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Found 500 results

  1. iPhone users have been asking for a display with a higher refresh rate ever since Android devices and the iPad Pro lineup started to use a 120Hz refresh rate panel. It seems like Apple may finally go through with the plan for the next iPhone according to insiders that have long eluded the Cupertino giant’s smartphones. © Unsplash/denis-cherkashin Apple has been using the “ProMotion” display on the iPad Pro for a number of years where the screen is capable of a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. Many iPhone fans have long been wanting the same upgrade for the iPhone, however it has remained an exclusive feature for Apple’s tablets. A higher refresh-rate display will not only be beneficial for mobile gaming, but it would also provide a smoother and more responsive experience. Now, according to supplier reports from South Korea, Samsung Display will be supplying Apple its latest LTPO OLED panels for the next iPhone. These panels are capable of a120Hz refresh rate without sacrificing battery life as we have already seen on other smartphones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the OnePlus 9 Pro. It is not known what's the exact volume Samsung Display will be supplying but it is expected to be limited to the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models only. © Unsplash/frederik-lipfert Not all models of the iPhone 13 will be getting the higher refresh rate display. Much like the iPhone 12 Series, the next iPhone is touted to have four models where the higher refresh rate display will only be used for the ‘Pro’ models. Previous leaks have given us more information about the next iPhone like the notch getting smaller this time around. The smartphone is also expected to have wider support for 5G mmWave in more countries as the adoption rate has started to grow. The iPhone 13 series is shaping up to be a highly-anticipated upgrade, however we can only be sure once Apple announces the new models later this year. Source: TheLec View the full article
  2. There have been countless rumours of a smaller notch iPhone 13 due this year but now a leaker known as “DuanRui" shared images that could give us our best look at the smaller notch. Apple’s redesigned notch for the iPhone 13 was also compared with the existing iPhone 12 notch to put things into perspective. © Twitter_DuanRui The leaker posted three images that originally appeared on Weibo; however, the source of the images still remains unverified. These images appear to be "film samples" or screen protectors for the next iPhone which could give us a better idea of what to expect. One can clearly notice that the new notch’s width is smaller than the current notch design but still isn’t a radical change. The reduced width was possible because the earpiece is now being integrated into the top bezel, right about the TrueDepth camera and Face ID sensors. According to a similar report by Mac Otakara, the iPhone 13’s TrueDepth comer system is getting narrower because the receiver at the top of the display will move to the edge instead. © Twitter_DuanRui Other reliable Apple leakers such as Ming-Chi Kuo has also said in the past that the iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch but did not mention any further details. According to previously leaked 3D-printed mockups, the new notch design will be 5.35mm in height, as opposed to 5.30mm, and 26.80mm in width, down from 34.83mm. © Twitter_DuanRui It’s been five years since Apple introduced the notch with the iPhone X in 2017 and has not changed the design since then. Apple will probably redesign the notch with the iPhone 13 to give users more screen real estate on either side of the notch. The iPhone 13 is shaping up to be a bigger upgrade than expected as other rumours suggest the smartphone will also feature a 120Hz “ProMotion” display, larger batteries, a fast A15 chipset amongst other upgrades. Apple’s new flagship devices are expected to launch sometime in September this year and we should know more about the new iPhone closer to its launch date. View the full article
  3. A man in the United Kingdom shopping at a local Tesco supermarket was left stunned after ordering a bag of apples. He was caught by surprise as the supermarket substituted a bag of apples with a brand new iPhone. © Twitter_Nick James Nick James collected his groceries from a local Tesco Extra in Twickenham and was told by the staff that there was a “surprise” in his bag. Mr James was left stunned after he found a brand new iPhone SE in his bag. He told the Mirror: “I was half expecting the surprise to be an Easter egg or something - I was a little bit shocked, to say the least.” A big thanks this week to @Tesco & @tescomobile. On Wednesday evening we went to pick up our click and collect order and had a little surprise in there - an Apple iPhone SE. Apparently we ordered apples and randomly got an apple iphone! Made my sons week! #tesco #substitute pic.twitter.com/Mo8rZoAUwD — Nick James (@TreedomTW1) April 10, 2021 Tesco Supermarkets also have a subsidiary business i.e. Tesco Mobile which is giving away free iPhones, AirPods and Samsung devices as a part of a promotional campaign this week. The campaign involves substituting people’s groceries with gadgets and has been aptly called the “super substitutes” promotion. © Twitter_Nick James Other lucky customers have also received substitutes such as a brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 in place of Galaxy chocolates. a Motorola E7 instead of a bread roll and an iPhone 12 Mini instead of Mini Cheddar cheese. View the full article
