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Found 14 results

  1. Zerodha co-founder and CEO, Nithin Kamath has come in the line of fire after he revealed that his company was launching a "fun wellness programme" that supposedly encouraged employees to improve their fitness levels. As part of the program, staff members were promised rewards for losing weight. A fitness enthusiast himself, Kamath had taken to Twitter to announce that Zerodha employees with a BMI under 25 would receive an additional bonus of half a month’s pay. The tweet read, “We are running a fun health program at @zerodhaonline. Anyone on our team with BMI <25 gets half a month's salary as a bonus. The avg BMI of our team is 25.3 & if we can get to <24 by Aug, everyone gets another ½ month as a bonus. It'd be fun to compete with other companies” We are running a fun health program at @zerodhaonline. Anyone on our team with BMI <25 gets half a month's salary as bonus. The avg BMI of our team is 25.3 & if we can get to <24 by Aug, everyone gets another ½ month as a bonus. It'd be fun to compete with other companies 1/3 — Nithin Kamath (@Nithin0dha) April 7, 2022 According to the CEO, the average BMI of Zerodha’s staff is 25.3, and he challenged them to bring it under 24 by August in order for the employees to reap the promised benefits. The initiative was intended to be a part of the ‘World Health Day’, which was on April 7. Kamath said in his tweet, “The lowest average BMI or the largest change in average BMI wins. The winner chooses a charity everyone else contributes to. Maybe a health tech company can run the initiative. If you want to do this at your company, do post in the comments. Happy world health day.” PS: I know BMI isn’t the best measure to track health & fitness, but it is the easiest way to get started. With health & most other things in life, the most important bit is to get started. Btw, walking 10,000 steps daily is a great start if you've been wanting to get healthy 3/3 — Nithin Kamath (@Nithin0dha) April 7, 2022 He did issue a clarification regarding the parameters of the program in a subsequent tweet, “PS: I know BMI isn’t the best measure to track health & fitness, but it is the easiest way to get started. With health & most other things in life, the most important bit is to get started. Btw, walking 10,000 steps daily is a great start if you've been wanting to get healthy.” However, it seems as if Nithin Kamath may have missed the mark with this initiative, as the internet’s fury unfolds upon him. On the micro-blogging site, this user tweeted, “Wow rewarding people for being skinny is not the type of fatphobia I thought I'd wake up to but not surprised”. But another Twitter user contested that claim, stating, “There's no phobia here. Stop whining and start getting healthy. I'm also trying to lose weight.” There's no phobia here. Stop whining and start getting healthy. I'm also trying to lose weight. — Eddie (@pussymonious) April 8, 2022 This commenter felt Zerodha’s initiative to be problematic, as they wrote, “This is serious discrimination and body shaming. There is nothing 'fun' about your program. Why should my pay or a bonus be linked to my body type? The only thing relevant is my work.” Their opinion was met with an almost immediate retort from another Twitter user, who said, “All work and no play makes one a dull guy/girl..Ever heard of work-life balance? If the employer cares about the quality of life his fellow employees, what’s wrong with it?” This is serious discrimination and body shaming. There is nothing 'fun' about your program. Why should my pay or a bonus be linked to my body type? The only thing relevant is my work. — Divyaroop Bhatnagar (@debubhatnagar) April 8, 2022 Amidst the chaos, there seemed to be one particular user who tried to explain to Zerodha’s founder, the error of his ways. She said, “Hey Nithin! I really appreciate the effort of incentivising and gamifying health for employees. But the same blanket goal for everyone can be a problematic strategy since it, at a lowest risk level, can make people associate their worth with weight or size.” She continued the thought in a linked tweet, “And at the worst, can even lead to eating disorders or mental health issues. I'm a corporate wellness coach working extensively on health at every size. I could help with better goal setting to be more inclusive and less problematic goals.” Whatever be the intention, it seems like Kamath and Zerodha would face some trouble digging themselves out of this faux pas. View the full article
  2. Throughout his stellar career, former India captain Virat Kohli has been compared to batting legend Sachin Tendulkar on several occasions. Kohli's stats and consistency at his best were so impressive that many predicted he would match, if not surpass, Tendulkar's Test and ODI records. While Kohli has denied any parallels, claiming that Tendulkar is one of the greatest cricketers of all time and one of the reasons he began playing the game, the comparisons have remained anytime Kohli smashed a record held by the Little Master. Tendulkar has now weighed in on the subject. He has not, however, prioritised one over the other, as is usual for the 48-year-old. When asked which of the two of them is the best cricketer in a rapid-fire set of questions, he said to Graham Bensinger in an interview on the latter's YouTube channel, "How