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Found 357 results

  1. Any such fixtures would probably take place in September, towards the end of the 2021 English cricket season
  2. Sourav Ganguly says the IPL was only called off because the number of cases "has just gone through the roof"
  3. On Wednesday, The Times of India reported a set of issues that the BCCI failed to look after while setting up the Bio-Bubble for the 14th season of the Indian Premier League and ended up with an arrangement which was inferior to what they had done last year while in the United Arab Emirates. IPL suspended for this season: Vice-President BCCI Rajeev Shukla to ANI#COVID19 pic.twitter.com/K6VBK0W0WA — ANI (@ANI) May 4, 2021 Basic issues such as ensuing quarantine for the hotel staff members and booking hotels closer to the practice venues to avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus were overlooked on more than one occasion. Evidently, the situation has gotten so difficult that the public has started demanding resignations from BCCI Secretary Jay Shah and even the beloved former Indian captain and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly. The Indian Premier League Governing Council (IPL GC) and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in an emergency meeting has unanimously decided to postpone IPL 2021 season, with immediate effect: BCCI pic.twitter.com/3NaN3qgJdt — ANI (@ANI) May 4, 2021 Justifying his accountability, here’s what Sourav Ganguly had to say about the complete failure of the bio-bubble and the eventual suspension of the Indian Premier League. "I don't think so [if the bio-bubble is breached]. The report we got is that there's no breach of the bubble. How it happened is very difficult to say. How so many people are getting (infected) in the country is also very difficult to say," Ganguly was quoted by The Indian Express. View this post on Instagram "Professional hands around the world can't control it (virus penetrating the bubble). When it was happening in England (the second wave of the pandemic), there were cases in the English Premier League. Manchester City, Arsenal players got infected," Ganguly said. "(Premier League) Matches got rescheduled. Because their season is six months long, they can do it. But our season is tight. Since we have to (release) players to their respective countries, rescheduling was very difficult," Ganguly added. View this post on Instagram BCCI has finally stepped up to the crisis, deciding to help overseas players reach their homes, especially the Australian players who were banned from travelling back to their country until May 15. The Indian cricket board has arranged for chartered flights to help the Aussies reach the Maldives while dropping players from nations like New Zealand, South Africa, and the Caribbean to their respective destinations. View the full article
  4. Indian cricket bosses are hoping to resume the league in late September, but that appears to be a tough challenge
  5. The Indian Premier League was suspended indefinitely after multiple people within the bio-secure bubble contracted coronavirus
  6. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) started out with an ambitious goal of carrying out a full-fledged season of the Indian Premier League within the country despite it being a potential hotspot for another wave of the coronavirus pandemic, based on the pattern which was seen in other countries such as the United Kingdom and South Africa. Yet, the organization had assured the players and fans that all the necessary precautions will be taken and strict bio-bubble security measures will be maintained for the entirety of the season with multiple backup options ready as a fail-safe. IPL suspended for this season: Vice-President BCCI Rajeev Shukla to ANI#COVID19 pic.twitter.com/K6VBK0W0WA — ANI (@ANI) May 4, 2021 Nonetheless, on Tuesday, the BCCI officially announced that IPL 2021 was suspended until further notice. “The IPL has been suspended for time being. We spoke to everyone from teams, broadcasters and all those who were involved in it. It was decided to defer the IPL especially looking at the sentiment and current situation in the country. For us players health is paramount and BCCI will always keeps safety first. We will meet again soon and decide when we can conclude this edition, we will have to see when is the next window available,” Rajeev Shuka, BCCI Vice President confirmed yesterday. OFFICIAL UPDATE pic.twitter.com/6bW8YUYhON — Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) May 4, 2021 In a report by The Times of India, there are five major points that may have led to the sudden surge in the number of positive COVID-19 cases within the IPL players: 1. Random Hotel BookingsThe TOI report suggests that on more than one occasion, the hotel bookings for the various franchises were made randomly and often far away from the match and practice venue, thereby exposing the players and other staff members to a greater risk of contracting the virus. Once a team even stayed in a hotel which was situated inside a shopping mall where thousands of unverified people would go on a daily basis. Official Announcement: The IPL Governing Council and BCCI in India in an emergency meeting have unanimously decided to postpone IPL 2021 indefinitely, with immediate effect. pic.twitter.com/pl9KKDXhGV — Royal Challengers Bangalore (@RCBTweets) May 4, 2021 2. Ground-Staff Not In Bio-BubbleTraining sessions require a significant number of ground staff members for assistance and proper execution of the regimented workouts for the players. However, the report suggests that these ground staff members in some of the most adversely affected cities such as Mumbai and Delhi were not added to the same bio-bubble as the other BCCI officials. As a result, many of them kept testing positive for over a month. 