  4. A brand new iPhone leak suggests that the next iPhone might get a camera upgrade users have been asking for years. According to renowned leaker Ming Chi-Kuo, the 2022 iPhone will likely get a 48MP camera that will be able to capture media in 8K resolution. For Android users, this may not be news as some smartphones already boast cameras with higher megapixels and the ability to capture 8K video. However, for Apple users, this will be the first time we could see an iPhone with a camera that has a higher resolution than 12MP. © theregisti--unsplash In a note, Kuo also states that the iPhone 13 mini will be the last small smartphone by Apple as well: “We predict that the new 2022 iPhone will have 4 models, namely the high-end 6.7-inch and 6.1-inch models, and the lower-end 6.7-inch and 6.1-inch models.” The note also went on to add that iPhones in 2022 will be getting a 48MP camera that will be able to capture 8K video. Kuo said the upgrade will come to two “high-end” models, presumably the “Pro” variants of the series. The story doesn’t end there though since the 2022 iPhone is also expected to get other camera upgrades in the near future. Kuo says that in 2021, Apple is expected to use a periscope telephoto lens as well as an under-screen Face ID feature. © mark-chan-unsplash Kuo has a tremendous record when it comes to Apple-related leaks and has accurately predicted iPhone launches with utmost accuracy in the past few years. Having said that, this information is still based on supply chain leaks and could change at any time. We do advise taking this information with a pinch of salt as Apple is known for throwing a wrench at the last moment. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 13 later this year and it is likely to follow the same model line up as the iPhone 12 Series. There have been rumours that Apple might use a smaller notch but that remains to be seen. If Kuo’s prediction comes to fruition, it could be the biggest upgrade we’ve seen on the iPhone yet. View the full article
  5. An Apple iPhone 11 Pro that had a slight problem with its design was sold for over Rs 2 Lakh due to its rarity. Apple usually doesn’t let devices with misprints or design flaws get into the hands of customers due to its rigorous quality checking. However, there is always an exception to the rule and one iPhone 11 Pro with a misprinted logo got into the hands of a customer. The misprinted logo iPhone in question sold for $2,700. © Internet Archive_Twitter If you look at any iPhone, the logo is usually found right at the centre of the back of the phone, however in this case, the logo is slightly off the center to the right. You can see the prominent misplacement when looking at it at an angle. It is not known where this iPhone was sold, however it is indicative of a manufacturing error that got unnoticed by the quality control team. A misprint iPhone 11 Pro that sold for 2700$. This misprint is extremely rare- I’d say 1 in 100 million or possibly even rarer. pic.twitter.com/68F7giZAbm — Internal Archive (@ArchiveInternal) April 9, 2021 In the world of collectors, usually, items that fetch a high price have to be rare or have a defect that is not common to the item. For example, banknotes can sometimes have defects that increase their value significantly depending on their rarity. The same logic is applied here for the misplaced logo iPhone as it is a one in a million case. © Internet Archive_Twitter A similar case happened in 2015 where a customer found a defect in an iPad Pro where it had a very unique colour, a gold Touch ID and a silver back according to 9to5Mac. When the user contacted Apple about the problem, he was told it was an “extremely rare” manufacturing error and he would need to get a replacement. In the end, the customer decided to hold onto the iPad Pro as he was advised it could be worth a lot of money. Have you ever come across an iPhone that has a noticeable defect? It could be worth a lot of money just like this iPhone that had a misplaced logo. View the full article
  6. Apple’s iPhone 12 Series models have now become the highest selling smartphone in the world as of January 2021 according to a new report by Counterpoint Research. In its Market Pulse report, it was revealed that the iPhone 12 was at the top of the list followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the second spot and the iPhone 12 Pro in the third spot. It is worth pointing out that the top three selling smartphones happen to be from the iPhone 12 Series. But the buck doesn’t stop there as Apple’s previous models were also amongst the top-selling smartphones in the world. The iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 also made it to the top 10 best-selling smartphone models list. If you are wondering what the entire list looks like, have a look at the figures below: View the full article
  7. According to the WhatsApp tech group, the full iCloud backup is safer than the one from the messaging app