about having both of us in one team." This is where Virat Kohli fans have gotten upset with the Indian legend. They feel that instead of taking the easy way out of such a debate, the ‘Master Blaster’ should have acted like the bigger person and called Kohli the better player. While suggesting that if and when Kohli is being asked this question, he has always maintained that Tendulkar has been greater and better than him, they suggested that it is this difference between the two cricket superstars that makes the 33-year old the better pick. If you any time ask the same question to Virat, he will definitely say Sachin. Difference. https://t.co/W208gpTwoD — Suhit Data (@suhit_data) February 17, 2022People saying in comments/quotes that he should say Sachin only since he is junior. Only one answer to that is that go back and visit what he said about 19-year-old Shubman Gill. Don't forget to cry louder. — Suhit Data (@suhit_data) February 17, 2022Numbers say virat is the greatest ever in the all format game, many other legends would hv taken VIRAT'S name — Arman Khan (@CHEEKUTHEGOAT) February 17, 2022If kohli would've made such a statement,the whole media would've been on role — Kunal // (@kunal__singhi) February 17, 2022Yes he just can't say Virat only — Jitendra (@Jitendr63761289) February 17, 2022 However, Sachin Tendulkar fans quickly jumped into the discussion and started calling out Virat Kohli fans for being angry at the legend simply because he did not say what they wanted to hear. Many even expressed that while the two players are great in their respective eras, the fact that Virat has formerly expressed that Sachin was his idol growing up, simply renders the question ineffective and ends the debate even before it starts. Because Sachin Tendulkar is inspiration of virat not other way — #Gorkha #MI (@AkkiSrt) February 17, 2022The kinda expecation to expect everyone to speak the same line endorsed by self is why indian cricket twitter is such a toxic space. Wtf should sachin not say what he wants and say what you want? — All things cricket. (@Allthingscrick4) February 17, 2022Those who r saying virat is better or saying stuff like this difference nd all these r perfect examples of blind pans Sachin is on another level je can't be compared to anyone nd those who show numbers remember Sachin player with rules which favoured bowlers more than rules today — Daisy's Assistant || Saw NWH (@quakecoulson) February 17, 2022Because virat started playing cricket after watching sachin,SACHIN is the sole reason why cricket became famous in india,sachin was is and will be the GREATEST EVER. — Harshit (@6forty8) February 18, 2022 Kohli had previously stated that comparing the two is unfair to Tendulkar. While talking to Gaurav Kapur in Breakfast With Champions, he had expressed that only those who are worthy of comparison may be compared. If people were comparing him to someone who inspired him to take up cricket in the first place, it does not even make sense. Kohli said that he felt that Sachin was the most well-rounded batter in history. He added that the Mumbai legend doesn't deserve to be compared to the current generation of cricketers because of the kind of contributions he has made for Team India and cricket as a sport. View the full article
  3. There hasn’t been a more influential figure in Indian cricket than Sachin Tendulkar. The ‘Master Blaster’ ruled the hearts of every Indian cricket fan for nearly a quarter of a century. In a cricket-mad country like India, living up to people’s expectations is not easy but the Mumbai-born did that exceedingly well throughout his international career that spanned 24 years, starting in 1989 and culminating in 2013. © Reuters The day the world’s leading run-scorer retired from international cricket, it was a sad day for all of us – not just in India all over the world. Most of us had grown up watching him play cricket and the very thought that we would not be able to see arguably the world’s greatest cricketer don the India jersey ever again had made all of us pretty emotional. © Reuters As much difficult it was for us, it was equally painful for the legend himself. After all, he was walking away from one thing that had formed an important part of his life all these years. Recalling the emotions he went through on the day of his retirement back in 2013, the 48-year-old said that it was hard for him to control his emotions and tears kept flowing down his eyes, while he was sitting inside the dressing room. © Reuters Not just us fans, it was an emotional day for the whole team, especially those young players who had started playing cricket because of him. One such player who was lucky enough to share the dressing room with him in his last match was Virat Kohli. During an interaction with Graham Bensinger on his YouTube channel, the former India opener said that sitting in a corner with a towel on his head, he was wiping his tears and that is when Kohli came to him and gave him a sacred thread that his late father had given him. “I was sitting in one corner alone with a towel on my head and wiping tears and I was really emotional. And at that time, Virat had come to me and Virat gave me the sacred thread that his father had given him,” Tendulkar said during the candid chat. It was a wonderful gesture from young Kohli but given what it meant to him, Tendulkar said he just couldn’t take it as it was given to him by his late father as a blessing. © Reuters “And I kept that for a while and then returned that to him again. I said, ‘This is priceless and this has to stay with you and no one else. This is your property. And you should have it till your last breath.’ And I gave it back to him. So that was an emotional moment, something which will be always there in my memory, forever,” he added. It was the most valuable possession Kohli had with him, and the fact that he was willing to part with that just goes on show how much respect and admiration he had for the legendary batter. View the full article