3. Lack Of Expertise Back in 2020, when the IPL was executed in the United Arab Emirates and took place without any major hurdles, the BCCI had appointed a UK-based technology and safety company Restrata to establish a central bio-bubble. TOI suggests that this year the Indian cricket board simply set up a hospital and testing laboratory in place. None of the members of the ecosystem were aware of the reason behind this. Big thanks for all the #Yellove! Stay home. Stay safe. Read More: https://t.co/jkleOo5ZUw#WhistlePodu pic.twitter.com/L91isH6VBr — Chennai Super Kings - Mask Pdu Whistle P🥳du! (@ChennaiIPL) May 4, 2021 4. No Quarantine For Hotel StaffThe members of the hotel staff who had the responsibility of looking after the various key individuals of the IPL were not made to practice a mandatory 14-day quarantine before attending the cricketers and their family members. No efforts were made by the BCCI medical staff to ensure quarantine for hotel staff members. 5. Commercial Flights For Broadcasters A separate bio bubble was set up for the broadcasters, the commentators, and the rest of the crew members and in case they had to fly from one venue to another, they had no option but to fly commercially while exposing themselves to the uncalculated dangers of contracting the virus from practically untraceable sources. OFFICIAL UPDATE #IPL2021 has been postponed keeping in mind the safety of all the stakeholders. pic.twitter.com/lfbaI3TobJ — Delhi Capitals (Stay Home. Wear Double Masks) (@DelhiCapitals) May 4, 2021 The drawback has been so significant that the fans have now started demanding a resignation from BCCI Secretary Jay Shah and the beloved former Team India captain and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly: Complete disaster from @bcci.Ganguly and jay shah needs to resign — Kri (@KrishK74) May 5, 2021Itna paisa hokar bhi..shame on you @SGanguly99 @JayShah — Danny (@Ddnyana) May 5, 2021When Saurav Ganguly came in 2018 we was expecting too much From him related to indian cricket. 1.they r not starting women IPL 2. This year IPL mismanagement 3. Many players who don't deserve to play for, played for India like Shivam dube and some other. Saurav Ganguly ruin every — NPS (@ATULKUM42569084) May 5, 2021Basically @BCCI got greedy just like they get greedy with video content posted online — LakirKa_Fakir (@LakirkaF) May 5, 2021 View the full article
  7. Within a couple of days, the Indian Premier League went from rescheduling a match to suspending the entire tournament indefinitely after at least one member of four out of eight franchises tested positive with the COVID-19 virus. “The IPL has been suspended for time being. We spoke to everyone from teams, broadcasters and all those who were involved in it. It was decided to defer the IPL especially looking at the sentiment and current situation in the country. For us players health is paramount and BCCI will always keeps safety first. We will meet again soon and decide when we can conclude this edition, we will have to see when is the next window available,” Rajeev Shuka, BCCI Vice President confirmed on Tuesday. IPL suspended for this season: Vice-President BCCI Rajeev Shukla to ANI#COVID19 pic.twitter.com/K6VBK0W0WA — ANI (@ANI) May 4, 2021 With uncertainty surrounding what has become the most lucrative T20 league in the world, many overseas players are trying to find their way back home, however, due to tough travel laws levied by the respective countries because of the dangerous Indian strain of the virus, the players’ journey might not be easy at all. However, co-owner of Punjab Kings, Ness Wadia feels that these “foreign players” should not be complaining so much about the situation, especially when they were made aware of the potential consequences of flying over to India for the league. Punjab Kings co-owner said hats off to the Indian players who have been playing non stop and didn't complain unlike some foreigners. The situation was different a month ago. They should study the fact that cases were very less when IPL started before commenting on it. (To PTI). — Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) May 4, 2021 “Hats off to the Indian players who have been playing non stop in bubbles and not complained unlike some of the foreign players. With due respect to the international cricketers including Zampa, the situation was very different a month ago. They should study the fact that cases were very less when we started before commenting on it,” he said according to The Times of India "It happened during the Australian Open they shut the city down when it was happening. People didn't complain then, why now," Wadia added. Not everyone is convinced with Wadia’s take on the matter and fans of the numerous overseas players talk about the need to be more empathetic towards all those players who are thousands of miles away from their families while the Indian cricketers can take the next flight out and be with their families in less than one day’s time. That's such a stupid statement, Indian players don't have much of a worry of returning to home cause they ARE playing at home. Foreign players have to worry about leaving their homes, getting flights to India and back home. Plus add those insecure bubbles to the list — Human (@adangotha69) May 4, 2021This is wrong They are not slaves to play at any cost, they have every rights to play or not play — M A N D E E P (@MandeepkumarN2) May 4, 2021Saying Indians didn't complain was fine, no need for him to say on foreigners.. It's not easy to stay away from ur country in a place where cases are skyrocketing 🤷 — Raunit Ranjan (@RaunitRanjan2) May 4, 2021Well, to be honest you should be happy that some foreign players are actually playing while far away from the family + covid cases are going up day by day they was no need to disrespect the foreigner players. — Prem (@Prem99021071) May 4, 2021 View the full article