  8. Apple has finally opened up its walled garden to third-party companies as users will now be able to track lost items via the Find My tracking network. Now, any hardware company can add software support for Apple’s local network ability to find lost items. These third-party products need to follow Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) accessory rules. © Apple Apple announced three third-party products can now be tracked starting today including X3 e-bikes, Belkin’s SoundForm Freedom TWS earbuds and the Chipolo One Spot tracking tag. These products can now use Apple’s Bluetooth network which included millions of iPhones, iPad and Mac devices to be discoverable in the Find My app. “The Find My app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac makes it easy to locate missing Apple devices, as well as keep up with friends and family, all while protecting user privacy. If a user ever loses their Apple device, the Find My app allows them to locate it on a map, play a sound to pinpoint its location, put it in Lost Mode to lock it immediately, and display a message with a contact number; it also lets them remotely erase the device in case it has fallen into the wrong hands” Apple said in a press release. Users will now be able to track these products from the Find My app starting today and can track these items much like how users would track any missing Apple product. Future products that want to be discoverable in the Find My app will have to go through the company’s MFi program for authorised accessories and “adhere to all the privacy protections of the Find My network that Apple customers rely on.” © Apple Apple will also be offering a chipset specification to third-party companies who can embed these chips into their products. These chips will enable items to integrate with the iPhone’s Ultra-Wideband system for more precise tracking in the future. Apple has also been long rumoured to be working on its own tracking device called the AirTags that would work on the Ultra-Wideband. View the full article
  9. Every year Apple announces a new iPhone and this year’s model is expected to have a smaller notch according to numerous rumours. It will be the first time Apple will be using a different notch design since the iPhone X that launched in 2017. Now a new video has been released that claims to show off the smaller notch, thanks to a dummy that was created based on rumours from the supply chain. © Macotakara The video was shared by Macotakara, where images of a dummy unit showcased the rumoured iPhone 13 Pro. From the image, we can see that the smartphone has a smaller notch with the FaceID hardware moving around to enable the design change. Macotakara shared further details which paints a better picture based on a simple Google translate: "Regarding the size of the active area of the centre housing, the height becomes from 5.30mm to 5.35mm, and the width becomes from 34.83mm to 26.80mm, which is smaller. The infrared camera and light shooting illuminator placed on the left-hand side of the speaker/mic are moved to the area of the speaker/mike of iPhone 12. The position of the speaker/mic of iPhone 13 gets closer to the body, The front camera used to be the right-hand side of the speaker/mic, but it is moved to the left.” © LetsGoDigital From what we’ve gathered from the video, the iPhone dummy doesn’t look too different from the iPhone 12 models apart from the smaller notch. There is a possibility that Apple might use TouchID underneath the display or might embed it in the power button itself. The iPhone 13 is not expected to look radically different from the current models, however it will have some huge gains in the hardware department. Source: Macotakara View the full article
  10. Online shopping has become our go-to thing during the pandemic, all thanks to the novel Coronavirus. And many times shopping online has led us to waste our money and not getting the exact product that we expected to get. Something similar happened with a teen from Thailand who was waiting for his iPhone and got something that he never expected. According to Oriental Daily, the teen had placed an order for an iPhone after it was priced lesser than what he was getting at other places. Thinking it’s a deal, he went ahead and bought the Apple smartphone. But when he received the product it wasn’t anywhere near to what he hoped for. © Twitter The package he received was as tall as him and looked like an extremely large iPhone. After looking at the package closely, he figured that it is an iPhone-shaped coffee table and not the actual smart-phone. Now, his pictures with a gigantic iPhone have surfaced on the internet but he seems happy with his purchase. The coffee table looks like an iPhone 6s but only it is bigger. It has a screen that is black in color, a touch ID, and a fake mic. The table is of rose gold color that got extremely famous and four white legs. © BCCL However, the table looks far better than the fake iPhones, detergent soaps that are sometimes replaced with the original iPhone in the box. In 2019, a man from Bangalore had ordered an iPhone worth Rs 93,000 but received a fake phone with camera stickers. The phone was identical to the iPhone XS but was an android. Later, the e-commerce platform replaced the delivery with an original iPhone. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  11. Tamil Nadu has finally geared up for its assembly elections and candidates have been filing nominations and also releasing manifestos promising people schemes for the time if they win the polls. However, now for one such candidate, ‘promising the moon' has become the real deal. 34-year-old independent candidate, Saravanan from South Madurai, has listed bizarre welfare schemes in his manifesto including an iPhone, a car, helicopter, a boat robot, and much more. In his manifesto, Saravanan said that if he won, he will provide every household with one iPhone, a car, a helicopter, a boat, a robot, a three-storeyed house with a swimming pool, Rs 1 crore for youths, and a 100-day vacation to the moon. Yes, you read that right, ‘the moon’! Not only this, but Saravanan has also promised various infrastructure development projects that include a space research center, a rocket launch site, and an artificial iceberg that will be built to a height of 300ft in his South Madurai constituency to fight the summer heat. Yes, this is not a joke. All this is for real! Saravanan has also said that he intends to promote youth participation in politics. Check out the post here- Madurai South makkaley... Bonanza awaits you. This guy is promising ₹ 1 crore in your account (not jujubi ₹ 15 lakh). pic.twitter.com/L4KnEH2lx6 — RadhakrishnanRK (@RKRadhakrishn) March 24, 2021 He said, “Many of us do not know how to participate in elections. I’m contesting to learn the process. If people are informed, politicians will be scared. In turn, it will pave the way for better governance.” “For the election expenditure, I’ve loaned out Rs 20,000 per installment. I’ve spent Rs 10,000 to file my nomination. There are 2,30,000 votes in South Madurai. If 5000 youths contest and win 50 votes each, no party will be able to contest in Tamil Nadu. They will fear the public. I’m contesting in this election to create awareness regarding this,” he added. Here’s what people have to say about this- My vote for him!!! — Ordinary Jo (@joseprem1) March 24, 2021Dnt know if it's a coincidence..but EC has alloted a very apt symbol after reading his promises — P.A.M 🖤️ (@VinciJ6) March 24, 2021I wasted a minute for this.. — Sakthiey (@ImSakthiey) March 24, 2021Obviously, he's fooling around — RadhakrishnanRK (@RKRadhakrishn) March 25, 2021100 days travel plan to moon. — Thor (@being__tamizhan) March 24, 2021Fantastic manifesto...... Main parties should follow this great ideas — samuel (@i_m_samuel) March 24, 2021He is not going to win. So giving maximum false promises. — sivakumar (@msiva1957) March 25, 2021Well, he knows what to remind us of if he wins and can't fulfill his promise. — Sudheer Reddy (@Sudheer_t_reddy) March 25, 2021 When he was questioned about his outlandish manifesto, he said, “For the past 50 years, political parties have won elections by announcing welfare schemes. Their governments never served the people. To create awareness, I released a manifesto that is so outlandish that nobody in the world has ever done.” What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  12. Chinese smartphone company, Realme, was caught trying to pass off an iPhone as one of its own devices during a launch event in Bangladesh. The Narzo 30A launch in Bangladesh featured game streamers from the country showcasing the gaming capabilities of the smartphone. However, the company used an iPhone instead of featuring one of their own smartphones. The original story was reported by MySmartPrice, who were vigilant enough to catch the mistake made by the smartphone company. © Realme The launch event video has now been removed from YouTube due to this very reason where streamers were using an iPhone to play PUBG Mobile. While playing the game, one of the phones shows a “Guided Access” screen pop up on the display. This feature is available exclusively on iOS meaning there was no way one could use it on an Android-powered device. The fact that Realme was using an iPhone to promote game streaming on the Narzo 30A shows that the company was trying to mislead its customers. Soon after the original report by MySmartPrice went live, Realme reached out to the publication with a statement. It said, “Respecting and abiding by the local pandemic control policy, the Narzo 30A launch video was planned to be recorded in advance. Additionally, the launch video involved a Narzo 30A hands-on gaming video. To ensure a better quality video output, the gaming part was recorded by our partner A1 Esports team and sent to the producer, post-recording. Although the A1 team did use the Narzo 30A smartphone for the recording of the gaming part, a wrong file was accidentally sent to the producer, which led to the appearance of a non-realme smartphone in the video. In response to this issue, we have immediately contacted our A1 team partner to rectify the accident. We shall republish the video after the re-production is complete. We sincerely apologize for any unanticipated impacts the incident may have caused. Your kind support to the brand is very much appreciated. Please stay tuned with Realme for future updates.” © Youtube/Realme So here’s why this statement is a bit unbelievable. For starters, the iPhone has a massive notch on the screen that one cannot really miss while editing a video. The Narzo30A does have a water drop notch in the centre of the screen however it seems that this reasoning falls flat when comparing the two notches. The other