  4. During the #MeToo movement that jolted Bollywood, one of the big names that came up often was that of director Sajid Khan, when several women had raised complaints against him. Actress Sherlyn Chopra also shared her experience with the director and narrated an old incident. She revealed that back in 2005, she met the director after she lost her father, and had to face some uncomfortable behaviour. Responding to a tweet about Sajid, she said, "When I had met him in April 2005, a few days after my father’s demise, he had taken his p**is out of his pants and had asked me to feel it. I remember having told him that I know how a p**is feels like & that the purpose of my meeting with him was not to feel or rate his p**is (sic)." © Twitter © Twitter View this post on Instagram Naturally, people asked her on social media that why she decided to stay shut about this unfortunate incident all these years. "He has the 'superstars' of Bollywood to vouch for his 'character'. It's my word against theirs. The Bollywood mafia is a strong syndicate”, she responded to a user. “After flashing his p**is, he had not only asked me to touch it & feel it but also asked me if I had ever seen a p**is as well endowed as his,” she added. Following numerous allegations against him, Sajid was eventually suspended from the Indian Film & Television Directors' Association for one year. At that time he was working on his film Housefull 4 and had to quit the film midway. View this post on Instagram The director had, however, confidently denied all allegations. "I'm under suspension from the director’s association and am not working since the last 6 months. I will finish off my suspension period for the next few months and only then consider work,” he said in an interview. Source: India Today View the full article
  5. There are so many Instagram reel trends that keep us hooked, and one of them is KiDi's viral song, Touch it. If you are a follower of this trend, you might know about the air hostess who danced to the tunes of Manike Mage Hithe on an empty flight. Now, in yet another viral video, an air hostess is seen dancing on Touch it. The video has more than 550K views, and as soon as the air hostess named Vrush Pastel posted it, it was shared by many other platforms. View this post on Instagram She is seen dancing to Touch it in the empty flight, and her video is recorded by one of her colleagues. The typical dance move of Shut up and bend over made the people shower the video with love and praise. The comments are replete with love emojis, and everyone seems to be enjoying her moves. Take a look. © Instagram/Aviationflies View the full article
  6. Sometimes a formula for a magnum opus fails terribly and leaves fans, actors, producers and basically everyone aghast with shock. Karan Johar’s Kalank which became a terrible disaster like its name, had raised some expectations, only to crush them later. While some called it a ‘SLB ki sasti copy’, it had some good performances in the face of Alia and Madhuri and of course the music was melodious. The big budget flop’s responsibility was reasonably taken by the producer KJO himself. Now, the writer of the movie, Hussain Dalal, has graciously accepted that it indeed was a big budget flop and it is somewhere on him as well. In an interview with a net portal, he claimed, “The thing about success is that you wake up the same person in the morning. I wake up, I'll have my chai, read the newspaper... Success is very intangible. You can't see it; it's only for the world... I've felt failure, when a movie goes down. For me, a big film went down two years ago; Kalank went down. And the sense of responsibility you feel, that maybe you ruined it, that your writing was so bad that people couldn't watch the film. Failure is a more tangible emotion for an artist. Success is always in the perspective of others... Success is never for the artist, it's always in retrospect. Failure is a great teacher, it makes an artist". Many viewers complained that overenthusiasm shown in terms of high flying poetic dialogues and unfinished direction ruined it for them. Hussain agreed and said, “I learned. I went overboard with the poetry. Perhaps if I had simplified it, I could have communicated better. Kalank was so personal to me, such a beautiful story; I take full responsibility for maybe having ruined it a little bit with over-poetry.” View the full article