  8. BCCI has promised "secure and safe passage" for all participants but existing travel restrictions make it a complicated process for many
  9. The Indian Premier League has been cancelled indefinitely after reports of multiple players testing positive for the coronavirus from different franchises found their way to the public. On Tuesday, the chairman of the tournament, Brijesh Patel confirmed that the IPL will be temporarily called off. “We have suspended the IPL for now. The new window will be worked out later on. A statement will follow soon,” Patel told The Hindu. IPL suspended for this season: Vice-President BCCI Rajeev Shukla to ANI#COVID19 pic.twitter.com/K6VBK0W0WA — ANI (@ANI) May 4, 2021 Yesterday, reports of Kolkata Knight Riders players Varun Chakraborty and Sandeep Warrier testing positive with the virus led to the postponement of the match between KKR and Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore. Today, it was confirmed that two members of the Chennai Super Kings franchise, namely bowling coach L Balaji, and a bus cleaner had COVID-19 and therefore their match against Rajasthan Royals was also called off. Latest from @ChennaiIPL - the team CEO has tested negative for COVID-19, L Balaji and a service staff member are positive. Full details here — Cricbuzz (@cricbuzz) May 3, 2021 However, when the news of Covid-19-positive Amit Mirsha (Delhi Capitals) and Wriddhiman Saha (SunRisers Hyderabad) was issued, it meant that at least four out of eight IPL teams had at least one member of the team infected. Eventually the tournament was suspended until further notice. “The IPL has been suspended for time being. We spoke to everyone from teams, broadcasters and all those who were involved in it. It was decided to defer the IPL especially looking at the sentiment and current situation in the country. For us players health is paramount and BCCI will always keeps safety first. We will meet again soon and decide when we can conclude this edition, we will have to see when is the next window available,” Rajeev Shuka, BCCI Vice President recently confirmed. And while the disappointment of not being able to see their favourite cricketers lock horns with each other every single day remains high, some of the fans, especially those of former SRH captain, David Warner, are yelling “retribution”: David Warner after hearing that IPL is getting suspended. pic.twitter.com/NaDzRRANu4 — Heisenberg (@internetumpire) May 4, 2021Indian Premier League 2021 Suspended.#iplcancel David Warner: pic.twitter.com/Sfy9FaqOAH — 𝗕𝗔𝗕𝗔 𝗕𝗔𝗜𝗥𝗔𝗚𝗜 𝗖𝗦𝗞 (@bababairagi_007) May 4, 2021This is what happens when you remove David Warner as captain and as player. IPL 2021 suspended. #NoWarnerNoIPL #IPL2021 #DavidWarner #Dream11 #BCCI #srh #IPL #covid #ViratKohli #india #SteveSmith #CSK #DC #RCB #pbks #MI pic.twitter.com/L7yErjbWhe — Prakash Khetiya (@praxy92) May 4, 2021Indian Premier League 2021 Suspended. David Warner rn : pic.twitter.com/NwtV9LeZNr — 𝐀𝐤𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐲 𝐒𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐡 𝐁𝐚𝐢𝐬 (@AkshayyySingh) May 4, 2021Indian premier league #ipl #IPL2021 #iplcancel #SRHvMI #postponed #IPLCovidBreach #suspended David warner to SRH management and kane... 🤣 pic.twitter.com/RbAT5nG0KG — Rohitttt.3 (@Rohitbhosale33) May 4, 2021On the other hand, the fans of Royal Challengers Bangalore are completely heartbroken with this decision as their franchise was finally living up to all the hype that had surrounded them for years, only to be curbed in their way to the championship by a global pandemic. #IPL2021 Got suspended Rcb fans :- pic.twitter.com/PCUNWvaoM9 — Aman Bhagat (@AmanBhagat69) May 4, 2021RCB started well Meanwhile covid: Ruko zara Sabhar Rakho #RCB #IPL2021 #iplcancel #iplsuspended #suspended — Wear a Mask, Stay Safe (@H4R1_2035) May 4, 2021Finally RCB started winning back to back matches Result : IPL got suspended Panauti level : ∞#IPL #IPL2021 — Debajit Deb (@DebajitDeb4) May 4, 2021ipl has been suspended for this season.... #iplcancel #IPL2021 #RCB *Le @RCBTweets * with e sala cup namde* pic.twitter.com/yRpa9c3UPo — mukesh choudhary (@sonofchaudhary_) May 4, 2021 View the full article
  10. IPL suspended a day after two players of the Kolkata Knight Riders and other officials tested positive for coronavirus
  11. Kya IPL chal raha hai! Rrajesh and Shubham are back with the latest updates in the cricket world. View the full article
