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Found 555 results

  1. Amid the raging national outcry right now against nepotism in the industry, one can't help but think back to 2017 when a fiery Kangana Ranaut openly called out the nepotism in Bollywood, when she appeared on the infamous Koffee With Karan show. View the full article
  2. There is nothing like a big fat Indian wedding. Desi shaadis are nothing short of an extravaganza in the garb of a union between two individuals and their families. A typical Indian wedding, for the most part, will have these following elements. Firstly, there would be a huge gathering! Expect at least three to four generations of family members to be in attendance apart from a whole bunch of excited friends and awkward colleagues. Next, desi weddings are loud AF all with live bands, fireworks and crackers as well as a DJ who seems to have sworn off his soul to fufa ji and plays just the kind of music which pushes all his buttons. © Outcry Entertainment This is followed by a fashion walk of sorts, where every attendee is trying to outdo the others, including the bride and the groom, when it comes dressing in glorious attires and showing off all the gold and precious gems they own. Then of course, there is THE feast where the norm is to have a three-course buffet meal which caters to every kind of palate, although taya ji will still find something to complain about in the menu. © Outcry Entertainment Thatâs a typical Indian wedding for you on a regular day. But, things have been anything but regular of late and all of this is now a thing of the past. At least for 2020, and if we are too unlucky, things might be no different in 2021 as well. With the coronavirus wreaking havoc in India, as well as globally, a lot has changed. But the one thing that will always remain a part of our lives are weddings. But that too had to undergo many modifications in order to make the whole affair suitable for the current circumstances. And no we arenât talking about the court or video call weddings, but a true blue desi wedding. © Outcry Entertainment With government restrictions on hosting weddings, many couples have either postponed their weddings or have been forced to get married under restrictions which call for physical distancing and a limited guestlist of not more than 50 people at the ceremony. A recent wedding in Mumbai gave us a glimpse of what big fat Indians weddings will probably look like in the times of coronavirus. Organised by a luxury wedding planning company named Outcry Entertainment, they managed to bring the coupleâs wishes to life without flouting any government rules. © Outcry Entertainment Hosted at The LaLit, Mumbai, the organizers ensured the safety of the guests without hampering the 'larger than life' aspect of the wedding. Ample safety measures were put in place and hygiene standards were maintained at the venue at all times. Every prop and surface was sanitized Talking about his wedding, groom Saurabh Shah said, âAiming at zero compromise at fun, wedding feels and excitement, they made this event happen with complete Covid safety norms. I got a mask that matched my sherwani with a shawl and a turban.â © Outcry Entertainment "This also looks like a beginning towards a new way of doing events and adapting to scenarios that no one has experienced before. Peopleâs wishes and need to move on with their life was a matter of great concern for me as Wedding Planner. Style statement and the luxurious feel of the weddings will never bow down to restrictions imposed because of Covid," believes Saurabh Chaudhary, Director of Outcry Entertainment. © Outcry Entertainment Given the current scenario and looking at the pictures from the event we agree with Saurabh that this might indeed be the new normal for Big Fat Indian weddings in the times to come. Itâs true that this looks nothing like the usual stuff and itâs all new, but there is no denying that this is the need of the hour and the best we can expect in a situation like ours. View the full article
  3. The purest relationship in the world is between a person and their pet. The unconditional love that people have for their tiny little best friend is adorable. And, it's not surprising that the best Chris in Hollywood also has the best little pupper. Chris Evans found his rescue pup Dodger while filming the movie Gifted. It was basically love at first sight for both of them and Chris knew immediately that Dodger was going home with him. Basically, in the movie, one of the last scenes was shot at a shelter and at first Chris didn't realize that the dogs in the scenes were actually up for adoption and not just dogs hired for the scene. And well, the rest was history. He was so sure that Dodger and he were destined to be together that he even filmed the first time they met and shared it a couple of years ago. This is the moment we met. He was trying so hard to stay seated even though he desperately wanted to get out. I knew right away that he was coming home with me, so I took this video to always remember our first hello. Rescue dogs are the best dogs!! #NationalPetDay pic.twitter.com/XjWxPWGDPu â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) April 11, 2018 And looks like they've been best buddies since then. Happy #InternationalDogDay pic.twitter.com/5zODV5AWq5 â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) August 26, 2019 You know how some people just look like they're a dog person? Well, Chris Evans is the most dog-person looking person, if that makes sense. And, that's why I can't even guess how much strength it took for him to film this scene. © Lionsgate So dorky, so cute. Kinda stole Dodgerâs color scheme on set today. pic.twitter.com/4RNSWvac5N â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) December 4, 2018 We get it, Chris. I mean... pic.twitter.com/b3FnOh8vR1 â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) May 14, 2019 The most puppy dog eyes ever. Câmon... pic.twitter.com/vOCIP2RWBC â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) May 14, 2019 Chris' dog is as talented as him, no surprises there. This is Dodgerâs stuffed lion. He loves it. He brings it everywhere. If you press itâs paw, it sings. Today, Dodger decided to join in. pic.twitter.com/CuH53VNVtF â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) November 7, 2017 You can see the love! Two seconds later he full-body sneezed directly into my face. pic.twitter.com/rYKcCnhj3J â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) April 20, 2020 I love it when people try to guess what their pets must be thinking. âIâve been watching you sleep for the last hour trying to organize my thoughts. Iâm not sure how to say this so Iâm just gonna come right out with it. Why the f*ck do we never go to the dog park anymore??? Also wake the hell up, Iâm starvingâ pic.twitter.com/Ix8Yw61Vit â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) April 12, 2020 Quarantine buddies. Homebodies pic.twitter.com/b3s5BMcabP â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) March 23, 2020 I mean, this is so cute. ï¸ #HappyValentines pic.twitter.com/EQtx2Dy5UV â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) February 14, 2020 He even got a dog version of the famous knit sweater from Knives Out. pic.twitter.com/VTmB5HM8Z8 â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) December 25, 2019 He shares more pictures of Dodger than he does of himself. Every morning. pic.twitter.com/qKlwLEe2mU â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) August 19, 2019 From Benny to Dodger. In honor of #LoveYourPetDay hereâs some extremely rare footage of me calling Dodger âBennyâ. Thatâs the name the shelter gave him when he came in as a stray. He was there for about a month. I canât believe no one snagged him sooner! This is our first âhangoutâ at the shelter. pic.twitter.com/DvXXmGiSfD â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) February 20, 2019 They're so in love. Happy Valentineâs Day from this pair of dysfunctional codependents. pic.twitter.com/8rzRkLKmFr â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) February 14, 2019 I can feel the warmth. He doesnât pose very long. pic.twitter.com/3ShuJX7RlV â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) December 4, 2018 He looks like an old man. The longer I stare at this the better it gets pic.twitter.com/LR00NuAwOv â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) October 21, 2018 He knows that Dodger is a king. Could I interest you in a walk since you havenât yet pooped today, Your Majesty? pic.twitter.com/9hqXJyL60D â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) October 2, 2018 The talent. Dodger found someone to harmonize with at the dog park. The result was a powerful duet. I just hope success doesnât go to their heads. pic.twitter.com/LyoPLkkcJw â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) September 14, 2018 The best way to wish your friends. Happy birthday @prattprattpratt from me and this giver of zero f*cks. We hope youâre getting showered with affection today. pic.twitter.com/irSSeVfA09 â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) June 21, 2018 Everything about this video is perfect. It doesnât get old. pic.twitter.com/TWLbsef50a â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) November 20, 2017 Appropriate reaction. After 10 long weeks... pic.twitter.com/pZUvyLjHN5 â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) September 3, 2017 He was counting down to when they'll be reunited! One month away... pic.twitter.com/SOoFROHE3R â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) August 1, 2017 The serious talk. 