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Found 679 results

  1. OnePlus recently launched the new OnePlus Nord, an affordable smartphone with killer specs. But now it looks like it's working on a new phone and this time we're looking at an entry-level phone. Yes, OnePlus seems to be working on an entry-level phone. According to a new report, OnePlus is said to be working on a phone that's powered by Snapdragon 460 chipset. This news is coming from an insider who confirmed that the launch is imminent. The phone will apparently be available in the global markets, so we can expect it to arrive here too. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla This new phone is codenamed 'Clover' and it looks like it has a 6.52-inch 720p IPS panel, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage. We also have info on things like the availability of a microSD card slot, capacitive fingerprint scanner, and more. As for the optics, we're looking at a triple camera setup at the back but the standout feature seems to the 6,000mAh battery. That with a 720p display and we're probably looking a battery life champ here. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla If the rumors are something to go by, then this phone will come later this year and it'll be priced at around $200. This looks like an interesting price point to tap into. OnePlus has never launched a phone at this price point, so we'll have to see how it works out for them. We still have no official confirmation on the arrival of this phone, so let's not speculate further and just wait. Source: Android Central View the full article
  2. These days, social media is being criticised for getting too toxic, adversely affecting the mental health of individuals, both celebrities and common people alike, and becoming a breeding ground for unnecessary hate. While all of the above are a hundred per cent true, there have been moments when Indians came together and used the ever-evolving internet for a greatest cause to show support towards someone who truly deserves it. Here are five times when the Indian social media showed how powerful & influencing it can be when needed: 1. CBI Probe For Sushant Singh Rajput’s CaseSupreme Court directs CBI to investigate Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Truth must prevail. #CBITakesOver — Manoj Joshi (@actormanojjoshi) August 19, 2020 When the news of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death first broke, people from all over the country were in disbelief. The story of such a talented, A-lister, taking his own life didn’t quite make sense. Unlike many other movements related to a social cause that lost momentum within a couple of weeks since the incident, Indian social media continued to demand a CBI probe in this case. Finally, on Wednesday, the Indian Supreme Court validated the ongoing CBI investigation recommended by the Bihar government. 2. Gaurav Taneja’s Fight Against AirAsia’s Safety ViolationToday I have been officially suspended from @AirAsiaIndian for standing up for safe operations of an aircraft and its passengers.@AwakenIndia #SabkeLiye — Gaurav Taneja (@flyingbeast320) June 14, 2020 In June 2020, AirAsia sacked whistleblower pilot and YouTuber Gaurav Taneja who had alleged violations of safety norms by the low-cost airlines. Taneja had tweeted that he was being suspended "for standing up for safe operations of an aircraft and its passengers". Capt Manish Uppal and Mukesh Neema from @AirAsiaIndian are suspended by @DGCAIndia for safety violations and risking people lives for profits. All the “safety experts” who were acting as PR agents of @AirAsiaIndian , you are caught with your pants down. #AirAsiaIsUnsafe — Gaurav Taneja (@flyingbeast320) August 10, 2020 After two months of Taneja’s battle against the airline, raising awareness about the issues that were being brushed under the carpet and publicising cases and allegations towards their potential safety hazards on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) suspended two senior executives of AirAsia India for a period of three months over "safety violations". 3. The Anti-Nepotism Movement#VarunDhawan No matter what happened Boycott means boycott have no res6foe this Nepotism and Bollywood . pic.twitter.com/JSszqGbbVA — SushantSignRajput (@sushantsignrajp) August 14, 2020 While the problem of Nepotism in various industries has been rampant and every once in a while, someone would talk about it on the internet, the death of Sushant Singh Rajput also led to the anti-nepotism movement, specifically in the Indian film industry. From boycotting movies full of star kids to highlighting some of the great talents who didn’t come from a family of actors nor had a godfather in the industry, the Indian social media brought about a massive change in the way we used to watch Bollywood movies. Also Read: 5 Actors From Bihar Who Conquered Bollywood With Nothing But Pure Talent 4. The ‘Made in China’ BoycottBCCI officially suspends title sponsorship deal with Vivo for #IPL2020https://t.co/atK3VpnIoJ pic.twitter.com/RineZ1IHq7 — Times Now Sports (@timesnowsports) August 6, 2020Ever since the brutal clash between the Indian and Chinese forces in Galwan Valley, Indian citizens have relentlessly promoted the idea of using Indian products and services while moving away from consuming goods that have been made in China. From the Indian Premier League suspending Chinese technological company VIVO as their brand for the season to a significant drop in Chinese smartphone share in the country, the boycott seems to be working. 5. Protest Against Exams During COVID: Are NEET and JEE exams getting postponed? While everyone is required to stay home and work, why to put student life at risk and not wait for situation to get a bit normal? — Bhuvan Bam (@Bhuvan_Bam) August 20, 2020 One of the recent issues being discussed online is the need to postpone competitive examinations under the extreme conditions caused due to the coronavirus pandemic. Exams like JEE and NEET decide a person’s future. To put the health of the students at risk certainly isn’t the way forward. Request to postpone the JEE & NEET exams by the majority of the students is not merely an excuse but the genuine call in current scenario to avoid COVID-19 risks! #postponejeeneet — Ajey Nagar (@CarryMinati) August 20, 2020 This is not an excuse to skip the hard work that goes into preparing for such examinations but a genuine concern keeping in mind the state of affairs in the country, the pandemic and the high-risk factor that comes along with it. While nothing has been decided yet for sure, based on the evidence shared about, the true strength of Indian social media must prevail this time as well. View the full article
  3. What if we tell you there is one place on this planet that is completely safe from COVID-19? Don’t believe us? Well, it looks like self-styled godman Nithyananda’s own country on an island off Ecuador called “Kailaasa” is one such place. *crying inside* Yes, he has his own country now. It is located on South America's west coast, near Trinidad and Tobago. He had last year fled India to Ecuador via Nepal. © Twitter Here we have listed out some of the lesser-known interesting facts about this country on an island off Ecuador: 1. Kailaasa has its website and according to that, the country will revive an ‘enlightened civilisation’ as the only Hindu nation. It claims that the country has been created by dispossessed Hindus from around the world “who lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries”. © kailaasa 3. The website also claims it stands for universal free healthcare, free education, free food and revival of a “temple-based lifestyle”. View the full article