  12. As the number of positive coronavirus cases continues to rise to horrifying levels every single day, the controversy around the continuation of the Indian Premier League becomes more and more complicated. Many believe that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) should simply stop the tournament, because of the kind of struggle the entire country is going through and hope to use their resources towards the betterment of the country. View this post on Instagram On the other hand, several also believe that the Indian T20 tournament is actually good and must continue as it provides some form of entertainment, something to look forward to every single day and forget their real-life worries, albeit for just a couple of hours. It is believed that the tournament also plays a crucial role in keeping a lot of people indoors (to watch the matches) as opposed to wandering out on streets which would further add to the contagion outbreak. Many respected members of the cricketing community have come forward to share their thoughts on the topic of discussion and the president of the Indian cricket board, Sourav Ganguly has already guaranteed that IPL 2021 will progress as planned. “So far, it's going on as scheduled,” says BCCI President @SGanguly99 #IPL2021 https://t.co/DYvXxiClvm — Circle of Cricket (@circleofcricket) April 26, 2021 Under such circumstances, Rajasthan Royals Pacer, Jaydev Unadkat shared his humble opinion while giving a whole new perspective to the crisis. “The IPL is not entertainment. There is no entertainment this year whatsoever. It’s work for us. It’s our livelihood and also helps thousands who are part of the ecosystem,” Jaydev Unadkat told Sports today. View this post on Instagram “My family was infected and I did what all of us are doing. Tried getting them medicines and medical help. We are in this together. If we can spread the message using our platform as cricketers that’s our way to help. We can’t be doctors. But we can definitely be helpers,” he said. While the majority of the fans of the IPL feel that the league is only about the top-tier cricketers like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, there are thousands of people who are associated with it and their livelihoods depend on whether or not the tournament continues. Yes, the nation is bruised and limping at the moment and millions are struggling to make ends meet but by cancelling the IPL, we may only add to the misery of some more people. View the full article
  13. One of the biggest ways through which the broadcasters of a show or an event earn revenues are commercial advertisements and based on the kind of commodity the Indian Premier League is, there seems to be no end to the number of brands that wish to show their products in between overs. During the 14th edition of the Indian T20 league, however, one element seems to be extremely common in most of the commercials that are being telecast during the matches and that element is none other than Ranveer Singh. The 35-year-old actor single-handedly has the charisma and energy of that a crowded football stadium and because of the kind of personality he commands in the Indian film industry, he is loved and adored by millions of fans from all over the country. Big brands such as Jio, My11Circle, and Bingo understand the worth of Singh’s celebrity status and wanted to make the most of the occasion during the two months of madness that the IPL is. As a result, they all ended up hiring him for the numerous adverts they wished to show during the season. Little did they realise that as soon as an over ended, it was a complete Ranveer Singh-show with him appearing on the television screen every 10-15 seconds while promoting things like mobile network connections, fantasy cricket, snacks among other things. While the first couple of days were bearable, fans eventually began to lose their cool after watching the Simmba star in one of his millions of quirky avatars and started finding new ways to show their frustration on social media. Chalo ye accha h ki ki atleast Ranveer singh ki advertisements ke beech thora sa IPL dekhne ko mil jata h!!🤣 — Sarcasm_hub4 (@Darkwolfjazz1) April 22, 2021Star Sports nowadays: Ranveer Singh's screen time > IPL match. — Chetas Borse (@ChetasBorse) April 22, 2021Ranveer Singh ke adds ke bich me kabhi kabhi ipl dekh leta hu...#addonipl #Ranveersingh — Aakash Verma (@AakashV93144526) April 22, 2021Exactlyyyyyy . Mere andar ki baat boldi. IPL dekhna mushkil krdiya h ye Ranveer Singh ne . Itne wahiyat aur over reacting ads . — ηαмαη - CSK (@Mr_unknown23_) April 21, 2021Ranveer Singh.Ranveer Singh. Ranveer Singh. Ranveer Singh... Ranveer Singh? Ranveer Singh?Ranveer Singh?Ranveer Singh? IPL. - A poem, by a bored viewer of Star Sports ads.#IPL2021 — Young White Wolf (@Abed__Orton) April 21, 2021@RanveerOfficial @IPL @IPLFantasy #CSKvsKKR #VIVOIPL #VivoIPL2021 #RanveerSingh #CSK #iplmemes pic.twitter.com/fT4aygwWjo — unpopular_guy (@TohKya3) April 21, 2021It seems “too much of a good thing” holds true even today, huh? The actor is supposed to be seen playing the role of the former Indian captain Kapil Dev in the film 83, which would highlight Team India’s journey to winning their very first World Cup in 1983. View this post on Instagram While the film was scheduled for theatrical release on April 10, 2020, the producers decided to postpone it to December 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country. However, in November last year, it was announced that the release date was further pushed back to June 2021. View the full article