'Excuse me, are u busy? Could I interest u in chasing squirrels with me outside? Or perhaps u could toss the frisbee? I have no plans today' pic.twitter.com/zj4AOfnFHJ â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) July 15, 2017 I want to feel this peaceful. In other non-depressing news, my dog is still a pure, brand new soul, enjoying nonverbal bonds of love + acceptance w pretty much everything pic.twitter.com/Wg4CASei7n â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) June 8, 2017 The caption is everything. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! From me and this desperate social climber. pic.twitter.com/ZnT2TQDR0c â Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) February 14, 2017 View the full article
  4. Though the world of Bollywood celebrities appears hunky-dory, it is also a mix of a truckload of controversies sometimes. Then be it affairs or relationships, when it comes to love even these celebrities have dealt with the thick and thins of relationships. While on the other side of the spectrum we might assume that they are able to handle everything, in some cases even they have spoken out loud about their breakups. Here are celebrity statements that show love is indeed a hurtful journey, sometimes. 1. Deepika Padukone © Instagram/DeepuRan_FC Breakups become an integral part of our lives and they teach us so many things as a person. Deepika Padukone, who went vocal about her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, also had to bare it all when she broke up with him. She said in one of the interviews "I was foolish enough to give him a second chance because he begged and pleaded, despite the fact that everyone around me said he was still straying. Then I actually caught him red-handed. It took me a while to get out. But having done that, nothing can make me go back. That ship has sailed. It made me realise I should not be so attached to one thing or a person - after the break-up the fact that I had to pick myself up. I cried a lot after my break-up. But I have become a better person and I thank him for that." 2. Shahid Kapoor © Instagram/DeepuRan_FC Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan dated for a very long time as we all know. But their breakup was not quite seamless. Shahid never discussed things in detail but quoted in of the interviews, "Yes, it was a very trying period for me for almost a month, and it was very clearly a question for me of choosing between my personal feelings and my profession. I had two choices, one was to come back and not talk at all, not go out in the press and not interact with the mediaâ which would save me the pain of answering questions which I am uncomfortable about, or go out there and promote my film which was released in three weeks. I chose to do the latter because I think it was important for me as a hero to be there for my film and I had great faith in the film. So yes it was difficult and uncomfortable but I accepted that as a part of the way things work out here." 3. Sushant Singh Rajput © Instagram/SushantSingh_FC For someone who dated a girl for over a decade, breaking up would not have been easy on him. Sushant Singh Rajput fell for Ankita Lokhande during Pavitra Rishta and they called it quits in 2016 . He said that there is nothing left to learn and the next time he gets into a relationship, he won't make it a big deal. So that if something goes wrong, it does not become a big deal. Fair enough! 4. Katrina Kaif © Youtube It was not just Deepika Padukone who went vocal about her relationship with Ranbir but we also have Katrina Kaif in line who also opened up a bit post her break up. She said that it was a difficult time and she would not want to discuss it and would like to keep in under wraps. 5. Bipasha Basu © Wikipedia John Abraham and Bipasha Basu as well announced their split after 10 years of being together. When she was asked about the failed relationship, she said "No. It was definitely not amicable. No break-up is ever amicable. Otherwise, no one would break up. There are always reasons. Otherwise, there wonât be any break-ups." 6. Illena D'Cruz © Instagram/ Illena D'Cruz Illena was in a relationship with a photographer from Australia called Andrew Kneebone. However, they have now parted ways after being together for a couple of years. She said "I don't get upset. When you are going through a situation like this, you understand the value of your family and friends. It's the same that happened to me. I had my family and closest friends supporting me right through it." Way to go, Illena! View the full article
  5. With international and domestic flights being cancelled since March, a bunch of people were left stranded everywhere as they failed to fly back home. While almost everyone was able to actually figure out the situation and reach a safe place, a man from Germany cannot go anywhere and is stuck at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. Basically, after getting stranded due to coronavirus, his country has even refused to claim him and he's currently living at the freaking airport. It's just like that Tom Hanks movie The Terminal come to life. © Amblin Entertainment 40-year-old Edgard Ziebat was on his way to Istanbul from Hanoi on March 18 when his flight got cancelled. And, since he has a criminal record, the German government is not willing to take custody of him since he is in a foreign land and he's not getting an Indian visa for the same reason. An officer from the airport said, "After spending around a week in the transit area, with four other stranded passengers who arrived in Delhi on different dates â two from Sri Lanka and one each from the Maldives and the Philippines â airport authorities alerted their respective embassies." © Twitter He went on, "While others were facilitated by their embassies concerned and were taken for quarantine, officials from the German embassy informed the Indian bureau of immigration that Ziebat is a wanted criminal in their country with several cases of assault and other crimes registered against him. Since he was on foreign land, they did not take his custody. The Delhi Police and airport operator DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited) were also apprised of the situation." So now, he's just living in the transit area of the airport because he obviously cannot leave without having a visa. For the last 54 days, he's reportedly been hanging out around the airport reading magazines and newspapers and talking to the staff. The airport authorities have also helped him by providing him with a recliner, mosquito net, food and other basic essential items. © Amblin Entertainment The officer added, "He told officials that he can manage his expenses. He sleeps on the beds, benches, on the floors, wherever he feels like. He is alone in the transit area as it is not being used because the airport is closed for passengers." Now, he's just waiting for the flights to resume flying but it really looks like it's going to be a while. Well, whatever the case, this would be one hell of a pandemic story to tell people in the future. View the full article