  4. People around the globe are desperately waiting for scientists to develop a vaccine and Russia is also eyeing at India for producing the COVID vaccine. Recently, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that he has secured access to a potential Coronavirus vaccine and will also be manufacturing. He also promised that he will offer free doses to citizens of their country. © Reuters He also said that he has closed a deal with Swedish-British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to get the COVID-19 vaccine that is being made at Oxford University. He said in an interview, “The Oxford vaccine is one of the most advanced and promising in the world, and under this deal, we have secured early access for every Australian. If this vaccine proves successful we will manufacture and supply vaccines straight away under our own steam and make it free for 25 million Australians." © Reuters The Oxford University vaccine is at phase 3 trials and the scientists are expecting fruitful results by the end of the year 2020. Morrison also added that he was in touch with many other parties across the world who are aiming at developing vaccines and will be supporting them with their own scientists to curb the novel Coronavirus. Also, this is the very first time Australia has made any such deal. © Reuters Reports suggest that the Australian government still hasn’t signed a final agreement regarding the cost of the vaccine but has promised his country that he will definitely make the vaccine available for the population of his country. However, reports add that the Australian government still hasn't reached a final agreement with AstraZeneca regarding the cost of the vaccine. Also, a local manufacturer has not been decided upon. View the full article
  5. Sachin Tendulkar is a name that one cannot afford to miss when recalling the legends of the game. On the back of his batting genius, the 'Master Blaster' didn't just shatter records at will, but also went on to earn the moniker 'god of cricket'. While his success in the gentleman's game did earn him a massive fan-following, it also saw him raking in the moolah, further enabling him to afford the luxuries of life. And, amongst those, Tendulkar's fixation for luxury cars, most notably BMW, has been well known over the years. © Twitter/@bmwindia From owning luxury sedans, stylish SUVs to even a few mean sports cars, Tendulkar undeniably boasts of an envious car collection. But, such is the humility of the cricketing great that despite owning some of the most expensive rides, he still misses his first car - a Maruti 800. After realising his dream of becoming a professional cricketer, a young Tendulkar bought a Maruti 800 as his first car with his own money - something that explains why he still feels emotionally connected to it. Thus, owing to the sentimental values of the car, Tendulkar is now seeking to reacquire the vehicle and sought help from fans to find its owner. © Twitter/@sachin_rt Talking on a special episode of Mudit Dani's show In the Sportlight, the batting legend revealed that he doesn't have his first car with him anymore and would like to appeal to those who bought it to get in touch. "My first car was a Maruti 800. Unfortunately, it is not with me right now. I would love to have it back again with me. So, people listening to me, feel free to contact and get in touch," he said. While everyone is well aware of Tendulkar's passion for cars, not many know how or when he developed it. "There was a massive open drive-in movie hall near my house where people used to park their cars and watch the movie, sitting in it. So I, along with my brother, used to stand in our balcony for hours to watch those cars," the former Indian cricketer said. Well, it's not like Tendulkar needs any more popularity or introduction to being humble. But, the fact he holds such sentimental values towards his first car highlights that no matter how big a man in stature you become, never forget your roots or where you come from. For the sake of our beloved cricketer, let's hope his plea reaches the owner of the Maruti 800 and he gets reunited with his first car. View the full article
  6. It's that time of the year when we get a new Galaxy Note flagship from Samsung. This year, it's said to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, the successor to last year's Galaxy Note 10. Thanks to all the leaks and rumours, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect, and here's everything you need to know about the phone a week before its official announcement: Design & FeaturesThis year, it looks like we'll be getting two new devices - the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. We're expecting to see a 6.42-inch display on the regular Note 20 whereas the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is expected to have a 6.87-inch panel. Both are expected to be AMOLED panels as always. The Galaxy Note 20 is expected to have a flat-screen whereas the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is expected to sport a curved display. Both phones are also said to come with Gorilla Glass 7 this year. As for the design itself, here's what the phone looks like in leaked renders - © Twitter Ishan Agarwal A Galaxy Note flagship is incomplete without an S Pen, so, obviously, the Note 20 will have the S Pen too. Sadly, there's not a lot we know about this year's S Pen, but we think Samsung will definitely bring some new software features to make it better than last year's S Pen. SpecificationAs for the specs, both the Galaxy Note 20 as well as the Galaxy Note 20 Plus are expected to come with Snapdragon 865 processor. It could also be the new Snapdragon 865+ processor, although we'll have to wait a bit more to know exactly which processor it has. While the Galaxy Note 20 is expected to have up to 8GB RAM, the Galaxy Note 20 Plus is expected to sport up to 12GB RAM. As for storage, you can expect to see up to 512GB. Note flagships always have good battery life and this year we're expecting to see a 4,300 mAh battery on the Galaxy Note 20 whereas the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is expected to have a 4,500 mAh battery. © Twitter Evan Blass CameraThe Galaxy Note 20 is expected to have a quad-camera setup at the back which includes a 12-megapixel main sensor, a 64-megapixel telephoto zoom lens, 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and Time-of-Flight sensor on top. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, however, is expected to have the same setup seen on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. If that's true, then we'll see a 108-megapixel main sensor, a 13-megapixel telephoto zoom lens, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, and laser focus sensor. The Note 20 Ultra might not have the 100x Space Zoom feature though. We'll have to wait for confirmation. Pricing & AvailabilityExclusive for MSP: Here are the prices of upcoming Samsung Galaxy products in Europe. Note20 4G: €999 Note20 5G: €1,099 Note20 Ultra 5G starts at €1,349 256GB Base Storage. Buds Live: ~€189 Note: May differ a bit due to VAT Link for full info: https://t.co/ndWIMBVVU6 pic.twitter.com/MmDcGqshsK — Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) July 27, 2020 We have to wait for an official confirmation from Samsung for the pricing and availability details but rumour has it that the Galaxy Note 20 will start at €999 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will start at €1,349. View the full article