reason why this reasoning falls flat is because a video was playing behind the streamers on a larger screen in real-time. Either that video was recorded earlier and was shown as real-time gameplay or it was actually the iPhone being shown in real-time. Either way, Realme was caught misleading its customers at the Narzo 30A launch event. While it is possible a mistake could have been made by the A1 Esports team, it’s a bigger problem that nobody at Realme noticed the iPhone being used in the video. This is not the first time Realme has been caught manipulating its customers. Last week the company’s Realme GT was banned by Benchmark company ‘Antutu’ for manipulating benchmark scores. What do you think about Realme manipulating benchmark scores and presenting an iPhone at its own launch event? Source: MySmartPrice View the full article
  13. Apple was fined by the consumer protection agency of Brazil in São Paulo yesterday after following intense scrutiny over the decision not to include a charger with the latest iPhone 12 series, Apple removed the power adapter from the box to reduce carbon emissions and use of rare-earth metals however that doesn’t seem to convince the authorities at Procon-SP, São Paulo's consumer protection agency. © Unsplash/salman-majeed Apple was informed by the Brazilian agency in December that selling an iPhone in the country without a charger is a violation of the Consumer Defense Code. However, Apple responded to the agency saying most consumers already have a spare power adapter and that providing one with the iPhone 12 is not required. Apple was then given a stern warning by Fernando Capez, Procon-SP's executive director, saying that the company needs to respect and understand the Brazilian consumer law and institutions. The company was then fined by the Brazilian consumer protection agency for not providing a charger and for misleading customers about the phone’s water resistance. © Unsplash/omid-armin Apple has been making smartphones that are resistant to water damage when submerged up to 6 meters for as long as 30 minutes. The new feature was added on the iPhone 7 and is now a staple feature for all models. However, Procon-SP claims that Apple refused to repair the devices of customers who suffered water damage even though Apple claims it is “water-resistant” and were under warranty. Other accusations include deliberately slowing down iPhones with iOS updates to force the customer to buy newer models. Apple will be able to appeal the $2 million (~Rs14,48,84,100) fine however Apple has not responded to the decision by the Brazilian authorities as of now. Do you think Indian authorities should also scrutinise Apple for selling smartphones without a charger? Especially since many customers in India could be first-time buyers who do not have a spare charger from previous smartphones? Let us in the comments if you think the Brazilian authorities took the right step. View the full article
  14. The iPhone for what it's worth does many things right and iOS 14 has now become more like Android, more than ever. While Apple might have reduced the gap between the two operating systems, there are still some features that we would like the iPhone to copy from flagship Android devices. These features include both hardware and software features that Apple should include in the next iPhone in 2021. 1. A Higher Refresh Rate Display © denis-cherkashin-unsplash It has been long rumoured that Apple is looking to include a ProMotion display on the iPhone but we are yet to see that come to fruition. iPhones currently still use a 60Hz display which in many ways is archaic when compared to the current Android flagship phones. OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi have all started to use higher refresh rate panels for flagship models and its time Apple makes the move as well. Not only does it result in smoother scrolling and browsing experience, here will also be a noticeable difference in the overall gaming experience. 2. A Better Way To Manage Notifications © Apple The one feature I cannot excuse anymore is the way iOS handles notifications. Currently, notifications feel very unorganised as compared to Android and sometimes even gives me anxiety. Android also uses machine learning to auto-suggest actions to notifications which we haven't seen implemented in iOS yet. Even when it comes to managing notifications, the experience far inferior to Android 11 which often leads me to miss important notifications simply because of how iOS handles them. 3. Get Rid of The Lightning Port © Youtube_EveyrthingApplePro USB-C has now become a global charging standard across the world for almost every device apart from the iPhone. Apple even uses the USB-C port for its MacBook and iPad lineup which makes the hesitance to change the port on the iPhone even more baffling. Apple has been known for streamlining its ecosystem in the past but as of now, it is a total mess. Switching to USB-C will not only make it compatible with other charging cables but also open up a range of accessories we can use with the iPhone. We can already see how companies are taking advantage of the USB-C port on the iPad lineup and we would like to something similar for the iPhone as well. 4. A Smaller Notch or No Notch At All © Everything Apple Pro Android devices have now moved to displays that come with a small punch-hole cutout for the selfie camera which leaves more room on the display for users. The notch on the iPhone is now quite dated and we would like to see at least a smaller notch on the next iPhone. The ideal situation would be that Apple users a similar design as the iPad Pro since the tablet does not have a notch and still manages to utilise FaceID as a form of biometric security. Apple can also use an in-display fingerprint scanner to bring back TouchID on the iPhone which has now come a long way over the years. 