  6. It hasn't been that long since the last game in the MotoGP series had come out. It was an exciting title that offered a host of reasons to play it. Now, we have the new MotoGP 20, which, much like any other update, promises to offer a better experience. The MotoGP 20 comes at a time when there's no a lot to look forward to for the MotoGP fans out there due to the coronavirus lockdown. So is this new title in the series worth picking up? Let's find out. Gameplay © MotoGP If there's one thing that you need to about these simulation titles, then it's the fact that these games often mimic the experience of being a part of the real thing. I particularly enjoyed playing MotoGP 19 because it's one of the most realistic simulations I've ever experienced when it comes to two-wheeled racing. And after the new title, I can confirm that the experience is just as enjoyable and realistic, if not more. Everything from the bikes, to the tracks that you ride around the world, they'll are crafted to perfection. If you've ever visited any of the circuits in real life, then you'd know that it's a remarkably good representation of the actual circuit. © MotoGP One of the most important things that I'd like to point out here is the ability to customize your character. When I say customize, I mean it's incredibly detailed. MotoGP 20 offers a powerful visual suite of tools in-game with which you can go all in and come up with some really unique designs for your character. Difficult To Master, Like Riding A Real BikeJust like the MotoGP 19, this new title is also equally challenging to master. If shouldn't be that big of an issue if you are a professional rider who knows his/ her way around bikes, but for a novice like me, it's quite challenging. It's like learning to ride a bike in real life, which is quite a task, at least for me. But that goes to show how good the game is. The devs have done a spectacular job of getting the physics right. Thankfully, with the little experience, I gained by playing the last year's title, I was able to get some decent positioning this time. That being said, I am far from being perfect and that's what makes me want to keep playing it. © MotoGP There are different classes of bikes to choose from too. If anything, that just makes things a lot more exciting. I would recommend you turn off all the riding assists and see if you can handle the bike without them. It's always a good practice to start from scratch and learn everything for an enjoyable experience overall. VisualsI wasn't a huge fan of MotoGP 19's visuals, and I think not much has changed this time around. It's definitely not a stunning game when it comes to the visuals. The character models can definitely use some work and the textures are just as jarring as the last year's title. I particularly hate the intro scene that's shown before each race. I can't help but skip that part because of just how bad it really is. Even after playing the game in high-graphics settings, I often end up seeing some low-res textures and weird animations. That being said, you thankfully won't find it to be all that bad while you're riding. I suggest you set the game to output a high frame rate instead of high graphics quality if you don't have a decent rig to avoid choppy performance. That's the last thing you want to while being in a simulation. Career Mode Is Not That Great © MotoGP MotoGP 20 also has a career mode which basically involves riding in a bunch of events throughout the calendar. But for the most part, there's nothing to look forward to. I wish the events and the progression itself was more rewarding, however, it wasn't the case and I found myself quickly moving on other modes. The Final SayOverall, I think the MotoGP 20 was exactly what I expected it to be - a phenomenal simulation that offers an experience like no other game when it comes to bike racing. It's definitely a challenging game to play but it's equally rewarding when you actually start finding your way around the circuits. Just like the real participants, the only thing you can do to get better at the game is to play as much as you can. Practising the circuits over and over again will help you get better. It won't be an easy ride, but it'll definitely be worth it. View the full article
  7. If youâre March or April-born, you have our condolences - changes are that youâve missed being able to celebrate your birthday this year. Itâs been particularly upsetting for senior citizens, many of whom have expressed feelings of isolation and loneliness during the lockdown period. Fortunately, one resident of Panchkula, Haryana found himself overwhelmed and overjoyed to find a birthday party of sorts held in his honour - by the local police department! Interactions with Police is always emotional - be it fear, anger , anxiety or gratitude. But I have never seen such overwhelming emotional burst . See how #PanchkulaPolice made the best birthday ever this senior citizen who is staying all alone. Respect @CP_PANCHKULA pic.twitter.com/VP0oVJ2Rvf â Pankaj Nain IPS (@ipspankajnain) April 28, 2020 In this video shared by Haryanaâs Cyber Crime Superintendent IPS Pankaj Nain, a cadre of officers went up to senior citizen Karanâs home with a birthday cake and cheered the man on - who soon burst into tears. A police officer comforted the man by saying âWeâre your family too,â before allowing him to cut his cake. IPS Nain captions the video, saying, "Interactions with Police is always emotional - be it fear, anger, anxiety or gratitude. But I have never seen such an overwhelming emotional burst. See how #PanchkulaPolice made the best birthday ever this senior citizen who is staying all alone." Social media erupted in cheers for the Panchkula police department: Interactions with Police is always emotional - be it fear, anger , anxiety or gratitude. But I have never seen such overwhelming emotional burst . See how #PanchkulaPolice made the best birthday ever this senior citizen who is staying all alone. Respect @CP_PANCHKULA pic.twitter.com/VP0oVJ2Rvf â Pankaj Nain IPS (@ipspankajnain) April 28, 2020 Interactions with Police is always emotional - be it fear, anger , anxiety or gratitude. But I have never seen such overwhelming emotional burst . See how #PanchkulaPolice made the best birthday ever this senior citizen who is staying all alone. Respect @CP_PANCHKULA pic.twitter.com/VP0oVJ2Rvf â Pankaj Nain IPS (@ipspankajnain) April 28, 2020 Interactions with Police is always emotional - be it fear, anger , anxiety or gratitude. But I have never seen such overwhelming emotional burst . See how #PanchkulaPolice made the best birthday ever this senior citizen who is staying all alone. Respect @CP_PANCHKULA pic.twitter.com/VP0oVJ2Rvf â Pankaj Nain IPS (@ipspankajnain) April 28, 2020 A few users, however, called out the police for using this as a âPR exerciseâ - taking attention away from crucial issues. यह नà¤à¤¾à¤°à¤¾ दà¥à¤à¤à¤° à¤à¤à¤à¥à¤ नम हॠà¤à¤à¤à¥¤ मà¥à¤°à¥ तरफ सॠभॠà¤à¤ªà¤à¥ à¤à¤¨à¥à¤®à¤¦à¤¿à¤¨ à¤à¥ ढà¥à¤° सारॠशà¥à¤­à¤à¤¾à¤®à¤¨à¤¾à¤à¤ शà¥à¤°à¥ à¤à¤°à¤¨ पà¥à¤°à¥ à¤à¥à¥¤ ð पà¤à¤à¤à¥à¤²à¤¾ पà¥à¤²à¤¿à¤¸ नॠà¤à¤¿à¤¸ भावनातà¥à¤®à¤ तरà¥à¤à¥ सॠà¤à¤à¥à¤²à¥ रह रहॠबà¥à¤à¥à¤°à¥à¤ à¤à¤¾ à¤à¤¨à¥à¤®à¤¦à¤¿à¤¨ मनाया वॠà¤à¤¦à¥à¤­à¥à¤¤ व पà¥à¤°à¤¶à¤à¤¸à¤¨à¥à¤¯ हà¥à¥¤@police_haryana@CP_PANCHKULA pic.twitter.com/uuR12nErhc â Manohar Lal (@mlkhattar) April 28, 2020 Soon after, several also called for an improvement in the work conditions and image of police officers in Haryana. Interactions with Police is always emotional - be it fear, anger , anxiety or gratitude. But I have never seen such overwhelming emotional burst . See how #PanchkulaPolice made the best birthday ever this senior citizen who is staying all alone. Respect @CP_PANCHKULA pic.twitter.com/VP0oVJ2Rvf â Pankaj Nain IPS (@ipspankajnain) April 28, 2020 Interactions with Police is always emotional - be it fear, anger , anxiety or gratitude. But I have never seen such overwhelming emotional burst . See how #PanchkulaPolice made the best birthday ever this senior citizen who is staying all alone. Respect @CP_PANCHKULA pic.twitter.com/VP0oVJ2Rvf â Pankaj Nain IPS (@ipspankajnain) April 28, 2020 This goes to show how a little bit of kindness can go a long way. View the full article