  14. Indian cricket team skipper Virat Kohli is some character, be it in terms of the leadership or the tenacity that he brings on the field while leading the line for his homeland or his Indian Premier League (IPL) club, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). The 32-year-old Delhi-born cricketing superstar is known for wearing his heart on the sleeve. However, it is his all-around cricketing ability that never lets things get in the way of his team's success. © Rediff Questions might have been raised on the future of Indian Cricket when Kohli took over the Indian captaincy from Mahendra Singh Dhoni, considered to be the most successful Indian captain ever and a person who is said to have ice in his veins. However, Kohli despite known for his aggressive nature has managed to mature as a leader and as a cricketer to lead for both India and RCB. Like all the top leaders of exceptional sporting teams, Kohli knows the trick of getting the best out of his players and being their number one cheerleader, with the instance clearly visible in RCB's latest win against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). On Sunday (April 18), the RCB-duo of Glenn Maxwell and AB de Villiers put in a stellar performance to register an emphatic 38-run win over Shah Rukh Khan's Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. The win cemented RCB's status at the very top of the IPL table as both Maxwell and AB de Villiers scored 78 and 76 runs in an incredible performance to show that the team from Bangalore meant business. Apart from the win, what was an absolute sight to see was Captain Kohli enthusiastically applauding Maxwell's half-century from the team dugout. VIRAT KOHLI AND HIS PART TIME JOBS ~ < Cheerleader > < Khikhikhikhi in the stands > < Clapping > < Making Reactions on others shots > pic.twitter.com/kmiAnVcFle — Ritika (@Viratistic_18) April 19, 2021 Never change, Kohli, never change! The animated expressions on the face of the captain as he lauded his team's performance against Kolkata, soon went viral on the internet, with many even sharing hilarious memes out of it. Here are some of them: My dad seeing me wake up before 12PM on a Sunday. pic.twitter.com/AlM0Tsk9Hf — Aman (@AmanHasNoName_2) April 18, 2021Neighbour aunty whenever my parents scold me #RCB #RCBvsSRH pic.twitter.com/Ifr9bV02b7 — Devraj Rajput (@XxSociopathx) April 19, 2021When your friend gives worst presentation in class — 1-Âbøvē-Āll (@Vs8278) April 19, 2021Me seeing #RCB’s innings after two early wickets:#RCBvKKR pic.twitter.com/A6LXNeoCHf — Chloe-Amanda Bailey (@ChloeAmandaB) April 18, 2021Nice Chloe #RCB #RCBvKKR pic.twitter.com/xH8xq0xlIH — Rakesh Kumar Tripathy (@iRakesh10) April 18, 2021Virat bhai jyada ho rha h yeh pic.twitter.com/FxlbrTDlWo — Bruce Wayne (@thsaffronknight) April 18, 2021 pic.twitter.com/A9xjl6LKIP — nostalgic atom ️ (@nostalgic_soull) April 18, 2021Our skipper makes the best memes. — Abhishek (@abhishekr2502) April 18, 2021You think Kohli did this intentionally to provide for meme material?#RCBvKKR #VIVOIPL #IPL2021 pic.twitter.com/Mh2RP92DUA — Naman Balar (@balarnam) April 18, 2021 View the full article
  15. Chetan Sakariya made his debut for Rajasthan Royals in their opening clash against Punjab Kings in the Indian Premier League and stunned everyone with his performance. The left-arm Sakariya took three wickets and it was his astronomical catch that astonished everyone. It was in the 2021 IPL auction that he was picked up for Rs 1.2 crore by Rajasthan Royals. What a stunner by Chetan Sakariya ! #RRvPBKS #chetansakariya pic.twitter.com/wSbxo02xX2 — Nasir khan (@Nasirkh80026140) April 12, 2021 He might be the star of today but he had to overcome many odds and personal battles to reach here. Here’s what all we know about his family and the struggles he had to go through in his life. Tragic Personal Life1. Just a month prior to him being selected by the IPL, he lost his brother. In a heart-wrenching note shared by his mother with Around The Wicket, she said that Chetan’s younger brother had died by suicide and the family didn’t tell him because he was playing the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. They kept the truth hidden from him for 10 days and when he got to know, he was devastated and didn’t eat or talk to anyone for a week as the two brothers were really close. She said, “I hope nobody goes through the pain and struggles we went through. My second child, a son who was a year younger than Chetan, committed suicide a month ago. Chetan was playing the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy at that time, which he finished as the sixth-highest wicket-taker. We didn’t inform him about his brother’s death for the first 10 days as we didn’t want his game to be affected. All we told him was that his father wasn’t keeping well.” She went on to add, “Every time Chetan would call to ask about his father’s health, he would ask us to make him speak to his brother. But I'd change the topic. I wouldn't let him speak to his father too because I knew my husband would tell him the truth. But one day, I broke down on the call. After knowing of his brother’s death, Chetan didn't speak to anybody for a week. Neither did he eat. The two brothers were very close.” View this post on Instagram2. His mother's note also revealed that the family didn’t have any financial backing per se as his father was a lorry driver and unfortunately, he had been bedridden after meeting with three accidents. The hardest part in his mother's note was that his father still hasn’t recovered from his younger son’s suicide, “He is yet to recover from our son’s suicide. Neither does he eat nor talk. I try my best to give him strength.” 