centre pic.twitter.com/2vIvpoGQF0 — Pushpank Tripathi (@Pushpank07) May 31, 2021Atleast there is one in all, and it's undoubtedly Mr. Justice Chandrachud who says it so vehemently on the behalf of 1.3 billion people of india. Hope every sitting court has a judging Justice like Justice Chandrachud. pic.twitter.com/dVJZBAEIih — Ashish Sharma (@ashishsharma_56) May 31, 2021Atleast there is one in all, and it's undoubtedly Mr. Justice Chandrachud who says it so vehemently on the behalf of 1.3 billion people of india. Hope every sitting court has a judging Justice like Justice Chandrachud. pic.twitter.com/dVJZBAEIih — Ashish Sharma (@ashishsharma_56) May 31, 2021Atleast there is one in all, and it's undoubtedly Mr. Justice Chandrachud who says it so vehemently on the behalf of 1.3 billion people of india. Hope every sitting court has a judging Justice like Justice Chandrachud. pic.twitter.com/dVJZBAEIih — Ashish Sharma (@ashishsharma_56) May 31, 2021Why do I get the feeling that the government will not recognise Justice Chandrachud's sarcasm and actually attempt to file sedition cases? #forevercynical (Also, this thread is everything. The Solicitor General representing the Center gets a proper grilling. Worth reading.) https://t.co/jGucqG46UU — Hemlyn (@hemlynr) May 31, 2021What do you make of the judge's comments? Do let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  17. The situation of most Covid patients in India, especially, during the second wave of the pandemic has been grim. Even after they die, their bodies are either being thrown in the dumpster, left on the roadside and dumped in the sea. The reason is either lack of enough space in the crematories or overcharging services by ambulance and cremation services. © iStock We have come across a lot of instances in the past few months where bodies were stranded or found sweeping on the shores of rivers. Another such incident has come to light where two men were seen dumping the body of a covid patient, allegedly their relative, into the river Ganga. It happened in the Balrampur district of Uttar Pradesh on May 28. © Twitter The act was caught on the video by two bypassers. The men are seen clad in PPE suits, fiddling with the body, presumably in order to get it out of the bag. They then can be seen throwing it over the bridge into the river, and it's such a shocking and heartbreaking thing to see on the internet. Shocking Video Shows Covid Patient's Body Being Thrown In River In UP https://t.co/watDZJn7J2 — nikhil wagle (@waglenikhil) May 30, 2021 Balrampur Chief Medical Officer VB Singh said in a statement, “Preliminary investigations have revealed that the patient was admitted to hospital on May 25, and he died three days later on May 28. As per Covid protocol, the body was handed over to his relatives. Preliminary investigations reveal that the relatives threw the body into the river. We have filed a case and strict action will be taken.” The video has been shared on the internet, however, most netizens said there is nothing new or shocking in the video. They admitted that while it is truly heartbreaking this has been happening a lot lately. This is New Normal for UP. — Sushant S (@BySushant) May 30, 2021It is not shocking video this is expected one. Dont mislead people. — Ragadevan (@ragadevan_s) May 30, 2021Sad But why book them? Bcoz they were caught on camera? If govt had provided respectful place for cremation, sure family would do the honors — #Orbit (@oblique99671863) May 30, 2021It's so sad that next of kin threw the body in river instead of doing last rites. Do t think it's a #covid19 issue. If family/ relatives aren't keen to take the body, govt should do last rites for the departed — D©©®D@₹$h|| (@DDh69106539) May 30, 2021The family members who don’t have enough to pay for last rites or are not aware of the protocol. However, dumping the body in a water body could spread various diseases and is harmful to health and the environment. That being said, it is really heartbreaking to see. Dumping a body into a river as they are unable to give their loved one a proper burial is nothing but tragic. View the full article