  8. There is one word which goes hand-in-hand with Bollywood today - nepotism. Like it or not, it's one of the reasons why the Hindi film industry is still thriving since its conception almost a century ago. Any Bollywood movie-buff can identify how this 'legacy' is passed on from one 'filmy' generation to another. (c) Viral Bhayani The Kapoors come to mind instantly, and so do the Khans, Chopras and scores of other key players who have been dealing the (nepotism) cards for generations now. Now, there is no denying its presence in Bollywood or how it plays out for insiders within the industry. But while there is no justification to make it seem acceptable, we must also admit that despite the favouritism some stars still don't make the cut, and end up being forgotten. Which only goes on to show that nepotism, though definitely unfair, cannot guarantee true skills and therefore success. At the end of the day it does take talent to get you through. (c) Instagram/Ravi K Chandran We recently saw the next generation of Bollywood-stars-in-the-making try their hands at acting and dancing, and truth be told, some of them might actually have potential. Check out these 5 Bollywood star kids showing off their dancing and acting potential as they give us a glimpse into the future of Bollywood. 1. Khushi Kapoor (c) Twitter Once aspiring to be a model, Sridevi's younger daughter Khushi, seems to be taking baby steps towards the world of acting just like her sister Jahnvi Kapoor. Khushi, who is currently undertaking an acting course from the New York Film Academy, gives us a glimpse of her late mother's on-screen goofiness and zest we'd all come to love in these videos. @khushi05k Quarantine mood ##sleepyday ##alwaystired ##sorrynotsorry ⬠I love it I mean im so passionate about it KIM K - ahmexium Or this one. @khushi05k Jokesð ##LoveYouSis ⬠Psycho stemomster - peachikim 2. Ibrahim Ali Khan (c) Instagram Another star contender on the block, Ibrahim's love for acting has been often talked about by his sister Sara Ali Khan. However, recently dad Saif Ali Khan also hinted at Ibrahim's Bollywood debut in the near future. So it wasn't really a shocker when Ibrahim became the talk of the town overnight after he posted his first ever acting video online. And we admit, we can see why. The dude's got potential. @iakpataudi ⬠original sound - Shamshad Pasha 3. Alaviaa Jaffery (c) Instagram Javed Jaffery's daughter, Alaviaa has surely taken after her father when it comes to her dance moves. But apart from being the social media star that she is, Alaviaa also seems to have a strong acting ka keeda in her. So we guess it won't be long before we see this fashionista on the silver-screen, right? @alaviaaj outta here ##foryou ##fyp ##krisjenner ⬠Kris Will Not Be Treated Like This from KUWTK - e_entertainment Now for the dancing part. @alaviaaj ##foryou ##fyp ##tiktokindia ⬠original sound - gogogabriella 4. Ahaan Panday (c) Instagram Chunkey Panday's nephew and Ananya Panday's cousin, Ahaan, who is reportedly going to make his Bollywood debut soon, is yet another star kid in Bollywood young brigade. With his boy-next-door looks and charming smile, we are expecting him to do well both as a comic and the lover-boy on-screen. Here's why. @ahaanpanday Hey ⬠DilliWaliGirlfriend - the_indianmuserking He does pull it off well, no? @ahaanpanday ⬠Hamari Adhuri Kahani - Arijit Singh 5. Samara Tijori (c) Instagram/Kunj Gutka Deepak Tijori's daughter Samara, who is currently in her twenties is undertaking acting classes after completing her graduation. However, going by her online presence it is safe to say that Samara is pretty multi-talented. Not only is she an actor in the making, Samara can also sing and dance really well. Just about the perfect Bollywood combo, right? After all, isn't that the latest trend? View this post on Instagram So today I tried a Bollywood - Kathak fusion! Felt so NEWWWWW !! Dancing with the gorgeous @shanayamakani â¤ï¸ Choreography by - @charvi.b â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ A post shared by Samara Tijori (@samaratijori) on Nov 17, 2019 at 7:58am PST Listen to her sing, View this post on Instagram A post shared by Samara Tijori (@samaratijori) on Apr 19, 2020 at 5:47am PDT View the full article
  9. Owing to the coronavirus crisis around the world, national economies have plummeted, taking with them several casualties in the form of sector-wide paycuts, layoffs and thousands of sinking investments - yet one man seems to be smiling all the way to the bank. Unsurprisingly, itâs none other than Amazon CEO and worldâs richest man, Jeff Bezos - who came out 24 billion dollars richer through the pandemic, putting his net worth at a staggering $143.1 billion. Thatâs 1,09,47,15,00,00,000.00 rupees - over ten trillion. With numbers that high, itâs hard to even visualise the sheer amount of wealth. Not much of a problem for Bezos apparently, who splurged on a 735 Crore NYC apartment the other day, but even that Titanic amount is a measly 0.067% of his savings. Perhaps in the spirit of educating the public, 32-year old content creator and entrepreneur Humphrey Yang decided to serve up some perspective on the billionaireâs ridiculous wealth - using rice as a way to better visualise just how ridiculously wealthy Bezos is, taking numbers and news headlines away from the equation. He first began by setting up the stage - choosing $100,000 as the net worth of a single grain of rice, and then showing us how quickly things scale up as we get richer. © Humphrey Yang Thereâs no two ways about it - that, my friends, is a shit-ton of money. To put things into perspective, Humphrey tosses in three grains - that tiny sliver of the pile amounts to Lamborghini - with $300,000, you can comfortably snag yourself a shiny new Huracan Performante. Insert: Lamborghini+Huracan (Humphrey Yang/Automobili Lamborghini) Well, after getting that Lamborghini, youâre going to need a place to keep it. How does a $5 million house in California sound? Hereâs what it looks like, converted to rice. © Humphrey Yang But the real kicker is demonstrating just how much Bezos has got in the back. While these figures are slightly outdated - Bezos did profit immensely from the lockdown after all - hereâs what his earlier net worth of $122 billion would look like. © Humphrey Yang It took the YouTuber hours upon hours of counting two entire sacks of rice totalling over 26 kilos to calculate it perfectly. His patience proves a massive point regarding the overwhelming amount of wealth possessed by the worldâs top 0.1% - itâs almost uncountable. Check the video out for yourself, above. Meanwhile, others went on social media to express their own metrics - usually with a combination of shock and awe. Rice. Part two: Jeff Bezos net worth represented visually by rice. pic.twitter.com/kYIoyxLgMW â Humphrey (@Humphreytalks) February 28, 2020 Others provided some realistic ground to the situation. No one ever makes a billion dollars. You only take a billion dollars. He stole that money from every worker he refuses to pay a living wage or city he scammed out of tax revenue out of or small business he ran into the ground through predatory market manipulation. â M.R. M. Go (@Marinaisgo) February 28, 2020 No matter which way you look at it, itâs a lot of rice. Thankfully, Humphreyâs made sure it goes unwasted and is delivered to local families - just imagine how the world could change if Bezos did the same with his wealth. View the full article
  10. Letâs be frank here, guys. Given tough circumstances, itâs pretty natural for us to split a pitcher with the lads and maybe down a solitary scotch (or three). Yet for most people stuck behind closed doors during the lockdown, alcohol remains a faraway fantasy, trapped behind locked liquor stores and barricaded bars and restaurants. If only there was a way⦠Unless youâve got the conscience and sobriety of an angel, you might have wondered, just out of curiosity, of course... how hard is it to break into a liquor store, anyway? Fortunately for us rascals, a bunch of people decided to find out first hand. Quite a few bunches, actually. Devoid of booze, several Indians across the nation have broken into liquor stores and made off with dizzying amounts of bootlegger booty - lakh upon lakh worth of rum, vodka and whiskey have been âredistributedâ and left cops and shop owners stunned and furious. Perhaps even more astounding is that many of these thefts have been just for liquor - the crooks left cash registers untouched in several cases, according to police. Here are a few of the most ridiculous liquor thefts to have hit India since the lockdown began - just donât get too inspired: 1. Mandya, Karnataka © Wikimedia High Score: Rs. 5 Lakh You heard that right - just to put things into perspective, 5 Lakh can get you somewhere in the ballpark of one thousand, two hundred and fifty bottles of Old Monk. Let that sink in. During this fateful night in early April, three stores were robbed in Karnatakaâs âSugar Cityâ - two of which were looted by the same group, according to local police. Apparently the thieves broke in by cutting open the shopâs window grills. A delegation of Mandyaâs liquor store owners soon approached top officials with a simple request - either provide security or lift the ban ASAP. 2. Narasaraopet, Andhra Pradesh © Wikimedia High Score: Rs. 4.9 Lakh While verifying CCTV footage after this shop was broken into on the 9th of April, officials found that store supervisor G. Prasant, watchman Yakob & Excise Dept. constable Satyanarayana were involved in the theft - making this a thorough inside job. While the masterminds remain at large, police have managed to recover 3.5 lakh in cash from the already-nabbed guilty parties involved. 