5. Always-on Display © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The last thing that we are yet to see on an iPhone is an always-on display. Every Android device that uses an AMOLED panel uses some form of an always-on display. This one feature can change the lives of iPhone users as it can give users relevant notifications on the screen without actually having to wake-up the display. This will let users decide better whether they want to pick up their phone or not and in turn reduce screen time as well. Right now, iPhone users have to wake up the phone’s screen each time if they want to see a notification. View the full article
  15. Some iPhone 12 models were found to be losing colour from their aluminium chassis according to a new report from Svetapple. The report included pictures of a PRODUCT(RED) ‌iPhone 12 model that shows some discolouration on the right side of the body where the power button is placed. © SvetApple From the pictures, it seems the phone’s colour has faded to an orange shade around the power button and Svetapple says the phone was being used with a transparent case. Friction from a hand could not be a factor here, however it is currently unknown whether the discolouration was caused by the case itself. There have been other cases of the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2 also facing a similar problem where the two phones were also placed in a transparent case. Most of the cases have been reported pertaining to the red iPhone models. iPhone models of other colours have not faced any fading as such. © SvetApple It is being speculated that the discolouration could have happened due to UV exposure enabled by clear cases. However, clear cases would cause the same problem on other models of the iPhone as well and it would be a more common issue if it were the case. Some have also speculated that the issue could have been caused by a chemical reaction with the case. There aren’t too many cases of colour fading on the iPhone, however it has persisted for a few years. A similar case was reported by leaker Ben Geskin on Twitter as well where he said “my wife noticed it just a few months after she got it. Always in a case.” Yep… my wife noticed it just a few months after she got it. Always in a case. https://t.co/sx5aO6YlNS pic.twitter.com/nwtqS0DfOK — Ben Geskin ‍ (@BenGeskin) March 15, 2021 There seems to be a common theme here where discolouration seems to be happening due to a certain type of case. Apple considers colour fading to be a cosmetic issue and it is currently not known whether Apple will replace devices due to discolouration. Source: Svetapple View the full article
  16. While it's easy for Android users who already have a call record option, but iPhone users need a workaround
  17. WhatsApp working on an update that will not be compatible with the older iOS version
  18. We’ve already started to hear some rumours about the next iPhone that Apple will launch later this year and it will “likely” have a feature that Android smartphones have been using for a while. The iPhone 13 is said to have a fingerprint scanner embedded under the display for biometric authentication, something we’ve already seen on various Android devices, including budget smartphones. © Redmond Pie According to Barclays analyst Andrew Gardiner and three of his colleagues, the iPhone 13 is expected to feature a smaller notch for FaceID authentication but also the fingerprint scanner for an alternative way to unlock the smartphone. iPhone users have demanded Apple to incorporate some form of fingerprint scanning on its next device ever since the COVID-19 pandemic made it harder to unlock the phone. Since the iPhone is unable to unlock the smartphone while wearing a mask, a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone is now desperately needed. Barclays said its research is partly based on “extensive industry conversations” with suppliers in recent weeks according to MacRumors. The iPhone 13 Pro is also said to have a LiDAR scanner as well, however that will be limited to the ‘Pro’ models. © frederik-lipfert _unsplash Other rumours suggest that the iPhone 13 might use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60 5G modem which could not only result in better battery life but also faster 5G speeds. The modem is capable of receiving data from both Millimeter wave (mmWave) and sub-6 GHz bands at the same time for lower latency coverage and faster speeds. The iPhone 13 is shaping up to have all the features we hoped would be on the iPhone 12 and it seems like the lineup will be mirrored as well. Apple is expected to launch a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 Mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 13, 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max. Needles to say, it is too early to say what the iPhone 13 will finally look like or have in terms of features. Since the information is based on rumours at the moment; we advise taking the above information with a pinch of salt as Apple is known for changing plans at the very last moment. © frederik-lipfert-unsplash Apple is also rumoured to host an event later this month where the company is expected to announce new accessories, MacBooks and iPads. If you want to know what Apple might be launching later this month, check out our full feature here. View the full article