3. As it was hard for the father to make ends meet financially, Chetan started to work at his maternal uncle’s shop so as to help his family. His mother also added that until five years ago, they didn’t even own a TV and it was from outside that they used to get updates of their son’s cricket career. View this post on Instagram 4. Chetan’s younger brother was the only bread earner of the house but he too died by suicide, leaving the whole family stranded and it was Chetan’s IPL contract that gave the family much-needed hope. His mother said, “The first thing he wants to do with the money is buying us a house in Rajkot.” 5. Chetan’s mother also contributed to the family and still continues to do so with her embroidery work. She added, “I also contribute to the family income by doing stonework on sarees. When my children were small, I would leave them alone at home to go out and do embroidery. That money was used for their education.” View this post on Instagram 6. She now feels that Chetan’s hard work has paid off and also said that ever since he got the contract, the media has been contacting them daily. After listening to this, we truly respect the man that Chetan has become as he battled miseries to become the achiever he is today and it’s not that easy. After his personal life, let’s head on to his professional career. 1. Chetan‘s skills are almost self-taught as it wasn’t until he was 16 that he had formal coaching of any kind. He used to copy Irfan Pathan and Zaheer Khan's actions while bowling. 2. It was six years ago that he created a stir when he played for Saurashtra in the Cooch Behar Trophy, where he picked up 18 wickets in six games, including 5 for 84 against Karnataka Under-19. View this post on Instagram 3. Chetan made his senior team debut during the 2018-19 Ranji Trophy season and has so far featured in 15 first-class games, seven List A games, and 16 T20s. 4. In the latest development, he was picked by the Rajasthan Royals team at the February auction for Rs 1.2 crores and that has completely changed his fate. Needless to say, Chetan's story can inspire a million others to fight against odds and achieve their dreams. We hope he has a successful career ahead of him. View the full article
  16. It is safe to say that Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s debut in the Indian Premier League 2021 did not go the way he or any of his fans had thought. Walking down to the pitch after the dismissal of Suresh Raina, the skipper gave up his wicket on just the second delivery he faced as he helped bowler Avesh Khan get some caught-and-bowled practice early in the season. MS Dhoni's first duck in T20s since the 2015 IPL https://t.co/n0I9J7qh68 | #CSKvDC | #IPL2021 pic.twitter.com/hft1VnxGQd — ESPNcricinfo (@ESPNcricinfo) April 10, 2021 Scoreless, ‘Thala’ had to return to the dugout without making an impact in favour of the Chennai Super Kings franchise. However, the duck-out wasn’t even the end of his misery through the night as the Delhi Capitals batsmen walked all over Dhoni’s bowlers and successfully chased down a 188-run total with eight balls to spare. To add to his pain, Dhoni was also slapped with a Rs. 12 lakh fine at the end of the match for maintaining a slow over-rate during the second half. Captain MS Dhoni fined INR Rs 12 lakh for Chennai Super Kings' slow over-rate against Delhi Capitals. #CSKvDC | #IPL2021 pic.twitter.com/ZpcI8eHzsK — ESPNcricinfo (@ESPNcricinfo) April 10, 2021 Fans and staff members of the CSK continue to feel that Dhoni is still the same old Mahi who smacks bowlers for sixes on demand and that his mysterious captaincy will continue to bring him success even at the age of 39, however, cricket analysts believe that the ‘Whistle Podu’ gang is set for yet another disappointing season after missing out on the IPL Playoffs for the very first time in league history back in 2020. Sure, during the two practice matches that CSK had within their squad, Dhoni’s power and unorthodox batting were put on display and were highlighted by social media platforms all over the world to make the followers of the game believe that he was back for a revenge season but the fact remains that Dhoni hasn’t had a decent innings since ICC World Cup 2019. A remarkable partnership between @msdhoni and @imjadeja provided some wonderful shot-making and took India to the brink of a thrilling comeback. See their best shots here #TeamIndia | #CWC19 pic.twitter.com/ZxlDtJzn8i — ICC (@ICC) July 10, 2019 On the other hand, his apprentice Rishabh Pant went on to have a dream start to his career as the captain of a franchise. He was not only praised for his calmness and decision-making as the top-guy but even got to score the match-winning runs in the 19th over of the game to get his side at the top of the IPL 2021 Points Table with 2 points and a +0.779 Net Run Rate (highest in the league so far). View the full article
  17. The Indian Premier League is finally back in India after being shipped to the United Arab Emirates for a year due to a severe outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the league has brought along a rather unusual problem this year. Apparently, many of the fans of the Indian T20 league are completely against the way the new scorecard looks this season. IPL 2020 scorecard graphics was better than this one. It's looks very weird. — Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) April 9, 2021Okay, who thought it was a good idea to turn the IPL scorecard graphics into a alien spaceship control panel? — Kieran (@BerbaSpinCric) April 9, 2021*Space in TV exists* IPL scorecard graphics: pic.twitter.com/DXyt0UXGg2 — Shreyas. (@shreyasr21) April 9, 2021Scorecard graphics is the second worst thing happened this IPL first is the Cricbuzz logo. — डी.