3. Hosahalli, Karnataka © Cultural Trip High Score: Rs. 4.18 Lakh Situated a couple of hours away from Bengaluru, this scenic riverside town famous for betel nut farms, ancient temples and Vedic Hindu temples, recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Local liquor store owner K.G. Vijay Kumar was devastated earlier this week when booze burglars cracked open his shopâs shutters and made off with 25 cartons full of various kinds of liquor in both bottles and tetra packs. Upon police investigation, cops discovered that not only was a huge amount of alcohol missing - the thieves even covered their tracks by making off with both CCTV cameras and the camera receiver unit. 4. Bellary, Karnataka © Indian Rail High Score: Rs. 35,000 Youâve probably noticed a pattern by now - as a Kannadiga myself, this is hardly surprising. While the Bellary burglary wasnât as high-yield as some of the others on this list, its perpetrators deserve a âspecial mentionâ because of their sheer audacity - instead of hitting a liquor store like normal criminals, these crooks broke into a government excise office where seized bootlegger liquor was stored. Adding insult to injury, this theft was committed at the perfect time too - April Fools Day. 5. Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad © DX News High Score: Rs. 34,000 Weâve heard of lockpicking and breaking in through windows - but this crook was really thinking out of the box. According to the CCTV footage, our thief drilled a hole through the shopâs false ceiling, and seemingly used gloves, throwing the police off-track by not leaving behind any fingerprints. After breaking in, the culprit made off with Rs 26,000 worth of alcohol, along with Rs 8,000 in cash. Despicable. While weâre in awe and shock at the level of tenacity these criminals displayed at getting their fix, itâs representative of a serious problem with alcohol in the nation. Apart from these states, similar crimes have been reported from Mumbai to Haryana and Delhi - making the lives of police officers harder than theyâve already been given the lockdown situation. Police forces have been asked to take up extra patrol, especially in localities with wine shops. âItâs no surprise that when whole city centres are deserted, thieves are moving on from residential areas to unoccupied commercial properties. We have not been able to focus much on this aspect since the force is already stretched,â said a senior police officer in Bengaluru to The Times of India. Hopefully, weâll be back to normal soon. View the full article
  11. Every successful actor needs a smart makeup artist who is good at blurring out imperfections for shirtless/ naked scenes on screen. This, apart from all the working out is what makes them attractive on-screen. For Brad Pitt, it has always been Jean Ann Black, his make-up artist. In fact, when push came to shove, she even went ahead and colour corrected Brad Pitt's bum for a scene requirement on the sets of The Legends Of The Fall. © Reuters Considering Jean is like a 'sister' to Brad, imagine how awkward these bum colour correcting sessions maybe. The remodeling of the space, meanwhile, was a total surprise and was carried out when she was out of town for three weeks straight. The Scott brothers began remodeling her stand-alone garage in Santa Monica into a guest suite complete with bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, as well as a make-up studio and storage unit, and Brad Pitt was happy to help make the project successful. View the full article
  12. As if we havenât witnessed enough of the ânever-seen-beforeâ amid these times of a pandemic outbreak, some supremely talented guys donât cease to amaze us even now. As per reports, a Bengaluru-based, smart-ass of a guy thought he would get away with not only dating but marrying two women and living happily ever-after with both of them. Of course, he had no intention of coming clear to either of his âwivesâ. Until fate decided to screw his perfect little divine plan and his first wife found out about his extra-marital affair. © Unsplash Bas phir kya, the 45-year old man arranged for a tripartite agreement which decreed that he to share his time equally with both of them, and all was going well until the lockdown was announced. With the lockdown imposed, Mr Husband was stuck at his second wifeâs place with no way of making it to the otherâs house in time to honour the agreement. Thatâs when the first wife approached the womenâs helpline demanding that her husband be brought back to her so that he can look after the needs of his legal family in quarantine. And thatâs how this manâs perfect plan was laid bare for people to see. © Unsplash Double-timing isnât really a new concept for people who make up the young, dating crowd today. While many are guilty of having given it a try at some point, it is no surprise that shit does go down almost every single time. And it is never a happy picture when it does. Now, in a normal situation, you would expect the first wife to confront her husband and expose his âplaying houseâ drama at the very least. And if the situation demands it, a legal battle would ensue and the âpati-devâ could be legally screwed over while the second wife is publicly named and shamed for being the cruel wench, tempting the husband and being a house-breaker. © Unsplash But that wasnât to be the case here given the charms of Mr Husband who is being called Naveen. Not only did he somehow manage to convince his first wife to not press legal charges, but he also convinced both of his wives to get into a tripartite agreement. But you see, Karma being the bitch that she is, doesnât spare even those who believe they are too smart for their own good. Only time will tell whatâs in store for these three. View the full article
  13. The pictures of Drake's huge AF mansion are here and well, it's at least ten times more extravagant and luxurious than any of us would've ever imagined. Honestly, it's not surprising since its Champagne Papi himself we're talking about and every single thing he does has to be over the top.His massive 50,000 square feet mansion in Toronto is the star of this month's Architectural Digest and it's almost as if all the pictures are basically calling us all broke b*tches and we're just okay with it. I mean, just look at it! © Architectural Digest From a full-sized indoor basketball court crowned by a 21-square-foot pyramidal skylight to a 4,000-pound tub in the master bathroom made of faceted black marble carved from a single block, this house is definitely the epitome of luxury. © Architectural Digest It will be a historical landmark 100 years from now, I can just feel it. © Architectural Digest © Architectural Digest Lastly, Drake said, "I think the house shows that I have true faith in myself to take on this task when I was just 27 and see it through. I also think the house says that I will forever remain solid in the place I was born." Well, all we can wonder is how will it feel quarantining in there. Source - Architectural Digest View the full article
  14. Who likes wearing pants? No one, of course, and with the entire world in a lockdown and people being forced to work from home during this pandemic, pants were the first thing to get abandoned. In an office, it's important to be appropriate and look presentable, but at home, we can all look however we please to look like and I think that's beautiful. The no-pants trend has caught up with everyone and I'm sure people's knees and legs are grateful to be finally free. Even TV anchors and hosts have fully embraced this lifestyle and it's good since who knows how long we'll be working from home and going pantless will remain the norm. People have actually given up on the formalities and are even going on-air without pants and one of the most relatable things I've seen recently is John Oliverâs Last Week Tonight contains dozens of clips of local news anchors across the country asking colleagues and guests on-air, âAre you wearing pants?â The juxtaposition of a seemingly presentable person with a proper tie and blazer on top with a pair of PJs as bottoms is just hilarious. Apparently, even John Oliver, after concluding his show that he filmed at home, stood up from behind a table to reveal shorts covered in a pattern of Grovers from âSesame Street.â Even John Krasinki has hopped on the trend and took it to another level. Towards the end of his YouTube show, Some Good News, he got up from behind a desk to reveal a red tutu on his lower half. He's rocking it, though. image2 (John Krasinski/Youtube) Even Stephen Colbert and John Oliver are having fun discussing the new office attire for everyone. Well, here's hoping we're all able to adjust back to a world where pants are required after all this is over. View the full article