  7. As with most movies in The Conjuring universe, The Devil Made Me Do It claims that it is based on a real-life incident. While this is true, it would be foolish to think that whatever we see in the film is historically accurate. © Warner Bros. Pictures In fact, the makers have taken a lot of liberty while making the movie. They have also omitted quite a lot of things that would have made the film a whole lot more interesting. Needless to say, it is actually interesting to find out, how accurate is The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. © Warner Bros. Pictures Here are 7 things that filmmakers Michael Chaves, James Wan & Peter Safran left out in the movie, about the trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson. 1. The First Case In US History Where The Defense Was “Not Guilty Because Of Demonic Possession” © NBC This was the first case where the defence lawyer presented a plea of Not Guilty because of demonic possession. Arne Johnson’s lawyer was called Martin Minnella, who would later go on to become a best-selling author for a book he wrote on his role in the case. 2. The Mysterious Old Man © NBC The movie starts with the scene of David Glatzel’s exorcism. Prior to the exorcism, David had often seen and been attacked by a “demon” who had taken up the shape of an old man. During one of the many interviews that Arne gave to the press, during and after his trial, Arne had also spoken of this old man who would say him to do certain things. Lorraine Warren also spoke of seeing the apparition of an old man standing near David, when she met him for the first time. 3. A Possessed David Predicted Arne’s Manslaughter © Warner Bros. Pictures Gerald Brittle, who worked as an assistant to the Warrens and would often set up the cameras and recording devices, wrote a book about the exorcism of David Glatzel & Arne’s trial. As per his book, during the exorcism, a possessed David, had predicted that Arne would commit manslaughter. A show made by The Discovery Channel, A Haunting, which also covered the case, spoke of this prediction. However, the filmmakers completely skipped this. It was because of this recorded prediction that Lorraine Warren, had asked the local police to reach Bono’s kennel before the stabbing was reported. © Wiki Commons 4. Both Arne & Bono Were Drunk At The Time Of The Stabbing © Warner Bros. Pictures One thing that the film got completely wrong was the sequence of the stabbing. On the day of the murder, Bono had taken Arne’s girlfriend Debbie, her cousins, and Arne out for lunch, where the two men drank a lot, and got visibly intoxicated, as recorded in the court documents and the police report. The party then drove back to Bono’s kennel, and stayed there for some time, during which the two men were drinking again. 5. Before The Murder, Arne Got In A Heated Argument With His Landlord Bono © Warner Bros. Pictures Debbie’s youngest cousin, Mary, wanted to get some pizza when they were at Bono’s place. When they returned, Arne was apparently in a trance, not knowing where he was. Debbie suggested that she should drop the kids back home, and asked everyone to leave the room. At this point, an agitated and intoxicated Bono grabbed Mary. Arne re-entered the room and began shouting at Bono, although Mary and all her cousins testified that he was growling instead of shouting. At this point, Arne took out a pocket knife, flung himself on Bono and stabbed him repeatedly. Bono had been stabbed about 10-12 times, not 22 as the movie claims. Of this 10, 4-6 were around his vital organs, and it was these stabbings that killed him. 6. The Jury Was Not Allowed To Consider The Demonic Possession Defence © Wiki Commonsg 3 Missed The judge clearly from the start of the case that “Demonic Possession” was a defence that he would not entertain. As a result, Minnella had to come up with a defence that would imply that Arne had lost his self in the heat of the moment, and had gone temporarily insane. During the course of the trial, Minnella tried a number of tactics that would give the jury members, that Arne was in fact possessed by something other than himself. One of the biggest mistakes that Minnella made, however, was that they did not plead temporary insanity, and that cost them. 7. If Allowed To Consider The Demonic Possession Plea, Arne Would’ve Been Acquitted © Warner Bros. Pictures The prosecutor for the case pushed for the death penalty for Arne. However, Arne and Minnella were able to charm the jury. Even though he did not plead temporary insanity, Minnella was able to convince the jury that Arne was not himself on the day of the stabbing. Furthermore, reporters back then described Arne to be gentle, soft-spoken and docile. After the verdict, one of the jurors said in an interview that they wanted to acquit Arne, but simply couldn’t because they were specifically ordered to not consider Demonic Possession as a plea, and the fact that defence never plead temporary insanity. As a result, instead of first-degree murder, they found Arne guilty of manslaughter, a hugely reduced offence. The judge then gave Arne a jail term of 10-20 years, of which, Arne had to serve just 5, because of his good behaviour behind bars. The Bottom Line… Historical inaccuricasies notwithstanding, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is a pretty good film to watch if you like the Conjuring franchise of films. It may not be the best horror film, especially given what we have nowadays, but it surely does the trick of keeping you glued to your seats. View the full article