  18. Snacking is a way of life. We all have grown up loving foods that made our souls & stomachs happy. Watching TV, eating a bag of potato chips and sipping on coke is a childhood habit that we carried with us well into our late 20s. (At least, I did) But, what happens when your body can no longer process all that junk with the same metabolism and the healthy eater in you no longer enjoys the fried, processed taste? Well, it is easy! You find better, tastier & healthier alternatives to make snacking hour fun. Here are a few healthy alternatives to your favourite snacks: 1. Potato Chips v/s Veggie Chips__ECOMPRODUCT__1625__ Veggie chips are taking over the world now. They are tasty, healthy and don’t even taste like vegetables. Trust me when I tell you that the tomato chips actually taste like lays and the golden potato are the best replacement for your love of potato chips. 2. Replace Sugar With HoneyThrough the years we have heard the good and the bad about sugar. While using processed sugar has an endless list of negatives, replacing it in our lives is not an easy task. Many of us switch to brown sugar or substitutes like stevia. __ECOMPRODUCT__1626__ No matter what you try, nothing can beat the taste and benefits of honey. It is all-natural, is full of anti-oxidants, has anti-bacterial properties and can easily be added to beverages and dessert recipes. It’s the perfect replacement for sugar. 3. Dark Chocolate For The WinEvery chocolate lover will tell you that dark chocolate is an acquired taste and does not help with cravings. But, that is not true! If you choose to try straight dark chocolate that’s 80% cacao, then yes, the bitter taste will hit you like a freight train. __ECOMPRODUCT__831__ The best way is to choose a flavoured dark chocolate that will help keep you on the healthier side while satisfying all your sugar cravings. 4. Almond Butter It Up__ECOMPRODUCT__1627__ Do you love having bread and butter in the morning? Is your breakfast incomplete without a buttered, crispy toast? But what do you do when you find out the number of calories that clarified butter has or if you are trying to go the vegan route? Switch it up with almond butter! 5. Snack On The Go__ECOMPRODUCT__1628__ The one habit that we have to break when trying to switch to healthy snacking is grabbing junk when on the go. If you are always on the move or running late then the best thing to do is to crock up on protein bars. They are full of vitamins, energy and flavour, making them the ideal on-the-go snack that easily fits in your pocket. To Wrap It UpFood is an integral part of our lives and finding new flavours and options that are not only tasty but also good for our health is a feeling like no other. So, use this time at home to find some healthy snacks that you love and turn snacking hour into a feast! Explore More View the full article
  19. A 50-year-old man from Madurai recently made headlines, when a video of him, chewing on a dead snake went viral. The man has since been arrested and fined by the local forest department. © iStock The man has been identified as Vadivelu, a resident of Perumapatti, Tamil Nadu, who is an agriculture worker. The man faces a possible jail term of 6 months and has been fined Rs 7,000. © ANI In the video that has now gone viral, the man claims that certain Indian snakes are great antidotes for COVID-19. He also claimed that he has consumed snakes to protect himself again the virus. © iStock The local district forest officer, S Anand, ordered his team to locate and nab Vadivelu from Perumapatti, as per a report by The Times Of India. It was then revealed that the man was drunk at the time of the incident and that he was compelled by a few of the local men to eat the snake. The report quoted Anand, who said “The snake was already dead when he picked it up. Vadivelu was lucky that he did not bite into the venom sack or the gland of the snake. The snake was identified as a common krait, which is actually quite poisonous. The common krait’s venom is known to paralyse a human being if the volume of the venom is little.” © iStock This is not the only instance when something this bizarre has taken place. Earlier this month, a man in Kolar, Karnataka, bit a snake into pieces, after the snake “blocked his path.” The snake in that instance was a much deadlier viper. Coming back to this incident from Madurai, the incident went viral after it was picked up by a local news channel, which also aired a part of the video that was making the round on social media. Be warned, this is a graphic video: As seen in the video, the man clearly seems to be inebriated. The local forest officials are investigating the matter, and are looking for the people who cajoled the man into committing this act. This is the second incident this week, which again brings into question the lax rules and regulations we have against people charged with animal cruelty. We seriously need better and more stringent laws against animal cruelty. Also more awareness about Covid and the related vaccines. View the full article
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