  15. Itâs quite understandable that itâs difficult to maintain sanity and calm at all times in a situation like this where the entire nation is in a complete lockdown. However, itâs little too much where people are resorting to weird ways to keep themselves entertained. Case in point here is âCorona Sandeshâ. Quite unexpectedly, in the name of creativity, a sweet shop in Kolkata has reached another level altogether. The current trending topic on the internet is a sweet dish, sold by that shop, which is a sandesh shaped like the novel coronavirus. Well, their itch for innovation didnât stop right there. The shop has also designed cakes and cupcakes with exquisitely detailed icing to resemble the deadly virus that is wreaking havoc across the globe. #WestBengal has allowed Sweet Shops to open for a few hours every day.. A shop #HindustanSweets in #Kolkata has come up with #CoronaVirus modeled Sandesh & Cupcakes.. Offered free to customers along with a Pamphlet.. "We will digest Coronoavirus! We will defeat Coronavirus!" pic.twitter.com/wCnXVPzUXY â Ramesh Bala (@rameshlaus) April 7, 2020However, people on social media werenât quite happy with this innovation. Check out some of the reactions here: Crazy people Some name their new born babies as corona and covid.... some make corona sweets ð¤¦ð¤¦ pic.twitter.com/HWz4WX16Lh â Bhattacharya P (@preetibhatta1) April 6, 2020Only in India. â No hay banda (@hay_banda) April 6, 2020 pic.twitter.com/RcMuu1as28 â Pankaj Kumar Gupta (@PankajK33688284) April 6, 2020Oh that's disgusting!! â Ashwani Kumar (@Ashwani49683296) April 6, 2020I would hate to see this only no way am gonna eat it. â shazia ali (@shazia4618) April 6, 2020I mean I'd get it if it looked edible, somehow I feel like I'd get worse diseases from this if I take a bite â indira â̽â̽ (@lourrytingle) April 6, 2020Recently, the West Bengal government had announced that sweet shops can remain open for four hours every day amid the nationwide lockdown due to concern over wastage of milk and jobless staff. View the full article
  16. As the number of critical COVID-19 cases increases by the day, various hospitals and medical facilities are rapidly falling short of ventilators. Ventilators, for those of you who don't know, are equipment used to help patients breathe. Luckily, a lot of companies have stepped forward to help build ventilators. Tesla is one of the companies that has decided to repurpose its facility and resources to build ventilators for COVID-19 patients. Today, the company released a short video showing how its engineers have managed to build a ventilator prototype. It's a short 3-minute video in which the engineers are giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the prototype. It's worth pointing out that Tesla is using parts of its vehicles to build these ventilators. Obviously, not all of them, but a huge chunk of the prototype consists of parts used in Model 3. In this case, the engineers are using the Model 3 infotainment system to control an airflow manifold. Similarly, the car's suspension air tank is being used as an oxygen chamber, and Model 3's touch screen is being used as a controller. clearly, there's a lot going on here and honestly, it's quite fascinating. © YouTube/ Tesla We hope many more companies will step forward to help fight the coronavirus. It's been a couple of months since the outbreak and a lot of countries, including India, are still under lockdown. We hope to get out of this situation stronger. View the full article
  17. We're witnessing an unprecedented event in history right now. The coronavirus pandemic has taken over our lives. While some nations across the world are under lockdown, some people are willingly practising social distancing. This means a lot of us are sitting at home right now. And while there's nothing we can do about this situation, we can, however, make the most of this situation by doing things that we've always wanted to do. For instance, growing a beard. A bunch of factors come in the way against growing the perfect beard: the weather, corporate dress code, daily commute or maybe just not having the time. Well, guess what, now you have all of those things. So, here's why you should grow the beard of your dreams right now. 1. No Restrictions © Virat Kohli/ Instagram If there's one barrier that can prevent your skin from dirt, grime or skin allergies, it's a beard. They shield your skin by turning into a barrier. 4. Beards Can Make The Skin Underneath Healthy © Vicky Kaushal/ Instagram A beard can dramatically change your appearance and sometimes in a way that you might appreciate. If you're looking for a change, these three weeks is the perfect time to grow a beard. 6. Beards Hide Wrinkles And Saggy Skin View the full article
  18. Microsoft decided to take the wraps off its upcoming gaming console, the Xbox Series X, and detailed everything that we needed to know about it. It looks like Sony had a FOMO after Microsoft's reveal, and it decided to give out some of the details of its upcoming console too. Yes, we finally know exactly how powerful the PlayStation 5 is going to be. I sat through the entire keynote last night to filter out all the unwanted (read mostly boring) details and give you just the exciting things that you need to know about the PS5. So, let's dive into it - PS5 Is Incredibly PowerfulFirst of all, I'd like to point out that Sony didn't really reveal the console itself. They just wanted to talk about the architecture and give a glimpse as to what they've been cooking behind the scenes. So, the PlayStation 5 will be using AMD's Ryzen, featuring 8x cores at 3.5GHz. The GPU will also be provided by AMD and it'll be a customized version of the AMD RDNA 2 featuring 36 CUs capped at 2.23GHz. It'll also support ray-tracing on the hardware level, which is fantastic. © Sony The PlayStation 5 will be able to deliver 10.28 teraflops at its peak performance, which is a significant step up over the current-gen console. Sony said the console will also be able to support 8K, although they didn't go into specifics as to what we should expect. The PS5 will have 16GB GDDR6/256-bit RAM and we're looking at a memory bandwidth of 448GB/s. Sony is also using a custom SSD for its console. The company is claiming lightning-fast speeds, thanks to the PCIe 4.0 connection. Apparently, the console will be able to transfer a 2GB file in just 0.27 seconds. That's an insane number and it means we literally won't have to worry about loading times at all. The PS5 will also feature an NVMe SSD slot for expandable storage, in case you're wondering. Next-Gen Experience © Sony Sony says the console will also feature Tempest 3D audio. A huge part of the keynote was spent talking about the audio experience. In simple terms, it looks like PS5 will offer an immersive audio experience, unlike anything we've experienced so far. Lastly, we'd like to point out that the PS5 will be backward compatible which means you'll still be able to play PS4 games on it. Also, the PS5 won't be digital-only, meaning you'll still be able to purchase digital copies of the game if you want. Well, that's all we got for now. We thought Sony would give us a glimpse of the console, but it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer to see what they have in store for us. Note: The thumbnail images of the console are for representation only. That's not the final design of the console. View the full article