  19. The iPhone 11 is known to be practically waterproof, thanks to its IP68 rating and this incident is proof of its impressive water resistance. The smartphone is rated to survive underwater at a depth of 6.5 meters for 30 minutes but it seems like the phone is capable of surviving for longer and at a greater depth. Two divers in British Columbia, Canada recently discovered a submerged iPhone 11 in Harrison Lake. © Youtube_Aquatic-Monkey The smartphone in question was found by married couple Clay and Heather Helkenberg who run a YouTube channel called Aquatic Monkey. The channel documents their efforts to clean up garbage from local lakes and in this instance, the couple recovered an iPhone 11. They took the phone home and found it working in almost perfect condition. After turning on the device, they removed the SIM card and used it on another phone to figure out the owner’s phone number. They then called the owner to find out that the smartphone was lost in the water for about six months. As reported by CBC on the recovery “He pulled out the SIM card, put it in another phone to figure out the phone number and got in touch with owner Fatemeh Ghodsi. Ghodsi, who lives in Vancouver, was confused and thought one of her friends might be playing a prank on her. But she was soon convinced and made the trip to Chilliwack to collect the phone, which amazingly still works.” © Youtube_Aquatic-Monkey Being underwater is bound to damage the smartphone to some extent and in this case, only the speaker and the microphone were found to not be working. Apart from that, the phone was still working perfectly. Photos from the phone show that it was used in bumper boats right before it plunged to the depths of the lake. “I was in a situation where I kind of lost balance and dropped it in the water,” she said, adding that park staff was convinced it would be impossible to find the phone in the water. “Distressed and in tears, we went back to Vancouver just kind of hopeless,” she said. It is also worth noting that the phone did not corrode due to the fact that Harrison Lake is a freshwater lake. It is possible that seawater can corrode smartphones provided that it stays underwater for six months. This is not the first time the iPhone was found in working condition after being lost to the depths of a water body. Last year, an iPhone survived underwater in a river after it was discovered almost two months later. Source: CBC View the full article
  20. A new feature has been discovered in iOS14.5 beta where your iPhone will warn you if there is an unknown item travelling with you. The unknown item can be tracked via the Find My app that is used for tracking devices tied with your AppleID. However, rumours have suggested that Apple is looking to launch trackers in the near future which will be tracked via the Find My app and this new feature has something to do with the upcoming devices. © malte-helmhold-unsplash It was discovered in the beta version of iOS 14.5 that there is now a new menu in the Find MY app called ‘Item Safety Alerts’. This has been included so that it will notify iPhone users about unwanted devices like the AirTags being used to stalk them." According to iOS developer Benjamin Mayo, "If someone secretly hides a tag in your possessions, your phone will notice and warn you about it. The setting is on by default which makes sense, but the fact you can turn it off at all probably means that this fires false positive alerts in some circumstances.” Something I hadn’t considered before: new beta includes a Item Safety setting in Find My. This is how Apple is trying to prevent 'stalking' with AirTags. If someone secretly hides a tag in your possessions, your phone will notice and warn you about it. pic.twitter.com/NVJyAZlthw — Benjamin Mayo (@bzamayo) March 4, 2021 Users who opt to turn off this feature will be given an additional warning stating that the owner of an unknown tracking item will be able to see their location and they will no longer get a notification when the unknown item is found moving with them. Apple is yet to make the AirTag official, however previous rumours have shown off screenshots of how the new product will work. These trackers are small keychain-sized devices that can be attached to just about everything. If this item with an AirTag is misplaced, Apple users can search for the item in “Lost Mode.” If another iPhone user comes close to the item, it will automatically ping the location of the lost device to your iPhone and even display the content information for the item’s owner. The person who finds the item can contact them via phone or SMS. © iDropNews Apple is expected to announce a new set of devices later this month but no official date has been confirmed by the Cupertino giant yet. We should know more about AirTags later this month once it has been made official. View the full article