  7. In the tug of war for entertainment, smart TVs beat the 6-inch smartphones every single time. Well, OnePlus realised that early on and rolled out premium smart TVs â the Netflix-enabled Q1 series, last year. However, our only itch was its starting price, a whopping Rs 69, 000, truly fit for the premium category. News is, the brand is now all set to turn that around with 3 affordable smart TVs launching on the 2nd of July 2020. Latest OnePlus TVs Will Be Thinner Than OnePlus 8 Starting at just Rs 20,000, the upcoming range of OnePlus TVs is touted to be heavy on specs, easy on the price. This series will include 3 smart TVs of 32-inch, 43-inch and 55-inch screen sizes, respectively. With a 95% screen-to-body ratio, we're pushing the boundaries of your TV experience. Literally. #SmarterTV pic.twitter.com/gulLxbVvHE â Pete Lau (@PeteLau) June 24, 2020 The TVs are likely to come with a thin-bezel form factor, an innovative Gamma engine for better picture quality, and an exceptional DCI-P3 93% colour gamut â simply the most top-notch display of colour out there. Our vibrant Cinematic Display, Dolby Vision, and Netflix: These are the makings of one great movie night. #SmarterTV pic.twitter.com/fsNGrxjeFm â Pete Lau (@PeteLau) June 19, 2020 A futuristic amalgamation of design and technology, the OnePlus Smart TVs will come in at just 6.9mm â yes, thatâs thinner than the OnePlus 8. We have to agree that the brand has risen in these testing times and has delivered a technological masterpiece. An Exclusive Live Stream EventWhile the brand has given us a sneak-peek into some features, thereâs a lot that still remains under wraps. Following the codes of the new normal, OnePlus has scheduled a digital-only launch for its latest range of smart TVs on July 2 at 7 pm on YouTube. This dedicated live stream event will unveil the stand-out features, definite prices and other details about this range. âIn 2019, the OnePlus TV Q Series was the first step towards the OnePlus ecosystem. In 2020, we hope to build on the momentum and start strategically diversifying into new product categories and new price points. The new OnePlus TVs are a step towards unlocking the full potential of technology in even more homesâ, OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau said. Quite naturally, the OnePlus community and first-time buyers have countless questions about the upcoming series. The simple answer being - tune into the live stream event for more details and big-ticket announcements. You can pre-book the OnePlus Smart TVs on Amazon now. View the full article
  8. As the coronavirus crisis continues around the world, the network is operating on an unprecedented scale
  9. India is a big fan of superhero movies and we have only seen men playing the part mostly. It will be interesting to see a woman finally becoming a superhero in Bollywood movies. According to the recent reports, Katrina Kaif has signed a movie with Ali Abbas Zafar for which she will start shooting post the lockdown and she will be seen playing the role of superwoman. Ali Abbas Zafar said that recently, he locked that script and it will go on the floors once the lockdown ends. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@katrinakaif) The director told Mumbai Mirror that he has completed the first draft of another movie too, and said that hopefully, the script for that movie too will be ready soon. He further said, "Thereâs a lot of prep required because of the kind of action involved and I am in touch with an international team over video calls. Iâm also doing script readings with my actors and chatting with the production designer. There is a lot happening." People on social media have already started to form their opinions. While some are excited to see her in this avatar, some have declared it a flop. ï¸OFFICIALï¸ Katrina Kaif is going to be the First SuperWomen Heroine in Movie by Ali Abbas Zafar. Let's all Gear up for the Ultimate Action Queen of Bollywood to Roar Like Never Before#KatrinaKaif @aliabbaszafar #SuperWomen #IndiasFirstSuperWomen #QueenofBollywood pic.twitter.com/D3KPq8nhYC â Queen Squad (@JonSnowisLov3) May 29, 2020I can't wait, just imagine Katrina wearing Armor and Shield was extraordinary thing ð¤©ð¥°#KatrinaKaif #KatrinakaifFirstHeroinSuperhero pic.twitter.com/KHQOSRcq6r â MIA TORNANDO (@Mia_Kaif) May 29, 2020Why not???? If they don't experiment We won't get any new thing in Bollywood Don't u think its gonna be interesting to watch a lady superhero for the first time in bollywood. The outcome may or may nt be gr8 But we shldn't stop trying And #KatrinaKaif is a good choice thouh https://t.co/X16DjKlxWU â Anonymous_guy (@zaynmiya) May 29, 2020#katrinakaif - delivered back to back solo hits at a very starting point of her career,did movies with biggest stars and got equal love and praises and then going to do the biggest game changing female oriented film SORRY HATERS BUT KATRINA IS ALWAYS THERE PROVE YOU GUYS WRONG pic.twitter.com/Kkcdn8JlNf â DIMPLE DIXIT MBKD (@Katholic8) May 29, 2020#KatrinaKaif #superhero One more Indian superhero movie ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ I can't stop laughing ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ why Indian film productions even dare to try...ð¤¦ð»ââï¸ð¤¦ð»ââï¸ https://t.co/rIGDYFlyYU â Abhay Chauhan (@Chauhan27A) May 29, 2020#KatrinaKaif as a super hero?? Is it a joke?? â Pallavi(Ruby)Baruah (@25rubybaruah) May 29, 2020Seriously #Katrina as superhero ? No yaaar, she is not even Actress of 'A' #KatrinaKaif #hate #actress #StayHome #yuck â Anushka Malik (@AnushkaMalik25) May 29, 2020Now 2020 is really going scary ... Seriously katrina as superhero ..#KatrinaKaif â Bhavna parmar (@bhavna_02) May 29, 2020This superhero film will be one of the biggest woman-centric films from Bollywood. It will be exciting to see Bollywood experimenting in this superhero genre. Meanwhile, Ali has directed Katrina in the films, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan alongside Imran Khan and Ali Zafar and the latest being Bharat starring Salman Khan in the titular role. Katrina's latest film Sooryavanshi is awaiting its release. View the full article
  10. 1971 was a 2007 directorial movie debut by Amrit Sagar. Set against the backdrop of the 1971 India-Pakistan war for Bangladesh's independence from West Pakistan, the film went on to win the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi at the 55th National Film Awards. However, not many know that this riveting tale about the lives of Indian Prisoners of War (PoW) in Pakistan existed in the film domain, because it failed to publicize itself well-enough around the time of its release. © Sagar Arts Productions But those who watched the movie, swore by it. Right from the screenplay, to the background score and performances, viewers hailed this as the next war-drama with the might to topple major front-runners in the domain. Today, 13 years later after itâs release, 1971 is being declared a digital blockbuster because of its true to life representations of life and times of the 54 PoWs that the Pakistani government not only illegally detained, but also denied the very existence of. Here are 4 major reasons why 1971 is a superhit today, and ought to have been 13 years ago as well. 1. The Backstory © Sagar Arts Productions 1971 is based on the lives of real Prisoners of War (PoW) who were detained in Pakistan after the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war which was fought to establish a new country, Bangladesh. The film not only uncovers how cunningly the Pakistani government manipulated the situation of withholding Indian PoW in its territory but also tries to throw light on the plight of those Indian defense personnel held in Pakistan for the countryâs twisted reasons. Based on real reportage and research about 54 PoWs held captive in Pakistani jails in dire circumstances, 1971 shares these detained soldiers' stories established through multiple, real sources. 2. The Reliable Cast © Sagar Arts Productions One of the best aspects about this film has to be its strong ensemble cast which has trusted actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Deepak Dobriyal, Piyush Mishra, Manav Kaul, Ravi Kishan, and Kumud Mishra in the forefront. Apart from Manoj Bajpayeeâs convincing performance as the man trying to lead a band of six soldiers away from the clutches of the Pakistani army and back into their motherland, Deepak Dobriyal and Ravi Kishanâs performance will win you over. The authenticity and vigour to see through this personal mission comes through effortlessly through the convincing screenplay by Amrit Sagar and meticulously amazing cinematography by Chirantan Das who has worked on films like Tanu Weds Manu. 3. The Hard-Hitting Dialogues © Sagar Arts Productions We arenât unaware of Piyush Mishraâs penmanship. One of the filmâs highlights happens to be its strong, hard-hitting dialogues which have been written by Mishra himself. With well-worded phrases and poignant references, the dialogues in the film manage to leave the audience teary eyes on more than a couple of occasions. Piyush Mishra has succeeded in laying bare the true emotions of both the captured Indian soldiers, but also present to his audience the true motives of the Pakistani military. 4. An Account Of History Now Forgotten © Sagar Arts Productions Sagarâs directorial is a visual diary of a historic event which has slowly been pushed to the backseat for most Indians today. More than a decade since its release, 1971 manages to remind us of those forgotten heroes who either gave up their lives in Pakistani prisons or still await their release almost five decades later. The film manages to store all the details on reel for future generations to remember and for the world to understand how easily some countries give up on humanity for their political gains. View the full article