के. (@itsdhruvism) April 9, 2021The new IPL scorecard graphics? Not for me, Jeff. — Ashwin Raman (@AshwinRaman_) April 9, 2021I feel color blind looking at the IPL scorecard graphics — | Kriz (@ThisIsKritzz) April 9, 2021I never thought I would hate dark mode but this is a first. #IPL2021 #IPLScorecard #IPLGraphics — Aakash Sivasubramaniam (@aakashs26) April 9, 2021Essentially, there are a couple of things about the new template that the fans are complaining about. They feel that the design covers a lot of the screen unnecessarily and is too wide and broad. The addition of franchise logos on the extreme ends seems to tick off the fans as well. Finally, the lifted corners are making the fans feel as if they are looking at an “alien spaceship control”. And while the resentment towards the new design is strong, there are loads of people who are completely fine with it or believe that it would grow on them eventually. TBH, This looks way better than last one. Stop complaining about everything. — Aditya (@AdityaH_0212) April 9, 2021You will get used to it, don’t worry — The Apple Lad (@theapplelad) April 9, 2021This looks good too. Just need to get used to it. — Himansh (@HimanshSingla_) April 9, 2021But IMO it's Better than last one And The way they show stats of player that's — Ravi Desai 🇮🇳 Champion CSK (@its_DRP) April 9, 2021As far as the initial game is concerned, the season opener did not go how Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma would have hoped on an individual level as he got dismissed off a run-out by RCB skipper Virat Kohli following a miscommunication with his opening partner Chris Lynn. The game also came to an exciting end with Kohli's side winning on the final delivery of the second innings. Harshal Patel's excellent 5/27 stint with the ball earned him the 'Player of the Match' recognition and the RCB started their season yet again on a promising note. View the full article
  18. With the season of the Indian Premier League upon us once again, Wasim Jaffer, crowned to be the social media king, has also made his return with yet another one of his iconic riddles. This time around, he has kept it simple and has tweeted the image of a pink flamingo standing on one leg, in a shallow end of a beach. Guess my player to watch out for tonight. I'll reveal the player at 6pm, but let's see how many decode it before that #MIvRCB #IPL2021 pic.twitter.com/9MvrF66Yxc — Wasim Jaffer (@WasimJaffer14) April 9, 2021 “Guess my player to watch out for tonight. I'll reveal the player at 6pm, but let's see how many decode it before that #MIvRCB #IPL2021,” wrote the former Indian batsman. This means that the man Jaffer is talking about, belongs to either Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians or Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore , which narrows down the answer to about 30 people. With the given information in mind, the fans of tournament and T20 franchise cricket got to work and started offering their answers to Jaffer on Twitter. Kyle Jamieson, I guess. — Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) April 9, 2021 Hardik Pandya?... standing on one foot with one ahead of the other and hitting helicopter shot ..btw bohot dino se apka meme nehi dekhne ko mil raha ab to har roj milega🥳 — Himangshu Sekhar Das🇮🇳 (@Himangshu_2002) April 9, 2021 AB DE VILLIERS "MR. 360 degree" since, he can equally hit all around the ground and a flamingo can bend in many directions in most unnatural ways — random twiteratti (@Twitersss007) April 9, 2021 Suryakumar Yadav because of his one-legged shot to kick off his international career! — Srinivas Ramamohan (@srini_ramamohan) April 9, 2021 @Swannyg66 pic.twitter.com/BYQhx5Y0Pd — Diptiman Yadav (@DiptimanYadav) April 9, 2021 But then a couple of fans figured out Jaffer’s reference to the ‘Flamingo Block’ that New Zealand pacer Trent Boult had played on Day 5 of the first Test match against Australia at Adelaide way back in 2015 that had the cricketing world raising their eyebrows at the cricketer’s willow-wielding abilities. One of the biggest reasons why Mumbai Indians seem to have a clear advantage over Bangalore is left-arm pace ace Boult and the statistical upper hand southpaw fast-bowlers have against RCB skipper Virat Kohli. In the history of the IPL, Kohli has been dismissed a total of 30 times at the hands of the left-arm pacer and continues to have the worst dot-ball percentage against them, according to Hindustan Times. Having said that, the Chepauk stadium has not been kind to pacers in recent matches and the first two Tests of the India-England series have enough evidence to prove it. It would therefore make it very interesting to see how Boult uses his expertise to find a way to use the Chennai deck to his advantage in the season opener. As of now, all we need to do is wait until 6PM for Jaffer to give out the answer to the riddle followed by enjoying a couple of hours of non-stop action as the two titans of the game lock horns once again. View the full article