  19. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak all over the world, fashion brands are facing some major issues. The effects of the virus, that originated in China, has now gone beyond creating health crisis all over the world. The Chinese fashion market, also known as one of the fastest-growing markets for luxury brands with their plans to expand globally, has also faced the repercussions due to the Covid-19 outbreak. © Getty Images However, in order to do their best and contribute as much as they can, several global fashion brands stepped up and donated funds to fight this contagious virus. © Getty Images LVMH, the French luxury conglomerate that operates major luxury brands like Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior has gone beyond money and is now prepping to produce hand sanitiser instead of the usual perfumes and cosmetic products this week. As we all know that there's a shortage of hand sanitisers due to short supply and high demand. But brands like LVMH are taking an initiative to produce disinfectant gel in large quantities and donate the same to the French Health Authorities and the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris which is the largest hospital system in Europe. © Getty Images It is anticipated that LVMH will be making around 12 tons of hand sanitisers and would continue the same as long as it is required. The company made a statement and clearly said that this initiative will help address the lack of products available in the market currently and it shall enable a greater number of people to take right actions against Covid-19. Speaking of France's current position, around 3,600 cases of people getting affected by coronavirus have been registered. © Getty Images This global crisis seems to be escalating at a faster pace. To help mitigate the spread of this virus, an initiative like this one was much needed. Given how quickly it is escalating, it is affecting the health system and also the supply of essential items in the market. It is good to see that luxury fashion brands are invested in helping during such dreadful times. Not just LVMH, even other brands from the fashion industry are coming forward to combat the spread of this outbreak in whatever way they can. We are looking forward to more such great initiatives! View the full article
  20. Call Of Duty: Warzone is literally taking the world by storm right now. It's the hottest new battle royale title to attract millions of players worldwide just in its honeymoon phase. Yesterday, the developers revealed that the game had managed to hit 15 million players worldwide. Now, that's an insane number because it hasn't even been that long since it came out. Heck, it hasn't even been that long since people knew that it existed. Activision managed to keep the game under the curtain for a long time. They revealed the game just a day before the release. We crossed 15 million players earlier today, thank you #Warzone fans. #FreeCallofDuty pic.twitter.com/6Xw7MyFk2C â Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) March 14, 2020Honestly, nobody knew that it even existed until 4 days back. And now, it already has 15 million players playing it worldwide. That's more than double the 6 million who'd started playing it in the first 24 hours. Just to put things into perspective, Respawn's Apex Legends was up to 10 million players in its first three days. And Fortnite, on the other hand, took weeks to get attract 10 million players. Obviously, the number will go down over the days, as it did for Apex too. © Activision After all, not all games can get a steady source of traffic and build a following so quickly. It's just a matter of time when the hype goes down. COD Warzone will have truly made it the day it achieves Fortnite's level of popularity and relevance in the world. It's highly unlikely, but we bet Activision will do anything in its power to achieve some crazy numbers. View the full article
  21. There are mainly two ways people have been reacting to Coronavirus - being racist, or being stupid. And, this week, we've seen examples of how hilariously ironic that turns out. First of all, obviously, no one would wish that a certain person should catch the deadly virus, but things work in mysterious ways and some people get what they deserve. Let me get the stupidity one out of the way first; remember how NBA player Rudy Gobert mocked the coronavirus outbreak by touching all the mics and then ended up testing positive? Yeah, pretty stupid. Now, we have the perfect example of someone's racism coming to bite them in the ass. A few days ago, Iraqi Islamic Scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi claimed that the outbreak in China was nothing but "Allah's divine punishment" for the Chinese. Iraqi Islamic Scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi, Prior to Being Infected with Coronavirus: The Virus Is a Divine Punishment against the Chinese pic.twitter.com/7NiQki6qBy â MEMRI (@MEMRIReports) March 9, 2020 He said, "It is obvious that the spread of this virus is an act of Allah. How do we know this? The spread of the coronavirus began in China, an ancient and vast country, the population of which makes up one-seventh of humanity. Allah sent a disease upon them and this disease laid siege to 40 million [Chinese people]. The same niqab that they mocked has been forced upon them, both men and women, by Allah, by means of the state authorities and officials." Well, guess what? He himself has been tested positive for the virus. I just love how ironic this is, tbh. People just have one thing to say- Allah 0 - coronavirus 1 â Le kyste cosmique (@barttosh21) March 9, 2020 Hmm. Karma as a result of his hypocrisy 𤣠â RSingh (@RSingh08970711) March 9, 2020 Apparently. In other words, Iraqi Islamic Scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi is Chinese. â Tibor Szilágyi (@t77szilagyi) March 9, 2020 Yep. moral of the story: do not play God. https://t.co/HUcDm1aWhR â VieN | Commissions OPEN (@ComicsByVieN) March 13, 2020 Oh no. Imagine his shock to discover he's part of the Chinese Government. https://t.co/qCrCb6OUGk â Moonborn (@sugabelly) March 11, 2020 Of course. coronavirus continues to strike with moments of comedic irony https://t.co/zvnYZDBabM â astalotte (@trancehime) March 13, 2020 Too bad, hun. Well oops, you're infected now hun. https://t.co/ahajQJq1Kh â Thaavinaash Raj (@raj_thaavinaash) March 13, 2020 Yes. Oops. Allah is all-knowing. https://t.co/nyKqT0aZcd â Gad Saad (@GadSaad) March 11, 2020 Wdym? Dawg it reached yalls countries too wdym https://t.co/FO7pSROqMt â ð¤ÜÌ£ÜܪÌÜÜ¡ ð¸ð¾ (@Syrian_Assyrian) March 10, 2020 Always. Life comes at you so fast. https://t.co/QuhQ3PHvaS â Tobe (@_Baine) March 12, 2020 Most ironic, for sure. This is still the funniest thing to come out of the COVID-19 event. https://t.co/6ngSts7LVS â OlúAfolábí (@oluafolabi) March 12, 2020 Surely. Divinity surely has a dark humour. https://t.co/MmbqSizLed â à¸à¸´à¸¨à¸à¸¥Â¬à¸à¸¸à¹à¸§à¹à¸à¸! | A-Man-and-Tomato® (@Poeticalization) March 13, 2020 Epic. This idiot said Coronavirus was a punishment to the Chinese from Allah He now has Coronavirus EPIC! https://t.co/Xi2NlsfSwA â QT@Anon (@QTAnon1) March 12, 2020 View the full article
  22. It can be exciting to get your hands on free skincare products at a beauty and grooming store. from free samples of face creams, lip balms, concealers and perfumes, free samples let you know what will suit your face before making the investment. Multi-brand retail stores like Shoppers Stop, Sephora and Westside have counters with a set of samples for trying. Even single-brand stores like The Body Shop and Bath And Body Works have samples up for trying. However, amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, when stepping out itself can be a big risk, and a list of instructions, among which sanitizing your hands frequently and social distancing up to 3 ft apart are strongly advisable, maybe it's not the best of ideas to try those free samples. © getty But coming back to samples, each product can get extremely close to either your eyeballs, mouth, or nostrils - the three areas medical experts have cautioned us are prone to the coronavirus. View the full article