  11. Itâs always a sight to see whenever a new teardown video by JerryRigEverything shows up on Youtube, but this time, it is special. The OnePlus 8 Pro launched recently and in case youâre not aware, the smartphone comes with new hardware and features like wireless charging. While the smartphone is yet to launch in India, it is still exciting to see what the phone is actually made of. The OnePlus 8 Pro also comes with an IP 68 rating which means the innards of the phone have to be tightly packed as well. © JerryRigEverything The smartphoneâs teardown shows the OnePlus 8 Pro has a very neat and almost artistic design even from the inside. It shows that OnePlus designed the inside of the smartphone keeping everything in mind and with good planning. The smartphone was not easy to open because the back panel was helped by a strong adhesive, something OnePlus may have decided to use for the IP 68 rating. The phone is rated for water resistance which means the design of the smartphone cannot let any water seep in that can potentially damage the motherboard and other hardware components. There are even rubber caps on the SIM card tray to prevent water from getting in. © JerryRigEverything Once the panel is opened, the first thing you notice is the massive golden copper coils. These coils are used for wireless charging support which was a long-demanded feature by fans. The OnePlus 8 Pro supports 30W wireless charging via their proprietary charging stand. You can also see the massive camera sensors being used in the OnePlus 8 Pro which includes a 48MP main camera sensor in the middle, a 16MP ultra-wide camera and an additional macro sensor. The OnePlus 8 Pro also did well in JerryRigEverythingâs durability test where the smartphone was not easy to bend and did not crack in the process. The smartphoneâs display was also exposed to flame for 30 seconds that left permanent damage but was still usable after the test. If you are interested in seeing the full test for yourself, check out the video below: View the full article
  12. Realme was supposed to launch a brand new smartphone sub-brand called âNarzoâ as the Indian Government initially allowed the sales of smartphones from April 21st. However, the Indian Government has now reversed the decision and will only allow essentials to be delivered by e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Realme was hoping to launch its smartphone on the originally expected launch date in March 2020. © Realme However, due to the latest advisory by the Indian Government, Realme took to twitter to announce the delay of the launch until further notice. Many argued that the smartphone should have not launched in the first place due to the current lockdown situation in the country. However, we can expect the smartphone to launch as soon as lockdown is relaxed in India in the coming weeks. © Realme Earlier rumours have suggested the Realme Narzo 10 was expected to sport a 6.5-inch display and a 48MP quad-camera setup at the back. Realme was also expected to announce the Narzo 10A that would sport a triple-camera instead. Both smartphones were rumoured to be powered by the MediaTek Helio G8- chipset. The Nazo 10 was also expected to have a massive 5,000mAh battery and fast charging capabilities. It is not yet clear when the smartphone is expected to launch now. Nonetheless, in case you were wondering, some speculated that the smartphone would cost Rs 14,990. View the full article
  13. With human beings across the globe cooped up inside their homes and shops shutting down due to the lockdown, animals and birds have reclaimed their territories. Over the past few weeks, several videos and images were doing the rounds on the internet that showed wild animals roaming freely in the cities without any human intervention. The current situation doesn't allow us to venture out where we are in a way forced into maintaining social isolation, it wouldnât be wrong to say - thatâs how nature takes over. Another such interesting instance has come to the fore where, with the sudden disappearance of human beings, lions were spotted sleeping on a road. © kruger national park In South Africa's Kruger National Park lions have been taking advantage of lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Park ranger Richard Sowry was out on patrol recently when he snapped a pride sleeping on a road. © kruger national park According to a report in BBC, Sowry performs an essential service and continues to work during the lockdown, checking on the wildlife and guarding against poachers. However, these big cats are spotted by the rangers on the road only at night. But this time he was surprised to see them chilling on the roads during daylight hours. These wild animals knew no bounds as they were running and playing around uninterrupted. pic.twitter.com/S3VpZMuCbS â Kruger National Park (@SANParksKNP) April 13, 2020 The park ranger is just happy to share his photos with people who cannot visit the park right now because of the coronavirus global pandemic. "These are difficult times for everyone and the intention was to bring people joy," he says. pic.twitter.com/50DtDGmHEm â Kruger National Park (@SANParksKNP) April 13, 2020Even as the sun rises, without all our human visitors, the urge to sing the 'lion sleeps tonight' is just a whim away, a whim away, a whim away! Â©ï¸ Jean Rossouw; Skukuza Golf Club , Kruger National Park@SANParks pic.twitter.com/M9XiagVqjX â Kruger National Park (@SANParksKNP) April 13, 2020People on social media were ecstatic to see the pride roaming around freely. Thank you for checking on them! - Weâre wishing well to all Rangers and Wildlife!!! Ex Animo. â Alexis Bernabe (@fernand02718759) April 17, 2020Beautiful pictures. They love this nature â suveraniam ayadorai (@SAyadorai) April 17, 2020I wish they could always be so peaceful. The Day will come for a new Earth. â lisa epperson (@laeperson62) April 17, 2020It's really been giving a picture of how much animals have been corralled by humans into small spaces. Now, they are roaming everywhere in so many cities and tourist or "people" spaces, which they have been avoiding. â Whozitwhatzit (@whozitwhatzit) April 17, 2020âThis is what I call a vacation, Fred!â â Sharon Rousseau (@shavermydog) April 17, 2020Amazing I wish life always like that â 4truth (@4truth9) April 17, 2020That goes to show that they know that this is still in reality their territory. â Jan Ligarde (@jan_ligarde) April 17, 2020It's such a beautiful sight to witness these wild animals wandering freely into human habitats which also brings me to a thought - isn't it high time we come out of our thought process surrounding âspeciesismâ and co-exist peacefully? View the full article
  14. Xiaomi is known in India for making great smartphones but the company also has a burgeoning lifestyle category with products meant for homes and personal care. The company has now launched the Mi Vacuum-Mop P that basically cleans your home for you by using a laser detecting system. © Xiaomi The detecting system basically uses sensors to identify objects around the house while cleaning the surface. The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P can vacuum and even mop the floor at the same time. The product will be one of Indiaâs first autonomous robovacs and will be available in India for Rs 17, 999 at a special discount of Rs 7, 000 with no-cost EMI starting Rs 2,999 per month. There are a total of 12 sets of sensors that help the autonomous vacuum cleaner to accurately detect its surroundings and works in tandem with an infra-red sensor. The vacuum cleaner is also able to detect stairs, walls, furniture and other obstacles preventing it from getting damaged. © Xiaomi The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P can clean for up to 110 minutes on a single charge and can clean a surface area of 180-square-meters. When the battery on the autonomous robovac reaches low levels, it automatically goes back to the charging dock to get extra juice. The robot vacuum cleaner is already available for crowd-funding on mi.com with additional information on the product. View the full article