  21. Nintendo DS, by far the most iconic handheld console that was made by Nintendo captured the entire world's imagination for doing things we do normally on our smartphones today. The handheld console launched in 2004, three years before the first iPhone, however not many people realise how important the console was for smartphones. The one person we all need to thank for the same is the late Satoru Iwata, the man who revitalised Nintendo’s handheld business by transitioning the company from the Gameboy Advance to the Nintendo DS. Mr Iwata is not credited enough for pushing the envelope when it comes to technology and people often hail Steve Jobs as the messiah of modern technology. However, what many people don’t know is that Mr Iwata was as much of a visionary if not more than Steve Jobs. © Pexels/stas-knop When the Nintendo DS was first introduced, it was something out of this world. It had a very unique form factor and a touchscreen with which users could interact to play games; something the iPhone would adopt three years later. The touchscreen was used based on a suggestion made by legendary game producer Miyamoto. He subsequently spearheaded the development of the device and its prototypes. In a way, you can say that if it weren’t for the Nintendo DS, touchscreen gaming would not be mainstream today. Whether you want to admit it or not, the Nintendo DS was doing what smartphones do today way before the first iPhone even launched. The portable gaming console had a browser for surfing the internet, an MP3 player for listening to music, and could create a wireless hotspot. The console had an app called ‘PictoChat’ that allowed users to communicate with each other locally via typing on a virtual keyboard. These are features the iPhone utilised three years later and comes to us naturally when interacting with our smartphones today. © Apple The reason why I say that the iPhone would not exist the way it does today is that Steve Jobs never really intended the first iPhone to be a touchscreen device. There were talks at the time that Apple might kill Nintendo with its new casual mobile games on the App Store but that is yet to happen. The two companies also worked together to launch some of Nintendo’s top games on the App Store such as Super Mario Run and Mario Kart. © Pexels/stas-knop The Nintendo DS was at the pinnacle of technology at a time when we were still using phones with keypads and VGA screens. It went on to become the best selling handheld game console to date where it sold over 154.02 million units and is the second best selling console of all time. The success of the Nintendo DS paved the way for a similar dual-screen handheld device called the 3DS and more recently the Nintendo Switch. It wouldn’t be too far out to assume that the Nintendo DS also paved the way for smartphones, especially the iPhone. View the full article
  22. Although Kartik Aaryan a very dope sense of style and does not shy away from experimenting, he is at his best when he goes the normcore route, in ensembles that regular guys would feel comfortable in. Well, sort of. © Instagram/kartikaaryan The thing is, what’s considered regular for Kartik is actually a legit style god for his fans, and regular guys like us. Saying that Kartik has inspired a generation of his fans to rethink their choices in fashion and to take style seriously, would be an understatement. © Viral Bhayani Recently, the actor was spotted at the Mumbai Airport in a very basic and dapper looking outfit, that most guys should actually try and cop. On the surface at least, it seemed that Kartik’s ensemble did not include anything out of the ordinary. Not quite so. © Viral Bhayani First, though, let’s have a quick look at his outfit. Kartik is wearing a basic, but dapper-looking denim jacket, which was paired to a basic grey T-shirt, a pair of denim jeans from Armani Exchange, and a really cool looking pair of black shoes. © Viral Bhayani The shoes that he wore were particularly interesting. They’re from a little upscale Italian fashion company called Paura and are called the 2360 Sueu Shiny Foxing Fear in Black. It is actually hard to categorise the shoes, give how unique and avant-garde the silhouette is. © Paura One the one hand, it has the aesthetic appeal of a properly made pair of suede leather oxfords. At the same time, it also has elements that seem to have been taken off of a trekking boot. What we can agree on, it looks phenomenal as quirky as it is. © Paura Coming to Kartik’s Jacket, man oh man, it genuinely is a one of a kind piece. Called the Black Logo Jacket from Off-White, this piece is designed by Virgil Abloh, as a part of the brands Pre-Fall 2020 collection. © Viral Bhayani The jacket looks especially cool from the back. The Off-White branding seems to have been stencilled out from the rest of the jacket. In fact it seems that the entire jacket was dyed apart from the logo. © Off-White Given that this is a piece from Off-White, it is bound to be expensive. At $800 or Rs 58,000, before your customs and import duties. Add your regular customs and import tariffs, and you’re looking at a price tag of about Rs 74-77,000. © Viral Bhayani All in all, this is quite a cool outfit that Kartik is wearing. Take a bow, man. View the full article
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