  23. Apparently, all the people who died because of Coronavirus could've just had haldi, nimbu, and rasam to prevent the deadly virus. Who knew? No, I'm not trying to be insensitive, I'm just showing the reality of the uncles of Twitter who have nothing better to do than pass off desi nuskhas like they're recommended by actual doctors and overall, just crack jokes on the virus that has claimed the lives of thousands of people so far. Yes, top doctors and scientists of the world are yet to find a cure for Coronavirus, but these desi uncles and aunties are rooting for things that everyone already has at their homes as the ultimate weapons, just because a Whatsapp forward told them so. On the bright side, there's no harm in consuming stuff like turmeric and lemon, but it's very dangerous to actually believe that it will make you immune to getting infected. But, all we can do is laugh at the Uncles of Twitter India, or as they have been dubbed, UTIs. Uncles of Twitter United pic.twitter.com/iTBweQWe7F â (((Dominique Fisherwoman))) (@AbbakkaHypatia) March 12, 2020 Okay, there's a lot to unpack here. Vivek Agnihotri saying that as a matter of fact is just plain stupid. Harsh Goenka is just cracking one of the worst jokes I've ever read. The worst for the last - Devdutt Pattanaik's tweet is just straight up so problematic and I'm disappointed in all the people who actually liked the tweet. Your castism is showing. Summed up - brahmin, marvadi, kayastha. all united in their tomfoolery. â (((Dominique Fisherwoman))) (@AbbakkaHypatia) March 12, 2020 Bengali uncles are on another level, truly. bengali uncles are really a different kind of deranged. pic.twitter.com/nhrz7Jg2vf â (((Dominique Fisherwoman))) (@AbbakkaHypatia) March 12, 2020 Yes, don't wear a mask, just spread the virus, who cares, right? Another desi nuska - just turn vegetarian. gandhi maami has joined pic.twitter.com/z6fypMJ5g0 â (((Dominique Fisherwoman))) (@AbbakkaHypatia) March 12, 2020 Now is not the time to lick your government and PM's ass, read the room. A south indian brahmin maami, a karhade brahmin uncle, a baniya from calcutta and a bengali baidya walk into a bar... pic.twitter.com/kOPy7AXebq â (((Dominique Fisherwoman))) (@AbbakkaHypatia) March 12, 2020 How India will beat the virus. Rasam IV drip in ICU for UCs please. If they are NRI turmeric latte â pariahkite (@pariahkite1) March 12, 2020 Hmm. whatever may ur ideology but if u r brahmin , ur mind is always full of shit & nonsense . https://t.co/XL0QptXQN6 â Lone_wolf007 (@Lonewolf0076043) March 12, 2020 Facepalm, yes. All hail the uncles! ð¤¦ââï¸#CoronavirusPandemic https://t.co/ght7YxeZp0 â Aishwarya AVSK (@AishwaryaAvsk) March 12, 2020 Exactly. These morons with their gigantic fucking audiences are a public health hazard. https://t.co/H8BsMiymRA â Siddharth Agarwal (@WhyEnggWhy) March 12, 2020 Everyone will. if that happens I will take pan indian path yatra â (((Dominique Fisherwoman))) (@AbbakkaHypatia) March 12, 2020 The perfect gif, and a scary thought. The fact that they've both got 1k and 3k ï¸shows the level of IQ ppl have!!! â Captain Sâ ï¸M (@SaMEntrenador) March 12, 2020 Useful. pic.twitter.com/xnMZKRt7Mv â Jeeâï¸ (@gbalajindia) March 13, 2020 Beware. A recent upsurge in cases of UTI (Uncles of Twitter India) ... Beware ! https://t.co/JWyFNBtilo â Sherin Jo (@Sherin_Jo) March 12, 2020 It's unbelievable. Donât even! #Covid_19 cure myths spreading faster than the virus! #CoronavirusPandemic https://t.co/Srz5AMam9i â Milan Sharma (@Milan_reports) March 12, 2020 View the full article
  24. Children all over the world are the same. Every kid wants to avoid school and homework as much as they can. And, because of coronavirus, kids in China probably thought they wouldn't even have to worry about stuff like that for now, since a pandemic is happening right before our eyes. But nope, teachers apparently always find a way. Basically, since people are under quarantine in Wuhan, China, schools are obviously shut as well. So, an app called DingTalk was introduced, which is essentially an online school. Side note - how many of you are relieved that we all finished school before the technology for things like these was invented? I sure am. Coming back, since teachers always find a way, so do the kids. They figured out that if enough of them gave the app a bad review, it would be removed from the app store. Apparently, the app's rating went from 4.9 to 1.4 overnight. See, people can achieve anything if they work together like this. Moreover, people are loving how smart and creative the kids are and honestly, this is the only funny thing about coronavirus. good morning to all the kids under quarantine in wuhan who defeated the app assigning them homework by spamming it with 1-star reviews until it got removed from the app store https://t.co/gDxjivabte â ðððð¦ð¤ âð ð¤ð ð¥ (@zenalbatross) March 7, 2020That picture, tho. School: Ok, no school, cause caronavirus. Students: Yay, less stress, so I can worry about staying safe and healthy with my family and- Also school: Here is your homework. pic.twitter.com/J60uiBtFKx â Aisha's Forehead|| REMINISCENCE (@OrbitGlowstick) March 7, 2020Yep. The kids are alright. The parents have no clue. https://t.co/ru20OnBQ64 â Mike Stuchbery (@MikeStuchbery_) March 8, 2020That was a moment in internet history. Thanks for reminding me of that! She was still the best IMO, but this comes close. â Charlie Foxtrot (@strumphs) March 7, 2020The future is in good hands. Children are the future https://t.co/3Z24raEJXu â Joseph Fink, M4A is a human right (@PlanetofFinks) March 7, 2020Hmm. We're seeing the best and worst of the human condition in the time of coronavirus From the worst files: The Toilet Paper Wars The best: Wuhan kids tuning in for school online amid lockdown work out that by giving 1-star reviews they can get their homework app taken offline https://t.co/BGUptdFZR4 â Talia Shadwell (@TaliaShadwell) March 7, 2020Yes. This is literally the first coronavirus-related news that gives me hope that the human species might survive this. https://t.co/biEw6vzPL1 â Ntina Tzouvala (@ntinatzouvala) March 7, 2020Absolutely. I think they all deserve straight Aâs for this forward thinking. â BTS_Genreâ· (@BTS_ARMYFANACC_) March 7, 2020Self-awareness? pic.twitter.com/Z9pkrLGJVU â Theoc (@Theoc900) March 7, 2020Yep. The kids in China outsmarted the app for school, and it was taken out. There's a big lesson, here. Work together to achieve your goals, and listen to the wise ones, amongst yourselves. https://t.co/MbcGclI3zk â QUEERWIRE (@QueerWire) March 8, 2020Truly. I am truly in awe at the ingenuity of these children. https://t.co/GhGYSPPrQO â Angela Chen (@chengela) March 7, 2020Proper. This is *proper* cyberpunk https://t.co/lPFKA2euQK â James Deardenayake (@TechnocratGames) March 7, 2020So much respect. Solidarity to these kids in Wuhan who figured out how to get out of doing homework while in quarantine. Massive respect. https://t.co/xXfACZZYJC â Ciara King (@iamCiaraKing) March 8, 2020 View the full article
  25. From a serene beach vacation to a party hotspot â Goa is many things, but the one thing that poker lovers will tell you about Goa is that it is the Vegas of India. And truly so. Floating casinos to poker events, thereâs no dearth of entertainment à la Las Vegas. Just before the monsoons hit the Goan shores, this tourist paradise is going to make it rain money with Indiaâs first-ever National Poker Series. It is a mega event that is sure to bring together all poker enthusiasts from across the country. If you are one of them, we have all the details lined up for you. What, When & Where?The National Poker Series (NPS) will run for a week (just the time you need in this beach paradise) from 29th March to 5th April and will feature buy-ins beginning from just Rs 4,000. With the low buy-ins, they plan to make the tournament accessible to all the lovers of the game. The tournament will take place at the Poker Baazi LIVE room aboard the Casino Pride 2 cruise ship in the middle of the sea. It canât get better than this, but guess what - it does. Pexels PokerBaazi, the official partner of the National Poker Series will be hosting qualifying tournaments on their app with buy-in starting upwards of just Rs 10. These qualifying tournaments, also known as satellites, let players win tickets to the NPS at a fraction of their actual price. If you think a week-long trip to Goa might be out of your budget right now, you can play to win a package deal that includes travel and accommodation. Go From Goa To VegasApart from the chance to win big moolah and a national title, the National Poker Series will feature exciting prizes across the leader-board. The two best performers in the series will win all-expenses-paid trips to Vegas. PokerBaazi That's right - play your cards right and you could find yourself seated at the table of some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. If you're a fan of the world's most popular card game, then the National Poker Series is right up your alley. Learn more about the event here. View the full article
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