  15. As the number of critical COVID-19 cases increases by the day, various hospitals and medical facilities are rapidly falling short of ventilators. Ventilators, for those of you who don't know, are equipment used to help patients breathe. Luckily, a lot of companies have stepped forward to help build ventilators. Tesla is one of the companies that has decided to repurpose its facility and resources to build ventilators for COVID-19 patients. Today, the company released a short video showing how its engineers have managed to build a ventilator prototype. It's a short 3-minute video in which the engineers are giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the prototype. It's worth pointing out that Tesla is using parts of its vehicles to build these ventilators. Obviously, not all of them, but a huge chunk of the prototype consists of parts used in Model 3. In this case, the engineers are using the Model 3 infotainment system to control an airflow manifold. Similarly, the car's suspension air tank is being used as an oxygen chamber, and Model 3's touch screen is being used as a controller. clearly, there's a lot going on here and honestly, it's quite fascinating. © YouTube/ Tesla We hope many more companies will step forward to help fight the coronavirus. It's been a couple of months since the outbreak and a lot of countries, including India, are still under lockdown. We hope to get out of this situation stronger. View the full article
  16. One of Indiaâs biggest threats when it comes to fighting the Coronavirus pandemic in the subcontinent, is the countryâs low COVID-19 testing numbers. Even as the Director-General of the WHO advised all the affected countries to âtest, test, testâ on every other citizen, India has only been testing people with foreign travel history or those who have been exposed to confirmed Coronavirus patients. The major reason why weâre facing this situation is that India has limited testing facilities. Or so was the case until very recently. Because now, a Pune-based virologist named Minal Dakhave Bhosale has successfully developed Indiaâs first, low-cost COVID-19 testing kit which is being hailed as a game-changer for Indiaâs fight against Coronavirus. Who Is Minal Dakhabe Bhosale © Twitter Minal is a virologist who works with a Pune-based molecular diagnostics company named Mylab Discovery Solutions as their Research and Development Chief. Reportedly, Minal was eight months pregnant and had just come home from a pregnancy-related complication when she took up the project to create the first âmade in Indiaâ coronavirus testing kit - âPatho Detectâ. Minal was heading a 10-member team and handled major proceedings remotely from home since February this year. She, along with her dedicated team, worked non-stop to develop the testing kit in a record six weeksâ time, given the countryâs growing need to test more people for the Coronavirus infection. © Twitter Minal submitted the fully-finished kit for evaluation at the National Institute of Virology in Pune on 18th March. And as fate would have it, the very next day she gave birth to her daughter through C-section. But even an hour before she was to leave for the hospital, Minal submitted her proposal to the Indian FDA and CDSCO seeking commercial approval. She got it all right in the first go, got the necessary clearances and gave India a much-needed weapon to fight Coronavirus. What Makes This Testing Special © BCCL - LinkedIN Not only has this development come as a ray of hope for Indians, the kit developed by Minal and her team also comes with its own salient features that make it invaluable. This COVID-19 testing kit can reportedly test 100 samples per kit and would cost one-fourth the price at Rs 1,200 as opposed to Rs 4,500 imported testing kits cost. Thatâs not all. Indiaâs COVID-19 testing kit is capable of giving correct diagnostic results in just two and a half hours as opposed to the six or seven hours imported test kits take. Whatâs more, the kit can also indicate potentially positive cases among asymptomatic patients What This Means © BCCL The first few batches of kits developed by Minal and her team have already been sent out to diagnostic laboratories in major Indian cities. The director of the manufacturing company of the COVID-19 kits, Mylab Discovery, told BBC that the company can supply up to 100,000 kits in a week and push it up to 200,000 if needed. This week will see more kits reaching many other labs and take-up Indiaâs much-needed testing numbers higher. Talking about the feat, Minal told BBC, "It was an emergency, so I took this on as a challenge. I have to serve my nation." Given the dire need to scale up the number of random testing of Coronavirus in India, 'Mylab PathoDetect COVID-19 Qualitative PCR kit' can not only help with early diagnosis but also help bring down the number of fatalities in the process. Kudos to Minal Bhosale and her team for their terrific work! View the full article
  17. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a televised speech on Thursday night, addressed the entire nation on the urgent matter of Coronavirus, which is slowly yet steadily making its way across the country. © Reuters From advising people to not âpanic buyâ to âstaying indoors as much as possible', PM Modi issued a string of advisories in an attempt to make the nation aware of the crisis at hand, while also ensuring there was no unnecessary panic and chaos. Here are 10 highlights from the Prime Ministerâs address: 1. âThis time, the calamity is such that it has put all of mankind in crisis. World Wars I and II did not impact as many countries, as have been affected by Coronavirus today." 2. âComplacency in respect of a global pandemic like Coronavirus is not appropriate. Therefore, it is essential that each and every Indian remains alert and cautious.â 3. âAs we witness the wide-spread impact of the Coronavirus pandemic even in major, developed countries today, it is wrong to assume that India will not be impacted by it.â © Reuters 4. âDuring such a pandemic, only one mantra can take us through ââHum swasth, toh jag swasthâ.â 5. âIt is wrong if you believe that you are okay and nothing can happen to you, and you can continue roaming around in markets and streets as usual and remain unaffected. By doing this, you will not only be unjust to yourself but also to your family.â © Reuters 6. âI appeal to you all that for the next few weeks, step out of your homes only when absolutely necessary. As far as possible, try and do your work, whether related to business or job, from home.â 7. âOn 22nd March, all citizens must abide by the Peopleâs Curfew from 7 AM until 9 PM. During this curfew, we shall neither leave our homes nor get onto the streets or roam about our localities.â © Reuters 8. âThe government has decided to set up a COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force under the leadership of the Finance Minister. This Task Force will take decisions in the near future, based on regular interactions and feedback from all stakeholders, and analysis of all situations and dimensions.â 9. âI would like to reassure all Indians that all steps necessary are being taken to ensure there is no shortage of essential items like milk, groceries and medicines. I thus urge all my fellow citizens to make purchases as normal, and not hoard essential items in Panic Buying.â 10. âIt is critical that in this environment of a global pandemic, humanity emerges victorious, India emerges victorious!