  19. A couple of days ahead of a major tournament of a series in the world of international cricket, the match broadcasters provide a list of commentators that they will be having on board for various languages in which the games will be covered. Ahead of the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League, Star Sports have announced their lists of commentators for both Hindi and English, and while most of the names are familiar and “acceptable” for those who watch the matches regularly, one name, in particular, has stood out for fans… and not in a good way - Murali Kartik. View this post on InstagramOver the years, the former Indian cricketer has become a part of the regular rotation of English-speaking Indian commentators to have covered some of the most important and iconic matches of the Men in Blue. However, his voice behind the microphone has failed to impress a lot of fans, who often complain about it at the time of a live match and have once again done the same after the IPL list came out: Mark feel bad for you that you will have to tolerate Murali Kartik and Laxman Shivramakrishnan for 2 months. Hold up buddy — Naman and 28 others (@namanjain_101) April 8, 2021Murali Kartik is the Worstest commentator — Lord Shardul (@Tanujgu33612027) April 8, 2021Karthik, Deep and Agarkar are so terrible. It's unbearable at times — ➡️Nish⬅️ (@HKZ_506) April 8, 2021 Kartik has also made his share of mistakes while delivering information about the match in the commentary box. For instance, during the final ODI between India and England at Pune’s Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, he announced that Tom Curran had struck a half-century, whereas it was his brother Sam Curran who had achieved the feat. When sam complete his 50 Murali Karthik said on air - 50 for Tom Curran 🤬 How unlucky r we that we have to bear this shitty panel of jokers #INDvsENG — Diksha (@Deeksha45015326) March 28, 2021 Seconds later, a faint voice was heard in the background correcting Kartik’s mistake on live television. It is not as if Kartik himself does not know how fans feel about his work with the mic. Back in January when India were in the middle of the four-match Border-Gavaskar Trophy Test series in Australia, a Twitter user had called him an “irritating commentator” while tagging him in his post. The leg-spinner ended up replying to the comment, thanking him for his “kind words”. Here’s the complete list of English Commentators For IPL 2021:Harsha Bhogle, Simon Doull, Ian Bishop, Michael Slater, Danny Morrison, Deep Dasgupta, Rohan Gavaskar, Pommie Mbangwa, Darren Ganga, Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, Murali Kartik, Sunil Gavaskar, Kevin Pietersen, Anjum Chopra, Lisa Sthalekar, Mark Nicholas, Kumar Sangakkara and JP Duminy. Here’s the complete list of Hindi Commentators For IPL 2021:Jatin Sapru, Aakash Chopra, Deep Dasgupta, Nikhil Chopra, Irfan Pathan, Gautam Gambhir, Parthiv Patel, RP Singh and Kiran More. View the full article
  20. As India suffers a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic with a mutated version of the original virus with a significantly higher rate of spreading, the plan prepared by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to hold the Indian Premier League on home soil, becomes more and more difficult to execute. Mumbai, which is one of the six major locations for the 2021 edition of the Indian T20 league, remains one of the worst-hit cities in the country to be affected by the new strain and has become a big cause of worry for those who live around the iconic Wankhede cricket stadium, especially as the tournament begins in a couple of days. Some residents near the Wankhede Stadium request CM Uddhav Thackeray to shift IPL matches from the iconic venue. Remains to be seen whether there would be any response from the state government on this.#IPL2021 https://t.co/0VuglfhGpa — Subhayan Chakraborty (@CricSubhayan) April 5, 2021 While the rules established by the BCCI do not allow any spectators inside the stadium when the matches are taking place, there is no rule stopping the fans from crowding in front of the stadium, just to steal a glimpse of some of the most favourite cricketers as they make their way to the matches. The potential of hundreds of people getting together in one such small location, therefore, becomes a major reason of concern for the residents around the stadium. According to media reports, residents have also written mails to Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to consider moving the IPL matches away from Mumbai and asking the BCCI to use one of their backup facilities for the same. Excerpts from new Covid-19 restrictions by Government of Maharashtra @OfficeofUT @AUThackeray. While we know Mr. Jay Shah / @IPL is above all, atleast come up with corrigendum declaring Wankhede/Brabourne not to be treated as Sports Complex. Junta deserves optical "transparency" pic.twitter.com/kzmJOjbcVk — Nikhil Somani (@NIKHILSO) April 8, 2021 On April 2, a resident of D Road which is right next to the Wankhede stadium wrote to the CM: “The state government is compelled to restrict religious and other social activities like marriages, deaths etc. and contrary to this, in these difficult times, IPL cricket matches of such magnitude lasting over several days is permitted.” “Every year during the matches, there are parking restrictions, which make it difficult for the senior residents and is unacceptable in these times of Covid,” wrote another resident. #DelhiCapitals captain Rishabh Pant is planning to do "something different" against MS Dhoni's #CSK on April 10. #IPL2021 pic.twitter.com/3X3gO9cuBE — Circle of Cricket (@circleofcricket) April 6, 2021 Ironically, the inaugural match of the season is scheduled to take place at Wankhede between Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings and Rishabh Pant’s Delhi Capitals. The two franchises have been at the venue for about a week and have been visiting the stadium for practice, rather regularly. View the full article
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