  8. The Indian Premier League is finally back in India after being shipped to the United Arab Emirates for a year due to a severe outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the league has brought along a rather unusual problem this year. Apparently, many of the fans of the Indian T20 league are completely against the way the new scorecard looks this season. IPL 2020 scorecard graphics was better than this one. It's looks very weird. — Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) April 9, 2021Okay, who thought it was a good idea to turn the IPL scorecard graphics into a alien spaceship control panel? — Kieran (@BerbaSpinCric) April 9, 2021*Space in TV exists* IPL scorecard graphics: pic.twitter.com/DXyt0UXGg2 — Shreyas. (@shreyasr21) April 9, 2021Scorecard graphics is the second worst thing happened this IPL first is the Cricbuzz logo. — डी.के. (@itsdhruvism) April 9, 2021The new IPL scorecard graphics? Not for me, Jeff. — Ashwin Raman (@AshwinRaman_) April 9, 2021I feel color blind looking at the IPL scorecard graphics — | Kriz (@ThisIsKritzz) April 9, 2021I never thought I would hate dark mode but this is a first. #IPL2021 #IPLScorecard #IPLGraphics — Aakash Sivasubramaniam (@aakashs26) April 9, 2021Essentially, there are a couple of things about the new template that the fans are complaining about. They feel that the design covers a lot of the screen unnecessarily and is too wide and broad. The addition of franchise logos on the extreme ends seems to tick off the fans as well. Finally, the lifted corners are making the fans feel as if they are looking at an “alien spaceship control”. And while the resentment towards the new design is strong, there are loads of people who are completely fine with it or believe that it would grow on them eventually. TBH, This looks way better than last one. Stop complaining about everything. — Aditya (@AdityaH_0212) April 9, 2021You will get used to it, don’t worry — The Apple Lad (@theapplelad) April 9, 2021This looks good too. Just need to get used to it. — Himansh (@HimanshSingla_) April 9, 2021But IMO it's Better than last one And The way they show stats of player that's — Ravi Desai 🇮🇳 Champion CSK (@its_DRP) April 9, 2021As far as the initial game is concerned, the season opener did not go how Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma would have hoped on an individual level as he got dismissed off a run-out by RCB skipper Virat Kohli following a miscommunication with his opening partner Chris Lynn. The game also came to an exciting end with Kohli's side winning on the final delivery of the second innings. Harshal Patel's excellent 5/27 stint with the ball earned him the 'Player of the Match' recognition and the RCB started their season yet again on a promising note. View the full article
  9. Sonu Sood won the hearts of millions of people by helping various migrants workers in returning home amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Now, the actor has been honored by the Keshtopur Prafulla Kanan Durga Puja committee in Kolkata as they installed a life-size idol of the actor. We have installed a statue of actor Sonu Sood so that people can take inspiration from him to help people in need: Srinjay Dutta, member of Prafulla Kanan Welfare Association, in Kolkata https://t.co/6ne3v3FAZF pic.twitter.com/VD8clsa6O9 — ANI (@ANI) October 21, 2020 According to ANI, the statue of the actor was dressed in a blue T-shirt, jeans, and sunglasses and the display also showed how he guided the migrant workers on their journeys. A bus through which he sent countless migrant workers home was also put in the background just behind him. Srinjay Dutta, a member of the Prafulla Kanan Welfare Association, said that he wanted to be inspired by Sonu Sood’s initiative of helping so many people. Not only this, but the sufferings of the migrant workers were also showcased and displayed in the Durga Puja pandal. A Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata has installed a life-sized idol of Sonu Sood, after his selfless act of helping migrant labourers return to their houses during #COVID19 pandemic. Watch this #ReporterDiary by @iindrojit | https://t.co/FAHzdk9TO8 pic.twitter.com/HtGTeWJ2Qm — IndiaToday (@IndiaToday) October 21, 2020 Sonu Sood tweeted saying, “My biggest award ever.” Check out the tweet here- My biggest award ever https://t.co/4hOUeVh2wN — sonu sood (@SonuSood) October 21, 2020 Here’s what people have to say about Sonu Sood’s idol at the Durga Puja pandal- Sonu bhai I am from Kolkata I am very happy to see this — Nav (@KunalNav) October 21, 2020Congratulations bhai — munish Pandit (@MVaishisht) October 21, 2020Salute to you brother for your great work. Your work is really appreciated and commendable Love u Lots of blessings ️ — munish Pandit (@MVaishisht) October 21, 2020U deserve it sonu sir..... — Gupta@Ashutosh (@ASHUTOS64259479) October 22, 2020Awesome — Manpreet Jetley (@JetleyManpreet) October 21, 2020People on the internet are saying that he very well deserves it and we agree. Sonu Sood has become a ‘messiah’ for many people amid the pandemic. Also, we don't think he will stop being a real-life hero for us anytime soon. The Bollywood actor has become the talk of the nation and only because of the good work that he is doing. He sent so many migrant workers back home through private buses amid the deadly Coronavirus and ensured that everyone reaches home safely. Sood mostly found people who need help through social media and helped them out without fail. View the full article
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