â © Reuters PM Modiâs address was welcomed with a tidal wave of support from his party members. Several BJP leaders and Union leaders as well, took to Twitter to praise the Prime Ministerâs speech, asserting their agreement with all the steps and precautions mentioned by him. Home Minister Amit Shah दà¥à¤¶ सॠपà¥à¤°à¤§à¤¾à¤¨à¤®à¤à¤¤à¥à¤°à¥ @narendramodi à¤à¥ दà¥à¤µà¤¾à¤°à¤¾ माà¤à¤à¤¾ à¤à¤¯à¤¾ âà¤à¤¨à¤¤à¤¾-à¤à¤°à¥à¤«à¥à¤¯à¥â à¤à¤¾ समरà¥à¤¥à¤¨ बहà¥à¤¤ हॠà¤à¤°à¥à¤°à¥ हॠà¤à¤° à¤à¤ समय à¤à¥ माà¤à¤ भॠहà¥à¥¤ à¤à¤à¤¯à¥ हम भारतवासॠ22 मारà¥à¤ à¤à¥ सà¥à¤¬à¤¹ 7 बà¤à¥ सॠरातà¥à¤°à¤¿ 9 बà¤à¥ तठà¤à¤ªà¤¨à¥ à¤à¤°à¥à¤ मà¥à¤ रहà¤à¤° à¤à¤¨à¤¤à¤¾ à¤à¤°à¥à¤«à¥à¤¯à¥ à¤à¥ सफल बनाà¤à¤° राषà¥à¤à¥à¤°à¤¹à¤¿à¤¤ मà¥à¤ à¤à¤ªà¤¨à¤¾ यà¥à¤à¤¦à¤¾à¤¨ दà¥à¤à¥¤ #IndiaFightsCorona â Amit Shah (@AmitShah) March 19, 2020 Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare Harsh Vardhan à¤à¤¨à¤¤à¤¾ à¤à¤°à¥à¤«à¥à¤¯à¥ à¤à¤¾ पालन à¤à¤°à¥à¤ दà¥à¤¶à¤µà¤¾à¤¸à¥ ! PM शà¥à¤°à¥ @narendramodi à¤à¥ नॠà¤à¤ #COVID19 सॠà¤à¤¤à¥à¤ªà¤¨à¥à¤¨ सà¥à¤¥à¤¿à¤¤à¤¿ पर राषà¥à¤à¥à¤° à¤à¥ सà¤à¤¬à¥à¤§à¤¿à¤¤ à¤à¤°à¤¤à¥ हà¥à¤ 22 मारà¥à¤ à¤à¥ à¤à¤¨à¤¤à¤¾ à¤à¤°à¥à¤«à¥à¤¯à¥ à¤à¤¾ à¤à¤¹à¥à¤µà¤¾à¤¨ à¤à¤°à¤¤à¥ हà¥à¤ à¤à¤¹à¤¾ à¤à¤¿ सà¥à¤¬à¤¹ 7 बà¤à¥ सॠरात 9 बà¤à¥ तठà¤à¤¨à¤¤à¤¾ à¤à¤°à¥à¤«à¥à¤¯à¥ à¤à¤¾ पालन à¤à¤°à¥à¤à¥¤#IndiaFightsCorona @PMOIndia @BJP4India pic.twitter.com/zj9tenWrZX â Dr Harsh Vardhan (@drharshvardhan) March 19, 2020 Union Minister Smriti Irani Grateful to PM @narendramodi Ji for constituting âCOVID-19 Economic Response Task Forceâ to address economic challenges that have arisen due to Corona Virus. Timely engagement & response will boost stakeholdersâ faith & confidence in overcoming economic impact.#IndiaFightsCorona â Smriti Z Irani (@smritiirani) March 19, 2020 PM Modi also received massive support from the opposition as well, who welcomed his address on the Coronavirus outbreak. Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor I welcome @PMOIndia @narendramodi âs call to solidarity at this challenging time. Will support #JanataCurfew while conscious that Sunday is the easiest day to try it. Need more reinforcement of social distancing (incl suspending Parliament) & specific economic relief measures â Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) March 19, 2020 Congress Leader P Chidambaram I am duty bound to support the PM. In effect, the PM has asked the people to wage the war against COVID with moral armaments. We shall do so on Sunday and in the following days. â P. Chidambaram (@PChidambaram_IN) March 19, 2020 Congress Leader Ajay Maken While the PM has urged for social distancing, special attention should be paid to jhuggi clusters and help should be extended to those who are unable to afford or stock on rations: @ajaymaken pic.twitter.com/8LlY2vlpIL â Congress (@INCIndia) March 19, 2020 Both Bollywood and sports fraternities also joined the chorus of support for the Prime Ministerâs speech and took to Twitter, calling on the nation to pay heed to the PMâs words. Akshay Kumar An excellent initiative by PM @narendramodi ji...this Sunday, March 22 from 7 am to 9 pm letâs all join in the #JantaCurfew and show the world we are together in this. #SocialDistancing â Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) March 19, 2020 Varun Dhawan I will take part in the #jantacurfew on March 22 nd and at 5 in the evening will show my support to our selfless heroes fighting this virus. This is a time to be one and practise #SocialDistancing. Letâs follow our prime ministers appeal. #BeSafe https://t.co/V9jAqfT7a2 â Varun Dhawan (@Varun_dvn) March 19, 2020 Ajay Devgn Fellow Indians, Namaskar A short while ago, Our PM Saab, Modiji, requested all of us to show resolve & restraint in the face of COVID-19. Please also adhere to the Janta Curfew on 22nd March by staying home. Stay Safe @PMOIndia @narendramodi #JantaCurfew â Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) March 19, 2020 Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli Be alert, attentive and aware to combat the threat posed by the Covid 19. We, as responsible citizens, need to adhere to the norms put in place for our safety as announced by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri @NarendraModi ji. #IndiaFightsCorona â Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) March 19, 2020Did you hear PM Modiâs speech? Let us know what did you think about it in the comments section below. View the full article
  18. The novel coronavirus has claimed over 4,000 lives globally, so far, and it is only getting worse. On a daily basis, we come across instances of shortage of face masks and hand sanitizers in the market. Unfortunately, many people, not caring about others, are hoarding masks and sanitizers, forgetting that other people need to be protected too in order to contain the virus outbreak. We have now seen the bad and good side of many people during this difficult time that we are all going through. Having said that, football superstar Christiano Ronaldo has turned out to be a real hero and is doing his bit to fight against the outbreak of Covid-19. View this post on InstagramOur best it's guaranteed ðªð» #finoallafine #forzajuveA post shared by (@cristiano) India Today reported, according to a Spanish newspaper MARCA, all the CR7 hotels are set to be converted into hospitals for the coronavirus patients. As per the report, the facility can be used free of charge during this time frame. Reportedly, the footballer will also pay the doctors and the workers at the facility. The virus has jolted the global sports calendar and many sports events have been postponed. Despite the report in a leading Spanish News Daily, a Portugal journalist, Filipe Caetano, said the information is ânot trueâ. View this post on InstagramAlways on my mind...see you tommorrow ðªð¼ #UCL #forzajuveA post shared by (@cristiano) Earlier, Ronaldo also took to his social media and posted an emotional message asking his fans to adhere to the guidelines of WHO when it comes to precautions against this deadly virus. He also said that he will support the "amazing" health professionals who are risking their lives to save others. He said, "I speak to you not as a football player, but as a son, father, a human being concerned with the latest developments that is affecting the world.â View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@cristiano) "Protecting human life must come above any other interests, Ronaldo added in his post. I would like to send my thoughts to everyone who has lost someone close to them, my solidarity to those who are fighting the virus, like my teammate Daniele Rugani, and my continued support to the amazing health professionals putting their own lives at risk to help save others,â he added. At the moment he is quarantined in Madeira, after finding out that one of his teammates, Daniele Rugani tested positive for the virus. The members who came in contact with Rugani are in voluntary quarantine at the moment. © Reuters The novel coronavirus has led to the suspension of many global sporting events such as NBA, ATP and WTA tournaments, and many top-tier football tournaments across Europe and many major cricket sports events including Indian Premier League. View the full article
  19. Owing to its popularity across at the globe, cricket as a sport has a tendency of catapulting the cricketers into the limelight overnight. But, the players aren't the only ones who enjoy the spotlight. Over the years, commentators have proved to be an integral part of cricket with their analysis and insight of the game. We've seen the likes of Geoffrey Boycott and Tony Greig becoming household names for their knowledge of the game and dry humour that made cricket matches much more than just a contest on the field. But, just like the cricketers, commentators, too, can have a rough outing and eventually fall from grace - something that Sanjay Manjrekar continues to witness time and again. Harsha bhogle and Sanjay manjrekar having a difference of opinion on live tv pic.twitter.com/0TTSLQDCvO â Flighted leggie ?? (@flighted_leggie) November 24, 2019 The Indian commentator is one of the most popular and respected voices in the sport. But, 2019 didn't exactly pan out the way former Indian cricketer would have expected. From his public spat with Ravindra Jadeja to indecent remarks towards Harsha Bhogle during live coverage of a match, there were a lot of ups and downs for Manjrekar. But, things appear to have reached an all-time low for Manjrekar now. While the world continues to battle the novel Coronavirus outbreak, the news of Manjrekar getting axed from commentary panel of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) went completely unnoticed. He was not seen in Dharamsala during the 1st ODI between India and South Africa, while all other commentators on the BCCI panel including Sunil Gavaskar and L Sivaramakrishnan were present. © Twitter/@sanjaymanjrekar The 54-year-old was part of the BCCI's commentary panel for the last three World Cups and virtually all International Cricket Council (ICC) events since his retirement in 1996. However, his recent exploits appear to have led to BCCI's decision of sacking him from their commentary panel. And, the media reports suggest that he will also be excluded from commentating in the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). While there is no official word on what exactly led to Manjrekar's sacking, a Mumbai Mirror report quoted a BCCI source saying: "Maybe he will be left out from the IPL panel too. At this stage, it is not on top of our mind. But the fact is, they are not happy with his work". Though the news serves as a major blow to Manjrekar, the BCCI's latest decision left many Indian cricket fans elated on social media. I don't know how true this news is about Sanjay Manjrekar being sacked from the commentary panel by BCCI, if it's true then may be not corona but at least we succeeded in curing the other kind of virus. â Harsh Raikar (@harshstrong21) March 14, 2020#sanjaymanjrekar U deserve to be removed. Thank you @BCCI The decision with no regrets. pic.twitter.com/Fxr2BiGn1n â §R?? L (@shree2325) March 14, 2020#SanjayManjrekar Finally.... He got what he deserved... This is what happens when you've played 2 games and act as if you're an all time great. Calling Jadeja bits and pieces was the beginning of his downfall. Disrespecting Harsha Bhogle on live commentary was the final nail. â Vadiraj Kulai (@kulai_vadiraj) March 14, 2020#sanjaymanjrekar removed from BCCI commentary panel.#ravindrajadeja be like : pic.twitter.com/yaQOUvrDMs â Riya (@jhampakjhum) March 14, 2020*BCCI throws manjrekar from its commentary squad* Jadeja right now...??#sanjaymanjrekar #jadeja pic.twitter.com/jbLrDXz0pI â ??????? (@aflatoonbhiya) March 14, 2020Great news to start my weekend!?? He's such a Mumbai Paithiyam who talks Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai â Selvam (@AGR_Selvam) March 14, 2020probably the only good news coming from 2020 .... â Niki (@niki_naughty) March 14, 2020Good decision Biased towards @bhogleharsha @imjadeja and so many others we don't know and biggest shareholder in commentary for @mipaltan Nothing wrong in supporting or biased, but he is too much out of line. â Sri (@srisport8) March 14, 2020 pic.twitter.com/RdTRkwPlgH â Hardik (@witstwits) March 14, 2020 pic.twitter.com/ZAe8Oj5Ixg â Rahul (@DoraemonMisra) March 14, 2020 pic.twitter.com/zd3978vbZ8 â elprofessor (@moneyheistwale) March 14, 2020This should make many a people happy. Not a hater of his commentary but his bias towards Mumbai and controversy with @bhogleharsha is what is getting him a lot of hatredness I guess. â Cricket Enthu (@CricketEnthu) March 14, 2020 View the full article
  20. âThe most luxurious SUV ever madeâ isnât a title that comes overnight. Surviving everything from bankruptcy to changing global economies, Rolls-Royce has thrived for over 113 years now. The company has defined not just the automobile industry at its greatest, but luxury itself - so it isnât surprising that eventually, the minds at Derby, England came up with a vehicle thatâs so stuffed with modern luxury goodies that it weighs about three tons. Still, if you happen to be investment banker royalty, youâd be pleased to know that this special edition Cullinan is worth its weight in gold. Here are a few reasons why. The Worldâs Greatest Doors © Performance Drive/Rolls-Royce It all starts from the second you touch the handles - Rolls-Royce has made their passenger doors rear hinged since the first generation Phantom in 2003, and the originalâs bigger sibling is no exception. Open her up and youâll spot a cubbyhole inside the door panel featuring another classic Rolls experience - noticing that thereâs an actual umbrella inside. Two come with each vehicle, and they both cost close to $700. © Rolls-Royce Sit down, sink your feet into $3000 lambswool floor mats, and press a nearby button to shut the door - you donât even need to close it yourself. Backseat Stargazing Stepping into a Cullinan at night can be pretty breathtaking if this immersive little trick is switched on. Using a complicated array of fibre optics, all hand soldered by a team of dedicated artisans, an array of stars are displayed on the headliner, or ceiling of your cabin. Whatâs unique about the Black Badge is that every now and then, youâll spot tiny shooting stars dash across your eyes. A lame gimmick if any other brand did this, but with Rolls, it looks simply fabulous⦠while costing $12,000. An Insane Seating Experience © Rolls-Royce Everywhere on the Cullinan Black Badge, youâll spot the infinity loop symbol - and nowhere is this more apparent than right in the back seat. The seats themselves have all the luxury gimmicks youâd expect, but with cooled seats, massage settings, touchscreen panels that fold at the push of a button and a refrigeration unit - with the choice of uncooled liquor or cooled. Thereâs even champagne flutes and a couple shot glasses, so you can toast to the $18,000 bill. The Greatest Upholstery In Car Making © Rolls-Royce You will find leather on every conceivable surface, as expected, but the thoughtfulness of Rollsâ designers here is subtle and quite brilliant. Even the climate control dials are coated with a layer of stitched leather, making sure that from the moment you step into the car, you rarely touch any other material. © Rolls-Royce Pair this with rear seat leather cushions and complete freedom with customisation, and youâll rarely want to leave this thing. If you come up to Rolls with a unique colour or pattern, theyâll have it for you. No questions asked. The Engine © Rolls-Royce Well, it's not just what meets the eye. After all, to pull a 3-ton beast you need a powerful engine, right? Powering all of this opulence is a 6.7L V12 with 600 horses on tap - a healthy 37 more than the base model. Pair that with a superb all-wheel setup and an 8-speed gearbox, and your chauffeur is sure to enjoy himself too. View the full article
  21. A dog is a manâs best friend, and there is no telling why. These loyal to a fault, selfless, adorable balls of fur add so much love and eye-opening experiences to our lives, that it is often impossible to not hold them dear at a glance. However, now it seems that the Bengaluru Police has decided to scale things up a bit and call on this unique animal-human friendship to include Indie dogs into their Police Canine Unit. While it is pretty common to find Labradors, German Shepherds and even Dobermans in the Police squad, the inclusion of Indie breeds into the mix comes as welcome news. © Flickr The news came to light when IPS officer and Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao shared a 44-second clip on Twitter, which showed a young Indie pup learning to follow its trainer's instructions. The female pup in the video is named Pooja and does a pretty good job of following the commands. Reportedly, the Bengaluru Police is trying to experiment with Indie dogs making it to the Police Canine squad, and so far the results do not seem to be disappointing. We are training Indies to be part of our Police Canine Unit as an experiment... pic.twitter.com/0xbV00EbVW â Bhaskar Rao IPS (@deepolice12) March 12, 2020 However, here is hoping the man in the video is a certified trainer who knows what he is doing. Also, it goes without saying that these Indie fur balls would be given the same amount of love and care like other breeds in the Canine Unit get. Besides all that, there is one other point that is bound to catch peopleâs attention in the video, the leash which is tugged and pulled constantly during the training. Animal lovers would much prefer that it be traded for a good quality harness that wouldnât hurt these paw-fect beings while training as future guard dogs ready to serve the nation. Sir, Indies are well trainable. I am a novice, but still managed to train my kids to basic commands they are #Lola and #Alex pic.twitter.com/YUTZ0XIuhb â Vicky Mahanta (@VickyMahanta) March 12, 2020 Well... Sir many who saw the video, those who have great experience with dogs said "not the right way of training" please check with few well known trainers. Regards. â Vicky Mahanta (@VickyMahanta) March 12, 2020 Nice to know that the Indies are being recruited. If trained well, they can be as good as many foreign breeds. But you need a far better trainer. One who understands the concept of balanced training and not just "only positive" training. Please avoid teaching unwanted tricks. â Obhijit Raha (@ObhijitR) March 13, 2020 Love this. We are willing to learn, if you know please tell us or put us across to people who can do, regards â Bhaskar Rao IPS (@deepolice12) March 12, 2020 People seem to love this initiative too. Awe best decision sir, Indian breeds like Mudhol, Rajapalayam are any day better â Doctor Doctor ð®ð³ (@icedtea28) March 12, 2020 View the full article
  22. In what appears to be a major blow for both fans and franchises, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to suspend the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) till 15th April. The unexpected, yet important, decision taken by the Indian cricket board, came in light of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the country. In a media release, the Indian cricket board claimed: "The BCCI is concerned and sensitive about all its stakeholders, and public health in general, and it is taking all necessary steps to ensure that, all people related to IPL including fans have a safe cricketing experience. The BCCI will work closely with the Government of India along with the Ministery of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and all other relevant Central and State Governments in this regard," the BCCI statement further stated. ??Announcement??: #VIVOIPL suspended till 15th April 2020 as a precautionary measure against the ongoing Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) situation. More details ?? https://t.co/hR0R2HTgGg pic.twitter.com/azpqMPYtoL â IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) March 13, 2020 The office-bearers of the BCCI, led by president Sourav Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah, met at the board's headquarters in Mumbai on 12th March to take the crucial call. The fate of IPL 2020 was expected to be decided in the Governing Council meeting slated to be held on 14th March in Mumbai where all franchise owners were also invited, but, it appears, the severity of the epidemic led BCCI to take the key decision. "The postponement gives BCCI the time of reassess the situation and have that much more time on hand to take a further call. The postponement will allow them to see if the threat of the virus ceases any time soon, remains in control, or gets worse. Depending on these scenarios and what the central and state governments say, a further call can be taken," a BCCI source was quoted as saying by TOI. With the visa restriction imposed on foreign players, it is quite obvious that the overseas players roped in by the eight franchises will not be able to arrive in India till 15th April which further explains BCCI's latest decision. "The postponement will allow the BCCI to reassess that situation too. If the tournament can be held from mid-April onwards, then there is time now to work on the visas. Remember, the IPL cannot be held without overseas players," the source added. Sports gatherings including IPL prohibited in Delhi pic.twitter.com/ALLf7J1NUo â Satyendar Jain (@SatyendarJain) March 13, 2020 The BCCI's decision comes a day after the Ministry of External Affairs recently advised against hosting the 13th edition of the IPL amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. "I think it is for the organizers to decide whether to go ahead with it or not. Our advice would be to not do it at this time but if they want to go ahead, it is their decision," MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said. Also, the Maharashtra government had earlier banned the sale of tickets for the matches in the state, while the Punjab government had given the same directive. The Rajasthan government, on the other hand, is edging towards following the footsteps of Delhi and ban IPL matches totally. Meanwhile msdhoni. Ek month tak aur rukna padega balls khane ko nahi milegi ???? pic.twitter.com/lyYeDD7UMV â Sir Chahal ? (@Sirchahal) March 13, 2020 Hopefully the situation improves to allow the tournament to begin mid April. Till then we will keep spreading #Yellove. Meanwhile let's educate and request fans to avoid unnecessary travel, take precautions for #coronavirus and stay safe. #WhistlePodu â Whistle Podu Army ® - CSK Fan Club (@CSKFansOfficial) March 13, 2020 Csk fans . Ek month aur nhi harenge mumbai se ?? pic.twitter.com/JiyzLfpBkD â Sir Chahal ? (@Sirchahal) March 13, 2020 RCB the happiest team, delayed the shame. â Chhota Maithun (@Begin_Humor) March 13, 2020 BCCI to face loss of 10,000 CR INR if IPL is cancelled. Star Sports Already signed 16000 CR with BCCI for IPL. #IPL2020 #BCCI â Baazigar ??? (@FarziBaazigar) March 13, 2020 THALA entrance has Postponed to APRIL 15 !!! ??????@msdhoni #Csk #Dhoni #BanIPL #MASTER pic.twitter.com/gsMFhpmMUg â Rohith Online VFC ?????â¢?? (@kannarohith774) March 13, 2020 ?? pic.twitter.com/7z49UoJoKr â Dr Khushboo Kadri (@khushikadri) March 13, 2020 Bas cancel mat krna?? â Simran Randhawa (@Randhawa36_) March 13, 2020 View the full article
  23. Most of us have grown up listening to Bollywood songs and the only memory of English songs that many of us remember from OUR teenage days, are mostly Akonâs songs. From Smack That to I Wanna Love You and not to forget his Bollywood debut track Chammak Challo, his songs never get old and we can still listen to them. View this post on InstagramMaking movesA post shared by (@akon) Now, we know who he is but do you know Akonâs full name? Exactly! Many of us have no clue what his full name is. However, he had revealed his full name on The Ellen Show in the year 2009 but it didnât catch peopleâs attention the way it should have due to the absence of social media at the time. Check out the video here- Akonâs full name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam. Yes, itâs a complete sentence of its own and, obviously, itâs impossible to call him by it. View this post on InstagramSaudi Arabia was crazy!! Thanks again Saudi for the love once again.A post shared by (@akon) Also, someone recently Googled the rapper's name and shared it on Twitter which left everyone stunned and thatâs how this whole thing went viral. Clearly, people are beyond surprised and the reactions are hilarious: OH MY GOD! This is AKON's Real name . Th next award he gets . The host needs to say his full name. pic.twitter.com/TZoSugOuXz â Akash Sancheti (@fatshotgun) March 12, 2020 If it were me, Iâd forget my own name. Friend: I just googled Akonâs full name, i doubt if his parent can recall the names.. Me: thatâs a joke right? Letâs hear the name Friend: Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Me: pic.twitter.com/LgeabtXoXQ â ðð¥ð¢_ð²ð«ð°ð¢ð¯ð¦ð¬ð²ð° (@mustyrahl) March 12, 2020 Hahahahahaha. I want my next relationship to last longer than Akon's full name â Jamie (@jmvthurin1) March 12, 2020 Can you? I dare you to say @Akon's full name in 3 seconds. Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam. No bight tongue oo𤣠#AkonChallenge@bendalhat@Abdulnicon@FarouqXII@GbateUmar@mae_pentie@amiinaabdullah_@Abbas_Jibo@NajeebNasirSama@AM_Saleeem@Didat_ pic.twitter.com/BBFTQylqgU â â ï¸BA2REð§ââï¸ (@bature_jr) March 11, 2020 Definitely not getting the job! When you apply for a job in a company owned by Akon and they ask you to write and pronounce Akon's full name. https://t.co/VtHddcoYry â Adamz (@Philz_adamz) March 11, 2020 Hilarious! Tryna change my mind is like tryna sound out Akonâs full name. pic.twitter.com/gX4RwM23ip â LaughAtProblems ð¯ð² (@LaughAtProblems) March 11, 2020 And hereâs the show stopper⦠eminem can literally rap on akonâs full name in his upcoming song â ع (@draamebaazi) March 11, 2020 Did you know Akonâs full name before? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
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